The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, May 19, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL: 1.
• sal" mitzlor
Thant DoLueee /orb Fier
payable eerni-ann_lielky in adva
tbe.year. %ell be eba
eel,e the paper free of poetege.
83 per annum. If not paid wi
will be added to die price °feu
Two Cickuisist r per annum.
, 11
in advance. if nut paid witht
be charged
.Alvertisertienti not exceedin
charged for tistitse insertions s
insertion.. Large! . one. in pro ;
All advertisements will be
oat. unless the tittie for w :h t
as iliztecified.and .411 he charged F•
Yearly aivertisers will be ch 1
including subscri piton to the pa
of keeping one ad terttsemen t a
stinling dunng ar year. end t
er one in each nips r (or Three
All letter, addressed to the ed'
otherwise ao attention will be
AV! notices Cm: meetings,
• whieft have beretnfore been in
charged 35 cents 'each. except
Pu I litc loot'
rri E Registrir ot Schuyf
granted to the rub-eribe
nitration on the grate of MA.
Pottsville, demalied; all pe
,Fittate are hereby required
PaYment:anid these havinz el.'
legally auth'priadil for settleru
‘• S. N. P
'Vallee and
L.ETTEttS Festarnentary
- 1 •-• RY'BAINE. deceased. 3
.ed to the subscriber, sole ex 1'
and testament..:', All person
gainst the said estate, will
for settlement; and all perso ., .
same are requested to make
scriber. who is the only Perso
to receive said debts. The a
ed to Strange N.; calmer, Fs.'
void by the pribiate of the w:
• Same And the suosequent gr
Teter et Schlislkill County, of
ry lathe subscriber,
Sole tzecutor of the last w ill u
niav 9
Dissolution 'of
,liiE partnership heretotO
the authicribers, trading u
DAOLLNISON St CO. is this d
that consent. The business
witted by either of the so.
"` flee, 25 South Sth street.
Phila. May 1.18
The Coal business wilrbe co
seiiber. - 140 will keep • sapid
White sod Grew Ash Sehuslk
el 4 market prom by the ear
Oifice. 25 south Sib et W her:
'may, 5 34 .CA
Coal Merchants. Lao
land others.' are resp,
formed h
Haden Sni
Civil EvOter, band
grill AT he haii rommenrerl
dente in Pott.vllle, and to
and sarislacrorilr rsecute all tr ,
be may be.faiurcd.
FL S. it determined to confi
Penal-ale and kJ w
will enahle him ,minetuallr
tr_mleimma edgweed in
Maps hindsonirly finished.
Designs furni.he4 in every
Peansiirania Halt,-Apnl 2J,
- Public sa
Wit.L .m Sat orda . l
Mai in?, at 1 o'clock
of Chi titian to , T. 1 ankeeper in
grove, tbe.ondivided mo iety or
taw tract of coal Land, innate
Schuylkill county, containing
or thereaboota, bounded by t .
Christ; Win. Gruff, and nth.
lg a v
LE ,
has to ,
Dos reip
Shag ear
or *ant*
%1 Ph
am w
to ka..
Ptutadeinhia, at 6 o'clock P. Al
rues of Fart:
Tb Oneigsburg, .7 5 r
Port Cliouw,
Heading, • •
' Trani
For Sew apply at the
45560 4 No , 2.5., North Fourth
Ilay 2
I • •
. .
_ ----1,
" 1
1 inu. Tilts 'Too v o nue s raw 114W1LLSI ow Tux ras e sulal 011271 0 11714 -SATC IIII6 O F Tax NOIDUTALCILS I "4 11 Wait.° W
.4 14 Gri r *
, •
Fresh Giroceiries. , k .
tbeir spring aujapty of .
... Grocer en, a
iron; winch will be frnd some very li suite
Green and„Riack Tess the very sates{*opera
tions, which they can reeommeud to their friends
and the public.- . I
april 28 - .
Carrrs per annum.
e. If aot paid with
to all those who re-
To mail subscrerers
in the year, sOcents
Ruts Baca Turnip. and
White Flat Turnip Seed,
By the lb. or smaller quanuty, for sale by
april 18 29 B. BANZirAII
yable eeterwasteemil
the yea'. $2 50 will
twetie lines will be
ad SO cents for one
netted until ordere
ly are to be conunue
• ceordingly.
rged $ll per annum:
r —with the privilege
exceeding 2. squares
insertion of a small
ecessiire times.
