The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 13, 1838, Image 4

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E,The . People of the Comnmsrealth of Penn-' , '
la, ordain and establish this Constitution foi',!
lion-I. The legislative power dr this Comtrion- ,
Ith shill be vested iu a General etwernbly, ,
shall consist of a Senate and House of Repre-
Lion 11. The representatives shall be chosen
lly by the citizens of the city of Philadelphia
of each county respectively on the second Tues.;
l.ot Octoher.
.. d on I n No person shall he a representative
, shrill ;it have attained , the age of twenty-ape
, and have been a citizen and it'll ,bitant of-the
three years next preceding his election, and the
year thereof an inhabitant of the district ill and
••hich he thall be chosen a representa'ice, unless
hall have been absent on the.public business of
United States or Of this State.
t• tion iV. Within three years after the first
me ting of the General Assembly, and within every
sutaequent term-of seven years, an enumeration of
the taxable inhabitants shall be made in such man
ned as shall be direct l ed by law. The number of
•rep esentatives shall, at the several periods of mak
ing such enumeration, be axed by the Legislature,
an apportioned among the city of Philadelphia and
the several •counties, according to the number of.
tax bte inhabitants - 4i each: and shall never he les&
tba .sixty nor greater than one hundred. Each'
county shall have at least one representative, but no
county hereafter erected shall he entitled td a sena- .
Tatt . representation uotil a . sullicir tit number of tax-.
ahle inhabitants shall be c•iit.tiled within it, to;
'entitle them to one teprese , ,t itive .z - se..blrto 'the:
ratio which sh di. the , , be est •!,li.hed. . .
flee..bin V. The senator , ' eh 'II he chosen for thred
ye4rs by the citizens of Phi11;101-hit and of the'
several counties at the vane time, in the 3 - one man- ,
us:4, and at the sante places w bete they shall vote ,
ill iteoresentativcs. ,
Section VI. The nombe'r of Senator.' ?hall, at the
several peri xl3 of ni •knig the enumeration before:
mehtioned, be used hr the Legislature and tappor- , ,
ii.nee , l among the di.triits rosined as. hereioafter:
"dineete , t, acc.rding to the notober of u,x,ble inhabt...
snits . in each; :not shall never he less than one-.
fourth, nor ; 4 1e;.tet Ural one-third, of the nurober or
it ...., ntati• r".
to'll/lri ', It, Ti," sPn , toll, , h - li he chosen in di ;
triets, to he I..rirted by the lez,•:1 ,vire ; 0417 no dis
i• r! shrll he so fw toed as re en'tfl , I.: to ele.l more
t' an two snc.tton., naffs, the namb:r of taxable ini
hattlants in ang cpy or canny a., ill, at any time;
he Su. h as to ent,lle it to elect mere th-in l'no, but rui
ei ,y or county shall he rut i I led to elect more than
flit . senators; when a dist i iet c hail be •romposen
'of two or more cointn.s. itn-y shall he "nift.nnin;zi
neither the city of i'hitadelido I nor any county-4'41
hil - divided in coming a distnet. •
Section 1111. N. poison shall be a ern itor, n'bo
wall not have att .tned -he age ~1* iseenty-bee y...., a,
or d have been a citizen and ittle,'.itant of the Stall
f ear years tit xt to fore his eleet i, on, awl the last year
there ,f an inhabitant of the . 1 1-trict f,; . which he
ss ail herb-.stn, itoless he Ov.II h -re I ten absent on
t e public bu-iness of the Unite.t States or of thit , ,
Sate; and no person elected as aro, ,s,a;a, shall 44,0
s id eirs,:c after he slut!! hate rent need from such die,
t i
I Sec•ion M. The senders ,rho may be elected a
the first general election after the ...tdop'ion of the
amendments to The cons! Patton, shall be divided 4
1 t into three (lass's. The sea's of the senators of
the fi rst class shall be vacated al the e... - piration of
i first year ; of the second etas, at the e. - piralion
qith• Rrtond year ; arut of the turd rl :4, , at the e.e4
pfraticrn of the third year ; en that thermfter one:
ittird of the whole number of senators ma trbe ebneen
efery year. The senators elected before the amend:.
rrvnis to (hi constitution shall be adopted. shall hold
tseir offices during the terms for trhixh they shall
res-pectirety hare been elected. ,
Sccti...n L. The funeral Assembly shall meet oa t
t e first Tuesday of January. in every year, unlesd
s mei - convened by the Governor. ..
; tisstion XI. Each house shall eh ...I. its Speaket t
akl other of cern; and the Senate sh II also chaosti
al Speaker pro tempore, when the Sr.-al:et 911.111 tx.i
4rise the office of Govestiar.
Secti,:n XII Each house shall judge of the go •lei
fictions of as memha,s. — C soh o .1. i• .11 •r,s shall
hie determined ;by a•c•antniltee loll' selected. formed
4al regulated in such manner es 546 .11 1 .11111'014i by;
I two A majority of e•ch hats ~ .II ill c u.stitute a
norum to do business; but a sm•lter number mgrj urn from day to d ty. and m .y he auth , tzed bY,
^ i i
li w to compel the attendance ~t ~!,,,,D1 itir.nd.rt., its
Nikirb manner and under such pi tillt:,: a., tune bit
fi,.•vided. •
E.rh limme may 4 , 1•10 I mine the
rvla of is prueeentng,, pun -11 It. mrrnl.erl fttl
.vi •nr, nit.? wit', thr r i , 4 , 171r,er
ttv _thirds, expel a member. hol I v a A 3 , ,0nd WWI
f))r the same e..tuae; anti n,te ~ther provers,
eireeebaly fur a l•ranch of the legislAterre of a free
Section XI V. Th. b•givtaturr shall not wire potrei
4 , en.trt 6 11-1/Villing' the :ant • - ort qi go' riqge iri
+off, «•oe u r•..he ruarls rut:ono/14
health Ire or ~my herettlf,r be rrnpo:rer•d to derrei
SeClitHIN . Elf+ amuse .hair keep a iniiered or
tf; powt.(.o.ifl4s, and ttt,ll-1; theft' Week except
inch parts as mgt' feri lire Seel tiCe r and the seta
n: vs of the •••:. DTI rfly que5f1.11.01...11, at
the desire of ally tu,s of them. rte ankled tot thi
! Section XVT. The • 1 , of e^ch hno:e and of
t , mtinttt•es of the , t hit shall be onen, onless',
*hen the nosiness shall be such as ought to he kept
secret. . •
' Section XVII. Neither house shall, without till
ironscor of the other, adjourn fur more thin three
days, nor to any other place than that in which the
;nu houses sh all I.e st' • trig.
