The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, August 18, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1..
• . lizzazAtrzimaixisr.
TNE6EI3 , II..LAILS ANQ Fi*ry CENTS er annum.
payable semi-annually Dr achiance. It no paid with
in the yeti, St Will be 'charged to all tho e who re
ceive the paper free ofpowage. To mail subscribers
$3 per annum. If not paid within the 'year, 50 cents
will be added to the price Of liubscription.
Two Dottotost per annum. payable semt.annuall
is sideapee. Lf not paid' within the year, $2 50 will
A.dvertiseinents.not exceeding twelve lines will be
OKarted $1 for three ineerticitts—and 50 cents for one
insertion. Larger one* in proportion.
AU advertisements will be inserted until ordere
out. unless the time for whi :It they are to be continue
in specified ,and will be charged accordingly.
Yearly advertisers will be charged $l2 per annum;
'Fncluding embscri ption to the paper—with the privilege
of keeping one advertisement not exceeding 2 squares
standing during the year. an& the insertion of amnia
er one in each pipr r for three successive times.
All letters addressed to the editor must be post paid.
herwise no attention will be paid to them.
notices for meetings; &g and other not'inea
Willett have heretofore beeti, inserted gratis. will be
Charged 2.s , cenrs each. ezcepF narriages and Deaths.
THE Register of Schuylkill County haying
granted letters of Administration to the sub
scriber, on the estate of "John Timmons - , late of
the Borough of P.Mtsville, Schuylkill County,
deceased. Theiefore all persona having claims
against said deceased, are requested to prestent
them properly authenticated for settlement, and
all those indebted, are requested to make imme
diate pity ment,to the subscriber.
JOHN S. C. - Ni kRTIN,
Pottsville, August 4th, 1838
TO Coal ,llealers.
THE Subscribers having taken the Ikrge dlnd
311 ; commodious wharf •on ('ullowhtll street (or
corner of Callowhill and William streets; on
the Schuylkill, near Fair Mount:Philadelphia; are
prepared to receive any qnantity of Coal, Lumber
&c. on wharfage or storage, on the open wharf or
unddr cover, on the most, reasonable ter4rur Every
attention paid to coal consigned to them. •
References—Mr. George Bast, Schuylkill Ha
ven; Mr. Philip U' ffh, Pottsville.
Philadelphia, J uly 1 1, MS. 53-3nto.
ro Old Countrymen.
Agincy for Line of Pockets from Liver-
pool to Philadelphia.
rip HE SUBSCRIBER has been appointed A.
• . 0. gent for the Messrs. l'ope's Line of Liver
pool Packets, between Liverpool end Philadelphia,
and will receive the passage money from those
who wish to send for their friends in the old
country. and also, will procure Bills for those per
song, who may wish to btranonit money to their
• triends abroad.
The Packets belonging to tibia Line are fitted
up in a superior manner, and are commanded by
,persons who pay great attention to the comfort
and conven'ence of passengers—and have given
great 'satisfaction - to paintengers generally. Emi
grants who intend residing ip this region, will
find it to their advantage to engage their passage
in this Line, and land at Philadelphia; they will,
by so doing, save the fare and expense from New
York to Plidadelphia,l'w hich is four or five dol
has for deb individual
The rates nf.fare will he mad.' known by apply
ing at. the office of the hinters' Journal.
june 30 B. BANNAN.
1114AVF: on hand
- 11 - 11 - BOILER . IRON,
.'. 7 SHEET do. .. . .
8 iIIL ROAD d4l , .*
Oar Iron of any sire drawn to order. Nails
- and spikes of all sizes, for sale at khe lowest Ctty
prices. .KEI Mtl, NV LUTA li ER 'Or CO,
Reading, Miy 22, IS.M. 411—cimo
Poplar Boards and Plaitering Lath.
-20,000 FEET 4 inch Poplar Boards,
40,000 Plastering Lath. for sale by
Pottsville, July 14, 1838. 95
•%..J °
' Reading Nail & Iron Works,
HAVE on hand boiler iron. sheet of various
sizes du. and alsn, all the different sizes bar
iron; also; round and square iron from up to 3
inch Railroad iron of the various sizes, punched
and countersunk, ant' cut to the angles ready for
use; 'aria band iron. All sizes nails and spikes—
also, gun iron of superior quality. All of which
are offered for sale at the lowest city pricey.
