The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, August 15, 1838, Image 1

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TOL. 1.
- BENS UN !iti '
SUMP- • ;►
TRRER DotArae Alp rif
payable semi-anneally in 'dm •
In the year, will be charged •
cetve the paperfree of postage.
13 tea/annum If not FAA wit ,
will be added to the price *fen,
Two DOLLARS per annum, i
in advance. IT not paid within
be chgrged .
Advertisernenti 091 exceedin twelve Lines will be
charged $t for three 'insertions and 50 cents for one
insertion. Larger ones in pro Ilion'.
_ All advertisements will be iserted until prdere
outousllnattgeitonefor aski di I ey are to be continue
issci6ed.atid will be charged ccordingly.
l c
Yearly ar:vertisers will be ch reed $l2 per annum;
including subscri pt ion to the pa pier —wit b t he privilege
of keeping one advertisement net exceeding 2 squares
100adillf during the tear. and the Insertion of t small
er one in each nape r for three successive times-
A ll letters al:lre/wed to the editor must be post paid.
otherwise no attention will be them. .
.fl notices •for nseetinz,s,
which h ITO heretofore beet%
charred 33 cents each. except
"But in thr world say hat it mull.
Though aoisow mar .a bile mtrute,
Fair wisdom's voice is thful still,
Stull, to be blest, to—to be good."
"He will not c. the tO ni E lit," said Em
ma, as she looked out 'of her chamber
windoW on the 'still 'and depopulates:
streets, and saw the dark rain clouds gath
ering in the sky; "he !sill not come 1,.
night—it is past the houi—ah, he did and
use to" be so careful aticiut the .s eather—
but !. will not indulge' in daqiu etude—
he his promi se d—" the word died upon
her lips; she recollected'ilre coldness =the
tone orainbigutty with Which that promise
had been repeated, when Theodore last
visited her, and us a confused and embar
rassed manner, though with niuch regret
and. disappointment, *urea her that it
would he impassible fir tarn to emifortit
tits engagement, and marq her at the tints
appointed. She remembered how her
heart sou within her at the moment, and
the strange taysteriousipresentiment that
crossed her mind. That then, for the
time, she thought link It ince' must he its
appointed kives—for the-first time felt the
force of the remark, which' she had oftCn
beard— ,
"Men's saws are tii:ittle things."
Still the 'natural buoiancy of her spirit.
forbade her to despond. ' True, he ha4i
not fixed the more &silent perutd ; he had'
ltft the final 11011 f fikktrZllistit fiiille--hlll Sh ,
hta pro nice ; she tilad las oath ; she
would n. t beitese him uttfatthfid. and sh , '
-could not blieve hon . ' l erjured. At last at
ter . au ale -pee of a 'sea. which reputed
_,to her a year,- he the house airao.
—he once lonic 1011 1 214'd eith the einiing
• found), circle :he seemee the same he. had
alwaysi been, and she Was hippy. r But he
- • retired before the family ; tht.t . Cilsi her
night's rest—lt was n. hts usual manner,
and she wtinilered o hy, at this particular
time, he should have ei. much more bust
MSS -than usual. Still she endeavored to
put the moat favorablO construction upon
every thing, site strote to acquit him in
her brag. • .
But five has early. Oyes, and from their
. -31lercing vigilance duplic:ty must '
'be sooty
led with most cow-entitle art, if she
would` 'raid detection. Emma was car
ftt . e. ,, by a large circle of acmiaintances.
and Theodore was also a favorite'; in par
ties they frsquetaly: tame together, atol
there, when the spouf are up, and all re
serve is thrnun ..ti, die heart unmasks it
self: There Theodore often forgot can
tion, and not only abated hit usual degree
of partiality, for Funs but lavahed hr
fonsinero another. i The generous - girl
forgaverail forgiiireft,•becarre a crime
coo-tnitted against her own heart. She
• resolved to live a niqe" ser_ludedide, and
in prosecuting her relative she soon found
ample esidenceof whait she most feared.
Ills Visits grew less add less frequent, un
til, at length they were ducontinued alto
Womanlike,. in the deepest of her sor
rows, she retired as In were, vothin; her
. . self. and secure in thd confidence that not
even her nearest relatives or friends knew
any thing of her desapparmtment, she nursed
be.l' grief in secret, and put on a minle as
sweet, trent ea gay before the wood ; but
heroically as she played this new and de
repine pail, - her ' graduall oh .
brined the victory or her frame ;-- she
pined alai pissed as s day after day ; the
paleness of departed Ith blanched her
cheek,and she roved i the stillness of the
' T esting, among the 'hirer her 6:abets in
the - churchyard like a th in s h oc k, w a l i ke
past. None knew her row but he who I
was its cause ; and - shuddiumiat the
rum he bad *made. .. .
