The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, November 17, 1838, Image 3

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Small Pos.—Several cases of m all have
recently occurred in and about ber Borough. We
would earnestly impress on paredta the necessity
of having their children vaccinated, and even
adults might have it renewed, wiihout inconvent.
ence to their business, andvertaiely with increas
ed safety..
Town Hall.—This b•iilding is irapialy progres
sing: the cot stone for the extrior have orris , '
ed from Valley Forge, add -al few data open
weather will dCvelope the crest ;front which we
think will do great credit to Heiden Smith, Esq.
the architect. We hope if all gota-right to dance
in the.fiall on Washington's birt night.
Delaware Electioa.—The Re urns from .*.less
Castle County are received, which give a decrea.
sed majority for the loco focos. !Kent and Sussex
are yet to be heard from, which in 1936 gave 63l
majority for the whig canoidati; and the result
this year will not vary materially.
The Mormons.—A batik ha. been fought be
tween the Mormons and their pireecutors in Ray
County, Missouri, in "kith len f the 'latter Were
killed. If they have been ras44bey have been
goaded to it by a serke of • p+ocations which
mined- by a coJ shaft. Seterbl buildings have
sunk?' Not so. Major, if you please; we are all
above water yet, plenty * of buildings going up,
but none sinking; we are not yet among the
"things that Were." We are Tet the " Diamond
of Democracy," in the Zshara 41coco - foco Schuyl
kill, and are intently listening lto the whiz than.
der of New York, as county i{ ft e r County Ecver.
berate; itt triumphs; thereforc i be not 'o inhuman
as to inhumatr us afier that faithion.
New York Election —The !following was the.
vole in New York City at the rec. nt e 4. ction.
It will he seen that C. C. C. of the Cof Ways
and Means was the lowest oil his ticket. They
begin to "know" their men in that place. O'Connel.—The "great agitator" has addressed
CONGRESS. another 'radical and inasmotatory letter to his
i Loco Fuer,. I constituents; h 1 will soon become the "nolikst
- 20559 Canibreleng, 19178 ` , /,<_a of them all." The Tory press in England
20434 Moore / 9851) ar e of opinion, that while the canvas which hare
20517 M c ileac 19234
20429 •Varitn 19187 heretofore given popularity In Mr. o*Connel arc
GOY ER NOF. gaining ground; he himself is falling behind : he
Seward. 20 . 201 Marey, 19357 ham become hie radically radii al even for the
LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR. most radical, and we may soon expect to rar.k
Bradish, 19206 Traly, 19548. him among. the "meteors which have flashed.
Look out for Fires !—We advise the inhabi- I and are gone I's '
tants of. Washington to look dot Tor fires. The
Whigs will have a majority inithe next Congress,
prl eit o p aislp a w .. Committees of f Investigation will
•- that
accidental fires may be found necessary to purl.
fy the departments,-
Progreso of Infidefily.—ln fro co isany Hall, the
head quarters of New York oco focoism, the
novel eight was recently presented of work men
engaged on the Sabbath paiiting the sashes of
the large room where, Camoreleng, Fanny
Wright, and• the chosen huldi their orgies. So
'much for the twelve and 441f:cent lectures •
We extract the following prom the National
Gazette of Wednesaaylast. I
The Anti•Maannic Cooventon adjourned over
from yesterday WI this nun . ins, owi:.g to the
absence of some delegates, wlien it Whg organitied
and proceeded to husir.ess. The following States
were. represented. Pennsyliania, Ohio, New
York, New Jersey, Rhode 'island.' and Massa
chusetts. Harmer Denneyd of Pennsylvania,
wis chosen President of the Forwertion; Henry
Cotheal, of New Ytrk, Ebeneger Clourh, of Was.
- Sachtissits, Rufus Reath, oflOhin, and Edward
S. Williams, of Rhote Vice Presidents;
and John Williamson, of Pennsylvania, and J.
