The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 07, 1838, Image 4

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"!AVONTRAST.—AII listions.'fran the.a*
have_ had - ships . bet Goloshes OWI - found
,theliwa, yto Ilineries. Before the time of MI,
. tSpasish,nangatar,Tieople were only enabled to
, . about .thil Shores. linit so whit the Lifeleled- .
Itlllout two sbort; years slime Mk' wen-,
.! !pm a nnk6ewm ocean, and I have disedvered ,
preciouso*M I was is "searelittle-IMIXII..
i .• • elsedieineswent indeed known when 1 eons-
. bed my search. bat their
_use was not. By the
of tbent; I have . not only passed from the it/dented
Aida" the haleheitty andneuve mar oc.buzulnes..
tonipsiatmely Ipeaking, 1 ',have renellad !mg
tilt 'X= than:with coneulente in nktiiinillipts
• ea. ndvisn'tvith is lellow Citizens.' , Ddis4bo
__:". ' 'Attfrigiftfiat _ VEGETAB LE LIFEM
ri eDi
" i r
Ware saltitle . oat tae , :1" haysinefils
•.. 'Ofteiiis46 Rini y.lisediiids orkzien.frem
of the most. resmitablesithens ofthienty ea
land/Solemnly - oreiet` lis testimony of the , sir.
' ersonnarhoseconstitutioni have been costly m
, . by the Nal , infallible" .mineral -preparation! of
4ey,!wiltrbear me witness, that the • -Lire :llledi.
es, and Such Only. are the trutinamosto_permOtent•
. . health- • "JOHN MOFFAT.
—4.... • ~ .
' est medicines have long been known and appre
kited, for-their extraordinary and immediate wets
restoring perfect health', to persons 'Atari - odor
y every-kind of disclaims, 4O witielr;the 1 . n
e it liable.
/ Juntany hundreds of certificated instances, they
vs eve rescued sufferers from the vary verge of an:
timely grave, idler all the deceptive nastrieta of
e day had utterly failed; and to many thousands they
, .
vu permanently secured that uniform enjoyment of
hh, without which lire itself is bat a partial , bless
r. - So great. hided, line their efficacy iniiiriablv
1 d infallibly proved, that it has appeared scargely
'ss than miraculous in those who tvereonacqnainted
'MI the hea . 1 . 1 l ' h I
Uil II p ii.p.op 1 , 9 principles upon
:filch they are cogiont ni
ued,and upon which they
• nsegunntly act It was to their minifeat and tunnel.
o action .in purifpag the springs and channels of
lit, and eniume them with 'renewed tone. and vigor,
at they were indebted for their name, which was
I stowed upon them at !Omani/eons Vaguest of
l everal individuals whose lives they had obviously
:red: .
The proprietors rejoice in the opportunity afforded
.y the universal diffusion of the daily press for plac
ng. his , VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS - within the
L novrledge and reach of every individual in the com
l. 'laity. Unlike the host of pernicious quackeries,
Mehl boast of Vegetable ingredients, the Life Pills
re purely and SOLICLY vitas rsat,x, and contain nei•
er Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, nor any other
, ineraLin any 'form whatever. They are entirely
, mposed ofextrame from rare and powerful plants.
t.e virtues of whichi thoughdong known to seyeral
ndian tribes. and recently to some eminent pharma
cancel chemists. arrialtogether unknown - to thdigno
ant pretenders to tnischcal alien* and were never.
, :fore administered in so happily efficacious a com
.:nation. • .
"their first operation is to loosen from thecoats of
he stomach and bowels, tge Carious impurities and
rudities constantly setting around them; and to re ,
.. eye the hardecied fasces which collect in,the con
°lnflow of the small intestines. Other Medicines
• My I partially cleanse these. and leave such collected
. asses behind, as to produce .habittial costiveness.
ith,all its trainrof earls, Or sadden diarrhea; with its
miiinent dangers. This fact is well knOarn 'to all
egular anatomists. who examine the human bowels
I . er death: and hence the prejudice of these well in.
