The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, August 29, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
i l l:
, i , PRINTED' AND ÜBLISH )I , . . '
itY ner434,mt BAN' AN. ..
'• ' ism att. inst. • 1
TORRE DOLLARA AND Ft ry Cram, pe annum.
'payable itemi , annually ield iice. If Mat id with-
In the year, St. will be char e el to all those ho re
'ceive the paperfree of poste e. TO mall sa ribers
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,3ieer, cents
will be added to the price of subscription.
Two DOLLARS per annum. payable4emimantiall
in advance . llnot paid within the y ,s2' SO will
be charged . ' _ I
' REVOLU TION tit PA I 101{`
We know nut wheie t t he following bpautiful
lines originated, else we iitomd give credit. It is
Mentioned in an introdwition to the verities that
eleven Revolutionary Patitots, during a flue elea
lion, passed to the'polls, tind voted. ;
Ro ,m, for the grey Rimed soldiers I
In a noble band iliey come—t i •
• But;not with the bat le shout, ,
Nor a sound of th marital drcim-r- •
Not now with the n dding 4 pluine, ;
Nor the war steelproudly prancing
Do they came, with he light utlthe tiarly day
On their hayintetii brightly glancing.,..
Not now with the titers tend stripes,' !'
Above totem floating free. '
Do they press to the battle field,
With the cry of L betty ; .
Nor does the cannot roar • '
Or the speedy miiket flash, : _ •
Rally the ranks of t semen '
Where the sword. of the foeinan clash.
With tottering step they come,
• And laps all blood errs new,
They press like - the !bride a: the altar shrine
To renew their e*ly. vow t
Fur freedow still, the cry
Echoes front, lullsland valley,
And they rush at the call as to other days,
When the war cry bade them rally.
One tells their hair ibrenth-'scapes,
With Stark at ningion,
Another drops a .01 ier's tear'
As he speaks of aattingmh,
Arid they tell to rah the oldtin tale
Renowned the (A en story.
Of•Lezing , itin and Bunker Hdl;
And the death Mithe craven tory
Room ;or the grey tured soldiers:
kownior the patirtut streN i
Who stodied in out,green land
The light of free unt's firew
Long, Ding may thy gather (ere
With the children of the fie..
And ever mamma , tenew their !vows
And in the can of Laber y.,
~ ___,
From the adthooiln. I
The ?ennsyl .ania ;Election.
We are not in t eha bit!ol nternied•
tiling with the alfai of individual States.
We should not vent to to dn so n this in
stance, had not the officialforgan of the
Government, but redently tiet up the ex
ample, y taking part against cne of • the
'Gubern oriel candulates in [the approach-
Mg el tio in•Penylvanial, (the present
incuritheut, Govern or. [timer.) llt is not
our purpose now to_ take a d'irec.k part ei
therm his favor or against IhiM.
:Phe result of the 'election in the State
_of Pennsylvania, in ctober nett, we re
gard as of far great importance than acy
which has ever tak place in that or any
other State 1
in the nion. e 1
niean the
_ .
election of Govern , '
" 1
When General POrter ws pominated,
in March last, oui feelings and - wishes
I n
were-decidedly, un uatifiedly' With-and for
EOM. We saw an ong tht leading men
who composed the onvent on that nomi
nated him, many, . not a tnii.jority, who
like ourselves, haJ 'aCiivh part in eleva
ting Mr. Van, Biti n to the Presidency;
but who also like , urselvea, . had openly
condemned and op .sed• his great leading
measure; the Sub ' reasurY. indeed, we
saw by the procee ings of , hat convention
that-Gen. Porter s not t i e favorite can
didate. of the Loco Feicii or Sub-Treasu
ry party: but on tY cin±ry, we were
assured was that o thb d eervatives.
Since the July c nventinn, we fi nd the
' Globe indirectly a vticatir4r, the election
of General Porter and the Loco Foco
press of the State high wadmiy, and—vehe
mently espousing hie cause.
- -To us who are' calm tpeCtators at a dis
tance; there is something Which. appears
..altraordinary and som ething
strange. We see
presses in theState,..whiela have. always
commandeCirktait 'lt'espectijAnd,c,„ied ve.
t ;)
ry great infigenc with _the ;Democratic
party:there,conde . mitg 4ie Sub Treasu
ry-aadisujiporting. niter eh the same date
ke,lifeircandidate l foelOovrnot. Among
th' e n one . ,,nwk;i, JgNer, rand' deservedly
so, than the Arnei tcan 8 tmel. Within
a few vreeks past; . that per boldly , de.
volumed the Sub-Trees scheme[ o f de.
strpctive ;.o the7beitliite„ ' ortbe Conn.
try.,aneleading ti; dittiggi,r 4411041 y to
breaking up the Dbmocra c party.
