The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, June 02, 1838, Image 1

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Tutu DOLLARS AND FirrY e •
peyableermi-annually in advance.
in the year. $4 will be charged to ail
ceweihe pagerfrise of postage. To to
$3 .ier annual train paWwithin the
henddid to Otte price ofsubscriipti.,
• • WEEKLY. - 1
Two Dot.t.s.rot per.anncn, payabl
in advance. It not Said Within the y o ..
be charged
kdrertinenients not rtlonetring t wet .
charged $1 for three insertions—and
insertion. Larger ones in proprwtion 1
All adventsetoents will be inaerl •
out. unless the time for whi :b they are
to specified .and will be charged scco
Yearly ac.ertisers will be charged
incauding subscriptionto the paper--,
• keeping one advertisement not esc - ,
standing during the year. and the it:se
er one in each paler for three success
All letters addressed to the editor m
otherwlse no attention will be paid to
..AN notices for meetings. &c end
which hese heretwthre heen inserted
charged.2s Cents each. except Marring
Resumption of B
rr H E Sobsci iber returns hi. gra -.Ail acknow I
edgements -to the citizens of i?itsville rind
others, wMi stepped foriwird to his .01.tance of.
ter the 105...0f his property by fire n Decembei
last, and would also acquaint them' and the pob
he generally, that he has again .;ntrienced the
Drug Bosniess in the house former r. occupied by
Charles W. Clemens, in Centre reel, in the
borough of Pottsville, where may ways be had
a general assortment of
Drags, Medi ines,
Paints, Oils
~; •
Glass, " DyettillTs,
And every other article in the ebove line. which
he le dtvpowed to well on eery Wet Ind 11004 uo
'dat Ina term*.
N B. rr Phyiniciaps prerctip
put up at the shortest ponce:
Pottsville, Miy 30, 110.13..
Roots for SO
4 \ oo - D fchuvlkill Canal *a!
• besst materials: nearly new,
or exchanged tor Coalat the mfr
pie to
May 30
Lot for !ale.•
IVILLbe told coca, roa ('a a •
•••• on William Street In th . oi
;ng the Lot on which Luke Let '
a•doellint house. The lot is 55
William Sweet, by 110 leer deep.
Mar 30 41
Wm. Henry H
Soot* Fifth Street, oppasit Calm'
face, Seadiag, Ps.
. THE unders i gned
forma his fr iends and t
• as ••petted the abo
will be hippy' at
toad a them. His arranrement.-
iteitiniite may Owe wati;sfaetion to a
Getittemen hare - I:neves, vet
stables, and earrful howlers •leray
A. no effort vetli be *pared to d
aenber hopes to receive a .ha-e nt
age. ANDREI.
Reading, Mai 19.1834.
HAVE na hand
1 . 0 IL SCREEN de
R ILL ROAD • • i
Bar Iron of •iia aide drawn
and arta+ or all arteft. For male at
mewl. KEINK WHI r.
Reading. May 33. 113&
6.5 Rewardi
STRAYED away from the pa
scriber on the 19th ling. a RL.
a white face, and a white attest t
between the hoofs, aed u
Any person findine said Cow. an,
to Henry Boyd, Merree's Addd
the above reward.
Wasson. eft4so, a palcut C4r
Cutting Machine.
A two stall atebleand
near Clemens & Pairsin`s Mill
:Enqn:ire of
may 26 411-3*
4 T a merlin; of the Toarai
zia• rough of "%MO De. beld coo
al May mat. Ike loilfrarar.g r.
Reaarea, That Cwancil
Meeting will retietre
Scent Otaaatieftiaikete and shalt
elate= he published! in the Mu
Extract. from the Minis..
Mar IC, IM. 4 .
The belt Stated Meeting I
held 00 TO Molly lie Sib oi F
deck P. NI
Sallad 41d1 3 Pici
vtucer &on..
u" 6d o,l_ A full assortmect
*Ca. head., fad ads ea
eutEßsOre, PARIS -4
' 7 at sale at thii adios. I
march 31
N 8001
TricLE HIV ACE. e nowt 4
The Two nit* and ether'
The River and the Demeatl.
