The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 13, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
BY lilEft9
payable semi-annually
in the year, $1 will be
eeive the paper free of
113 per annum It not
will be 'added to the
D I'D tt L.
.MIN 11
. ...
D V tirX Can* per annum,
in advance.le tint paid with
chargel .to l those who re
, ostage• .T mall subscribers
• Idqvitliiti e year, 50 cents
ti t
a oAatibscri tion.
jk.',EICLY, . .
ennui, pa le iliemi.annuall
within yeav,s2. 50 will
1 e l
e i n a e s willo
b e
ted !until 'Ordure
re t be continue
rdi •
812 y.
with t e privilege
eedin 2 squares
ertio of a small:
'salve imes.
must post paid,
to thein.
ad other notices
ed grails. will be
ages and Deaths.
in advance. fluor p ,
be charged -
ll •xceeding tw,
in p rorrti
ill be inse
. srlii lb they 1
charged 1
ill be eharg ,I
the paper
:meet net ex
~.. and the in
three - mice -
o the Miter
will be paid
inge, &c. a
been insert
acept Marri
Advertisements not
charged for three in ' 1
inaOrtion. Larger one
• MI - adveritserotwits
n Mess the tiotefov I
is specified and iv llbe'
Yeirly advertisers`
including enbacriptiont '
of beeping one advents
standing during the y
or one in each para.'. f.
All letters add reipted
otherwise no attention
All notice, for me
'which have heretofore'
harged 25 cents each,
The Converiti,
church, and on m
F4q. of Philadeli
Esq. of
- Chairman pro to
`to the permanent
oriclay, Ju le 4, 1834
niet in he
7 1 / 4.
lion of in BH. Graeli
hitt; Gao * E G. Bitit
eading, *as appointed
~as a pr • paratory step
or b onnizati in of the Con-
Mr, John
I Walter
were ap
On (notion' of
Dauphin county,
of Alleghany,
Esq. of Lehigh,
Oa motion . of
'Lancaster, Theo,
was appointed an
On mothim of
Philmielphra, it
Resoloed,. Th:
each and every
sent the-name of
oppose a cnmm
for the perman:
Convention, as t
are called, and t
at 3 o'clock this
r. jean.
'aul Pen,
t `the. •D.
ountv re
no of th
nee to no
,nt organi
l e names
lat they r.
The commit -‘:
John Donalifsi:M,
-3)1) G.-P.itterson
John L. Leech,
J. V. Johnson,-
Mark Dickson,
William Darling,'
D. Lilley
f Adams
. Alleu
: Arm.
Robert D. Carey,
W. W. Brandon,
Alex. M'Conuell,
A. E. M'llvaine,
Samuel H. Tysut
Benj.. P. Frick,
Joseph Misseri
John P. Rukherfo
William E•:es,
Addison May,
James Colnnen,
A. W. Benedict,
S. G. -Ntivins,
Christian Behm,
Wm. C. Hall,
J. W. Hornbeck
J. .1. 31 , ),
W. U. Sltnghuff
George Carney,
John 'A. Lloyd,
Alex. E. Brown,
Henry H.. Etter,
C A. Repplier,
Thomas Moore,
Wm. H. Mann,
Simon Gebhart,
Pltilip Fraz-r,
William Glower
Jamee M, Slagle
Thos E. Cocbrat
Od mntimi, th
meet at 3 dictpc
, P. M.
A rrutt Ivo • If SESSION.
e•assembl: when Mr.
he committee on officers,
g report,
1/maldsan, from
made the followi
St OP, LOhi
.hfy, Ada
n, Allegha
yang, ,'
• ver,
Berke, -
r, Bradford ?
Walter C. Livia
William Relater,'
Robert M'Conatt! .
Harvy L. Bolliwl
David Lesch,.+l7,
Francis Rooks:
David F. Gordon'
Mahlon C., Wire!
Isaac M'Carty,
W. VI . Bragon'
~ John Feolin, Ca
Richard M. Tho
Samuel H. Tyso
George H. Willi
Thomas D. Urie,
Augusurs 0. Hei
James Houston,
Addison May, E
Josiiiih M. Heist,
John Brotherline
S. 0: Nevin, Jun
as, Chest(
, Clearfield)
ter, Daupti
;r, :Franklin
ze, Lycomil
John Hißinger,
Auguntus E. Shu
.... —
. ..
