The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, September 05, 1838, Image 1

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ill XErviiir • lii ; Ulf,
Tuaite Dr/LLAMA AMP is ry Curt* pet annum
payable s . nmi-atiteitially in' ; since. If!ssepaid with- '
!in the year, $1 will . he c • ; ; to all those who r*
'cease the paperfree ',foist ge. To mail sub s hers
113 per annum- -lf not paid within the{ year, 50 cents
'will be added to the ;nice faubscriptilon..
Two_Dot.e.aas ;per %tan ro. pattel inenet-annuall
in advance. if not paid iv thin the yCar,s2 50 will
the charged
Adveruseinentsupt ex big 0046 lilies will be
sehmiged ill fol'ihree insert ons—and*cents for oue:
-ius.eruon. Larger ones in prop"rtion• .
Alt advernsements will be insertuntil ordere
.not:uiles, the time for whi ih they er to be continue iisspecified.and will be chlged acco ingly. * i .
'rawly ai!vertivers will e charged 12 per miaow:
tmclutling subscriptiorrto t paper—With the prtfilere
ref keeping one advertisement not ex intil squares
%tending during , the year; rind the us rtion ofa small.
qsr , iris. in each paper fort reeaucc me times.
.te eir
•. ; All letters addressed to t ' editor ust be post paid.
"Otherwise no attention eel Ibe paid t them. •
-- All notices for meeties ,&c an other notices
'Which have heretofore'bet n insert gratis.' Will be
• 'charged 25 cents etch, exlept Marriages and Deaths.
The Fa , lily tarele l •
. - - Prone the fli , York ilftiTer. , r. • '
=crass , INTO tflre.
It is doing a service t , mankind to destroy the
,prejudice which lis - erally• entertained that
youth is educated / when 'me cant has been taken
•of their infancy-1 This prejudice, or other bad
.effects of it. auspends th - zeal ofthet small number
of individuals to the Middle ranks of life, who
wish to give their children the best education they
possibly can. From a 'else notion that the minds
-of young persons are furtnee at a very early pe
riod. they Suffer them to be their own masters at
a time _when they eland most in need of a guide -
to direct them in the course of *he most impor-.
tint period of their education. by the wisdom of
his counsels, the gentelliess of his 'insinuations,
and the force of his miample. 'Few persons, in
their infancy, learn the art of cropktying and got , "
•ernteethemselvei;- and* is very difficult to learn _
till the faculties of the mind are full-blown, and
the character has taken its true bias. When
young persona, therefore. are entering upon the
itempestuonsmcitan otlrinan life, then is the time
when they roust be iau ht the pilot's art, the man
ner of steering theirlase, so as to avoid 'rocks
anti quicksands. A p ilosopher might begin to
take the charge of ell ation at a time when the
vulger think it is finiiiheil. • Many, persons ale
capable of educating lehtldren in the ordinary
method—there are few', very taw, who are capable
- •of forming men.
DIDUWIIIIT, 1111.87111.
It is with us as with other thing. in nature.
which by motiots are I preserved in their native
purity and pet lett ion,'n. their sweetness, in their.
4ustre- , -rest corruptin g; debasing. and defiling
'tfietni,a . 'Elbe water tun eth, it holdeth clear,sweet
end fresh! if the air 3.3 fanned by winds, it is
purr and wbulesomili int from being shut up, it
groweth thick :and putrid; if nietals be employed,
they abide vnionth sod splended; but lay them by,
and they soon contract rust; rf the earth be bele
bottre4 with culture, 4 vieldeth corn; but lying
neglected, it Will be!lel-grown with brakes and
'thistles, and the better
tie soil iti, the ranker weeds
it will produce: all nature is Upheld in its being,
.'order, and mate, by constant agitatioN.every ores.
tore is incessantly el' hployetl in action conform'
able to its designed end and use; in dike manner
the preservation and =prevenient of our feed
ties depeed po their conduct rind wholesome .ex
emu*. " ..
What voice may speali to the, tomb builder, Time!
Thou and art, and she Ilbe, whan the breath
That holds commm4ion now, is bushed in death.
Upon thy tablet earth—a pare sublime— •
Ate ebrouteled the wrecks of buried years:
The cares of the lade sepulchre—
The rebel's of heaven's WI thfuhaninister—
Yield up their hoarded history of tears!
The. pyraiitid and mausoleum proud.
Attest of thee. and tell °ribose that were;
01 sounding narraesDow hoard aa-empty air—
That °bee were as the some or nations look
The Perloaris and the Grim,' are crowded there—
Fends are forgot when foes the 'Darrow dwelling
KIT% *CT.— He Wilds too low who builds his
hopes beneath the skies. Let us then be chiefly
ansumbi respecting the present that we may know
how to piufit newt be it. and respecting the futon:
only as t is connecter . ' with our interests in an
oilier world. • 13041 the various exquisite scenes
which open before Our eyes as we proceed in our
walk. Look at that path which winds before us
till it is lost in shade. See how beautiful its liar
dens are diversified With plants of every tint and
and every form. Nark how the fight breaks in
from above, and hoot it trembles among the leaves.