Sectiim XVIII. The Senators and represeetativeS
Utte), recoi — e a compensation for their services to be
seertskined by law, and paid nut of the treasury of ;
;he Commonwealth. They shall in all cases, exii
kept tremolo, felony and bre.irh or surety of th 4
peace, bellrivileged from arrest dining _their ata
sendance at the session of then respi ell, e housel
nod in going to and returning
from the same.• An
for any speech or dchatc in either house, they shall
'not be questioned in any other place.
:section XIX. No Senator ur representative
luniig the time for %Inch. he shill have been ileCt4
it'd, be appointed to arty civil office under this Conti
linunivealtli which shall have been created, or ths
[emoluments of which shall have been increps4
'during. such time : and ou member of Congress og
:other person holding. any Mike (except of attornek
jut law and in the militia) ender the Uniwil States'.
, or this Cninownweall,h, shall be a member of eitheii
ib , mse during his continuance in Congress or id
;cape. •
See,lon - XX. When riesticies hsppen in,eithei
Ite , use, the Speaker shill issue w, its of election tel
fill such eaCancies.
Section XXI. All bills .for raising revenut
loriginste in the house of representatives, flit 014
fienste may propOsell.mrmiment% as in tithe; bills.
I Sretipn XXII. No money grill be rhawn fenni
,the treasury but in consequence of ap rota - tau-0i
lalifte by low. i
Seetitit X XIIT. Rvery bill Arhikt .hall hire
!passed ti,th houses shall\ be pre:setti t
to the t;•.1 r 0
iVernur. lit he anpnwe hklhall sign it, but if h#
islt2ll not approve he shall retutn it with his obj
lions to the house (in which it shall have origins
who shall enter the objections at large up.ll the
~ j -aarnats....and piveoed to re-consider it. U. ate'
!such re-consideration, two-thirds or that hottso shall
',agree to pass
.the bill, it -ball be aent with theob.
Bow and Tow Lines.
`'II - UST. rteeised and for' sale a sopply of Roth
FY and Mitt [Abet , . ' I
1 - •
yeetions to the other, home,ywhich J r'
I ..114110,10shballtilltaX11- ~._ ___
... ~.
shall be re-ctiblideril; tied • approlfell k , p - t.wo-, ,P0444.1411, 1 .) 1 4 4A440*,4C-PRlASlglabw•
thirds of that bouseott *sill bovatteloL.: But lin such"
/ t :i L livolowyr,- , -I
tiop L Tne judicial' power of this Common
casiSny. ya tim an v ii cte n:s uf , and t i riern - rimes h4 o l f rent:J ."llllll ns voli ued ng
for or against the .bill shall-be -.entered milli" join-. wiZit, dr? In! IfeAtellt l -I, , ,SIMThOne Court, in
J any ii fit s h, 1i C of Yer and Tau:o and Gente4uDe
oats of each house np;ti rely .
not be returned by he . vernor within ten days lictesYS rres ,, CenutorColtt Pleas, 9rp rt i ,
(Sundays excepted) ter i it shall have been. pm- *Rellinter i n.count; Oil a rt. dr Quartet '• eietis
sented tcy,hirn, it that Be a law,itilikelp"snet as of Of the Peace. for each county ;in Justicen of the
Peeoe 2 audio son other IrAnnts=us the legislature .
he 'hail signkl it, riot linl`tgelitral risen bly, by
their adjournment. pa Setif itinituni, in refill
.cate oral frrnifiblittittinWeitibibib ,
It Shall be a law, miles. - sent , WO Witt* l - Sentiaafflei TMs AniPsalktia,!Prtall anal, Of
days after their next tiwet g.- -• ' 1 the Several CourtS of 110 w rlsos, and of such
Section XXIV. glretY order, resoluti on ior vote other Courts gefiwd 14 ear ... s.itakbe eidablishe d .
to, which. . the conecrirence-of Mof
bath houses Inlay be. by law, thalt'he - . l4 nningted Y the.Obeernor, and by
astdirs7A - the co:sent . (it tiy Senatt appointed 'and
areessiaryiesicept, o 0 • question of adjoutnment)
stall be presented tp tt, Governor, nod before it ealeavissamseE/bY Aim; Th /*les of ihe'SWOOMe
'shall take effect, be ppp ved by him, or being dis; Court shall hold their 'gni.* for the "term of fifteen
be nepas ed by two-tlaidt of both yeters if 'theft shall 40 langl' 6 ehlOe the'illerves Fill.
houses aceoildinc to the itlee and limitations • pre. TkepresisteatledgesalitanseeertaCourts qf Common
scribed in case of a bill. • P/eis and of such other Gnarls of ilecord'as are cr
r Section XXV. No {revision/. body shill behereaper shall
.„b• 41 . 1 04iShest hY-4nc.s i ptall '.thee iLag,, re
created,reninced or Slater, with honking , or dis.. glared to haearned in . * 0 shall hold *Cr nfl.-es
counting privilegesiltre out ..siz months prerinus 'for the term'llen year's iqh;y shall so long &shire
public notice of
'the ing,,,d e d
_,,, p 1i ca ,,i,,,,, f or A, thentielres w . The ass tale judges of the Courts
Enne in tuck man ,' ~,,r ! a . ;W I bi 7 i ,,,,,. r . r .i..4 b r k lic .. .1 cominottrietas shall hold thfir Offices for the ,erm
Nor shall lay chartes "'night purposes afiarettaid, he of flee yaws if they shall so ion ',Aire them. lrea
granted for a /onge period than t,ren.'y years, are well. But 1:or arty rem /41 cotscAchich shall niq
every such rhartre. shlilf 4onietin 11 clause reserving be etif*Triitaid of Aherne, the Gaertner
to the legislature the*neer to alter, revoke pr annul My remove any of them the address of twughirds
the ramie whenever in their opinion it rifity'be info- Of each branch qf the aegis lur e. Thefedgessy she
riots uto the citizeralof the corosnontreal'h, in surh Supr:ate Court and the ...sidents qt the beret-•'
eutnner however thati no injus•ice shall :,e done to; he Courts of Common Pleas shall a! s nt , d rims rrrrit r
-corporotors. No /ate hereafter enacted, shall create, fur iheir services on adelinate rom..,easalion ,o I r
cr , fired by kw, which thrill ins! tre di minictria .L.ri , t(
renew or extend the Charter of more than one corp
'ration.. their continuanre in _djr.ce,lbut th r-itshn'l re-ic-
1 .
' AB.TIcI.I: 11. • fern or- perrtufsites of office; nor hold any other , „ , h...-
Section I. The Supreme 1 7 .1.reutit e power of this if Profit under thie-Coennummeath.
Commot•wealth sh ill I e ieste•' , in a Clove-nor. t-ection 111- Until other-S.4e directed ht btre, U..
