The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, September 15, 1838, Image 2

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:11A1101iDAY.510/VIING SEt!"l. 1. 45, 18,98
44:1Firsizadets; /was, Cards, iirtals of Lading,
• • of Oar y deocripiro, neatly prtated at
$ or - ittrietatibesi ask rri«s.
'the People Remember
• • 11 that ----
thiSsate last Win
to ins ue our Senators
Rep • tatives[in Con
-* to vote in favosir orthe
s and infamous Sub
~ 1 ~
1 1-4 "
'bet the People iremem
that if David IL Porter
leeted Governor, mind the
Treasury Bill should
, the Government war a
, st the Banks wilt be con
vied, anirthey will again
I mpelled to suspend Spe-
Payments—and the coun
will again be flooded with
;in Plasters.
The Mineral JoOlai,
be furniseed
_weekly3o dubs and
're until the election, at t* fuiluwing
000.coliies for _
5 5 Do
2 Do
able in advance
Rafter, Democray, 4- Geld avd silver. •
General County Alpeting.
to pursuance of the. recommendation of the
sung Men's Meeting, held in the Borough Of
Potsville, .on Saturday evening t ri o lot of Sept.
en- ber, a General County Meeting of all the
D-mocratic Republicans of Selo!) lkill county,
fri ndly to the re-election of our qtesent worthy
.let Majestiate JOSEPH RiIINER, whose
Pr. tantation required the Banke n ho resume ape
ci. payments, and consequently blinished all the .
~.. in Plasters from the State etc?: the 29,000,-
Gt t irredeemable Shin Plasters sues by Van
B rev's Administration, and opposed to the elec
ti. n of the Shin Plaster Locufocot;'Soh-Treasury
c* didate, David R Porter, are reques:ed to meet
atitheAnuse of Henry Stager, in the Borough of
P ' ttsville, on Saturday aftemoon,i . the 29th inst.
.at: 2
o'clock P. M., to consult together, and a.
pt such- measures as may be deemed necessary
fok the coming tiontest.
irr The meeting will be addrefited by Waimea
C.I. Ltvistarmrs and Dr. Crowns lii. Emmy, and
advent] others by invitation.,andithe committee
able - respectfully invite the Candidates of the
Sub Treasury Ticket to come foiward and pro
claim.thetr pews an the leading measures of the
day, tin tinc occasion. i
By order of the Standing Cominittee.
• .
. - . • JOSEPH FEIITIG. --o
Rittfrr,, Dewitt-racy, Silver and Gold.
i D emocratic Meeting..
ut Democratic Republidans of Wayne
'Township, who are in tavdr of the re-elec.
tion•of Joseph Ritner and 11 -sound currency of
lilyet and gold ar.d. good bank notes,' and a
in't the profligate Aministriition of Martin
an Buren and Porter's Shinplasters and the ir•
deemalide Treasury Notes,(Codinental Money.)
re iespectfully invited tO attend:a meeting, to be
eld on Saturday the 15th insti.,, at 2 o'clock P.
1. it the house Jacob Luckenbill, in the town
ibf Freidenabur gfor the ' purpcne of promoting
Ole, Election of our present woqhy farmer Gov.
ernes' and the Democratic count!, ticket, and for
itoch other objr,cts which may tend to uphold the
rise If the People. The Dernherata of the 'ad
' oining Townships are politely requested io at.
rid.. Several speeches will be ;made in the En
glish and German languages. r
I • Wayne Township Sept. I, 1 SR.
Ritncr, Gold & Sitrer, , and no Sub
MEETING of the frienijs of Goy. Ritner,
L."- and opposed to the . Loco .Eoco Shin plaster
leandidate. David R•• Perter, will be held at the
house of Jacob Rapp. in Union ' i town'ship, on Sat
lurday the 22d hut, at 2 o'oloek, P. M. Turn
but Democrat's, and support yo r cause. •
• Sept 8 • 70—
• •
Porter a' Democracy.
, .
EETING of the friends] of Van Buren &
lzw"Porter, but opposed to the tSchnylkill Haven
nomination for county officers, held on the Ist.l
instant, will Lake place at the house of SotoMo;
Shaffer. East Sehoylkill fjaveri, on Saturday th
115th instant, atl2 o'clock P . M . _
' - 31411/Y VOTERS. I
September -8, 1838.
