The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, September 01, 1838, Image 4

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'lit I L
!.1 7 .4 7 ,tiiPprIcEC.C.-
i rem ' of diseat
11' ilie pub te, betrowt,
e, it is ety in the
virtues. - -cifenry to ...ann.,'
.t has a hievtal ¢sl ascei,dant career of use
whii li stances the competition of mere
pretenii 0,. and has sect:jed a consme:uous
n nave .favor. by Latinate worth one.
etor ni j oint out the causes of its pen.
'thou, i - tring the susiticton of met uos.
, nstitun .1 - tio c0m , ,.r..u.
CA Alc) lI.V. and rt4l LY APERIENT
manna lured by Dr. WIIIIPM Evans. at lOU
1 street i'do• ad require his explanauon..ol
; know lei ked etficavy—for the MOW- eminent ,
'es throt b out the.Untted ?States will freely.
!led to. at e the reasons which lweaduced
! recona md them so extensively Std warmly
do. A II those reasons are. that these judi
. mil i Meyer injure even the most delicate
its prop
lie in
G 212
ititea •
skin t
as the
ellto ns. a d have, in almost every mdtvaduar
Id t ztt;c hi h
i ;iy a a n r d e prose .
..i st ru bod ep „ , a e e fi c a rted y . a p n h4 ev . :- .
oreover rsee that they are not offered Co the
post any tiaack dreary of purittrig:the..ttluutl,
tier d (ruction of the stoinach and bowels."
he biro Ifrom all doithsed humors. they untie
.; but hot by destrtiy mg those viscera by
lone MO hluorl can he sum:lined. They are
ndod ontima the,ny which sepl .oses a stomach
I eery essitnttal agent to health; and tood:weli 1
, to be th valuable friend to flush and Ithreil '..-
(1 nut p‘eri 'y nom to ghosts, and make them
i e bettigh tem refined to remain long in this
brit they !Make ehein as human as possible; dad
meinterPthe hardships, tint nal the oteuita.
) a sublrieary rife: They do ant make a am
gatory of this life, to pre,mre men the futei
her. 'they proceekt ur on the sapprstation that
moors, nerves. orgniad, excretory and se
gland, aunties and tegurnentary membranes
nd brains. of every Minute being routure to
lied with nenrishittortz from as healthful a ato
• s can boinade rod 3 ..!;)t ; arid upon the doetruig ,
Itual the tail otruteli-atid to.weis are of rood order
A and etery other part of the'systern will be in
c4aa fo
des', a
t 0 the
to- be a
fir to
how is i 0" expected that they Will secure health
tputach tud busy els? Why by enatAt tog the one
t fowl. $.4 thwather to carry otf what to len
after - the nistriMent is extracted. 111 COUrleCiloll with
the sul plus of bile, and the foul humors nfthe blo a t!,
lantern s membilmen, and stomach . Anti they accom
plish tette great feats of medicine in the most amide
-way ii . tag,nable: The A 11:11.1e; \ I' l , AMI IN PILL,'.
if ,the ortuteh he affected with Wind.h:le. or mimed
c;illee. ions, clelr it out. by a naturn I but a. 0061 in.
siiiWitee' Sifiteell'action, and cleanse, the whole aft
atentary canal kvithout aiming, and leaving it as Ime
-wttholit debit* as nature ever deingnisd it to be.—
Theyl.lo not take the skin elf the stomach and bowels,
tied leave theintike a iceci• of red velvet. as all phy
sicians know he strong drastic pills dO, but I hey
take riature ktOrily by the hand without crushing her
Beget*. Thepeleause every tnniii;, without ,naparing
or nearing mill thing.
When thus evellemed. a' it 'lanai y is by the et re of a"
few 'if, hi. 1.. t 11l ILY A Pr:lilF.V.l"lLLS.then come
the celebrated' CA 'JONI ILE or TONIt. PILLS. to
strengthen 4 acid beweis which hefore, per
haps . .. wei k and foul because_t hey were weak, and
eta:l,6es them lwah Strength to perform their impor-
/ant 4111CL101... without the aid or physic. The ‘'A
IVIONIII.F. IV) v Eli when its vahlahle ermc.Plea
are chemicallylextracted. is acknowledged by ull.phy-
romans, in every age, to he the best vegetable tome
kitoWn in the Science of medicine —Chere is nothing I
k ; nein in the Yegrtalile km. - .glom of nature to equal it;
mule thtt i i lattl.4lol4 NI) harmless and so vagorousl ,
hatlt Cul, an lin proof of thi.s the proprietor of thy
rer.relvned pill' that are ma le from its purest particles,',
might quote el most innumerable authors. both ancient
and 'Oder°, .if his own practiceinul nut proved it to
tens lof thousalpds. .
Tile effbctsl , !if these tills aye not only perceived in
till il ti crease of appetite and general strength, but in
a res or on 41' the li,idy to tha it
t aiversial tiger hi all
its f nctions Whieh ind.rates the return to perfectly
sound - health;'—The face- and general complexion,
speak voliimint in their favor, and tbousai.ds of le
naaliz Can testify how retch they have contributed to
their comfora their coin ilexion, and their strene'll..
when every dllier remeal v had uroved worse than use-
less; in nerirMis diseases, of all kinds, they are
acktiowledgeti to be preeininent ; gradailly restoring
flange's ofkikly and ,nind, withont those annoyance
and Ichattges! , iwhich star tier rims reeled-es occasion ' '
Illappy ev. , uld it have been for maitYleiing pennies'
nrhaah vevesiiiyho are now in the silent grave. if they
had learned to ch ck the morbid tendencies - Of their 1
s omach and bowels by these pare tomes and inert
mitai sothoet
,retiort,,diz to quack remedies, the names
orndilch - iire enrme,aled, and of which they know
nothing. 'tutu dreadful scourge et) \si NIP l'itl.N,
in . .ghtEissi berm checked di Is commeneeniew and
disapPointed Of its prer, all over the land, if' I hi. first
"pennies of ttervous debility} had been counteracted
by C.A.M.Y.A111.4.: chemically prepared; and 'those
bowel coin:44unit wh ch lead to s host offand mita. 1
dies.'might have been iw ytatetl by ;has. fine alcal tate
extenet of Hat barb whii•d* is a leaihug ingredient to
the ,APEILI RN I' FAMILY' PILLS. Ilefure both of
thege inediciUes, which are adapted to a majority of,
thd lihrposeslor which a hundred others are unnecea-
'Melly` mied,fovers,-agues. bilious distoders, 'mu - Leber.
fa :rile dehd l ty, male decline, indigestion, and liver i
Cia lipleint.ould have entirely •disatipeared; Wb• re I
stinky of th at
have proved fatal.
