The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, July 28, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
, .
DOLLARB A;II) FIFTY C pet annutn,l
payable semi-annually in advance. If of paid with-,
In the year. $4 will be chargei to all hose who re-1
valve the paper free of postage. •To mail subscribenll
s3per,annern. • If not paid within the Wear, 50 cents
will be added to the price otsubscriptltp.
- Two DotA.Arts per annum. payable! semi-ininuall
in:advance. If not, paid within theyear, $2 50. will
'be charged
Advertisements not eaceeding twelve ! lines will be!
charged $1 feethree iiisertions7-and 50 centafor one !
insertion. 'Larger ones in proportion.;
All adeertriernenta will be insenetl until Ordere i I
• ont. unless the time for whi they ate in be continue
laspecified,and will be charged aoeordingly.
Yearly advertisers will be.charged $l2 per annum:
Including subscription to the paper—wit the privilege
of keeping one advertiaement not etc ing 2 squares
@tenting during the !bear. and the ins on of a small
er onigtp each paps r for three successite times.
All letters addressed to chg . editor meat be post paid,
otherwise no attention will be paid to them.
All notice. for meetings, 3r.c. andt i l i her notices
which hive heretofore been inserted , tis, will be
hirge 1 25 cents etch. except Marriages! and Deaths.
To Rent.
TUE Coal Schwa.' and LatndingA belonging
to the D enville & Potiavilla Rail. Road Com
pany, at Mount Carbon. The name: being in ev
ery te'vovct well calculated for the itiltipping• of
coal. The aline may he rented with or without
twenty Goal Car a..ail in good order.—Also, the
ierpe warehouse and wharf.
Esquire of
Mount Carbon, July 25
wl4l, be sold at P blic Sale, on 'Saturday the
11th of August est, at the Pennsylvania
Hall. in the Borough o Pottsville, at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon. • •
A cer tain Mae of Land situate in
Barry tow ship, Schuylkill' county,
aaai , about 10 ID les lion Panville, and 6
la a
from Miner vine, on the Mahantango
road, whic rims about, one mile
tiiiiiu2ll the tract—eh Deep Creek also runs
about the came distanc through the ieime. This
land was surveyed under . warrants dated the 18th
day of September 1792 One tract contains 399
acres 130 perches—the; other 200 acres and 43
perches and allowance, and will be Sold together
or in small lota to . oluit Purchasers. ;About 30 or
40 acres of the land is cleared, there tb aiilorcitard
of snood bearing apple tries on the premises.
The improvements consist of tern iltilses. a
Barn, a good Saw Mill, arid seats frir at ,least 12
more, tf required.
This tract of land is vliiitriateAception the bent
oak timbered tract of land in the county, and a
considerable portion of it first rate farming land.
Toe East end of the 4 tract is in the immediate
vicinity of the Coal Re ion, ant is!well worthy
the attention of person engaged in making rail
loads, canals, or in the t Building Business.
The land will•be sold lo , and op easy terms
Any person wishing tomiew the preibises, Can ob
tain any information reciniic6 from Jblin Deatrich
residing on the same.
Persons wishing to purchase the *hole, or only
part thereof can do so by ariplyinet.O either of the
subscribers previous to the ilay of/Jule—.but if not
sold in the meantime, it will p:eitivaly be sold on
the day mentioned above.
The following gentlemen have seen the land,
and we give them as a list of references.
John Dreher. Orwigsbutg.
Dr. A. Steinberger, Minersville.
t David D. Lewis, 5 Locks..
Jacob H. Ziegenfuse, Minersville,
Lewis C. Dougherty. Schuylkill Haven.
Who will give Correct information respecting the
same if application be made to cluer of thew, or
to dui subscribers.
• WM. 8 POTTS, Orwigiburg.
JOHN HUGHES, SchuAkill liaven.
July 4 'lB3B.
& Hardware Store.
THE subscribers would respectfdlly announce
to the public. that he has added to his furnace
stock. iron and. Hardware, continuing in part or
American and English Bar Iron, Mope and Band
Iron, Round Iron, assorted. sizes; Cast, Crawly,
Sheat•German and English Blist er and
Steel Vices, Mouse.hole anvils. Sin th's Bellows,
Cast Steel band. choping and Broad axes, nails
and spikes, together. with a general assortment
•of Iron Mongery, all of which .will be sold at re
ducetfprices, by JOHN CLAYTON.
