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I •RTER'S 'FRAUDULENT :11N$OLN Ncir.43 :,,,.,..„,
'n confornlity with the promise made in our last, we give 1;1 t'si the whole fasts in
Liken to- aftß. Ptntitra's Lvsotveriev; with the certificales ;in his , favor, and
affidavits sgainst_himi *bleb we leave to our readers to d4cide upon-!-and say
ither thesharge of w/Lvet. eentitrav as aileged against him ! , has not been fully
stantiatecb . .
. (From the Huntingdon. Advocate.) i _ .
' A. PORTER PAPER. . t• '
ra' Refutation Of the base skint/era upon the Prima diameter of Daiilt
• I , R. - Porter. . • -
...__,,,..; !
THE CHARGE.' • . .
. .
From the Beaver Argui.
Last wee we publisti,ed extracts from the records of Huntingdon County, allowing
time, in nner, and circumstance of David R. Porter's taking the benefit of the
['Went lb s; but the facto now in our possession, connected wtth that matter, place
a Lcieo lighr t et - In3 o c t a h n e did o a p te le.
in a nd e l l:J a e r re ac ty
t t er
againstagainsl,hicn; but those of Beaver county, connected with them, will astonisharid
rile evert man of moral feeling in the commonwealth. We invite the attention of
people t the' facts we are about to present.
The Hut#ingdon county records show that David R. Porter was discharged from
linemen 1 under the insolvent laws of the 10th day of February, 1819. Mark the
e. To Übrain that discharge, he was obliged to take the following oath:— ,
“I,A. B do swear that I deliver up and transfer to my trustee or trustees, for the
army ti reditors, all my property that I have, or claim any title to, or interest in
this ,or that 1 am-in any respect entitled to, in • possession , reversion, or re
en l
ainder, and that I have not directly, given, sold, conveyed, .leased , disposed of or
trusted any part of my property-, rights or'claims to any person, whereby to defraud
ir ;s eredita re or any of them, or to secure, receive, or expect 'any profit, benefit, of
a vantage ..hereby. .
"In defitnice of this oath, the records of Beaver county show, that instead .of delis.;
e ing up to the trustees, for the use of his creditors, all his, property, debti and claims
avid R. Porter collected, in his own mime for his own use, between eight and •nwe
h ndred cltillsra, from two citizen , of this county, to whom he had previously sold land
i North leaver toWnshipl—On the sth of D..ceinber, 1818, a very short time be.;
C relit; filed his petition, Porter sold a track of donation land, No. 1778, in this couni
t to Messrs. James Kiddu anti Alexander Russel, fur the sum of two thousaud - dollars;
'he deed licknowled the receipt of the whole purchase money, while it would seem
I at_but s t out one•half was paid down; amid notes or bonds given for the balance.—.
elle nbl(gations were held by-Porter when hu "swore out," and afterwards proceed.
id upon, and cmllect rt e44s they became due.;
The fine. is ewe d on , record iii the Prokhonotary's office, in doiket, No. 5, page
47, as fo1lows: "
i AUGUST TERM. ' 1819.
David R. Ptjrter 1 Solomon* Debt,
. , 1 . °t 82,000 Served M.
as. Kiddo, land i
, 24. 20th March,
les. Ruffs& •
WO. rule to choose arbitrators at the ProtFlo
es'd 228 July 1819
.-J notar)'s office, tin the Bth day of April next, at
2 o'clock, th hear and determine all matters in variance bet•Veen the parties in this suit. Ezoarte
Tule cm. per of Plaintiff. Served by Sheriff: M 21..5th April, Ir2o, Jameii Kiddo f tine of the de
sendaetit, appear in' person, Wad eon :'**s judgment to plainuff bur five hundred thirty dollen eight
went* debt. •
i Defend*, James Kiddn, 61es three receipts; to wit; one b aring date 10th April, 1810, for 20,C100
dollars, onell3d of September, 1820, 11ir 815300, and one dated 13th Pet'. 1818. for $9l 00, whiph
payments aihisfies this judgent nt. debt and interest, _leaving a balance 01 $22 26, which is supplied
itt • judgment againg seine defendant*, see N.. 51, April, le2o.
i '
Time second appear' , to mime entwine, peg 220. aid is enteied as a espial case, debt 6666 66, is
ned 10th April. It 40. On the tit') March following. Kiddwappeara and confesses judgment for
176 65 de t. tin the 16th December 1e 1 44, judgment natiefied.