1 Her friends pereei ..-. with concern the
rapid &civet - her - •.- , abd the family
had some relatimia • ,Bermuda, they re
ached foie */ her .--- The voyage bad
a salutary effect.; . - change of scenes
' and einstnastsocem, , -
.friends and tic
iptaitisances, and the ' , ... - •she impesi
emitted m her new : t , , dispelled mach of
the cherished ..',, that pressed upon
' her hitart. and added , .to theinanianated
fin* . .The_
Ski! • 'teeth tratioak rlt .
tuntatiti site - to .the mattariti cit
, bet beauty,* star of . • common lustre in
' 0 , .
. , •
. .
,'• 1 .
. .
I •
. , i
k. .
. •
. ' % ' -"4 1 - -3::.. '7 , — i ,-. . '
. 0 f ,',. ..i -P4 i• f ... r" ' ., V ,,, , ' ' 71;4 • ii-rr ••••4•17. :-. . .
. .
. ; ii;.•,... 1 . :
. .
, • ,
e, ..._...
- ....- .... .
- .
• . l• . V ..
.. I
'-"..... . .-
. .
• .
• i - - 1 .:'
1 ANIO . POILir fiIFILIAEN GENERA MP Tu p ti t - -: - . -,,,,, !....--. A. - ,,,,it -:-.! ,:i ,,,...„, ,„ : „4„ ~, ~,
• , ..1bt“ ,,, ....-.2•••4, r1... ,-, ., ..i. 1.•,, , :.'
. . . .
..., •3. r . ..
, .
t WILL Tike/I YOU Tori‘aarrus sowsta or iltic Was i r wri Paw ournon Tat CAVIZWII orvirOlixorrAnuh lIZTALS "lag WILLII/Ti
~ . .
the lashiunable: world of that Island. :` A
year bad nut elapsed before the band or one
'of the wealthietu mer Chants lathe .islann
was offered4er. He Was all that 'the
young maiden ,heart adrnirea-.-generatus,
noble and virtuous 7 -ited ofyears rutted to
her own. She accepted—and became a
happy wife. . •
Having lea - Philadelphia with the inten
tion of returning. she now waited anziuus
ly for an opportunity,--but a variety of
causes presented It year after year. A
beautiful family of boys and girls grew
around lier--ber husband was eatensiinly
engaged in an extensive and lucrative bust
- neat., and twelle, years patsed by before
she was able to accomplish her waihml,
all of which time she never made an in
quirt' about. or once beard of her formr
lover. Now Mr: retired frombusi
ne-ks, and proposed bccompanymg het,
with her family to America. They reached
PlitladelAita in safety .and walked up 11% al
nut street to the old faintly mansion. I
remained utsalteNd; her Mindy . , her h
er, the servants, and her lot titer ft tends re
waisted, ail wok ed her to her ancient
home The shrtths -he had planted in the
y .rd had,grown up beautiful trees. tier
name remained on the window, abere sh,
had engraved. it twelve years before, an. t
she•sat down by it—called back the rec. 4
i- lections of tune, and wept, yet
these were tears ..1 unitgledpy and stdr..w.
Catirrit per annum.
•e. lt . mat paid with-
Ito all those who re-
To mail subscnbers
a the year. 50 ceata
1 - prion,
!eyable aenti•annuall
the rear.,o2 50 will
and am hei notices
'serted gratis. will be
arriages and Death&
Slr. t o ok a fine e i stattitsitnt.isit in
Chesnut street, and lived in splendid style
used; to ride nut da ly itt as elrgan
csrriage with her titian. faintly; and. a
long Ihel been her Practice, she carefuby
sought nut such objects 4,1 distress as she
thought charitable to reheve, Otte thy.
riding in the suburbs of the city, she saw
a pour hair-clothed man; lying on iha
ground, all 4 a faltered child cry tog. Mtn riy
by his side. 1u *lnch he food no attention
She directed the coachman to stop, called
to the inan.a,ketthiin why he disregarded
the child; atid whose it was ? '.lt is my
own. I came nut hoping to get a !place
for it in yinitkr homer. and could not--als
&lomat starved, attdd have no means to pro
cure food (Sr myself or it." She eave
hint a small sum and directed him to e 7 .t,
to her hou,4etne next day. He received
it with learll §nd pro ni-ed compliance. .
At the hour appointed the poor coat.
with his litifiles- child waited in the !kitch
en for the call of his bestreactress. Mrs.