PURSUANT to an Order of the Cirpliiines
Court of Schuylkill County. on Saturday he
16111 da vof May, vor, • t 1 o'clock P. M. at he
house ot Christian , Ley. innkeeper. in the th n
of Pineizrove, Dr. Jacob Christ, Adolinistiato of
the estate of Solomon Christ, late of Schuyl ill
County, deceased, will elvish: to sale by' Pu , is
Vendue, the undivided moiety or half part a
certain tract of land. situates to Barry tritra4o,
Schuylkill County. contai?tng four hundred Sod
eighteen acres or thereaboute„bounded by tatids
of.lacob Christ. William ttaeff and others, hald
in common . with Adam Jiaodenbosh. Also, the
legal estate of the said intestate in t)f e
. •sss one third part and some small-egot
Ur; tile Interest amounting to about ode
eleventh part of é certain house and
loi,,sttuaie in the town of .Pineneose. in the •fer4e
said county , bounded by lots of Soho Barr d
others, being the house and lot on which Jacob
Christ, E-q. resided at the time of bis decease.l—
one lot of ground in tbet town of Deerfield,
near the town of Ftnegrove, bounded by Tulpe
hockto street and other has, being the same lot
purchased trom Benjamin Berger—late the is.
tate of said deceased.
tor moat be post paid.
,aid to them.
and other notices
rted gratis. will be
ages and Deaths.
ill county. having
Genera of Admin
. Y DANE, late of
'no indebted to said
make immediate
'4 ma to present them
t to.
L !VIER. Adm'r
34-6 w
estateot A
airing been rant.
tor of her last will
haring claims a
ea‘e present them
',a indebted to the
cment to the anb
legally authorized
IniStsatioa grant
'. having become
of the said. Mary
tine by the Reg
leller' testaroenta
16 P.,ttosille.
Bonne, dec'd
• Inership.
existing between
dgr the firm of H.
dias.ilred by me,
the [Ate 6rm will
tbeia, at the of
fleeted by therub
et the beet Red.
Coal. at the low
or ~Ingle too.
h, 1..0r Soo , h.
etfully in-
a permanent teat
,reparetttn receive
ince, with winch
e hii prae:ine in
ich arr neement
attend to three
who may empk.y
ad Amhitactaral
SIS. 31-3 mo
the 26th daT of
• M. at the Arose
the town of Putx ,
alf part 'of cer.
1• Barry toarriatiip s
ur hundred acr,u
lands of Jacob
at'eta hollowirg
•o 50
1 00
3 00
haute fla,
and at their
: LSE. , Pins.
WELL. Di ,
r 'Prarittem.
. •
Public Sale.
A.dcatautrart.' i
By ceder of the Court.
Orwireborr;'.4Bril 21 .30—ta Cleric D. q
Port Clinton Foundry 1
12 1 041. SALE •
vinT.l. be void at pi Mete sale.. the Foundly
v pleasantly situated al: Purt Clinton, Schu l.
kill county. on very rrainnable teem*. This
Fnundry is at the comnirneealent of the Litde
Schuy hull and • Susquehanna 'flail Road, ne4s
making, and wtll in a shun time be onset tot
Jest situ•tmns in the country to do 1. bui t %
neal For tern.", &e. apply to
Iron Foon4eni, Philadelphia.l
Port Chnion.:;
kily 29
Valuable Real Property in Pon/ail/4
THE undersigned offers for auk all that well
known three story ,fifticir STORE 'AND
DWELLING ROUSE and the ■pportenanaa
sitaste in Centre street, Pottsville, the 'viper*
of the undersigned, together with nine ()the('
tenements in the rear of paid. building and the
lot of ground whereon the who* stands. The
hriek building aforesaid, coattiins thirty feet iii
front—finished' from the basement story to the
garret in the hest st.) le of rrorkmanship, and both
as a business stand end a resideoce,ls most 14-
morshly rise.trd. The fluegning property will
.odd on low and accommodating semis, Pet i t
of the -Airetisse money mar remain on tne, pro*
erty for a tea years, it desired. Title initisput4
tile, and possession .can be given imiiirchaihely-+
■pply to G. 31. JENNINGS.
April 'le Pottiiitle
New and Elegant Goods- C
N AruANs sl CO. i ced j wtrcctiacd and
• offer for . •
6-4 Ea( :t.h merino., from -SO ,
73 cts yanil
Sneer French do at 50 per yard. •
Tartan. merino, trorsted.ratk end cotton shawl",
Red, +ante, yellow. green and scarlet dames.
