The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, October 03, 1838, Image 2

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1 `" nut n , ligned, a Committee appoint
od-tcito Huntingdon with Me m,.
' Hughes and4ngram,wtommitteeeppOipi.
,•adorn , behalf of 4he -friends of David - K.
'Perteci icriurestigate the charges made
.14Iikilb4104.'by Mr. Barman, through the
;mediums (lPthe Miners' Journal, respect
trullTstibmitthe following brief stateinentf.
..4ifiitts •to the public, as their report of
*-Wliatotcurred in the discharge of the dn:
ties assigned to them by their fel:soli-416.
tutu. -
- ,'WourCorontittett arrived at 'Huntingdon
late on Sunday evening, antkearly on NMI;
Orisorning called on Messrs. ilughes
- :4 1 k. intim for be purpose of proceeding
liiifi 7 •4llWinvestigation% these gentlemen
tthey - , Wctuld•norbeweady Ate%re ten
Tequestedhibetn to hand
-istalist of the charges they required is to
“Irrotv, they replied• that they would' not •do
- 10tV until they were ready to begin the inieS
iligation. We would heee , vemark"that we
,ituggestelitolimm isnthe way to Hooting
,don the propriety of their submitting tit u.
"the charges they. expected or tequesteil us
-to'prove, which they refused to do until we
Auviied at Huntingdon.
Between 10 and 11 o'clock, we proceed.
, ted-to•the Prothonotary's office with them,
,and they that handed its a note-as follows:
I/eating/ion, Sept. 2t1,1
. 838.
Messrs. Bastian AND Ream.: t
In the "Miners' Journal" of the 29th of
August: last, we find the following allegationi
tIQ the suit of David R. Foam, vs. Robert
'Campbell:the plaintiff dare not stand a trial, got
itp for political effect: a letter is conveniently
mislaid; not ready" is the plea.
The undersigned consider the above as the
fravenren, of all the charges alle.lgqi against
4Geo, p o nces .eherecter, the stilt having been in
-itituted 'against ow in whose vosseasion were all
'the documentary evidences to support the allege.
twos, and as of primary importance we urgently
solicit your proofs in support of the above quoted
stharze. Respectfully &c.
To this your comrnitteevethied, that Mr.
Campbell was ready for trial at the August
court. The cult was put off at the instance
of David R. Porter alleging the letter could
not be ftiund, and we offered to qucsion,
Campbell 89 to the facts, which was
objected to by Messrs.: Hughes and In
gram, but they were willing to examine J.
G.,Miles Esq. the auorney of Mr. Camp
bell, but objected to the examination being
wade in the ProthOnotary's office, and
proposed &loaning to a Thwero. Mr.
Mites did not wi-h to be
running over town, be ka en sent fur to
the Ace, and did not even - hto ,be ex
amined, astd objected to .go iffo Tav
ern, Mr. Rued the Register nd Record
ei.:therr very kindly offered us the• use of
his office, which we accepted, and, to
which we went—and where-Mr. Mlles etat
ed es-foUnws: 4 -4 was the counselof Mr.
Camptiell in that Indictment, - Common
weelth vs. Robert Campbell. The pros
ecution was founded upon a letter which
was alleged Mr. Campbell had written to
Mr"Middleswarth of Union County.
Mr. Campbell under my instructions was
sent to Beaver the week previous to the
trial to procure doctiments necessary to ,
his defenee,—he obtained sundry dorm..
wants from the records which are here—
the court came oo—no indictment was
tent up to the grand jury—either Tuesday
or Wednesday morning of the court Mr.
Potter as the counsel of Me. Porter moved
fur a continuance of the case, and asked
that- Mr. Campbell should he bound over
to appear at the next sessions, and pro. I
duced Ner Middleswarth asa witness, who
on his examination stated that he had 1 1
been called on by Mr. Anderson for the o
riginal letter. I took no .notes of whet
Mr. Middleswarth said, I speak from rec-'
ollection. Young Mr. Anderson served
a subpoena Daces Teams on Middleswarth
the week before the Court, to produce the e,
letter—he informed Mr. Anderson he had
not possession of the letter then—that he I
lied _delivered it to some person in New
Berlin; • that there were several persona
-"prepent, and 'he could not recollect into
whose possession be had delivered ii; that]
after Mr. Anderson was with him, he had I
recollected he had delivered it to Robert
P. McClay, and that he afterwards wrote
- to Robert P. McClay, stating that he was
< • subpoenaed to produce it; he produced al
latter from R. P. McClay, stating th at the
jailer bad passed out of his hands, and he
conld not recollect to whom he had given
nor did he know where it was; on laying
that ground. they moved that Mr. Camp.
bell thoialdle bound over to next sessions
_ On the pait - of Kr. Campbell I objected do
his being bound over, stating that due
gene. bad not been used by Mr. Poiter tp
; ()IWO° the letter, and that Ml. Campbell
.4 hadputtimself to considerable' inccmvenl !