'••• Bit be it drpdirctly understood that these medicines
are not offered instead of these natural drains of the
body which okber medicines disperse with, lea very
turninary manner. They are founded upon medical
.knqwltsige.aml not quackery, and do not take all the
red,:isacticlis Out of the 'hum-+n blo(ad under the pre- I
t6nVe ofpitrafying it. In proof of which difference of
effect let the faces and (onus of patients bear testi
mony. The ji
_constitute a useful. effectual. and gene
rally anplicaNe class of medicine.' for every faintly,
and being fifth tonic anti aperient. and of the best '
prepiradonit known , no person or family should be I
wiihinethemi. They can tie °Maimed wheltsale and ,
retail orthe prepriefor, 1)r. WAI KV A NS. New York.'
and of his 'Signals in town and tountry, with dirt-c
-umin ligtsi7-'rhey are rapidly superceding ull other
fettle lies ad e rtistal in the public prints , because they
are rititnal t r o rlong tea very superior chin. of popular
Medicine. A Ingle trial usnally places them high is pri
vate eirnm on. as - they are known to be in public
prefertmen. lid in the °einem or physl...ians.
~-.4)r. -WiAl ' IWANri . OVVICK; No. 19-NORTH
latirkl ll'.s' l'll ILA tiEl.PillA:erhere has medicine
11410 - had. 1)r. Win P , :ans' Office. 1(10 Chatham
air t; where the Doctor maybe consulted
as;usaul. . .
~ . -
r.b Y.-ll'F: ".' 4, 1 A' and IllYIN:k 711CFN P 111 All Fi At—
Iltrlrster - "ng Cause —Mr William Saimiin;tlimen at
nter, . 'Phi atay-PillladefrObla, 4tfilicted for seven]
"Is Whit ha foilowin.l tbstressinwsympton's: Sick
ness at the itioaisch,lmailueltili, dizziness, palpitations
of the heart, itndaired appetite, sometimes meld and
p trecoenteorectations, mildness sind-weaknesinfthe
ueuthiessleittaclaßenand gesernk debility. disturbed
rest, a sentin ufpreiniure and weight at the stomach
after Moine, mghtm ire. great mental de spndericy
eiverillving paint in the chest. nadir, anti siden, costive
ness, a dislike fur society, or conversation, involuntary
sighUM Ail weeping huignor and lasitude upon the
. .
plied to the moat eminent pli)vi-
I n beyond .the power of tnefji
health ; hu_weves.aa hia agate- ,
i to a very deplorable condition,
oilmenfled 1.4 . a relative of hie to .
3. •EV A NT, Medicine, he web
le office and procured a Flange.,
is indebted for his revtoraucm to 1
isle: ' Lie is now tinkling all the I
health Persons dentraus of
;lithe ivails6od with every Nara
rz citrehr Dr. Witt Evans' Meal-
Parrtt., Ne* York; arid in Phil-
In% ;EitlitTH- St:
Agcnitfor ih3cL huylkillCoenry.
• . • ~
j..P.0utv1e,..110r:15 . . .1-ti ~•.
, A
Kir ' , HA. 1,3:01 - 1AiiST-- -- •fewfihtl -'-'"— * of
•rinte,.ltesyhalta lintels: put uP oxPreaubr
-111 1*
4,. royal Yitde, ree.eiver and 'for sale ht , ' • •
RT. l i
Jun, 23 48 ,
tacit - asa Ltignint: nta aild , C loa br:ii f w ai ' neb i l l - n i m iC4 p sar t r444l4iiii'
ew OileansuWest In:daises
Aerial. Gun O su u g n ar Pot se der, Young
rion,PaiehongArange Pec- T . CU
. . 1
ill Salchong sod Bohai
kers4 , Chases,Spanish. Schmitz i
Linger and sweet spiced
Irrep.oo. in. Cocoa shells
Reading:Caner. Harvey. „.
hn Bulls , Lobster. Anchovy , Sauces
Mon soy and Carrie
! v T
herkin.oma to. pepper.,
"!. . . liked. Onion, M angos. ' Pickles
t oe,
. . .
- . ion and French JJJ
101ives. copses. Anchovies
- ' Oiyonnepepper, allspice and Ginger
Cloves. Mace, Nutmegs and cassia .
Rice. flour at rice, stark,
- .lOunanui. Figs. Raisins. Prunes
. Oweer and bitter almonds, citron
Olive OW wine bitters, lemon syrup
eresi9 ved ginger. cheese. codfish
Herring. mackerel, salmon
~ White and colorist wax. sperm
1 Candle
Moulded' and dint tallow
' Palm. variegated brown and yellow soap
' Old _Madeira, old port, claret
'Brown and pale chary . champagne ' Wines
Old hock. Lisbon. dry tailiga in wood
Swam mulaga. muscatel Si bottle
tivlinsev, ma ma ilea he Sicily nada.
Scotch.lrish monongahela it aim Whiskey
Aan ware. sum - seed At peppermint cordials
CllffllilC, champagne, Spanish 4 cum brandy
(lotland 4 , . tom. Gin. N. E Rom
Jamaica spirits sup. span, inferior do
- H slf Spanish and common cigars
Cm Az. plain and moulded glass t ware
China and crockery
• ALSO • • .4.
seneral alszortraenl of Dry Goods. Sec. Ass..ali of
‘vhich they are disposed to sell on the most reasona
ble terms. Homis of Families! and Tavern Keepers
are particularly invited to call.
Paaeage from England, Ireland, Scot
Iliad arid Wales. •
pRSONS wishing tt ergage passage fnr
their iriends, in first rate ships, from the a-
bove places; may now do so by applying to
Cer.t re Street.
