The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, August 25, 1838, Image 2

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Frannie hew York Arm.
sus caaesns+...
i . ..,,,,itklnmility we should culti
ty Has wo ionneximi- _
• or timorous dejeotio:
mid against the di' .
a 'end inordinate
1 disposition of nun
genuine cheerfulnei
, our own heart. W
sacred ;regard to . •
,ned rind dimpled by
' happy are the indtai
joining iii this, the
lat.-in simplicity and
bad our conversati.
moving mind will
fulness. and that
tin it, from trust in
a .blessed immortalit'
sour dissatisfaction,
1 frivolous hilarity.
reetens our cup, rend
in light.
tuiraesurirottarcia. ..
ice inspires with thei
him in whose hoed '
s the weak, to im
overreach the
win! :
is due,and' with ste •
walk in the hallo
'rid. dissimulation,
from the humble w•
i enthroned in his
a, sod an culighte , '
the whole of his cri
is every proimse, an.
Others respect asi
respects and hold
is characterised b
1 the dignity of vi '
1, they who have art
oharecter:plare onbo
ice and faithfulness.'
Quell ng, as 111 punishment, is abs
it if to equal chance whether the pu 3 offender or the person istres'
soft mach better as a reparation—it he
to expl4in in what the satisfaction'
how it ends to undo the in jury„.o
compe milieu for the d.atnagi3 alread
'rue tr th is , it is not considered as et
of honu r having annexed the imput
indica /n patience under nu affront,
given tend accepted •vsth no other d-
preveni or wipe, off this suspocion—,
ice to he adversary, generally wit
distroy him, or any other concern
serve the duellist's own reputation
The it reasonableness of Ibin . rule
is one lcunsideration--the duty en
individuals, while such a rule exist
-Th • truths amorality, like all
ere d revered only by trials and
The inciples of moral conduct co
ficant if they did not lead f•
la certain manner of acting,
by repeated experiments, to
and a different manner to h i
py, we abould nevet have had
f morals. .1
and I
noba ,
. FrOm the Peep Adv
our . amusing incident curved in
Village oil Tuesday evetti.W-last, and
Which shows as far as an thing can
he strong current of ,political feel
tticti luti and is setting.' in favor oi
.lci patriotic FARMER. GOVERNCiR: It
is I
etween seven and eight o'clock on;
isday evening, NINE five-horse Cones
wagons, is one train, paSired through
depot, ceiaud where aseac o
h train urh
reached ched the
assembling to choose delegates, the
era—all being Germans Tito the back !
-•,,,vaye three cheers fur, fII'I'NER.- 1
when all bad arrived at ,o given spot'
e gave a simultaneous hurrah, accomi
i ied by a significant twirl of their whips:,
' hls was promptly returnOd with three"
I ea; three, by the assemble'e of Whi g !
on the spot, and a committe was lorth4
wi b nppointed to wait upo and invitif
th mite partake of the hospitißities of theif
po itter-al brethren—and a very agreeable
an interesting scene took ! place. • Somf•
st ted that they bad voted fay Wolf: nth
et at they had supported iiMuhlenberg; '
bu t at they all now went heart and, hand
fo t eir "brother wagoner; the old Dow,: '
G , roar." They said then could nevi
si ' rt the man that cheated the poir
wi. choppers out of their kart, ea rnitige,
Putter did, by taking theltlenefit of die
A. t,and who still persistedsn refusing
ythem, although worth 4 furty or fit y
t ' ousand dollars. 1 11l
• r ,
They farther said, that ; :the people ' 'of
t a interior were beginning to see' wha t
' ari Buren Loco Foco Sub-Treasury wes;
a d, they no sooner undifrOupd it, thOn
t ey utterly and indignant{ , renounce till
coition with it; and 1 1 , t they were
t niing by companies to et support of a
t h
an after their own heart, . o has eler .
. -• l e an unwavering democ ' t, and 'never
set his farm against the nterests of his
wc state,;t6 court the sm es and ravers
.tie Powers at Washingt o. They all
j ided in declaring that no one could be-
I etie the unprecedented ch rages in fatror
'f aitner, in the interior d back , coun
ie4, unless he saw them wi his own eyes
Ond as each one shoute his "gee up''
nd erack'd his whip, the air resounded
'tit - reiterated hurras fu the Farmer
p.o:fiend—ion of Li —Twentpais'
'l .,
Children Drowned in ' Coal Pit.