Listen to the note of the wood pigeon,. the distant
lowing of thenattle,l and the bark of the watch
-dog. How bi:sotifl, how delightful is this scene
and its linens:4lot ci cunistances!
Yet all the cantle'
ii sibangeable: The yellow
tints of autumn' h e' - tready begun to discolor
the leaves; the win will speedily lay those leaves
in the dust; and the' whole-face of 'you're will soon
be veiled in the. aniowit. mantle of winter. 'All
these circamstan • therefore. all these changes.
even to the falling f a leaf. enght to be received
by us as so many' arningo ndt to vest in present
scenes, bat to piens forward to those which are
-eternal. And al •gh there is nothing in this
'sentiment which 6:
•and times. yet 1
pealed or trio deepl
Missouri —S
idence 'of Tho
over 800 votes;
gave at the P
touch fur the po
Points by R
inan of New it
subScription, t.
comprising Ger
Life ; Mt. Johwl
caster, a nation I
ems comproing
giiive Pieces.
Mr. D. was
*Whig, al
'Morning New ,
poetic attainrne
high in . the lyric
' 41.::•.
- .1-'4 , 1 •
-t r .; i • • !'t • ' 7 IL •
,TOll !ILIUM". Tali 1104141.111 . 4iirims: 10 . 1141 rii# 41 0 6 , 0 . 11 1 1 1. 119a r l if r iC lav #W O l i- -7514 .1 1 -1: 1 P 11441 " 11174a-11111Ica 1.1 F" .,1111,1113tant0401 1 1 1 1 1 . 1111 : 41 MID TU8.13/CIL. • ALI 141170111. TO 0011 arms arm rif
- 11 _
Nail *NAN •
79th ihiJekkirkiThl;tl . o)lilltsrAvicellikhitlf :
men of the 'bth ffiellaniilers, about tokiii dir":
charged at Chat hani..aboat tu, 263 yaarrtltef, tr.
all Wateripotnen—sotne of then?. were present a
the late battle of Copenhagen and shared
glories of [lid Peninsular war.: There are out •
t wo..oilieers and, five men iernaliiitig, in thl regi
went who were at Waterkar--,Sciptcheuisn',l"
Iciesiing, irsaking.—iVe. are glad .to Figment.,
from the Joh? p'Groat Journal that the appear ,
'ince of herrings. on the coast of Caithness ha
given an impetus to the preparationsoftlukearet
About 5.59 barrel of cured fish were forwarded ti ;
Leith far-last 'stea incr.-330 front Sultsrall, an.
the remainder from l
Wielt. b. : - • • " •
Accident e t Leitk.—We re to statalbat cur
of the ludividials injtired brth lisploiiou '4of fire
works on Lau . . Linksok Thu ' y evinsingolier-
, late On Saturday night.- Remus* young awn
about sevenmen. nephew of Mr. Thonipeont gar'
1 maker, head;of Leith Walit.:llr.Thompeon him
self is still confined, but-vie understand is coo
sidered oot bf danger. A boy bee in the Leitl.
Casuality Hospital moth injureltbut is in a fait
way of recovery.—A women who - received seyere .
injorieron one of her legs is still Under medical
care. Other indiviijuals who were more or lets
burnt we believe are all doing well. - •
Coronation 491ender.--The following laughable
occurrence happened at a small town not far die
Cant.—A printer having been applied to, to print
a notice for closing the- 'bops, thc., 'Or the Coro
nation, by some mutilate, purposely or ar.cidental
ly made, the letter C was pot in the place of S.
which made it read as followca-"Notice is here.
be given, that all the trades people have agree:l ,
not to open their durps on Coronation day.
This of course, was an. unlucky inoottooemeni
for many when the roast beef and plum pudding
came in view.—Perthshire Courier.
not been repeated a' tbou
.llef it cannot bete often re.
- Louis County—the re'-
'H. ißeatiot, r the great
given.* Whig trutithify -of
hundred more than tt
esulential election. So.
ularity of the expunger et
us Dators.—Mr. Cole.
' rk, proposes to publish by
l e poems of MT. Dawes,
!,Itline,;a Romanic of Seal
1. Eve,* Fairy Tale • Lem
I Poem ; Occasionil Po
Songs"' and Odes; add Fu
ently amebae& with. the
d. is now in the Sunday,
tp gentleman of fine
ta, and is destined to rank
annals of our country.
_ _ _
." .I•
Mr. Maw, Treasurer to the Asylum for the
Blind, has received from the Trustees ut the late
Mr. Walter Brechin,:. surgeon,. Shisgerr ,
being one-Girth Of the -residue of Dr. Butchin's
Estate, after deducting legacy duty,&e.