The thiwl obligation entered April term. 1e122, same volume., p. 56P—issued April lat. Suni
liquidated. by .Pmihouidary at 111182 14. November 1825, Kiddu paid $193 tfle, and on 'the 13th of
July itt29, tihe debt, interest and cold settled in full
'Ph appettra then. thud. on the sth dry of U.cembor, 1518, Porter made his deed - to Kiddo mid Rua
seirteking their obligation. for • portion of the pure:base money. At the January mr0,1819, out
month aftetward., he applied for the benefit of the insolvent law*, and on the 10th offeletiary, at a
specie court. wawdnicharged from confinement. July following he entered a pull aesinialliiddo
Rosael fur he collo:time of the first bond do.; sod M I &NJ ind 1822, the other bonne were entered
and fltrallylill settled. la it not plant Merl to every mind, that Porter did nut deliver up tar the use
of Me cretfifons. all his property, dept and Ci 3 I WO, a. required by the law, and the insolvent oath?
I judge je eiho are celled upon to arnitarn hi. eleet lOU to the highest office in the commonwealth."
I BIRSLIAGnaIf, Iluntingdoneo. July 24. . 2...,
. My ettentien heeler, been called to the above publmation, 1 have thought it tight, and due to the
MOM of With and Josue", to ware, that in the inmate i f July or August fell d, that Stanch?'"hey an
I became Bail for 6 large sum of money. That he placed to our hands a. security. the title paper,.
oft MOO;eland in Heaver county . That to Demotther of the stone veer , we gave bon up the title
papers, an termed him tom ,looroile of the land to J Amer Kidd.) ants Alexander Russel; and took
their bandit fur the payment ofalholl—on the fist of April, sellowitig, and the remainder in two or
three -yearly sale* ft carinut now distinctly t eeullact which) He I,rtt these Wools with James Al
loam, Erg ; Attorney at law, of llt-aver, tlir collection, and tonight tut his receipt for the same; which
he astignet e to tie. that the sand hoods were colected by Allison and ?aid over trom time to lime
to one or t other of to; the last part of whim* I tionk•was spot filially received until the year In3o.
In July ofitbilt year hearing, that Mr. Porter was going in she western country, Mr. Stonebraker and
I reitiestnil bun too lake Heaver in his wet-, end gave him en fit r i li nt on Aiinon, for the balance.
amounting after deducting few* is
ear comin t ions f o
or illecting I .11 123; it w. a 1 ru'l by .11r. Porter
end paid ever in nee on -toe 13. h day of Aura-t, WO. Geo, 1) :via 1160 sent nut by Mr. Porter at
the one. fur none t i
balance doe haenn lint_bood.fii
.-er c h he told me Mr. Porter got and paid
over to hi n. D. R Purger teas artier intestated to the alootentof one dollar as the collection of those
bona. hy. the Suits do not appear fin. our use um the reeolds. lam not lawyer enough to say; it
is hest, krtore. to not attorney. to whom themaarlagetilent of the whole, htwiness wee given. The is.
airmen% was endorsed on Mr. Athann's receipt 'Mr toe bond., was perhaps in our possession, until
the money was collected and then delivered ins to out raid attorney.
The above statement; form my prraeut recollection. I b. here to be strictly correct; although 1 pos
ably may i be mistaken in some immaterial matters, such as dates, momenta, &e
-1 have only in conelummi to say.that the conduct or David B. Porter is every particular through
set skis *Ask transaction, wee marked with the abietest enter it) and fair delnr,
Mr. Owens is a respectable merchant in Biriningham in this county, is ao e'der in
the Pretbyteriao church; and has never been a politician; but we believe has uniformly
voted fo f Joseph Rimer.
The cal history orthe case is this: Edward R. Patton was indebted to the Centre
Bank kali ruin which was filially reduced to • 815014 end David R. Porter became his
endeirsei; for which he was sued - and execution issued against him. Thomas M. Ow
ens and John Stonebraker became Lis boil; end paid the debt, with a co m
j as
*mount of sccitinulated interest.. He sold a tract of land in order to repay his sureties,
as he bound by every tie of honor and honesty to do, and assigned over to them
the bonds for that purpose. . •
? •
Mr. Weary: In looking over the western Argos, on the 11th of July, inst., .1 discovered an edit's,.
