The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, August 25, 1838, Image 1

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EY PH141341111
' 111111101.• • •
layatilia semi-annuall' in a.
to theyear, Si will hit eha
'eeiTe the paper free of Fio.
$3 per annuli' if not paid ,
Mill be'adiled to the price o
Two DOILL ARO per annu l
'ln advance, lf not paid WA
`be charged
rlidvemseinents not 'etc:
Charged 111 - for three inserti
'insertion, Larger ones in
Alt aid verusements will
Ota. unless the time for whi
in specified And will be elm
Yearly ac Yertisers will
'lncluding sObscription to th
of keeping oneadverusetne;
standing during the year. a
'er one in each ultir r for th
Ail lettere addressed to t
'otherwise no 'attention wil
All notices for tneetiN,
which have heretofore be
charged 2.5 each. eat
FOR Young Lsdieri,
u Charity. The ex,
will be returned on M
September next. All .11e,
lish educatinn are time',
patent teachers. The
language, together with
and Rome, wilt" be an
from $2 50 to $5 per
ouducicu ny • um Sisters
reises of this institution
I. day, the it ird day of
branthes r a g,.od Eng
, with care 'ate. by cum
lenient,. of . the erencli
the languages of Greece
rit if required. Tering
uartcr. Languages ex.
Pottsville,--au¢, 22, 1
To Contracto
tiou and
Philadelphia and
to Readinr, on ih.
Vie ensuing
for the grading ofthe h •
Road between Readin ! .
"ding a tunnel of sister
the neightiorhond of P
'Masonry generally
The sections are tol
some of them' involvin
sad the blasonry cool
dpening, and heavy bit
Any further informa
Will be given on - applic
SON, Acting Enginee l
beers op the line, and
line and plans and . • ,
will be ready for exams '
previous to the leittng.
Persons unki•nwn to
peeled to hand in with
tentimontala a* to el
t'hilndelphia. auk , I.
tion of a celebrated miedecal man, the introduction
of which to the pebble way invested with t h e so.
lemnity of a death bed bequest, hal since gained a
reputation unparalleled, fully sualaining the cor
rectness of Th e lame ted Lk. Gdeley's last con
Cession, that ** he da t ed not die W ithout giving to
posterity the bene fi t rhis know ) itgeon this sub
ject„,' , and he therefor' bequeathed to his friend 4..
attendant Solomon H ya, the sect+t of his discove
ry. .. 1
It is now used in the principtil hospitals, and
the private practice in onr country, first and
t r
most certainly forth cures of thd Piles, and also
so extensively and e actually as du baffle creduli
ty, unless where its e eeti are witnessed. .Exter
nally in the folluwin complaints. •
For Ling extraordinary itbsorp
tion at once. I
Alt Sorel Zags ' , educing them in a few hours.
. Rheumatiant.—A.•ute or Chronic, giving quick
ease. l•
Sore Throat.—Bvi cancers, ulcers , or colds.
• Croup, and Whooping Cough.-1-Externally, and
over the cheat. •
.. . Ali &vim, Sp . 11$ and Mimi, cured in a
few hours. _
Sole, and Ukere. Whetheroo4 or long stand
ing and fever sores. • • •
• ha operations upon adults and children in re
ducing rheumatic swellings, & loosening coughs
. and tightness of the chest by tvlaxatioa- of the
parts, has been surprising beyond conception.—
The com)non remark of those who have
in the Piles. is "It acts like a charm."
THE PLLES.—The price Ii is refunded to any
person who will usel a bottle or ay's Liniment
for the Piles , and reiUrn the em y bottle without
F r
being, ured. These are the pos itive orders of the
proprietor to the Agents; and obt of many thou
sands bold, not one has been unimefiessful.
We might insert leertificales fp any length, but
peefeethat those w o sell the article, should ex
hibit the original purchasers.
cAtinoN.—N no can be genuine without a
splendid engraved wiappef, On which is my'also the of the Agents.
Sold wholesale a d retail by COVISTOCK &
CO,Sote Agents, Fletcher street, New.Ynrk,
and retail by W. EPTING; Centre st. Potts
vMe. - Pa. '
or Matting and
by I
Pollan Jn:y
. Beauty, just r
.1. -....-..,...- ....I. '
--no. ......-......irumat--.....1•••• ii
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I • - .0-2'l - -'. - .:'• , Z4. c• - • , . , :.. . • ,, .. - .:•. - .. - ?..; .,. . -- ', - "'".;:r..c . . — .T.t'''..1 1 ..„'•"" .. .:i:''''. - : a
I .''' - , • ..... ,:- 1:.: -... - ,.... - .4,.. 4.
....;r!...aar .••...,. ~,e. .
.:4. . C ' ," ""b•,-
1 ..
, „. •
• ~'s ' - ':,, L -,-
. . ',..-
~,, _. ~•.... .
1 .., ~.
• , i
i 1 , i : • . -, ~ .
