The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 27, 1838, Image 2

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WEDNESDAY , " MORNING, lttNg!2l, 10it.
H Paar
il iddeti tril,every accts. cerdff.-nwf.
.p mat;
and awilmeali,#
tin Wes idgictowie.3ll34-
tr et' itorosrrtoAl: ..1
Li c - iw .
ptace our paper
,within the
regcbi of every person, during the present
AltitieniatOrial content, we have come to
the ,conclusionAw receive subscribers to
,the -tree y Journal , to be forwarded' regu- .
, larly - an . 1 the seeptietueitday 4 OciOber
iteit,n7 low rate of FIFTY CENTS;
or TW iirE SUBSCRIBERS , toritfivc,
Azilaie• orKliatity subscribers w4t-witiO ba
veceive r tt tomtit that period, et 121 cents
luta peq month, payatle *advance- :
' 47" Our &leads, in various parts of the
County, wilt please act as agenti in ti ens:
Inkling the names and cash ofthose Who
feel disposed to subscribe for that, pp
AN active intelligent boy, aged about
}5 or 16 yeas, of good moral habits,'ls
wanted at this office, as an apprentice,to
the printing business. ,
Committee of Correspondence for the Boniugh of
Tottarill‘. •
Samuel D. _Leib, George Heisler, Es% {•
John Heffner, B njamin Hannan, -.-
Ames &Hyman. Jr. Henry Steger. EN;
John T. Werner,' Andrew B. White, •
-4, &Irene Hertz.
- Money Chili of Schuylkill Counly.
The members. of this Club will meet a
Stager's, this ewenin'g at $ o'clock.
Kr Friends of Ruiner, in Schu)lkill
sountv,..desirous of becoming members of
the Club, will report themselves to the
To Correspondents.—.• Duke".—"
Whig," and PA Scrap" shall appear looter
A Porter paper asserts; that: " the citi
zetteof this Commonwealth give Governor
Ratner credit" for the shin-plaster oq stem!
jly this assertion is meant One of two
things, either, that Governor Biteer man
sfartureand issued all ,the shin-plasters
that ilifckl cr. the country from .Mdine to Plu
nder or that he caused them to bemanu
factured and issued directly orlindirectly.
Now, We assert, that neither r.r these. pro
positions can be true, though there may be
persons in the world iporant enough to
believe either of then,. Wi know :hat
the leaders of the Porter party disbelieve
, both themselves; but no matter fur that, if
they can only induce others! to believe
them 'l their ends will • be gained; their sys
tem of falsehood and imposition will sue
ceed in proportion to the nutnher of dupes.
Thermirculate this -calumny among per
sons who have paid no attention to the
causes whith have produced the shin-phis
ter system, in the hope that some of - the
*ignorant may behave,
though they knew
that the good sense of the majority will'
reject the calumny. If, however, Gov.
Rimer established the sltin-pluster system,
he most be admitted to have gone ahead
/of the-" Little Magician," for be commen
`feed operation@ in Mississippi, thence cros
oper to New York, thence to .Phila
delphia, thence to Baltimore, and so on
throughout the country, a i nd during all the
time remained at- Harrishurgi In klissis
tipple the banks first 'suspended specie
payments, and were followed by the' bunks
of other portions of the' 'west, where the
- specie circular bore hardest upon the pee
- ple. The banks of the city of NeW York
preceded those of Philadelphia, and . the
*last among the latter banks to agree to the
measure of suspension was the U. S Bank.
The shin-plaster system sprung from the
neentsity of hiving change supply the
Firmer medium suddenly
,withdrawn from
circulation by the suspension of specie
payments.. This @nonentity' was caused
by those measures of the General Govern
ment, which tended to withdmW thesitkie
of the country from its accustomed Phan
. pets, among the chief of which was the
specie circular! Now the above are un
deniable facts; and if an, haW can Gov..
Rimer be justly charged with creatine. a
shin-plaster currency? Listen to his sett.
extracted from his Inatigural
Message to the legislature:
"The idea that money was tp be Made by
speculating on the inconvenience of a metalhe
currency, or that paper money was to in 3 created,
merely to enable a few to realiziilarge,sunni of
money by turning the act of its creation to their
own account, never for a. moment entered time
Minds of those Who adopted this expedient.
Their object was the °alum/mot of a representa
tive. polarising all the utility end value, without
any of thlinconveniences of the thing represented.
In this point of view THLINCAEASE.OF TOR SUBSTI
LIC; amid the men who takes it in payment fir his
goods. or his hold,
The . following extract is (tom his last
message to the legislature. ;Speaking of
,the issue of shin-plasters, he Says:.