An Ancient Fable Or Mod
ern Tit' nen.
Read Instruction froth the Past.
•It is Oly. in the records of the past, i
the imperishable annals 4 dime nation.
Wiluise eiistence con be tr ac#d only in theb is
tonic page, that we can fiml those precep
sod examples which Omuta mirror to sue'
eeerling ages the tru e philosophy of goy
eminent: In these he workings of tb
kiisinan kart under &bent systems o
social polity, the ben of curtain passio ..
and the"varieties - of optijar will ere eel.
uf to us , as chronic) s tojregslate qur fu'
lure - course r and war us liorn the commi. i
sem- of these acts w ichAexpertence; . h
, 1 1
shock to be unwise nd dangerous.
In rivet: 'age, and , ridtr every form . 1
gown:point, the- op ler portions of spel l
gy sre but toil, apt to, •ia4; the guidanie .:
• their cw4itical. welfare to ,kfew without in
surely rOlecting on the ilierivileges site
they .itrrender, or the daler nett* imp!'
it a reliance on the integri Tof our.natur -
. , .
E . - fiance has.tob clearly oi n 4shik, -
th. t When such is the cise, the 'rulefli'
pe ceptibly embody themselves into an St
istficracy 3 in progress of time to support
these pretensions, they resort to finesse, du
p lit
- ity and. even force, and in every in
st ce where three distinct classes of Boni
et are formed, a combination of two will'
be sure . to effect the interest of the other.
T is was einehatically the case in our par
ty idistinctiens at the clog of the revolu
tion. l'be Tories, the violent Whigs, and
the moderate Whigs, formed their compo
nent parts. From 1784, to 'B7 these con
dated, until by a union of the first andthird,
tke second was placed in a minority,and as-
su eel to themselves the name of demo
crt t„ w‘hich party never regained a per
in neat ascendency till the election of
Tliomas Jeferaon in 1800.
We have mentioned these facts' solely
foil the sake of example, and will now pro-
cetd to a statement of parties at present,
nn, confining them to the mere political
fin- s of demarkation, but to those' of a
• •re social kind. • Since the existence of
.0 country as a nation, it has become a
o • munity.uf hold enterprise and median
ci✓l skill. "The abolishment of the laws
primogeniture and entail has made • ev
-ry one the architect of his own fortune,
and we may now class our community un
der the three heads of the tory rulers or
th anstocracy of office holders, the gen
erril men of business or the employers,
litid those who - Bre in the incipient stages
advancement or the employed. As the
ts. ies of 'B7 strove to amalgamate them.
se yes with the third TUirty, sai now are
il• . $lO 00
' 5 00
. 1 2 50
. . who bold the reins of goVernment,
w i ,
lying to create dissension by exciting
h employ* against their employers, and
t insidious and deceitful promises
fr endly protection to associate themselves
th the operative portion of community.—
ith a view to this end, the general gov
ernment press, and the state _press, which
advocates its supporters>are unceasing in
their denunciations of the employers, and
endeavor to shift -upon them the odium re.
silting from the failure of their policalex
p • rimejits. We have heretofore at length
s own the sophistry of their arguments,
b t-will now lay before our readers that an-
c _
c ent fable, which has been the admiration
o acres, and which has always been consid.
eed model of didactic excellence. The
facts which led to its delivery are some.
What parallel to ' present _ times :—The
commons ot Rome, pressed by the exac
tions of the patrician - rulers—and over.
*helmed with debt, seceded from the city,
left their trades and employments, and re.
tired to the Sacred Mount, determining
ta hold no intercourse with it, until their
requests should be acceded to. - The ar•
ringance of tSe Senate and Consuls, and
the depression of business during the ten
4, twelve years succeeding the expulsion of
i Tarquin ius, had produced these open hot%
Wiles. • Arts and persuations were equally
useless until Menius Agrippa, himself orig.
tially of their order, procured access to
them and related the following, which
pened,the way to negotiation, and conse.
quent reconciliation. Let every laboring
Man before he allows himselt to believe
that the interest of the employer and the
`employed are not identified,, mark,
I learn, and inwardly digest the FABLE OF
"At a time when the menibersof the hu
linen body did not, as at present, all unite
in one plan, but each had its own scheme
land *nage, The other"parts were annoy.
red at seeing that the fruits or all their labOr,
toil, and industry were serviceable 4nly to
Ithe purposes of the stomach, and 11110 they
;did nothing but work for its gratAcation.
