The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, October 10, 1838, Image 4

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    i=mportant to the- Sick;
.- 4 1".), R. W 31. EV A NS"
7:c t tilll'OMlLE PILLS.
AthsV.: AND lii:diTlLC n r —Whert u sound and„sei
saitIOIC remedy of diseases has lung littert in heue
rat useiby the ptibite,l?estowing blessings end recite
m g pt use, it t 3 scarcely in the 'WNW,' Of sCeet.e.fitil to
destit tts virtues. Of OrettVY to deft) mein.
Wit In it harleflieVet.l- au 'ascetalant -Career ...r u..
.Cules*s -.%.yht It distances the en.tipeittnort or Mery
beaNtihl pretension. and lits'sect. - ed a coasii motes
slat o i Is naively II fin tr. by telrinisC w•ortli atone.
• its ; irepretioar in ey p Pot out lie: 1111Si!S. Of its WI lien
-•oilty, with lit Itte•nrring the 5 , 14
‘ IIOIOII . at til V Oil ,041
--e ' ,+ in en-,,tut leg the n a no; ar •go a.
The C %AI.) 411, - awl FA ill I,Y etry:IZIENT
PILLi, in intiottaturell..hy Dr: AV tlhi•di Evitti. at iliti
•Chathi ti street. du not regosore hi, etat•tooatton - of.
• Ellett-A.:14.a iw•elzed eifi-iairy —Mr the mast ton rent
istlyiirtsitot the Cooed wdi t6ettiy.
if Ail te tjed Ft. stain the• reasons which hive intlived
i then to saint n•'•1 I theta o. eiletteoveiy anti warmly
es they t..... tili I iliose reasons are. that these ;nth
..eithii .es J sever I+.l;tie eve . o.fhe leo,: del , c ate
i- erissh'utu 1111. an li ive. in -ifintist ett.ry iteitstated
erne for w• Are iireaertheti: a et irlissl. pi evi
, (felt, if tntl) It ivy a. 1.1 toi-inaa?,tiit, effis,als. l'hysi
- eiruii.ill srelver, see th it thy are teot,:pli,.•ted - tot die
i n htio - o ~to airy' i lick ili.• tr y or rat , ;to; the . blood,
to the were do-:r 1011011 nil; the 'goal wit . anti.•lieweitl.
'Perry the all Aiessoil burnous. i trey unde
niably do; bat not by tivirl j ona; those sisern.a, by
-Willett '4l ine tt blond can tie $ !stained. Th*rare
- ,etstiyounde ion a Lit- I.y a-11:eit.5 t,iiereoes 5 oe• oho -teh
to , bs a very 'e:t•lnil -I t;. It to to•al.h . asiiii,r , ....t, ss eli
di lestel. to be ii nal title fillhood til th•sh - Jed tit..iiid.—
Vlii t y 40 sit 6., 'y into, to zli zsts. and - iti ikii Ito-tn
leal*like heotes Into reined to rein n nhotie. t . u.this
• woe' list they -o site the in as II Una. as 111,31.41'..e:a nil
fit Pi ale', tt4r 111, 11,1 11-111,45 311' I.llfli 111C , rpOC11,111.
LOOS Of .1 , .,1111i ill 111 'IIIO. 'lit d o . o troot•tne•oe 1 540
lent lel, 11Idry 1/1 Oa .1 fo;-. to ,ore. .11,• Illell Ihi• t u•-ter
-• for a•••oth 4. 'ii y ,it 1 , /,:al 11 Oa 1141. ad ,looi.trOta' ha l
the II 1 , 11. I. 101 ..:1•• .1. ni ,,,,..,,, , ...,,, ~x , •est„.) ~,,,I , 1 ,.
trot try ..tia id .111sI•1•1•15 I iil to tioiniso-a - ry itten'orattes.
t , ,,,,, e ., a 0,,,i • iii - et , nit et, y 115011 /111101111 re1III•re to
he 5•1,s0:11151 with 1111•11051,411•01 that .15 ae"oeithe a sin
.ml :a I 5 ss: , 5 0 • s e sss , le I ii .•,t:-eel In., ill the 11 WI rllle
!hit •1•1•••55 thin s'o Il i; iiaas,.l . o /is "1. ire i '1 '2 iatat /irtlnt.
the ot.oti.l tad carry other earl oi the sy,siern will hem
• tha,tr 'er. . .
'A .1•1 nary It: it ..t 03•••• d : . 1) 1 t , hrw IS 11l it•eitre hearth
to tie 5 , ,1 it i&I la I o.i .1' 15' WIII. !oy e.t eol-h; 1111' "Ste
to d•z•••tt 1111.1, 1101 the "'lre(' to r t o ry . ,..i . w its , is tert
alter llt • nein it • it.s ettra -ol'-i Incoo•thecteon •watt
thr-tetr,, , ts ..t' t• t.. 111 , 1 I il • 1"11 11 - I'llars ..I Ilya 5 , .....
In 1e.1,,, f 11 4 .31 r 4. ea. 111 -1•;•n o h %no! !hey .00te•ne•
plait I'l,o 11"•• 11 ** Os , tf NW le.' Ill: ;1111• •ii I , al o oie 1
w 'Y , ti.-`, ' , l l u l ' a' \ • - i....i.S ,i
W l'- \ ',M.N . i'lLI. ,,
fll.O 4,1, , 1 ( •:, ~•• I. r•, rd ! A I 111:1. 11 le. ~ t. 0.1 al
CO-1.•1. 1 .1.. ••se sl'lt o O. Is, a it •1•1, II 'ell II mem 111-
se t-o-ee eo ••. 11 .1-.1 'et, 11 I , :i. i.ise, tile Aviissle all
rn •-it it... it?. i il, ot,•ii itii , Zri ~.: '1.01e:IVIM1 it an free
mr ill ~ti dtt-i.1..., t- n , , Sr , . ••I'. r 0•• t! Is. li Ile le•S
T d s•s; lissel sls• •II • -k-n Wl' se 5.1, 1 1 s• II 1 .‘I I.O.VI•Is,
11.0.1 r• ~, 01. :. ',.. , w• • • , t: ~•.1 ~ , ,,v•.,,, 4,1 l oi)•.
81 , 1 Is k , , V' , .1 f .1,- I . :•11 ~1 1.11 , 1411 1 hey
tine •0.i1.11--• ~ •I, e •., 'II.II .110 I ws•Il •I• cro'lll at her
ft o4ers. I . o•v l e le•e et,r) I it.itg, , oth.oet I otip•lfitog
or It i • r ••1• : . ;
l‘ I • i '; a t •• 13.. , ;id y Ow
re-v h I t-* .1, LA' t: • : t t rti•ltt*
dm K ;1,1 ' • 1\I'1\III.E .tr \tlt: Let
• r;;14.4;a1; toh 4,1 i• ItVe+.l ern, ; - Or
111 ' tk , `• • O.•V wr - re timid
and .wa t •ti st.• -tr,t
ta•,t I I ,10, Illi• .ii.l
art i• r I ;
•L• ,• • ..•. •.• .11 • • 1 44 . e ,
k• • •••v • .11 • • •• •• ••: .• • li • - .• 1• 4: r1: ••
V • ••• •••-• • •'•:•• ,• .1. .• .. .• 1• .11 .1.
