The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, May 30, 1838, Image 2

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i 7
• trai;pads, Cheeks. Cards. Bills b
relassilnas of awry rissaiipt!tm. neatly pr
pffsee'at !Worsen cash prices.
——- - -
- •
Delegates Attend 1
. _
1 AI EETI Plant (he Delegates to
fie -
lane Convent i on, will be held at.
1, _ • .
1 , thin - eVenitit, - iitl o'clock. It btf e
1111 will attend. - ,
I ; ay 30,1838 r -- _ .
. ,
a . ritorosiTimiri
,p order to place our paper wit 1
Irof.every perion, during the i
' ,bernateriat contest, we• have : i
h., conclusion to receive. subsc i ;
h:. Weekly Journal, to beforwa e.;
a ...y.,,, until the second Tuesday o I,
n ~,,st the low rate of FIFTY C;
p:,. copy, or TWELVE COPIES
d; kis f payahle in advance.
1w Our friends, in various part.
c ! nty, will please act as agents i
m t ting the names and cash of th.,
ft. disposed to subscribe for t
The prospects ofthay. Ritner, th slug
t the state, are of the most eh eri
utactar., We are just from a Obit
r metropolis.. W
-suitable nppr tr. i
da a War
ikstion and we ..- r : ti-al
F v. Ritn a I 9
Rutter will r. .
0r d)
at least 10,00 cat .of Pin ,
elphia will' give Ratter a larg !rt ma o.
, y than was ever before given to a y
overnor in that city; and even 't e co#n
of Philadelphia, lion all tha We can
ant, add our sources of inform, ton ire
, ch as may be relied an„will giv: l ß4e
small majority. Thpie certainly Aitt ,
l'as a more popular Governor in eh*
nia since the time - of 'Simon 'Snyder
he true Democrats are almost a a r4at
:raged on the. side of.Rit ner; the I ,cofhdos
• be sure, aro against him. Tills paity,
ery one knows, is made up of thp worst
itortions of the old Federal and Deinocra
t- c parties—retaining the vices l q r both,
without the virtues or either. SO, then
rannut of course be expected tb, go for
Ilitneil But the mass of the holnest yeo
anry of the stale are in his fit tnd
!use who are opposed to him of it's class,
e made opponents by the false oods l i ca.
umnies, and deceptions of the foFes.
owever,:they are every day coiling
ore and_ - more acquainted with ithe true
i v
haracter of the .locofocos and t heir - ' or
by candidate; hence, - the scales ,* fa lug
rum their eyes, and they turtf a Illy out
he arts and delusions of loco ppos ith
ickening and disgust! The ttli m of
itner 'will be like an avalanch t o , the
locofocos—they will be complet ly oVer.
whelmed I I '
• - I i '
Young Men's Convention, qt . 'fa 'Fag.
[—We have published above, a .all for a
l[uteeting of the Delegates of - huyilkill
[County, to•be held 'this evening at Hpnry
'Stager's. We fippeAbat all whoao Make
i[it [porivenient will a end. It Is ece4ary
[.that there show a consults on its to
measures-of or nization and'arr hgenient,
:previous to the parture of the I,ilegittes.
'roe delegations of several co ritiesl are
already on the Keys. The tintin*don
I'M-legation started from Hollid Ystiu;, in
[ a canal boat, yesterday. The t iilade Ma
[ delegation will, we understar • also ;ern
hark on a can il boat, for Read ag, to the
[ Ournber,of two hundred. The onve4tion
l' wttl, no doubt, he the largest leer held in
the State. Upwards of TitnEp iEtoviAND
delegates, it is stated, have bel , appointed.
There.should be no 'holding 1 eck,o9 the
part of delegates. Those, how • -i, ahose
family affairs 'are such -that t :y ctinnot
leave home, should make kob yin dui fact
[ at the meeting to-night.
