The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, April 28, 1838, Image 4

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e_ _ _The .CA , 'Ll*. '. and ii FAMILY APERIENT
...` ..1 1 9LLS. inuadhatiedlit De. Walters Enna,* 100
•'.' Mathew *mete de teat- Magni' it his m:planatiso Of
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a : we for which they are preeenbedi a marked. an eti
,‘,-halerstittraly happy and pernaftent efficacy. - Ploy*
,''''' 0. rebumatereimer, epithet they - are not offereilp the
..... • - public oponengsmacktheory . of purifying ithe blood.
to the otter destruction Oita stomach aid bowels.
- - ;Aire the blood ftomell Miami humors. Off code
-. do ; hat act by deitmying those Viscera by
which alone the. blood mo be unstained. They are
attedmiddeaapon • 'theorytMieb wipposesa atomacii
,110,bea vety await* so heabh; and food, well
' ftested. to be,' 'end to flesh and bloodr7
' .. They doe* puny awn *ghosts, and maketbeta
leek film beluga too refuted comrade hog in the
' World; but tficy makothea is bonus rs possible, bad
3 fit to encounter theltarddaps. arid fulfil the mampa
trous of a sublunary IA They - do not Make a ve
le* p wry of this life, to prepare men the faster another. They proceed moo the mgensition that
• the blood. desselen tweet, organs. escretary and se
--cretory gland. mamma and teennearag membralea
• Wien 814 *aim. of every human beteg, impure to
be Supplied *dr nourishment from as beulditid auto
mach as cm be mode and lr opt ; and opoutbe drew=
that unlaso the stenachand bowels are in rood on
. , datbloodindervory other partufthe system will beta
And how is it rated that :hey will mare health
to the stomach tad *Mehl, Why by enat4ier the use
to aired food. and the other to carry off abet is left
after the nomment is extracted. is CantiretlOP with
the surplus of bale, and de foul humors ofthie '
' meow nisembraices. and idle:l*th And dem amain
phatthese great Rats Omelet* in the tilOit COT*
waylusageable The APERIENT FAMILY Pmts.
'lithe tentatorib be affected with wed. bile. or coated
..itoDiszonthieletr it Olit , by a mistral buts meat to
' .Iteent *leen acne*, and cleanse, the whole Abe.
' memory clot vrithoot griping, and kith* it as freh
er v iLll r debalit aware ever designed a to be--
nottake tbe abia etc* stomach bad bowel*.
Lamtve them like a pule of red ittert4 as all phy
- sielise. know the striae :drank pets do. bet they
• take ramie kindly by the hand without entsbag her
Gagers ; They the *ley thug, "mho* mitering
or ttmturg any thing: .
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Ahm ibis a effiched.* i t u sual y hyr the usenfa
• tea oftlie FAMILY ApERIENT Flt. Lt. thee some ,
- die celebrated CAMOMILE *TONI PILLS. to ,
airciagibirea stimach and . beetle whielthoraire. ter
" . haps. weak- alad; fool beetose they wet* weak.**
endows them with strength to perform diet ingior
'taint fiemion. a, graham the aid of physic; Tbe CA
• MDMILE FLOWE:P. when its valuable- principles
are cheateally curacted:laAdana, by all plty
; 113Ciallil. in every age. tobe the bee tusk
knows* the keen= of itieficine —Them es nothing
lt"cara la die ometabie kingdom of name to equal in
aothisti'r.'►-. Ratio at ‘OCe MI }armies tad 41 . WIt01211"
ha r= 24
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eha ewe • ' bad eat peered it to
tem of thousands. - LI .
Theeicterof Mee Mb are not oaly perceived in
an increase of appetimiland !meal strewth. bat a
i a resamationaif the body* Mat maven* era man
, its isectioakerivelt *Armee, the tenant to perfectly
1 • sowed l
speak i =" i f i t . F .,, tt . aoa . graced ;:C° ll,
thussads titre,:
wales matemily ten moth they lave coandeted to
daeir comfort, their telphetioa. cad thew strength.
when every othernmedyi trod mond worse Mae use
; Iwo la memo* dismal* of all beds,' their. are's.*
acknowledged to be preenunem ;radially resteriag
. firmness of body and mid *reheat their aseaciyance
and Mews whelk °thee scream reasebeememsma
Happy weadd it have been for ost* Young motets
1 of both were orbs, are saw is the oleeirrave. Rita,
1 ' had learned to cheek the mad* telegrams of that,
a osnacb sad bowels by; these sue tones said epee.;
I was, without resod* ter qelick nenedies. the names
of which are ceneested. and of obeli they know
•t . wadier. That dreadfidemarre CONSUMPTION.
might have beet eisecked at * ' and
daappoutted of its pi d e t i
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r ll ewer laird. if the firm
1 , . irneemp• siemens ' had icounteracted
by CAMMILE ' _ ; and those 1
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betelholutsatelts which - lead to a hod banal made
-1 . des. Might have" been *Mated by dial fine amber
ettact of thabutc vrtedi is a Imi• *ream* i.
the APPFIENM FAMILY PILLS. Reeve both of
. thesie metheamb. whiclibe adapted iris majority of
the wpm* For eticeltaleastediabeei a.e asmeatio-
Lia e ssed.lheren.