:t. :mod men against the 'quack medicines of the age.
`he. second 'effect of the • VEGgTABLE 'LIFE
' 11.45,is to cleanse the kidneya and the bladder, and
this means, the liver and the lungs, the healthful
.n of which entirely depends upon the tularity
the urinary organs. The blood, which es Its
e d color from the agency of the HTeratid bilge
efore it p.aes into the heart, being thda perillkid by
in and nourished by totid coming from a cletu
stomach, mitoses freely through the veins. renews
every part "oftbe system aid triumphantly Mounts
banner ofteilth in the tibiondnrcheek.
-The following are among toed stressing variety of
bnmanteliimuses,te. which the Vegetable Life Pills
are well know!' tri be
- „DYSPEPSIA, by threligh' ly cleansing the first and
second stomachs, and creating a flow of pore healthy .
bite v instetid - of the stale and acrid kind ;—,fogukney.
Polpihotoot of ge-Heari, LOes of 4ppeote,
anerffecilviehe. Ristieitmese'firipm..Ansirry, Lan
goor.aottiffeleneholy which are the general symptoms
of Dyspepsia, will vanish, as a natural consequence of
its cure. Costiveness, by cleansing thewhole length
of the intestines with a solvent process, and without,.
violence; all violent purges leave the bowel's costive
within two dayi. Dgorrh , . and Wei-esti? remove.
tog the sharp-acrid Snide by whieh_these comptaifits
are occasioned. and by proationt die lubricative
secretion °Mammas metribrano. :Fewsofaffigincfs,
by restoring the blo*ltcia• regular circulation. dowse
the process of perapiration in sorrietasea, and the.
rough solution ,cof all intestinal obstnietione in other. th
' The LIFE. PILLS have been known to can Rhea
•sigaffew perpanently in three weekisagd Grind in half
tlteit time, by removing local inflammation 'from dm
inteielesand ligaments of thejoints. . Dkpiliga cf ell
beds; by freein g and the kidneys end
bladder; they operate most delightfully °walleye or
gan's:end hence have ever been found a eer 4 rem..
Idy for the worst GIMP of Grated. Also .gege, by
dal , ging from the turnings of the
to which them creatures rq ana
COMITISIS4I4 by relieving the air Tempel. on the home ;
i from the mucus, which even slight colds Web* riemoy
ed becomes leirdened, and produces thine! dreadful
diseases. Scurvy. Werra and fromserare Sam by the
- perfect purity which diesieLife Pillsgivymillie blood
and all humors; Scorbutic Empalme and fled Coss
plenone, by their alterative effectupon the *lids that
morbid state of which occasions all Er4tite ewe
! Amines, ballad. aoudy, sod other disagreadie Cops
plosions, Thecae of them Pills fora very ihontime.
will effect se entire mire of Sell rheitsi,. pp/pia,
1 and a striking improvimi* mit in the Mermen cf dug
"skit Migicson Cads. and het will
,ways be
1 cured-by one dose, or by two even in wen cases.
Piles,--as a remedy for this moat d' ' and ob.
. 1 stinting Malady, the Vegetable Life rats amprre_ a
-g t ustinct and emphatic recommetidation. -.' t gri.yrell
!known to hundreds id due city, that the resifonetor
,or t h e m invaluable Pills, •was himself sOlOted. with ,
. is complain — ger upwards ofthirtylfsegmmx and t h at .
jut tried in vain every remedy prescribed .within-ilia
'whore 'e,onipass of the MatCrui Medics. NO however,
- ift !IMO, Weddle Medlin* which he nog* offers to
rip, publmouid he Was mired in a very *hat time,
idler his recovery had leen preinotmeed not only .
imiprotatfle, but absolutely unpOssiblis by pay' Minnie
means.. • 4 •
' e:- -DI RECTIONS FOR UPX-arberprepriltcmg of the
hrograms. Lire Pitui dorm not &flow the base -end
mercenary pranticoofthe quacks of died'', in advia.
