The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, July 11, 1838, Image 2

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socuiphtsts. Ch Cards'. Bills of Lading,
and" fladitifis of airy de'screptpun. lieblly printed nt
this'Olcs wills lowest cash prices.;
Committee of Correepondence for the Borough of
Patna& .
Sig' oil Q' ID, George fielder. Ewe
Mrs Lief& B •niamin Suntan,
ammo Sill o. h. !Fairy Steger, E'q.
loha T. W . Andrei! . B. White,
I alumni Hans. '
the Le t People Remember
DXVID ii. rowriku
voted in the Senate last Win'-
lei to instruct our; Senators
and Representatives Or Con
;Tess to vote in flavour of the
odious and _ infamous: • Sub-
Treason* Bill.
- -
NOW is your time Apr News.
The Miners' Journal will be furnished
From the 15th of July until the election,
al the low rate of
Twenty-five Cents -
For each suasenber—or 25 copies week.
On this Picture.
The oflleial Docum"nts prove that the
expenditures 'of the General Government
in 1836, '37 and '35, three years only,
will exceed
$105,000,000. • •
This Administration came into power on
promises of REIM ENCUMENT 4 RE
dud then, Zook on This.
During the FO R veers of Air. Adams's
- Administration, the expenditures were on
ly about
845,000 1 000.
Mr. Adams was turned nut because "the
Party" said the Administratioa was an
extravagant one.
No wonder the United States Treasury
is . Bankrupt, and the Nation running into
debt in a time of peace.
Mazza ! II uzza
The People have Triumphed 1
Van Buren and Porterism
down, and the reign orShin
Plasters nearly over
The people have reasim to reioire in the
new triumph achieved in the -.House of:
Representatives, .in the deft.* of Mr.
Wright's second project of surrendering
the national purseto the control of the Ex
ecutive! This section of his bill was
stricken out by a majority of 19 votes'—
We shall never despair of the republic !
This triumph of the People, has enabled
the Banks of Philadelphia, to resume specie
payments; which they have resolved to du
on the Ist of August next.
*tr. We are reque4ted to state that a
toast offiarred on the 9th inst.vhatieference
only to the tory Government of EnEland,
and Igalost the establishment of a. similar
government in America.
1:0" WO have laid by for publication sev
eral Interesting letters, written from the
Coal 'Region of Schuylkill: Gouity, by R.
S. Plintt, Esq. one id the Editors of the
Harr~sbprg Intelhgencer We will endtav•
putblish them next week.
1 Yesterday was the warmest day we
have hod this season, the Themorbeter,
it will be observed, stood at 79 degrees at
sun iise-913 in the shade at 3 o'clock P.
Otr' vlr. Jacob Thema, charged with
extracting money from letters- a lisle post
master a% New Custie, has been action.
We refer our readers to otie:first page
for the proceedings of the Porter Convect-.
tion. This great Convention, composed
of abeUt 1300 delegates out often thousand
appointed, has done more to advance the
cause of the Washington Farmer, than
any other similar public movement could
have !done; more than even the Porterites
expected fur their own candidate; nay more
than 1 Gov. Ritner's friends themselves
could have done for him, simply by show
ing to the people of Penns‘rlvania what
sort of characters support David . R. Pot.•
ter,-and what their conduct is when assem
bled et the seat of Government. Resides
quarriilfing among themselves, we find
thatallies of them assembled before
Gov. itner's House, in the night time,
and used him in the most vulgar style,
a l io
callin, Oat "DAXN OLD .JON RITNBB—
Hoc,' ' a t the same time kicking the door,
bead the windows and pulling the bell
wire i .such a manner as to disturb the
whole neighborhood! And this outrage.
ens n
e t
duct was several times repeated !
Besidetthii, they took every opportunity
to :be end insult the Governor wherev
er the ' , met him, and the fiends of Rimer
u the j procession moted through the
streehtil Shame upon them—shame upon
them wit say! How dif f erent was the con •
duct of the Ritner Convention at Reading.
The utshost good fee!ing and Harmony pre
vailegilemong themselves, and respectful
and decorous conduct marked the beha
viourthe whole body towards °there..