Pulpit Eloquence.—A venerable divine of the
"auld Light class, now gathered to his fathers,
whose Busk congregated in a Strath on the line
of road betwixt Air and Edinburg in expatiating
on the temptations of oluierted-only
think of his matchless impudence, my brethern,
offering the Saviour of the world all the land as
far as could be from the top of an exceed
ingly high mountain! Basejiar that he
. was to
mak ony rich offer!—him! the loopy loon, that
never had a furo' lawn a' his 'days.
11 kir Adeertisero
A firld of hay on the Ayr and Irvine road roup
ed this week brought about seven ponds per acre.
, •
A lot of clothed was carried away on Friday at
Flatfield„ near Symington, Ayrabirc, by a whirl
wind. They were seen high in the air, after
which they entirely vanialled,;and have not mince
been .bee^rd 15C-- lb. • .
Ancient Coin—There is now in the possession ,
of Mr. Hey wood; watch and i clock maker. of this
city, at Whose shop it may he inspected by the
curious so antiquarian rusearch, a gold coin in
the reign of Henry VI celled an "Inge'," in ex
eellent preservation. Its yak eat that period was
6s. Bd. hut if now broken up flor melting, it would•
fetch double the current value; as a relict of the
olden time its-value must be, considerable. The
coin was dog up out of the Oath at Clynog mid
way. between Carualron and ewlbe IL
North 'Wales IdAtenicie.
A child of Mr. David Powiell, of Libanue. near
Brecon, between iunr and Bye lean old. born
blind lately, underwent an opelation by Dr. Lu
cas., which was attended with complete success,
the bkwumg of sight havinglbeen restored. •
Mita/ Accident.—A &meld old Man, named
Slack. from the neighbourhood of Enniskillen,
while -bathing at Bundoran, lou the 6th July, to
•cautionsly ventured too far a to the tide, and was
carried off; his remains w • washed on'shore, a
few htiuM afterwards.—f& • sewn Bereft. •
is hy the •celebnited.
towers of rm. which'
attle Intermission.
than dust rain,
hou be fair,
'rain na mar." ..
Limerick Chiron.
LitersOura.--threetioli o a letter snit in the
Poet Office, at tilyn Neat "To King Jorge,
Priordy; Carmarthen, for na Lode? tck, Poop
Aabergwegly perish
At Merioneih.hire Qua
the 6th inst. SUM Jones
guilty for being ibund .0
Vaughan, in the night. in
resisting the keeper whilst
bend hi in, and Sentenced
onment in liulgelley gaol I
Wales Cbronick,
1 -
The 'tillage of Oliver ieY
I cog onetion, been the scene
-took pl4ce on Tnesday;in
riege of Edward Lliiyd
Hall, with Jame, second di
Forbelq-Esq of Calendar F-
Sduciy4iitti was ushered
St. Switirrin with copicius s
continued until night, with
“th.. Sadism's day, if
For forty days it will
St. Swithin!S day, it •
Fur forty day's 'twill
The (air of goßiskillen
July. *as one ofthe brink !
rano ire bale had for so!
or everi , kind' •riilized• • -•
their o nera.—Eras Pack
Bridge of 21114eae.— • •
cad in Athlone. fur the
riingeaients Met
Co. Jew.eliers, Boston'
ThOrsday through t
taitdasls, but n o
any - 4t.' An. elogiteo l
as theivome uf - 00i e
Noiolie hae•the,•!`t,
us. Huth letteis•!..iftle
many of the `hti r ri 1 0 02'
admit ed into die
1114Rdel avid
inockiwN Handel. awl
11 -"tuto firebomb flew
ceivedland for sale by
Pouinrille, August 11, 1
. -,-.,:::.110.?7,--;•:77----1-"'"';'''':::-L"...-",..,.!.H.4.e.-1-v'`.4.°1'''':';,'-.:',%.,,,:1:',-1-;- :-..,".•,Th ;'l'.l:!:F,'.'
• . .. ' % .
tr,...,.'. ..l.j;.
. .
. .
r 41..
.. .' ... . ~
, .
. ..
•zi- .
A. . .. • ~...., . ...."
~,,, . , .
~. , .r. ., 4
„,,,,,,......,..,--; t „.... ... - .2 , - ..... y .. .. uwa - . :(.54 - - ., 4 .: 10 1 ., 11: - .w. ..... e :' , ..w 14 : - N
''' .l ..- f 7 ..10 .. 0i. ~,.......
1uir.... . r ..rivela ling .:'. .:j:i.*-
';i7•l6."k:' -‘::'''
: '. 8 . -..-.
' • ' . CS .'.
..'.- ' - • -
- - --.,_,-,..:.,, ...,.,...v.: ~------_,--.-. - - • -
- - - PAiwisivrattige
W EQDIPSDAY, aiORNINGt. sErr. ; 4, 1839.
