The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 28, 1838, Image 1

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fl Ann Firrt C . . per annum,
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ofpoittage. To ail subscribers
not paid wi . : ,th year, 50 cents
: price of aI. r rip :on.. .
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per atiptiiii; payable sempannually
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l '.ntsl will be inserted until ordered
e for whi ah they are to be continued
r Ibe charged accordingly.
1 , : rs will be charged $l2 per annum;
! •on tn the paper— • ith the privilege
ertisement not exc :a ...nag 2 squares
e year, and the ins rtion of a small.
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AU notices if.
which have here
charg • cents
n the S
elting of
racite C
f the British
, the first day
ing communi •
ron with Anth
Mr. George !I
ron Works, to 1
• British Assoct,
On Mond:
tng, the folio
Smelting of
was made b
Section of th
The great
stone coat,
Wales, aces)
mine in ji.C.
lity, his*. 1,
that desciiii
poses. ..04e
in thiLootint
Mr. Martin,
detailed in h
appear to' ha
process; he_
succeeded in
mode of blo
that by cold
taken out a.
fot, a mode
coke, i comp
the anthraci
with a suffici
the whole w
had this tat
success, its
have been li.
the two \des
found near e
. The Ynis.
in my pis
anthracite f.
the inethod
scription of
ore; 1 ivas o
coal of the b'
the adjoinin
supply of the
During - the f
been engage
Wales, I hag
directd to
coal to smell
periods, at a
of plans, bu
idea occiiire
the principl
'‘ht, bv
extent of the d:posite of that
f fuel called a ithracite, or
the Mineral B= in of South•
panied, as it s, . with:qron
Abundance, an , (f goixi qua
made. it an o•Act :of great
ties connected With that dis
•er some meth Of applying
on of zeal to melting put,.
the earliest p.
y for thin ohjecg
in 1804. Fr
specification, t
e been any, pec.,
•-vidently expe.•
using this fuel'
ing a furnace.
blast. 'Anoth:
ut twenty year,
of forming a
•4 partly , of
veins, locally
nt p ortion of
r binding vein s
en coked in an . 1
• r plan been •'
pplic,ation wo
ited to those
riptiops of e.?a
ch other.
Ithrin Iron Wo ksrj ,,
I which are
fission, are phi ed upott the I
rotation. Unti I discovered
4 . applying this articular de
fuel -to the sm 'tin of iron
liged to avail myself of the
ominous veins,
l id
btained from
parish of Rill hebil, for the
blast furnaces t . Yniscedwin.
'aurteen years in 'which I have
din the iron. t eof South
e had my atten ian anxiously
the application f anthracite
'ng purposes, and at different
large outlay, tried a variety
without success, until the
i t to me that.a hot blast, upon
of Mr. Nei
, wer
00 of!
ept Ati 0111
ent, ev3rolled
of improve
has been in
a deacripti ,
quantity of
of such ;ro
cess, that I
last three.
making th
the introdu ,
of the coke
the whole
present ha
sewed all
years, and
in contain
the work,
-success wh
'-very respect of , . satisfactory
I, whether wlith regard to the
he, iron produd, the quality
ci i
find the ecOno yof the pro
now, andhtitira been for the
1,, oaths, activel y engaged in
1 . necessary l prerprarations for
on olantbracitii coal, instead
; ',f the bituntino is veins, upon
blast, furriace3 which I at
i , • (three in nu nber) at the
I . ron Worksi that I have re
, y mineral takings in the an
' of thebaSin Or-ninety-nine
1, : U have made lay meats
1 tion for aiarge-ektension of
consequeeee tif the perfeci
1.11 has resulted from the ex
rim Ont.
.threct fureSces at present on
wenti is a.nmall cupola fur.
we call No 2 , !built from the
rth with firebli d eks only; this.
the following, imeesions:—
.t iYi iti.whete height; ton feet
row; the boldtesi and - the walls
• in ottwo Inine-inah'bricks;
breel feet wlx ieches -square,
deep. The two other foreseen
I` No. 1 an .N.. 3, are thick
One oft
my eatabli
nano, whic
top to the
cupola is o
and a hale
of the Chic:
the hearth;
and five f ,
which we
.1 WELL TZAOH YOU TO ?LEROY TEM sows.l.OrTßEr YARTU 402 , 1911N0 0
• 4 ,
. _
stone-walled furnaces. , Some years' since
I found that this 'cupola4urnace, 15, 0.:2,
had on the average of IC tong periixf, (1
concluded from the smallness of its dlmen
aions and the thickness opts walls,)ltaken
so large an excess of minerals tot e ton
of iron produced, when cotnpared wi th the
4fiantity taken on the, average of the same
period by the stone-walleo furnace,t 10. 1,
standing within fifty feeOf it, that I de
termined to erect a second furnace, simi
lar to the latter one, in lieu of it..