On i e second day o he Contention,
what e proceedings we adopted, only
betweeto l'and- 400 -,dale 'tea were in at
tendatMe. _
, . .
' '
. .
Otersike/mityi Erridetwe.—We obi*
publish yin our nett a chain of teatitaotri,
which places Dalid R. Porter in a tight;
in which no men with a reputation for
:common honest min Mend, =Mose for.
feiting that reputation, and which eltpo
see completely -the. tissue of fafsehaells ;et
sorted to by hit political friends for the
purpose of screening-him front public in
dignation and &apace. The new 'testi
mony consists 4 the affidavits of twolof
the Arbitrators in the case of Samuel Stur
geon vs. Porter di Patten, concerning the
celebrated award relied on by Porter's
friends, together with the affidavit of
Samuel Sturgeon himself, which shouts
that David K. iforter recently attempted
tai purchase a cettillcateaf character from
the said Samuel Sturgeon, for the sum of
SlBO, under the prettut of a compromise
(I an old deb t 4 and that when Samuel
Sturgeon refused to sign the said certificate
of honesty, &c. drawn up by Porter him
self—he refused to pay him the money in
question. The deponent replied that he
was a POOR MaN, and' not to be bought by
him or any Leidy else l Numerous at
tempts have been made . to procure certifi
cates against the character of Samuel
Sturgeon. : Not:a single one however has
been yet procured—his neighbors to a
man refuse to certify to what is known to
be false ! The character of Samuel Stur
geon stands high fur honesty and respecta-
Way. Our readers shall have all the par
ticulars in our next. This -testimony
must settle the question as to theintegrity
of David .R. Porter! awl his fitness to
I hold the high office of Governor of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania. It iit l a di•
red insult to the people of Penusyliania,
to ask them to i vote for him.
Adjournment: of Congress.—Congress
adjourned on the 9th inst. pursuant to their
Resolution. The session Las been long,
and characterized by many stirring scenes.
The good which has resulted from it,con
sists chiefly in the successful resistance of
Congress, to measures of executive usur
pation. Thera has been one uninterrnrit
ed Warfare of the so called "government"
on the' tights, the liberties, and the pros
perity of the nation, in which the patriot
ism of many noble repreeermstives of the
people show forth conspieuorse, while the
time-serving, dost-licking spirit ofthe loco
fie° faction quailed beeeath it. The Spa.
cie Circelar hat) been repealed, while 'the
Sub•treasury projects rine eller another
have been defeated. The evil consists in
the waste of time and money—in prolong
ed discussions of measures which never
should have been brought forward, be
cause they were of dangerous and untried
character, springing from evil designs and
corrupt motives; and because they effec
tually prevented actual legislation in mat
ters of reel advantage to the country.—
Congress has adjourned, leaving the Tree
sury Circular in existence, and sueh pro
visions of law as must seriously embarrass
the operations ef business! They return
to their -homes to 'render an account to
their constitueota•—to tell them how they
have 'discharged their duties. i Many of
them will receive the sentence of condem
nation at the hands of their constituents.
We expect that the approaching elections
will winnow away much of the limo f' co
chaff; and the dirt from the People's Rep
resentatives. 'The new Congress will he
a new body in which loco tocoism will
scarcely be heard of, except in terms o
contempt and indignation.
Pinegrove 'Coal Trude.—Our friends
in the Pinegrove Coal Region, have ship
edilits season 6264 tons of Coslosp to
the Ist inst. As soon as the canal to Tide
is compli ted, and the Union • Canal enlarg
ed, a large business can be done in'the
Swatara region. The coal is of a supe
rior quality, ignites very freely, and esem-
Ides in appewrauce ,the Anthracite coal
taken from Mr. Crane's Basin, in Wales,
with , which Mr. C. is now successfully
tnanufacturing Iron.
Flack Tea—Grand Turk!—We would
announce for the benefit of Tea Drinkers,
that a superiur article in the Black Tea
line, which we see extolled in the Phila
delphia papera, may be had at the store of
Mr. A LFRED 43 ILE, in this Borough. We
have tasted the article, and find it of good
flavor and pleasant effect. A Philadel
phia paper calls it the real "Grand Turk,"
and says that it deserves the Turban.
