The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, September 01, 1838, Image 3

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.9* - Pamphlets, Ckecks..
-cad kendlugs of every Jet/Eli
thu Offixte ai,th lamest atilt •
Committee of Corratpoodeone for the &roll& if
Pelle. -_
Sam D. Leib. Getnite Heiden.. i
John effner. Bmstain Bums%
James &Hyman. Jr.... Henry agile, Evq.
'John T. Werner, • Andrew S.. White,
Simnel Ha . 1
Let the People Remember
voted in the senate last Win
ter to instruct isur Senator's
and RePresentatives in Con
gress to vote in Ithvour of the
(idiot's and - inlittnous Sub-
Treasury Bill. ,
low is your tim e for News;
- The Miners ' Journwill be furnit , hbd
until the election, at low rate of -
Twenty-tlie Cents
For each subscriber —or 25 copies week.
ly for 85. -
Now is your time, Boys.
Another Proposition. '
The suhscciber is now reedy to receive
600 subscribers to the Weekly Miners'
Journal until the election, in this, and the
adjoining counties, on the fullpwing
- .1
Ih R
If Josepi .itner is -re
charge each subscriher 25 cents.i_
If David R. Porter s elected, they shot
have the paperfor nothing. '
irr If the Porter men are so lave .of
electing their cat didate, they now have a
chance of getting the Journal fur nothing
until the election. B. BAN N
Ritner, Demotrary,nd Gold 4. h
Young MeUls Meeting.
. -
The Young Men of the Borough of
Pottsville, and vicinity friendly to-the ;re
election of our present worthy Chief Mkg
istrate, JOSEPH RIT'N ER, and oopOsed
to the Suh-Treirsur Sam
,Plaater, Loco
Foco candidate, ibitvld R. Porirr, whom
his neighbors eharaq with the high crime
of Perjury, are requested to meet at the
house of Philip Wolfinger, Market St. Ho.
tel, in this Borough, on Saturday evening
the Ist of Septernixtr, at early candle
tight. Let there bear general attendance
on tEe occasion.
Young Alen,
Don't forget the Itteiing to•night, at *oi
finger's, in Market Street.
0:•jr- The CointniUiees. o( Vigilance Icor
Schuylkill C.,uniy will be published in
Wednesday's Jilurniii.
Our Deleguiez.—Seven gentlemen took
their departure on Wedne-day tit re,
present Schuylkill (lounly in the . Pitt•ibtirg
Culprit:lonm. From all appv•arnrires it, will
be he target meeting ever conveoed . Un
similar occasion. We espect to heir At
good ac.citinit id" than.
VARlcrx..—Ours general readers will
bear with us but a few weeks longei, el
ler which, when the Augean Stables at
WashMgtun shall ,have been cleanse d by
the Herculean vote of Pentisyleania we
will endeavor to ; tender ourselves More
agreeable to them.. The all-absorbing in.
terest attached to, the present election
must plead our excuse.
. Female 'Seminaries —Aa we nnticed
the Sr iii i i iary to be re-opened by the( Sag
terririf.Chority in Our. Borough, it Would
be invidious not to mention that IMES-
Suiripers has for siime-ttme conducted the
education of those, young. ladies ontrlusted
to her charge with fidelity and skilL and
that another school under the direction of
MEL Wirriltsiop, has mote recently! been
established with every similar prosy ' t o
utility. Another ' hool opened und r the
charge of Mss. Text*, deserves t, eat
' tension' of every arent—indeed they all
are eXcellent Inst Lotions, and worthy u
eiter.sive patrona . e.
Concert.- 2 The Amusement whii was
ptcomised our citizens this evening apd the
last, by Messrs. Roistvb, HErrzatAsz and
Hourzwairr, from Reading, has beef') una
voidably delayed by tfie non-arrival 91 their
Pianos and Musial Instruments. They
were shipp.d at Reading, but the kW wa
ter prevents the boat from reaching our
place.' Due notice will be given when cir
cumstances wilt p e rmit these gentlemen to
resume their inter{-'
Kr Friend IiAIeDLER recant ends
Swain's Vermifii eas a remedy r the
locircotnplaint, r presented in their ape
by a long sinuo white line on bhick
ground. _
The Trey 81 ~ . State. —The a, wiinis
tration 'conceive that they have 'ld the
key to the politi4l opinion of thi - State
so long, as to amount to undistur d pos.
session. The) . wOl wake up , some i timing
in October, and find that the bobs a d bars
have been forced and .our free opi ons no
longer incatcerated by Eiecutive dicta
-1 •
i .