•Neteisereed and tee eerie by
was 19
• •
7 I WILL TEACH You Ton/Lacs THY SOIL AHP Tat EILETHAMDILEIEOOI7TriaII/ THICVATILEHE Or TILIIKIOIIIIIII.IIrTALII *luau wpa.qpnr iniume T ir t gintaigis D sosascer &Li t &tat*. TO (ia On AHD
i • : I •
Dry-Goods,,Groce:ry. ,;and Li-
1 71) A . N.
per annum.
of paid with.
hose who re
sl subicrthers
ear, 50 cents
visor Skive, •
Corner of Centre and illfarktt, arelda, faUsaille
April 8 28- •
Teas! Teas !! Teas !!!
05 CHESTS and cheats of Fresh ;Green
and black Teen, consisting of Orange.
Picto, Sonehong, Punebong. Gunpowder, Young
Hymn, Old Hyson.and Hyson,Sinn, justreeeieed
and for sale al reduced psiccgqaa by
r,1112 50 will
: lines IriU be
cents for one
• until ordere
12 per annum;
t he privilege
•'ng 2 squares
ion ors small.
re times.
Several small cheats put oplor family use.
may 2 33 :
.1140 W LETT'S Inneteet Tables, just received
"'and for sale by r • B. BANNAN.
jan 24 w 5
rHE Register of SeOuyWill County,tuoring
•er anted to the subeeriber Letters of Admin.
itirattrin on the estate of Juts' McGrath. late . of
:gor vier tan tuirnehip.. Soho', Cl:runty, deceas
ed: All persons indebted to the said Alia .11kOrabli
are requested to make immediate payment; and
all haein2 claims are requested to present
them for settlement to Irresribsertber without de
lay. ' ffiUlitl 61VS1.EY,
.Adlllll 11.1 mar.
Port Carbon, May 16, IE3B. 37-6
';other nonce•
grafts. will be
and Deaths.
*-11N ANS & have nn hand • laver
*assortment a' Gentlemen's and Lacing'
Boots and shues,.• hieh they arlllsell at a low rate.
may 19 38
celrbrated'Old Scar Madeira. •Sparklinr
ill. Burgundy. Old Pun, Bock, Iliticaheinwr.
Loboa.Teneritre, Pale, Brown aiut Ou:d Sherry
Al-o—on draught, Claret. Spaniph Vin
dv graver.. and 1:he...1-h Wines of excellent quail
ty, ae 50 et*, per ea'l.n.
Siorekeetwra and Tavern Beepers will be 'sup.
plat. I at wholesale
on. carefully
.: N. N ATHANS & Co.
mew 2A - 40 Centre St.
Claret Wines, acc. &c.
CftATeAu,LAFITTE. Medoc and St. Juh
an, Vintage IBZ, received and for sale at-re
duced pricoi„ by MILLER & HAGGERTY.
may 26 40
built of the
!be atAI cheap,
t price. Ap
Coal Alerebunts. Land Proprietors
and.ot tiers.' are respectfully in
formed by
Baden, Smith,
Civil Engineer, Land Sui-ersior,
'ITh AT he ha. contmeneett a : permanent rest
deuce in Pousville. andir prepared to receive
and satisfactorily execute altbusonesa with which
he may be favored.
• H. 8. is determined to confine his practice to
Potiaiile and its vicinity, - . which arrangement
will enable him ponctiialls to attend to those
gentlemen engaged in miniagt who may employ
Maps, handsomely finished. and Architectural
D,,igns furnished in every style.
Pennsylvania Bail. April ° 25.1835. 31-2 mo
a lot situated .
°ugh. adjotn
ni buibitne
feel front on
Apply in
1 . . .) age Of•
peetfully an
, e nubile, that
r tavern and
es to *mum.
are, such, as
who way call.
find extensive
in attendance.
sae. the ..put ,
pa nhc patron
Wholesale and Retail Bard
ware Store.
OLLOCK C W E.A VER base prat received in ed-•
■ Anton io their former stock of Nand. are
Mousebnle anvil...gonna key'd viten patent polished
Sc reir plat's. slammed east steel alms broad asst.
nano do. *stases_ barnmers. Beatty* klulltut adzes.
...Act sod firmer Ousels. drawing knives. blacksmith
bellows. Cot & sr ro' , nails. 4. 4i. - 5 SC6 tn. east spikes
suagle_ cot and double ;dine Irons and planes. inumited
Met... latches. lunges a I ecreu - s, round and square
Hilts. steel. Oared and it n squares.
411 of which are °tiered oa the moat aecommodat
MI wrens - • Feb le 14
v i LT ELSH PRIMERS, just pribitabcd and tur
v yak wholesale and retail- by
•pril 4 . 0 32 S BANYAN.
artier. Nai:a
e lowesi rity
.ER 4 CO.
