The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 09, 1838, Image 1

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POL. 1.
1' v . i ; ill t
.• 11:-, .
D Fury C
a advance. I
charged to al
.ostage. To
.aid within th e
e ofaubscript
payable Demi -Minna Ily
in the Tear. Si will be
ce,ve the paperfree of
$3 per annum. IT opt
will be added to the pri
Two . .
o DoLLAtte per
,advance. if not pa
naunt, payabl'
within the y
xceeding t
in prop"rtio
I. ill be insert;'
whi th.they ar
!charged accn
ill be,Charged
y sy the paper—w '
11 inent.not exce I
. and the lose
l"r three sacces
o the edltOr IA
will be paid•to
tints, 3tc and
been t nieried
xcept Marriag
charged $1 for three in'
tnaertion. Larger on_
All advertisements
out: unless the time fo
is specified .and will be
Yearly aC•erl li
iser •
Including subscription t
of keeping onesd vents '
stan ling during the ye
er one in each paps r
All letters addressed
otherwise no attention
All notipes for me:
which ha4ehmraefore
harped 2$ cents etch.
tlpe renewed
the Alms
ew York, f ,l
ith privileze
, the 141 h da
Arse state th , l
to proposed t ,
of :2240 lbs.
ivered on of
at such Wli
• time be des
it, Island, Pk
miasionera of
office in the Park,
Anthracite Coal, ( •I
tons.) until Thursita,
Applicants will pl':
from which the Coa
land the price per tu,
The Coal to be de
day of Seetetnber n
as may from time
Commissioners., on t
or Lnng Island Fa
Payment will be
ade in cash
Is receiving fr'.
fresh supply
Pine %tree
ce, Nu. SI
; promptly at .
THE Subscriber
ton Collieries.
ted'SPOHN & LE
landing at -his a ha,
Orders left at the o'
-at the wharf, will
Ph plifa M
12, lik3s
j ousville and
to call and
mots, Prints
I.wns, .
•New and
9111 E Ladies Of .
peetfulls matt
splendid, assortmen
Painted Lawns, .la
Blimit and White L
Motishnedelains L
Hoskin, dark ands
Worsted, Cotton an
Fancy Handkerehi
Plan, and painted
Siik & Cotton, blea
do do E
ht kid Gil,
Silk dn. I
4 Shackle, V
red linen I
h i d 8z untilen.
At the store of
ing Boa
iked flooring
d gitoved rem
(dtffe•ent qua
I, and for Bah
pliCation by
ne Wharf, N.
LLER & flAt
Floo i
gri . AROJANA wo
11 and 11 inchev o
tunitantly on hand
purchasers, upon 117
Planing Mach
or MI
opril 25 31—if
Choice Wines add
x. itIAIT - HANS - 41 r
1101 AVE on hand the follottrin . 1
A-Wand Liquors hich they w•
and offer for sale Li "the iniast
tonsistrng of
50 Baskets Cita paigne ine.
ory, Star, Wood k, Ancbor,
brands. ' . I
10 Baskets Sparkli ig ~Vbitb Bu
10 do . Old El ck,
5 cases Old Gra Juice Port,
50 do Medoc & t. Julien iCla
Also—a few dozen of the Enrich
India ur Star Mildeira,
Old Brown, Gold Lind Pale Sher
do Madeira, Mus4otel
Curracoa, Perfect Love, Robe, ,
sette,,AnnisseedlCordials:: 1
Maileirti, Pale, Brisson & Gold
Tenet. die, Ma r. 1 Madeira, . M
Dry Malaga, M scatel and O.
-rhainpaidne Bran y,of the Pin:
Coeliac. Bordeaux do Charente '
Midland Gin. of Pine Apple and
Jam. Spirits, M. *hi key, N. 2
Coin. Gin, Com Briandy &e. • ,
Tavern keepers i from the; ne
are respectfully invited to call.
N. B. Goods delivered to an:
rough or neighboring towns fr :'
• may 2 • .
GREaT Balt
Valuable Real Proprety
THE undersigned offers for
known three story ,BRIC
situate in Centre street, Poitsci
of the undersigned, together
tenements in the tear of said'i
lot of ground whereon the)wh/
brick building aforesaid, control
front—finished from the base
garret in the best style pt work
as a business stand and a resid
vourably situated. The foretell
be sold on low and accommodati
of the purchase money may fen
erty for a few years, it desired.
hit, and possession can be giver
apply to G. M.;
April 23
• Encouiage Mane Ara
Conftsetio6ary illa
TnE subscriber respectfully
public that hetes cowmen.:
tore of Confectionary in elf its
at Ills Store in 'Centre Street, n
Pottsville House, where Confec
ere an always be aupplied - w
at the lowest Philadelphia cash:
• Country Merchants are res.
to call and examine his stock
elsewhere. . •
no 4
Restunption Of. If
NEW antra - s on - 33 - .
rirSHE Subscriber retards his g tefial seknowl ,
ili edgementa to the cilizentrpf oitsville and
others, who stepped forward' to hi assistance af.
ter the loss of his property by Br in 'December
lest, and would also acquaint the tti Mid the pub
lic generally, that he has again commenced the
Drug Business in the house formetily occupied by
Charles W. Clemens, in .Centre 'Street, in the
borough of Pottsville, where may perils be had
a general assortment of [
Drags, llledkiines,
. Paints, Oils, ,
Glass, Dye . rtalik l
And every other article in the above line, which
he is disposed to sell on very lowland secomino
dating terms.