April 2 I 32
SP ENDID Ingrain Carpeting
or Matting and Entry Corpetto
by • •N. NAT
Pottqville, July 21,1838.
- -
W,„OPE11.1011 Jersey Canvassed Hams, just re.
►7 etiied by N. NATI! NS. & Co.
Pottsville, July 21, 1838. 56
ltachers.—Atuann. Muslim
Assistant reacher.-- - Mnaonitre
IN this Seminary. Feinalee. ar
Needle Work, Spelling, Readi
• rithmetec.„ Book Keeping. Algebra,
mar, Composition, Geography, Hi
ogy, Botany, Natural Philomph
Drawing. Painting, and the Frenc
TER %IS Boarding end
ing the threW, it named branches.
and Forty Milan a year, payable
' For. Drawing.-Painting, and th
guar , . Five •Pollars a quarter ad
branch. .
Washing chaiged at 371 cents
Books. Stationary, drc. at the stew
teds and Bedding. the use of
Class Books, are furtstehed to the
. Vacations, in the Foun' and
and to the Scholars who do not
School. this time is nut charged.
Fur further information, Parent
• tans are respectrully referred to F,r
lev. Orwigsborg; Joseph F. Cerrol
John fli. Lewitt, George M. Jennie
or to John Schall, Schuylkill Poi
Clinton—all of whom have child rei
School. • t •
Kimberton. June 250838.
. 4 ,
r , 0 - ?. 1, - , %':
• ~,_„ ,' a • - i- .t , ' ~
. 4 . _., ''
- ,-- 4 11 W °IP.
. • -
?CaYOU T 0 IPI ARC Z THE. 1t01 . 4 , 24,11;4 Tap NITILAND tiIFO OUTTION Tilt exitistp cur:Tax Notirratilik 1111 t? 11 4RBIClE ILLOIvk ~ StB W T L TO ODN HANDS ANNIRIIONCT ALL NATINIZ TO OMR Ogg AND PI:ZASUNZ..—Dit
. .
- '
THE PAMPHLET LAWS of last t n'aession
of the Legislature. have been reeeive4 al the
Prothonatary'a Office of Schuylkill county, and
are ready I.a:be:delivered to these entitled lb them.
Pr& h•y.
Orwiguburg, July 21, ink
Gildifig. •
A. Q,U 11(11T., -1
OOHING-GLASS and Picture Fran* Gild.
er, next door to Mr. John Menarronli, Lyon
'Street. Old Frames re gilt ,io the neatest man.
per, and at the shortest notice. 112-3rno
april 28 •i '
,FIHE Proprietors of this Line, (Asibith bin been
m- fitted up in a superior manner for thelaccorn
modation of the Travelling Comniunity.) (aspect. I
, announce 'to the public that the Li fie will
positively imminence running ketween
on Wednesday the 2d of May, and wiltfiMntinne
to leave their office at the Penniylverniti
Pottsville, daily at 6. o'clock; A. M. and airive in
Pinta&lphia. at 6 o'clock P. M. at the folloVvirg
rates of Fart:
To Ora. igsburg, SO 50
Port Clinton, 1.5
• " I lamhorg, 06
Reading, 2 be
• 3 00
Trap, 3
N‘,Trtstown. 4 Su
Philadelphia, po
For Beata apply at the Peoneylvento. 0311,
Pottsville; fittree lintel; Rending; "and tit their
Office, Nu. 25, North Street, Philadelphia.
• MINTZER & Co. Pottstown.
I S 11% OV ENSUIN R, that:.
May 2 Prop4etors.
rno•s FEIARP.
. 48-3
'VHF.. Original Hygeian Universal Vegetable
Medicine, prepared by W. 1111 SK IN. Esq.,
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. Liceu.
time of Apothecaries Co.npany, Fellow ' t of 1301.
Court Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pen
sion Association, Lancaster
_lrlace, Waterloo
Rridge; and Perpetual Pupil tif Guay's t and Si
Thomas' Hospitals, London. , •
These pills having gained - acelebrity iinparal
lelee in every section of the Union, are now con
sidered by all those who value good health, India.
pensable as a family - medirine—Tatronii,ed by a
numerous body of the most 'eminent'Physicians
both in this country aid in Europe,—is sufficient,
it is presumed, to stamp their character in the es
timation of every thinking man, and it is hoped,
a far better recommendation than the course re. ,
sorted to by ignorant and unprincipled prOlehders,
who to mislead and deceive the public, publish
what they call practical proofs and certificates of
Cures, that exceed all boOnds of rational Credibil.
ay, and most of Willett; if not all, are either gross
fabrications. or procured by fraud end connivance.