For the accommodation of those persons °clu
eing passare for their friends, who may wish to
send them money, w enable them to provide fur
the voyage, drutle wi!l be given On the following
named merchants, viz:
P. W. Byrnes, No. 3, Waterloo Road, Liver:
tine th 01404 a r4g. fel dr CO. N.). 3, Robinson lit. eet
t;las h roy; William Miley, Nu. 25, Eden Quay,
may 8 36
• itIFE aub.erther has now on hand at nut Store
• aisd Storehouse on Centre and Kral Rua'
.trefla, a full nagerument of Goods, suitable fur the
ens: rt-zion Vi 2:
ljarr Iron nt asarorted
Hand and Hof, do do
Nasl.. and time Ruda do du
Steel, Round & Square do do •
Nail. and Spates do do
• Coal Shneels do do
illardtra re, a general appoint mint.
. All of which bib IA Balling at reduced prices,
Jan 13, . 2 J CLAYTON..
Cloths and Cassimeres.
THE Snbscnber has in Store a large and
general assortment of Blue, Black, Brown
Green, Invisible Green, drib and mist Cloths--
Also, Muck, Blue, drab and mitt Caasimeres
which will be sold very Cheap.
. _
Put villa, July 14, 1838
Vegetable Life rills and lite-
nix Bitters.
nr A cov . m.ks - T.—All nations. from the remo
test egos have had shis, but ('olurithits only found
out the way to America • Before the time of the
grew s..anish Ild vgatur, peorle were only enabled to
paddle ritiourthe shores. Sur with the Life Mod
tenses Ula but .1 wu short yea.s mute I first ; Yew
lured upon an unknown* ocean, and I have du:coveted
the out object I was in search of—HEALTH.
Vegetable wed icanini were luded known whet, I-Com
ine"cml my search, hut their was not. i 3) the
use of them, I have not only paver from the dejected
invalid.te the hale hearty anti active m'zntif busyn e ss,
but. comparatively speaking, I have renewed my
youth. I can thus, with confidence in my own-cape
rience, advise with my tallow citizens Dom the
render want prooftbat theVF:t• ETABLE LIFEM ED.
RAISES are mutable tie bis own case? I have amide
at my office,s46 Brow - iv/fay. hundreds of - letters. firm
some of the most resoectsUe citizen! ofthis m% na
tive land, voluntarily abseil in testimony .ofthe vir
Pomona yr, ho. , e erinstifortiogill have beer-.cejtrly rel
ated by the •..all infailibte" =emir .preparabou• n 1
the day. will bear me witness, that the Life Medi
eines. anti s n ap only. are the true atone to permanent
good health JOHN MOFFAT,
Thein. medicines have long btven know% and apple
mien for their extraordinary and immediate powers
of rerauring uerfeet health. to ?matins suffering under
nearly every kind of .usease. to ~b ich the human
frame is
Jn many hundreds of certificated instances, they
have eve rescuml au 'forms from the very verge ot an
untimely grace, Arm all the deceptive eardrums of
the day had oiled) failed; and to many thousands they
have perm. testily secured that nnifunn enjoyment of
health, without winch Ide asell is but a partial bless
ing So great. in..ed, bar their efficacy itivariabl*
and i•efallibly ;irored: that it bas appeared scarcely
lesathan miraculous torhose who were unacquainted
with the beautiful philosophical principles Or
which they are compounded.and.upolin which they
coartmently act. It was to their mtudfortand Benet
ton. action. in f unifying the springs. and clannelesal
life a Ila ellk..llllg them with renewed gone and vigor,
that they were indebted for their name.- which was
bestowed upon them at the spontaneous request' of
several indisuluala whose been they'll:ld wbvintia.l
- ~,,.
. IYed.
The weprietors rejoice in the onportimity. affonded
hrthe univenal diffusion of the tinily presi friPpluc
htt his vEgorAtILE LIFE PILLS within the
ng,wiellf and reach of every individual in the eon).
unity. Unlike the host of pernicious quackeries,
Inch boast of vegetable ingredients, the Life Villa
• re purelyt.tind su3LELY V EtatTAinut. and contain wed
' , f Mercury, Antiniony, Ameade. nor ;my °or any form whatever. They are enti rely
meitied of extraets from ran. and powerful Plaints.
he virtues of whir b. though long known to several
udian tribes. and recently til some eminent ',hernia
entical ehemims. arealtogether unknown i to the itrno.
tit pretenders to medical science; and Were never
• ore administered in so happily elk:beim, a cbm.
h 'their irholeolelthiettail
e. Centre. 3-doors bete* Market,
;unwept offresh tirocorMitlo46,4-
' Their first operwitin is In loosen fount the coals&
, . inconach.m.d bowels. the itariousitnportfies ' 'and
ruddiest constantli *ruin' around Ahem: and: re.
nye the hardened feces which col hretin. the on
'lotions of the snail illumines. Othe r !ne.d . Pe*
' 091Part 1 0914tin.ansr these . a ntt leave aotli...ett - tip]
Awes behind. as in' produce hablittilittiantranesa.
Ith ill its train of evils, or sudden diiirrimEiNo* itti
mminent dangers. This fact is wall. known • to all
coikrAntattionsts. who examine the human bowels
, &Win and hence the pnittdicefif theintarenin.
-wed own against the quack mefiicinesoof tboage.
rbe second effect of the VEGETABLE LIFE
144 tteV airy
...,,,,,5,,,,ti0ci„......,.... gild the bladd er,
this it an u 9the li# l 4 •'
tlungli. the bealthfld
.' . of ' hick eintielly . upon the 7 I
'npthe slithery <Wile.= Atm IfinktUzeihiela n t= i ts
red toterfrom the agettcy t tifthe liver and the lungs
b e rme itpam• into the 'hen* being Mug purified by
them and rindekked:by:Toodzeomaig .firsnit : dean
ktomaitik, conikes"f c i s tlirtittgh the "veirts:retnewe
every part of the systeninnd IFiunt , =y mounts the
,banner othealih in the blooming
"rhe foki*Tnifiiiiiktikitiiiiiedintrelfileg . '— • iif
hnman-disinageg r lin , mhieWiVtshkt LkAte :-
Newell known Sii_ge'in i . . .