. 40-64n0
'Li kNIPAIGNE WINES of the following
choice brands, rm anchor. comet; aresideoek,
ehanipaignr, glass and palmetto all6oe grape
Ines, fur sale at modvrate wires by
april 28 2:1
Owe of the sot.
7.K cow with
both fore feet
the right eve
retoroipe her
will receive
Chmanpaigne 1111'hies.
JOST recenn-d and nw sale by N. Nathan, &
Ca. SS hamkets of Ker. thelwry, Star, Vrami
cock and otNer brands:.
april 14 -414
• S it appears. that because 4r-Crane obtained
no patent for emrhai bun Ore with. Art
throttle:Coal to Ibis cusuitry, twiny so rpr that
they arc now at liberty to adopt 'the method of
smelting Iron ore with..kinbracite hythe n of
a heated air blast; ahhough rare notice last
year Mit I bad a patent tot vitiating Iron Ore
wityi Anthracite C.col. both by the use of a cold
etmosphenc and a beeter4,atr blast, I woole now
totorm the public stake that on the 14th of lan
airy, INV. I received a kites teem the Commis
Mime' 'or Patem. at Washington, stating:
open erammicur the ease pi tilt- Crane's applica
tion he a Midriff he Smelting boo by. mean of
Antbracrtr, I have ,heart his claim as interfering
•ith yout patent of Di et If 1, and haw risen
online to his attorney alba McMon:" Every
attempt in smelt Iron ore, with anthracite by the
moors bested air tolnok, kir an inquire:mast gran
in s patent. again.< which I caution and warn
all enemas I shall prosnettle every one roftiaeme
upon ma rights, ;accortlitig to kw.. A n d I fur
ther offer to diaper* of patent rigato foram mom
trig of foresees accord ifte to my patent, upon
eery Moderate term*
-• New York!: Iday 16.103. 371
lix ht Drawbar
Knife Suaf
me to kt. verj
Ihnotango St.
of the 1110-
Ny the 15th
V. as pawed: :
he next Stated
tfor the pace et
tree of this res
Town I leak.
Cowbell will b
• arm, at 71 42*-
alzirtior Sal
Wm. Olhorme
GFALEDl'mpowal• addressed as the sabseri
bre, sill be received at t•Pbt;adelabia dims
tlebcw. Binebler." mad ides nth Jane next Gar
. u pplrieg the iirtittattoal Attar Faders , - handreg
ants of shire and fed at} cost. free frets dust.
Jane or soy ioadstrrty. to : dek"0"41 1 11 1 1 te Aiwa
Hawse wharf, tics tits giteli 'llia tit aria
ichayibill tor i Ist daieftletidee emit.
• Apabelats wet elides-al their
•Pwaxisals for Coal."
PhHatielphia.' May 16
*brised a!W
Jim Ankle,
A ot ice.
Boats and Shoes.'
superior W ines,
(Al the lowest City prices.)
Champaign Wines.
Public Notice..
l'nopoosals. Ibir
AND poirrikir
•".• HE Proprietgetrof Ude LineAshich
fitted ttp in a,eoperite manner-for the.
modatiob of the Travelling Community r
fully announce to , the iniblic that the '
positiirely commence running feirreen
on Wednesday the 2d of May, and will
to leave their office at the Penasyleiritial
Pottsville, daily at 6 o'clock, A:Wand e!!
Philadelphia, at .6 o'clor4 lll.#t-tae -
rates of Fare: 1
To Orwigaborg.
Port Clinton;
Hamburg; '
• Norristown.
For Seats apply at • the Peneaybraei
Pott.iille; Herr a Hotel, Reading; and al
Office, Nu. 25, North Fourth Street, Peilad
MINTZER & t o Attila
Encourage Holne Manufacturer
Confectionairy Manufactory.
,f 1 E subscriber respectfully annotrhere to the
public that be has commented the hisoufac
tore of Confectionary in all its various branches,at his Store in I-entre - Street, nearly esp?iite the
Pottsville tlouse, where ConfeetiOners and loth.
erg can always be supplied "wholesale tad' relail,
at the lowest Philadelphia- cash prices.
