The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 20, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
• .
Tutu D11L.L.1111.11 AND Fir CENTS per amain.
payable semi-annually in ad vance. It ant paid with
in the year. $4 will be chargel to all those who re
ceive the paperfree of postage. To mail subscribers
.113 nor annum . If not paid Within the ' year, 50 cents
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Two DoLLatts per annum. payable semiannual!
in advance, If not paid withi the year, $Y 50 wili
be charged ,
kdverlisements not exceedi g twelve lines will be
charged 31 ler three insertion and 50 cents for one
insertion.„ Larver ones in p poruon,
All rdvertiseinents will be everted until o r d ere
nut. unless the time for wht :h hey are to be continue
is spanified.and will be cha accordingly,
Yearly acYartisers will be c arged $1 g per annum:
e fw
minim lint anbsCript ion tn the pa r—witht he privile‘re
of Itee.n iv one Advertisement ' t exceeding 2 squares
at to bag I win 4 the year. and t e insertion of a small
er ito in etch tier fwthree itccessive times. •
All I.atera t I ifcteed in the luor innw be post paid.
otherwise no attention will he paid in them.
. 11f notice. fur meetings, 4 c and other Titmice+
which have heiretnfore been ,e ',erred gratis. will be
barged 25 cents etch. except . arriages and Deaths.
The following thrilling
are such only as a husban
havo f written
From the Mediennian
. ,
—4' Massachusetts vessel frlsm Charleston. bound
to Noriola, when a short ume out. ,was cats - iizi d;
but upon cutting the lanyard's, the mails went to,
the board. and she righted. Six days aPerwards
she was fallen in With by a' Russian vessel, the
crew taken' off and carried to Europe. The
friends of the crew had hmg given. them up as
lost, when to! a letter arriiod inforining thew of
their satiety.
Tite Poet biii seized the mintnertt, when the sup
posed widow in her weeds, While telling her •sin
the cau..e of ner grief, receives the pi . ) bil sieir,.• 01
tier tong Mourned husban d ', safety.
••.Mother. oh, tell toe why you weep—
Why watch you when aliMiters slot p—
W by airs )(Mr eye toW . fi , )004r1 sea, '
Witco tempests shroud [ft lock, I e—
'lVity start you at the pmt man's lull—
Why o.llre that Sign T 4edf mother till:`'
"I weep for one you never {knew ;
Fur one la lio;w: I,,ce A as ge l eat for you—
one who mid the weeau wave,
Uoco tined found an early igrirte :
And when the tempest Whintles wild,
I think hear him shriek ' my child."
" •TZas on a lovely eve, wtten high
The moon rode up the atarj geru'c sky,
Wilde all around was caltu and still,
Stye-toe lore making whip pour-will;
Ile kunten us bog), my dsrinig soiN o
And bade tirewett, and swift was gone."
“Soon to the breciae his saitsPe spread,
And seaward turn'd bin rea.cris head ;
1 enuaed, and In. a speck of white
Gemmed the tar verge ol framer' ' , Lett;
1 lo.Aecl again, line taw, u child,
Nought bet a waste of waters wild.”
"Long have I watched with aching breast
Yon heaving oceans foamaing
cr at—
Long his my midnight taper gleamed,
And when morn's earliest !brightness beamed
I've stood alone in anguish !w ild,
Ane watched, and wept in vain, my child."
. ,
"Deep wrapt within his ge4. Weed shroud,
In ocean's caves ne coldly sleep.;
Above him tempest thunder; loud. .
And round him many a iniSnster leapt.— ,
The fierce wind's wail ii.el sea bird'. scream
Chant sadly hie wild requiim."
"But, mother; do not weep ao new ;
He may have escaped the ociean's foam,
Health may be beaming frlim tits brisk,
And he may now be.vrendre home.
Oh. wait, dear' mother, till ou hear ;
You're nut alone., lot a am Oear."
"Yes, you are lett, my Invn i lY boy—
Oh. how liii loved to pirets'iby film—'
bright his dark eye beamed with iby,
When nesting in has bos warm,
Thou listened to the tem wild,
And laughed in gl ee my child."
"But all ! rain hope —What's that 1 heat!
Is it the postmen's ball. inyi dear ?
It it ! it it! go down my ..y—
-' Ile toines—w letter I --.-grie tor joy ?"
She breaks the seal—one • k she gives :
"God's name be praised I— e lives ! he heel;
WaShingtoe,,May.ttOS. J., a. D.