• wHINAKER 60.
Readingoiune 25, 1,838. 50—tt
GREJIT ,11.112G.ILYS!!
Valuable Real Property in PtAtintrille,
THE undersigned offers for sale all that well
known three story, ERICK - STORE AND
DWELLING HOUSE and the appurtenances
situate,in Centre street, Pottsville, the property
of the undersigned, together with nine other
'tenements in the roar of said building, and the
lot of ground whereon the whole stands. Ths
brick building aforesaid, contains thirty: feet in
front—finished from the basement story to the
.garret in the best style of workmanship, and both
as a business stand'and a residence, is most fa.
'vourably situated. • The foregoing property will
• be sold on low and:secommodating 'terms. Part
of the purchase money may remain on the prop•
• oily for a few years, it desired. Title indisputa.
'lsle, and possession can be even immediately—
apply to G. M. JENNINGS.
• . April 2232 7 V Pottsville.
THE St bscribet . is receiving from the A. Lair.
ton Collieries, a fresh supply of the cele.brit- •
landing at his is her& Pine street, Schuylkill.—
; Orders left at the 'nffice,. No. 81 Dock street, or
= : at the wharf, willibe promptly attended to.
Philadelphia, May 12, 1838. 42-
ASHION A ABIZ Colord Leghorn Hats
Ja: Prince de J nville, for taco and boos,just
eveeived by N. NATHANS & o.
Pottsville, Julyl2l, 1838. 56-
4 1
I WILL rza on YOU TO Putact ins Boviiie salmi( AND iIItSNO OUT NEON TEM CENZONII ON THICINDONTIRM Nrra" WH, l °, l ; ; 111 , 1 4,GiITN STUN MTh TO OURIi tB_LIiD OinaZOT 1421,4 OPt AND raZiguit• —• 04 J9/UtS - "
Read the Fallowing.)
laterating and Astonishing Faits.
MORD conclusive proofs of the ektraoritin.r.
-i-v-IL..effidiicy of-Da. 'W I& EVAN'S. celebrated
Camomile and Aperient Antibilions Pills in al
leviating afflicted mankind.
To James . Dickson, 36, Cornhill, Boatoo,'Ageni
for the sale of Dr. Win. Evans's Camomile Pills.
town', Nov. 15, 1836.
Dear Sift—Knowing by eiperienefi that every,
reference that. the afflicted receive of the benefi.
that results of medicines, I cheerfully teak mine
to the public in • behalf of DR. WM. EVANS'S
CAMOMILE PILLS. 1 have been afflicted fur
the last ten yews with- distress in the head end
chest: often- so bad as to-deprive me of sleep for,
three or four nights in succession, but have.never
found relief by any -of my friends' prescri p tions,
until my wife saw the advertisments in the paper,
when she persuaded me to send for some, '.which
1 did, and obtained two boxes and bottleii K which
revulted in almitit completely noosing me to.
health, although 1 have not yet entirely finished
them. Stioulityou consider this. any benefit to
youiself,'or the public, you have my cheerful per.
mission to publish it. Yours, respectfully;
TIIOS. K. GOODHUE, Cents-41nd.
iNTERESTING CASE Cured by "Pi. .Wm.
Evaneir Camomile Tonic and Familolpfri
eni Pills.—Mr. BENJ A M BO WN , corner of
Shippeu and Georges streets, Philadelphia, affect
ed far seven yeffrarwith extreme nervousness, by
which he was tint able to write his name—his
symptoms were, eruscation, daily spasmodic pains
in the head, Insti of appetit-, palpitation of the
heart, giddiness and dimness of sight, utter ina.
bility of engaging in any thing Una demanded
vigor or courage, sickness. and weakness
tune debility, disturbed rest, a sense oh pressure
and weight at the stomach. after eating, great
mental despondency, sever e flying pain* in the
che-t back and' sine, costiveness. a dislike for
society and conversation. Mr. B. has made trial
of various medicines now before the public, but
to no effect, until, observing in a public paper
some cures performed by Dr. William Evans's
Camomile Tunic and Family Aperient Pills, he
was induced to give them a trial, of which he is
at any time happy to state that they effectually
cured him of the atoms distressing disease.
(CJ - Persona who doubt the above cute, ere most
respectfully directed to the above mentioned Tare
son, at the mirth west corner of Shipped and
Georges streets. BENJAMIN GOWN.