. ..,
The Porter . loco-locos are , toting eivery
I '
where all in their power to di eat thp ob
ject of the convention. Every dne kliews
that they CAN'T effect much [,.. halt heir
•i.xertions. They can nett a l
people nor turn them aside frOl, l
pose; they will go on, In siii )
triumphantly conquering and 1.
untie; the broad banner of Vir
State Loa ot vr ths ta
pressure of the times, two jh
fitly thousand dollars of the .4 ;
already been taken at 4 per c •
tier maximum, and there is litt
that the whole amount *lath.
borrowed will be taken shmitl,
araount,,the Philadelphia Le
took.thu large gum of one 4
sand dollars! ! This instil ,
first to-step forward and m k
which offer was subsequent
This is allict which reflect* I
.upon the managers, and speck, l
our of the prosperous state
ilirme. The truth ie, that this
patty is under able - teenage
Company pays an interest of
no all deposites for a' year; n
of tWe justittition rests on th
&gone. When we coitai o
scarcity of . money, the uniye
Lion in all kinds of business,
ehb•to which confidence add
fallen, we ought to be surer
gliLdellar of the state loan s io
on any terms at all. But, mye
1 trge sum which has alreat t y
. 'end that too at - rho low rate
cent., the conclusion is trre
public confidence in the II4W
~ ~:~.
tration iiiitefthal itoiiike " "ea ' h i 's ittili t it
and . tilat the .able pilot at ! the hilts isAe
termined to entry the good ship called the
a Pfimosonvvealth," throagh every peril,'
until in
. her,,triuosphant iprogreaa. she or",
rives at the glotious haven of:unexampled
r pro - verity.; nodithis in spite Of all the rt :
u R I A. tiI T r c fth l e• l brae .
tality seems to attend every great public
men ore or enterprise In the hands of the Nation
A minjsuation. Their faillares =laser
aux,. hat it would be difficult to recapitulate them
stab order's( !laths. We, howeier, may brief
ly mthin a reW of their . failures: First. the
gieti g ri
nd silver.e. rency pro Oct. This has been
esi mil failara. the attempt to carry it has
i tiii
been the mesas f introducing a opticians shin
plaster currency roaghout the country '. Thu
by the way is!the great source of all the evils that
overspread thplition t The Government newt,
rained itself by he Pet Mink System, then near.
lit ruined the ple by the gold and silver pro
iect4 ' 1 1 . .
_ .
I 4il;
y Sul
? eke •
co.• r
tom- -
Another oeak measure of the Administration
iriali the Benxi:mai of the Seminoles. They have
spelt' about Tl' 1-rteen Millions of the People's
modey on this p ject; and they have spread de
vastation ansil tighter on the hereditary hunting;
grotinds of the r Indian, but all in vain: Nei-1
01 their mine , nor their massacres, nor their
ti lt cherous dap urea, have yet succeeded! And -
Yetlthey per'sis ! Another glorious enterprise
that they urde ook, was to send an expedition
to xplore the nth Seas. Millions have also
bei lavisheil n this project, but .o the bands
t ll
it is .Admiris ration it proved nothing more or
Ithan ame a South Sea bubble ! ' Of fi cer .f.
, ler offi
f cer nisi ned in disgust—the scrub politi,
rCi s interfe too much—and the expedition
r We tto Daiiy ones!
. : o show, hoever, the utter imbecility of the
.. IWiuthiogtoli binet, and the singular fatality
c iw
t vithich attends ven comparatively vital' things,
, 'we may remind our readers that they undertook
to erect a Iluaiory Building —this building has
been in progretss ' for some tune—about eighty
'thousand diill In have been expended on it—and .
now lo! andold ! the building teens, out to be
via for nosh g—it must lie pulled down or it
will fall dow of itself, and a-new one must be
erected! in: The Steam Frigite Fulton is
a late project. This also turns out to be a failure,
amd the untie most be abandoned. So that we
-4r li he r" - it Administration
see that ev*ry thing the presew.
tquches, fails.- If it be a currency measure, it
sireadi ruin And dismay among the poople—if
the carryi4 'nto execution an Indian Treaty, it
sissies helve; life onoccassarily, barns, pillage.
and massaerii! with fire and sword, and without
mercy—iflit tab Sea Expedition, it is soon con
verted into a South Sea Bubble—if a. Treasury
Suilding, thel building is soon ready to fall upon
their head. nd now we ask how can any coun
ty on earth rosper under the fatality of such an
dministrati n.
