The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, May 23, 1838, Image 1

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All letter's addressed to the editorbius
otherwise no attention will be paid to
All !latices flr mecdings, &c. qnd
which 'rave heretechie been inserted
chaiged,2s ceats each. except Marriag
• From the Washington Medina
Thear;dian Chief stood pensively
cif, il,hin hie prison cell ; , •
fie who hid led his warlike tribe,
Wbgreßtio,4lolll.°P felt; T
Andythso c death's hand was on him,
Though raged the fever high—
Still *ricer eat upon his brow,
And Vengeance fired his eye.!
Imagination carried him
To days that then were past,
When followed by.his gillant ban
- He hra v cad the battle's blast;
And saw the balls that round bim f
As thickly as the hail,
When wintry cloode.obscure the sk
And wintry winds prevail.
He moimit.4-inil_then compared his
Therypresent With the past; •
Once, fighting for his native land—
Note, bound in fetters fast!
His haughty spirit sportied cbotrol-
Insulted was his pride ;
A shortYareweil:--s bitter cnrse;—.
And Oceolit died!
• Fi
. om the Entgob Mind.%) for 18
- ZgAltl2. AND ZOItAY
Bi.l . l4itrxitOt OF 'We ita,
" Zernba, and wliat: are' these
whiteirayeilerlo his guide, as t
passing with a koilie , (caravan) th
land where ,the Send Storm rages)
crue breutheaite4vithetingblast.
returnenfthe Atria - an t "are the Wilk
oars whence the `iron comes whit
our sucars: )- "kilt:l:those?" conti
white loatr:' pointing to other Jul
which towered to the southward.
again related the negro, with an
took, "ail t y are far hence , four dal
hey." by so anxious? he set
though he would hay.e added. ‘.
beyond• these last, see mightier
alll gird the distant horizon." Th
ter was intent upon his question. 1
e' Allah?" 'exclaimed a qnussuilna
Tarty, "we kno:iv nothing of that d
rd tea and &Ars (Infidels, not M
who eat horses are the dwellers tl
'And the mountains?" once mo
.he Christian. "Mountains?" said
ometan, "two months' journeyl
:tooth, large, large Moon men
To the west you have a mighty a
again observed - the, white man.
dark waters;" said the Moslem.
runs to the sett, far to the south ; C Tim
nictool" "No, no,
Allah Kerirn!" replied
lie worshippers of the prophet, "i turns,
ind fl iws ilnitward to the Nile!" ' Impos.
ti tor!" was - the_ answer of 'the t yeller.
-fladaer tail', ' . (there is - the infi el,) l let
ton 100k. , -pt the map of• ihe Sultan ello;"
taid tfin 111 . talem with a laud volt "lila
ti Alla Mahamond rassoul Allah!' (there
s but one• God, and Mahomet is liis pro
)het,) exclaimed 'a number of peop e upon
/mitring this appeal; and the Christian
hwakened from his reverie, .was •;lad to
treat from the stern gaze of the 'anatics
ho snrrounded him.
It was a kafila or koffle, travellit gfrom
oudan to Bornou, with slaves. Tim poor
egresses, pensive find- unpitied,Z conld
qua difficulty . the route The
Nrhip shaken• over their beads qu, kenect i
the most vigorous, some were su i : red to
tang on the'camers back; and one in the
ast stage of weakpOw,, was lashed t ', + one of
hose patient }Mist's On tread th; desert
Mi . BO sure a step. Distress'was :ndeeil
of these captives , who h ' . been
.oat their'liomes bY the' . .eci, l ty
iboring Suitt*. The ,tall., , .rc. =-
hill Where , an mils rterk',luiltsi
water-skin, the pantiAgn vaikess:
m death-like gasp, are th = coin- .
tWo'7e- with whom men t Eric as
:ante of tbe. field.
hiteself a slave, had now
Is stith-his master into the ,
Fan. L I Rote, for the first ti
t and iintile,, bearininf s a- ;
the attention tif-tho Obris e
' said he, "there tea woma ,
for to your teem'? 4 The gni
tad fixed his eyeeiuptin-thcr
Jrkadee (ilstidy dreeiffikii,e
:Sault her skoulderki*.o
I .iposely •an either :cheek,
chafesm.silvevettinfitap — :
.1 ,
wilpnimt 'undid= Sit 4. NW',
) bitterest badges de Bei' to
About to stand m the public
a - 6 - 7 - 11 r -i
WM. 'lr• 7 ,
• , -
iIigiLLIZACIII TOD o ireics : &SO
„'. ~..:,.. , ,Z-
, i iln ... i
'Ketca-Vrertd 40:0014 . rose pure!! t.,
*' `” - h- ''' -1
- a - - 0 d-' * al
tlite.vtevo;kt r et gat9 3 - .. n e. gc,,e , a nd -,g, ,
itian'dmitliipensive 'tackle :,:; toa wellassb,pd
Itibt her tin* itruptiiu l .;,•viotikl: *lt no
longer thare'ct afferin. of the merch• a 1
,whose property. s4l; ) i ti l e: vas. • . Zomba start ,d 1
and prostrated hi lt; foio 'the s wand , r-
ing negress. 4 1What is t isristie ezelai•i
-0 in thek language of he cobiltry. "'
Zoraydef' cried Zemba. ,• "And you,"
turned the princess,. "tit valiant Ole .