Philadelphia October 26, 1837.
Mrs. Hannah Browne, wife bf Suseph:lbowne
N. 6th street, new. Second, Williamsburg, afflict
ed for the last ten years with the Liver complaid,t,
completely restored to health through the treat
ment of Dr. Win. Evens. Symptoms—Habitual
constipation of the bowels, total less of appetite,
excruciating pain of the epigasti is regidn, great
depression of spirits, languor and other symptoms
of extreme debility, disturbed sleep, inordinate
flow of the menses, pain in the right side, could
not lie on her left side without on aggravation
of the pain, urine high colored, with other synip.
toms indicating great derangement in the func
tions of the liver.
Mrs. Browne was attended by three of the first
physicians, but received but little relief kora their
medicine, till Mr. Browne jrocured twine of Dr.
Wm. Evans's . invaluable preparations, which
fectually relieved her of the above distressing
symptoms. withmthers, which it iv net essential
to. intimate. JOSEPII. BROWNIE.
City. and Conot Y. of New Yen+, sa.
Joseph ItroWnii, of Williarnshurg, Long island
being duly sWorn, did donnas and say that the
facts as set furl h to the within statement. to which
he has sahaciVed his name, are just and true.
Husband of the saidliannah Browne.
Sworn beforir:ne this 4th day of January, 183:
PETER PIN K NET, Com. Of deeds.
INTERESTING CASE of Terbacular Con
stimption.—Mr. lobo Rowel applied on the lit
day of September at the office 100 Chatham
street, laboring under the fullowmg symptoms:—
A slight spitting of blood, distressiug,cough, at
tended with on expectoration of purulent matter.
night sweats, general emaciation, difficulty ot
breathing on exertion, with a well mat ked hectic
flush on the cheek: On eaaminatioq, the cheat
was found to sound well every where excptit on.
der the left clavicle, and in the armpita the
same aide.
Treslntent —Directed to take thec.rektorative
Camomile Pills, with the expectorating com
pound. s at - the same time an injunction, to call in
roar days; when the eight sweats had ceased, the
expectoration slightly. ckminished, at' light - fit Di
coughing still remaining in the morning. Or
dered its Usual to continue the medu4ine, ..rid to
call in the course of a week—when his health
continued rapidly increasing, withqut the least
cough. Called at the office on the 4th of "this
month, quite convalescent returning' his sincere
thanks for the benefit he had obtained.
The above patient chiefly used milk regimen,
duricg his treatment.
r. Robert Munroe, Schuylkill, afflicted with
the above distressing malady. Symiitnins—great
languor, flatulency. disturbed rest, nervous head
ache, -difficulty of breathing, tightness and stric
ture across the breast, dizziness, nervous irrita
bility and restlessness, could not fie in a hori
zontal position, without the sensation of impend
ing suffocation, palpitation of the heart, distres,
in g cough, costiveness, pain of the stomach, drow
siness. great debility and defitienci of the new
cos energy. Mr. R. Monroe gave tip every
thought of recavetrand dire deseniir sat on the
countenance of every person in4rested in his
, existence or happiness, till by accident he noticed
I inn public paper some -cures effected by. Dr. Wm.
Evans's medicine, in his complaint, which inch).
ced•him to purchase a package of the Pille, which
resulted in completely removing eery a mptoin
of his disease. Ile w.shes to say his motive for
this declaration is, that those afflicted with the
same or any symptoms similar yo those from
which be is happily restored. may likewise receive
the same inestimable benefit.
'MRS. SARAH 13(tRIH1SER, - wife of Mr
.."-• Amos Brenhiser, corner of &Oen& street and
Germantown Road, 'Philadelphia, affected for the
lest six years with the Liver mplaint, was
eemplutely restored to health by 'tHr. WM. E.
VANSISCameMiIe Tonic and rtinuly Aperient
Pills. Her symptoms were habitual costiveness,
ii . ierneliting pain in the stomach, depression, of
spirits, languor, extreme debility,ldisturbed sleep
. . _
great pain ib her aide, could not lie no her left
side without an aggnoratism Bfpain, dizziness in
the head, dimness of eight. with other symptoms
indicating visit denuigernent: in the - functions- of.
the Liver.. Mrs. Broahiser hiss made trial ofva
Hoes mediebutarnow• before the public., but re
ceived-no relief until she , was advised' tp make
trial ofDr Evans's of which the is happy
-to eta - le - that they effectually relieved 4ter l of the
:above distressing symptonia ( with.others, Which
are not essential ` to iodinate.
