The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, April 28, 1838, Image 3

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Arrival o '
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date for I
Parka—The la
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Mr. Parks, two' ,
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' an Boren.
wiling of the citi ns of antinEdon,
ngdon county, the issidencdfof David R.
be folldwing lotion was adopted,
short and nt :
That we cane• ►pppott the election
FL Porter for Go entor, for the follow-
At •
in Hurt
wbi'ch i
sr Duei.
tog Tel
'Dina► 4 , Christian
Chapman, the
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if - Dollars in Sp. ie. 'llia English
I o understand °lir interests and their
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;; uch better than our own Govern.
While our Government is warring
e credit, the Flnglit-h are sending
to to estatilishlcredit in this coon
d thereby not hnly enabling us to
the foreign dlt, but also to nor,
mucli greater itupply of their moi
res. undolibtedly will be the
of the great impintatioo if specie to
• tmuy.
try, I I
Pi 7 0
' Mr. Barnum The souniVing extract.
front a letter oft QI at inst, =t Philadel
phis, seem to meilsainteresting to the great
bulk of your readqrs, that I deem it proper
to give them toy ou for your Journal.—
"This morning l went at the request of a
friend, with two'hthers, to the Mutual In-'
surance Office, to see some . Iron, Coal,
Ore, Slag, &c. 4.e. from Crane's Works,
in Wales, brow ht out by a Welsh miner
ttfthe name of *chard Jones, well known
to Burd Patterscin and othera—the experi
ment is complete; and -I Understand it
was the intention of Mr. Crane, if he had
his patent, to gelid out a hand immediately,
to this country,to erect furnaces in Scuyl
kill county; bi , pt Mr. Geissenheinner's
Caveat prevents him doing' so, and the
coat-- interesoof our conntryt suffers by it.
Mr CVene is slid to be a bachelor and
would be satisfied to hand his name down
to posterity in this Way, intending, after
satisfying the ptible. of his being the dis
coverer of the spatter, to make it public to
all the world. Jones will be in Pottsville
in the course of the coming week. The
ore is in small iveins of frqm twq to six
inches. and I understand that 2700 pounds
of Anthracite Coal make one ton of Iron.
Whil-t in the Office, l was.intrcaluced to a
Mr. Garrett, who is making Locomotive
Engines fur the Columbia Rail 11oad. , —
He says they mita have tau. Engines run•
ning from ' the Plane at thq Schuylkill to
Columbia; that the result of their experi
ment is a' follows :—Ono Engine uses
half a ton 011-Auttracite, another uses
two thirds of a ton, and another three
fourths of „wion, and with a train of sever
al burtheo carsi attached to the pavenger
car of one ton. The Eruriues wing wood,
con-tone three Gorda each trip—making a
.avolg by the Ufa ell A iiiracite Cual of two
thirds in the ens! of fuel I"' •
ht it oter a
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question. is
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[ to good Cut
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u enlarged,
.r the writer,
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ting the true
r native State.
•am Ships at
` earn Packets
arrived at
the present
...ges. The l
:.s the Allan- I
t Western in
easel of 709
horse power,
oat splendid
, ther column, -
largest vessel
ae . vet made
S of Europe,
t being 1804
th from out to
feet; and with
Ino horse pow
a more dis
g a large line
lent. W hut
she is a fast
dit ion to these
ritieit Queen, "
Yours &c. A. S. N.
April 23d, 1,838.
be laUnched
e Sirius,. and
s, the British
dt ion Compa•
After Biome unimportant boldness the Anti.
Bank Bill came up, alien Mr, CLA Y said, we
have nothing to cto wi h the Bank of Pennsylva
ma called the United 4tates Bank. We have to
deplore that we have not tiUnited States Bank.
A lack of such an institution ho surrounded the
country with club' rrrrr ments, with misfortunes
upon every side end upon every subject.