A. Simpson, of NeW Jersey. Sipereiaries.
On motion of Thaddens Stevens, William Hen
ry Harrison of Ohio, was un.inimously nominat
ed a candidate for the next President of the
United States, and Defile! Webster, of Massa.
chusetts, unanimously nominated a candidate for
'Vice President.
tcr The Philadelphians ati revelling in all the
del.glits of a Fair at the Marionic Hall. Our co.
teipporaries inform us that the fair attend the
fair in great numbers, and that there is a pretty
fair exhibition of articles. " Blue eyes, rosy
cheeks, and smiling faces." +ere particularly at
tracted by a 'Wardrobe Bedstead and compound
,Spring Matirass, invented iby Cherrington. of
Boston, so trays our our brattier of the Herald and
Sentinel. " Dreamy tbouOits, and prospective
Cheap at Half Price.—Fanny Wright, Esq .
told all the New York loco the reason of their
defeat last Sunday night for * law each. •
L oaves an d Fishea,Gcteernor Mercy, the
great defeated, breeches andiall, , is in the city of
New York, to get another ofrice: It is rumored
that he will be appointed Collector, in place of
Jesse lloyt,. because Jesse hats had an injunction
laid on his sub treasury receipts in bank, by h,ta
creditors. The deposites living been made in
ins . private name, instead 41 the United Stales ;
thcbape is entertained that Uncle Sam will have
49 fcrk out the balances. ".
41 s kittle Orookeil.—The4eading Press thinks
that " New York has gnt a gittle crooked as far as
the election returns are !wird from." She has
so-s-she has flown off the Van Buren track in a
tangent, and the " sober second thou ght cif the
people will keep her there ill spite . of "laments.
,ttmos here or elsewhere." .
Rhode Isla ad•—'rhe assert bly of this state base
elected Nathan F. Dixon a Seustur to the U. S.
Congress from the 10th Mai eh next in place of
the lion, Asher Robbins:
Orotaeus.—Tren share, of 'ammaoy Hall stock
are advertised, for sale at err York, cheep for
cash or obis plasters; Any ins top, rld. of it,
vs .appose•
, -
`Peeper desert•voltr frg.—A oud .Milner man
who resides in our Borough, acing lost some
money on the recent Pennsyl . is • election, re—
solved to make it up on New Y • rk: On he went
'to the great commercial Ernpo .4 um, secured his
bets, and came back in high gl .. ! He had not
been sujooliedi as to bet on Be ard, this lima he
was right; be had bet on Ma . . Last Friday
week being in Reedicg, he wa a
mused from his
dreams of bliss, by the firin of one hundred
gone for the Wit* Victory.' You should not
have deserted yout flag ! adh to. principles,
and the "sober second thong ts" of the people
will set all right.
.. 11, 1838
"Fanny was younger once, 11
And prettier of course "
What a grortous thing is . t ic! and what a
comfortable logician Fanny4riglit IEII. must
to ttl The New Era:" her no 'organ, though
which she blows the trumpet tore& her Bahama
together, contains such a deloglftful„ comfortable,
consoling, and happy prociamaitiim that the locos
will be bringini out their gunalto celebrate a vic
tory in New York Only "lister to dear Fanny."
listen to the "bright Venus ol 'Democracy."—She
has set all right :
Let me. as an old, and I think, somewhat tried
friend, address s word—not ICI triumphant fac
tion, nor to disco matted partleii, but to viiust—ever
firm And unaubdued People! )n this country, as
elsewhere, factions may often lir' ph and parr
ties suc•mmb; but nuns the i'vapit are never van
quished. 'they are not so at this hour; nor are
they, whose trust is in the People and in the Peo
pte only, cast down or dismayed.
Let the people of this city see to turn the pres
ent catastrophe tQ account,aml they may receive
Iron. it a 'whitely lesson. That lesson I purpose
to interpret, according to my mews of it, on to.
morrow, Surnlay evening, and hereby invite all
honest friends of American independence,nation.
al union, human liberty and popolar sovi-reigntv.
t o meet me in Concert [fall at the usual hour
( advertisement';) when I shall take for my
sut.p at=_ _
('fi•aled in open day and routed on false eround,
not broon. 1 eOple ! stand foot, and do not go
to sleep
Virginia Coal.—We learn from the Richmond
Whig that a new location of scmi•bitumittous
Coal has been, relely discovered in Botetourt
County Virginia, so go..