The following particula s we have in
the &Reds (Engli4l) Mere y t . ,
.. On Wednesday list the tither) part or
Yoi kat, iire, and part of the ountry of Lan
'guider, were visited by a t ;rrific storm -of
ditinder tod hail, which no 'only did great'
,damage by the Creaking o glass and the
destruction Ortreesinthe 'Arden's, but, by
teuitlenly swelling the strea ato an almost
onpreeedented height, has insect immense
damp to property, and a o a far greater
losi l e - fariliii* . we. realest. - theiett - '4O 34 - tni:
. . .. •
lat I:occasion. r `The following par ticulars
are . Cient by -01:arialley correspondent:
1 l have this week to give you the omit'
d'strous account of loss o!' life and
rt prop-
I n
e that ever ( ell to tny lot to record. On
W *ay afternoon vi, most violent thun
der storin-too t at place in this part. when
large pieces o -ice fell, which had not die.
solved on *twiny, and which broke n
nearly all the glass in the gardens of F.V.,
Wentworth, 'sq., Wentworth Castle, do
mg much dam
ge, to the amount of about
Loot). The widen rush of water caused
one of Messr s. Field, Cooper & COA coal
pats to be n e yards deep, as well as.
-washed a &milt part of their rail-way up.
The amid filmdom, a great dral of damage
along the valley from Little-Houghton to
Silkz.tune. Windows have been broken in
nearly all ths , houses from Roiled Green
to Silksirme
• y the large pieces of ice.—
Such a fl , ioti • has not been known Since
iBQ7 at Silks one, where the houses were
'rum four to vet feet deep in Walter. In
many garden not only the crop but even
the soil, alsi4 has been carried away.—
Large trees , were .routed up and taken
down the stroll).
ith pea•
etion of
- they
mieoce, it
=son mud
Joao who
)titoony or
godly sin•
ion •
in the
Lod, and
is equal
L smooths
nag duty
love °fps
' it glove, '
sae on the
,ry; but to
iy and un
ed p4th of
'read and
rshapoer of
earl, truth
d sense of
jduct. Ile
fulfils eve
trust his
it sacred
the sins ph
lue; and, in
tided coufi-
But by farithe most dreadful part of the
account is that twenty-six lives have been
104. I obtained the following particulars
On the 'spot, lAs the water was seemto be
running dowo the shaft or a coal pkt he
lunging to Mr. C. Clarke, at Selliitotte,
the eeison,ni authority at the top sent . a
man into the pit to order all to put, out
their lights, and dome out as . soon Int pos
sible, Con.sequemly all made the best of
their way to the pit bottom, • expecting to
be drawn out immedi itely ; but lainerdaVe
to relate, on 'accinint or much water- hay
ieg fallen, the steam engine could scarcely
keep the Acton up, WO they could not he
driwn out.-,—About forty of the smaller
children then set off to the 41 .y-bile, the
hmirmtal shaft by which persons, may:
walk- in or opt of the pit, without going up
or down the perpendicular
mg gut through a trap-door that is set a
few yards up the day-hole buardgate, and
about ten of twelve yards below what is
called "a slit," driven to a top bed of coal.
full of dirt, they were making the best. of
their way pp the road, when the, water
burst into the day•hole, met the children
'and forced twenty six of them back to the
door, where they were afterwards found,
all quit, dead, %Intim the space Of eleven
or twelve yards between the rbor and the
'slit! Fourteen of the largest children e
scaped by getting into the old slit ends.
The sufferers are from the age of seven
years to seveotern. ft was the must heart
rending sight that could be •witnessed to
see the carts, with the bociieslin them, go
•ing through Silksione, leaving a corpse or
two nearly at every door I the- women, -in
a stote.of distsactitm, tearing the hair from
their heads.