..„„ vice to prepare himself, and was preliarek
tor trial. Mr. Campbell bad - several wit
.' neis4s - subpOeried, amongst gibers John
lilienebtaker, on those grounds' the' trial
_ was put off by Judge Burnside. Mr.llit4s;
• admits do bill could be framed without the'
• ' letter or a copy, °fit. •
• Quatiott by Mt. ingrain.•--did nor Mr.l
„Patter MAW ta* Ilse - printed tatter and; ,
„ frame an indictment, and send it to the
• Grand Jury?• Mr.•Plitleianswered No.l4
" Ingram lemitikeisi •we have or
j . ; ,bite an affidavit to prove it.
41,0stioa by Mr. flughfs--Wate the
questristvpropott nded to Nes iluidltfwarth
• wbether the printed letter wax a lopy .or
the original? 'Sr. Miles replied 'E 'have:
no 41o:inaction ,of-any thing being aid in,
Cctuit about the printed copy. •
The examination closed hate, anti
"..."-"*"4 7.°7 -!'" 7,
Meal '' ilii"; SID - ra m -Ir ug .nd . ram , ,
Geo. 1 Pi Wilson. the reletis* -O CDavO
R. Poicer,wbo stated as folios* „-. ~. i
• L Was in Court --when the Unto( the
COMMonwealilisiaisbert Cathpbell mune
r 0...
uptnni Tuesday morning of . -Augaet
Sessi#ni t h ink. Mr. !otter, turmwnwsd
For the CoutnionwearWsp - 'l, in
tedAit theta irlistuth amise.:Contmost.
weft* vs. Rohert Campbedt, that upon
the part of the Commonwealth a subpoena
Due* Vacua -has been 'erred on Wet
Middleswarth °t4 own Canty . , requiring
him An produce a certain , letter.frUm the
defendant which wee the basis of the pprge
ecution, or something to that eifect:.l Akita'
he=aleo stated that notice had been served
oo'3le. klukileawarth to take a -eery of
thri letter--fie further said, 4 think, that
Sr. Miidlesirarth thisatitmetrasin'tma,
mei had not the letter, or could not pro-
Once :it. Mr. Potter etatedltlitt , the4etter
being the foundation of the pr.oaecntion, no
indictment could 'be framed fir the Grand
lury without the letter. t thwit
Middleswtirth was then called And sworn:
Mr. Middieswarth stated, f Mink it thrs
kin stated it, that a subpoena had been
se-ved 'on him to produce a letter from
Robert - Catimbellpf tkisde he also stated
that a notice had been shown to him for
leave to copy the leiter—he then aimed
chat heliad received each a ;ester from
Robert Canapbon, previops to Mr. A 04k/r-
eun'snallnig on him, but stated that he had
not the 4etterin• his possession when Mr.,
Andersen called on him, and stated that
he bad told '4r. Antlemon that he had
parted with the letter end did net ittrow
where it was-ho stated that •at-the.firne
:he thus •inforrnel Mr. Anderson, lte was
ender the impression that_ he had given
the letter to two or three gentlemen toge-
ther—he thee stated he reeatfleiled after
wards ODA' he bad given it to Rorer} P.
McClay, of New Berlin, and maimd that he
had written to Robert Keeley to return
higt the letter sr Mn Campbell, and pro-
dosed what be said was the answer oft.
Mc,EUsy, wlricb, Wray recollecTion is cor-
rect, he says, "The letter passed out of
my hands last June, and lr do not know to
whom; tam sorry cannot give a better
account of it." I think the letter &home.
ted that Mailer charges had also been
Made in several newspapers. Mr. Middle.
swarth wa3 then prohlably asked if he
knew where the letter was—lse said he
did not know where it wait that 'ha had
never peen it since be had handed* to
Robert P. Mcelay. He was asked
by some one 4 think - , whether the printed,
copy of the letter differed fanteili* film
the original—don\ know trkethis the
question was put by Mr. Potter or by who,
(there was a good deal of side bar coiner.
'sation,) I think it wait by Mr, Potter, and
he replied that it did difer materisitly.•..
John P. Anderson was thee called and
sworn, he stated' that he bad served's gab
poena Duces Tecem to produce the letter,
and notice fiw leave to take a copy. I
may be mistaken in that, but I understood,
it ea; I did not see either subpoena or no.
tice—he .stated that Mr. Middlessrerth
told him he had not the letter,,had parted
With it and knew not where it weser *hose
hands it was in; he stated that be request.
ed Mr. Middieswarth to tell him in , whose
hands it was, that he might subpoena him
to attend the Court, but Mr. Middlaswarth
informed him he did not know where it
was. Quietion by A. Russelt Hid the
counsel for the prosecution offer to take
a printed copy of the loner and frame an
indictment, and go on with the trial? Gen.
Wilson answered, I cannot say that the
Counsel for the prosecution offered to take
a printed copy of the• letter and frame an
indictment, and go on with the triat Here
the examination of Gen. Wilson closed,
and the Committee ad journed to meet at
the same place at 2 o 'clock P. M. When
we met in the afternoon, Meyers. Hughes.
and Ingram asked us if we had , any more
testimony to offer in proof of the charge,
we told them we considered *hit We had
offered bad fully sustained the chUrge, to
which they objected, and offered us a pa
per of which the following is a Copy, re
questing us to sign it air e the joint report
the, Committee;
„ ..
iieettsigion t Sept. 24, 1838
We thiundersigned mutually agree that in the
case of the crimmonwealth vIL Robertfasniphell.
we ire satisfied that the lotto of the defiiiidens wee ,
conTeniently diarTielty the friends of campbell,
and that, on this account the Counsel for Cotoinon.
weelth could not proceed with the-ft 1..