Upon this they resolved together,' tlAt the
hand should not carry food to the mouth,
nor the mouth receive it, nor the teeth
chew it, until by hunger they had reduced
the stomach to an equality with them—
the consequence was the whole body was
reduced to the last stake of decay. They
found that the office of the stomach was
not one of indolence, or ease—that it
only received the nourishment which they
gave, to return it_again r to themselves, by
supplying every part of the body with that
vital nutriment, on which depended their
life and vigor."
The moral is easily drawn, and is as ap
plicable now, after a lapse of twenty four
centuries, as it was to the discontented
Get your smoked glasses ready for next
Tuesday, to witness the great Annular
Eclipse, the last which the present gener
ation can witness., The obscuration will
take place between 3 and 6 o'clock on the
18th, and will be annular over a apace of
420 miles wide, from Fairfield, Conn. to
Raleigh, North Carolina; the ring will
continue about 67 minutes—the sun will
be partially blotted from the sky, and a
ring of surpassing beauty takes its place.
The• next total eclipse of the sun will not
take place till 1869. 'This will commence
about' 7 minutes past 3—the ring , be form
ed 27 minutes past 4—be 12 minutes
crossing the disc, and end at 40
‘. minutes
past B—total time about 31 hours. I
Porter Liberality in Betting.—The
Porte rites,. kind, souls! ere offertog to bet
on the general result of the cOUnty
State ticket. They whb boaatrof a ma
jonty of frout-10 to 120.016 this County
'are trilling to bet that they will have a ma
jority of one. That's - right my Itichrour
, Porter,Aorne out to be nothing but jmall
beer aftii•all,
The Great. Eclipse.
Bpaera Mechanics land La. ,
gavelyO for wli ni O will o`
retest .
In less than four weeks, the elec
tion will be at hand—the election
which is to, deeidethe fate and pros
ferity of the Coal Region for the:
ensuing season. Many of yok have
not yet decided for whom to vete—
either .front carelessness, want of
promptness, or . the fear of ;being
wrong. Look -with us therefore at
the results which will be attendant
en the two issues. In the first I plane
then, if David R. Porter shouldlie
elected; he is known to be 'the . advo
cate of Mr. Van Buren and h 4 mea
sures-, of course then the odious sub,
treasury' scheme, a scheme that is
Ito take the control of public Money
!from the custody of the • people,
and give it to office holders—this
will be revived and insisted on.—
The consequence of this win be, a
continuation of those rash experi
ments which have brought our bu
siness' almost to n stand, at' 'least
have rendered it discourageing and
ruinous. No facilities for carry-
ing on our operations can be obtain- -
ed, and the inevitable result' must
be, our operators will be left with
out capital to continue basiness the
ensuing winter; money cannot be
obtained, and the miner, the me
chanic, and the labourer, must be
thrown out of emptCy. This is as
sure as to morrow's sunrise—Bat on
the other hand if JOSEPH RIT
NER, is re-elected, public confi
dence will be revived—the
ties on which the colliers must rely
to carry on their winter operations,
will be obtained, and a cheek will
be given to experiments and sub
treasury schemes.
Pause then fellow citizens, before
you vote, for it is •f vital impor-•
tanee to yourselves—rest assured
that if you produce a wrong 'result,
you are injuring yourselves.—Those
who claim to be your friends,_ and
,you to vote for Porter, will
desert you. when their wishes are
accomplished—when ruin is brought
on your families, and they are fat
tening on it, they will not bring you
work to support them; they will not
clothe your suffering wives; they
will not pia bread in to the mouths
of your starving children.
Glorious. news
cttr ! The r g -election of Joseph Ritnerren
dered certain. .1;:()
, .
Oa Wednesday evening last we had the
pleatiore of hearing from those,of our del
who have returned, the triumphant
result of our Convention The thousands
of Whigs who assemble to join in the
support of Joseph Ritner, and their spirit
proceedings stroc dismay and terror
into the Porter rank nd file; the of fi ce
holders looked bilious, and the expectants
agueish. Never in or country have
Four thousand of o fellow citizens met
together, as delegates before—never were
such perfect harmony, unanimity and con-
I cord *xhibited. From the estimates made,
the election of Joseph Ritner is certain.