Section 11. The ni.,eri.• •.' .II he ctroocit on the !'arm's ,-, f remanno F l -no «kill rind, o leas a: „:, ~,.o
second Tuesday of G/ctoher, by"the citizens of the est - Ibbshed. 75, - ot none than„five , ( nities ‘1,,i1 -'I ,n •
Commons.. elltli, at the places eche, e th. y .41111 re- l time be in, laded in one Jurtscial th-trict organs-n'
spec'ivel' . rote for. represent - alert. The returns for shill Courts. '
of every election for Governor shall he sealed up Seetinn 'IV. The itifkictinn of the 'F.,. •n e
and transmitted to tae seat of g malonotriadirected d i,. te d
_Court .41,11 extend over U j e State; and the Judo,-
to the Spe ker.of the Sedate, who sholl (pen and the'e'f, shall b •Y virine of; their t ' fn•. " ..b e J''''ln'e•
publish them in th preverce of the mewbers of of (')'.v arid Tenni:air und - eietteral,l,il Delivery, it.
. t I
tooth'S of the Irg.‘latu;e: The person haring the <pretnl ['mode!
Section V. The judges of the Court of C.anmot
the hieteot numliet of votes ale I be G •vernor,, -
But if -two or more khill* he equ .1 ...n.l highest in Pleas, in e.cb county, *all by virtue. of ther.'
uffees, te justices of fro-and fertniner ,mid Gee • -
votes, one of them 'h .11 be cl•••sen G. , vernin hy the
joint vote of theMembers' of 1 , 0,h boosts. Con- r.:l J4l Delic•rv, fol. the trial, of capital mid tithe
tested electrons shall be determined by a Committee I offenders Itterehl ; any tutu of the art I j , 1 , 1.41•... 111,
prrsi Irnt being one, shall h: a oto ~,: ~ . I ~t L, I ,
to be selected . 'irons both houses of she fegislattire,
:tad formed and re / piloted so such manner as shall shalt not 1.- id a court of Ayer. anti terte.uf-, ur ton
be direct.t... by low. 1 . deltvery, in any eoUney. Iwhen the jinig...• . f ,he
So cti at 111. 'The IGevernor shall hobl his pfbee Sup: ern. Courton any .4 them, slvil he • tltic.: t;
du-Mg three years t''.nt The Imo' T ot .,,i,y of J o n i ,- l Ito' • inn' I -note' Ihe ;poly arethet!_a. v,'.l a
any nest . ensuit.g is dle, tn, and ,hellmit Ire he rumour'. ealth. may. }rioter soon reinlatior, ,•
.hot, 1 e oi.-or,i.,d 1..) row, tee ticiu.iii. i .
cop rtolt of holding a target: 111311 its in any term
~f nine gars. 11.3 lA. ret 31. gs, ..11 a 1....f0 , C. ie. 111..., I, .1.... s. .
Seri'''. IV. Re shotl he at le•st thirty years of ui '''''' I o'"• ~ , _ , •
:re, sod hive been Its fi'lx • n and an thhalittant id See i•nl I. T h e , Itt•retne Lour% a;•1 the ~•‘..t•.;
tills cote
,„,„,,,,, y„,„, next t.c.„ hi. 0 4,,, i-:r , ; nu. ts ..; c airtime 1 .,1,-, , .. 611,ti.. tw.n.le one „ci5. tii.1...... he shall ft tee been absent un th e To thii e ay.e1.1..e u.trily ex••-ci...41 try ;biro, 111...., I'.
hustreess of- the 1_;14.41 SC .le% or of the; SIATC. 12 . .. CT of a court of Ili •Ilp e rr, at. for aa ...I ... Y.
S. etion y. No ilium:nu of t. ~,,„, e s, us person 'he Peel , • l T' , . , lmv of. lestitvotty-the "W. 1. ., c "I
l tu i,t tn ..,,
~y ~A,,q. ~, i t . t . 1 1,, I „, : -.1 c 7 ,,, t ,., or th i, .• •ICroce 1 Atli pt ei,i..At..eal,.the •st ar : ..,..1 It..
State shall eXetrewlthe elute '.l tt,vernor.. r ~t• ..f lire p....... 4 9114 Wat.cteo of it......... . • r ,.
SeCk.ll N . I. The Governor at stated times nr" . c"`" '' { "'"'" l "l*. ' l l 3 / the leg, ''''''''' ' l "'
reverse t o hi i s e , w e s 4 e , mtteto.ateNtt. which 41:111 ''''' .. S . ir lin. a ' s a l -1.: 1 4•L ; ,‘,. ,Lie. , .11.... i. p. , •• ;•• • I • .1... ,
'-e neither ircreas A no dimoinehed du, lug Ulu '''''' ' il. ' ' , i' ,0 3 . • TS' . ql . ill ri , ' / .11 , 1711;.; I••'I '
per IA for which he sb 111 have been elected. ei n, (rein icor to abtre,lotits , e.. 4 .; •••, ..•••
5.•,,,,.. AIL IlelB-ii he c•mtiii.a. lei-in-chi. f ~t. p'"?:''''' .. "l l r l . 4 l .l44;g rh' ,..he t annl * . • i o "'` •h . I
the aline aid; t e.vyl..l il„.. C,97, - ,. .„,,,,,,,I•h, ~„,1 o f ju , r , , ,, 11T..pel . for : h e dun ale •ti ~ t pt.. tee.
, he too ll', except !when they 01t•TI he callof into t..e, I'm aI I. Th.. ;it ~sus •I tile C-urt of t ~, .5.•.
.1.... an .1 I -.el vice -Si the l'..tted St.tes. ,Ices of ear!) c . :lay In i •,1 , h .11 ..I. -11 .A A
SUC . I. 111 %Ii I. licitlon Ap,lint a to, mar,, - ,,r ! h e l ;1J..e11111 . , 01141 ec . enp.....f. th e C.Hirt al Q... 0.., ..4.
Com , nn
-e.:l , n-e.:l h d Trio.... jib-rt./re. mind h. sh .11 rinmi- •'''' ' " I 'b' l' 'cc• '''t "*l . len'''' c 't" °"-''' 1; ~.1
nate nod bq on', train the advice nod consent of the !tic. irlister ~1 will., t.g.liec. with :IV ..;.44 J . 'e...