' because
no Indictment could be sent up to thi . read .iury
withal's/sit letter. , . .
This your Committee refu to e sign,
alleging that such was not proven ' to be
fitst.ami offered a paper ilf Which the
following owing is a copy, to bo signed ‘ as the
'joint report on the first, cltargel
We thi uidersigned . igutoilli agrew that in
thittassioftberonttnonweelth to -Rashert Now
bell s the trial was .put (Sat the InstantbeerDavui I
R.4Poefirohe difeatlant Robert Ce*pbelf being
reellrfoe , tsial, ' • ~. • - -1 • .
'This Messrs. and 11 hep a
. .., , . . ..
:greed, to ingti, pt.oviimit we WOW also in -
etude and .sign what . they: ha offered,
rwltiCh we reform .
.1 twdotallessones farther
i debate they avited to *girlie mat Abe ,word
44 itratirtiterste if "Would sign it, ,bni we
Setif refutied o n the iiitirtethitifa . amid
j achou
tibtannetanothat - 'onfrrtstAtitfieta.
•• c We, thee ha them a not tmarked .
R.)!bleb thettfoling iit a pyt
I. G, -. • freatiertertillept. ' 18*
11 . ! "it; astemiresibitnters. -_, • • ',;----, -
• -.. • Oentleinen-i as ire isseet — etiekee to the
°gibe Ilnitlibere, Wii iiiipiliet tikseb.-
it 4 4 1. 1 041 mayhems 'People reituntyi
• dr*Otii kilns fi , ntielositicp.ekr 'eleur teed,
i' i
be'priemotiblirielliiete the - mega lig drew&
DENJAhIri 01aNNA111.
.... V
L'- ~ vY .
LMS** , lo "NO ;#ey htoded'Ul •
Writ's a ixisifr`ti:-'4,
. - - RilligaiikaelkS-244,33a i•
Mom& Damian sßiskin. :
' " 'fa rcpt `to fiat notrositired B. tie l letralo
merely state that we are no +satisfied. that you
Will not teknowlelige the renitition ofttiefehafgei
unaged twhostD. -. Wirer* io conformity with
your cha&mge, ania•rati • Iltitinfee orthesCOM
monmeeklmejtolmitt...mOulL gok.must. tiyi
dead, and beyOtt'i - 111 leak Moe OM mebifilisli:-.
ed thireit foe triißiselb-Wltifeh your sixes
titres to en eeksowledgesent of the rdeL-z—witli
tliiirview if the mievOn *pus which wallas been
mot s we ere confident that so mutual report- can
be agreed upon by the party sod we respectfully
I *cline my nutherijohit Udine in thciumnitiga-t
ties nflisrehargeo, i • •
1 111 Th. SANORASIL.
- . 1 Fi.-W.III3GBEL
ire yid& we replied Is folloerc
- • '- ilekiikrieeSepti tii i ON.
Messrs. Ifoodevaier Irisa,tlr. •• •
'gentlemen—We have your miteln-teply,
to Ott note toeikeeßL . end moire'sery 'softy to
God that yen reformatory &rtber joint inirestiga
pee efthrehargerairirdirD. *Renee: We eaum
here for tbei purpose °freaking a full invesugi•
Ken nadir possible to arrhe tithe trail% Ire mi.
eider that in the eine of the eammonweraftb tirs.
Robert Campbell we ilormet evidently end bejon
an doubt" 'bite emiblished, the ante wade, as
published in the Nalioeni 'Journal*, but if we
'Minot erne its tir * proper conclusion we
might M ctionieete,' we'repewt it ire 'trill ettliolll
the temnuteay.elielted to 'the pcoille 'of &Amyl--
kill'County and let them judge for themselves, il
awn time on you Mr desire to goon and inves-1
1 tigate• the remaining charges, and if we cannot
agreein opinion auto the remit, we min also
'very cbeertbily submit 'the whale matter to the
people mid hit them judge between us. '
The Awe nose was handed to Mr. 40- 1
gram at their lodgings. Ater we had. re
turned to ears, and , had tommunitated to; i
our friends the resnit of our labors, they,
urged us to send *mother mite 'to Messrs.
Hughes and Ingrate, and inshlt on aa
portanity of ettitbiting tit least a part of
tbe.prools that we had procured fur their .
Inspection; in consequence cif which we;
wrote a unte of which the Mowing is a'
amliaggloo. Sept. 24,.1838.
Itesers. %NM Web haszas.
Gentiernou—sitios writing oar tot Dote. ]
to yes we have been impressed with the impot.
taneeof a* investigation of the charges made.
'Oat tb L Portal, that debas doe by Pariah .
and Porter previous to his insolvency lull tamale
unpaid, we therefere molest yea to meet es at
the. Prothonotary), elks in tins pivot to morrow
.mauling at 9 o'clock, tad be will exhibit as you
the drrideace-oldebt, ie tfle hand writing of D. R.