Letere sent for . them into thriweiikloa
Anon and desir ed to know by whit Meaty.
he had brought huuselt to poverty and
Sam. The man spoke out home-tly.
temperance he said arts the treat rause,
but his trotihles had iirmen him iu that—"l
"ore_Wor better time" said he, "L once
wall a partner in the mercantile concern
-1 I mart ied—l ea, deceived—the mother
tins 'poor child , alien ifivolvuoy the in ru
I mons debts, left me aith toltbertine s b-ste
j she had long overfeed ; I
l drowned cur sorrow* and sunk my char
' timer in habits of viee and intoxication.
I have ken !like imprisoned door
I win destitute ofeinplir . tmelit."
.•Anti what Pr p.m sstan, r! asitt . o Ent
ma. "Theodore he replied, r.l
ter a mamma's hesitation. The - kind lath
turned pale and trembled she recognized
in him the faithieei Ilteroore_
•• At 144-, thorn . ," -aid the afNling to
••alin, "'you hare Wined M tern your
r yi ns i ses -...yi ie hare ended the Ittne
voinied—l vrfl prmitdc a place fur, your
ielf and, h 4d.”
"Ali"„ said fie;--".,n0 know , me. When
I vim asked my name') dirred not tell' an tin
iruth ; but I hoped - it had. been forever
I blotted from your memory. I watched
tout fiirtuu—l rejoiced at your &miner
I ity ; I curaed my Own folly until I had es
&lusted all my powers. But broken vows
conic back to the .author in the end, and
mine has ruined,tue lorever.
He etwered Ins face and wept. She
licit h:m aori having cow:tilted Mr. Lefenr,
I procured tom a situati=on in an h.usiest .oc
copttion, and placed the child ; / school.
Thus was the mason ,Wm ilfl!d ; "ail i
for thwtosu to the innocent and trirtuott4:''
aid thus it is that vice works out its own
k reward at last.
Stispiarr Txgra Passes.—lire cannot
too oaten oor tau earoestty impress. oo our
Wh" friends the importatice s of affunfing
alt ' and generous suppntk to their to.
It. IS l‘ diatp„.nbicit.;sts _re
gret o say, is too apt to be neglected; per
snaps ens aiipoilly now than, in , former
ti but stall Ow aid exists. This must
t h
not The .faithfisi sentinels ! on the.
leak ..,loymte'nzedout moslt not„beleti
to fa !'" on- . 'r p•nits.The City Jour.
nals ill geperelly do veil mouth sills-
. 4 12
out y systematic eiertioes is their favor,
ner of daty; fret others tie often 1
and '
Good ' - rid italecireeinti " mail lieu
out t bent . yeaninf his likili an !triage.
G as a Coning Editortimititieg
the rigid, ecoontly to -the utui t parse-.
- - ' in#ollo% a* at Ust i rai wi z ti f i ndat
the fitment less Mi # hopekes„. tbe
same exertion of bit faculties in almost
[Boil tlitt Albany Evening Joarasal.]
any nir r sphere would home secured hni,
cum tence and a Battlement in life. And
7 Aile
at last driven from the arena in pros
t lion or despondency, those whose flag,
h has so nobly upborne through years 01
vicissitude and strife, take credit to them
selves that they have paid their beggarly
two dollars a yeat—often grudgingly and
at'the eleventh hour—and complacently
remark that they have done their share to
support him, but—poor fellow!—he bad
uu faculty of gelling along!
Now -this way of 'supporting the Press'
will cwt answer. Many a paper has been
starved out by it, where it • ought to have
been sustained. If the Squire, and the
Doctor, abd the Lawyer, and the General,
tinuk they do their whole duty by their
County Paper in taking a copy and pit'y mg
two dollars for it when they are dunned,
they elle labunng under a most pernicious
Inc:alike. At this rate; tanner A and
blacksmith B and shoemaker C will think
tile) do enough by merely burrowing it
, I ore of mese dignitertes, ur anaicha ug a
glance at it m the silla4e twiern. Ihe
result a ill be that a dozen or twenty cop
lea will be taken to a town where- there
simuld be two hundred; and demagogues
will be tmaute to mislead and pervert the
tis to honest num Imo the support id
audirery and misrule, when a proper diffii
-lull of intanigenee would be sure to pie
vela it.
Etre truth ii, the friecds of good Gov.
ertorierit do out realize , barf the iinpOrt-
Atare of the Press toe ascendancy of the
Kiehl. We a'sk them to cast their eyes
over the Skate, arid, mark the counties
*here the .ILegency have a chance of.raic
ces at the corning Election. They Kill
rind inraq to tMe uniformly those to ethic
either uo W hig Press at all has been sus.