Bleached and unbleached Caskicki flanaebOota
10 to .5 ~ ,e r yd.
Worsted hoes, enoirorts„ caws, ehiliren's bate,
Winter prints, gloves. &e k e
Cotton bats and wadding at 6f per sheet,
dee 3
BRANDY, rece'nrc4 an
. 25
fr sale by
aprrl 14
The Family
o neenteritary
VIROM the works of Henry and Scotty and
Awns one hundred other v.-risers. paistfwbed
in London by the Religions Tewetzloeiety, Teals;
t ed and abridged tr two colonies, with Maps and
Engravines. This valeable work is published td
parts, at 25 cents each. Terrine parts are abeady
completed, and eta be obtained , at the subsriibera
Book &ore where subscriptions taill aho be r*
eetsed. . R. bANNAN.
pine 24 •
r Flooring Boiirds.
CAROLINA worked &nape boards..islottes 2 ;
pd. tongued and vaned reads file *Oal. LI
and I incbas RC ddlireot oddity and patecej
constantly ea hand. and fig 'ale in iota insole
Parch.lers , also aPolittiMait fetter to
Planing Machine Whart a i. X. Phi a. Cos
Ord g 3 31-11 Pausal* .11
110, DA NN , bet ins . i _ _ , a eery *nee-
A-1 0 . rior soppayoft." and I in. A Lepelen Plere.:
in imam - the irnint in leminesokbieb grill be iield , ,
(*esp. . „ ;{ ,
'april 18 { - 1 26-
IPainted JaT i
IrINT received and for.. • y the • • - -
4 . a few pieces of = •.; • Pastel Jaitoriebt
together with kehoieescleetten et 'thistle's 4c.
kat oafs by BAU D 1 STUMM
'VW SO 30—
-., .
~ , -,. 4.. -., ,5„.3 7. •
~-t .c . ..- -. , -• 4 lAtk rt.-4 -
.. :. I' ' . ; • -
. . _. ..
L , .
,1„-- _ . . r,- • . --- di .
. -
Cr. . t: 7 Ill' ' -'‘ •0 • ' ' % •- -
1 ; .- : -- - :' ',
.. '.
- '• rli. t=il.
1) • - ' --- '- - •:`-' -
! •• ~-',. ._-: , 1 !
' giCrELAg
i : • k!.
Read the Following.
IliterestiNg:atui Astonishing r
MORE conclusive proofs of the extraordinary
efficacy of DIL WM. EVANS celebrated
Cailioinlle and Aperient Antibilioue POloin O
bviating afflicted mankind.
To James Dickson, 36. Cambia: Boston. Adept
for the sale of Dr. Wm. &sanest Camomile Pills.
Lowssr„ Nur. 15 ! ,1936.
Dear Sir—jCnoiring by experience tint every
reference that the atniete2 receive of the beim&
Mai results of medicines, I cheerfully offer mine
to the public in behalf of DR: WMi EVANS'S
CAMOMILE. , PILLS. 1 have been afflicted Il k ,
the last ten yews with distress is the head and
dice: Orlin so had as to degiVfve me of sleep for
three or Rim nights in succession, but bore never
found relief by any of my Wends' prescriptions.
until my wife fiw the advertianients in the'paper,
when she persuaded me to send for some. which
I did, and obtained tiro bores and bottles.'which
resulted in almost completely rctoring me- to
health, although 1 have nor yet entirely finished
them. Should you unmade! this any benefit to
yourself, or the public, you bare guy cheethal per.
mission to publish it. Yours, respectfully.
THOS, K. GOODRUM, Centralist.
iI'cTERESTINO CASE Cured by Dr. Won.
£ Erania Ciutiansits Timis and Family dperi .
eat Pitts —Mr. SEN./AMEN SOWN. corner of
*hippen and Georges streets, Philadelphia, affect
ed for seven years with ettreme, nervousness. by
which be was not able to write his name—his
symptoms were,eruseation,chuly spasmodic pains
In the head, loss of appetite, palpitation of the
beart, giddiness and dimness of sight, utter ina
bility of engaging in any thing that demanded
vigor or courage, sickness and weakness ex.
derne debility, disturbed rest.• sense of pressure
and weigh t at tbe stomach after eating, great 1
iiie?tal• spoodeney, severe flying pains in the 1
eheet back" and side, costiveness. a dislike for
society and conversation. Mr. B. has made trial
Ovations medicines ndw before the public, but
to otteffect. until, observing in a public paper
some cures performed by Dr. William Evans's
Camomile Tunic and Family Aperient Pills, be
Was induced to give them a trill, of which heris
et any time happy to state that they effectually
ennui him of the above distressing disease.