!ref, because
shinent toll
t; cf. Nor is
ng difficult
consists, or
to afford a
I er. A las ,
tion of cow
silences are
ago than to
itsout oast
tit a wish -to
tin to pre-
the world.
of manners
col/duet or
, is another.
ther uoths.
id be totally
foam- end..
ad not- been
are made ua
ye made us
any 'prirtet-
The Evening Post does not deem the
inquiry as of any, importance, as to the
authorship of the semi-official articles in
the Government Oariew., attacking the
Navy,—in whirl) we wholly disagree with
the Post, fir there is coupled with that at
tack a very contemptuous expression of
the Mechanics of the Country. We have
often heard the Government• attack all
Stockholders of Banks, as Rag Barons,
&c. &c, and the Merchants ranked by
the organs; of the Government, as well as
fiv the• PreSident, among Traitors and
Betrayers , of their country,—and we have
never seen any shuffling off of responsibility
when the authorship of such attacks was
deManded. The language of th e Gl o be
runts official assault upon the Navy, was,
"it is impossible to make heroes out of
men, whir adopt the principle-a and max
ims of cobblers and tinkers !" Now, we
beg to know of the-Post, if there is not
some impOrtartee in the inquiry as to the
authorship of stiftil a sneer neon- the great
labotiring and industrious Classes of the
Country, What renders the Inquiry of
more importance. is, that the. sneer comes
the Journal of a Gi twerpMein pr o teset.
-mg the greatest respect for the Labouring
Classes,--but we. hare a sneer cast upon
them as C o bblers arid Tirikers,—and now
woe want to stamp, by ascertaining the au
tboteliip of the slicer, the
_hypocrisy of
these men that profess.
The Albany Argus, a quasi official, says
the Eller of the Globe did not write this
article. ' If this be the fact, it is an inter
esting ininiiry, to know who is permitted
to act as Editor of the official organ, and
thus to abuse the hard-working:population
of the Country, who earn. their lirkng by
the sweat of the brow, whether it be the
President himself, the Seerelary t uf the Na
vy, or the Post Master General'. The or
gan of the Government being the common
reservoir of Governinent venom, the Me
chanic interest has a right to know wheth
er the,e!. sneers Coma from High Officers
of the Government, who are denouncing
Merchants and other great Clams of SIM
ciety as Aristocrats, Rag Barons, &c,
&c. We Whigs think it very joseibleitto
make fleroes" out cif American .
les, "who adopt the principleawnd max
ims of Cobblers and•Tinkers,"-Roger
Shermah and General Greene liar exam
ainpleso---but the official urged oftheiGov
, ernment assuming itself to be Deane/erotic.
thinks otherwise. It is very Proper, then,
to know if the whole Government adopt;
the - Oiii*a at the organ. If-the Editor of
the Gio?' . e . did. nut write the article. it is
probable Mr. Paulding did,---andifite dill,
we never shag expect to hear lid at least,
Tim; , A
Calla7)ernoercitie, ,We come to the con
ning:inn then,,that .every way, the inquiry
ae - tai the atnhorehip le a' proper one.—N.
York .Evrest. - .
:The Iforribie Murder in Virginia.—
_ Tha Mew York Whig give the follow.
ing particulates of the bloody and mentions
n►assacre of the two levely little girls
daughters of _Judge Mayers, of Virginia,
by a couple of staves, near the Virginia
Sulphur Springs, received from a lady
and- a gentleman just returned from the
South. It appears that the Judge owns
severafalaves, and among others, Sally,
an old woman; Andy, a desperate - negro;
- tied Jane, a daughter of Sally,a girl of 14.
Jane -was-in the habit of taking the ehil
dren to a school in the vicinity. On last
F:iday week,fthey did not return as usual,
and the family became uneasy at their
absence. Search was made and they 'were
at last found by Jane, but as she exclaimed
when thirty feet from them in the dusk of
the, evening—" Here they are with their
throats co," suspicion fell upon her and
she was immediately arrested. Upon ex
amination she slated, that on the day a
bove mentioned, Sally told her to bring
the Olden% home by the way of the
blackberry patch. When she arrived
there, the old woman seised the youngest
child, and cut its throat; Andy rushed out
of the bushes, and cut the throat of the el
dest. They then wanted to murder the
infant of Mrs. Mayes; which Jane had in
her arms; she however fled, and saved the
unmeant. Four of the Judge's children
had previously died very suddenly, and it
ms-supposed that they were poisoned by
Sally. She was heard to say, a short
time ago, after her master had been lectu
ring her, that no child of the Judge's
should hve to horsewhip a child of hers.
The murdered children were, one 7 and
the other 8 years of age.
The persons from whom we gather the
above sew the bodies of the children,' and
the distracted mother weeping over them.
They describe it as a most heart rending
scene. The parents have but one left out
of seven.
Maxims for Boys.—Be vicious and you
cannot be hi,ppy ; be virtuous and you can•
not be miserable.
All good and great men in' the world
have been boys, and why should not all
boys become good and great men?