Limed, or else storms that have been ptsh•
halted hare been very imperfectly dissent
mated, ana have •hrid but a puny, Oaiter
ing existence.: Wherever a statiosh and
ante Whig Journal has been 'supported
toroti,gtiout the three test years, there our
!moth. are united, enthusiastic, and cons
dent of victory. Let nut this truth pa..
But some say, "1 would support a good
paper. (Lars is good for nothing." The ;
more s . Acie to yourei.elres. This is a
matter of public concern. If the conduc
tor of your Comity Journal is unworthy.,
or dissipated, or unqualifie I, invite a bet
ter one to come among you, and make it
ins interest to do so. Do not -try to sus.
lain one of whose diameter you are' a
shamed, or who is morally incompetent.
But nine out of ten of our inferior journals
are 30 simply because they are not half
supported. Their editor*, cannot pnwatte
ue* uttierials for want of money. - They
cA . tinul pruit• latge papers with Duly three
4sr lour hundred • sutvcnbers., aid two or
three meagre columns of paying,,adver
ii-ernents. They cannot have suitable
journals and periodicals from which to
.uake up their . ma:ter, f•.r with many al
the best 'the difference" of price must be
paid. They cannot inform themselves .
ally on the mutilations subjects which
de.natid their attention, and w.nte as the.
should, because they must work like slaves
over their types and prev. These things
we know, and we speak feelingly of them.
li boxe who complain that their neighbor.
hood paper is inferior or uninteresting,
would ju4. set
_tri , work and proeure three
or fiver hundred advance sutecriptions and
thirty or forty yearly advertisers, we will
guarantee an immediate and satisfactoly
There'are many very good people who I
are not aware of the real value of a cred
and wed-moducted journal, to a
county-, independent of its political indence.
That no family can aped to do without a
newspaper, simply as a matter.of econo
my, in view of as thousand valuable hero.
of practical infiirmation and Os importance
as an aid to the education of children, is
undoubted. But tem is not all. The val
ue of land and property generally, in a
County or Village, is enhanced by the
neig,hborhood of • good sepal, good look=
mg, well filled journal. A County or Val
Inge so privileged is c distantly in the pub
lic eye, abroad and at home... It is a sub
ject of Inquiry and conversati on. Its pro
ductions and .facditics are chronicled and
1.43 the rounds of the newspapers. Its ad
vantages strike the eye of an inquirer in
-any part of the Union. Its citizens May
obtain any article they Deed by -
looking to the newspaper to see where it
is sold. - This aerie attracts trade .
abroad, and creates a quicker demand for
all protects. In a hundred ways admin.
urged accrue to its merchants, mechanics,
progem6ocial men and firmer n and we de
out hesitate to affirm that if every mar
chant. maurnifieduser and prnforlional elan
mime obliged - to advertise to the amount of
leo to 6y dollars per ansma. -ateeorchac
to his bovines% so as amply to 'sprit the
emit kind . or a 'paper.. it wood he pm the
tonne& of ail and ofesels.,
Allot only is society' Moreviseinikae;bat
property is actually mere valemble„ is prit
PLO" as 664461" is mote 0300144111 Y
claimed and iheasea*.arimagent kaki c!tr-
Min linamoitatine in fakirs, are provided.
It is the intkest then of every pritmttty
holder and business man to {aid actieely
the creation and maintenance of sock flied
dies; In so dciing, he is increasing' the
amount of his trade or the valise of hialeos
"Han. CoLtrnatii.”—Our popular . A
merican song, A`H ail Columbia' it is.known
was written many yearn, atto by Jbdge
Hopkinson Of Pbiladelphia,butthe cireuni.
stances under which it was •-i-itten; are
nut known. It appears by a recent titate
meat in a Philadelphia paper that a • pia)
actor and vOcalisi, named Fos, called up
on Mr. H. one day in the year 179$ for
an original song, to the tune of the Presi
dent's. March, to_be sung at his benefit.—
Mr. H. retired to his study, (says the his •
tory') and in a short time wrote the:.first
verse arid chorus, which were subaiitted
to Mrs. Hopkinson, who sang them' to a
plan , . accompaniment, and proved the
meet:ore and music to be compatible and
in ke•-ping. In. this way the second and
other verses were written; and when Fox
returned in the evening, he received with
delight the ; song as it now stands. , The
following morning small handbills and pla
cards announced that Mr. Fos would sing
a new patriotic song. drc. The theatre
was crowded; the song was sung,. and re
ceived., with rapture; it was repeated
eight m i tes, and again encored—and when
dung the ninth time, the whole audience
stood up arid joined in the chorus. Night
after night Hail Columbia cheered the vi
sitors of the theatre, and in a very few
days it was the universal song of the boys
in the streets. Nor was the distinguished
thor forgotten. The street in which
he resided: was on one occasion crowded,
anti Plltle c olumbia broke on the stillne's
of midnight from five hundred patriotic
voices. •
Exchange• at New York, on London
8 per!eent. premium. • .