Iron works. It is prim...need to be equalteCoke
to the works near which it has been found. The
mineral lies 140 feet below the surface, and from
developments appears to be abundant. Tnua
day after day its the wealth of our country discov.
ering itself, and its surface and interior are alike
rich in all which can cood..ce to Itappiness and
Glorious Minority. --In Pike county,
the vote on the new Constitution stolid
,588 for, and 3 against the amendments.—
Wonder if the three ►were squires or some
Laconic Correspondroce.4A mothei in Ma Me
wrote to her on in Miasiasiiipi
"Dear son, come home, a tolling stone gathers
no moss. Your affectionata mother till Aeath."
To which the son replie s dias follows;'
"Dear mother, i wont 4 tome here, a aetting
hen never gets fat. Your dutiful and obedient
Bishop of the Western Dio.less of New York
—At the primary Conventi ' at the Western Di
Deese of New r York, held t Geneva, the Rev
William H Delancey, D. .. Rector of St. Pe
ter's Church, ehtiedelphia, was unanimously c
lee Led 4.4ishop. 1 . .
II hfficalt to Plea se"—A gentleman who bad .
just been. shaved by a barber, asked for a towel
to wipe his face with, and iion being pterented,
with one, inquired of - the master of the shop, if he
e it
had not occulter. 'No.' r 'Med the barber, •11
my custontera have lased at for three weeks,
and no one ever found feel with it before.—Bas.
tan Post.
. .
Gractfut complinsent i—The N. Y. Mirror
says, that tiWjii-torer of music, who has heard the
beautiful channtfrom Handers oratorio of Thei.
(Aura, commencing . 4 1se4els. ever bright and
fur," as executed by Madame Caradohi Allan*
will admit (fiat the graceful compliment con
tained in the following I , ell-torncti stanza is
neither unmerited nor extravagant. The worth:
were sent anonymously to us through the iinal
office. We 'publish them, with the suggestion
that they are. too good to he wholly origins!:
TO *MADAME CA 1141410111 ALLAN, 1,
en hearing her sing,
"Angels ever bright and fair,
Take, oh take vito your rare r
Whenyou invoke the angels' care
In strains so riquiskte and ram,
- 1 tremble lest you should be heard,
• And they should take you at your word::
Eery funll.—An ir,fiT old gentleman wait
found by a rogue, mcianin sadly at something
lost" "What's the instterisir 7" said the foliose;
—"Oh sir, a Tinian justtole my good laced
hat from my hild oind rut away with."—"Wby
don't you rup after him Z' asked the rogue.—
"Bless your heart, sir, I mint run at all—l caii
hardly waik."—"The dense yen can't," said thk
rogue, "and he awls your hal ?"—" Yee, he diii
sir "—"Arid yeti cant run'/" Not 1.- • "Nor catch
him ? ••••—"Nia."—"Then here goes for your wig?" 4
end seetudiogly pcilliug eif that .thatch for thS
an she in now.
lU=LahLal.UaUo aiLl_M!
bead, the fellow Went -off Oke s shot, and the
othentleniart was lefts. bad as a coots.
'My charmer! I . would. die for thee
• , If thou woold'st only live tor me!
'Ah ! do !` replied the dark eyed elf,
trete, liked to die myself.''
Money is Power, says Vin Boren, "so bend
me over the Sob Treasury 7 -and ask no q tea
dons." • • •
An fans Hacc.—The following notice lately
mtipeared in a shop window of a tailor .at Cork.
— . ! •••Wanted two apprentices who will be treated
as one of the family.
Absence of mind —A gentleman while out
shooting in Tenneassee, put the wadding in his
pocket, and rammed himself down his rifle in—
stead. Hiving, however, fortunately left ho cap
on, he was instantly shot to the top of a pine tree,
alto tho society of a raccoon, who explained to
him his mistake.
Misfortu eof Genius —Fret Germ Bauscir„
the poet, flee confidential partner and agent of
Jottillacoh Alma, receives a salary of six thou—
sind dollars per annum. **Aaron. is said to dis
trust every body out HALL.tcs.." So obverves the
New York entrespondent of the Boston Traveller.