Country Merchants are, respectfelly solicited
to call and exeunt:le his stock before purchasing
dui, here.
nov 4
(Annea l , parker &. IR Millais.)
car AVE rernoved On the opposite aide of Centre
Street, a few doors aboie Norwegian Steed
where they offer fur sale a select assortment u.
Shp. rfine Broad Cloths and Cassimerea of the
most fashionable colors, with an elegant *Wort
ment of Summer ioths, Vesting*, Linen and Cot
ton Shirts, Collar., Bosoms, Stocks, Mures, Sas.
pendera, linen and cotton Hose, and all kinds of
Grentle'nen'a wearing apparrel, which will be
made to order in the most approved style as to the
workmanship, and warranted to fit equal to any
in the City or elsewhere.
P. S. P & Co- keep on hand an excellent as
mrtment of ready-made Clothing of atl,kinds,
which will he sold at very low rates.
jinx. 17
& Hardware store.
THE subscribers wools, respectfully anuoimce
to the public, thit he has added-to his former
stock, leas and Horiiiisare, consisting in part or
American and English Bar Iron, Hoops and Band
Iron. Round Iron, assorted suer. Cast, Crawly,
Shear. German and English Blister and A. M.
Steel Vices, Mouse- holt anvila.Smith's BellOWa,
Cast Steel hand, choping and Broad am, nails
and spikes, together with a general assortment
of Iron Monger,. all of which will be sold at re.
duced prices by • JOHN CLAYTON.
April 33
Frederick C. Epting
RPEt;TFULLY taunts his friends and
the public in general, that tie has opened a
Bakery and Confectionary Esfab/iiiintesti
in Norwegian Street. next door below,tlie Arcade
in the borough of Pottsville,- where he will al
ways keep on hand and bake to r all kinds
of Cakes. of every variety of pat and where
atso, will always be kept on and, Bread by the
Loaf, of an excellent quail and of a large size.
His Confectionary rises a large and gen
eral assortment select with we, and sold at
the eery lowest rateir.
F. C.
. F.. would also inform families that be is
prepared to bake Family Bread for any nom*
who pre. ; :r i t ,
1 4(mishiogr thetr own Flour, at the
.honest and on the most reasonable terms.
april 91 7 30-3 m
Books! very low.
Uri( BANNAN offers for sale the fienerbqg
• standard work• at the very lon prices at
Hume. Swollen and Miller's England
4 role sheep, with plates $lO 00
Clarke's Commentary. 4 cola sheep. 12 00
Wesley's works; Hy vols. arimpkte, 11 00
Back's Theological works. 6 role. abeep. 400
Soutt's Bible and Commentary. 3 vas.
sheep. 600
Orion'. worts. Dearborn'''. EtOtion.sbeip, 4 25
Rollin'. Ancient History. 1 sok idsaep.‘
Dearbornes Editior; . wit6 Maps
Jaw*** 1 eal. with plates
Marryatre sorb rorriplatia 1 Trai, ' 3 42
Maare's :arks, Library Editiais 2 42
Barn. works, 400
Cowper and Thompsoa's works, 225
Pale y's sorts 2 00.
Bardea's Tillage Sermorto. - AOO
Doddndg.:'s Family Expositor. 750
Encyclopedia ofGeoeraphy. 3 rob. telth
1210 estoaml 100 Maps. - 10 50
Faes-Jgook of,3laslyra. elbplarea,; 2 25
McKim*? 50W Reim**„.. • - 1 37
Together sub a variety, otatliet Books at aery
ism eases. six suit the dames. ;,.. ”
jai, i ii—
Geads.jem ar""d ia panel , •
Dry Geed",
• Mackerel"
Salt, Pissiles4 . 4llge.
*Web gni' be edit b k w f o r The,lnfeee
price pail an calk far all kamileeteeestity maps.
Algona Carbon, Dee 4 fW
re, in
` GO
t p:, 3 a=
, •
, .•
- '. ito4ll the imirl:-- - ; .
h i e rejlil i al ur oolll 44► --. t I
i pil
moßgsciciasne of the extraordi
J.T.K effiereptif DR. AL. EVAN'S cekts. ra
Ciaintke and Aperient' Antibilions Pills in. ,
Inkling e/Ficiod attank*d. ~, , • .i _
T o James Dickson. 36„ ieonchill: Bohm. Atoll
for the sa/etif Dr. Wns4 , lEvandk Camomile rills.
