The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, July 21, 1838, Image 1

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VOL. .1.
8 - y11E144:I-MIN HA. NAN.
• Tulin 5101 .tans axe Furry C per lumen.
grayableeenti-annually in advance. r a nt paid 'With
in the year. Si will be charged to al those who i se
eeive the paper free of puma, ge. To ail subscribers
Emir annum. If not paid within th year, 50 cents
• will be added to the price orsubscrip ' n. , •
. - .• WEEKLY.i • '
Two per annum . payable aemsenanall
'in advance limit-paid within thd year, se, 50 w 4l
be ehartteci
Adverusementsnek exceeding twelve lines wit' be
-.charged $1 for three insertione—andteems for one
insertion. Larger ones in PrOrnio
rtEAll advertisements will be *nee until ordene
oat; enteerthe time Air whtth they are to be•contipme
is siniteiftedtaild will be charged atcondingdy:
Ye tidy acvertisereyill be charged 412 per annum;
including antweriptionlo the paper—With the privilege
of V. eeputi one advertisement not exceeding 2 squares
sum ling during the year. and the insertion ofa =link
er one In each pitirr, for three auccesnive times.
All lervers addressed to the editor wit be postpaid.
otherwise no attention will be paid em. .
' Ail novices for meetings.-&e. an - they noiic4s
which have heretofore been insert gratis. will be
target 25 cents etch. except Miirnages and Deatha.
Tali subscribershave eonsttly on hand •
.a.;, full assurtment - of e on prising Round
and Square bon from 3--!6th up to 6 inches di
ameter; aft True 3-16th by No. 4.. W. G. up to
6 in. by in4beiler, flue and Sheet, iron of best
and quality. suitable for lioictr car bodies or
sehutes; rail road iron I i by I, li by is 2 by
and 41 by . f. They are also prepared to receive
orders to import Rail Road Iron upon the most
advantageous teratiln large quautitier, also rail
road-car axles. .
A toll assortment of Steel, comprising-east and
shear steel—American and &which blister Steel-
German and sating steel, and round Iron 'end
octagonal steel for drills. \ •
S. VI. corner Market and Sr. huylltill Seventh St.
Philadelphia, /one 41,183 i. ,19-6 mo
r _ mem. Yaw SIITSKINTWuIkiNC/".07
Teackers.—Asunsu. Kistamt, Maas Ka*w
M*l.llla Kinms.„ Gseractis Kislaza,
Assistant deader.--SIMLIGAS B. Hcaur f ..
IN this Seminary. Females a instructed in
A. Needle Work, Spelling. Reading, Writing, A
rah mettc,Dook Keeping, Algehr ,English Gram.
mar, Composition, Geography . . istory, Chronot
ocy. Butaor. Natural Phil. y, Chemistry,
Drawing. Painting. and the Fre ch. Language.
TERMS.—For Boarding and union. except
tag Lb? three last panted tislanotten, One Hundred
ant-Forty Dadra a year, pa) stile quarterly in
For Drawing. Painting; and he French Lan
guage. Fire Pollan a quarter dditional, each
Waahing charged at 3'4 teens a &nen, and ,
Books, Stationary. Ac. at the st Prices.
Beds-and Bedding, the use of the Library and
Class Books, area famished to pupils without
charge. -
Vacations, in the Fourth a Tenth months,
and to the Scholars who do 'n remaia at the
Sehool, this tone is not charged
For further information, Pa nts and Guard
ians are respectfully referred to Edward B. Hub
lee. Orarkgsburg; Joseph F. Car 'ell, Port Carbon;
John M. Lewis, George M. Jen tine, Puttartlk;
or to John
11. schuox ia
eti xve, bear roil
chnum—in who*, hare dal at Kimberton
School.ot . JuneKt 55. lan
Novld Candy
4112 Sites Mould (imam r
"menu and fir gala by the
sea ps co
'Po twine, July 14, 1133 d.
Looirucc-ct..4._%• and Pie!
er. Drat door to Mr. John
street. Old Frames to eldt in
oar, and at the awned noises
spell $8
A -- CAR
TVIERS pleaseite to in •
oehtie. that tre enotioaree
the, — Peassylvaera Hag:" in •
bat Past septum* far keepsig a
Eibairess.*Fred 4W-el the .'
to th e same eof busaiess. sod
may went w eastosaaece of thew
,11.13: 1 1
SILVER has made arra
Rebell lid .of the -Comas°
Third at Philadelphia For i
delve:toes seined the Pk • • - •
Ovid; the Slower swami
Rai* ale.. 001 d. . FCC •
Canted de de •
Fried ale •
eepEOM, : dib
Ogee.lir/it Sde
item& Padded Salim%
Sowed Orden. •
Oki Madeira Was, pet
Old Pale %eery Webs.
