The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 20, 1838, Image 3

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    Philip H
•"" and the public in gener
cummelital the Coach•Mik ,
waren Street, three doors . .
the borough of Pottsville,
manufacture to order all Ai ,
shortest notice, of the best . 1
lowest rates. He has also
&vouch* Carryalls, P mtons, IChariotcesi,
Coachees, Buggies, &c. whi tt he invites the pub
lie to call and examir.e for emstelvrX4 . . The ar
ticles are all manufactur under his personal
inspection, and he. will ty nt them to be equal
to any manufactured else ere. '
Repairs xf every dwicripd n done id the short.
act notice; and on the most sonable terms.
N. 8. Coal taken in pay eat for (vehicles.
aprd 18. • ' - 1 29 3m
MISS) 1 . G.;
ABI,aHAIR cov d Trunkfmarked '"J.... &. W.
Taggart,",aqua, ntainink Fur Caps
and ether Merchandizef it is unposed to have been
taken in mistake from the wore of the subscri
bers last October—probablyitt may be in'sorne of
the Store - houses on the canal Line, between
Philadelphia and Pottsvill4 the Proprietors of
which will please cause an examination of their
Store houses to ire made for aid Trunk .—A Re
ward of Thirty Dollars will - paid itp t the de
livery of the Trunk and con ants to
• - _ .
No. 225, n
Philadelpllia. May 31,1.
At. Teacher. II! 'anted. -
PEfi.SON qualified IA teach Schobb will
-clik find jimmediate emplo merit in the public
Schools id the Boiough of amaquaL at a liberal
Letters addressed to the obscriber, Tamaqua,
Schuylkill County, Pa. will eet with prompt at
tention. JO N K. Slti rrH,
Secretary of Board MI School )Jitcctors.
June 9 4 4—tf
Steel Ptins.
JOSEPII GILLOVS Dom,le Damascus Bar
rel Pens, -
Do Eagle Pens, 411(11
The ;Wapiti?' rtonum Slain Quill Pens,
Together with a variety pof idler kinds, just re
ceived and for sale by I B. DANNAN.
June 9 • , l 44
-2- position of the Doctrjic4, Ministry and wor.
ship of the Protestant Eiiiiicirpal Church in the
United States, by the Rev.. Bt:NJ A MIN DOER, Rec.
for of Christ Church, Plubdtllphiti, just received
and for sale hpre.
april 18 . • %' 29
/VIE: subscriber has how bn hand at his store
'a- and Storehouse on Cei4re and Rail Road
streets, a full assortment ul Geods, suitable for the
coal region viz: • 1
Barr Iron of assorted isizes, .
Band. and Hoop do do
Nails and pike Rudsdol
Steel, Round & Squate diu do .
Nails . and Spikes do,
.1 do
Coal - Shovels dr tdo
Hardware, a get , -tment.
All of which he is - educed prices,
Jan 13 . 2 CLAYTON.
- For Sale, _ • _ Rented.
valuable tract of.Lld called the .Clin.
-IL ton Tract," belonging to Elizabeth Spohn,
situate on the west Norwegiiin Rail Road, next
north of, and adjoining the peach Mountain, is
Offered for sale on accommodsiting terms;nr the
Coal Mines will be leased selverally or together
to an Appioved tenant. Apto
3A & Walnut Street.
27 te
April 11
Tunderrsigned cautionsthe public against
purchasing or leasing th tract of land catbd
Clinton Tract, on the East ISorwegian rail road,
from Elizabeth Spohn, or Henry Morris tor her,
as he the undersigned claim's title thereto, and
will institute a suit against any person attempt
ing to take the possession thieof.
Manheim, April 28, 1838; . 32
riIHE Register of Schuylkill County having
granted to the subscriber, Letters of Admin
istration on the estate ofilenry Nefigh, late of
the borough of Patsytile, deceased. All persons
indebted to the estate of the! said Henry Netrgh
are requested to make immediate payment; and
all those having claims, ere requested to present
them for settleiiient to the subscriber without
rine 2 42-6 Administrator.
: N I4IW • I i.O N
& Hardware Store.
THE subscribers would rekpectfully announce
to the public, that he has! added to his formee
stock, Iron and Hardeare, *outdating in part or
A tzlerican and English Bar Ikon, Hoops and Band
Iron, Round Iron, assorted ;sizes; Cast, Crawly,
SWAT. German and English Blister and A. M.