Aa fur Nicholas Biddle, said Mr. Clay, his
merchandise, hilt!nooresumptiOn, his cotton bags
iSt.c., we have noihing to do with them—we want
nothing to do with them, so fir as L know the
opinions of my; friends and toy own mind.—
What is he to tie, or We to him. that he or his
Bank should be continually dragged before.the
Senate ? I ha& hoped; said Mr. Clay, that an
attempt to aid riniumption which was made in
the other House ; would have been better treated .
there by the friends of the Administration than
it was treated. • !That resolutibn voted down by
the friends o( the ArPrinistration showed that
they were opposed to : resumption.
I think. said Mr. Clay, the Bill before the Sen
ate unnecessary. Among the irredeemable pa
per currency npw afloat through the country,
there was none so grind as this,—none preferred
to hia,—it was; good from one end of the Union
is said to be
•chitecture of
importance of
!i rested by -a
rt 'of the New
lets go to show
era in Atlan-
ler It ai let into
srs. Marvin 5.:
F ill,
11 leading up to
ng townsman..
i n now load his
into the boat.
1 , /tau we. The
i cietit for sever.
' ide enough. at
1 rat used on the
Iwhat is not a
; "a coincidence
!e of the grand
I rinsylvania. the
Ic at e r was let in.
dernonri. i.i des.
If Mr. Kunze. at
i ..
of amell ins the
I nal ! ! Success
i ' " "Dam
, . . our
i —and Blast our
at the other.
In the town of the honorable Senator from
Tennessee, (Mr... Grundy) who had must strongly
advocated the Bill, the noieent this Bank were
commanding •premium of IS nr.d 19 nor rent.—
precisely the sante premium demmded in Nash.
ville market frir specie itself,' Throughout them
South and Smith Wee. it .bears a great mini.
Mr. Clay said there was no•.oceasion for legis
lation at.thi■ moment. Now was the time tor
enenuragementthe time for kindness—forcon
ciltattin—nnt ter legislation or election and pun
tahnient. No Senator doubted but that the notes
of the old Bank' would be redeemed ■nd speedily
redeemed. Iliac we. no Senior who did not
prefer the holes of this Bank to the notes of any
.ourt, and CO7ll.
County.=A bra
a Commission
in ,the place o
other I nstitutiOn.
I do think, iaid Mr. Clay, the Bill involves the
m nit enormous -stretch of polder I ever witnessed.
or that ever has been attempted. Mr. Clay here
gave his opinions on the Constitutional ques-
the Young Men's
rnwded ont 2f thi
dneaday's paper.
Following this part of the subject, he said the
Bill . contained the most wilds and infamous
p..wer 'which could be conceived .of. No Feder
al party or any portion of the Federal party bad
ever contended for sock power. As for Mr.
Biddle, said Mr. Clay, addroising t himself kiMr.
B. "hang hind if you= please." IFIe Imbre! to
Pennsylvania., We have nothing to do with Nick
Biddle or Nick Biddle's Bank. Pennsylvania
made it, and Pennsylvania Was responsible for it;
nod if, said Mr. Clay, the Senator from Pennsyl
vania thinks proper to stand op here and abuse
him, he should not quarrel with him for that.—
Hethought, however, it would appear better if
Mr. Buc'hanan would stand fiirward in defence of
his own constituents. Speaking of the Sub-Treas
ury hill, and one of Mr. Buchannn's prophenies.
Mr. Clay said. when I can ace that experiment
buried, as I hope in God it sill '3ll. in the bowels
of the earth, then I will have some confidence in
his prophecies—not till then.
Mr. BUCHANAN made: a brief rejoiner to
Mr. Clay, after which Mr.' MORRIS demanded
the yeas and Pays. Being ordered. they were as
ave been informed
finer will get from
don county.. In this
1.9c0 Foco mush-
defeated candidate
n appointed Mar
•ent Van Buren. It
aders, that after the
hie polit;cal papers
to be attributed to
'to be a drunkard
Yeas. Mears. Allen, Benson, Brown,
an, Calhouni nay, of Cuthbert, Fulton,
Grundy, Hubbard, Linn, Lempkin, Lyen, Mor.
ris. Nuics. Norvelt, Pierce. Rivet., Roane, Robin
son-. Ruggles,. Smith of Conn—Tipton, Trotter,
Williams, Wright, Young-47.