ireato-mke . Ohl Pillage tante; quantifier: , N.
medicine 'call saslbj y .he so reqpiregL ! These
Ilsare - to bir taketradwil - time every flight, Ihr a
week or fortnight, peconlieg to the obstidacy of the'
- dales The natal 'doses. from 2 to Some:infirm to ,
i •
the con trollop of thy parsers VerY delletimpersens 1
wi g
1 ' yihOuld in - with hat vacs and increale ifithe nature
~,ef threes° mity require: diem more iiii ne t k i si gtor ivery
-.costive habit, 0211). begin with 3, and i .to 4, or
' . ovens &pills:and they will effect paufficithitty happy
change to. guid: e the patient ht. 'their farther, ose,!
Wing PIS sometimes oesasioti ticket:3lB4nd . Timm
1 ,6,_ t hddWyely seldom, utilew the stonpich lig vele
;-.4wre t ygiA o labser,iitial be' considered f'favivrabe ,
-- eyingPorn.toriber will findihignselfai once rim.
1 hayed:and by ranee will goo* ISM*. Tile,
: v om it* o p era t e *4WD ligpr 17tiouni. *netnews give
fjs.uoles• the weir firtweheiteenitired,
• , r , Fay be tithed fry , the.MV ... ,., le x , pltistm, •
4 .
• a ravoic.....,„nce._4, 111; now:lttypry, opium&
'- Atittfiartlifisikip liter periinfabfliregpariej • oviiik
Llillf-eite eta time. ind thuti centilitre tgareiefithebiliela
1 --eltieleantesentwomay be ialtimirrherethillittkint
i hlaWifiletsitlite. iOuti pill initalitfoi OftwyiAble:
_„„jip ooo opitervrater, may be. to athiftinflito ther
;:folleaupgdoimehrea.a_poon utterer; mitia Wawa
t vA p owatelg A u - it 4hildfrom. ono to,fqs‘jilatiioNgei.
4 ,141`npi11 , -,and /ism Ate , to tem l?point+,
TRE`PRIENIE BITTERKAteavr ;beftflife
tair xrdtw eFbrintotidiiit,s•.l,hili v .,
0 . a gkiamile vigor thret ,
Itstiop, as the Pima is said to bidftftled '
i' ;
:; 1 . ~}
. . .
. • • -: •
, .
• .
' - - ' .... , - , i• 5...- I :. !-7-.' •=- - .i.•* 1',...:.e....;.;-.Z. ,- ........L.,1 -... 5 .. - -
. .
, _
~,,i..., ..„ .„,...... ., ,,, , .. .• .. . , ~„ .{ :•••,,.•^ .."-•,.,V. , -2... , ...- - ---...:.;."..",..5";"1...•:-/k7--
astl iai
*eh°w hite '"e)ftiiirirldbgattirg' •;'klse Jitmor
nitill ' segitialde.
found - only in • parts of the<
"which will tat bbly r oorojill. - , . _ „ OA.,
efallidlids ; will neve -
date efedieete ellumg iiit
an etrmite Ofikierintry, ,
." , rooderthaitbd
Pieweßal PrepaintiOsur • ~ a, lillttliki NNW
diately curtrtlal. . . .", ti of BLOOD'WPMF ,
HARD; never lis - Wares , socideat So young
females; and' lie mid a certain remedy in all
Uses of nerrodk , - • pad esra&scre of thetZ ill.