the Tibboo, and both si ves'" she ad' •
with deep emotiOn. "Mistress of
heart," said the African,l "What sad I ,
has brought the 14v'ed -by Zl;rayde to t ' -
hated spot?" "Alas! suliii,t replied sh
"the glirazzie, (eapeditior 4 oflpfundere ,
In one dark, hour,; the Aabirobbers an.
cruel Bomoroy rushed i to 'the peacee
I hatinta of the Tibboo; dr' 0 us from o '
' 'flume of hides, our Itvoody Of, and moa r ,.
c i
rain pass, and' chased Ls Ice sheep akin' ,
our native heights. ;But w rallied; arrow": i
flew like sand of the desert, women t
lam hurled masses Pf rock on th heads c. i
our inva.lers, and they He witti poisone.
arrows rankling in their shrunken limbs! 1
But they made me Captive,lsultan, Zem,
ba," 'she added, alter a tpatise, "biay. ,
Zeinba; how is 'lna change Of fortune?'
"I, too, Zorayde, was the aictim of a law
less ghrnzzie, but net like 1) , ou victorious !
Our village was eninpassed iby the me
of Mourouk one-su;
mees inotiping. Th •
plunderers left their tentsland cartels a$
three hours from us,und at daybreak bursa
on our defenceless hordes." I"But your
fastness, sultan?" ' r rhe musitets of the t
Arabs, Zorayde, lay between los and our
mountain shelter. f i t was tad Late."
The white man an his sttauge pilgrim..
age now engrossed! their Icotiverse, -bu
whilst they were seekine oOtim as a
phenomena in their land, ate kaffle entere,
a deep and wooded thick. ITli,e bush an ,
the thicket lay around there. There wii
the mimosa, the mar rove, Sleeping in th •
swamps, the tall acacra, and the keen edges
tulloh. Aud there wore the: watchful ten-
ants of the forest, the ishrill, the rout hyena
the deep red hoe, tli l e iveri. p4nther, the
fearful taro, .the scorpion, the fleice mu.s
giallo. Night was cdnuning obi, night a,
terrible to the negroes whofiziar the growl
in. V beasts of prey with most anxi o us dread
Indeed, their eyes wandered epgerly on
all. sides us soon as he sun hail set, an.
" , Ware bill, bill," (see the gtea lion) wa -
on their lips as the y passed each' shady
coppice. They , wear also , mit without
reason for their terrotls. The, wolf and th‘
panther might be seen darting from bus
to bush at the approach of evemg, and lib
crouched ready for hip victiM, Was no u
common spectacle in these dreaiy woods
Not every day has Africa be ell a daunt'
less spirit, whO, like Iklungo •Peck, dare •
tread the wilderness alppe, an idtit the roe
of hungry thousands, flte deepening gloo
of unknown shades, mid the liarretiness o
a parched and desert land. ' The koffie
crowded together, theiptatees: (slave mer
chants) murmured at their gdidel, the na
tive trembled and wentlon with htty step.
But at this inatant,"there wasp dry of dis
rN AN. ,
t paid with
. out who, re
r,82 50 will
• lines will be
Icents for one
until ordere
be continue
2 per annum;
the privilege
ing 2 equarea
on an an3nll
- times.
be postpaid,
i her notices
tie. will be
~', inn. s
trees, and a general hat' was ord'eied. Each
sought eagerly for -hi" etunpaniiin amidst
the darkness, and at length tint, name , of
Zoiwyde was called in vain. i -Dint a mo
ment was lost. The ' earavati, was turned .
hack with shouts, but there wins nn answer.
The merchants insisted upon] proceeding.
-Even the owner of thetaluve Zuroycle was
so terrified, that he was: williniat once to
abandon her - to the tyrants a the woods.
Zemba and the white. Ma- 'ilium remain ;
ed. Struck with alarm for h/r fate, they
made the forent -echo' with fhel name of
Zorayde. Again they rushed iinwards.
leaving the .koffie far; behintl,, and once
more they thought they heardithel voice of
anguish amidst the moans of' heihunder:
At this mordent, a flash,. of e 01 those
sweeping blazes which in these itropie lauds
lay all things wide and open,l glitened on
the dreary waste. It was bu I Ote gleam
of a moment, for 'dense darkn as knstantly
wrapt all things within-its et. m,lyp l t was
that bright shalt sufficient to rebel`Zorayde l in
beneath the paw of a vast ihe i . The
travellers were dumb with surer se. I Neith
`er ventured a syllab . , The ' bite man,
however, grasped his un, and 'he 'African
his, club. They dart
~ as elltas they
were able, towards the spot, b iitinidst so
deep.a gloom, it had been :a* lekous to
file. • "Another friendly 'lash!' i tanlainced -
Zemin, i and at the moment 'het, fire of
heaven gushed for t,Wgain, , nyirig bare
~ -tiarrowest cranny -and • ost fhidden
track. ' The ..,beal t rt had reti e teit ;after
"nyincwitlibla vintim..and was hoci is the
wet of springing , arresk tipon oretde, Ws
she lay. spellbound - on -the ear l . !Zettabil
snatehedlhewniken the;hatt of his msg.-
- ter,
,orsheclit. FA dittierattpp
~, , toil*ear .
of the .iavagp;44 6,00; at 0 sOfilet in:,
scant, he :IfeliliettWo'SgOo.tha I rd a t i nd, as
lhotigh insteactora.delit(ere", b b 0 .been
i wieide. .But . the •liviiite 'ins "I'''*''
awl 'found ' dui, ligailjtiaryari g, olAii,
onie.s,,.of:deatlic.atrug)lnVvi Aiolif4-
I, Ploot toWstdritherskyktabilst tbrdahisel of
l'ibbritiliiiatriihntionles's ben
, th .he fa:
:I L
'ial !bush! 'iambs alength M"AY:
frantic with agitation, and "felting his
ear of
,' who
e ad-
l 1
~:..-,1 , ...t.,. :, . - ',-...: , , f•-... c••• .--•••, - Q
. •
4 -•,,, ' B ' - ...