Hays-Messrs. Clay of Ky., Clayton, Critten
den. Davis, King. Merrick, Nicholas, Prentice
Preston, Smith of bud, Spence, Swift, White
qr.—, It appears that
roan who lately gave
ri, toctbe partner of Ab.
tncd motort4y in Boa-
a—Wiring on their
t b. "ray." .
In the debate in the Senate on the ■nti.duel
ling bill, itwas SSW to be designed fur the pro•
tection of the members of Congress. The gird
h u mored idtrf. - flryndy hereupon observed that
he then had fiery little interest in the bill. as the
good people of Tennessee :had .decreed him ■n'
early retiree) , to the shades of private lite. The.
Rev: pr. Niles who had jutt received news from
the Conneetieut election, remarked that he. too,
like his worthy friend from Tennessee, felt very
little personal interest in the bill, as his days
were numbered.—He saw;tho hand writing on
the wall, and he resigned himself to bis fate.—
Alex. Gas •
Fanny Wright Darpiunnnt lecture , Mr/
Sunday analog. at the eissas in Cinciasatte..
Magill malty soh limit elate.. •
• April 23, 1838.
Seem daYs later from London, and sax days
later from Llwerpool.
The Sirius has performed her voyage without
any accident, save • slight one which betel ser
on .cOnung in the Hook. where she grounded.
but will no doubt get off at high water. Since
her departbre from Cork, she hu used only
fresh water in her boilers. having on board Mr.
Hall 4 e condensing apparatus.
W• have to thank her commander for Lon
don .lurnals to the 30111 March, Liverpool 2nd
and 3d instants. The late hour at which we re
ceived them, . compel us to give ai scant notice o
their contents.
The further proceedings in the British Parlia
ment have no interest here.
Lord Dalhousie. formerly Gamma. General
of Canada, is dead.
The differences between France and Hayti
have been adjusted by two treaties, which are
officially published.
The differences between Holland and Belgium
now SUM to be u far from adjustment as
The chiracter of the money market, as re
the value of money, either on the stock
exchange or for commercial purposes, has not
altered, and money continues in find employment
at fLll raw ,of interest. Some large policies
were opened at Lloyd's yesterday, open bullion
about to be shipped to America at 1 4 per Cent.;
but es this was merely the result of prior appal.-
attune, it created no particular interest.
The arrival of the great steamer Sums has
furinabud us with English 'hews to a very late
date. We have also Cork papers to the 3d In.
sianL They contain no intelligence of impor.
tepee; the whole columns, or nearly the whole,
being reports of trials in law courts, of cases
arising out of the unhappy political differences
of the country, in which it would appear that
the clergy and laity take part with a peculiar
We copy from the Cork Reporter of the Rod
oitant the subjoined omice of the Sirius :
Of this magnificent vessel, 'Web is now at
Peeper., and will take her departure for New
York to-morrow morning we extract the follow
ing account of, trial between her and the Grew
Wesiet'n, on Wedneiday last from the Iwadon
Tunes of Satin da v
"The es periment of a steam voyage from
England to America has commenced. Wednes
day afternoon, the St. George Steam Packet
Company's powerful Steam Ship Sirius, Lieuten
ant Roberts, R. N., commander, sailed from off
East lane Stairs for New York, proceeding in the
first iostance for Cork, from *hence she will
start tor her final destinatinn on Monday next.
The Sirius is a . vessel of 700 tons. with engines
of 320 horse power ; and has been Sited up in a
most splendid inanrer. It is expected that shr
will complete the voyage in fifteen days, and
confident are her owners of this, that they hay.
already a mounted her setting out from New
York tor the return vuyags on the Ist of May
She carries out from London 2 passengers.
but this number will be consider.* augmented
■t Cork. She does not take out any goads, being
intended for a passenger ship only. On going
down the river, the Sirius came up with the
Great Western, with a respectable pleasure par
ty on board, aid ■ trial of speed was the canoe
quence. When the Sirius had got abreast. 0 1
Gravesend, she was upwards of a mile a-head OC
her rival. The Sirius made the distance Iron,
Greenwich to Gravesend. against a strong tide.