Awl was slime in wood, i„
Under an nab tree's leafy doter, in 06a•tam.sohqude, I
Who shoold eor,rie by bat J dm. my hirer T
cle preyed my hand and kl my cheek ;
Then warmer grorrtny, kt. the other;
While 1 eielatined. and "troy to shriek,
. 4 Be quiet—do! 141 tail my frootfur !"
He saw me anger was *merit . .
And kortnely began to chid • me ;
Ard bluing from my cheek the tear,
11 - le sat him on the grass beitde toe.
He feigned bleb pretiy piatnfire wo, -
Breathed such sweet roar. ! tne after other,
I could but smile while wbrlbring
"Be quibt—do! eall`mjii mother ?
He talked so kik. and Calked ro well.
And aware be meant not to - 're me
1 felt more grief than I can '
When with a ties be True 1, -lease ale. •
F-Oh„ John!" said I "and:, mast thou go I
I lose thee better thall all /er !
Therels nn need to hurry so. •
. I nMee to call me bce !"
D'lV I 1.) H. PO . l't..rt'S t.. HARM: I ER.
We cot the following pita aph from the pre
am...x.,..hte adaveaL ',a a later in 4 re.peetable meet
ing of the, 'meads of G..a-er, Rimer, held et
WithearstiOrg. to Holitmedoo nty.
tv ft is tair duty to tell the an melt sork of this
State. the/ tee maned saipport hi (Porte) &CO •Sf
tee kW.. 64 lamas. Pot.rrtcat- sad taTatzactrat.
elossocof —Kis nocia. l$ PA FROM SPO r.
LEA .. and- ao palliative. ar 'pa ifier of the staisio
ean'or dare be nill-rell' hi ht. oded adeoettes—
eta rot.remadt.. is re.ithra ia s--troy of to &Ariel
iffoorrorme, mates figdi Prows .f Of pre
pl. - trricLucciv&t.. NAN NEVER BEEN
DEV ELOPED--firar vitro in ' Mils of the Le
ridatert. ha deeds are a II& ' wag at Lint.
triers 4 007 . . NO sea of his bra
ran him a claim to mizzonxtra -8113 C 11 WE
• KNOW EiLlt:'
. •• ' - • • : - •:, ••'''--:- E - 'l-71- - glsik7t,*,.* : . -- 14:40-44..***W* - 1 4- 7 ••• , •• ,-1 !• - . 4.0 - r A : ~ - f• -„ •.: • .-, -•:,,-- - • -'. .': :, , ', -, - -
•-• r ---0 Et_' ' _
. - .. ,1.,4••••.?,41.-- , - -,..' - ......I.: • .......,,I„.
' "i-v- • - ~,, ;. I - l l' 4 . I -,• . - ..
• ..,, - -1 ; r; N. 1 - 14' , ii, , - ,_. '....:., :
.1 • • "' . .4 , ..ti -,..- .4...- ../z-0 •-,
•,- '
. - t i : •"• -'
~, . . . • :.
•• . ' - 4.1' -- - -II:, I --. .•; g? 1 -1,..: ,I , I 'l t --e-- e .- .
• 1 . . ' • AND 1P I TTISITILLEA - GENER L AD_ '• r TISEIIa ..-
, ~ . .
WILL TitA CH TOO TO PinCi TEM 10WILA Tigi r ikAATH AND WOO atrr nolo TIM CATillillos TR itaNlTAZlONigeras wit ratiorris TO 01:11 same . ax . nsuarecr ALL .NAT TO WM VIIRAWD PILla$014;...#1.301111110 .
• ... - _ •
. .
Paehi,jor the P'eopleil
• ' •
To Robert Caiapbel, E. Prothonotary of the Court of COMM* Piaui. of Paw- •
i tingdon County : • .
- Sta—Tbe committee t
Of Corr poodencauf Huntingdon county, request that you will furnish them
with an exact ezemplifiation the Records of the Ineolveocy of David R. Potter, as folly as the
same may appear and remain • your office; also, moat you will furnish them with a literal and cor
rect copy of the schedule of if property, together with a list IS his creditors , and the nature 110
1 1
amount ul . his debts, with a s ement of his losses, and the means whereby be-became insolvent.
copies of any , other papers rela ng to said cause of insolver.a a that may .IWitto on file in the Pro.
thonotary's office. Youlate abi:it requested to examine if there are any seta entered, or pending in
the court of common plthis ul Huntingdon county agamitt D. R Porter foir debts due by bim, pre.
emus to his insolvency, and it iny, by whom entered @Ai for what amount. All of which you wiU
will please to-certify under you r and seal of tam. V Yours, .lke., Signed .