, 1 ..• '1 - --.- ' I r i. . 11 . I'' ..'`
AN: POTTSV I 14 - ot7.orraNEl,
~.,. ... ...0..,__„,.•• ~.,,„:„:„..,,.„.„,.......,..._...._ •
i • . -,,
. . . .
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4 { --
i _. . • .
i 1117111J/CT Masi/M=lZ 'lO 01711"Vil LlliD
iii • Notic
- q . e.
/VIM Reiter of Schoilhill County !living
granted JO tern of Admiaistration to tbe'sub„
scriber, on thiii estate' of 'Jelin Tintsrwria,• late of
the Borough Tiof Pottsville, ' Schuylkill County,
deCessed. , Tlie e refore all parsons having 'iclaima
etainst said ceased, are i•eqitesied to ftresteht
them proper.l . ' authenticated for settlemedt, and,
all those indd , are reltietted . tO make /imme
diate paying° to the subscAber. . , t
.! ' JOAN 'S. C. MARTItI,
1; BIAS Et.'
V iiiriari- .
rry Cans {per annum.
. vance. 1 tarp paid with.
1e..1 to all tholte who re
ge. To niSilfsubscribers
ithin the year, 50 cents
LT,- , 1
... payable somt-annuall
. in the rani, $2 50 will
ing twelve lines will be
na—and SO gents for one
e insetted until ordere
.h they are to, be continue
ged accordingly.
charged till per annum;
. caper —.with t he privilege
t not exceeding 2 squares
d the insertion of a small
ee successive times.
e editor moat be post paid,
be paid to (em.
jn lis tri c uer B :41 1 g o irs 'th t l is r
Marria - 111:, nd . Deai ha.
I; for
- icava
I, Road.
eaduig lia
err's Hotel,
of S P. Al.„
Won. inclu
' in length in
and for -the
of The Rail
received al
13th day t
til the boo
1 .. vies,. pectin'
, and Port
hundred tiet
'nt Clinton,
this porno
be let are livery heavy,
much rod eicavntinn,
l ists or col 'ens of large
ge °biome is and piers.
lon in relate ri to the arm k
Lion to W "I' 410 Ii 1N
,,0r he A leant Engi.
maps and b ufiles of the
ifications oc the Masonry
Cation at. Relqiing, a week
lam Ettginets, will be ex
their propo wtiefacto
ilarec!er and
awn petehey
ain Carpeting. Also *urn.
ntry Carpeting, just received
1,1838. 66-
r ].dies, or Hints on Female
'wed aadrtor sale :by
I \ . 64— '
&gust 4th, 1438
• . !
. Beat the Following ? .
InteresiiiF and Astimishing FactS.
MORE conclusive proof; of the eitttoidinary
efficactrf DR.. WIWI EVAN'S celebrated
Camomile an ! Aperient Aintibißoum Pills in al
leviating am t led mankind' • I
To James' Drekson. 36, CaWthill, Bostott) Agent
for the 'lnlaid Dr. Wm. Mana's Camomi e Pills.
' rt Lowlmt., Nev. IS, 836.
Dear Sir—Anowing by ex t ierience Lodi every
reference thft the afflicted ,. receive of the! benefi.
cial results of edicines. I Cheerfully offiir mine
to the putilfe• ' behalf of DR. W M.' EVANS'S
CAMOMII. PILLS. 1 have been afflicted Mr
the last ten ' eats with -dietress in the head and
elicit% oftenit bad as to deprive me of sleep for
three or four ' fights in suceisalon, but have never
Mend relief l'il any of lily friends' preemiipttomi,
until my wif saw the advertisments in thiet paper,
when she pefituaded me trytend for \ someg which
1 did, and ofgained two boges and bottled, which
resulted in !' 'most completely retoringi me to
health, slain gh 1 have not yet entirety !finished
them. Shall d you consider this any b enefit to
yourself, or the public, you : haste my chealul per'
misition to pliblish it. Yours, respectfully.
r _ TOPS. K. GOODHUE, Cenfiahst.
CASE Cured by Dr. Win.
i Eonner4atnomile Todie and Permit* Aprri
ent rata —6lr. 'BENJAMIN SOWN, Annie ,•el
Sintipen ancliGeorges streets. Philadelplite, affe6.
ed for sevealyears with elitreine nervousness, by
which he •west not able tot write hat name—hid
symptoins sire, ernscatioM da Hy spawmoaie pains
in the head y loss of appetite, palpitation of the
heart, g tddie.a and dimness of sight, utter ina
hility of eotaging in any' thing that demanded
vigor or cfairawe, sickness and %leakiness ex•
teem debih(j, disturbed rine. a sense olipressure
and. weight tat the stomatllt after eating, great
mental despondency, severe flying petits in the.
chest back h and sole, costiveness, a dililike fur
weeiety and tonversation. ! Mr. B. has Made trial
of canons ilitedieines now before the pablic, but
to no etfeel.;' Until, observing in a public paper
some coreaiterfortned by' Dr. Willianit Evans's
Camomile Tonic and Fatally Aperient; Pills, he
was induicil to give them a trial, of whieh he is
at any tint ; happy to state that they effectually
cured hint4f the above dbitressing diseape.
