The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 30, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
11 ; ?" 8J_A.1117114
11111111. • •
.Tuaaa Doi t t.ass AND Fir r
payable aeual-annitally in adiran
in the year, Si will be char
ceise the paper free of INUIA e.
113 per annum If not paid wit
will be added to the price aim.
Two Dot.Laan per annum.
in advance. If not paid widen .
be charged
Advertisementiaot ereeedin
charted $1 for three insertion
insertion. Laigel ones in pro
All advertisements will be
out. unless the time for *hi h t
isspeadied.and will be charged
Yearly a4vertisers will be c
inetmlieg subseriptionto the pa
of keeping one advertis ement
standing during, the year. and t
er one in each paper fur three
All letters addressed to the
Otherwise no attention will be
All notices for meetings. •
which hare heretofore been i
h arged 25 cents etch. except
. Wanted lin
A GIRL who can come
and veto understands
bowie work of a small famil
this Borough. 'Apply at.tlt
'one 16
Norwegian T 1 1
THE taxable inhabitants
ship in Schuylkill Coo 1
dill at the office of the sub.
boo, on Monday's Wodner4
until oast 'July court, and
County ant School -Tax, for
sons - residing at a distance,
said tax* when it is hoped.
tintinents, pc, as to preclude I
training property as the law ,
. ;
Port Carbon, June 23
Catiti 1,
THE undersivied cant 10 1 l
purchasing or leasing t
Clinton Tract, on the East
from Elizabeth Spohn, or I
as he the undersigned
will institute a suit arum
ling to take the possessiou
Manheini, April 2S, 1
!Wolff! • • •
WILE Register Of stehwilkill (lonely haviqg
i. granted to the subect4r. Letters of Admiti
isitation on the caste df Hoary llietigri, late of
the ISonsigh of Puttsrille, dieeeased. All persons
indebted to the estate of the said HearY Nertge
are requested to make imiineshate payment; and
all thasp.havrag claims, arse requested to present
them lot settlement to the imbscriber without de
lane 4 42-6. • 1
`& Hardware Store.
THE subscribers would i'elipectfully announce
to the public, that he leas added to his forms
stoek, has and Hordtearn, consisting in part or
American and English Bar Iron, Hoops and Band
Iron, Round Iron, aSiorted sizr-s, Cast,,
Shear. German Mid Engltsh Blister and A. M.
Steel Mouse-bole anvils, Smith's Be!knots,
Cast Steel band, hoping; and Broad axes, nails
andspikea, together sit a general assortment
of Iron Mongery, all w ieb sill be sold at re.
dueled priers, by OHN CLAYTON.
April 42
- Teas! Teisil Teas!! !
. gam CIiENT T S andbests of Freria Green
• ' 01 ".. and black Teas, iconsiatiog of Orange.
Picea, finseichong, Ppuchotrig, Gunpowder, Young
Hyman. Old Hyman and Illswat S'kin, just recessed
and isr sale at reduced prices by
1 4 414 14A THANS & tn.
'Several small chests pit up for tarnily use
inaY 2 33
' Aotfre.
- THE Register of Schuylkill County hawing
-m granted to the subrotriber Letters Of Admin.
*ration on the elate of) J.A. Mr Grata. late of
Norwegian Aownship.Sdhurlkill County, ih-eras,
ad: All pervnas indebted; the sard Jean MeGrorta.
see requested to make mediate , pa r ment; and
. all those hariaz clams re revuitted to repent.
them for settlement to t sorinieriher trithout de
lay. E . GH KINSLEY,
Part Carbext. May 16,1 I `tS. - 37-6
Leaden Pipe & HYdraii .
&ANNAN bus joist received a lot of Lead
-01 Pipe,_ which bei will warrant to be of a
superior tauslity. anid I inch. Also.Sumatar
aud Wieder Hydraeta.i coosuroeted of the best
materielle, all Of:which he will sell ebeap.
jaosla 1 43
$2O Reward.
The SubslribCrs to the I 1, AN.AWAY fruM the subscribers n i the 9th
ALS inst.' an indented apprentice to the black
ill,n4SlMLEi TOWN MAJ.L. I swathing , teminewe named Mathinielah Leweltrn.