' Never go to bed till you are wiser than
when you arose, for observation, experi
ence end reflection, the elements of wis
dom, are the property of ail who like to en
joy them.•
Readgcntd books, seek out good com
panions, attend to good counsel, and imi
tate good examples.
The man depends on' the boy—the
peace of to-morrow on the actions of to
New coilstitution.—We have been in
formed that many of our citizens enter
tain the belief that all the members of du
Convention agreed to they amendments
proposed to the Constitution, hecause their
signatures are found to the amended Con
stitution, This is an error which may in.
duce some persons to vote lor it, who oth
erwise would not. It is well known that
some ofthe most important changes in the
Constitution, passed by bare majorities
The first form of the Certificate offered td
be signed by the members of the Conven.
lion contained expressions which implied
their concurrence in the amendments, or
might have been so coi.strited: It--was at
once objected to, nor would it have re
ceived the signatures of the minority.—
It was then out in the present form, which
merely certifies "that'the foregoing is .the
amended Constitution of Pennsylvania, as
agreed to in the Conveltion." The
meintmers Amity testily to time fart, that it is
the Ciastitution the Convention had a
greed to, but not that they iielividua!ly
approved of it, or had agreed to it, or re.
commended it to The adoption of the
Editors of newspapers who desires to
have a fair vote on the question of the
Constitinion, will do well to publish this
notice.—U. S. Gazette.
The New Orleans True American
states, that that city '►as been favored' ith
a new importation of mosquitoes, "very
large fellows. extremely thirsty, and like
a fashionable party, altogether too numer
ous to be agreeable.
Michigan.—Quite an excitement exists
against the Governor of Michigan for re
fusing to maw public the terms upon
Which he negociated. the loan of $5,000,-
000.. The contract is on file in the Sec
retary of State's office, but the Governor
has laid an injunction of secrecy upon it
till the meeting of the Legislature. An
extra session is demanded in consequence,
A New Touch of Loco Focossw.—The
Jacobin organ publishes the following no.
"Marshail I. Bacon, Esq., is the only
democratic Justice iir the city. In these
times of litigation, let our friends remem
her him. Office corner of Woodward and
Jefferson A venues..".-Detroit Advertiser:
The cattle ate dying offal a shocking
rate in some pans of New Hampshire by
some unknown d i ease, The bailee pu
trify so soon after gleath, that it is necessa
ry to bury them immediately. Some per.,
sons bad been poisoned by attempting to
skin the dead animals.
ISAIEIRE4Y switOn . lo AFG.z. 838.
D eampalie. l (Theciii; tank. Bills of listhag.
end ilaretbailsof *ydeve Weriptyn!• wetly pnaged al
4ts Office at* 'men ifisk pmts.
-- - -
Ontireittee of Correspondence for the Borough of
Pottsville. . ii -
sitquel D. Leib, i Gangs Hidelow, Esq.
Joint Hoarier: ll B•igsmin Barman.
James idillymsn, Jr. 1 Henry Stager. Esq.
John T. Werner,. 1 Andrew B. White,
Eannuid Hans.
Let tirp, People Reinember
voted in the Senate last Win
ter, to instrulet our Senators
and Representatives in Con
gress to vote in i favour iof the
odious and lincumuus s u b.
Treasury Bill.
now is your time for News.
The &Inters' Jebrnal will be furtudhed
until the election,iat the low rate of
Twenty'-tive Cents
For each subscriber—or 25 copies week
ly for 85.
_ .
Now is your time, oys.
Another Proposition.
The subset 'tiros now ready to receive
500 subscribers to the Weekly Miners'
Journal until the election, in this, and the
adjoining countie4, on the following condi.
If Joseph Ritivr is re - -elected, we will
charge each sutmOriber 25 cents.
If David R. P(irter is elected, they shall
have the paper fig i nothing.
0::7" lithe Piirter men are so sure of
electing their caildidate. they now have a
chance of getting. the Journal for nothing
until the election 11...BANNAN.
Fellow Caizeas be on Your Guard.--L
We Learn f good authority, that it is
the intention of tie Porter men to import
a number of voters into this District previ
ous to the efectirfp. One of the Party has
declared, that they would have at least
forty yming metes votes before the elec
lion, in addition to the votes they now
count on. 'rhisi is to he done for the pur
pose of winning their Bets on the District.