1111111. q! . 01 1 111 ll.' .11,1 11 n 1
!I .11 tiro .1 111. - pni .r •11 1 1, 1
11 Irr ••• • •••••. C. •.• •••r1••1 Ctr.l,ll,
. _
.. d
In 2lt -II r e ori ..... i i1od• . ee .•ed rr* dd. et.'
Zlll.ll. le .1, :r .. 1 eau 11, ..11. I/ id Jeri r ted......1 tt Iv
ta.k.,, •I 1 : '1 1141 I I ,
T ..., r•-t-, "I O i rlre n:Ili a.... teat nols ne,....Yerl in
2n ..1-,.1. , n .0' cr le le .1...1 •2•••••••,1 Yire'l,ql. bit Or
a r,t , tr.J1...1 if 'h.. I, rd.' (0 111 it .I.l.yers d'i .y.. 1. le .11
tts it.,110 14 . ..V l l ••11 . 1.1, 11., 1 1 ,, 1,111111 10 •adi e ily
,to 11d II.• .1 . i' ••• I'll-e, ~0 1 , ~,,, •,,I r .,,,,,.1. , ,,,..
sp .1.0 * tri, •• .1 io. r I tver :l 1t Iron' 11l le
-11111.11 ' . . t •••: ly 11 ...V 11l •4 I, ~ hive en-tirl'i rind (4,
1 , .,.r e t n tr., tit • r r• 1 ...•X .. 1. ....I lb.:, .Ire I_•h.
i 0. 11 I 'er•rry ii„ler veil 'dv 4 1,•1 rove. - 1 ss. tr.-, I hp, leo--
i e .„ . I , „.,, ~„ d.era'..' of .11 1.,,,, t i.. O h , te e i , ii,
:r• i i ...V. I ...• I to or 1 1 'l l ' n lei. ; 2 rarhi .!1!, rineor . nr
fir it t t•i I. 1 otiv tott .0 ~ I. re I 1.. r! 1,.•;:r iiirird inve
ail e n ,t ;!. .•., noi ••`i -1. , .,- , net! a+ •.('e Isinn
li to ty tY .11.1 11 n ~., ~ .• . I ,r Miry s o I . l2 4let t idut.
01:- . .... • II • .l • . 1 1. rd e .. .....• • • .1: • . „, 2 , ~; ( •.,1 thry
hl id" I' , ' I , i • '1 I', ' I • .ii.. I. I ~• ......• .•.. .4' 11, r
19 0 nle i 3 01 1) .0 •14 le, l'1 , •• , " 'l' .. ~..., 1 CI 4 . 141 1;:l - r,
e lIY. er.i'd ell re, .......2... Also'. re ...die.. 111, ti.nnes
al . ire cone. t0...1. Intl stt . who It 111etv know
entittn.! r. It. tl,oilt-il seottrze•CONSi mi-rio N.
In•zhi tuts°. been ehecked ,t 1 ',L,.. Ci011 , 4011 , e411:11 . .. and
do. l otontte I of 11l prey. all over the until, If the frit
'ruin'. , 11-4 of nervous (1,. , 010y had Iteell cootheractchl
by C 111 I .111,1.: chelliZolly ire and those
1'....rvel co n ~. otos which le-el In it ito•t: tolinit nt WI -
dlei. rill MI II ive . bid.ll I it lied by ,tiai :ion 31, t h00
ev. I,r of 'rim. '..r . ',; 0.:1 .11 lan le 1•1.:1z ._re dent 10
el • %.'... 11'1 N. l • ... \ 4:1,Y 1'11,1,, l',..fore !soh or
these •n- lii.tte•s. wlttelt in, :piloted 111 3 in irelty of
th 4 -,1tr : t0 . ....... for o '1..• I i h i3.1re.1 ollterA 311' uroteeeY
' sarlly ns .1. ' , .n.e. A •det.i. i 0 IN 11 11 . / 1 11 1 1 •11 . Ili!..ii elle,
ii: dile d ..) I •N . nude tinr.ltne, ottl•v-Inott. 'held Itser
C , •t.t• 11 il, er . lid idli e t• 11.1111' thiappen , eti. ts h re
. nt 1 1... .0 . . i•• , i :...v.• , ~,,, -. I ' • ,l ~
It It u' II .II.: I.' Bill .i . ti . . •• rt.... 11 111 It ihe , e hp' hello.*
ar., ft .1 101, •. i 1:, , I I , lk: 1 , 1..,1 " i . ,11 "L 2 ills or the
bo 1 . , orh.- i . ' n --. ..e e...
. - ~....... , • %-. n.,4, to I very
$llOlll - v 'it 1., o•.. , I'llr, It' • e1...e1-1.1.1,M 111,1,it
kn.l e1..!,n. I 11 114 1 11111 , Ne• v. ...ti il 1...! idle 411 the
red ;.a' l c, •' ..11 or •ii - lot n.l 11, ''''ll 111:11, ile• pre
ledee or ,itt! 11 . 1 / I. III r. 1 1 ,11.0 `'.l• I.'L .1. T. •, 4. iii•ll .
etre,: I . let rep' 11. .•.. irvi !n , 11....1" .1. /1••1s Ire .1. re.ii
' MOdy -1 hoy-• ~ • -1.,.. 111 , t 11. rz IA ..A1 e it.l . , tea
r• 11 1 ,, A 1 kill: Ibln •-• .Y.l . tri •le lo ate; l'l t r. - r - ;ri, flrody.
Mid bro. Ito it 1 • de lett :I .e.deril.i'l .il .ir the Insa
pre rt lrati 01.. 10111,1. 110 1,.... 11n 01 lon I.; .hoilltl he
wit It til ilio u, 1 . -1... v C l n .11, 411,t 1:1.3til et: ‘,....n le and
rehiit ~rihn ~., , ,ire-1. ,. ... Or \YV .1 Es .
Nen Volk,
: and'. h,•• ~1.• ,••• ,n. t...• ad 1 creel ry. %roll d.rett
bons ! . ..44.• -I' .I` l . are (.1 .1.1 ', .1 .111:0 1•?. 11l (11!rei
rgrne der adrerr.d.d 11l the 0 .1 no. ~ill.t.lteC • .d• thney
are!), l•'11•, .11•1 ~111.1
r.,,, .. -..,r 1.1 -di ~r ..n)013,
Meni»A le. 1 .1:.4 . :n •r. it .1 , 111 ) !der`1 , I1111•111 h :h I/1 orre
rile flat '11,11.11. hi th , 3 dre known, to he di iItIMIC
' prefere.ire. and ... t'id , WI 011 L11.1111: 1 1..1.1.15.
1)r. IV 11. 1.',,,' x \ t.' 0 ; I .lt 7E. . `n . . 1:). N OTri I
-El .11 I' Si'.