He cannot have less than 8000 majority,
and will probably have double that num
ber? An address to the people of the
State 'was reported, which will be laid be
fore our readers as soon as received. The
delegation saw the original transfer of Da
vid R. Porter's, property, in his own hand
writing, and dated only three&four days
before he applied 'for the Benefit of the
Insolvent laws. Samuel Sturgeon was on
the ground—add delivered a plain unvar
nished tale in such a manner as to carry
conviction to all. The documents were
acknowledged by all of both parties to be
genuine—and looked upon as the evidence
of his infamy under. his own hand—his
I confusion.
Milner Township Meetings.
The friends of Ritner will hold a town
ship meeting this afternoon, at. Friedens
burg- Democrats turn out.
A meeting will also be held at the house
of Jacob Rapp, in Union Township, on
Saturday next.
Germans Attend.
In Pittsburg, we Icarn that ell the Nat
•oralized Germans are in favor of Joseph
Riefler. Germans of Schuylkill, will you,
suffer them to be more true to the interests
of their country than you are. We think
not—rally then around the banner of the
German Fa?mer Governor, and teach the
rulersof your nation, that"Duteh Hogs" as
the Porter met% call you, cannot go. the
whole hog any longer for Van Buren Sub
treasury or Shin-plasters.
Crowing Soo —W hen 'John Wil
liamson Esq.; first came out in vindication
of . David R. Porter, there wire a general l
fluttering of wings and crooring throughout.
the loco chicken-coop, but he has since as.
that the statements made against him
by the Stonebrakers and others, hays
convinced him that lie was imposed ,om--;
Re now believes Porter guilty of all the
charges against hiM, and will}vote for Jo.
v$ „Ritual., because he now knows Da
vid Potter defrauded his cOilitora
Tit*Ctrat Tiaittle.: The Viaggea peak.
~.--Wer - have
. pienidied to substantiate by
-fitureteite assertions Wintry:lip the" Coal
Trade, and show by ealcidation .that our
wishes ate tit - the "general good, and not
tocreateoany panic. UP -to the present
time last year q7;000 tons had been ship
ped from the.,-fo ur principaßregions, the
Schuylkill, Lehi gh, -Speiser .filetcdow, and
Lackawanna, and now . but 4150,000 tons ;
have been sent to motet, making sp far a
deficit of 124,1100. From 150 to 175,000
tons were on hand at the commencement
of the season, a major part of "islich was
theOrtrbite Agh, generally -used for manu
facturing purposes,,the demand for which
had been superceded by die effects of the
government experiments. The-consump
tion last year, as near as can be ascertain
ed, was from 725 to 750,000; there h4ving
been upwards of 8.50,090 tons sent-to mar
ket, and there remained over at Kingston{
Jersey City, and other places, about 50,-
000 tons white ash Coal, making the whole
yearly supply 900,000 tons. Of this' quan
tity, John White, Esq. who Visited the dif
ferent markets early this Sprie.g, estimated
about 400,000 remaining on band' the Ist
of April. It is a well known fact that more
Coal was sold in the month of April for im
mediate consumption than during any of
the winter months, aril as there was very
little shipped to market during that•rnonth,
we are inclined to estimate the quantity on
hand at from 150 to 175,000 tuna out of
the 900,000 in market.
At the time we penned,oor article alludel
to by the Ledger, there was nearly an entire;
cessation of the coal business owing to the
want of purchasers. If this state of things
bad continued any length of titne,.there
must certainly have been a Ann supply—
and as it is, every/ exertion cannot prevent
the quantity_sent down this season from
falling short of the last from 150 to 175,-
000 tons. We believe the market will be
barely supplied, if the demand continues
brisk for the. remainder of the navigable
season, and there-should be an immediate
supplY of water in the canal, which is at
present almost useless from the continued
drought, and consequently the shipments
from this region have nearly been sus
The Collier deprecates high prices for I
Coal; all he asks is a fair living profit,'
Which prevents prices, from
which they can derive no possible benefit, '
but an absolute injury, as creating a want
of confidence. This year, however, sw
ing to peculiar causes, they have not re
ceived even this living profit; a large pen
non of the Coal has been sold at less than
cost, and eve think we are safe in saying
that at least one-half that has been sent to
market, has not more than paid cixpenses.