The be‘
Reading! ,
*it to Vh
EN ER: •
The ge l
tinn Clink
in Philaqe
Wye (merle'
Elliott, p i
mitteil by
York, whi
Inut of o r
from the;'
fuser] to ti
!on_the rt
lions of
het ween,
fused °p,
Worn his 1
'and late!
effect, t ha
kind ihetli
Ito Dr. 13
stoi the
their Our:
el ofOlcun,
ue anti Pd.
10 Ve TB
be regr
fict, thaW
have bele
last twci •
sent adin
with iti
sury isle
/ g thek rem
nd re? and
; to torn has
t• till Rit
e den A hut
iced Ito be•
• 13If this
n Company
'tired! thuu
.n w s the
an er t—
I . e a a c i P r tt
vein in.
of th 4 i sii-
Lentil ni
ent• ' ; he
ix pe clent.i
1 , the etiedit
rme fhttn
the 'great
-al takna.
nd t e low
ereet hale
tha .ft sin-,
Id b mkpni
we ee the i
6 en ta ken, !I
if fo ;p
istibl , that
3 A mints.]
ed, wa b
city oil a
dred I
tend Me
LondtP I t•
of Nat
in NO'
convic. s
utiful corps of volunteers-, the
' Washington Greys" under the
1f Capt. Kant, are now on a
Prot Assembly of the Presbyte
h M the United States convened
plria last week. The session
il with prayer by the Rev. David
D.. Moderator of the last As
nme resolutions were then sub
the Rev. Wm. Patton, of New
h the Moderator declared to be
er, when Mr. Patton appealed
,ecision, and the Moderator re
t the question on the cppeal, but
e elnirka to finish the report up
1, which was done. The resolu
-Ir. Patten declared some of the
gs of tke last Assembly unconsti•
A good deal of feeling prevailed
: parties. The modetator re.
tit the: question on any appeals
leci4ons, which were arbitrary,
several motions were made to no'
Akaaniily disbanded in confusion;
ear. School" members withdrew
rnes'- Church, the '.Orthordox"
heir round. In our opinion,
enema] the-Presbyterian Church
ied a height and warmth much to
d.— li ar. Intelligencer.
ion most Foal.—[t is an actual
paid by the National Adminis
the purchase of and.keeping up
since the years 1882. ONE
whieh has been paid - within the
ars. t This is the use the pre
istrattion makes of the people's
uys and keeps up newspapers
Is it any wonder that the Treai
ptyl—Har. throa: • ' • •
, sing explosion.—An establish
'filch fire works were inanorfactur,
lown up on Wednesday last, in 60
ew 'cork, and four or five livei
efoina.—The United Suttee Go
had in pay the la year, Fee kun
fly adlais for an ostler, to at
in Van Buren's , limns I
made their appearance in
.n the 19th of April, and snld at
11 . ti c ; r a
a M s raco om a n by , t a b n e name
deans tbe regulie bailing of
Hislcbarg.- are gel beam.
, -
b-+• vnt. - •
''' 4.. .00,104i0 aC11 83 ,1 . * I- - ,
e‘iiitk7gbilttig:Ankia *1 .t.r
~,. ;mtkiiiiiier, vistiairso - -• ,- -,F. p.f- .
- .. 1 ollista Tear.
Mr. BsarNastr--Yai are Pwa of the
cacti presine, that tlre has- deli
-leered during the past, inter, be re the
Athenian Institute, o , Philadel hie, a
course of lectirtai -On iad l iscrimi t o Sob!
jests, by various . gentkluen Of dist nguish
ed abilities, reading pi ciptilly, I believe
In that city: It has not been , y good
fortune, till-within a day or tyro, to see a
reprint of any of these ! productio n • but, if 1
we may judge'from samples con ained in i
Waldie's last Journal, I doubt
. no the tout
ensemble must have presented a g tifying
'aspect. - The eminent talents• high
standing of the two gentlemen wh names'
are severally appended to the a isles in
question, warrant this ColleillEli • The
first • is Professor-Reed. the othr Judge
t .