Hal 'utile, underithe heed of .intire evidence.' referring to certain emits brought in the Crain of
CommoO Pleas obi Beaver county, by David R. 'Port.-i , „ oznimt James Kiddo and Aleitander Russell,
tit ethicthe allegations is made that the reoirris of Beaver county show, that David R. Porter, in
stead of livermir unit!, his Trustees, for the use of his coeditors , all his property, debts sod
*Um*, Bested in "Sista:on name and for, Ms own rise, between eight and tune hundred dollars
Ram tut °nines of this county, to whit.., he had previously sold land in North Beaver township.
wa, p
Am I the attorney employed to collect the amount of the winds alluded In / as thee respectively
'became oe , and as thei;reCords to which you allude give but an imperfect hotory of the real facts
-of the nsaetion. I deem it due to justice, and truth, that I should give a full and fair statement &-
the fee and the eireurnshances connected with it, so far as they haye coins to my koolledge--they
ars as f owst
Oa 14th day of Dreember, 1818, David R. Porter placed in my-kends for canticle. three bonds
Far Jut. . Kitido-and Alexander Russell , all daded the 7th day of December. 181 e, one of which was
Eondiutped . for the payt eat of one thousand dollars on or before the first day of April next ensu
ing; cm-conditioned fo Hie payment of three hundred and thirty t h ree dollant.and thirty -three
Cents. al or before-the liil day of April, 182(4, and one other conditioned for a like sum of three
bondand thirty three tiollars Knit thirty three Cents , on or bpfore the list day of April, 1821; for:
which ueb obligations I gave Mr. •Portel a receipt , stating the purpose for which - they were le ft.
With m -On or about ke 24t1rof 'April, 1819. George Davie called on me, et my office, and pre.
Ili me
• Seated he receipt whi I had art given Mr purier fur the bonds with assignment by David R.
Porter bus interest a d claim in the bonds therein mentioned to John Stonebreaker and Thomas;
Owen bearing date, the best ofaiy reeolleCtion, on or about the 9th day_ of.Jenuary, 1819. Mr.
Davis ntad to me at the same lime, a waatten order, dated the 13th d*y of April. 1818. and'
o l goo d y John Stonehtleaker, for the amount of the bona-which had . become due ou the lee' Aped:
'nu. r I believe tabis in the hand writing of David R. Porter and to be signed by John.Strine-.
bralter. Not having atlthat tithe received any money. I drew an order in Cook of George Dana„
BRMessmiKidecrd Russel for the amount, or any less stun they could- ennveolentli Pay.,
and MM. Davie receive
-' i from Alexander Rowed one -hundred and - torte four dollars sod flinty amts. On the 28th day of February. 1820. I paid to Samuel Stonebraker . S ir his father John
ii i
' ker. three hundred and Shy dollars , . money I had received from Mr. Russel, at wbie_b time
1 thin my receipt to David R.:Porter. with hie assignment to it, was again prorinced. On the
Brat of September . 'allowing. John Stone:Wither called on me for more Rooney, prude*, nip
receipt l and Mr.;VorteOlalstlailloOlient. - / at thiatime objected tu give Mr. SianebtSker (my more
looney having received a - letter from Thos. M. Owens. stating that John Sionebralier, wan le the
leag of the wrifer4 lit broken merchant.", theemstablil i having sold all hie' roperty. pia that
Scone Aker had never; paid over to him any Part of the money which had been preeticroOlyreintivedi
Mr: bather then Proposed to leave with me se security and for eolleCtioti„ - Soother binid
, Meat Kidd° and flu id for 8243 , bearing dite a: the same time as the isherkied payable o Dia '
04 Re IParter on the fi nes of April; 1823, and assigned by him to John Stonebraker; hy
? -
-.., ,
- 4 -
• _
• - THEM. tinr, S
‘00 . 701110 iblitib . 4o:t;l4#lo/Mt 1 4 0 i_9loololl,ploll
tAa lopo4 hands:l 4 Sinnetime
payment from Kiddiw got to thilest Mentioned bold,
Thainine.banitiresioreihiMelt of MaY, Ifkl3.tiesivOrtl4..llr."Sion . el
placed hands. 6wr collection. ,
. °niche 27th May Oa Mr. Atooidookes agai n . ea - lam toe '
receipt to Mr, Porter..6ir the three bonds first,ntatidixned. with
hundred and serentj six dollars and eleven resin. '
receiPtgiven to Mr. Porter As. the honda.And relleaViti•
neglected to do it. and lett it ti 'm &Bee t whieh.l did discover
hint of Alio Set lettesAtquesthg hhit
Whether hi replied or not, I cannot now reoolleetthattbeimpressi
I forwardeditalinetlysfterwards in • letbnidliimlrknot*—Ofthl
chive frequently marched for it, but never could fled it. The.