117 Per tis who doubt the above cm 4 are most
respectfully: direetbd to the above mentiOnsta per
son,. at the north west corner of ShitipeM and
Georgewstreets. BENJAMIN BOWN.
Philadelithia October •26, 1834.
Mis. FlaObah Browne, wife pfJosepk Browne,
N. 6th strit,.near Secoor Witliamsbuty, afflict
ed, for thel 4 . t ten Yalta *th the Liver complaint,
...completelylestoretto health through the treat
meat ot Dr Wm. vans.! Symptoms-Habitual
constipiti4i of the bowelli, total law or appetite,
exeruciati7 pain of the epigastiic region, great
depression' f spirit., languor and other Symptoms
of extreineli debility, disthrbed sleep, Inordinate
flow of theimenses, pain in the right aide, could
not lie on her left side without an aggravation
of the pritif urine high colored, with other symp
toms indtokting great ddrangement in the rune
tions of the liver..
Mrs. Browne Was !Wedded by three Of the first
.physieiainf, but received but little relleflfrom their
medicine,: ill Mr. Browne procured4dine of Dr.
.Win. EvS s's invaluable( preparations,. which ef
fectsrally . elieved her Of the above distressing
symptonui s with others,which it is nrt. essential
in intimite. JOSEPH. BROWNE.
CityandConnty Of New york, se. t
Joseph .13rowne. of W illiemsburg, Long Island
being duli Sworn. did depose and sag; that the
facia as gel forth in the within statement to which
he has stifiseribed his nme, are just and true.
Ifusband of the , said Hannabßrowne.
Sworn belkse me this 4Or. day-of Janoary, 1837.
('ETER PINKNEY,Com. Of deeds.
IINTERtSTING CASE of Terbelcular Con.
° rumpl'n.—Mr. John ikon el applied on the Ist
day of member et the o ffi ce 100 Chatham
street; la ring under the following sYmptoms:—
A slight pitting of blood. distressing,edugh , at
tended w h an etpectoretion of purulent matter,
night sw . ts, general emaciation, di ffi culty ot
breathin , on exertion; With a well matked hectic
flush.on he cheek. Ott examin tion, the chest
c i t. i
was fou to sound well every here except un
der the I clavicle, ani in the arm pit of the
same aid .
Treat tat.—Directed to take the, 4 . restorative
Caruomi , Pill., with , the expectorating com
pound. a the same time an injunction, to call•in
four day 'when the night sweats had ceased. the
expects i lion slightly diminished, ais light fit of
coughitil still remaining in the morning. Or
dered as usual to' Continue the medinine, and to
call in thf course of a (week—whem his health
continue rapidly increasing, Withotit the least
cough.. IPallen at the Office on the4tb of this
month, nite convalescent returoing,this sincere
thanks r the benefit he had obtained.
The ve patient chiefly used nth regimen,.
durizg a treatment.
........; -
Mr: ' bort Munroe,lSchuilkill.- rtiffleted with
the a distressing malady. Symitionni-.-yeat
languor. flatulency. disturbed rest. nervous head.
ache, di catty. of breathing. tightnefes and attic.
lure ate' the breast, i didainess, enrolls irrita.
bility restiessnessi could not lie in a Mari.
zontal. • anion. wit - ImM the sensation of impend.
mg ' lion, palpfttition of thetart,distres
ing cod' b...tiostiireness.ipatin of thee ' mach, draw ,
sinews, eat debility atid defitiencierf the nem.
ius en gy. M. R. lielonroe Vita up every
thought-I°f reoinrery and dire despair sat on the
counten nee of tritely! permit intereeted in his
elision. or happinein%l:ll by acCidept be noticed
in a p is paper name ures effecteri by Dr. Wm.
Evans' medicine, in . his comphtint,.. which Indu
ced hit to purchases package of the Pills, which
Alin completely remtwmg eitiry-aymptorn
-ale. lie wiihes to say he . Motive for
Minn ta, that those added with the
any symptrime stmilai hir those from
of his dl
this de4
same . c
i , cnirsiriLLS Oditifir4 AUGUST
Which he letappify reacted, marlikeuihe ieceiVe
the same benefit. : ' ,
• -
MIMS. SA' of Mr
4 '.a Amos Brent:4Ber, corner of Second street and'
Germantown Reid, , Pbdadalphia, affected for the
last six rears With the Liver CoMpliiint,• was
climpleteli restored to heath' by pr. E.