,_.,~..r_ , :.,:,
Mrin cbmphance. with' t e promise
given in our law, it- will - be imi -red thief -
we have devoted a large share of this day's
paper to a Jull and candid element of
Porter's Insolvency, compriai g the' evi
dence both in favor and rebutting the charge
of Peonry. We do not wish, n a sabject
of so much importance, to Prev nt anyone
from having accent to all th facts, that
each may draw their own cone ' For
ourselves we think the testimony more than
tit .
sufficient le substantiate the charged; but
with that regard for impart' lity which
should distinguish every Jour na ist, we have
placed all the pleadings before the iiar 01
Public Opinion. THE PUB IC. ARE
THE JURY,Ondst is for this to pass a
verdict of Guilty, or not Gtaileyl We
shall look with no small degree of anxiety
to see in what manner the friends of Porter
will attempt to justify his c.onduct, or dis
prove the assertions against hint.
SEP r. 1. 1838.
I. Billl,oJ Lads y.
on. steady prri!ted tir
Drain of, Specie..—There ibas been a
considerable drain of specie from our banks
since the resumption, not for business pur
poses, but to be hoarded. 'This course of
conduct is one. which matetielly militates
against the interests of our whole region,
as the Banks are thereby comrielled to cur
tail the business accommodatinns, anitputs
a partial cheek to all our ope 4. Ye
are pleased to know that the Banks freely
accommodate all wino desire specie for tht it
bills, but th is ruinous to the general busi
ness, and the timid will find tht as lung as
this course is pursued; the energies _of our
county will be crippled. It is only a par
tteular class of the community who set un
der thiS false impression. The larger pro
portion know the true interests of the re
gion better, and we would 'Mist earnestly
impress on all to avoid -utinecgssary drama
—it prevents the free and healthful circu
lat ttttt of our business facilities; and ss Icing
as persisted in we cannot iopk f o r betters,
times. Those who pursue a aurae which
must eventually tend to :oppress their fel.
low laborers, miners, mechanics and husi
ness man of the region, should be downed
upon lot a selfish policy..which is unworthy
our nature, and destructive itn its effects.
elected, we Wil
Caution to Working Mew.—The Van
Buremtes ale null endeavoring to keep up
the hue and cry of the rich against the
poor; the-employer against the employed /
‘,l urking men beware ut theint—their nru
are of the worst kttidthey would
take away your means orsupport to have
your soul and body in their power They
are reckless of conseqiielices, as long as
their ends are gained I Spurn their coon
eels, and let your own goodlserise,tell tau
that the interest of the Employer and
Employed are the same. If You could !sup
pone iwo disunct c 11111 l nutfitles, one com
posed of rich and the other of poor men,
in which would the laborer seek for work?
The question needs no answer. Working
then, you are the bone and sinew Of the
land. The conduct oh the Ad • trauma
official proves it; as !nog as you were blind
to their defective p tlncy, - you heard
nothing but your praises---it!!aa nut to the .
rich surin,, but the honest Ooor man, that
they looked lor support. All she specious
'arguments of Agrarianism & Loctifocoism
were quoted in your praise.; But now that
you are no longer blinded+;•now that the
niat.k of delu.ion is laid aside, you , are de•
nounced as "' Cobblers Old Tinkrrst
-land unfit for Hordes and Statessnee."
Pause before you vote! pause before you
support ()finial an Administration!
Gettysburg Rail Road.—lf. is trium
phantly asserted by the Forterites, that I
Gov. Ritner has advocated an appropria
tion for this wink. To bemire he has—
:he work was commenced, and it would
have been a wilful waste of the people's
money to have allowed it tei remain in an
unfinished stale, after immense ~ums had
been exoended on it. ti hi not the policy
of our Farmer Governor to sow a field of
corn, and then - because thoit adjoining fiehl
offers the promise of a better crop, to
plough up the old and re ak►w the new.—
That is reserved fur the "experiment"
party, who, like a child, will plant a bean
over night, nd then dig it l'up in the morn
ing to see how much it baA grown!