I %VIOL TL4CU IF €11.! T 0 P ILA CY TUX . 6 OWSLI or TIM MAT ' :AN D . • 1111.15 13-00 T FIL iiNf ';ffig 1011;ga . witl; TineYarierlumouTALlrwincia wiLLOtariletivihrhilio:iiiiiiCH4is *Prentlito+ A.Lll.:ll;Preltic 41176111V
-15$i iiii; l i- 14A5111.114. •410Alei0 .- Itt. '‘ l
• 1 '''''''
• •
___ , ' I, :". 1 ' ' V ' 4. ' '-' I '''' "• - ' '''' ' '''' k , ' ,4 I s , :. ' 1.-7 '''''r. ''''' -, ,• .p • * 1 ,,, IR.I. -1, w -LE,,,-.. j-. ,;;
. 4 5 1 -.1, , . ; ~,....k...1-1'
J. J. Slocum, Ltizqrne, . 1 '
Thitiinuf-ReiuttAintatgamOrYl is :' - " i
Williani , Ruks, , Miffilli !.,r i I , ...:. t
Chorimi Pleiau tti!,'NorihitriMilaild,
t 1
Jesse Sliitn'er,, orthampton;
Jermes Black, terry. • , .
J. Coleman fitiher, Philadelphia city,
James Panne, Philadelphia aunty,
Dr. George N. Eckert, Schuylkill,
Sylvester Abel, Suqiuelianne,'
S intuel •D. Witt, Soinerset,
Robert 'P. M'Clay, Polon, ,
James M. Slagle, Washin2ten.:
John C. Lobengir, Westmoreland,
Adam 'Herman, York.
Alexander W. Vaster, jr: Allegheny,
Sainuel D. Leib, Schuylkill,
James A rt hur, 'Huntingdon,
Emanuel Guyer, Dauphin,
John S. Richards, Bergs,
George Rockeaberg, Philadelphia county,
Joseph •Kingsbury, Bradford,.
Charles S. Iretlell,',Montpm97.
ls State
The President was then conducted to the
chair, by.colonel Childs and Major James
Colhoun, when. he addressed the Conven
tion in substance - es follows.
Fellop Citisen,—Td be called upon to
preside over the deliberations of so numer
ous an assembly, collected from all parts
of this mighty State at the Cali . of their
country, in such numbers that: we may
well calf them a multitude, is iiti honor so
marked, that I u:terly fail in words to con
veyto you any idea - of my feelings. Let
it be sufficient fur me to say, 4 thank you
—most sincerely do I thank youfrom
my heart I thank you.
I fed this distinguishing mark of your.
corfidence more deeoly r icasinach as it has
been entirely unsolicited by me, and that
I feel—sensibly feel—that t din not com
petent to perform the-duties devolving upl.
on me.- I shall, iniwever, in the-discharge,
of my duties, endeavor to - act:with impar
tiality. It is to be hoped thatino . sectiorta
feeling or oersonaLpiredilectiOns, will ope
rate to mar the unity Of our deliberations",
but let us keep in mind that.glerious motto
which now sliiros so Conspictiouslv, ‘.‘ IN
we'caro of fail to carry out the grey ends
for which we have assembled; ...
We are here; fellow citizenk, at the call
of our country. We are herd for the pre:
servation of our liberties end; our free in.
stiteticns. We areliere to advocate the
doctrine of equal rights and equal privi
leges. We are here to put
,ohr shoulders
to the wheels, not to further.the lawless'
course of the General Govertufient, in their
reckless experiments en the interests and
prosperity of a flourishing anA happy peo
ple, but to shiver the arm of that man who
hag dared to pot his unholy hind upon the
ark of our political safety: We are here
because the spirit of Liberty has sounded
her trumpet through the !midi The East
has heard it, and has acted ,aohly in _the
cause. The West, the mighfy West, has
heard it, and has, rushed mainfolly to the
contest, and victory has perclied-upon lier
banner. The North add the South, have
listened to the - clang and all hive marched
to the rescue. Every where, victory,
glorious victory, has crowned their efforts
We, too, of the Key Stnne State, have
heqrd the sound', and - these walls crowded
to excess give powerful evidence that the
people of this great State will not be be
hind her sister slates in awakening to her
interests, but that the second Tuesday o
next October will rivig with shouts of vic
tory, which shell be heard throughout the
Union. We "ore against all measures
which produce one kind of money for the.
office-holders, and another for the people.
In a word,. we are here becliese we are
opposed to the getieral policy of Martin
Van Buren., arid his unholy: adiiseis, in
their warfare against our state institutious,
their aristocratic subAreasuryischeme, and
their cruel trifling with the interests and
happiness of the people. We*re here op. the election of David it. Porter,
1 because he is one of the myrmidons of
Martin Van Buren, Pledged' Eto carry out
his ruinous policy. and lastly, we are
here because we are 'in .favqr of Joseph
' nitner, because he lithe mat of the peo
ple, and is . known to . be opposed to all the
-measures of Martin Van Bren, and is
anxious to preserve ' in thei purity the
rights and liberties of the peope.
Permit me further toinvo4e your kind
aid in the discharge of my dunes. It is no
ecsy matter to preseilre order in • such, a
Multitude, and without youtdassistancti I
may find it itnpoesible.- .i
, !