'1 -
N. B. (1 - 3 - Physicians prescri , ions carefully
put up at the shortest notice.
WM. . EPTIr.
Pottsville, May 30,1838.
-per annum,
not paid with
those who re
ad subscribers
year, 50 cents
semi-annua II
r, $2 50 will
e lines will be
cents for one
and ordere
to be continue
.12 per annum;
tion of a small.
at be post paid,
them. .
other notices
gratis, will be
s and Deaths.
Boats for Sale.
Canal Boata built of - the
best materials. nearly new, will be sold-cheap,
or exchanged tor Coal at the triarirt price. Ap
•,11 to • 'B.' BANNAN.
by the Corn
use, at their
r 500 tons of
f taking 2(100
01 jtlfle next:
ieia or mine
be delivered,
New Goods! New Goods!!
JUST received by N. Nathanls & Co. a new
and elegan,t assortment of Sr i iring and Sum,
in er Prints, painted muslin. an - lawns, among
which may be found a few piees of English
Prints at a very low rate. Also,l a splendid as
sortment of Cloths, Cassimeresti Vestings &c.
fore the 30th
.d or wharves
rutted by the
kwell's 'eland
on delivery.
Also, Gentlemdn's Summet *rear, together
with a general assortment of Linens, Checks, Di.
apers. Ttekings, Muslims &e. &e..
the A. Lass
o( the celebya-
COAL, now
, k street, or
ruled to:
110.000 VERY superior haysnna vegan; of
the Principee and Dostinepro brands, for sale by
, Goods.
:kinky are reit
:zamme a moat
SUGAR House Syrup sod cheap Sugars, just
received by N. NATHANS co.
June 2 42-3
Burlington' Hierrings:
501"... BatES . Prime horhogqin Herrings, re
ceived and for safe by
a mbric hdk fs
h'd hose,
JERSEY •11 MS • and VV Oleic Bacon-4
!Ads. just received by
tINS & CU.
. a roil. plough•
v for laying, I,
ity and prices
itt lots to suit
Her to
FINE Old Bordeaux Claret-on draught, at 62
cents per gallon. for sale by
L. Phila. Co
ceired by
June 2
choice Wince
erant getwine,
curable tern:e.
'Ape and other
7 in bottles,
oyaeu, Annis
' herry, Lisbon,
Ines, Malmsey.
• Port.
brands, ,
Fish brands,
hboring town's
part of the ho
of expense.
33 '
a Pottsville,
Ic all that well
e; the property
' , ith nine - otbe
fining, aod the
le stands: The
a thirty feet in
:ant story to the
anship, and both
ee, is most
g property will
u!ig terms. Part
`ain on the prop
: Title indisputs
';, immediately—
pounces to the
the Mantifee
riocia breaches,
ly oppoLs the
era an
e and
•• ay' solicited
fore purchasing
• '
.. - ....
. .. . .- . • .---..
... _. .
, .
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• -
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. .
. - . . • •. • - :''. , : - ., ..f.k:, - 4f 4 - • , - I]. i
. . , ,* - _.-. - . . i., -* - 1- ' - -- - 0 - 1.,3 3 - .., • A ' -"- - • - '.•
' - - . . - '. '
. ~...,„ . • • ---. • - , :-Ff.--1 ,4 •.F.y, , . .
•• --
~ ..:-., ~.,' J. -, 9 - ` . ' 7.'-.,. " • , "N fr iiii ii ' i.-- - ‘,-" r ' - •- . ' r
~..„ ~ , - . . , --,--,...„...„ ‘, r---.... - ~-"-• .^- ,
~;„; . .
4..... ~.i...--`4,... -
~ a 7 - ~_._ 'Yr' ;
'' , -
. . . - - 7
- • . t )
'- . :
' ' . '-' ' .'
. - - 7 ::
' 7 - ' ..'-. - . I .
. -
- . . ,- 1 : -',, : - : ~,,.. *.
. - - 4
. 6 . .41 ::•-_ - 4: , 0 - . ~ : . . 4' .
- .
, 44. t, -. 0 ?
• . ... .-. . ._ :r. „, :: - ' --" ', ' !.' I ' l'oo .t 'Et tl4l . ir....t ''l'ist .'