• ,
J• - • -' 0
I .. ,
• " • •• • '• ' • • ' i= tit= l %: f- • •*. .- • • -
T s cAvg votr.Topuoibtant Bowria Wqrso/I"ralrsotoryiklis. *AM! tau* mukanrs.nuriamTwoußairos suinsci Liz IMO= To ova mot'alof !Lit - • • 4
;4: !.•-•*,.'f.r. •
• ' '
• - • • -
It - still ...dioca'ies ibe l eleCrlon of Crumb.-
al Porter! tow that gentlematiha# uteri=
aged to co . ; . .; the support ot the two
parties; that Fvfit'., is opposed to it is an
enigma whick we • .nno teolve,
No man — can Bert- two maSteri, is a
maxim that no man wi dispute. Then,
how, we ask; can General ' orte l r, if elect
ed, go with !anti satisfy th two parties
that are now supporting him, hich are
as wide apart on the great and a absorb
ing measure of the. administration, as the
antipodes? He cannot. - He must unite
himself with one of those parties, and a
bandon the other. After having been an
eye-witness during the last session of Con
gress of the overpowering influence of the
Executive, fo seduce to,abandon their
friends, and in total disregard of the inter
ests and wig of their constituents, 'to fol
low the lead, and in the _ walk of power,
we are at no-loss to make up an Opinion
for ourselves, which party will; be aban
doned, and which courted. The conser
vatives will find no more favor with Gen
eral Porter, ifite shall be elected, (in our
opinion) than those'who openly Oppose his
election. They will be cast off, and be
denounced in Pennsylvania, as they have
been in many other places, particularly
through the columns of the offitiial organ,
as "federalists," "traitors," “bank bought
renegades," "enemies to their .counity,"
and "opponent€ to the administration."
But were it otherwise, awl should Gen.
Porter disapprove of the Sub-Treasury,
after he enters . the Gubernatorial chair,
his election would be claimed as a tri-_
umph of .he administration and its mea
sures, and be heralded forth on the wings
of the wind as such, for effect of the elec
tions in other States, {particularly New
York,) which would be prodigious.•
It has been semi-officially announced in
the columns of the Glob, and in tie ad
dress of the Loco -Foci, portion of Con
gress, that the issue, is to be continued,
Sub-Treasury or no Sub treasury. Upon
that measure we have been told, is suspen
deci the fate of the Admmistration. Upon
it, Mr. Van Buren'a friends have declared
• that he "will sink or swim." • Every sa.
iteittus observer cannot fail to see, that
that must be the course he is now compel! ;
ed to pursue. He has adhered to it so
long, and urged it with such pertinency,
he rennet retreat and abandon it if
sired so to do. He must go forward.
tlo gh the yawning abyss into which it
will' inevitably carry him, was full to his
view before him.
Hope, Clot so often deludes by its eat.
taring tales, now ,buoys . Mr. Van Buren
aid his followers. An eyes are notiv. turn
ed towards P-onsylvania, the great Rey•
stone of then Union. If General Porter
shall be defeated, we believe that will end
the struggle; we feel confident that not e
ven an effort will be'made in another; the
baneful Sub treasury system and policy
will he immediately abandoned forever.—
If, on the contrary, he shall be elected, it
will be claimed as an administration tri
umph, and the Shouts of victory will re
sound from State to. State, and unparal
(Pled efforts will be made to carry the elec.
• . „
eon in otnerStates for the purpose of fast
e iiing that odio‘Os measure upon the Country.
It is under this important Position the
State of Pennsylvania now occupies, that
her election - loses its local and assumes a
national - character. The whole Union is
deeply interested, and will be equally effect
ed for weal or woe in the result. his that
which emboldened us to extend the length
of this article and give_thear3 views,
We have never - believed that' General
Porter could be elected under any circum•
stances whatever. Yet, wo may have un
der estimated the strength of those who
are united in his support, and ovue-estimat
s ed that of his antagonist.
In conclusion, we beseecii our frien4s in
the State of Pennsylvania, professing - the
Conservative Republican doctriees, who
are opposed to the Sub-treasury scheme.
from the belief that it is at *at with the
best interests ofthe eauntry,' to pause and
consider well and lung, before they lend
their aid to advance the views Of those
eh° have declared, they will 'ainkl or swim
with. that Policy. 'We believe It will be
far better for "theCountry' and the Repub
lican party, to stay from the Polls' and per
,'ft t ' it' - 'b - dell It -''
nut 4 e-e eetto to go y a than- to
assist in placing an individual in the chair ,
of the State of Pennsylvania who would
give the least countenance tit it. 1 .