Porter, and alas ether documentary evidence
while trishaw' nodoubt will fully eatiefy you pf
the truth of the abieratiliargn. We Will also thew
yod that D. R.POrter pry:noes to his tristitve, riOy
atsigaed property to. John Stousiwakeh and atter•
wards received a part of the proceeds of sip
property from him, the original trans*r and ye
cog* being to the biedwriving al D. R. Porter.
very respectfully
We tarried thit &Ain to tiro
Messrs. laughs, and tome% and met Onto
at the door, wheh They handed us a n
in reply to our nine No. 2 . After raid
ing the note which we tonsidered aorta
tlemanly and discourteous in tertot, Ore
told them that we could take no notice / of
it; bet as we Were Unwilling to let our pri.
vats feelings interfire with our pablie AU.
ties, we uttered them the note above mOn
tioned, in which weproposed to meet them
the nett morning at 9 d'clock to go on
with the investigation; • they however ire.
fined to recent it. The 4dlowiag is a
copy of theft jail note;
• itturtiagdest, Sept. 21. IMO.
Stews. Rutile ail Emma.
Gentlemen your note in answer Winer
reply hi post letter marked B. only Isom tondo=
bkrelY osaTlncel the undersigned, *timid
constitute a procceifing ridiculous and contempt
ible, should /sally lenge/ act with you in the
capacity era mutual Committee to investigate the
charges in the "Miners Journal." io conformity
with the challenge signed B. Hannan. We *egret
too' that this note compels as to rtiteritir that Mr.
Bennis dist wart thrt tie Mame, lid stet
tete the able tit di rise of the Cesiiiteneweiti
M. Robert Gemptgl i i est however anxious yob
autywppeer in urvng.the investigation. we am
snared fromiyour course in that Mies as wells*
from extraneous circumstances. that you neither
will nor ,dare mate an impartial report; re
prejudice* Mad itittimhlitilittpelling you to report
against Porter even were every doubt re
moved as tett* Many of the charges, which have
been promulgated through the Whig and Anti.
masonic burnalaffirough the present Campaign
for Governor. yours respistr7
• • w. anES.
Thrtaintidedourinint , investigstiog; we
,in all oetaiiions;tititb verbally tied bY letter,
"Oita tithes.' gentlemen to iturestigate
the remaining charges, and giire us an op
portunitrof producing the evidence to sus
tain them i which they refined, -not even
silting us to proves single- other charge
than the one above mentioned, and' one that
we considered of far less importance than
many others of a mere serious nature.--
We would here remark by way ofillustrat,
big the great ctersion these gentlemen
(• paiticuhuly, : nne
,orthent) had, to e,_sam• -
ining the documentary eriaence in pie of: I
Seem nuntinjedirn, that when they handed
us tbeil reply marked 11. - Mr. 'lngram vs
up in a' g'reit -Wiry_ to leave the 'olive.—
We requested kileto .w, it until we penned
an answer, he said he bad some business
to atteni to, arodt dwdred us to send our
reply IC:their trlihigik; which we scented
tit ,doh. and aw-Itentz.,l,t‘ leaving
_ l4 ;'
It uglieS.Witti `We then ;lit:Oinked to
Mr. tfughei:thilii lite - *ere not iikety ; to
do any
. thirtglaitre4Orlyoro d i abed him
to ittfetiteo6eklii*dlig tirothontifdtee of.
gees:gad* i t ititilAile e*hitiiti# 44 the
recordiandiLeumerca,,w 'hicti We hough
teciold-satisfy_itint orthe trot chirp.
es. Hughes c" assented , atonce
and. , piceseded, ,to ifiqi;Prettion4 's of
fice, sad had just got 'down the et
2:4 - OZlt,
i mp.
' 4'iiet kiiilititiM'auliiniltiorn;iitine":". E
efaism.l!Ktlim door canes! r.
ugtais out ' t hey milked o together' t fr. -
Hugheslitt oeteturd; we tined ;this
ri . due the bahume ith
of iheernuon,
ithout eithhr °ribose gentlemen malting
r sppealsticee thus ended tbe leper
t iginseitigatino ! :.'• Your: hounaittee was
1 a the I,lU;ithonsado‘olleirotatt day . until
' rfeidarillielloiniritnili tbpyidirdoeti
ts,, iittrng *lt'Wh time Ueithei of those
gipitlemeniiiiteillbe offme t We returned
o the °Mei' Shout 4 P. M and found Mr.
Hughes „thew, lie mere Infurmedifter.
ward's t44eletethin thenifterthet he 'hid
beep th ef t , tiliiiit ei built. dad a half,
I asking for•Om judgment docket', antiopy.
ling therefrom during% the time, without
lashing forj any other documents.