' aramat, 15. 1836. j •
Dear Sir-4ttiowiog y mince inate_er a y
reference that the aflheied 'ire ofthe
dill results of medicinea,t I Cheerfully differ isie
maw public, in behalf rtllt. WM . EVANS*: I
CAMOMILK FILLEi. 1 have been o kb o t o o g irt I
'the hat ten, years with dietresain the head sad
'Chest: oftetatio.bad as
ii ii deprive me of sleep far I
three or •fimikniglits in ecelocas., bat_ bore never 1
found relief*, say oft friends' Prescriptions.
until my wifirkaw thee veresments in thepaPre,
when she persuaded me sender some. whith •
I' id, and obtained tw o
oo isoes and bottles. athieh
repulsed ift:A lement. pktely tutoring, - me to
Width, althotighl base out yet entirety finished
them. Should you • thia any, benefit Aci
your , olf; or the 'public,. lave my *odd par,
mission to ebbliab rt.
. One% relon.y.
Trios_ K. DEICE, Ceintalud.;
IIiTERESTING CE .oarkii by '.Dr. WO.
1. Basna's Csmein il e oak, and 'Fancily ,Apisi
eat Pills —Mr. BEN T .MIN SOWN. corner of
SbiPeen and Georges ts. Philadelphia. aka.
ed for seven year. wiextremi nervousness , by
which he wiui not ablei to write his name—his
sympt were,errises , daily spasmodic pains
in the head; kit of at `
petite, palpitation of the
d m
heart, giddiness and - di nets of sight, aster ina
bility of engaging in apy thing that demanded
vigor or courage, 'Kneen and weakness ex.
teme debility, dinar rest. a sense of preasere
and weight 'at the . after eating, rest
mental lespondeney, flying pains In the
ctit baickj and side. - ess, a dislike ftir
society and 'leakier** . Mr. EL has made trial
of varied) Medicines dow Defies the public, but
t o no effeiet: Until, obsdrvirig in . public paper
some cotes :performed hy Dr. William Eyson's
Camomile Tonic and Family Aperient Pills, be
was. inditeed to givejhani • trial, of - which he is
at any time happy to date that they effectually
cured him rif the abnve gieuerrumg disease.
ErPersons who doubt the above cure, are most
respeetfely%direetedthe above mentioned per
at' the north 1 corner of Mimeo and
Georgesdreets. - 'BENJAMIN SOWN.
Philadelphia Oetobe IS, 1837.
Mrs.liarinah Browne,' wife ofJoseph.Bnisme.
N. Bib street, near Seeded, Williamsburg, afflict
ed for tie hut ten yearn with the Liver complaint.
completely iestared to health through the treat.
anent cd Dr, Wm. Evade Symptoms—Habitual
coastipitioe of the boSelis, total loss of appetite.
encruchting pain of the epigasti is region, great
depression nrspirits, languor and other symptoms
of extreme debility, d storbed sleep, inordinate
flow oftbs menses, pain in the right aide, andd
not fie in het left s without an aggravation
of the pan, urine big colored. with other arnP
toms inimating great named m the Sine.
tions al the liver.
hirs.Bic;iiiie was a ded by three of the first
physiciron'hut rece but little relief from their
medicse, tilt Mr. Browne procured some of Dr.
Win. Evanii'a invaluable preparations, which ef
fectugy relieved her. of the above distressing
mmotals,, with othern, which it is act essential
to intitsate., . JOSEPH BROWNE. "
City aid County of Neir York, es.
Joseph Browne. of Williamsburg. Long ',Lind.
being laly sworn, did depose and say that the
facti w set forth in the wabittstatement, to which
he had subscribed his name. are just and true:
Husband of die said Hannah Browne.
SWern before me this 4th day of January, 1837.
PETER P COMET', Coin. of Deeds.
1 LATERESTING of Terbirealar Cat
sawyrioa.--111 r. Jolla Rowel applied an the id
day of September et; the office 106 Chatham
wareet.lahoring 'Andre the' followmg sympumm—
A shalt spitting of blood. distressing ootigh. at
tendel with an expectoration of paroled matter,
nightsweate, general emaciation, diffienky of
breading on exertion, with • well marked beet*
flush tn the cheek- On emanation. the eheit
wits food to sound Well every wheterestept on.