At all eve is it is evident that Witte price
of coal ishigh in our cities, the first holders
here derive no advantage from the! advance,
all the benefit must accrue .to the dealers
and retailers where such advance has ta
ken place.
Last year we were accused of tryil to
depress.the price of Coal—this year ore.
flung a panic to enhance its value. We
are equally guiltless of both charges. , We
wish to see a fair value teceived fur our
staple,*arid the lower it can be aNirded the
better for the interests of the region, as
well as the consumers. Our cq of scar
city was not without Toumlstioo—human
efforts can barely prevent it, and it is our
wish to have a full supply to prevent the
increase of price which a deficit must oc
casion. Last winter was comparatively
mild; much less Coal was used tan antici
pated—hardly any for manufact ring put.-
1 3
poses, and for domestic uses th ruinous
state of the times compelled the most rigid
economy; at all events, had business con
tined uninterrupted, there would not have
been too much Coal. When there is a
short supply, no matter from what cause,
the collier is Idamed first, and the cry is
immediately to take off the duty on foreign
coal. It is - therefore our duty; when we
think the supply will be short, to warn
them of the fact; if there is an Overstock,'
the coal region receives no benefit from it;
the consumer has all the advantage of a
glutted market. 1
Review the subject calmly—look at the
relative situation and interest orthe collier
and the consumer, and it must Oe evident
we can have no motive for misrepresenta.
. lion. Certain. it is we have no wish to
mislead : we chronicle our exports fairly,
and strive to give all general i formation
,on the subjects of our region he cures
' pendent of the Ledger is ignore tof the na
ture, of the Coal Business, iind t e author'.
ty on which he predicates ii . charges,
knows less. A price current o Coal, here
is impassible: there' s a wide d fference in
the worth of Coal even from the same vein,
ea they run unequal, and the
. q u ality Of the,
different veins varies as much as the dill
ferent kinds of *ood. The flutuatiOns in
the price of freight too cannot guarded
against; this season it has var . d from 90
to 135 centa. All these Gies ake it evi
dent that Philadelphia is the l ace Where
the first useful price currenrea be estab
lished--the price of export fro there can
not materially fl uctuate, and th re its4iiar
Let value must - first be estimat d. •
O The sale of the - estat-
Grim, advertised, in our last I.
on the 4th of October, Will
/Woodsy the Bth of that month
The Curry Comb. is the
new peperin
there,.is plenty of, work for it
ing to,iferi]seTc.
• Illiner*.itiad. •
Vote, for the friend of In
of private Interest again
one who if re elected will
ty of work, plenty of
if yoW late for David R.
will continue ruiruirkous
Year; bet if - Joseph Rit
oar capals will be full of co
brisk, and money, will a:
• "Coblers and "TT wan
Vote for the Democra ,, c Farmer, pot
the. Federal locofoco" I 1 ce hotderi vote
for one who never cheat •d a workman Of
his just dues. i who never livas.a fraudulent
insolvent; a nd do not support one- who
would not pay i hard laboring man his
honest sines, bat compel I him to sacrifice
his all, while he himself was rolling in
wealth and luxuty. - I
. .
Vote for Joseph Rinser,. who has brought
honor on your calling, nd who was use
fully tending his own ho ses, while David
R. Porter was tunning is nags in races,
and his creditors in di culties.
Germ= s .
Vote for your German Governor; who
shouldered his musket as a private volun
teer during the war, and not for David
R. Porter, who . was a no.fighting Genet.-
, al, and would not turn out when our coun
try was in danger. . I
Farmeroof Srbuislkill,
If you vote for Joseph itner, you do not
support one who has liv d upon the public
for years; who tale pohticiati by trade—
but he is of yourselves, lone who will look
to your interests and thin of the country.
Vote for him if youl would sow your
seed in a fruitful gardeil, where the tares
of dishonesty cannot check their growth;
for one who is known s an honest man,
E li
and one who feels•prid in being called a
Farmer Governor. 1 .
Office-Holders and Office-.