Steel Vices, Mouse-holc anvils. Smith's Bellows,
Cast Steel hand, choping and . Broad axes, nails
and spikes, together with al general assortmeni
of Iron Mongery, all of which will he sold at re
duced prices, by JOHN CLAYTON.
April 22 32
Claret Wines f &c. &c.
*irHA T E A 11, LAFITTE,IMedoe and St. mull.
'Li an, Vintage 182.5, received and for sale at re
' duced prices, by MILLEP4 & HAGGERTY.
may; 40
sae ?Areas! Teas!!!
SUCitHESTS apd i cheats of Fresh Green
and black Teas,' consisting of Orange,
Pik*, Souchong, Pouchongi-Gunpowder, Young
Hyson, Old Hyson and Hysem Skin, just received
and•for,pale at reduced prie , u by
.may 2
- ..
Several small chests put 9 p foe family use.
Sallad Oil, I' kles, &c.
JAMES viot i ET. & Cos: very superior Sal
lad OIL A Kill assortment of Win. Osborne
if dos. Pickles, for sale by
may 26 40
Burlington errings.,
5 “ BOXES Prime Bo lington Herring% ye
calved and , for aale y t
• . .42-3
June 2
Bordeaux- laret.
WINE'OId Bordeaux Cla et on draught; at 62
-•-• cents per gallon, for et de by
june 2 42--3
1 till /
I t.
.nces tottris 'friends
11, that iie has again
ng Business in Nor
'' low the Arcade in
here heirs ready to
s -of veltlielee at the
aterials and at the
Tll l Kocle
Lido ;Ten:
de grave°. a
ty, at'so
plied at wholl
hand; needy made,
may 26
A ew
riIHE Lad
sol'endid as
Painted Law
Black and
Hoskin, dar
Worland. Co
Fancy Hand
Plain ailiffa
Silk & Cotton,
do do,
At the store of
Flooring Boards.
CAROLINA worked flooring boards, plough.
.rd, tongued and grooved ready for laying,
13 and I inches of different quality and prices,
constantly on hand, and for sale in lots to suit
purchasers, upon application by letter to
Planing Machine Wharf. N. L. Phila. Co.
spril 25 31—tf Pottsville.
.rth Fourth Street,
S. 44-3
Valuable Real Property in Pottsville,
THE undersigned offers tor sale all that well
known three story BRICK STORE AND
DWELLING HOUSE and the appurtenances
situate in Centre street, Pottsville, the property
of the undersigned,
.together with nine other
tenements in the rear of said hulloing, and the
lot of ground whereon the whole elands. The
brick budding aforesaid, 'contains thirty feet in.
fruni—finishrd from the haliement!story to the
garret in the ',best style of workmanship, and both
as a businesAstand.and a residence, is most fa
vourably situated. The foregoing property wilt
be sold on low and•accommodatrng terms. Part
of the purchase money mayt remain on the prop.
erty for a few years, it desired. Title indisputa,
ble, and possiession can be given immediately—
apply to ! Gl', M. JENNINGS.
April 2 t 2 3Q—tf Pottav ille
Encourage Home Manufactures.
E subs
-A- public
tare of Con fe l
at his Store
Pottsville fi,
era can aI wa
at the lowest
to call and c
elsewhere. I
nov 4
Dry-Goods, Grocery and Li
quor Store,
Corner of Centre and Market Streets, Pottsville•
April 8 - ;. 28—
THE Subscriber is receiving from the A. Law
tun Collieries, a fresh supply of the celebra
landing at his wharf, Pma street, Schuylkill.—
Orirers left at the office, Nu. 81 Dock street, or
at the wharf, will be promptly attended to.
Philadelphia, Mby 12,1888. 42
B. BAICJIAN has commenced a Book Bind
• cry in connection With his Book Store,
where all kinds of. Books will be bound at
shortest notice at low rates.
Blank Milks &c.
of every description madnitcr order at the lowest
rates—and the trade supplied ,wholesale at Phila
delphia prices.. . .
April II 271
J UST received and for saleby the subscribers
a few pieces of Splendid Painted Jaconeta.
together with a choke selection of chintze's &c.;
for sale by HAVZAR D.& STRAUCH.