The meeting will sbertli understand
Why 1 am giving these details;which may
tipie, •
.appear not to be very interesting partiCu
'era: This cupola .farnaoe, 40. 2, not be.
lag at work when arrised at tha deter
mination to try the experiment of the
combination of the hot bltalt and anthracite
coal upon the large ilic4le, it was more
convenient to put this fbrnace into blast
for tie purpose, rather than to interfere
• ith the usual progress-of my business by
e perimentalizing in either of the two
'other furnaces. The cupola furnace, No.
2, from the causes which I have before
explained, had on the ayerage of a long
period taken cokes, the , produce of five
tons three cwt. of coal fo the ton of pig
iron, when the stone walled furnaces had
not required cokes - to the ton of metal•pre
duced quite equal to feur tons of coal.
The consumption of ironstone and
stone had been greater the. former than
in the latter description of furnace, but not
to so great an extent.
n with
of the meet
tion "On the
acite Coal,"
rane,.of 'the
he Chemical
- I will make one other explanatory re
mark on this part of the subject. The two
descriptions of furnaces have worked in so
different a manner with the minerals of
my neighborhood, that Whilst the barrow
of cokes, weighing about; three and ai half
.cwt. would take, when consumed. in either
-'or-Adte stone walled furnaces, a charge or
burden of five' to five add a half cwt. of
calcined iron mine, of 'the descriptioos,
obtained in my neighborhood, according ,
to-the kind of iron which I was desirous
of producing, the same barrow ofzekes in
the No. 2 cupola, or thin-walled furnace
would only carry from three to three and
a half cwt. of calcined mine of the. same
kind. Under these disadvantag ous cir
cumstances, I have actuallyprodu d from
No. 2 cupola furor* the ton f' iron
in the smelting process, On the av ge of .
three months,with less thkn twenty- even
cwt. of anthracite coal-- The heati of
the blast, and the cVcination of the mine;
require, of course, upon my plan, the same
quantity of fuel, which is necessary for the)
like processes in other establishments. .
With regard-to the quantity of iron pro
duced, the result, which I have to report is
equally satisfactory. I must not, however,
omit to mention 'that for the greater con
venience of filling this cupola furnace No.
2, from an adjacent gallery, previous to
the commencement of my anthracite ex
periment, I raised it in height from thirty.
six feet six inches to forty-ofi'e feet; this
might have had some efl:ect upon reducing
the excess of the consumption of fuel when
compared with that Which had takers place
in the No. 1, and might have increased its
power of smelting with my blast of one
quarter pound upon the-square inch pres
sure, only from its fdrmer average of
tweet two tons to twenty four. Since I
haveopted the use of anthracite coal
with hot air, my make in the
No. 2 cupola furnace, with the same pres
sure of blast only, has ranged from thirty
to.thirty-four and thirty-six tons, and one
week we actually tapped`-"within three cwt.
tifthirty-nine tons of grey iron from this
"furnace; ifs present weakly average may
be expected - to range from thirty-five to
thirty-six tons. •
With respect to the quality of the iroh
produced by the doMbilfation of hot blast
and anthracite coal, the result which I
have to comitiunicate will be very-satisfac
tory; it is well knownir-my neighborhood
that my cold blast iron for all purposes,
where great strength was required, was
never deenied inferior .t.o any smelted in
South Wales; that which I have hitherto
produced with hot blast Ana anthracite coal
is, however, decidedly stronger thin . any
other before smelted at the Ynischdwin
Iron Works: ..
Relying upon the -representations of
chemists, that anthracite coal is almost
entirely composed of Ore carbon, I have
always indulged the 11%1, that in tha event
of my ever succeeding: in discovering a
method of applying thls fuel to smelting
purposes, that I should be able to ptoduce
A quality of iron not vet* dissimilar to that
formerly obtained by mnetting with] chai
coat.bow far the 'expectation will be re
alized further experience must prove; but,
as far diy experience ohs quality a this
particular description of iroti up ,0 the
present time hoe gone, tam sanguine with
respect to the result:. f shall be Nippy at
any time to otter Oily,. facility In my
lamer to any - parlieir ilia aiar be deputed
. by this Associatitm, or iy any tithe' mien
tifie body, to. thoroughly Mvestigate this
important subject. - 1' • ' -
If I have not trespa*i.!. already tee long
. , .