The editor of the Long Island Farmer; says--
"This medicine has obtained an unprecedented
degree of well preserved popularity. Having tak
en these pills ourselves to advantage and-Witness
ed-their beneficial effects on others. we have no
hesitation ir. recommending them to the public as
a Wife. salutary and useful family medicine."
beNtine are genuine without the signetore of
the General Akeiit on the label; by whom the a
bove medicine is imported into this country.
J NO. HOLBEIN, 129. Waverly Place,
Gen`l Agent for Mt..
A supply of the above Medicine just ;received
and fist sale by B. BANNAN,
Sole Agent for Schuylkill cpunty.
• 2-
Also sopern
just received
ANS & Co.
cz 011
18. fIuaLET
instructed i
Writing, -
[ &huh Gram
'tory. Chronul
, Chemistry,
' Lingua go.
union. except.
Gus Hundred
quarterly in
French La n
krona!, each
lo dozen, and
i prices.
je Library an
i.npils w ithotit
_ .
enth month*,
enlitin at the
and Gnard
ward B. Hob•
,Port Csoboat
ge, Protractile;
~ near Poet
at Pribberron
50-6 w
Illiskiu s s rills.
July 16
PROPOSALS will be received by the Com
mtssionera of Sch.iylkinnonty at ;their of
fice in the borough or Orivigahurvon ;Monday
the 30th of July, 16.38, for building a 4 arched
Bridge across the river Schuylkill, at lkitddleport,
with two atone abutments. The Bridge to be
roofed and weather boarded, and will bgso feel
long; floor to be 10 feet above low watet mark—
the passage to be 16 feet wide and 12 feel high.
Tu be constructed upon the plan of the: : &buy'
kill Haven Bridge.
Orwirthterg. Jane 16 ;46-
Musical Instrument.
, l IHE stitiscriber has just received and offers
-s- for sale i
.4 keyed German Flutes, plain, i •
Octave Flutes, -
CLarionets, .
Flageolets, •
Violins, - ' 1
Violin Bridges, Pihs, Strings and Bow-batr.
Clarionet Reeds, •
...i ,
Guitar Strings, .l
Violin Bows—extra finieh. t
lie respectfully invites the public to call and
. 4. ,
examine his stock.
may 5,1838
Mould Candles.
Q 'loxes Mould Candlee, received an lconsign
to' ment, and for sale by- the Box, at manorartur
er's mice. •• SAMUEII4
Pottsville, July J 4, 18.8 '
Poplar Boards add Plastering
20,000 FEET inch 'ropier Disrdoi
40.04:110 Plastering La t h, for b L
y kin.
Pottsville. July 14. 1838. 4g-
12 YEARS Old Monongahela Rya %Vhiskey,
being the stock ofa private Gentlemen, de
ceased, and sold by order of Eiecutors i lust
ceivcd and rutin& by .
June 23. ' T4B
I t
2ft% BARRELSsuperiot Yard, Fli
1 -ow tbelkAneduct jn't.
safe by
Pottsville, July , l I , 1831 "" F
. ,
SATURO : 4;i*? R' NG 4131.* 14S.
Rooks! very low.
BANYAN' off e r. for sale the - Toppi/log
0 -No atlndard work, Wile very low prices at
Home, Swollen and Miller's England
4 vole. sheep, with plates • $lO 00
Clatke's Commentary, 4 vols. sheep, ` 12 00
Wesley's Works, 10 vols. complete, 11 00
Buck's Theological Works, 6.v015. sheep, 400
Scott's Bible and Commentary, 3 vols.