Devitt Blair, ..lam s .Short. Patrick bang. James Clerk*,
David 111i.cliell: ; . Win k Murray, Johd Campbell, David C. Beim.
Joseph G. Watson, . . - GeotrW. Smith '. EI.eI South, Robert I:. Jottostoo.
A bednegrkSievena„ L J--Al M'Cshen, James Morrow, A. R. Crane,
J Awe.. Hudson, i R4rt Cummins , A. &Way, •,.. - John Parts. t
John Stever. l' as E. Orbiaon, Jesse Mona. Benj. Leas. ' s
.1 i the Court of Conlini Pleas of Huntingdon County, January .ler= 1819.
- The Petition of David Tl. p r was read, praying for the Benefit of the act made filiilthe relief
of Insolvent debtors. Whereu nit is considered by the court end wetted, that the 10th day of ,
February next be 'pi:minted for besting him and his creditors. at the court house in the borough-of '
Hut.ungdon; and that livid . Porter give Sateen days personal notice (only) of the time and i
place of hearing him and his c dinirs
At an Adjourned court. held at Huntingdon, in and for the county of Hontingdon on the 10th
dry of February, A. D. 1819 , fore the Hun. Charles Huston Esquire en and David Stew.
art. and Joseph NE'Curie Associ t o Judges, 4c.
Drt of ft. Pone,: an misolven debtor, appearing in court and Proving service of personal notice
on Renner 4. Vantries, assign of Jllllllel. Galbraith ; Hobert Proems, Executor of William Jack
son, decd ; Tobias Harland' ; E AN CR A I NE; George Anahofes. Junior. &en ; William Orbisoo,
President of the Huntingdonnk ; DAVID WMURTRIE MICHAEL WALLACE ALLACE acting as.
signet of George Marshall ;Jo n Gloninger, 4co ; sort William Ingram, fifteen dava before the
day of hearing; and taking Lie (nth prescribed by law; and assigning all his property to MICHAEL
'A' ALL.kCE and %t. ithaiti SimAion, to limit, for it. use of his creditors. The said onut order that
lie .std D itut It Porter lie di arged frost calftarateat , and he shall not at any time hereafter be
liable to impri s o nm ent, by re of any judgement or decree obtained for the paymept of money
Duty. or for any debt. damage, t sum or sums of money, cnntracted, or oemunciiwd,oh doe, before
Ufa time of making this order. niribe court allow the said David R. Porter. to retain his oeces
care wearing apparel. And th court further order, that whenever a majority in number and vat
Ile of his creditors. residing in t e (Lilted State ., or a known attorney therein, comment in writing
. hen.t.., he shall he rebsaled Por all .111-4, and the estate and property which be may afterwards
irepiir., 41511 be exemi tA tromsex. cotton for any debt contracted ;of mare of settee created, pre
vioit- to this dis, hArga , for see years thereafter, agreeably to the act of Assembly in such cue
made and proyith-d. i
A.Ao,EI Tire, 111 give hail in itl-0 O. By the Court.
_ • . •
lid beautiful stanza■
and a father could
• "..
, I. Robert Campiell, Prothonotary of the court of common pleas of said minty, do
404 . .. % cram y. that the to going is a true copy of the docket entry in the case of the instal.
,ff ik
venev of David R. fr orier, a. full and entire ON the original remaining of Record in the
ie"' sate court; and I (*deer certify, that I have, et the instance id divers persons, repeat.
.. • edly made dßigtntitearch among the Record. on file in the said coon. since the month
of January '856. tbr the getiti;. of the said Ravel R. Porter, p ra ying for the benefit ot the insolvent
lasi., and the schedule bf [his p petty. and list of but creditor* and I have not been able to find it,
and beh. re it cannot be found tong the Records of the raid mart.
ls reel-move wanting, I he unto set my hind and affix the seal of the said court, at Hunting
don, the 250 day of sla t y, A. 1838.