Hopkinson; and I need scarcely y, that
names like theirs drool a guarantee of
character to any Institute to wiled) they
may choose to contribute. Thiti is utter
ed in all good faith, and it is no without
r t
considerable hesitanez, therefo , that 1
venture to dissent from an op t ion pro
mulgated by the latter, in the ommuni
cation referred to: Allow me to ite it.
To his euloglum on the writinks of Dr.
Goldsmith, little can be objeete, and few
perhaps would be willing to join ssue with
him on that point; but I mistak widely if
he is not singular in the judgmePt expres
sed concerning the Pte -eminent e of this 1
author over lord Byron. A rigiir scrutiny
might prove that the, former was isomewbat
less "pro fl igat e " . in his habits thsin the lat
ter; and yet if history were to 'sniffy in'the
' case, T apprehend his Honour reeld find
some difficulty in adducing even prima
facia evidence to sustain the facts. But
I peace be to their names. It is their cipa
-1 cities as poets that he examines and coo
-1 trusts, and it seems a goOd dealuna-ecoun
l 'table that he should so readily resolve
every thing in favour of his fesourite, as
ho calls the Irish bard. No , whilst I
reiterate the respect which I his muse,
I can reproach myself with no eaning to
wards licentiousness, tier with ny wish to
I I detract from just reputation, wen I rank
I myself on the popular side in tits question,
declaring'my hottest conviction i that in all
the great essentials which go o make up
the sum total of poetic eicollecce—a rich
imagination, language at once glowing and
sublime, happy - execution, tke.,—Byron
must be ever considered as tr lament - lent.
It is not my intention, boweve , to delibe;
rate or dwell on this subject, much less do
I moan to derogate from the a i
lted worth
of the lecturer. We have i ,frorp 'very
good authority, that " Home sometimes
nods;" and all that could be prge4 under
the premises by the most quetillouts would
only amount to this: That from ione so
well established in years and learning, we
had a right to expect less passion, and
more extended and fruitful criticism in a'
matter so important. . X. Y.
Mr. Jahns Hounder' has requested us to pub.
sh the following :
M. BARMAN :—An Editorial remark io do,
Ist Number of the Pottsville Emporium having
apAred, which may tend to impair my charac
ter as a man of business, I beg leave through
your medium to contradict the sups. My facil
ities of transportation are fully equal to those of
Messrs. Bolton & Co.; nor Is the expense of Por
terage aad phipping any higher, though a state
meet has been put forth that a saving is made to
the merchants by sending them to Ithe Rail Road
Depot on the Poi terage, whichis added en the
shippers °fee. goods, by the higher rates of sto.
rage; consequently Making the freights higher.
With regard to the unaccountable delay imputed
to me by the Editor of the Emporium, his print
ing apparatus was sent to my "alehouse on the
13th of April; on the 14th a Boat left for Potts
ville which had a full load, and war unable to
take the same—the nest Boat 9 succession of
the many boats taking In loading, was the Wadi
ingtoo, Captain Spots, who loaded on the 18th,
and had her bill of lading on the Owning of the
19th; and how the Emporium shpuld have been
prevented from appearing! before .the public till
the llth of May, the owner is bestl able to account
for, and not throw the blame on me who hard no
band'or part in the matter. 1
Yours Respectfully,
Vine St. Whaif, Schuylkill.
Philadelphia, May 26, 1838. I
(-The announcement of the' new I
Board of Canal Commislionersihas thrown
dismay and crfrifusion into the Pbrter ranks.
It has unhorsed the knight ofiloco focoism,
and they bite the dust in agoly at the pros
pect'Of The inevitable defeat which awaits
eambreleng's new Treasury note bill
was introduced with the following, title viz:
'• To carry into eject." The Whigs
made him alter O. they ehould have a
mended it by adding to it these words, •the
ruin of the country."
Harrishurk Chronicle.
Kr The friends of Mr. Clay called a
public meeting in Richmond, Virginia, a
lew days ago, but having slime judiciously
withdrawn the call. The best feeling per
vades the ranks of the entire Whig party o
•the Union.
Editorial - Cmxtuy.—Out: , neighbor of the Ad,
vertiser persiits in dam- nung,upon our person.