We farlher -state that Messrs. Hughe*
laid %rata!' 'dtt *no odtdaion Butitat our
mission. offered us any testimony of any
kind to contradict the many charges against
the character of David R.- Porter s except
what we *Eve .heretofore L stated, lb the •
calm of the, tommoefeecilfh 'vs. lobed
, •
Campbali, Ifeur committee werwbusily
ennticiyed!during the remainder of the two
days they ;were at Huntingdon, in eiramin.
ing and copying documents relative ;to the
case. .We examidell WO have *ought
with us, certified copies of the. following,
which we are ready to exhibit to our fellow
citizens. •
let. The proceedings lin the court at
Januaryairm 1818.,on'tiltrpetition of David
R. Port*, praying fur the benefit of the
act, made for the relief oflesolvent debtors
b i)
2nd. The discharge of avid It. Porter
by the court, February 1 , 1819.
3d. Certificate of R o rt Campbell of
search for his schedtfle iina list of creditors.
4th. Certificate of procieedings in Court
of common pleas, in the cese of David Mc •
Minnie vs. Edward B. pluton aneDavid
R. Porte% lately trading ender the firm' of
Patton* Porten.
sth. Copy rgeole of Felton snit Porter
to David' Mehlurtrie for $956,39, in the
handwriting of David R. Porter.
6 th. Copy of note of flatten and Porter
4 1
to lames Reed in hand w 'nag of David R.
Porter—part of this no was paid, and
balance wurtgoea by J ea Reed to Da
vid Michluettus. i
7th. Certificate of preFeeetnts to Court
of Common Pleas, in %sae ot Henry Crain
and Atitaliata Crain administrators of E
van. Crain deceased vs. David R. Porter,
surviving partaer of ward D. Patton,
tradingender the firm ofl atton and Porter.
Bth. 'Copy o'f'settlem tit and due bill in
favor oftran Crain for 'balance $305,15,
in hand writing ofDavid R. Porter.
9th. Certificate of proceedings 5n Court
in the case Of Samuel Sturgeon, is. Ed
ward B. PatOn and Da id R. Porter, late
ly trading wader the firm of Pauoe and
Porten .1
10th. Copy Of proceedings in Court in
August 1819 on petition of Samuel Star.
geon fur the Benefit oflthe insolvent laws,
schedule of his property, and debts due,
with: list of his creditors.
Ildt. Copy of Bondi James Kiddo and
Alexander Russel to David R. Porter fur
$343, dated December ith 1818, with as.
sigrettOt on back of it in the handwriting
or David R. Porter to ;oho Stonebraker,
dated 'Ammar, 9th, 18 tp, and assigned by
John"Stonebraker to George •Davy May
1, 1823.
12th..A Copy of the Receipt of David
R. Porter for part of this bond, viz t $125
front George Davis, whith receipt was
found tsliongst the papers of George Davis.
We exhibited the original Receipt to . Da
vid R. Porter's ittorrasy. who admitted it
was his ( Porter's) handwriting.
18th. , ,Ektraet from deed from David R.
Porter to George B. Porter dated Decent.,
her 1 tth, 1818, for 500 acres of Land in,
Beaver County, for the consideration of
$3OOO, subject to the payment of a mort:
gage' fur 112000 to the Huntingdon Bank
—.reeorded sate° de in beaver county.
In December 11119 the Bank put the
mortgage in suit, and Mn March Mil Mr.
Orbison purchased the property for • the
Bank. fur the sum or, ptso, amount tif
mortgage and interest. id 'at, D. k.
Porter redeemed this land from the Hunt.
ingdon Bank for se , debt, interest and
costs, , ,and on the -191 '
day or September
183$, David R. Port r, not George 11.
Porter, makes* deed to John it. Shannon
for this tract of Land for *Mob 'lh,id It.
Porker, not George B , r _Porter, received the
the Odin (413100. Query, vvhat did Da.
via, a. Porter do with th e 04 he se.
knowkidged to have received oni.Georggi
B. Perter December 1 8, for this
land a short time before he melt, the bent;
fit of the act for tats " relief 'Cif' insolvent
deaerst -
14th. dopy of transcri p t of d oc kett of
Samuel Ityle, Es' q• in the ease of-Michael
'Wallate, vs. Patton! & Porter, plit., 9 $
1811; judgmeokll9Bl2o. i
14th: Transcript from docket of David
Sava, Sort, 4o rcrrir judgment is the a
boaktiatia, Aug. as; 1888: William Or.
bistM;Vtitt. Appestatforplaintiff, and Geo'?
Taylor, Esq. fist deOndatit..iy aireerttent
ofpartialiaaacontiooad tilt Sept. thlB6B,
atli o'clock: 113.0. - 111,'Wro. Ortutkijr.:
4,l4,lppes . 'o.f,cir plaintiff, defendant niakea
ataultrludgmeat ;finer: at ,plaiotit `tat'
1 ' Mir; 03fry otclooptaint. login - &qv
VantoP l l‘ l 4 ll4 tilimew .l 4. Owe 71 t; for
1 1'1 1 11 4 11 it_ I - tffiPtrre)t,o (4 ** ciaik'ot Pat
rick, mcv..ay. , . gicogray .. uica or T. M.
throaac,:trito is W 41 1 41 141000, ,
~ and Da'
rid Wel in for taillPPeanutee at
r ~,
court to answer the cholla: - Wltiitr it*
- •
21 .
" .IrA
' ;:rt cainikietliitrittilieViifirai mis.