. OFd Brew de • -
Old Pan •
Cdd Lisboa de •
use. Matn)a
14491Wa.Slarlis Seders
liputseats are &brays
Partgaioke. aid those Irbeo can
every sneabea.
& Riurd
T sabookilmus wiesid - •
thE plabbenfilatt bs has
era, bait sad iiigmbetre. - •
A'mu'se„ Esgiiislatu
Ira k Resod irate assented •
minana aid EWA
Sturni %cos, Iltimiumbel! • •
Out Sad haat, cimpsog mad
.ad giikesoardrar with a
eicad_hat 31 , 1 !agesty, all of whisk
Pm's. I
1 - • ' _
I wu4. Ica you:armaments vx.t.i C i s THE ZO:ralqin af.lXO,PErtr+)
BANYAN has • rnetileq n
,floek otidkj_lllind
. cry in connecti. •
_with this• gt,w , ..e.
where all Ainds of Boots &maid ' the
shortestnotice at low Take. 3•
Blank 800 s &c. '
of every description made to et it, the loireit
ratcs—arol plied the trade iWp Wholesale at hide
delphia prices.
Benjamin . AV: eiannning,
.41TTOJEGII0 o r
IICIAS rimmed his ee centre Street, op.
A•u-posite the Brick Ba ldm of deorge 11. Jen
nings, where he will attend to ail . businise' en
trusted to him in the Seib of , profriition.
Oct 2t 411.0.
Lotzs c.
WILL be sold- m CAIN. a lid situated
on William in • is borough, adjoin
ing the Lot on which ke - now building
dwelling house. Th lot • 55 feet front on
William Stzeet, by 110 = t seep. Apply to
May 30 41 • f B. HANNAN.'
cauma4 Books
a Key to Paradise,
True Piety,
Cattiolic•Piety, i
• Decay
Poor Alan's Cateciaiam and .
• Small Catechism. -t
)ust received and for de by" R:BANNAN:
Dec 23 5--
ruHE Proprietors of this IliveXwhich has brew
fitted up in a superior rininner fur the-accom
modation of the Trundling Oominunity.) reeved.
fully announce to the Radii that .tha UM will
positively commence nonnurg tetereen
as Wedaesday the 2d if Mey, and Will Continue
to leave their office at the PeoasyLvertis Bell,,
Pattand/e, daily at 6 O'clock, A. M. and at nve in
Philadelphia, at 6 B'd:et P. M. at the , followirg l
rates of Fare: , •
To Oneigsborg, t 00 50 •••
Port Clinton.
Hamburg, 1 00
• Reading. 700
Pottstown. 9 00
Trap, - 3 624
Norristown, . 450
.. Philadelphia. 5 00
For Seats apply at the Pennsylwida
Pottsville; Merin floret Reading; and at their
O'Sce. No. 25, North Fourth Street, Pniladripbri.
-MINTZER* Co. PealieSl9ll.
S .441' L. oir ENSH 1 N E., Phila.
• ' • EV.4...NS Si.C.4LDW ELL„ Ds.
May 4 Rapider..
Si /?ur,oxs - • Le \ Day.
Mistsln's, Pills.
TE Onginal Bygehin Universal Vegetable
Medicine, prepared by W. ?RISKIN, E.q,
Alembee of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ltecu
tiate of Apothecaries Coiipany, Fellow of Boa
(inert Society. Surgeon to the Koval Union Pat
sine An... Betatro- Lancaster place, Waterloo
Bridge; and Peepetuall Pupil uf Goal's and St 1
Thomas fiospaals. : LOcdon.
These pills having gauged &celebrity impend-
Wee in every section of the Union., are now coo
;Ordered by all thuseiwbo shoe good health, lades
portable as a family meifietne-r-patroniaed by a
nevem= body of the mast eminent. Physicians
troth in this, cpurtry aid ip Europe,—is eatficierit
it is presumed, to stamp limy character in the era
timeline of every ibitsling man, and& is hoped.
a far better neconimetidatton than the course re
sorted to by ignorant and treprtocipled pretenders,
who to mi-dead and decree the public. pubbial
what they call praeticul proofs-and certificates of
Cares, that exceed all hoeinds erratic/nal medibil.
rte. and west of which, ifintit all, are either grass
fahrroations, or procured II lured audOXllliranCle.
The editor °Oahe Long ` island Farmer, says
"This medicine has obtained an unprecedented
degree of well preterred popelarity. Having tak
en these pills ourselves to adrantage and whom,-
ed their tenefiesal effeets ion others. we base gm
hesitation it. recommendinethem Soda public is
a safe. salutary and weird family medicine"
I • *None are genuine Without the signature rof
t the * General Arent coo thellahel, by whom the a.
hove medicine is imported into this country,.