He calls as the ugliest man that ever was crea
ted. That may be; but, as for him he was never
cieeted at all—he was only guessed at. He was
the spawn of Catiban and Sycoraz: and his dam,
on account of tbo horrible Jocks of the young
croon -calf, refused to suckle blui. He Was ac
cordingly thrown into the athei, where his ae
rials- stood him in 'rod stead; Ow bogs no more
thought awing bi ro than their would ofstufmg
themselves-with junk baffles. Pf course bis ug.
lines. saved his life; and the fore it he deems
us the God of ugliness, he au tin edited* to
build a temple to iii.—Lestisai Yournei,
- 414:11 ' X
, .
4 -of-of-tevesolupetts in
relation o• e r poen o an ir
'''''' II 'ili * l'''' - eie -1 - rs fb left Its fn''
payment of duet tolhe.l3loorWiWmerit. , ace-w
-.pied the 'Smu poi,i,SuturCiii _until i late
hour.• A mo tio n to s trike out 'that part of
the resolution Which compels the disburse
ment y
merit pf these otesi was. after a Wog de
bate, adopted a vole of 44 to 1. - The
• 'leaden-then +, came up oothe motion to
strike out the Provision requiring the recep
Lion of notes tyt payment of public dues
which was addpted by a vote of 48 .to 19.
Mr. Morris thee moved ei irmendment a
dopted, yesterday; but•befure the question
was taken on iia adoption; the Senate- ad
CrrY or WAl.toirrtotox, blay 25,1838.
The prince de Joinville, son of Louis
Philippe, King of the French, attended by
several French ofinkers, arrived in this city
yesterday. We regret to learn •that the
Prince's stay will be very short, his time
being limited ion account of the necessity
of his early return to Europe.
More Public Debt.—Congress has au.
thorized the issue of TEN KILLIONS more of
Government Shin Plasters. This makes
TwaNnt zuzuoss which have beentuthor-
Med since the commencement of Mr, Van
Bucen's administration This is the way
the Government furnishes HARD moNay fur
the People, and carries on the work of Re
form and Retrenchment !..--Was ever such
misrusaagement and,humbuggery heard of
- ore.— Torch Light.
o:trqt . sitid that the Banking capital of
Mew Fork city is about 21,000,000.
• The Frederick Times. a Van Buren Conse?va.
live paper, makes the following prediction in its
last number. •
"We will make a prediction for the benefit of
the deluded and misguided Sub-Treasury men.—
It is this—lf the Sub-Treasury is not given up
io a very short time, and Mr. Rives' substitute
carried by the aid of all our friends in Congress,
Perimint.vsins will go for the Whigs by ten
thousand majority. Don't forget that we made
this prediction, when the election shall have taken
place and the result made known."
The same paper in another paragraph, may,—
"If the Administration wiU return to the princi
ples which it bas abandoned, we think it possi
ble that it might be able to sustain itself, but if
the present policy is adhered to twelve months
longer, Mr. Van Buren will not receive the elec
toral vote of a single State in the Union, in If 10."
Just so. But the Conservative Times would
vainly strive to reclaim the Administration, and
thus do real service to the Executive. The Pree
ident has made his bed with the loco.fiicos, or al
lowed Blair and Kendall to do it for him; and
there is therefore no hope of his reform in this
particular, and• no hope for conservative princi
ples during the remainder of his term of office—
happily never to be renewed. As was said of
old, "Marna hath turned to Nis idols—let him
alone !"—Balt. Patriot.
Otr Thei Southern' Christian Advocate
publishes the following letter i _givin a
moving -description of a massacre by the
Florida [reliant. The_ writer is Superin
tendent of the Alachua Mission on the
Tallahassee District : ,
DEAR If 'CAPess.-1 am ruined !- 7
While] engeged in toy labUrs in the Alachua;
mission, I received a letter bearing awful
tidings. It informed me that the Indians
had murdered my family ! I set out for:
home, hop4iig that it might not prove as
bad as the. etter stated; but, 0 my God, it
is, if het yen worse I My precious chi'.
dren, Lorick, Pierce and - Elizabeth, were
killed and thorned up in the house. Nly
dear wife as shot, stabbed, and stampeiL
seemingly to death, in the yard. Hut af-,
ter the wretches went to pack up their plun-:
der, she revived, and crawled off from the
scene of death to siitTer a thou-laud de-itha
during the dreadful night which she spent
alone by e side of a pond, bleeding at
four butte holes and more than a hall
dozen stab'—three deep gash. a to the bone
on her head, and three stabs through the
ribs, besides a number of smaller cots and
bruises. She is yet living, and 0 help me
to pray ihitt she may Still live. My negroes
lay deal all atm- t an and
my every thing els e to
to as es. Pray
for me. - ' - . .