thllleuhy, 'as I was unwilling to pay any more motley to the spin
authority of Mr. Potter for so doing. lo this sway ilsemitier tested
olio David L. Pones called on me and produced the al6davit of./.
had not recessed the receipt and assignment, and that Nei in •
the paper was. T,heratfidavit was accompanied with an order-fr
M: Owens to pay over any Wince in my hands to David K. Port
plied, by „minute him the sum of one hundred and filly-mum
balance due. At the same time. I paid to D. it. Porter. on a a
I balance of twp hundred hailers and six cents. remaining • in - my
the band assigned by Porter to Ettonebraker. and by the latter to
brought no Ibis last bond was in the name of Geo. Davis assignee
' signer of David It. Porter.
[have in my .possession the correspondence with MOMS. Ihnnebrai
tion to the transaction *boreal girth, 'which I am willing to *alit
who may wish to examine them.
Deaver. July 16th, DM
r .
Reins called on for • atateincrii of facts, in relation to the title of • tract of laid. No. 3, of 500
aenrs„ Mewing* township, in this county, of which lam a patt owner. In obedience to this call
I take pleasure in stating that I am happy in having it in my power, in this instance. to contribute
sortie facie to elucidate the transaction to ithich my attention has been directed. I About the year
3 4
1828, George B. Porter, Esq. called on me 'for information in respect to the val ' !dwelling, Ike. of
this tract of land, which I gave him, when he stated be had a claim to this tract., s bject to the pay
meat of a debt , but that he could not, or that it was in convenient for him to raise money to dia.
charge - the incumbrance . Afterwards, about the year IBM , Mr. Robert Darra gh and; Charles T 1
W hippo, Esq. desired me to pirrebace this tract of land Itom the owner, (ibe LI mini/don Iftank..y i
and I mentioned the subject to ThomourJaelnion. Foq. of Huntingdon county, who ndtrtonk to, treat
with the bank on the subject; subsequently Mr: Jackson informed Ins diatom own no felt themselves
in tome bound to sell it to' David R. Porter, as it had been this agitate, and if he lined to accept it
on their terms, they would self it to the subscribef.*Somtinie afterwards, I believelin the year 1831,
the bank sold the land to David ft. Porter, for the sum of *sot) dollars, being the debt, interest:acid
(inst.'. as I understood of tne judgement upon which it had been sold. and 1 purirhased the land in
1832, for 3,100 dollars, and obtained . , title for the same from David R. Potter, which I now Judd in
trust for myself, Robert Darragh and Charles T. Whippo.
In conclusion. I would just remark. that 1 have been acquainted with David It. Porter for ten
years and more, and hare always considered him a gentleman of talents and integrity, possessing
eztansive eapernmen in public affairs. and of great business habits.
Respectfully, die. 1
Brava, July 16,1838.
Presume. July) 20, 1838.
Gentlemen—Your. of this date Is received. You ask, me for information altar as my knowl
edge extends. to Cleo., David R. Porter availing himself Of the benefit of the insolvent laws. 1 be-
Mille acquainted with Davie R. Porter in the spring of 1813, and lived in the mime neighborhood
with Min till the fall of 1821, and during the time of his prosperity and adversity. tdo not know
of hill moral honesty ever being impeiehed. As to the Buses noes. I recollect distinctly of
JOhn.Sionebraker saying that he and others were bail for Mr. Porter. and that heornilred to them
some lands to keep them safe—an! I afterwards saw John Btonebraker in this pl ee, who told me
that he was either going to, et , returning from Beaver county.' 111 do not \ reco t which) on that
From my knowledge of David R. Pones, I am free to say that his po opponent' will gain
nothing by attacking his character. Respectfully, yo ,
Messrs. Lynch, Moorhead, P. J. Avery., Philips, link, and- !Ranh n.