Gen. Simod Cameron, President the
Middletown Bank, has been nominated
fur Congress by the Anti-Bankites of Dau
phin and. Lebtinon Counties.
Another Member of Congress rejected
by the people, appointed to disc.—Pres
ident Van Bt.,en has appointed FELIX
GRUNDY, P. S. Senator from Tennes
see, Attorney: General of the U. States.
The appoiotnstat has been 'confirmed by
the Senate.
"Toe Me InOrk" Plysteritee. —The edi:
for of the )11t1'tunian is authorised to bet
$lOOO that lweph Ritner will be elected
Governor of P i onnsylvanis on the second
Tuesday of October, if he lives.
The last Miltonian says:
Milton Bortitigh in '35 gate a majority
of 80 aiainst,Ritner—this fall it PO-WILL
be vice verea.4 l :oo Realtor,: a dislike to in
fernal "experiments," and a wish to eat
the government back to the old Jefferson
Our friends an rely on this-information.
='moMilis l ;iollNAL
The Bitriobergirdsrleodd Patel" gdd li
deal aboutlAboliNog Arnaliptination; &c.
and charipm3campit.gitnir abd his.friends.
With being Abolitionists and Auudgama
sionista. This charge. comes with rathei
a bad grace from s ?am t h at supports
Rickard Af. JAM" Vito 't voliiient df
the United State* who has black daegh
ters, and Who b ought two white men as
husbands for them, by giving each a aum
and stock, worth about 10,000., on condi
tion that they would marry them. A pa
per that also supports David R. Porter,
for Goveniot c f Pennvykrania, who, it is
stated, has several children by a woman
wtio msrried,and now resides
with a nngro at Lewistown, -
The - Delaware Coal (Neal: gay to de.
dared a lean-annual dividend of six per
ce V .
The Le sigh Coal Company has declared
a semi-annual dividend• 615 per cent.
A very extensive Riot occurred in the
neighbourhuud of Five Points; New York,
on the 4th of idly, between. a party of
Irishmen and Americans. roe windows
of a number of houseswere 'demolished,
and several persons were seriously mimed.
It is stated that avuoe lime nearly 6000
persons were engaged in the riut, and
threatened to be of a very serious nature.
The Munster in "Old ha,rke."—Tbe
Borough Of Reading through their Town
Council, wadi . liplike/Kim to the Sank of
the United States fur a limn of twenty
thousand dollars in silver, fur the purpose
of redeennis4 their' shinplasters under the
denumitialtuu of one dudes. . The Batik
received the uppliAtion favorably,and Was
disposed to grant it „with pleasure, when
a remunatrance was sent to the Bank iu
the shape
.uf a publication by the Commit.
tee of Safety of the Borough of Reading..
The result wtll tie reen front the fulluwiug
extract from the letter of N. Biddle, Esq.
of June 22, 1838. :4
"The Bought directurektiprove entirely of the
object of the Loan, and were disposed to grant it
with great pleasure, wire they received a pub"
Imbed ,renieustranee naiad it by, the "Contend.