My faMily was on a short visit to my
father-in-law, for the purpose of having
some supplies sent up from our plantation
to our temporary residence in the Mission,
and during this brief period the awful ems
trophe took place.
Vats desert a sinking ship."
The mace of Lieutenant Goviaiior Jmnuss, of
Illinois, baring been brought forward u the Van
Boren candidate fur Governor of Illinois, be has
addressed ,'a letter - to-the public from. which we
take the following briefextract. •
"No map'couldmore proud than I would to
be Governor of th* ung and floiiiishing State.
; i t
I should consider ' no greatest honor, almost,
that could be conferred open me by any people;
but if I ever should arrive at that honor. I nimbi
to do it:honestly ; and, were I to practise any dos.
ception upon my fellow citizens in regard to my'
sentiments, by which I might by possibility be,
elected to that office, I should consider myself
unworthy to fill it. Cruder ea my part, end
justice towards the respectable porgy with whom I
haw formerly acted in gurtforte, who sow, to
some extent, seem ii.dined toe/note me still more,
require of ow to 'nab known to tier. thee public.
ly, Oil my mind has nadergonea material change
as I. the policy permed by tie adminietration.—,
CY. Their deleterous akar open every inten.
est of the countiy,-kave brought conviction to my
mind that they are wrong , been productive
of mach evil already,and will he of much more
(if persisted in) to the ceontry generally. but par.
ticularly so to the West. Belt' ing this ' ss I boo
med, do, / am bound to oppose them.:for lam in
far a s: my country i n preference to men." i
• tenant Governor Jenkins is also an Afilim
, plt. under the General Government. being Re
arer of the Edwardsville Laud District.
, 44
Fftwomi *4O •
OT TOO 411DIT01 0114IAL:
•liVe - have been fintorediwitb a copy
Ole overt of rite Auiktof Ostlers' t P er
sylvania, in obedience to a resoluti of t
legislathret ealltng upon biro to " sceru
es near and is soon as coact'
amount of individual, company r con
to notimeither legal or illegal, in car
ilation on theist of November I , uni
'Abe denomination of five dollars.'
The following recapitulation
cootidemble interests •
$ 775
11715 .
, 24,728
BUcks, •
Franklin, ,
Lill Le rue,
Philadelphia city and co.
The Locofeco presses talk ■ great deal
what they call the "popularity trap!" of Go
Ritner. They saii his inaugursl - a,ddresa
..ponolarify train"so wig his approVal of
his veto of the Girard Bank bill; so was h
'136-7; so was bid approval of the impro
bill of lest session ; so also was his mesas.
end refusal to givti SIX PER CENT, inte est on
the temporary ban when it might have n had
at the rate of FOUR. These are all opopidarity
traps" say the Locofocos. We are agreed that
they so consider them. and no doubt thej wish
their Candidate had a few such “traps" to catch
votes With !!.
We do not wonder that the tocofocos-oinsider
the acts and recommendations of Governor Err.
aga. “popglarity traps." They are popularity
traps indeed. They are very popular. They
have been all for the interests of the people and
the people warmly applaud them. The 'Locofo
ixo have hit the tree secret of Goy. Ritner's
.popularity—he supports the people and they in
return support him. -
QT When the pirysent State Administration
name into power, In what condition was the
Treasury? EMPTY. Rol ere its months rolled
round. it had received an influx of FIVE MIL
LIONS of DOLLARS. By whose means win
this money secured'? -By means of Goy. Errata
sod his Mends. This was indeed a PIIIOPULA R.