NOTICE is hereby given, that in Election 1 aged about IS years. 5 feet , snr 6 inches high.
*will ,be held fortINE DIRECTORS, by ; He is ham Wales. but sneaks English very well.
the Staeldieldwra in tb Institution On Moaday i Aft persoise am ea
hereby utinard against barbs:tr
ibe 901 day of July rteet..lietween the bows of , IMF said apprentice- The above reward will be
3 and 4 &click P. M. at the Pencuilwansa Hall. I paid to any one who will deliver him to , the sob.
Hy order of the Board. Scribernrir lodge him in an. WI in the Gammon.
EDWARD OWE'll PARRY. wealth. El & li" WOOD & SNYDER.
49-5 .
!' Secretary, j Coniery Works, Pottsville, Jame W 43.-3
Julie 113
MIRE oubserther has; non as band at hut Stare
and Storehouse on 'Centre and Rail Roe?
attneta. a fun antortasent of Gtiods, coital& for the
ant melm
Barr Iron of nisOrted sizes,
I'Band ant Hoop dics •do
• 1 Nails sad spite &ids do do
aertitoood fr.. Sailors do do
Sias and.Spikea do do
P goal Morel . ' • jdo do
flardwarit, a adamdral ampooroomot
All !of irbigatb• is.sblhag at reduced Prices.
j a , 1 3 • 9 . MX YTON.
Strai Rome.
CAWS tothe eta" of the ;übserilsW about
two Witiiiii, BLACK HORSE, about
111 yews ohCreit t to het Ica rebca d a a 4 is
swiped ha the ' kg. The weber es re
=caw ni. Prime Mien,. Pa,
end take way, otherwise he will be
SelmsylkA Haves, Jim 'A 4S-3*
. .
, . . .. • :. . , .
, , •
~•... . . , , i
iqt.1361 OUT FRO! TER CAVERNS OF Tux Iliotomums,, EILTAL+ WHICH wuttarvicropulaTare *INANE. LID NOTONOT ALA, NATURO TO 001 nig AND
' • . .
.• ' • ,
New and Splendid Goods.
THE Ladies of Pottsville and Vicinity are res.
psctfallvinvited to call and examine a most
splendid assortinem of
Painted Limes, Jackinetts, Prints,
Black and 'hits Lawns.' •
Mansion Ins Lyonaise,
Hoskin, d riVand light kid Gloves,
Worsted, Cotton and Silk Ito.
Fancy Handkerchiefs, Shawls, Veils,
Plain and painted bordered linen Cambric hdkfs.
Silk & Cotton, Winded Sr. imbleacti'd hose,
do do Embroidered do
At the store 9f N..NATHANS & CO.
marl 9 38
Cam's per annum.
. If not paid with
to all those who re-,
•To mail subscribers
in the year 50centa
the year, 42 50.w.01
twelve lines will be
and 50 cents for one
mon. ,
serted until ordere
l ey are to be continue
rged =l3 per annum;
r —with t he pnv,ilege
Ix exceeding 2 squares
insertion of a small
! ccessivetimes.
CAROLINA worklid flooring boards,-ydriniii
. no:l, tongued and grooved ready for laying. I,
and inches of different quality and priors.
constantly on hand, and for sale m lota to suit
purchasers, upon app!icatioa by letter to
for most be post paid,
id to them.
1.. and other notices
Iserted gratis. will be
arrittges and Deaths.
Planing Machine - *bat; N. L. Phila..C.o.
april 25 . Pottsville.
Valuable Real Property in Pottavilk,
well recommended.
`. king, to du the
cd three persons,,in
THE undersigned offers for sale all that well
known three story BRICK STORE AND
DtVELLINO HOUSE and the appurtenances
sitaate in Ceitee street, Pottsville, the property
of theL node-signed; together with nine other
tenements in the rear of said-buthaing, and the
lot of ground Whereon the whole stands. The
brick building aforesaid, contains thirty feet in
front—finished from the basement story to the
garret-in the best style of workmanship, and both
as a business stand anti a oesidence, is most fit
vourably situated- - The foregoing property will
be sold on low and accommodating terms. Part
of the iturcialse money may remain on the prop
erty for a few ,years, if desired. Title indittputs
hle, and possession can be given immediately—
apply to . •G. NI JENNINGS.