DYSMYSIA. hi thinned ' cleansing the find a nd
*v e nd stomachs, and creating • Bow or. pure healthy
bile, instead of iberstetn-gad acrid-kind , 4 .--flitutoicy,
PaijaidtiOn 01 the Head, Las & limeade. Heart-burn
'end Hand-adze. RestfesenistacliMeraprr. Anxidy, Lan
;rieraiss4.lerlaseladyletuatt are thexeneralaymptonis
olDyspepsia,'lvill "shish, inn nstmal Consequence ef
nitscer& Costieeness,l4 - :deatisitig the whialehengith
'.of theintestines with a solvent process, an& wittiout
violence; all violent purges leave the bow costive
within two days.- DNUTAO44mI anitent‘brgemose
ing the sharp scrid;fluidit hy, which these comptainte
. are occasioned, rind' by . promoting the lubricative
secretion of the mucus membrane Fevers gralLiginds,
by restoring the blood to a regigar circulation, through
the process ofjperspmrtion in some cases, and the
throughselutionof all intestinal obstructions in others-
The LIKE f 4-11.51 haii. been known to Cure Rho
erotism permanently in three weeks. and Grid in half
that time, by removing local inflammation from the
muscles and ligaments of the joints. Dropstrs f all
bras. by freeing and strengthen m¢ the kidneys and
bhiddentthey operate most delightfully on these or
gaud, aud,hence have ever been found a ct-rain reme
dy For the worst case, of United. Also forms, by
d i slodg-dig Irian the turnmgs of the bowels the slitun
matter to which these creatures edit°, e; Asth ma an d
Ccmsemenni. by relieving the air vessels of the hinge
from the reveal'. which even slight colds ifnot remov
ed becomes hardened, and produces those dreadful
dioceses, scurvy. Ulcers and Inveterate Sores, by the
perfect purity which these Life Pills give to the blood
and all humors; tkorbutic Ereptkins, and Bad Gmr
pennons, by. their alterative'effect upon the fluids that
morbid grate of which 00011410/111 all Xruptive cove
& Mts. 'Sakes: Claude, and. oilier iiisdAniiehhhe Gem.
Ohtani Therese of these Pills.for a very shontime.
will effect an entire cure of Salt rheum, Erysipelas
' rind a stoking improvement in the C2ed-nesi of the
Skin Commos Ceklir,arel frultienz. a. will always-be
eared by one dose, or by two even in the worst cases.
Piles.---ns a remedy for this moat distressing and oh
inmate malady, the Vegetable Life Pills deserves a
distinct and emphatic recotemendation. It is well
known to hundreds In this city, that the Proprietor
albite° invaluable Pills, was bunsellidnicted with
this complaint for upwards of thirty fit, years. and that
he tried in vein every remedy prescribed within the
whole compass of the hianeria Medics. lie however,
at length, tried the medune which he now offers to
the public, and be was cured in a very shon time
after his recovery had beep pronounced. nut only
nuprobableinit absolutely imposlahle, by any human
_ _ .
Di RtXTIONS FOR USE.—The proprietors of the
Veen.* tica Lies PILIJI does noi follow the base and
mercenary airactice uf the quacks of tbe day, in adios.
log persons to take his Pala an • large quantities. No
good' medicine can possibly be en required. These
Pills are to be taker at bed time every night, for a
weelCor fortnight, according to the obstinacy of the
disease. The usual dare is from 2 nil according-to
the &institution of the person. Neil , Menne persons
should liegui with but two. mid increase as the nature
of the case may requ im those more robust, or of very
costrre habit. may begin with 3, and increase to 4, or
even .5 P 4115, nod they will effect a sufficuently happy
change to guide the patient in their further use
These Tills emnetioccasron entkness and scatty
ng. though very see om, unleinethe stomach is vele
foul; this, however may be-Considered a favorabe
symptom. as the patient will find himself it once rat
neval, and by perseverance will soon recover. They
usually operate within l 0 or 12 hours, and never give
pain, unless the bowels are very much encumbered.
I Phey may be taken by the most delicate females an.
der any circumstances—lt is, however. recommend
ad, that thole in Wier periods of pregnancy should take
but one at a eine, and thus sontanueto keep the bowels
open nod evert two may be taken where the patient
is very costive. floe pill in a solution of two table
spoons full of water. may be given to at. lefts ! in the
followjng doses—a tea spoon full even two hours till
it operateie.for a child from one to five years of age.
bellepill—and from five to ten, one pill.
THE PIiCENIX BITTERS, are so called hecanse
they Nissen the power of restoring the expinne em
bers of health, to a glowing vigor throughout the
constitution. as the Pbmniz is said to he restartsd to
lifefnim the ashes of its owed ono Wenn The Pine
nix Bitters are entirely vegetable, composed of root
found only no certain parts of the western country
whack will totallibly cure FIXERS AND ACI;Ls
of all kinds; will never fail to eradicate entirely all
the- effects of Mercury . infinitely sooner than the most
powerful preparations of Sarsaparilla. and wal imbue
' diately cure the determination of BLOOD TO THE
H A Ect-; never fail in thS sailers incident in yoneg
female; and will be found a certain 'remedy an ail
cases of nerpout debility and weakness Of theinost nn
paired constitutions As is a remedy for Glirrmirami
litffitniatery Rheumatism the efficacy of the Phenol
Hitters will be demonstrated by the use of a angle
bottle, The usualdose ofthese batters is half a wine
glass full, in water or wine, and this quantity may be
taken i two or three times a day, about half an hour
before meals, or a less -quantity may be taken at all
times. To those who are afflicted with indigestion
idler meals, these Bitters will prove invaluable. as
shey tiny greatly increasethenction of the principal
viscera, help them to p erform their functions.and en
able illa stomach to discharge into the bowels what
ever is Offensive. Thus imligesnon is easily and
simedly rem. appetite restored, and the months
of the atsorbeut Is being - cleansed, nutnbon is
facildatod. and st rut of 'Jody and energy of mind
reco „7ll
ie lhe. Inaopy ream ts."- or farther particulars of
morrars • LiFe PI and PIICENIX BIT
TERS, apply-at Mr. Moffat's o No-545 Brodway,
New York. where the Pills can obtained far 25
cents, 50 rents. or Slyer box; and t hollitiers for $1
ors2 l ter bottle. ii_r Nannerous certificates of the
wonderful efficacy of betN . may be there inspected. 7
In some obstinate and ea:implicated cases of chronic
and. inflammatory Rheumatism, Liver Complaints,
• Fever and Ague. Dyseepata, Palsy, P il es , iitiory from
the sae of mercury, quinine. and oilier &soaps 0 - low
siandirw. it may be necesiniry to take both the• Life
Pills and the Phimnia Bitters, in the dose before re- -
N. 11—These PiltiT and the Batons, will gin the
menOjnyenteftheavystem infinitely bitter than the boas
preparations ofSarseparilla, and a certain remedy for
the ruldone °f the Wart to'llie head, or all violent bra&
achetitic donierireli.t, &c.—A II persons who ate prealtio
Poled ineywygery.pubsy. &c., should iielieflie without
the f r ife. Pills or-the Bitters, for one dose in rime will
nave life. They emiarizo the circulation of the blood,
draw all pressure fixate the head, prespitation, sod
throw off everyunpurity by the pores of the akin.
