The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 24, 1838, Image 1

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7 .par.
' will
Tie r
I s
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r' annum. payible =Annually
. . within the .112 20 will
. 7 .
1 exceedingtgrelve linen will be
insertion—and 50 cents for one
, en in propmtion. 1
will be manned ountil ordered
or wbi tb they ere td. be cautioned
be charged accord" gly.
will be charged . 4 per annum;
.: to the paperi—wi the Privilege
~ ent not 2 squares
'rear. and the lust ' nof a small
for three sueressl e times
• to the editor most be post paid.
ion will be paid to them.
'meetings. Etc_ and Mother notices
Ire been inserted kraus. Rlii be
At. eicept Marl -.4 Red Deaths.
Taio Dou.Ate •
in adiance. If no
be charged
charged $1 for th •
insertion. loner
Ali adY - • -.'
°Aussie.) the titne
i m p : mill e d sad
tarty &ascribe
maladies sabseri. i
o f k e eping otte a. •
steadies during the'
er one 113 each pap ,
All letters rid..
All noticei, for 1
which hare hereto
charged t 5 cents e
_ 1
I • •
LT infor;na t citizens of
'cinity. that he co*ttattly keeps,
. r of Conire aod Callowhill
AM ' Pottsville &
on hand, at the •
street*. next •
above the Mumma! 'Rotel, a
assortment 06 Staple mad Fancy
choice ielention Of Wines. LA
y ware, all a which Aire been
very bale , mt each, priers in the
et, anti will be sold at 124 per
large and eerie.
Dry Gooda, with
qni - ira and Crock.
ppremand at,thr
Philadelphia nut
cent advance.
'Ali kind of
for goods.
try cbrodece taken in err-kat:lp
•ag 19 39—ti
and Retail Dry
Store. .
IN holed
WEAVER him; just received
their extensive atoontnent of
&fetter Blue and Black
.cy coloured do. nesr style can
and Reverteeim, gainers' fm
Feb 18 14-
in addition
Ck!th, ikoPeriF 4
sinaerm Wu.
beese, Soap dim.
pctim medal cheese.
hibidelphia Map,
<it oat MVO, for sak. by
54-3 ax•
40 its
1 blul. I.
i.YAS ELIXIR, ICenfectionary olfactory.
instantaneous tore of ! 'f HE stabsetiber annountes to the.
tOOTH pobbe that be h as co i stase h e m the
, to its entabest perfection ! tare of Confeetiooary in all its' various beanehos,
—St CHARERT. at hisfAore in Centre Stied. Peony Mugu the
fy that I Darn tried roof Tapity- Pottreßk• Howse; where ConAiiekaters and ali
t leases of-Tooth Ache, in winch ere eon always be suppled wlsblesak and retail
*nod it of Teti great' service- lat the towed Philadelphia cash prices.
J. B. HARVEY. a. Country : Merchants are respectfedly wailed
Royal ColltiteeoeStarrens.' to call and C.111131/2C his stock bektf* Purehuing
La IL IP:k. thelibeter
Dimmtred and
BY Nt i
This is to -
ts Elixir in se
Member of.
London. Sept.
in to say that he bad eisiteo
and witnessed his I nos 4
, 1 1
the run Kin
enagettinns cure ;
boy partienhO
a tea penny net
at the deca y ed
- the Tooth Ache: One fittle : - -
rho lookel truss enough to bite ; Lunibei.
r off, in ten trairetitis smiled . 50.000 Joint Stdoliel. . .
. _., _
•ti and defied its pain .— C. S. ; W.OOO LoP do
20.000 Lathes, Patent& .lts. main" or sh ies.
of the abosiktlixir just recei:- : Ilan-for olio by A. A. GILE.
1 11. 'HANNAN, 44
, wig M • ,
'Agent for Solmetall county
"USTi RaiSuts Cad Projegg,
received by , the mirbeNtlitter.
baud at bra Store 40 1000 lbs. Itaiuss. -
3 fresh sappl.
tea for sale
July 13
street% -
cola r-
Sevest 4
I t=
rwrilekw airditt l"'
by B.
li u rAi .* *le.
Papers Camptete.
VAPIEZIM. campßeis vs 96 Nap
sLissia-arsess, received sad
cooks 4
Lase lec at resimayto axis.