' 7 ':. ‘.- -,--------- -;--7- At,
. \ I
_ .
; - %,. • ...:11,—‘);
• r t
'1 " t
- •
oi;a Earni
',..-4';.' -,',1 ~ .3 .: . • 4 ' -1•;•, "!
'. , •••••-•••, ' ''' .., ' " t. 11141. . •,...r...44e, ..4 ~: .! 5,, • ,
~,,,,t „ , , 4 / 4 , • 1 4 .4 j, .5 1 f:' V ce,,Vl'4i v,P)4 ~ 11:r•rO ilfa '
••••1 , t...tAk z ••" l /..?Sr •,.." hil• - ":Z" .... - ". •••• •"' • -...;.••44 ‘...'-' . '''''.=
ff - -a--1....rAr1 , --;,...-.:(':' -•:q.`--,-,, - rli-..,..., - ~.. -,...,-- - ...., , ,-. _-...'
- ,
_±. _
- -•-,, --• ~ --... 4 4.-{-e.4,--- , CAOitti 7. :,,c 3: ' .!: .• ' I : "I, ' **
, 1 --, "‘`," ' " ." v*R.`,...A'" ,___, A ., - -' '''
. 5. ,-
43Nci otrigaMiz TiptgAvez,vs ezTax wommusts. signl4 , lll iimsattsimiltercint?' 0 sus stariStrinaqsatsts. si.isnut aip Ova ass sib sslessassr-Isimasssosi _-_,, ~..,-.r4 . ' 40 ' 1 ; 1- - I ' 4 !vg-A 4 .-" . "
-- i.. = . 1 -.--,,.. -- 3i .- •.. ' + . 4.a —-t.o - - 't-- 1 ,., -- .'-tryo' ' 1 '1- 4 , : - 0 .t, .... 1 ... • ••.••":": - 24:2•&•• '4-Vt'fie" •.""%1,4-1 . 15•4•ww:': .....t...10b.
1 . . • - - ' ' ' .
, y
a ,..•'
rolilsViti..k . ' ItiX •401"iic 'E
• . .
i brenst withiagbny, loncrefused 4 a l iebeer:
l ing news ofthetErtglishman; wink n 4 tea
tpointed.Witirdit the dead 'partifieri'. 41 is-...
)strred'hilii he had saved thematileit i o ,iire.,- :
iZerayde bad-suffpred little - from tbelvripe..
ilof therLwild beast ; and .tOwardsilite.afier
kocirt-of the next thif, they. were 'so fortei'
hate as tb rejoin the kOftlein stifety.l . -•,: ' •
.11 &tote months had passeitaway after thi;
dvedture ; when the Sheikh, of Atortiou .:de
Iclared his resolution
.of holding's bri i irt of
'justice fur the trial awe unhappy eitigs
Who had Irtiken the: tetnoliserianes of
t ,
, liis.seragho. In the couh yard.ef hi pal-.
',!tee, surrounded by his warriors and tle go- .
ternois of his .prdvinees, sat as . sulfitn, a
Irian of imposing aspect, grave deme?nor,
and unchanging decisioml 'lie bad given .
Orders that the case should be heard le full
divan. 'Eve!) , one trembled•for theteap. -
lives, for the Sheikh's inexorable visitations
df the frailties of womanhood , weritotiwell
known to /else a doubt as to.the result.—
Near to the great man sat , a celebrated
righi, or man of letters, one,. wholiat4:by
dint of forty years' experience;learnt eery
chapter in the Koran, and was4ield in great
eptimation by his waster. The white.itra
yeller also formed one of the- grouNetsvid--1
lOg in high favour with the sultan, 'he,
vi t as indulged in a place very, close to'the
seat of judgment. Tire sheikh it hu had
just dispused ofatrifluig case of theft, how
addressed the Englishman in the • interval
before the greater culprits were produded.
••Rais," said . he,"y t eu inua. rest satis6d ;
you can go no further. . The sons of Allan'
are brandishing their spears at all points: I
could nut let you advance with safety:—
We are Hot wiser than our fathers, and they
knew and taught us that the river you are
ml quest of, flows eastward, through vast
!Gerdy countries, to the Nile." The Eng
, liShinan remembered the fanatical laugh and
kinl clamour in the koffie, and he bowed
I-assent. "With what intentions you core
1 toi our country to see the Juliba, atranger,
. we know not," continued the sheikh; "but
to4he east, believe Me, there are cannibals
who devour their prisoners; and eat the
fleih torn from the backs of living animals,
and to the west—yon retnemher the fate of
1 volir countryman." ' "I de, but he beheld
rifle Johba," returned the white man with
:Lerriotion. - The enttance of the criminals
prevented all further converse . The Edg
ili-timan stirted and Oembled. Zemba and
,Z,ii i rayde stood before the sheikh,
:arrayed in a splendid silken tube, (shirt.)