1671 June. 11618. . i -
Allison, Strme! Sturgeon, at No. 48. {Would term, 1818. -
Summon. covenant, served on 16th June.• 18111 PIT enters •
Edward B Patton and rule of reference, and appoints the 7th day of July next, to
14,14 R. Porter, late chem.' arbitrators, at Proer office. July 7th, parties appeared
Iv trading under the. endorsed OD John Rover, Wm. Berry, and Maxwell Kinkead,
firm of Patton & Por- to be arbitrators, who are togneet at the house of Tho's Owens,
I ter. '
~. in Franklin township, on-Wedneaday, the .28th day of July,
instant. to bear, &c. and make report. &c. August term 1818,
(12th day) on motion of Mr. Alt .., and affidavit filed, rule ot tekrente attack i$ same day. plain
tiff enters a rule of reference,. a ,• appoints the 28tb day of Angast ISIS, to ehratfe arbitrators; at
the Proey rafter. at 8 cielnek, Pa M. On the lath August 1 , 418, the parties appeared, and agreed
on yliasell Kinkead, John. Sion breaker, and Wm Moore, to be arbitrators in this suit, who are to
meet at the home of Thonlss 0 na, inkeeper. in Franklin town.hip:rm the,l9th day or September
next, to hear, determine, rd m lee report. Ste. cnnt'd Not ; cont'd lannitiv, 1819. coned April,
toned August, coned Nor.; eon d Jaunty 1•820, coned April, coned Angus!, es.ned-Nov.; coned
January 1821, coned.• Certified from tha Records, 25th May.. 11338.
( L. S.) . . . , ROBERT CA MPBFLL. Picti'y,•
I The petition of Samuel Sant , . was read, praying thetbe benefit of the act, made for the relief
'of insolvent debtors. Wheren... it is considered by the' court, and ordered that the 28th day of
. Angu.t instant, at the court in the• borough or Huntingdon, be appointed for a bearing of the
i petitioner and his creditors, an• that the petitioner give notice, in the Enntingdon Gazette and
I t Huntingdon Republican, till (ha time.
By the Court.„
• • .
At an adjourned court, held at lontingdon. in and-for the comity of Huntingdon, on the 28th day
iof August 1619, before the lion. 4 avid Stewart, and Joe M ' Cnne, EsiVes , „ associate judges, &e.
Samuel 34 oreeen , an irtiolveti debtor. appearing in court, and proving notice to his creditors,
agiceiddi to thp order of the ors t, at August term last, to appear and show cause, if any they had,
i why he should not be entitled to he benefit of the act made for the relief of insolvent debtor, and
taking the oath prescribed by la , and assigning his property to' Jacob Beal and Thomas Owens.
in post, ler the use of his &edit thArcoort order. that the said Samuel Sturgeon be discharged
from confihernent. and that be a., II not at any time hereafter, be liable to imprisonment. by reason
i of any judgment ear decree:tibial . d for the payment of away only, &c.- (remainder of the order in
the osoal , form.)
~ .
f Samuel Sturgeon's petifikin for e benefit of the insolvent laws is in the until form, at: the suited
i Jacob Real. and to which is elle . -. the following hat of property and debts due him, vie
I Patareavv —One am', two . •• ad bedding, one 'ginning strati, one small poCone tea kettle, ode
' .mall table, one tin bucket; 6 kn• - and forks. 6 cops and saucers, 6 delf plates, I chromatin, ave.
. Discs Dut—By Patton and P Cr, supposed shoot $7OO 00-4acob Lower account $ll 61.
Liar or rirrrriazzas cazzirroari.
Jacob Beal, due bill abou ~ . . . . 8360 or 380 00'
Thomas Owena, J . • . - . • .- - 17 00
Gloninger & Co., gamin ..n Furnace acct. . - - 2 00 '
i flirid Adams' due bill ba .ce &boot, . - - . . IS 00
John Newman. arah.. - •
. - 125
Patrick Madden , uesettl account, - .
- -
I ' . d .
Gemge Mullen. ''. o. do. -
- -
I Chit , lea Montgomery. do. do. - . . .
Assignment made: to Jacob Beal and Thomas Owens in the usual form (and signed and sealed„)
(Vitneeses, R. Allison and D. Sterne Oughtn't.)
SAmuei . Stureeort. aunt duty worn acoordirg to law, befiwe frae, the mdiscriber. one &the
pii,t ice. of the . p. see for said county, deposed' and smith; That the above and Solving is a just and
ru- RC hedule of all the prdperty, real, personal, and mixed. to which he to is any manner entitled,
that the /prams taretsv bd became insolvent is the lose of a large awn of money doe bun by Pat
ton and Porter , a, cliatritiOril AlOrt axis nericoaso tow Ass who have become haveheet; and tar-
Owl' aatth not. , SAMUEL STURGEON. L. S.
. ,
Sworn and sabsicribrd the - lith day of_Atrypt.,A - .: D. 4819. before Aaron Burns.