April 22 3e-4 r Pottsville
lit' Norwegian town
tr are rtitrested to
ribcr, at Port Car
ies and Saturday's,
pay their respective
the year 183 S. Per
• be called on fur
There will be no de
rthe necemity of dm
;,, the public againf.l
e tractor land eatiAt4
'orwearian ratl mad.
ory Morita for her.
Confectionary Manufactory.
rrHE subvicriber teSpectfully announces to the
palate that lie has commenced the Manufac
ture of Confectionary in all its rarities - branches,
at his Store in Onitra htem, Ready 'opposite the
Pottsville House, where Confectioners and oth•
ers can always be supplied wholesale' and, retail,
at the lowest Philadelphia cash - prices.
Country Merchants are - respectfully solicited
to call avid cominc bis stook before purchasing
el.ew here.
title thereto, and
any person atteily4
nor 4
12 YEARS Old Monongahela Rye 2i' hiskey,
being the stock of a private Gentlemen, de
ceased, and sold by coder of Executors, just re
6eived and for sale by
June 23 48
TSubscriber i s receiving from the A. Law
ton Collieries:a 'fresh supply of the celebra
landing at his wharf. Pule street; Schuylkill.—
Orders left at the *Stec, No. 81 Dock street, or
at the wharf, will be promptly attended to.
Philadelphia. May , l2, 118. :
Choice Wines and Liquors.
N. NATnAris ag co.
LEAVE on band the following choice Wines
•.R..l. an d Liquors which they warraqt genuine.
and offer for sak on the most favorable terms,
consisting of
54) Baskets Champaigne Wines. of Key. Hick
ory, Star, Woodcock. Anchor, Grape and other
brands. •
10 Baskets Sparkling White Burgundy,
10 do Old Hock,
5 cases Old Gripe luiee Port,
30 do Medoe & St- Julien Claret.
Also—a few dozen br the much celebrated East
• India or Star Madeira,
Old Brown, Gold and Pale Sherry in bottles,
.lo Madeira, Muscatel ••'• do
Curraccie. Perfect Lose. Rose, Noyeen, &ISt:kiss,
Bette. Annisseed Cordial... • do
Madeira, Pale. Brown & Gold Sherry. Liom,
Teneriffe, Mar. Madeira, Malaga, Maldusey,
I Dry Malaga. Muscatel and Old Port.
Champaign Brandy of the Pint brands,
!Cognac. Bordmax & Charitte Brandy,
Holland GM. of Pine Apple and Flab brands,
7 Jam. Spirits, AL Whiskey. N. K. Rum,
Com- Gin, Com Brandy &c. - .
Tavern keepers from the neighboring towns..
are respectfully invited to mall
N. B. Goods delivered to any part of the Ix..
rough or neighboring towns free of expense-.
may 2 33
. .
• trt . .4.; ,; : 4-... , - 5 :
~, t ,:- ; p..,,
.v , . : =:4: . ".- 5 ;; 5 -x, 4
MI .. matp:
Flooring Boards.
Encouraze Home Manufactures.
airalg, Coaland Loading. beta
to Ito Da tott.rdlie Rail Road COM.
pan . at Mount Carton. •Ttre same being in es
ery respect wet calculated' for the shipping of
coal The 'mine mai be rented with or'without
meaty pal Chro al! in good order.--Atio. the
Inge warehot4te and wharf.
Faignire of !'SHARP.
Mount Cuban. Jane Sa • - 46-3
A L IVESTEO Hareg* = Shoulders A. Sae; le.
-ceirsti easitionseet • prime lot. •rbiet" •
.in beta' kr. for cub by the Mad: to dine
maks. applj to
Jose 24
fro' abds or
• prima liresiapinha linina pen avespritsilly
fix family nee.
tied and fir Tilif
. • 9,
AxD , Porers- vinGiag 6ENERALIAIti .
• 1 .•
Itemunption of Business.
THE Subectiber returns his gratefokrekabsrl
edgements to the citizens of Pottsville and
others,who stepped forward to his assistance at
ter the loss of his property by Ire in December
last, and would also _acquaint them and the pub
lic generally, that he has again commenced the
Drug Business in the house formerly occupied by
Charles W. Clenuins,
,in Centre Street, in the
borough of Nati-vine, where may always be had
a general assortment of
Drugs, I Medicines, .