_ mbar .t itle a dooodem„ headarches.
iidigembah ant law
_ - - c usplaist. would hammers* drug red, ware
way of have pinned bad. •
• Bat be it dastbsetly eadremood that these metrivies
i are sot offered tamed r‘theise sateral:4waass of the
bedy, which other meaciege thspeasevreth. is a rely_
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: a = u tt=7 a.i"m rtre.sitt4i cad (r ake at
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i tree of perifyieg it. FO Moorof who dlffrieswe of
1 effect
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i, am*. They cessocrea osefel. effeeted. and sew
! rally eyeball*: class etaredieinee firierery Ilmelv.
and . brag both took and aperieet. amd of Me best
• pematations . . knees. g perieg or fisab shield be
widest mop. They eau be elleaisei liaierale sad
I reartd althepropretor.Dr.WM EVANS.New Vert.
and of ha arms *5 tourriend cratetty. wah dam
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, nunedres adatimined is Me pubic Fee. became they
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' melhoriehAelogiemialbsterstlitem high in mi
mes sermation. as they .ate bums tebe a pubic
! prefereete, aid tia the *pas* Ofplgaimatan
'EMIT ST. PHILADELPHIA. whet , ha amibeine
.., **be bd. De. Wan' Ent& eifitet 100 Chatham
, meek New Tatekarbete the Doom sty beeennahred
inklai told ILYPDCB4IISRIM::I3
Air. figatastiagpme---41,- Witham Sahmeata.Garea at
atane Thad et, Pliikbtliaia.. ' *Memel far samara
yortsrtikli be st)_ ra*/ tbettomin sya r igui: Sat
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alas karc impaired ammo. appease. acid aid
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aft 1 raving Wont sad ***t i coo tin!
Irtiticiereime. 1
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einem *bp alai it the lama atasei_
to restore kna as . ; 1/11., at Ira attic
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hoist toes ntemaismaiaa kg a eirbia le
- violet Oa- Wm' , Eva, 'lee ail*
murals *talk, • 1 .1,, r ,
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at led bed& Ammo anima at
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anis Rae at De- Wok Essmatiadi
tai lee OtatlctotteNew Yeti; astiti hi
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Nis gppie - Orim.
HALLOW & maim
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' 4011rebelnin !!!
NATIIANS &Co. have' not! int,11,11404. -
4 -‘ eepinedid tworttnent of
Peet black, one% green end elaint
41a, AO and &nay easeinerte,
. paioand figured eatfinetta.
Mohan pilot cloths lied other manages
" Gaeta frisk easebieti. watter. to ite;
an •of which heist perebased at seethe ht Ehila
delphia. and New Vert/. wtjoeanlee town 10
per eent *Wiper than ea* he peirehased elsewhere
aa atilt Woo& deerl •
Ds, j$ LAPIESRES Sympatbiek for the
speediest. tntf. perfect. cure Of every
kind eftWeends, ulcers, currier anl all cutaneous
divvies.*hong from cowing, ogee boat
ing, lot" or thlt * impurity of the bloca t andabo
for eon Dyspepsia, heart bore, asthma, liver
esmn a 4 costiveness, colicks, ronwnharies. diar/-
bow EINE kbeumaiick pains, troth atbe, and sore
eyes. Thu general agent, Prof. G. be. Wegner.
Reading,i Berke county. Pa. offers gratis to any
perm* arr- vi :with tithes of the said diseases,
a certain quantity of the Sympathrek to be tried
and appreciated before making any expellee; how
ever, the applicator maw be made free of post
N. B. This mix* eaneot be had genuine in
any an; Mena or Appals:eery abop. It is not
Decease to talk moth about i• as it certainly
will recceemend itself MN's enli ghtened publiek.
an 19 . 39—tf
TE :soh:scriber has just received and is now
opeoing a very choice selection of Garden
Seeds. warranted to be fresh. and of an excellent
quality, all of which have been !elected with care.
Early Terein Beet Long green do
Lang Blab fleet Tomatoes
Early York Cabbage Windom. beam
Large York do Butter bean. (pole)
Drum read do Extra early beans
Green (Aided Savory do Early Valentine bean?
Red pickling do Extra early peas •
Wellingroa do Coster( early 10' inch
Flat Dutch do dwarf peas
Sugar bar do Green bunch do
.11ollock head do Dwarf marrowtal do
Curled Cress Large marrowfat •do
Orange Duna Atparegmi
Early frame eneomber Red solid celery
Long ptekling do White solid do
Early curled lettuce Carrie melon
ludia Head do , Nutmeg melon
Early eabhsge do Rear eanligower
Yellow winter head do 'Egg plant
seard seed Nasturtium
Curled panda, 801 l nose pepper
Sugar tersurp Sage
Pumpkin seed • Sweet marjoram •
Wbise anima Sommer savory
Teams do Sweet basil
Rea acoord do Rhubarb .