ErPersons elm doubt the above cute, are most
respectfully directed to the above mentioned per-
Aiii, at the north writ onrner of Shiopen and
G+irgeostreets.. - RENJ A MIN SOWN.
- Philadelphia October 26,1837.
Mrs.'Flannah Browne, wife hf Joseph Browne, '
N. 6th street, near Second, Williarothorg,aftet.
ed for the last tee years with the Liver complaint,
completely restored to health through thelteat •
meat nt Dr. Win. Evans. Symptoms—Habitual
constipation of the bowels,. total loss of appetite,
excruciating pain of tilt epigasttic region.- great
..depresaion of spirits, laignoe sod *they symptoms
of extreme debility‘ disturbed sleep inordinate:
flow:of the inetives.pain in the right side, could
ace lie on her left side without an aggravation
of the pain, urine high colored. with other symp
tams indicating greet derangement in the fund.
[tuns of the liver.
.11ra &owns tea, attended by three o f the find
physiciaos, but revived but little relief lroin their
medicu•e, till Browne procured some of Dr.
Vim. Evan's invaluable preparations, which ef
fectually relieved her of the above distressing
ayinptoms. with othersottoth it is net essential
to intimate. Joszru BROW NE.
City and County of Neer York, ssi
Ji.epli Browne, of W illiamsburg. Long bland,
being duly sworn, did depose and sew that the
filets as set forth in the within statement. to which
he has subscribes' his name. are jut sod true.
JOSEPH rittovrsz.
Unsboa of the said Hannah Browne.
S wor n before we this 411Vdsc of isoaary, IT.
PETER PIN KN ET, Cosa. of Deeds.
NTERE;STING CAME of Testiotoder Colo
I coropion--314.1uhe Row el applied on the lit
day of Perembet at the office 100 Chatham
street. Wiener under the follosting aymptornit—
A. slight spitting of bked. distressing cough, at
tended with an civet/motion of purulent matter,
night sweats, general emaciation, difficulty of
breathing on exertion. with a well marked biotic
flush on the cheek_ On examination. the cheat
was friOnd to sound we'll eyery where wept un
der the left clavicle. anis in the aria pit of the
same side.
Trial me at —Directed to take the restorative
Camomile Pills. with the expectorating com
pound, at the same time en injunction. to call in
four dayir, when the sight sweats bad ceaserlt-Se
ixreetorstion slightly c*.icriinisheil. us light fit at
coughing still remaining in the morning. Or
dered as usual to continue the methane, and to
all in the course of a ,meet—rhea Yte health
continued rapidly increasing; without the least
*nigh. Calhd at the office on the 4th 0r this
month. quite convaleoent returning his amore
I thanks for the benefit he had obtained.
Hr. Robert Munroe. Schuylkill. 'aided with
the above Atomising malady. Symptoms—great
languor. flatulency. disturbed inst. nerenes bee&
eche. deffecohy of breathing. tightness and stric
ture coons the breast, diazisers, semen irrha
bility and tesdesariest could not lie in a heti.
venal peeitinn. *idiom the sensation of impend.
ing auffocition, palpitation of the hem% diens. I
ing cough, costivermas, pain of the steenaeb, gym.
eineetogreat debility and deficiency of the new
els energy. Mr. tr.. 3104 mil Vivo 1 1 1 0 2% I NY
thought of recovery and dire despair at cue tke
ometenance of every person interested In his j
existence or happiness. till by accident be tatieni
in b public paperonme tats efßieuxt by Dr. Wm.
Evaes'a medicine. is his cosipliust, which inch.
cued him to purchase-a package of the Pills. which
franked in completely mooring etety symptom
ot kis disease. He wishes to ay his 10113IPAV for
this declaration es, that those afitieted with the
same or any ityeeptome swam to than hos
which he is happily re noradoowyfikewiwe remits
the mast lutetium& benefit.
ER oollr6.+lafrSlX raw
trnot DING.
MRS. FARMS BRENtiISER. with or lift
IY- 11 Ames Breather, owner °Mewed street end
Germantown Raid. Pinledelphii.*Ecnted fie the
lest six rearm with the Livar Coettitifut: was
eeeephwely reamed to heel& by 1hr.,..W1L E.