JNO: tiOLBEIN. 129 Waverly' Places,
Getel Agent tier U. S.
A supply of tbe above lliedicisme jest receired
' and for wile by B. BADMAN,
• • ea Contsivi
. at inaaufitriur
EL LI 3R 7Z.
L -
re Frame Gild
eßarnao's, Lyoe
- neater-% man
Ws friends aad tine
RzrEcroaT uader
• - He tapes
- • Ec~l~-
of s years,
a dean to please;
Amon and paella-
th with Mt
No. 44. Nardi
limply or an tbe
=Tibet can afoot
I 30
" \ 130
I 30 ,
! Oft
".777 I •
1 to him Sarcoma
put' ear
131aciiii +tad Bead
• Oise.
ikEiy. Cl
I' sad A. M.
heoldid at fib'
'ice y. ~._••......._,....„..,..:,...___,
_:-, 0 ---.?,•-•• . •
, . .
..... .._ , ' _...., 44,..
. ,
'•-. 1 . 1.- 1 \ ':.4:111:11 'IP -- : VILIM OMBRA-LA: IFERTIS R': - ' 1 -- -'' - '''. l".."' f. :'-' .: I ''''''
* .--
. 1 i "‘ '''.... '' . l _•. ' .. - . 1. :. -- - ' "-- - i-4,:::'' - ''2 . 4 -- —'' '''' . '' ' ''' .77, ' 'P.' ':'':".: 1-- - - : ; . ... 4:.- - . V 'eji : ; i-`,:i.,, , '.._i - 1 1 :'= , :: , - .7* - ;: f . ... 3, - , + , ... 4 .". 4. - ,. ....Y ., .I, :ri t r.,, ,,, ,, : ,,„,...,,,, : ,A, , „ : ,,, t , ~.. ;
1 1 . 4 : ..: .1" : • •', • ' ' - -•-•
-' ! . . :-.. i ''' '' , i 1. ' ''' •• '•
I . ''''. ' 'Ai -Z,, :i;: ,. : "1 7 , ,i ; ..`..., ..i ' ':, n '
~ : i :'''. .• - -.. 1 '
1 1 1. -
'sou 4eutfor Schuytkill ecTty_
July 16
Patoros us •di be! remised b y the Geo
otateiosers of Comsty at their of-
Gee is the botottet of 41:proiretterg. our illeoderf
the 30th ofJely. 108. fie r biAtieg a one arched
Bridge across the user Scireytkitl. at 3liddlepart.
with too nose abouseate. The Bride to be
roofed and weather-twarited. and will be 50 fret
keg; ooor to be IA feet idioms los metier twee—
the passage to be 1.6 feet side sad IS feet sak .
To be eacoarsete4 epee' the plea titbit
11011 Ham" Bridle
10811LEP OS3IA I K
Oiirigebeerg. Jeer 16 46-
rirr i srniger p_laSi , ll . lo:nse sad fts
Olard Gensaii pkia„
raga atilessaras. !bine ai4 - IIMP4mr.
GOO Stnags„,, ,
Irian apm—ezirt . oo46 . •
- ropeetrear islnZ w in -
.sue. bit Meek.
may S. IS*.
'Boo ' 1 very 10*.,. r.--
goit , Bow . ,offersl.93resais the ibilese v ii?s
a" . standard works•at ilea very low guns,
Hume. SOMfleti ond Mb?" England. r •
4 vols. Ibeep„ with plates slo 00
Clarke'sVeiomentary, 4 vols. sheeP, 12 00
W'eslers Waal 10 vols. evonpkte, . "11.00
Buck's Theolog cal•works. 6 vols. sl,. 41*
Scutt's Bible and Commentary,c3 •
sheep, ! 1. . - 600
Byron's works, Elearharne'sEditioa4p, 4 25 ;
Rollin's e t .History, 1 voL
Deirbomelt Edition with-Maps 1,
plabin. ~ • _ . . .. • . - -41 25 ,
JOllephllll 1 . ti)l. 'f ., :th plates 1 225
Marryau'" vror v ecimplelh. 1 vol. -- 1 - 3 25 ,
Moore'._ via4ks, 'lraq Wiwi!, . ' , 225
Borns Irak". , • . . " I 2,00
Cowper aoThompson's works', '. . 1 25
lers 2 CO
Barden?* Viilsie'Setmons; '''' " ! •., 2 00'
DoddrsdgN Family Exposktori 1 350
Encyclopedia oFGeormith.Y. ll 'yob- wilt
1210 cots and 100 Maps,. • lO 50
Fox's Book of Martyrs. with fames, . 225
McKeoxies 5006 Eeceipt. i l 1 37
Together with a variety of other 800 s 0
low rates, to snit the times. . •
joly 1
Dry-Goods, Grocery :and Li
.- gook Store,• • •
Carrier of Centro and Market &redo koltsrille„
April 8 • 28—
pißOCL.ll.3ll.ATlOlifw—lietice is lieteby given
.1.• that a Court. of Common Pfau. for * trial of
causes at isaue. is and for the county of behailkill4
will be held at Oterigsburg, in the county aforaaid, on
Monday the 234 day of July neat, at 101eciockin
the'farenoott. • • 'j i
Therefore all'persous basingerits pendikt and all
persons alake duty it shall be to ammr at paid Comm.
will take notice and govern themselves accadingly.