in one your and S 6 Minute'. The banks of the
river were thronged with spectators, and bath
ships had their colors hoisted. Soon alter the
departure of the Solos. the American line at
picket ship Quebec, Captain Herbert, for New
York. came down the river in tow of ■ steam
packet. She Carries out no fewer than 171 eini
grants. viz --cabin 17. between decks, 3!, and
steerage 122. The iatter were chiefly •gnenlin
rat labourers with their Some parlor.
were bold enough to lay even wagers that the
Q.,ebic will arrive before the Sirius at New
hisprrtrint to Pensioners.—Pensioners who ne
glict to call !or their pensions within etri,
',ninth% alter they become due, will forfei
Pretty &ono:mg.—A bill is before Congress,
appropriating $130.000, to pay for pulling down
.the wall's of the new Treasury building. just put
np, which are found to be too insecure and made
to answer.the purpose; there are two horses, one
for putting up and one for pulling down an a•
mount for nearly half, million dollars.
Farmers and Gardeners do your duty—Tke
turnip writer in the Leeds Journal,
England, May 10th 1831. after trying various
methods to prevent the ravages Ix this insect.
ascertained by a lens on every seed of the
Turnip ■ number of white plauish substance.
2. 3. 4, or Siof these substances were on one
reed, but some seed without any on them. I
made a pretty strong brine, and soaked the seeds
in it for 24 hours. then dried them thoroughly
and sowed them. When the plants appeared not
a single fly infested Abets;. I tried this course
again and aglin only Arm Leary and no insects
appeared, and the seed eame up well.
I now practice this with the seed of Cabbage.
Turnip, and all the cured 'form plants with
satisfactory success. Radish seed may thus Se
The State of New York has made a praise
worthy disposition of :he income arising - from
her share of the public deposits* received under
the act of C.ngr•.as. A law passed at the re•
cent session of the Lqislat ere appropriates $llO,.
000 of the resent,e to the support of Common
Schools. The sum Of 1145.0041 is likewise appro.
primed annually to the several school districts in
the State fur the purchase of Libraries. Alter
three years, hcieitver, they may apply it either to
the purchase of Libraries or the support of teach.
era, as they may elect. The bill also appropri.
ates $6OOO annually. to Geneva College, MOO to
the New York University, (first payment to be
made Ist August next.) $3OOO to Hamilton Col
lege, $23,000 to the Literary Fund. The residue
.f the income is to be added annually to the cap.
ital of the common school fond.
The New York Gazette of yesterday says.
"It is rumored that we are to have e Bask
pith • capital of *20,000,000, under the General
Bank Law organized in this city, at the head of
which stands • prominent house of Wall street.--
Mr. Biddle, ton, is to start a new Bank in this
city, under the Banking Law. and to commence
operations in about a fortnight."
Braga of marriage Premiss.—Mirs Maga'
Ann McGary. of Schoheire Cu. bai recovered at
the Circuit (curt just dosed at Cattail!, SION
of Mr. Lawrence Brandon, of Green Co. far i
breach of marriage promise. The parties are
highly respectable. bat , the evid a ner. according
to the Cattskill ilessengwr. was much of it ton
Me for publication. This is an way of gab.
amnia, , *
POST*Iti • . _
Good Xews 'CrOst Balkinme.
We base just nil:lulled the Baltimore /uteri.
can of this morning. no which we learo that
Kr. l‘mtlllthir...the Whig candidate, has been e.
laded by a grand and conclusive majority of
=HT swan= AM SIVILM-TWO To •
This is glory enough for Nee election, It showy
that the march of Whig Reform is =was., it
rejoices fits the outgoings of the morning; and
it will know swither stop nor pause, until the
Whole land ito illumined. - • • '
The following extract from the paper just Men
tioned, shows the aggregate returns. Eyerj
thing was done by the Loa/aces that imported
vo t e s, Washington money, and other induce.
manta could eeueitiolialt—but it wouldn't do.
Emmy. ' Masan/rt.