Co OW. *5 teritetilof. Caf .. I*
fruktroutory 'i - • -' ' . the eflicacy'ordnifliiieix
Iluers will *denim ted by thelaseof a sines
bottle. The ettitOd ,
,oftlmse bitters is hilf a wine
th l wee
glearfial, in ter or .5, and this quandty
,Isketr,sirc or ' ~..• d day. about Ulf an'bour
lleforelfterlar rX.I 92teeliti mei be -tekel. l.l
times. 'To re.* .. , , ilia ii.fflirxM with Wilma=
n i
after 'mealsOiliend RI
,iirs i.T .- 111 prove bll'eNebles•as
they veriarrl i lee ' Ahem:Roo orate - propipil
1 Owen: P t 'to ' onn their fetietialte.tmd ett 4
able the sto ' I tdd barge . int! the bowels' what
ever is ofTentiive: es inderstion -ir; 4 *Kllly,'nod;
speedly rernoyed l / 4 , • restored. ant"the moutlte
of the atembX. - ir la being :cleansed, nutrition is
facilitated, and Xtren
: of body and energy afraid&
;k w
are the - ban ' For hither_ particulire of ;
.51OFFAT'S .E; , and PYRENIX. 'UT
TERS** ''' ilk 440 Ofiae r Na:s46 - Biodivey_,
New York; ' ." ii 7 FlUa Min be obtained' for 25
il E i
cents; 50 een twill "lox ; and the Bitters - twill
or 1111 per betties: i .Nutnereats Cerrifrtmersref the
wonderful - Amy' 0 ". tnay, belherdinapected. ,
In Mme obstinate ctimplicatid cases otchronie
fla t
and In toffy tutu. Liver Complaints,)
Fever and A e, DjaPepria, Pilsy, Piles, injury from
, =cl; 'and other dieozsee of [mg 1
I. ' .it duty ' ecesaary to take both the Life
pins and did Phan'l4 Bitters, in the - dose before re
commended. .
N. B.—TheseYtlt ll
and the Bitters, will get the
Mercury out of the eitrein tnfinnely taster than the best
preparations of &tea arena. arid a certain remedy for
the rushum of tke u) die heragorrall Maori km* , rl-
eics, tie dau.Uurcux, —AB persons who are prxiis.
pored to apoplexy, ti. &c., should never be without
the Life Mr or t e 'tiers. for one dose in time -wilt
save life. Tney equalize the circulation of the blood,
drew all pressure tem the head. prespiratioti, and
throw oft everrimparity , by the pores of the akin.
For sale by MILLER & HAGGE.Ity,
Agents for the F'reirietor. •
129. 4 .1 . ..
Pottsville. 26
1 ...,..
11110 hi's Pills. .
!FITE Original ygelan Universal liregtlible
m- Medicine, p red by W. MISIIIN. Esq.,
Member of the Ito al College of Surgeons, Licen
tiate of Apothecur7 o Company, Fellow of BoL
Court Society,"Sur n to the Royal Union Pen.
shin "Assciciation.! Lancaster Once, Wateribe
l u tu
Bridge; infd 'Per al Pupil hf thrafe aid&
Thomas' fleapits Lendlith ~ - . '
These pills havi g gained acelebrity annual.
Ida in every sec of the Union, are now con.
niidered by all theist. who value good health, Indial
pensable as a &truly medicine—patronised . by a 1
numerous body of the most eminent Physicians
both - in Oda country and in Europe,—istintlicient,
it is presumed, urstanip their character in the es ,
timation of every thinking mite, find it ti hoped,
a far better reeo tendation than the course re. I
sorted to by ignor nt end utfortneipledeteuderi,
who to mislead Ifni deceive the public, 'yldbfiek
what they call ti tieal proofs and Cettiridttedi of
Cures, that exceed all bounds of rational itredibil.
ity, and most of which, it not all,'ltre itither vies
fabricaticide, or pnicured hy frigid and connivance.
The editor of the Long Island Farinei; says
I"This'lnedittrie . hip , obtained an unprecedented
' degree of well pre:furred popularity. Havingtak.l
en these pillsournsiveslUadvantage•aneWitsmis.
ed their beneficial.eftects on - others, we have ad .
hesitation is mending them to the public as
a safe, salutary a d useful family medicine."