Mr. Breithiier thusbied of the shore Mrs
Brenhiser, bad been 'two years istligfiud with a
distressed state piles and Costiveness, of which
he was effectually cured.
• •
A perfect cure erryd try ibe triatsteal of A
WiUiom Boon.
Mr. John Gibson, Of 'N.Ath street, Williams
burg, afflicted with the above complaint for three
years and nine montba, during which time hg
had Louse moieties. Hie chief symptoms were
excruciating pain - in all Ibis joints, bqt especially
in the hips, shoulder, knees and ankles, an ag
gravation of the pains towards night; and for the,
most part all times from eiternalheat, ap obvi,
on. thickening of the•fascia and ligaments, with
a complete loss of musculau power. Fur the ben
efit or those afflicted in a similar manner, Mr.'
Gibson conceives it meet' to say that the pains
have entirely ceased, and that his joints have
completely recovered their natural tone, -and he
kelt; able to resume his ordinary business.
Mrs. Ahneb. Kenny, No. HS Louis street ;
between Stanton and Houston streets. afflicted
for ten years with the following distressing quip
•. • .
Acid eructation, daily spasmodic pains an the
head, lose of appetite, palpitation of the heart, gid.
dinars and dimness of sight r eould not lie on her
right aide, disturbed rest, utter inability of en.
gaging in any thing that' demanded vigor or
courage. sometimes a visionary idea of en aggra.
vation of her disease, a whimsical aversion to
particular persons and places, groundless appre
hensinns of personal danger and povsrty, an irk
someness and weariness of lite, discontented, die.
quietude on every slight occasion, she conceived
she could neither die nor live, she wept, lamented
dbeponded, and„thought she led a most miserable
10e, never was one so bad, with frequent mental
hallucinations. 3lre. Kem.y had the advice of
revers!. eminent physicians, and had recourse to
numerous medicines, but could not obtain even a
• temporary alleviation of her distressing state, till
her husband persuaded her to make trial of my
mode of treatment. She is now quite relieved,
and finds herself not only capable of attending to
her domestic affairs, but avows that she enjoys as
.good health at present as she did at any period
of her existence. X. KENNY.
Husband of the aforesaid Anne Kenny.
Sworn before me this 14th day of Dec. 1836.
Peter Pinckney, Corn. of Deeds
Mr. Charles Hobart, No. 122 Orange street, N.
Y. afflicted for five years with humors' habitual
Asthma, applied at the office 100 Chatham street
on the 4V - rof October, laboring under the follow
ing symptoms. A sense of tightness across the
chest, with the greatest difficulty of breathing,
distressing cough, generally ending with copious
expectoration of viscid phlegm, disturbed' rest,
the face turbid and of a livid hue—could not lie
in a horizontal position without the sensation of
immediate sufflocetion, languor. drovreinese, and
dizziness in the head, and loss of appetite.
. -
Mr. H, applied to the moat eminent physicians
in Ibis city, likewise used several other remedies
without obtaining any permanent benefit, until
his friends persuaded him to place himself under
Dr. William Evans' yeatinent. He is now re
lieved of his Compl,Ant, and called at the office
yesterday, avowing that he had not words to ex
press:his gratitude for the benefit be bid receiv
ed. October 21, 1837.
We do hereby snbscribe our signatures to the
truth of the above cures, that the statement is in
every respect true. SARAH BRENHIS,ER,
JOHN• ST Elf'. Baker,
No. 17 north Eighth Street,
Philadelphia, Ocf. 21st, 1837.
Dr. WM. EVANS'S Medical• Office, for the
sale of his excellent Medicine, is at No. 19, north
Eeighth street, Philadelphia.
-Sold by J:T. WERNER.
Sole Agent for Scbaylkel County.
Resumption of Business.
riIHE Subscliber returns his grateful acknowl
edgcmients to the citizens of Pottsville and
others, who stepped forward to his essistance of
ter the Ices of his property by fire in December
last, and would also acmtiaint them and the pub
lic generally, that he has again commenced the
Drug Business in the house formerly occupied by
Cherie,' W. Clemens, in %etre Street, to the
borough of Pottsville, where may &twilit be had
a general assortment of
Drags, Medicines,
Paints • Oils,
Arid every other mtiele in the above line, which
he is disposed to sell on very low mid accommo
dating terms.