Baltimore City, 5957 5337. "
Ann Arundel, um .
Annapolis, 20
Total. 7029 6157
Mr. Kennedy's majority in the entire district
1372 mks.
Lamm, Maack 28.
lc the regular Congreisional election. hekl in
July, lfel, the acetate majority for the Van
Bolen ticket in the city of Baltimore was 283
votes ; and the average majority for the same
ticket in the whole district. was 251 votes.
Anti• Van Buren, Anil%Porter, Anti-
Sub-Treasury System Ticket for Borough
Pottsville. Apra vs. 1838'
WHEAT FLOUR, by the load was worth on Frl•
day ei 50. ,
WHEAT I 50 per pushel. iv demand.
RYE FLOUR 2 50 per cwt. in demand.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR 250 per cwt. in demand
RYE, by the load 90 cents ny the bushel—ready
RYE CHOP 90 Cents per blightsd in demand.
0 VT'S 40 cents—ready sale.
POTATOES 45 cent. per bushel in demand.
CORN-70 cents per bushel in demand.
CLOVER SEED—SS 50 per bushel.
TIMOTHY SEED-402 00 per bushel.
FLA XSCEP4II 12 per bushel in demand.
WHISKEY-42 cents per gallon.
BUTTER—I 4 cents per round—in Kegs 12 cents
EGGS-12 cents per dozen.
LAJID-11l Outs per pound.
TA LLOW-9 mug per pound.
11AMS II cents per polled.
CORN CHOP 80 cents per bushel in demand.
BACON-12 cents per pound.
BEESWAX-18 cents per pound.
FE ATIIF.IOA-62 cents per pound.
COMMON WOOL-40 cents per pound
M ACKEREL. by the bbl. 11To 1,1112 00 h t !.111
SALT-2 024 per bbl.; 87 per bushel.
PI ASTER. is worth $7 00 per ton.
11A Y $lB per ton. ,
Chief Burgest
Jacob Reed.
IDaniel_lilapp, 2 veal's.
S mu
el Lew is, C. W s nkoop,
Benjamin T: Taylor.
High Constabl e '
Daniel Hill. .
Town' Clerk
Edward Owen Parry.
Benjamin W. Cuminins.
Francis J. •Parvin.
Alexander Graham.
ltbt lEWI Ut"l - 111E MAICKIKI I.
Borough Election.
igoticE hereby given, that an Election
/II will be held by the qualified voters of the
borough of Pottsville, on Monday the 7th day of
May. HMI, hetween the hours of 2 o'clock, and
8 o'clock. P. M dt the home of Henry Suffer, for
the election of the following &lough Officers, viz:
One persot. for Chief Berge's; le serve for one
Three persons for Councilmen, to eerie In:
three year,.
One permit for Councilmen, to serve fur two•
One person Ibr , Town Clerk, to serve for one
One person fur High Conga4le, to serve for one
Three persona for ',lodises, to 'ern fur one
april 2$ 32-3 ' Chief Burgess.
WILL be sold at Public Auction on San:inlay
the-28th inst. at 2 o'clock, P. M. at the
Stare Room in Centre Street, lately occupied as
a Public School room, a variety of Merchandise,
to wit: Sugar, coffee, loaf sugar, teas, chocolate,
popper, alspiee, ginger, mace, nutmegs, wines,
brandy, gin, blots, shoes, bed erode, P. lino,
muslin., padding, calico, eassinets, fastians, tapas,
lace, buttons, thread, moles, knives and forks,
varnish, shoe blacking, table., chairs, desk, apd
a variety of ainclei of merchandise not here enu
Assignee of Lovering &. Gordon. .
spril 28 .32—i '
Reemental Orden.
THE enrolled inhabitams of the county of
Schuylkill, and companies of Volunteers,
composing the 30th Regiment of Pennsylvania
Militia, are hereby notified that the First Battal,
km will meet, properly quipped for Parade, on
Tuesday the 2id of May nest, at MeKeansburg.,
The Second Battalion will meet at Schuy lkill'
H1M613 on Wednesday the 23d of May neat. The
lines to be formed.pmeisely at 10 o'clock, A.M.