Such , teas the course of police pursued
by . the Conservatives in New York, such
by them in, .Connecticut,iineh 'by them, 4
more recenly, in Virginia. !. They would
not, in Virginia,Ahey would •noti in either
of those-States; give their atifftagettici any
inditidual for shy . office
,whatver, who
Was the. adtric.4te oftlitmeasurC, So TO
solved wereseme,to put:4ldolp, that e
ven the old puitittre....h•--.4 thifituct, scy .sere
gem in A few instances, "giving their
rites t(r,i• opp l taikiiin ca'ildidites;
' We have ever found In ni tiers of.leep
interest - and. vastitaltorthei trap poliepto
be,. take for a alotto,. -and- b4l guided-hilt. :
1- 4 • 11 .1. iv.tio Aniogo:c Fort, us, 411 AGAllityti
i ...
l' lltif" . lit' thillind that 'o nly, . atirailety •
• . - 11..i.: , t , !
;be found. '-"
. . . . .
. . •
.. „
'• - P. • •
V. . 1
.-........................-........,.......-,......-*-,,,...2...-.............4.-,......-,,--...........:*,........4-................,..,,.. %.. ~,,,, .,.,.........,H.,..---.....,-....., Pt ~ ....-..trA4, - -. . .1 1,P rt--4 - <, . .- _ .t. ' 1 _ ,,,,, ....-. 1 1 1 .4..1 1 , 1 11 -11 .?, ,, - .1 . .\-L.,__ , - 1, ?.4 ,,, t5.- 1, " 1 ± =.7,,, -1 -- - tLA-.:„,-... , - , ---...=....t. ,,,,- .:.- t
. '-- •1 ' - -4 ..• --I •7- tt . - ••f . ''. a' ...' : . - ill :I - -.' . . . ' , ''t .44- I z; ,
• . - . ( t . L.---„LL...._. _-• C NAL ''' . • ••,.., ~
'Z', lll - - -: - . 1,1 •7 1.1-1 .:4Z" - ' --- " 1- 7. - "7-g.V 11 ==rZ: 1 ;r: , ;' ,1 • -1• 1 14 , ...4. 1 .41 1 ' . - , , , ,1. ,. 71. ;:, 1
-. gosk.,l- -,.. •4 %. i 1 4.. 1 ,1 1 r4 11 1 , 171 , ,
.. 1 ' ,q 11 „,;<
.L:rvts- , ".a.-4,c1 , .
~„.4- 2 1
- b 1 11. '..., le i ...t A .Tit-.
~ • ••
,-,- 1 -- •-iirl , is , to .:.-- , :i.= , ;t. 2..440 irtt...4.', , ,ri il- 1 L.-c . .:-...L4..t, ' .:41 . 1 i ra ..,..L-,tra. : ....41 a 1 ., - ......i.L,,. 1, ;:vi :464-v ;...5,, , n. l 1 I F-;. 1 - iciq 9 - , .'
5-- .. , ! , ...1: 1 , .. -- ~ -, t,.., ,,,, N0h_4 ,-, 1, -,:---- —•-. ..,..- -„.,--- -,:,... re - , ...-__- ',.- -.4-,-'
. runnmetivialt , ArAw.l4:P A NlEßA , ',ADVERTISER , - ~ ..,, . _ __ .. , ,.. 4. 41, : 5.r..w.3 V 1 - ~,
___ ,
tf.:4 I :71 -1
rO . 1 1 T - 4 0. A;4EDNF I ;SISAT bitlaNINC; Ar,411 - Sir• 29.1838.
- AA
M Eitsms-Esincessw—i-aaaiiilatit -spok
en, straight Simard' '‘-atertio
not troutikstnyseirmicb, about polities, but
l have seen with: Flonetiemdignation,
extract from that filthy abeetulle OW"
whilst speaking of our Nayy—ti Navy this
has reflected Se mud!' lustre and undying
glory upon our nation. The extract
reads : "It IS IMPOSSIBLE To
Could the departett'spitita; of the never to
he forgotten patrioti, ROGER. SHER-.
MAN and GEN. GltEEK(onii,of whom
was a COBBLER ; and the• other A ,
TINKER,) start from their honorable
graves, in a voice of thunder, they would
hurl, the foul slanticr back upon the yen.
mous reptiles- that now- bask-in -the sun
shine of a corrupt court,
! fie - members
which have no motto tiut "Barmy and
PLUNDER." They wouhliell these stand;
ere that "whilst you were :puling and pu
king in your nerseei arms'," we were fore
most in the ranks of that brave . barid of
American patriots, defending and . , battle
trig for oar country and ; our constitution
They would then cast theft eyes, .and look•
tug abroad over the face-of this, once hap
py and prosperous country,eiclaitn, "but
thus is changed, and such a chitnge !"