Faits !ado Dosimeopial araardi.
roe* far IX aCiaa.
a Twit' y er otic* books pmt rr
bY rij , DVS - NAN.
&Reins' t and
Sat ode
, • ,
;• •
' "
F .
rale ENlNitifir C41111211N1ad113,1
' ',- ,_
_' •,ON•' 1 , , i - .
1111g1HOLY , Miner» 1
R, OM the works of ,Elearjr. and. scale. eeLd
abeire one hundred other !niters. fiiilillabn2
in London hy the Renews. Tad Saki*, rifitt;'
ed aid abridged ktwo vohnnek. with Map end
Enimavinge, This valahlarecrik liiiiAllshed in
pars, et 23 cent; each. 'Pm:hi parts are already
completed. and can be obtained it theadocribers
&Mk Store where subscriptiode wiD also he F.
crated. .41. HANNAN:
june 24 • .-
—3l i
ES. 6113Err 1 t3' Celebrated[ Sine 'Black 44.
• Powder. just receivedlind for ale by i
3axi 6 7 :43. BANNAN
per =DM
t paid with
le who reL
50 emu
10.04)0 VtitY superia . r basarata sews af
the Prineipee-aad Meitner) brands, for ads ItY
r vURN ER'S CH EMISTRY, Yam 61 ! just: ni
«i .ad and 63r sole by R. DAMIAN.
jan 27
J grit
!=, etc
Religious Vein**
BANNAN has inst received the &Droning
.• religious works, London and America ed
itions, which he offers 610 salectseitp. •
Original Family Sermon,. 5 vs.
!dentitions' Sermons,
Leland's view of DetaticatWriters, •
Sturtevant's Preacher". Manual,. 2 yds.
Drew otrthe Resurrection ;
Drew on the Soot,
• Bridge*s on the Rahn MLR.
- Faber on Infidelity.
„lames' C3nntisu Professoi,
Prim Eseav on Religions Dune:Mona,
Christian Father at Monse4
AMothefa Request, ike. ,
dee 23 5
English and W Clih Book*
errifit. %beer War will import all kinds of Ent
-a. lir& and Welsh [kaki as des stiorbeit codas
Those persons !Fishing to pbtatO foreign path)*
tkins will pleasie leave a list al the OTT* of the
II ;neve Journal. a BANNAN.
Dee 23
QLD FUSE' A PPLE CH ME.---„lnst received
and for vale a kw bales of verz en,perio r
Pine Apple Cheese.
HAZZARD& sitrAtycs.
"it '2O
acid Rail Road i 9 ewes Preitmt--whta ba valid) at 61 matt
Goods, suitable for the : per _ JOHN 2. C. alLarrEß,
' . Dee 2 4' 2 •
1 100 REA3I.S Wrappisg Paper. for pal
wholessle sad roast, cheap.
• feb 3
Humber bs. Bed Feldbers.justirceived sod
offered for side by •
• rediectil prices.
Nor 1 1
uxa,ri prude ot", Dry-Goodis s GroceiT anti Li
.aithEs waktabie -
.4 end the Jermad its 1 quer Store, •
dom. ce. sink book , Citron .1 itetre tad JlitribriStr eete, Attitithe
, bactiesrfor 15 be April 6 _ '
ILVAIS TED. a yawl Gardeser—apply at tbia
bow% from the Sad mares to
ivid sad tor tale by
*Vaulted liposediater,
& GIRL *be ticihmotarehing. mdo da
beme-verh of a. firsllF, Milk a CLOD
Nstr,a, arba cam cam welt !atoessmeadat.
PFF at this 045ce.
math 7 • IT
solicayof qitival
apCSor sale
rod new Seam Hemp. of natitral
-3 w growth timber. Apply IA
slam nArrt.
rmaborly rentined y gfer
la - sale by , CLA,
Febll4 .
Fes AEI "apply(lbisiOne Wanks& is
ficr •ba joas
6 i; cad sad siingiqi r=ild
Cages Nerd. - Reader tail
100 COPIES die a mark pet reinje
cts sad ilet .. lo . finillibed shako& is
the arsenal Scheel ' - at here tiu
idelphie prices. NA , - .• the tail at
OthWeSeheol • - IL Nam
Dee ,
,'' Cr - ..1 • ..-- :
? - , ; • - '''', .-'` ;" .:
: , .
t •
Encoura e ,av Home Atix.*lfactirres.