We regret 'to state that trade continues in a
most depressed state in this town and neighbor
boon, which is especially felt among the lock
smiths of Willenhall and Wednasfickl. The flat
ncts is geneial..y attributed to the want of c 01.4-
ceixe loth entertained with regard to the Amen
'can trade ; Many orders remain unfinished solely_
on tbat account —Waleerkesiptoe Cktewicle..
Extrsordinary Discovery —The Dane. in Mar
gate. has to* many centuries been celebrated i.
a decisive bride between the Danes and Setups;
en , ire skele`ons, bodies pertl y . decomposed. ar
mour, and ike weapons! oldie mod mime*
cabbie, ha bees. from tune to time discosercel.
eiciung t enquiry of the antiquarian and the
j rari
esteems t onAtie natives, and many a spear i
that glittenril twilit. sun beatii hes deeply:bailed
there. A more_reeent circumstance is albs the
all cnzro.sing o topic, and the good folks of Mar
gate are again 'rendering. Belle Vue cottage.
a detached siOnce, has been lately pdibasest
tet a Eeniteanan,'who having occasion - for" some
a:trrikootis,,•: directed the assarkeneat to elkeavale
,,Oent few tee, during which operation the work
was un ni: td by a large stove. the gentleman be.
ing in. !arty called to the spot, directed a
minnie era . inatiom which Led to the iniusivery
of an erten ' grotto, Completely studded arlib
shillsin co devices, mon elaborately Worked.
op. extend an iernactise distance in serpentuie
s alt e s al and lanes, the whole foaming one
of the: curious and interesting _ sights that.
Can plass be coot:eve& and - mast hare been
executed torch hiebt. We underdand the
proprietor tre4s shortly to open the 111 bole for
i exhibit/co, ht a small charge for adruislirds
1 - Beat Ikralfi.
Glee *raters Raihrgag.—/t is an every day
giecingencei now Fad V111111:113ZIen of Wtrui.or to
jump up repro their breakfast, proceed to London
toy the ibileued, transact bueineas, and be baek
before one4clock to dinner. Tbe =war lime
Cure ecru is 35 *agnates and on Monday, the
ourtb ninth has been sent from Snothhalf
to tbeeset w of a spiky engine below lAnagta,
Caine the (11 azalea) is the acceigit ware
dthie bentelof awe inuintre, being et the rate of
144 wales per boac —Meagher *may: '
As inqaliit twee Leidy been bald at' Beandoster
(Dona.) woman (tuned Bursa.lnfe of a
Jaarnerna)p painter, rim wet bets Adobe* ea fire
coo stood firm to t! . vosidie-artlire-=rd
batrelly bent to a cooler. Verdict. oqt
At Mackey-a fair oo litsaday, a parapet pub
hell earsnnd fin sale. and 61141CIPell cd bar safe as
distatter min, • Lassa * for 3.. 6d.
Binsioghes JarrasL
- The dal rate of trarethng of tbafist the.
coaches an Liverpool iumil Mantheiter &awl, is
tiny 30 nabs an boar ; and within the list fort
lotto the iihola 3D miles base ham perlihned is
47 otanaidi—Laaterposi
A pickyseket. who had be dasied far his
raa*assiasa. scooted to bia broken; for lbs
derma Is his appearance. by coadystarcr.
Vialre Mai be bad an Wes able sr chip bis
dress karaiitia retina ems a criebsallsd later
plate. 1
Anseaga the artielestasaaaskat fur air be
resdam t uy
ans °Ceti week's &levies se peseekeriast see.
ruled. a ahtera ebar.—We masa
the fa le this womietrag 'Utast mat 'bias
wawa Wadi fond,- . ' : •
ii i: ---, •
W. ass osse asket.„. abut, IsWe
yea waxed a Esabaskesabi s E
try, path.: ant We terage.; "I le
resold ges Iw. "ais trying Itssear tie - '
accele." 1 1
II the Osman sr Kn. Crirei,
britli are az tbriang asetlasaina sail,
ca t ak.
stark tbs- demagastaast• do . 44 13
Oabar ' Ms fasiainai oars anamaseasar.