C. , IIL.IIIEI.I'd ii
1 1. dl re h.. tritliteirle
Miy Ile it id, 1)r IV:n Evans' 1. 'lnk,. 100 Ch. 1.11-1111
Street. `iedit York, where the I) , te!or tut ly be consult, ii
as ulllll.
D V.P,:t"CII and 111'1'0 7.i tIN bit( A(7ISM..--
r'...huon.(;reen St
above I' , ‘.l h,a. adlit led fur several
yetrs o' t tar dnare.c.stnxispaptons:
neva kt I.:h. headache. diszd.ext.fnahntantaint
of the 1t0 . ..-. I,n riir l d a-no4ne. al.he c tatnes ucni and
itta4 cnl.lneneand irenhness nflhe
rentlti .4. o . ll.te•lt , ln and general debdity.chaterhed
I!4. a sent.. nt' ra, rr, and welght at the atninarh
after et , ...g tnr'n were, grett onahtal d.Anadenti,Y•
'evene lit la, VI 147 r. Ch 'lst. hlek and 31111CALC,IStleP
.nea*, 3 &alike I 4 4.Havy . or Con inn, !airolautat)
♦ I,lnng as I nrce,nag Inagnur and !tenttude upin the
leart ep•rctße
m r . Salmon hi f ro ihetto the p h ) ,i...
clo o .i. who rrel.i.lert . d Ihr , power Or MAI-.
Cllle to resfore litm to heath; however as hie sillie
tomii hid reduced lion to a very ti,vd.rthleconrlitton.
vol Ii ,vin_ been reo.iirimundied by Jeit ttive 001111 Id
mike tr al of Dr Win. V.l' Medicine. he with
di s , iel•ir re iaired to the offi-e and ritylotired a tiao'ia‘ze.
tia t wh II he le indebted lot hie yr:nor:num to
life. he doh and friends. fle to non , en'
bleamtiqo of :ierfeet
lvertiona desirous of
farther information. he sailefirdl9ll4'overy lett
antis a stonAlri core at Dr. %Yin Evans' Ntedi
e tl tl,9icea.loo rhatham at , New lc ark ; and in Phil
adelidua. Not 19111 . 0R1.11 El(afril St.
Sold by JOIIN 11. WERNER.
Sole Agentfor Si4rullidlCoonry.
.Totteville, Nov. 25 4-II
Blood Pill 4. •'
A ruEsti supply, just trocfived -and for_ We
Puttsv ills, Ante II; I€l3B
.. .
.. liii..Natk" (7..4). '... i
A IF FR It for sale it tdirerbolesale add retail Fan
"Cr ly (arocery Store.. 'entrp, 3 doors hektuf Pritrkei
i street, a pnnie assortuiet.t offresh ill rodZirtleitiegtoidd ,
IA A, tAi „.. • ..%
• .lava. Rio, ',noire. Cone
I '
1 • i St. Domingo and orowhed t . •
- N. Orleans, st. troii, tiro% a and '
'( .
white II Ivanna, loaf and Mum r) !
• .
New Orleans. West . t
ndia .tur-sugs e have
Inme•Ort,Guri Powder. Young) ' • -
I lysinsi, l'•inchntig.Orang,i Pee t }iiTeas
•cp, Soncliong and Bohea i i . • i.
B.ilters. t:basei.Spainsh.Schmrtz t Ch
dr .Loi , ~ ..iiiiill sweet spiced , 8 . .
'repared Comia. Cocoa sirens
ft.-ailing. t 7ariee,ollarvey,
John Bails. Lobster, rinchoiry. Sauces
Canton soy add Currie - -. • ,
Gherkin, 'Po - mato. pepper.) .
Polixed,thrion. Maiigoe, }Pickle! .
Lemon and rrftich -
Olives. ea prey; A ncbovit s
Ca vehne pepper. allspice and Ginger
Cloves. Mace. NUtlll.lll and °imam
Rice:dour of rice. - sturcli .
Curtains, Frye. Raisins. Primes - '
....f.Weet and bitter alinundiY. citron . •
Olivenit. wine hitters. lemon syrup
Preset red ginger, cheellt, codfish
lierrinz. mackerel., saimon -
While and eelnren was. s p erm
Mmildoil and di pt fallow S ,
Palm. variegated brown and yellow soap
Old Madeira. • rid port, claret 1.
''Brown and Dale slieiry. , i.Arnnit;gme r Wines
.. Old hml, Lislion..dry rt daga }in wood
Sweet t - mitaga. nvi.c.ittd ' ISt bottle
1%1 iliii-iev.inarseitles A.- Sietly l'ilndet.
Sci itc h. I nail , mi ~,, iign beta A: coot e. bloke,
Aii iiniet te. :ion i seed & peppermint t:ordials ,
C. , r,viar.rliaiiiiusne, Spanish 4- coin brandy
Milked ik toin.t..;iii.N. E Rum
Jairvii,-a spirits . .
EV? ri 4iip.nprin. inferior do .
ilia Spinrish and e 0111111•111 cigars •
Onir &plain and mollified glass 1 are
e.:tinia and crockery .
zEeneral assionnent of 1.),, Goods. ttec. ke..sit of
.w Foch shay a dtsoooal to sei lon the most reasona
ble terms. ',featly of Fad - titles and Tavern Keepers
are particularly invited to ran.
rtNii £ roil Swoon,. nib) Lot/lines heinneing
'Ate to the & Pon svitte ilati Road Corti.
Di a y . a t l'n r ho n . sa 'being iu ev
er i t le.:wet ve. it ea le.ilatt.d for the . stuppitig of
coal. Tin• sloot he rer.ted with or will t
werity Coal earls. o .ld 0rder.... 5 .A.50,-the
aree warehouse and wharf.
Ettrotrit of • 9.11 M VP.
•vt it is so>,-criber fins now on hand at his Gorr
,nuse on Centre and Rail ROM'
girf i el.4, Pi roll nswirt4nent of Goodd. suitable for the
•••;; - •roi f)., , -
..11, I.!n-
('onfectioiaary Mfttinfactory.
...-111 ,nil N l.riner annuktri , eo fn tin
pit“ lie are“ he h a e.,inineneed the Manutac
',ire Or l'ontretion.iry in 1,3 its v.irinna branches,
nth“ 4 lure In I • entreZ;trect, Tie:irly opposite thi
110114 e, where roweCtinners and uth
wholesale sod retail..
at lie In Ve..l linon eas - 41
, rt)Unirn 1 , 11. int% are re4neetrully solicited
and cxlinine his .lock buture purchasing
el-c here.
CON Pit I'.-41t nations. frcm the remo
mit ages, bar- hid ships. but Columbus only found
out the way to Amenea Before the time .01 the
grearri ramsh navigator, people were only enabled to
' paddle :loom the shores. Jimt so with the lac Medi
immts Ir..s trot two short yeain a nce I first yen
i t ired upon an unknown ocean.andl hive drscove' ed
the rrec.our object 1 was in search of—BEAL,TIII.