SAirics*e. Ckvisbarg. I :, -
luxe 31:LATM: . 50-
ll t 3 Puratat attendance iscfarecaded "cil tae Juror!
and Witnewat amazed to mired this Ckacit.
N SOL% ENT DEBTORS--THE isabecnberi
I have apphed to the ;lodges of the Coon of Com,
moo Pleas of Stbuyikill county. for the benefit of the
several Actual' Amicably paned for the'ie iefof ln.
solvent Debtona;& that the said Judges have appointed
Monday the 30thilay of July wen. at 10 cielock in the
keen:low. at the Coen Hasse. ianrwigatiorg. for the
bearuql of us indoor creditors. when and "bete the}
may a wail if they ihialt
Jaee 30 30-
PROCLA u hTlObli—W . berms the honor**
Calvin Divine. Enquire. Preeitent of 11 0
several Courts of Common Pleas cir c le cocottes
of Dauphin , Lebanon * hod Sehoylk m Penn
and justice of the several rts of Oyer
and Termioer and General Jail Delivery, in
counties, and Geroge Reese and 'hair' rali.
&quirts. judge, of the coati of Oyer and Tei.
ruiner and General Jail Delivery. for. the trial - Of
all capital and other offenders. in the tied county
of Schoylkilt—by , their weettev to me direete?,
trued at Ourtgeborg. the 30th diy of Jude
163& hare ordered the Court of Oyer and Tent
er and General Jail Delivery , to be hoick= at -
erigeborg, on the tau Monday, at July next.
leg the 30th of inid month.) to cfatume
, week.
Notice is therefore hereby given. loth* reprimP'
the iosirces of the peace. and constables of the
said county of Schayleill, that they; are by - the
said precept commanded to he then bad there It
ten-o'cloek, in the forenoon of said eat, arab their
tolls, reenrda. inquisitions, esaustona. and ill
other remembraoces. to do those Mop. which 'to
their offices app(ritain to be done. and all More
that are bound by rersortisonees„ b pisreecrile
against the prisoners that are, or then shall be
to the jail of county of Schuylkill, are to be
then and these to proseesse them as ilia be :
PETER F. Lunwiti. Sheriff •
Sheriff's Office, Orwigsturty, j-
June s 30. I 813. j 561
Oa *roe air Csinesitires4L.
N. B. The witnesses and jurors *ho are We
mooed to attend said Court, are retionned to serve
puomeany. In case of non-amodwboe, the hoe
in such mum made and provided win be enforced.
This notice is peldisbeil bf partiedlar order of
the Court. Acne concerned win dwiefote stories<
ittecosehos accordingly.
For the tastaahtnesos case of
Diseorened and lintocht to its cres4st ocrfectio'
This is to acetify that I base tried sour Tapley
as Maw in several casesofTanth Athos la shied ,
I have eettainly found it of eery treat, service.
, illetatser of the Royal egeoporgepod.
Loodon. Sept. 10.18:01 ' I
A felted stepped is to say that he had sisitee
the rue On this monolog. sad *tamed *i s
marvellous cpre of the Tooth One Tads
boy io partieular. aboloalteretoss essough s h=
a tee penny' wad Wear talf. in tea Robust . =
althe decayed tooth and defiled its latne—g.
A fresh supply albs ibose Ebzir Just ream
ed wad for mac by B. BANSAN,
Sala Ages* for Sthsfyibilloottati
Jail 13
Wholesale alail'Retail' Day'
Good Store.T
=POLLACK & WEAVERlmrsiasst •neon
•w, is saiitios is their spiessies simmering& of
DRY GOODS. Scow &wen* 111se sod Klock
Cloth. =mist &sq., pawed do. "es aiyis pas.
sittiSettsasil Bestrimem.iiisene Ar
t/um. • F= 18 14-
Crab Cider.
3 Zul 4"igi* (4 " cidt 4 is , '
lowa & thiGGEM
dint iii fittij
rl46sllll"ailt Una
Als:wincalniLq4 iptsamyr *TO oxiiiidui To Out trinkAlu?