3OLS. atamars.
BOATS RAR 4.741.6.
Feb 21
Ostikstaliothis:, , cloths: : I
le lair UM is lindmd a 1
.:. a spihnormi somminowit uf
Eta% abolk.iitnes: - duet eb4n.
- es tie - imithits , - I •
Phi"" l3l4-6 1" 4 "
, _ Gssettaar - . /kr &a -
allifittiieb Mira • • ii.,. fa"
•.‘416 , .. l iind am Yotie • • 'Li
mirettlecii64‘a he • Afflitore .
. ,
. . ,
2 , PI ,, WAS , L
'1.*..1ew664243.04-- .•,•.4 1 -,• • •
• • - . • .:-......
sArtitim3Air - litAtimi e , * {MARCH. */s4._
•, , ,
ti.lOWltic - 44/40. • -
. A HOUSBilic LOT in -- Norwegian
Btreat;nearly cipposite the ambience
of F... Panto* now occiated by i
%Mks D. Jab, The babe ii , l6
t by 30 bet in.deptb, with a *babas aid
r • thebemeniest dere. twos roma on the'
, and third . fkona em4;tbe ,eibole of
B well plastered andpasitad. x Abo an
:Urn walla Irma 'sibs docau—tbeiat is 201
by 170 bet in depth ; with a 9 het-al
, wed endidnibiliwiee. i , , ~
f partici:deli inquire Of
Oirbott o . NOT. 3, 1837.
T . ,
firet„ at
maid -11111
leY 0 4 L
Tor fi
Failure Rat Avail. is Poiisiitie,
THE inaeraivied - offers for sale all dial well
kthree story ,BRICK STORE' AND
DW G USE and the
situate' Centre street. PoUsettle, a =
of the &nitric& Iliff ether with nine other
tenemen in the rear of Bald &akin. ; and the
git ofwhereon the whole stands. The
Wet Iding aforesaid. =dein' thirty feet in
Bent— t
- shed from the basement story to the
garret ' the best style of worktoinshiponad both •
aa abusiness stand and a residence. is most fa_
rourabl situated. Tinforegoing property will
be sold - kis and - aemanmodating terms. Part
of the money may remain on the prop
erty leers. it desired. Title isidispata
hie.'amiepoomeicion our be given immeatately—
April , • 32-tf _ leottrrille.
Cheese" Cheese!!
20 • , conneeinnet ebeeee.
20 80:tee Pine aPPIe "
(o iaLle by N. NATHANSItt Co.
4ee 2 2
I" rt Mites .auk
N VI L be sold al, private sale. the Foundry
tly alistatedat Port Clintoil.Sehoyl_
kill ty. on very reasosable town'. Th;ts
F is at the corwswneasient of the Little
&hay - and Roque:banns Rail Read. now
making}, and will in a short time be one of ttie
Scat sit in the country to do a liirgehosi-
Dees. for terms. &e. apply to
List Founders, Pledadelphie.
or ISAAC 31IYPIS,, -
Port Chows.
6-63 t
jail,' Sii
treat ((Marley Larrib, last . received
fat sale by bANNAN.
fierck's Dietirestr*, neer a&
ll'. wing,
.fitirOmAig' r LJW
varAg remind his Office to Centre Streetoici:
A a poiiite the Brick Beibling - of George .11.Jea-
Dins, irbere be la attend to all business ea
-treatedbile in the line of his profession.
oat 1 41 43-If
The ,
Femur Mag anise of use
ful Knouleilve,
rur i, cog ofthe cheapest and moot fur
permits:es now extant—there are 200 r
000 mold every mouth in England. and 63,-
000 in Raserica
The ruts of 111 6 (for the year 1837) us far
ea received, cam be bad-at this office- litice 114
per put or $ 00 per annum.
This Ilagaxina Is pedirshod is erestidy plata,
coataia . big 40 bre pages the resent sebum is
aura tistirged'ar.d improved The f
email eats are executed in • superior inanaer.