We thererore nation our citizens to be on
their guard, and report the names oro
.such young men who.may hereafter take
up theiPiresidenCe. in this Borough, merely
for the purpose i t if-voting, so that they can
be put upon oath at the polls.
O The Papiir containing the certifi
catesirelative itithe Lewistown Affair, has
been taken front our office. Will the per
son who has itre: turn it. This will account
for their non - ap pearance in this paper.
Pottgoille AOademy, conducted by the
Sisters of Chai i ity.—fly reference to an
advertisement in another column, it will be
observed that the exercises in this excel
lent Seminary 10f Learning for Yming
Ladieo, will
.bei resumed on the third of
September ne4.
Messrs. Carey & Hart have issued a
second edition 4l"Chartoal Sketches," by
Josrpu C. ISI4, Esq. This gentleman
is now on a v i4it to our Borough for the
benefit of his health, which we regret to
learn has inffeied considerably in conse
quence of a toii rinse application to the
various duties of his editorial closet.
- .
frr The "Blaze of Glory," which was
lit up in the West. has been somewhat cb
scored by the ltlue Lixhi of Loco focoism.
Farther return? from Illinois and Missou
ri, although they show a great gain for
the Whigs, arti not sufficient to redeem
thesei benighted States from the dark
-spirit of Loco :cucoism.
The Tiles Entertainments given
by Mr. }lmlay; nt O'Connor's Hotel, con
tinue to be wet) attended.
"Never mitid hie character—He was
the only man" We could get to suit the in
terests of the P ART Y "-;.• was the answer
given by an office-holder under the Gener
al Goverment, to the inquiry made by an
honest Porteri man, "How came yuu to
take up a map with so bad a character."
There is no djiubt but that the .thee-hold•
-ei told the tfuth—but he wilt find that
there are a cteat many honest men rnthe
State, who will pay some attention to cha.
racier and esty in•selecting public of
ficers--and the person who ma,:!e the in
quiry, allhonicti.beretufore a Porter man,
declares thalrhe cannot vote for any man
inerelt, to ad ance the interests of a Par.
ty. at the es use of the interests of the
t te
State—and after hearing the above decla
ration, decldres that he will not vote fur
Poi ter, . 'I
The Game of tke,...lPorterites.—The .
Porterites are practising, gross deceptions
with respect to the voice of the People in
the several 'counties, townships and bor.
limbs in thii State. This is their favorite
game at . resent. We unhesitatingly
say, that t it statements generally speak.
ing are fall and unworthy Of credit. They
boast of tuarrites which they know cannot
exist; they,, represent as doubtful wtnit
they knos - to be certain, and even induce
their frien4 to bet by their misrepresen
Oz:r A gentleman from Ohio declares
that "Jog Cusps" will .be re elected Gov.
ernor adult State by at least 20,000 ma
jority. ./4- Rrrriza will also outdistance
the 'gran Grey' this State. With two
"Joe.," thbre can be no doubt of a sound
Thei Van Buren Members of Congress,
ptevions to their adjournment, -published
an address to the People of the United
States, in which they declare that the is
sue niust be continued "Sub-Treasury; or '
no Sub.Tressury." "Upon that measure
is suspended the fate of the. Administra.
lion." Upon it, they "will sink or sWim."
This address. was approved 1. or by all the
Loco fuco members of Congress from
Pennsylvania, who now support DAVID
R. PORTER for Goveroort Can it be
any longer doubted that he is the Sub-
Treasury Candidate? If he is not, why
don': he comp out publicly with his views
of the, measure. It is proper that the
voters should know them. 'Joseph Rimer
has publicly proclaimed himself the oppo.
neat of this abominable Bill, while some
of the advoeiites of the Bill declare David
R. Porter is in its favor, and others declare
him to be opposed to it. Should not the
public therefore be made acquainted with
his views under his own signature? How
unlike the conduct of our honest, fearless
arid upright Governor, Josskt itittvest.
He never hesitates to give his views on all
public measnres, when required to do so.