By order of the Colonel.
april2B • 33tb • ' Atijubutt
Militia Trithaingi.
THE enrolled Militia emir:Leg the jab
Company of the 30th Regiment. P. M. real-
Arms East - of Centre Street. in the Borough of
Pottsville. end East of the Centre Turnpike in
Norwegian township,
hereby notified • that
they are required to meet on Monday the 7th of
May. at 10 'ebek, A. M. at the house of the sub.
scriber pr ' ly equipped for duty as !beim re ,
april 211 32-4
COATESI3 Porter Illedicina t or Finally Ad
wiser. jest received and for Mile by
april BB - . 8.. BANNAN‘
NeW Books.
gynciuurre for Ladies,.
The ikate Prisoner,
Zara Labe,
New American Qualm,
Alice, or the *swim%
Endow Fen.
'pet, caminatand fie sale by S. JUNNAN.
spell II • 111
_ _ -~ .>~
._ , •
LPhekeillooltonotidaleg 1 :.! I sees if ONO
eary die pkkid uplift the Alpert ee`Wedneta
day laid. The owner -eta harder the same open
proving Ida property, and 'paying for :hie ad.
vertieement. * Apply to ( - 'a, T. TAYLOR.
april S 8 ( " 2 . 4
. .
• ending,
LPOKINGGLASB and rioter... Frame Gild.
sr. nest door to Mr. John Mellarron's. Lyon
street. Old Frames re.gilt in the neatest man
nert and at the shortest notice.
sprit 518 - 32.3m0
Nov ELBII PRIMERS, just published tatter
v v sale itholaisle and retail by
april 28 32 .. B. BANNAN. .
7. du "Awns of of Pottsville. .
AT the iolicitation•of , a masher of friends, the
subscriber has been Mduced to offer hill
name as a candidate fot Borough Conetable. at'
the ensuing election. and respectfully solicits
theirt votes for said offices, pledging himself to
perform the duties punctually, and to the satis
faction of the public.
april 213
THE undersigned cauuogs the public sitarist
purchasing or leasing . this tract of land called
Clinton Tract, on the East Hurwegian rail road,
from Elisabeth Spohn; or Henry Morris for her;
as he the undersigned claims title thereto, and
will institute a suit against any person attempt
ing to take the possessing thereof.
Miinheim, April 28, 1838
Old Grape Juiee.Port ,
Wine, 4.c. ite
ITERY superior old grape juice Port Wine,
do do Royal company do do
• do du bottled do do
Very superior do East lulu Madeira, in wood
arid bottles. Very supirior old M. Lobo and
Duff Gordon 4. Co. Sherry wines, Pico Madeira,
Sicily Madeira, L. P. Teneriffe, old Pale Lisboni
dry and sweet Malawi wines, &c. &e. for sale by
a pril 28
Fresh Groceries.
MILLER dr f HAGGERTY have received
their spring supply of trevh Groceries, a
mong which will be found some very choice
Green and Black Teas of the very latest imports'•
tions, which they cao recommend to their friends
and the public.
sprit 28 32
First Troop Schuylkill County Cavalry.
WILL -parade on Monday the 7th day of
May, 1838, at 2 o'clock, P. N. at Morti
mer'. Hotel—Winter unifitrm.
By Command.
april 28
AMEETING for the purpose of establishing
a Society for beneficial purposes, which Will
be known by the name of the Union Society, will
be held at the house of James Lang, in Port Car
bon, the first Saturday in Miy, at 3 o'clock P.
M. april2o 32-2
Champaign `►Vines.
CIIAMPAIGNE WINES of the following
choice brands viz: anchor, comet, wardcock ,
chamPaigns, Riau ; and palmettoi all Sue grape
wines,. for •salis at modrrale prices by .
april 2$
Bar Iron.