"They are, every one of their, civilly in
thin of the act of Assembly ottliaMth of April,
Is2B, on tbe subject, and will disappear as isoon as
thirimpriseacd coin of the country resumes its
usual - Orr& then, without regard to thelime of
tedeoinforn set forth on the Glee aftbetd, be it one,
Iwo, or* years, with or without, interest, the
holderaiwilletther demand instant payment, or
sae for,,aod recover the penalty of $5, and inter
est. inflicted on their issue by the existing laws.
"But ailt.4 . All. the thorough._ and permanent
remedy'fpr the whole evil mop conie &ohs! West.
iogbin. WOW Congress ,shall deV , ise 'and adopt
some means which will skein gist: es a currency
equal over the whole. sold to the wants or. the
Whole VOkinj and'until the Ilistionil Gevernipent
1441 consent to elluw the pi,m4l, to jildge of its
I • •
... 7, . ~..t.,
„-...?'2, 0 ,*,... ....4
' -*' '''' " '' . " -i ii l ihatarAtiii'lio 06 t C att- urea
suitati'ltiseis to ; t wastsAberiv _ „ z_. -1N,., , , _. _ ~. v ' D -",. .- !
g elletallid -P s O gi U lel lk e°4 -0 ,1411 . e frl V lr bak,e4.lo-I,llo:...legtalature la Octeber; - !e',
i t a
ey—riellitlitYiliar ftii.toropertYt-eo - ille' liiiirpbioricountr e ritr?now oat -Warmly ;
ilein to*iiiiiircevi and,tnkand PAW lOU 0/ 1 1/ I .g "Pe.3
t x. en to*liiii n e gi. l i k ab le ~,,,,p,iiii or k i i.- suppor . tf - cillOse, pht:Ritner. far - Goiernor..
Ir s ont f r an y g am ut
~, .. „ ..,. ;.,,,+ ! .,.. 1 . ~. Dituplun . county., Atr, Telegraph lessen*:
Gov. Ritner is so fir ,'fi-00.4liejeg the SkUgiv.e-ROner Pa increased majority. -a
;indult-4Hk adiriittte rif the iiiiiiim that he . Gloriokarsitiof the itner . Admix.
has proved- himself to be its-meat fermi !• s, ,_.,_ caion—The Harrisbu g
.chroail i e
(table oplatnent...- he ' ha's dowsed : will con.
states, that .Gov. Rimer h declared itii,
I tintte to do all in his power to restore a' uttentionnottaborsowMore hen $200,000
, : suund currency to the country. Bil t /P "r". ofthe $6130,000 !Miff...nth° iced t e - the It
ter, hiscampetitor, is the advocate of. the •, e _., ,
'le thus, saving td, the state the
st*.ireaaury scheme; and hence, in favor simi of
Ofit'espe tMtinithe reign of shin plasters! , 8 * 1
ND DOLI..A.R.S. Tb r e arm giver*
' for not borrowing the too is, that the
receipt's Bowing into the tury will be
sirfficient for all public pt
,poses, without ilis
the balance of the loan. This isfarrning
the State to. some purpose. Farmers of
P consytrania, would you 'dismiss so faith.,
fu a public servant from yo6r employ, and
-engage another of doubtful apacity, repo
Evidenee. 7 Ey referring: to the
Evidendi hi:relation to David S. Porter,
it Will baseen that ' , David WNlurtrie and
Evan CObe itrititcknotofedgeel creditors,
that he *attain' their mune" as creditors
to the court of comican pleas of Sooting- I
,coutity; Now, if these debts have
been• distharged by hiin„ is it likely •that
suits woidd be pendingfor tkeirrecopery
'—one of - the suits commenced bbforiti his
discharge, and the other recently, on a
promissory note? Is it not a fair inference
from thafect, that they were acknowledged.
to he due, and that suits are now pending
for their recovery, that they still are due?
The reason why these suits were not pm
tied to before was, that it is only late
ly that David R. Porter has attempted to
hold property in his own name. His
friends have now proclaimed that he-is
worth $40,000. If he is worth this mo
ney, he can evade the payment of these
acknowledged debts, in but one legal way;
viz. by pleading the limitation law! This
it is believed he will do. How then can
any set of men say that he has discharged
all his honest debts? W here iir the evi
dence, beyond their naked assertions?
Mr. Cambreleng has announced to the woe I*
that the Sub Trcaburi System "nutskeentione for
years to mune, in spite of all the latoentateener
bore or cisewhee
The entire paragraplc-in which Mr. CA/MIMI,
lif•G uses this remarkable language, deserves spe
cial attention. After his gratuitous assertions,
that - confidebee has been restored, that business
has been.revived, and that therefore every mate
rial of to the Sub Treasury has been re.•
moved, Mr. eA AIRRIELENCI as the confidential ad.
v of Mr. VAN BUR Eft and his organ on the
.floor of the House, thus meets the question'befure
the people:. uNotwithstimditrg these satisfactory
re‘ultif, it is still attempted to excite the fears of
thow who are engaged in trade. The mere idea
of debating the question is made s sabieeyif
Fa rim, the press encourages the most fesritat appre.