There is an adrantage is taking this' lust over
all others. a renew earn discontiaos it simasever
be se -d t proper. far each pans always ocaupiete
' sera et this work from the COrnilisemee
aient be procured o be solimarAer. at 82 per
R. RANS.4I6-
.Ilor 4 50-
. 112,127 .CAR 1N
, .
b 1 Post
Fund Society. i
MN Post Carom Saybag - nasal Scoisety. ED
A ewes apes every day &mai 9 to 3 !o'clock at
tee the at Disca=t sad Deposit, for the par. i
pose - noteitist &pails to - asy anaesta sot et-
11500.fisto way use parses. upon which 1
as - af 4 per cleat will be paid as entry IS
and to bat es intense nI be ilkored on 1
way - parts of $3 The whige re say
mi. be draws oat as lice modes. two to
at the elk* too today*. Tbe bo:
sales the Society will be esedacted by the
bi 'lt f_ A_Aci sf . beers auod saanegers. eatil the Stet
if is May sea.
„lboti on aarroß v 11112 =4 I- hall
Ihibes E. S. Warms!
Jacob .kose 'raiser
Whitney. Secretary amid Treessier.
Attach 3d of tie Charier. 'LSO embisseet
staboarier ash be mooed by the Preriderdl
er Illootores for their letaikes. to* shall-any
become a boreweer Iva the osities.
set 2 deli
mill . • ,
bag • - Iliersa
-• ' •
aiamiL ill I
lbet -
. • _
awl • .
_ 01111101111 CLlTOirlrlreit". iiit
JlLigniesic4 oil all it stab b*
41/1100 Ispantali.
isebea Inge genielits ire&
Uatindritmg-intik. in Sant Inagua".
, lathes reigintint frowns
wads: and se aidimen, nod se ries
talkers Etna alimptitlinon4ha its
reben-rodier esangesmso Tiattai ma&
Ilissens mai lientitang its Essenini
;leach„ mew alien imaiest tar.
Oibter itiFnlosad its ' ' alai
in arks lierniatineld
,gaikeireastarkes ifloagamosiia..
WS slid Asisceitsedwitalk. - /imam.
mail A irselortrf ar
S‘ift Amer* lire..
AntY nand imitate gift ipairsim
illial2llollllllill WM.
t• _ - 1 1 " /2 .
. .
. . Read the FeilOWillgs
infarliaciar, aged I :kit' onliCiaig-Fito.
llSlOR.riginclurave litoiifs of the &attestant/7.
iv-Illi-idfieity of DR. (WM RYAN'S 'tide/Waled
Canwoldie and- Aperient "Antibißous Pills in al,
hoialinclifflieted mankind._ i • • . '
To James_ Dickson, 3fy Cornhill. tkaton..ilgemi!
for the Ede of Dr, WI/. Enloe% Camomile Pills.'
Lowat.x, Nov: 16. 18n. •
- . -
Deer Sir—Knewie si i i Lzexperiericis that eferyi
reference that the reoeitia of the beneft
cial results of meilicinin.- I cheerfully offer mine ,
to the Plitdiu in brl.qf of DR. WM. EVANS'S;'
CAM Pif.l-5 .1 bave.teen afflicted for
the last fen yeas* wilb distress in the bead and'
cheat: often in bad• to deprive me of sleep fisr :
thee& four nights ' wirecennon, but have never;
fiend relief by aoy my Menthe preseriptionn.,
until my wife saw advertinienta in the porpei
when she persuaded to send for some. add
I did , and obtained barn and Wales; whi
resulted s in almos t pktelv tutoring me to.
health..alibough 1 bare mot yet entirely finiebed
them. Should you *alder this any benefit to.
yourself, or the . pulif l
you have my cheerful per.'
mission to pdhlish IL. Tones. respectfolly.
THOS. R. 4 . OODHU-E, Centralist.
sel f
INTERESTING I— ASE. Cared' by Dr. W.
Fa Erases CmMistaila Thick Gad Family jlperi I
sat Pi115....-Mr. BEN AMIN BOWL . corner of
Shipper and Gcorgestreets, Philadelphia , affect
ed for seven yeans w e b
extreme nervousness, by 1
which he was not a e to write his _name—his
symptoms were.tioo, daily spasmodic pains
' in the head, loss of apatite, palpitation of the
boat, giddineminod impels ot'siglit, utter ins-
&Rya engaging hinny thing that deirianckd.