N. B. rr Physicians prescriptions carefully,
put up at the shortest notice. °.
Pottsville, May 30,1838 t
'Payer's sole Book
EYEIt'S German and English Note Bookr,
just received and for sale by
Pcittsvilie, July 21, 1838:
New Establishomeqt,
Corner of Centre and Market Streets Pottsville
frEtE subscribtrir respectfully announce to
their friends and the publiegenerally, that
they' have taken the store formerly occupied by
Jacob Bull & Co., corner of Centre and Market
streets, where they are now provided witha choice
aysortnient of
Dry Goods,
Groceries, .f
Liquors, tiro--
which they are;determined tosell at the very low.
est prices.- HAZZARD & SWAMI!.
N: B.' Alf kinds of, Country Produce taken at
the highest market prices.
April 1. 2-6
• ,
AS it appears, that bicause Slr. Crane obtained
no *ant for snielticg ben Ore with• An.
tbracite Coal in this country, many suppose that
they Auction at' liberty to adopt the method of
stinelting Iron ore with Anthracite by the use.of
a heated air blast; although I gave notice- last
yeat that I had a
.patent for smelting Iron Ore
witlAmthiaoitetoel, both by the use. of a cold
atmospheric and a heated air Mast,l would. now
inform the public sorin, : that on the 14th of Jan.
nary, 1838, 1 received a letter from the Commis
sinner of Patents at Washington, stating: "Sir,
capon eitationing.the case of Mr. Crane's applica
tion for a (patent for Smelting Iron by Means Of
Antbracne,l have viewed his claim as interfering
with you r petehi of Djc, 1833, and have enticeto is attorney of this decision." E very iven,
atempt 1 smelt Iron ore with . anthracite by the
secure h ated air blast. is en intnngement upon
my pgtent, against which I caution and svgrn
,Il Men; at I shall prosecute every one infringing
spon my 'rights, according to law. And I fur
!her uffer'tn dispose of patent rights for the erect
lig of furnaces; according to my patent, upon
eery morate terms.
New York. May 16.1838.37-4 y
i sfra th m e l ra A d o ft w t s o tr rn an ar e e ll n .
h h e e 1
l o o n!: n o g .
i t t n c te n
g h e u s m t
a h n e
coiintendnre and prematurely brings on the appear
ance of rile age, which causes many to recoil at being
uncovered, and sometimes even to shun society to a
void the jests and sneers, of they acquaintance; the re
mainder of their lives are consequently spent in re
tirement. In short, net even the loss of property fills
the generous thinking youth with that heavy sinking
gloom as does the loss of his hair. ,To avert all these
unpleasant circumstances OLDRIDGE'S BALM OF
COLtiMBIA imps the hair from falling off on the first
appliiiation and a few bowel's restores it again. It
likewise produces, eyebrows and whiskers; prevents
the hair from turning grey, makes it curl beautifully,
andirees it from scurf. Numerous certificates of the
first respectability in support of the virtue of Oldridge's
Balm, are shown by the proprietors.
11l - Read the fo , lowing:•
ROBERT W.HARTON, Esq. late Mayor of Phila
delphia; has certified, as may be seen below, to the
high character of the following gentlemen.
The undersigned do herebyeertify that we have used
the BASD of ColuniLis discovered by J. Oldridge, and
have found it Uglily serviceable not only as a preven
eve waist the falling °trot - hair, but also a certain re
storat ere. WM. TIIACHEH,senior,
Methodist Minister in St. George charge,
No 86 North Fifth-street.
JOHN P. rNGLEs. 331 Arch street.
JOHN a THOM AS, M D. 163 Race st.
JOHN S. FUREY, 101 Spruce et.
HUG 11 IaIm.TRDY. 243 South id st.
JOHN GARD. Jr. 123 Arch st.
The aged, and those who persist in wearing wigs.
may npt always experience its-restorative qualities, yet
it will ceriaudy raise its virtues in the estinvition of the
public', when it is known that three ofthe abovesign
err are more than 50 years of age, and the others not
Teas than 30.
(From the Mayor.]
City of Philadelphia.