[tensions, the stock exchange rain commotion,.
and the banks, after promising resumption, are
suddenly eriested. And what is the A:laudation
for all this commotion and alarm r How-ean it
possibly effect the trade or banks of theeount ,
whether Congress should or should not regulate
by particular laws, a systeacwhich es already e
stablished by a few general lays, ancrwhich mast
in any event be continned for years to sante ?
Suppose we reject this bill and go home, does Ike
Sub•Treaeuty cease? No, sir, it meat continue
as it is now, the low of the land, and will eontim
I me through 1838,'38 '4O, and 41, in spite of all the
I lamentations here or elsewhere.
We see in this languages new and stribmg
evidence of the vile abuse of the ward .Demom
ratty."' .Th is man who is et heart an aristocrat
of the first water, pretends to be a Democrat, and
holds language only fit for the mouth of tyran
nical despot.. What right has he toscoff at the
lamentations of the people ! Who made him a
judge add a ruler?' Who. authorized him to in
sult the nation? Suppose these lamentations
were groundless, are they not aineere and honest''
But they are not groundless—they arise from a
clear perception of the ruin which must await
the country in the event of a System going into.
operation which is intended to give to the office.
hOders en onrestrained privilege to plunder the
Treitiory. We suppose that this htnguogs has
been dictated by Mr. Van Buren—we could
scarcely believe that M r. Ca mbreleng would have
'the hardihood to hold such language without au..
Warily. We know that he stands in the relation
of a privy couns.llor to the President': if so, the
master and not the servant is the principal,offiu
dcr, and should be held responsible !.
Can any man now doubt tibia the Democracy
of the Van Buren party is only calculated- fur the
4neridion of Algiers or TurkeyT
. .
Rr eovery pf Stolen Property. —Tho 37
watches, stolen from the shop- of Mr. L.
Fisher, mentior.ed in OUT last, were found
under a stable in our borough, contained
in a bag—a pig having rooted them partly
from their -place of concealment, so that
they were discovered and conveyed to the
owner. The crystals were nearly all bro
ken, but the watches apparently not much
injured otherwise. A journeyman in the
employ of Mr. Fisher, has been arrested
and committed, charged with the offence.
. We publish on our first page, the speech
of Mr. Morris, delivered.'at the Young
Men's. Convention, at Reading. The
youthful appearance of the orator, and the
high character of his 'oratory, produced
Tote a 'sensation of mingled surprise and
admiration atpong his auditors. The
speech is excellent, both in style and mat
ter, and, we commend it to the attention of
our readers.
The proceedings of the Convention,
which are ih great request among our
frieuda; we , expect to receive in a few
' Plan of the Town Hall.-ILIDEW
Swint, Esq. draftsman, land.survOor and
civil engineer, has obtained the premium
of folly chillers, for the best phin'of ,the
Tnak 'Hall, 'Teo, dollars were also awar:
dad so TUOMAS 8. IlinozwAY, jr. and
Joifrrn G tonna each, for plena furnished.
Wu have ant seed the plans, andel cause;
casnin s2y - any thjng aboutlbeir uaellts.
_a , ""*.t..:-..415: 74-V-•,' •
there was a majority of abinit 1000 votes
against Joseph Rimer, in Lehigh county,
is 1835. The majority against him was
only 131. Our friends in that county con
fidently assert that Lehigh will give Jo
seph Rimer from two to four hundred
majority in October nest.
The office bottle's are all simplied . with
Treasury Shin Plasters to tic f on the Elec.
Lion. Were the ten milt one issued by
the Governmen for this purpose? We
hope the people willanquirs iota this mat
tr is stated that' persons at Harrisburg,
who ha4no money or their ow,n, are flour
ishing 10trTreasury Plustera to bet
on the election. W . berci •.do they, gel
ahem ?
A member of Congress writes, that large
sums of money have been bent into Penn.
si ivaitia to secure the election of David R.
Porter. Are not these thin plusters .a
pats of this money ?
We learn Irons .Ithilade
fur carrying coat to the
abroad. are very scarce..
gretted at this season of th
Pio Resignation Yet.—'
taw; that David the dodger!
at home_lf so t why do Ili
and elsewhere, call upon hii
office of Senator r that th)
place , with a better man'
confident of being elected
.oes he not resign?—Pent
- [Because David R. Poll
he cannot be elected Got
also knows,
that if he resit
Senator, a Whig will be el
Neves in the old but goo
" a bird in the hand is w'
bush.—Ed. M. J.].