Senn - e rt., oint all officers of courts of •'r " I'
` v" of Wain, 4 1 4 l' borttp. , •=e tile s,,:istel's
rec., 4, o u t so o hemrist i prorrded for in tisis Consti- - cuu'l of e '' cb c '' e " t v - I
Vito* 'He shall here parer to fill all toseaacje, Section VIII. The ludas of the courts et common
'hr. mty hoppers ini inch judicial offt , es daring the pleas shall, within their irespective counties, have
reuse o f the l by g, ;rating commissions which the like powers with th. judges of the Supreme
si. 11l expire inti the lend Or their art useion : Pro- Court, to issue writs err 'cortiorari to the jystices of
a i led, that in acting ,n e.reruleve vim/nations the the peace, and to cause, their proceedings to be
`:en•rie sh ell 8 , , no' noon i h. o rs and in entifii in tig. brought before them, and Um like right and jistice
or l'rj,..i ling, the nOwicnt, me of the Governor, the to be done.
ole Vial he taken ty yeas and nays. a, Section 1%. The presi4ent of the Court in each
Section IX.. He shall drive power t'. remit fines circuit within such ein it, and the judges of the
'nil f,:feitiires, and grant reprie• es and pardons, court of common pleas within their respectiVe
. geept in .c.ise. of impeachtnetit. dimities, shall be justices of the peace, so fat as
Sm . :l'm X. Ile nt.tY rlll'll.e i.f•vris .ti, , n in writing, relates to . ceiminal matte*. .
from the officers in , the 'executive dep_lrtment ti,,on SectialaiX: A register?" ,ofilee, for. the
,probate of
my siihjeet .fel.iting t., the duties of their re.per- wills arillgi•fing letter" of administration, and au
;tre utlieeb.' . I office for the 'recording of deedsi shall be kept in
Sccti.o XI. ifs Ili ,11, 1 f.•,m time to time, give to each county.
:he Geeee,l A.“eratOr {oform•tion of the ..ttle of Section XI. The stvlo of all process shall be.
ire Cionincitwes i l.N, an d iec,nifinei..l 1,, their row_ " The Commonwealth of rennsylvania." All prase
-.1:-.-att., vo , 1, to-ahu,sl at he sh •11 ju Ige expedieirt cottons shall be carried on itt the name and by the
Sprit,. `II lle im •. , ,o, . ‘ tr. crliii .-y ~cc ,e; ~,...., au hority of the Commonwealth of Petntrylvania,
'• '"'"e 11 ,1 l;''"el ' 1 l , c "el& l't ; and itt Clap a and ennclude .' against the peace and dignity of the
1 e..0v,, eetne t I,e•o etu, the 1... 1.........4. e. nth reveet 'sine." !
t.. m e Um, .1 .1! . 1 •ti tant•ltt, 4 . , 111 ii theta to ankh . A RTIt'L F: VI.
.Ine . /5 he ' t
11.11 11111.1, pr...,WW, o a t exceeding four Section I. Sheritii and coroners shall, at the
, mots. - times and places of elledtion of representatives, he
Semi .0 X 111, lie shill leek.' e tre that the laws chosen by the ciliz,enti.of each county. One person
..,c I .11:trio:It •rxemilied. • shall be closets for each Oct oho shall bt , commis
v. e:ho, Xl' , - 1:1,, .......1 Ike d e w. ..r resi , ttation sinned by the Govenmr. They shalt hold their
4 4 the G , vernor, qr of his removal from office, the offices fur thine yeas, ill they shall so lung behave
Speaker or the Sehate 01111 exercise the otraor of thernsehes well, and entil a successor tre drily
(love, nor. 'mill :Moth e r Gover nor s t ni tt b e d o t, qualiheit ; but no person shall be twice chosen - or
gnu Mimi ; hut in 'porch rime ano'her Gompn,r shal. appointed sheriff', in any term of six years- v 4 cut
be chosen nil the next twits's/ election et represen.n. en's in either of the said offices thou' be fined by
tires, witess such dea It, resignation or removal, nn appointment, to be made by the Governor, to
.s)iall occur - tri:hiri three calendar mon ns ininva.i- continue until the next' general el•Vii`;ni and Mad
ately preceding. such nest annual election, inichich a successor shall be chosen and, qualified as afore
rase a Governor shall be chosen at the second Mee sent. I
reeding carat:al election of repress/do/ire*. Ator Section 11. The (icemen of this commonwealth
if the trial of a contested election sbuiL le . rn timae shall be armed, or . gnai.led and disciplined for its
longer than until the third Monday of January defence', attest Masi ittektivissnei• curtail Se directed
next ensuing the eleetitin of Governor, the Governor billow. Those who esmseientionsly" scruple to befit
of the last .year or the, Speaker of the Senate wh o arms, shall nut be esimpeHed to do so, but shall FAY
may be in the exercise of the executive authority, - all equivalent fur personal service. ,
shall continue therein. until the determination o fSection HI ProThorm/ors'es of llte Supreme
. . . .. . . . . . . . . -
such contested electi. u, and soil a Gown/lie shall
be duly qualified as aforesaid.
Sect im XV. " Pie Serretlry of the cortmumweatfh
shall keep a fir rNicier of all the,othri a l acts and
proceedioga of the Governor, and shall, when re
quired, lay the s-me and all papers, minutes awl
vouchers 1 cla ti ve thereto, before ether branch of '
the legislature, and shall perform such other duties
as am:. be enieined bun by law.
• ' ARTICLE ill..
Section 1. In elections by the cilircrs erery white
freeman of the are of twenty-one, years, haring re
sided in this state one year, and in the election dis
trict where he errs to rote, ten days immediately
preceding suds election, and within two years paid
a Slate or (*panty tax, which shall hare been as_
sassed at least ten days before the election, shall enjoy
the rights of aw ardor. But a citizen qf the United
States who had prieriintsly been Wywilified toter of
this State, and removed therefrom and returned, and s
wile Mall have resided 'in the election district, and
paid lam az'aforesaid, shall be entitled in rote, after
residing in the slate six menthe. Provided, that white
freemen, citieens of the United States, between Mt
ages of twenly-onp and twenty-ttoo years, and hav
ing resided in thriState one ye ir, and irithe election
'district 'len days as af oresaid, shall be entitled .to
vote, although they shall not have paid taxes.'
Section-11. All elections shall be by ballot, ex,
wept those by persons In theit representative capa
cities, who shall Vote viva voce.
Section 111. Electors shall in all cases, except -
treason, felony. and breach or surety of the peace,
be privileged from arrest, doting their attendance
on elections, 'scut in going to and returning "ruin
.IY. /..",- . p.,..
Section I. Thu House of SepreseashaliW shill s r
have tae sole power of impeaching., ~ .