.1 h The above is all that can be found in any of the Porter pa 'ra • Indication or ex
planation of the charges against the candidate. V„
- Our readers will observe by the testimony of Allison, that the \ rty was assign
'ed to'Stonebraker & Owens. on the 9th Jan. 1819, and the statei_ its
'by the affidavit of John Stnnebreaker. On the 14th of the same morals. Porter was
put in Huntingdon jail by Geo. Davis, Esq. on a bail piece. Why Mk. Davis, being
POrter's particular friend, and privy to the whole traneactims. ahouhj surrender him
is a mystery. Did he fear the responsibility, or was he a party to the trarpection 7
On the 10th of Pobruary following, Porter swore himself out of jail by taking the
usual oath of Insolvency. •
ft appears by Mr. Owens's statement, and corroborated by Stonebreker, that there
was very little more than sufficient property transforred to him to secure his respon•
sibility on the bail bond. •
John Stonebraker's statement however shows, that he did not reciiive all the- pro
ceeds of these_ Bonds, but at the request of Mr. Perms, he assigned one of them,
(1,343) to George Davis, Esq. the particular friend who delivered Nrter,to the cwt.
tods of the Huntingdon Sheriff nu the bail bond; and a RECiIIT 171 !PORTRICS ours
warn werattro. shows that a part of this very money was probably obtained by him
at the price of retutrey on his *lei!
Ott' Stonebraker's nifidavit also discloses the fact that on the 9th; Jim" 819, the
date on which Porter assigned thew bands to Stosebraker cf Owens; he likewise re
, • d from Porter other beads. notes, obligations, patents of land is Beaver enunty,
4-e. all of which were assigned to Stonehroker except the last, with the words.
T 4 AW.: THESE AND KEEP THEW FOR ME"-- Porter, then, after bring
in due forms of taw released under the ben efi t of the Insolvent Low, 'lad after swear
ing he had made no assignments, CaLLUD oN STONCHRAZER, and ell the pPapprty
was eventually re-delivered to him,; except.the one assigned 10 Geo. Dais, by Porter's
From that time to this, no , account has been given of this p operty —it was
never made available to his Trustees, for the use of his creditor:A/t ough the insolv
ent oath obligates nil to be given Pp. .46.0
What is the inferenceb---but, let us proceed with the 'overwhelming evidence to
prove the obarge.
From the Huntingdon Journal.
' Porter's Fraudulent insolvency proved.
" The lam link is broken. in di-allied ehiiin, whien seemed to hold the character of
Davt4 R. Forte,. to even the shadow of honesty! It iibinken, an his is embarked
upon, that bottomless end shoreless sea of degradation,-where there s no hope of ob
taining a safe harbor. .
Thr following affi lavit of the elder Stonebraker lays open to the World, without the
hope of denial, the positive, but startlin4. evidence of Porter's Freesilent !solvency.
'if not rof the most wicked and * deliberate PERJURY I Let the ii lavit be exam
ined,; let it he compared with all the other statements, oind.* is not n mwary for us to
say that PERJURY, that awful !crime. which derades ned dest ys.the character
r c
of the perpetmi n or. intuits the majesty and omnip g otence of Him wi o sees and hears
all things—Plunders the needy 'creditor out of hie hard earned Means, and which
makes the guilty despised and disgraced, has been committed—we - need not say it.
It is, proven.
We have proven that Davfd, R.! Porter gave into the hands of a friend, his property
before he took the benefit; and after doing so, he swore on the holy Evangelist, that
dui not do so. We is proved.-- Read the affidavits of the two Mr. Stonebmkers.
The affidavit of tke elder Mr. Stonebmker, was obteiried by a couimittee appointed
by the county Convention, and would have been got much sooner, it as die deponent
was a witness, in a case, where 4 least a part olthis testimony vri4ol be brought out,
it was left until after the court. Let the pronfbe examined. M. Allison's state
ment, showed to our minds, all that was needed, but here is a porfect corroboration.
Stonebraker relates the whole story, he lifts up the dark veil of sin', and the trilliany,.
• and the ,Peosared title etetpas in his naked deformity, exposed to the _pitying
' sneers of his enemies, the middened scowleof his friends.. There is no escape * pin
toned like a vagrant in Vie pillory, he stands convicted, and amdatimed.
• Mark the, ingenuity of the plan. One Band was assigned. to Snebtaker, and at
Porter's requetit, by him assigned to George Davis. and Mr. Atliproves that Por
ter got a part of the money for that Bond. 'ELDER OWEN& c ertifies that Pur
ter sew t eresiintsrestrd for the unmet, f oar dollar in the conertii Ithesehondit.'