For saleby MILLER & HAGGERTY, '
Agents for the Proprietor.
. .. .
Pettmelle. 96 , .
Old Grape Juice Port Wine, 4te. 4.c.
IVERY superior old grape juice Port Wine,
do do Royal company do do
• do - ." - do 'bottled do do
Verb etiperior East tlataldadeirar in trodd
and bottles. Very oitipenor old M. Lobo and
DeirGordon up. Shurry wines..P.ico :Madeira.
Sicily Madeira: 11, f..Teneiifre, old Pale Vsboti,
dry end.oweot r ivines, Ste. kr.. for site by
•pril2Bi • 4
: Works.
ramaiir t ,,,vj ur it s idea the ronowine
,* Arrierice
Moss; rishiolvlux offers for salec,beash
Original Family, §armoris. 5 vols. • •
(Val Sorartops,
Wind's! 'b
„ eigantsvidira, _
Mannar, 2 yolk:
; Drew trialtekii,rectiol.
, DcaSvon gut t 'S.4OO;"
, ItOdgea Priam
'E labir on Infidel&
- •-
Tagiee . (liristiqn tenfoie t uir,
l`lirLieFAiiiii, Diva, r ".
- Chrisiian Father at Home, •
41 %Aber'. Iteque.iil,-&c.
m=ll=lusialca —.-
g - 2;TE - s
. _ _ _ ....,.. ~ _ _ ... ....
- . . .... ...- ... ... ...... - -- -.. I .. , 4. .
' . ;''';:;-,' ..i . .. .
2. ' .- - 1 ZIC • f ' - .r. . --- •
_,..4 .. ...N .. ... , /, 1.4 ; ,, „ 4 : ...V.• , 1 tg
-,.. SaYalig . allina, Po ef Ya.,- •_AI
' , rug Port. taos4irozw,_t - t0i r , 4 549, Otta.lit
upw,,cppeb every day_ front 9: 'to 3 "clues . a,
the:HfEcifiat Dlicouni ilia Hipiiiii,llo Hit' par:'
pose of rib:envie' 1 depoMbs tiiiiityr• iliiitaiwrnellitix.ti
c9edingllsoo; front-any mincpatanni its par which
an interest (I'4 per neat Will OF - Po4 l *--erg7 Ilk
and ; interept rill • oilloWed on .
tali fiitctiiiiii • pails . arss. — thi:r : Vini any
parting, be drisrtintitori givitt ;Teettrivre*
weeks to lieu! niandwilatiltspoißiler4naloodiya
The Noma of Hie. Society will be . Onifueletl by
the fiillowingiFficers sudtnanSgTr!irktli!4 *al
Monday in May next.' • ' .
Prosident—AQlJlukluivrom. .'• --
". • .- - • a . MOOdtgellt..`. -l: ,l' . _
Joseph Canal] • ~. Storml.44-pit* .- - - "1 .
Edward Hughes • E4ll. M(ar, • e •
Jacob Bull • ' 'lease riii4r • • ''
-Whitney;Settetaryinsctr . .'
Article - 3d of the Charter. ...No:email:toe*
whatsoever shall be received, by .llss PrAssidpmi
or Managers for their sevices . .nor, shall any
%tanager become a bOrrower tiom the riiislritt/.
4 ion.
CONSUMPTION ctratn.. •
• , INDIAN sPEcific •
For die prenendot t icur
- "" - Slio .
.. - AN \ of eoughs,faids, 4 mar.
:,;,;;.' .., -. C Cossaasptiloissi,apittiortil
/...1 :.„, s.
.. si Blood. DiSf gal* s . of :00
1 - 7 - 4 •. 0 ptri-erbav-rid),A...agiait
PREEN Alt'; •Of the -Cri,
N....... , .-.......0l -
of - Lancaster, '. - ,L
-DIRECTION.. :' .-
Accon3panying each bottle ,of the Speeificli ,
pointing out in a conspicuous manner, all the
symptoms in the different stares oftheae distres ,
sing diseases--alsoptirticulk:- 4irectionstespect
dug diet and regimen, and tow patients are to
conduct through every stage tintilhealth is ii...
irtorod—far -vain and useless Would 'be the pre
scriptions of the ablest physicians.' accompanied
with.the most powerful and useful medicines, if
the directions are not faithfully adhered to.
The public are informed that thedepositionsof
287 persons have been taken before proper au
thorities in..tbe city of.Laucaster,iall completely
cared in the most desperate cases of consump
tion, sonic of which are detailed in the bills ac
cowl pauying each bottle. si.r '
t.,„• .A supply of the above Specific's has beer.
received and is for sale at this office._
111 n rch 12 ' 18
IS the intemperance and luxury of the age are
hastening the ravages of ecurbutic complaints
and rendering the blood more impure: and atthou
ands have destroyed their consututiOns by neghseimg
to apOy the proper eemedies--to swab. Swaim 's Pan.
area must be, and has been, mor e thin doubly vales.
bie as a certain and effectual means Of them
to perfect health and vigor. Few families are whol
ly exempt from scorbutic affections. which exhibit va
rious symptoms, as eruptions, ulcerations. debility.
loss of appetite and dejection. all arising from impure
blood, and if not droperly attended to, produce th e .
greatest injury to the constitutution, and may be on
parted to their offspring. Sersim's Pattseveam recom
mended arthis seaweed the year. as • valuable mete
retire of the system. thereby invigorating the constitu
tion. and enabling rt to bear the debilitating effect of
the stunner season. It is conveyed by the ettenlit.
tine fluids. and corrects their tendency toll those
diseases which originate m vitiated blorid, diseased
liver, depraved appetite. or predisposiont to a &curs
Of the lungs. kr. No one, however. isiadvised to use
it without couvuicisig themselves ofthe truth of.what
is here stated.
This medicine is now used wiih success in all pews
of the world. and is gaining great reputation in Eng
A fresh supply of the Medicine lost received - and
for sale by • 13, BA NNAN.
