The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 31, 1838, Image 1

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payable seta,
in the 'Y ar,
eetve th pa'
83 per nu
will be ad
in advan
beck d •
Adve ise
charged , 1 f
All a ert
-annually in ativan , l
4 will be charged
; er free of poile.
If not paid ith
to the price 0 Bit
La per annum, p
If not paid within
: anti not (=addict d
r-three tnsertinns
rger ones io prop
elements will be
time for whi
d will be charged
' , rtiserd will be ch
'.cription to thepap..
e ad vertisemeti t no
g the year, add th.
pap r for three i
::(Idressed to the. edi
attention will be p
for meetings, &.
eretofore been in --
nts each, excetitM
out, uni
is specifi
Yea ri
of keepi 1
er one ml
All n
which 11.1
titter has for salt
Kingsessing, near
Fruit Trees of sui
racing every varlet
.s, Apricots, 'Peat
es, Mulberries,
and Cu rranteltoge
reen Muse Plants
lati, Evergreens,
!,,, Roses, Carnation
tI ial Flowering Plan
. 'llsat Vegetable
1 7...:ortmedt as any o
THII7. su.'
Nu .ery'
assortmei t o,
planting, m'
Cherries Ph,
moods, ui
Goosebe ri
eortment f
Flowerin a,
kioneysu 1.
ceous Pe en
ment of 0
as vein a
United S ti
117 B.
fur the Pr 'p
all kinds bi
eat notice;
Otr Cat*l.
NIyAN, who has
eto will receive
rui reel, Shrub
I nbe examin
r has just r,l
ery choice so
to be fresh.
tch have been
.et Long
rl'iHE ci ,
open n
Seeds, w r
quality, a 1
Early T r
Long Bldod
Early Yut-k.
Large Ydrl
Green Curl Si
Red pießli g
Flat Dut h
Sugar loaf
Bullock Ile .
Curled Ciie
Orange car t
Early fr eu ,
Long pl c 1 g
Early cu 1 lets
India ll
Early c a b ge
Yellow i er
11instarslfs d
Curled par ey
Sugar pars ip
PumpkilY, s ed
White orii
Yellow do ,
Red annda d
Early sal n
Early to
,g .w
White tu n p
Red turn p ,
Yellow sat .
Flat bust
Al! of
age Wind!
do Butte
do Extr.
ory do Early
do Extr
do Coat
do Gree
do Dwar
Aspa gus
umber Red tie celery
do Whit solid do
cc Caro melon
:o -Nutnieg melon
:13 Early cauliflower
•d do Egg plant
• Bull t?ose pepper
Rho ,
r d ish Thy ,
)i do -.Lave.
do ; Mign
do Hem ,
medo Cane
:ill be sold eb
For Sale,
, able and lot, On the west side of
tre' t, Mount Cadbon; the house is
e, ad well finiShed. containing a
vel in the basement story, and two
fi !.t, second and third floors each.
••• ise built le stone, and large
4..1. modems four horses. The lot
.1 40 feet; and rtn depth 2.52. feet;
e lot e fine spring of wilier.—
212 4;
built of 2!
kitchen .1,11
rooms of
The stab = •
enough •
at tbe he
The site g.
imity to
credit w r.
Foe to
march It
e l very pleasant 4 and from its pro:.
fit landings, is admirably
. , Aman or boa builder. A long
'yen for one heilf of the purchase
ap Ay to GEO. C. WYNKOOP.
le oat and 'giber La r d
I _.,.
D '.. Schuylkill 'county on the head
th little Saltilylltiffriver, and in the
ion .f Beavdr trek, containing 229
P. rchea, strict asure i this land
th him antlYe low
INEr 'PIM Ell ,
D be of the Oat qualify, the little
road rune . d i through the
tract of 'Lund, and offers a' cafe
passage to thd Philadelphia mar
1r partieulars4ddrese the subadri.
Lancaster n nty, Pa.
1-3 mo
SITU 17;
first elm} - 1
Is cove
said by
above e,.
and con
bar in • •
rth i :
the Co
RSE sectio
, from the '
the dip an
Pocket - Rook
for WO at .
:ticet, d
A Ti r
the Bri
twcen e
each, p'
jest fete
No. 62,
mare 1
e and.
Wh I
...their ear
':raper Su ari
cy coloured
a and Bever
120 . L • 11,
" im ' Ul4l ,
DRV l' 0 I
Cloth, au , -
tians, 4.c
W 1 1 4- TEACH YOU TO PIER.O101•01 soWsais Op Ty 2 ILIATSAND tt tO OITITILOIS TEM CIAVWES O 9 TUC 11109TAIILIN =TAXA WEXCIf ILLOITfaT*YAOTHTO. Out Oel Alfa, sumac". ASS. Nalifraa 're ova ust sass — . .D111..3611111110..