Now reader we tell Elder Owens, that be seas interested, and thnt contradiction is
either ignorantly, or wilfully falsi, and that Daiid L -Porter writ Newell convict the
elder of stating what,is not troei, •
, .-•— -Otr••LOOE. A s ri'
This is a receipt of David R. Porter' it that explains the whole t lion ; this re
ceipktells who finally' got the men: ey • this receipt tells who , swore hislitoni,' into titer
'nal misery, loan', for himself, a little grate filthy lucre again. ' it iire tiiie : 4ll. ,
t ;iac
y of. a receipt, in Porter's own ;hand writing, and signed by Po r himself: `:Does
any one donbt ne t the original is !in the:hands of Robert Cowbell, and can be exam
ined. ' • -- . ,
“Aceceised - July bib 1825, otGetiorge Davis .fill- oneinmdt : and twenty five
to truth of every position that we have awn d. It proves
Sienelirakeitr; and diltproirea the Certifiinte o Elder gyms,
matte is annexed, and irvinswer to !Stonebraker
. • •
, .
Huntingdon, Avg., 8, 1838.
ter, 4
Sir, the undersigned, have been appoint a com m ittee
'Cation, to Wait 'upon - yen - eel requeet a statem r ifirhatever
between yourself; David R. . Porter; Thoinas . ..owen4, and
to certain tkinds said to have beenleft in you" hands,,lprovi
.., David R: Porter took the benefit of the insolvent awe; en such
onnected with the affair ,' as have3come within your mask oeit.
other, matiins
edge. 14 - I
The ecgtursi
characterta i
city by yrst
the cause tr
the cause f
what has :been
our State:.; • 14
fall where it
requested .to rr
tee, ' have been appointed ,becatme.l ce rtain Outrges-det itnentat to the
avid R. Porter, employing - at Waste derelie
% _tion from t e path of hoe
have been made. , if the charges against Mr.. Port • r,are not true
tit and justice demand that theee.charges becontradic ed ;. and if true,
ue as imperatively demands; that the people:ofthity Ste e should know
the conduct of the man, who seeks to be placed in the 'ighest Office i n
e desire nothing but the purest itittnaculate• truth, and let the Censure
y, justice demands its publication. You are therefore respectfully
late the whole circtimetancea connected with that matter. YoU lit
' - S. S. DEWY. 1
' .!
. •
Huntingdon- County. ss.
POiwnel y appeared before'rne, one of the /entices of the Peace, In and Sor the sal}! County
JobtxBtonebraker, who' being duly sworn according blew, doth depose and testi that some time in
the year 147 or 1818 lurid 'and T. M. Owens becanie the boil of David R. Porter, for the sum e
sixteen herid:er; dollars, orthereabouts ; after which Mr. 'P tiler went lo Beaver 'County and 'Mid a
tract of laiid to Kiddo and Russel, which was situated in North Beaver . and reeeived for
said Lindi th ' bonds bearing date Ith December. 1818, and which he . 4eposit din the hands of
James Allison . and brought to me the,receipt or.said Allison, for thneetbre bonds Vatnountine
in all. to about skateen hundred dollars, on which receipt was an assignntent r myself's - Ird Tha.,
M. Owens. , T e receipt was deposited into my hands by Mr s Porter. with a request that_ I should
not give, at til l, int o the hand* of Time. M. Owen., said receipt, giving me. as I remain, that if the
'receipt got into Deena' hands , 1 would to likely to lase my share of the Rail money. David R.
Porter else left in my hands one other. Bond on Kiddo and' Ros.ell, bearing de , same as the oth.
l e
era, for three h ndred and forty three. dollars. and assigned by endorsement by David I. Porter, to
me. the attsign eat dated the 9th January. 1819-1 also recived , from
,D.- R. Porter, • note or bond
fur about pox b mir e d donate drawn by some person whose name is not, distittei ly reecollected; I
think it wee M "rs, or Byers—he also left in , my hand.. one ether obligation i s favour .of Patten
and Porter, dr wn by Mr. Wakefield , the amount not recidlecied.. He ithe left in my hands, i
Patient, or de . old tract of Land situated m Beaver Cohnty , of five hundred acre r thereabouts,
the shale tiew ich Bonds or üblitrations and said deed, weie deposited in . mitf hinds, lift here a.