Florrats46:. Oaths; Cards; BOW lagnsg.
via Amara' qf every +.; iTage4 l fa
Offia We Ow lateen iota prices.
. -V"' 0. 171 : 14 !! • Mir+ +
foe_ Vara BUrexkatd Porter Lo
CO - F
.ventral. Commit tee, publish. n address
auto the colar:wearers op t'ae th, August
est, in , mbichtbemostimbl ing and
sggerairl, niatatemems- kr
O r mate o
tie Public beta are giiApAnd4r the bane
ion of the.Stve: 't atr
reasurer Daniel ,St
;eoet, among i eritiCh .we wilt:point out the
1. That Governor Rimer had, in Ikfee
years, ineniaitedllM State Debt,
H. In swelling up VI bich Oiticteasedm
mount Of 'State Debt, the State-Tretuturet
Deludes Temporary Loans.
111.•• That, Governor•, Ritner :ins ex
',ended, in three years. $0,954,760 28.
IV. "That not one cent has been add
ed to the permanent revenue of the cum.
monweiltb," iiovernur Rimer.
V. Tbat Governur . Rimer has com
menced public works, that will .min $17,-
VI. That ' he, has only expe . nded to
wards these public works, $1,940,000.
VII.. That the. 'saurus expended, - and
debts created , by Governer Rimer," a
mould to ;24,704,760 23.
VIII. Arid, finally, that . there * i!1 be
a deficit, the present year, in the Treasu
ry, to the appropriationtaintd -demands-upon
it, of 0,468,080; and that to meet tips,
and othei claims, 0,856,080 , must he ap-
provided by the next Legislature. '
The above changes have been answered
at length in the Harrisburg ehrouicle, by
the Secretary of the 'commonwealth and
the Auditor general, but a the details
would take mete room than - we can spare;
we shall simply show the gvuse injustice,
not to ray wilful falsehood dt asset..
lions. •
The first allegation is that Governor
Rimer iu three years, increased the State
Debt $5,718,788 58." The List of loans
in the Auditors offire will show that the ,
permanent State Debt on 4th, December
1835 amounted 'to 424,330,003 32. t h is
is an aggregate -of $025,432 24 teas than
the amount
. stated in the address of the
Van Buren Central Committee, because
temporary limns and unpaid appropriauous
are included incorrectly in that statement.
On the 18th Aug. 1838, the permanent
State Debt 1v05124,230,,003 32; the loan
by act of April 1,1806, of 8100,000, bay
ing been paid off—therefore the perma
nent debt ts•that sumsEss than it was when
the present Governor came into office: 11
a temporary loan is to be boniiistered a
State debt s we sill. only mate that in four
years Gov. Wolf's tempaary loans am
Hunted to 111,424,348, trhile Itering Gov.
Riiner's ae, ministration of three years, only
8715,000 has been borrowed; and out of
that sum $35) 090 were negotiated for
the express purpose of.paying instalments
on interest, *Mei sholahl have been pro-
vided for by - Gov. Wolf tivi) other loans.
- of 655,000 and 874,000, boutisicted by
Gov.. -Wolf, have likewise been paid off,
and are included in the abate estimate, so
that the actual ternporary loan during
Gov. Ritner's three years,. amounts only
to $685 560. On about two (birds ofthis'
and interest of only 4 per cent is now.
, paid, when formerly it was fi ve per cent.
' The third charge is, that Gov. Ritner
in 3 years has expende.l 88.954,760.28.
In-this estimate is concluded the default in
the revenue of The present year, amount.
ing to 84 . 818,079 62,' that is, Gov. Rut
tier is blamed for having spent what was
never in his possession—with as much
propriety might one of our coal dealers
who, cleared say 86000 by his.operattons •
'lad year, be accuse?! of lavishing end ex.
pending a like' sum this . year, because the
experiments . of tholeneral evernment
' have stagnated business, and his anticipa
ted revenue has not -heen realit.edl De. '
ducting thi; amount ' s tbegrosscbarge,
will leave 87,138, 66. Froth this,
we have three other terns - to deduce, for.
the simple' reeeirn th t they never came
into like:Treasury, a therefore could not
bespent; sit: $25% _ deficiency in toile,
$150,000 deficiency n repair fund, and
$400,000 to re-construct the Juniata ea
, real. DedOct thiilBso,ooi), sad we have
$6,338.680 66, which amount ban been
nearly appropriatedin the fedlowing man
ner: .
g Sends:moon 'may.
was tried and found
t the premises of Col.,
search, and
sadessourtog to appro.
to ten moothd
bard labour.—bagh
has agate. once the
give festirity, which
-lebratienolthe mar
me; Eng of Gatacre.
ughter of tbe late W.