Sole Agent for Schuyiltillcoimty-
Vt'bo can supply the above medicine wholesale, to
them who wish to sell again. at PhtfadolPlnn eel
May 14
It/ AKE both limited and perpetual Insurances
/YR on Brick, Stone or Frame Buildings, Stores,.
Hotels, Mills, Barns, Stables, Mettbandize, Furni
tore and Property oreaery desenptmn, against loss .
to damage by FIRE.
The Delaware County Inwranne company Evtl
also insure alpine loss On all holds of matron Oak,
and against the damage. or loss upon ilru transpneta
tion-ndrxis, wares, and meredndise by water. or hy
rail way, upon terms as favourable Its any other in
stiturion, . 1
For any further itiforrnation.on the .calliucr c[fic
*llfallOC. cab& artistic f ire, marine ,or i d rota.
Apply to H G. -ROBINSON ,A r'eni.
1.113 15 34.4 f - Schuylkill ilttattu.,
, . or WILLLI)I,..Es POTTS..'
Fire Insurance Conapaml o 4 - ..
&WAKE both limited and ;ierpetnal latturanecht on
L Ortek.Stene or Frame Buildingx.Btores.litdels
Mil*, Barns, Stables, lderehand . tse. Furniture:MA
Operty of every deseriptiOlLagardididscordainnie
yIRET • • 1 /:'
, The sabseviber has peen appointed Alimar;f4r,the
above mentioned . bonito:Om analsi not: preps to
Make INSIfiANCZEI apOli ;every desinptlep orproperroj ,
at she lowest. rates. BENJd MPS,
Podsretlie„ESiebar, 1836. • 13 .
- The Philadelphia Fire
• CH A RTER,PER PET U.A.L i , -;
%WAKE bettlimited'abd Inantarkena
-LTA Brick, Stoneor,F ra px Rtuldtega.StonrAneta,
Mills, Rama. Siablea..Merchandiae.lumiture, and
p omin ty . nf every descriP*oo.4oHOMAleage
Ilieloliseriber baa been at ripolided
above+ menooned end anlaner: prepafed4o
. 0 4e.ligennarsa urn perki tt tecoriplionapropermi
as. eh 4 lowest tales. ' lidtp - BA
Nottsville.rFeb 25 1837 r,
et fresh ;tom tna propriator: etaarai
Sesetity r riti Thonsatid Bottl4 ;otifins 4aimible
medtchis were soht Ia& year; Mott theidemshdlis
ineraasint: For sale)iy theritssait, ur single *at e .
rric *r bottle,or host bultiles, tiy
&de Agent for Schuylkill
• Also Swaim's Vermifuse.
I Swain's Panacea.
Insiermere Company.
134,. -- bi i.,...;DE1t . W. kA.cll4‘
~, h Ni i - !100L .T. '43 Iginit THAT
. t 'l.. - -,1 inrYlsv
, -- :iiiist* -moo ituis .
Aiv them . ' cpciti it I tiaietirektithe ma u l
- Midi Aiglift - lt Wilikai.ltriaiii*r.
' . The' Ri
1 4 4.iiitiWisr.
thiwiniare iome only Ofthe '
:( '' .'La il' CURBS 4 '• 1. ' .
Bjrnifed switeard- ristr iv -Ow . p!si ; TIN
' -- 41 zintiSt. It PAikidaelia , .. • •
A.Oliiiiii . ..%ii'asoit:C - of violent pal; in'keitina
and indes:'sviiblitie , li • idiliiiet` s ta'srhol . she and
subject for three Peora:, -- -! 7 .: '
.Joao Stoclier t. - from habitual costiveness
arid wan; ofappenie, kb Offentnae breath andliat
.4001 Ph Marltint.enr °fan nlcerated hvand arin4
' Israel Jones, csrl _ a brealiAng opt all over bpi .
whole - b Ody. F. . • -, • •
Sarah Jort*ted o pain interbreaila andOid 69 "-
inuch'headache. d. ' mos after eating. -
William Mowiany, 'dared of a' Rheumatism, and
1 totelline ofhiazlego in • feet, Aasing been enable to
I walk aity distance f9r- situßtr P at ' • -
Michael J. Raskin", red o swelling 'cinder his
arms and on'tibil neck, - viith considerable Aireskingi
out on his body; " .-- - - _
- I Flizabeth'Crantiseeeourrid of swelleitbrewits; iiiiin
in her side. litiation- dbliguist. to frs , d... and:inuch sick.
1 muss at her -810 ,- i
Jeffery Cli ne; wed 0 rheumatic imiturasid swelled"
jomts. • '• , ..,-, . .
Samson G.,HoWard; red of a letter and rash. a
breakimpoot over his . with some running sores
anituteers. " :., -' P : - .
Rev. A , Cailbyl, cares
'woes' and ulceration/
'The followinglare an
cores effected Alf/COSI
high. Lancaster: l. and 11,
the past three triOnithei
Janie Green: Coq, c
ulcerated leg, swelled it
Adam C. Carpenter,'
ro s y ---
.. _......„J.idin
... .„. tie ~..
sides. mnch. -ivenesil, bad appetite. ind a shortness. ni ii - i i' y :wiled • N E : ; ws ., payei", iii ...alarm! bring AO Al.
of breath. k , - ,expensive ample (PM i 11.101104718 I m numerous phiat
Rachel Snyder, cur dof a di ffi culty in bre thing. ( i nns an 4 ;n o nman n on , ol „ 4 kir 1 ,,, c ,,,,,,..
habitual cWaiveness d idolebt patns[n, her lie: d. They are particularly rtfotran ”dad' in
• idicturel Jonea,bist o daughters and youngest st ri.
Rheumitic affections, IhrY a: d initery 'p mp es
cured of a'bpsalung ou of dry and sometimes watery
, • and .ustnies tit (het ce
pantiles over their wil le bodies. attended with great 9,e,.° 6 7 11 . 1) 7ti . L.Y. •
-I •,' • . acid ...y. •
itclnng. frequent unpleasant feelings to their heads. "".. k .,„„." . „,r_:::,0 4 ,.,,:,... ...
sali .. lY .,
,ni i p .._ tion[l. ,_ a , nd 1101-
sickness at tbestomac and pains over. the heart, dse. ~,,-11„",7,11,17:17,=":1 7 7. .