He does not 'wish to sail under false colors
—but on all' occasions when requested, he
c3ines out niatifiky, and publicly proclaims
.his .ixiews and his opinions, sod is %%aging
to stand.or fall on their merits. His op.
ponetits charged him with being en Abo
litionist. His fellow citizens called,hini out,
and instead of hie being an Abe/theme, his
I views on the subject of Slavery and Abo
lition, prove to, be those cherished and ad•
hered to by four fifths oft he people of Penn.
sy Ivania, and they have completely discom
fited his enemies.. The same queries were
proposed to David R. POrter—he remains
mute--he has refused to answer them—he
dare not make Imotin his: views on that
etthjeet, to • the. People of Pennsylvania. MO he dare not proclaim himself the ad.
tocate or the opponent of the Sub-Treasu
ry Bill. is such a man fit for Governor
of Pennsylvania?
otr are pleased to learn that the
leading Conservatives- in this State, as welt
as in New York, are abandoning Martin
Van Buren's Administration. We Also
learn that Philadelphia add other sec.
tions of the State, they are also, abandon
ing Porter, and coming out for Ruiner, be
lieving that the success of the former,
would be claimed as a triumph in favor of
the leading measures of the General Gov
ernment. trr The great anxiety on the
part of the Globe to have David B. Por
ter elected, has effected this change.
ilzll.- Was not the late attack of the Globe
on the navy, caused by an attempt made
in Pennsylvania by a portion of "the Par
ty," to bring.forward Com. STEWART as
a candidate for the Presidency.
,has not yet resigned his sent in
tke Senate.—Porter's organ in Hunting
don county declared—that Porter'would
resign his seat in the Senate. He has
not vet resigned, although theteonvention
to form a'ticket meets in Huntingdon next
week. Potter won't resign, unless forced
by public;opininn to do so. Eh+ knows
that he cannel be elected Governor, anti
will therefore hold on to the office of Sen.
ator, whith he now holds.
A Justice of the Peace in Pocono town
ship, Monroe county, by the name of Sam.
uel Meyers, who, under the impression
that the new Constitution wilt carry, and
that Justices lifthe Peace 'vivid % t herefore
be elected by the People. A Ritnet man'
in a district, with a large, majority against
him, war stand very little chance to be e
lected a Justice. in this dilemma,
what's to be done? Throw up my com
mission for a few months, come out public.
iv out the,strong side in the District—then
I will have a claim upon the nople f and
they wilt elect me and continue me in the
Read! Read!! Read!!!
According to the official reports of the
Secretary of the Treusuty, the • first year
of Van Buren's Administration cost the
People upwards of
$38 1 000,000. ,
John Quincy Adams's Administration,
cost thelPeople in round numbers only
• $44,000,000.
John Quincy Adams was turned out be.
cause As Administration was an extrava
gant on . David R. Porter is a violent
.support r of Van Buren, and approves of
all his easures. People of Pennsylva
nia, wilt you support x man fur Governor
of thisgreat State, 'Who thus approves of
squandering away tfil, People's Money?
TireLycmi . ng Eng/e.-This paper a
short dine since was published in Belle
fonte-8 was bused up fur want ofsupport.
It was a short time after revived in the
- upper ead of Lycoming county, under the
name of "The Eagle," fur the purpose of
advocating the formation of a new county
to be eiilled "Eagle." it professed to be
neutral'. It sunk a second time for want
of patronage. Soine of the friends of Rit
ner stepped artrwaid and revived it a sec
ond time. It then feebly supported Rit.'
. ner fork several reeks—it was agaip about
sinking, when the Porter men stepped for
ward, extended further aid —.and the paper
now sapporte David R. Porter. Of such
Support, the Porter- men may boast as
much as they please.
GipisoN La, for...
Mayor of New "York, an
wowr, iate-Collectoi. df
York )
_officiated as 'lid
great Whig Meeting ) '
to welcome the
Mississippi, to that city
and all dye
daily deserting Van' Bu j
that it istecoming there
nectedany longer with
of such vile naaterialsl .
Party of the present da
our principal
The True lave
lutiOn was offered at
meeting of the Locos i
week, by Henry Horn;
and was passed
."Resolved, THAT •
Tins W ARD BE AND 1'
Another resolution
meeting, says: "Th
~re against es. Ther;
Conseivative ground t'
• I
O.'T Coliserva
The following reinarh-
New Fork •Evening
organ in that city % hi
marks which appeaie
American Sentinel, in
tion, lately offered a
Meetings by Henry
In reply to this we bar
democratic party cannot
cept by abandoning the p
controversy aetween th
rim., we are willing to g
diately. It Is . beiter to:.
than to abandon our gibe nd Bite e
Our readers may
David R. Potter iv,
Pennsylvapia t that t
will be brought upa
winter. Let every
ere he pests his vote
success will cause a,
odious Elnd iniquitoui
pest at
le Sub
ain in I
min tht
for an
More Confirstati, of th. Blackguard
Contifict of the Port. it's a Harrisburg.