Paints, Oils;
Glass, . Dye Staab,
And every other article in the above line, which
he is disposed to sell on very low and ateornato
dello, terms.
N. B. LT Physicians prescriptions carefully
put up at the shortest notice.
Pattxville, May 30, 188.
• Port Clinton, Foundry
WILL.I6 ! . sold at private sate. the Foundry
pleasantly situated at Port Clinton. Schuyl. ,
'kill county, on very reasonable terms. This
Foundry is at the commencement .of the Little
Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rid Road, now
making, and will in a snort time be one of the
hest situations inthe country to do a large busi
aegis. For terra', &c. apply to
Iron Fourelers, Philadelphia.
Port Clinton.
july 29
ILEA lib ING -
HAVEnn hand
MEET do.
• R .11Th ROAD do.
Bar Iron of any size drawn to order. Nails
and spikes ofall vim.., for sale at the lowest City
priers. REIMS. WIJITA ER Ar ro•
Reading. May 22, 1838. 40-6ino
air. TERME'',
(from Pkilodefp
ESPECTEULLY tenders her Services to
alg' the Ladies of Pottsville and the vicinity, and
hopes by the neatness of her work,, ,des
patch, and moderate charge:NJ° merit a share of
their patronage.
- Her residence is at• Mrs. B. Mason's, opposite
the store of Messis. liathinr St Co. in Centre
June 2 • 42
P r HE Proprietors of this Line,(which has been
..a‘ fitted- up in a superior manner for the accom
modation of the Travelling Community.) respect
fully announce to the public that, the Line will
positively commence running tetween
ea Wednesday tee 2d of May, and will continue
to lease their Office at the Peaasylvasria Hall.
Pottsville, daily at 6 o'clock, A.. 31. and atnve
Philadelphia, at 6 o'clock P. AL at the followirg
rates , of Fare:
To Orwirsbarg,
Port Clinton,
bile. Notice. • •
AS it appe that because %Er-Crane obtained i
no pate t
fir sefeltisi loon:Ore With An
thracite C in this country. many suppose that
' they are noe at liberty to adopt the Method of
smelting Iron ore with Anthracite by the dole of
heated air blast although I gave notice last
year that IL had a palest for smelting Iran Ore
with AnthraSite Cvsekboth by the use of a cold
atmospherin and a heated air blast, I would now
' inform the Fipblic again, that on the 14th of Jan
nary; IS:18,1 received a letter from the Commis-
Wooer of PaleMe at Washington, stating: ' "Sir,
upon essuraning the case of Mr. Crane's applica
tion for a pitent for Smelting 'bon by means of
Anthracite, hare viewed his claim as interfering
with you, plitent of pee, 14 , 33, and bare given
notice to hal attorney of this decision." Every
attempt to ,(melt Imo ore with anthracite by the
use of a h * eated air blast:is an infringement nice i
my patent, Oigainir, which I caption and warn
all mamas I shall prosecute every not tuft living
PARKER Sc. CO. - : upon my 4rhts, according to laic. And I fur
: ther offer es dispose of patent rights for the erect-
MERCERS 4.. TAILORS, ling of futtlces • ace°'ng to ai, patent, upon
(nonstedy Parker le Winiimuj i very modern e terms. ,
WIAVE removed on the opposite side of C-entzt ! N ew y o i,k . m ay Id. 83& 37-..1y
m-m. Street, a few doors abore Norwegian Street 1 .
where they offer for sale a' select assortment is, ; '
Superfine Broad Cloths and Cassimeres Of the 1 'W .llii ß . . /.. I ES er A t
ASD ggerty :RETAIL ,
Most fashionable cokirs.erith an elegant assort. 1 ,„
meat of Summer Oaths, Vesting+, Uteri and Cot. lln,I In, Gnr • XlilsiGnmenri Wine 4. LitigaerSlore
ton Shirts. Collars, Bosoms, Stocks. Gloves. Sas- ; (Nest door to MortimeepßoteL)
Fenders, linen and cotton Hine, and all kinds of ; THEIR .nnexpots w 4th A hearse in Philsdelpliia
Gentlemen's wearing apparrel, which will be ' um ' them to keep on hand a very lexica
.made to order in the most approved style as to the 1 sive t of goods. which they Warta' at
workmanship, and warranted to fit equal to any 1 Philadel is prices. Score and Tait ll2 keePers
in the Celt or elsewhere. 1 a nd : p l ay a families, Would do . Well to eall and
P. S. P. A. Co. keep on band an excellentes:. i judge kir themselves.
emir:Emu pmready-made Clothing ot all ktnds, - a Iff,
uhseh will be sold at very low rates.