The truth of the matter is simply this:
the Gettysburg Rail Road was incorpora
ted by a Van Buren Legislature, and two
heavy appropriations Made to the work by
Van 'Buren Legislatures, and tor these
appropriations David R. Porter voted.—
But last session, the Van Buren members
of the Legislature, by some ,peculiarity of
their optics, or by putting on their spec
teeing, ascertained that the Road would
pass in the neighborhood of Stevens'. Iron
works- n -upon which great was their sur
prise :hid indignation, and they determined
that the large appropriations heretofore
made by the State, should be sunk; that
the Road was of no use, that it was a
waste of public money, and that Thaddeus
Stevens was a strong opptinent of the mea
sures of Nan Buren,
The Car
will be laid
County has
seat in the
ion forced Di
Bell has on)
great favor)
hq has rem
gainst theSi
and openly
to the re el
ly the prop)
:"...44,114.4 4 64 1 ,
inensasaig intatest sabot Led to ile extern
als, mining iqier4l .bit the genlatand. twin
brims 'Meets - with Which we' Ow 0.4 hive
made out Pormigh tPlace of frequent and fish . -
killable resort during the prase* summer. The
invalid end valetudinarian maj
and earadvenent, and the Wait& native an her
most romantic aspect, will us he fluids hither
ward, be• afforded no ordinary treat in thnmajew'
tie views on theffebUilidibetireou Philadelphia
and this place. • 1-
The leatitiful river which gives name to our
county and spreads he bosom to convey its wealth
to the mitts of business. assumes a varned e aspect
each successive mile ,sow like a bold cotpiette,
wantoning around the Nablus of some sky. kiln
ing hill, and ibis like maiden coyness, eliding
triseleqd, away to hide lumina sorneiiequestered
vale, and now again jumping from rock to rock,
id Sam and spray, resembling youth and hope,
when all is bright and promises to be happy, to
fall at last into the still calm stream of domestic
comfort. The whole path of the rail road, too.
lies amid a country replete with interest....beauti-
Ail farms, extensive mills, and various redone,
stud the scene, and show hew pro/warp*s a coon
try the tourist hi journeying through..
• When the road from Reading to this place shall
have been completed, we prophecy that no place
will meet more attention from the summer traveller
than our region; and even now, those who have a
week to rpare from the turmoil and bustle of the
city will be amply repaid by extending their ex
cursion as far as our Borough.
Lore Lose—During the time that David R.
Porter t►as Prothonotary of Huntingdon Cdt, the
schedule of his property assigned for the use of
his creditors was abstracted from the office—Can
any one give information on the subJecti linen
diary conflagratu3n and mysterious thefts ' are
used by the Party, like charity, to cloak a multi•
nude of sins.
Little Le/key/kill Goal Region—SAN
vim Luau. Ks+ and several other gentle
men it the state of Deism a s e, have coin •
silenced 11111 l nig operations us the Lone
zehtqlkill Coal Region, nu the Baum tract,
and have already opened tour or five supe
rior Red Ash Vetos Iroin El to 12 feet us
thickness. Tins is the first instance of in
ilividual enterprise directed to 'mmHg ope
rations ,in the region, as the whole busi
ness has been in the hands of the Little
Schuylkill. Coal Company, and films the
enterprising character of the gentlemen
associated, we haveno doubt but that
thoiving lousiness wid be established. This
Is the fir-t red ask coal Wood iu that re•
gion, and is an additional evidence; that
every day will holy devaltspe Lisa re
sources of our gifted comity.
Gettysburg Rail Road -A group of
Porter meal and one or two Rimer men,
Resembled in Oiwiestiurg one day
week to look at the Picture of this Rail
Road. the new, Prater Humbug,
What's sluts"—lngimed 'roc.
" The piefile of the Gettysburg - Rail
e• Why' live seen that Road, and it's nit
half as crooked as it appearsin that plat.;."
Thal• makes no difference, we can
make the Dutch believe it, and that will
anti wer our purpose," was the reply of a
Porter man.
We can asatire the Porter men. who seem
to set so loir en estimate on the character
of the Germans, that the day* of Humbug.
ism is over. The eyes of 'the people are
opened. They cannot be 'deceived any
Administration, Equity and Consisten
el.—By the %compromise act of March
1833, all ankles entire or compfinent of
*ilk, manufactured on ibe home side of the
Cape of Good Hope, were free from du
tv fur 20 years. In the open face of thiA
law, Comptroller Wolf in February la,t
by circular, placed a dory of. 121 per et.
on silk laces, and 25 per cent on ilk hut.-
ter y and gloves (dell kinds without di:ohm:-
lion from whence imported. The New
York merchants rernoti,trated on this We.
gal innovation, and after having been horn
that period amused by a vascilating arid
non coinn!ittal policy,
.which at one time
acknoWledged the. justice by the . /mon.