'intend his recognikance forfeited, ti . nd'it
is positively Attateittell Thordas M. ittweris
gave McVaritsuit - orclothea to leave the
County. god not coMe:forward to gross-
Cute. i f abe'Cimotitiee sit* the corn -
1 &it moody iiethetrotheadtiq's office.
1 1 4 7th. List of Judgments,lkci as they
sptiario 'the &locket,' itt the Prothunota.
- 18th. Certificate44lool44 #304.
tßecorder of Iluntitirkm- County, of:tie
litoool4 of real estate sppatorias att,record
'in ultingdeti county in ..the natatt_of D.
11.1'brter, from lirtildkft_ .a. vikeirii 'taking
thaeoulideria 4 f-filis4 - erilialrN iert 2 k
'chit it only emountsto the slim. Dalt .
'althohilt klirkiendetilledge he is worth
. s4o,ooo;,anifthe 'Ora 'deed in his name
from- t e time of his insatvescris rec&ncl'A
felon ry 29,181.4, ,
19 . Certi fi cate of John . Reek 'Ellii.
Register and , Clerk .of Orphans' Court,
rrelative to eta:looM Dm charged by D,.
R. fcißer.
.., , . .
bOth. Certified eitritct "from testimony
of 'William Patton, showing that tlavid R.
Porter did not pay one cent of the purchase
money of Sligo Forge.
*ben yotir Committee arrived at "Ofttn
tingdoe, they • were informed by their
friends, -that Nonitx Wu.t.ramsoh, Esq.
whom it is known to you ail, the Porter
I ts
*petit print aced to be i gentleman of
high standing in Rtintingdcin County; a I
meittber of the ethodist Episcopal church,
one ith *hese sttitemeatethe most implicit
reliance ctifildbe placed; and against whose
testimony the thindere oT Porter's **-
nen% fall harmless to the ground, had a
bandoned the support of D. R. Porter, and
being anxious To know what Mr. William.
soda reasons weti for ho doing, knoiving
that Trout hid character and standing in
-society, great weight would be attacked to
hiallpinions, „we addressed a letter to him
as (Mom* . •
tfunfingdis, Sept. 24, 113103.
To Jose Wlilmassoir. Esq.
Mack importance and credit bat been 'Attached
to your statements, and your lodation in the pre
sent contest. • the undenrighed. knowing you
from tbe.Peirtiittoi cheresimd by the friends of
David Writ*. all a thaw tifloriftsr,.atid know.;
let ffirithit yOu have heretofore Web in ettpo
neat of the present. and late administration of
the National Government, hare been induced to
propoind tb yob the following gamic., and ask,
of youli Waridid and definite answer to each.
let Wasyou at olio time an advocate of the
election of etivid IL ?tiller to 'the Gubernatorial ,
chair t If aye, why I
. 2nd. Are yok'new en Advocate *lns election?
h is said brains you are not—if 'so, what has
changed your views? -
3d• Are you acquainted with John Btonebrakel
er. and his son lobo H. flionebraker? If aye. ,
Whitt hi their thlaihkei At men of Veracity iindl
4th. Have their statements an the ease of, or.;
ten's assignment of carte% bonds to the Elder
Siedebratier, had any wiliest in changing. your
opinions if the ifiregffty Of Mr. Porter's &edam?
Mb. We Willie seen your name ittirthed to cer.
lain certificates, published to *daily the chine
ter of Mr.. Porter, as an upright and Ye* midi— .
tlid you sign those certificates t if aye—do you
still sdhere to the opinions therein expressed?
&h. Is the Elder Sonebraker s Member of the
MiatiodAt Epilbrimfal 'March in good, standing—
was be ever expelled therefrom; and is he gentle ,
"ally dinsideled a Man Of **And ABM Anirdis.
main, nreMory St`
4th. Have you ever dein anything Which-gen
winced yon that the Generl Government was
using -its inflame* to snore the election of
David IL Porter? If aye —what is it ?
Bth. Are.yon acquainted wit the characters*
Michael Wallace. M. Kinks" /A other signers
certificates of the Stough ers? If aybz—what
is their - *begetter-and sta td sokiety ?
. ' A definite alisirer i requesliat to these
• queetidost bedsit*, ere doubt t the candid sup.
pottels of-D. -R Porter will accord honesty of
purpose to you, as they always haveron all occa
sions avowed their belief in your statements.
Vary; reapeeifelly your ihm4
" ANDREW ' RifiSßEls.
. .
To which We received the following re-
PlYt itintbitan, Sept. 24g.
dsettethilitaajciiir Mae has just been seed is
my hands. containing several definite ions,
and askinierallidifinite-answeis. I m ready
to answer openly- my , sentiment. upon 'any.
subject, yet-, on the present- occasion *hell the
"unity of @Mgr Minds may ,charge tab *kb bii=
log uniettlid. and wavering caterer fir pub.
ho &emirs. Tell , -?! 1 1.4 6 the alefildiee.l° It. I d•
id niiiretbrehtt Were of injury main upon
the Oldie thrwgh a distill tb place
myself coosticuously before that public. I shall
then answer.joir enqiiirles as briefly antfildehnito. -
Vail possible. Conscious of the rectitude of my
own course, with* the sneers of the envious. net'
the hwlingfiremen,' themalignalit shall delitr rob.