tee of dialkty of the biliough of Beading," who
declared that '"it bas been ascertained that the hum
ebuld have been intended fer no other purpose
that' to sell the town to the said Bank., and pet
our citizens and their pesperity Into the power of
the Phibidelkibia Money ling." min can that
the worthy 'members of the Comiiiiiies of safety
will on redection perceive "that they have been
misled by their seal in aserioutx to the Town
Council a design to sell their constituents, or to
the Bank the hest desire to make such an acqui
sition; and I am gnat sure that the respectable
inhabitants of Reading are wboll7 incapable et
being influenced toy the sordid motives ascribed
to then. Neverthekse, as there Derma to be so
mach opposition to the measure, and as its 'dap-
Linn may give alarm to a portion of yoir commu
nity, it is deemed most proper to decline making
che proposed loan.,
Very respictfhHy,
N. 111DDLEI President.
-The Bank has acted very properly in
this matter. The Committee of Safety
have published to the world the startling
fact, that the Borough of Rtetding may be
bought and sold fur the sum of Twenty
Thousand Dollar - is I Is this assertion true
or false? If true, the said Committee have
done the State some service in making
known the fact, though at the expense of
the reputation of their friends and fellow
citizens. If false, the said Committee
have pubtistrd a gross libel for partyJur
poses—a libel which ignorance itself can
not excuse, and which ought to recoil on
its authors in one universal sentiment of
public contempt and indignation. Alrea
dy has on prominent member of the Por
ter Party, and a., member of the Town
Council at Reading, renounced allegiance..
Tho truth is, that the folly and falsehood
every day exhibited by them in one form
or another, must disgust every man in
whose bosom all sense of patriotism is not
extinguished. A loco foco Committee of
Safety ie a solecism—a contradiction of
terms. Satity is not the .word—it should
be something else, and we leave oor read
ers, each for himself, to furnish some other
more appropriate word. 4,
A letter from Washington, dated Sat.
urday, July 7, 1t337, ou the Philadelphia
Exchange Book, save:
Last night about 12 o'clock, Congreis
passed an act making it penal by fine and
imprisonment, to issue the notes of the old
U. S. Bank. The writer further states.
"I was in the house during the discussion of
the subject and never saw so determined a dis
positaxi to eletciee •rbitary ;mast as in this.—
Not a =pother frets . Ponasylwraie wu allowed to
speak,- although Mr. Sergeant was very desirous
to do so.
The Van Buren party often resort to vile
measures and vile means to carry out
their vindictive objects, but wilting in our
humble opinion can be viler dr beset. than
to pass penal laws at 3LIDNIONT, on the
last night but one of the session of Con.
gresel Surely this is no proper time for
the passage of penal laws, by which indi
viduals are to be deprived of liberty and
property? Nor are the other means that
were adopted, less exceptionable—the gag
law system. ht tbis way they attempted
to carry ihe Sub-Treasury System, in
which, howl's', they were happily foiled.
The star spangled Benner Boated from the
dome of um noble Capital, says-the Raleigh Re.
ester. fbr meted sosim. in token of satisfaction
infused mama eareitimme at thederlat efthepst
measure of the Administration.
isehdinte Elactise..—The shades Am Werner.
members 9f Itotisrese. end seestben of the !kale
Wasters, took place io &Wake& as the Sid
feet. The elect/ail of Mr. Roses the Whig eas !
&dale ter the edits ofGerereir, is sst dews es
Fouirrafbo ipLy.-•--
Threearthe • • wiertOttee , Were o
mitted in nor • publicetido, end two
were printed incorrectly. ' -
I •
Dr. J. F.Treichler. The recent defilt of Van
Is l a
Buren and Porter's odious . Be Treasury Bill is
convincing Frog that 'thorn le y ' virtue and pat.
Adana among tits feeilis they love their
country better than party; and 'that they still te.,
sag ell encroaclunenthapon Unlit liborsUes..let it
emanate from whateverparty . ihmay.
1.. Audeurried. William".. Janson Sag. the
booed. Roulette and eteepetaiwit Representative
of Armstiong county.—Elis manly coarse punn
ed,' regardless of party mandate. from the powers
at Washingtne.en the tut. Le tare, irTroppo.
Anon to Van Buren*. aid Petite:9l odium ddb.
Treasury Scheme. entitles itialle the esteem 'of
every trim friend of oqr country.
George 'Elvish:tr. Party Spi rt—'Day it affrays
eventuate flu the prosperity of the People.
J. T. Werner. The Farmer... Mech anics and
laboring men. the bone and sinewththeountry:
They will on the,second Tuesday of October nest.
rally in the support of;and triumphantly reeleit
our present worthy Farmer GOvernor Joseph Ra
nee.. because he hes been' tried and farad a-faith.
ful friend to their ilia:rests. . .