The fox has taken trie - pl* - ee of the lion,
rule the peo p le with it hid of won—
and the people lie withering under the
blasting inea,ures an unprincipled dy
nasty, And silently gliding back to the
lanti e 'of spirits„ a ray of sunshine world
play upon their countenances. as They dis
covered the light of prosperity dawning
from the rising star of the west.
Will the editorti of the loco foco' papers
let us know who are mobile respectable and
respected, than the MECHANICS of our
country? Will they tell us 3 wfio were
foremost in defence of our native city;
when foreign enemies and plunderers were
on our shores? Who .stepped forward
"with fronts of brass, and. hearts of lions"
those days? Why; *the very COB
BLEBS, TINKERS, and other ME :
CEIANICS, of whom these bounty fed
Loco Foco editors Speaks() contemptuous
ly:—yet lorsooth, they would fain strive to
make NtEOILANICII believe that the leader
of the party are their only friends, and
that the Whigs are their, enemies; that the)
are "poff••d up merchants," "aristocrats,'
"bank bribed federalists," (they forgot R
Tatiey t tirason, James P. Heath, and a
host of their bosom friends,) &c.—'
isut_than lt providence 'they can see the
hollow hearteditess of these "rule or ruin"
demagogues, end they will not allow them
selves to be held by the nose at the false
cry of ':democracy''—a much abused
word, and one that, by the party that uses
it, Means any and every thing that suits
their purpose.
LABORING Efire. a brother medhanic bids
you beware of "these toolvis in sheep's .
c lotAtrag P.' Beware of these men who
lure you on to' serve' their interests' alone.
and who after having used you as a plank
to . "- get their desired haven, leave you tti
struggle and buffet the waves of the world.
We observe' by the Miners,' Journal, .i
that a house in that borough. has recently. - I
cracked in several places, on account, as '
is supposed, of its proximity. to a vein of
coal,rwhich has been worked for some
time. This may be the cause; but the
cracking of houses in i bis" style is,not
frequent, and may be accounted for moth
er ways. We saw a fine school house a
w weeks since, built 'of stone, and situa
ted on the rock ribbed, substantial summit
of a high hill in one of thii• western coon
ties of the State of New York—at one
corner a wide seam had opened between
the stones of which tdelitidding was com
posed; frorwroofto basement: • No • appa
rent condition of the on which the
building was placed, Could afford a realm
for its cracking-ttnisi--luidit is likelyi at.
the cause of,suCh recite an nine poi* t
often, it equally. iincelaitir_
'once with-geologicat formationArill not
solve the mystery,' either-" : within" two
or, three mites,of the jaiiilditiiiif:Whieh tie
*speak,. there, is 1, desep,
vale, near/mm.4 the numerous-lakes
that vicinity, on -one side of after
following its co
i t
cagily, I.loo4,itjbq
foot of winch marbeneen aapecea)fien:
stant•bubbling Wateriteennwcwith:indaui
innble"the'worktbfittilli!itt.i'l„. Cuti9ttlt,
to ski if Viohill:4otEgrk s ibtf**o4*
lil.ll=ol of goial:;diiiieliiionOtitlia long
- perfcirattotraboutititietheredr:
nig it; and' phitiritit:ilierilleeptiWther ?
We* diatiriCt \ rniltdiptiWriallicAng.
ifie' Ana et an rerifilrai ciiirtat thraug
She Wturt.hp.l-9/ 1 4 , 0070g
per to . SpinkitibilA4MA
wit h W:8 41 019 - PR*'44tite4W h Y h t i li ti g'
Qrt h e l !PlPciP* oll o 4 k4N* ali , ff ti e
and the Oln.behig MI% tpits refiecti on
ti vi • .
. , .
npoji4ite chetiittivne it e . ru
hankrand grotesque'fighiel‘ tiff; i
'the titiettn near by, hastinieg' tefallin
cataractanot far distant,-wah peculiarly
striking and unneutil.' " - ' 1
Net fat from this spot,.ancitker burnink
1 spring heribeen discovered, m any . yeah'
Previous; and the gentleman on whole
farm it was situated, soon put it to praco
cal uses. He converd the gas to Ils
fiouse,•—and not content with this emplo-
ment of the vagrant current, caused- it 4 o
his cooking in Summer ! This plan ws
continued for a very inconsiderable length
of lime, and with perfect _success. 1
tis common-to talk of the wonders
the Deep. All manner of apostropb
have, been wreaked upon:the ocean. o.e
inqpiringspirits bite questioned it thus.
hid'ut thou to thy .cave.and cel
Thini horkiw sounding and invitariena mike
Pale, glistering pearls, and rainbow-colored-Awl
. Bright things:. that gleam .ntwocked of and
vain ?