Section 11. All impeachments Asfi t let. tried by
the Senate; when sating. fur that purporte,. the
Senators shall be µpen oath or aillimatiUti. No per
lan shall , be convieteid without the coiteurtence of •
two-thirds of the ImeMbera:Ovelhat
Section.lll T e Governor, end-all othet,eleill
adicers 'under Commonwealth, shall he liableroto
Impeachment for any..misderneenour,inwolitees „ but
jot:lot/eat. it:l,in . cases„aball,oot :exeral..furtber
than to removal. pm office, and.diftlualifkolnittll IO
told any office u borktue„,trirst, or profir„uider this
Commonwealth: ,The party, Whether cialitieleitoi
, ____ .4_...•—1....4_ .:-4-: - • - -Vls_._. ~ -
11xlinim ,Syrup:P
12 r 8
.";s , firt qiuditY.Pr .
ion-symp. Tecciy,
.' ll O ft! -Or by •
'may 26 "40 MILLER &MAGGEKTY •
, kO5, •
• + 4l4 k. A - A '*
- 44.-;.
- •
armour/ shall be appointed by the add Cuter! Jsr
the term of three ceurs if they so long behave
themselecs:well. l'eollumorarieb and tlerla oftlo
serest other Cottrix, ktfordrrs of dee de, and &-
girders of .wdls, shall at the times and places i!f
rlrrltlio of ryeesentalices, he elected by thequa&
fled elector, of 'act county, or the districts over
which ihr jur.mbetion ref said courts tx/ends, a n d
shall be commissamed by the Gocernor. • They
dudl hobd their offices Ar three yearn if they shalt
so long behove thenonirees well, and until their
mammiesa shall be duly quallAd. The legisla
ture shall provide by low. the number if rersans
in each county who shall &di! - , ,,1id offices, and
how many, and whieli,troaid op. ,fia be held
hiceone person, I + ;lew&les in any ni the said of
v shall be filled bylapraintments to bc, made
y the Governor, to continue until the next ge44-
red elation, and until. successors shall be elerle'd
,and quakfied as aforesaid:.
Section IV..Prothunatiiries, , clerks , of the- pele e
and o rphans' , court!, recotders of - deeds, reltistem of
wills, and sheriffs. shall keep their office:lL-du mite
county . town of the
. fottpty, • ht. whicAtir e cy, mgpee
lively, shall be of fi cerstittliestlevrtied Governor
shall, fur special reasonk :Wilk& Abircwith, (or
any term not "
tat State seal, and.ziin
exceedi kysitooolfteo the county
shall, have been ere ct .
StctklaV . .' All co .siu4s shall belts the name
and by 'the nottioritylif lie-Coininunwaitth of eettp.
Sylvania, andlot sealed
I rrth
ed by the Governor. '
Sectioa VI. A State , Treasurer shall be elected
annusliy,-by joint vote of bethitronehre of the legltk.
klu .M410 4 0t WWl+ A t,:i i't ittli lh. "i ;Al .
' 13etucm VII. Just:cep of the peace sir aldermen
shall bq *4 irith cru el itOutikittoPtiughs, ,
j ar
anoliotanahihoo4 04 . One -of th e elediintif f> eA
stables-4y iho 'quit* voter; ihereof, su
notohcr ho„ o h o g h e di egthricooi andpaholLte. ,
toorootosiootd:by th e , . fora terns of
Yegra_ ,__, 0- hut eta blond P. wierd, , or turueqh- Aria',
MCI 4 "re Mark two ' of .therpeoevovokter- .
bielpterithouttlie roasost.4cesnapn:dporplit
itfi edAelortriaithiernOck:lmestelapr =mint lici. -
tetigkai J '....f. li k !. tit
Section VIII: All officers whose eleegu'l'erii-P
linted'eti itititi; **uteri'
tiA Ahop*Cia and Sides, fin , sale. bytthc
/11pl$ THAGGERTY, , ;raz
• " elir;eifiplcifireittr eiebt
,14441,. Wmt f—lnSe'VigrAbleLfzid,. liii*tre a
&peen a inhafritant - t here; a yrar next
P:iiaraikeirP4441,4441140".0,...4.11 hare
terbeteiPAurif &it have been
see (one erected, then within the gmarf Me
tuni z ty br.corszetiecinstornshich it shall give been
taken. Ni, .Ifrthrber tlf ! Congeexerirrmi this slate,
many Pfr ,3o o Wilinrar err/visit:A , any office io
appaintinent of trust nr profit tinder the United
Statesta4halleaqhc,saote tune hold or Yativise . any this state. to which a rotary is, o-fees or
I;ersanlites are by la LC4 artia•xt d nct a sla
lure :ling by lino deekre Well tote4rievi are in
cuittparldr. No member of Me Senate or of the
hoA...&siopreessdat; yes skull be appaiated by the
tof47lo.eire *term fur which
he, hall hai;Ar6eirctiv.
- skit mbar ,t .h rric,,, fd a term` of years
ehalthold their qfices far the terms respectively
'ape:a:fled. only on the eon& tion that they so long
be.lore tbemAelm ; and shall be removed on
conviction of snialschaviour in iSice or if any in
iiiii Crl//4 9.
Section Any person who shall, after the
of the amendments pro by Mit
Cannen. Eon to the Constitution, ght a d ull or
send a challenze for that purpose, or be alder or
abettor in fighlinga dud, shall be &priced of the
right nf holding any.n.gee of honour or profit in
this Stale, and shall be.punialeedotherwise in such
manner as is, or may be prescribed by lute , but
the trecub're may remit the said offence and all
its dis , luat ficationp.
gerOon f. The legisl.ture sh4l, as soon as con
n. 4 rniy 'be, provide by law, for the establish
ment of schools throughout the State, in such
manner th.t the poorlistay be taught gratis.
Section IL The arts and sciences shall Ow/pro
moted in one or morE seminaries of learning.
Section 111. The rights, privileges, immunities
and estttes of veligibus societies and corporate bo-
IIICS; shall retdain as if the constitution of this State
had not been altered or amended. •
Section IV. The legislature shall not invest any
corporate body or individual with the privilege
tvk, prier.te properly fbr puldie use, without
rryu;ring such corporation or individual to make
amps/motion to the owns
. gsaid property, or
grace adequate security. there , before such pm
perty shall be taken. '
liTem'ers of the General Assembly, and all MB
exeiutiie mid judicial, be bound by oath
ui to,eiippoit thi constitution of this
r"mio •uweil h and to uer(uttn the duties of their
respective offices wan bueii.).
That the generaL.great and essevtial principles of
liberty and flee g .;;errin-tit mar he recogrised and
unalterably established,•\CE DGCL3ttF., TFI4T
Section L Attract; ale born eirrAly Gee and in
dependent, and Mare certain labels ut and indefeasible
rights, among which are those 14 enj y ing and de
fending life and liberty, of acipurgtg, possessing
and protecting property and reputatiun, and of pur
'suing their own happiress.