4hd Other in the saute turkidee she wore
;when her companicsivsnatched her from the
Ipanther's gripe. The judge beheld theM
wit c h forbidding aspect, and bade the wit
nesses appear. Their testimony was short,
Lind it soon appeared beyond controversy
that Zemba had ventured beyond the pre
einets ofthe inner apartments, a crime pun
ishable' with death in Boruou. A mourn- 1
Tul"silence ensued, for it was expected thaQ
he sheikh would instantly wave his band,
lie signal for executien. But Zemba ca'
iard at that moment, and arrested il e,'
dread mandate. "lieu me," said the m a
pf Tthboo; "mercy, 'great sheikh! I stilt
read the Fatah ( inarry) - with her." Th 6.
lleclaration created la general senatioh
hrOughout the court; it was an , of Inch
°Meows appeased iliepriii.ofjustiee;and
ife I rallied. in the breasts of }the .paying
yeetaiors. But the sheikh Moved - -
lie Ohl not as Much as speak with his court.
tains. He vouchsafed no answer, Inn
tevied the culprits with unbending rigour
nattier fearful suspense prevailed, and the
quliiin had now raised 'his arm, and the
lihile. man - sprang forward, and appealed
liganist the C. Sentence. "By the head
i f Ilustaphal w axcla4ed the sheikh, glare;
i g up from his throde; "yet stay, it bed.
, mes us to be calm With the stranger.--+
Baii" continued -he, ' l ‘speak on." ' -- 4
ITI e traveller detaileithe adventure which
I*--fel the lovers in th kafila, and dW,eiti
iith ; energy, upon thei prerogative of par;
4 in.i "Rats," said Obsidian with compo 4
s re 4 "answer me a qu lion. 110 you evei
p: nip capitally in y r counfrfr ussV4
dnbt fur this offence, ' returned the Eng-
It !mien. "Each lan obeys its oWn
c Hai laws," observe the - sheikh; 'I tssl
y Ju,:hais, do you neve punish With deelb? 4
he i r raveller hesitated The whole coin;
r" lt the triumph of the sheikh. ' "We verY,
' reli, do," the Engliabman 'lli length I Fell
p ed: "1 blush for my cbuntry,thlit we drawl
sherd at all in sub mattirs." 44E-1
n tigt,". exclaimed the isultan. , The White
in Cri - gain interceded.; "Staffer Allah,"l
( odforbid) cried the 61114iiii; and he IMO
h cgedemningarmprice more: ' Beclhei
fi hi 'yet once again dehiyed die detith - sige.l
fel at the judge's, feet, acid laying' hist
hand Upon his head, begun a lbud and earn-'
ir i
: e p9syer fur the acctised: •Zer . ayde re.
ind e d calm and sileitt, sihilit the rue !
I , gl stripd in, the eye of her•cinerninion, and
it eetheil as though ' lielwis . fielieg for his:
et gh4n, (dagger.)` the crisis pad arrived'
---veli went -and iinpaistaioned . .yreit the re . - --
tn eel net betivelm the satiteliiiii hie,,iiiiiii
_in in 'r`a long lime tbe-e - Oleptn: iotest of
!tit •fig)ii has es essleee s,the - ; - lii seiipito'
4 1
' b diefatakortbillnglishie !iiii‘tti;
ni gli iii."lotrigtliiiiiittaltiiiiiiie l
1 ‘ al l''''' filiiiied,l4- `%e bits& of the iii:
eh w 1 .1 The figbi declares, that true it is,
~~~~ys s
i, ~~'
' •'` . 4 • ,• •7 t •• <
DIORIVING>MAY,.23iIB34 re kro; - .4, krtr.l
4 , •-• •••••• 4 , 4t:4, 4 01- •4,
_ .
ibirtitese slaves' .ye broben our but
that; fer'tis' to e
rim Englishuibtit tell tiliteityikigloyour.
- coentrymmi." _ - • •
. Tbejevige ceased awl covered fierace—
"-14je figiii ? " he - cvintibbed "after a
pstise;• had nit the - ingikt or tb"l4‘
Kerim! blood sha I nut be spilt Au
thpre muss be a severe chastisement." •
- Great sultan,")said the white Man, be
still more mercifiil-1 xansol these
unhappy children lafTibboo. Let them go
back to !heir country whence war,and the
gbrazzie June torn them." The whole
court evidently sehonded, this supplication,.
and the kiln wns hot 'unmindful of the hap.
py moment. Heipressed his suit, and the ,
sheikh leant backlon the judarmenttseat.
tYou will ransgm them Rais?"lie said
at last; "wonderful! which of you would
belie done this?" - He turned round to his
Ministers with an air of superiority:
they shall be free+Englishrnen! stay with
us,and saY —llia ellAllali Mahreoud rassou I
- Allah. 1n a-rew days we shall send an 'et
pechtion to Beghofine,- and you shall have
tweedy slaves. ,l4ly friends," continued he,
addressing tke emancipated negroes,'"God
is great." And he joined the •hands of
Zemba and Zorayd:e. •
Exchange st kw York, on
a 7 per cent. premium.
Ad auctioneer in ilia West of England has
just outstripped the must inventhie or his London
brethern in• the art otyufFing, by announcing in
a wuntry paper that he has recently worn - out
two-hammers, and is now on the second end of
the third.
. -
6 1 fiai)Nortfr of England Railway—The. works
of tits railway eomi4need near Notthallertoo,
last Ireek.—York Herfild, March 31.