—lf there should a y dou ito remain in
c ii
the minds of any of ur:rea ere, with res
pect to the abamefu mitre l e commi:ted
on the • Governor at Hg risburg, and
tti ough tam s on the -peopl:- Of the State,
e should think the folio ing . evidence
would. be sufncient t reale e them:
Eitta of a letter from
in Adams county, In b
"FOUR respectable
place, who- went to
the Porter. Convention.'
Were PO much dilcuste , ,
mean fellows who pat
the Governor's house.
information relative to
neatly confessed their•
such a party, and haee
the Partner Governor,
names ate JOHN P. ,
ROY; .lotiN SAVNIi
'in kite!! gent gentleman
In friend 'n Carlble, dated
ssula, ugupt 4, 1839.
• obng .entlemen of this
risbrirgra .Pr iv ates, to
oti the 4th.nt, tint) , lant 4
g with t e condnet of the
1. eipted n the outrage at
I .., ]
g a htrin obtained better
jorrithit 'irrowif i , have ho.
1 ante fo haying been in
biLenine motive friends of
lortittrt Rrrainn. Their
i MITT .1011. MeP.l..-
You a &a."
thrriei ,e Coal—better
an lar4 • other.--W e
per•tatit article from
onrOk rt.
• •
Pennsevania A
for Steam ..5111ps ,t
copy-the following 1
the met Richmond
tr"fornin late feat!
hilumiouti coal will riot
The itteamer Niche
from New York to N.
Key West and send a
supply of
_Engloth cos
unfit. The Anthracit!
said to' be the beat y
The Great Weatero;
Cage than airy other."
h' rep.
t o ns he
r to He
o • Penneyls
t y the steal,
• amid i to better ao
fesl's ishonesty.
4"e' C r roll ,
aze t t
la Citvi, A Ilegba.
g of Porter and
4sted,"thtv ban
—its editor re
orteri fairly 'con
itthvvardii his
iv support him,
moons to secure
ver , Governor,
1 sch, l
Can't Stand
Mere lie/p.-- 7 -
01bliihed at Mono
ny, has struck the
the Sub-Treasury,
ner Which wetter'
marks that having
victed of fraud•and
creditors, he can n
but will use his Ut
the re election of t
Joseph Rimer.
ost ex
i 8 la
The Susqueltnn
opened 'between
tins State, on 'Mt
Another Szt&T I
The last Leming
the following
the re
I tonal
"We learn fro
Boren's • "corMitu
irecejser of public
Ins etibondetl4 p
amount of %I Ifr,
*Mob he hadgiv i
rnesii sins, only-fit
of $9+1,462 • Oa; A.l
yi oly
,00 0 „ I
tint 61
l';-1th '- Jackson
Oe ko tlf . ' New
of the
c t
'Ye last, week
1., ? Niles, of
iTke prOolinent
114, unill ere
. t-- e t att is,
' ' l 4 ~ t l f _,,,____,*° -
Pqt' co. posed
1 thp ,al.ouren
i ona . s ft up of in
1 1 e t1)11
*ha ",
wing rase:
th Ward
elpltia last
' 2 1 ng r
: ti ,A •
v 9 18 1
I_. S
* - LIOR
Iwno i
E 1116REBY
I l'iSTlTU
niql; OLL/-
*ho a
at the flame
enot Mr us
y from the
.Van Buren
o same re.
we en
' l lit.
in i
rept* t
and o
only to
relish) t.
I t party 1
I -
into jt
1. b6aten
the reselu•
the Ward
Iny, tha t
. !.
e majority ex
:tenure now in
nd int aaVersi
inority home
:n menial fight
0 ;
red that if
Governor of
reasury Bill
°tigress nett
refore pause,
man whose
df this most .
Jppears that ;Mr
recently sailed
la had to atop at
to Havana
mood coal being
Primaylvanie is
the ateam4hip.
o better adran-
Rest! will, be
H and York td
2 d inst.
ANteond ed.—
,rveT brings us
neste . wiles!,
onelor . 'pp
b.Trea relr,B,"
t Fifkien , r 4ik.,
defitult r to- th e
Theiimoimt for
to - the govern
-avmg a balance
his loud , bortas
d democracy."