Early salmon mesh Thyme
Early beg white de Latender
White turnip do Mignoriethe
Red turnip do Hemp seed
Yellow yammer do Canary seed
Solesorge Co,
Flat bash squash • Flower seeds, 4e-. Re.
All of winch win be . sold chain by
march 7 17
Passage frens Estglassi„
Wide& intiessei, Sea l -
haul sad
EILSONS wishiag to ' engage passage it
their stiendio, in Drat rate ships, from the a.
hove plates. may met do so by apple* te
Centre Street. i
Fite the seesiusessitiew atbsee proem ono I DIRECTIONS FOR tft•E-i-Tbe prepriritea oftfie
rink passage roe their friends. r i g , any mist to : VEGITAXii Lae Pais does ear iodate the base and
ori4 them money, to enable them to preside rot l " I ' Lle, ff a r enftb. l ( " vick - i l l er r : hed4 l.' " 1 " 61 ' 4 '
thrtrovsee, drafts Wi'l be given no tile felkoring el g L i ll tettewee tard l t e n lete .pc L ath . l9 w t . 0 . requited_ W wee " TßH
named Merchants. Ore
1 Pens are td be cakes a; bed ante eery ems[. for a
ft .
W. Blanes. Nes 3, Wattage Road. Liver.: 'ree k or &Amor. atteedoev to the sheathe" of the
do* Desiti Wright- dr Co. No. a. Robinson st. en( , dram- libe meal domes tines 2 tu,s-atterlag te
liilleageow; William alit, No. 25. Eden Quay, die exingualeti rd . lie i rosobl_ Veey delwate per oose
Dublin. way 63$ ' siseedi bego with be; two- a40:1 ..crease as the saw* /
of the awe way renstere tbosa more robust or of to y
coerce tarsi may bego watt 3. and Increase ts 4, et, .
ores 5 Ns. anti they will eider a scacoesthe happy - _BRAN DILL t itili
..-413W*te guide the
Pabesil ""hetr rattlier - we- Veiretable !Universal • Pills.
These Pdbo sometenes ettedies cockier sad eon, " •
og. Ilb"es 'et,' seldom. "" lb " _
____ i the I " ala ell,_ " "kW_ INVALID T-4,INE DiSEASti bast thee witty
fi,,,,k that. bower/et. may be 4104.macrou II 1211111113 - has i ispority otrthy bloati. sittch-1 by teepees; the
st s thsaa as the oats. in .ill find himself at twee Ab csterboas, bravos pan Or detanratest 'lathe or
s Itethd.and Pen'elvrasee wdl sc . " 'sweat. Tteri gas or pert oboe seen o Try of she Most; setokeo
i soivAly operate orbs 10 wit boars. and brier lime It es tree. a tossers of wars as Lana anon the
pea. arieth the bowels are re-y teach esetraborred. ~,a te a l br blood-mei' a t i tst al t bras. or fall,
'They say see sakes by the ars. debate fiElillatell ES a m p f eet c ii i hgesoss. pa fa the ..4-c s ac_. mg •
i der say a -" " 1 " bet Twe e• re"'" o "elid- I ahluitgb ot may be sass t I their assesses have e.&
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he me sea Nee-sad taw connote to keep the bowels{ the
re bey all ewd •a the
of the moo ,
ape: and saes two way be takes where lie Puma' I and not O Crirr... to petrest 14e ,at i1k...,
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1 IflarinfardOdeJ--11 Ita SP6OII MI !Ten' Two b 0„,,,, t a t
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I " ei""1"14 fora 6°d from we to lee Y e " 14- '4 4 P- Vl-2 :ETA DLL IS N I V.E.F.,5.3 L PILLS wirris if Per
i hair a pell-ard from free to tea. one poll..
pestered with is aerEetest te peewee co p.
I THE piNENIX, BITTERS are so caikd.beeasse esseratwateths will assi. ranee to reuere every
i they Fewest the power of ltwe l the eePrrakt em- I ova. •to a owe ef bratrb.l Tho a. ea the or--reeple
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whcb irdl uthabiy este "'EVERS AND AGM those who iworialopted t • reasouable O-ac.icie- to.
of all bide: will sever ea to eradarote ear ref, all casset with ow -i , • . that :bet base's:tee
i the elects tilderthey-Stlitheriyasseerthas theasost 1 mail, the i mak_ ha i bete oast bailie. it it
postman! moon:mai coliSo. trafentia sod we' sae. i sot owe thus IS .• - • serve these Prells ware a.
Idealers awe the desorsecarows of BLOOD TD THE I moaned tato the tared '. bat their sale has
IdAdi; sorer fad ta the orkaa racarat fo paw i beeealteetrier •i- - - -•-• - eserelaroag bees Paid
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• dODYTAT'S LIFE PILLS sad MI MI BIT. epee the bided by doe-asestecob asdbeareis, as ho the
apply at lb.blafalli efice-Ne 3 l l llineway, aostimatiest °Near oiled a detheiie. ardi 1114 =l4. wive the Mt eta be abode& for 15 mesa are due to be , adL bad tiellood as
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we. North Fifth street. Phsiatelpbta, Nark
A.‘ at* Merebanta7 eats-steeated exclusively
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Omar! Mirelaati are eoPplied at manufac
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Merchants annelid rive their 'enkrs fir Lash.