Tiro Indictments lalld by the Liverpool Town
Council against the oWncrs of alkali works were
tried al Lancaster, and in both cases the works
werespronounced to be a nuisance. The . moat
imp:tent case; itarneli thategainst Mr. Musprat
remoras for trial -; end . it is not likely to be tried
for dome days. These are also several other
eases of the same Itindifor trial.—March 3d
Atthe Walwick AsSizes on Monday, Mr. Jas.
lice Park, to the case of Portz v. Allis:4i, said,
that political unions Were disgraceful to all men
i t
who were members of ihern, and ruinous io the
coup y. As an did mkn man, be lecemmended
all nog men to avoid soy confection with
At the York Assn Mr. Matthew SpiFkog,
surgeon; was sentence to six months' itnprison
Ment, for the menslau h'er of Isabella Turner,
it Eccslesfielti, near Sheffield, 14 an improper
use of instruments.—March 31.
'There is now living the pleasant village, of
Lefihouse and its vicinity, near Guisborough, in
the North Riding, 6 brothers of the name of
Adanbon, whose united ages amount to 450
years, •
Duping the llite severe weather a most beauti
ful afi ld stork Wa t di covered upon the Park
Roust estate, Worcestetshire, by Mr. John DOb
son min., who having heard it authenticated , thtt
the stark, thangli very pvild, has been takein by
fright, resolved to Iry tht experiment. He there
foie etaeavouied to keep out of sight until near
his game, when be in4overed his head, whilst
at thesame time, making a most hideous scream,
the beea;ne as it were peti ified and motion
less. and allowed kMr. Dobson to take it 41.
.Sherowsbiiry Chronicle.'- •
A considerable (eager was decided a few days
sincest Mr.- Wee Is patent range manufactory.,
King% Road. Ch rses, Iwho undertook to cook
with three-penny Worth otcoals. a Cod fi,b ate:tined,
a legOi pork steamed, a leg of motion boiled a pi
geon pie baked, rump leaks stewed , with four
aorta pt vegetables'boile . and steamed, the whole
weighing upwardi of 501bs. The fire will light:
cent twelve o'clock, and thp whole of the dishes
were placed on the table et three : o'clock, precise !
ly. The banquet was p4rtaken of by 22 geatle
men, old residents of Chelsea.and its viernitY ;
who after dinner drew uP a document expressive
of thlir. perfect satisfaepon of the finepnee
which the dinner had bOen cooked.—Marchll.
Two fellow& having the appearance of farmers'
laborers. conducted a wi4nan into Ludlow mar.
Itet ne Satorday,-with a halter round her waist,
and 'publicly sold her fa i r 3s. The purchaser
was the hushand'i brother ! The wretches af
rerwurds Adjourned to a low pot-house to refrisb
themtelies,---Worcester inurnal,
A 'orgiving Womon.-LAt the ,Longford as
sizes. a young woman, darned Coorigap, Fine=
ected a man -pained Cori for abduction. Alter.
her easinination she adderssed Jadge,TZfrren i t t as
folloies.--AYour worthy, ; as I havolot a In'
ten timethis °superior, and as the' tirisoner d id
not treat melutgenerouslyZbarring thei taking
away, I hope you will looK over ittfuilight as' oar
can. and long life to yor, my lord."!, lila I rd. '1
ahip said be should attend to her penman, '-
lion. , ' . . .
, .
lifn.O'ConnePa {imposition for :-tbe.seStennent
of the tithe inestion is vkveita by all pittges in
this coontryineich more fatvourablg than any plan
hitherto iiggeifetC—Litnitiek'C roniele.' 1
fat - in- ,
.Noll the_ castle.—T ' 'llicel.lttnttlal ,:tv,
honor of St. Panicles- da TritectPonell in co
qualms of tlicillinesa of h s Eicelleney%itia, rik
Lie' Me . ratio -- w is given I .I. o 3reoln . 1 1 the
tle. aimil„if pens**,nurpasrd ic.imagiqfcec. cre
splendour any Urd:Olio on former , occasi
''St Patriekii ball was. brilliantly Annulated qiont
hint an impnsing effect. ettiliAbe Pi r' OP H ' f in r
her and a, tang r . ante of Dottie r
adymniiii,„ "in
appropriated for ieftesh cots. ain rig.: ; itti[Ch
- ware . to "hi found every de initaktili
..,„ SCCIa
afford.. Nothing hould , afPlll3. ,111 , -but!, ii til
l ame, which Iliost o • raps preapted vOs - ta, es'
ornamented with, iferf 4 eriertllieoind.:s;:„ ' -
l'ic.r of other igsittiiiit,Ssit s ,Ae miwq.4xs , ,E4ii - ,'
I. -• manalil),:: At. h4l:l44piii o'clipiA,, , kusAt;;
.- i ~ yr:`• thetant:LantsniqiLintl goiniiiiatnr
,lialgrare enteitad SL.Piatala:llak"secim:Thilik .