der the tell clavicle. end in the arm pit of. the
sainwside. -
resitestat —Diredled to take the restorative
Camohade Pilo. siih the experseratmg tom
pcu4. attbe-stre Liebe an injunetioa, to call in
filar Issyr. when the eight sweats had ceased. the
estraueetine slightly diminished, asslighs fit es
couteliag still reasateing in the morning.. Or
dered as usual to fisee the inedieine, and to
call la the cootie ofe week—when hie health
=attuned rapidly iefFreetiag. without the lewd
eon". Called at the afficis -ea the 4th of this
• vete convaleatent retorting his slicers
• &tribe beeelitr he bad itditildi:iit4 ; •
-`• Thketteet t ebiefly need au& MOWS.
timid; histreattheat4
t - -
Me Robert Mr..SelisySidi. affricani with 1
the owe dia., r w4 t esslady; Symptom- 7 11mi
keogair.fl a t u koryoeistepled reek serum hasiii
sebelettalty d i bOtathisir. tightens 'Wiser*
tore the nset. disainess. nee** bliss.
Witt old mele «mid tee Ms in; al; Mel
low " t h ou . ',dojo& the lensaties of limed
bat solliostioo,;"pai et tle beertolstra',
lei tooirkeosti pain of e.
oehd d
sine*, greet - defacieney eftbnaiste
nee sessim Mr. . Atom et* op !every •
thoserht ofteenves, Ere ik . spair sales the
toonessoos of mem annzedeml * his
exist . , =es or bappitrai. tiliby astenisat be sowed
is peporealr ears. effected by Di e We. -
Oombeise. iv Ms onaphuat. wbidd bids.
milli'Ve guebatia peeksie el do Pala. lidl 'Uth
reeemeris oeispietoly relooriatevety juiveloi
co lie drisosio
ik E f : v re is sav Ms ***e in
tha difito s o i s as. t thew armed wear the
i* Igo
w oe + " lesanor to dome Sim
whit be is liappinmaytiluswise teed*
the timeleratissiMs baselit- - - ; ; _
: . • .. ,---- -
irstul, Do liPtetlirrali Trills
IiaIo w SARAIEf lids or Kr
+xi m oot meow afFeeeed week and
Samosaittaadelidthi.afiected Oka*
sy a
bit init,seani ' the Liver Coes 'phi* was
comehettfyteleind to beak by. D!.l WAL, B.
VABBSCateoeule Tom aid Yam* Amnia*
'Pak flar weeebabitaal.b.
etenmpaie is tbe eieseeth.digmeild
*db. logroor f extemeasebbibtioroikarbed -
greatpain is her aide, cook, Doi l e ow her „left
_sdesithoutan aggravation of pam. diceinem in
tits head. dimness of sight, with Ott* simpieuto
illdieeting great derangement in the 'functions of
thefirer." Mrs. Bretthiser tote Made trial of ea
rims medicines new before the ipiablio: but r•-
cellied no relief until she was advised to make
trial o(Dr. Evans's Pills, of whiCh she is happy
toMate that they effectually relieved her of the
above' &stressing symptoms, iritit others, which
erepot'essential to intintims.,
Mr t , Breshiser. (husbend of the above WO
Brenhiser. had been two years eflicted with a
•distpeseed state - les and CosCreenesa, of which
he biaseffectually cured.
r..tRALvTre affevuxrisat.
A perfect cur* efeartel ti the treatment of &-
Witham Bums,
Mr. 'John Gibson, of N. 4th street, WartazuP l
burg, afflicted with the above complaint forAhree
years sod nine months, during which time he
had tostse crutches. His chiet !symptoms were
excruciating pain in all his joints, bat especially
an the hips, shoulder, knees and ankles, an ag
gravation of the pains towards night; and for the
mist 'Pact ail (Mini from external-beat, an obvi
ous thickening of the &Iris aoditigamenta, with
a complete ions of museibu power. Fur the ben
efit at times &Misted in a similar manner, Mr.
Gibson conceives - it meet to ay that the pains
have entirely ceased, and that his joints have
completely recovered their natural, tone, and be
feels able to resume his ordinary business.
. • D4'..21A . e "
ntai • TACNA.