On motion Until% D . arling(on, Of Ches
ter, it was ordered ' tha t the [Wet of the
H uttit of -ItepteOntitiies- i)t Pennsilia.
nia Roeder; -this- Convention, !im far as ap.
plica Life. ~ .
On motion cif Mr.'"Petin, of Dauphin; •
Bausman, of
W. Foster, jr.
. Livingston,
I •
mn ted See re-
Burrower, of
, of Dauphin,
Repplier, of
kgatinn from
resented, pre
ir members to
pina4e officers
, :ttinti of this
f the counties
port the same
any county.,
rung; "
d ~
rd It
is GI
t-ld 44
bin "
in "
Dau •
are "
lin "
pgdon "
a tt
Le ba
ter "
Mort t
M sat?
Nort liland
Nort hilnyton
Perry Phila.
'•ll:thia city,
.'a county,
rt . 44
harms f.
Sasqu i
ngton ic
West ,
adjourned to
,2V T,
I; of Bedford.
I -
*l.; •
Readied, That a Cominittie cpcsistifig
of one delegate from' each C'fittptibe',i!p
poinied to dreg reOlatibrialbt chegiimstd•
On motion al W. Tysi3n of the City,
lesolved, That a CoMmittee consisting
of one delegate from each county be ap
pointed to prepare an Address to the peo
plc of this Commonwealth. .
• •,-- t t, Q
_ .
-, 444, -...4 . V . lritrltki. . .. 4 -:' ' .__,,,,,-,..,• ....., - -
• . ‘.!' ' -,,-, •- . s, , ''' , -:
4 -„,,; ~ ti 1. -F.tit'ss e - ''''.- 40 44 . . `',... - ,
" . . ..
.. : ifiL ,•-• 1- 4 ' ~ .1.- v , A 4::?;*-_,-, : 2 4 4 , : ;r‘ -- ',.. --...- ,-. 1 4 . 4, 4. ; r .,, a . ~,,-„4T ~,t , 1 . ‘ .. 4 i,"? . .. it 5 t. : 4 , „:. ~,, .?.. . . - -
' ''‘,7' . " . ..'.'!. '" : ':: ''. '' ': ''''' '—' 7 :: „ I
.: . •-, ' ,i: ''..7. il ...4 1.-3.-: vat....,..:-.-_.-.;?ts.v: .! zik.; 4 1 ' , ',t . , 1';;I' :f' ',.
poTTslitiu . ; p4.„WEDI ESDA 11$31ifc,
During the timcvaccittpied-hy the Chair
an filing up the Committeerrohe PM:yen
rifai was addressed Aleesrs. H. S.
r 4 ,paekman, of and A: W.
IBem diet, of ilurrtingthin- county.
The President theviiiimunced the fol.
ow ing C,Unimitt*
ON ills MAI 11E58
J. W. Tyson, 44029 ti ;Malt
paive y Bothnia, jarrie4-Colhoun,
John M'Kestion, • - C. S. Chambers,
'Puha Weirjr. Hibsinatii
10. Lilly, , • B, :p.Hare t
John, Titus, .L $. Hyman, '
W. W. Brandon,
Gazeby - % J. Slocum,
11. Kelm, J. 4:Metun.thaii,
'U. F. Mann, Wm. H: Slingluft,
James [I. Levin, Utt,W. Wise,
Hausman, Charles Sttirer,
Y. S. Walter, • Alexander E. Bruwn,
Samuel H. Tysi,n, Jacob Nuil,
.Ab'in W. Monroe, Holmes Alaelay,
'JoStpli C. Burden, Henry F. MeFurikey,
Benj. F. Pumroy, Samuel Van Fries,
F. AC Kimble ; RoLert Park.
Philip Frazer, . .
Francis James, Charles Easthum,
E. Guyer, J. Russell Barr •
John Mtckley, Jacob I).•Buaa,
Job G. Patterson, Henry S. Spackman,
Wtlliatn 111orehead, R. Casselbury, ,
J. Pettes, J. A. Law,.
John G. Michener, SanntellYohe,
James Pleasarits, S. Coli'ma'n
Lewis Young, Benj. Cummings,
William Eves, J. F. Cox,
J. 13. McLariahan, John H. Wilson,
John Turner, •• Samuel H. Tyson,
Joseph G 1 my Ritharl R. Franks.
James Darralt,
.I . I;I3SDAY Alourroo, June frth.
On leave wren, Mr. Bauman, of Dau
t•ututotted thg fulluiviug resulution,
ellich imps agreed to :
Resolved, That a Committee of Finance
be appointed to consist of Five, whose du
ly it sl all be receive the contributions of
Detentes towards tlefraylng the expenses
of printing and other incidental' charges,
attending the sitting of this Convention.
The Committee are—J. Bailsman, Sa
mtiel Bell, jr. J. S. Richards, Dr. D. Lu
ther, Samuel S. Jackson.