Section li. All power is inherent in the people,
and all free governments are founded on their au
thority, and instituted for their pence, safety and
happiness ; Fot the advancement of these ends, they
have, at all times, an unntier.nt le and indefeasible
right to alter, Worn; or abolish their government, in
such =timer at they may think proper.
Section yll. All men have a natural and 'indefea
sible right to worship Almighty ciod, according to
the dictates of their own conaciences; no MAO can,
of right, be compelled to attend, erect, or support
any place of worship, or to maintain any ministry
against his consent; no human authority can, in any
case whatever, control or interfere with the rights
of conscience ; and no preference shall ever be
giaen, by law, to any religious establishments or
toodes,of worship.
Sectlati IV.' No person sehmacknowledgee the be
ing of a God and a future stateof rewards and pu
nishments; shall on account tlfibbi religious senti
ments be disonalifsedlo bold iny•ollice - or place of
trust or profit. under this Commonwealth.
Section V. Elections shall be free and equal
Section VI. Trial by jury• shall be as heretofore,
and the right-thereof remain inviolate.
Section ;VII. The printing presses shall be free to
every person who undertakes to examine the pro
reedinKs of the legislature, or any br'anch of go
vernment: And no law shall ever be Made to re
strain the tight thereoL The free communication
of ttgoughts and opinions is one of the invaluable
tights or man ; and every citizen may freely speak,
write and print on any subject, being responsible
for the abirse of that liberty. In p , osevutions
the publication of papers investigating the official
conduct of officers, or men in a rfublie capacity, or
where the matter published is proper for public in
formation, the truth thereof may be given in evi
dence : And in all indictments fur libels the Jury
shall liave . 'ir right to determine the law and the facts;
under the direction of the court, as in other cases.
Section VIII. The people shaH be secure in their
persons, houses, papers and pbsseOions, from unrea
sonable searches and seizures: And no warrant to
search any place, or to seize apy person or things,
shall issue, without describing them as nearly as
May be, nor without • probable cause supported by
oath or affirmation.
Section L. In all crown:A prosecutions, Me 'r
eused bath a right to be herd Iyr hint.i If a: , l his
counsel, to almond the tritire "int causel.l the or
rusatiati ortinit him, to Inert the witnesia, face to
face, to have compulsory process (or obtaining ivit
nessrs in hi% f.e,tar, Ana, iu prose'cutiont; by o.;ltrt
tornt qr iLGn in Ii; rt, a s; edy 1,11:‘ tic t; aol,i,y an
impartial sury of the virinoge ; ho cannot be com
pelled to gase r; it:enre haniself, nor tan he
be Jepri; ed of his liG, li`erty, or ppyrity, unteis
by the judgment of his peers or the i ice or the
land. . •
Section X. No person shlll, fnr any itelictable
ofFence i De prvceedett ag-ii,..ietirnjinliv
tint!, evcept in cases arcing in the land
foicer., or itt the Militia inlien in service in
time of war or puGl9c d 'neer, or try ',iv, of the
emirt, for opprestion and mrstiemearrom in office. No
person shall, for the.same offence, be twice put in
jeupindy of life or limb; nor ELall say MAWS pre
petty be taken or applied to parte use, withutit the
consent of his representatives, and without just
compensation being ornk.
Section . XI. Ail Cum ts shall he open, and every
Man fqr an injury done Vim in his land", goods, per
son or reputation, shall have remedy ly the due
course of law, and right and Justice adminkeied,
without ,le, denial dr Jelly. ?mit-, may bd Influent
against the Commonwealth in such manner, in such
emirts, and in - such AtiSes as the legislature may by
law ditICA,-, I • •
Section 'No pOwerof suspending taws -shall
:be exercised, unless' by the legislature, or its ad- .
Section X.IIL £.*ces- ice bait shall not be re.:
quired i nor excessive flues imposed, nor r. eel pe4
niahments -
, Section.. XfV". pd.:weds - shaft be ',bailable by
'efficient atirelies, unless for capital offeniws, when
the proof is' evidept or presumption great.; and the
privilees. ottbe writ of habeas corpus Shall not he
suspended, unless when, hi ease, of rebellion or hr
vasion, the public safety may iequire it. -
Smarm .X,V.• No eibtalliedEM of IA& and Terminer.l
or jail deliver'', shill be issued,
Section XVI. The person of a debtor, where
there is .not Atmut presunvlion Qf fratttirenlit nut
'be continbed In prison, pYter aelivirine up •his est-ste
for,the benefit of his creditors; fl 3 such manner as
• shed he prescribed by law. :
• :S . gctioti 4.114 fadiji&Cl43 law, nor-acy lure.
ittimllring.uontracts shrill lie..made„
Set„tion 'X'N'fil-V lre. person .411111 attainted of
tense's' ,ErVfelenrby'the legisl ature.
...SeetirrileXlX. attainder shall-WM* tOriiiptirm!
of '. - bkeni,nori except during' the life of the °Tattler,
lorfeitare.of estitie=l4ttlft , onttdonsve'ilitr t Ott
tares of such persons almsbatl.+destror their dere
lives, 2111111 deueetdrot - keit as in ease of natural
SUG'Ate...soda and .W vier ("metier.. fror's.rle by
- ' N. N ATHA NY 4 , CO.
. '
Li:.`Av..~~.. : A .~,.,.i
am. person, —* Wai be killed by
shig:iarrisSifoiteiture by reason
. Section:lsc... Thpcitizentirsve,a right, irk* • '-‘•
ablp inanner t ,to e ottimon
good; lad to apply to 4 tliose invested with the,povrers
'of • government for redress of grievances, of other
proper purposes, by petition, address or remon
Section XXI The right of citizens to bear arms,'
in defence of themselves said the State,Shali nbt be
Section XXII, lino Standing army shall, in ;time
of peace, be kept op icit:iout the consent of the
gislature ; and the military shall, in all cases; and
at all times, he in strict subordination - tote
power. ,
• ;
Section.XXilt. No soldier shall, in time of pesce,
be onartered in any house without the consent of the
owner, nor in time of war, hut in a manner tp be
prescribed br law.
Section.X . XlV. The legislatnre shall not grant
any title cf nobility or hereditary distinction * nor
create may °Ere The appointment to which shall be
for a !Otter ?elm than during good behaviour. -
Section XXV. Emigration-from the State shall
sot be prohibited:
Section XXVI. To guard against transgressions
of the high powers which we htve delegated.- WE
DECLARE, that every thing •Iro•this article is ex
cepted out of the generalixneersof government, and
shall fur ever remain inviol,te.