upon the time of tliketration, its members
may not be uninterested, in being informed
l' - -
tents enrolled
t, was that of
m the mode
ere does not
liarity in his
led to %ave
by the only
hen known;
r patent was
• afterwards,
the knoll of
of the
to cement
'yen together;
ended with
of course
alitiea where
were to be
son's patent,
enable me to
this peculiar
re of report
: ye complete
'on of anthra
!ronstone and
fuel in a cu
r tb •of Febru•
of the -eipe.
hot, or heated
tion, as fully
•of my patent
March last,
~,,,,44.-...,,, ..-,!..14,,,,„,, - ;•, 2 - -,,,,-, E..,....1=-', • --.44 ,, .;;;•.:,...... , - ..h , 4 , - ,, P.-.. 4 .-- - 44;.. -, •..i . ,......a.p.-4 , 1- . ,x - • -:` ...,-...,,,,,, - .- • ,,... 4-.4 , er,pp.47.f.*••,fA.
• V -;: - • , .•,- • ' ,• - 1 ., ..,•:. _ tz . <., 1.7: - ; , -.. - 4;14-tP4* -- t"....t- , -- - li - Zt?;-''•••*T -1-- ' - 7- -- - •
. -, • l'i .• • ••• . -: '!
.41 .. '- : 1 _:. ... f'. - : . t ..." -AFu24. , ~.=.. '-',-..: - 7, , '': ._„17,-• -ti-.,....47: , ..-. • 1 . - 4 ... - 17 - 6-. , ' .--. ~...;:.
' - 4f . p',... • ~.. -,,,..- •..
/' ... j 0 ,,•, , '-'.
'.'"..---; . 31 ,
......i 1r
. 1 t
sja r„ \ _
:,, , ~ , ...s. - - --..-• , f',.` - .
~ : ', . r..'...',.._ - : 1- .4 „ .. „ , e
;7,1, -,.•
1 4N ' -4
'' ' , •
,'AN ..- -
P -'-'
' 5-
V' IL --
l,p: 4,3
.o 'f'
Ni m .-;.,.., - 1.- -
• ' - • • i --.7
_t . . • --
rsox p ras okr,cixis or iricejlicizoworria
. ,
t manner the idea-695U octurred to
applying heated blast -to anthracite
One Owing after I. had placed -a
in la
me o
fit upon my parlourfire (which had
been made up with bituminous coal)
:d allowed it to arrive at a red. heat,
y applying as fierce al blast to this
!of coal as I could' raise front a-pair
lows, I noticed. the . appeitratice of a
mark or spot upon' that Part of it
the air impignedopon it; on my
and h
of be
tug the like :rapid Current, in the
erection, I shortly blew the fire out
lat once perceived that-the effect
of it.
of th
_t ,,
strength of the current iaf air, when
cold; • hich we of necessity are obliged to
blow uto our c farnaces to secup,the pas
sage f the blast through - the high and
dense column of materials contained in an
erect'on like a blast furnace, instead of
enco aging ignition, was actually unfa
vorab eto it. On giving the thing but a
, nt's reflection, the question prompt
ly oct.urred to me, What would be the
effect iof turning a blast into a furnace upon
this coal, which would itself burn—which
woul itself melt lead! I at once deter
mine • that it was a thought which was
real! worthy mature reflection. The fur
ther consicieration which 1 gave to the
matter, and the further experiments which
I Alertly afterwards instituted, (which
were .ontinued at a great expense for some
[mint s,) have at length been crowned-with
full ccess, which I have now had the
pleas , re of reporting to thia 'meeting.
The anthracite fuhrmation probably oc
cupiea about one third of the Mineral
Basin of South Wales; it commences near
the u per part of the vale of Neath, in the
coup . of Glamorgan, and proceeds in a
- west*ardly direction through the remain
der or that county, thence through that of
Car 'arthen, and crops mkt, as I am in
form d, in the sea, in St. Judea Bay, after
passi g through a considerable - portion of
the crunty of Pembroke, It is likewise
to lie in France, Austria, Bohemia,
'andliardinitt, in the Old World; and very
largetileposites of it have been already die.
coveited on the continent 'of America, par
ticularly in'the state of Pennsylvania. .
j Mining Journal.
'change at New York, on London,
7 per cent. premium.