Itoi L a fikOea. so darit:lBolP.
seat a at, pliminsts alai halal '116,04.
hair. .iiii Oar alp imeilfaiii - ai iinia-4-
Tian Gramma abatall, dal dayars
mar tia abort anatimat.
celia ! mair..
All 7 '
I. .
a I
; • --'•
TooteeasimitAurpis.,:...mtlens Tc! Qua .100 lusulluk
The smentsuneartemany of the haptism'of *
.le., by immersion. tank ;platen Mita Itopti4
Church, Louth, on Tharaday..theAlst !alt., Al*
the !lenien at, Mr.
, Ryoupesti; in lengthened ad.
dress, gave his reasons eins, kiiiliinitpvisibuii•
sy, and forbecoming ir BaSkist.-finitutscr-ltis ar
guments on tan word of Jude: in the-progress of
WI remarks , MT4 nuked at he hadsaiemi
rears offictatedas a Jegri: Rabbi, and that bb
had endured much parse uctii and tins! also:
, -
pert!. -.
lltteSide..--11fr. Foley Rader ShertlrCraton.
ty Waterkwel, assisted. by a! otitneany of he 68th
light infautry. and .police, Korea:led to dispose of
the cattle of a farmer neared Pottle, which were
tustramed for tithes due to the Rev. Mary Fleury.
and intsuecessifelly offered to auction stew Weeks
atom At twelve o'clock the sale took place-it
the Pound lieltway house, on the Passagestad-
The cattle were unposed uf et tolerably .Inrge
prices to bidders who attended from the ctty.—
The crowd immediatily proceeded to rescue the
cattle and pelt the pottee*tilh stones In the for
met they were successful, having driven them of.
and the latter they also did pautpletely. Cunatabls
Hill and Higgins, and Sub-ponsteble Dickson be
severely wounded. ilferns were sounding
through the country for some time previenni to the
sale. The Rte. Plaintiff. at whose suit the sale
took place, his law agent, Ind ssmeother persons
concerned in the proceeduigis, were struck by the
stones, and bad _very narrow escapes of betag
orrerrly maltreated.— Wattrford
(bless Victoria's Hasriberriliel—We were •on
W euiresday gratified- with a sight of sis exquisite
piece of Ayrshire needlework, destined for royal
ty—a handkerchief sewed in Ayr for our youth
ful Queen Victoria, It is sewed upon the finest
lawn, and is embroidered round the aides With pe
culiar richness and tantol-whilie in ode comer• a
small crown is beautifully worked with the ward
"Victoria" anderxesth in Old &Thuds - chew-
ten-, and on the border on one of the sides "Ayr.
1838," is pointed in the most dendrite style.
A. a whole, the handkerchief is the most beach
fid specimen of Ayrshire noedleworki that ewer
came under oar inspection, and . alcited the
highest ad.:titration or all who sew m.-1 [Glasgow
Ckreaicle-] .
A gentleman the Other day, visiting a 'chod,
at Edinburgh, had a book pot into h'W band, for
the purpose of examining a elam. .71W. word in
heritance" occurring in the verse, the quietist
interrogated the
,youngsaer as tollowfo.—"Wbs . it
is inheritance:7"—A. "Patrimony." . "What to
patrimony!"—A. "Something left byl a father."
"What would you call rt if left- by a asothert"—,
A. "Matrimony."'
Upwards of 63,000 names are now attached
to the petition for Universal Soffrage, Vote 4,
Safi s, eikd Anneal Parliaments. 4-101a*„
, )•
• *
...131... r
Caroms* TeL Abstaseace
Monday., the annual meeting :of this . j. iFas
held at the Calsintsfic Methodist Cha in tins
toms. The members to the number ' fnp 'wnlids
of 4000, met between nine and ten ' the nanno
ing, and at eleven inaikairroodiston hroogb the
main streets. Meetings - Wets held int two mad
stn O'clock in the same plicr- after! which
, the
neighbouring 'societies went twine in procaine:a,
singing praises to God, wbde their badnera aline
and lorty,, gave an emollient of their present
morality and character. The princiPal speakers
were the Rea. Graffith Hughes, %Verd i:r t.:7llm
, of the floiyisell, Rea- Thomas hide
pecidcal manta:et of Fentmuz,,olfr. Griffith
Hughes. Edam; and Mt- Robert Parry of Ban
gm, (Robyn Mu Ery ri.l The ipeltehes:,weie
eloquent and convincing, and thoug u tour nillye
Bard Robyn Eklo has many imam - . whit are
industrious an Outdating his name kir his ardent
a im
1 zeal in the mane of sobriety, yet hie tire place
aboard him a aura which we - ore will
„mot be Isola erased from his memor • but will
stimulate blot to advocate theeanse itli helms
undertaitsin, nand, to em has man Shiptiatieett
prevasoo—•-lie sidlesiher goy to is gene' or see
his nett* land without a drunkard withinvits
borill-rs ".—Errnssarron /14441 i
.. . i
]toasts.— • be bunt pan bribe asyt t eessr par.
prey, is in • Arreatineasure lost by no berstiea.