Mr= Aram G. Kenny. No. 115 Louis street,
between Stanton and Houston streets, afflicted
for ten years with thefollowing &strewing symp
Acid eructation, daily spasmodic pains . in the
head, loss of appetite, palpitation °Me heart, gid
diness and dimness of eight, mild not lie on her
right side, disturbed rest, otter inability of en.
gaging in any thing that demanded vigor or
courage. sometimes a visionary idea of an aggra
vation of her disease, a whimsical aversion to
particular persons and plices, giomodless appre
hensions of personal danger and poverty,an irk
someness and weariness of Me, discontented, din.
quietude on erery slight occasion, she conceived
she could neither die nor live, ske wept, lamented ,
desponded, and thought she led.% most miserable
life, never was one so bad, with frequent mental
hallucinations. Mrs. Emmy had .;the advice of
several eminent physicians. anithid ‘recousse to
numerous medicines, but could not obtain even a
temporary alleviation of her distressing state, till.
her husband persuaded ler to make trial of my:
mode of treatment. She is now quite relieved,
and finds herself oat only capable oi attending to
bet domestic affairs, but avows that she enjoy. as
good health at present as she did at env period
of her existence. 3. HEWN., Y.
Husband of the aforesaid Anne Kenny.
Sworn beflare me this 14th day of Dee. 1836.
Peter Pinckney, Com. of Deeds
Mr. Charles Hobart, No. lit) Orange street, N.
afflicted for five years with. tumoral habitual
Asthma. applied at thwarter 100 Chatham street
on the det of October, laboring: under the 6ollowv
ing avomtarna. A sense of tightness almost the
chest, with the greatest difficulty of breatiOng,
distressing magi. restrain ending with copious
expectoration of viscid phlegm. distorted rest.
the face turbid and of a livid hoe—could not he
in • horizontal position without the sensation of
immediate suffocation, lanfoor, drowsiness, god
dizziness in the had, and lass of appetite.
Mr. H. applied to the most eminent phyiimans
in this city, likewise used several airier remedies
erratical obtaining any permanent benefit, until
his frienda , persuaded him to place hi itself under
Dt. Evans' treatment. He is now re
liefed of his complaint: and exiled at the office
yesterday. avowing that he had' not words to ex
press his gratitude for the benefit be had receiv
ed October 21, 1837.
We do hereby' subscribe oarsignatores to the
truth alba above corm that the statement is in
every respect true. SARAH MENU'S=
No. 11 north grght.S street. Phdada.
- Philsdelphis, Oct_ 21m. 183 T.
-Dr, WM. EVANS'S Medical Ofßee, for the.
ale of his eseeSent Medicine, is at N 0.19, north
Eighth stress, Pluisdelpitta.
Sole Agent for Sinfully!kill County.
Sold by
Port Clinton Foundry
WiLL be *sold at ptirate sale, the Foundry
pkissantly situated at Port Clintoes,Schory4
kill °Nutty. on err" reasonable terms. This
Foundry ia at the commencement of the Little
Soboylkill and Susquehanna Ito Road, now
making, and will in a short time be one of the
best situations in the eoontrj to do a large bassi
loess For terans,/ke. apply to
Iron Forailiens, Philadelphia.
Poet Crestar.
6-63 t
.The Ii edgy Cakeinentany.
WW T II the aorta of Heary arid Sera. end
above ewe landred ether writers. Yabfialled
is Loadaa by the Nagano Tract dimity. nab
ed abridged in tue whams. with Naps lad
Regrayiads. This ial.sbl. work is pabradred I.
parboaSS exists soda. ! Twelve parts be already
colaybeed e end oar be albeirnd at the thiscrTheas
asekStire fans ealiss drill able -be re,
egved. - NANNAN.
jses' —2l
4 Neir Estibiliddisest,/
Groot, of Cairo Ariotliost6et Stsrego;
MIRE sobacr&ora
theyA tbrii trim& and die giabfir.
Oset him taken th e
Jou& BO & Col, ammo of
ignoto, whew thoodosor
simeseoit of
w hi c h th e y dartionteit tasefi al thsiseity bur
N. All Womb of Canary ?rode= takes at
Ow - = inlet pows.
err.' •Y-•,vim'
Welber'll deigliaithOiti,::
Team Dade* Aims res. Cairu . oilAtCfl Y:.
White Led dry - aed
vocal in' Oil, S Red Precipt. -
Red Lead. , White do-
Latour. Vitriol Alb.
Chronic Yellow, Sap. Quinine
do Gran-Tam Emetic"? • •
do Red - Ether Einlph. ,
Patent Yellow do Nitric
Sugar Lead . 1 • • do Acetic
. Lunar_ ssetic •
C=l Coen. O do - . '
Aq. Ferris Acet. ilforpllia :' • ' 5-
Miriade Acid Ralph. do ' ,".