VevetAble medicines were indeed known when I cum
rm. d toy search. but theii.ure was not. 'Br the
use 01 thorn. I INIVe itot only passed from the dejecten
in v rinl.te the hale hearty ano-to ovum m in of bu•iness,
but, comparativelr speaking, I have renewed my
I emit thus, with contideoce lit my owl, etiie
nem e. advise with 'sir ieliow Citizens Bees r he
reader w int ' ,roof that it. El ABLE
IC I NFL are ...MAW, to his own ca-e? I havvi on tile
at my olfii rri..s It•nartway. biro d reds of leviers. front
some .I h' to rim reciertalde citizens of this cm tin.
tore laod, oily iiGre in rtimimimv of the •tr
turia ..r tit KA) k I*.A BLIK.
Pervert, w 'on-e ermstiiiii ions Harr been era dy ru
ined liy iho infalirble - mineral pre ,ar:11.0),, or
the day, w Ir-or no witness. that the Lib! Mem
eider, an t rich .orly..lre the true ea we to erima nem
I good health UOFIN .MOFPAT.
'ro izoit.
M CI. rho r, .111 v
• re l tion
• 11..rr Von 'nl no , sorted edmrs,
13.1•. d nud 11..0p do do
N 4,1 pike Rods do do
Sn.,•l,ltonnd 511,13 re d!jib
N.til. a rid ...Tikes do do
Co•,1 Slll,St•ls do do •
llvdnsr.,n cenrr..l nfoooriment.
Al' of n.thi,:n ht. IN soling at rydo,ed prices
1 .n i 3 J (1. NYTON
I;,,co 4 ritge Hume nufachires
Vegetable Life Pills and rise
ni 1 Bitter*.
1nt121,141,1 know.. nod nfrpre
mite•i, for I ..xtg.mordion.)•ogid Itnt..ell tate powe.s
nt ro.A.,rioz•Ct hralrh.46 ,
lot irly eve•) kith! of "asedee. to .11.01 the buena.,
In many holt: ret'?a of cerntiitate l instances, Ihey
hale ore reci.ord siitTerera fr.ith ilic Vet) verge of au
_rive. alit:: all the diu.retive n of
the day had interti failed; siol to to 'rip thrum-Mils they
have perm , ,.eutly seemed Clint Onitorni•e! joy ment ni
health. wii.hout which life itselt'is jail a . wartial bless.
So erect. in. ell, has their efficacy iiivar,alah•
and i ,fallibly proved, that it hits appeared scarcely
lcse than miraculous to throe who were ouacquainted
ooh the belutilld philosophical principle• upon
witch they are cosn . iiiiinded.lnd upon which they
consequently act It wan to their mit.ifentind weal.
1.:0, : tr i t on in purifyiiil the spinrics' and channels of
life a en )) ill g them with renewed tone and vigor,
lied they were indebted for their name, which was
bestowed upon them at the sinintaneous request of
several individuals' whose lusts they had obviously
The nrcipriutors rejoice in tile opportunityntionled
by the universal dithetion of lie daily press rot pine:
ing his VI Gi.:1" ( 1131.F: PILLS within the
knowletge and reach of every individual in the com
munity. Unlike the host tilOnnetous quackenes.
which boast of regetntile tflgiedients. the Life Pills
are purely and soLEI v v 'GE I ;am t., mid contain nei•
OPT Memory. %ntiniony. Ansente. nor any ether
mineral. in. any farm whatever: They are entirely
..nin t iosed "fern' , in fr o nt rani and powerfill plants.
'he -virtues of whtt h. though lime known to several tribes. and rtootot to ttome eminent pharnat•
' , eta teal ohignists. are altegethilr a. linowniii the itno
ra•.t pretenders to medical science:and were never
before administered iu so happily efficacious a Mill
Their first olieri , inn is to loosen from thematic)]
the stet arch A 0 bowels. the 'Sarious imponties and
,rutlitres constantly setting orhoed -therm and th re
m.ivr• the,enerl fumes Which coltect in the con.
Thomas of the small iniesnites Other meslicines
, 7 45, casually counter these. a d leave such collected
to , , f 4O heheol, as to produr habitual cmitivan.ess,
with all its train of evils.or en den - dierrhma.willi on.
imminent dangers. This fact is well bonito teak
regular anatomists, who gstattilpe the Mohan bowels
after deal and hence the p*rdire of they.erell in.
formed tnegt modes; The ipaek medicines of thane.
l'he 'Mimid elTei t of the Pi r IaiETABLE LII,V.
. , . - ..., . .' -._.i,• i - - , •-:-._ . . - -....r..• . .
. 1 • • ••••• A. , -..-.. 54 ,- 4.4- ,4,, 41 . - 4 ,- - ,
- T-IffE--1 1116! 1
, • - ~---••
PILLS is to eleariseallie . kiAuftit4id the bladder, and
by this mogna„the_liverAn.r. , Altk. lunge, . the lteeithfill
action orwhich entirelideptiala upon the regularity
eftinteurinary organs. The blooe, which takes Its
red - color from the agency eifthe liver and`tbei lungs
before . it' intewthehedrti - rheing thus perched by
them arid nourished. by ..rookititmung from a mese
stennach.l Courses freely through the veins, renews
every part of the system and triumphantly mounts the
-banner orhoaltik is, the blooming cheek.'
. The fnillowing are amen. 's the distressing variety of
human diseasefi.fla which - the - Vegetable Lire Pill*
'ere:well IttioW.o to be irijallible-- . . .
. 1
• ,DVSPE.PSI A, by throughly cleansing the first and
1 second stomachs , and creating a flow or pure healthy
bile.tnotead of the stale and ac rid kind:—Flutufersei,
`palpitation of thelleart. Loss !If Appetite. Rawl-buns
and ,fl e ad•adre. iteiglessnesi; 81-temper. Anz,ety. Lan
, gnat :and .liekineholy which are the general i i monies
of Dyspepsia, will vamsh,.as a natmarconsequence of
its cure.. Costiveness, Uy cleansing the whole - length
of the intestines with a solvent prOcess. and`wifficart
•vinlence; all violent purges leave The bowels costive
1 within twodays: Diarrhon and au/era, by remove
lug the sharp acrid fluids by whiehilesie commaints
are °tensioned, and by promoting.. the lubricative
-secretion oft he miter's membrane. Fevers of a/hinds.
by restoringt he blood to a regular circul ition, through
, the process of perspiration in some eaves, and the
I t liroegh solution of struitestimaltbst rue bons in others.