. Sheep,6 00
Byron's works, Dearhurne`i Editian„ Sheep. 4 25
Win's Ancient History, 1' voL sheep,
41 " 7Dearborne's Edition with Maps and
plates. - 4 25•
Jnoepbox I vol. withlata,a 2 25
- Marryait's 'works co 014 a. 1 cot 3 25
Moore a workai Libra rEdition 2 25
Earnsc:works,2 00
; Cowper, and Tbompaotra. works; 2'25
Paley's works 2 00
Burden's village Sermon,. • 2 00
Doddridgs's Family Expositor. : 350
Encyclopedia of Geography, 3 vols. with
1210 cuts and 100 Maps,. ' 10 SO
Fox's Book of Martyrs, with plaids. 2 25
McKenzie. 5000 Receipts - 1 37 -
Together with a variety of other Books at very
low rates, to snit the (lines,
July I 32
Dry-Goods, Grocery and Li
-. gam. , Mare,
Corner of Centre and Market Streets, Pottsville
April 8 78—
PiMUM , . BIT DEB rints.—THE subscribers
have appbed to the• Judges of the Court - of Com
mon Pleas of Schuylkill county. ter the benefit of the
reveral Acts of As...egibly passed for the relief of In
solvent Debt Ors,& Int the said Judges have appointed
Monday the 3tith day ofluly nest. at 10 o'clock In the
forenoon, at the Court flo,ise. in Orwigshute. (or the
hearing of us and our s creditors. when and where they
may attend if they think proper
June 30 50-
PROCLA M AM:lL—Whereas the honorable
CALVIN BLYTHI, Esqoire, President of the
several Courts of Common Pleas of the counties
of Dauphin, Lebanon, and Schuylkill, in Penn•
ay Iva nth. andjustioe of the several Courts of Oyer
and Terminer and General Jail Delivery, in said
counties, and George Roush and Amid Vost:.
Esquires, judges of the court of Oyer and Ter.
miner and General Jail Delivery, for the trial , of
all capital and other offenders, in the said county
of Schuylkill—by their precepts to me directed,
tested at Orwigsburg, the 10111 day of June
1&18. have ordered the Court ofOyer and Terrain.
er and General Jail Delivery, to be holden at Or
wigsburg, on the last Monday, of July Deal. (be
ing the 30th of said month) to cooLinpe one
Notice is therefore hereby given, to the coroner
the justicei of the peace, and constables of the
said county of Schuylkill, that they ere by the
said precept commanded to be then and-there at
ten o'clock in the forenoon of said eity, with their
rolls, records, inquisitions, examinations, and all
cit Or remembrances, to do those things, which to
their offices appertain to be done. and all those
that are bound by recognizance., to prosecute
against the prisoners that are, or then ihall be
in the jail of said county of Schuylkill. are to be
their and there in prosecute them es shall be jost.
' PET ER F. LUDWIG. Sheriff:
Sheriff's Office, Orwigsburg,
June, 30, IE6B. 50-
God save the Ccrminovoraith
N. B. The witnesses and jurors wh ore sum
moned to attend said Court, are requested to serve
punctually. In cape of non.ahendance, the law
in such cases made'and provided will birenfoiced.
This notice is published by particular order of
the Court, those concerned will therefore govern
themselves accordingly.
for the instantaneous cure of
Discovered and brought to its greatest perfection
This iv to certify-that I have tried your Tapuy
-as Elizar in several cases of Tooth Ache. in which
I have certainly found it of very great service.
Member'of the Royal College of Surgeons.
London, Sept. 10. 1830.
A friend stepped in to say that be had visitee
the Fire King this morning, and witnease“is
marvellous cure of the Tooth Ache. On/ little
boy in particular, oho looked emits mow% to bite
a ten penny neat clear off, in ten•min6tas smiled
at the decayed tooth and defied its pain.—U. S.
A fresh supply of the above Elixir just reach,.
ed and for sale by , B. HANNAN,
Bold 'Agedt for Beintylkilleonnty
July 13
R holesale and Retail Dry
11QUACK & WEAVER hive just received
in addition to their, extensive assortment of
DRY GOODS, Super Sucerior Blue and Black
Cloth, superior fancy imloureif do. new style cas.
sirneres, 'animals and Beverteens, miners' fur-
tians, Feb 18 14—
riViliE .1011 R DI ALS of the last session alba Le
gislature ofTennsylvania, have been received
at theCommissioneer Office of Schuylkill county,
end are ready to be delivered to those entitled , to
receive thcon
Orwigsburg. July 21; 1638
Benjamin W. Cumming s
dITTOBXEi" .IT Lefill
IRAs removed hie Offsoe to Centre Street, op
peke the Brick MBlittng of George M. Jen
nittftw, where he will .attend to all business en
trusted to him in the line of his pro&ssion.
Oct 21 48-tf
Leaden Pipes & Hydrants.