April 21 • 30..
Benjamin W. Cumming,
AS removed his Office to Centre Street, op.
posite the Brick Building of George M. Jen
nings, where be will attend to all business en
trusted to him in the line of his profession.
Oct 21 48—tf
Choice Wines and Liquors.
IjAVE on hand the following choice Wines
M. and tailors which they warrant genuine,
and offer fur sale on the most favorable terms,
consisting of . •
50 Baskets Charnpaigne Wines. of Key, Hick
ory, Star, Woodcock, Anchor, Grape and other
brands. •
10 Baskets Sparkling White Burgundy,
10 .- do .Old Hock, •
5 cases Old Grape Juice Port,
SO do Medoc & St. Julien Claret.,
Also—a few dozen of the much celebrated East
India or Star Madeira,
Old Brown, Gold and Pale Sherry in bottles,
do Madeira, Muscatel do
Curracoa, Perfect Love, Rose, Noyaeu, Annis-
Bette, Annisseed Cordials, do
Madeira, Pale, Brown & Gold Sherry, Lisbon,
Teneriffe, Mar. Madeira, Malaga, Malmsey,
Dry Malaga, Muscatel and Old Port.
('hampaigne Brandy of the Pinet brands,
Cognac, Bordeaux & Charapte Brandy,
Holland Gins of Pine Apple and Fish brands,
Jam. Spirits, M. Whiskey, N. E. Rum,
Com. Gin, Corn Brandy &c. •
Tavern keepers from the neighboring towns,
are respectfully_ Waited to call.
N. B. Goods delivered to any part of the bo.
rough or neighboring towns free of expense:
may 2
WELSH PRIMERS, just pnblished and for
sale' wholesale and retail. by
a pril 28 32 LIARNAN.
Peritir *hies, •
i t the /Owed Cify prices.)
ated Old Star Madeira. Sparkling
Old Port s .; Hock, Bockhenner,
ffe, Pale, Brown and Gold Sherry.
taught, Claret, Spanish Wince ; Yin
id Rhedish Wines of excellent Tali
r Fallon.
a and Tavern keeper. will be sup
• ale prices, at,
• 40 . Centre St.
41 d Spleddid Goods.
es of PottsvillOand vicinity ire res
invited to call and examine a most
, rtment-of 1 . • .
. s, Jac.ineits, ?finis,
. ite Lawns, i . ..
ins Lyons's% •
and light kid loves, .
on aid Silk•, do •
erchiefs, Shrills, Veils, •
;lied bordered linen Cambric hdkfs.
1, bleach'd & dobleacti'd hose,
EmbroideMd . do
• 38 •
onary 311anufacok7.
riher respectfully announces to the
at. he has cproicenced the Manufac.
tionary in tails various branches,
'n Centre Street, nearly opposite the
use, where Gonfeetioners and uth•
a he supplied wholesale and retail,
Philadelphia cash prices.
enchants are , respectfully solicited
amino his stock, before purchasing.
Pakizted Jaconets.
.......' 04 , A.47 4 .„0_ ~:*.:-'i P-, .4 4ri..i!NA-." ; -., I , zir . ..*.* *l., - . K . , ' 0,4
~,. p o ltlP,',J . I TAL.
=Baii Ph I Of Business.
NEW . nava STORE.
irtilkSubedfiber Felt:mos his grateful teknowl.
••• edgements to the .citizenti-of Vottivillii and,
others, Who steppe!) forward to hill assistance af.'
ter the lima of his property . by fire in . December
last, anti 'would also acquaint them and the pub- ,
lie genially, that he has.agaiti commenced the
Drug Business in the house formerly occupied by
Charles , W. Clemens, in tentre Street, in the
borough of Puttaville,-where may always be had
a general assortment of
Drugs, Medicines,
Paints," l ' .
Glass, . Dye Shark
And ever p Liher articlejn the al.ove line, which
he is die to -sell off very low and accommo
dating terms. . • ,
N. B. 31r Physicians prescriptions carefully
put up at the shortest notice.
Pottsville, May 30,1038.
Boats for Sale.
GOOD f chnvikill Canal Boats built of the .
best inaterials,.nearly new, will be sold cheap,
or exchanged for Coal at the market price. Ap.
ply to 13. HANNAN.