-Vigor or" eoora,ge. sickness and weakness ex
teme dinlatat. 'disturbed Yen, a sense of pressure
and weight at the innim3 after eating. great
/ mental despoodeney.l severe flying pains en the
rhea back and aids. costiveness,. a dislike for
' society and conversation. Air. B. has made trial
i of lotions medicines; now leanly :be public. IRK
l ; to iso effect. titan. **enjoy in a public paper
j some earns performed by Dr. William Es-anes
Camomile Tonic and ;Family • Aperient .Plllll%. he
induced to give them a trial, of which lie i 4 s
at any time happy to, state that ales effectually
cored him of the above distrimamg disease.
1 ILTPerrions who doubt the above cote, are most
1 nespectifolly directed to the above mentioned twir
solo, at th e north went corner of Shippers and
I Georgeastreets, . ; BM%) AlifLN BOWS.
Philadelphia Illistelier 26,1837.
Mts. Hannah Beeninc, wife of Joseph Browne,
N. 6th street. near &toad, Williamsburg, Olio.
ed for tbelast ten years-with the Liver complaint,
completely resonend to knish through the treat.
meet at Dr. Wm. Evans. Syciptoons—hiabitoal
constipation of the hers-els, total loss of appetite,
excruciating pain of the epigwar ie region, great
depreesioq of spitits„liongoor and other yrs/porno
of =teems debility. gibed sleep, inanimate
llicw. of the unreeri, pads in the right side, could
not Se onbet left side without .an egg:arenas
, of the pink. urine high colored. with Ober syinp
L toms indicating great derangement in the fume.
1 lions of the liver. !
Mrs. Browne was attended by three of the fast !_hettieen Stanton and Hanna streets, afilimad
physicians. hot received hat hole relief lam their '',.fre ten years with I:sera:owing ibstresaing wimp.
nether:!, WI Mr. Ordwoe procured some of Dr. 4 tug*
Win. Erases invaloatile preparations. which of t Aced croetatices.Asily spiurnicrfigi pains in tie
fibietnii+ e r . erieWed bt l , of the above chmegling i bean. Mc of appetite. paipitatioCofthe beam &-
ern with others. which it is net essecM.l , dicers and grimness of sight. coeds:. elm lie on her
to inti „ItkIEPH BROW E— l right tide, &ignited acct. atter' inability of m
att' and &only of New Tart, go. " Iming in any thing diet demanded vigor Uri
.. f.. sh l i timinae , e 1 51 a6 .t o i nb a r g . Long bu is ti t courage, sometimes alsiggiy idea of an aura-,
.. te i n i a - k y mom* 44,1 depose and say t h at t h e i ration of her (Ineasa, a wnirrimial memos ito
Seises set forth in 14 within statement. to which 1 Patherdar Pis and 0 66 . °P PM
;ha has gabscraed bid mate , are just and true _ i bertha= of P•nnnal inn" • "Prthlrt) , ; an irk
! . ;mull mows& 1 soceeness and weantigess af frte,theelormented. gifts:
, • Einsbnad of thesaid Hannah Browne. ? e f ili th iele all every el ?* off ` th e o thrreithi
. she. mold neither dielsor five. Me wept
Sworn hero is thiC 4th day of Jamary.lB3l. i Amirens i e d . sa d dasc o m she led a mast .
i ' PETER PM - NM Cana of Deeds. 0:4 Dever was ace in had , wig: frame=
Wacinatione. Mrs. Bea...y bad the aelvice:af
INTERMTVAG e.A.SE 4 Terbreaker Ow i 11 rthral ®meat ' l63 l iCianS• and had remorse 'to
4 a mers i sm _yb...j e jb e N esee p ap o e .a oa t h e l et reactrecom awe. kook nick! , obtain evest
Say of september, a the office 106. Chatham 1'66P 66 7 adimation Geiser &amusing state. 1 411
strati. Laboring ander the formarnic eyeaparnm— I her , bass' Perfcladed .rot to ignite hid of Any
A slight ' ow n of blood . everyma n tough.'at- i uoe of trelltalea. She C now gear etileced,
tended with an espeiseration of monism eraser. and &.dir baser not poly capable at acenefincto
sight sweats. ][. myrearala,, diSrakir at l' he r die stairs, bat avows th at she etjoyo as
breathing as . 'with a well marked became I gora, health at Present 80 th e rid lst-thr period
Scam the cheek. CO a emenination. the chi* iof her e-'l°' 'J. lEktiNT.