june II
For Seats apply at the Pennsylvania Hall,
P o ttsville; Hen's Hole), Readuar; and at their '
Office, No. 24, North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
M I NTZ ER & 6 0. Pottstotra. •
OV ENSHIN E, Pails- '
W therill & Brother, 1
AT 1112. OLD STAND . I
Coal Merchants, Land Proprietors 1 N o . 03 NORTH FRONT STREET,
and others, are respectfully in- ', Tm . ii„„ w H'Tes E t s va T i s tmuani E. or &yes si:.!
• formed by , s.
Bailee smith, . i a rdi A, l l l,7 l7 .l FA CTATIOILS OF .1
civil Engineer, Land Streeyor,.4.c. ; -
, K
ea . ill can . S •
wu. Red Pricipt.
T HAT be has commenced a permanent red , L a b ari • r
deoer in and is prepared to receive i w. •
and sathfactorily =emits all bossiness with Much I ,
, s ort
be may be filmed. do
H. S. is
to comfine his practice :to I Ill' - I
r do come,
PosmoSe and its tidally, which arrstogethent I 1 ..„,,,........, •• lamer
will enable him plactoally to attend - I° those cs. 'C - 7 Coos. 'do 1 1
gentlesmai engaged in musing, who may employ. A
.., - Aces. Idombra
MM. - eid Solpls do.
' Mapa bandsennely finished. and AreldUetora. Efima
Designs &raided in entry style. - .. Mut. • Lae
nt - Mile ..
Renosyboanit Ha. ApritiS.lB3B. 31-2 mo I SIP- Sal - L it . ' 45 111 : 11111 .7:: .
• ,
busby Mare. . I embasipaoti Sal Waro,Dninewme,iona.,
011 or for sale the ahem oswithadd artici" os. to
irlAVE or the premises alba milwenlier an row. *d i eseseral tmmmeas id" faints. Devi
the 21st inas. a Duo Colored MARE. 12 or 1S aid Dye , andeleWlldwerliOdielo lad Qom
years old. blond of an eye. Ms owner is request. PA ad .
of an aNdit-0.0.....d.
Ed to toms froward. probe property, pay charges
'hose Lead *!kJ ple*Hnwoodsessei sep
and take her away; otherwise she will be sold air
monies to law. that mi i • t h e F ab, ll ' b e us , mi . =
" , .
Sa-VVEL BROOKE- ' Wald* sad Pocono Gins. fors 68„ is sass.
Wes West ]lines, June 92. 464 I outpsy: IS- -
• Fr4T i riCk
11 ESP LLY informs, his-, fr iends and
. I the publ9ln general,:that be has opened a
Bakery and bonfeesionary Establishment
in Norwegian P.treet, neat door bele, the Arcade
in She borough of Pottsville, where he will al
• ways keep or4nd and bake to artier all kinds
Greatest of vaiiety of patternef—and where
also, will laurels be kept on hand, Bread by the
Loaf, of an ex4ellemluatity. and oft alarge vise.
His Confectionary comprises,•' large and on.
oral assortmen. Selected with care; and sold at
the very lowest rates.
_ F. C. E. woitld also inform kmilles that he is
prepared to b4e Family -Brea for 'any number
who prefer furnishing their own Flour, at the
shortest notices and on the Most reasonable terms.
sprit 21 , 30-3 m
'ew Goodis.
4 generil .... rtufent of intit, and. seasonable
I 'W Goods, ju .• reeei ved--ixonsisting in part of
•• D y Goods, . I
G - 1 ceries,
. Mackerel,
S 4 11t, Plaster, fkle. Ace.
which will be [ sold low for casn. The highest
. rice paid in ' for all kinds orcountiv produce.