May 30 41
New Goods! New Goods!!
J UST received by N. Nathaps &.Co. a new
and elegant assortment of Spring and Sum.
mer Prints, painted muslin's and lawns, among
which may bb' found a few pieces of English
Prints at a very low rate. Also, a splendid as
.sortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings &c.
Also, Gentlemen's Summer wear, together
with a general assortment of Linen's, Checks, Di
apers, Tickings, Medium, tie. &c.
april 14 t 8
Hoots and Shoes. I.
IV N ATLI ANS kir. Co. ban on band a large
L • assortment of Gentlemen's and Ladies'
Hoots and shoes, which they will sell at 'a.low rate.
may 19 ' . 38
fIAVP: on hand
Rill, ROAD - do.
Bar Iron of any size drawn to order. Nada
and spikes of all sizes, for sale at the lowest .City
prices. !MIMS, 'WHITAKER h CO.
Reading, May 22, 1838. 40—Bmo
(from Philadelphia.)
RESPECTFULLY - tendert . her services to
the Ladies of Pottsville and the vicinity, and,
hopes by the neatness of her work, quick des
patch, and moderate charges, to merit a share of
their patronage.
Her residence is at Mfrs. B. Mason's, opposite
the store of Messrs. Nathan!. & Co. in Centre
June 2 42
11111 DE.Proprictora of this Line, (which has been
fitted op in a superior manner for the accom
modation of the Travelling Community.) respect
fully announce to.- the public that the Line will
positively commence running tetween
on Wednesday the 2d of May, and will continue
to leave their office at the Penosyksanio Hall,
Pottsville, daily •t 6-o'clock, A. .M. and arrive in
Philadelphia, at 6 o'clock P. M. at the followirg
rates of Farr:
To Orwigabarg, SO 50
Port Clinton, • 75
Hamburg, 1 00
Reading, 2 00
Pottstown, 4_ 300
Trap,3 621
Norristown, 4 50
Philadelphia, 5 00
For Seats apply at the Pennsylvania Hall,
Pottsville; Ilerr's Hotel, Reading; and at their
Office, No. 2.5, North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
MINTZER & Co. Pottstown.
May 2 Proprietor).
(Formerly Parker & Williams,,
giAvE removed on the opposite side of.Centrt
.am- Street, a few doors above Norwegian Street
where they offer for sale a select assortment IN
Superfine Broad Cloths and Cassimeres of the
most fashionable colors, with an elegant Insert
ment of Summer Cloths,Vestings, Linen and Cot
ton Shirts, Collars,
Bosoms, Stocks, Gloves, Sus.
ponders, linen and cotton Hose, and all kinds of
Gentlemen's wearing apparrel, which will be
made to order in the most approved style as to the
workmanship, and warranted to fit equal to any
in the City or elsewhere.
P. S. P. & Co. keep on hand an excellent as.
sortment oe ready.onade Clothing of all kilfds,
which will be sold at very low rates. ,
june 17 •
Coal Merchants-, Land Proprietors
and others, are respectfully in
formed by
Haden Smith,
Civil Engineer,Zand Surveyor, 4-c.
THAT he has commenced a permanent real
dence in Pottsville, and is prepared to receive
and satisfactorily execute all business with which
he may be favored.
• H. S. is determined to confine his practice to
Pottsville and its vicinity, which arrangement
will enable him punctually to attend to those
gentlemen engaged in mining, who may employ
Map handsomely finished, and 'Architecture
Designs furnished in every style.
Pennsylvania Hall, April2s, 1838. 31-2 mo
Caedles ! qandles !!
T AE Subscriber hairon hand a large supply
of Miner's Candle); also,• dipped and Mould
for family use, which he will sell cheaper than eyrie
the Box or Pound. The Candles are wittAnt.
ed to be of a superior qqality.
opposite the National Hotel.