. A" C s: " l:4 • ll4 X' l '.. - Ai tt - , 1•5' 2 5-•i" - : . '4 - ' -1 - -.' 4 , , - ,*, 2 ,44 14.-41. - kir.4 4 1 ,7 4. 4 ;A-'6.e ~., I'
•,-• ! - ' '',,,-',.-. • .1%.1111C1i POSl7lllltilff' • i ' affi1iA3174M,..„1eg,;..„,u
....--- - - 1 •- ~.-1 , -,.....,-,,,,-", , v ...... ~,,,,,,: 4,..., .., -,,, ~,,-. „,,,,,, ,-.., .. , ..e . !., '-"'""---^' - -`-' ”" -'• I‘ '4 ,- .--. 1 .....,* . . • . --.4v:IF-.,-,si,t- ~,,. t.01•444ptz1r'42150. -A .‘‘r.' .. -:- . -- --.4e -- ":''''-' , -. 4 *k--' .} •
...,. ....,,_ .. • . ~ ~...... .., _ ~,,, k , . aJyr, , a t ~....)15...-4, - .kir- !..i.',Z -. frA.,.. ,•''''F`M- .1.t.Z.-,,,,,, ~,,,..., a „,„- .
. ---..---. -is—
. .. . a - "".4. - t 4:•• • :4 4 -4 * -- ii**7 1 -,,_ - rf l ,'V, ' ;t:i '-' 1
_ , A, ryi l . '-- ' ‘ 's 7-‘,4,,: i a • , ykr- .1- t-I .r i , IN. - ....a. - FF..%'1;..-:fii_* • `'• ;?'
_ . , • .
, , ,: .
' • • .;.4....•,..27. ' jairviiipi s WlLLG n -''.. . C .ltliitiririco ;liiiiikiftaiarilitnutcrALLwartralt.slmutillivAsilliik4Pancar, , --' - r''''' ' ''-'. ._,- --;,, 1 . _... 4 - 4 ,,,,,A;lrsiiiti3M - ; : f
c rills solorzi.i olr as rairsuOuril Pim... litrita" 4 /4 O'clus OH* z °Wi l . '""7 -- t-- '-, 1. t-3-"' e- - x.. -'• 6.5 •,- . ••••• ' ' 's ,• .' ;(1 ' '--•:. hC•4.l•l'•VkYk i1":Cf:, , ....%•*'` ,, q '•' ' : '''
' . • • :•;i : ~.i . -• " - ~, ,,,.•if• 4a•.14 , - , .•- f.
.- -.'
•• ~ 4. .I, ‘-.•ki. ~
1.., P '... J 2 ( '-'• ‘.,4,1...7 -
, iiiyiti.:4......Pe-,..:. - ...-., 1u.,..i,..,?frii.afii',41.t.,
May 30
Medal Cheese ) Soap &c. •
40 casks superior Medal' cheese,
50 boxes Philadelphia soap,
I hbd. lrish oat meal, for sal.. by
junc 2
June 2
Bordeaux Claret.
June 2
LIR ESI - rg allad Oil. Pickle!, and a flesh sop
a: fly of Pickled lorbater Saticeri, dca. jam re-
Sallad Oil, Picklevy • c.
JAMES VIOLET &fos. very superior Sal
lad Oti. A full assortment or Win. Osborne
4 Cas. Pickles, for sale by
40 •
may W.
ROW LETT'S Interest Tables. just recessed
and tor sale by B. BANNAN.
jin 24 5
t. Boots and Shoes.
N ATIIANS & Co. base no band a large
:‘ ll • assortment cf Gentlemen's and Ladies'
Boots and shoes, which they will sell at slow rate.
inay 19 . , ' 38
QAN DERSON PARIS-tinvt received and
tor Wel at this office
march 31
UNCLE HOR ACE, a novel, by Mni S.C. Ran,
The Two Flirts and other Tales,
, The River and the Devlin, by Miss Pardon,
Just reseived and for sale by 13. (lANNAN.
may 19 38
Lot for Sale.
WILL be sold CHIRP FOR CASH, a lot situated
on William Street in this borough, adjoin
ing the Lot on which Luke s'now building
a dwelling house. The lot a 5,7 front on
William Street, by 110 feet d p. Apply to
Illaa 30 41 B. BANNAN.
'AVE on hand
SHEEP' do.
R 111. ROAD do.
Bar Iron of any ohm' drawn to order. Nob
and spikes of all Rises. for sale at the lowest City
prices. REIMS, WHITAKER it CO.
Reading, May 23,1888. 40-6 mo
Dry-Goods, Grocery and id
guar Store,
Ru of Cadre aid Market Stiveta, Yottsgille.
April 8 , : ,
• ror - Saiti onto Se Rental:
rianahle ealled
111 - ton Traetr banning . ter' Elisabeth'
' BP6ISe,
eitoate•on the west-liorwerag .Rail Road, !text
north of, and adjoisting the . *
reaeh Mount: is
offered for sale on acetimmodatiLig terensor'' the
Coal Mines will be leased severely' or blether,
to an approved invent. 2 Appljr to . ' •
•,rad -4 /1 4 rahnitS •
april ll • a- 27-ta
powsviLLE, PA: S
ITlHE.Prnprietors of this LitntAwhich has hie"
-a• fitted op in a superior manner for the annum.