There is no question att. Li v ia 4% in bleep
—between steeping and waking dram
to rise—buttoning up the toile o.ot in a male
Sin indecision wbat to take hold debit. Let hats
it bare its due istlnenre in theme. abdtberb ens
be in dente but twit early, neoneng its the as t
ads-sumo:am time for effort of any artirk plaridosal
or mental What an =portant pbrt4f post pea.
pleclhes are lost! Sir Walt=celdirssee
us ay/thing Whirl 'elites' to' - lO teat
sweaartnasee will be taken witteseC4srne. Be
says, •••W bee I go(isser arty knotanfetramity4e
a story, base bad to farmer unser * vulgate in
a poem, it has always bens when 1 first opened
lay eyerthat the desired islets theonied op= me.
This is so-emseli the eabb: lint I An rs t e habit
• relyint Neon it. and plynegto entselt when
• ens eta kess„.sre shall bare-. itst tiresne.
row enornine Iflhasefsreineetene.
or Leery decree% itietbsisisiortiting.
I think the first boat of theertniitig iikfitsoutabte
to bolily sutogtb.... Giber. fehteirben I
was a pewit and Uses alit hitif itsinith*to-
Aril by whin is edged the-isienftetl efoilitellyao
ads beam bmeakfmt&-eal osj
. _ . •
scoreigiviklietrin the - ' argliteli''
ifietinii, bittabtit*OrtOr - the Un-
disiiikategi twilit been - "itit' b a
fidatelvairtity — Tuitbeliitiposie 4461iir• . 1
iiOci *dicing thereiniii - - , iiitd
didamers: - Thee likiiises4 If ..iOstio
ii &insider:id litiliettsidafie " ' • iol
16, r ue
iiiliker girl' iiiilteisZiiiif; eirtal:st
tlicia& ticbtriiiiiiirgiel Wsi-' ' bit s ille ;
itoliett'frolin dig Wilik - 7'1142. palsy
ICUS pint. .
t li.
- - •
t ThilkialtiOtifilailalgi
it' Theitelif.stO thie - Vii ••' '
--- "wagegilkAPP .- .41/4110040
doer iferit 'sa-sarg.
a kai rrav i a baa dighltireVigesseb r illitli;
Ides ow 1115 Ins paid is.
i .
liW . t•
"al aka462,4inikai.r
—t h e
1.7 , 1 , 41.1-41
ba.aoluesoir. 41*.:„:z r tf••v!t e
• ,
.1 , 2*121.0.• - • - , • ; • ,
!, ~, • •
1 1
fritgkihkribiltyPeaMOgirritt4-2 , ,
istiblie that. 61 ike4enuren antiteo.,
tarkl4,9ll . oarrtiOßaMtVarl= :
IltdilliOt* 't%ntret
towlsville •Ilousizhere CciaktlowenWiriiiise
sraesa.always be' upplied schtil
, 4 A* Phi4dp6ia ..Fultrtalaw:
countryxiaLaanu are tailmtt,
're eitl and eielnine his pipet *hie', Punamin:
elsewhere. 74 . 4. 4c!iXF.R'
&iv - t) 4
.•:"", •
„ z „, ifitati „ di
! L IME outeeribent have eclestantlytatt-Itarld.oy
IA foil ineurtmtnt of lton, eoriqiciamelitound
and Square hoe. from 3-416111: up ioSAiimbedili:
amtdet;Ballron 3— . 1646 ,by 46:
6 in. in.; boiler. Sua_and stap;eraltollielt•
and 2d quality, suitable fitr linPot cit. bodies*
- whine.; rail raid iron I "ha $.'73 l i`
and 2} by TIES, are alto pretalred - nt
circlets Lio import Rail Road- Iron upon :.1*
advantageoat terms in IcistatriptliCitig,#l96 - 1.1,
road car ;:lea. '
A 'nil assoriarcent of Sire l, rennin ogleaaLln d
Aral. sterl-- American and E6glishiMaiM-Sizett
German and sprint fleet, and rounii.iron-ala
'octagonal teed for Milt*, • •
S. W. Comer Market sod S. hay tkiS Seventh St.
libiladefialita, June 21. 1€3.. • 6nro,
:ffrisTßEceivEb a' spiendidsaiortrariiit of
•/ *Spring arid Summer 'Guodri,- eausiatirik 'ii
part of • - .