JUST received by the sub.cribers, a supply of
Bar Iron of a superior quality, which will be
sold at 41 cents per lb. ea.h.
a pril 28
Tpub*Sriticis have jupt rtct ivtd and ore:
for sale 50 Baskets Champaigne Wine. A
mong which will be found the following, track
Brands, Napoleon, Palmetto, Biedaeck. Comet,
April 21
BBANNAN has commenced a Book Bind
• cry in connection with hi s Book Store,
where all kinds of Books will be bound at the
shortest notice at low rates.
Blsdk Books &c.
of every description made to order at the lowest
rates—and the trade supplied wholesale at Phila
delphia prices.
April 11
Miller I lk 'Utterly,
Dry GotrdsiGrocery,Wine Litpuir StOri
(Nest door to Mortimer's Hotel.) .
THEIR eonnexion with a hones in Philadelphia
enables them to keep on band a rep eaten.
sive assortment of goods which they will sell at
Philadelphia' priees. Store and Thine keepers
and private families, would do well to mill and
judge for themselves. .
april 19 31
BriiT rs
de Orders.
WI •
NE enrolled dais and Volunteers . compo.
IL sing the 2d Brigade, 6th Division. P. M.
Milt commence an continue the Spring &linings
fur 1838, as followi:
53d Regiment, commanded by Col. Hugh Lind-
Oas t whole Regiment on Monday the 14th day of
Man 1838.
: Regiment commanded by Col. Samuel
D. Jasebe, Baitallion on Tosedsy the 15th
day of May neit, Ist Rattails:it, on Wednesday
the 16th dey of May newt.
17tlu Regiment. coma ended bj - Ctl. Isaac To.
der, 2d Battalion on Thimoda • y the 17th day of
May next, Ist 'Battalion' on Friday the 181 k day
of May next.
Ist Regiment. commanded by Col. Abraham
Siegfried, 14 Battalion on Saturday - the 10th
day of May nextad Ad Monday th e
21st day of May next.
311th Regiment. eons tided by Col. John M.
Bickel. 14 Battalion Tuesday the 22d day of
May next, 24 fla on Wednesday the 23d
des of May next, •
The company training* till be en the first
Monday in May, namely, the tit, and. the 'places
ate to be exec' by dm nding allegro there.
ell. .
The eontmandleg Aetna of companies. and
Adjutants of Ilegimentrotra strictly enjoined to
h a ys thairenrolletents reify en Beta= days,
agreeably to law.
By wder of.
I Amp. Ih/1 ikh pi% f.-
Wbadier,A dth, ' .
- "arelkeiertiliOth eii
t •
• • TINA 4.)
Tani Moir nON rok.. - Coliosit or. Anal*
Whim Lead!lo and Calomod.
grolod Re& Paecipti • ,
Rod Load. I Whit* do f •
Worse. ' Mb
Ch ronicWildly. Solp. Wain* -
dO Grego Tan. Lando
do Red ' Etimi h.
Pacint Tenney do Nitric
Sugar Lead • • . do lAcetiti
-Copperas Lunar Caustic
01. Vitriol . . Com. do
Aq. Fortis , Acet. Morphia
Umiak Acid 1 Ralph. do
Epsom Salta •., Lam Sulphur
Tart: Acid 1 —Opi. de Namot.
I Sup. Carti. Ws‘ _ Serums MistralCortos.
Corros.Sub.lldem: ' Ethiops do.
11eittersof,Champithr, Sal•Nitre.hrhosta
dec. Ofar for sale the above mentioned artielel..hi:
gether with a general assortmknt or Paints. Dnage-•
and Dye Smsl. and every other article in the Chesil. •
catand- Mancini hoe. i
Being Manufacturers of all the articles enumerated f
under the above head. they plrige themselves to sup.: ,
'ply their friends and the public on the most reasoita• • .
We terms.. • ,
• Window and Picture Glass. tram 88. to 2420.