Any amen utasentrortemendmen's to this conshtu
lion may be proposed in Its Sena e or House of Re
presentatives, and if the same shall be agreed to by
a majority of the members elected to each House, such
proposed amendment or ennendments shall be entered
on their journals; unlit the yeas' and nays taken
thereon, cod the secretary tet the CcantnonwealthShall
cause the same lobe put - dished three menthe beforethe
next election, in at least one newspaper in every
county in whi, h a newspaper shall be published ; and
if in the legislature next afterwards chosen suck pro
posed amendment or amendments shall be agreed to
by a majority of the members elected to each house,
the Secretary of -the Commonwealth shall cause the
.833 tut again to be published in manner aforesaid, and
such proposed amendment or amendments shall be
sub:kilted to the pkople in such manner and at ;such
time, al least three trOnths, after being so agreed to
by the two houses as the legislature shall prescribe;
and if the people shall approve and ratify i such
amendment or amendments by a majority of thequa
!fled-voters of this State toting thereon, such arizend
' ment or amendments u shall become a part of the con
stitution;but no amendment or amendments shall
be submitted to the people oftener than once in five
years ; Provided, that if more than one amendment
be submitted. they shall be submitted in such manner
and ferm, that the people may rote for or against
each amendment separately and dtstinctig.
That nu inconvenience may arise from the altera
tions and amendment's in the Constitution of this
Commonwealth, and in order to carry the same into
complete operation, it is hereby declared and ordain
ed, That, •
Section I. All lairs'of this Cominonwealth in force
at the time wheh I the sold alterations and amend
ments in the said Constitution shall take effect, and
.not inconsistent therewith, and all rights, actions,
'prosecutions, claims, and cuntracts as well of 'indi
viduals as of bodies corporate, shall continue as if
the said alterations and amendments had not been
Section 11. Thealterations and amendments In the
said Constitution shall take effect from the first day
of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine. •
Section 111. The clauses, sections, and articles of
the said Constitution, which remain unaltered,.nhall
continue to be construed and have effect as if the
said Constitution had not been amended.
Section 1‘... The General Assembly wnwris 5113.1
convene in December, eighteen hundred and thirty
eight, shall contlihne its session, as heretofore, not
withstanding the provision in the eleventh section
of the first article, and shall 'at all times be regarded
as the first General Assembly under the amended
Section 'V The Governor who shall be elected in
October, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, shill be
inaugurated on the third Tuesday an January,
eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, to which time
the present executive term is - hereby extended.
Section VI. I . lle commissions of the judges of the
Supreme Court, who may be in office on the first day
of January neat, shall expire in the following Tan
ner! The'commission which bears the earliest date
shall expire on the first day of Jamiary, Anne Dn..'
mini one thousand eight hundred and forty-two i the
commission nmotated shall expire on the first day
of January, Annii Domini one thous:rod eight 'hen
di ed and forty-five; the commission next dated.shall
expire on the first day of January, Anno Domini
one thousand eight hundred and forty-eights the
commission next dated shall expire on the first day
; f January, Atom Domini one thousoi..l eight hun
dred and fifty-ore a and the commission last dated
shall expire on the first day of January, Anuh Do
mini ime•linnimiiiii - eight hundred and fifty-four,
Seetion VII. The commissions of the Pretident
judges of the several judicial districts and Of the -
associate lass judges of 1 the first judicial district shall
exsare as fdlows : The-commissions of one-half of
those who shall have held their offices ten years or
more at the adoption of the amendments to the COlllgt i
-1U ti. , 9 . , shall expi on the twenty-seventh day df Fe
hisiaty, one Thou sa nd eight hundred and thirty-hive ;
the commissinnsf the other half of those who shall
h are held theirevs ten yea r more at the Situp
tea; of the ame ndments to the constitution, shall
. xpire off the twenty-seventh day of February, one
thcotsand eight hundred and forty-two; the fir 4 half
to .embrace those whose commissions shall benr the
oldest date. Tbo commissions of all the remaining
judges-who shall not have held their offices fen ten
years at the adltion of the amendments to theicon
s.itution shall expile on the twenty-seventh day of
February next iifier the end of ten years irom the
date of their commissions.
Section VIII. The Recorders of the several May
ors' Courts, and other criminal courts in this Coin
tr;;;nweaßh, shao be appointed for the, same time,
ar.d in the same manner, as the president jiadgea ,
of the several judicial districts; Of those now an
office,: the commission oldest in date shall expire bn
: the. twenty--seventh day of February, one thoeisand
eight hundred and forty-one, and the others every
two }eats tffeleafter according to their respelctive
dates. ' Those oldestin date expiring first. t ;
Section IX. The legislature at its first session un
der the amended constitution, shalt divide the 'other
associate judges of the State into four classes. ;The
commissions of those of the first class shall eicpire
on the twentyleventh day. sit February, eighteen
• hundred a tut forlyfint thine - of 'ilii tecohd class on
. the twenty-seventh day of February, eighteen Mtn;
dred and forty-one; of those of the third this on
the torenty.sneventh ilarof,Fehttoiy, eighteen bun
dled and forty-fwos id of those of the folitilh Class
on the twentyeventh day of February,. eighteen
hundred and for y-tbia.e._ The said classes trim the
' first to the fowl shall be arranged according tb the
-•i i
seniority of the i cominittirifeiff the - several Judges.
Section X. PtothOnbtanes, clerks of the several
court; (except of the Supreme Court) recorders of
deeds and isters of wills, shall be first elected under
the • 'CoOttitullinng atlthie'eleedonl of repre
yentatices in tb year eighteen hundred and thirty
'IIIIIP, in Such m nneras may be preset ibed by w.
SeCiiiii XI. Y-a`PPOinting power shall rema nas
heretofore, and 0 ,11.0111licem in the - appointment o the
executive departthent'shall continue in the exercise
.of the 'duties of their respective offices until' the
legislature shall; past,,ruch laws as may rel ated be
bYr•the I .eightti iieiticin of the sixth article the
amended constiottlpmierni anfilLaPleiintinentlll Shall 1
be made übder ditch laws; unless their. cottinaissOns, i ,
sinitabettiukiserred by dew' tilmointmiinit, of pin
sooner expire by their own limitatiops, or the 'said
nifices shaft become eat ant:hi:death . or resign-4Po,
and•suchoLaws shall be,. eta etel by the first leg la- -
ture ender the amended constifution..
Section XII. lbe first election for aldeemep i and
justices of the peaerkstlall 14.143IlIejear eight
een hundred and - fart*, atlhe thne - fsgpik_ (op (i lk
election of constibla , s'ThWlSgis' litilre•aVitirifrari.