.modation of the Travelling Community.) respect.
fully announce to the public that the Line
positively commence running ketween
on Wednesday:the 2d of May. and will coniinne
to leave. their office at the Pennsylvania Hall,
Pottsvi/te, daily at 6 o'clock" A. M. and Enloe in
Philadelphia, at 6 o'clock P. AL at tae foUolsristg
rates of Fare:
To Orwigaburg, SCI
Port Clinton'
Hamburg, 1 Oil
Reading, 2 00
Pottstown.3 00
• Trap, 3
Northam:cm. 4 sg •
• Philadelphia, 5 0
For Seats apply at the Pennsylvania ha ll,
Polio/01m Hert a Hotel, Reading; and at Mien
Office, No. 25, North Fourth Sucer, Poiladejpbis
MINTZER & Co. Pottatono.
(Formerly Parker &
QAVE removed on the opposite aide or Centel.
Street, a few doors above Norwegian Streit
where they offer for sale a select assortment
Superfine Broad Cloths and Carisimeres Of the
most fashionable colors, with an elegant assort
ment of Summer Cloths, Vestings, Linen and-Cot.
ton Shirts, Collars, Bosoms, Stocks. Gloves, Sos.
penders, linen and cotton Hose, and all kinds of
Gentlemen's wearing apparrel. which will be
Made to order in the moatapproved style as to the
wakroanship, and warranted to fit equal to any
in the City or elsewhere.
P. S. P . : & 00. keep on band an e.teellentas•
mrtzr.ent of ready-made Clothing of all kinds.
which will be sold at very low rates.
june 17
& Hardware Store.
THE subscribers Would. respectfully • announce
to the public, that he has added to his for mee
stock, Iron and Hardware, consisting to part or
American and English Bar Iron. Hoops and Band
Iron, Round Iron, assorted sizes; Cast, Crawly,
Shear. German and English Blister and A. M.
Steel Vices, Mouse-hole anvils. Smith's Bellows,
Cast Steel hand, choping and BrOad ales, nails
and spikes, together, with a general assortment
of Iron Mongery, all of which will be sold at re•
duced prices, by • JOHN CLAYTON.
April 2232 •
Frpderick C. Epting
ESPEdITULLY, informs his friends ,and
milli the pabhe in general, that he has opetred a
Bakery and Confectionary Establishment
in Norwegian Street, next door below the Arcade
in the borough of Pottsville, where he will al
ways keep on- hand and bake to order all kinds
of Cakes of every variety of patterns—and where
also, will always be'kept on hand, Bread, by the
Loaf. of an excellent quality, and of a large size.
His Confectionary comprises a large and gen.
eral assortment selected with care, and sold at
the very lowest rams.
F. C. E. would also infbrm families that he is
prepared'to bake Family Bread flir any number
who prefer furnishing their own ?Flour, at the
shortest unties, and on the most reasonable terms.
april 21 . : 30-3 m
lEl°O4 t very lotr. '
BONAN offers for sale the following
" • standard workl at the very low prices at
Howie, Kiiio!lett and Miller's England
4 vole. sheep, with plates 610 (10
Clarke's CommentFy, 4 vols. sheep, 12 00
Wesley's works, 1 vols. complete, 11 00
Bock's Theologies! works. 6 vols. sheep, 400
Scott's Bible andi Commentary, 3 vole,
'sheep. 600
Byroo's works. Dearborne's 4 25
Rollin's Ancient History, 1 - vol. sheep,
Dearboroe's Edition , with Maps and
Josephus 1 vol. wi :3 011.
Marryatt's Works rople ,1 vol. •
Moore's works, Li brary tioo
Burns works. '
Cowper and Thompson'. - iworka,
Paley's works
Borden's village Sermons,
Doddriiig,s's Family Exgssitor.. •..
Encyclopedia of Geography, 3 vols. with
1210 cuts and 100 Maps,
Fox's Book of Martyrs, with plates,
McKenzie. 5000 Beceipts
• Together with a variety of other Books at very
low ratea;la suit the times.
july 1• 32
• _
general anortmeni of fresh ind almsonable
9.006. josifeiasived--consiadog in pan of
Dry_ Good
. Groce s, ries,
- Hardware,
Queensware, • •
Mackerel, •
Salt; Plaster, tke. "Lei
which will be sold low cash. T b bigbest
prieepeid cash (of all km& of eautitryprodnee,
lltoubt derleWl, D 42
OVEIE Riveter k4.43cbsylkilhamatity itairipg
• m ' ACROcd.Ao Opowbeentifor. 4141stin.
- Al*. Onstlf,b2e (If
01: or cqrutii.
ire hnDilitigetit
them for ma/one* irOoatte.
layer • • :
". :**thibitattor. ,
Port Car Coo, 174
New Goods.