,—=What wealth untold,
Far dawn and shinidg in thy stillness lies;
Thou haat the burning gems; the hoarded gold.„
Won from (Cu thousand royal argosies;" -;
-yet the treasuries of the land are as w
plots with value and with wonder. T e
mineral riches and usefulness of our end,
In every (latter, we believe to be in , a
manner unknown. Future iiiscoverl
will, enable the scientific to predict, and the
seeker to find, in Sections now seeminely
of mere agriculturil proniise, an El Doraito
and an. Eden. Gazette. I
An act was faissit.d at the la,t session fa
the Legislature, directing the Secretary of
State to obtain from the Assessors througti
out the Commonwealth, b i queries ad.
dressed to them previous to the assessine47
the information necessary, for a comply- .
non of statistical tables to exhibit as nearly
as possible the annual product of the aget
cultural, manufacturing and connerciiil
wealth oldie State: To this end, be wits
also directed to address the Inspectors up•
der the inspection laws, for the value and
kind of articles inspected for exportatiOn
or home •consumption: The report is o.
be made to the neat Legislature. It
would appear from the various duties
Agned to turn, that the Secretary's offit:e
is no sinecure.
Another law requires the State Geolo
gist, (Professor Rogers)" to make such th.
genies and ekaininations into the presqn
metbA of mining coal and manuricturitta
I iron, as the Governor shall deem it expehi
ent and proper, to increase the prodtic
lion of the mineral reqoince.4 ofthe State .
• FiittEitel% VA.IIIIETIES. I
wgish Language —There are in Great Brit in
at tots tune twelve nertodicals published monthly
in the Welsh language. of two or which there ire
between 5,000 and 6,1 1 00 copies sold every motith.
Two modes of driving off unpleasant people ,re
recorded in the late London papers which deseve
to be classed with the inventions of the day. 1
One man whose house was much beset by bk.g
gals, sent for a_stgn painter and had the isoids
Police Office inscribed in large letters over Ins
door. The next morning .the beggors came as
usual, one after another, but on looking up to
ineription, hurried off as feet as their legs of
:carry them.
Another,. who had for some time excluded the
bailiffs, oue morning fmding that they had stolen
a march upori him and were in his departmlint,
he received them with great presence of mind,
asked them to be seated, thrust the poker into;the
fire and retained them in conteniatioduntil itas
heated. He then drew , it out and thrust it o t he
li r
top of i bevel, declaring with a terrible voice hat
.be would blow them to atoms. Tbe bailiffs ',im
agining that the barrel contained gunpowder„fran
off without looking hehind till fairly out of danger,
mach to the amusement and gratification oc the
miner, as the cask contained a quantity of sand.
TO satisfy the numerous opinions and conse
quent bets that have been termed since the doro.
nation respecting the motto tbai.ippeared-extimd
ed along the,balcany of Mrs. N. Geary, Corset,
maker, by appointment .ot the Queen, 611! St.
James's street, we are requested to state that the
confusion has arisen through the change °Circle
which she very ingeniously contrived. As the
procession passed the Abbey, the device ran Arhus
--.. We bail thee, Virgin Queen. Eughind's
Crown awaits their' and as soon as the Missal
proclaimed the crowning, the motto was instanta
neously changed as follows- 4 -"We,hail theelVir.
gin Queen ! England's Crown adorns thee."—
Thus our readers will•percelve that;by a beiWcon
trivance, the motto was' immediately apphiable
• Rot the return.
~ MG Great First IPturae.—John Mason Goode,
author of the Studies of .Nature, amilitte_ trans
lation of the Book of Job, hap in Saar stanzas.
elated the"argument inlayer otan intetligeni first
eause—the wise conniver dell the aiiingements
Of this " material world, as stiikineras it could
lin - stated in a whole 'voliime.- .
. THE ' DAIRY. " l'
' Not worlds on worlds, in phalanx deep,
- " Need we to tell k God is here I"
- `' , The daisy, fresh from winter's =sleep: •• -, i_
-0; ' Tells of his hand in lines as dean... ,i
.4.What. power, bin his who arched the ski tai • .
.-And Finn* tes-day.spring!, purple ...
' • Wondrous alike in all it tries. ,- .
Could roarAboilaues,cutiliAbila :
~ ...