nied by the odious of theviEfoositiold. . when the
quadrille band, stat i oned in the gallery strnek
• -% 1 ".% ^ •
4 t wsp t A l• -frts-i!•?iti
13 0 floOlevet thtt - seen.:.,* ' -.41.46 R 4.04 0114 1/ -In&
attired in a jEleld :shapben t rt r ito - - ...[
withstandinehis 'pseentled . ton, ,fo 63:,..+
tniirkibli sist 'Shniilyanee- - illi'll . ' ' clew"
eft:tired the hall•ronsa - Pdii*Cielititien dAts
the stir of ltestricerr-Day. a :Cheimbeilain
opeamohe.bell • which anatinued till:an ly
h o u rl i qf M°Feß.r.4 o 4 l itiV..roc_atititi
Newlcitalilnena.dy Tegsfera!wo Tea, fl F
On Friday 'evehing,..the secand f Telipertnie
Soiree was held' at Ittewitiwuffinavaffi, ial the -
Market•hinisei I The rooms were - anost . tietefully
decorated with evergreens; and three barge trOs
parencipit, with six Snripture mottoes, glad the
scene delightful. Upwards 'or two 'hun dred
were rinment. 'Never war the want or a larger
room more felt, as from the aniiety mingeitted
by numbers of the most respectable tnhabitants to
procure tiellos,, two hundred more could Italie
been issued, had tattle been aer.otsunodiatioo.—
After , tea all the company joined to singing , a
hymn written for the occattiopt Wyteranta PI
Omits Esq. was then called to the chair. The
lecretary, the Rev. Robert - Gage, reads. Most
interesting report of the Society, interspereed
with some very instructive - facts. %ht. F.; Dill,
Esq. M. D. the Rev. - Messri. Wilsim and
MLII inch. and Mr. Cat sari, successfully itdre4sed
tbeareeting in e r irapressive • insto mei
mend the deepest attention; the effect tif which
was proved by thirty five persons joining the So.'
Mel , . A grea t number of the most resipeutable
ladiceof the town and neighbourhood graced the
meeting with their preserice.—Derry Sentinel
It is rumoured_in the fashionable circles that
in Irish Barrister of distinction hit* been so fer•
tonnes as to make a favourable impression en
the wealthiest heiress of England, Misa Angels.
Burdett Coots.--Court Journal.
A. report has prevailed here that Mehl:dim
Purcell O'Gorman. Q.C., is the happy individeisl
alluded to.. This**, ire enabled to prooorm
un.roorttied, sis.we have reason to *now thatis
diatinguished legal functionary is on the eye o i a
metrintionial alliance. with the lateness Leh:en,
late Governess to the Queen.--Driblin E. Pact. '
• i
Ancient Welsh MS4.—W e are happy to i
rionnee that 13. Hall, Esq. M. P. ofElanover , b s
received a.communiesnon from Lord Johni Res.
sell, stating that her intesty,is graciously pleasql
to become, the Patroness of the Society fbr thp
publication of Ancient Welsh MSS. Eodor such
auspices the Society cannot tail to nieces&
Our Fan on Milndaysfordsd sltolersible shot
of cattle, with prices „lootslogCow, with
calves 4 their side raying from S 1 to lat. Its
the Horse Fair the suplply was`mpre than equal ,
to the; demand, and with but few good . oneste4
Denkigh Herald. •
Llangejni Fair.—Tists• fair on Tuesday , wait
well attended, and the sales in every : thing but
horses were brisk.. Wed sold from £lO to £l2i
cows. With call;A:l3.,ta .clikamallatpiefrort ,
30s, td XI. There Was a large show of Xuaiis,'
but few only changed 01 1 116 1 •• '' . '- • 1
A lar ge . concourse of •peritorrs leserohledyee4
terday-iii SouthgeleXtrein, to witness the 'antral
of the late Mr. John Chesterton, of the Talba,
lon, in tins city,ho was buried at 94 Miry de
cryot ahlorch with' druidical honour.. The pro
started soon kfter 12 o'Clock,leaded by a
band of music.. The principaP intention was •.o ,1
course, the appearance of the brethren,-12 in-num. i 1
her, who were attired in long white robes, "van-i
era bles,-dr.c. bearing the paraphernalia and ban-
ners of ttie Lodge; these were followed by a num.!
her of other brethren in black robe*, arm•SetrereE
members of the Worcesterand Cheltenham Lod
gee attended. The- funeral eery, ice having ,been
read an address was delitered at the grave by Mr.
Taylur, a member ofthe Worcester Lodge The
procession then returned to the Lodge Bemis at
the Talbot. The 'singntarity of thhi pngliaalian
naturally 'drew together a large croteiklllitorig
whom we regret to state there werei Mail ' who
conducted themselves In A Mat net high'? ndeco:
rout and' ot at all consonant with the acilemnity
of the accretion. This . description of conduct was
not confined to the street; but was evannxtended
mine church and charehtard, where the only ob
jcct appeared to be to gra ilv a taverna curiosity.,
without aqy regard to the proper-decorum which
- ought to be observed on inch oceithiribs—dlest.