- •
• I
. Cloths! Cloths'' !! Clothi !!!
iv NAT - HANS - at Cot, have now ad hand a
k • splendid `assortment of
Blue, blank, olive, green Anil claret cloths,
-do ,do and faticycaseitneres, •
Plain and figured sattirietta,
Mohair pilot clothe knit other coatings,
Goatstair canibletivestangv, &a &c
all of which being purchased at auction - In Phila.
delphia, and New Iforit l we guarantee to sell 10
ppr cent cheaper than ca r' be purc.baaed elsewhere
in this borough. dec
Cs...rrs per annum,
0. Jrnot paid wtth
- o ail those who re-
To mail subscribers
o the year, 50 emits
yable serm•annually
e year, S 2 50 *lll
twelve lines will be
and 50 cents for one
Encourage Home Mani factures.
Confectionary' Nbutufactory
gram subscriber respectfully annoniirles to the
public that he has cOmmenced the ilianufac.
tare of Confectionary in Il its various ttranches,
at hie Store in Centre Street, nearly opposite the
Pottsville House, where 'Confectioners and uth•
ere can always be supplied wholciiale aid retail,
at the lowest Philadelphia cash prices.
Country .t4erchants are respectfully solicited
to call and examine his 1 I.ock before purchasing
nov 4 50-tf
erted until ordered
are to be continued
• • d $l2 per annum;
r—with the privilege
'exceeding 2 squares
insertion of a small
; ccessive times.
or must be post paid,
id to them.
and other notices
reed gratis. will be
rriages and Deaths.
} ES.
Religiowi Works.,
BBANN AN has just received the following
• religious works, Lciticlon and Al4lriCa ed.
itions, which he offers flit sale cheap.
Original Family Sermons, 5 vols.
Massillons" Sormone, '
Leland's view of Deistical Writers.
Sturtevant's Preacher's Manual, 2 vels,
Drew on the Resurrection,
Drew on the Soul,
Bridge's bo the Psalm CXIX,
Faber cm Infidelity. : •
James' -Christian Professor,
Prize Essay on Religious Dissenaiens,
Christian Father at Rome,
A Mother's F.equestoke. tyc.
deo 23 5
l l at his Garden and
hiladelphin, a large
ble sizes for trans
of Apples. Pears,
es, Nectarines, Al
ti , pes, Raspberries,
her with a large as-
Ornamental Trees,
Pines and Creepers;
i and "Mks, Herba-
C, and a large assort
, which comprises
ter Garden in the
The Family ommentary.
FROM the works of henry and \ -Seott, and
above one hundred other writers, published
in London by the Religieus Tract Society, revis•
ed and abridged in two volumes, with Maps and
Engravings. This valuable wor k is published in
parts, at 25 cents each. Twelve parts are already
completed, and can be obtained' at the subscribers
Book Store where subscriptions will also be re
ceived. B. BANNAN.
june 24 -31
BR, Proprietor
en appointed Agent
d execute orders for
•, &e. at the short-
It this office.
eived and is now
ection of Garden
I nd of an excellent
'selected with care.
• reen
ill HE subscriber has nnw on hand at his Store
and Storehouse on Centre and Rail Rose
streets, a full assortment of Goods, suitable for the
coal region viz':
Barr Iron of watt l e ' a , sizes,
Band and Hoop do do
Nails and spike Rodido do
Stiel, Round & Square do do
Nails and Spikes do -do
Coal Shovels do• do
• Hardware, a general assortment.
All of which he is sell* at reduced prices,
Jan 13 2 1 CLAYTON.
1 8
or beans
beans (pole)
early beans
.1 Valentine beans
early peas
's early 11:1 inch
wart . peas
bunch do
marrowfat do
lartowfat do
• savory
. tte
se d
y seed
r seeds, 4-c. &c.
eap by
11 of the lqinylkill
harp MOuntain to
the distance be
the thickness of
form, price $3 50,
'office—acid at
,tiail Dry
ve just received
'we aliortmenti of
; singe and Black
- ;amen' fug
IFeb 18 14t-
. .
.0,3, tr • '
• = -
• ;• . . ;i • , .
.: 7 1;11, •i . .;
. ••
A714 - 10're t riempix Au,v.zurr
4i ., : i '2' . 'i -'
.'A. . •
2n DOZEN Swaim'i Panacea. j ust receiv
ed fresh from the proprietor. Upwards of
Seventy-Five Thousand'Bottles of this valuable
medicine were sold last year, and the demand is
increasing. For sale by the dozen, or single bottle.