- I Certified from the Record. 'rob - Mae 188.
(-Li. Si;, ) . • ROBERT CAMPBELL, Prot'y.
• Ie the Cderrf of Comm* Pleas of Flontingdon Co:atty.
Wit! Die.,
Alltsaa I David it'3lortsiel No. 37. January term 1819.
Mies irs. 1 Capias Debt, by Pninsiarinty note, Book Acierand
Edward B Patio at 6. B. Porter.) , and for manes paid. laid mt. and expended.
Slippra /ably trading loader ilia firm of I Rail in Imola. c. C.and B. 8.
Bell Patton and Piidter. J Stopprn aope-are for DR. Porter, coned. April
14rin 1
9. 1
Thom** Clierritent m ‘ . 1.000 as special ball payt. i ir a ithlenee, Del ke.ltep d: r:two n°'l Bolvirt„ . egiamPlit
inane mod
- in Una eat Set 13th Jan. 1619.. . rule for trial. wined Aeg. toned Nov. etmot'd
1 - Jan. 1810, coned Apra. coned Aug. cont'd . Non.
Vents to lo=ad term 1819 wised he. MI, coned (and ermatid tip to 11kb,
do. nand
.; 1837 Jan. 1837r1Otti Um 1837 ; Narr tiled aesed - sad
do. tier. i t 18th April. 1837. death of Edward B. Poises mg
geol.& enned 28 1 Nur- Mk on defendant to ap
- ' PPM, and plead on betas* the first day of' next term. Nov. coned. .1 1838 coned. and 20th April
• i Au. nee aii,lir of to Plaid in two daYear judgment. Now April 1828. Mr. Bell attorney
r.r &fel:Want, pleads payment. with Jame to glee the special matter evadmies. Baer. non Behrit.
1 Is-or and - rule fix trialnotirdit 1
HUNTINGDON, SS- , ' r ..
- =' I hereby er4ity that *above he a tree copy of the I entry in the idiom staled
......, , - 7 - , st case, (except amontinned . mrien of eomiriannees Jas. term 1831 to Jai. term
' ' V-% Bat) as folly as the same appears in the erigt i l , • " ea Maenad in the court .
" - -..., -:" =rums picas wiid county. Witnem my h aed, fad Mel.ef said coast, *sin&
„.. -• ......- -..., " ay. 1 I 808 CAMPBELL,' Peery.
.- .
pA. psDA moß* 4ttrim 264.1838._
the moirt of Coolies Pleas ef Uwit
• ry cnis andl No. 30. August
A ram Crain ad'r , term 1838. Sam
• of Evan Crain do- moos debt bal
.' • 1 alma doe on sect
•vs. - stated, not exam
•I ff O . R. Portei r ding II 1,000.
• „ 'yin, patine/. Messrs. Bell and
Edgard B. Pad. Guinn appear
tot maximum; 1 Sir dofendent
• tie firm of Pa wi th out service
, an Porter.,' of writ. •
Certified the eenniM3tb May 1838, •
( s. • - Prothoootary.
The 'Wiring are the remarks' of the
itor of the Huntingdon Journal on*—
Since. •the commenceuient of this elec
on campaign, their has been much breath
fit upoia the subject of Porter's Inset
ency. and his REFUSAL, of late to
JOUS tot the time of Ins being released
oUI IYY the benefit of the insolvent
we. With one sweep of the pen, every
• in: has been denied; and these creditors
hit are the sufferers, insultingly told, that
beer demands are not honest. We have
aced, and: showed them to 'Tun headlong'
u Deuruction. But we promised that the
roof should come. We, published it last
Lek, and We republish it again this week,
11 coooecooo with the celebrated -Union
toy letthc"—and the denial sod certifi
ate of chcter signed by the 84 citizens
I this plu g,, The veracity of that cerufi
• te, can be clearly estimated, by any tin
rejudiced mind, when they read the "ca
1 he circlet of the court, contains the
rues of the credityrs, on whom person
I notice was served; which service, was
t least evidence, that he admitted that
to then owed those, whom the Keystone,
Its the "thirteen airlocks." Ade:aw
l-tattoo will stiuw that two of those, '-sky
' • ."--then admitted creditors, are the
sons who now , have suits pending
gainst Peuterand fur the very money
bat he returned on his schedule, as dui;
them; and that schedule, IF IT COULD
%E FOUND, would prove abet we say.