VANS'S Cantennie tout end Fswelf Ititeriest
Kis. Her eyieptaisi were beb#o•l:rintergiate B .. l l
ezetociaitis' g psis' is' the eternack disiiressits
*Tits' languor, exams diderbdil asp,
. ,
great prairie haw side. could not lie' on her left
aide without ab aggravation of puns dizeoesais
-the head, dimness of sight. with othec "P im "
ividicating gldr derangement in the function of
die Gm..M ` Brenhiser has mia trill bf vs.
ripos mediel now before the public. 'bat ra.
awed DO rel unto ebs was advised to make
trial of Dr Erruss's Pille r bf Which shit ii happy
to state that thby effectually relieved her the
above distressing symptoms, with others, eh
are not essential to mamma.'
(Mr. Brenhioer, thivrisurd of the above Mrs
' Brenhiser, ha l been trio years aflieted with a
distressed eta piles and Costiveness , of which
bri wo effects ly eared. ,
i --
A perfect card erected by the trestand of fhr'
•WiiLiaa Esena.
Mr. John Gibson, of N.4th street. Williams
burg, afflicted With the above complaint for three
pear's and nine months, daring. whiel time he
had to use crutchei. His chief symptoms were
e.-cruciating pein in all his joints, bot especjally
in ;the hips. shetdder, knees and ankles, an -111r
grivation of=OS towards night; and for the
most part all from extetnal beat, en obiri
ou)t thickeninglof the &aria and ligaments, with
a complete local ofmnscnim power. Fur the ben
' efti of those afflicted in a similar manner, Mr.
Gibson conceives it meet to say that the pains
have entirely .)ceased, and that his joints have
completely recovered their natural tune, and he
Itels able to risunot,his ordinary business.
• 1.
• , '
so r ovt 1. XLSI D sUa32 c r lATV*I TO 0011 On
rdra. Anne G. Kenny, 14, 170. 115 Louis street,
belt:eels Stantbn and Ilortston streets,
1011, ten years With the following distressing symp
'&cid eructalion, daily;_spaiimodic pains in the
head, loss of •Opetite, palpitation oftbe heart, ed.
duisse and dine - nese of sight:Could not lie on her
right side, disturbed rest, Utter inability of en.
gaging in ani thing that demanded vigor or
rage, sometimes a visionary idea oft n ages.
ration of her idisease, a s - himsteal aversion to
perlons and places, groundless appre- I
heininns of pe coma danger and poverty, an irk.
sorbeness and-Weariness of lily, discontented. di.
quietude on miery alight occasion. the conceived
she could neither die nor live. she Wept, lamented
devipooded, and thong ht she led a most miserable,
tilt; never war; one so bad, with frequent mental
111 rs. Kert..y had the advice 'of
several eminent physicians, and had recourse to
numerous medicines, but could not obtain even •
temporary alleibiation of tier distressing state, till.
her husband persuaded her to make trial of my
`mode of treatnient. She is now quite lteliered,
and find. herself not only capable of attending to
her domestic !rain. but avows that 'be enjoys as
good health at I resent as the did at any period
of her existence. 3. KENNY.
flosbalid of the aforesaid Anne "Kenny.
Sworn befiwa me this 14th day of Dee. 1836.
I Peter Pinckney. Corn. of Deeds
Hr. Charles Hobart, No. 122 Orange streett.N..
T. itfilieted for tree years with hintioral habitual
Asthma. applied at the *See 100 Chatham street
on the CS of Bober, laboring under the follow
inghsymptornad A sense of tightness, across the,
cheat, with tbelgvestest difficulty of breathing;
distressing cangti. generally coding with copious
depectoretwo r viscid phlegm. disturbed rest.
the face turbid dof a livid hue--could not he
in a hiw#anuil lion without the sensation of
.imipodt4te tuff non, languor, drowsiness, and
Mentsess in bead, acid loss of appetite.
' Mr. EL applied to the most eminent physicians
in tins city, likewise used several other remedies
Witt obta p : i 7 any permanent benefit, until
his fiend, tided hint to place hinself under
Dr.iWilliam Elaine treatment. He is one re
!wined of his ecanplaiat, and called at the office
yesterday, aircniung that be had not voids to ex
peels his ;recitede for the benefit he bad ramie
ed. October 21. 1837.