Behold Expenses of Royalty —For the ben.
our readers, we extract trom the perils
ry returns respecting the Civil List, the
nt items of ordinary expenditure to meet
penses of housekeeping by the Crown in
arse of one year. These expenses are in
at o
the e
the c,
the diparunent of the Lord Stew and of the House
hold, Snd their uttal amount for the year 1836
was g 2 ,0651, that is, nearly 100 , 0001 for table ex
pen , meat, bread, bOtter, eggs, coals, and can
dles,servants wages, &c.; bread, 2,0501; butter,
bacort, cheese, and eggs, 4,9761; milk ana cream,
1,4784 butchers' meat, 9,4724 pooltry k 3,6331; fish
1,9791; grocery, 4,6444 oilety, 17931; fruit and
confe6tionary, 1,2414 vegetables, 4871; wine,
4,8509; liqueurs, &c. 1,8434 aleend beer, 2,8111;
wax Sandler.. 1,9771; tallow candles, 6971; lamps,
4,660; fuel, '6,8464 stationary, 8241; turnery, 9761;
braziry, 8901; china, glass, &c. 1,328/; linen,
1,0854 washing table linen, 3,1301; plate, 3551;
the :loyal gardens, 10,5691; Maunciay expenses,
2761;1r0yal yachts, 451; board wages, 3,6151; tray
elli c expenses, 1,0501; allowances for beer, bread,
&c 544 extra servants, hired persons, &c.
3,640; board. wages to the yeomen of the guard,
22304 compensations, 1,2471; Sundries and dia.
burs4nents, 4,7191.—T0ta1,.92,0651.
ThelQuecn has bad made for her own use the col
lars.df the four orders of knighthood of which
her majesty is sovereign—viz: the St." George,
(gar TO
t i
the Bath, Si. Andrew, and St. Patrick.
The are made smaller than those usually word
by knights. The jewel of each order her ma
jesty has had precious stones'. The cost
of a oiler of the Order of the Garter is about 8004
the r t are not so elaborate.
1 0 e expense of entertaining the Queen on her
visit the city of London amounts to £6,8115.
We are happy to hear that some o* our largest
Arnefrican houses have within-the lath few days,
gives out orders to the manufacturers to a. great
extent; and it to confidently anticipated 'that the
perils* trade with the United State's will be a
brisk, one.—Birmingham Ada.
Within the last five weeks, George Dyson, esg,
cormier of Halhax, has held'no fewer than twen.
ty iniuests on children whose (Maths have been
caud by burning, principally tbrough_the negli
genceof their mothers and muses.
In the Court of Queen's Bench, oft Saturday,
Lott J ames Beresford was tried And acquitted of
a ch arge of having indecently exposed his per.
son n
ai l
the morning of tbe Sib of July last. in the
Day arkeL Several officers of the 90th Regi.
men , in which his Lordship is, spoke to his cha
rnel , which Major Slade described 'is 'Vile
p • .
.01 .-
• ' •
tressed Stale of Nouinghens .
/ad .
.— i The Billow
ing. as submitted to the board of Guardia&. on
Th ay, as the present state (Willi:vow in that
tow .
Witliin the walls of the poor house 447
208 hien, with families of four on an average 1040
Fed wiee a day , • • ;172
Chi'. ren fed and educated .', - : 1102
On . our poor, aged, infirm, &.e. about 1900
one fotirtee nof iiie_ who l e-popul ation a
e two best friends of the Paiir,Tbe'Cluiii.
tits , ~ oeathed to - the'Coiporatiim of thhtlowtr
are • ow in the course of tlfidributioth turtorgrotb.
era .plicants for "thelliayeei mittlili!al an aged'
l oot
ii i
but sprightly Irish Affinfran • ads t sreek,, be 9
The following dialogue took phicet—t .--
" lase your lionor,, 1 abofild like. shit of"
if yo 'll but writ down my mute." ,
, MARC i
„ .
• 4Whit-inkyouini .
NJuliece t allagha , and 1 lim - in • tha Castle
Forehead, illtrowsb -"k ~
•Ilowiltilou spe your name , ” - '
"Youyitentor 'Eta spell it jist as you plane, tit
lam -lin schOlhar , , rid II have but. two .friods in
all this *add::: and that Is ..Gad Almighty and
e)ghteen penct•afwkek.r—Shteinsbtity Omni; '
. ,
Tratfief Leeds.-00 - ekeh marketslisva %nen
quite airbriek this week ar is usual it this sea -
son; prices continue stationary.• There furs al .„
been a •little improvement in thrirarehouseitdu.
n i gu
ring Me week .-- Le sgliferatiry. • '
It later Majeav • tuition to go in State to
see the stag turned t the oast time the Royal
stag-hounds shall near Winder.- '
Front - Dlr. Bill's Maphleten poet office reform
it appear, that the . amber of letters cimrgeahle
with lkwhito, that p or through' all the Post-ta
ms of the United K , •14cen in a year, I. abont
89,1100, 004 do, Ira Iced. 7,400,000; - number of
newspapers, 30,0000 iI, t0ttV127,00.000. The
annual expense of a I kiwis, £696,562. .
tie Hodson a fine girl, 10
I ,g b y the side• of the steam
gh coalanine 3 the wibd blew
1, e machinery, which caught
her legs off before assistance
, poor Buffeter shortly after
' rne Mr. ,
awards the erection of a
le military 'services of his
k efiington is making rapid
'On Monday, as 3 1 ,
yetirkoid. was den.
engine -0 Marl
her clothes against
her up, mind cut both,
could be given. T
wards expired. .
lic testimonial to
grace the Duke of
-progroes. •
The writs haiie
a tempotal peer for
caner canoed by the'
tarty, .