__. ~ ~
Read the-Following.: ;-
Interesting an 4 - AttoniskingPiletem' ``
MORE conclusive proofs iirt he ext' &ordinary
efficacy of DR, WM. EVAN'S celebrated
Camomile and Apeyient .Antibilions Pills in al
'misting •afflieted mankitd. , • . -
To James Dickson,l36, Cornhill, Boston, Agent
for the sale of Dr. Wm. Eisner Camomile Pills.
1 Lowait, Nov. 15, 1836. '
Dear Sir—Kno4g by experience.that every
reference that the afflicted receive of the benei.
cial results of medicines. I cheerfully offer mine
to the public in belf of Dli... WM. EVANS'S
cAmomme, PIL LS. 1 bare been afflicted' for
the last ten yens With distress in the had and
chest: often so bad its to deprive me of sleep for
three-or four nights in succession, but have never
found relief by anl y friends' preseripoons,
until my wife saw , ertisenta in the paper, r
when she persuad ito send for some, which
I did: and obtained two boxes and.bottles, which
resulted in. almost: completely retoring me to
health, although 1 hare pot yet entirely finished
them. Should You consider this any benefit to
yourself, or the public, you have my cheerful per.-
mission to publish it. Yours, respectfully,
THOE.E. GOODHUE, Centralist.
NNTERESTING ' CASE Cured by Dr. 'Wm.
Evana's Camomile Tonic and Family Aperi
mit Fills—Mr. BEiild AM IN BOWN, corner of
Shippen and Georges streets, Philadelphia, affect.
ed for Seven years with extreme nervousness, by
which he was not axle to write h.s name—his
symptoms were, erukcation, daily spasmodic pains
in the head, Ines of appetite, palpitation of the
heart, giddiness and dimness of sight, otter ina
bility of engaging io any thing that demanded
vigor or courage, •sickuess and' weakness ex.
teme debility, disturbed rest,ti sense of pressure
and weight at •the Stomach after eating, great
mental deypondeocy t severe eying pains in the
cheat back sad else, costiveness, s dislike for
society and anteersition. Mr. B. has made trial
of various medicinds now before the public, but
to no effect, tint% observing in a public paper
some cures performed by Dr. William Evans's,
Camomile Tonic &nil Family Aperient Pills, he
was induced to give them a trial, of which he is
at any time happy to state that they effectually
cured' him of the above distressing disease.
nrPersons who doubt the above cote, are most
respectfully directed to the above mentione&P'er
son, at the north west corner of Shippen and
George* streets. BENJAMIN BOWS.
Philadelphia OctOber 26,1837.
Mrs. Hannah BrOwns, wife of Joseph Browne,
N. 6th street, near Second, W tlhamsburg, afflict
ed for the last ten jean with the Liver complaint.
completely restore& to health through the treat
ment '4 Dr. Wm. Evans. Symptoms—Habitual
constipation of the ;vowels, total loss of appetite,
excruciating pain of the epigashic region, great
depression of spirits', languor and other symptoms
of extreme debility!, disturbed sleep, inordinate
flow of the menses, lirsin in the right side, could
not lie on bet left fide without an aggravation
of the pain, urine high colored. with other aymp
toincindteating great 'derangement in the func
tions of the liver.
Mrs. BrOwne was attended, by three of the first
physicians, but received but little relief from their
medicine, till Mr. Browne,- procured some of Dr.
%Vm. Evans's invaluable preparations, which ef
fectually relieved .flier of the above distressing
symptornia with others,which it is nrt essential
to intimate. JOSEPH BROWNE.
City and County of piew York, us.
Joseph Browne, of W illiamsburg, Long Isl.ind.
being duly sworn, 'did depose and say • that the
facts as set forth in the within statement, to which
he has subscribed his name, arejustand ttue.
Husby or the said Hannah Browne.. .
Sworn before m this 4th day of January, 1837.
INTERESTING , CASE of 7lerbocoier , Cots
svroptioa.—Mr. Julio Rowel applied on the let
day of September jai the office 100 Chatham
street, laboring under the following symptomw—
A slight spitting oil blood, distressing cough, at-.
tended with ab expictoration of purulent matter,
night sweats, general emaciation, difficulty of
breathing on exertina with a well masked hectic
flush on the cheek; On examination, the chest
was found to sound well every where except un
der the left clavicle, and in the arm pit of the
same aide.
Trrotatent —Directed to take the restorative
Camomile Pills, pith the expectorating com
pound. at the same time an injunction, to call in
four days when th'q night sweats had ceased, the
expectoration - slightly i.iininished, ars light fit of
coughing still remaining in the morning. Or.
dered as aerial to giomtinue the medicine. and to
call in the course. Of a week—when hit heahh
=tinned rapidly increasing. without the least
cough. Called at Idle office on the 4th of this
month, quite convalescent .tetorning his sincere
thanks foe the benefit he had obtained.