'ROBERT WH A RTON. Mayor of said city of bensby certify that I are well acquaint
ed Vith Messrs. .1. P ingha. John S. Ft - trey:and Hugh
McCordy.whose names are signed to the above certi
ficate, that they are gentlemen of character and re
spectability. and as much full credit should be given
to the said certificate.
In 'witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand,
and caused the seal °Atte city to be affixed this
Si sttih day of December, etc.
Caution.—None genuine without a splendid steel
engnived wrapper of Falls of Ntagra, with agents
.namais &a.
W hnlesale and retail by Comstock and Co. 2 Pletth.
er St eet New Yolk and retailed by
Pottsville, July 25, 1838. 57—ly
1 ~
Tulsa vooss FROM !MR CORNFA or ARCH Sr.
White Lead dry and / Calomel. •
gtoilnd in Oil, S Red Precipt,
Redl Lead, White do
•Li4rlite. %It nol Mb ,
C c Yellow, Sulp. Quinine
' de• Green Tart. Emetic
dO Red Ether Ralph.
Patent Yellow - do Nitric
Sur Lead do „Acetic
Co penis Lunar Cauatic
01. 1 itriol Com. do .
Aql Fortis A cet..Morphia
Muristic Acid Sutph. do
EPPOI Satta Lae- Sulphur
Taft Acid Opi. de Narcot.
Sap .Carb, Soda hermai Mineral
Corms. Sub. Mere. Ethiops do. v
Refiners ofChainphor. Sal N itre,Rriummte, Rorax.
&0., Offer for sale the above mentioned articles, to
gether with a general assortment Of Paints. Dregs
and Dye Stull. and every other article in the Chem
cal and Metheinal line.
*king manufacturer , of all the srfieles enumerated
under the above , head, they pledge themselves to sup
pt their friends and the public on the moat reasons
bli t erm.
Window and Picture GLIM, from 6 8, to 2410.
Oct 21 1837 48-
Dye - Stuills
Public Notice.
Wetherill & Brother,
rOSude' and Haydn Maisie.
TON Handel and Hark Society's Collet:-
ominon of Church Music, latest /dittos, j u st re ,
l iVed and for sale by
Pottsville, August 11, 1838. 82—
For Salt,. •
ealauabk Tract of Coal Lend,
LYING and being in the township tif Norse
wegian f on the West Branch netrithe Weal.
Branch Rail Road, about tour wiles 01:m1 1 80h:3 - y1
Haven--there is /tie or more'Cissi Vetus
peeling through title land. For information ep•
ply to JACOB 'RHED;
at Pottsville,
qr Mr. HOFFMA-N,
at Reading.
March' 25 34
Miskiu s st
7IHE Original Hygeien Universal Vegetable
Medicine, prepared by W. M 'SKIN, Esq.,
Member of the Royal College ot Surgeons, Licen
tiate ot Apothecaries Co.npany, Fellow of 801.
Court Society,'Surgeon to the Royal Union Pen
;dun Association, Lancaster place„ Waterloo
Flridge; and Perpetual Pupil of Guay's and St
Thomas' Hosp;tals, London.
These mils having gained aeelebrity nnparal.
leled in every section of the Union, ore now con
sidered by all those who value good health, indis
pensable as a family medicine—patronized by
numerous body of the most eminent Physicians
hoth in this country aid in Europe,—is sufficient,
t is presumed, to stamp their character in the es
timation of every thuthing man, and it is hoped,
a far better recommendation than the-concise . re-.
sorted to by ignorant and tin prindipled pretenders,
who to mislead and deceive the publig. publish
what they call practical proofs and certificates of
Cares, that exceed all bounds of rational credibil
ity, and most of which, if not all, are either gross
labricatinns, or proeureciby fraud and counixance.
The editor of the Long Island Farmer, saes
"This medicine has mbtairied an unrcedented
degree ot well preserved popularity. laving tak
en these pills ourselves to advantage and- Outer's
ed their beneficial effi o son others, ilia have no
hesitation ic recommit riding them to the ptiblic as
a safe, salutary and useful family medicine."
b„allone are genuine without the Signature of
the General Agent on the label, by whom the a
bove medicine is imported into this er mum
' JNO. HOLBEIN, 11.9 %V averle Place, -
'Gen'l Agent for U. b.
A supply of the above Medicine just received
and for sale by B. BANNAN,
I f s
Sole Agent for Schuylkill county.