J. Washington Tyson, Esq. from . the
committee appointed for that purpose re
ported an Address to the peoele of Penn.
Ilvarva, which onanitnimsly, adopted.
. on.tion or Mr. Eiliott, of Mien,
Flcsolved, That the , nanies - of it'll - the
Di egates in attendance be appendeitio the
)n 'motion of Mr. Fenn, of Dauphin,
Resolved, "That a 'Young: Men's State
Committee, consisting -of nine - members,
three in Harrisburg, three iti" Philadelphia.
end threeiti ,Pittsburgh, be appointed, to
correpond - ith the .County Committees
of the Young M'js throUghout the State.
The Chair appointed Messrs. 4Theu
Fenn, IL S. Elliott and David Hummel,
jr. of Harrisburg; Henry S. Spackinan;
James Hanna, and. Marshall Sprogell, of
Philadelphia; and Alexander W. 'Mister.
jr. Thomas Williams, and 'William W. k
rain. tit* Pittsburgh, as said Committee. •
A letter inviting the delegates, to attend
a lecture in the German Reformed-Chore!),
tlus evening, on the subject of African
Colonization, was read and laid on the
On motion, the Convention adjourned
till 3 o'cluelt,. P. M. •
Mr. Junes, of Chester, from the corn
mittee.oo resolutions, made a report which
was Arianotpously _adopted. ,
CO& tionof ealviii,ef,lluntingdon,
Resolved, 'l hat the thanks of the great
party in Pennsylvania, opposed to misrule
in the General Government, and favorable
to the re election of Or present' worthy
Governor, are due to the Editors in this
State who support sound principles, for
the dignified and spirited manner in which
they have conducted the political campaign
thus far, and it is hoped they will continue
in 'their able. and .judiciobs course till
victory crowns Our mutual efforts for the
welfare of our country.
T,heConvention was eloquently address
ed on the topics. ehanging its attention;ktly,
Brady-James, lininsas 'Morris; Tituni
Brady and Darling.• - • 'l' "; •
Qn (notion of Me.. Bryan; of Lancaster,
Resolved, That-it-be redommended , t`O
thiOeutocratic, Young Menid" Penn:SASS:
Gin friendly, to. the present - State - Atha - Wei.
tratio'n and hostile to thet.."4.l=praCticeatef
the general govhrnment --- ktorgspigg i in
thew respectiv o;ittottokst 44P,P01ak , c901 1 : -
mit i ices to correspond. with the StaterCoak!
On-motion of-0011 C: is giftiitih
Iftesolbed t ,Thitt 046 W dirkhibil
ven'tt tcL. t!, be preitenteCtojba, Pesti:W. :EH]
Trustees of the LutheranlChutalkor Read
ings for kindly tendering the use of said.
church during thit Session, and that &com
mittee be appointed to carry the same in
to effect.
The Chair appointed
Me \ Child*:
AFT 1:111 4 31 ,ON"SESSION,
. .
) 4
SlaY,Paffing, autesjuf ,Kaulruian; - silid .
committee. , -.
Ott, intlyou fit* Mr. Kaufraan s of Lan
caster, .
. . . ,
ResPivcd. liiii! the delegates to thud
Converiticin teturix their iincerrilhsoks to
the Cumsaitt, or , Azrtrgetuent and the
citizens of ir4 genqrafly, f4r,the kind
recapthin and ituspitiible treatment extend
to them. •
On motion of Mr. Elliott,
Kebo/ved, That the thanks of this Col
ventiun are duet and tig, presented ,to the
°itema for theittble and diligent manner
in which they have discharged their duties.
On.motionCul. ChiWs, of -Philadel
phia, the Cony ntiun adjourned sine die.
(Sig by ;the Of ) ' .-
Exchange eV-New York, on Loudo'n
Ti a 8 per cent. premium.
The Visit rittia British Scientific Associali a
to Nesorasae,Pceparatiuns appear to be already
commencing for the visit -of.tlits aistinguisheit
society to Newcastle in Auguit nest. It has
been the practice heretofore with many persons
in town* visited. by the association to invite dis
tinguished individuals toreside with them daring
the session orihe kociety. The,dumointee ay
pointed to make the preliminary arrangements
are now adverti si ng for the trznni, Ace., of such
hotel and lodging bousOkeepers av are disposed
to let either the Whole or Part .cit.their premises
for the occasion. We are glad to see this, and
hope that the recyption given to'the distiogoisherl
visitors will be Worthy of the hospitable cbarso-
ter Anil growing(importance of Newcastle, and
thalit will he sueh as to makethe visitors them
selves nothing to see - the societytigam make
chdice of this towel lbr itwannual ittectutg.
On Monday,the2nd instant, the Loyal lode.
pendent Qrder of Odd Fellows, of Richmond:
Castle Lodge, NQ. 12156, held their first ver
eery, at -Richnio d. The members of the some
_ty marched ie p ion to tke parish church,
when, a most e ecllent and' impressive serum]
was preached by the Rev. Witham Barnes, M.