;sirance, on. the 22d August another circu
lar was addressed to them, in which the
duties free by law are revived by arbitra
ry power s and as if in mockery of their
just and righteous solicitations, an increas
ed duty of 25 per cent is ordered on silk
ribbons, and on all cotton goods compo
vent of silk--which by 411;e3 compromise
act are expressly designated as free !
What are we to infer from this. Are we
a nation of slaves,' Are we governed by
laws, or by the tyrrannic will ofthose in of
fice ? Is not this riot startling' The
ballot boxes in the fall will speak in a
voice not to be mistsken—•-and the debased
reign of Van Burenisit be tnimpled in the
Low Water.—A stoppage of bows, to
the amount ul 150 to 200, has occurredutt
Hamburg. if we are nut soon blessed
with ram, our canal will be useless.
'Serb Countg.—We learn from a gen
tissnen from Berke county, that at Rimer
meetings recently held in Cumru and Lang
Swamp towneltips, a Jorge number of the
fern' ter friends - uf Wolf anti Muhlentserg
attended and openly,eisowant the cane. of
the, Washington County Farmer. At the
former meeting from 20 to f2Er agreed to
serve on the - Committee of Vigilance; and
at the latter meeting; upwards of 30 were
also placed on Commat* . e. These are
from " OW Berke" that cannot be
'4l — stiessie-W
•"ifitn .cr - "
Ably •
cfnmossibamp. ••
Abraham 114.110*ghneito year.
Daniel si6olfraltergeir,.2:Yelm 6 . -
' . - Diexclortof i c i g. Po or
,• .
• • George:. eye!.
AtbiWrs •
George J. lluniiciugen'd years.
Charles Dengler, 2 years.
' Trusties
. Charles Vitftnsaia,
Michael 'Graell:'
Coroner. '
Jacob ReCd, Esq. .
Sudden Death.—Alderman Guyer, of
Race St. Philadelphia; arrived at Orwigs.
burg on the afternoon 4: Wednesday last,
inapparent good health. He engaged a
horse at the Inn soon after his arrival, to
visit his lands in the country: and than pro
ceeded to attend to the Treasurer's office
to pay taxes, '&c. Having completed his
bushier-1, he was shout to retire.•when he
was suddenly taken ft!, and died in the
course of half an hour. We understand
that Mr. C. Prailey immediately pioceed
ed to the City ta . notify, his family, and 'that
his body was •cmmveved to Philadelphia
neat -day after his decease.
The lion. CHARLF4i Nsimax has been
nominated unanimously f.,tr re-election by
tl.e Whig of the Third Congres.,ional
iriet, and the would he tory," Charles J.
Ingersoll, by the Locti Poems. .
The Locos do not Waiit North Carolina
Arica the election. They say they
. can:ilo
_it. Do they know the readon why
Jack wou'd not eat his supper? He could
out get
Craculutton.— Our Western frontier is
threuteoed with a Border war—now by
the rules of Clocker if YO millions of dol.'
tars cannot conquer the few. hundred Sena
of Florida, to shy nothing 91 the loss
of life, litryvinucli will it cost to sweep the
western prairies, the Ricky inounintos,
and the valleyof the'fjounialitiw of the one
hundred ihousand sWarttly aborigines,
who have sworn war to the knife agaimt
he whiles 1 • Can'Griii. Jessup give us the
calculattune, predicated •on his southern
Kubbitch Puynterl.-1 lie shin plaster,
rag barons of the hik.t c.eigressinnal .
met, have ninasinatel this accninpliNlred
lesiclig either ler re election. •Go it Weil
t'ncial—Take a lesson Irian Jack cede, and
never iuiud ,your spelling. •
Drop in the Eye.—ln the July number
(if Dr. Wallace the oc.
culist etatee i tlt.t tie ; has ule.eiveil a cavity
containing water betiecilt the eve wicket
of ce•tatti fi,411. Nul wonder, pow things,
they must be very wet!
A Blow ' Out.— the socket of thetur-
Ile': eye ruin ;;;;; nicatee with the mouth.—
When the head is advanced. the-eye may
be blown out to It necessary distance
hue by erne:it:44lg the air, it may be sunk
so fir in the socket' that there is no den'
ger of its striktnq against tht shell when
the head is drawn, lack.