Rpm= Salts . Lac. Sulphur
Tait. Acid ' 'Opi. de Salem
, Sep. Carb. Soda Restore Ilifeetal ,
Correa. Sub. Mere. Erkienwr
_. do. -- -1 - ~
Refiners ofChampbor, Sal NionOriessanneMonk
Ave. Offer for kale the shrive mentioned anirdes.lo
getber with a general assortment or PaininjOns' gis
and Dye Stuffs. and every other article in tbecliOn
cal sad Medicinal line
. Being manufacturers of all the articles eadrierated
ceder the above bead, they pledge theniseheito Nip
ply tbeiv friends and the public on the most ritillikh
ble testis. . .= ..
Window and Picture Glass. from 6 8. to 24 310..
Oct 21 WV 4 fe
• ,
REEPECTFULLY announces to Lis fries& :
am' and the public in general, that be has again
commenced the Coack.Maltiog Business in NW- '
werian Street, three doors behor tbo Arciole'io
the borough of Pottsville. where he is ready to
manufacture to order all kinds of vehicles at the .
shortest notice, of the best materials, and at the
lowest rates.. He has also on hand. ready made; .
Barouches, Carryalls, Phartans, Chartiotoes.
Coachees, Boggles, &e. which he invites the pub.
he to call and examine for themselves. The ar,:
ticks are all; manufactured under his -personal
inspection. and he trill warrant them to be equal
to any manufactured:elsewhere.
Repairs 3f every'deiscription done at the
est notice. and on the; most reasonable terms.
N. B. Coal taken in payment for schiciew.
apnl 18 Se 3m
Fat the instantaneous cure of
Diseavered and brought to its greatest perfiectaMs
This is to certify that I bave tried your Tam
an Elixir in several cues of Tooth Ache, in which
I have certainly found it of very Ereat service,
Member of the Royal Collegecif Surgeons.
London, Sept. 10, 1830.
A friend stepped in to say that he had visited
the Fire King this morning, and witnessed hii
manakins cure of the Tooth Ache. ,Oike Tdtis
boy in particular, who looked es enough [plaid
a ten penny nail clear off, In ten minutes smiled
at the decayed tooth end defied its paim—V. EL
A fresh supply of the above Emir just reeeiv:
ed and for sale by B. BAPINAII.
Sole Agent for Selotylkillcoanty
July 13
New and Elegant Goiodi •
Iv• NATTI&NS & Co. have just received anti
- 1 1 °offer 2or sale.
6-4 gnash merinos, from 50 to 75 eta per yard
Super ?rends do at $1 50 per yard,
Tartan, merino, worsted : silk and cotton slam*
Red, white, yellow, green and scarlet flannels.
Bleached and unbleached Canton flanneli.from
10 to 25 eta per yd.
Worsted boas. emnicrta„mtps, childnen's bole.
Winter prints..glores, &e &e • . -
Cotton bata and wadding .I'6l per shed %
dee 3 2
FOHE aubscriber to just received 8.11111 Mica
-•• far sale
4 keyed German Flutes. phis.
Octave Flutes,
Irian BridgeN Pis,. itrings and Boaii
Clarianet Reeds,
Guitar Strings,
lirnan Bows—ectra
He nesptetfully invites the pub& IS dB ana
his stock.
cota7 5, tale
()talent BOOkli
Kay ID Paradise,
,True Psay,
CC Piety
Nor Man% CaUxhizaa
Small Codedman.
Just nteeiand and fia. ask.
Dee 23
56.000 3
254 I I do
•I 111 - *skalds `sr psi* s abipt
A ba ir ,gali*bi S. d MM .
. •
- • .. .7.
}=ised Ref
jgrarib timber% modleriiii
dpi t .: • • . BAICL•.a
. sber
occupied by
and. Market
VEMNmaik litetail
• -
FIKKA4XII-it. totreepee
'touted= to their exteagril 88 " 3 ". 0111.
DRY 1200M4 !Nape Soirrrier Blue aid Ali*
sigiezior Caney colciered au aiew atipiiir. wo k . •
eiimeres, aaptiartft• sad
dans. 4e. • , F. 318 ; .It4=;'
queen Victoila Aldine
p.t :l l Left:t it le's tr o limras auisF
t AlMZAitp&srlii
- Aprd It Ift*
NO.- 42... i
Philip Holey
. 34-
. ~
Beats Ow Sale.
Cirri . Skw'
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