Price $2 per bottle, or three bottles for lb by
Sole Agent for Schuylkill County.
Also Swaim's Vermifiree.
For the instantaneous cursor
Discovered and brought Wits greatest perfection
This is to certify that llhave tried your Tapuy
as Elixir in several cases of Tooth Ache, in whinb
I have certainly fcinnd it Of very great service..
13. B. HARVEY,
Member of the RoyaCollegepf Surgeons.
London, Sept. 19,1830; ' *
A friend stepped in to ay that be had visite*,
the Fire King this morning, and witeesied Ms
marvellous cure of the Tpoth Ache. Ones little
,boy in particular, ivho looked cross enough to bite
a ten penny nail clear off',! in ten minatao smiled
at the decayed tooth and defied its pain—U. S.
(Gazette. • *i
A fresh supply.of the above Ebxir ust receiv
ed and for sale by B. BANNAN,
Sole Agent (or' Schuylkill comity .
July 13 I—ly
Orphans' (curt Sale.
IN pursuance gran order ofthe Orphans' Court
of Northumberland County, will be exposed to
sale, at the Court Mouse 4u. the borough of Sun
bury, in the County of Nnithumberland, on Mon
day the 2d day of April West, that valuable
situated on tint Centre turnpike road,.
.... in Shamokin 'township, Northumber- ,
a ; land Cpunty, ;in the Shamokin Coal ,
Region._ now,,, , and for weal years
past, occupied by Felix Lk:eh—the eitite of tbs
1i0n..8. G. Bradford,. &Miami, containing 200
scrub or thereabouts, - part , of which - is clawed and
in a good state of caltivatidn. .. Theimprovements
are a good f log tavern -Imam., stables,,sheda, lac.
An .ftUunelant supply of Oaad gang water can
at all seasons of the year: obtained;
The property is . well w th the attention of any`
one wishing to become t o owner of a, valuable
tavern - stand, and tract cereal land. - "The ten=
of sale will be Made - kaolin on the day. of sale.
it is believed the title is indisputable.
• . ' 11141 Y. 1311ADFORD.
.. - Adniinistraiteni of laid deceased.
- BY artier orthe'Cburtjh i'" '
.. . JACOB 43,17.101:1TiClerk O.C.
Feb.,28.1e38. ' - * -, 15-4
I tto
English ' arid' .. eliiillreoel •
-"VIM Subscriber wil l i t 'Rnit ail iiinfirifEng
list and Wilshlinnli .litge Oaten mice
Theist persons wiabirrrtig - Iraeliftli"-Ika
(ions will• please leavica I al the elks ofibl,
Miners' Journal. 1, ,+, . V. 'BOWL '
Dec ,23 ' ? - - , .4.-;:
40-000,VER hiiiiiia*Ori a
, the' Principe. and ' brendl i dbirlailt*
feb 3 ' & HAGGERTY.
I , 4nrirrviLLE, P 4 SATURDAY moyamp„ MARCH 361
. [ Beajanun W. Cunning,
,14177011.7rir 42 ..T.4111",
lAS removed hisktffice to Centre Street, op
- .posite the Brick Building, of George M. Jew
n t"
tiga, where he will attend to all busmen an
imated to him in the line of his profession.
lOct SI 41341
The Penny Magazine of use
t fail Knowledge,
& our ... ,
8 decidedly one cheapest and most po
periodicals 'now" eitant—there are 200,-
copies sold every month in_ England, Intl 63,-
000 in Adieriea,
i s ,The Parts of voL 6 (for the year 1837) as far
as received, am be had at this' office. Price 181
,wri,•or t 2 00per annum.
This Magazine is published in monthly parts,
ccntaining 40 large pages; the present volume is
mheh.enlarged and improved. The illustrations
otiwood cola are executed in a superior manner.
t illers is an advantage in taking this work over
a othein; a pinion •can diseontini* it whenever
he sees proper, for each pare is alwayircumplete
w thin itself. •
omplete sets of this work from the commtnce
mtrit can be procured al the subscriber, st t 2 per
volume. B. BANNAN.
'Nov 4 50—
TLIE Port Carbon Saving Fund Society, is
now open every day from 9 to 3 o'clock at
th Office of Miscount and Deposit, for the par.
pore of receiving deposits to any_ amount not ex.
ceding $5OO, from any one person, upon which
aiiintarest of 4,per cent will be paid on every $5
aniol upwards,but no interest will be allowed ton
an fractional parts of $5. The whole or any
pat may be drawn out on giving notice, two to
fistlr weeks, at the office on 'Mondays. The bu
nnies at the Society will be conducted by the
following officer, and managers, until the first
Monday in May next.