We do hereby subscribe our signatures to the
truth of the at e e : Garen., that the statement is in'
eteiy respect SARAH BRENHISER
( JOHN STEW, Baker.
No. north ;Eights street. fluted&
Vhilsdelpb s. Oct. 21st. ign.
Isr. WM. EVANS'S Medical Mee, for the
sale his cue lent Medicine, is at No. 12enstrat
Eighth street. Ohiladelpina.
Sold byl . .1. T. WERIII3I.
Sold Agent for Schuylkill County.
W. • . 4,
41 1 1 1 0ifirE Lair,
was rento4d his Mee to Centre Street, op.
liposite the Brick Buildmg of aar M. An
nine. o:bere wilt attend to all bottom
trmded to hint ih Abe line of his ptudessat t4
Oct 1
21 5rS Inc* Railway Flat Ruins.
2lv i_ do de de de do
ISy 1 do i Suitable for Screening CoiL
All the Iran Sas eciainersinit hold and u cot
a t L a angle of 45 degrees at the ends: Spheing .
Plates and Spiklol to suit the above.
A- & G. RALSTON .&
ts No.ll Sosi th Prom Street, Philadelphia.
Philaidelphis. , Maich 15,1 Rl—tf
4 Drafter,
AT , 7,
No. 65 NOR
Taman bocno ir ins mrs Cc*m or Sacs Ss.
Whi r 7 — r . I Red Preeipd.
Red la.1 a.
- Lead, White de .
Lakarre. Vitriol
Mom Yell oh. . • SalPAMoise.
o w 0n,,,, • Tam bele& .
do Red • Ober Sdpi.
Patent Irelkm do Piratic - ,
Row us „ de Am& •
Copperee • - Lnememode
e.v.p..a. cal:. a. .
Aq. Tarns . Um. KM*,
limeade Acid • SOW do
Einem SIM Ime.enhaim
; Tani Reid
is - 4 4 . . 01 4 -de Snell. .
86P- OW Soda Refloat )/Gamal
1 s o=r; • Rdiops 4- 10.
4tr... Offer fee cheat/me mentioned artildacw
Ada,4 w itl i I ementment at 'NAN:icon*.
and wog other ends* de Mum
ban. . ,
OA lie ittidet einiseeind
P, ...1.0,....zt-domi , lIIP.
4rarimil o l6ftlant'SlMSllo.l4W
OMUUM i eir
wEvrilAiiregy a ComOicTidiflutir
Fiederick C. igiltiialg •
TISESPECTFULLY inform. hie friends and
J O4O the public ia• general. Utah* has opened -a
Bakery and Cossfectionary Establialisest
in-Norwegian Stmt. nest skits below the Arcade
in the borough of Feturnille, where he will al
ways keep on band and bake to order all hinds
ofestega every vaiiety.of patterns—and where
also. will always be kept on hand. Bread by the
Loaf. of an excellent quality. and of a largo vise.
Hie Confectionary comprises a large and gen
eral assortment selected with care, and sold at
the very - knvest rates.
F..C. E. irookl also inform families that he is
prepared to bake Family Bread for any number
who prefer furnishing their own Flour, at the
shOrtest notice, and on the most nnutoriable terms.
sprit 21 30-3 m
Brigade Orders.
P HE enrolled Militia and Volunteer', eonspo.
sine the 2d Brigade. 6th Dill-Woe., T. M.
will commence and continue the Spring training*
for 1838, ay follow=
53d Regiment, commanded by Col. Hugh Lind
say. whole Regiment oa Monday the.l4M day. of
May, 1838.
11th Regiment; imanbanded by Col. flamed
D •Jacobs, 2d 13attallion on Tuesday the 15tb
day of May next Ist Battalion on Wednesday
the 16th day of May next.
77th Regiment, commanded by Col. Isaac Yo.
der, 2d Battalion on Thursday the 17th day of '
May next, 14 Battalion on Friday the 16th day
of May next.
let Regiment, commanded by Col. Abraham
Siegfried, Ist Battalion on Saturday the. 10th
' day of May 'next, 2...1 Battalion on Monday the
31st day of May next
30th Regiment. rommteded by Col. John M.
Bickel, tat Battalion on Tuesday the 22d day of
May next, 2d Battalion on Wednesday the 23d
day of May next.
The company training's will be on the 'first
Monday in May, namely, the 7th, and the places
are to be feet' by the commanding officers thesn
- .
The commending officer* cif companies, and
Adjutants of Reoimritt., are strictly enjoined to
have their enrollments ready no eattaihon days.
agreeably to law.