Ives band to wend Ceil every where ercept en. i ' Mothand of the aghtemid Anne ii esot.
der the lift divide, ma in the arm pit of :be g Sworn 'before nee *is 14th day of Doc. ISM
Jam OA& I Fetes fleck ney„ Ccen. of Deeds
n ts it sibe st.—thrt to take the motors . tiSeH ' •
C aing pin & w the erpeconetmg ma For Salle,
Ponod, at the them °nil , th roitheries- to 611 6 , ..4 marcurbit 'Five of Coal Laid:
&MU' &Yr- idiem the .6i g ia "rem bad 'l"e't er r TING arid being in the township of Norwe.
exped I,.fte44 . 6:isainished. Jas bight 6.1. of __
the Woos Branch near Sher WM
=ragbag soi --..•• t= the iteorteen, . - Pr - 1 B,,Z W kaa ftesiJ, iliac ascot oats train Salmi
, deed as aural to the mealtime ' "a to I halt fissets— thee it wr mete 'Call Veins
ea , : thiec
r niec a he wee ba k- d — Lik_itimot when Is tbe bestkii iiim 77 this
HoileohltAx4.7.ciosurzwit .
cointicati: aim* . .1 pit bp
mach. . Called at oboe - on the 4th of dm i .
[ oisoithoisite oat=naism his Macao ,t .
Thenhcere - dtiedy *we mulk reguretho.: ! era 44
24- at,.,
kr:sig . /Aka
I '.---- Weihttrin Si BrIPOMIEIry I
Ramo, Mentor. sawlike, .
the shore thatmoing malady- ki.-p10...a great 1 gi carit. D ons eaes, yea p aims „ us A i i • ne i se.
Ilitageor. lia.:Naesey, gfiatothed real e mrosaishead, t , lIIIILADELIPIITA,
who. tralthbly. of terththi°g, tiglas e th alla e arie - :1 i MANUFALCTV I RRELS OP
Late =lca the bmist. ifixermst, serum &rim, 1 opti m i sm ! d e , sa di DN. &
betpi=olnitas.' mad act be in a ban-1 ! ro s sol sa "Ga. i . m a g . ga me s .
I - - . din serontift of impend+ i gied Lewd.
ing onillocation, of Ow hea•t.istren, i - the. - •
cog eneigh.erreirewins.pabi of thesenmach. drew- 1 =Tams. SlAP•gebline
- dri Gems Tem Eclair.
sin* gnat de
. v and 'iinfieecey Cress us-1 litio gad .
- Ether Sillpla
lOW mercy- Mr-IL 10 1 th••••• V" °P "Ili prin es egemeree
t thangft of reemert rad an deswahr set ro IN Isciruid t 11
5 !Ilk
- --.ea: of mom interrabil in his . t capene Eixiteremidk
. - - use
edam* at la all krec elrst be 01100 4 i alFri 1 Cagem 46.
aa *We mar efeesai by Dr- Wag.. . Ai- Tani Aalailimplia-
Sataili ate. aa ha aissalsag. stick a d s. ama:it aca . d . Siblik. do
ulnas as , a issai am ralio tola iw gr i t- id t=
velatia is ---- 111 ft enc2 T *3 a l lial l Ow Cob. Sada
oasis iSaalim w : alkaa la la, lala Imaliart isk ri_____ ...... ...._. . 5.2_.. - 268 01 .1 ,
put ...s
Zadasatiaa es. dim alrabli a& lala 1
tans Or ay
itie .
Rit iael asiclekaa, ,
le wd, is t aark nalarall.anyEkarilemaxiaa I rem Iwo a gossd IC Masi, Ilimeiti
- miaow arab' - tiatlfaCbrame I
on mile -
, i -
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in thiiii.eity, Akewisti used anosskothet remsdups
*Wirt obtsioing any. benefit, until
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M. William *arks* tireatniant: H is .now *-
Um* anis encorda* soar - st' flit ratio
jeddrday, avowingsbiLlie bads not words to es
lisesithrs grakinxls. for • the, benefit' M. bad meth.
ed. lOctober 21, 10311
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A pirfect cure efeeteA b! Lie irdiunt of Dp
:i William Evans. ' .