ITY TRAP. Whit has ever Dsvtti R. Potty=
Or any of his party done like this ? -
W hen the present State Administration,
dame into power. the people were TAXED TO
DEBT," and also, , to keep thepu-.. hli
c work. in re.
pair- These lases were repealed before Jetsam
Rmiza bad been Governor six months. Who
repealed them? JOSEPH RUNES and hie
friends. What his ever David R. Porter or'any
of his party done like this
We shall neessionally notice come more of the.
POPULARITY TRAPS of the present damn
=alio State Administration.—Harrisburg Tele
From the New York,Gazette.
We have the authority of the Msdisoitisn for
declaring that this gentleman has wisely concru.
ded to cot himself clear from the present admin . -
Lannon - altogether. Indeed the declarations of
the Madisonian may as well be givin in its own
words. It says, Mr. R. "has been more and
more confirmed in the entire opposition to . the
financial pelt mem of the administration- even ee
more recently eveloped„ he hes lost all confidence
their oath as politicians. and'. ii.hlr. Van
'Barra as Chief Nlegistrate.of the nation.
Whig prospects in Loulirisaa.—From the pres
ent appearances, says the New• Orleans True
American, ' the Wings hive every prospect of car.
rying the election throughout the State, for Gov.
ernor, Congress. and the Legislature. Governor
Roman will undoubtedly be' elected by an im
mense majority over. Mr.•Prieur. Goy. White's
election is considered certain in the first Con
Ere:salons' district. From the second district all
the accounts concur in the belief that J.rdge
Chinn, the Whig_ candidate, will be elected over
T. Lawson, loco foco. The Hon. Rice Garland
has no opposition in the third district. The
Senate will be renovated and improved. In . the
House of Representatives the whip have every
right to calculate on two Alurda. •
The tateet returns from this state confirms the
statements heretofore published of tbe election of
Messrs. Prentiss and Word, to Congress.
The following is from the Nashville Banner
Prentiss' majority over Claiborne, 903:
Do. do. Davis. 1381
Word's tosjoritravurClsiborne, .270
Do. do. Davis, 748
In order to realise the - Whig pin in the late
'election in Virginia, We must recollect that in the
lower House, the Van Boren majority but year
was form The Whigs now have a majority of! Total gain 52.
The exciisitof the local for their defeat in
Baltimore was, that their voters were at the fish•
whim. We have not yet heard the fish Wort foe.
At the bursting - of a boiler, a stout Yankee.
pliseiredinto the river and saved the life q• the
Captain. As soon is they-reached , the•shork -the
captain was prolific of thanks falba preserver of
his las. «Save your thanks, my hearty,!' mid the
Other, for I only saved you from the water in
the hope that I should have the *mum ceasing
yea tong for the wilful murder of year puma.
ere. --
ATNpiallitioe hievlseenlande in so
Neel York papa to via! the Erie
lime of its oniargemosiiti' Thleeltent
*sired . for this Orsini 10 bs stool
It is stated in one or *lie Western
327 steimboats lave been built on •
within the tour lean:': - 7'6e lei
built at any one place was 118—it
At %nehmen, SS were built; • • • •
Pairt7/4. Mite
WHEAT FLOUR, by this att jead• war • •
dayil7 50. •
WHEAT 150 per pusbeL tioteinaed.
RYF, FLOUR 2 25 per vet in dewlap.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR 4 50 per swt
RYE, by the load HO cents by the • •
RYE CHOP 80 cents
,per besttelil
OATS 40 tints—ready sale. •
rATOES 4.l:cents per bushel led
RN-70 'cents per buena in d
(,LAYER SEED I{s 50 per babel.
TIMOTHY SEED-412 . 00 per
FLAXSEED-41 12 per bushel its d
- WHISKEY-42 cents per gallon.
BUTTER-414 cent pee pound—in
EGGS -=.Iss ents per doter.
LA RDI6 - Fents per pound.
TALLOW -9 cents . per . pound.
HAMS 12 cents per potted.
CORN CHOP 80 - cent per bushel
BACON-12 cents per pound.
BEESWAX - 18 cents per pound.
FEATHERS-62 Cents per pound.
COMMON WOOL-110,cetits per-po
MACKEREL, by tbe bbl. , No 1.012
SALT- 2 6% per bbl4/37ker bush.
PIASTER.Is worth $1 00 per ton.