The above patiiint chiefly used milk regimen,
4 25
2 25
3 25
2 25
2 25
2 00
2 00
3 50
duritg hui tte*tmett
10 50
Mr. Robert Munroe. Schuylkill, afflicted 'with
the above dist•essing malady. Symptoms—great
languor, fiatulencjf. disturbed test, nervous bead.
ache, difficulty of breathing. tightness andatric
ture terms the b 4 rant, dittinessoiervims irrita.• i
bility and restlftw '
Pms could not lie in a t hurt. .
metal position, withou t the sentation'of impend.
ing suffocation. yoMpitation MI the heartolistres. '
.ing cough, emtivesem. pain of thostonmelb, drow
siness, great debility and deficiency of the nem:
one energy. liii/R. Monroe -gar 'up every
thOught of recovery end dire`Mispour us on ii'.
countenance of evetypol7 intssestad 'in his
eatisteneevie happiness , till b accident be noticed
b in
in a public paper e cures affected by Dr. Wet.
Evans ' a medicine, in his int, 'whicirindo
ced him tU , pure a pacivelbef the Pllls. which
' resulted in comp y'stinewhig ever' speptom
.01 bin disease.. HI wisheolo earfuls motive-for
`ibis derj a y a ti o n is.that. these afflicted with the
same or. any . ayMpbbms
,staiiihir to t stinsat 'from
whielifiele !guppy nivitcireoLisiayillamiantiCeiVe
the mete inoitininiaa beietit. - ':. - ' '
e.' , - -5 - 4: . .., • •±_-,•—•-•121'__::-c
-.. ; . .141/41 CO ill FL ..;.1 - 1 - ^ •
!,...,-.7 ~.." ;i 1 t: girIiNPING4 4t4, . ;L., ~, 7 , :-., •
• 7'. 4 i iii i : giciTh Vier. t .amsettaf Setaiplatntaa red
- 64tiantiiiin flat: PhiligolPina 'ignited tiWthe
- liii'iti iiiiii''With Vie 'LlvieCoillitillet,: w ieau
inainniatiirnaanstiof to' , boaltir by 41),...WiyikAig;
;•IfVflb:"Scounainite: TOVWCinCfooldiliParisM i
Pine. '- IlagarapT witsjoabitual • nankmainsa,
aztnaciaruig pain. Alie Stomach, dermirion of
so o.rirx wAsas.
spirits, languor, extreme
great.pain is her aide. ccattdixit
siderwithout an aggravation of pankjitcdoe l l4 l e;
the 'head. dimwits Of eight; atithialair...thiviiiomill
indicating great derangement in the flosetioim . of
the Liver. ,Attra.l3fenhilier•haa 3mila-trial ot.n •
riots medicinal - 13mi before *I :pobiitz; =' bat' is
ceived no relief until she viasadiiscif to make.
trial of Dr Evaner rills, of which shells happy
to state that they etroctually, relieved' her Of the.
'above distressing aymptouss. with Others, which.
are not essential to intivnate.
: •
Mr. Bteohiser. (hulland of the -above Mrs
Brenhiser, had been two years aided' with a
marrased state Oki lad Cnativeuess, sr which
he was effectually cured.
PARALYTIC nlioniwnsat.
A perfectcure iffer4ed Ly the treatment of Di.
.1 ion Ennis.
Mr. John Gibsonn of N.'atb street, Williasni- -
burg. afflicted with he above complaint for three
years end nine months, during which time he
had to use crutches: 'lles chiet symptoms were
excruciating pain in all his joints, but especially
in the hips, shoulder. knees and ankles, an ag
gravation of the pains towards night; and for the
moat part all umes from external beat, an obvi
ous thickening of the fusels and ligaments, with
• complet• loss ofmuseubd power. Fur the ben
efit of tlfose afflicted in a similar manner, Mr.
Gibson conceives it meet to say that the pains
hav'e entirely ceased, and that his joints have
completely recovered their natural tone, mid he
kola able to resume hie ordinary business.
Mrs. A,.ne G. Kenny, 'do. 115 Louis-street,
between Stanton and Houston streets, afflicted
fur ten years with the following symp
Acid eructation, daily spasmodic pains in the
head, loss of appetite, palpitation of the heart,: Rid.
chows and dimness of •tght, could not lie on her
right side, disturbed rest, utter inability of en.
gaging in any thing that demanded vigor or
courage, sometimes a visionary idea bf r n aggra
ration of her disease, a whimsical aversion to
particular persons' and pieces, groundless appre
hensions of personal danger and poverty, an irk
someness and weariness of lite, discontented. die
quietude on every slight occasion, she conceived
she could neither die nor live, she wept, lamented
desponded, and thought she led a most miserable
lite, never was one eo had, with frequent mental
hallucinations. Mrs. Kency had the advice of
several eminent physicians, and bad recourse to
numerous medicines, but could not obtain even •
temporary elleviatind of her distressing state, till
her husband persuaded her to make trial of my
mode of treatment. She w now quite relieved,
and finds herself nut only capable of attending to
her domestic realm but avows that she enjoys as
good health it present as she did at any period
of her existence. i. KENNY.