Carton's Botanical Fact—The aapsyloti of Sir
IL Deity that no P prices of plant will vegetate
downwards, has been lately contradicted by as
eminent florin% in London, who placed the bulb of
a warcin-us Ina large glans vs .° filled with wattr.
The nartuans in now on the point of raining into
flower duwnwards, a large pod of bloom and sea-
Ural leaven being atready
Shocking Rod —A friend nercrth that the hums
have been licked lip in New York without matey!
N. Y. Conservatives.—Jonxt %CLAM( Emi, was
ble (lithe New York members of Congress, who
voted against the puh-trey-ury last session of
Peren. w hoat 'hut time dared to oppose that mas
ter piece of Viii Buren tactic., all the rest hare
been Swathed and whipped hark into the ranks
tint Mr Clark. The Locnit of Clienango County
s t ruc k with pit.US horror at the enormity of his
crime, w.old net re tronsieate him, whercup,n
the whip,' took him up for their Candidate, and
he has been re-eleeted by an cverwhelming ma
We take great pleasure in giving place to the
following beautiful stanzas fermi a fair New
Yor k correspondent. There is a veto of fervent
piety and elegant purity about her writingm,
=which will soon place her by the side nt our
gourney and Serigwit.k. By the way, why dote the
inure of our fair contributreas from Pin Carbon
slumber ? the chords a her lyre should not rust.
her productions were extensively copied through
out the Union. Shall we net bear from her a.
venting Musings.
'Tie eve, sich eve, the silver moon
Is beaming o'er the earth;
The glitrring stars hatlthe glad boor
That Fives their glory birth;
The winds are huah'd upon the hill,
Yon sitream in silence glows ;
All natiire lies in quiet deep—
A beilotiful repose 3
Monsentic or deep, delicious calm,)
With sacred musings fraught.,
Thou biingeat to my soul, ■ dream'
Of sad, sweet mem'ries wrought ;
Oh ! liodng hearts around me beat, •
Fondieves are on me'bent, .
And diStant scene and sonny hoard • .
4Lre With the vision blent!
n )
My ho e: my home! in this lime hour
Bow, right thou seem'st to me!
If! fro, the gay and grddy work,
Its btjesth of flattery,
Its hollilw friendship's, heartless joys,
Its mockery of mirth,
I turn In those familiar haunts,
And that dear household path !
Lov'd firms are there, end loving hearta
Dream of the absent one,
.Sack lqok is fondly dwelt upon
And •ach remertier'd tour.
My geld° mother, thy calm face, .
Thy pale and pensive brow,
Thy tedder gaze and quiet snide,
Are hemming on me new! - -
Oh , . wfiat in this cold world of °ore
Is title a mother's love;
It glover-0 pure and sacred flame
All efirthly lights above:
Ingratitude and cold neglect' • '
Maylstrive its warmth to:chill— ! '
But deep, nricbang'4l, unselfish love,' r
Willfewell in Chit heart still!
My nfther! I cm ne'er repay
Thy etimitehlessi tenderness:
And yet, for this I 'know, I feel
Thoit wilt not love me level.
And, tip* moat happy conaciouancita,
Within my heart *hall be,
The dtiepeftlount of gratitude
That swelits.tny God, to thee!
Nov. - IS•
rcak T6s mums' acroartat..
1. O. F.
Let grttitude in acts of goodness flow; .
Our hire to God, is love to wan below;
Ik this our joy to calm the troubled breast.
Suppot the weak, and succour the distrcied—
Directrthe wanderer L-dry the widow's tear—
Thernithan guard—the sinking spirits cheer;
Though small our power to act, though meao
• tier skill;
God sat the heirrt,-fle judges by the
• O. T.
It willihe a duty ofthe next Legislature from.
which writhing can admire it. to investigoi tbs.
late ele i rofin for Governor. The people , ibelieve
D.. tr to have been . fraudulently elected,
and desiign in inquiry.- without which they can-
not cc aoir.fied. Fur our Awn mt. rite believe.
thai if a rair investigates° could be had. he could
not hold his seat We are therefore anxious for
• searching inquiry. We want to see where an
increase In thrae years daintily sixty thoopand
voles caine from. 33,,a want to know how votes
could be given when no men were present to give
them. 14 - .t these things be looked min; and then
it i o
after a fir inquiry. Wane can be had , it appear.
that Por i has - been honestly elected. we shall
bow wi ' resignation if not with at:terrains*, to
the will tlf the people.—Pe. fateltigelmr.