A. rector 'tif Richinond,'from the Epistle of Paul
to the Galatians,ivi..2—"Bear ye one anuthere
burden; and so MASI the law of Chnst . .!! Alter
which, a tollecuen was made in aid of the funds
of the National *hoot of that place. The pro
cession then perOmbulatcd the town, and after
wardi sat down (in number 120) to a most ex.
cellent dinner, provided - by Host Husband, of
the Bishop itlaihe Inn, which was highly ap
proved, and gave great satisfaction. The brass
band, from Bedafe, wail in attendance end played
several, beautiful airs in the averse of the day,
and the evening}bas spent in the greatest coati
vality and haraxiny.
Mancretter eni d Birmingham Railway.—The
6r4 half yearly.'general meeting of the share:
holders of thin proposed Railway was held at
Manchester on Monday witinight. The meeting
Was numerously attended, and the report present
ed toil by the Directors was unanimously adopt
ed. Although die interest With which that doe
inent _win be-regarded must be principally
fined to tiyx..4 concerned in the Undertaking,
there mllisouie curious statistical detail* accom
paying it which are worth extracting- It ap
pears by the report that the population of the
towns:id - the district through which the railway
Is to iproceedis 598,337; that the till& tables
show ! as Tar as ,Mancheater, Stockport, Aiacidea
field, C.4gleton; 411, she Putteries.are , concerned
a present thter&inim'anication col 279.644 persona
and a trafte. of 197,750 tons annually for various
distances, or of 2,530,400 persons and 1,999,709
tons for oneand that there is a communi.
satin aouthward of 95,212 persona and 71.656
tone early for 'Various distances, or 3.954,604
persons and 2,599 044 tons for one mile. 'lite
railway is Intended to commence at Manchester
and hi to proceeiliby
° way of Stockport„'W ilinshow,
near Maeclesfie4, by Congleten, through the
Potteries, and ihk•nce to Hammer Honsesothiir
Chebsey, in StiOrdshire, at which point it to
unite with the Grand Sanction Railway, thus
communicating With Birmingham, and thehCe
with London. The length of the line is stated
at 453,4 miles, t e estimate of its construction
11,150,000, Mid be estimated receipt per annnm
£241,039 "
Great consternation war excited in the Wes.
!epia chapel at Newark. on Situday evening, by
the mysterious appearance of suinn., handwriting
• upon the wall, w ich put a atm. to the singing
t ,
of th choir. Th person who first observed it
was - silly biker. ho interpreted that the congre
gation would alebe Burnt • witliout immediate
escape, which Caused them to rush Mit simulta
neously,the females screaming rireadtully. The
micister criedeut 'there is no danger." and ex
plained that the greets appearance on the wall
of the chapel was , caused by the refraction of the
tiles of in anoint* Mair ! kiln, prOcceditig . from
the gaVerbleti tbeitrian was lighting in the chap.
el. The con=tion resumed their seats, 'and
the service, ed within* further interrup.
lion. ,
,Wo are hagpy Icksay .no person tiras-hurt.•
Soh* years agoithe Isleroillhoppy wartainsid- I
ored as bet one - parish, .iedibeing - tbioky lobo,
. iteif, slid the clergymen's oalary., not very-large,
be visited there but nixie **sant& This they
eomplainedaf; whew iltirDivintreent Mint word
thattithey,woukkadd ten pounds • year to his
benefice,.hp_would . comer:ince, s guiltiest. The
farmeri lipid a Milting to consider . the propane,
tioii, irked it villa feed to retain filit.aittirky.
"That if be would bite emit tetrpiliaddiili yea,
in their-tithes, the* would ercniChinticaluiug at
a11.".-gEoversehrolirr .4 - - '•• -!-- --.., - • i
Tire-Thienthr , Tiiiidil - ban ijeala' biet c- f Cleared
al thaviite4aad olillaturday;Mr.qiriinie2iliei4
edslAilda*V ottllii syeryr th iorperfectrithe
late i tit: tte& Cif theAbankes •119 t ,Atuathgedinte
l im y i t migiii:: , tili . ieprlarill batioon'annthualr, J A3 i
' /4rykrtriffigrati t e Ciatitotteri Ditasr.-,,,tal
Engliihruan, W ' as Becht arrived at ihn . itiatie,t
has declared; a tr of 'aitterminitioi splint.
foil" , Hai! coax ' ' by keepers Oreiffsitgl
!antics - at frottdoß.... Parettallie .I%ft coaideol
finvlor, 'which 'Are - 4 - AlgicCod a. 14 4-4 01 100& -
this elltiteati Vie hi: is streaow ,spld, in
the liiiiiiiir mart a t Ss.ijiiiir, and it is expect.
ed that irethe-month ofJude they will rise to ESL
00.00.—Brassels Paper. , ' '
Wesleyan Missionary Society."-The anniversa.