Pativille, June 13,1838. 4.539
F t- - fi Z MM=MffZ 71IffiM
NEW xEitycoirritdriaorAirm
Frederick C. Epthig
IpESPECTEULLY informs his friend. an ,
thaimbho in general, that he has opened
.Bakery and Conf . eetiqnary Establish
in Norwegian Street, nazi door below the Arced .
in the borough of Pcutsville,. where he will a
ways keep OD and and bake to order all kind
of Cakes of every variety of patterns—andWber
also, will slwaya be kept on hand, Bread 'by th
Loaf; of an excellent quality, and of a large al
s Elia Con&ctionary comprises a 'large and gen
oral 4siortment selected With 'care, and sold
the very lowest . rates.
. F. C. R. would also inform . faruilies that he i
prepaied to bake Family Bread for any numbe
who prefer furnishing their own Flour s at th
shortest notice, r and on the moat reasonable term
april 2/ 30-3 m °
Hooks! very low.
HBANNAdrs for sale , the followini
• standard work at the very low prima! In
niched. • 1. 1
Hume, SmoHeti and Miller's England
4 vole. sheep, with plates 410 00
Clarke's Commentary, 4 vols. sheep, 12 0
Wesley's works, 10 vole. complete, 11 09
Buck's Theological works, 6 vols. sheep, '4 00
Scutt's Bible end Commentary, 3 vols.
sheep, 6 00
Byren's Works, Dearborne's Edition, sheep, 4 24
Rollin's Ancient History; 1 vM. sheep, '
Dearborn"' Edition with Maps and
Josephus t vol: with plates
Marryett's works complete. 1 vol.
Moore's works; Library Edition
Aortas works,
Cowper and Thompson's works,
Paley't works
Burden's village Sermons,
Deddridgz'a. Family Expositor,
Encyclopedia of Geography, 3 vole. with
12 10 cute and 100 Maps, • 10 511
Fox's Book of Martyrs, with plates, 2 25
McKenzie! 5000 Receipts 13a
Together with a variety ofother Books at very
low 'sles, to E9iit; the times.
July 1 •
New Goods. -
• general essortment of fresh and seasonal)!
1- ‘• Goods, just received--consisting in part of
Dry Goods,
Hardware ? ,
Salt, Pla ster, &c. t!k.
which will be Pohl low for cash. The bight
price paid to Cash for all kinds of country produco
/ Mount Carbon, Dec. 2 2
T HE Register of Schuylkill County basin •
granted Eo the subscriber Letters of A dm i
istration.on the estate of John McGrath, late ;
Nut wegian township; ,Schuylkill County, d
ed: All persons indebted to the said John ItiGrat
are requested to make immediate payment; a
all those baying claims are requested to prese i
them ::ir settlement to the subscriber without d
Forthe instantaneous cure of
Discovered and brought to its greatest perfecti r o
This is to etertify that 1 have tried vourTapui
as Elixir, in several cases of Tooth Ache, in whit
I have certainly found it of very great service.
Member of the Royaltuilege-of Surgeons.
London, Sept. 10, 1830.
A friend stepped in to say that be had- visite
the Fire King this morning, and witnessed hi
marvellous core of the Tooth Ache. One littl
boy in particular, +rho looked cruse enough to bit
a ten penny nail clear off, in ten minutes smile
at the decayed tooth and defied its pain. -11.
A fresh supply of the above Elixir just receil
ed and for sale by B. BANNAN,
Sole Agent for Schuylkilleounty
Musical Instruments.
tiubscutier has just received and offe
s• Gm. sale
4 keyed German Flutes, plain, •
Octave Flutes,
Violin Bridges, Pius, Strings and Dow-hair.
Clarionc: Reeds,
Guitar Strings,
Violin Bows—extra finish.
lie respectfully invites the public to call a
examine his stock.
A s it appears, that because M r. Crane obtain . .
no patent for smelting Iron Ore with AA.
tbracite Coalin this country, many suppose lb t
they are nont at liberty to adopt the method I
smelting Iron ore with Anthracite by the use - , f
Cheated air blast; although' I gave notice la t
year that I had a patent for smelting Iron 0 e
with Anthrailite Coal, bath by the use of a co .
atmospheric and a-heated air blast, I would no
i t
inform the p blic again, that on the 14th 0f..1....
uary, 1838, : received a letter from the Corn
sinner of Pa nts at Washington, stating: •81,,
upon examining the case of Mr. CraneVapplica
tion for a patent for Smelting Iron by Means ilor
Anthracite, I have viewed his claim as interfetring
with your patent of Dec, tasa, and hive giv
notice to his Ottorney'of this decision." Eve
attern-pt to sMelt Iron ore with anthracite by e
use of a beat& air blast, is an infringement upon
my patent, airainst which I Caution and war/n
all men; as I:thrill prosecute every one utfringi
upon ply rig ta, according to law. And I fit -
ther brer to iapose of patent rights for the er
ingot forties, according to my paulat, u n
very modes& e terms.