Wae tiiigt.
bout the Orat rt of January. Idl9, and assigned to me. ell except the deed, on wine 'I believe,
there was no signment.' The bond for three hundred and forty three dollars, and' the two subse
quently menti ed obltgatiens, and the deed writ...delivered into my especial charge by Pinter, .first
showing that he- amount fur which I went bail. could' . .eitaily be made out 0 the bond' assigned
to myself, and wens—end then saying 'lake these" (meaning the three latter' bligations and the
deed) "arid, ke then) for me." Shortly after which trite, Mr. Porter was eon ed; and came out
of confinementlby applying to the law. for the relief Of insolvent debtor,. Not to ig after 11l r. Porter
was released,'' called on me , and I gave into his hands, the oblige:Mos and eed, except stir h 'as
1 had terteived the money tor, of Mr. Allison, and the Bond of three hundred 'nd forty three del.
bare. Out
whi l ewhi t enh sting been left in the hands of Mr. Allison as security, I did of then bare. Out
which Mr. owlet,* bron l ynt, on my order, some tone alter, from Mt. Allison, it tt whidh time' in
the presence of, David R. Porter, and at his request. I assigned it to Geo. Doris .> 9. on which Bond
I never rineoriil one cent; neither did I. on either of the two lest menuoned ob
with, 'gallons; and depo
nent further. that D mil R. Porter told hint that he had got all the mono ,on all the oblige
lint), ; earept Wakefield's--and Porter further told deponent, that he had sot t e tree!' ut Land;
but dependent dues not reeollect the amount which Porter *god he obtained f it. Deponent fur
ther earth, that some tune about the time that he was released; 1 think atter filo release. David R.
Porter. brnogt t the Books of account, of the firm of Patton &Porter, and delibered them into 'try
hands. With 4 positive request that 1 should not deliver them into the hinds oi• any per on. except
him•dr — rofitkOi Books 1 took and put in • barrel up stairs * here they were kept for a considers.
bk. fengt.s oft ino, whet) Dorid R. Porter called and took ;hem, and carried them to tile o ffi ce ut
Geo. Darli.:lP .--and in which office 1 Raw th em, some tune afterwards „ While in my poseession.
Mr. James M Dunne edited and demanded them, and. I positively refused to e them to him. I
then infs'me d Mr. Porter that the demand had been mode for them—and he th a again devirdit me
not to glreither to any one. And said deponent further smith: that at the VIM of the •ftanasetion,
he was in noav informed, that the desire of Mr. Porter. was to seertte• his pro rty from his cred
itor"; deponen being at that timeignorAnt of the requirements arum LIW.• Deponent further
'with that hie resent statement is made on his part entirely. to put hi, mind a rest; believing that
i s,
may Peirsudit ould charge him with conniving with Mr. Porter. to secrete ht property; and with
• doom luiely to lav before the people, the truth of entailer, which is liable to much misrepresent.
imam. Tri thb truth of the above then, as„ he knows that he must, before many years Skeet him
•*wbo truth tiara just and the onitist"—lie most solemnly swears,—and further saitli not,
i Belem and subscribed before me . •
this 16th August A. I). 1838. '
r r ,
. P
untingdon Co. SS.
R.pbert Ca►npbell, Prothonotary of the court of coma
nty, do certify That Did Snare, Esq., before wht
regoing aftdat it appears to have been made, is an act
ace, in and for said county, duly appointed and comm
hat all his officlatacts are eutitld to full faith and cr
ve hereunto set my hand, and the itc - al of said court. r
to law,i and
whereat h
list August
Thia is th • affidavit or the son, according in each pat ticteac.
, . •
ifuntOnerin (' aunty, mg. - ..
. ,
Penomllf appeared before me. the solweriber, a Justice of the peace, I and for vi ltaid (moldy,
John F!. Shen Tiier , and on his solemn oath cloth depose and say, . that he ore Da dR. Porter
twat the tweet of the insolvent laws, Thomas M. Owen' , and his fattier Jo n Sionebttaker, were
hail for ; Porte r for s ixteen hundred dollars. That 'Monty before he fileJ his petition rptr the. bone.