• *None are g nuine witirant the aignattiire of
Age ton the label, by *ions the ri,
hove medicine is imported into this country. '1
• JNO. HO BEIN; 129 Waverly Place,
Gen'l Agent for' U. b.
'A Mikity of th above Medicine just received
and Rifillile by '' B. BADMAN,
Sul Agent Fir Schirylkill county.
as' ad
e t
A - ditinn to Pot' sville, where may be had whole
sale ma Mail, , th e most moderate terms—
brown, lump an loaf sugars, black . green , and'
-young hymn t I, molasses, fish, cheese. sottp:
rice, coffee, chodolate, spirits, brandy, gin, Port,
Lisbon; tferteriffa and other wines ;sum. whiskey
and . cordials, . ha t Spanish and common segara ,
pepper, klapice,gingeroreteratus, cloves, nutmegs,
starch, mustard. pilot Mewl, crackers, sugar oa
for 0136, or exchange fOr coon
cahoot:o. am. •
W pro4uce.
,p 29-4
C • ilatipsies,
Fifth 'aiiiset. Ph ilidetPitsa. back
ants' lintel—devoted exc lusively
_ .
No . N
or thi
to this thutimft.
Muds ars supplied at nonnufac.
nd their:Glonnes lnintred from
part of , thoUnion v withont extra
Aurer.le- 4Piticier
brawkaeolo wig
chorea l .," •
ould, o wall •
• thekr,Atniee-ori
mak fit a11a.4 1 1
, Nercihanto
sore ihtaywoll
I CIrceVIII.4 ;?
rirave t orders. for liftge4ifis•ep,
inGorto,r by lefte_r,-7provioukto
of the size of Om plaid. ane4be
boy, Cody Ain!. that44:orgi . cf c
uredczpreiody for tifooccaniqn
, old gfve,tbeir •prderafor,Look.
!Wog oulbeirArgral,4ol4
auk.- Is.
F R .
• L*.401
•ON ' .
rko, iillitfltl4.lcott• and,
I 4111- 0 6 °X#4 660 • .1'; 45 ' 18 -
tmso. ruA.O 'p d
abie - orritp •
• 1 0
tA pfkna riitt*Pl,ll-li p. s
._•-„ ISI9INAN.-
. , -31
WlPBtalde 4listiersall- rissiv ,
71/04# 1 /t ;44 WPlllClSF,"itk•irsalir
.it 110 1 44 =1 11 : 11
i kilk i i i i'vd.alaio b iniMilini th e
vclnatkai : .loelleeempeatee t— ilin ei•-
•gator pan - Whim todillity albs • ' • midis.
It jibes tPettaxpermr.zetnitainitlytidif. • • • AM
suitelif the
e t o bi t es' gill;
damp thet:indigeiit : &at*
although it; no, b tblisedisiiiiili let
titikoriel lat Illi= ofir*S.4•• Of the eighetie
the same;they •*: •••• • k - • idetik,
and out only °bleat', lii'lie*s[ Ike ~ •• ,' " iniki,
*as be kept tip._inOtheintelitilthll -1. - ,"
i s
be . : •
a Mthltiman,Woms fesiditi: ivithi-Dra• : . ,
V2119F.1 1 4 , UNIVER3AUPIUktiv ,' • if* ,
severed in Indlndent geantAnetin •. • •!:... ,e-elpl
ens ermitions. willAssiat.matartlAt • :, even
organ to aMithofligt_lib.• :Mils * thi the • ~ a
ofdraining: wti":diala 1, - initabf Jig* Of , • ".'ind
nom a *re ofiteiiintY "loosepredermlif • . ' aliow
danilerillitylana se it is with the human yt when
inj Wag M the matter *hit it.-Inthiriet occasion ,
ola T ence
to driflit by finriF i -aid- 027 Awght
those who have finites** p '
cause consistent wi ous Mop, 'hey enacted
tighlttrthil,Lresttlt Awing ; beankovid Di. It I.