Exanimauon will show that David Mc-
M emu and Evan Crane, were ACK
NGWLEDGED m'ethtura then,• for
hat adages:Pledged account are Jibe suits
.lading. These are the Ricords
,f the court T _ Does the certifed letters
ned by 84 citizens prove them false Re-,
Hs? We "Opine not. Does the
tat, of cringing . menials, destroy
awning proofs of his dishonesty, add the
navery of his sycophantic scribblers.—
Here are the Gets; Let them be read, owl
we blush for that man, and that cluistian
Silo will curdy deny them
In answer to the request of the cones.
nding committee. The clerk of the
.urt, under the seal of his office, certifies
at he has made dilligent search, for the
"Wiwi and the schedule of his debts and
property. " AND IT CANNOT BE
FOUND. Let the honest draw their
own conchision, as it respects their at-once,
when they know, that if they could be found
—his own hand, his own oath would prove.
that he did owe this very money for which
be is sued. •
Examine then reader the next case, Stur
geon vs. Patton and Porter. Here is what
one might call a hard ease—? suit to
brought, in 1818, for money due a poor
man, that debt was his all—the entire hulk
of the earnings of his toilsome. life. The
ant was corronbed regularly until the year
but one before Porter went into office.—
Since then it remains in statue Tao; al
though upon good authority we are 'Pileup
ed that not one call of the demand has
been paid.
In 1819 Mr. Sturgeon, owing to ale Ines
of his debt due him by David R. Porter
and his taunter; was Obliged to avail lihn
self to the Benefit of the Insolvent liark.—
His petition ; and his schedule are laaaag
the records. Read it, ani his oath; and
then judge, pf that man who could thus
destroy a pot man. He swears that the
cams of his assoliestcy was the '•r tee os
woNgv .Dan *ix ST PaTTOS andi b olnilat,
asmativt tci about seems illsodred dollars;
and we aria now told on' good authority,
The next case the one of which the Be,
Stone says, "a sail brought 20 years agi
sad akeuerkewel, by tke Anal traria it
their desperation is resaseedleyanetyßit
ser's ofiee kohlere=and while!) the "Ad
eocate" says saws weer jeer toissie wait
the 23d April 1838." The be to both a
those Loco Facce.papersean now begin.'
from the docket.' No abandonment n(thi
suit appears,. but it is regularly continue
from one terra to another daring all th
thee that Porter' iras in . e/Ree: and the re
cord shows that it leas at Wine in 1819—
and what is more • -, 'Porter • llgyarre as
stamed" triad at "August Cott—a
suit la down for trial—put down by lb
phies .
The last cause is the else te WO sr
have before . alluded; !dews. Praire. have
a due bill given to their father in Porter'.
Oflnt hand writing fuv $3OO or therebouts,
now intenwt and jt, amounts to oP‘tords
of seers 14=fired. When they learned
that be was worth 40,000 dollars, they
politely waited on hitn, and were treated
with contempt and sera, and told to "ed 11
as they eauld,"—Thqy will 'get it unless
he pleads the /imitation. If he takes the
Beneft ofthe /illitntion taws, as well as
the c , wejet of the insolvent laws; he will
undoubtedly enjoy his ill gotten gains.
- The following are the remarks of the
editor of the Huntingdon Journal on the
"White Washing Letter," signed by 84
citizens of Huntingdon County, which- is
published in the Huntingdon Journal, and
'thick we also publish:
The Lettei—lts IPeerial..
Annexed will be found the letter, said
to hare been written to Union County, by
R. Campbell, Esq. A regular system of
lying and misrepresentation has been kept
up in this county. In some townships,
the friends of Mr. Porter have said that a
prosecution was brought against him, and
eight thousand dollars bail was required ;
and furthermore, that it was expected that
be would leave. the country. We publish
it, in order to show the denial of it to our
readers. Porter's papers promised it week.
before last, but it came not. Another
reason why we publish it is to show, the
04 e;ottlenien who signed a denial of ITS
TRUTH, what they did
.sieny, for not
one is ten of the 84 ever- caw. or -beard'
read, the letter which they call a 'black
hearted tissue of falsehoods.'
,There are
acme who have signed the d%nial, who
ought to repent in "sackcloth and ashes."