Portrait of tie Lees Fees P by! Mester /'
—The Editor attic Globe has rewrite portrait
of a party now to Lae country. It e i lk, * scartan
intimate acquaintance with the hit adult,
and a deep knowledge of the snidest be is Por
traying.' Every body willrecovittetbe **turas;
and the artist is, therefore spared the ;trouble of
writing under it—"Tkia is toe. iFeceistso'
Here's the
. picture
"It makes obloquy and calumny stappiy the
place of argument and fact. NO longer able to.
carry its men and measures by means which have
show at least of fairness, it practises and avows a
system of uhblushing fraud. It* conduct lately
is calculated to arouse the fearsofevery man Who
feels attached to our rite institutiuns. It no long
er confines itsclfto the ordinary meansand weap
ons of political warfare. It attacks, the very
guarantees and bulwarks of freedom. It vitiates.
the contents of the ballet box it iii!ers the elec—
tion returns; it expunges with . 1 a stroke of the
pen, and almost entire delegation or • state. If
such things can be prabtised with impunity, the
days of American liberty are nutnbered."
Prophecy about being Realised.—Whet it was
proposed in the Senate last sesaion, tp print 30,
000 copies of Mr. Wright's rep* on Mr. Clay's
resolutions, Mr. Talimsdge objPcted to printing
o large a number as a needleSs expense ; •and
referred to a similar number of the reports of the
select committee of the Senate on the Post Office.
that were presented some years beihre„ which
his collesgte% Mr. Wright. said. Were used in his
part of the State for madding tckannpu fired in
txlebtating liekrein victories.
Mr. Tullnindge predicted that these reports of
his entlearee would be approneiete4 In ii-simtlar
purpose in "ceiehretirisr Whig victories next fall."
Present appearance indicate whet way prophecy,
is about to become history.-11hiciisontion.
At Jhilaielphia, on Friday ihe 9th instant, in
the 28 - ih vear of his age. Mr. aILIVILR C. BOIMT
t• u) of VitkpLurg, Mi.a. i t .rn.i rly of P o rt
Carbo n.
~ieLaivll:il! Col! rade.
Si.ipmeu:• of Coal for the eVeet, ending on
Thoraiday evening hut: I ,
'Shipped by Bar& Tons
Bell dr Boliiin i I - 583
S B Reeve 46 CO to 586
G. Ilinit i 9 468
Cbarles Lorton A 460
8 Beirner ';l3 451
Stockton& Stevens 8 402
Stlivman & Nroe 372
T Wollinnut k Co !7 397
Mllees & Spencer
D.ivh. & Olwioe . ;6 331
J Serriil t 6 320
Win Wallace & Co ;6
Sirinberg.r ~6 308
Michael Murphy :6 326
J C Girsovio• 4 219
C%l Elill i 4 226
N Naihans 1 4 220
J slenton ' / 4 210
Gears,. H Potts, ' 4 436
c _Filet - :3 I6M
, o oro mt . : 3 , li6
flimigaen aj- -....
P Ham , - '. '2 146
Ilewo 4 Baker 3 16l
;rotten & Morn . 3
L Chapman - 3 166
Bonne: & Taylor • - 3 ' 159
:4 . Pnita & Co. ' 2 194
F J Parven : 2 76
N A Coal Co •
Ricktrit &Co 2
ft (; Lelar ". 2
W Bearbyahell
S' Brooke
Palmer & Garrigoes
L C Dougherty !. 2
Sundry Shippers
Per last report, 7(94
Little Schuylkill
7 Niagara
Jos Thomas
8 Mouatainaer
14 J. C. Dreher
Sam. Bradfued
3d Tolls mare
Alfred White
14 Mary P Orr
9 Bold. 3
a 9 per tart report
248 Bent
.1101 - .. r t:AittiON ItA►L
The fullowtog. as the anunint of Coal tran.por
ted on thir Rail Road, ga l the week ending
en Thursday firm t
firming last: 1 1.01
per last report
......) 1 , 2 4 5 . 36
Totalk -'; —;--
NATHAN CLEAYER. Collector. •
The following as the amount o' Coal transported
on !hie Road for the week coding on Siturday
wreninf Nit, 1 tikt9torns
Per hut report, 1 703 S
WEST liekt.i.Ncu Alum 80A0.