President—AQUl LA BOLTON. .
Joseph Carroll Samuel J. Potts
Edward Hughes E. S. Warne
Japob Bull Jesse,Turner
L. Whitney, Secretary and Treasurer.
Article 3d of the Charter. "No emolument
whatsoever shall be received by the President
or t Managers for their services, 4 nor shall any
M i tnager become a borrower from the militia.
oct S 4fitf
Port Clinton Foundry
WILL be sold at private sale, the Foundry
pleasantly situated at Port Clinton, Sch uyl.
lc it) county, on very reasonable terms. Tbie
Friundry is at the commencement of the Little
Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rail Road, now
ortiking, and will in a short time be one of the
be* situations in the country to do a large busi•
neje For terms„&c. apply to
Iron Founders, Philadelphia.
Port Clinton.
6-63 t
i july 29
• Chelese ! Cheese!!
20 Casks of premium cheese,
20 Boxes pine apple do
fo: sale by N. NATHANS & Ca.
deo 2 2 .
Catholic 'looks
°' KOy to Paradise,
True Piety,
Catholic Piety,
Doday Bible,
Poor blazes Catechism and •
Small Catechism,
Just received and for sale by B. BANNAN.
Dec 23 5
. . Clever geed.
-"UST received and for sale ' '
11 ., 20 bushels prime clover, seed.
i• Lumber.
50.000Ioint Shingles,
20.000 Lap do
.000 Latbea, nailablo for paling or shin
lin g ;for Cale by A. A. GILE.
boot 23 44
and for oak a few boxes . of very superior old
Pi ire Apple Cheese:
Jan 20' , 4-•
. _
Cheap Raisins cilia Prtines.
aIItUST received by the setweriber,
1000 lbs. Raisins,-
.12 canes Prones—which'be will sell at 61 cents
• Dec 2 . 2
1 flank lbs. Bed Feslhers,just received mad
- m-ro‘ ,ll - 7 offered for sale by
, . ,
Nov II 51—
liry-Goodo, Grocery and - Li-
Armor; Store,
Coiner of Centre artil Market Streets, ?litre:ilk
pril 8 - -
{ . - . .. .
61010 ener, 1 .
ANTED, a ipxod Oarjleaer—apply 444
... arch 18
Rail Tim:44 - 844
. lode by • ' 3. tpl-YTON.
ebl4. . • ' - • •
A, '
E:: N - EW:GOODS. -, • ,
~ JOSEPIit -ColiCEßN
• ISPBCTRILLY informs- the , :eititens of
rot/milk dc.,vieinjty.that he *Ws ntlyinver .
ea . anti* the
. ea Centre, sad. CalJavdall
&ets: istart - dooe - above:the Fialikal HQ, 4
laE acid alciaid ainitinintar tkaile aid Finer
. MOAB; eith,a etenenselectioi °Whim L.
, 1 1' , . lad CrPckPriliiiree ettglibiebPailflain
. ° iota ilt•the very Wish' Wish' larckilkthe
h lelptianvitibt, ' 11111ie''sollift,..124 Of
• t advance. • - : , -%••"' ,: 1'
koilgoods. sag 19 - ' _ '39-tf
Saving Fund Society.
feb 21
•A.. 1 ,:r4
• t , i e Follow's!". -
, ..
Intgrestirg Old Astonishing ade.
ORE (*inclusive proofs of the extraordinary
A-"•• effiese4 of DK. WM. EVAN'S plebrate•
&Mora& d Apkrica Antibilious Pills in al ,
Wieling a eted Manklud. '
To James Diekson, 36,. Cornhill, Boston,
for-the sale of Dr: W m..Evana's Camomile Pill&
• i LowiLL, Nov. 15,1836.
Dear Sir—Knowing by experience tfutt. every ,
reference that the afflicted receive of the benefi
cial medicine& I cheerftilly 'offer mine
tithe public lin behaltvf DR. WM. EVANS'S
CA111011111Ls? PILLS. ' I have been afflicted ; fur
the last ten fats with. distress in the head and
chest: often ;bad as to.,deprive me of bleep' for
three or four igbtlin succession, but have never
found relief ti'y , any oftiiy friends' .prescriptions,
until my wife saw the advertisments in the paper..
b l al
when she pe uaded me to Sturdier some. which
I did, and o tied two boxes and bottles, which
resulted in ' . lmost completely retoring, me to
health, althorigh 1 have not-yet entirely finished
them. 'Should you consider this any hsnefit to
yourself, or the public, yen' have my cheerful per.
mission to publish it. Tours, respectfully. • •
` TIROS. K. OpODIJUE, Centralist.