!en ;issued for the election of
rebind, to succeed -to the va-
I deinise of the Earl of ELM-
Married.—At Be
F.eq. to lane, daughi
In Hymen's Excban
Our:blies they sec
He sore most be hai
Whose foregoes al
Married—At Lou'.
ing, to Miss Larder,
Longbottom, the dec
For, fearing the t
He wisely resolved t
Not only his love,
of the 'late B. Parr, Esq.
• • where as hoods rise or fall
ure or they mar,
'd :the moat lucky o' all
thus abuse Parr.
, Mr. Longbottom, of Deep.
lof Louth: -
I.'on, has got a long head,
Ines might, get harder,
..steure when we wcd,
ut hie Larder.
s obligingly favored as with
ilwieriptiou of a Colossal
A correspondent h
the following graphs
"An. immense sten
was lately launched
to ply regularly bet
but the one now
Limehtitise, for the
Compel:ly.9 'turpss
hitherto attempted.
plimun to our yoUn
will cost from £BO.
present 150 men e
it is confidently ex
sometime in N i ovem
of this magnificent
between the perpen
beam between the p
inch deep from the i
spar deck. The eel
250 horse power eae
dere, and 7 feet etr
with "Heirs Pateo
the common ones.
deep, 2740 tons o
computed at 18001
additional inch will
rage speed, it is cal
miles per day; and
lhat.period, about 3
is to be used; and i
the outward vovag
(consuming in the i
the return, or borne
with 360 tone of
on tiptoe, waiting I
steamer, in cornpar
hie small fishing
er, upwards of 200 feet long
. t Orono!, which is intended
• cell England and America;
t .
. writing at Curling & Co's,
F •
Merman Stearin Navigation
'every thing Of the kind
She is to be. named, in coin
, 'peen, "The Victoria;" and
Il i 10 ; to I'loo,ooo. She' has at
Iployed upOn her daily:a:lid
• died she will be finished
er next. The extreme length
..sit is 253 feet, and 237 feet
• ienlars; she lies 40 1.3 feet
. • &Lie boxes, and is 27 feet 1
oqr to the under side of the
. mee, two in nimber, are of
. 6 feet 4 inch cylin
., e. They arc to be fitted bp
1 Condeneero," in addition to
ISh'e displaces, when 16 feet
j water: her measurement is
s. At the water line, every
isplace 181 tonb. The eve
elated, will be 200 nautical
.e consumption of coals, for'
I. tons. The best Welsh coal
is calculated she will make
to New York in 19 days,
ime 540' tons of coal.)—and
and passage in about 12 days,
I. . Expectation is of course
e advent of this gigantick
=on with which others resew.
C. A.
At tfie swearing. in of see
. Court of ExchequOr, at the
young gentleman prawn.
..rn ' wbo eaptessed to the ME
ire to see the oaths mei
g administellbd to him. Th
Religious Oalti4
eral attorneys in th
sittings after lastite
ted himself to be
cer of the'ciourt a d
rowdy to their bei
officer desired him
(Richards) should
baron on the'appli
the oaths to be abo
the applicant-addr •
."1 'MA Protestant, I
who is dead, had
tem. It is repugna
the religion in whit
and which my sist •
impions."—The lea
might take what .
rpll h . d.
the Catlic. oaths, 1
--Cork Reporter:
The bold and highl
of tying the realer
of the thigh; for th
was on Tuesday
peon Franklin, at
Clis mist&
wait until the Junior Baron,
ke his seat. The learned
lion being repeated, desired
novben, alter reading them,
',tad the court to this effecti
solo my father. My mother,
.n a catholic, so are my ski.,
to my feelings to swear that .
my mother lived and died,
ni profess, is 'damnable and
mid Baron said , the applicant,
ha be wished, and 'sign what
el , oung geudeman then took;
in signed the Protestant roll.'