HAY $lB per toa.-
Resumption of B
T .
• 1
HE Subscriber risturnahislra
edgements to the Citizens of P
others, Who lapped forward to his •
ter the loss of.ibis property by fire
last, and would also acquaint them
he generallyi'. that he has again .:, ,
Drug Business in the hcinse former!
Charles W. Clemens, in Centre
borough of Pottsville , Where may al
a general sssortment
Drugs, "Medi
Paints, Oils,
Glass, - Dye . S
. 13
.1 11,523,38 1
ir v tbout
1111 a
he bill
o lame
is veto
LL of
And every other article in the abo
he is disposed to sell on very low a
dating terms.
N. B. IX Physicians prescript'.
put up at the shortest notice. 1
Pottsville, May 30,1838.
Boats for Sat
7' GOOD ichoylkill Canal Bost
best materials, nearly new,_wßk
or exchanged for Coal at the mark
P 1.9 to B.
May 30
Lot rar Sate.
BvILL be sold casar-soa Caen
on William Streetwi this
ing the Lot on which :,Luke Lee
e dwelling-house. The lot is 55
William Str eet, by:11(1 feet defp.•
May 30 "41
Wan. Henry Har
Soutb.Fifth Street, apireite Cotem
,/tee, Rea l 'ling. Pa.
• THE undersigned
sv forma his.(Hends and t
ll lie has opened the a ,
PI 111
will be hoops at all ti
module thesn. His thangensent
he hopes i mtvgive satieaction to al
GentlOmen who have O horses, wil
stables, and careful NT lora alway .
As nn effort will be spared to d H
scriber Popes to reerivo'a share of I
age.: - , - ANDREW ,
Reading; nay 19, 1838.
AVF.nn hard
-eOll. •SCREE , N dol
R tit ROAD " .
Bar iron of any sir drawn
and spikes of all sixes. for sale at
prices. KHIOS. WHIT
Reading. May 22;1838.
• , , I3ewar.
QTR AY ED away-40in the pie
scriber on the 190 inst..* B
a white face, and a w hite streak
between the hoofs, and is blind
Any person finding "said Cow,
to Henry Boyd, in Mlirris'e Add'
the above reward.
• -m- Wagon. Also, a i Went Cite
Cutting Machine. I • .
A two stall stable and Coach •
near.Clemeni & Papist's Mill.
- Enquiie of M.
• may , 26 411-3 0. M
AT a meeting of Cho' Town
rough of Pottsville. held on
of May mst.the following resole
Reimleed, 'that ilk) Council'-a
Meeting will receive applicatio •
Street Corn mlnioner, Ind Sig
elution be published io therMi
Extract from the Milts -
May.l6. 1838.
may 26
The next Sated-Meeting
hela on Tuesday the bth-ot Jo
clock P. M.
110!affOriti trio
jec it ver
C 3.1 riaq.,„ 4,`ST.:
may 2g
•Lemon s
le-CesEs first 044
ed and:Zr as by
26 . 40
Pay, • MILLER &
!ANDERSON'S tmus-4
teresale at ibis oiScs.
lurch 31
of the
1 at. the
Own!! re.
a tam
imul that
• numser
1$ emits
villa and
stance at
the ppb•
- the
—npfed by
-t. in the
ye be bed
ihe. which
: carefully
telt of the
Bold cheap,
3 , rice. Ap.
allot situated
orgh. adj"in•
n building
tk ,fto,dmo
4pla to
I Stage Of•
trolly in
public, that
vern.. and
to scam•
• such, is
• ho may call.
d extensive
ye. the rub.
blin - patron-
.rder. Nadi
. lowest City
40-6 mo
i "•• of the Bab
el: COW with
both fore feet
• e right eve.
• etoroing her
• • , will receive
lo Ax
Isght .Dearborn
Tit Knife Straw
to )13, voity
: ERG,
ocd-ortbe Ito
tkisda7 the 15th
piped: f!
e wit Stated 11
the otke of
a,oEtbu rap
:PARRY. 1 ;
1 4nm Clerk. I.
.. . will be I-.
,otart. at 71 p'• [
• &C.
Wei. Oebonis It
•40 11