:14ANWSCernomili• Tome and Family Aperient
Prlli.• Her symptoms were - hitbiterl costiveness,
escruciating pain in the Storni:eh, depression of
spirits, languor, .ektrente debility, disturbed sleep
gyeat pain in her eide, could fwat lie on her left
stde:WithOut ah itggiiivationsof pain, dizerwess in
the heed, dimness'nf sight, • with other syniptoms
indicating great derangement lathe functions of
the Liver. ' Mrs,tereriblser has Made trialrof va •
lions medicines now before the. public, bat re
ceived no relief until she erns advised to make
trial' fDr .Evabies Pills, of !ilia she is happy
to state that they effectually relieyed her of the
above distressing simple - ons, With others, which
ate_ not essential - to intim:ail'
Mr. Brenhiser, • (husband , of the. above Mrs
Brenhiser, had been "Iwo years ,aflicted with a
distressed stale piles 4nd Costiveness, of which
he was effectually cured.
A perfect cure effetted by tbe 'fliatriteitt of Di
'William Ratty,
Mr. John Omni, of N.4tb street, Williams
burg, afflicted with the above complaint for three
years and nine months, during 'which time he
had to use crutches. Hie MOM symptoms were
excruciating pain to all his joints, but especially
in the hips, shoulder. knees and ankles, an ag
gravation of the pains tuwards • night; and for the
meat part-all tunes from external heat, an OW
nue hick eh ing of the faimia and ligaments, .with
a complete hiss of mosculae taiwer. For the ten
efit of those 'afflicted hi a ptmilar manner, Mr.
Gibson conceives it meet tit say that the pains
have entirely ceased, and that hit joints have
completely recovered their natural tone, an,d he
[eels able to resume his ordinary businesa.-
Mrs. A bile G. Kenny, No. 115 Louis street,
between Sotinton and Houston streets. afflicted
for ten years with the following distressing symp•
Acid eructation., daily spasmodic pains in the
head, Imiri of appetite, palpitation Of the heart, g id
illness and dimneseof sight, could not lie on her
right side, disturbed rest, utter inability of en.
gaging in arty
. thing that demanded vigor or
engage. a visionary Idea of t n aggra-
vation of her disease, a whimsical aversion to
particular persons and places, groundless appre .
Isensinni of personal danger and poverty, an irk.
sameness and weariness of lite, discontented, die.
quietude on every Alibi oceasirinoihe conceived
she could neither die nor liiie, she wept, lamented,
desponded, and thought she led a moat miserable
lite, never wits one ad bed, with frequent' mental
hallucinations. Mrs. Keni.y had the advice of
several eminent physicians, and had recoutse to
nomerods medicines, but could not obtain even a
temporary'allevtation of her distressing, siate„ till
her husband persuaded - her to make trial of my
mode of treatment. She is now quite relieved,
and finds herself not only Capable of attending to
her domestic effairiif but avows thst she enjoys as
good health at present as she did at any period
of her existence. J . KEN%Y.
Husband of the aforesaid'AnneKenny.
Sworn before me this 14th day of Dec. 1836.
Peter Pinckney, Com. of Deeds-
Mr. Charles Hobart, No. 122 Orange street, N.
Y. afflicted for five years with humeral habitual
Asthma, applied at the office 1110 Chatham street
on the 41:5 of October, laboring under the follow
ing symptoms. A sense of tightness across the
chest. with the greatest difficulty of brathing.
distressing'cough, generally ending with copious
expectoration of viscid. phlegm, disturbed rest.
the face turbid and of a livid hue—could not lie
in a horizontal position without the sensation of
immediate suffucation, languor, 'drowsiness, and
dizziness in the head, and toss of appetite.
Mr. H. applied to the most eminent physicians
in this env, likewist need several other remedies
without obtaining any permanent benefit, until
his friends persuaded hid to place himself under
Dr. William Evans' treatment. He is now re.
lieved of his complaint, and called at the office
yesterday, avowing that fie had not 'words to ex
press bin gratitude for the benefit he bad receiv
ed. October 21, 1837.
We do hereby snbecribe our signatures to the
truth of the above cures, that the statement is in
.every respect true. BAR 01 BR EN H USER,
• JOHN STEIF, Baker,
No. 17 north Eithth street, Philada.
Philadelphia, Oct. 21st, IEO7.
Dr. W.M. EVANS'S Medical Office, for the
sale of his excellent Medicine, is at No. 19, north
Eeighth street, Philadelphia.
Sold by J. T. WERNER.
Sole Agent for Schitylkel County.
Valuable Real Property in Pottavi
THE undersigned offers for sale all that well
Anon three story ",BRIGS STORE AND
DWELLING HOUSEand the appurtenances
situate in Centre street, IPotterille, the property
of the undersigned, together With nine other
tenethentd id the rear of said building, and the
lot of ground lon 'the whole stands. The
brick building aforesaid contains thirty feet in
front—finished from the basement story to the
garret in the beet style of workmanship, and both
as e business stand and a residence. is most fa.
vothably situated. The foregoing propert.will
be sold on low end accommodating terms. Part
of the rthretthse money may remain on the prop.
erty for akw years, it acatred. Title indigents.
ble, and possession can be given immediately—
apply to. G. M. JENNINGS.