By o•der of
loop 2d Brig. 6th Div. P. 31.
Brigade Inspretor's office. /
WindsoF, April 14th. 1838.
Miller & Haggerty,
Dry Good4,Grocery,Wine 4- Liquor 4tore
- (Next door to idortimer's BoteL)
THEIR connexion with a house in Philadelphia
enables them to keep on band a very-exten
five assortment of goods. which they will sell at
Philadeiphia priers. Store and Tenon keepers
and private families. would do well to call and
.jodge for themselves.
sprit 19 31
130 REAM Wrappim' P i per p a,
wholesale end retail. cheap, by
march 24 • B. HANNAN.
SUGAR. Sada and Water Crackers, for sale by
Champatglie Wines.
JUST received and for wale by N. Nathana
50 baskets of Key, Hickory. Star. Wood
cock anti other brands
&Kit i 4
position of the boetsines, Ministry and Inf•
ship of the Protestant Episcopal Chigreb in the
United States, by the Rev. &sussing Dose. Ree.
un classing Church, Philadelphia, just received
and for sale here.
april •
18 29
R holesale and Retail Dry
Good Store.
MBOLLOCK & WEAVER bare just received
a in addition to their eztenaive asserUnent of
DRY GOODS. Soper Soyerier Sloe and Black
Cloth. superior &neyeedasred do. new style cas
eattinesta and Bererteena, eainexs" foe
tians, /ye. Feb 18 14-
Philip. UoUhy
RESPECTITYLLY announces to Lis friends
and the ;rabid in gesierd, that he has again
commented the Coati. Making Basinen in Nor.
waren Street, than draws fahro the Arcade in
the homegh of Natalia, where he is ready to
anumfatturs to orderi an kinds of vehicles at the
abortesi notice, of the best materiaLs. and at the
har,est rases. lie ha also ea hand, ready aide,
Itawriabes„ Canyans. Photons. Charlottes,
Corr:bees, linger. Re. which he incites the pad
he to ens and eaunike far thearaires. The ar.
tide* era a 9 mansfictored -nodes his perscial
inspeerron, and be VW warrant them to bit equal
r. so soy manaismaredi elsewhere. •
• Repairs al every descriptiondone itt the dart
eat notice, and on thd oast reasonable tetras.
• N. 8. Cad taken 4 payment for vehicles. •
aped 18 99 nin
911 BE MICSR - Book kir Beboob. by Mrs.
FerstroeVoi eel:rived sod Sor sale by
osay 9 B. Wir-V AN.
Par the Ondaatarnear earn or
'Thanneredend Erna • to . its greatest -gerStOttou
Mal in to certify that lave triedlyarer Taper
taw aevaial edam effeadt Adrais
I lamb certainly fiend ft ofiiirri Emit iernet.
aft& *Oval Oaßege
Condom. Her- VA; r•
A friend stepped Ivo" tbat he bad irialian
Vas Tire Irntg tbia' *raw. and Tit' send Ina
raartelleas o d ne Tandy Arlan. &as Effie
bey ®raider . lsn' t qpiplooke4 alas esorgb tab* ,
ttom penny dart fig it Cninatas d
the danapattentb lad Mid ids &
A froth ay* of s)hilaisie thshi jest iripatio.
sit sad B. SAINAN.
Asia lot ikirlartlecoOF
hd7 147
ripftls: iiabeariber respectful , the,
JIL palate that be has ocanatenbad
tare orConficUithu, brall its 'Atkin breitaihes.
it Ida Store in Otiitni Streak iwatly tappa*
Pottirrille . Howes irblinr CV O -4 40111011 'lii ' l l *
era can allays be .applied
at the lowest Philadelphia easb ^ ,
Country Merchants arei • fetlaiciralt.
to call and examine bit stock
"where'B : 6-111 S/% I M IO. zs';
; -1
now 4
41z COe *
• • (Forsicrly Periter.dr. '
IMAM renxivedthr.opposite.lidti
SJIL Street, • firer doors above Neteragelia Bowl
whefe they offer. S>• obi ardeetedoi
Superfine Broad Clutha and Climaimareief
most faehioriable colersOsiih 4 1 10 1P 0 ‘-imilt
metal of Sommer
too Shi r t s , toners; Boarma.Blitoimblorlyr'"T
.ponders, linen and cotton Bore. arid a/I:kidida.4
Gentlemen's wearing smiled. vaidt:lol aii
made to order in the mostapproved.e.tyliaiWte*
workmanship. and warranted to a 01*!). *Ay
in the Coy or Ojeda:Writ.