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Tegetalble Lift Pills sod Pbe-
• lax Bitters.
AZIINTILASTAii satims. from the .neme.
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cad beak& Min MOFFAT.
rams LIFE RILLS smarm= a-rmas.
Tbemaambemes base beg bomb:mum sad mime
eked. for tbeirest and immediate peseta
of ms's* perfect beabli.xii prima
S rebabi mei7
J WWI sisisae. to obi*
Is sem Mom teitirmatif isemmem, th e ;
Wm eve resimensalreeen Snam timmarimmeetan
emovimis mane. albs all the deceptive amemias of
tie day bad enistv iiiaskeedimmeartimisils day
ism warms* mewed tbiambibms esjemmas et
bath mama sAiebfli iseYm bat a partial biem
Ss - Med. Ins dr* Am; iasanabh
me w& the it Imo anemia
isistbasMiacsime mama she mereammemeimed
web the
aiiebl~itisoea paimimbee maim
esamimmieLentspea tbe7
eeminiensdr aim hyalite Mir immeimiairlieem
bit arms paeifylem the maw eadviameek of '
bar awl emommr den stint esii rim
&az tibe7 awe embeeed Mine same. !alma ism
,••••,' '
, -3162 r
Far Sale
it&NvrAcrrie zits OF
- I
• , ; ;••
JO Nitt:
, •
ITisteerethiPtie theivet tlia telgtelli tlif wii
selleng itgiVilleil(b :nritotif lives thir4 bad obvious')
'lthliii*lllte"lieli*lnlidid .
lathe eniversalt Meeks of lbegibt o-
Mg his VLVETAHLE LH pi within rite
Jusewledgetod !ma of ht the ceto
=amity. Unlike the host of pernicious q u ackeries•
which game Of *getable iegiedients; the. LW* Pills
me purely and IBOLLLT TDIIII.IIILX tad contain Dri•
ther Mertes . lAntimeny. Armee. nor wry other any feria whmem. They are entirely
composed ere:tact, fro ;nee and ponied place.
the Tutees of which. ;bomb long known to genital
Indian tales. sad recently to spate eminent pharmo.
conical chemists. are altogether unknown to the WM'
rant pramidese to inediestec • were never
before erbninisierad in eh hap ' Y eatitatiom a cow•
Thar first operation is tai h em d ie ceetaad
the weiniehnsid bowels. the ' inqinaties and
,ia •
.olin . setting th e w so d to re..
Wee the hareems* fen= whar,h collect in the coo-
,clomps of the anal intu . Oilier medicates
only partially cleanse these. lea ve such
misses behind. as to produce habitual ecintirenem,
with all its train of eels, or sudtlea iftantiesa.witb its
inurement dangers. This fact Is—well known to all
regular allitiligarl3. who examine the human bowels
after death: and hence the prejiidiceof these well ite
fanned men against the quack ;medicine, ado age.
The second Wrest of the VEGETABLE LIFE
PILLS is to c -imam the It i Zand the bladder. And
try this creamy the liver and l a ri a ,, , t h e h ea l t hf u l
action of which entirely . elm the regulari ty
eftbe urinary orgies. The bloo ci. which take, its
ted color from the agency of the liver and the lungs'
before it panes into the heart. being thus , purified by
them and nourished by food coming from a ckaa
stomach. courses, freely thrvoE p t the veins. renews
every part of the system and to handy sommindis
banner or health in the bloomin cheek.
The following are amoog thedistresting vanity el 1
Imam diseases, to which the Vegetable Life Pills 1
am well known to be infallible,—
DYSPEPSLA. by threoghla i•isansing the first and
I arc oa d atorriaelas, and cresting la flow of pore healthy 1
1 bile instead of the stale and scriti Lind ;--11staiarry.
Risiestion the Brart. Loos of Appetite. Heart-how
eraßesdassca. paiver. . Assiky. 1,...
guar.and whack 'reciter:octal symptoms
, of Dyspepsia. willvanish. as a nataral coneaqueoce of
cure. im
b Costiserness. by eleeniMig the whole length
the unecones. with a icilwec 'process. and without
' ; all sinker the bowels costae
',tibia days. Dieui Madera. by remove
tug the sharp acrid Binds by w eh these compiamls
are occastosed. and by . th e lubricative
p i ll.
secretion ofthe =CUB ENSMAIIIL46. ever sof an kinds.
by restoring the blood to a regular erudition, through
the process of perspiration ail scme cases, and the
through:Adios efall ratestisallotimactions in others.