New York', May 16, 1838. 37—ly i
Dry. Geoch4
(N 1.,. doorto Mortimer's Hotel.)
THEIR cohnezion with a house in Philadelphia
enables em to keep on hand a _very eztep.
_sive asaortm tof goods, which they Will sell st
Philadelphi prices. Store and Tavern keeps
and private milks, would do well to call a d
judge for the selves: .
writ 19 t 31
Port CarboO, May 16, 1838
July 13
may 5,183@
Public Notice.
ller Ar. Haggerty,
,Grocery, Wine 4. Liquor Store
- Read the'FallOntait-
Interesting and Astonishing Pacts.,
M ORE conclusive proofs of the extraordinary
efficacy of DR. WM. EVAN'S - celebrated
Camoinde and . Aperient Antibilions al
leviating afflicted mankind.
To James Dickson, 36, Cornhiil, rßoston, Agent
for the sale of Dr. Wm. Evans's Oarnomile Pills.
Lowsit, Nov. 15,1836.
Dear Sir—Knowing by experience that every
reference that the afflicted .reeeive of the benefi.
dal results of medicines, I ebeerfilily offer. mine
to the public in behalf of DR. WM, EVANS'S
CAMOMILE PILLS. I have been afflicted fur
the last ten yews with distress in the head and
chest: Often so bad as to deprive me of sleep for
three or four nights intmeeesstim; but have never
found relief by any of my friends' prescriptions,
until my wife saw the adetrtisments in the paper,
when she persuaded me to send for some, which
I did, and obtained two boxes and bottles, which
resulted in almost completely veteiring me to
health, although I have not yet entirely finished
them. Should you consider this any benefit to
yourself,.or the public,you have my cheerful per.
mission to publish it. Yours, respectfully,
TIIOS. K. GOODHUE, Centralist:
Ti Evans's - Camomile Tonic ao,d Family Aperi
em Pins —M r. BENJAMIN. 130 W N„ corner .of
Shippen and Georges streets, Philadelphia, affect.
ed for seven yeari with extreme nervousness, by
which be was not able to 'write his name—his
symptoms were, erusention, da t ly spasmodic. 'pains
in the head, loss of appetite, palpitation of the
heart, giddiness and dimness of sight., utter ina
bility of engaging in any thing that demanded
vigor or , cuurnge, sickness and weakness ex.
tome debility, disturbed rest, a sense of pressure
an 4 weight at the stomach after eating, great
mental despondency, severe flying pains in the
chest back and side, costiveness, a dislike for
society and conversation. Mr. B. has made trial
ulvarions medicines now before the.public, but
to no effect, until, observing in a public paper
some cures performed by Dr. -William Evans's
Camomile Tonic and Family Aperient Pills, he
was induced to give them a trial, of which he is
at any time happy to state that they effectually
cured him of the above distressing disease.
ILVPersons who doubt the above ewe, are most
respectfully directed to the above mentioned per
son, at the north west corner of Shippen 'arpi
Georges streets. • BENJAMIN DOWN. -
Philadelphia October 26, 1837. '
4 20
;2 20
3 20
2 no 20
2 20
Mrs. Hannah Browne, wife of Jokilt Blown's,
N. 6i h street, near Sdcond, Williamsburg, Li it tct.
ed for the last ten years with the Liver complaint,
completely restored to health through the treat
ment of Dr. Wm. Evans. Symptoms—Habitual
constipation of the bowels, total loss of appetite,
excruciating pain of the epignstz ic region, great
depression of spirits, languor and other symptoms
of extreme debility, disturbed sleep, inordinate
flow of the menses, pain in the right side, could
not lie on her left side without an aggravation
bf the pain, urine high colored, with other symp
turns indicating great. derangement in the func
tions of the liver.
Aim Browne wis attended by three of the first
physicians, but revived bat little relief from their
medicine, till Mr: Browne procured some of Dr.