IF NTERES'IrING CASE Cured by Dr. Wra.
ii. Eramee C mamas Tonie , and Family 'Aperi
eat Pills.-11 r. BENJAMIN BOW N. corner of
Shippen and eorgcs streets, Philadelphia, affect
ed far sevenears with extreme nervousness, by
which he wa not able to write h,s name -his
symptoms we e, eruscation, daily spasmodic pains
in the head, os a of appetite, palpitatum of the
heart, giddin s and dimness of sight, utter ina
bility of eng ing in any thing that demanded
vigor or mintage, sickness and weakness ex
tame debility,l disturbed rest, a sense of pressure
and weight rig the stomach eller eating, great
mental despondency, severe flying patois to the
chest back and side, costiveness, a dislike for
society and conversation. Mr. B. has made trial
of varions medicines now before the pnlilic, but
to no effect, until, observing in a publie paper
some cures pei•forrned by Dr. William Evans's
Camomile Toilic and Family Aperient Fills, be
was induced to give them a trial, of which he is
at any time httpy to state that they effectually
cured Elm of e above distressing disease.
L - Persona trho doubt the above cute, ire most
respectfully directed to the above mentioned per
son, at the north-west corner of Shippen and
Georges atreeta. BENJAMIN BOWN.,
Philadelphia October 26,1837.
Mrs. Hannah Browne, wife of Joseph Browne,
N. 6th street, near Second, Williamsburg, a Shot
,ed for the last ten years with the Liver complaint,
completely restbred•to health through the treat
ment of Dr. Win. Evans. Symptoms—Habitual
constipation of; the bowels, total loss of appetite,
excruciating pain of the epigastiic region., great
depression of spirits, languor ancLother symptoms
of extreme debility, disturbed sleep, inordinate
flow of the menses, pain in the right side, could
not lie an her left side without an aggriavation
of the pain,' urine high, colored, with other symp
toms indicating great derangement in the func
tions of the liver.
- -
Mrs:trownri war attended by three of the first
physicians, but;received but little relief from their
medicine, till Mr. Browne procnred some of Dr.
Wm. Evan's invaluable preparations, which ef
fectually relieved ber of the above distressing
symptoms, with others, which it is not essential
to intimate. . JOSEPH BROWNE.
City and Connty of j' York, as.
Joseph Browne, of Williamsburg, LongllslAnif,
being dilly ewer's, did depose and wry that the
Acts as set forth in the - within statement, to which
he has subscribed his name, arejust and tithe.
Husband of the said Hannah Browne.
Sworn before me this 4th day of Jinuary,lB37.
PETER PINKNEY, Com. of Deeds
INTERESTING' CASE of Terboevlor Con-
sumption.—Mr. John Rowel applied on the Ist'
day of September at the office 100 Chatham
street, laborino under the following symptoms:—
A slight spitting of blood. distressing cough, at
tended with ad expectoration of purulent matter:
night sweats, general emaciation, difficulty of
breathing on okertion.' with a well marked hectic
flush on the cheek. On examination, the chest
was Round to and well every where except un
der the left th vide, and in the arm pit of the
acme. aide. 1.. .
; Tr freer/L.-I-Directed to take the restorative
ektmomile Pilti, with the expectorating corn.
pound, at the dame time'an injunction. to call in
four dare wheln the night-sweats had ceased, the
1 r
expectoration ightly diminished, am light fit of
coughing still emaining in the morning. Or
dered as usual to continue the medicine, and to
call in the conies of a week—when Si. health
continued Tepidly increasing,- without the leant
cough. Called at the o ffi ce on the 4th of this
month, quite cc'nvalescent returning his sincere
thanks for the benefit he hail obtained. •
The above patient chiefly used milk regimen,
ulnae, Schuylkill, :a9iicted•zaith
Mr. Robert
the. above distr!
, langtior, flatul
tore aercrts tit ,
bility nod res
Vidal position
ing sulfbeatio ,
ing nonititi
autesta, , great
ons energy.
• thought of re.
- existents/ or
in a public pa
Evana:a spedi
rettnitna in co
* alai 'disease.'
this deciantti , .;
ttatiel*itny I
irhictrhe is hi'
:the "timer foe
ag malady. •Ssulpf.piniK--trrest
ncy,,distorbed rest,. neiyotis !rod :
of nicalbing, tightnesSiind,
,dizsiness..nervers„, irrita-
Cgs, conld no' fie in hori
ivithout the sensation of intpenil
; palpitation of eta. heart, &Ares.
ivenest, patty of the stomaeh, drosr-'
bilitt,and deficiency of tin:tiers
,! Mr. )t. 'Monroe' lava
_up every' !
very, and dire despair sat on the
every person interested in his
ppinesiN till byaecident be noticed
.r some cures efikcted•by Dr. Win.
e in his complaint, whicb link;
I • a iwifiag? lt I )tCT-Inf•owidt
ire ea* rot
is, that those afilleti4 the
loympteini imago 40.11i0i6 11.•
• pilyvestoredisttay likewise receive
benefit. , .! .-•- • .