(it,- The wheat crop in Kentucky, is au
persbundant—.so plentiful that it will not
c,,,mnsotl more than 50 cts. a bwhel.
Kentucky is a goo 4 Whig ittate-o•that hc
counts for it.
Judge Lynch lit Nese York.—'three
indivithia's con:tituting a portion of a band
of worthies. known, by the euphonious arid
didnitied Appetlaiion of Spring Street But.
Enders, were committed to pri-ors for hAv
ing limited themselves into . a court—.
indite Lynch presiding, to try and decide
on the demerits of one D. Coleman. The
charge preferred ra, that the defendant
had wantonly and; maliciously run up a
grog bill to the amount of 5 shillings and
3 pence, and then Unmindful of the honor
and character of a Burr &tiler, had de
camped withinit paying for it.. The plen
ary power of the court decided that he
should be hung by the waist from a lamp
post until such time as lie should proMise
to make restitution, and the Oliver le
ble of the gang was inethe act of 'perform
ing his functions when lbw night watch
interfered,and turning the tables, the judge
es became the prisoners, and the former
delinquent the prodeCutor
The AnegroseMeeting.—The Locos
of western Schuylkill, held a meeting at
Pinegrove on the 18th inst. and in a must
grandiloquent preamble, which to a stran
ger would appear to settle-the right of
succession by almost despotic
have iur usual denounced Gov.
Rimer ih set catechistic form. With
these denunciatiods so often- repeated, so
triumphantly refuted, we have how ooh
ing to do—but one resolution -see to
demand present notice, which is the
Lowing: . j
Bustled, That aaeitiveni oftbeihresteen rt
of SehttylkieCnnnty: We teasel *Um's, 1 the M
ade/ act of voting for the re ehtetWa of Joseph
Risser, alter having f'alsifiett ale proniises and re
fused his Pignatpre , ta so iniprotement ha one
vino., containing an iiippropriatton to tiro &instant
Coal region. and att;:g Antall* aggyoteg , u g h
appropriationettediss.aut, **taming
eimilat beam
1: • 1- ••
...!;s.-i.-44, fie :;i* - 1 - i i .. -1 - X4 ' - 4.4 ioton i. of
bur plibite:titipicivenienhi;i; win) "tinfoil at
the first grange detect the unblushingdu
plicity of this attempt --tii fix an Un
merited odiuin on Gov. Ritner; and enit!it. , __. _--„,
vor to produckan impression that he, it& • , , ipmeots of . e ad . i . the .... st r e w- ,_
or we ek, , , g. Or ,
unfavorable to the, enlargement , of the arvday evening luti - ' ri' ".: '
'Union Ganal; and the interests or omi l " pped by flotii: ''l '4iiiii'!
Swarm ,Coal . "Region. The ► approptia,. 1 - cue Coal CO ' '55 • ....... 4 ,. ....-111171-
lion above referred to. ale 'embraced; ig
. - ' I le.. H. Poling 29 - T .-_.isoa,..
filamitibth Bill which' wai vetoed till &':, loo n ale 20 -,-- '-,' -ft4llllBv -
thewebs . - ' '' 117 r
/ 7 . , I: ....
Gov. Ritner without distivetion oPlocality C. arleii Lawton ^ 14 ...
• ''...14r .
or interest: We have every teasou• to . Wallace& Co • 10_ : '.l-' ' - 608'Z'''.