Great Freshet and Loss of Life of
Hollidaysburg.—We refer our residers to,
the account of a very destructive fresher,:
which occurred at HollidaYsburg I
,and which was attended With the loss of"
several lives. We learn that the transpor
tation ot,goods will be carded on by means
of wagons, carriagert, &c.juntil the canal ,
is repaired.
• A resolution has been adapted in the
llonse of Representatives nt Washington, :
to adjourn 00 the 91h of 4uly.' The Sen
ate has not yet acted on the resatution.-- :
The sooner-the better fur )the couittry.
SIiTN-PL ASTERS. 4—The -unmean
ing cant of corrupt and degraded editor's,
Would endeavor to charge, upon JOSEPH
MINER, and the part Y that supports
him, the authorship of the i sum-pLAsT E Rs:
In the name of all' that iS reasonable, we
ask any man of common Sense, how could
the Governor of one states effect The other
states? It is the Natiotiai Government
'which alone can effect every section of the
whole nation. Could Governor Ritner
cause the suspension of 4pecie payments
in the state of New Yedr, where they
have a Van Buren Governor—William L.
Ntarev't Is he such a. mare cypher, that
our " old Dutch fool," asithe Porter men
term him, could nut.siett him? Could Bit!.
ner cfo.e the specie vaults of the NeW
Hampshire banks? where that little Vaa
Buren &lour horn, isms. bill, fills the gu.
bernatorial chair? Was; "-old Joe" too
many for him also?' The, farmers and la
borers are not so very du . .nb arid blind,
that they cannot see that ;Van Buren, and
Cie men who rule the nation, brought on
us this national. ealamityl. Have we not
dared them repeatedly to inter the conflict
--and to the " victor belongs the spoils."
We stand ready to prove !hat Van Buren
and his party are the cause of the present
Shin-plaster currency?—Hunt. Jour.
"Ifs-lain Slave Trade:—'l'l l
i BustooCotirikt
gives the following shocking i cident codeetnitkg
eon of the captured Alan , shi which 101 l Africa
with 442 slaves—
- •
&ilium' wasfendralimoni: them on the vop
age. Tile captain by name ol'Cullingwood, me t
tending to be shotrof water, called his offiee re
together, and said, ‘ll the siaea died a natural
death. it would bo the lbas o the owners of the
ship ; but if they were throw alive into the aim,
it would be the loss of the undirwriter s :t ong, he
urged that it would dothe s:crnel; to thYoti . the.
poor hick Wretches lido-the ea to suffer that'll
loiterer Mit 'slew daysi,undevitbe disorders with
whichthey were 'Mimed: - The mate °biected4
as their wits no preileet want ut water ; but the 1
captain prevailed, aid he cad to be picked out
front the-ship', cargo 133 slap* wkc lien!' bj
his orders; Otsien`iltreinto bicsca wigjettn-si
in bkrar e • • • - i
'iii 4A
..Y . • `fir isill
Mb ' a i ..R i T, lOIL •
;' ' ,4 l4llria:egllaiii Sintsyfitali
ne 1
i'!PY !.511.4.u1, detl.oilid,„Mr aerie ii! -&`
~- legaielethb 'Porter Ciiiirehtiorry toihe
id at HarriSharg; - oulthe 4th.ofinly Einar,-
ilod baring since, toad induced by mister,.
T- ••
resentatioa to sign a paper s the contentii of
:ishich I could . not reed, cinnwermanding
iss I understand, my rientiorents ,expreared
iii you in my . communication.. Ngw this
nto infuria.the publm9 , in rimlicatic% ofmy
own- character, that I !reiterate those senti.
intmts % and that I will not, as long as I bear '
the natiterof a freemonj be lowed, by any set
71; Nen, to support a puny whose principles
I detest. ' i -
with three burrshrs fur Joseph Rituer.
Witnewr--Sarnuel Vet. •
West Brugswick Jine 2!, 1838.
. We understand that a gentleman who
has recently returneo from the west, al
twalgti a Porter man himself, • acknow.
ledges-that it is lost labor to vote fur Por
tee- He says, Wm 4onsi than useless for
the 'Porter men here to spend their money,
far that the West is going for the Farmer
of Washington county three to one. over
Porter/ This is good news,' but only a
grees with our own advices. There can
be no doubt of Ritner's corning East over
the Alleghenies, with an overwhelming.
majority. We therefore note this merely
because it comes from the opposition.—
Lt will flutter the Ptirter Van Buren men
not al , little„and we eaper l t they will make
every exertion to colinteract the news. If
no other wpy Wei* they will probably
impugn the gentleman as authority —per
haps ibis veracity! Who kanwel
our pa
ng that
Ai a mbeting of the friends of . .loaarit
RITNER, In Porter township, Hunting.ion
county, the following resolution was adop
ted:—" Resolved, that no number• of 'cer
tifiers of the character of David R. Porter
can `EXPUNGE' '.the Record& of the
hia that vessels
&teat msrkets
'his is to bye. re
: year.