Faits, just ITc:envoi andTur sib by.
a pril 4 • 2'5
session utoep-tne men; . togistitun.!
vide for the said iliction . d'Yor.aubiel
elections.`v The Miler:nen ' , , - justicti I'
now in commissions or who mar in 7th 1
appohatecl,.shall eamtmue- lie- discharge
their respective
L efty:ta p wail fifteen:A 1
day whieli shall EP, - .l:iw ,for
nit, commi e
ssiotis, al the espitaltian...
their commissions shall lie.
" h testimPoyAbal the '
• - -iebtietitutbm ' or Tenn ylvatilaril •
convention;fWe the core sintni
cunrentien Alive p as o. Agili'd .
Philadelphia, the tw ty.fiecund.d
ary, Amite Darllnl ou'thousand
and' thirly.eightvand of the lode f
AtieflitibeOtareii of erica the °
~ , i
' T,
, . gt . , '
Daniel kne w, ' ' ' --. g l4
lifiy .
Wm- Ayres, ' • nI , HaYoi
M. W. Baldwin, .. . ben. -
Helffe .1
Ephraim Banksi ' . Beriderso 9
John Y'.-Barclay, , Wm.-Heade .1
Jacob Bamdolar, . Wm..Eliesler
Chas. A.llainllll, ' IWilliank Gig. ..
Andrew Bedfbit, : I Jos. Hopkins f
Thos. S. 'Belli - . ' I .lohn Houpt,.
James Cornell-Biddle, Jabez Hyde,.
Lebbeus L.' Bigelow ,Charles J.
Saml. C. Bonham,l- telt% Jenks.
Chas. Bmwn,,v.-.4: -4.. , !George M. o i
'Jeremiah Drove*, 4 James. Kenn
William Brown, ' Aaron Kerr,
Pierce Butler, • Jos. Eon . ' . 1
S imuel Carey, • Jacob 'Cribs,
John Cummin, 11. G. Long,
David Lyoi
Alex. Magee
Joel Joel . M nai
V. M. Mere
James Alen
Levi Merkel
Wm: L. Mill
James Mon
Christian M
D. Nevin.
Wm. Overfie
Hiram Payri
Matthias Pe
James Porte
amen Mad
Saha. A. Py
E. G. twigs
A. H. Read
Geo. W. Ri
Jno. Ritter,
H. Gold Ro
Samuel Roy
James M.
Daniel Saeg r
John Morin S
Tliumas S. Cunningham
Wm. Darlington,
George Chambers,
folio Chandler,
Jos. R. Chandler;
Ch.-Chauncey, • -
Nathaniel Clapp, •
James Clarke,
John Clarke,
William Clark,
A. J. Cline,
Lindley Coates,, -
R. E. Cochran,
Thos. P. Cope,
Joshua F. Cox,, Walter Craig,
Richd. M. Crain, ,
Geo. T. Craseford,
Cornelius Cram,
Benjn. Martin,. •
Julio L. NPCallen, ,
E. T. I&Dowell,
James M'Sherry,
Mark Darrah,
Tobias Sell
Harmar Denny,
C.. Seltzer,
Fleury Etch 6
George Shil
.Thomas H.
Joshua Dickerson,
Jacob Dinhiger
Jas. Lkutagap,
J. R. Donnell,
Geo. Smith,
Win. Stay
Jbseph Sul
/no. B. Ste ,
T . ,_scob Stick
1 , 36#116er 'I
Thomas T... •
Morgan J.
James Tod.
Thlas W
Jacob 13. %
R. G. Whi
Gem W. 1 ...
R. Young. I
Joseph M. Duran,.
James Dunlop,
Thomas Earle,
11 M. Farrelly,
Robt. Fleming,
W a I ter Forward; t •
John Foulltrod,
Joseph Fry, Jr.
John Fuller,
John A. Gamble ; -
%Villiam Gearhart,
David Gilmore, '
Virgil Grenell,
Thomas Hastings,
G. L. FAus,
'J. WILNms
I certify, thatl.,.h
n . an r,
copy of " the Constitution of the Cu
Pennsylvania as.amendied by the• Con
thousand eight hundred and thirst
eight," deposited .in this office on t
Februari, 1833 t' the arnentlntente•l)
and the retained - Nations of the pt
tiup in roman letter. '
O. H. ,llli it ROWE.
Seu'y of the Cot
BANNAN has (commenced
11- -# • ere in corineetinn with his
Where all-kinds of &eke will be
'honest notice al low iittes. .
Blank Books' •
of etAry - deacriplion trade lb orde
rates—and the trade sepplied, wlrol
delpltia prices,
• .
April I
J USDreceived and for saleby rh
• a levy pieces of Spdendid • Pain.
together kith a clinicpisrlection of
!or .tale by HAZZAB D &
April 21 •
Benjamin V. Cu ii 1
lAS removed hie pike to Celli:
, A 1
pneite the Brick Boilchng of G
where he will tittered to ell
trested to him in the line of hie Pr.
Get 21
Miller 4111 i
11'tioasAL4. .A/kI) J
Dry Goodl;Grocery, Win'e 4.. 11 ,
(Next <door to Morli
1 1 11E111 connexion With a hol
to keep on lo
hiveasvortrnent of gou4s, which
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and private families, +Mould du
judge for themselves.
april 19
. ,
Choice liVioes and
HAVE on hand the follow;
and Llqu3ra whici they ‘
and °liar fen' sale on the meet
consigtung of
40 Bashing Champine'-Wini
ory, Star, Woodcock Michele,
bite fir
10 Baskera Sparkling
10 do Old Roe
5 cases Old Prape
50 do Meft St!,
Also—a few dcrnan, of
ulien Chu
Old Broarrr p ...l3.4l4,and ,
nitsieed Cu
• : ON - 11
Madeira -Pak* Brow
• TrwrritTe,'Mar. M
Drs, Marlega,Mue
thanspaigitaliiapdy .1
Cognac; Bartielai &
Joni:l3oFri*. WEI
CrWW. - Gin; Coll/284n.
Tarern Is'eeperel
are respectfully -
N. B. ariodir'
rough or nerghborfng
may 2
Pais Shi
, Rose,
& Gold
s tet and
!r tfu k eik
l liiirinte
!rikhe Ae4gh
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towns free Of
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c :hall Pro.
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.f eke peace
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1, ej dutiet of
' y after •the
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,,, ,. bunlare4
demi of
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*.eesitit 04t.
!• 1
:t, t -
i ' I •
Porter i
.121.! . Dee
I urdevant
I, •.m,
28, 1839.1
and eral
wealth of
• •
c• • twn of obt
s. Pn=thirty
6th day of
in , in ikt:ic,
se t Cunstitu-
Book Bin d
,B i rok Sin re,
bound at the
op. ,
eel the Inores4,'
sleet Phda•
17 •
edi JotimetK•
hintze's 61.C1
I mg,
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street, op
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tor Store
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