know that he is in favor,of the measure. s ' Reev
We &C° 1 0 :. • ,L, -;511.1n V
U. st. _ AS.
and that as soon as the fittencial telatieoe goon 4
ri A c o o co 1 .;•-i.-179 . 4 , - ;
of our State wifi allow, it will teceirehis Ai Marphy - . 0..f.'".2:448.P
-earliest attention. , •r S ot her &. Sea . 4
- - '4"'"'40111;-
One more view of this nese, and for' he 0 ' ' 8 : ":.1.-".'l - 40Y
present we dismiss it. We are told' that L halignal
.. T,. -1. 1 36T
mmoei n 7 i ,358
the Preamble and resolutions were draped a I I-" ~
by Henry K. Strong, lifq. one of the 1. C. Cirsovious 7 ' i . -- , 1361'
warmest advocates of Get.. Rimer's first D vie & Olwies . 7- ' . 1. - .... 371
election. We knoi he wasi and after his„ S Nichol s
, 8 . ....t. 301
election he vainly sought for office, which._ `' b ' ' 'I'D” 14 ' . 'IS t'' 'llBl
A Steioberger . 6
he could not obtain — he then made usea 4 1 ,
f , „„ & spe,„,,i, 6 ' '-"',14141
the columns of the Pennsylvaniaintelligen- - IlyminA. Nice 9 -....., '
car, and strove to force an office from the 1 Serrtlt - ' S i.. '..Et
:. mien & Taylor '4. i , .1110 - I
State" by affecting Nen Burenism for a
C Witham& 4Co .5 , -I.- r92(l'
•week or two. This would not gain, his Heilner 4 1 ' ' 915 I
purposes, and since this he has been a min. t Weaver 4 . 4 - { ' 900
dictive opponent of his 'turner friend. He siitynum , . 3 ~...' - 130
was likewise, we understand, interested in 'pre & Ailed '3' , .157 •
.q, Lela r, 3' • .". 158
a coal company, the charier to which!was i . Kaar ' 2 - „lOW
vetoed by (low. Ritner-will not these C D oug h er ty • 2 - ; 1114
facts speak for the pure motives mull im- .• J. Buckle &Co. 9 -. •"112 _
partiality or the resolution! But Sckuyi. ' Rickert 9 • 103
kill County is not to be deceived tiff° a
o W I eSenle. Sch e nk
9 • - )03
support of, Porter by any such assertions J . Parvin rn
- 2 , . 103
2. • .4413
—the vie ws, the motives and the chime- t Itl Hill • 2 - -; 98-
ter of Joseph Ritner ate not to be raisin. 4undry Shippers 18 . 1119 -
terpretedthere is a Plain, undeviating I
honesty in his course, which has gained
the confidence, and will_secure the support
at every unbiassed and unprejudiced voter
in the County.
That ruffian of the CI; lobe—tliat.exeOtive
iirgari=that companion it'd isoiciale of
Belton and Boclianitn, Kendall and 'Walt
—the pampered lump of
whom, %lien - worms 86uli heretifterfeed,
they will find their poise,' and their grave
—the stew, the receptacle of a debased
cubinet—this foul instrument of a iioking
administration, has added a new insOlt to
our neep—a navy that has defended the
of, and covered our country , giih
glory. •
In his paper of the 20th, he refines in
his inindts upon - the officers of that nobl e
Arinof eintimill defence. He had emelt
inely said of them `•lt is. impossiffte to
make heroes out of WA who adopt the
maxims and. principles of coblerS: lend
blear—if resider, you end commend
vi,ur ieintier or your pitiefice—his'expla
rialion. ' Toes-cape - the wuntou outrsige
Which he end his
: patrons nod esiiiiluy i en.
urged, 4tid with pouitivi rareasin,,..auains4
From the New York Times.
the mechanic industry and 'necklines alit
hotly. he, Blair. says he did nut mean,:
"tinkers dnd oblers,'t the tnechanic of .
America; he and his ;introits only memii, au
ahjeet class that dues riot exist anunig
its,"—the cent:e Mr. Blair, the eseeviive
organ, rays they may meant the Tankers
aria Cohlers - .of Great Britain, " where.
the travelling tinker traverses the elm/Wry
hunting old pans Jo mend, and theeobhter
is confined to - his start, 111E161*1 pLD
armours TuAT ARE Tußow2.l AWAY Pi Yttlid
And is it come to this, that our gallant
sons " who ride" upon the mountain waSe"
are thus to be traduced—put on a footing
with what they, term the most degraded
.men of a nation s 't where the travel) ngitin
ker trairerSpg the country humus ofd pan
to mend, And the mdder• iv cuidiliei
mending old brogues, that are shown awe
in this cultist',?" ,
• How long will an - insulted cornmtinit
endure the outrages of an adininistrati*
that dceiuls 'to speak its palionnieS
through the gangrene—.the fesiered
umns of hill official organ, " the Glebe ''
On Tuviday Inst, by the . Rev. Jars",
McCoot., Mr. Wit.t.i.tx H. RostlEo,
Pettey'lle, to Muss Elasaarrit
Schuylkill; Haired.
• laskilhodge.
STATED meeting of Poltiski
rx 216. will be hek at the usual-ulace.;un. Jl•
day 'limning nent,,Septerober 3. at half Past Z o
clock, P. M. •
Punctual atteudance- is requested.
September 3 " • • 6€6.
alissiinsanV JReatfx a.