• Dry Goods,
Queens laM L
- Liquors, &c;
whit* lam prepared to ad! el:leaner than "bier'
offered in this market for cash. pi in again/is
oc c.onotry pcnduce, at do highest widessies
Country Motels and- Lineal&
"uPw'kRIIS Mid and White Cotiatiy
lI P M U r Rana—Also, a quantity-of Country
Flax Lanena, far sale at reduced ?rims hy -
41. TERME:ri •
(firm . •
IsanCeir - gi ii
RESPECTFULLY renders . ' her' 'seising tor
the Ladies of Pottsville amitheivieinity; mad
hopes : by w=ituesagilf bet: iretk,,,quiek dm-
patch. and moderate chargee,to mevittai lv ara :
their patronage.
her residence is it Mrs. B. Matiointtir. o Woisits- ,
the store of Meant: Nathan, & Co J r ia
5 - 51
Jane S
COA gc . .N - .
For Stile, or to be Rented- -4 ,
,THAT valuable tirati:t ether! palled theoCßu.
ton Tear)," beheigme to,....itstii'Sptifitt,,
situate on air; fire-t. Saheepart Raul !Load, hear w '
north at; and tdinuning the Peach. 4ttentaie i tis
offered for vale on apon.inamieating teoo-14icit the
Coal Mines nth ',e leariertiverally ter Iv:thee
to an approved tenant. reppiy to -
iter,sawitirs, •
- Street; ..
'seri' 11
The Philadelphia and
lag Wail Road,
Will be opened for „Tostiet bet oes Roiling end •
Nip - auam a Tenedey, the liil of -
• -
HOURS or sTATrms.
Frirsi Reading at 8 A. V. aitri2t P. - 514
a d
froth Retlisorars TraiOd U. A, st,c D
• -.Fe r a4s.
Non;aciama - Yu; Am '
Between Readiest! and, Second Clue, St 50.
&mere Reartfogend Plaserdiailie,rost.4l - ao
CseC; SI 50, Sccorof SI 00.: t
„Broaren Rearing acid rotte4derf, 14A . Pam
Cara 75 mots, 50 cts. '
Between rtalsiimr. d ; F ast
Car. 10 Ss. Sd do 874 rte.-
-Between Prabarrefe and Pbreein4es44k
Car,. 15 ets. 2rl do .50 us-
Beteeer. Prennierite and - beCkee
Cir 50'res.211 do. 374 cts
Between Reaifigg and Deoglarefaerlie s aase
Car. SO eta- 2d do. 34
The Mare of sfarrieg mob, arrerarg
Norremorra„ are arranged atr-fMmes_.LßW_ee
Raid Reed betteor.-Nerustorre rforkH , uliA-dpbmb. •
Pas rAgerS'aresisqueseder paeltratitiek
eta before the triers aim
Readrog.Jety 1838
—..-• ..,.. -. • ;Notice - t>> .:,;...- i,
4s hereby Oren to perows Hydro* Ws.
2 Lter.thagdoswagersraorreseserbessiopedestry ,
crams /lithe Corns: •ii Cicalae lad alaborisi"
, 61 lal 4 '7 ligcrijag, 1,77.7:.7--_...,7,,,,,,t,..:i._::,
By order, oftbe Itioiraf; •
, - - ...' -- - ANDlMllealkaUi-•-':- - it:
_ -...-.
1111111 . 1 .0 11111 -. ,
4.14 - 0 -e' re "0"4 41 4‘4. 11 "
shalt (`iris~" tit - wias Ira t
-71.7 *mem kirrgreterhia emir- 4 ,
ens possarkirrbeir pitzumigs ketoolpet Jo bier.
akVisa 'i.4`beNWilt I,
- b. segt*lp arodttriendrorr WOW" by Oa.
reao4seto KITE sitarbtedim WAIL
Bair - gore ifierforst NriWils - Asyit.
hirtiville, - Actuat 41k. TRW-
IGIOR &Ie a creel of firs* rate Cad Pub&'111141.
, ate as On- Btead 4 ll 4 o l 4l**ll 4 1 1 1
tinii pore. ei
'km atiurogiiimehroWiegii direatilit
die tmet arairlivaimaireilmer emitS'nis . airvitiow
. 1101 P 0 Potake-s,
'For firdier istScisaiti6 A 4i
17:11 %hi remsykiiiiktilkitisitaitre r '
PetimMe, Alvan 4th, Ing- I 10—tf
- • t, -
• .