J. T. Bossard. David R. Porter, the Loeofotio
'candidate fire .Governor of the peat State of Peon
sylvania, and the odious and execrable Sub:Tree.
sury Bill, the former will le 'liked down b 7 the
Farmers of Pennsylveniev clothe second Tway
of October neat. as the latter halo greedy been, by
the Coops= of the United States of America.
Our FhialAceialt theCurrenoy.
The following remarks of Mr. Wesirres
in the Senate on return ofl?dr. W stoter's
bill from the House, as amended on motion
of Mt. Curtis, present al comprehensible
summary of the entire levitation of theses
sion on subjects connected with Currency
and Finance, and indicate the position in
which those important yiestiutis are leli
by Congress. 1 _
Mr. Webster said . he : should concur
most readily in this amendment of the
House It gave him the truest pleasure to
learn that the House 11A rejected the sec
ond section of the bill, and that it had
dime so by so decisive a imajority. The
House had thus arrested the surrender of
all control over the publie treasure to the
Esecetive. It had interposed its own high
authority in a most corneal:oilingl and sale
tar! manner; a manner hlighly becoming
the Representatives sf a free People. Fur
all this (said Mr. W,) I fleet highly grate
ful; and at this result, I think, the whole
country may be justly congratulated.
We hold on -yet to the true doctrine, and
the important republican principle of legis
lative control and superintendence •of the,
pulnie money, and I hope tar, we shall con
time to hold on. .
' And now, sir, as to whit remains-in this
bill, 1 think it is te no greitimportance.—
It wilt do no halm, and some good. It
relieves the incapacity of being received at
the Treasury from bills iof hanks which
have issued small bills, proyiled suns banks
shall issue no such small tolls after the first
day of October next.- This time is much
too short, even if it were werei judicious to fix
any definite time, which I do not think it is.
The banks generally will not be able to
discontieue the use of small bills within
that period; nor will they hays suffielentin
ducement to do it. The inconvenience
will fall, not principally to them, but on
the People; as no man will be able, if the
law is regarded, to pity his postage account
or any other debt due iGovernment, by
any bank notes-within his reach or com
This bill, therefore, tides little, very iii.
jle indeed, tdretnove the evils and hiconve.
niences which are &ill, and which must
continue to *felt,
'Then again, sir, remei;ber that the new
Treasu circular is-still knee; and that
no bank note of any kind,, if it be less than
twenty dollars, can be received at at—
This greatly impairs the 'Privilege secured
by the resolution of- 1816. At the post
•office and at the land offices, ma - Paper less
than twenty dollars cart !be received. I
have already, again and again, laid this be
fore the view of gentleme . I have asked
them if they are content d with this state
of things, and if they thin .the People will
he contented. Will the Small purchasers
at the land offices be satisfied with this?—
Is it right to expect it ? Certainly, sir,
this is not what I proposed for them, nor
what I thought their interest required.
If we mean-to rnalatala the principle of
the resolution of 1•81-8-tif we mean to
make bank notes reeeleable at ail, why
should we embarrass arty thwart ittopem
- tion by rejecting all notes under so high a
sum as twenty dollars? Why not stop at
five dollars, the point atl which the State
banks hive arrived? 1 . -
However, I have addiewed the Senate
repeatedly on this part of the subject he
ron; and the people, I trust, every where,
will understand that I, and those who usu
ally act with me, have done all in our
to give them, in every part of the coun
try, the just benefits of the resolution of
'lB without unreasonable ernbamuments.
One word sir, on another part or the sub
ject.. This bill leaves the depusite system
in full operation in some places and some
States, and it leaves it ,impossible to 'be,
adopted in other States. Our actual sys
tem therefore, will be wholly utiesinak it
will be one thing in one; part of the ciin
try, and another thing 1 another part.