The LIEF. PI 1.1. S have been known to ethe /Tin ,
:sadism permanently in three weeks, and (0,4 in hall CONSUAIIPTION CU WEI);
that time, by removing local inflammation from the ' INDIAN SPECIFIC
muscles add ligaments of the joints. Dropsics of ar • ,
~ . •
kinds, by freeing and strengthening tho kidneys and . ,r..- , - - "gij - , For the preOntion A cure
bladder; they operate most ciellghtfility on these or- -. 7. ~ -4". ~,, .• of Coughs,Cdlds.Astkmas.
gans.aul hence have-ever bee. founyl a cerrairt reme
dy i r' - Consumpfroris, Spitarip of
Wood. Diseases of lb.
for tile worst cases sq• Gravel. Also VlOrms. by 1,.., _
dislodging from the turnings of -the bowels the slimy '
,i„, Breast arid Lpngs,Ote pre.
matter to which these ere:Mires attic e: Asthma acrd . ~,, r ~ 0 .-- at eel by Dr.CLABEiSOA
l'onsumptien.'hy relieving the air vessels of the lungs • r . 4 0, P • , e
FR L .L3l AN. of ehe Cite
frotn therruieus, which i•venslight colds if not resin, ~,. .
.2...,,, ,. ......,...„ .. .....,..
ell be , tones hartlenisd.slA outdates Mese dreadrid I _..... ---. '. of Lancaster. ~
diseases. .curly. Utters and /nrefereire 4.4ores.•by she •3 - DIR ast
e r.
i ssrfect pm-ity whir thihrse Life Pills give toThe-blothi , Accortrtpartytng , each holtle"orthe Speelfick„
and all humors; Sernineir Eruption's., and /
..Iml Corn- pointing out in a conspicuous /winner, all the
. reesmos. by theirelrerae re effect nil on the fiords that symptoms in the different stages ottliese die:trees
!king diseases—also putticular directione respect
inorblo stale' otwitffih oecastons all EraptMe. rent
plaints. Sallow. Cloudy., and ot her disagreeable t am. Ling tires slid regimen, and }raw Jahients are to
pt' The use of ffiese Pills for a vervshertionc..
conduct through every since unt) health is re
, will elect an entire cure of mall rheum.
l e ss
/l eo ~,,,, i f rh e - i stored—for vain and us let would be the pre
, and a -striking imiirnveloi•nt in a . .."
„k„-, • 0,, a ,,,,,, c o l a ri.o n ifirrihrenta..,w,li always be scriptions of the ablest physiciansi accompanied
mired by one thise. or 11 two even in the. worst cases. I with the most poWerfu 1 and uselnli mciffictnes, if
Prfcs.„—nsa remedy for thts'irnosi distressing and oh the directions arc not faithfully adhered to.
stiliata.milidy, the Vegetable Ltli Pills deserves a The public are informed that iie depositions-of
distinct and emphatic reconimet.ti,mon. It us well ---,-
2isi persons hate been la ken 6trepre proper au
know ii ru hundreds in this city. that •he Proprietor
0 , the , s , in . salua l,k, p i e s. was h,,0„11.anc.,,,,/ salt 1 thorium; in the city of I.aitenster, 'all completely
tle's complaint riir irpw.itds of thirty fire !max.: end that . eared in the most desperate cases of consump
tee :rind in ram every remedy prescribed withimilie I lion, sonic of which are detailed in the bills ac
- whole ,•iimpass of the \later. Medica. Lie however,' poiripQ)lying each bustle.
at length, tried the inedone whit li he now offers to 1 %.* A supply of the above Specifics -has been
the public, and he was mired in a SI ry short time received and is for sale at this °thee&
after his recovery had, been prononio ed nut only Mawr, IQ .
'improbable, bet absolutely impessible, by any human
'teans. .
IM BECTIONS FOR issr..-1 - ., eroprietors of the
V tat e - r t er.e. Lies Po i.t.a; does nor lothaw the base.atid
mercenary i•racs we of ilie quacks ebbe day, in misus
ing asiranee to take his Pills in lureF quantities. ran
-,,.en.: nid.c.rie can : presiblv be so required. Theis
Pills are to be taken at bed time every meld. bar a
week or fortnight, according to the obstinacy of the
disease. The 11 , 11:1i dove Is from 2to s.qt-cording to
ihe conetiturion nr the person. Very delicate persons
should begin with but two. and increase as the nature
or the case may require: thoise more robust. ur of rely
Costive habit, may begin with 3, and inctease to 4, or
even 5 Pills, and they will effect a sufficient)) him y
change- in guide the patient in their further use
These Pills sometimes occasion sickness and wintry
n 2. though very seldom, unless the stomach is i ” I e
foul; this, however. may be ronvaleted a favnralic
svmp Pea. as the patient v. ill fled It in-elf at once sit.
lievisi.and by ;waterer:nice va ti I S.. recover. Ti.. )
usually opertiew it hip IU or I 2 hours. and never site
poll. unless Mc bowels ire vers much cut-timbered
they reay-te. taken by the most delicate females no
der any rreannstances.-11 is. however, resominend
ed. (fiat whose in later pbriods of pregnancy shmildi.ll,r
but one in a time. and thus centime to kcciithc le . twels
nem and et en two may be taken. Where the patient
is very costive. One pill in a sniuttnii of two table
siiir , MlS Nita wale r. may be given to an mfaii: . .n thet
followin2 dtAltrf--O lea spoon fail tilers two holies trill
it mieratecTiir a child from one to five years of age.
half a pill—and from five to ten, one pill.
Till.: ['tiff...AlX iiirrEits. are so chllecEbecause
they possess the power of restoring' the e4piting em•
bers of health. to a glowing vigor thlvffighont the
constontron, an the PIS - PSIS is said to he restored to
life from the
of owndiesoluiron The Plum
nix Bitters are eidirely vegetable, composed of root
found only in certain parts of the western country
which will infallibly cure FEVERS AND AGEli.*
01 all kinds; will never fail to eradicate entirely all
the effects of Mereory.infinitelyseioner than the most
powerfulpreparatioes ofSarsaparilla. and Wall unmoi
diaitily cure thedeterminntion of BLOOD TO THE
/IA ED; never fail in the sickness incident to young
females; and swill be found a eertain remedy in all
rases of nervous debility and weakness oft hr most im I
paired constitutions As tea remedy for Chronic and
Isflaniatory Rheumatism, the efficacy of the Phcon&
• Bitters will be demonstrated by the use rola single
bottle. The usual dose ofthese haters is hell a wine
_glass full, in water or wine, and this quantity may be
oaken two or three tames a day, about half au hoer
before meals- or a less quantity may be taken at all
times. To those who are afflicted with indigestioa
alley meals, these Bitters will :prove invaluable. as
they very greatly increase the artion of the principal
vlseern. hl p them tit erform their liinctimis.and en
able the at mach to cLorharge Imo the bassets what
ever IS' 011 . PSSIrP limp ind,gestion to easily and ' 1
%i .e. : ed. ) ; reinnved, appetite restored, and the m o nths
of the it mrhent vessels brim. le insed. nutrition as I
facilitated. and sirength of-liidy rid energy of [marl)
are I lie hinny results For fart er par111111:1r, of
‘1011 , ..V1"S LIFE PILLS. and PIICENIX BIT.