Minh! its green - or:4lm iiiiistetn: . '' •
14 r , ll-Itstfitogsal tionternicelynspini! - .1: 7 • ' "'" '
1 - 3 - :And win. the .gold l embaused gem., , , - -
.;1,1 :Oat set in earr gleams within;„.,,. ~ „
- -.wit withal hapatio free. 1: , - - ,t. - - . .1
4 4 1 ° andlilert•Noil s v ..: .: . ‘
`V- 1 - I P.I III WAY -, r e i , .. ,
• stainif s o °di:— •
(Caine of itre4 inifiliVili — ado' in
' piri,at birduireirion'ir .
the workmen I • liver:
dy men potting in th .pitit
the-time. all of whom escaped end' excePttoti
'of Samuel iiirlt!ersheathathewas burned to.delithi
and Johne Marsland. Cheries,lluttershead, land
John Cooke; whediestersufroastion. ele Mon
day, two men were : killed in iliti.Calliery; fof
Messrs., Caldwell .and Co., St. Helens,ihrengli-
Abe negligence of the engineer. liappears,!that
the plenum 'who is •regularly entiployed, 'had left
the engine for some purpose, and durinithet
tone, an inexperienced man named Rigbyi had.
taken possession of it; tind•Vras in the actor !Sind;
ing ,hp - fitur 'Millers from the pit. but, not under.
standing the engine, he hid pat on fill pnwer
and inich was the rapidity with which '.the, en
were . brought up that instead of the tub slopping
at the usual place, (the mouth of the pit,) it was
dashed against Ora head or gearing; eight yards
abovii the Mouth of the pit.. One man, named -
Robert Roughly, fell nut of the tub to the bOttom
of the pit, a distance of seventy yards, and was
dashed to piece* another man; named Henry
Adauttoon, was thrown a great distance, and also
killed on the spot: a Abirciperson, named.Aohn
Marsh, was also throats out, but it is expected he ,
will recover, a womait'was also in the tub; but
she escaped without any 'serious injury. A ver
dict of man slaughter wan given against Reece
'Rigby, and also *gains% Hilton, the engineer. for
improperly allowing the inexperienced person to,
assist him. Hilton is now in custody, but Rigby,'
for the present, has made his escape.
i . Liverpool Albion.,
In 'a shop window, not far from Sit:eland Place.
London. we find the following announcement:
—"Wanted,a man 18 make ladies toorl." 7 —We
do not envy the individual whci undertaiieS The
task,tia we are inclined to think the situation
will be anything but a sinecure.
Natural History.
The Mania.—The current number of the Fdr-
e'en Q.iarierly Review. put its seal to theitillow
ing atLcting paruculars respecting-the Llama.
Which at describes as authentie:—.•The Llama is
the only animal associated with man, and: Onde-
based by the contact. • The Llatna will heir net
they beating nor all treatment. They golon in
- troops, an Indian walking a lone distance ahead,
as guide. If tired they atop, and the Indian stops
also.. It the delay is great, the Indian betioniing
uneasy towards itunset, atter all sorts of precau
tions, resolves on supplicating the beasts to re
some their journey. He stands about
_filly or
sixty paces off, in an attitude of humility, wives
his hand coaxingly towards the Llainas, looks at
them with the tenderness, and, at the same, time,
in the stillest tone, and with a patience I 'never
failed to admire, reiterates it ic-ic ic. If the
Llamas are disposed to continued their course,
they follow the Indian in good order, at a 'regu
la r pace, and very fast, for their legs are extreme.
ly long ; but when they are in ill humour, they do
not even tarn their heads towards the speaher—
but remain motionless, huddled together, stand
ing or lying down, and gazing on heaven with
looks so tender, so melancholy that we might
imspire these singular animals had a conscious
ness of &bother life, of a happier existence. The
straight neck, and its gentle majesty of bearing,
the long down of their always clean and gkaisy
skin, their supple and timid motions, all give
them an air at once noble and sensitive. 'mast
be so, in fact ; for the Llama is the only creature
-employed hymen thet lie dares sot strike. i if tt
happens, (which is very seldom) that au Indian
wishes'to obtain, either by force or threats, that
e Llama will not willingly perform, the instaq
the animal feels itself off , ontect by word or-ges
tore, he mimes his head with digrrity.and without
attempting to escape ill treatment by Hight. (the
Llama IL never tied or fettered,) he lies
turning his looks towards heaven. Large tears
flaw freely from his 'beautiful eyes; sighe issue
from his breast, and in half or three quarters of
an host at most he expires.
Happy creatures, who io easily avoid sufferings
by 'death! Happy creatures, who, appear to have
accepted hie on condition of its being happy!
The respect shown these animals by the. Peru
elan Indians, amounts abiolutely to superititiims
reverence.—W hen the Indians lead . them, two
approach and caress the animal, hiding his head
that he may nut see the burden on his back, Hite
did he would fall down and die. It is the same
in unloadirig.—lf the burden exceeds a certain
weight the animal throws itself down etc! dies.
The Indians iof the Cordilleras alone possess e
nough patience and genteelness to manage the
Llama. It is doubtless from this extrarlimuy
companion that he has learned to die when over
"If-he [Gov. gluier] is a farmer, let him go Bs
the plough."—This toast was given by a. Phila.
c'elphian at a Loco Foco meeting in Whitemarsh.