celebrated sorgiesl operation ,
artery at the superior third ,
care of politeal areitirism v
ssfully performed by Sim:
. Barrington.—Limerick
an. went Into the shop or
I tObacconist, Franeie street
teh a roll of tobacco fron'
16tiaw, who was behind . the '
the 'tobacco. and:prevent,
a knife, and stabbed' her
1 1. I There - was a jut named'
ino st the door with a hooka ,
1 ,, Whitely rushed m r end Betz l
atilt, when be 'stabbed her is
(,however, secured, and haa
nOe Young was very eevere r l
' ll T9er• -
hal offered lawful preme;
id Itched, for the eultart - of
fiedinguattle •
A man named B
Mt. Thomas Shaw,
and attempted to
the counter. Mn.t
counter, cangbt bol
ed hint, when he d
severely-in the Ilan
Anne Young, atan .1
-car bregtunp,abe- im
ed him round the •
the aide. He was
been tommttted.
ly wounded..—De
' Tile Earl of Leit
tuns tolls Wainer
goon dupe and
l'The tetalatoetut ,
election fund is all,
ofisubseriptions to Irish
:d to be 513,000.
prg43 tot/4,o'omila 'tril l
ri 7 ed
oft-Althltottitlie. lb
r.i tr'
. fo ao tho
on at Sindenointit, lino*
, •
,kkilrfesith•has kept
• 4 •
90u4 nobleiasn,a
tuspipitile edit of
poeir to Emu ce boildin
i r eipei*l n zlif. Fleur: iihri Arras
ttt ' simmer luid
Tesloringt i
the to fie -*Donee!.
ibropestett. youngi-lady. reautt
ith her nieth#r, not 100 thibis3 from Clan''
carrind away_ by a young man
'brOught up tolOe law: The young couple,
'set off' about three o'clock On the mer,l4g,
fine chaise and &aut.—Haying -irtiredi at
'Lampeter, they= partook°fit cup: of'coffee
at :'the Lion Rote!, and in 4a few minjtee
they were again on their ruts to Abets
—When within two Miles of the at ,
iter'place, theralighted &orn their chaise,
and after paying the • drivCr his fare, the
chaise returned. The lowers (as it after-
! war.ds'appeared) procured some clothel at
a (arm hduse, ,in order tO travel in dii 7
. .
guise; they agent r proceedo on their !ay
but were • - thuoiler.struc - kVis post chaise
stopping suddenly oppositithem, . and a
man from within demandinearthe straw-
gem, (aa,he thought.) Willey had seen lu
stier answering to the despripti . on oPthe
fugitives,- The young m a nswered - , i
the negative. The well kirtlorn voice Aide
the inquirer look at theNitehgera; and they
wereinunediately recognised. The young
!wn' en was taken into the chaise and con
ieyed home, and the- young, man was loft
,to ail his unfortunate situation.
The iron Trade.—We are happy to
state that the iron trade is brisk, that or
ders at the last quoted prices are pleatifitil
and, unless there be too great an \anxiety,
on the part of the masters to advance the
price, are likely to continue so. We hope
they will let "well alone." We have beard
of several furnaces recently; put into blast.
!--[derthyr Guardian.] The demand for
grow during the last fortnight hag' been ex
tremely brisk, end -there lis been some
advance in prices. The present price .of
'common bars to per ton. iihipPed at Car.
diff or Newport.—Mining journal.
Married at Last!--Lately, at the par.
ish church of Oettws near Abergele, Deo
bigsbire, Mr. Owen Williaia, of Llansaint•
fraid, to Milli Sarah Jones, of Bettwa.—
Each party was above sixty-years of age.
Tbey had courted aboveforty years; he
having to go and return a distance of sev
en miles to see his sweetheart, and the jour
ney he never failed to perform once a week.
Thus, in, the space of forty-years,, 119
walked 20,123 piles on love expeditions.
The Queen's Slippers +--We had sOme
time since the pleasure of boasting Vial
our city bad_the honour of producing, at
the same time:the President - of the Royal
Academy, the Poet Laureate, the Directoi
'General of the Post 'office!, his Majesty's
Chief Musician and Pthisician, togeiher
with the Champion of Etigli'ind. and hew
we shall be enabled to add, that the worthy
Cordwainers of Bristol "know the length
of the Queen's foot." Ina word, as they
hid received the Royal commands of his
late Majesty fora pair or boots, so her
_ _ . • ..,
present most grac i ous majesty has been
pleased to order from hence a- pair of
dress slippers! These shims, whick really ,
almost rwal the famous
theglass slipper of
Cinderella, we_ have had e pleasure: of
seeing; they are the prodhction of Mears.
Llewellyn and Nash, of Sr. John-sireel.---,
they absolutely seem the manufacture, of
Purk, Rubin F aDdfellow, Queen MaN'end
her band of fairies, rather' than The work .
ot the fir gers and thumbs of mere qpirtals.