The. Lettem-4The Evidence.
Some worthy " tapersolifteation" of
greatness—some writer of resolutions, fur
sipoptaar assemblage's of the people,"
: yes
read us quite a lung boutily, about our ex
amin a ti ou of the Lett!er gig ;d by the:the 84
Citizens—We defy, Pim or any of the 84
`to point out one sentence to our remarks
which is not literally true. His ogee
items t.f a few of thii singers, and spying
that we call them liars, is all fil-cm-red...—
We know what we are attimt. We oz
attuned the letter' with cindor; we showed
the weight that should be given. to it, and
we asked the question— li false- witness
was not borne against their neighbors. We
here PUBLICLY:, DARE, any one of
the 84, or any of Porter's scribblers to an
swer the questions contained in that exami
nation, separately aril; eterfinies/y. Let them
be so answered; and we here pledge our
selves to palish thdee answers:
Why do Mr. _Poker's scribblers pour
out the vials' of their wrath VII us. We
have repeatedly agreed to correct any mis
iaternent, when it shah appear that we
have trade wrong charges. Arid it is
GESare TRUE to the letter, when they
'cannot give us a elkoice to correct them.
They may pass Hick denunciatory resolves
against us; they we harmless; when every
man who reads our paper must agr/e, that
we act !bitty in asking , them to give us the
chance to correct our errors; IF WE
Never was their better evidence of the
terror is the reliks ola party, than is given
now by Mr. Porter'Sfriendsl The charges
that we have. nrade--;-Ous willingness to re
tract—if we make any errorous state
ment—and the it'd inability of Porter's
friends to overturn one of our aisertains,
has scattered dismay and confusion Ono
their ranks. „They pretended they wanted
the PROOF—and :WO gave (lie Records
Of the Court—and they prove that Porter
admitted he then dwed, Mr. hi'Mertrie
and 'Crain—and th 4. prove that both' of
those eemleinen hatle SUED lIIM for the
lord ettrints. And tam certificates are pro
duced—names are :paraded in long array
before the public, deny ing that ••such things
are." Can the certificates of exasperated
and inisgUided partisans obtitetate the Re
cords ? 6 - . 7 he Reporter" said long since
that Porter was prepared to prove, ope of
those claims (M'ltturtrie's) unjust4if lie
:is prepared, let hint prove in the Aygust
'Court. if PREPARED, be wilt not
'strive to hove the suit put off. If prepared
lie would not shun it trial. Let him come
up tia the rack, vet hen prove the demand,
dishonest then, and!he wilt take a burden
off the consciences 'of his certifiers. njE
DARE 1110. T.
the Porter men
lie very popular
le people there,
im to resign his
it)! may .1111 his
Md, if he is so
,Governor, why
n. Tel.
er knows that,
error—and he
ns the office of
- ted. He be
proverb, that
rth two in the
Great Flood--Destruetion. of Proiierty
and Loss of We at Hollidaysburg.
Extract of a letter tutbe editors of the Spirit
of the Thera, dated,
' ' HOLLIDA rBBI7IOI, June 19th, ort4ll.
This 'dada was visited this morning, with
a Flood which, for ,violence and desdruc.
Lion of property, far: exceeds any. ever, wit.
nessed in this part of the country.
h i commenced '4ing last !eight about
I 1 utclock, and continued to pour ao Am
interrupted torrent Until'about 4, Whom the
waters ofluniata wire found to be r ing
with fearful eaPiditY. • The arches et . the.
viathictwere won ftindirtiulEcieitt. 41, al
iisi the passage oftbe Iluiid i acd:tho '4ole
- ~
E~' ~~
Easton Fa*.
LOugingdon Journal,
, A ,
••••-• ets.' t
;it C'eLyeiiiiti7:44iefe iron 144:01 - 2.ireter the
l er
npikezpremMtiausinantin , itai sheet of
i tekb tile., rail road fur tits bank, for
hlf a mile. The water:centinued to rise i
u lit was 4 , .iiir &feet dee p 'in the lower
.41 41.1, and the intiabitants wit t ie CoMpelled
I itiek safety up eteirti.—Mr- kter t rask•
- - ife;tandt tate children andivervant girl left
eir house amtattempted to e,Mape. Mrs.
. and the. children weret-drowneri, and
Mr. 'll. 'end the aid oariovirlyt escaped, be
ing rescued, the alliner 'by !airick mitb
and another, and the fatter by J. C, dotes
at the imininent haaard.6l their own lives;
Mr. ins. Kemp, of the Pilig Li;m, alto
narrowly escaper! - droweing. (ither' lives
are said to have been lost, but no bodies
nave beeti riinvercd slice poise 01l Ars.