July 2-
Information Wanted.
r11(1E Subcriber wishes to get. information . of
his brother PhilipAlfooren, from the county
of Londonderry, Parish of Ballenogreen, from the
Townland of Claufeit Crelon. The last he heard
from him, he was in Williamsport, Lycnming
County, Pennsylvania, about three years last Sill.
The Subscriber respectfully solicits him, if this
should reach his eye, or any .other person who
knows where be is now, to give information
by addressing a letter to
Pottsville Post Office, Pa.
August 11, 1838. 62-3*
MRS. A. C. 1071M - 16:00P'S
Boardsng and Day-Schol for Young ladies,
Centre St. 3d door 'alarm Norwegian St.
'rill E. course-of instruction under the euperin
il of competent teachers, will embrace
Oitlingrapny, Reading. Writing, Arithmetic,
Grammar, Geography, Map Drawing, History,
Composition, Philosophy, Astronomy, Drawing &
Painting., Music, Plain and Ornamental Needle
Work, &c. &r The Seminary will open on the
20th inst. Terms made known on application.
Pottsville, August 11, 1838. 62--3 mo
Stray Mare.
CAM E to the subscriber, residing
in Barry township, Schuylkill coon.
ty, about six - weeks ago, a BAY
11N MARE, about 6or 8 years
- The owner it requested
. to come
forward, prove property, pay Charges, and take
her skyey. otherwise she will be sold according
August IL 1&38
Sidtpday lest in centre street a Pass. Book
wrapped in a Flag Haekerchief, contairtirg a
Store and Mining account, of no use td any per.
son but the owner. The finder!rewarded
.by leatring•the book at the store of T. .d. J. Beat.
Potty/Ale, August 11. 183 d. .! 624
New Gootbf-.
WE have just received, and are ne opining
a large and general-assoftrnent of fresh
and seasonable goods—which will be sold at very
reduced_price' for cash.
Mount Carbon, August 11,1838. : 62
Blood rills.
FRESH supply, ju* JeceiVed and for sale
A by . . B. WOMAN.
Pottssille, August 110833.
Musical 1 strum • • is
riNHE subscriber has ust received' and offers
2 '. for sale
4 keyettGerman Flutes, plain,
Octave Flutes,. •
Violin Bridges, Pius, Strings and Bow-hair.
Clarionet Reeds, . tr
Guitar Strings, •
Violin Bows—extra finish.
He respectfully invites the public to call and
examine his stock. '
5 21Z .
may , 18—
Dry4iiikodsi Graf..err and Li'
quor Storeii
,Corner ofeirdre. and Market* rests, Pottsville
April e- 28-
Port Clinton . Fon&
xviLL be sold at private sate, v
pleasantly situated at Port ainten t kv•-h-4,-;
kill county, on \ very wisonabbr - tivitis . .l This
Foundry is at the cornmencornent.of Ike Litk-
Sohuyikill and Susquehanna Ran 4 9 4,•nenw i
making, and will in a ighuit fime of Of
best 'actuations *in the country to Jitrita
ness For termt,&c. apply to '
- • Iron Founglam, PhiladeiPhia. '
Port Clinton.'
• • era-t• •
• Davrs Safety Lamps •
3d and Walnu k al4Philit.
' Philadelphia, June 311) 58-6tron
atKES pleasure in inlormitig his friends andthe:
public, that he continues his ItErnecrroatuader....
the "Pennsylvania lia:l." in Prttsville. He limpet:
his past reputation for kceping - a respectable Estab
lishment. accrued' during the experience oft years .
•in the awn° hue of business. and a deSirt in please..
may merit a continuance' of their favors and patron
age.• 1
JOHN SILVER has made arrangements with Mr.
Robert I-tanner. of the -.CO r nue° P " N0:44, North.
Third street, Philadelphia for a supply of all the ;
delicacies which the Philadeiphia market can afford'
during the Summer season. .
11411 of Taft.
Roast Beef. cold, per plate,
Corned do do do
Fried Ham 4 Eggs, do
Creen Turtle Soup, • dt:i
Bardines,, • '
Fresh Podded Salmon,
Spiced Oysters,
Old Madeira Wine: per bottle,
Old Pale Sherry Wine, do
Old Brown do do
Old Port . do, • do'
Old Lisbon do • ,do
Chainpaigne, (Palmetto,) do
London Brown Stout, do •
Pepper's, Smith's & Sechers XX Pale Ale.