Minters. . •
Vote for David R. Poiler ! if you do no
your Chief Miigician +ill draw your col
tars tighter, and turobr out of your ken
Map of Wiironstp.—A Lithograph
Map of the Wisconsin Land District, by
Stephen Taylor, late cif this•borough, has
been pdblished. It ii compiled from ac
tual surveys and official documents, and
will be found of great iI3Q in ascertaining
the location of sectionl, as each are num
bered, and the different ranges earl and
west of the'fourth Meridian delineated. It
has evidently been pcepared with much
care, and will proved valuable adjunct to
the settler and the lanc . holders. For sale
at this Office. . 1
Withdrawing Bet 4 —Several of the
Porter party have recntly made applica
tion to Gov. Killer's 'rupporters to with.
dra w. their bets,. whit requests have -been
granted. • We trust al our friends will see
the necessity of being I ral in this respect;
many who cannot afford to lose, have been
so shamefully deceived by their leaders as
regards Porter's character and prospects,.
that they have ventured large sums on -a
result which Avery day! allows to be more
utterly hopeless.
Coming Round.—Oince• the return cti .
our Pittsburg Delegates, a gentleman of
our Borough who hat heretofore been an
adherent 'of David R.;Porter, has resolved
to 'support our Farrier Candidate. He
says he would not throw away his vote
for ten dollars, and kil thinks to give it to
the Jail candidate mould be the "worst
kind" of throwing it away. So it will be
with thousiinds, who.litving the iinpossibil.
ity of Porter's etectioh will give their votes
to swell tie popular; majority of Joann'
Rrritat, the peoplgs friend, the poor
man's '
Stonebreaker's statement is false. Cer
taro it is, it corroborites as far , as it goes
the testimony of Eldar Owens, which they
acknowledge to tin korrect, and the re•
ceipt in David R. POter's own hand wri
ting, of part of the . amount of a bond, as
aigned byihim to J. iStonebraker, and by
him to Geo. Davis, it more than circum-,
istantial etidence in favor of his veracity'.
It won'rdo gentleiten—every step you .
take you get fartherhn the mud, and there
you mist stick vita the election, and thed
perhaps yell,help you out.
The Coal illfredt is not for
Porter.--Aktlin late Reading Niter Coa
vention out bousteti 70 delegates;
(the Ritner Convention counted 1.30,) we
do not ben die name of any one particular
ly interested iticair coal operations; There
are three 1111;41 wbo n'ay in the course
of the senuniandlip half a dyima boat loads
each; but 130,4eAular deale'r. hiud yet the
delegation carried a lump of coal as an
emblem--wittil as much propriety as Paul
ding's ludicrous etymology of Black Rock,
Whit*h earl so called from the nutp
bei or wifitepebbten found there.
. va n Otalemin!sin, and D*--
ten and - C albiim paper,ligq . uMeaioll4;.'
boldly-deilarea that thel.tinirmitisfaiied
to acansikolist object tor addcicit vials
qua lhe -- sooner It' is du
so ivedihk '
of" George
be hOjAtoo
I '
*me lor
I -
I Wingl print
- b r "nl°l
. .
tattt .
What e Sub- asuryt
The tree is knOwn by its limits, and:th
Sub-treasury must be -known y its effect:/
It is emphatically en to make
our 'government, and
• its tifficteholdersi
stock fobbing broken, to fatten on the
wants of the people, Femme specie- f"
their favorites only, and_ givn loge to tho
body .of the people. For dimple; it ii
within the recollection of-elli l ho.w , bent*
-lug it was lately to obtain - ecie for 'the
payment of postage. Our *master set
, ir
mended speeie for ' all • let ere from the --
people; and while he was riving flotilla*
v ie
- but:hard Money es the & L
agent of thO
'grivermnent, he d , übtkss
• paid to the
butcher and baker, shiapl eters for hill
dues. We-learn he was "the only Post
master in - our CoUnty who! did not afford ,
-some facility to the peoplef:-he gave as -
the reason that the - law itopelatively de- .
• mandetthini to 'receive notleg but specie,,
and .yet, • notwithstandiegh a duty was so .;
exPlicit,lte did fake Bank b Its . from some, • . ~
chereng 'five per cent premium for the
operation of converting them into specie.