Oct 21 1837 iSe
_ ,
IPublit Notice. • ~•
As it appears,-that because Mr. Crane obtained ....
patent for smelting Iron Ore with An.' .
thracite Coal in thi. country, many suppose that
they are now at liberty to adopt the method-Or
smelting Iron ore with Anthracite by the use oil
a heated air blast . ; although I gave notice lash
year that I had a patent fur smelting Iron ors,
with Anthracite Coal, both by the 'use of a eiild
atmospheric and a heated air blast, I would now ,
inform the'bite again, that on the 14th of Jan.
nary, 1838, received a letter from the Commis.
al i
1 sinner of I' tents at, Washington, stating: 'Sir,
neon examining the case of Mr. Crane's appliea4. ' 1
Lion for a patent - for smelting Iron by' means of
anthracite, I have viewed his claim vs interfe.l
ring with your patent of Dec. lAA and have .
given notice to his attorney of this decision."... -
Every attempt to smelt Iron ore with anthracite
by the use of a heated air blast, is an Infringe.
went upon my weld. against which I caution
and warn all men; as I titian prosecute every one
infringing upon my rights, according to law.—s
And I further offer to dispose of patent rights flit
the erecting of furnaces, according to my patrol,
upon very moderate terms. •
New 'York, April 9 4 1838. - ' 118-6.!
Ruta Baia Turnip. and
• Whits Flat Turnip Seed.
By the lb. or smaller . Auaniity.- for sale tit
april 18 29 B. BANNAN.
No 235, North Thitd Street, Philadelphia..
LEWIS W. - RICHARDS respectfully informs
A-a his nomerous friends and those who ban
haretofornpatroniscd the establiiihment, that hi
has taken the above well known stand, and is
now ready to receive them with every attention
that can be bestowed upon either their comfort
or wants. .
Philadelphia, April 18th, 1838. 29:4 in •
Danville and Pottsville Bali
' • Road Company. -
T"E annual meting of the stockholders. and
election for Preaideni, ten Managers. and
Treasurer, to serve the above Company for the
ensuing year', will be held on Mtarday me 7th-dil
oraley next, betwein the bouts al 4. and 6 o'clock
P. M. at the office. of the. Schuylkill Wavigatitor
& H. CAirPENTER. Treilurer.,
sprit IA
BBANNAP had just received a very pupei:. ,
e nor supply ofi. j and I inch Leaden Pipet,
to convey the water in houses, which will be sold
april 18
To Let.
THE Stone Store House and Land.
• ing at 'Mount, Carbon, recently ocCert
j pied by Penrose & fireninger.
For terms. &.c. apply. to
F. B. NICHI2I,,S, Dock
• Philadelphia—or. to My czent,
april 18 29-3 P -Pottsville.
rilflE subscriber hak now on band at his Store
A., and Storehouse on Centre and tail toed
dreete, a fultassortuient of Goods, suitable forlbo
coal region viz
Barr Iron of assorted sizes,
Band and Hoop do 'do •
rgOis sod `pike Rode do do
13teel,Bound & Squitre do do - ' •
Ndils and liplkes do dd
Coal Shovels do do
Hurdware. a 'eeneral assaortinent.
An Of which he it selling at reduced prt
Jan 13 2 3 CLATTOff.
Benjamin W. Cuffinsinth
ATTOR.II7I 4 14w, .
IN AS removed his Office to CentreStreett; op
polite the Brick Building of Georgilibt: Asir
nings, where he will attend to all Niemen
Umtata hini in the lipe of his prtifeseloni.
Oa!! 4154:
T. & J.Beatty .=
HAVE just received per Canal limit dieesters
Capt. Jobe M. Crcielesd, diniet itiOntew
35 casks dairy clients.
go boxes pine apple. do •
1000 lbs. superior enrolled kset.
lIKKI,Ibs. do Lard;
1600 lbs. codfish. •
5 bbls. superior stied,
30 bble. Ao .1 Meekest.
20 half do do *
1 Mk starch, is boxes sujoric grte and'
My 127 -
*1 Om* -
4 general aaaortmeni of fresh
Elooda,joat reeeivel--emaistiag 1a Irani
DIM GOIN/ 1 4 j
Hardware, ;
Mackerel, : , •
Salt, Plaster,,iltiN: Ake.'
ofileipaill ha acid low for ash. The lleat
'pries pad is eadifie all lin& of ebastig *dowel
Cuba, Dos -