April 2232—tf Pottsville
AVE ad hand ;
SHEET do. '
(.10 4L.SCRISEN do. •
• R4l.lfr -
Bar iron of any sin 'ltalia to °nisi. Nada
and spikes °fall aisea.Aueile,at the Weal City
prices. . HEIM& 'WHITAKER CO.
Reading,l4ay 22,1838. 40-6 mo
- -
• "...f l :7 , ' rr'''.i. • '',;',•-•<'. • , 1 • •.
• • •.• ; .1 - -•. • : - •;
'4.. • -(,. ; • • : • • •.' "
AZ, ....,... '' • • t • : • • - '
.... . .., - _
... •f d ! " ?.. ; Is
. '' ' . -. 7'i • ' .'. s•r• ••
- •'...
.. -
. ..
' ' '..,,, . .1 . ; '..7 • 0..1 -
1 . ' ' '',..,•4;- ••••••• . Nom . 1
,'.. 1 • , 1 1 . ...,-.... .:;•;" •;,: „ • 4•,: t . , 1.... ~...,;:;„,,,,/.....,;, ; 1 , , -.- ''.. 5...
ItAli ADlnertilSE
i t
..., . . . • 1 .
._ . _.. . - 1,, •;..;,
•:* Publie'Notice.
, A S it appears, that because Mi. Crane ebtni
no patent for ameltitg Iron Ord with 445. 1
tbracite Coal in this country, many suppotie that
they are•now at liberty to adopt the {method
smelting Iron ore with Anthracite by, the us* t of
a heated air blast; although I gave notice last
vier that I had 1 a patent for enielti; lion CV, e
with Anthracite Coal. both by the of a - 01 . 11 d
atmospheric tad a heated, air blast, I proold
inform-tins public, again; that on tba 1446 of Jitr.
nary, 18118.1 received a letter from the Contra s-
sinner of Patents at %Vashingtrin, stating: usr,
upon itiamining the case of Mr. Crane's ippli4a
don for a patent for Smelting Iron, b means of
Anthracite, I have viewed his claim aslioterfering
with you* patent of Dec. 1833, and !have gin
notice to his attorney of this decisiob." Evtry'
attempt to smelt Iron ore with anthracite by the
minor a heated air blast; is an infringement Nkin
my Often!, against which I caption and warn
all men; as I shall prosecute every one loft inging
upon rights, according to law. 'Arid I Awl
ther 6fferto dispose of patent rights- flir the eir
jag of fortunes, according to my patent, u n
very moderato terms. • .
New York. May 16,1838. 37-131
grandest ornament belonging to the human "
frame. How strangely the loss of it changel the,
countenance and prematurely brings on the apkar
ance of obi age. which cauees many to recoil at being
uncovered, and itronetunes even to shup society ao a
void thelests and sneers. of their acquaintance; the re
mainder of their lives are consequently spent ih re
tirement.% short, not even the loss of propertifi:
the generous thinking youth with that, heavy si king
gloom ait'doesthe loss of his hair. To avert anb
unpleasanecircrumsiances. OLDRIDGW'S BA LM OF
COLUMBIA amps the hair from falling offon thii first
applitration and a few bottles restores it agaiii. It
likewise produces eyebrows and whiskers; pretrents
the halt from turninggrey, makes it cawl beautifully,
and frees it from scurf. Numerous certificates qf the
first respectability in support of the virtue of Oldrldge's
Balm, are shown by the proprietors.
Irr Read the followingj:
ROBERT WH A RTON, Esq. late Mayor, of ehila.
delphia, has certified. ail may be seen below, tp the
high character of the folios/ring gentlemen.. 1
The undersigned do herebyeertify that we have used
the Balm ofColumbia discovered by Ji Oldridgei and
have found it higilly serviceable hot ohly as a preven
tive against the falling °Ref hair. but a certain re
storative. WM. TIIACHER, senior, 1
Methodist Minister in St. George charge;
No Bfi North Fifth-street.
JOHN P..INGLF,S, 331 Arch street.
JOHN D. THOM AS, M In 3 Rafe st.
JOHN S. FUREY, 101 Spruce st.
• 'HUGH McCURDY. 243 &kith 7d st.l7
JOHN GARD. Jr. 1 - 23 Arch at. 1
The aged, and those who persist in wearing wigs,
may not always experience its restorative qualitilm, yet
it will censinly raise its virtues in the estimatiorOafthe
public, when it is known that three o'the above sopa
ere are more than 50 years of age, and the titbits not
less than 30.
[From the Mayor.] 1
COMMONWICALTH Or PErnenrg.vatla.
City ..f Philadelnhia.