n Tuesday. the 10th
-t, for business on the
e'tuaSe. ' .Horses of si
lady well. led Meek
- eaarseenalon to
l k..iselan . ere halr4.; aril
, pose of at;
bridge across the
Extensa* of Ciaal Etia; VOO.OOO
For the N, do WAlrartols Molt 89S QF
Far the laitatilai Feeder and -Whew
oars rotal. •
For Ilia artitatoirciliiil ,
Fir 6)141010T - oats litolfroni Phil: to
Pittaborg, repaint, rumoring defioaira
work s 1788.564
Two American locomothea .to amPlaoi
the asperiatratoriioported diva 216.64
For Cicala and Rail Roads fi* the
panda:emit 'of Wands* agautat
the adrift 14.000
For torapArto. Mati rood. aid - bridges, 9 / 7 5.300
internal-Education. ' • f. 343 919
For expenes-or eosaeolies, • 300.000
J. .Bidgelow &
rewired -V 'elle.
e pod 4111See i eatt .
'nature Apr - word at
'letter t eierttli
Ce" 10 Write
gentienien teeeilrir
11 petition to be
aria See lei?" 'wiled;
blest ra
K = 62-
' - • - *315418
The next assertion *that net onecent
hu been added to the permanent MMUS
of the Cdtifiim
tmtionaftiiv. Rimeri‘ • •We wiltseer how;
far Obits and figures Wilhiubstatituite4lll:-
In 1885, ihe 'find 'yearrof Gov. Wid(ta
niiiiistnition, the reventteidthe State from
tolls amounut.onlir to: $886,257
1886, Guy. Ritneesafril per,' the am
ount was $827,605 alt in , 1837, Aioy
were $975,350 49-audi in 1888, up to
18th August, them were $780:800. •
ihe'rehoie six yeark of Goy. Wolf's ad
the inn , ' a inimite febni pub- .
lie worts was $1260,488 06," and in ken
and. 0 hairyeark of Gcn4 tinier's tern'
it has iiinnimied to $2,503,156 21, Inn
-king an increase in-tittle over one third
thelime, of store than ail ins revenue for
Ira svecesaire torus of ofcw, $1,332,:.
699_15 !.!!! . .
Charge Y Ate VII is; ifiat - Gov. Ritner
has colirnierited public wprks th it wilt eost
serenterin tniltions!-Thal the Erie exten-
siott, the INlorthand West Stanches, were
etimmedeed by Gov. Wolf, every one
'knows, 'lid tifTrom the workit estimated to
- 5Q001)
- I
wit that sum, we. deduct those so com
menced unproductive and dilvpidsted, the
balance will not cost three ninon:.
The sixth 'charge can 'be refuted by
the estimate etutdelutder The third charge.
where it is shown that instead of baying
expended only 1,940.000' dollars on the
public work% be has actually :aid out 4,
The seventh and most wilful assertion
is, that the expended and debts cre
ated by Gov. 'Rimer; amount . to 24.704,-
760 23 dollars. The component pacts of
this expenditure are '
1. Amount required to •tionithedi
public works, 35060.000 01)
2. Amount added toSta'le bat. 2,718,7t13 58
. 3. Amount gnrea to, College,.
Academies, Hospitals, Asylums, •
Surveyors, dce. 690,000 00
4. Amount received a flank
3,235176 65
2004560 WI
The first of these has 'been disproved
wider the fifth charge- 7 tbe fallacy of ;he
seceud shown in the fact that in the first
charge temporary loan is considered as ad
damn to State Debt—as regains the third
item of this expenditure, appropriations to
purposes of eilucatiOn, science and chari
ty, the assertion bears on its face the im
press of mistake, for if the Tresssury has
paid out one half that sum, it has done so
without taw - or authority, -mod slotting to
the knowledge of the. Secretary of the.
Convention wethe Auditor General, has
been so disbursed-, but as regular legal
'appropriations. The fourth item includefr i
about three millions and a' uerter, receiv
ed as Bank Bonus, which is estimated as
debt. To use the language of the above
named gentlemen, "it will be pleasant
news fur the Banks, though not fur the
people,-to hear that such donations were.
..debts, and are to be _
' The last charge is that there will be a
deficiency of 1,486,00 dollars on the Ist
January next, and that to pay this and
current appropriations for 1839, the Leg
islatere must raise 8.856,080 dollars. As
yei no deficiency has name place, the •
State is solvent--interest on State Debt
all paid off the public works progressing.
all the appropriations of last year au
strongly resisted by Gov. have
been met, and the credit of the State so
good, that Money can-be raised at 4 per
cent; at skims when it is worth more than ;
ever it was before; and when 5 per vent
has heretofore been -gown one third of
the navigation season, and the most pro
fitable part of the public income is yet be
fore us—and these is no reason to foresee
that the appropriations of next year can
not be met by the current revenue and the
fourth- instalment of the .surplus revenue,
and when Gov. Rinser came into office,
the permanent State Debt was 100,000
dollars more than it is at the present date!