not motelban 4 8 . snontbststhieilitPD were la
irodiceduitii the United Ella : - side has
1 14)
beenaltogotheknfincedeited, l o l. . beestiold
of thefifi4 Wier' ofit - hi - Abit - ll* *Wien
lee kindiertkomiid boxes. ' ire pep
sons can be refermil - to in- New_lferkisity. nearly
the-same in Phibuitilplila,who, • ' when
every, other meansbo become •• -• •,er
of dive:ilea which appeared tittle'. ; ' Om Isobar.
acter,apd in Many*** whMet • • l'•• • •"• • ranges]
of ulceration, had ; laid bare bp_ •• • ...., • d bone, and
where to ell appearance no_ ••• • •, r. •*:'• •••' could:Wm,
life..have, patientz . by the miel:IST • ...,,"•• ,P a, b een re.
storafto 'good bealth4he d . ..• . ---4 . - hiving
been complelelferaditateat i. 4 .-,,;-• ''i...,-- , . 1
Dr. Wm. Brandrethwara-nojkll
.., - • • ' cad '
of th e
truth of the above simple theory . .
„.;:, v.. • • . spent 30
yearsin experiment and la •••,, . • " - r - • We the
medical properties of the 4:Menke ,",, pi .. s commis.
ing the Vegetable Kingthitinhiit Oh - bet •., • tom.
muce_a •eedicine which won - ,ate. .. oted pre. I
Auce by specific" *don, a rernifis •
~_c e ll • . tumor d
from tbe4ilood by thestemachinthbow •.,as by the
continuation of tbeneevtl spelvt enedi ~, such ha;
mom ire' sure to 'be earriedmirk asui-: . -.blood ett•
mime a dune of plait": aidwhisever lb these Pills,
dtetlievesell with dimly,. Yi___4l,,le• Sato ' ed that. Dr .
' • 'atm Dihndreth fumy, Omura his l'i , ilentbic
object. It 'snow an absolute - , and "know • Met, that
every disease, whether it be in theload . fact. in the
1 brain or meanest member; Whether it be • outward
ulcer, or on inwild abscess. are all, deo • •_ li arising
from many causes. reducible to this •• • d erect.
esmay,imptuity of blood. r. ',I ..
_-`, ''.;-: ~•• •
' NOTICL—As Drug and Chem i c al: • - are Mei.
ally ilownd With conmerfeielhandoitleit Pillkit be
comes thesetribowant the genie • ' •to purchase
only cifthe tit eredited agents ortheeetw • • are known
to be above such dishonest prectices. •
Mr. S. Thoinpvioat;. Pottinitibrare the only a
gents itPlesentfur Ike p ostnitw. -L- ,
DrArandrithsOffies ore naliof the alkdre Pills
who-*Wend Mollie sa ithlitiee ler that door
abler° filth itliaittritide,' Philatiel AIL - ,
4 ,
Idwaretbilinber that DO* Stfireisis e have dui
Itelltliti Jamniriet` h'• Pills for Mae. " - re'all pore
chases riliem Are mete be connterfei
Dec 9 :
Swaint's -Panacea. s .
`g ut the imams/saes and .111' °tithe sip Me
‘2l:lteninglis mire of •Imie, complaints
sad rendering the blood Isere ingamt;, end u thou
stedstive dentrojlidtbeirby neglecting
to applytimpropei rillittlirCe•-:toefreh. Swaim's Pan
it -
lilß be t end has blihn:,llnOrtrthin 4 lily vales
ble et a eeributand elkeinabkminedo ..__ fp* them.
to prefect bealarlbstviga: Tarr ghlniii as wEld•
II exempt from icorbotaalfeetion‘whi exhibit vs.
noes 9' l l 4 kM. Ili 745A061811,4 Alterations. debilitj,
lots orappetas,anddrinetion. all arbuirom impure
blood. and if not - properly intendedly. redoes the.
r ies
greatest in,o7 to the eanstitituth*. i may tie im
parted to their o ff spring. Illwailes is reams
mended at this of the - ,as a- table raw
naive of thendoy * e Constita.
don. slid td bear dri
Me man= aeleol!., It 0 conOw' ' .. tnee
ting guide, and aerates this .fl those
diseases which oriOnte in vidftW Noe& d . '
fiver, deptivistappetfte,or to aSetons
of debtor, ike. Novae,however ' ' to,nas
it without arevineingtheaselvatt oNts . 'orrrhat
is hereldated. .