. To Coup firetwieloiry I miser* I wee sup.
porteiefMrs tones, becalms I had been for years
inuaiatilytequatnied with him; he was my neigh.
bum. and That believed him bone*, upright and
conecientiObsie bit dasher/4,mM be . professedly
was the oppmenf, or at leist noitbefriend of the
Sittitreasiirifichesee. a measure width I then
and stiU lihdt . ifiihfht With infibh Injury : to the
potpie if ea gralted upon th e tasiltiatisoe if the
I Kamer 'ylier hettleleiry by sayier.ll elk
bete ad Edna% liesepporter o! Mr Pothii
retie I Wad . the' tatty tb whibh Mr. Porter
attached, distinctly deatriee theft determination.
to make his hod the test of the people upon the
Sub Tress ivy ' Il alai' had becalm other retain
I iraigicid Whir* his ,support then, for I never
could gire - iny'sanetiotothil lily vote, to paralise,
easy egaigv ittifiy - legtvivrige ofidty lidiuttry;
and dd 'Able! poster equalled only
to that "of. Autocrat of li
pistil: chill cone? 'fieralY:role for Mid' Aimport Joseph Rioter. be.
ditithbailt the ftie'nd of Pennsylventi add oppo
sodd to the' above ..
'1%466 tbirdribisly,t am and hive been loisk
mg:rid tiuietely tainted with both the Megiit.'
Stonetweaketel thew' ghat/tater fbr truth . rinitlty."
4014 Id Mitellifilitlied.and I believe uninsedielW
thhthaveibila free from even the idepteltiCof
want of homislAy, Mr UMW their atitertiehle
sitrilidleinftstetidtinsi 111 goad si their` oath',
add dike id flat matilehoiegiivli his own
*Wit. Wiegit'sey that - their tiatWilietivilast`eati: I
ereiliV4Pgr ltitive they have
lived Allows thej;„itew'r dtht,their characure
To YotirTragkiik..6oo6, - - met oksowlidre
fit ' kalita,initiresir Tint
- .
. . .
greet itatiliat;Ot : toistiamoy w , .. has We t
brought-- tar;liaa'!sitod with -: ~ ritir.ulg wei g h t
'Upon the iefitictiti *la* .. '. Ini i lniqi 'vadat'
it.difteull'Aii* ,tuiy -one....Vlid 'a partienhi t
effecl. •il lit* whole, Doi • atititOtitilitell, at
verginitbthe.:llibe..tiets:W • ich ciinvinoes snit
' ititistritYair all liiiidid en • o it laud of a
sitiai!ol• moil Scotia& is t he'
. 011 r
. 0( lit,
Totter. - 1 am Ilea . lb"idtnit • l'./ .. ve' every
irorilattered bythein thifilto • .
..,,*".lii true,
and bed ' I doubt e. them, • y eel.
di** produmitfidly sustain. •' • , ',Oth ers who
i l ar
kilo 4i:emitted:ea Ihave wi ,e l , 'akdo j ob .
lice to 'Mr. 4 rOrteir,yet free f • . m! pt NYC" tonal hire Beet; • fits diedka llma
theritifittif ifttiiii.` . i . -' . •
•-• Ttirthelllth..4 my 1 ester iign
.. lehhee.illifi
'lantlkorlsemy tame to to * ned tow 'certificate
Silted VIM. eitisens of th . cOunth .eying till
thothirgia inillwrielebrated i Mori countrket ee
were Via T6l sigh a! - - - fidalefibet Mr; Pot
lir Wit noiattfaapheitet; ' . did -- tothelices he'
was a blasphemer. for 1.....• Misr ftlesphemy the
highest grade apiripious p : *Mtn I did certify
that th er e wr t .l4l:. h n e ht tit, t
re m he ont dork h y , 4
1 I re hl itiftti l la . iti r ding " :' 1114 in w: y w not agairst
him: I did , doi.derti,that..t. y had, been paid.. '
To sour sixth iiiiiirogati• . '.I 'Must say that I
regretlhat the. rat clause is introduced it is with
:feelings of min ded sort:owe. II surpriee that I saw
the 'tame of thy clifiatilin • ct-Itioduced into
-ady.olitiend diictismidm. e a re of the pr o .
'lestid'kitirehiliPer.. 41 ling . f. rin. around the al.
i be
'tar ;Si sanctuary of his:Ootl; • kitr4he must render
Its .decbunt, felt the deeds - • tie iii the body. and
whether a matt . is attached . 1.'4 sect, is a mat
ter o f mall moment:if he'. • a *item and wor:
thy_. Member; he *ill Inert . it milliard. --Ilock
eta *judge no t."
'yiolatis the pritleptslf him
ha s
Pooh bhlyktritikt Mr. S • • ehta er has been for
many yeamond is how a •• emboli of the church
you riktim. - ancl his conthin neeere is evidence
of his Madding, and 'tees . - head of hit having
been expelled therefrom. Ina saver to the last
clause, 'Limy his Mind is • and Ind as eapahle
'Of 'tecoßecting and Fele lig htesactioni no*
is iii his more yliundillvf. or.' . ..