Mount Car n, Dec 2 2
. :
For instantaneous cure of.
Discovered an brought to its greatest perfection
Thais to crify that I have tried your Taput ,
as Elixir in serrate:ages cb
of Tooth Ache, in whi
I have certain y found it of very, great service. -
- ~ • 'J. B. HARVEY,
Member oftlMßoval Coll.. Surgeons.
London, Sept. 11X3830. •
A friend sopped in to say that he lied visited
the Fire King Ithis morning, and twitnesaed his
marvellous cute of the Tooth Ache., One little ,
boy in perilar,'who looked cross enough to bite
a ten penny 41 II clear o ff , in ten minutes smiled
at the decay' tooth and defied its pain.—U. S.
Gazale. i
A fresh au lY of the above Elixir just receiv. '
ed and for B. BANNAN, ,
7, Agent for Sch . aylkill county
I-1 y
NI cal Intitimments.
riNHEsn ibex has just received and offers
ia. fin sale
4 keyed Flutes, pfain,
Octave Flutes, ' .
Clary:meta, l .
Viohne, i I
Violin Bridges Pins, Strings and Bow-hair. l
Clarionet Reeds,
Guitar Strings,
Violin Bowes—extra finish.
He respectfully invites the public to call and
examine his rock. .
may 5,1835. 34-
80 50
75 -
2 00
3 00
3Qi 1
5 00 '
Seperior Wines,
At tke , /ersesi City priers.) •
THE celebrated Old Star - Madei r a , Sparkling .
Burgundy. Old Port, Hock, Hockhenner,
Lisbon, Tekteriffe, Pale. Brown and Gold Sherry.'
Also—exti draugSt. Claret. Spanish Wines. Vin'
de graves, end Rhenish wines of excellent qua .
ty, at 50 CIL per gall*.
' Storekeepers and Tavern keepers wißbe sop
tgiadat wholesale prices, at
N. NATNANS & Co.".
Centre St.
may 26, 40
NeW Goods! New Goods':
J EST received by N. Nathans & Co. a new
and elegant assortment of Sprjpg and Sum
mer Prints, painted martins and lawns,
which may be found a few piec pieces of English
Prints at at very low rate.. 'Also, a splsodid as
sortment of Cloths, Cassitneres, Yestwgs &c.
Also, Gentlemen's Summer wear, together
with a general assortment of Linens, Checks, Di
apers, Tick' gs, Muslins, &e.
sprit 1 4 •
JUST RSCEIVED a splendid assortment of
Spring and Summer Goods, consisting in
part of
Dry Goods,
Groceries, •
Queens!‘ are,
Liquors &c: •
which l'am prepared to sell cheaper than ever
offered in this market tot cash, or in exchange
for country produce,'at the highest market t .sice.
THE4lbombers having tented the wharf on
Fair Mount dam, foot of Willow St. Rail Road;
joining the one occupied by A. J. Bolton & CO.
are prepared to receive Coal.. I umber. &c. on
wharfage, and commission. Exiquire of the.sub
scribers on the premises. or at .28 South Wharves.
june 20y
WHEREAS, in pursuance of an act of Gen
eral Assembly of the CommoOwealth 'of
Pennsylvania, an attachment bath been granted
by the su ham iber, one of the Justiiies of the Peace
in and for the County of_Schoylkill, at the in
stance of David Frank, of the borotizh of Potts.
Merchant, against a certain William Reive
ly, in the county aforesaid, Miner; wherein cer
tain Goode, Chattels and Effects of the said Wil
liam Reively have been attached, and are now in
the czeuxly of John Heffier and Henry Stager,
E, the Borough of Fottsville,lintil they dial
be disposed of according to law. This is there
fore to give notice to the creditors of the said
Witham Reively, to appear on Tuesday the 10th
day of July nett at the house of Henry , Stager,
E.-q. in the Borough of Pousvilk, Innkeeper,
then and there to discover and make proof of their
demands agreeably to the directions of the aiiid
act, the 18th day °finite, A D. 1838. -
Joie 20 47.-3
Tik ti
KES pleasure in informing e friends andthe
patdic. that be continues tus Itaritcroar ander
the *Pennsylvania Her in Pi-ttcrille- Ile hopes
harpast reputation fur keeping a respectable Esiab-
Winton. acipured- during the expenenee of S ears
in the same line of business , and a desire. to please.
may merit a continuance of their farms and patron
JOHN SILVER has made arrangements with Mr.