I- f•,•••• 441- ' • ' •
tvor-Paolt l . rtrLy2
.. - ,
illin:r l :
l 'ltiltigrtY . "l
• WIIOI.IZ .• " '4O, RE - Mill
Driemiii. . - t ' ... Wine4;Xiquoilftet
. • (Neat door #) Mortimer' Hotel.) • I"._ , •
trifiEj.ttortnezina with A house istrbila . phis.
. enables them '
~r? keep oa hand a. very ' tam
sittramortMent ortsattsiititieh 114 will .at
ebOadellihittririmir. sioin4naTevern . Women
sad I=fi n to n it Morould do well to: el
jachre. vim. ' •- - • :-- .
"P*4l 9 - '-:
! • •• #
• - •
.(IAROLINA wetted floorlpg bciartfa, • *nil:
roogool and'enamed amply Awl:00.1,
11- and &kindles difTaient quality and Vi m ,.
giaatsm/y ofi and&i: ale m lots. salt
saltPardi!lulenkuPPo,llfPn'ication by letterto
Planing Machin Wharf:N. L. Phila. Co ,
april ti 31-14 : - Pam*. .
• • COA.le.. -
f •
frtHE tob
o:Merit a scribi ia recehrinaroin tbetA" Law.
AL toe fresh supply alibi eitle bra,
tea 'sponti & L WIS RED 41811:COA . 4, now
Itodiof at his wharf, Pone street, Schoylkill.-
Orders left at the office,
.No. 811 Dock street, Or
- at the wharf, will be promptly attended - to.
. •
.Fhtladelphia, Stay 12, 1848. Or •
1 32-
WIRE Sobacribers having rented t.Se wharf on
' Mk Faiernociatetam„%wt of Willow St. Rail Road;
joining the one crieupied hy r A. .1. Bolton dc.' Co.
are , prepared to receive Coal. Loin*. ace: 'an
wharfage. and COVPlnission. Enquire oftbe Ins.
Scribers an the premises. or at 28 South Wharves.
jaw 20
Leaden Pipes de. Hydrants.
BAN?( has just received • let of Lead
en Pipe, Which be will warrant to be of •
superior qualiti,l, t said 3 inch. Also,Sominer
and Wiotcr nydr t aiota, constructed of the best
anaterials,all of which he wall fell cheap
join 13 • 43
New and Splendid Goods. -
TE Ladies of Pottsville sot vicinity Sire res
pectioUT invitod to call and exa.aune,n mad
splendid assortment of
Painted Lawns, Janinetta. Prints.
Black and White Leans.
Moushnedelains I.yonatse.
Hokin, dark and light kid Glows.
Worsted, Cotton and Silk do
Fancy Elandkerehiefs, Shawl*, Pens.
Plain and paisteif badereff linen Cambric bdkfs.
Silk ift. Cotton. blesch'd k.loobleacked hose,
do do Embroidered do
At the store of N. NATHANS dq CU.
may 19 • 38
New Eitablislinsrast,
Center of Centre end Ms ket :Aires •• e
%IRE subsertiters respectfully an nee to
A. th eir &sends and the public genes y. that
they baire'taken, the store formerly occupied by
Jacob Bali & Cii.;eorser of Centre and • Market
weds, w Sere litey are now prosided withisehoicHe
aworunent of
. O . O OY
• 'Grocer i es, •
Liquors, ace.
whieb they are Wetesioioett Lumen at the eery low•
at prices, HAZZARD & STR ADC&
N. EL All kinds of Country Produce xakeo at
the highest market priers.
April 1 t . R-6
To Old C-olustrymitas.
Afar if Packets from Liver
_pool to Pkikidelpiria. •
THE SUBSCRIBER has been apptlinted
rid for the Messrs. Copes Line of Lis' er
pool Packets. Woven Lieerteol and Philadelphia' .
art wilk-receise the passare messes frdnir those
who wish to sped Gw their friends id the old
essootry. and also, will procure for um.* per
secs who coarlwish to Waren& moor" to their
trends -abroad)
The Patketabeiongtog to this Lin' e ant fitted
ap in apaperiat manner. atad ale commanded by
miaow shorty-tweet attention to the cosafiht
an/ easmalute of call hatee gives
great satistantiann top ieagers reaotakr. Erne:
Grant: who itifiesd reasdint in this' teem, sill
find it to their idea stark to enrage their Pirate
in this Lane, add hal at Plaiadelphlic they will.
by SO we tba hure and =Pelle from New
Y e a, 1.; phdidelphig, which isfewr or floe &A
lm far each *fiends& •
The rates otigue era be mule inmeuralbrepply
In at the ei-Wif the 'fibers' Joarual- .
imam B. SAFIAN.