How any man who professes to love truth,
honor, and religion, can place his name to
a paper, which pronounces truth, falsehood
—we know not. There are some who
cannot be wondered at. To such as are
willing to obey the dictates of truth, of
justice, or of religion— ; and who feel the
weight of that divine command 4 ‘thou shalt .
not bear false saitnestrrgainst thg neigh.
hoe," we have a few words to say. Par—
haps the 'ester may contain some injudi
cious expression—it is probable - that _ it
contains some alight reiscon eptions—but
you gentlemen have testified "that the
charges, (aU of course for you do not say
some of them) made against .hiss (Porter)
is that ktter are false." Do you not
think if thesame messenger, wbo laid his
icy fingers upon Antonia* and Sapphire,
should summon you to the presence of an
offended tud, that you could plead not
guilty to charge of breaking the same
command. Let us examine with candor.
The first charge is that Porter was i n
jail—you have pronounced it a falsehood.
The next, that he was discharged, as an
Insolvent after taking the required oath :
You have iertified that this is false also.
The next is, that his schedule is not in the
office- , :and is believed to be purloined by
him." This you certify is not ;rue: Dare
one of you Paccar by tic searcher of all
hearts, as you shall amasser fit hiss at the
treat day" that IT IS NOT TRUE—
Iit may not be true, but bow know you
that it is false. The next is, that he has
`not paid all his debts to acknowledged.
creditors at that time and refuses to pay.
To this, gentlenien, you say, '-he never
refused to pay an /waist debt"—how know
you this; have you not stepped beyond the
bounds of discretion in thisi--hare you
net despised sod denied the truth! Read,
gentlemen, the oaridenee” that Mr. Pore
ter acknowledged, his indebtedness to Da
vid M'Murtrie and Ewan Crain.. Do you
doubt the correctness of our copy Of the
records of the court=--go read in the on.
ginal tlocket, that you ". bear false wit
ness" against your neighbor, t' He never
refused to pay an honest debt" are your
wordy this you assert without any gush&
cation. Here then you charge Mr. Mac-.
Murtrie, and the two younger Mt. Crainis
with trying to recoier dishonest claims;
base you net misgivings as to such a
charge! are you certain that this is ricu
" bearing false - witness," against your
neighbor? Again you say, .4 the best evi ,
deice- of this, is to found in his old
creditors, EVERY 11$E of whom be
baxpaid, being his warmest and moat en
thisisstic friends. 7 Do you know this to
be true! Do you net NOW it is false?
Goask Samuel Stiargeon, if EVERT one is
PAW? . Go ask - your neighbor David Mac
Martriet-Go ask the Messrs. Craine—if
*eery one a paid-a-or if they .are his
“warmest and land twit "zuriatticfriends."
Do you sot know, that Michael Wafiax,
one of his acknowledged creditors, presi
ded at a meeting which resolved that
Owl would not support him ‘‘ BECAUSE
THEY KNEW HIV is be an gem:-
ass= irsiuma," is iittirata; is his claim
. Arid yet, know citireas, yolk
have signed a letter eietifyitm that their
deltas are arsatowairr, amid the chitlins
hie Waxier num& -
Yoe have acted ass aelfeinniitatedjte7
pf 84 map. and have said, that the
tutors Of Evan Crain. are es -neltife-
Tier, thibtseastly nenwpfrote Mips*.
The o t eighbon and friend ottimii- r giltatr , -
men, who knew indyeepect-dienvi*A b• - •
none the friends of
when they hear 'those, as
peck as he ever was; proclaiiatidest;'.
.Would either of you gendemee,makitiAte
proper person to act on the-juryreborn the
justness of those claims are adjuilgairple
next charge is relitive to•Wldint!,l2lamater
ville's property. If yob hatot•it-iitioftette,.
go convince her relatives; thalask Will not
be an early one. iYmi say thsettittitar,are
false. Is it false to sly be;ill4a: !".gier?
Is it false to say be owns raree,ll•4is .11
it false to say that be- took.viAtel4oll4 •
man when his opponents-horse-41144mm;
and then refusetUto run his:htkleticiiinst
the one he had *sten, settinAtrAellitme •
Money ? Yet ybe gentlemenAhaiwpro
netunced them 'a tissue of lack hearted
falsehoods.' q ' •
Where is the Parity. of religion?. Where
is the love of honhty? Where re.
gard for truth? When the
emtors of all these, can lay aside the twin.
tle of professions, and stalk boldly' out-with
such rents in theii. garmtMti. We blush
fur the purity and, sincerity, of all Iriebitcan
lend themselves, to prep up a currupt and
sinking cause. .