fit of tide illoolttent leers. Porter having secured Owens fo,r . his half of the I it moony, out of the
bondsigliven for a tract of land in the w • ern part of the State, Whie*.i he ( '. (tee) soldier two or
three Unman) dollars, brought the balance of the Ond.t, and another bond f abont Ste .hundred
1 4
dollars to Ash .Stnnebraker, as well as the title of:a ti tract ofiand in Beaver eo , nty. (I think ) and de•
livered WI eto my tither, who was to secure himalf. and keep the rest fr.. for PUrter. Some
time a ern Niter wa s discharged sneer the tnrolytnt leo.. he (tome to Jobs ' St, nsbniker and Gar
same OK Tat 11 , ALA.NCT. or TIM &IND.. (after dedtmiing the 1010 bail money) A rem lIITLE rm. Tee
moor lir LAND, which land I heard him tell raid John Sinnebriker; that usio ' for about $4,5641. The
bond* sod ; tan • *hos przRZTED AND MICTIIIINICO after het discharge, amount . t o more th an me
trnov-r atet as. none or watts waxy into the hands of has Trustees ton into hislown. Some
tune • ter the bore mentioned property had been lefk with my father . Poe t brought the bloke of
f ,
account of Pa ton lc Porter. to Mr. Caletwelre tailor, chop, near our hintiot, an. jgot timid John Stone.
biraker to hike' them in a bag and bide them ins -barre/ on the ttortet. were es retod for iieversfyeare.
Porteroccottio Ily calling to eaunnioe throw. •ad drifts:toff-two:info: PORI" R FINALLY 'I OOK
THE. AIV y IN A BAG, rOME YEARS AFTERWARDS. 1 'epic! . ',lib my tether Mi.
1.. is
tient s tbe . tt ea the above transactions , and knew Ahern well, buying ofte seen the BONDS &
DEE ! I t hd brother Samuel also. I think. most Whow the same fact, ahe and I often talked
Sworniandl i r
with oh •
.or ant:! t
. E l C.9 be
sti l oo l
Jo a:
. •1
I. ribed this 18th day of July, 1838,,,bekwe •
I 41:UR&
.• •
i .. name are hereunto subsCribed , do certify, that we
I '. • Stonebmker, E4q• and kpow . hitcharacter to be•g
meet he ma y make, is entitled . to full confidence and
ton, jr. John HiConnell,* ' James Stet,
!milksop, Philip Roller, Eli W. Wilie,.
ytte, • John tamed, Zinnias Reed,
,Cromwell, • !Sanford S. Dewey, Jitines Clarke,
t Adam Keith, Henry Neff,
- Jacob Hof f man.
i s
• •
, 'MEM AntEmik. Handel and A
'Extensive Circus. rtogroft Handel grafi
' eta most respectfully announces As-ar tarn of Church Mass
sintbitants of Pottsville, that his seised andiersele.4
t ,'
' opened for their amusement on . Pottsville, August 11,
,'Tnesday, the 17th and 18th dayS'of, ,-- • ,
EmpOriuna - f loslisissi.
ataintaamte above all that is wonderful Thiid.Door abase the Pe mayfectorio #sl4osittrs
eiptepresetstatit.ns of the Globe, keit.
~ Street, P, silts. '' ' • .
sod Strength, Gymnastic EzeiciSes, lipar N. H. 'exlitFt ; om it ° re t ur n h is
i rt.dr,c. while it most ainure..the pro. V• ' albino thanks to fa friends and a terser. lB fid e pt it will instruct the public; - onspublic , for their pat ags hetitaforesobber.
dl on
ti laws see Bills at Hotels. ;Ally-hestowed on' him; a that he will be happy
awict, fox SO Cents—Pit 25 Cents. .te.see.hip petunia andlil dyes 11e:hOPes by ate
k at_lo o'clock, A. M., and open at 2 'retaining exertions. to g we sail erection to all.
' 'Asir cutting done in e lett* Pensian style.
Ar i t t i l l 29 2 1838 . . * 67-4 I Pottsville, August 4th l 1838: - 110.-Icoo
It • ' ado and Rime, ,fleavek County;
,to George Davie. ,
D.= R. P;
on ideas of said
ni the above and
mg Justice :of 'he
ssiuned according
Ifl Niltiess '
't Huntingdon. the
1 , Protin.uOtary.
J. IL .
to well acquainted
▪ , end quit ttia Word
' redit. -
. J. Stewart ,
ohn S.4laylor,
sanielf Morrow,
lexaci4ar s4tll,
ayda' Music.
fXsyditliktetety's cellos
, lateitOttion. just se
t. IliktiNAN.
; ' sr 62_
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