• Wenierili & Breaker,
Thum Doom, rsori sat Coasts or disco Sr. I
iwiabuid *good f - Calomel.
. ploodior. Red re• '
Red L. :. .-
":•Wake d
- 1
Wine. .. : - . Wind A.
Clitene-Tellon. Re l PArbie•
do bleat Ton.JUresie •
de Rd I. : Edier_Sdpk- ,
Pat Yaws I .
' • do Ririe , -
Sow Load ) do An did - '
Lawn Cootie
01 °1 7:h ' CAW A.
A 4. Feeds ' Aces do
liesinie And! Sid* do -
RporreSake ee.Soiplor :
Tan. Arid ' Old-de ?UM* •
Sete_ CS& St e. NIMES linagig
Cdrios.Sdo. Edlipi_di,a.
liestesegllONNOlon SDI ririon.Mninor.Eiror.
die. OlfeeliOdelbeelone iseraismdl , :Anialsnio•
genie! Ind' tireeeral soneniest effete. Derr
anditijo od every odowaraiSeilides Cltni
Wood km
. - ofalldiesetideo l inimmord
edetbeap.memostdm Warp.
ad diapsdb
hie semi. , i
I .IFionniordroionGlokTeimStiill3ll4
. OARIIII3Tr- . r • . k ' ...
:,,.,..-, '-.:.:•:.....)101/3Millailf '_, ,
- ''' '-' "i! • ; r2ll*, l llr . ' iii.rbili.
PliaddriAo , Jae II ' Wits*
• . Notice.. - •
s-it - e.brarie obta ined
no •patent==,Sre sinalti4 -Inoti Ore- with 10-
4 hfici*Cantatritias roumiii.rsinoy suppose that
:alai ire hew -at litt tp to ist.the method of
"anialturgirou - ore'waleAntli4citehy the use of
•ilieated aid blist - ahlintr4h I !Owe metes last
yivar that 1 heti: e s pandit. fior• ainefting Iron Ore
withAuthracitereal. both bf,t.the nitk.o 7 a cold
abnosphirie*4 ritested air lrisitif would. new
inter= the publierigaili, that on the 14t6'ef.leis...
eark..-18, lam:rived I litter - front the Commis
, -honer of P,stents iit Waiiiingtairodatingr - "Sir,
apeo examining the ease of Mr.'Crane's applies,
lion fora Ottani for Smelting Liar by mesas of
I Airtlihette,l have Siewithis elaim;as interfering
with your. Ala* tit Dec. 1813., and have given
htsoldlinoey orthis ti:teisiom." Every
‘ ,attempt to unitelt„lron ore frith 'anthracite by the
nept . a heated air blast„is an infringement upon
my intent, 'against Which citation and warn
all mema_l4.sdiall prosecute every one. infi inging
upon my rights,-according. to taw. Aid 1 fur
ther offer to dispose of patent iights for the erect.
itig of furnaces, aceorCing tp my patent, upon
very atdderate terms.
: New Year. Shy 16, IS4S„ '
NEW BAKERY at coximcnoNA.R •
•Eimiterick C. Epting.
WiIIESPECTFULLY inftams(bis friends and
Al."..ther ;Kibbe in general, that be has opened a
Bakery and Confectionary Establishment
in Norwegian Street. next door below the Arcade
iq the borough of Pottsville. where he will al
ways keep on hand and bake to 'miter all kinds
of Cakes of every variety of patterns—and where
also, willablays be kept op band. Bond by the
Loaf, of an excellent quality and of a large size
' His Confectionary comprises a large and gen
eral assortment selected with care, and sold at
the very lowest rates.,
F. C. E. would AM Isamu thusirurs that he is
prepared to bake Family Bread for. any. number
who prefer furnishing their own Flour, at the
shortest notice, and on the most reasonable teems.
april 21 • -
For Sale,
A valtatable Trad of CoaL Lauri,
L'`ING cod being in the township of Nei s&
wegiani on the Wcat Branch near the West
Branch Rail Road, about - war chiles from Schnyl
finventhere is Joe tor more Coal Veins
psoeng throngthitis -and. • For inforniatiun ap
plyja ' JALXID.REED;
at Pottsville;
.ar Mr. HOFFMAN.
at Reading.
March 25 34
' Resumption of
TRE Subseriber retprna hin veleta acknowl
edgenents to the citizens of Pausinge and
others, whostepped'fivarard tplie eassiatanee af
ter the loss of his propertY bj fire in December'
last, and mould also isieffipattit lbws and the
generally, that he has **in commenced the
Drng Baituess in the houseforaierly occupied by
Charles W 4 Clematis; in Centre Sued. to the
bonxigh strattsaille. where may always be bad
a renefil 11.1913irtinCla of
Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, . Oils,
Glass, :Dye Sts, .