.' ..
_ To answer your 7th i t . . ,1 ce briefly say thal
since the Mesers.Stonebra eta have given their
testinihnv to the Public: .0 min hail of the ti.
S. has setatittiVatit •aptitt = risuellfitonebraker, the
'ton and Ilrother"ortliti•in • • ik, fir an. alleged de.•
&nicotinic:of dine-dbibirs.• , d tha too without pre:
vitiesilfehatitig any 'call 0 , him . The emcntion
of which process must - IWO coats ,to the amount of
Shy dollars. on a poor, ming / humid, coirect
man, who ; • et anyme to adjust Pia
claim open the govern . • eat
'iieifit,l W
o which he es' --. titled ' 1 consider this
1 1 ;
an insult aMd fliiry li :In . e' people, when
hundred' , who 'Awe the , sand ',of dollars roam
unmolested, Fed merely ; 'cam* they belong in
the dominant party.
to teimilteeto.yettr list jiiiiqui I say lem se::
imiurfied trifiv neatly aI o f . e signers to tie
certificates firithe Stonebrakeir ..1 " lid know theta
to be men of r4kractir Cod cm 'eel habits. Many.
of them ate keeting-the est - d best citizens of
th e empty. I TIM, ii yoto ave lit:lei:led Mr. Wid.
lace and Embead, I mu t addllmy ,testominy !hi
their 'eharaCter somethi I mare II large. Mr.
Walliati berjed 'in the ate lief due State and
- was elected from this *trio
~ and he has ever
been rear* and h ored . liby his t p 74kleirs,
, l ii
• Mr, rink* has been To man y ears a Mint
der 'CIA's Old bemor ratio rty, anti_husti i
find-. ttayieoiog enppirter of egersonian Deino.
I n
crecy.' and appointed Pos : master at Yellim
Springs byrresident Madiikin , and has. hild
ras A
that appotd meat ever ilium' litit he was minim
bd.SY Mit. 1E enell. !
'Thai I have answers as• efly and u can.
, potsible rho. : quit you are at Idler:
ty unmake what use of d you deem prtident. !
With ekpssionk of re 'rd.. • .
- . -• lam reimectf Ily veins i
. . , .ItIHN U.LIAMSOM. '
Ti at sibiatiet, and Ba an, Elva. I
Your' coninlittito g i
.' ve to say, (real
the doeuiwen ty etd they have ix.
airlineri, end' torn at the nformation die/
..... 2
could ge :m, he most • respectable citi
'kens Of tlontittg On •b ' i that -the chit.-
gearldiahed in th Iffikiers' Journal! a•
..Daridit. P reer„ltre substantially
true; and: wo bake o heittation in ia+ii
chit no, kslldt abet hen , t man can gat
4tittlingdnn - wria mike thei same examini
Om We did; and tee andhear .the same
mount Of testitnortY . tr ' did, can Or
toany of let- concluttititi:. Iwe saw nothi
to fielliit it .or dontradicti: - the charge*
there coOld be any thing[ prOdUced by
Mende. the !Stilt Was thetra—'--they did
. offlir.tie any thing; We • then fore -take=
granted they had nOthingro offer. in.
blusioni :WE, would merely, state, that/Keine;
Ittrgbas lin4 Ingham did not , examine l ast
,e Bonds ; the assignments, of property,
the evitten&st 'of debt in Porter's pave
:handwriting-, end in feet all the prin Tel
„evidence on Which the charges ate - - -ed;
: nor dui =the y wipretta at* deliri*,o to
sef titetd - alter their arrival in Huron on.
' - Thotfi 'efts greatmanyotheriliala , hick
came to obi. knowledge • after our = ,
1 • rival
,lulingdon, :which . might be em died
iii thie Opoit. but its, great letigtb, an' the
.conetriept, belief Abet via, has already been
', Ma-10 c la ettlifinienkm toitinea. any- ndid
- a o u 4 4l l.„milip ti , 7a , ei n t .. 7 :4 deg:WV of.corieT ' for ;
~ • •.....
mattorE oftliettuttudf the thug* have
'.rell,a . hied . Britistocitesiht the length o this;
,-..--..., . 1 . - - ' ANDREW . 1038$
.., 0 t,...-r ?
. .
1, --,PoOartile -Sept 29th , 1838. 1 ~
. -,
- 1' Notice-, •
kuheriberi of *Mini 'll
SELOND Instalment ef-Twe dollars
tii peas on each share efaork, is !I
* 7 W11 14 : 1 . 1 e4a6eilisir. pa a bertha ;
meisAtay in oda* viiiit;
tl f r - bigieen, that the so mils" .
thellphan's Court of
EU apportion the .a uid
Isindi'Of am,- administrator o the W
rite of West Pens 1 *SAO
essenty, -deceased. to and roan(
elstltted thereto, aeeordieg few
Meet' f o r that purpose on Monday t ISt
tiy'of ilex". at ene.o•eloek in t e eft.'
iiftn; at the hisose . of Waist Greet In know
thillorough of Orwlviburg.
Or*igsbarr, - SePt. 514? . 76—