Husband of the aforesaid Anne Kenny.
Sworn before me this 14th day of Dec. 1836.
Peter Pinckney. Com. of Deeds
Mr. Charles Hobart, No. 12.2 Orange street, N.
Y. afflicted for five years with Immoral habitual
Asthma, applied at the oft - de' 100 Chatham street
on the .4:5 of October, laboring ender the follow
ing symptoms. A sense of tightness across the
cheat, with the greatest difficulty of breathing,
distressing cough, generally ending with copious
expectoration of viscit phlegm, disturbed rest.
the face turbid and of livid hoe—could not he
in a horizontal position without the sensation of
immediate suffocation, langnor, drowsiness, and
dizziness in the head, and knot of appetite. , •
Mr. H. applied tattle most eminent physicians
in this city, likewise used Besets' Other remedies
without obtaining any permanent benefit, until
his friends persanded him to place himself under
Dr. William Evans' treatment. He ie no* re
lieved of his complaint, and called at the office
yesterday, avowing that he had not Words to ex
press his gratitude frir the benefit he bad.teceiv.
ed. October 21,':.1837.
We do hereby 'subscribe our signatures to the
truth of the above cures, that the statement is. in
every respect tree. SARAH BRENHISER
No. 17 north Eighthstreet. Philada.
.Philadelphia.l34 21st, 1,837.
tir. WM. EVANS'S Medkal Office, for the
aide of his-excellent Medicine, la at No. 19. north
Eighth street, Philadelphia.
Sold by J. T. WERNER.
Solo Agent for Sehnylkill County:
Public Notice.
S itappears, that because Mr,Crane obtained
no patent for ameltir.g Iron Ore with An
thracite Coal in this country, man, suppose that
they are now at liberty to adopt the method 'of
smelting Iron ore with Anthracite by the use of
a heatedaii blast; although I gave notice last
year that I had a patent for smelting Iron Oie
with Anthracite Coal, both by the use of a cold
atmospheric and a heated air blast, I would hoW
inform the public again, that oti the 14th of Jan
nary, ISA I reccited a lettei from the Commis.
sinner of Patents at Washington; stating: "Sir,
upwi examining the case of Mr. Crane's applica
tion for a patent for Smelting Iran by means of
Anthracite, I hare ti interfering
with jour patent of Dec, 1833, 'and have given
notice to his attorney anus decision. " , Every
attempt . to smelt Irbo ore with anthracite hy.tae
*eel' a-heated air blast, is an infringement
my patent, against which I ,eantintt and:warp
all nien;as primiectite every one infiiiiguti'
upon my rights, according to
that 'offer to (8104 of patrat tights -Swam met..
lag of @trams); aimordists to. akii_peklmt, • apse
eerL *migrate terms. 4
New York: Nay 16.1038.' . r 27-1 y
Catholic Rooks I
mous GUIDE. t
, - Kezlo Paradise,
Tree Piety.
Catholic Foy. •' '
Deny_ Bible. - i
- As k . -- ;r...t-.
Maw Illibeelueell • ! ,
_ , , Smelt Ceteettunev ..-..3.! *-,.; .. t: ci
istireSeFesd-Itadinr*lts itgr - - c iA i r i m i r :
Dec 23
Voskiderebantai ' - ' - ear s
' 4' , lilld l ethent /44 tlifid* li..
-firmit et r
'-° ' .4. '" l t 4 .'4' litad4 . -:iiiiiiai r - -=
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rwaisiziviivAt Lia &tr em or, .
,rlr ll o*ldajfie A
re f
Mier to Pettfilikanit illeepli* IS
lall ' 6l3,i llifewilieriatiall 11 10# 6 ,N.: 1614 , ill Polk
los limit be folonxt. _ .
h/"-8 is deseinsiomi to costa MI ' • to
rpiiiiiidtiits vie' ilitial—
-.AV snsbli Ilia' P i ll , ‘ ID : 11 0 1 m 1 A°l llo ..
taidrea ell g i g etir . i 1.04.11) ‘
7 - -
gigDPEItIOILiod -,''' MaTiiimbdioninki . fig nidia. Elf: '
1 1. fee Oslo by ,..15. , &C 0.... Designs esntilsitsd in alley stika' 4 ' 4 .. l. '"!..„..
' 2S c Peolsrssitie Deil.AgeD 14 DO& '3- I fipitier
moil, I ti .
S . .. ..