Robert Render. of the "Cornacotam• Nei 44. Norib
Third street, Philadelphia for a supply of all the
debt:aeries* which the Philadelphia market can afford
dazing the Sommer seasilat.
Mil of Fare. • 1
Roast 13tier, cold, per plate, ill 1141
C"..orned de de do 12)
Fried ilam 4 Eggs, , do ' Z
Green; Tonle Soup, ,de 25 -
Perdition, —
nosh - Tickled Salmon.—
Seined Oysters,
CM Madeira Wine. per btirde, 1 50
'CiatPa.e Sherry Wine; do 1.50
Old aroma do 'do 1 50
OM Part do do:- 1 50
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• Portstille. May 11. IS. 33-42
i For Sale
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! /LA wiifian, on the West *inch near the West
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1 March 21. C. 34- .• at Reading.
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Dry Goods"
Groceries, :• • '-'
Likpuors, kr. - -
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been discovered:
The following ate some .oidisit Ali
LATE, LIMES . • , •
'Effected inut heard frail dariieg Siksimia _TWO
MONTIIS, is PkiZedelpkis.
Ermine Simpson. cured.ef 'vattlentyais ..
and sides, with much giddiness to whack skisAiras
subject far three years. r •
John Stocker. relieved , from _babdinta costhenems
and want of appetite, with offensive breatV4ind l ind
Joseph Marlow, eared of an alcentedJazanif
Israel Jones, cored of a bre4ing oat oast bin
whole body- •
Sarah:Ames. cared "of pain in her breasts =dead:
much headache and eickness after eating. .
Willem Mowbray. cared of a t ßbeinotatisni r lod
swelling of his legs and feet, basing been onahlito
walk any distance for six months past.
Michael J. Hoskins. cured of under'
arms and on his neck, with co lbseeking
out on his toady. t
El Cranmer, cured of awelled breasts,- pain
in her aide. constant disgust to -I d, and mach tick
nes, at her stomach. '
Jeffery cline, cured of rheumatic pains and naintleill
Samson G. Howard. cured of a tester and 1211. a
breaking out over his body, with some ranningsmores
and ulcens -
Rev. 'A Canby; cured of an affection of Ins' throat.
soreness and nu-mutton, which pretiqusly affected hie
spee T ch.
he following are rime only of the large number:of
cures effected in Berms Montgomery. Schullkill.l.Le.
high. Lancaster. and' Northanipintramunties. dining
the past three months
Jonas Green. Esq-, cured of a scorbutic affection.
ulcerated kg. swelled joints and rheumatic pains, m .
Adun . C. carpenter, cured of violent pain his
sides. much costiveness, hod appetite auk a shortness
of breath.
Rachel Snyder. cured of a difficulty in breitbing.
habitual costiveness and riolent pains m her.berd.
Michael Jones, his two daughters and riimptsest.n,
a;ortid of a breaking out of dry acid sonsetunessmany
pimples over their whole bodam, attended with went
itching, frequent unpleasant feelings in their lies*
sickness at the stomach. and pains coiner dm Wirt: atc-
This faintly was afflicted for years , and never ßiend
relief from any tnedicid treatment, or from any medi
cines, until usinga. Dr. Leidy's ',Blood Ms and a Wash
directed by Dr. I ul y .
Sarah ?dclutosh. cured of violent pains in bits back
and loins, rho:madam. swelled joints, Etc
Andrew Green, cured of griping pains. leis of ap
petite, &must, f o ur food. and hattitualcomineness.
Adam ft. Guinn', cured of scaly eruptions and break
ing out. soreness and pain through his bones.
Dinah Crowley, cured of ringworms and amen
Henry C. Rocney, Esq. (=color Samna fevers.
soreness of his mouth, throat and nose, glandular als&
tinge. &c.
George Layman. faired of a mercurial afreake ud
sicilentrhenniatic puma orbs, bead and omen.