- They are of purple velvetl i! the Royal Arms
sand the Initials V. R.. being embroidared
in wed upon the ' front. Thri figures ! are
admirably delineated, -Well relieved land'
the whole exemrted with great art, and ex-.
(visite delica4y. Atoooo the insides are
entwined wreathes of oak :.leaves, inter
, spersed with'icorna and rinses, of gold, ands
thread silk. The insiders of white satin,.
Old .eahibits,"also in gold,: the 'rose,.' the
thistle, andihe shamrock, twining around
' the worda"All hail to , ,Victeri . a." Thin
exquisite production will be enclosedin tt
tips ofsandal wood, with it golden lockand
Ichy,, the cover being ornamented .vittk the
Artoyal .Arms, ed in ivOry.---.
This is the work' of Mr. ow, of Denmarki.
street.--BAOI Mirror: i '
Lord Dungannon died_lit his peat, itryci
-M Wiles, ani t, North Wiles, Thikradayi is
his 75 h year 'He llis is snceeeded to Mali&
Slid es tates 14 the flon:I A. Trevor M.
remains . Mrs. Harries,
r . for the ci%Y °M ,
uth* . .!'
• ,Sonoay, thi3
lite Mistrau, , of, the. male N_ltOon - il
School; inthistownvwereconsignedto the
' } house appointed for all the liviiiii.":- Oa
'Preerto ; was l attended. ill Alm ladies'
dortimittee, as ',mark, _ ' *
respect -tbi
.deceased; whe waelieW 'high.• eetbilNett
f4*eln,-andilktY her:ill -1 014- Sti r of Whore;
wore the "livOY awlieir Aka last
of 40 tbeir)amenitokpreeeptreata. 7l
- The 1 'atit ,inied - PP ll ' kliF- by .-four:
teen, tit of where; a itoat n foie nigiett:
Daiid Leint,fafier , Wiled - tiikeii :libretti&
in a' : irlii - 91initnivhitat* Vicar it*
ividin th ese)fice,l4lldelnly, dropped 4ciiii
and i iltiY l llisli'AY was gm.-
imyed ;of tCrenkiiropc the sane bier
on wh h a fiiii, CDIOOIOI/i fore he assisted'.
l '' ...- - I . - ' 1 1. ,' . .:
. ,
• -•• ' • ''''":•' 7 ;l•A':::2l,:,•g , !4-....5,,
161; 4 •4
t-,2 -
141. •
4 01101 4 011 Sv:t - I , ' ..P.*-k kr
^ ' ;, • "
44 : -
_ , , t • . -zll.oe.
,- -1
.311%plining tooootpio et, : rUi
Hie sudden 'loath itpieto,jt
atio_l3,4o - 41
.41,4tted to by ..Aschdeacon,Btrao iWt.l,
*moo wbicb -bettelivoreif4bortlx- - 4t
Wirdo: = The abut flie4 1 01' 11111: A
1011r - ,161,- .
:fart" - 41= -7
. _
A vkaiaricableinstat4e of fftWolli: -cie ,' ,•
lcurif Abergavenni. to Mr 4 -CrOue. • ',..
lost £565 in bank notes; . a t tin Aiiiiii -. :Of; , •.
etfuaraniount,,togetfier.wi .it . iiti:„ ' ... •
• . , , . . •
road“bey were Ibund by Ai r . --.wiir .
who siortlliteter met. the- I , to:!•* ~. ; -
Air t h e niteirsirfinquirilii . `„iiii*t :il ,
the propeitt t - This. two tirai - , T, NO th --
Ina ,at -Aberguseinty,iwkotie"lllK,:Cro` ..; - -
after examining the notes and -*ilk, - to -
that aliseCtight, gave -Mr. .111rilfia!:
his hand anti-Nyland him gO9tl lloMtlillib'
North' Waleafti. '' 'y'
. t , Y
Gign Nedd &Apia —n extender ,
of the children . 'oft two hd ol. of Ply: .