$.l i• . i * II42IOFAIRS 1
, tit .MlittgOr„i 5 - 4, . ‘ • ' . ,
.' 11, 1411)3011Witimike ' of LAir . '
NO, cornevettlemadAtreet r a, na
opt ThiladebbilbiaholieLibe Pie'
I, s
with; the Liver r ,vonsih*lk lir '
• :iF"tir heath by ' Dr..' WM. -,
, • lrixiteentl.POriptAii?` t
- isteepPiieiW 611)1164 - editiverieles,,
in the stoma, doPnookoi of
1 -
• I
M . /184 , 8A ' 4
GllMAgoot , '
W e r s -'
Pills. tad itj
Lkts t , .ta •
. spirits, languor, }citreous de Any, disturbed, shop,
greal Milo in blirsidrk could out lie tin lei left
without an negravation Wotan, dizeineal in
the. head, ,dimness of sight,,.with other symptoms
indicating greatldetangement its the functiomt of
'the tiver. .111 1 Brenhieer mide,trial era.
dime medicines ow before the publie, `bat
ceivid no relief Until she wasadiined - 16 make
4rial:gf E t varis'a Pills, of which elm happy,
,to slate at they effectually relieved bet of the
above !stressing symptoms, with others, - which
'are not essentiib to intimate.
Mr. Brenhisef, (husband of the abo , ra
Byeoliser, had timer' WI years affictedt with a
..distreasee state.pilea.and Costiveness, of-which
he was effectuly cured.
A perfect core ected b, the treatment of
silicon Evans.
Mr. Yohn Gi ,of N. 4th street, Williatis
burg, afflicted with the above complaint fOr three
years and nine months, during which.time he
had to use crutches. His chief symptoms were
evereeiating pain in all his joints, but especially
in the hips, shoulder. knees and ankles. hn ag
gravation of thelpains towards night; and for the
most part aft times from external heat, an °bai
-1 ous thickening of - the fascia and ligaments, with
a complete, Ines rtfmcuiculitt power. , Fur the ben
efit ol those afflicted in a similar manner, Mr.
Gibson conceives it meet to any that the pains
I have entirely ceased, and that his joints have
completely recotered their 'natural tone, and he
,feels aide to resume his •ordinary business.
Mr. CharlceSlobart, No. 122 Orange street!, N.
Y. afflibted for five years with humoral habitual
Asthina, applied, at the office 100 Chatham street
on the 414 of October, laboring under the follow
ing symptoms. A sense of tightness across the
chest, with the greatest difficulty of breathing,
distressing cough, generally ending with copious
expectoration of viscid phlegm, disturbed rest,
the face turbid and an livid hue—could not lie
in a horizontal position without the sensation of
immediate suffocation, languor, drowsiness, and
diZziness in the licad4'and loss of appetite.
Mr. FY. applied to the most eminent physicians
intthis city, like Wise need several other remedies
without obtaining any permanent benefit, until
his friends persuaded him place hi.nself writer
Dr. William Evans' treatm nt. He is ,pow t i re
lieved of his complaint, an called at the office
yesterday, avowing that he' had notwords to ex
pressing gratitude for the benefit he bad.receir
ed. October 21, 1837. •
We do hereby subscribe our to the
truth of the, above cures,ihat the statement is in
every respect true. SARAH BRENHISEE ~
JOHN STEIF, Baker, -
No. 17 north Eighth street. Philada.
Philadelphia, Oct. 21st. 1837.
- Dr. WM. EVANS'S; Medical Office; -for the
Pa le of hie.excellent Metlicine i hi at 4p.19, north
Eighth street, Philadelphia. 11 ' •
Sold by J. •T. WERNER.
Sole Agent for county
Mn.. Anne G. Kenny, No.' 113 Louis' street,
between Stanton and °Reagan • streets, afflicted
for ten
. Years with the following.distroning aytnp.