~etiita„iele. , '
• i •
The Busch in Wisles.---A mast .use ently Una:,
torn preva at funerals in the Prancipaltty. In
stead of a y fixed face being payable to the offici.
sting min ister, the friends of the decesied'offer
what each individual may deem proper. the clee .
gyinan standing like 41,14 in a quoitingground
or a cook on shrove Tuesday. while, the money is
bang pitched for, if not at hini.on the altar; when
this part-of. the cc:rumor IS over, the' Money is
taken-Up, Counted, and published with 4 1 thank.
you." At a parish in Merionethshire lately. at
the Goners( of a respectable female. her four;sona
not wishing their motheehnried at it Were by.,
subscription, deterrome4 that the offering, alitfold
be confined ,fti therrOlyei, the eWest Aired ,a
sovereign and the ibrceyouoger half a , :thiregollill ,
each to the parson width the clerk. The, conse
quence was that the clergyman hesitated, if Oct
positively refusal° proceed with_thextereato4y,,,
under pretitoce of notavithing to do away )itiith
an old coptom, ando wreath, to say the.least of it,
vet); unbecoming both to this hitnotion link 4. 16 •,i
et:wishing/ft wasthe nesultr Martmall-mammo n; ;
bow long; re you to•imolinue•the godsslvihsthate
tallishment. •••,,,'-i-
. . 1 ... • ' ''; " 'I-•''
. . _
;1 'FFlgitl lERAliTec t
Man, " ',,' deg, lanir elinirditStkOdildi -
Bar !I &V% iink - eon ;-dray. '.,..
~ ptiwyn;llo9 gti*li."l*.',. - ,:.,.- ...: 1
Lair el fisild Gwynedd sae hon
. ..
4 1. tt zl it:V e F . .e«Ticii: ;
.- 4 4 " Oticimei .. ..ilack• _.L.. . c
P c tiaja iti4 bel; ibaridild r -r-illin% '44 _,',
14 'figi-04ibloghlia:,.,„, .,.,.,
... Bod dicitewipins—tOw Z 4111' ...
,- - Yw . loriun iitiefifikin ...:,
~- ~-
t, t ... .. . . , . , Doll. ssir l
Nanigl ci r binsiritylB3le ': ...- ~.
.SI : CENT =.l-#EW*.RD:,I-i
-43pAii$AYfron hliolrierit4i,on - tutiaii'
luiliii„, ai',llli.liti !,oeiited'iiispiiiritleii Wtho
Cibinet *kiwi 8 ' rd it"itlAO
611::COLIMIG11:1' aboßf 12;year+ 'AU per
mop are . ilithiall(Ftlfori:ng for listintimild
t ioity at Ili* 104,4!` Wet wlkl.llll sfrald'Afp-:
prudes tti.o,initiiiiilW *Cie& Alli'illovit
i nwaid. - _... 13MITEI; ARAN D. -''
may 12 '
' t .44,2' - x!". - , - N. , _tr. , : -... - ... , L ia.. •-:. ,
;In -:'. ni.,,,ttger" , 4,,if....N01V11kV.4.1tR1
Ilhoitel ' . . • - $Ol4-4 0 :
t .
~,,ittiArkilhifildiuir. '144:041, , , ; , cti.:41441
..•-4- , .ii , -.l4 4 itscapnor 441AViti'4•Vi'wo
WILL'47 rriteillid Siiie Se ' o:Ostkeereso.7l:44 - 4 , at: , t:;•
WILL bCifild'eVirntdia Stles.ol4 $01114.q 'i-ii
:.I!.7 i .,,lt.Alcgatitd tit 100t,..1038, ittliellajellt., .ii
io the eveeing, it- tlieri il ettorPaElf - A 4 4• 4 .:lisic, ~,,,
- in' (.*iienters*. - "Clistrt.u'theitinit :.'itiesklistilik : -'
Elide) betWeen'Tbild and Roirthiltreetd. 000 7 ' r. , ..
number of 1411 i: ling lots..tiOil landieserepi .- :,,
tel and Qui - loin;oittatoatlchoirikal-,a0.** 1 ,e.,.- ;
in , the kieetionOrthe West end Mali Areoldr n
es orOtt Schuylkill, and 4 the termination litibet,..
West BrinelferldibeitilViuli Sottuyikiiro)))bit" • .'
.6tellialdion which nesrliv-eolkhlrd ofilmiiiiik , i ..
Wellness olakthoylkyl lxszOtr-waldortlo4lllolr. - -
The property ‘l4ll be sold i . iir . etetly le iipleit .
noar - eiliihited at the Pidtedelptua Aucalikilbitii . i ' - '
end ittilislitibi-,",•-1 I :,-. ,- - -
GO BnilditiCl.W.on Dock street.
30 ant H*4 atreetc. • , •
40 on Centre Turnifte, the ma i n road to Xt040.1 ".
1 ville. ' 1. 1 1 - " .
A number "o Wait lots. from Ito It .wersti " 4 :' -'4
A largwand well finiebed hotel; to which' . he Ur ! ,. •,:
taehed-28 of,land.tand_levent coallerbanak.
of larviinge. ppm 150 to43ofeet front. ls7:89# 1 1,„
in depilimli now occupied akeoil
• IIZT the,publio is meiertioeitiveli slated didli
the above . property will.te .0W it the thati4ll' -
place above mentioned witho ut limit or...,MaiW,
don. Terms at Sale. ' •
N. B. Plans at the "heathlphie -
at the Philadelphia Auction Mart; andat the.
ei hote in-iichuytkil end • Barka • Cooniajoi
tid lsi— ,
.INay., 1.11:181
4 Notici to Contraction Minerov- • -
MY' Vines will le let
to any tespotouble Aliotto-a.Cost • ,
can esomjnetheAtinso.