W here then is the foundation for all these
charges? where but in the imagination of ,
those who are striving to misconstrue the
situation of oar state, and impeach every
action of our State Executive! A similar.
charge against theßieneral- Administra•
tins, would be indignsuitiTrerlied by,tee,
friend. of Porter, and yet mark the eon
trio; our State is solvent and on
ly its own resources—the U. &mei
are insolvent, and depend on an immense
emission of Treasury Ehie piasters to hot-
Ater up tlfeir reptltitiaf r . llßld gibe alSin
porary credit to their tailairiassed dribs.
Such are the facts—let the candid Mind
draw its ainclusiont.
Young Menlo Reding.
-At a very twee meeting in the Young
Men attire Borough of Pottsville, favor&
We to them election ofosrpreeeotsorthiy
Governor JOSEPH RII NE - 14 luta de
cidedly opposed to the Lop) POW eau&
date D. it. Porten t (We poet Man'is ene
my convened at the public Wised Wit.
ham Wattages on Saturday tsveaing, Sep
timber 1, 1838. The Minetini was or
plotted by appointing- , SA MUEL 8.
10UNG President—RAC Glum, Aum
Bimincan, Dallas. Vasa; Wham* Pot ,
10c=, Jams P. Oinrinutax. Ottawa Mon
TIMIS, and J. R. Tacna Vice Presidaatp,
- - . e..
.and ban ~
. . ..aelififis..Wlll6 1 4 4
sr, ,H Allreli,...George, P. WA
.sad la . Tivait Sieretaries.4. - i .
Alter th -'-"meeting was thus orgia
Was - • • " • •' - 1'; -
, ~Resobtf - That -IL com mitteeof, I
appointed, b draft a Preamble and R
lions, ei - ive ufthe aentinientw,
'meeting, wher.ttpon the (Wowing:
persons iti to appointed :—Joe. C:
John:Fran ' Charles Medary, Si,
Lord, Ser town Mond, Jacob Milla r
hiiel Fs .i : ertjamin-Niter, Lim e'
tor, Sint I G.:Sand:7, Jactito 'Gaiter, I
Seiler, J. DIM lebeiger. John-WJA"
ry, J. D. ahn. Joseph hi athews,9
Bode, W Sillytaan k Timothy Mon
CharlesS ilyman. Charles Lawton,' 1
Stager, Wesley Mortimer, -Thome
Ridgway, Renleario Shaul 'Gear
toed; Chitties Lutd, Daniel Yeager,l
*rick Homily, John'tilleb ach. ,11
The committee then retired, Morin
the absenive of which, the meeting :ea* a
dressed li Robert. M. Grant, its At ver
fluent m Mier, after is hich Mr.-Jelin '
°Retina" made a few.ttat very eli)qu
retnarks. I
The C matte ben Monied IQ 4
potted t follo•Wing which were, mass
mously. opt ed. I — '
W ' The pre-ent Gubernatorial
Election one which, vitally conceive the
characte of mar State, the dignitylicif its
laws, a he (peat political principles ulk
on whic halone the prosperity 11 our
countryn be judicious barecl,—*
dottiest phatically between the lure
eign pen 'foul then-unprincipled iind utn
just ste ids, in whichlt behoove' evet
w a!
friend of liberty, every lover of hill coo
try, and ve.y co-citizen of ourg' t rip.
pithlic. to battle against* prestuni g a
toctacy, who i have abused their d t
; 111
powers, ltd forfeited the publicwcui en ,
and whiireas the true issue %as now been
ilistinctl,, made on the question 4 "sts-
TREAsuile" or'-No gon.'llt Ride "I'r.
in plaukinguage w hether the .E' Fe n
shall knee the Entire control of pu
tic movie*, aecoantabk only hits "li
m ct
and ifter . ho/ders, and *bermes u 'Ott t;
demand" a bead who shall be opp to ll
suck Dtctation—to all Soh. Tea
seheases l i4ul all Shin Plaster • es, a, t
whe•eiss we toneeive JOSEPH R FIN II
the PeOple'srriend—tlfe Proinol es. "r.
al Education, the supporter of , fil!r I
ImproveSeents ; and the Chain • , of n
dividunlilitterprise, opposed is imoispol. s
to be stichitiman—aridthereas•rio r u
puliticall annals, .no crisis in our Wolin t
has called more loudly 'Upon ouS
„yro i
men to, achieve a victory of prinOiple
which the eyes of all the country are n
directed 'with confidence and hope.- i
viewingfit as a paramount duly tit use i
ery honnrable and lawful means tollproc r.
the extensile dissemination ordure p in
ciples by which alone such a Muni% al
be Rained feeling. too. duo on oar co in
ty as one that has heretofore contained
majority, who have advocatecithWnroceled
me of Ole Executive, it is more ptsrticu at
ly incultibent In reject their teen" tont i
Lions, and protlaint our dismolindl r
from their specious delusions, there, r
Resolved, That we view the' deci iis
of the, approaching contest hew/teem r
sztni'Rix - NEs and David R. Porter t t
of bits importance to, our welfare
coon sh ay, and that false, result' : i
es the republican institution 1
our untry , and carri a Into)) of ari
ululate evils in its train. .