B. 41ANNATI - her jest received • lot of Lead=
. Pipe, which he will warrant, to be ofw
soPeilor quality, e, end inch, AlecOuninter
end Winter Hydiantik honstructed 9f the hest
of which 'he Will tieU cheep.
jaw •
ur from .
Ited ,an
Good store.
tr - 4 ,
- 4
. •.
Miner akiiiiggerty,
Dry► Goods,Grocery,Wine ¢ Liquor Store
! (Neat door to IMortimer'ellotet.)
THPIR etranecion lOW a 'house in Philadelphia
enables them to k?ep on band a very
goqds, eaten.
siva assortment of s, which they will sell at
Philadelphia prices. Store anti Tavern keepers
and private families, ould do well to call and
judge for themselves. 1
april 19 i . . .. 31
Fliworluitg Mardis.
CAROLINA worked flooring 'boards, plough.
rd,s4igued and grooved ready for laying, 1,
11 and 11 inches of different quality and price.,
constantly on hand, and for sale an lora to suit
purchasers, upon application by letter In
. Planing Machine Wharf N. L. Phila. CO.
april 31—tf. Pottsville.
TIIE Subscriber islreceiving from the A. Lam
ton Collieries, a fresh supply of the celebra.
binding at his vi harfi Pine street, Schuylkill.
Orders left et the office, No. 81 Dock street, or
at the wharf, will be promptly attended to.
Philadelphia, May 12, 1838. 11
►Subscribers tlavtug tented the wharf on
' a Fairmount darn, foot of Willow St. Rail Road;
joining the one occupied by A. J. notion & Co.
are prepared to receive Coat, Lumber, &c. on
wharfage, and cnmmi.sion. Enquire of the sub.
scribers on the premises. frr at 28 Sout It W ha s yes.
CLARK& ( 0.
47-13 c,
pine 20
Neist . and Splendid Goods.
eillfE, Ladies of Pottsville and vicinity are res
it pectfully invited, to call and examine a most
splendid assortment of
Painted Lawns, Jac melts, Prints,
Black and White Lawns,
Monslinedelsina Lyonaise, •
Ho•km, dark and PEN kid Gloves, -
Worsted, Cotton,Sil k do
Fancy Handkerchiefs, Shawls, Veils,
Plain and painted bordered linen Cambric hdkfs
Silk ilk - Cotton, bleach'd dt unbleach'd hose,
do do Embroidered do •
At, the store-of N. NATPANS &
mayl9 "
New Establishment,
Coffer of Centre and Minket Street* Pottsville
subscribers respectfully annotince to
a their friends • and the public generally, that
they have takes the store formerly occupied by
„sob 801 l & Co., corner of Centre and Market
eets, where they are now provided witha choice
• Dry Goods, '
Liquors, dm.
which they are determined toseil it the very low.
eat prices. HAZZAZD & STR MUCH.
N. B. All kinds of Country Produce taken at
the highest market prices.
April 1 ' -2-6 •
To Old Countrymen.
Agency for Line of Packets from Liver
pool to Philadelphia. •
THE SUBSCRIBER has been appointed A
gent for the Messrs. Cope's Line of Liver
pool Packets, between Liverpool end Philadelphia,
sod will receive the passage money from those
who wish to send for their friends in the eld
country, and also, will procure Bills for those per
sons who may wish to (transmit money to their
friends abroad.
• The Packets belonging to this Line are fitted
op in a superior manner, and are commanded by
persona ,who pay great attention to the comfort
and convenience of passingers--and have given
great satisfaction to passengers generally. Emi
r rants who intend residing in this region, will
find it to their advantage to enrage their passage
in this Line, and land at Philadelphia; they will,
by so doing. lave the tare and 'expense from New
York to Philadelphia, which is four or flu dol.
lairs lor each individoal.
The rates.offare will be made known by apply
ng at the office of the Miners' Journal.
jone 30 B. BANNAN.
. Wetherill & Brother,
Whits Lead dry and t Calomel.
•ground in Oil, S Red Precipt,
Red Lend. • White do
Liiharse. Vitriol. Mb.
Chronic Yellow, Slip. Quinine
do Green Tart Emetic
do Red Ether Sulph.