Vkiitat Peeped* addressed to the salteeil.
her; "MA* meelied at.othila‘elphts Alai
Ilhesie,..Biealtty-.7. nettUthe I.Stb .4m' ocltt , fir
itqpplyttts 14 big:kiwi, _with Fifteen biedridt
of white iTed Aid *ph tool, 'flee 'ftoni de4,,
shire et any impo rt - 4. to bedd'evieied it the Mafia 1
Iliesioiltertiliii , the vest . ries- of the river' I
liehitylkilliorthe Ist &
(ley of October mit. ' 1% . !.- 1
;*,r., %.; .: IiVILLIAM STOCKTON; ittierink I , -
..,,,4;diete mill epitome Wit Imminitteht4ee: ,
i l i teleelle: file C 0 4 7. -W1
4 • 1 -,
Fel'T:- • ' Phila . . ' aliil 6. --
. 'r
' • ' r itM;-iii .';
ELM PallhiVlßS,jast: lONdowrd . ki.
' ealitOtotesaht alts. ,-•,,, . L,
Lt ',%1 , Attie :44k;.: 1 0* , 1
'COMA! 1114.1 E, FilL, - -*, - 4 ..- 1 , I
pl at
ttztp,•_ •.t,"„,,..i:...,iiiiiiii;:iii4i.
and the' islitilis geVienl„.ilisit laeltitic.eviyaii
commenced, toielt,lttaking BesineiiiiNoo. I
wegtan three 'doonatielosi Aher: 7 AfCaf ilia
the borough r tettertili; wiiiiilieliiiiidy„:* 1
manofiicture o order ill kinds 'Of fehiiiiii4l
shortest nofi of the best mateliali4.. - liWit Ilii
towesi rat 1. , ' , He has also OD hand. - riadiiii l ,
Bareoches Carryall*, Photon*: , Cblo4llk
cakchees, iluggesclre. which be inviteitbii piofk,
he to call nd eisttnice for thesiselres.;! 'neat.
ticks are ell mantlfeistwed Under his. petyyttitir ,
inspection; end he hill warrant dm:nate bo,equil
to any maiscifictiansd. Cliiewhere.- .. , _-p'
' Repairs if every description done elite short
eat notice, an on the mast reasonable terms.:." -
N. •IL Coal Taken to payment for rebloieri; t .
'Ord 18 - . .49' Sits ft
1 •
or the mitsatabemnientisbf• -•
Diseovered and brought to its greatest Oetiecthid
to certify that I have trTed folitTaintyl'
as Elam in Relent capita of Tooth Atha, icithittrs
I have certainty found it of very Beat serf eta:
Member of the Royal Collegeof Surgains c
A friend stepped in to ity that We had Visited
the Fire King this morning, and - Sanitised 11S
marvellous cure of the 'Tooth Ache. One
boy in particular. irholookee cruse ennitgh
a ten penny nail clear off, In tin minutes' sinitet'k t
at the decayed tooth and defied Its pain.--Z+ll..
A fresh supply of the above Elixir ittstrecidv:.
ed and for sale by B. BANNAN.-- - .F . •
Solo Agent for Seltoylkillensatgi.
Musical Instruilieistsk t,
ritHE pubseriber has jnat received and Arai
-a• for sale • •
4 keyed 'German Fluter, plaini
`Octave Flutes,
VioGo Bailees, Pin., Whigs. and illittAni .
Clationet Reeds, • • cl
i'iuitar Strings,
Violin llowseitra finish. • ';
He respectfully joshes the public tb esfl aiii
alumina his stock:
may 5.1838
Port Clinton Foundry
y .
wiLt, be sold at private sale; the
" Fgaedr
pkasatnly aitoatedet Forkaletattirachlto
kill enemy. on very reasonable WEDS; Thii
Foundry is of the commencement of the Little '
Schuylkill and; Susilkehannt Rail Road, now
making, and will in a short time be one of
best situations in the country into a largebnit•
nese For terms,aa.. apply to • '
Iron Founders, Pbtp i tia.
July 2b.lE-631 •
New Establishmenit; 1 . •
Caller of Centre dad *Dirket Streets, Pit&tilli
TAE subscribers respectfully animus* to
AL their Rieridi and the public *eiter illy; that
they have taken th e store formerly occupied, ry
- Jacob Bull & Co.. Corner of Centre and *Hist
streets, where they are now provided Withit "lob*
awortnieht of ;, -•
Dry Goods, . . 1.
• - Gtoceries, •
Liquors, &c.
which they ire determined to well at thevettiolt.
est prices. HAZZARD & STBAWL
N. B. All kinds of Country Freddie Watt
the high* market prices:
April I
The Fessisily 'Cow...pear".
ON •
'WHOM the works Of Henry
Al: abate one hundred &Mi. writers‘`Pribro4red -
in London by the Retterbui Tract ,
lir .
ed and abridged' is t*o volumes;Wittflibi gad
Enigravints: Itriwialpahliewtork is pub
parts, at 25 cents each. Twelve pita ate Are a. dy
completed, and can be obtained at the
.Book2dore where subscripuons will also, :In
juse 24 • - r
• Boats fors a-•
- _ • rinr - trT7_- - --... ft A; ' •
WHAM end new Sebitylkill Bests. built. sst.
nral-groirth tiniliers,.and tercel irauble.
Apply- AD " SAKI. mum;