We have publiihed the Leiter and its
.denial. A charge of injustice cannotjay _
at our dour. We. have not couched our
remarks, in the low slang uf,blackguirds.-
We have written all we had to/aria-sober
ness and truth.' We have writfenlaire,
would bate talked to our friends knd neigh
bor... It they shall heir our remarks, and
not fell that they , have acted unwisely, it
not wickedly; we ; can only say that they
feel more interea. in their present than
eternal welftre. 'l4 that is dishonest in -
.politievAs dishonest in religiOn and morals.'
Such is our creed.:
YOU have said, ih conclusion, "Ina! re
HERE, ET THE Rrrtven.eamer Yon were
mistaken. We were waiting for the ro
per tjfne. 44 There is a time and season
for every thing." The time has arrived,
we attend with no innull care to ourclan
Wentßows the celebrated Unioneounty bir
4ei, of which the following is a synopsis - 4 - -
It states that Porter peas autunitted to tbelio
tingdon jail, in January 1819.-. toad nunained in
jail until the 10th of February,figlowing. Qse •
be was released by faking the benefit—that it;
believed that Porter had purloined the ached
containing a list of his debts 'did Property,
the offices where it wanfiled on Record. ending)
not now be fond-,4_ bat Potter maachargedirit
entering into a conspiring with several others,
chest an old woman,leer Hollideyshort„ in t
county, out of her property—that beamed
bones—that be was A loafing politician, •
would resort. to any mein to seem pints Weeds
and. 'that be tit a Tut bloodal loco liece
agrarian scboaL . , .
The following is Mr. John WilliiiinsOn
ester to Wm. S. Sebring, of Noritianip-
to county:
"HusnisGaut, Illy 3,1838.
..Dear Witt-1 have heard of remora in Abu •
county in which you lice, rospecupg fit.
Porter, which &true, would be to
him—such es, he was insolvent, and had
his creditor*. 1 Ilufve known Mi. - Pater
since lbw year 1811. and intinuttely . , Cinie 'the
year 1823, and have hien intuoately.inammutti
with the business of this . count)! China the
last mentioned time—being myself in the ric
tlee of the law, and. of !eouraejamifisr
records of the county of Honiingdon—enit eta
truly al. I have not Men in .the lung mutes of
tivr practice, ace single jodgiment no the record
against Mr. POllll7, thil has not kg% Faillajarell; ,
satisfied. speak now of the debts. ta.mhieb he
and his partner-were id at thetimii it their fail
ure in 1817--and as fir i t t a m i other illicit... 'kir tan
satisfied debts by any qr.perates w.Natirr.
er. 1 know of none,-,;fiirl , is no sick trot coc k
entered on Linment* 'herd. nor and
tbee be—
for since the crash anshovit the irofinekime,
at that day, Mi. Porteribas4 after honaniy pay
ing ofi' all the respooeddlities be nes tnidet, - 44 .
lunatieutioo to busineM, and frogarstr.
quite indepeedcm.
.1 have been for genre pordicall4 ,„Sj-
Mr. Purter—hove thrice sappoeted r.
bat in justice to Mr. Neter. l lieseemilieireihilevw"-
is giving this letter toilisabentithe paiKe pilled
on that score: Mr. P .heve where*ismell
kcown, is a bight ev eemed and
man—and 1 ant of opinion 1e a
Urge mijority here, Either' ors -
Wolf mid Mohle.bori
..71101 WILLIAWON.,* , *
This Hr. Williaisson was heretofiatai,
: supporter of Mr. Rioter, and-tuvalliee
bonier. He run far Co' ogrestioiadtfor
State Senator, on the Kamer "richet and
,teas defeated. TIM diterict , Whietrigiere
11700 majority AGAilire Mr.:Wilfausistat,
afterwards gave a insjority--ar - 100
Riau Harrison: In * wordiMt;-Williass
am wits unpoptdar-i.eombi elected
to °Mat by the frieedsl
Saner determined to mar billA*l;
and Mr. WWiainsast So4iog he etalld:iat
obtain as office, abandoned 'his principles
and his party, and has 'gone ore:AD-the
other side. Such things ogee"occitr:44va,
have had insauces of the ltitalia*r rap
county. sad boreto:l •
. .
ilcaTiansa, Nay vik iipk.
To tram Sassaxa. Est. -; ,-- 4 , -
ili t ior
Dear fica--Hansta . r " that , siettarlampt.
ing to bans bees " by liaboiTcioup*,
h as wen read's' a imatiog*yeir,. sou '-'
tY.sbargiag dead lit. midi cattaisAkta
amid= funistabla!lo say pas, boribalf , s.
~ . se,l, , ' . ' t. " -D
O. 4W }.