The following is the amount s(f Coal transported
so this Rail Itemd fir the week ending on.
Thursday evenly/ hat. 3 4.080 toot
Ref lasttßepori ' 144.357-
I 144637
ROBERT C. BILL, Collector.
k • 1 --
The foUnwiag is the amount .r Coal; trayisperled
on this road for the week entllog *Wpmlaeeday
evening last. lAI6 tons
A Per last Report. 48,907
Tot 504:23 .
. CEO. HA D4STYjCollitetor,
Agoodrisoppmest of end
Gawp. Bleriaos for sale? at reduced prices
i 4.0-
Now. &
Pottsoilie, Rocember 17. IEB.
WHEAT FLOUR. by Ostend was nroith on Fri
day 63 25-
WHEAT.I 65 per fituthell in demand.
RYE FLOUR 2to per it. in demand., .
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR 315 per Met in demand
• RYE, bb the load 95 cents by the tonlateready
sale •
RYE CHOP 90 cents , per bushel in dtlinand.
OATS 53 cents—ready safe.
POTATOES—. 75 cents per bushel is demand
CORN-90 cents per belbel in demand.
CLOVER SEED-. 119 00 persbushel.
TIMOTHY SEED-12 50 per bushel.
FLAXSEEO-11 45 per bushel in demand.
WHISKEY-15 cents per gallon.
BUTTER-20 cents per pound—in Kegs 1 4 cents
EGGS—I 2 cents per dozen.
LARD-114 cents per pound.
TALLOW— 10cents per pound. •
11A hIS 137 cents per pourd.
CORN CROP 85 cents per bushel inlemsnd.
BACON-13 cents per pound.
BEESWAX-20 cents per. pound.
FEATHERS-62 cent* per pound.
COMMON WOOL-40 cents per pound
MACKEREL by the bld. No 1. $l2OO No 2.111
SALT-2 50 per 'bbl.;7s per bushel
PLATER .is worth 7 50 per too.
IllAr $lB per ton.
7 ' 393
1099 Q
1 1.0.920
• 72,327
A. El. PclTTS,,Collector
Aetna' off at Cost.
Sub-erther. with a view to close his ho.
rune-s in this pl. ce. tenni which he eeeiciis
In shortly, in now sellin g - nil his 1 ,rge
Stack of Dry (I std.. Groceri.M, Qnrensweee,
Liquors & at cost pricy*. and films • General
assortment 01 made made clot-Woe, smelt as Pan
taloons. Rn. rohilonts. Vests. Dyers Skirts . &c
hoc. Ile-therefore inek!es nil who "re desirous of
putelissyng articles in'his low it low priers. to
Rive bum a nail. J t.. KERN..
N. B •11 wranns harming thernaelves indebted
in the sn'e•criber. will please esti and spode by
1,1.3 to and these hoeing risirit•
- present them 'thr payment. J.C. KERN.
Nov. 17, 1838.
Building Lots for Sole,
ON the upper road between Pottavilli and Port
Carbon. Apply to the pubacriber at the
Greenwood Colliery, Puttaville.
Nov. 17 5-3—St
TO the stockholders of the Pottsville
Town flail Co.
TII IR D installment of Two Dollars end fitly
1- " cents oh each share of stock. is required tube
paid to the subscriber on or before the 24th day
of November inst. By n•dcr of the Guard.
JOHN T. HAZZARD Treasurer.
Pottsville Nov. 17, 1838. 52
Dental Surgery;
OBSERVE that Dr. Moore, Surgeon Dentist of
Lancaster, destgris psytog a visit to Potts
stile in the emirs*. nf the coming'week, and for a
short time shall 'tender his prot6sional services
to the citizens of this Borough.
Dr. M.. has obtained the best of certificates as
to shslitv and skill to dental operations.