Neath-one or *ilia is liii isaiitti-- -. .!uP :" •
ported-by the Misses - Wilfilinslailit ot .-,, :
by , William'William, - -Faiq , ot . Alerliegg '' , .
kook place at Ynialas ,cottlif, on ' Monde
last. About sixty were e'l - Med by
Williams, and the itilatt.,:Peiiileiel L
well n. They paiiii.d . their 44 1iiiliCgo" i ,
Scripturi history, writing, reiiilineithd rat
- citingin Welsh and English, :i l ia! Much.
eclat. Their singing and chiming . , elici
great admiration, and must "bat e pi
ticularly gratified the L"S a trei iirldbilt
Wales," under whose ausplces:,;ibey ii,
instructed: A very pleasing core , . . •
followed. It will be rempiemisizen the -
at the last Abergavenny Cyinritigiiidio ,
Meeting, there were three comp tit in.f , ' I
the gulden harp given by Sir Quirlini Mei
gan to the best performer, not peolessio .4
al, on that instrument. The superior- -
ecution of two was such that' the jud ' 1
could not well award the pilaf to eithe
when Sir Charles liberally procured - lite
iit ,.
of equal value for the junior cernPetite ;.
and on this interesting occiudortit was p
rented by Rees Williams, Bfq.l and O .
Bevan (Caradawc) to. Min .i.Deiriet
Merth) r, a young lady oil t rapt 4old.
Miss Jane Williams enehanted4n press i
by singing many of our mountain - itiefinf,
and several-times accompanied - Oilier har
the beautiful -but uncultivated ,'
~* Ode.
"Eos Fach." Afier an . bliitiniirsthil . b •
pi t able • entertainment: a ritostzaiinfedie
scene took place in the bill, iiiiOre a
aged Harper "swept the sounding obords i
-for the lighthearted children glidmichapp :
,„.• •,.
ly in the . Maio dpnce. - ' - .
Mat the land, whose earlYgleil \ ''.
Blazoned on the scroll of time.
Glows in many a thrilling storyo l '.•,
Bet around its aecietitimouel-, ..,1
May our own wild Willie ever-.
Lovely scenes as this,displayl, ,
7day her patriot bopotturnever,. ,
Cease to knovirthear sacivd*B , wair.
-finalities.] 1
• ~- v ,• 1 „
New" Good*. - ~ -
general assortment of fresh and seauna
A Goods,just received—consistin hi:Out of
Dry ,Goods, • , - •
queensware, „..-,
Mackerel, . , .. , •-••vi; - 1
• Salt, Plaster l 44o44,o
which will be sold low for cash.,,T,
m ..,
price paid crib for all kinds ofeoun - :
Mount cexbon t ,Heo 2 „, • t' ft A ',..'•
..I , .ii, 2 ,
IMlTONl;Geogephy Q 1 pegifeibtitith r
Nim'frost`e,AmeneaaSpeakeri, and < • ,
Frost's fluttery of the-United States; _
Tagether with a variety of oilier ii*okN'jeti!_
eeived amilse sale by _ ,lELJAMITMAN.
. ..1,,...-Qcia, ~
at Irrivatf...mkr.„)-: - r
, .--.., ~.,,,„3 -
- A good - two story ho tad 10t44, - tronn
4 0
aiinate on 'centre attest, ' The tiraipos#f .
on Centre atreettteed 2 30 'roe( eciii — nW 4 7 iii '
the Mount Carbon BO il ;Rol . .I.ltairallan 1
P4nlialtY l4 oi.nd"-M ll 4 4 4- . *.rtaiT4and r il
Pablia.tousin A ~ .'04,...ii.•
. ' ' ..• ' .- ' . • • . .
:'Tiro - tea triirl ALSO.
tort Inure loniielaikir inta .
.! Minato lit try's ' , Folk , . _
- eh biome and lot to 20 il;' 1
0 4 1
bo Oro ell.fl*.ell ` wi th ' ' -'
"to each house; iiidimEadri Ali', °mkt : , I
now nate of town . ' 'AU Of ': ' . . ." 4
will %word any eheitol4be ' ; Vie ' *-!,
.ors itindy to, • • 1 ,- . ANDkE i fin:o . : 1
_ ; Jan! 7 ~. 7. 1 . - -mairSatiliost.'
4:7 .
owear efeeitre ilareiioNiente le
mirsHE - 4idiscribera riamectfiattOlajw•' •
^ :Weir frieridataadtha."7',ooo.ooarilitil-•
.they have takelitteiaiera.fiii*eil,7jaies
lici,Pti4l4l9,& - X*l,oloof
PrIP•S - ; • 1 ' •
s : - •
twhiehbel - ±kll4iiteiliaSit'• i
; • :
440 1 64 •
• '
At: .
~ ƒ
1 ~
~ 1 :
C. 4 t-,=:- ,
- - • :4- -t,
*1 ,:.. - , - ti
4 , 44 r.
~. .77,77.1 7 :7:74. ---- :. -,,
.1": . ::.":::...*::-...1-5 .7 Z1 1 : ' . • ~.
- :..',..4= -:..i.,=:::; , ;,, , ..= eili
",-.:.'4-- , ` . ... , ;'4 : .4.1:,..:e