This famdy 'ream afflic e:d fur years, and never found r,,,r,r5r174......f,7, •- t . .. , ....
..;,,,.,_u_.l . •_._ , _._ , _
relief from any medi treatment , or from any medi- Pain :=,,'_ ; j. f , ..,. '`., , i L:i,gri: r tm.: ! .
di. - ,,,, , c01igha. Liver
aihaa '" uh p a t ei D l y a13'.1 Blood Pills awl a waalL - '" h w eatl7 . b ".' reatil, w. Iti[L,-„a -;.,, mind ' 7 , — fig:17,:27. ",
directed by r. • . .
Sarah Nlc utosh, cur of violent pains in her hoick . - Pa z : ab et ' th . e. _,, C __, -••• -:' : .'-;:2,..-.Th! 5ith*... , .,,,
minis, waierbribh,
and loins, rffistimaxism, swelled joints , dm sausat..:swag. ." , v!"...: I"
_ Andrew green,
pmitc, tilt u I for, food and babitunicostiveness , ; .
...- ~ •
of grip . i paws. le . of ap-
Inw th ard e ba r6 clti e nd ro ti ut pilfp4 ',". "--„,:..,
j ...„,. , .. 7 f tta th tio e
a bad [astuititheLttAth el ~ , ” - affections. as
Adam innia,ctir Of scaly eruptions and break
h 4
Flakletagy,tadt.O.r....aog.: .!'...stw Ilini•and_ burdening
rite, cdattvehassieran[pti ..-;:o . e4ands,of the nvek
in out so aces and in through his bones.
DinahCn/videy, _en of ringworms and Letter.
of t he stoma4. t..11,,id •• .:*,,
~Oitis,.[lnder the
. .10, Ro...pey, Req. cured of inward fevers,
aigesticur,„:: 7 - . -0 . " ...3 ' . 7. “16 •-"likhgfailong. ills
wieners of his mouth, Oat and holm, glandniarawil . ;:;• ,, -- : - ,...1,...,..,:: ;;.,--- -• ..4• .0„,.%- &
~• ..; ~, , react . &c.
hinr, .Ivc. _ ; • ,- .
:and the Whole train tifditiGett - i; - Icing from !mot
(smogs I . 4 sYnum, cilred'brit mercurial affection and
rity of the b14.04851 7 1h50 conati . al diseases pro
violenirhentnitic pains , o' his bead and Dolma.
doted by the utte of`BarQtiide, Arsenic . ; hle iiry
Jonathan Strood. I cOOlll3ll and John G. Thom
or otherMffieriffil liilie I'lltiSecideseies gti life, Sy .bi
son, cured of rations ections of the lead, -Cos Ire- i - - La y ere 4. g n ,„,/, :I
nesa.sosiessetations. sickness-at thesieensch. &c. . Is + ear . . - eP . pi.r c i r , 25 c
op ' Box.
Sarah Jenkins, Alf ;an.; Tracy Jeiikinit, cured of „. ,
i ff ec „....i t h e .ki n, king out, pains i n L i m n li m b s ,'
. Prepied only linden - id V6oleiltile - and Retail al Dr.
S c . i . Leidy a ilealth Emporium; 2rid s. below Vine, Au
INlnmerniukother in apnea might be published, but 191 .
to swell the list [So . unnecessarily increase the es.
pease of pulilikliing tit m. .•
• . '
Consitionption; •
It must be plainly from the fore,oing, that thlit I 11") RADER: if Yliu haves - mug Vor eOld:bewsie 0
Blood it Us 11,, , an eaceillent corrective for a disordered 11l [heir connhquences. Colds generally prof re
stomach, the cause ofjthseaaes to • which the huinant, imperceptibly. and insinuate, t4mselveb tbrougho
system is liable, together with the impurity of thetiood. l the tuandui system,linally settling hpon ' tbe lungs a
which exists in all diseases, and in conjunction with em fi ng . i t t - con .A n pi ten . . :
a disonieredstomach,lvery rapidly prostrates the hu- _ . ~, _ A VI.ORD-a .. g:l 'A . ENDS. ,
man body. ' . iffrie Ofieit isetrotith tilt doiviii lien least efp c
- These JARS do not urge as powerfully . ns do i [Tate consumption: and ft.lhisv to their gniv
pdis of the Kenai . Much produce , as pm* ini 1 parents who are in a meafnre [be cause of their.
r.iiief. as did her, mem' .or the minerals, by weaken i" E : item death, in neglietinOo rem y colds when
Use system,destroyi t e tone-and vigor of the y; : log in v 4151000. looking".uppnj 'erg as trifling
and renderieg its to constant and uni.eragl dil. 4 tiona, , nad sot ausaating - ..ier.taihi; until the deft
ease, dietreatied and • y sneering) but are mild i 7 . 7, 1 hair COMMePeed its work and m , de sore Oils of
mild and gentk in the r operatiirn, and m iicrt omax i; A This is not a fancicsiliklif ffir da il y 111
- - . -
t n hr
_ ,
.. ~
Ter .
i- t e
the natural itireheir - se 1 i
tics as they are care-. ..,
necessary any moral I
change of living or if •
cold from their use. - •
i The proccatifor ex cling the virtue of the S.arsapa
rilla wolhui airxtroyi g itii. efficacy .ia known only to
the proprietorl.
P-epared only and liold wholesale and retail. at Dr.
Leidy s Ilealth-Empo rum, 2nd iiii below Vine, No.
191.—A Igo tSc' ild by 13. „3A' .NAN, -\
Jane 9 44 Yiittsville.
• i • ----- . .
• Wonderful Cures. -
Rave been OeMarais in this city, and throughout.
. ,-, • - -t e country.
'- • , D ' LElDirli . ,
BRING a tionicen fluid extract Of Samar ardla.
couthmed orith ;l mh vegetable estractiiewhichAwn
deft it ha e - 'in icine fgrhat' utility in the Chit of 4
ditteales twilit, 'froni mpuritice of the blood. from ink
prraile.acetiinitFit„ an. constimtional • ditMaines. , forrintil
er prodioed ly the ' 'udicioas use of mercury, arse- -
aid, bark. Or quinine. short:it it an Mira fumble rentii
64 for all. I - - - , e..