'Nov 19, ink .
'l'o Npor(amen.
UST receivedand for pale. ~Suie"or Rife
" Powder. Mould Hock Shot }em tiontionl
Shot. and Bar lead. JOHN
Lorberry erre.* Rail Road: Company..
•IL'lt E .Stockholders 'of this company, are sant
fled, that an. El. ciimi ite held on Mon.
day the 3d. day of 'December neat, at the house
of Peter Filbert, iu the Town of ,Ptuegrove.
'Schuylkill county, foir : One Presedent, Eight Man
seers, 'Otie Treasurer, One Secretary. to conduct
the hussuess of the Conspinr for the yea• neat
ensuing. JOHN S rR t 111'1711.ER,
Pinegtoie, Nov. 17;18M
Mount Carbon Roil Road Company.
AMEETING of the Stockholders 'of the
Mount Carbon Rail Road Company, and an
Electron.- for President, Eight Managers. one
Secretary, and Tfeasorc:r, will be held on Man
.d.iy the 3d. da v of December next. it 4 o'clock.
P. M. at the office (lithe Company, No. n 7 South
. 3d, street, in the city or Philadelphia. •
JA M E C. DONNELL, Secretary.
Philadelphia, Nov. 17. 1838. 52•31..
/India Rubber - Over Shoes.
111 E subscrinervltaye just received and offer
for vale, a largo assortment of Gentlemen's
and Lady's India Rubber Over Shoes of a superi
or quality. S.& J. FOSTER.
APERSON whose knowlidge or the coal
trade renders him competent to manage any
arils several branches, Wishes an agency or a
situation as assistant in said business. Satisfircs!
tory .reference shall •be rilfc . ll le any on siring
fits services,' who will maeknown his address
and wishes; by a=ddressing A. M. W. through the
f'ust Office.
Pottsville, Nov. 17
The Laws or Etiquette,
OR short rules end reflections fur co nd ucting
Society. Al-o,
Etiquette for Ladies,
with Innis on the prtgeryation, i,nprovement and
display of Female Beauty.' Just nrestwqi and
for Rale hv
Nov. 17
Ground !Nuts.
50 Bushel. Mrtcan and 111 at le+ton Gmtmd
huts of good quality, just wevived and fur malts
JOllk S. c. mARTrii.
Nov. 17
Gewanau irpoks:
THE subscriber has far anleXertuan
such as
Lutheran Hymn,Boolia,'
Union Hymn Books.
Lutbesse Catechisms,
A 1 . 3 c Rooks. &c.&c.
Which he will sell by the *wen or single et
Philadelphia prices., p. BANNAN:
Now. 17. Sb
(ray E
QTRAYEP (row embreriber three weeks
since, .a small white and Ted cow, a ithnot
horny, with a brown voice . one eye—had a bell
nn. Whoever will return. pant animal shall be
ittivrally rewarded by JOSEPH BURNHAM.
Lawtontown. 'Vow. 17 •
1 50' REA MBA Past:Foolscap, and Folio Post
Paper. ruled tusii.coinaiwa, among which is Post
paper, front 'V to., nee team. rut received and
63T saie b 1 ; A BA.NyAffr.
Cobb's Stile,* Illooki. --, -- -
toil, RANNAN lie=reciiittiftefritalli•Mte
41 ply of Cobb's Beeks:soltirte ,
-. Pnwtoelti. . -
Readers No's. 1. 2, aid Ili
-= • „,....
/ • - , •t - . A. 3 7 -' , , ,,, t ,
Expositors, r ..-e,
.Arithmaties No's. 1. sad $, and 2 Nenk-A0
• , etericao Readers....•
Olibb's Wilke» Dictiroiary.-14 t &c....i.....-Ay.4.
Which wilt be' supplied wholesale.* RetrieW.
rates to Stole Keeper.. . .
Nov. 17 -. - • • .1.2•—:,
TITS bast Text Book for Mechsaits
s fresh supply just received arid fnr ova b 7
. B. BANNAN. .
Nov. 1151
Letter - Writers. . C
LASSiCAL Letter Writer. ,
Universal Do. .