mits, ii,,ily at Mr Motrat's office, No. sln Brodwriv,
New Turk. where the Pills can be obiainerl . for its
cents, 51.1 cents. or $1 per box ; and i he Meer* for $1 1
or S 2 tier bottle'. /0' Numerous certificates of the ,
wonderful efficaey of both. may he there inspected. '
dr i some obstinate and compbtated 'cases of chronic
and ndiatrotaatory Rheinnal ism Liter C. limo,
Fever and Ague, Dyspepvta. Palsy. Piles. irtilito from
the tine of mercury: ratline, nod ialier ell:wises of fete
seaurlina. a may be nercw-ary to take both the Lite
Pill• nod sae ?litmus Bitters. in the dove before re
romniitim. i '
N. ti —These Pills and the hitters, will get die
mercury out or the system lotinitely icier than the lited.
preparations rifSarsimarilla. and a certain remedy for
the rale/ tit o f the ?ilood to the !tend. or oil rides: head
aches,ift ei mime:mix: ltic.—All persons V. ho are predis
posed to pimp/ea-v. patty. &c.; should never be withont
the Lire. Pails or the linters, for onedose in time Will
save lire. They equlalise the circulation of the blood
draw all nreseure front the head, prespiration, and
throw off every impurnv by the pores of the skin.
For sale by MILLER & it.%GGinerV, .
..ligetita for the Proprietor.
40-lv .
Pestunille. 26
/VIM Plltmeribore twin donstantly an ban 4 a
■ full asserrtmeht of rompriaing Round
and PaPiare Iron from 3-!.61.1i up to 6 inches di
ameter; flat Irony .14-I . 6th b 4, No. 4. W. Cr- up to
6 in. by it in.; butler, floe and sheet iton of hjeat
and 2d:quality suitable for lining tar bodies or
imbuing; rail t oad von 14 Op I. 14 by 4. k,
and 2,1 by They are triad prepared in receive
orders to import Rail Read Iron upon the moat
adramagerma terms in latienciantitiieti also rail
road ear azlea.,
A 'WI retirement Sten), comprising east nna
.hear steel— Amerman and Erigh.ii blister Stet+
German and spring, ritcel l . ,and round Iron ond
octagonal Irma 'for &Ala. -
MOttfi iS &10NE,R,
I S. W. Donee Market a'indt4farthuylkilt Seventh Rt.
Philadelphia...lone 21; 834.
Cloth§ and. Cassimeres.!
from Subscriber 4as . in Stara a large and.
• gcneral ur mii 4
ooriut.iluo, Black. Hrcwn
'Green. Invisibratreta:dr Vand mint Clothis—
Also RNA; illoe, drab mi mist ' Cissirutrel.
,which wiiPbtaold Iraq Cheap. •
t ''' ' SAMUEL' HARTZ.
l'oti4llle;filit 14, .1:1111. - Ad—
~~ ~.
4 ls
Et 4 A 7 1 1%.
- ,POR 5 r...0. ARBON 'i; .' . '
Saving-,Fund Socity.
iiTIO Pert Carbon Saving Fund tSociiity, ii
. new open every day 'from 9 to 3; o'clock at
~ 'O ffice at -Discoimi ' and Deposit , forltic ,bar. -
' of de/masks' lb Ithy aninttni' not ex.
ceding $5OO, from any one person, upon which
an l intereet - or4 per cent; will be paidlon every $5
flail ii pwarils, but no interest will be ! allowed on
anly fractional part* of $5. - The Wht.le. or.any
pati . may be drawl Out on giving notice, froni.two
' "wneks to four inonthr, at the -office On 3londays.
1 TIO biliones 'el the. Society will be . o9ducted by
i th e follow i na,:officers and managers, OMB tir firm
Monday in May nowt. ... -
P resident-A Qli 11. A BOLTON.!,
•Joseph Carroll Samuel 3.-Potts
Edward Hughes E. B. Warne
Jacob Bull Jesse Turner
Whitney, Secretary and Treasurer
•;Artiele 3d of the -Charter. "NO emolument
whatsoever shall be received by the President
nr Managers for their services, nor iliall my
Manager become• a borrower from the Instill'.
tMn. eet 3 •‘46if
Swaim's Panacea.
A s the intemperance and luxury ul the age are
VA. hastening the ravages of seurbutic complaints
and rendering the blood inure impure: and as thou
have destroyed theiri•onstuutinusby neglec•lng
to apply the proper remedies—to such. Swaim 's Pan
acermust be. and has been. more than doubly valua
ble as a certain and effectual means of meow ng them
to perfect health and vtgor. Few fainilies are is hol
ly exempt from scorbutic affections: which exhibit ve
nous symptoms, as ertiplioas, uleetations. - debility.
tors ofxpliet de and dejection. all arising from impure
blood. and if , not properly atielidd d to. produce the
izrea test into ry to the coast alum ion. 'nod may be` tat
part e d to their o ffspring. Snxim's litharea Ounn
uncoiled at his season of the year. ash valuable sto
rm ive of the sy mein. thereby invigorating the ctinstitti-
Pim, and erra tiling it to bear the debtlitating elfeets of
the summer season. It IN 'con s eyrd by the circilla
tiug flu and corrects their tendency to all those
Ai I venues which originate in vitiated: blood diseased
In \ t . r, depraved a.ipetite. nr predispiiiiiiiin to affections
Or the longs. &v. Na, one. however, tsiadvated to use
it without convincing themselves ul the truth oFwhat
us here spited
Thoi rrwalicinela now toted v. ith success in all parts
of the world, and to gaining great reputation in Eng•
A fresh stopply of the Medicine joie received and
for sale by R. BANN AN.
Sole Aeent forkchoylkill roomy.
Who rap simply the above meemine wholesale to
them who wish to sell again, at Plidadelphia prices
May 14 2G-
hesuranre Conajtatty.
A o K u rbnth limtCra . ncperpttallr
ire4stoi,ori,the:idin Stores,
Nl,;t., Barn., Stables. Merchandise, Form
lute 'and - Property of every descrlption.agatnif lose
or damage by 'FUZE.
The Delaware Comity Insorinte renipan% wtl
also maitre against loss on - bilkinds or marine risks
and against the damage or loss 'upon the transporta
tion of goods. wares. nnd merrandisi , by water. or by
rail way, upon terms as favourable as day other in
For any further information on the stitjeM'Of in
aorance. either agairst Fire. niarlne or inland ris •
Apply to II EN RV G. KORI:INRIN. A. rat.
July i 5 34—tf At Salm lkill haven.
'or WILLIAAI B roll's.
. A t%atm..% .
Fire Insurance Colinpany:
I%IAKF. both limited and Jerpetual Insurances on
Lv.,Brick, Stone or Frame 13aill4logs.Stores.notels
Milts. Kum.. Stables. Merchandise. Furnsture.and.
Property of every &script ton.ageinst loss or damage
by 11144..
'fbe subsertber has been appointed AGENT for the
nbove mciitiontd Institution and 'snow prepared to
make 1 NSCILA Net.l3 apon every deitenption 01 property.
at thelowest rates. BENJAMIN BANNIO.