Apartments are always in readiness for Siappei
Parties, &c and those who call may expect to receive
every attention.
Pottsville. May 11. ISM
10 - The extraordinary reputation that Dr. Seruhn'e
remedy for this distressing complaint is every day
certnialy a matter of Much astonishment.,
Thattro much suffering should have existed for ages
wii bout any discovery of an effectual preventive, dr
cure is truly s subject of much-regret. but Dr. S. now •
assures the public that each a remedy has tieen in
vented as will convince the moat credulous.' The
principles-upon which it acts are simple and plain.— •
It is an admitted fact that this.cornplaint, whether
called sick Headache; Or _Nervous Headache, arises
primartly from the stomach—those- who think they
have the Nervous Headache may rest assured that
this organ. a t stomach, is the first cause, that the
system has become vitiated or debilmted. through the
stomach, tind that only through the same chased,
must they ' expect a restoration of the natural and '.
healthy functions of the system-. This object, Dr.
Spohn's remedy is eminently calculated to attain—
The truth of !hie position cannot lie.tontroverted, and .
the sooner sufferers with the. headache become con- .
vinced of it. the sooner will- their stifferings. end in
restoration to health. Dr. Spohn pledges hrs prefse....
aliensl reputation on this fact The remedy may be
had of apothecaries. .
• Wholesale and Retail byComirtock & Co. No. 2'
Fletcher St. New York, and Tbritail ..•"
%Vhl.• T. iEPTING.. -
Potuiville, Julya2l. 1838. •. • sfe-ly
301 IN S. C. MARTIN.
,Nfx , 64,-11-•
A CARD.. ,
Storage. - •
T , •
HE Sulwerthers having tented th e wharf on
Fairmount darn, foot of Willow St. Rail Road;
joining the one occupied by A. .I. Bolton & Co.
are prepared to receive Coal, Lumber ! . &c. on
.wharfage, and commission. Enquire ofthe sub
scribers on the premises, oral 28 South Wharves.
jnne 2.11 147-1 y
E .underpicned cautions the public against
pnrchaeing or lee4ing the tract of land Called
Clinton Tract, on the*Norwegian rail road,'
from Elizabeth Spnhn, or Henry Morrie lot her,.
ea he the undersigned claims title thereto, anct?
wall institute a suit against any peraiiin attempt.
ing to take the possessiort thereof.
74 . iintim, April 28, 1838. • . - 32
4.11.1PER1011 Jersey Canvassed:Name. jolt re.
ttived by N. NATIIANS & Co.
Pottsville, July 21; 1838. . ' 56--
Fresh Syrups. -
LEON, Strawberry, Pine Apple, • Gmger,; . ;
Blackberry. Alm, lresb - LentoM, paper
'Almonds, Resins and Figs, inst rete Pail by
Pottsville, July . 28, 1838. ' 58-7
& Ilbfrdware More.
TILE subscribers would resPectfelly ,announce'
to the public, that he has added to his Gurnee
stock, Iron and ilazdtoare, ennsiatirrg in part or ,
American and English Bar Iron, Ilioopa and . Band i
Iron, Round Iron, assorted sixes; Gilt, erawly„
Shear. German
,and English /Mister and A. M. 4
Steel Vices, 11.10,use.ho7t.!Imre,
Cast Steel hand, Broa4;:ita* Daile
and spikes, together' with a .tennitalt,-..risiortment
of Iron Mongery, all of whickwill.-lie — sold at re.'
duced prices, by JOIIIII CLAYTON.
April 22
Benjamin W. eninining l .
sITTORNEr .11 L./in;
HAS removed his Office to Centre Street, op
posite the Brick Building ofOevirge . ll. Jen
nings, where be will attend 16 all btuisneta in
trusted to him in the line of . his prafession:
Oct 21 484 f
SPLENDID Ingrain Carpeting.
or Matting and Entry CarpettngijnaVrineirod r
l'Agniville, July 21, MIL . . .56-
"WIQUETTP, for Ladies, or Hints, manuals . '
Beauty. just received:and for gaiety--
• :I).:4I3ANNAN.
Pottsville, Atignet 11, 11330.•
~~ c ., ,
:. _~;
1.50 ;
1 50,
1 50.
2 00