This is the regular, sub treasury mode.--
the Postmaster is paid in specie; the mail
contractor is paid in specie; but the people
must pay specie or be charged with a los4
of five per cent.. The little floating spe- ,
cie of the region wee -soon 6 the hands of
government ruh-treasure4—they could
make their own market of It by selling it
again at 8 or 10 per cent prernium to the
people, for . they must have it. The same
Wheel turned remind continually, and thus
every time a postage was !paid in specie,; ,
the officeholders were mak'ng a handsome
profit out of their Ritual asters. This,
' fellow citizens, is the Van uren sub -trea
plan-one which Gov. RITKE : II crush
-led by compelling the , Beks to resume
specie payments. It is th revival of this
'sub treasury, to which the dlection of David
R. Porter is to be
_made the stepping stone
,i 0 is the legalization of this that the
Van Buren and Porker parties ere striving
for with every energy, add should it be
carried, the Banks in sell', defence mest
again stop specie paymertm, and the same
,scene of distress,panic tied misery, from
which we are but now rev icing , wilt again
be presented. I
-. In our kkrge cities, the , o peration is still
more ruinous—the merdhant must pay
his heavy governrnent brie in specie,
while that government isissuing treasury
shin plasters to all ut their office- holders. "
They get all the s ie and the garde game -
above 'stated is pl yed on a larger scale.
The merchant m se buyi, up specie from
'the harpies of they government at a pre.
mium, and they Gan . selll again and again
till the end of the chapter?—or until -corn
tierce and credit 'both dre sacrificed to
Van Burenfsm and a Subitreasurv.
Fellow-citizensll this seheme is one in
which the Government have boldly and
.unblushingly resolved to !'sink
or swim;"
it is this you are Tiled upon to crush, by
voting for Joseph Ritner.; lie is the man
who has and will standtween you and
i t
the arbitrary tyranny of corrupt Execu
Adhere to him, an Van B urinism,
Porterism, the Sub-treesuri and Lodofoco
ism, must sink—the weight of popular o-,
pinion—your votes in the ballot box will
hang like millstones around theit necks,
and, they must drown amid the tide of gen
eral execration, and the tears of those whii
have been ruined by theii. medsures. • •
er uvve
• the guardian
bririg you plen
age., and good
I ' inter, business
it Wig' been this
• .t . on're-electinly
coerce, freights
in be plenty.
(:fr• 'lle Ritner proceision in Pittsburg
was upwards - o ' two mil • : long. Cowan) ,
of the Porter rac4 nags 6 d bottoasenough
for such a two :talc heat
Who are the Fr iends . Workmen ?—fn
the third congressional if trict, Mr. Naylor,
the Whig Candidate, is, imaelf a working
man, and the 'firarsuppor er of their right's,
who so ably defendedithe from the moil..
sioas of the southern Vad''Burenites. Mr.
-Ingersol, the -choice, of11(040k:is a man
opposed to- their inter ta, an.old school
federalist, .a .wealthy ar stoerat, and one
whb has asserted that h would have been
a tort' had he lived,in t e' revolution, and
could never consider at appellation a
ing to
• • -PREVAI ."
(tt- The Locos betatme jealous of the
popularity of the Pecr4e's Advocero, an -
excellent - Ritner Penny ipaper. in PhileAl
phia, and• bought up seeral debts agaNist
.;it, and seized the ESt blishment fo the
purpose of stopping it—but the higs
came forward prornpjly, advance the
money, and.the Farm 'a Flag still waves
proudly at its. mast heap. • '
• ,
' - The People's May.—The Oiled
States revenue cutteron• the hares of
the• eastern states are industriously. em
ployed idling the ssrapor c r3 t hji le i r , e k e „
tioneering. by dlstribut rtg , :papers, pamph,
tete, &c. !mild the . dteinistratiou seek
to degrade four navy) hat leiel, where
their aspersions have"; :mid) , placed it,
and can the JAI - 4ft be ware of their mis
( lions 1, : W. llopempt.
tiliiii o4l"ll* Arigatre at
tiop . ,cwjed a temp of
Emblem: - Right—for
14,elhiptiop,,liker the c
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';:Alt the'Peci i iicg!
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? as their semi Oti nos
"Via. and means we .
*inlay is nothing."
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