IMrISSKINATIY Sleepier Will be held
"-La Primitive Methodists. at the following pia
an At Tainaqus. SeptSieber the tic in 1 ' Pot
vine, in the Piesbyierian Church, on tlielth; i
Manumitle. op the Stbgand St. Clair, qn the 1
inst.- The meatier wiil commence sill ocloc
fi. M. Various addressing will be delreereit an
Callectionelwill be taken up fur the II of
Society in thi. region.
September I, 1838. • • 68-1
No;ice. .
FrqB prderaignisd. "'wild teipecirolly lnfor I
all theme who har sulker-dhoti topriir# u
erection of. liniverraltst Chatih. to ourtnoroor .'
Rol le.ri
that be collect such an
and receipt for the saine--ae s part ttf, lbw
rude hate contracted for. and are *hi pr
cow of d ver y; those whow, are atilt' -P pi:tl
white it nt of their_ enbaariptintia. - i ift, . J
fully rev ted io confer the above:Pit ii irtl. ii
called,xin. iiiid from three who are 111/11 le di
at present ,a part will he thankfully : r e s *O.
' • JOHN, Id. C AND.
Se P t ..., li • .'
- V
SOusylidit fill
.42.5 16,1176 ;
#er last repast; " 4206 • '*26s.rt.
Little Schuylkill
113¢.. 24 Jos Monroe - .00 4 ;
24 R M Johnston ••-• • 'lSt
21 Jos Thomas
Ittobilis • • 541
2R Mason
29 G..lena • - - 4 R
laoeen and
30 •Maryann
Kepnet 42.;
2? 'Alfred Whitk
30 Wizard
12 Boats
'l4O per last report
miitpi CARt3bIIY RAIL BEIAD.' - 1
The fidkiarint is the anunintol Ciati tiarrepettedl
on ills Rail Road, for the week lldUI, on
Thursday 'ea:ening lasts ' 1794 2 0111 9` , '"
. per hut report 44,499
Total 48,293
The folks:unit u tho amount Of Cod' inutiportedi
nn this Rail Mond fur. the titeelt siitlinyt ors
Thursday evening Jul, 3 5.285t00til
Per last Report . ge.9.5s
The following is the amount of Coal,trsinsis: cl ef
on this road for the weekoadlog,en ,
33 7 1.. .d 106
83 4 10. ": 1
evening 4ast. •
Per lait Report..
. . i 14.889 1 .
GECl.*HADErficollector. I-
1' . ; OAD.
• • ,
The the meant Of Coal••traneported
on this Road for the week ending eti,tieturda,y;
. evening last, • 3.Bltoir -
Per last report, - 39,653 •
MM - Mrt"r'lT.TiM=ll
. .
For the week ending 18th.
Boats Tons.
n '1,422
21 I.' 937 t• f
1.1 . 378
Maub Chunk,
Parryvillt. •
Penn nevem,
Mooch Chunky Lem meet : 1
Perryville, • ' 686 yams- - 1.
Penn Haven, - . ' 121 ; PAH
Del. & Hudson Call Trade.
dirt: . ed at Readout front gosetidok, 110*
•- - August •Ititth tic/suave.
• - .46,56 e
Notice. .t.',
ALL persons indebted to the Estitrotiaaaa
Moodie, deed. are Tr:spa:aren't.
and tattle, the game, on, orbetrotedthttelCith: of
deptember. as after Oat amount *ill be .
platted in the hands era . hliritajeoto
C: - -,PQL14104
WIY..Ni Fes; ••
. • --.
rothmpalePiamber 1.-1/PW i 484
. - literal, .tOWv 1: . I '
STRAYED away Dim the Subscriber. -
at Nei, Casele,so the 24th ofiukrw Ls ''
BRINDLE COW, she had on a Ilatit 0410 t
•Sell.r-the two hinds legs whitiCeuthNdi...i'liattar ,
al cit
VoLOS each arbor hip buries. awl She Ur ihri: '
„lege white above the hnee, larirchtiv‘.- . J u t
which bee been bored.. Any peranti . . i :riOti-iiii .•
• atatiou of the some shall bweuitablireWahli. -.-
New G•ile. Sept. 1,
gpETithltS Of superior.quanty cent
a: lb' sab: by
ger 1,
• 251.359
-94.243 \
120 h CRT C. KILL. Collector:
H. El..P°"7l,PllPet.rl
2 . 623 "PAS
7,810 j