Just received and for sale by B. BANNAN:
Nov. 17 . 32
Clark Is Commentary
/IN the New Testament, onq Ira 'Ptke •2.75.
" 1 -. 1 ! just tinetved and Am palety B. BANNe4A.
• • Fatitily Bibles,
lonom 91.7.1. tip 'n eitl, tFigerlici• with atiS*4
11 . gam rp..otiment of Pocket Bibles. just to.
(circa and for .sale by B. $ A R&M
-Nov. 17 ' '
?VRE atilwettive has jm4 received' a *CAW
• - simply nr Playing Cards; among which ire
eferant Frenels.Catda far Ladies...find Ivory
faced Plaid back cards, and for sale wht i•
aini Wert
Miners' Bank of Pottsville, in the melt
. of Schuylkill:
AN election for thirteen Directors of the shoes.
institution, to serve the enaning year% will be
held at the Ranking Hotwe, between the hours of
10 )'clock, A. M. and 3 P. M. on Monday 1,14.
19th of November nest.
A general meeting of the Stock,holders wilrbe
held at the Banking House, on Tuesday the . 6111
of November next.
October 20, 1838,
Brick tHrick •
120,000 at the k. mod litrlio6,kh t e o a r r le
rc. cheap va
boo. Apply to
Superior Family Flour.
ECEIV F.Dr on entiAzeisnent, from the Atom..
-11111 ' duct 111111., @trend loads superior famllx
flour, for sole by
Octpher 27. IF3R
Potatoes and Cabbage t.... •
;sajurup 154111spb. Prime Potatnex, 7(100 Heads of
Cabnage. Just rrtrived and for .ale in lots to soil•
porehanera at the Lower Siorehotor, by '
Now. tO
Mimes Bunk of Pottsriel le.
November 6th. 1838.
THE Directors have thii day declared a dile,
idend of three pre cent. payable nfter the 161tt
Nov. 10 . 51
The Workaafeharles Lanib,
JUST received and for sale by Hi BANNA/4
Nov. 10 • - St .
New Fall & Winter pikAis t
JUST received and now opening at the Cheap,
Cash Store, a large and general assortment
of Fall and Winter Goods, which will be sold on.,
usually eheau for e-sh, or exchanged for country
produce—consisting of
Dry Goods of every descripttsn t
Groceries of all kinds, ' • •
Queens Glass We,
Roots and Shoe s
Looking. Glasses,
Hard Ware. •
Otter, Fur and Flair Seat {Caps, •
Ready made Clothing of all kinds,
Fish,• Salt, dr...e ..
&omit, HARTZ.
October 27, 1818
I 11=1
" Let them guess then I" said 1. ,
"They will think you -have. been
bing the mail," said she, "Of commit
murder. Whet is it you, have, .4lon
bring oil yourself such terrible term
I ave
• ds
I iful
"I drank three cups of etiong,g t .
said I, with a blush.
"And it serves you' perfectly rig
said my wife with a look Of ippguati.
and Juvenile worlaw
irst Aad F: to the shahle of the awenber. at
- ` ll 4- Chapman's Viols. near Coal Castle, about
two months art. a Red wed White Spared Cairo
middling old. The °west is requested -.IIU Cull*
forward, prove property. pay charges and tat* I
her away. otherwise she wil be sold according h '
Nov. 3
Strgy Cott'...
CAME to the premises of the wblEribet ma
lJ Wednesday the 24th of October Black
and White spotted cow. with a calrairi;ut 1 week.
old. TIM owner is requested to come forward.
pea property, pay charges , sod take'issi minty.
otherwise she will - beLie . cording to law.
Minersville Nov. 3
„Silk Shirtsit Drawierti” •
AN elegant article for thaw wheade Oat lib. I,
, flannel, a perfect preventative orrhentnause4.
jus t renewed and 1 - pr sale cheap b,
October 20, 1838
Plain and Figllliitt St11191 . : 1 : - : • '
A .
LSO Montieiine Dp Lain snit ..paint ,
Malty, repaired end for oar by •-i
• :. MILLER 411 b VAGGERTir. i
! frit a • •
I - i
Ca rds.
. 54
At t he i.
Kiln, d
H. PARK E.R, Pottsville.