Re loci: That from recent eve! pe
men's,which have law s( him even he nft.
dence Of his original nominator; We n=
not with any degree or propriet give our
support to D. R. Porter, who In ode ow
before, l the public, , charged by s n h :
to t m'
boors' With the high crime of P 'wry
Rerfved, That in our coda) tion it is
an ins lt, not only to the good nee.
he i
orality of any high min ed ' t
to ask his support in favor.of se a nat
for CR Sernor of the State. _ l ,
"'-• hied. That we view me l l tfi
I iparamount to any polio.. Idi - i'
inion, in forming en est,... 02 , , ,
for the office. - ..'5l ..! ~
-, dived, Thatwete his or ! ,w p.
_unsullied as infotinitg„vsi , uld a In
his &dietetics to the doctrines J . :the pt
Trees , 7 —his vote - fis ,flenate Alia
the i
~ 0 of. Treasury Shinpl - f ers eed
I les
his au 'Sri 91 . the EsectOse in I &sit , I
0 , , loos tpeas_ures, and his t . ( - iof
req - ' s te qui — Filicatto• no would . 1 . au . 'Sot
grow . on which to base our . . _decide
oh' Ansi: - - ' z '
a • k .
- . 111111 if would -It . pear fi t
G. l 1
, TA
the . rupt measures or ine, 0
er 'T, , that David ILFOrt twee chi
!in • Willie's toelfor 'their p - ,ts
indll niaTif equally cOrruPis 0 1 'if 01 141
the i fluent% apart, het o, . bet-ehic
ed .,B ; i renniligania , tke,Pf"F Liitlif, , 1 )
- faildliar With', crinte. 110 . lbettetiii *
',fist - theirlnSurpost `Pith -:
- - Goverimienti- •••• •'-- • - ..:"' ' '
litelL Thst'itile lett '`grid -el
fe e ► twit iii 114 0 ' - ph
t Alli
t t i
mai Jaws Wiry* e. b .
Jtr' i -- character' isl un s Oliiia— b
and: equipments serktund t,
lode •
ing 6
Pi -
••••-• •-4- • '•••
• • -r
rr,...‘; xr
. .. ..,.. _,, _ 47 . 2 , .....,.. ),...,..
.. • . .• . . - • ' triore
--•':- . •••••_ -- ! ,• - F.-I'll- ~ 1, . :., . .,-4-,.,'.4. z -;•', - 7 -
hor:ot of his office;.lmdei:wheie kietVW - Itti • -
Cl(lolteltruslberity 'tif 'the ilcatelialt:Stitfh'
[ Preserverr-L4vho lota' relleiedzihif:iteriple --..-:,•
.frinWan - (Aims state' tai, - 4 -TOPhlthialW
'ererikerwri ' ty,-and ailrieden vigil& ; lint
ierrikl no 'ventairawitionit`‘reio - rtihiglii 7 - 1' , .Y.,'-'
bevy ' edit ittine,", - beiricrennitnt the ;. - 4.
_r - - • :-?4 ,
slatirdebt. ,', ''''''' "•-•' ',--- : = - - ; •-.'l;-•.
1 ' &Solved,. That we view kialreto of this : : :3
unborn. th Appropriation Bill therifed. 1. l
eat measureofhiscdiiiihistritkak,?ffiiiiiinch
as it - ,prevented . the , State ,- ff. 6 itivelirin* '.:`,.*
him! to -- the -anoninirld;io;
~ for •, , lt : q
thit'agniodulviriferitifprivitelilehrperati4, . -- 1,1
thoioection o f . which'whnlelNiveltin - - -;':-
totally to check all stile
.Resolved, That we '..vieirt the "policy; of :AZ
Joanna - Rrin sw .in adopting - hirt - ititerttat --' ‘ 2 ,'_ . Z . :
imprimen.ents: to our ifitertrW_Seitititirear; -.. ',..i' l
tii be the index tiro' ago pblitiblaihindet-
perieneeilTounicier.''' . : '• - =:4 - I'- - ;
Resolved, That *wawa!' toAhe lait 4. 4, ::. ,
pose those rtreits;tres which , tininld veteran ..-',.