Acid eructation, daily spasmodic pains in the
head, lose of appetite, palpitation of the heart, gid.•
diness and dimness of sight, could not lie on her
right side, disturbed rest, utter inability of en.
gaging in any thing that demanded vigor or
courage, sometimes a visionary idea of attaggra.
swimf of her, diseise, a Ishii:meal 'aversion to
particular persons and prices, groundhatt appre
hensions of personal danger and poverty, an irk
someness and weariness of lite, discontented, die.
quietude on every slight occasion, she uonce,ived
she could neither die nor live, she wept, lamented
desponded, and thought she led a moat miserable
life, never was one so bad, with frequent mental
hallucinations. Mrs. liem.y had the advice of
several eminentphysicians, and had recourse to
I numerous medicines, but could not obtain: even a
temporary alleviation of her distressing state, till
her husband persuaded her to make trial of my
mode of treatment. She is now quite relieved,
and Ands .herself not only capable of attending to
her dotnestie Affairs, but avows that she enjoys as
good health at present as she did at any. period
of her existence. • J. KENNY.'
flirsband of the aforesaid Anne If ennyi
Sworn before me this 14th day of Dec. 1836.
• Peter Pinckney, Corn. of Deeds
Valuable Real Property ih Pottsville,
FOlt s SAIL; E
THE undersigned offers for sale all thin well
known three -atoll ,RRICN - NrORE AND.
DWELLING 470178.13 and this- appurtenances,
situate in Centre street, Pennine, the property
of the undersigned, together with nine other
tenements in the rear of said building, and the
lot of ground - Whereon the wholi stands. The
brick building aforesaid, contailisibirtY 'feet in
frontrfinished from the bisement story taLibe
garret in the•beatstyle 01 workanwhiPt Ind WI
as a business stand slid a :resident:di', i gist nt
coirrably situated. The. foregoing proper#twill
be•sold on low and aecominodatip; terms.. butt
of the ourehan Messy pily remem - ha N 11,11 0 7,
arty liar a lest years, if desired.. Title indisPetta:
bid, and possession can be given immediatety--
*POT to - G. Mi JWININGS.'
APtil2 2 . - POlterite;
11010rOLFPS Missionary Journal.
Wnod4.eithion. % ...
Yekleat i Cninmopert -
&bell anrchill, .
The Dilteireed: - -
'' - 1 Mentitsetere of.lron in Wile 47 - , ~ =p-
TnieVier.witia, variety of ether warluAjd#:in.,
eenir,e4 And fin' egetiy , 8,...R0mmt.,
*.inn eh 17 ' : ' - 20 '
fillC.9lllling. ,
All l 4. 9er d kr a tit Itt=iir
p tlfla~ing;.iii g l illiiiindldeffingid hie °ARA
.ineefore Strati rounvillersteicoarisiebodti
- and pantaloonli.• He ilk gamin* ‘rptiCiittoi4l,
how -tent ►
01 l
a conbnonnct Ondn 1.41 : , ,
B ,Ro.. • 101 0 AIWItterieeti ,11hkck
40.7 4 .,1: •., - .. , weiki. ' aiwii i i,Xisto
w=ndi"6l'. , :Ai 4111' itemiiiii it tlie,
co ur c hirh63,%,:vi-, ttqlw• ,1-4.44.v..0 1
• 1 ti , \•
• -
lib of ft: .F: -Petri royii'
William D. ULU. .
fret fropttry'3oleet to depth; wi
dike% 'the' basement stor!,:two
first, secriad•and third - 11cent' ea t
said Ileum well 'plastered and
excellent teen of water. at the d
feet trout, by 170 fitet JD depd r
4;Mi4Oli d
ley on the vest en4's:kraal - 009w_
For further partici*.
Moult Carbiiii,,Noy. 3; 1831;-:1'. ,
TO TUE nBAITity #'sni
The ettbscriberimirieetfolliitiliel
and the public at large, that, sin hie
Europe, he works with a new
at the manufacturing of Bluth
Borough,and flatters Mama
the accusation that he is a Bo
tan, with being able hereafter tonna,
tresses as not to be inferior to any mock
kind, in rcterenize to their beauty. aofiditl
- durahility,and people will certainly - be cowl
of the comfort and saving of time;Wl,l4
articles afford, 'principally when 'there'll
body' sick in the family. . .
Resides the subscriber knows :the 'obi
"the work must give credirto its. Mar
he thereforeovery politely invitee than
to get an article of this description,icf
examine for themselves, one of the Ulf
sea, just now fiLished, that they
ced of the truth of his saying. '
Reading, Jan. 18, 1838.
P. S. Persona wishing to buy Elate
ties, of the description aforesahN
ply to the Subscriber, a few dooms&
Store, in Reading, here a Rat of!
open to-the public, &the man*
wants some time. The Mainmast
delivered before May next.