The LIFE PILLS have been mows to care,./Llee
maim perumomitly in three mega. and Gout in half
that time, be removing local OialllalatilliS -from the
aurches and 'gamest, of ti tots. larapsies gad
kinds. by fumeg and tereisig the kidneys and'
bladder; they op erat h most delightfully op thesis at
gans.and heseehaireemer been found a aerate reme
dy for the worst cases 'of Gomel. Also Warms• by
dokolging from the turnings of the bowels the a m ;
matter to which these creatures adhere Astilme end
Coamiresparm. by rebeving the der vessels of the hangs
f rom t h e ater ..,,, whirl tree slight cards tfnot remov
al _becomes tdmed. and miaow dime dreadful
dierasee. ' . &errs and fsercenste Soren be the
perfect parity which these Lee Pills:trete the blood
and all bom Scorendic Erriptiass. and Rod Cos
pairsems. by thew alterative ethet upon the duels that 1
morbid state of which ociarsiess all En em; Sop-' ,
pleats. Solhan Clesdy. and Mier dintermage Carr
pkrriass The use of three Pills for a very abort time.
will efflux an entire mire of Solt Arms. Erysipelas'
ro d a striking naprosinorin In the Menem Mr_ the
the Coalmen Colds. and Lmbimaa. will always be
cored by One &Or. or by two eves in the worm cases.
Pdleii—ais a remedy for this leOla disereming and ob
senate malady. the trnetable Life Pills deserves a
distinct and emphatic reconeneadauon. It in well
known hund reds in this city. that the Proprietor
of these gable Pills. was himself afflicted Ira
I bi s t f or *towards ofthetii-JEwriers. and that
he teat min every remedy press mum the
whale of the Muerte Medea. He however.
at length. tried the saalime each he raw adios to
the pooh& end be was cared la a very shoo tone,
after he recovery bad been powwowed sot ear.
mprobable..bes aboolately imparaddie by any human
• '
Pro National 4k.
OFFER Sir ado at the i r wholemle and pet it Tam
ly Grocery Stone, Centre. 3 doors Won Marks
a prime assortateathrfrehh
Jaen. Bic, Laguint. ' e c a m ,
St. Domingo and browned 1
• N. Orleans. St. Croix. boon and (Hagan
• white Havanna, loacand lamp
Nest Orleans. West
.m aims
India and sugar how
lantrisial. Gum Powder, Teen
• Wpm Pooebong.Grange Pee-}Teas
co. Soucboog and Bohm
Bakers, Chases,Slaulish• Seh mlaaocolste '
& Lininta,and Ernest spiced
Prepared Cocoa. Cocoa shells
Readuig„ Carice, rvey, I sances
Joha Bulls, Lobster H a. Anchor,.
Canton soy and Currie
Ghia:thin, Tomato. pepper.
Mixed. Oman, Mangoe, Pickles
Lemma and French JJJ
Ohms. mores. A ()diaries
14'ayenne pepper. allspice and Ginger -
Closet. Mace. ,Nutmegs and cassia
Rice. Boor of rice. starch
Cnnants.Fies. Raisins. Prunes
Sweet and bitter almonds. carols
Orme Oil wine birters.leason syrup
Preserved ginger, cheese, codfish
Herrin. mackerel. salsnoa
White and colored was, sperm coed%
Moulded and dipt tallow
Palm, sariegated brown and yarow asap
Old Madeira, old port. claret
Brews and pale I...iy.charapaigne Wines
Old hock. Lasbou,dry milaga in wood
Sweet inalaga. muscatel & bottle
Malmsey. martian= k icil Madan.)
Scotch. I nab , mormagattela & aim. whiskey
Amuseue. anoisced & peppermint cordials
Coanac.champurie, Spanish * coal braady
Holland & con-Gin. K Rcian
Jamaica sprits
Earls sup. spao. inferior do
Half Spanwh and coalition mare
Cut & plain awl moulded glass ware
Ctuaa and crot:el7
a gaperkl assortment of Dr Goods . der- ike. all of
wide% they are disposed to on the most mamma.
hk terms Heads of Famakei Wad Tavern 'keepers
are panacularly invited to call.
iti Hardware More.
TUE subscriber* would respectfully announee
to the public. that he tt,as added to his kw wee
stmt. bag avid Hai dwierei.aamii4 ling in part or
Amerman sod Eogispb Bei.iroiu - Boope sod Band
!too. •Rocued I. on, 'waived Amer, Cast. Crawly,
SbeerrOPergtan and Logliah Bluer aria A. H.
&eel aotnle.liniitlee Bellow*,
Cast Steel baud, choping and Broad axes, nails
and ipitex, together w§ell s _general aasoe.nrest
or boo Moogerr„ all cratifica be sold at re.
doced priers, by JOHN CLAYTON_
April . 22 32
AS the lntemperance and loverY of th e age are l
Iminetoug the nvages of scorbot.c complatws
and reot.erreig . the Wood more totpriae: and as deist- ;
sands hire destroyed their constitotte-rethi
to apply the prosier retriedwis—to sith: Summer Pao.
acea mem beiami bas been. more than doobty thka-
We as aceicam and effectual mends or motor DI them
to perfect health and rthor Few fluidics an who'. •
ty exempt from scorlawic atroeitorii sehtch ezlohn ra
noir symptoms. as eruptions. ulcerations dein - lily.