These ergs, sir, and hese mequakties
cannot long exist. T country will clei
mend their removal. , 1
'We break up then; sir, With no Sub
Treasury Bill.. -
. •
We break up with no Special Deposits
We break up without lhaving•surrtles.
ed to. - the ZSecildisa just ecmt of
ectflren_coria r the pi;
,moneys. ';
•We break up,ilbeirieg it • • " bed the Spe
cie*Cieculat. - - • i /
But wo breslCtip nevelbelesir,' leaving
inch proSisions •i *f law In existence, and
such it Treasuiyicircularr: eXistence, as
must, in my opiriign, very , riouslyeminiv-,
ram* the operatititts of ?Mines', eve**
bepirticular paris orthe qptintry. • .-- li
, And -we break up, mdiCoVer,• withoot•
having dune any thing-dh-aty thing at alj—
toward* establishing it aper currency,
equivalent to `specie, ofreisal credit,
and - of the same ‘alue in cry part of the
coaritry. Till we establit such a carrell- 1
•cy as this, we shall not have l performed a
high and importinitAuty, ivhich, in my • o
pinion. is solemnly bindingsupon us. Till
we do this, that isnot don which will if •
fectually,satisfy the countroy. Other things
may be palliatiVes. but that ,thing• atone
can constitute effectual rilineily and relief.
I will only add, sir, bc4ause I believe it
is true, that if i measure, calculated to
zany into fult, effect thri abolition of the
Specie Circidar+-such a speaiine as I had
I the honor to pri' l ipose to the Senate—could
have been presented, in timanner to be
acted on, without delay or embarrassment
to the popular branch ofttingress it would
have succeeded;, in that branch, by a very
decided majority. The puteislied proceed•
ings of that body sulficientlY show this.
.. .. .
TIM TUC MIMS' .110171101,111.
I know a sweslt L and char niing- place,
lu which to spend a lonely hoar; .
Where modest worth and native grace.
Cain calm thee-by their shothing power.
When sorrow fills thy troubled- breast.
And soad'unig mire forbids a male. -
you Would seek a place Of mat,
Just pay a visit to
For we have brave and motile girls,.
Fresh th the sunny chains of yonth. -
Whose brows tie swept ty: flowing curls-i ,
Whose stole delight and aim is Roth.
The drabness tit their blooming cheeks
Seems sullen flow 80411111:fragraut rose,
W inch smiling, milt new theuioda seeks,
Their churning beauuea to' disclum.
Bet though all therm' conibined
To please and captivate the eye,
Yet graces rare &tumid their' twine,
• That beinaty's blooming! charms online,
'Ti, virtue's pure and beathing smile
That throws a soil and hallowed light
Around each - maiden Of Carbide,
And fills our licaits with visions bright.
11 Genies, Innocence and Truth, delight— •
native modesty the heart beguile—
If you would see these graces al! unite.
Acquaint yourself with Ladies in -Ceritsfs
Carlisle, July 4, 1838.
- Was Tax. minas' f mama'.
Thou silliest me the language
Of these fair and blot:0114 Bowers,
That shed their early fragrance.
Mad the perfume of them hewers.
Thom halt called them in their beauty;
For a bright though dying wreath;
But a thought of passing glory
La within their smiled breath.
Oh hold they not a language
Teo silently apart T •
Do they nut breathe a deeN • plre,
True leaedn to the heart.
Within their fair and fading leaves;
Lingers there not a tone,
In silent eloquence of thought,
A beauty all their. pain.
They wake it bright remembrance
Of childhood's happyi hours ;
When joyously our pull! was strown
With bright and tboitileas flowers.
They wake up early visions
Of happy momenta Missed;
Of hopes that bloomed and faded,
Of joys4hitt• could not last.
Of thoughts once fondl.y cherished,
Blighted whilst in_ their bloom ;
Of youth and beauty perished,
Of surtlightand the tomb.
Be it remembered that
When Geo. Wulf was elected Govern
or in 1829 the Commonwealth wed fur
money borrowed, $3,10,000 OEt.
- Be it rintesibet-eit that ,
When be went- out of office in 1833 the a
mount borrowed was '44,654,443 32.
Be it rementbeted that
The amount borrowed by Geo. Wolf in
six years, and debt indreased was $16,-
514,40 32. - 1
Be it remembered that •
.When Joseph Rimer iwas . elected Gov.
ernor in 1835, he found the- debt to bias
Geo. Wolf had left it $.44,651,443-32e
• Be it Remembered that
On the Ist day of Jund, 1838, it amount
ed to 24,430,003 32.