Wm. Evans's invaluable preparations, which ef
fectually relieved her of the above distressing
symptoms, with others, which it is not essential
to intimate. JOSEPH BROWNE.
City and County of New York, as.
Joseph Browne, of Williamsburg, Long Island,
being duly sworn, did depose and sly that the
facts et set forth in the within statement, to which
he has subscribed his name. are just and true.
Husband of the said Hahnah Browne.
Sworn before me this 4th day of January, 1837.
PETER PIN KNEY, Corn, of Deeds.
INTERESTING CASE of Terboatlar Con.
sumption.—Mr. John Rey el applied on the Ist
day of September at thd 'office 100 Chatham
'street, laboring under the following symptome:—
A slight spitting of blood, distressing cough, at
tended with an expetAoration of purulent matter,
night sweats, general emaciation, difficulty of
breathing on exertion, with a well marked beetle
flush on the cheek— On examination, the chest
was found to sound well every where except on.
der'the left--clavicle, and in- the arm pit of the
same aide.
Treatment —Directed to take the restorative
Canumitile Pills, with the: expectorating com
pound, at the same time an injunction, to call irk
four days; when the night.sweats had ceased, the
cipeck.ration slightly i.iministied, ais light fit of
coughing still rernaining in the morning. Or
dered as canal to continue the medicine, and to
'call in the course of a week—when his health
continued rapidly increasing, without the least
cough. Called at the office on - the 4th of this
month, quite r ormvaleseent returning his sincere
thanks for the benefit ha had obtained.
The above patient chiefly used - milk regimen,
duriLg his treatment.
Mr. Robert Munroe, Schuylkill, afflicted with
the above distressing malady. Symptoms—great
languor, flatulency, disturbed rest, nervous - head-
ache, difficulty of breathing, tightness and stric t
tore across the breast, dizziness, nervous
bility and restlessness, could not lie in a. heti),
zoutal-position, without the sensation of impen&
ing suffocation, palpitation of the heart, dtstres.
log cough, costiveness, pain of the stomach, drew•
siness, great debility and deficiency of the nerv
ous en,ergy. Mr. R. Monroe gave up vier) ,
thought of recovery and dire despair sat on the
countenance of every person interested to his
existence or happiness, till by accident lie noticed
in a- public paper some cures effected by Dr. Wm.
Evans's medicine, in his complaint, which indu
ced him to purchase a package of the Pills, which
resulted in completely removing every symptom
of his disease. He wishes to say kis motive for
this declaration is, that those afflicted with the
same or any symptoms similar to than from
which he is happily restored, may likewise receive
the same inestimable benefit.
Amos Brenhiser, corner of Second street and
Germantown Road, Philadelphia, affected for the
last six years with the Liver Complaint, Was
completely restored to health by Dr. WM. E.
VANS'S Camomile Tomo and Family Aperient
Pills. Her symptoms were habitual costiveness,
excruciating pain in the stomach, depregsion of
spirits, languor t extreme debility,ilisturbed sleep
great Fein in her Side, could not lie on her left
side without an aggravation of pain, dizziness in
the head, dimness of sighti with other
indicating great derangement in the functions of
the Liter. Mrs. Breribiser has made trial of va.
'pious medicines now before the public, but ',re
ceived no relief Until she' was advised to make
trial of Dr Evain's Pills, of which she . is . happy
to state that they effectually relieved her of the
atomic distressing symptoms, with ()there, which
are not essential to intimate.
. , ,
re att
Mr. Brenhiser , Shus d of the shove Mrs
Brenhiser„ had. jowl ci
, t „year s eflicted with a
distresse4lthite,fflleir ii ' ,COittirafielia, of witi,ilt
he was effectually e n, t iv . .
1 1 E 1 3k1
PARALYTIC R 11411kz}4.1
',4 perfeitleirre ej(e aid Pik the
'... ii r sitie*Rene. , ''' .4 , 4 , - "f I PV - 1 4 A , 1
Mr. John Gib Win, of N .4th streltilibtif
burg, afflicted wilYthe alitute complainfihillitpto it'
years and nine miatths;tduring ithir.lethikflill
had louse crotches. Nis chief afmitrififOrotrit
axe:rot:Listing pain in all his joints, lint - espediffly
In the hips, shoulder. knties atid'iiikWATitlf-
gravation of the pains towards night;iintlffr HIS
most Om all u •in. froth; eiternalleitNif ...