loss orappestie and dejection. all arising from tampion
blood. and if not properly atteoded; to. produce the..
greaten missy to the comotattitioo_ and may be out
parted to their otEspring. Stain's Panacea to reCOln
mended at this seas°n a" the leas. as a valuable rens
sauce of the system, thereby! dorigortrosg the comma-
Men. sad ma-Weser a to hear, the debilitating effects of
the semmer season. It • consems by the circular
tug Sods and corrects them tetideoctr to all those
diseases educe on:poste in voided :lid& diseased
hver. depenved 'riptide. or. predistmsetrui toaffemiocs
of the lungs, /Ike- ose.. boweves. alai:kited to toe
it writtlea. eoemaciog theatheices *Nile truth ou what
is here stated.
111rtimetheioeia noir socta u-itb siretesa ilk all par I
of time ovoid ? boll es games* great repute...ova in Er
A Nub soppl, of tk-e Serheine recur:red and
for sale 111 EANNAN.
Spit Veep, 10 , Scittoylkittrotto.y.
wb.ose i toonly the stele toethotoe - Jettearaki to
them *ho wish to Im•11 'Name. at PlititattelpL.a pr.ces
May 14 26
: , ti
11601191, . Tett 10W. s. . ~.
- 11 BANYAN jotters for sale : r t:iic &Rowing
• I ltanillFd wpm at thi very lowyrices at,
HconsAnollett lad Miller's Enghtild •i '
4 iols. sheep, !frith pdates , , $lO 00
Clarke's Commentary,A aids:sheep, 12 00
Wesley's worki, 10 vols. complete, , 11 eo
Brick's Tbealogicil works. 6 role. shin. 400
Scott'sßible and COOMlCatary, S vole.
sheep. • .- .! ',6 GO
Byron's works, Dearbornes Edition, sheep, 425
Rollin's Ancient History, 1 voL sheep,
Dfarborne's Edition with Maps and
plates. . ' 425
losephus 1 vol. with platen . 2 25
Marryatt's works complete. 1 vol. ' 325
Moore's works, Library Edition 9 - 25
Bores works. ' 200
Cowper and ThomPson's works, . P 2 5
Paley's warts - - - 2 ~ I
Borden's village Sermons, • - 2 OD'
DoddralVe Family Expositor. - 350
.Eneyelopedia of Geography. 3 vole, with
LQOO cuts and 100 Maps. 10 50
Fox's Book of Martyrs,!with plates, 2 25
IMeKessiessooo tleeeipts .1 37
Together wi i th a variety °father Books at very
law rates, tomtit the times. , •-• • .
j uI Y 1 32—
. .
0..... 1
co For annap the pr i.iors, :lcure e
' RP* of C ha Coleis,A
frig' Woody Disuses of the.
Ilk::. Breastawd Langs,4o„pr"..
~.... , . pa ef l eit edbv e.a. D sieT r.C . LARKSO/V .
'4".„ ..... ; .we FREEMAAT, of as City
Accompanying each-bottle of the Specifick,
pointing out in a conspicuous manner, all• the
symptoinv , in the different stages ofthese distres
sing diseasen—also particular "directions respect
ring diet and regimen, and b'iw patients are to
conduct through ever* state until health is re.
stored-•-thr vain and useless would be the pre
scriptions of the-ablest physiciana, amminpariied
with the most powerful and useful medicines, if
the directions are not faithfully adhered to.
The public are informed that the depositions of
287 persons have been taken before proper an
thornier, in the city of Lancaster, all completely
_eared in the most desperate cases of consump
tion, some cif which are detailed in the bills ac
companying each bottle.
• • A supply of die above SPeeifies has bees
reoeivsd and is for sale at this office. •
March 12
• Ingioliatut Discovery.
The subscriber bat discosered a method by which
be sixties of that saleable root.
May beetstracted trititont losing any of its etred;cinal
propmies. This medicine is prepared after a re
ceipt ot,be Medical College.a receipt reemmnended
by the Faailty as the best fonnula for the. prep:Ma
licia o; the Bait eztrsci of Sarsama tins.
This F..stract may be given with perfect safety to
cinklren and is conscieationsly offered to the public
as a peri6er o'ttre blood. which isencases will great.:
is *deviate and in spiny enurely care the followuig
Manama eruptions of the akin.
Froioles or podaka on the farm
Biles which arise from an impure habit of body,
Seal eraptioas.
Mins in the bones.
Teter. •
Sexes'a.m. grime* era.
White Swttliegi,
Sypbilitic fritilolllll. • •
And diAnmrtlern creep an insprne state of
the 'olood.e.ther by a ion reswience in a bpt and un
healthy cEntaie co, the uspoitivocis one of inerFxsTi.