Yeb.27. 1836.
The Philadelphia Fire
et)111 PA NY.
MAKE both limited and perPetual Insurances on'
/TA Brick. Sione or Frame Boildmge.Stores. Hotels,
Barns. Stables. Merchandise, Furniture, and
'Property of every description., against loss or damage
"by PIKE:
The subscriber has been appOinied Any,Sis for the
above mentioned Institution and Is now prepared to
make Instrato , crx upon Sverraseription of property
at the lowest rates. BENJAMIN HANNAN.
Pousville.Feb 2u 1837 , ••
T .
, •
11K Subscribers, baying legated the whiter on
FaiNiount dam, rout.ol*Willoor.Bl. Rail Road;
joining the one occupied by !A. ..), B a l ton & Co.
are prepared to receive Coal Liumbenr,„*c. on:
wharfage„ and eninmit.sion..;Enquire of the sub.
scribe on the premjses. ova 2A Bouth,Wharves.
i 47...-14
june 20
11.411DIENLik1.11L.E., FACT'S,
, ii.sD .t. Roo.lC...Tetptqw TT AT
: •Dit. I(4ErD - v l s ,
~ . .. ~ .
1.: Sarsaparilla- Blood . Pills .
'4l)-e the most elfcan,al pprifieref the Biota
and Anima/ . Fluids -thut have ever
:been discovered.,
• Thefollowidi are'some the
Effected and herird from during the peal TWO
Xo.l9TiffSZin f'hitodelpiiia. • , ,
Louisa . Sunlison..cored orviolent ‘ pain in hei head
and sides., with mush giddiness 'to which she was
subject fir three:yeas.
John' Vtocker, relieved froM habitual costiveness
and want of appetite, n kb offensive btoath and bad
Joseph Marlow, cured Dean ulcerated leg and arm.
Israel Junes, cured of a breaking out all over his
whole body. ,
,arch Jonea, cured of pain ire her breasts snit sides
much headache and sickness aller eating.
1N illiani Mowbray. cured, of a Rheumatism. and
swelling of his legs and feet. having been unable to
walk any distance for six months past.
~ .
Michael- J. Roi ured of swelling • under his
grins and 'on' hid -l '
with considerable breaking
'out on his hody. .
gi t e,.
Elizabeth Cm I[4 l , cured of swelled breasts, pain
in her side. conjoin) disgust to fwd. and much sick
nese at heestornaoh.
Jeffery Cline, cur of rheumatic pains and swelled
joints. -' ,
'Samson C. Howard. -cored of a letter and rash. a
breaking out qver his body, with some running sores
and ulcer 8.
Rev • A Canby. cured of an affection of his throat.
soreness and alteration, which previously affcctid Ins
speech. ~
' Tue following tiresome only of the large num' er of
, cures effected in Berke Minilcun ery,Sehuylkill. I c...
high. - Laiithster, and Nerthairitnon counties, during
the past three 'moiling
Jonas Green. Esq., cured of a scorbutic affection.
ulcerated leg. swelled joints and : rheumatic pains.
• Adam C. Ca-periter, cured of violent pain in. his
sides. much costiveness, bad appetite aid a shortness
of breath.
Rachel Snyder. cured of a difficulty. in bee 'thing,
habitual costiveness and violent-pains in her lie: d.
Michael Jones, his two daughters and youngeet sin,
CO , ed of a breaking out of dry and sometimes watery
pimples over their whole bathe.. attended with great
itching, frequent unpleasant feelings in their - heads.
sickness at the sunnach. acid pains over the heart. at:c.
Tins family was .stllirled for years, and never found
relief 1 rom any medical treatment, or from ally medi
cines, until !lying Dr Leidy's Blood Pills and a wash
directed by lir. i.didy.
Sarah Niel tooth: oiled of -violent pains in her back
`andloins, rhentnatom, swelled Joints. di . c.
Andrew Green, cured of griping pains. loss of ap
pettte, disgust for food, and habitual coat I velievs
Adam R. G tiinis,curect of eruptions and break
ing out, tenement' and pain through bones,
Dinah Vrowley, cured of ringworms and fetter.
Henry 'C. Ro .ney, Esq. cured .of inwatA levers.
ioreriers ofhis mouth. throat and nose,glanda:ar svi el
hugs. Sc.
George Lai nan. cured oft Mereerialaffectior and
violent rheumatic pains o - his head and noses.
Joi.athan Sucked. IsaneCeilmssi and John G Thom
son, cured of va riling' affections of the .head, cos ii a .
nein. sour eructations,. sickness al the st ach. a r
'arch Jenkins. Allied an • Tracy Jenkois, mini d of
affections of theiskitt, b •
,g out, pains in then limbs.
ten ,
Ititur.inifs other inst cea might belubhihrd. I•ut
to swell the list n o Id ii 4tecestunly increase the ca
',clam. of I:ublishirerAlien
~ ' .
It inns, he plain; see TrOurshe fore Meg, that the
flirted l'itls are an exc.' nt corrective foi a d,sii id, ri o
stionach. the cause or diseases to m h eh the I i nil
system is liable. together With the impurite, .1 the Lit nd
which exists in all diseases. and in conjunct iiu will,
a disordered sionaactwiteryirap'idly- prostrates the hu-,
man horly l. .
. These pals do not purge as powerfully as do most
Nils of the 1 -resent day. (which prcdnee as much mi. -
. chief as did ever mereury.ur the minerals. by a taken ing
the system.destritying the tone and vigor of the body:
and rendering it a prey to constant and line , ersal die
ease, &alerted and bodily slifferingj bid are mild mid
mild and gentle in their 07.eration, and curly increasing
the - natural doscharges s fcieully to carry if umpure
tics as they are corrected by their use, nut rend. ring,
necessary any restraint from oecupaenn or business.
change or living or diet, or even a liability of taking
cold iroin their use. .
The process for extracting the virtue oftheSarsapa
rine wahout aestrojing its efficacy •is kliON Ii only tar
the proprietor.
I' Pisa red only and sold wholevile and retail. at Dr.
Leidy's Health Emi,orium, tird Stkbelow Vine,' IS, o.
191.—Also Sold by B. BANNAN,
June 9 44 .
Wonderful Cures.
'Hoye been perforated in this city, Itad_thtaighou
the country.
DR- LEA ryrs •
- -
BRING 3 concentrated fluid extract of Samar Mille
combined with other vegetable millets, vi Nth mil
der' it as a medicine of great uuliiy in the CUM Of all
diseases arising from imiurities of the blood. from im
prudences in life. and constitutional dtsrat•rs formed
or produced by the injudicious use of mercury.. arse
'roc. bark. or quinine. In short. it is an invaluable rem
edy f.rall.
Rheumaitc Affection, General Debility, ncerons
Sores,. a hire Swellings Diseases of the Liver and
skin, Ulcerated Sore Throat, Ulcers of the Islose,Ca
ries. or diseases - of the Bones; Scrolbla. or K hies 1.1-
'vil4Erystrielaa. or St. Anthoni'sl'i te. and all unplea
sant and dangerous pffeaiona consequent to by j.hilts,
Luria Venereal. &c kc.