Be it maembered that _ . !
Got. Rittret, paid ogin two years Sad
six months, 024,440 Op.
• . Be 6 rensembeed tide
The amount teceived foe Canal And
Rail-toad kali, during the fect yeani of
Wolfs 'adminietrAtion, i was $1,260,466
06. : •
lle it remembered that -
The .arnount received for tolls Muting
two years and six months of Ritner's ad:
ministration wes 2,425,164 38. . .
' - Be it remembered that
The difference in favor of 'tuner'', ad
ministration' i $1,164. 9 68 33.
• Be t remembered that •
The amount paid by the Commonwealth
to - the stippurt of Common SChools ;iring
thp six 'years of Wolfs adininkstrafion,
wu $75,000 OM
Be it reiteraltered that .. j '
The amount paid in two yens ' end
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$883 1 918 0: 1 . , - .
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172 50. •
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$201,50917. fittirisAltit
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.Thb Soriitree He
has paid-for his two "autarorrata
some here about Lewistown?
Q3' Representatives IS Cotter
sen, in fourteen States the proven
elections will take pia in the lb
Louisiana, let Monday in'July
mispatiri. Ist Moridarin A
Vermont. let Titet44 in Sept.
Maine,.2d Mondsv Septein.'
Genre's, let Monday in Oetn
Arkansas. tat •IVlonilf it in Oct
' Bondi Carolina, 24 inday in
New Yerser, 2d Toriday 'in a
'penniivivaniti, 2d Tinsidav in
Ohio, 24 Turedav October.
New 'York.. let Monday in N
Maanacimeetta. Od Mandel , in
Delaware. 2d To esday in No
The New Orleans' Adler*, iser
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twined John C. Calhnlla and hi
On the 4th ult., by tit'
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Ttr of Pottaville.
On tie 2211 'Mittel); by th
Soverei6n M. Wit. Si
Jn this Boroughrrm Th
Consumption. Mr.; John a
yeat of of his age.
His remains were scco
grave to the Presbyterian
on Friday last, by the unit
Fellows, of which he was
ber, emu] d suitable rlise.our.
on the occasion byitheltexl
RvT BY. o louri
Sun Rises 9 bid
June 23 64
24 76
25 68
26 t 69
27 61
28 60
29. 73
- 30 69
July I 72
2' 70
3 69
4 72
5 74
6 • 75
7 '66
- 8 ' 74_
9 78
10 79-
ASTATEDMeeting of tit
Engine GOmpeni ie will-be
of Wm. Mortimer. on Wedn
the lleh inst. et theca h.
.Potts . vilie, July B, IslB.
11 1I 1K I,=Tll
• _
. 1 071-0: AT FLOUR.* the load
dor d 50.
FAT I I:0 per *AO, d
ME FLOUR. 2 001 'per cwt.
RYE, by the load 7J Cents b
RYE CROP 65 ea 1 ,! . per
0474 3EI nentsteedi . sale.
ATOMS 40 cetos per boll
N-65 cents peir. bushel in
CLO 'R STX...O-ap 56 per 1
FLAXSE:k:D-61 It s per bushi
WHiSKILY-4t ceo per `ell
BUT cenui per pound
i t
EGGS—I 2 cents pi doled. '
LARD- 7 10 ennui pe pound.
TALLOW-9 cents per .. ', •
HA MS 12 eente pe pourd.
CONN ,CIIOP , SO no per
BACONI2 Cents r pound.
BF.RSWAX-18 et tit per . •
F.E. ATHENS-62 'per
COMMON' WOO • 40 tint'
M4r.KEREl.4byt • bbl. No
SAI,7-2 624 per .1.; 87_ ipe
PIASTER. is *or 4. •S 7 u° P
HAY 818 diet ton. ~.
. • C 'b Cid
nubs. Sup"r Pah
for yak by 11
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233 BARR ELOeuperior
the -Miluiduct Mil
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Mr - Bond%
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ratify' Mete
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8 -
II 131
1 70
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four/ilk Fiirs
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1131 evenly., ties!
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