spedie solely 'for office hirldirii` . inittage .i.,
for the people. c • --.::,-.-=',--' '::',---' -4. - •'. : i'
" 'Resolved:.= 2 hat tie:ltt**iiii•iitatb
the. feelings of tilie-poinstfoiOlt-therie/r, ' • ."'i
rkitinidoyedars. firepleyerik:itiiirt..iliirvit
tempt to introdigeirs triiiiikiiieriniirehic ,
is Vbortky Oaf, of titk ettedry to inlrcriiillt;
try, hisfatont men aitt tiir: God. '' " - ' ... I
Resolved, That we giro our Inhat j etir•
drat concurrence tis the Oritirity - Tiekets,
nominated in crstivektieMbtibit friends cif :
Jussru Ruling, oh SatUrairyjast,lxffiainfj
ing the candiditei to be. such - now '.di
uticompromisirig worth Arid coritfie!tt,":mq; ' N
as the present crisis requir . iii and:denten&
Resolved, That We *ieve - " - bipici. , : - , -
Eint*.a*. as. a mats whom the v .''.` ox
Schu)lktll will be proud - lb horthr. "a" ,7.
who will represent tie interests of f, • .
whole county without regard' to party - and
licel feeling, and one.whosti Aintilic °awl ...
private character are abovethe breath of
- iterotbeat, that it is high time fur chit
people of our county to elect -to *heir Leg- ,
i ldtire Assemb!ies men ..of business,. who
will look well to"their cintstituents
eats, without prolonging :amines fot pur
posed of pulitteal ferment and Aliscusilok.
thereby wasting the public money, and 4isi.
grading the dtguity . of legiohitive -mem:
hies--nen who, when public bu'siriess it
finished, will return to-their humek and
their private affsirs,in,..thet true spirit .of.
I republicanism.—men win/donee mike4he
public Witness • mattes-.of .gain i ent Nr
but who can conceive:lAA: duty
r : they we thtir country:AM patriots,mben
y taped upon, to act with Twodiplfiesb.sted
g ,dopatch. •
o Resolved, 'hat it-be recommended to
w the people of tichurlkill crustily, to hold a
'General County Meeting. Ahtt , Benough.
✓ of Pottmville, on §sturilayihe *gilt .ind. at
re • 3 o'cloik - P. M., for 'that*iiiitise - of 'coo
n. •ou'ting together, and ad-Mtintritiell Merit
in urea as may he deemeit tureeittftir% tor;
R . the ciinse °Niter immplk'ind'accurtri
a the re-election - of our protect wo4by Got.
I."error, Ind the Rimer county rtckel. '
r. Radioed, . That thei follotiihg Yohol
s r 1 Men -be a CommitteitiitVigilinee for phi
Pottarille Diatric*. • •-
re rrhe 'fientee trill atipeeir - ilext VeeLl'
nt.!O.:. Jolts M. ettoskialt;"iiiiii thttii
celled upon to addreirt thildtetitigOrka
he did in a very - able speech Or Suite
Risofred,. That the pmeeedititt ,
signed by the elNiere'vediWitilhated in, till
the Demoaritic - phoeik,*l%*cintittf: .
_ _
[spied Vie
The ir ' 4—Wel' find iftelfulloWing in
the Louisville, Jourial 4 "(eiWnitcit's paean)
' News lasjust reached
Morns. notorious as 4'itie: Tom. itionitit7
h. attacked the senior 'editor* this peper,(4
the - yard of the Harrodtilturii
is Mr. Moose, advanced tirtip.i'M Priterrrci
gut with a drawn OitoletutifireilAt.':L.hiuMtir.
en Paarrrice then- fireo,),Akeither, Isbot.lekier
tin effect. . Pint.WriciAmtit I Woad pis
iul,.vihen Mr. Monett - 41 - 6HW, , and said be
pi bad no other:ages; whereepeil Mr. PAWN'
at ; ' mpg from stiperaliondint. Sitaibiltdittfitjr
pp spareii the miscreant!! ••••,t.; 4 , 64 .
4otts Moore is miking free 'ate
s , gee. •
Notice to Cam , .v ,
James ~ R ivel;anit:lranaiiiierliipMl.l
"knit, ruia: • 14
A Mobilo tatting teilliiintidalli'l l ititeent a(
ILYileiburts thillikh&Pliiiither Dist. f
an the *WS* now eiderCinitrilat.tre the Wit
of am blitabetinsgeitbit idea tied the City et
• Theeet 14644; Locks. `. Cs
l i - Atiedeitii. - 2 Towing path kid
iertaurdainea firer,)` " • •
u` lied , and front
es.lieveril heavy settinbellaillielek.• - •4ackt
heiraild the. Shia Ridiga._
Vi l e Looks will
t. ;headiest with Oink. • '
The iitniticki alto Smitii - ipiobiiiiid - 00 1
e . tteCtiatractora by the 4:l4bust*gbisiritliii '
line; and the teberel p.bes
r be exhibited at the Olga attheetillitedberiitlikel:
City of kinhoixidi untilthe Stdierailiteitiersempf
id in 1 . - YnditOri 1 4 the` teillOr ' 2;
o f The van at the 'AR*
am a ikv .. _ 4
of tiffs J:' H ciiin.
• Julfy 28th 11830. . _ • I
- -
!' 4 '
' -
~ ~ƒ
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%~ ~
~~ ~