So effectual has this medicine been in the cure of
various diseas - p for which it is recommends d. that it
is far superceding all Other preparations of bin saparib
la. l'inacem
It is now empllyed by numerous physicians. arid
has been inttodticed by then into many h o spi ta l s , in .
-firmaries &c throughout the United Sillies.
'lt is a preparation ni gtealer,of rear., h (consequently
ofgreater efficacy)•thair any other extract now made,
is alsomuch cheaper, beim; but one dollar Crt bottle,
Which is sufficient to make one gallon-of Syrup of
Sania lla. and is bought by different drOggists fur
that purp
Numetaur Mattes have been received and ?lib
light-A from time time, but in consequence of the
great expense attend' new 'rapes ptiblication (tithe&
the'muat incteduleus can . convinced of the superior
efficacy of lie Leidy's Al 'cated Summit-Ma. by
calling at Pr. Leidy 's Health Emsroritini." No. 301
north Second street. below Vine. ,a of the Golden
Eagle sod Serpents." where cert ifienteetted references
can be gitien to hundreds or instances of theyoust re
'mrailtibleettlenever performed by any medicine.
.Sold by . B. BAANAN, Pottsville.
June 9 44
.general assorrltitebt of fresh and seasonable
Goods,g;eeeived—::eonaisting in ;whet
• I:: •
Sackerel, .
•- • := 'Plaster,. &c.
which will be sold low for cash. • The hislmsl
price paid in cash for all it Wilier* country produte
itlennt Carbon.-Dee 2 • 2.
• VALI. AND. SEE !I • ..
- itiSVItEENED a splendid aleortment .cd
ity Wig ~and
. Suinffier, Guoda, 4mila:tag in:
part or _
-wry ~Goode~"
G •
• 1 4 100 11 ,.*. girt) ;
which arnhprcriarid'qu self cheerier than eye,
offered in thin inariretior-cash, or in exchange
of country produce, at the highest =taint ~rice
tplia rilii....,' or !. 4 ..0,000 .11.01-
,'-- ~, or Dr
Leidy's Oassaparilla oi;113 pod Pill,
: sold itahrltideipliia, Rio
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• Who doe* not knot: the virtues. of nitdutratudie
properties of the .I...or : rape/Qin ?. , . .
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ICA answer the above, as every news *ter throulh
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tel efficacy of banal drilla, in erthis 1 the avid aid
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DS. LEIDY i has disc o vered a meek ii whereby' 'ha
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eentwoed form, and'in Foch manr,t r A in 1 ale
ibeiDDOID. without 'destrrying in de 1 oat its ii my'
Th., canner he clone .I 3 any other 1 ,Itnn. ti.e lee:
cees ie known only,. to Dr. Lowly, and t . a chscovei) of
his own, „. .
These rillsaye offered to the publi . by the name of
. .
compounded principally of Sarsal rilla and vi lif
n hich tit combined ingredients (trier i ) to the r rit.hi
Winn) rerdermg them mole (fleet ~! I. I eieb 1.1P , 13 •
laxative in lbw accts. I bus+ rarry , eg off ton, r i It..
13:10118 froth the split m very (1 *llk 1.1 I to .
clueing delnlity or-any lucent-cute-tit ej '1 alt li it iei
ficientekurbtty. hovieNer.-ihey- ‘i ill 1 tae 11, i 13. it a
may . te emj I, )rd or giteri to iI e n. st r'elir Ric. ;i d
even to Mit yds. prime a raft' and Ira lel rot 1011 . It,
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from their convenient 101121. /I U.I,1•1•0:II 01 Itlif 1•. tale
the place ot all the different 1 friar:it ers of Sarsat a.
1 rills, such as Syrups. Dr evict ion E
s. x iiicts. he a hick
ore contained in bodes. /lane to le I - ten. and are in,
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These pills, have. during Ike rust lino years. leen
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.g. bcing,eo %cry
expensive (duple testimonials item 'memos Oro.
clans BEd othariricenmrte y the d4 l re :loam.
They are particularly-recommend ' in
Rheumatic affections, 'Dry , and '
General Debility, 1 .4
, ) 1,
Ulcerous. -sores of the 1 and Lc
throat: nose and body. i Scaly en
Disas FPS °lite. Liver, I ches o
Skin at d Pato s. . Tette r.
Pain over 4;e -it - lion of At IS, rofula.
heart. beast. and sio-LJato die
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01111 F.
Pain of the aide?. anal
the bath and 'attire.
Inward l ttie'te:loui breath.
a bad taste 'tithe month.
Flatulency. rant of at , '
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aid the .w hole trnin efdiernsi
rity of the.l , l. • d, rro nle.o r • T po u r ' ,
du r cd by tie me or I;uttc, Quinine.
or m11(.111111 crate a hit ml I n L i
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PAVE; Erripuritan, I.'Ld
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in Couebs:Colds. Influenza* . Cal . /its. Aar n air h 11.
ting of Blood. IN housing Cone} fain of Gilt El I I , St
mud Sides, all iffeetions,nt ;lie 131 1 enst and Lungs, sit
arrest of appton , hung const nriptidn. • .
• N si gb-rnay be said in praise o}' be *bore medicine
but news' Beier adveri mug bong t a est ens've, ev, il
satisfactory es ieonce will te lot d in all its t f «it
upon trial, as well' as numerous r . t mme rdatioi a :t-
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and learn his sufferings? I pot rs Hcr• it to ray
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Sourertietations rarta(ng (Win yr r sir n; cl c« are t it
want of apt rgute. At aliri ta t h. Iv ir d tar ., e u. .ur
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UILICII.Sic)nt r raring . llcr. ar Ir,log, (.1 to AFFT
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with any of the foregoing sprii t g t Cifilf 00
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And the whole train of alert o s ie> It t ir hi to do
' - elutes (tribe Liver. Sierniii or d
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• - The. al-ore medicine iii Waite •it d et= ten.
ry or otheemineral pre, oration r, mt et. d
titely of vedeiabler. safe 814 e , Ito la} f• . I rn g To ty
pleasiht to the taste. It may lireafely rdunruut,a to
lotmgind old, requiring but moderate rpstrict.t. Ds is
'diet only. .
Ninverous tetfiminials bate 1
published; itirer ottitton we
-meni noon its yirtnes is ennece
then 'recoidmendationecaccompl
rorodOc...h bottle.
Price One Dollar per bo
Sold in'Philadelphia at.
I:l44fit Health Emr
B Bi.
Port Clinton •
be sotto ai wive/it:
pleasantly situated at
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Schu and Susquchan
making„ and wilt in a slow,
Seal-ititeotioni in the count
leaf Fur" ter* apply
Iron Foun
at flirty pimples
orleti of tt)e face
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and Petal at Dr
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orium.Ser nntl below
NNAN, Pottsville•
. 34-1
• pale. the Fnundre
ort Clinton, St 111.
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