Patent Yellow do Nitric
Seger Lead do Acetic
Copper*, Lunar Caustic
01. Vitriol Com. do
Aq. Fortis • Amt. Morph
Muriatic Acid . Suiph. do
1 Epsom SaltiLac. Sulphur : •
Tart Acid 'Opi. de Narciit.•
Sop .C.inrb.Eoda Kerma Mineral • -
Corms. Sub. Mere. " Ethiops .'.dri,
• Refiners ofchamphor. Sal Nitre,SiimOriuMßiinut,'
Etc. Offer for ante the aboye ,mentioned httitles.m.
ether With Loeser.) allotment of Paints. Drop'
and Dye..Sttiltst and every other itrticle in the Chew
cal and Medicinal line.
Reins manufacturer" of &lithe ariieles enamel**
under the Miele bend. they pledge - thempelves to edp.
ply their friends and the public qd the uioahreasona
tde terms. •
lirmdow akti Esclare*Glass,frop 6 8, .lo 24,36.
. Oct 2l 1637 '.• • , ~ -/ l" 48".,
To coal Divalent:
THE Sobscribers: Laving taken' the large arid
anuriodloos whirr CdlloWhill it (or
corner of Canowhill ant: Wilarn streets : l on
the Schtiylkillosear : Fair Illoo:OVPh.liadelpbta; are
prepated to 44esiviarig quantity' f Poal:•Latiitsir
aco, o n whniftge e f stormy:: on the open, wharrOr
onctoivomer, on the' rriOst reaSimiithlifterrne Every
attention:Old to tool conaigned.teinhark:
Rtferiatet 4 —Mr: Bait, Schitilkill
• MUCH `&:itAvEßS•nck.
Thiladepitla, Julyll, 1838..
. ,
- Public Notice,
ASzoitilpaPPeaten-tn4fothrastm.beelcatireg 131rorn.ConrenewobtithaiAnned
raCite Coal in this country, many suppose that
theY are now at ltb2rty to adopt the method of
smelting Iroa ore with Anthracite . by the use of
a heated air blast; although I gave notice, last
year that I had a patent for smelting Iron Ore
with Anthratite Coal, both by the use of 11 cold
atmospheric and a heated air blest,. I wouM now
inform the public again, that on the 14th ofJan
nary, 1838, . 1 received a letter' from the Commis.
sinner of Patents et Washington, stating: "Sir,
upon examining the case of Mr. Crane's applica
tion for a potent for Smelting Iron by means. of
Anthracite, I have viewed hi. claim as interfering
with your patent of Dec, 1833, and have given
notice to hu attorney of this deciaion." Every
attempt to smelt Iron ore with anthracite by the
use of a heated air blast, is an infringement upon
my patent, against whiCh L. caution and warn
all men; as I shall prosecute every one infringing
upon my rights, according to law.. And I for
thee offer to dispOse of patent rights for the erect
ing or furaces.tiCeording to my patent, upon
very moderate terms.
New Yort. May 16,183E1. 37-1 y
For Sale,
A nalauable Tract of Coat Land,
PING and tieing in the township of Norwe
a-A ivegian, on the West Branch near the Weat
Branch Rail Road, about lour miles trom Schuyl
kill Haven—there if the or more Coal Veins
pas Ping through this .and. For information ap.
ply to
March 2Z 34
Resumption of Business.
T" Subscriber returns his grateful adknowl
edgements to the citizens of Pottsville and
others, who stepped forward to hie assistance af
ter the loss of hilt property by fire in December
last, and would also acquaint them and the pub-.
lic generally, that he has again. commended the
Drug Business in the house formerly occupied by
Charles %V. Clemens, in Centre Street, In the
borough of Potte!ille, where may always be had
a general assortment of
And every other particle in the above line.lwhieh
he is disposed to sell on very low and ateomniir
dating terms.
N. B. Er Physicians prescriptions carefully
put up at the shortest notice.
Wll.l. T. EPTING. .
Pottsville, May 30, 1838
Encourage Home Ma atfact urea.
Confectionary Mantitactory.
riIHE subscriber respectfully announces to the
J IL public that he has commenced the Menefee•
tore of Confectionary in all its various branches,
at his Store in Centre Street, nearly opposite the
Pbttsville House. where Confectioners and oth
ers can alrays be supplied wholesale and retail,
at the hiwest Philadelphia cask prima.
Country 'Merchants are respectfully solicited
to call and examine his stock before purchasing
clues here.
nov 4
Notice to Coal Shippers.