P. S. P. & Co. keep an band as gnus
oortnioot or mady-tnede-Irbthimg at .all Las t
Which wiU beeold atelow ram • .
r 77
'- Ware Store:.:
OLLOCK & IVEAVF./Lbeiejitt eansitentin et 6
IF dines to their farmer stock mt nudism.
hionsehoht annla„spring baled vices: Petestperahl
screw platys. warranted east 4steel aces. 1 Wei
nano dn. hatchm.s.hststeem Besttyadc um =
socket and firmer chisels, drawing knives,
bellow,. est & caret sails. 4. 41.6 & 6 u, eis=
single. cut and double-plane item and.plenee.
Forks latches. binges a• 1 sarewmioandmai equarli
bolts. steel, plated aod a -a squares.
jog All of which ars offered on the mom seenellti
terms Feblll 14
• Nie.W IRON
& ItardWare
iTllF.watweribers would respeetfullY sampowes
to iftrablit. that betas added to hie rogues
wadi. arid Hearierre. tutorials* IS int et
American and Eoglish Bar Iron. Hoops and Band
lroo t Round Iroo. assorted swag Crib Crawly.
ShrornOwrreun and English Blistror -,sod4t. M.
Steel Vices, dome-bole anvils. Sad a& Dawn"
Caw Steel haod. eluvial sod ikoad aspevoseit
and spikes, together with a (mord Aspertimai
of Iron Meager', an of which will Wield et wo.
dosed priers. by .10113. curroN,
April 99
Queen Iricteritsiguig
A i = —az= r tt utakie Dn
ta r rARD & =MX*,
April ill
Medal- Cheese, Sol* i
40 (oaks superior maid chasers ,
543 boxes Philadelphia • 00 14 • •
1 hbd. I MLE e KaI.A t Ut Y.
.1141411 F
Books 'wry '
11A.N.NAN offers for sale the forkwiting . .
mir• stsodard works 'at ihe very ketlr Wail 44
Hozna.oasollett. and Milken Sighed
4 sole. antep, irith plates sit 00
Clarka'a Coon nentary; 4 sttli.sbegi. 12 00
Wesley's works, 10 solo. coarplete„. it 00
Bock`a Theological winks. 5 sots. AIM 400
Boatel Bible and Coniniontary. 3 vols.
sheep. 00
Byron's works. 2)c s horn'.Edititesoliiii, 445
RoHin's Ancient Ilistary„ .1 pod. sheep,
Des:bosses Edition withltapa sad
lareph i taa l t voL Ate.
Marryatt's sotto eavogileed. l id.
Moore. weals. Libisr7 Uinta
Berm sorb"
Cooper and Thompson% works,
?viers works
Rao-does Seseiciao..-
Giodiuradgla Family Esposito:.
faseyeltipeiria ofGeogiaphy, 3 vols. - silk
IVO eats sad MAIM /0 5 0
Foes Book of Marlyn. with video.
Megemaries 30004leaeigta 1 37
Mealier i a variety OWN. TaiOry
low rain. to suit lba times.
jolt I
• " Pastafiet4,,.. ,
oil DOZEN lkorattoThee resigm,
ed feral tow die minister: Vioirealiet
Seventialve Thosered- Barak glib **ebb
weirreise mini sold Iset yeamaisti
increasing. For saliby tbc dermiei Ares betie.
Price 112 per beideor ihme iaitlia. .i 1:
Sola Arial foe &WAN Ghat).
Aloe Seraisa's Veneifoge.
Ginter el Casing motillarket
'PRE rimiedifiany .now.
Abi fie& and *a p ublic
Seyr so 000 rollw
j a mb Bev at; Co,, oomsr. of CoolotaiitabtriNd
atoms. atemadiey oft sow rodemiviaiiiiik.
pr i ,
width Orman load tosollitlisoon
ANIL orien t Magna& trritAML.'
, Pi6B. ai &Ulla& of Foostry:Yrodoes OW* et
. „Ape!
Blew Goods;
*= . a.mti T eet , after ia
Dry ammillerw ' •
JUNlaware, •
Ail* bor. for ask& Newt
pliwpoilis wok fus kiwiloottwourpiiihim
MINIM WM= 46,101a1.
, A
la 11S
2 2S 'I
.200 1