T. ROBERT WHARTON.. Mayo i l u . l cif, *MB hy of
Philadelphia...lo hereby certify that I a well uaint
ed with Memos. J. P Inglis. John S. .'utey. antil
AlcCurtly whose names are signed to the abov cern
ficato, that they ate gentlemen of character sod re.
spectability, and as touch full credu , shoubd be given
to ihe said certificate.
n witness whereof. I have hereunto set tut
and caused the seal of the city to be alSxdd . this
(L. B.] With day of December. tile. . 4
Caution.—None genuine without a Splendid steel
engraved wrapper of Falls of Niaora, witi'Ogents
names 6[a' L
W /We igle and retail by Comstock and Co. 2 Field).
er Street New York and retailed b 4
Pottsville. July 25. 1838
Eyer's Note Books.
YER'S German and English Note Book,,
just iecenred . and for sale by -
Pottsville,-July 21, 1838.
Blood Pilli.
AFRESH supply, jolt received and fbr gale
Pouavilie. August 11,1833. j 62
CALLA • THE . cl
New Establisin ,l stent l i .
Corner of Centre and Market Streds Paitteville
THE subscribers respectfully 'nominee to
ms• their friends and the riblie getteralf i s, that
they have taken the store formerly °eon I ied by
Jacob Bull & Co, corner of Centre and arket
"streets, where they are now provided with choice
insortment of ;1 .,
Dry Goods, ' 1
Liquors, 41/1 i
which they are &tem/tined ta lat the wiry low
est prices. HAZZARD STRAUCH.
N. B. AB kinds of Gauntry 1 roduce
ta ken at
the highest Market prices. 1
1 April 1
- 1 .
Tin : Subscriber is receiving from the Lew.
on Collieries. a fresh imp lv ofthe .oslebni
bed SPORN & LEWIS . RED MI C0.41L, now
landing $ his Wharf; -Plea et &shown__
cadarliufk at the alloy lfta.B Dock .pet, or
O 0
at the iar,G will bellet•f•ii 011 d .
- 1t i 8
1 Plubidelphiar4ftl2,ll2lB:l • 41-,
• "4
- ~:t1f
For Sae, , •
• A Namable Tract orCcal LOnci, t
LYING and being in the township orNor e.
weean, on the West Bowels near the
Brunch Rail !toad, about:roar tau troni Soh I
kiJl Haven—there It ins . Or ..morefroal V
passing through this Laud. For
flirt° - 3M.X/B REED;
• at POthilli
• or Mr. 110FEMWN;
March 25 34 ' at Readin
.S'i 1?(;f:0.1 - -s' .1%011)0 N.
!Riskinls Pill. 4 •
' J
rrlflE Original Hygehin Universal Vegetable
Ja- Medicine, prepared by'W.. MISKE4.. Esq.,
Member of the Royal College
,of Sorgeons.Lieen.
bate of Apothecaries Co.npany, ECIICI ' W Of col.
Court Society, Surgeon to the Roysl Union of.,
Association, , Lancaster place,-4 Waterloo
Bridge; and Perpetual Pupil of Guaylki laud St
Thom's' tlospitals, , London.".._,, - i
~ i l
These pills having gained *celebrity unperal.
leled in every section of the Union, are now con,
sidered by all those who value good health, indis
pensable as a family medicine—patrotnied by a
numerous body of the most eminent physicians
both in this country aid in Europe,—is sufStient,
it is presuMed, to stamp their character in the es,
timation ofevery thinking man, and it is Ikiped,
afar better recommendation than the course re. ,
sorted to by ignorant and unprincipled pretenders, I,
who to mislead and deceive the public, publish 1
what they call practical proofs and ceri.ificalis of '
Cures, that exceed all bounds of rational credibil
ity, and most of which, if not all, are either,grosa
fabrications, or procured byfrotid and cionnirence.
The editor of the Long Island Farmer, says
"This medicine has obtained an unprecedented
degree of well preserved popularity. Ilaviiigtak.
en these pills ourselves to advantage and, witness
ed their beneficial effects on others, vSe he •no
heiiitat too it. recommending them to the pu bic as
a safe, salutary and useful family medicine:l
lo ii •None are genuine without the signi(ure of
the General Agenton tlyilabel, by w 1 'om tire
co a
bove medicine is imported into this ntrr.4
JNO. HOLBEIN , 129 Wave y Place,
Gen'l Agent for 1.1. b.,
A supply of the aboie Medicine jut rgiee 'red
and for sale by B. BANNANI
Sole Agent for Schuylkill empty.
I . '''''
5.. F. ,
0' 1 4.4
c 4 .6
MRS. £ C. S
Boarding and Dos-School for You6g Ladies,
Centre St. 3d door above Norwegian S.
! 1 ,
eripme of instruction under Ole simerin-
Ja• tendencies of coin pedant teachers. will embrace
Orthography, Reading, Writing, , Arithmetic,
Grammar, Geography. -3drip Drawl* filiktory,
Composition, Philosophy, Astronumy,;lbratng do
Painting Moire, Plain and Ornamintal Needle
Work, dt.c. ate. The Seminary will !opeo on the
20th inst. Terms made known on applicitlon.
Pottaiille, August 11, 1838: • '62-43m0
July 16
Resmnption of Bsio4ike4ss.