THE Subscribers have taken that well known
wharf formerly occupied by Bunting, Clark
& Co. second wharf below Callnwhill street Bridge
and have made arrangement to Receive coal on
storage. All CAtal shipped to their wharf will be
attended to with care and punctually, and deliver.
ed according to.order by
Philadelphia. July 11, 1838. 53
TILE subscribers have constantly on hand a
full assortment of Iron', comprising Round
and Square Iron! from 3-16th up to 6 inches di
ameter; flat Iron 3-16'h by No. 4. W. G. up to
6 in. by I} in.; boiler, flue and sheet iron of best
and 24 quality, suitable for lining car bodies or
sehutes; rail road iron I #, le by I, 2. by I,
and 2} by 11. They are also prepared to receive
orders to import Rail Road Iron upon the most
advantageous terms in large quantities; also rail
road car axles.
A Coll assortment of Steel, comprising east and
shear' steel—American and English blister Steel•
German and spring steel, and round Iron and
octagonal steel for drills.
S. W. corner Market and Schuylkill Seventh St.
Philadelphia c June 21,183 i. 49-6rno '
BBANNAtN has commenced a Book Bind
8 cry in connection with his Book Store,
where all kindslot Books• will be bound at the
shortest notice at low rates.
Blank Books die.
of every description made to ordet: at the lowest
rates--and the trideaupplied wholesale at Phila.
delphla prices. , • ,
• April 11 ' •
•, * COAL LAND •
For S ale, or to be Rented. ' -
11"1AT.cidnible tract ofLand called the 6Clin
. IL
ton Tract,' belonging to" Elizabeth Spohn,
situate on the trek Norwegian Rad Road, next
norilt:or, and adjoining the Peach Mountain, i.
'offered tor Slide bn accommodating tams; or the
Coal Mines Will he leased severally or together
to an approved Jeittolt- • Apply to '' ••
•. . " HENRY siciafirs,..
• _ • , . 34 & Walnut Street.
Reading! Nail & Iron lirorkii
im-AVE 'on, hand boiler Iron. aiieet-of :carious
do. apd also, all the different s k me har
iron; igloo, roonri, and square iron from op to - 3
hick Wined on of the - TrariOtte sizes. punched
and connienenik, and entto the angles readL for
winand• band . iron. Alleitesurrilw and epikle—'
rim iron Of aupetiotemitlity. All of which
Ittaxdrernd for isle at thiplowent city wham
; Reiding,lone2s, , 50—tf
4%tonta , and Good Spring Creek 4 Rnat
1.• -: ?""--
0T CE is hereby litcga given,. - that pump' a . nt: : :toa t
Nfa er supplement to theses, entilletothich
to incortate the Swatare , and Good SprlncHalt
Road , mpany and its supplement.
be i lter open by the Commissioner - cie nottieof
them, •reetive subscription
to the sttiek if the
abdve ail Road. ' 7 id
-At e Merchants Coffee House IQ the - Oty of
Philide phia, at the Henan ofJohn Colemaintetthe
Borough of Reading, and at the House of-Henry
W. Conrad in the Borough of Pinegrover;lol2lllons
day tho' 30th day of July 1838„and at the_Houie
of Mai Shindel in the Borough'of Leh**. at
the House of George Nagle in- the Borough .of
Harrisburg, at the House of Michael GraefEltx
the I3otougb of Orwigaborg; at the Haan of
Samuel , Hamon in the Borough of Danville:find
at the House of Geoige.Ferree in the Borough of
Cerliski, on Monday the 13th day of Atigust 1838.
The paid Books will remain open for Nig dar
at each !place, and will be transferred until there
is a suScient subscription to.complete asidlroad.
which ks not to exceed 100,000 dollars at sso per
shale, five dollars' will he reeeited.on every-share
et the time of subscribing.. .
Isaac Starr, Wm. M. Roberts,
Isaac Eckert. John Haber,
I Marcus Csoffman, Pant Barr,
et Pot toy ille,
vr Mr. HOFF %lAN,
. at Reading.
Dye StutD,
David Krause.
Wm. Levan,
Samuel Webb,
Samuel Gan,
David Grienawald
Simon 13uilefurd,
Cherie :McClure,
Charlett A. Snyder,
Peter rtlbert.
Wm. Denuldeon,
Charles Fridley,
Julyll4 IF3B,
stray Cow.
QTR AYED away 'from the oubseriber, a Black
Cow with a white face end a black upper lip.