Barrar.k and t h e two children.,
The wetst op o
ad . On* Osen to the top o
- the viaduct,.. ad were Ilewnag comPlptely
Over the rail' ail beige !ve it. The stem of
kluiers. Culbertson & (Mentions, Mend
ing between the bridge and the viaduct!, was
carried entirely away; nothing being left
of it but, the, dour - which lodged on :Se tiny
of the viadtlet.
, . . .
The wave ; at length. forced breaches i•l i
the railroad between the viaduct and Weigli '
scales, throngh which theLwaters! now
forced their Say, carrying with theeone
of Dougherty's triple Wahl, whit was
standing on the road, and tow hes high
and dry in a neighboring field.. This ad
ditiunal outlet lewered '. the I waters
i tvia;
duct and on the railroad below. A.,„ in . '
o'clock the Waters begin te fall, and dis
close the damage they had been doing.
The rail toad is washed away ii t some.
plac e s entirei down to the; origin+ soil,
the stone blocks hanging 10 the rail; iii
other places the'earth and stOne are Nash-,
ed from around - the blocks; Them are
four breaches in the canal between Ibis and
Franklin, and it will take same weeks- to
place it in order kir business again. • The
turnpike bridges are carried away, and
from ail parts-of the country on the branches
of the Juniata we hear of saW.Mills swept
fa crops destroyed, fences; carried ;a way,
and garden. demolished. :
Gaysport, and the botbmi from thence
to- Frankstown, present a scene 'of destruc
tion pitiable to rook ripen. •
Several. canal boats ate ;
lying in. the
woods; at the dry dock two !Moses are swept
away, the families:barely l eicapin with
their lives. ' 'The feeder to the can - . 1 6 al.
-so swept off, in short, a feW 1
bores I as de
stroyed what will take the labor-of hundreds
of - hands many days to restore.
Charles flughes had bis house, furniture,
brickyard, 150 cords of wood, and all his
spring work carried Off barely saving his
family. An estimate of the Whole amount
()floss cannot yet be made.
Office of the WilaringtOo Advertiser.
Jove 18th, I 8
um. or Tot max rikcerr PTILAI3III.
Wilk a Crew of 37. and 150 or 191Paosenters--
. and only 17 saved.
On Thursday, the 14th inst. the Sten . Oter
Luaßt, Capt. Dubois, left Charlestun for Baltimore.
with AbOilt 150 passengers, of ,whom about 50
were ladies.
• At' about It o'elnek on the satire night, while
off the North Carolina coast, say 30' miles from
land, weather moderate and night dark—the star
board boiler exploded, and the Vessel was lost;
with all the .passengers and crew except those
where names are'enuureraled among the saved
it the list to be found below. ! - .
We have . gathered the follotring fads from
the first mate. Mr. Hibbard, who had charge of
the boat at the time. Mr. Hitiberd states that at
10 o'clock at night he was called' to the eManiand
of the boacjtand that he wee pacing the premien
ade•deck in front of the steeraga house— r itrat he
found himself shortly after stood the man deck
lying between. the mast tad side the boatt.—that
upon the return of conaciousnesir, he had a con.
fused idea of having heard an explosion, ;some•
thing like that of gun powder, Immediately be
rare' he discovered himself in liii then situation.
lie was induced, therefore, %arise and walk aft,
where he discovered that the boat midshins was
blown entirely to , pieces—that the head of the
starboilla was blown oat, and the top torn open
--that the limbers and plank on the stbrboarti
aide were forced ;wonder, and that the, boat
took in water 510 - ever she rolled in that direct:
tion. He became immediately aware ofthe bor
rows of their situation, and: the danger of letting
the passengers know that 'the boat was Sinking,
berme lowering the small boati. Ile ptoteeded
c ti
therefore to do this. Upton dropping e boat
he wee asked his object; and he re
plie that it
was to pass round the steamer to semen in her
condition. Before doing this, however he took
in a couple of. men. He ordered the other boats
to be. lowered, and two' were ehtirtly pat-int* the
water, but they leaked so-much in . consetpience
of the long exposnre to the sun, that one ior them
Slink after a fruitless attempt tdhail her!