T 5 Subscriber returns his grateful pcknowl
edgeriients to the citiieni of Ptittaville and
others, who stepped tbrwird to his itaistance af.
ter the loss Of his property by fire ill December
last; ind would alio - acquaint them arid the. pub
lie generally; that he has again commenced the.
Drug Business in the hooseformerly. occupied by
Charley W...Clemcns, in Eerare Street, 114 the
boroogh-of Pats Ville. where may tiller. be- bad
.a general assortment of
Drugs, I Medicines,
Paints, Oile r •
Glass, Dye Stuffily
And every other article in the above line, which
he is disposed to sell on very low and accommo
dating terms.
N. 8.. 37 Physicians prescriptions carefully
pat up at the shortest notice.
Pottsville, May 30.1838.
Musical Instrumcnts. •
...HE subscriber has just received and offers
-a- 63r sale
4 keyed German Flutes, plain,
Octave Flutes, i
Violins, •
Violin Bridges, Pins, Strings and 13otrAtatt.
Clarionet Reeds,
Guitar String.; .
Violin Bows—eitra finish.
He -respectfully invites the public to call and
examine his stock.
JOHN S. C. MA714..N.
may S. 1838
Wetherill Sc lanith i ri -
FAST SIDE, 1 , '
.• ••i
Tutu Dow Toon rite Covina, or Oirica Sr.
PIELGADEff.PIII4 9 . ' 1
White Lead dry aidt , Calomel, ' -
pound in Oil.. 3 Rai Prec44.
Red Lead, White Of?,
Littler/Fe. Vitriol Alb. :
Chronic Yellow, Snip. (bargee ' ' •
do Green Tart. Emetic
do Red Ether WO. i
Patent Yellow , d do Nitric • i .
Sager Lead - . do Acetic ! •
Copperas . Lunar Catania
01. Vitriol Com. d o 1
Sit. Foitii Ace. Mortphia i
?autistic Acid Salpb. do , 1
Epic= Sale Lae. Salplmr .. - I - .
Tart Acid „ Opi. de Narcot.l - .. -
Sup :Carlo. Soda Kerma Mineral
Corral. Sub. bferc. Dinars &l:" L. .
Refiners ofChatimbot, Sal Nitre.ltrbadone.Borar.
&c. Offer for ale the bore mentioned articlecao•
gather with a Emainr,.*arodiniiii a it Pillars._ Drop
and Dye Seiffiliairdeverysitberarialein tbsiDiemi
cal and' Medicinal' Illia• ~•••••.__ , i . : •
Rirmagistainfkmai_ reriofaffsbe 17Momiarated
underthe above beilkdieY Oladge•
2 their ilia* Moat ramoas
Made* sea ?retro° fgaso:frenr 63, to 14 30.
i 00•11118117" • - - 46-
• •
- + "as
Pr. 014 atekien
FOR SAIE.,WiL.i'V'. :'-*,
vivILL be sol4.akprivate soliii-Abil'llitottiii
v v jdoisantlypituate.dattOrt ClittiOkSilittiV
killcooniY, op. trery.solotin'Oble-,totif*L';Thhi-
Foupdry . is at the coroinencetielttlttibitTaltas
gichOyjitill and .-iguiquelianna . Rail Itoa4; now
atakutt. sod will in,a short tituitlitt:Atio_of tho
So eitolgotto , in-the country to dt:oo.lfiltb4t.
nese For tdretto.A.c, apply to' • ' '- - 1
4 • 'gAßE.rsicrittEßS: '
Irtin FoulideiiiPhilidelPhii.;
or ISAAC. MYR"' ~ .
l'aitClittiou: •
6 44 '
july 29
Daverik Safety Liimpif,. --1
LIM SALE by ;'
' •
. 3d luillWalmit:si,That
Philacialpbfit, June 90 -
smMn muNgKwM-
• '''........ .• ~. ..) T.', •.- . - .
~ I 44/11/11 . iniiirtiri i . ,;.,..; ..;
TA ILEA pleader! in informing hbrftletablind!thisi
public, that he contemee hta , llMCMltZluater
the •Tenasylvimis Hall," in Pod/till* Ider%o
his past repuudion for keeAng a idiPec! 2 ille
lishmentoacquired during the, experience ef b
in the stone line of business, raid m! a desires to p . id 1
may merit a Continuance of their favors and i t
OHN' SILVERhas madaarrangeeienbi wititlld . ,
Robert Harmer. of the "Cornucopia, n0044, , Nn
Third street, Philadelphia fora supply' of all.
delicacies which The Philadelphia marketimutalrolli•
during the Summer season. • . . ,
.. .
Bin of Pare.