• M. John Gibson. of N. 4th same? Willianiti
burg; afflicted with dot abovecomphuat Asethiere
year* and nine moat*. dining which - time he
bad* use crutches. Ills chi* symptoms were
exesiciatingpsin Sn all iris:joint*, but especially
to the hips. *madder. knees arid.; ankle., an **-
vacation of the trains towards welt and for the
mosgpart alt now:elms; external bead* an obvi
ous thickening of the Curia and Nrarnents, with
acompletc burs ofmuseulas power. Far the ben
efit * those afflicted in a limas? manner. Mr.
Gib Win cormeices it meet to say - that the pains
have, entirely ceased. ,and that his joints have
cortudetery recovered their natural nine, .and be to resume his ordinary business.
611 1 1 DING.
Amos Brea hirer, corner of Second street 844
Geralantona Road, Philadelphia, affected. for the '
fist Six years with the Liver Complaint, was
cormiletely red&ed to health bY Dr. WM. E.
VANS'S Camomile Tonic and 'Family Amirept
Pills." Her symptoms were betakes' cestiventem.
excruciating pain in the stoinacholeporesicat of .
spirits, languor. extreme debility.disturbeffale*
great pain in her side. could not lie Co her left
side ivithenst as agg "riirdirm of pttm. &Krone in
the head, dimness of sight, withiother syn na Sess
indicating year derangement in the Of
the Liver. Mrs. Brmhtsim has Made, trial sit
rioret medicines no betake the' pelilitilmt re.
mired no relief Ate .wasnotneed to make
livel i est Dr Evans ' . Pills . of whit& she is happy
to pile that they effectpally relieved her of the
aetati distressing symptoms, with others. which
are not mondial to intimate-
Mr. Brealtiser. (besband of the chose Miss
litrentoser, had been two yesm &dieted with a
distressed state pilesand Costiveness. of which
he was effectrnilly ceded.
We do hereby sednicribe our aignaturea to the I
troth of the above cores, that the statement is in
eel respect true. SARAH DRENHISER'
;OHS STEIF, • Baker,
No. II north EightS street.
„ wm..EvAics medical , osea. sac o'ic
' vateof his excellent bit at \O. 19, north
goOrtki dm; Philadelpitni.
1 • SOld by .1: T. WEMIER,
1 • Sole Agent far SchoylkM Gamty4
, •
Mrs. Abase G. Kenny, No. 115 Louis itteitt
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the accusation that he is a Iburatiiid - aiiiia,;J:
tam, with briaralaleirenaltar to make iiik - aii& . f
tresses as not to be inferior, teeny sink- if. thill.-1
kind, in merest* to tbeirAsosty•- Sertility,iiiiir :
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of the combirt and saving-of tints. wiliat,tlime •-r
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"the work must give credit toils iiiisq." .a te( '
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be therefore , very rebel invite tbrifr wilikatt i
to get an article of ibis Caeriptieo 9 le initieellel '
examine for themsetres, one ellen/a illebibl.-
sex, just now &imbed, that tiering fiktentrio. '
red of the truth alas saying% - _ -
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-. 1. Reading. Jan. 18, lgail. • ~ ill-AM !
PL S. Persons wig 'okay -Elastiell
seal of the ilestitot thwesaid, Mill pleisilip.
ply to the attbsenberok Cow lime Oars Peisiberto
Mori, in Reading, where a lid of erthrsiprsitile .
open to the po . blie, as tie manufacturing Ilmiterf
' wants some The Mitprtems IMMO be
delivered before ay next. ' -
The . 'has. at the respell ;elk,
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Boise Mcrae examined his needy ..kmentied
:`doable Spain 131siths Matrus.'" Its iiiiinn '
elasticity renders it truly a inincry Ile mu* m
ma; and at the leek specially. Saab 'Mks* i
long confused ti; a behrontal posture, it i Mimi 1
to prove invaluable. Its penes eat: mesadesel
, will suptieede the seeemosity of retemiimil=.T
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MAC =MIR, It 2-0. • t
I My more in the *akar those topreepd, '
in retard toMr. Meyrs's •ilkehle Spiv Ililkitila
lestrass." : -- -
JOHN P. ELMITNit. /11._ _ .4): -- •
Having restfully examined Ki. Homy Noyeriti
..DoubleSpring Elastic Mairaser I - ecionr...ia':
the above opus s, believing it to amen-a Oil
poptioses intended. . JOgill ill. ono:.
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• *.• • Maass" with care. mad I wild now;
In end it to all wives. aid especially to the nidt.
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certificate. A. a
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