Any person returning said,‘Cow to the subscriber
at the Bear Ridge Colliery, or give such infiirina
tion aa may lead to her recovery, will be liberal.
ly rewarded. R. R. •
July 14 544
THE undersign' d cautions the public against
purchasing or leasing the tract of laud' called
Clinton Tract, on the Fast Niewegian rail road,
from Elizabeth Spohn, nr Henry More* tot her,
as he the undersigned claims title thertto, :and
will institute a suit against 'Loy person attempt..
log to take the possession thereof.
JOHN rim.
Munheitn, April 28, 1838
Port linton Foundry
WILL be sold at private sale, the Foundry
pleasantly - situatedat Port Clinton, &Amyl.
kill county, on very reasonable terms. • This
Foundry is at the commencement of the Little
Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rail Road, now
making, and will in a short time be one of the
best 'situations in the country to do a largebusi
ness For terms, &a. apply_ to
Iron Founders',
Port Clinton.
- S -63t
Davy7it Safety 'Lamps
34;and ‘Valnut at. Phila.'
Philadelphia, June 30T
uly 29
' Crab Cider: .
3MIDS. Superior Crab Cider, reeeivedand 4
for sale byrj.•
PoUsville, July 11, 1838.
TEKES pleasure in informing his friendiat'althir•
public, that he continues his Reset-roar under
the... Pennsylvania Hail." in Pottsville. lie hopes
his past reputation for keeping a respectable Eatab- •
tishinent, acquired during the esperience, of S jean.'
in the same line of business, and a desire to pleat*,
may ment a continuance of their favor' and patron-:
JOHN SILVER has made arrangements With Mr.
Robert Harmer. of the "Oirtuicopiie." N0.44,,,,Ndrth
Third street, Philadelphia for a supply of ill thril l ,.
delicacies which the Philadelphia market can afford' )
during the Summer 'season.
Bilt of Fare.
Roast Beef. cold,• . per plate,
Corned do do - do .
Fried Ham 4- Eggs, do
Green Turtle Soup, do
' Lobsters, ~ .
Sardines, ' .
Fresh Pickled,Salmon, '
Spiced ` , •:.e.,
Oi - sters.
Old Madeira Wine,'....'l'.4t
per boltlP(7 . - , '„-,140.Z
Old Pate Sherry Wine, do '... - 4. '1 110:;...`
Old Brown do . do '.... ~. ',1..80 -
Old Port • do •do 'ff . •* IW'
, ~.
Old Lisbon do - do •'' 1 Off"•
Chempaigne. (Palmetto,) do , ' ZOO
London Brown Stout, do -...- Pk .
Pepper's, Smith's St Sechel's XX Pale Ale.
Ppartmenui are always in readiness fpr Saes'
ties,dze and those who call mafoespectaoreoesus .,
every attenuorf.
Pottsville. May 11, 1838
• 111EADACIIIE*,...i. , . •
tgr The eitnordinary reputation that.Dr.Aliatte'si
remedy for this dist:Tann; complain) Id: itlrm„' day
is certainly a matter of - much istonisledent. much suffering should have ensted•forlgeß
wi bout any discovery of an effectual pnorentibes or
cure ;•is truly • subject of mtich„regret. but Dr. S. now
wearers the public that such 1 remedy hail
vented as will convince the moat tcredulous.4lThe •
.principles uialn whichit acts are simple Rog plarepi
It bran admitted fact that this complaint. wheffice •
called lick Headache, or Nervous Hisidachearriele.'
primarily from-the stomach—those who ,;hick a b et' •
havethe Nervous Headache may' rest * * that
this organ.' the stoinich. is the first ca tt the
-lrysteM-has become vitiated or debiliated. the
stomach.. and that only through .the wet ;Chinned
resat they meet
_a restoration of the ;
healrhy factions of the systeln. This' io Dr;
-*oolues.resnedy . is eminently calculated hi ~hairs.. '
The truth of this position cannot be. oantroverteti e *l.
the vintner sufferers with. the headache lheinieleteit:'
yieced of it; the sootier will their actifetingireaklis
-restoration to health.. Di. Spabb_pledgep tow pysofeW
imponottipa ou this fact. The'remeir ms be
had Of rpothecariei. l ' • tv4
, .
WJtotusatle and
Retail by Cameo& dk•cerfiNo.
flett,ber NtarVork. aadßatail by
retiritie. July 21.18:11k .
. .
•- ~,- 1....4M
54-9 t