Jonathan S • Isaac Colman and John.G. 'Thom
son. coxed of various, affections of the' bead. costive
nen. soar enictmunik. sickness at the stonsaet o t
' Sarah Jenkinii.Alfied and Tracy Jentian, of
affections of the Am breaking out, pains ia thatlimbw
du. _ ,
Ilatnemas other instances might be padirethed. ittit
to swell the hst wo .1d asinceetiaarlly increase Ake"-
pease of pabhshing them
It most be matt* seen from the fore that the
Blood Pills are an escellent cottective for adii edereid
stomach, the conic of douses to which the heema
penis hat* together with the impwritrethe Need
which exists in-all diseases. and in conyunction with
a disorderedimmach, very rapidly mostrates the los
man body.
These pills do ..pmre, as powmfiay as die. moat
pill, of the oreseniidaiy. prance as mock lois:
diet =did Ever srr y,or the wetbsnist
the system.daistroying the tone and Tiger of thelittly.
. and rendering it a prey to constant and universal :trek
ease, distressed and bodily soffennti Bert are sae end
wild awd grade. is their aprratios. sad Maly inimialag
the notard discharres sdicatsdf to carry 4 mapsra
tea as they car ccMxted der war r set nrothemog
necessary any restraint from occupation or beinem:
change of bring or diet. or' eiren - a• liability of tithing
cold from their are. •
The process for est:ratting the'sirtnecifthe Sariagov:
rale without oestro t iVag its efficacy boson only to
the proprietor.
Pmrared only and sold wholesale and tetra'. at to.
Leidy s Health linporins, 2nd Si below Vine, No.
191.—Airo Sold by . B. BANNANT.
.1 Jose 9 44 Pottsville.
Wonderful Cures.
Hove berm priforaltof in thia city, cad tininkayi
tie murntriu. •
• DR, LEIDrII • L.
ElFiNG`a *Detaining9 anal enract of Spa:
comb** with other vegetable estracte.:ltic" rte
.dent nos a inedume of O* ait. l / 4 1r. * the rate of all
diseases arming from ativainiea °file blood. from ism.;
*deuces in Iffe.and ecosstraitional &asses Amsted
or produced by the in:. - . mimeo* use ortnercory, ast er
air,. bark. or Tanis* • la damn is so insahsable rear;
el l rot elt
tit Affection. General DebiTity, Ulcerate
Sores. state Disie*es of the JCiver tad alai. I:lke:afire Sore t. Ulcers of the liotteXao
ries. or &tested of the Bonccrofttla. Mr Srars "Et
stl;Errapetas. or St. Antilawes Fite. and all
soot and dac e -erous affect** consequent to onummu,
Loci Venereal. ize-
So effectual her tharmediase beta the :rate of
various diseases kirfr± r ii is tecastieraded. th at at
. is farsoverceidteg all reparstiose olifiantartmll
la. Psoacec dx-
is anr eistpined by ututteroon pitYaicianu,' and
lam Wen earodacedbr then odo temy bpainuda. in
&marks, gle,- throe:et:ma the Vatted Sues.
It Is a preasannieoor eleater attend! Icaiseepenatly
orgasm efficacy) dau...any other eta= now-unde,
is oho womb chea;:er,: bang but one &Bar per Nada,
whit* is Toffees:a to( cube one raw or Ifoyear
Sonapaella. and t boogie, by tftfeseiat doggies far
Nuanettaarcenfeates base been reedited aindjt
Fatted frotname to atm. but la COUtieriire
the must soctedtdotat eats be ed Vdtensie
dfacrey of Car Lenkr's •
alb at Dr: Leidyis " 101
math Seam:tweet. below Vine h , olio G o ma
•• Eagle all &nem:" *hem easti'fiza refenesele
az=rea to. bandieda inatthe most re
am caw peekrared=tymeraime.
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*old by -;. alt rat
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T:ineeebeses• of peirgyiiillCosory lbi, r
foe% tbe boron* ei : y
Abeam of hat. lEga. See-boadirrie • l•
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Iwo two mane eibsegiesibi- TholArrikstio
and wesubet-boarded. asiffirili - be SO feet
ioag Sece s be be to ket abimloitiiaktif
the tyre a. be 16 feet Wide bad'it-feet'
To be easarorred qua Sbee.idairOtbs% "
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