•ry of the Wesleyan Missionary Society was held
at Exeter Hall, hoodoo, April 20th. The rs.
colpts of the year emanated to AMAMI, of winch
, . ,
behind contratinted'.e3,79sratit ligper lcatiadai
41 4 99 . -Pap regular itieciaii, .btrievetoif the
,Society aiiiniinwl to £73.000, aft irlieresaiu tot.
snore than .C 6 000 ovetthe lucomeigll37. - INC
the. expenditure" off. the plait: year bad ea - carded,
• canaideribly 114 regadir, hie:cane:l Al the differ.'
ent minions of the faiciiett- vions parts of
the world, 'there is au aggregate 0f49,000 chit--
then in the schools, - bean as fnereiee of 2,000
!khan the pip.. . •
The QueeniusCormation-was fixes for the 28th
of Jane. The appoinunenicif Marahal.Soult as
Estis - Ordinary of France !to attend
ihir'euronailoit is idtricialii lintiotiiine - d - In the
Mt. Marshall, of this city. got so high a price
aA ZIO-each for lame of the Durham-cows at the
great sale ou Wedoestioy, iu clonouct—Lim.
Later* patent are granted' for establishing •
London and 'froth?* Bank, being the Bret
4fibe kind ' nder Victoria lat, Cap 71, '
Mr. Beaufort, ILvdriigra ober to the
is of opinion that Wexford harbour can be made.
with little expense, a gehersl refuge for ships of
The Rev. A. O'Connor, P. P. of Nonanzh, fell
out of his jaunting car on Tuesday, by. which he
had a cotter hone broken, and received, a mere
contusion on the head.
At the county of (ork Sessions on Friday.
Slum, a respectable farmer, was tren?,
rope& to twelve oiouths impri,onment rot fIOiCOUP
aswtmbling with others at Donnughsoore, and as
icaulron the process serv,erse of 31 i F. Pearl,
scent of the lion and Rev. 1.. Tonson. near
Kipslorery received sentence - of six months im
prreonnient. They are also to be indicted,for
robbing the vibe books,
Meeting al CitUghanna near Armagh —Poi.
'inlaid to req iisit bit, a nuin-r ars and highly res.:
pectable meeting of the inhabitants of the parish
of Lower Creggan, and others inter: sted In the
trannuillity Of the county, was held at the village"
of Cullyhanna, on Monday. The assemblage
was iriiinen.e, nearly 30,000 persons of all etas.
i 2
ries and reeds being congregated. On the me.
tion el t e Moto Rev. Dr. Crotty, fr. C. Primate
—second the Rev. Mr. Brown—J. White.
.1 P was c ed to the Chair, amidst the most en.
thusiastie cheers. The medling was addressed
at some length by the lilted. Rev. Dr. Crelly, the
Rev. Messrs. Brown and Mr. Williams, both
Presbyterian clergymen; Rev. Mr. Certifier, r r,
'Messrs. Wiles; Wallace, Barker, and others. The
object of the assembly was to du awpy with rep
resentation to the effect that the district was in
a disturbed condition. Most able speeches were
delivered, and "thebenefits- Conferred on Ireland
by„the administrating' of-Lord llleigrage dwelt on*
with force eat:Seel:. There, were present sere.
tel Protestant gentlemen, who molt part ut. the
• '
proceedings. . - .
After. meeting. the Rev. Mr. Ciraher entertained
,his Grace thu Primate. Mr. White, 11.1. the ker.
Mr. Brown, Presbyterian minister, and . a num
ber ofother gentlemen of all persuasions, at his
,Barleyfield. ' The' party sPent a most
harmonious and agreeable , evening.—Dublin
Friteme n. -
Craw:tarn, March It—When the Managers
of the Rev. Mr. Robertsates .cotigregatiun met,
last night, fur the purpose of paying him, his sti•
pend, they were accompanied by a deputittiun of
Females, litho, over and above what tab been
paid to him, inado him a present of h "silk bag,
filed with silver and bank paper, in token (as
they said) of tneir unabated regard for him as
their minister, and the deep sense which they
had of his onwearied and invalueide services fur
theirapiritual welfare. •
Singtikr Circumstance.—Owing to the great
depth of snow on the east coast. the mail bags
are carried by Men on toot, ondei the superm..
tendence of the guard, from Fochabers to Pitma
chy„'near Abe:demi. - One day hat week as the
party Was pretVeding with the pit.cious budget
—treading carefully along tracks more fit tor the
goat or the chamois than for her Majesty's liege
subject* and servant—.one of the men fell and
disappeared. The guard instantly returned to
extricate him, when he found that the man had '
fallen over the chimney of a entrap buried in the
snow. They went to the first faun house ow the
road, and having related the circumstance, the
people termed out to excavate the domicile, which
hart been covered by the great siopli and drift of
the previous Sunday Met. Fait!** the 'in
mates-of the cothige were all vafe: 4
Selmow.Fisberiei —We art sorry to leant that
the salmon fishery ail over - eictglehd, more espe
cially the seat fishery. hasiren very unsuccessful
OA sermon. In this rielghborhuod,,,and all along
the east - exam orgcatland. there have not begn so
many salmon killed is will pay the expenses - at
htn: diuit the fishery. sod antes" a speedy Change.