Roan Beef; cold, per plate,
Corned do do
Fried Ham it Eggs, do
Green Turtle Soup, -do
Fresh Pickled Salmon,
Spiced Oysters, . .-
Old Madeira Wine. par bottle, * - 1 50
Old Pale Sherry Wine,' do -!, 150
'Old Brown do do •—2 - . 150
'Old Port do . do.. • -- , 1103 •
Old Lisbon do- • do ' . • i 00
Champaigne. (Palmetto,) - do " ' 2 01
London Brown Stout, vio. • -.%-- 371
Pepper's, Smith'. & •Seehers XX PalnAle, r
Apartments mre always-in' readiness r for Supper
Patties . ,&c and thoie who call may expect to tecerkili
, ,
every attention. -
Pottsville. May H, 1838. • . 38-tf •
_ . . .
co-The extraordinary repntatitin thator.Slicitmle
remedy for this distressing soniplaint ur -every day
gaining is ' l' a matter of - mtiialuistonishmen
That so much ering should have existed forager
wi bind any discovery of an 'effectual preventive. Sr
cure is truly a subject Of much regret, but Dr. S. no*
assures the public that- such a remedy-leas been. MA ,
vented as will convince the most orethakina. The
principles upon which it nits are shiPlei trodplaine-:
It bred admitted fact that this complakat whether
called sick Headache, or Nervous Headache. 'fillet
primarily from the stomach--those who' , •thinli - tlm
have the Nervous Headache mar rest sieved ill
this organ. the atomsch.- is the flint cans ti. that,
system bar become vitiated or deinhated; through '
stomach, and that only through the saint' than
must they, expect a reiteration of tbelnatutal a
healthy functions of the system., This: object;'
Spohn's remedy is eminently calculatedto attaioi _
The-truth of position cannot be &Mid/Vetted; 'mirk
s e e
the sooner rent with the headache -become con
vinced of i the sooner will- their' sufferinipaend 14
restoration. health. ,Dr. Wilk - pledgeslusintifse
sional rep* lion on Mantel: The' thetedf•May be
had of aptit k•- caries. •, : • ••• • • --- -....-- • -.• 't
Wholesale. and A ißetall•lrylloinviedyk ec.,. No. 2
Fletcher St. New York . and Retrial:4y" , ~ ' ' • • .
Pottsville.2oly.2l.lB3B: - - •• , . 1564 r; "
NOVO: • '
TIIE Subscribers havmg tented 1 5 e iihart
Fairmount dam, footorWilloat Rail•Roodi
joining the o'ne occupied by A.litlion *4 CO.
are prepared to receive Coed. LC - mber, dro. 6n
wharthge, and commiaaion. Enquire of the 'db.,
scribers on the at 28.8mA What-via.
june 20 *. • 041'
. • Caution.. 1.
THE Undersigned cautions the. puldic sgaulis
purchasing or leasing the tric,tnfla - nd ladled
Clinton Tract, on the East Numegiin rail road
from Eli:shedi Spam', of 'HenryMorris tot' her
as he the undersigned claims title - ;tbercto r .,
will institute, a snit against. any person. attempt.
lug to take dm posseisloa theleof., • -
Manheim; April 23,1838:- - -.32
Fresh Sy mm s.
LEMON, Suawbeffi•jri4P7l.fiolnicr
Blackberry, Allat-ft4gaarnma,papacadsel
Almonds, Musics and Fitisdnietce. .tll;l7iArd4
`."1i: 4 14A - p •
Pottsv i lle, July 28, .1183FP-_s.7';''Y kr" 118--
• NEW. S ,
& Hardware Store.
THE subserlbere woold,respiletfolly *petit!'
to tbe pablic, that be betiaildette.hirfo,i ,
stock. Iran and Hardware. *lasting*. o
Autericanitod English Bay.lrpn.Al.
Iron, Round Iron, assorted - ilzeinViiii;eitiirl
Shear. German and Enghift'illliiterlittir,A,;
Steel Vices. MonseohoketteilaMetlllv*e.434 •
Cu . t Steel band. chepinceid.Breld Imam • '
and, spikes, together. with:ii:glitiarid!.aseortine
of Iron Mongery; all el:iirltlik_irill!`helel4 at r
cloud prices, pi • : '. 4OIIZUCLAYTON.
ReniainfiliAlt;:Cu miag,
eiIITTORMEr z.fitam
HAS maimed his Office to-Cetitre' /Brook
posite the Brick Building&
chip, where he Wilr ;mini to all Weil* .
trued to him in the fine of his. profitkdoo.-
Oct 41
Raiding . Nadi& INlONViiiiik
IINAVE'an hand boiler!ilfonAiiaotTOr ,
KM•siZell do: and any" all thi-difilMig sizes .
i r on; aloo, round and "quill - irais4roocturil •
inch Railroad iron of tbs various: dies.. pooh
an d oonnteraunkAnd fist to_ths_ angles ream
u•e; and band hon. e ll , aisei tudisind
alao. *un iron of supertir
awaked** Bala altheird:r:l4atisial
• 1:1611114$0,SITIM
~~~: ~ -
1 -'' .
, - 1
, !
,„ '`Vt•Wf4
, ~~1 tia ~.: n~~:y
' _.'"'"~
- 0
~~ ~-
i' : ".
- . }g :a