The undersigned has, at the
Hanu Manz examined his timely
"double Spring Elastic Matristlt
elasticity readers it truly a luxury for:-4
use; and tc the sick..especially:, Such
long confined to a bat izontal posture, it
to prove invaluable. Its permanent
will supersede the necessity oftreincrik
tient "to make his bed," while
appears tell calculated to obviate' hi is
gree or entirely prevent the .ldughin~ so
occur in cases of long confinement.
I fully concur in the opinionuben.ux,
in regard to Mr. Mayre's "Double SPOIL
.101lY P. H/EST
Having carefully examined Itkileuryt
"Double Spring Elastic Mafia{," I ,eon(
the above opinion; believing it to :answer at
purposes intended, ' JOHN . , : eLprif
1-have extunined Mr. Healy Mitin`'.lo
Spring Matrass" With care, and I MOW
mend it to all persons, andestpee
as it would be a great advantat
Having carefully examined
re's "Double Spring Elistic Matins%
concur in the opinion expressed. in-1 7
certificate. A. EL ,
• I have examined with care Mr.lkeytela rk
tie Mynas@ " and fully copcut ihnespizitM.l a.
hove expres sed, as to its theft:deem arid geseirel
good qualities. . •4,44,
At Mr. Meyre's request, I exannied his"
tie Manua," and concur in the Ararat& lc*
ions expressed by the above named" attle:eel •
N. Natlians O.
OFFER for tale at theii wholesale end rasa ,71
ly Groom Store, Centre. 3 desire-blear
street, a prime anoiumentoffregb.gricteeritio. -
ng of . •
• Jan. Rio, Lagnira, ' 1 ,-,,,..;:.. '- ;• , '
St. Domingo and browned - w'"'''-- - -,'-,•,-, •
N.Orleano, St. Croix, browned t ic .,, , • „., „
white Havanna,ktafand lompc, .479r7.7
• New Orkwna, Wont t i g i r o bi e w ~ ~ •
India and sugar house ~_,
' Imperial, Gan Powder , ening ~
Wean, Pouchong,Orange*Pecc. - T o. , ...
sa l
co,l2leuehongand Bober • - !-- •"
•, • Rakers, Chases,E o : l 4l, tz i cii mm i,
•• & Ling.:and apical - . 4. .;. 4 ,
• Preparedira. ale* ",- 1 , :
Reading. re, Harvey. „.• i,•:- i- •:-..
John Bull Lobaer,Anclny, Ipinnot.,
' Canton so and Currie . 10 , ~ „
• Gherkin, Tomato. pepper.
__ _ • -
Mired, Onion, Mangee, - 'ftdrltas ` ' .
Lemon and "'renal • , ir , '•••• ' -
• - Olives, cages, Anchovies .:, , :•, 1:
. CayOusLAPPeT+4 l lice glut Maier
Clone,Macs Nitraegtand dealt'
Itice,,tlcnir of lie* Mardi ,-," ri -
t Cunantio,Flir, Raisins. Prunes. • -
- Sweet and bitter.almonds; ; •
, OtinOil, winabittarclastonigTef? ,
. . Preservedvopr,ebeesoreetWir, ~----
Herring, Mackerel.. aabnon, • t . , h-.
White gad cOlored wax,sperliti
• ' - , Moulded and di pt ti low - 1 _„,,
, palm, variegated brown Ina '
~ 1 , 1 160, 1
, ma-Madeira; old port. claret tf-A.w•; - ,-. ~.T.
Sown and pale it.y,eltanapaigita
• Old bock. Labonoiryantaw<o,td* to
- Sweet malaise ineetadel
_,..--1 1 , --T •ts.
• Magner. inutakkikwocut. ....**4., =;,l
' - Anhiildttei innil ddr• toeppernaint
Coc. awmpagne. Smith # - ekinitnit
Ild & eren.Gin,N. & Him , :,..'
. I Jamdeaapirits, • . • ~. tt F I t,,i V g
Exult sup.mari, isferiotito . :... - , ,
k Hilt Spot& and comma: cigar.' -
:. - -:-..4 ...7Catapbdri and-moulded Olin 4, 0 4- ''
, 41.1 -: ;;4;911 0 I-.. 1 9 , k - Fif i ck ,0 7 • ,
~. •
' • , . - ,ALIIO;,', , • ---5 4 ;
V ia .4 4 lAffiiiii.;iit at no 6,6; 44- - "4lke.
'irltithaltay' atitriptiiiiitrisell'oe the o il : in
hig,aernaid - ,4lleadik' of Families and .
• Ate lartiell*lY. :anted tge4 • m` 1, ~ •1•:- , i , ,14* ,
. ._
Slife4t l'• "r
?'" kielabie 'Alia ' Order
pu."4.,.,. **igloo?
4! ,
et 'NV' r a,
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illirch.22 . 24- •
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