II hake *an* seeensary it, attach a few cextifi
entes of i.s beneflhal efihe InSEn persons selliiloirn
in the. contAlr,as rekmtneez •
We theataterekots:, harzegined the' Comp**
Fled Esmact of Strsaaarins. (it'nared bs ir:-*Oll,
V. Oak elier 'a oar Enothes, most eiteeetatiy recom
mend it re tie *bite. as a ekes" saki* efficest
medal:tee. ni dome: arratag from *panties of the
• • ; •
Tisk is re ter'ty that I was Gar Ituroyeasa aleseted
with ao obrearateraweisrowelev aSiiiirera is cese OWA I
in.s.,sbieb brake into aseseese• Otter& ter wire*
tred various remedies, which bee it
r we:reared the *t
erse, saws I wartreaseaneeeed to ay as. Otthelep
preparet.ies orSzteaparilla. I del asa wiser muse
several bowies , 1 am lam remise that the alma ere
eatwelz ir reasowei :ad my leg beaked. Witeesi thy
mod ' 16th easy o JO f Anwar, Mr,
.. HN R. C0R.41...E1it„ Reatlisg-
This aerobes dot toy buillabooLat, bort ram' old.
boa sofocel D bog from lapersoe owes co
The In tree alai rotopocod - Io Ita.e been oboe
coelbarg ) sbsb 1 forme nocomalie to heaL by ernes
drool °rave moo ..erleatabie corntball Bata
olis creoacceoco" to gee Mt. Gone W.OitLefers
Com pouremop of Sanaparaa, ink bokles elate*
Dot ° eh cooled the gores tom perfeclyncoonal the
d o le s 6.othb Walla b adasSerod moat .womb
of tboalrecooa.... CATHARINE RINGEMAR.
l'elt above Pena et. Bead-ea.
Masbate ease sas part aced to sae, boil berate
wad atter that:ear Mr. Oakelefasrap of
rift. sod 1 tams *so basstesoo belerita& di=
the ages! antis restorapos.
, .
Tiaoi*stati Now 20.1.33 i. -
Mr. Oakeley. t
Sr:---1 cassia= it Nil ahoy to let rilliZOW • tirade
•ffe ardor itaidaten IXAlielt ayes: •JartMe
mat tau I tot area to Jere tut basettirely B =
sly le g.tbe N•mr told see Wine of• setorebto• ebti
weer. wed deem of year toefaciato
_would probably
Wm& IL The fie books was eet taken bane o
was beeled. bas I met tbe oath to mole the ea.,
eenalteit sew better tbas stna saeurba resole I aatal
atty. drere'al appear-as= of alelotemy Arai:
ciao desks tbe we preen. VcitM4Lt
• , casAttEs swim
Kerbs Atone I - Amble¢ may bb bed err
the sebecrtlefs twbedesale told read Meg more.
Nein& nab meet. ad at too at °idle pry,.
eipel driug semi. Peek ampind Jitearaisi. we
theleerenteueb prices , aho kept take Mr-
Ales.te heist et the stem Eletedeereith &
Kett toss tee Name ameljDr. Feed. Noe-
Newt ;Peru Kiesteb.ol9: .; *Ma: tbe store edlionield
& Street& Elesettibt.
Jae 13 ' tea
N. S 'To pneeest impeeitim. sty mipatere
acelempacyvbe label of reek bettlo
A HOUSE do Ltnr isilfsearsgiu,i
. 431 . 1 j Street. rawly appad, the naideseat
IL F. y , sow oetiVial by
Wits D. Lesb. Ile bode in 111
fiat team bj 3o beet ita detrds.l64 a kiteVaihreal
edits is de bisemesd seam soma as di
ftrta. aredd and dint Huss emir, de idols
said Hem plastered asd palmed. Alas as
astalkst well elf seder at des abear—dalit
t e e Ewa. by no feet a• 'dap& aid • 9 - ftat
fey 41111 est seat eel afanail mort
Fes dather potash=
Nasal Casks., Nee- 3,
1 1 313
1,6 1 ‘
t • '
Iffilliolesale . , e , pc
'6l.l.o4liacwzA eitbnie n . iimitivedi a
triiiea ie their form steeklacuateekt e _ 14 '
MotteetudeTaductrngefa .ces4otuitlehi'd
Nem plates. east axwbroat
-eanado.hattets. 4 Meths,' at,,,, sait
loeketland r e ' • d g Itnietts" tottele kt i
1 kellotrs. etit & tete': nailti,e, 41, &S p riest sve it
m i s
mete. cat and double pleoeireett and elk alletro
10 , WC* 4 2 P. a' I K re l l % Man d mid s'eti
beku. itoqiAdateil eadit-n squares.
Ail 4.tiotch ato °Corydon tee most adsottuneee•
in telani• • F:.. : ' , It
r:22lt.bly inched Ri y Bl u r
T ani.
a 'Sy do Stu' abla Fa Senna Cod. All the Iton has conatessank Ito - and tato
at an. of 45 degtetta aidthe ends. Splia ag
Platt* and Spikes to tail the! ;time.
A. & G. RALPTON*. Co.
- No. 4 South Front• Street, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. Mauch 15,1436. 21—tf
histerante Co*pang.
ItTEll ,ta
M AKE. both limit and , rmrpen t al Insiromb n
en Brock. Stod or Frame BO:lin g o. orreo.