He had in the interim taken several (rem the
wateeuotil the number made tip. la the other
boat afloat there were eleven. While they' were
'making a fruitless attempt' to bait the.smkll boat.
the Pulaski went down with a 'dreadful ierash—
in about 46 minutes, after~ the iesplosi66—frot6
boats now insisted4apon Mr. Hibberit'd directing
their course to the ahem, hut ' 4 'he resisted -their
remonstrance4replyitig that hi would n t aban
don the spot until daylight . At about o'clock
ice the incirni n .r. they started' inj the' mid tof the
wailing °Ohm hopeless beings; who trerelfiesting.
aronu itt.seery, direction-, open *pieeea of the
w ;to peek land. •whlettit4rt About thirty
mules distant - Atter"O(a- ullipt thirteen hours
the personale both boati - hecione tired and iiisist•-
ed that Mr. Hibticrd-shiinkt rind; ibis he ; opposed
thiaking it Waal° proceed alcing the coast sad
to enter some oneloTits numercins in.leUC but he
was at length famed to. yield to the general desire,
and to atienstit,a !aiding Upon the beach, a link
EastorStumie Inter. He advised Mr. 'Cooper.
of Gni. who hitik- commaneof-the other boat. and
a couple of Ladies,. withWtero children coder his
charge, to Watt until his boat had first Lianded.
-se he'ipliiiireeded: much danger io the tempt,
antabouldthey - aiiCeeeit; they might aiiaist him
and the ladieli and children'. There wereeleven
persons 43 Hop mate's- lent o . (hiving taken two
hlack;,.aromen, from Mr. Cooper's) - Of thien-terix
passengers, orti of the crew, acid tliw,.74,nevo.
women were rowiiett and'abt gained - - Atom
in tei
After *kiting fir is sighat. wiliChliir l- ''' iid
acun the mate, Mr. Ci3oßei:i.andihkenco tone
• -- 4 -` •, -- 1 . zirli.ri ':e.:: , i - ',',. •,-
. I '
loodcidiniitidat three bow
'Mg*. 04 1 Clot
1e . t *...f 86 ,P- SENIIII L
*intVoila* they . rem&
ink inititAktusday Wtor
icii , Witidtitbin.. The in
hen this
willtut 9 044ak- •
'painful eitiairoPhe th i t . tWis t
the American coast. Youth
had hen 11,1,159.0310.40ik
a ammo (Wadi ► Anuerinek i sa
"Deli, monthly years and.
And 144 ih . ivast..yraterw.,!!ilf
- WriliaiiC.niel. seen it d l ee
vide ounconituunity, then t
intelligence hasprodueed. Th
Patti., is-engraved' ousel/art s
wear theaspeet of thole &wive
dead. -We feel assured that - alliviate the dint
tupelo survivors who may
vehicles hal* already. beep se
our town end provision made
2 alone-tfinaboie was placed
fiotn the , states Gaze
hive in various 'ways . been ,san
Tbeciatinty committeehis
ship elections, Mir the purpoii-
This we like to see. T
oftba 16th .aaysi--'oo itUr•-
Men'iretilfointion, we heard
marked tel our ASTONISH:
would would have a majority in !poi
and. we have reason to sag
•IN THIS COUNTY, th,an h
time: Ili . dor bcirough,there
will support.. him this fall, t
him before; and we dare the
Galoll Jail AGAIN." i •
. . Prom the Globe of . 1
"Is mon? OR amaliorrrua
mime Aso .ncrrves!--The tr
from the
. pdatiience of rigge
terfeit notes. Every aohata
dlaghter. will travel ;pan f ,
of the BMA alone; to'show
their liege monarch, will r
roar year., instead of"eig
have paned, and atilt *hall
the told , —echo answers, "r
—Charleston Free ereia. I
The lent airlisle RepubP
"Sometime aroma though
ty would give Porter a large
have ehanged`our opinion .0
and now - think the .add
the other horse."'
Office of the Bulletin, Ng
has been entered into by the
through her minister with
dee, not, for certain stated
independence of Texas tint i
to a recognition.
MA - RITTED.-43n Th
21st , the Rev. Natha
&Lorre; one of the Editors
to Miu &marten', daug
Dowdium'all of klarriaburg,
MARRIED —At Lama; •
eniug,the 12th inst. by
Ltrruta Rienstuk: Esq. „itt
Lancaster Riaminer and He
AHEM daughter of :the late
that city..
1 I lieiN & . EP, 1
i -,-
ag atibseriben have co ,
full as
ientinen of Iron.
Ind Square Iron fr na 3-16 i
atneter;. flat Iron ..1.46th by
6 in. by 11 in.; Loiler, flue an
and 2d quality, imitable for
schuteNt rail road Iron .l 1 by
and 21 by 111 They are also
orders to import Rail Road
advantageous terms in largo
road car asilca. '
It rull aasorttirent of Steel, 1
sheer steel—. American and D
Gernmiianct spring steel; a
octagonal• steel for drilla.. `..
S. W.-corner Market and &-
Philadelphia, June
:Valuable C .