take.e place in the state of the weather, the tacks.
men will be heavy losers. - • - . .. '
There was launched from theloilding yard of
, 'llelisii: J. & C. esimichiel , engineers , at -thetas
"Biwa, ais'iron steamer, Canted the Catedonia.—
Sim is of the following dimentioaa,--4awiely,
oloety-sis feet keel, tirciay-cilic`f4t beam " filar
draught of water when. latiocilied I/mei:44 iwen.
lyrtlireir inches. :This lb thiAluift Itripl,veasel
iiiiilfait thirrpOrt. and 'ail' great credit _to ,the
builder& tier workraturthip is superior Ift any.
4 1 101'. et the.kind we have yet-seed; and - she ap.
,peareArybeeadodrahly adaptedSor 'river dolga,
1i0n... lire understand that shitie to belttedWp ~
'tiltletriditknes'orthiro *re boss each.
;..,, ~ ..4 ,4-I,t , - *;Tdrilf
'' -: '' r ----- =lals s - Citleirtrophr-rO4 yriday night.
stiitrlStb April; Mr. Prif.ditivi i Ny meteor good
eovarationfiVatid meth lieleare&litittierld to iiis
ca ) 4,o
exhilarate * *hawser retilt ta m ili ltt: P -Mrsatet
1 11 44 li g rrOttlele3r, Uuese.iii,f.
_ . ..,cosaty. We
1 viodertiti ihat in satisfiactory „ yeti
ascertained for thig fetal !At t . ; -,. Ntaxwe was
imitsiirw*thaii- 21 or2Sl years et' - e.Zend.,,, , f tad;
1 watitof - thailUaiversity.ofOxforiVe4filMigt Meier
.tialt ,
1 ivireciaiii...._ivoiniteriuw,: oi t, - -,,icgittir
, o .l,s o riir h.w. received .ibis , ' , Warrant ;
- fiir the Anemias of Wrlliaot,lll ' faced. 21.
Anted` guilty of ice cotdannedfor,a capital.ot•
fence at thereto' Mains..
The'Red: Mi. finyhes,Corate of Aberystwith,
is to succeed to the hying of Llaniuster, Radnor
shire, void by the death ofthe Rev. David Lloyd.
These is an old woman 'residing 11 Bwieb, who
to •
. • 1 , •
- .-. 4. .It,
.w il l v i t th bl 4, t '•
41 . Si,,Ciii.,litinivari-"Gi -
diaii:t 'lulls' ° eVe le is aT rfortli to 7g :f•••'. f 4(. lel4 4 °k4l iiirance irld „. *lO
4wilogiiiiiii• istrlitek;4nd rotator' the - 44;4 er
; fa 'es •vvil!haiut• entlietteptible=difelt4,i bO
an tint meeting t rint Wfite*.lie w
hti ' Mel • 1 hi?r,!, t P l . il nll fter -#44A e .! ww i '
pre a ir ` lititry: " • , ',...•-• " r
Cirdfir - L-A very 'curious remnant etantiqnity
has been discovered in"fritiling down iih - old Muni
in %hill twin, aistrhairbeen pretiehtedlif Mg,i4l
- Bu ll to.nnr- Literary Inetitutiora lerri
seiribiiii s'sdialr niihe fur • vaitikcitt. _out di a
block of the Liao lirnisiMme.ind has the followhtg
inacriptiantwarired,ppoutti-i-,:-, . . •
- , ,,__. •
"Arthur Rickards, and 'Roger Spencen-Ccdhick
tars rot the Pore, Anno 1597, • • ' •"r•
This - interesti n g relic (beingdated.:iMitilOth .
year. of Elitabeth's reign when the pikirtiegs :to .
fed Madly the law of monastick chariti,)• vas
probably the receptacle fbr one of •thiiirtinnit of
On poor bodes, which afterwards became so ;nu
Wholesale and Retail DrAr
Good 'store. •
piOLLOCK & WEAVER havejust received
IL in addition to their eitensive assortment, Of
DRY GOODS; Super So F erior Blue ind 'Black
Cloth, superior fancy coloured do. t ie* style Can.
srmeres; sattinetts and Beverteetia, miners' fus
tian; 4-c. Feb Feb 18 14-
ror Sale,
A villapab4 Treict of Coal Land,.