And every Ober article in Ude shove line, which
he is deposed to sell 00-cery ic* and aaannmo
dating tonna-
N. B. 13" Physicians prescriptions carefully
pat up at the shortest potion
Pottsrpt; May 30.1538.
Encourage HOW Marafactures.
Confeetiolumr liassulatetery.
THE subscriber respectfully Mmounees tot*
pabrie that he has commenced the Manufac
ture of CuMfectiooary in all . its Tariuma branches,
at his Store iu Centre Street. pearly oPPorite the
Pscsalle. Hasse, where Cmifectioners and oth
ers cats alnaes be sopedied whohnale and retail.
at the lowest firdadelphia cash 'priers,
County i Aeretrards are respeetfonwlsoSeited
to can and examine his snack before porchasiUt
Notice to Coal Shippers.
111114 &Ascribe= leave takes that well heart'
artiarilaraterit occupied bur Booting. Clark
& Co. arreciod arbaihrelow csEowbiridreg Bridge
and bale made arrange's:seat* Receive Coal co
storage. La.ll Coal shipped to their wharf will be
Weeded to with care and tiaCtalft. nod dettrer=.
ed accord i ng to order bT. . -
Phi6*lpkia.3uly 11.. - 1838. 53--
Iteadiag Nail & Imo Works,
KfTree heed boiler lroo , rack maims
do_ ad she. an the digSmot sins liar
ism slick reered and avert life" from ap to 3
inch Railroad rune of tee feariona slam pesoella
sedeosaterseek„aadest to the , ngfire'ready Ahe
ounaad bead iros. All eimrsaas and/pike.—
she, runtime offorfilskeirpfity.. Ail of Iliacia
are alferid for ealeat tbairesa dty prira,
WAXER .4. Co. 7-I
_hi* of the goal
A Tr* 1161111. Ireitico. Swills et die Coil
4 7- iteglam. - pit imp in Petri Book kratoesemo
soma The tehisce aiii-s2 St emit 1 ,
close thetanceta. Appise . •
PomoOlie. Ably 14.111111.
iregillszaiegal•nikgtaim. tie
eimdmilrims "AMC a.. g OilhombilV litsieto l
ainsor arCiamba OWN litleeto
diellea Fair nossacilidstipiel% aft
isrepurimairtaiseimsorylissias3 * °Mail. Laiber
Small lidisrigeklar , isragft. die open wirstfir
soda arergilli *it anaktiallikiktimar - Eilv .
*Me haillik
Sri 1111 K ES-3ssa.
• I "
i .
' L
. _. , -„,..' - '..;.:.,•v.iaa.,11.;;:t!•15 - Ai..1.,• 1-1,4 .4.::. - •- 1 -.0. ..1: ~,a t .F.,1A;;M*•114: 2 14 •
' {7', ••e• qs•rt-7 ••••..Vit.••••tr , - 1••••:••!2•• • 6 '..t , ri,.,sr•imie,•
1 ' ' '•
• .' ' '
1- ' OE •
Swell knee. folNyorusi„
eeetars... " , led
added theit4sccoants the oifice,of the Eninder
at Siihrijilk' contai n ; aid that An.said)allan*
be pros c atedtOiNe Cliphaosi CotkWttn*
sit Ornigsburg. in end fist" soul*._
day: tbe234day.ofJoly.lB3B. for amforstratni.
1. The. ak- RM. of Valentine , Brown 06414 Ati .
'dm* Willonerk , Esneatont of the last inill
i;dopicot of Add= ihnortef. late of Waiiiiiotitt- -
- "shitii deteentd. • •
•Tbinetnant of Leonard
tar ot.tikai*ede of EiOni RisKiauilorakibeing
2. The
4capot oflllenry .
Of the estate of Cheihe Ilettioger, late of aVatilb•
kin Hosea. , deceaaed',.
4. The • +=Dom of Johii Brower OndAfenty'
Bruner. Adinitdstratkre of the .estate• oftJoish
Same. 44 craw bclecolfb of " 1 "0 - eii .
Thettecount of ;Tacob.Mapach.
tot of the 'notate af.Efiza' bah StreegJataiirLa
.Maihantango tovenShin.• deceased. .
6. The account °Nudge. Reber. illanhiiihra-•
tot of the estate - of .10a Reber law of Mo4beiall.
tairtship.. deceased. ' • • •
7. The second acoonnt of .faass•Goldner;'Ald.
ministrator cohi estate of George Jocakeriaildm
late of,West Penn tcrnship.,Aieceaseil. • "' •
8. The account o "
ben Menet...Administrator of the eifiteTtot
M Meth!, late of 'East ihnnswick
9. The amount of Elijah Bensinger. Adroinis.
trator De' Boris SIM with the will Inneitti: of
Cornelius Hoffman, late of Bronswiat township.