Baum, will expose to Pu
the 13th dug of July next, a
tertian, at the house of R
rough of Tathaqua, in the' 11 , 41 . ty of Schuylk' 1,
the following described Real! , te: • ,
• First--The undivided. one LI rd part of a. •
lain thessuage,,tenernent an • • act of lend, ii I - •
ate in Ruslitownstdp, Schuy la I Courtly. adjui -
,ing_the town of Tamaqua. 4.14. anas,of the La -
Schuylkill Navigation &Ra I. otui CO. and u ' -
• ers‘pontaining 220' acres,. . 'or .less, (rye t
six rots orgrotind in thW . of Wettembe •t.
heretofore Sold.) . .This tract Ifi nd is handson -.
ly situated; the Little Schur ' i and - Cattawi a
rail road passing through th me. There • o
a windier of coal 'offtin the 'uremia ~
fro* 'which Coal of the best . utility has been f -
iiibhed.---Also, the ondivide. half of a• coo s .
- tract ofCoal Landosituate in Bitty and Nor -
Van townships,. Schuylkill t i t, tictunded • v
lands of John Hartman, Pete aob quid 44
This ''
containing 152' acres more
of land is situated on a brand
kill, a kvirmiles from the head'
railroad, and contains a boriz
rioi coal, with stout seveMC fei
tru wbicb a shalt his been 1
thirty-three feat d
-ef land there is* al
Ili O. • • stone kitchen, (ho
_ ern,) wittCstabl ;
old Suub !void passes . *
tro.--A* a tract of intim
Rush towshiti,
lauds of Petri Hikibti aria s .
ing 39Thicidaind„
abuoudawith of a r
miles fromihe Schoyl i
Thrkffitaitofaile will be n
.41tigtiocamit the day of sal
..I.k&;Grazette, Philadelphia
•ait iiafe r .aaaid: fbrwird bills la E
a at
1 r..
1 nal
r in.
1 le II
the &rot bad, in
•41;hor} distance
• 'a, of °oaten
f Pride,' eve.
, •", nd then warted
' • • t the 'two pa sse ,
(18th June)
[alnd the most
F , lOCeorred upon
we, and ighnei
Win*: !.
Ite,ltiltion per.
toji of thie
1: I likingetaray in.
, t. nettiiioled all
;1 Tor their Sown
feela 0 anxious
'IT otthose on for.
m _:11 •
y aniolig VP, an d
1 ~ v
I.4mi to bring into
I •
r their reception.
iri. ,
type, we learn
e i lite% 49L persona
, difirint the wreck.
r 4 a a m ait fig town:
1 ot i tormtne a het:,
l e ew Berlin Star
,aty to- the •Youn t
lit iteveril times re.
, ENT. that Porter
i n§clunty. We aay,
that GOY: BIT.
:, rl loamy farmer F, r . FIFTEEN who
l a oevet aouportal
:.° l i , `"THAr . 7_enwTh.LLTZ
I P 4 1 1 634.
, THIS T9IE 11%
-I'o .1F , , ,, T111100G11 THE
1 f
. , 4 - c-L.c. WILI.
,v ere will be free
`.- ithr. - and watt_
, .
:ti I, man's wail acid
1 , , The satelitil
4ir subjection is
ptilti at the 64 Lt
‘ t)r nine month '
p i
-.Hy I don't kno.."
11....tyi5: - - ,
1 moerland co h.
I . .. ajiirtty. But i e
p . Vetter inforo
l e . try be put u.' , u
1 •
ineretal tr•
TSrallt govern Mr
(ileat Britain.
, na. recognize
i effect tantarn.
:AG tIN,.
i• owning. e
'em. MT. R. .
e tatelligen r,
- of Mr.. Jo n
l' I GOT;TE:
r o lort -Taindly 'l , -
r... 1
j ßev. M Bra . r,.
i r Editor of a
!al „to Miss E z
olio Reitzei r all of
1‘ I .
subtly 'on han d . 'a
comprismg Itoohd.
pto 6 inches Eh
r d... 11, W. Co. upqo
~ 'beet iron or b4st
in i
ng tar bodies or
fi It by i, 2 by; I,
~ pared to rrceiVe
A LL ' upon the most
Ir. , ntities;. alio iitil
. , prising cast and.
. 'bib blister Steel;
.dq . . unit Ifori and
l u kilVst.
I •
I rids !
E. , 't
neei.of Gen. iv.
.1., Sale; on frif!Py
1' '::1oA in the Of
7ileittoil in
as. .3 j:S , C irk
"the Ittit!,-+!il
he Vii i : l itlt a n
a b e ' L lifT
tiht : c o ri
a it'agEh k
"; gar) fig .t ' t
r 1 lo' a d
' au tu t - 7-
heits, l ita. a
iilki an lrbi
gate a , a
iYa bounded 9
' t Isaas, coots . .
-his tract o la d
i ;splits : li .
.. f
do known by I
, ENIIIAry ..:-
' . tiit'llta -
thai 49 . 1 •;i 1i '
ill iit; le
,4diorisiero y
ofrie ...'`'