Betel*. Mills. pions. blerifercitindizit. Fem
me and erofienY Ore 0 7 illocliPtiga , agar= ari
or &mai* ty_ FIRE. • .
. - MAIM' E A ND iNLANit 4 1fi'S' DDANCI.
The Delaware Cotinty Issi:rrance kaunpasy ir,
also huarrie against tom on all 'kinds cif marine rub
and 'pilau the damage or lasi upon the trammin
tics of goiocho.ward raercanth'se by water ate !
rail 'moven terms is favodrable as any other Li.
situation. i
PIT any further information on the, in*ct of •
ananee. either altainit rue. marine or shad
Apply to'; UFA ItY G. ROBUISON. Aram.
Jelly 15 34-tf t Schuylkill area
VM A LLAii th P 0778.
At Orwiptairg.
Fire "assurance Coanpifily
as A labotb. limited and Lasuranets IS
1164 Stade or Frame Eto "atm Bumeallota
MHIa Stables, lilmbandrze, 'Farstrarena.
emery deperilition.apinmloss danais
The inikaeriber km been sppamte4 Arms". fir !re
above imentioncd Instinmoniand is now meimro,ii
make Lminaazocss arm etery deser t of race?
at the lowest mom BENJA MIN Bakfiln_e3
Pot.Wille. Feb. 27. 1836. •
COITAL A 171110MBED BY LAW, $50111,0M.
lir" both l i mited 1214 =1" 11 1 2. 1 s lues, 6.
mins. Barna. &stiles, Merciamint,rarniarre, am .
l re rril.e
pre of every ditktrip;k2ali,, maims Mu sr damar
A Tbe r haibees appoiaied Asa:error es
m sed Instirstion antis now preparei I
siga .. , 'yams Epos empry'ros Simper,
at dm to em rates. BENJAMIN BAs. Alr
•f...• He. Feb 25 1,4337 - IS
....., _
StRGI:O_I - S' . /, 0. VDO N-.
fLeadisf..hefy 13.183;
. MidiliThes Pilhi.
T L • ,
ar. Original Bygoian Universal Vegetable
lotediessie, prepared by. W. MLSELoi, Ear t ,
Member of the gelid Calblge offiargeetes. Liam
nate at Apothecaries Conpsny, Fellow of Bel.
Cana ' 7 , Sarglean to the itayals Pas
sim. boa, 1 Luscinnir- place. • Watt:rho
lleidgr, ad Perpetual Puce of Goafa and Es.
'Ms* . ala. !Anshan.
pills having gained *celebrity cinpatal
kind in see its of the Union. ars noel coo
all tbsor volnetand limn, Mei
as a fame mediane—piananimi by a
o body of lists' most eminent rhyaseceso
both in in coastrsi a-sd in Ecinape..--ii mean*.
it is pnnansedja stamp thieir character in Ike*
linainon of every thinking man, and it is bapcd,
afar Leiter recoomnendatinn than:the couraa re
stated 4 by ignorant and ithprtociphd preemie!),
wbo to ;mislead add deceive the pubfie. "40
what they call practical prboia and certificates d
Carr; that ea sed boa* a of retinal and
sty. andf mast eel ' if net all, are ei th ergin
fahAaaloos. or • bifaces! Mad cestairance
The Cedar 4 Lang Istiaid raramr, sale --_
"This medicine bats obtalied en tanneedastei
degree of well primerved pie*darity: Basing tia-
Anthems pills 013filthwea to alOaritage and. withow
ed theie beneficial fffeeta pa others. we base is
'hesitating it tecva mending them to the publics
a s ofd, sishitary . asefidlersay neescauf-"""
e a lliirr. are ' salmi the signature a
the General o4n the label by -wawa the 6'
boon ethe is iMporteOrsto this nos y.
AIXO. HOLBELV4I9 Wass Mee t.
• • • Gee ir
, .iie fie ns & •
A supply artier *we **Was -jut- regain*
aid &ride by
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Sete gest hp Schay4k4),ammity.
Jady 15 - i n • 2-
f-047' CARIBO3I-;'
• SaTillig PURA tiolltiiidij.
WU& Net
4 0105
SgOaltr Fad Society, ii
JIL aim apes day fiat. 9 •ad 3 licileek 11l
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wed alogratda.bad ale il lag
tan3l be angered as
assy ft-adman:al pats or ' r e : Vim* W
part may be chess oat ' - edits. Ore UP
&fti, the Are ae. y • ~The as
ma tie Society will be esdatesed b* de
- aratert tad --impagers„ - unta tie Sea
io May mem
Jeerer j our s,- lig n=ol 2iPadaa ' -
Baena , 14. & Wanes
Jamb i m age Tailor -
L Wiritiky, aad*essari.
• .3d elf - ""ff• weeimosi
tabatideser .abali be areetsed by' d Ifilriaa
ar lhaiscaS far *air serum. oar Aa° nay
Uttaseger bemoan, a bormaper asal the maim'
tire. - - ' , . !et 3 Of
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e Philadelphia Fire