ILY44,TG and being in - the township of:Nor - we:
weeian, on the Vest. Branch near.the West"
Branch Rail Road, about tour miles nem Schsyl;
lull .flaven--there it me or more Coal Vttins
peeping through this .and. ' For informathOwap.
.- JACOB REBA: . '
at Pottsville;
at Reading.
J 44 1 16 2: 34-
, • Leaden Pipes.
n. BANNAF has lost received a Very @ape
-01-04 rior supply oil. 11. awl .1 inch Leaden .Pipes.
to convey the water in houses, which will be sold
cheap. .
April 18 • 28—
. Gilding.
LOOSING -GLASS and Picture :frame Gild
er, next door to Ms. John Mcßarron's, Lyon
street. Old Frames re gilt in the neatest man
ner, And at the shortest notice.
april 28 ii-31110
_ _
To Coal Dealerti.
EALED Propitiate will be received by the
0 ••• • subscriber at hi Counting Room, On-Land
ing street, above Fairmpunt Water Workii,
til, the 10th day of June,. at 6 o'clock . P. M. for
letting from .that date until the lit day of Match,
1839, all that Public Landing. belonging to the
District of Spring Garden, known as the, Pair.
mount St, Landing, and - situated of Calloarhill
street, near the upper Ferry Bridge. The same
being in' every respect well calculated for the
shipping oiCmil. as well as the retail trade of this
City, having touating Rouse, Scales. Crane, Etc.
attached thereto. J4MRS M. BOLTON,
Chairman of Landing Committee,
District of Spring Garden.
Philadelphia, June 2, 1838.
, •
LAKES pleasure in informiag hni friends' and the
public. that he continues his/REPEOront ;Oder
the ••Pennsylvania Hall." in • P ,( ttsville.'- He 'hopes
his past reputation for keeping a respectable Etuab
lishment, acqpired dering tht3 experience"ofs etirs
iotho same line of businetw. and a ease.
may merit a:continuance , of
ag their favors anclpatron
e. .. -
JOHN SILVER has made arrangements wi th Mr.
Robert Harmer. ofthe .•Cornuco.iite." N 0.44, Ndrtb
Third street; Philadelphia for at supply of 11 the
delicacies which the Philadeiphra market can tiford
during the Su Elmer season:
Bill of Fare.. .•
Roast Beef. cold, per plate. ' $
Corned do do do
Fried Ham 4. Eggs, do •
Green. Tir'lle Sitim, ' do
Lobsters, - - 7
Sanlincii, • .
Fresh r Saltt.o% • ,
r • . hr
' , _ll44eed sten. , ,
O&M eira Wine. per bottle,. - I El
- Old Pale Sherry Wine, do . • - 1'•
Old Brown' do . 'do • , - - , L$O
Old Port do . do_ , ;,...,il,s(lt.
— Old Lisbon . do - do ---'. ...'. 1 liii
Champaiane. (Palmetto.), do . --.^i ''t 00
London Brown Stout, ' dor , MI
-Pepper's, Smith's & Sechele XX • Pide Ale.
Apartments inn always ,rin remlinescroe mapper
PartresAeand tlease who call mat &spent tirierieive
elregylattepuon. --; -; .
Pottsville. May 11. 1838. - ,- -384 •
Wetherill &Broth - dr .•
AT 7Y11: Oin STAND . , •
, EAST SIDE, '-'•",•••'"
is - Dos 'roan sup Coaxal, or Aide
.yilkite Laid &rand ' ,l ••Caßnttel,
wound*. Rod Precipt e --3-
tail 7 LoW. ' - White do t t,
-Labarge.. , , .... Vitriol. Alb. it.W• •
Yellourr-tr,--4 -..ic•12816-41ohdrlo
d6 • GreenTottAftetio.
do Red !EtherSalph.- '
- Patent.Yelraw • do Nitric.% t )
1340:Lited ; *.z4 r.. -- ":"do, -Acetic- •
C V , ' • -
'IX tine' Coro. chi.
Ace. Morphia
Ahuispe Acid,• ? 4l,-: • Scdph. do
Epoolfßiaha . Lar-Selphur
-Tarr: Acid Opi. de'NaFa* , .r7s .
Sep. Cub. Soda' Karmen Miami.
LOorroaltaib. Mere. Ethiopia . do;,- -
ReiletitirofCbatuphht. Sal Nitne*lbionicitra.
an. Offer tor ode the above taeiationed a
lather with tro o od - OolortmearaiC
and DYe & 225 . a n d eveMMbothrfichairt rim
eil sad Medicinal 'line., • • ,
Reintosatierairteratii,hililftbe orrieles - "'
ende►the above Maid. they pledge theaimehite :stip.
pipabeli frieada ins Vita public ea the-shoat
. ,
ble'tenm• •
Windolgey4 Picture Olea9lera 6E, lei *fix
det si - WET
FRESH TimOthy. Seed pat; reeeived
tale by'.
r.b 14 ' • -
NO. 45. L