.111ar,16. ~37-; ALF ED
THE undersigned : respectfully. infiNtnik'd s : respectfully. public that he bee commenced rennin -
Semi-weekly line of STAGES between '
VILLE and BARRISBUSG.: kare!' ,
“Natinnal-MoteVvin Pottsville, everyTissecimv, -
mid Friday. at 4. o'clock, A. M. lied
Hale's firotel, in Harrisbnyrery -Monday. and
Thinadv, at 4 o'clock, A. arrhitnrthe
evening at the- plats :gird nation!. -
IrarTkratigh: '' 113
Wa Psilisentiifs;
For SeeteapPlT 'at WeovSell6 ll 4lll.'tigliviliki
and at Bale's hotel in, Harriebart. Pelesointa
taken-to:or bola any other dot:figs/ pleese.,
big , c o* Elam* wit
Ba.,eryhecontecikterletitior BookAtorik... ,
where alkkindeor Woks Ire beatittlis-
shortest notieett low rattle
Blank. Books' 41r4
of every 'description akade to order at:the leierert_
rates- = and the trade 'applied Iwholesale
delphia price'. . -
April 11,
l on.
New G oods = Ne - Geodelt. ..., i
:11311M, noshed , -b y N. 1.1 41cepotaaer ,
w anti elagaakasserttnenC o SPaorost : MlNll.-- ,
mer Mots; punted mbsiins itad lawns,.aimare .
which may be found a few , ; deal - of Eit'EgiV
Prints at a - eery 'lel rate: Also a splendid . itiW '
*eminent of Clcithe,,Cassimeree, Vesting. .&&' 1.. ''
Also, . 9eatleusetee SUM* wear.. Optltar,
With a general aosorteteeion4inens,Ce4rjrfl4,...,
apere, Tielilogs. line 110; &e; &e. :
aril 14' ' 1 26'
• ' Richard,,Do,fo • ociter tj , i1..1„ - .,.
sminull,.lntthi,ll itiOss.suatt4. 4 ..: ..-
'• .. ..: . rAcTu t ' - • "L- ..
:vest Door to Switael.ilartes \ .• 4011 Velart.. •
, .
, oppuite Ike Neawrat-Dolitittke-iirortillt -;•
, - • ; • .. - ' , Pettoridei , l ' • 's? - ';' - • v , ., i,4.0: : 4" .
' ' 'RESPECTP CAA!' liittisidOral:-.. t
...,'.; 16 ' the POlierly 1 "-hi- Or loratilly 1 , 7 , - .
keeps err , ban ;i,lowerit4smikr,, ...:
Arum off adalat*lQ•ao,,. ,
•,• • . i , toacli, Die in Westin lilarpaW E
, • 1 . , , i , 'Nokia. Traillitt Balk Titliat.'
• ; 'IV Nete; lieffilo. RObeitirtalatr" , ' -,
.. -., , -0- Saddiewetate Lathes Gip2llllor ,!
1 ' ~ i , 0 ‘ Riding Whips. together gr_, llll 4 l Tl4-...-
levy otberartieleienerally, kept sod wiargure „;
b e
fieddters as& - aptieita alL s to Wine*-4'7"
itielerld'eiliwod listaoles felf theilgelferii ' ' ' . 4l44 r 4
i • ErerriegrAption'Of work lila' brie. wiit iite - ;'' 3
intadelo order at theshartest odic+ with itellweili
j sod drirabllity,;.aatoo, .400 . 0 ;,I,Dr.. 'Milts!! V, ~
Idone elselOrraii. • ..:,. ~ ,: -,.,, i • ;;; -. ..-,
4,4'9 . • —1 • • - 1$;• 1 ' s 3;:t 2 .:• --`• '
' . •
Mount Caritas' Rail . .lectitti ~drilliplii3 O :::-.a
'IQ 0110 Bis hereby givesofietw wail . orii*- - ,4,-6.
ifiroCtilikAtiOs.hoideMbr AoAktemtritSl l ofttp
Fu g
Maki itail.lititid,Corepsop will be - htitli...oa . . -.
410 the 26tli'lliforAply,iit's iiiellieli hi' —', 7. - sr,'"
l'"Room'Neariiiio.iiiiitte• " '1:0, , 1 1 ,
Pky of Philadelphia.
_, ."; '-` ' • , ' 1 ;;' '"- - -.;4-2 7 , ; .,• 4 4 - 4.
. . ',V.,-* 0444.0f4bik:130114:00thin 4;
• • : ,
i _::;„...
_,AMW V,..149./iNZLItWi '- „.
.Phitipltii te4.,viine..-1:v.:... ~,,- 344,..„',„ '-
Pennine az
, • ,
• „ , ;t aupe & . 1 - A'
Elt "
ipiiicilatigis IN i ihe tact eflaird
latoaTtact.illt UK.Niontvailulting; l ll l loo-%-t
fir . 611 . 2 0 144 4°W.r , c1e- &lair Iberia
herthifundireit^sed ''crattas title - theiito;
liiitifuti suit' per son
, itt!aisplW 4 '
#e tat*. .Ailiesiode -thane
1;:l . '• • ARM% POTINK" . i* , 4I
lihilb4uip . - 28. -
jr! 411403I31Sipulaillf . Ed' ieinoi," or; Munn •
• *Cf:
relehred -and foredo
f" •
" NOtlice. — c -
ttfiddreio424ll'o 4 ;e!ria'silitga"atiii****:
URSVANT' tekirlaiectaitroo7o,644 .7 4 ,l
tdosirddanikettiied: 1 0SaeN,:it
tyoy wait holdtitthelotinot
'espot.iti the toiough of itaidAig, ;
ou the sth diy of hanist. ' •
P. St. lif-P
O r * ;,fty,