'one thickening of the fesida and liganies - . Siti:, n k
a complete:lnes ofmnsculat power. P4Attit. -
°St of those afflicted ini a. similar mintier:o4r.
Gibson conceives it meet ' to say that - Chi rp
have entirely , ceased.- Ishii- that hi. joints lla m a •
completely recovered their oatoral WSW; 'IOW*
feels able to resume hi. ordinary business
_1 - ?" 4 _ . .,_ .., .. '
& IR
'him Anne G. Kenny,:tfli. 11.5,Lottie .4 ittteet.
between Stanton and Houstoit aline* " - Militiad
for ten years with the following distrietideirriiiiii•
toms: • .
Acid eructation, dallyi spaitrnodidliailitafiliit
head, loss of appetite, palpitation - tiftheleSkt4td.
diners and dim nessef eight, could - tuttlielliu list,
right side, disturbed rest, utter . ittabitity . .giiii:
gaging in any thing that demanded 'met*,
courage, sometimes. a viSionary idcteranagita
valion of her disease, of whintal..."-Vaverstoc - Ito
particular persons and places, groundlisi Ogee
bensions of personal danger and poveity.r4n fat.
someness and weariness Of lite, discontented.' ilia.
quietude on every slight:occasion, aliii - iioheiiiined
she could neither die nor L live. she wept, !initiated
desponded, and thought size led a most misers_
lite, never was one so bad, with frequent manta
hallucinations. :Ors. lini..y had. the advice .
saseraLonlineut physicians, and had reconraello
numerous medicines, but could not obtain mire
temporary alleviation of her distressing atate.lllll
her husband persuaded her to make triarof my
mode of treatments). She is now quite „relieved,
and finds - herself nut only capable of attending:AO
her domestic sliciirs, butiavows that-sheenjoys au
good health at present as she did at any period
of her existence. J. KENNY.
husband of the aforesaid Anne Kenny.
Sworn before !no this :14th day of ENc. 1836.
Peter pinek any, corn.'of Deed&
Mr. Charles Robert, Nu. 122 Orangt. street, N.
Y. attlicted„ for five years with humors! habitual
Asthma, applied at the office 100 Chatham street
on thet.`i of Oc:obet, lahoring under the follea
ing symptoms. A sense of tightness across"tbs
chest, with the greatest difficulty of breathing,
distressing cough, generally ending with copious:
expectoration of viscid phlegm; disturbed rest,
the face turbid and of a livid hue—could not. he
in a horizontal, position Without the sensation. of
immediate suffocation, languor, drowsiness, sad
dizziness in the head, and loss of appetite..
Mr. H. applied to the ipost eminent' phyaietani
in this city, likewise used several other remedies
without obtaining any permanent benefit, unlit
his friends persuaded him to place hi.nself under
Dr. William Evans' treatment. He. is
Roved of his complaint,, and called at • the office
yesterday, avowing that he had not words to ex- .
ores/this gratitude for the-benefit he had receii.
ed. October 81, 1837. : . •
We do hereby subscribe our signatures to• the
truth. of the above cures, that the statereent
every respect true. SARAH BRENHISER
• - JOHN STET'S; Baker,
• No. T 7 north Eighth street, P.Mitida.
Philadelphia, Oct. 21st, 1837.
Dr. WM. EVANS'S Medical Office,. for the
sale of his excellent Medicine, last N 0.19 north
Eighth street, Philadelphia. • •
Sold by ` - J. T. WERNSAL
Sole Agent for Schuylkill-County.
Port Clinton ,lrotnidry
WILL be• sold at private sale, the Foundry.
pleasantly - situated at Port Clinton,Schuyt
kill county, on very reasonable terms. Tbil
Foundry is at the commencement of.the Little
Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rail Rind,: now
making, and will in aishort time belpne of the
best situations in the &anity to do a large busi
nesePOl' terms, &c. apply to
Iron Founders, Philadelphia.
or ISAAC myEss,, -
Port Clinton.
6-63 t.
July 29
• •
The ranaily , Coinneentary..
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Rine 24 . • '-31
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.juue 13 ' - 45:
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