The 'sentiment' is such as we might expect from
"the party." Farmers must all stick fatkeidattge.
Although they are the "bone - and sinew, of the
land," and although they pay the majority of
taxes, tur well as do the voting, they must dot(says
the Loco Foco toaster) vote for a man of their
choice, if he .is a farmer. No farmer must aspire
toor accept any office. No, says this pretended.
,Democrat: "If you are a farmer, go tothe ploiigh."
Stand back! farmer Ratner, and make room, for
lawyer porter? Will the FARMERS join iin th
aristocratic command,"lf he is a farmer, let him
Colo the plough—let no firmer ever dare to !env.
the plough-tail at his *Ovary's call?" We be
have not—Montrose, pa., , Spretator.: 1 •
. .
1117" The Herald. a Locio • :0c...0 pa,
per, 'ski-who - is 'cholas Biddle?' Why; stran•
ger, he is a man pronounced a Bankrupt Ib the
Government, and yet in The kindest manner sisp.
that Govaplalatit With meMut•te Ward. of
its own Bsekruptcy.—N. Y. Star.
Of the 444 clerks employed in the Publia of,.
nos at WarMingicin, a large nirejorily are opposed
re the keening Admisistrariest Albany Argus.
What a reproach to "the present -adatinistra r
ticon i "-thatiyen its very employes—the ver# meri
who bayri the closest and meet iutimety .litiost I;
ettlii, dila deiggi, and the strongest, interest ill
spipportint ft. are vitro:ripened to disapprove ants
etiodennt dr mealittrest If the Official • seetltil i!-
the administration molt needi bear .:wnomms s
i t
gains& their employem i how-shall the esea
ecutdertmetion from the „people? The. A, kakis ,
giverti sharper ,relthe to
."[he men in ' eir7ei
Wiiiiingtint, than siiiitver Miami by aiii Wiii
Joinnidistor - ipeaktir.- - 117ea :fork cant. .. titr:!-'
The torn Pico papets:lmade agieet,
weeks asoabout4ho /ion. litichard Cool et ibex
&Ming Goset*Miliknert*Mkannti.)lol ht =
teit-•FPcgl,, V4=t4, 4 190 1 .;st. 'Rut
tarns out air ne v d
fitaiithel"Pittsiiitgle Ttno*t T at- Al
Coctrswedt - mmyriartsinestilla elate •
geon • statement and atiOnigtalgitr*.sll o l-
are berms the riblie.—Carlishr Esp.
e - ..; *1 -se
' —,Ta_thet - — easalekuns --ai •
.-,' -. L .*. ••,,• -;•,, •,•,., ••••-• -, ------,•• , , , -;• In-;i:wiak •
Agentos4asl4.o - s.4is e AMl4veri ' - :
pool PhilagrelpileuxX tif l l.. 1
f ' " -P,i..„.„1., .... , , „.t. '-' ....• • ..1.---. . , -,., ... 1 .-, , ,1' p c
p i, 0 , , , , : , ii.w;, , A ]:
10"81) - RIBER has imn,a
- inni forthe,kessre. copesl-Lhukof rier ?
piitrickeUiaetWeen LiverpooriiiPhi liO4
and.'will • lea:Wee the garage Mate* 'fieiii rib.*
who - .wish to.sind Tor • theft': itistidi - *“.01-itiit
country,. and. also, will procure BillaStptsllol
sons who May wish to trunstoit_monex i ki.theiii
trieedi abroad.
'The Packets befotigtogiii this 'l,..o4larillftmf I
up in-a iinperior manner, and arecoihmaii4l4 hyl .E
persona who pay great attention4oltheluifotiti
and etinveniende of pasieuffvflotli4l4 l, :if! rinel
orea t i satisfattion to passenge . ra 'env 4%1 *m .. t;
grants who imend.lresiling fn!tbii-iteig ~ bait
find•it to.ifteir advaintage to enkein'thele -- ' ' •
in - thieLinepinalirnirer - Philialp
by outdoing. safie the tarellnctitzjienki r Non" ,
York to Philadelphia, which isfeerorfies aoi. ,
lam. for each itidividual. e : .t.1.,b• k. ,- . l ‘ r...i i
: The rates of fare.will he made'kepwt.,ST ; P14./ .. 1- I
ing at the iitEctiof the Mtnert" - Jimiiit ~,,-_ i
June 30 .
•• ' IV - 941 4 F 10 ' 1 '
• .
To Coal Deatera: ,:. ~ - - 7 .''
f1311,E Subscribers having takeeAhlklarki ll ol j..