-Rheumatic Affecti a,. General Dehility, Illcexous
Sores, white' Swell' s'a Diseases or the Liver and
akin, Ulceratet Sore rhroat. Tleers fir the N ose,C-a
nes. or disr a i L ien of . Boues;Serofult, or Ring't h,'.
vii4Rrysipe or' St Anthony's tire, and all unplea
sant undid agercitts . ffeiitions - consentnatil to Slvphilite•
Luca Venereal, -dma , c•- - '
So ietrectiial has dds medicine, been in the cure ,ot
various disiiiirei Ali - 441Mb it is flicommenderk. that 4
. 1
is farimpereeditigall other preparatiOna,o(Sairsapaiih
la.-Panacee::&c.,.. -, • - • 4
. ,
i • I!. kyle* einpl, 11.. numerous
,physiciirnii. and
has beeti iiiiiiduced y the n into' many ' hospitals; iti:
&mites, thcolthici mit- the Staten: ,
.-'; 7,-.!•
) 4 tap lollPaPt4 9 ,ll greater strength ierelegiexill
of greater , an,'lrry other extinct liow maue:
is also m h C6hentie ; being bill one dollar rer Soule,
1 4 1
i ;en
which hi: 'inn 'make one knflonLof;l3yriip of
Smnpliril , and .is nept ,1?,) , 4irereni,„l3,l4l4if4,f9f
Hint pup ,„- ~. ' ' _••
'Nur - Inkselieenoraceifedli mutt
billed :8491419 isderebuliilll - Porleellullme, , Ole •
grcy,cx simittend njoempaElir publication of •
die nitisti credidnu 'cati l lit - 6todnced iietlielinfiiiiiii.
pricy -4 - De-t . ?A Medic SonilwariHniiliy :
;10%1 4: 1 1 . • , 'Si H r i t t l ,FA PP?r i9C "' " '-' l , l° lJU r t
nolifi iiii - '' behlw Vine: sign of th e Hi4h
Seed' ile'iftittii, litheirekertiStitteadliiliettfibd-di
....b. I , toio. ... 0ci..0.5..
rt!O Lt O t efereßeM pertigaiect by any . p ie diai ne , ,
, I 'Sold bi - - li. HANNAN:I% ' T
•tiJunti'lli:-;7-C.i 3 • ' - '!•+ 4 ..ti,,N,1 Sti/ .I.l4Wlnj
Ntrtioieliatiftet' ‘ . tretail niiiiiller
, ,
.. ~ .-J1 * N : 5.2 gte ti o j e2:.. , ; Cl . ... It t 1
lio .... LOC* . W. ,. : 10:11 ttt;eiust % receire l l iti a_
.N ifitkirl to tgetr- rotritocfoonlftricwitre " ' '
ai l
Move le Mil legkefici iruve, pawn Rolish'd
. . K .r rw pf r t wOr Atedsast steel axes, broad axes.
bantam bets. indirreti: Pal ire it qulhnii ißzei
socket lirniere lards. drawing knives. blacksina
bellow*. lbw & wro t naila.4. 41.,p, Ar. & in. east slap,. anddou lo plane:irons and planet', asealed
tX4I. _ chj 44 loserewlysotted teed Weave ts , ta, Ble , eat "ails -n squares. .
All or 14rob ii Afreied on ihe`eno., sccommcthtt
trigrie,, , - FeblB 14
.n,71 047 / • WI t7G01,418.
• 7 7 fttnent' of fietl4 and seasonable.
• just -reonsisting in part of
• erieth . •
.„,I,,Atalimmosswarel .
'lllnic,kerel, , • . t -
.• 4 sal einater t Airc.„&c.
viola .fiKarap,„. 4 .,,T4 e , Nth est ,
pace -paid n ” For at it tiirdit or einAjsiliOuat.
1 , SEPH' wall% .se SO* 9 '
Mnuat Cat Dec 2 2
red of SO affection of his throat, ;
o which prong:lnk): affected his
,ine only of the lino inscriber of
i s ltiontsom m, Setup/kill. 1
, : f e l .
on canines,
hainioon donug
red of tr scorbutic .affectioii,
iota and rbeuntattcpaips
cUrtiii or violent p a i n itr his
i iiriently to earry'V intim
their rise. Out
t from occupation or business.
et, or even a !lability of taking
I k.
4i war t 24' IV I t' i B aes ' , of Dr.
lal4l.B l Stisiiititilta* nlood rills
sold iwithiladOpt
•IL* 5 VE,lll, ; :smo*,
ss 4the..stictte
hot[ 9 , Rd:sloppy
4 Pai efficic 4 4 4 ;tr atilt
lesssefirigJran the ? iv
wi4 Al‘ ;'
Seffle ' e it to sly the ,.
it went
: "1/10Litilatabii ,
'tltt 4 Ecg:% 7 r
ce e a •fw
tr 4Ftl
eterrittlii tot our,. _
ce lr t ,-Itt gi r w l l l;4 7 ,P ~ PT
Lis owe'. •
These Pills are offered , to‘,
co Inpoisnelea pritsoiPallr
which is,corphilingredi . ent
peon) nle:in em mo'
laxative to the
inorafeotrhis Ppt101) very.,
during de 'Airy or any 'neon x
fickentmenoity. however. they
riaThe eiriployeora given ir
even to inthots. inirtga safe` o.
pave. map ng i sss isesterotr
frran.ri house rfko elvt
iiiestO kin; have hi.en pre em,
the place, - of all the 4ifferectoep
rills. sedh as Svitij.s..Tii.i4.rietioni
are:-tontbineti iir battleit. InyNe to
convenient for taking or Icing tv
O T, instances„ °coil iiiliktiPiiii , c fact. ,
is manhood colds terminate in the same veil,
not progress so rapidly rutin yomh.; they *hold&
over, in both.youtb and nitinboodibe earlyettendi
and not regarded winding aSsetions, foriCitta i
stye glee that has no don#t altortred tie hvesofj
sands. j
DR. BE( TITIFID*S .. .t ' - 1
i terice 50 Cents pet bottle.) -`
Tsui invaluable preparation,',diloverled by, a IA
and celebrated German Physic-ie . . who has call
'it'oitterstidifi of 'fiftyl`jetristin his wn 'practice inj
Many,ithrunghout which' coikittir it has been 4
that tane.most extensively ;and ticrettfully molt
in Couata.Colds. lutleienzas, Ca 'rrhs, malign:log
talig•oftllloort. Whoopiffig Cougl . Pion of the I
.and Sides, all affect Malt etthe ,Bneast and Lung]
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