'damned: t
IQ The seenont of ;John Hock Guardian of
Errs' 'bra* and km, minor children ;Oohs - AP.
let, late of Manheini township, decetiscd.
It, The:account of Henry Houser.. Adminits.
trator of the estate of Eye Hosier. late of Wets
Penn towriship: deceit's( d. .;
It The. account of Jacob Shade. Adminietra.
tor of the mute of Duaid Maurer,
tango township, deceased.
LI The. account of John Bottorf. kihninialtra
tar of the estate of &mamas Bagel. lice' of
grace tcrenship.deceased. •
14.. The account Of Ludwig Berger— Guardian
of Salame,,Jonathan. Elisabeth and. theriry,Geli.
en, minor children of Joan: Jaw .Grber4.,liihn a -
Pinegrtire township, del:infest.
WILL be sold at private sale. the Fourrthy
pleases tly uated at Port aniten„lredirryl.
-kill county, on very reasonable - rentingF?"Thie
Foundry is at the cornateneement of ilssilitths
Schuylkill and Susquehanna Els*Easd; now
amain . end will in'a 'hurt time be . an t . e Pin:
best situations in the country to do it lafgebasi.
per For terms. ece. apply to ' •
, PARKE& "Illjaa
iron Founders, Philedalo444
Ceara WK.
Si- I.
'44' 4, :1-I , ';, . :
Jane 30 50-
Port Clinton Foundry
jolt' 49
Dwelling House Wantol.-
'WANTED to lent $ pod siz ed Di" Mag
v Howe. in pod order, in Pouseilha., Ap.
Ply at this office.
Pottsville. 10ly 11, 183 P
Sealant mut Goad Spring Creek Rai(
- Road.
TOTIGF. is hereby ;give s . that • painiantt lase
fort* supplement to the act; mesh* Peet
to incorpo r ate the Sinters and Geod.* - .64 Rail
Road Cornpany and its nmplestwoL DAS will
be kept Open by the Comaiiiisiemers amount of
than, to ma: We subscription to the storkilf Oar
above Rail Road.
At the, Merchants Coffee House in thei.sirdy Or
PhßadelPhia. - at the House of Jahn
Borough of Reading. and at the flonseUfßasty
W. Conrad is the Borough of Pinegrom;nisabies
day the .10t11 day of 'July the:Heats
of Erma Shield in the Dinxigh of LebeireM i at.
the Home of George Nagle in the • DirtnOt‘or
flartisbory. at the Hasse Of Michael Grief in
the Dirongti of Orwigabarg, at ibid. mint or
Suomi Hamm in the Borough of DasnriliN sod
at the Home of George Ferree to the.Bomoghot
Carlisle, on Monday the 13th day orrimveatHoB
- said Books'will remam Open foir sin lags
at each Owe. and will be transferted umal Uteri
is a wificient saincripiiins to complete mid milk
which natio exceed 100.000 Oases at 050 per
I sham Lee &Hari 101 be received Mt wettri l iAsier
tithe ti suliseribing.
Isaac Wm. IL Race
Isaac ' e at. • John Haber. ‘.° •
Man= oilman, - Paul Him
Smolt nileford, David Kranterto - r, .
Charlet &lam Wm. Leese,. ~. •
'Oeirier Snyder. Samuel WititV" , '
Peter - Samna
INAd G tiV-
Glades Frailty; :ri.'. - :1 -,
,A. 91
4 183&
s*ray Cow.
; YELPairay heat the adreriber,ite•Bliek
with a white fire *sea - Week epitatfir.
a • • tetantin said cow to therah ai
• = lake Cara). Pr gift
y lead is beestetwe ry.
4 • • • •,,,,;+v---4134-3
COALLASEFri•4•:7_. •
For &di; arts
reebtebleti4ettite t !dis.
Tined: berieging : te lErtidesb gisitha„
o scet_ , ,Z . feweetglem Analamit -
1 1 4:12
wed ad the tbe Pettetrabse‘mtplet
sale elb aeeets" dui the
ea be butted eireerallyeelogisber
teems Mohr Is
lI&NRY Mai*
ss k ViraSsatptsed.7
1: - asaer4arl . med canons the rsiagaint
t „, brio* deatratlithailitallat
I- :. 'That.aa ths sulart.
a • 1 1 01 figliiii 4 darn' tilli t - 1111 * *
' ll6l . 4 o l # l e***- 6111 .1 11 1, 1 1 16
- • :
•P: ~ -,Ampaptimir
Asa Skin*.
' ' • r -- -' 1 3 7 :, ,
~:. rte.
-- • .4 4
NO. 5604‘,-::