• m• e.qmmodious/wharf on calloyfbilisfree43, -f
corner of Cellowhill and Williativf . MMe(s,r3l.
the Sehoy lkill, near Fait ' hfoom,Thnitletpitlife .
prepared to receive any quantity of COlaktiutif ' ' 1
&c. no whartage or storage, on the open.'„wharfotil
notice cover. on the otoet, roasonattlojerpwiAveryj, j
attention paid to coal consigned' to fb„,cm.... , • ~,j,.
Referencre—Mr. George Bist, - Sehoiy)lol fl it
yen; Mr. Philip Milk; Pottsvillei. - --,,',... .."+"-- 4 i
Philadelphia. July 11. 1838. , -
_ 1 43r4P 1 1 1
. New GOoits. - ;
'E have just received, and atriNotilipia,
. _
W• a large and general amieortmetiticit
and seasonable goods--wbiob will be sold-lit net
reduced prices far caah. • - ••••7 4 ).'
JOSEPH WA 13,011,
Monnt Carbon, August 11, 18.28: 1- "" . '`.l*;•.
JUST RECEI E D a splendid auorinieot , oi
Spring and Summer Dendee coOsting-Ai
pert of
Dry Good**, . .
queensware, _
Liquors, &C....
Which I am prepared to sell cheapeii ever
tweeted in thip market for cash; or ut - esitharikik
or country produce, at the highest mark - elixir*:
Encourage Home llifanuffiOtto . *.
-1 -
Confectionary Illantl tllOll4 .
, lIHE subscriber retipectfultv - attiioUiiiii4 tia i h'il I
•• public that he has commenced tKe Mentifitd
tare of Confectionary in all its•aarinleatitarioheer
at his Store in CentreStreet,nearty,uppusite4l4
Pottsville House, where ConfectiOneri..o4
era can always he supplied wholesale ritaili
at the lovvest , Philadelphia eash - pricesP
Country Merchants are reitiectfulli lormited
to call and examine . his stock before:pur,citatii4
.111, TER.VEY . : • •
2 • '
(from I'hiledeViin,)..
LADIES' Xeliasis •
ESPECTFULLY tenders hhr servl
the Ladles of Pottsvilleand b
tiopes by the neatness of her work' ; -quick .des •
patch, and moderate charges, to meritwahare -
their patrenar. •
Her residence is .11.1 Mrs. I).Ne?KgO.
the !tore of Mesita. Nathan" ; &4 q. tk t-len
Street. 4
June 2 -4,7,1
Wholesale and. itetniilbir4r
Good Store.
pOLLOCK .6z, WEAVER have jusk s rßeeiyett
in addition to their extensive_ usaortmeitt' a il .
DRY GOODS, Super Superior Bine ettlig . 4l
Cloth,,auperior fancy coloured do. new il t ei
ainterea aattinetta and Benterfeeitti,iitlnerilr*
tians, 4c. • Feb
nov 4
Dry-Goods, GirlL•Oiry..**4l:ll4y.
quer Store,
Corner of Centre and Markit•Slreds, Rag - sag*
April 8 . •• •
Handel and Haydn Husiei
BOSTON Handel and HaydnHogu4.4l. -
•E-. Lion of Church Music, bststato. 4ust , ,
ceiyed.and for sale by
Pottsville. August 1.111331!': ' -'l62L't
• Ellotoritigittiiiidi.
AROLINA worked floorideboard4
, ed. tongued and groOved ready' for layjnig
and inches of different duality said,pf, :
conotautly , on hand, ind-Oir in
n t
purchaser', upon application ".
JAMEEPM.' 4 PA it - rc
Planing Machine Wharf. PLlL;lPliibri
april 25 3 1- 4 I _
COA 'LAND*46.I:".- 7 : - .)
• -For Sat - rfr - tolier..,R,entect.. k .,
i'VHAT tialtiabte ilil
m•-' - ton -Triter tifitsitiOit . :ooElfisibelliESpij
Situate itm evat,NorrtguirOtiiil
,north of, 445,Y,VA,-.: r b aiii,?°lll
, ffero for pale , rk,i) oceMilVid4Og "e"
oal Muss bik rlllOl l l l
Ais ap iipp*re4 feninC
• 5: D , •• = ' • HENR
- 3d
-dc A1l.1:004 6 440-
• • -IT—N
40 1 4
Ennorium . oP Easiskok t i:
rkird DKr -shove the Peratsykkiniqfill;Clitsa
. , sireak Paturitt4- 4 .+14,
beirtAVv l / 4 19 .1 1
` hie°, iiill.#l46 his Oleildegirtiv
iw pabl i ci for' their patiaiege beat ifet
ty besetririihsi hiOarlit thili fie
•;, *O4 tuidlrieords, M 144 *a na
Hair cutting
Pottsville; Wolk 41Iscillall 7— """' / 3
. •