'MONKS:Ise* now tried silk iniedsi to all
of the wor#,,mtdis seining great repot:lan in Eng.:
med. - • '
.A fresksnApb , of ,the hierteiee=jostferaived and
tal l
keels 14; -a, NAN.
' .-"" -•- &de Agent fOr. Uloosaty.
*Wein sij)ply the above medicine hoksale is
them Vesiiisb to- sell egaini • hia i Lrices.
altar 14 ...Y;!, e1,; 4 •,- : — lP` l l.' 1 I
, .
DR Jos. tigrititimtit4fatm th
ek &x the !
1141104 *wad; Ans et every
kind of worin4i, alcers,*cint*liiti at Catalonia
dismiss, maims from culi wn iqiiekang, barn:
leg. ilo ll oll o i dtt tke. 6161 / 1 and".
kor_cnring *spews. heart,
complaint; imativersissOinliall4 EFi6' diary.
born in rheigatlek pitiniOnoth' Ina more
eyes. The general agent; Prf.Gliv•Wagner t
Reading, Barks county, Ps. alai Oats to any.
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Roost Beefs eidd; -
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Fried Ham , bust Fat
Merton Chips i " •
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Thing Dish
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. !Old :tinder'. Vine . SI ..511
1 01 d pale Sherry - • 150
101 d Brown • • 150
Old Lisbon • 1 00-
' -Old Vort • •• • •i '1 5 0
Champagne 150
Smiths X X and Peppers Ale alwaysun draught
Apartments le rpsdiness for supper parties, Ste.
Oct 7 - - . • -46-Ime
-Insurance Company. '
dthrm. AUTHORISED BYLAW; =50,00
MAKE both limited and perpeteal Iniorineeir.
/ILK on-Brick. Stone or Frame 'Sham.
Hotel,. Mills.BarniN Stables, Merchandise, Fann
on. and Property °revery description. Wain loss
or damage by JIBE.
The Delaware County Inurance company
taw bum spinal:kW ofmar i ne nal
had• against the damage or loss upon the transporta
tion Of goods.waree r taed mercandiu hy water, or hi,
rail way,,npon term" ta favourable u any other
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For illy farther information on the subject of in-
Mauve. .ssither.tiug Fee, marine or inland Helm
Apiolite H RY G. 'ROBINSON, Ament. •
3i11,111 34-cf .At Schnylkill Haven.
- • At consigibertP
iFire fiance Company
VrAKE bothlhitharthd e ß: i t i t insuranees on
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Wills, Barns, Stables, Pd kze. Farmfure.and.
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Wale krtreet tails& BEPLIASIISI BABWAr til
PoilsvWe.Feb.fl, 18300 l5
*be Philadelphia Fire
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Baum Stables. Metebandlie. Furniture. and
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Dry-Ooods,Groceri, Wine +1410r440e
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nessilciastiatinatalcoantoteon. -
The : : CAMOMII,,E and.!EA_ APERIENT.,
PILES,L mantifectured by Pi:: WilbantErata at-100
Chatham :area, do not,. readrChli'explanation Of ,
theirjechearledied: , itirneeibe ittOsselaineat
sties lees siCeelibtruedalleitet tludett *dß freely.'
if *pealed to: elate the alisena*bichhaa iodated
thavtiiketittiniend thenterrettendaly end warmly
tleyda.LiAlinfiliose reopens : aro thlethete I. I
eittei medical* aka Were Iran - thimon delicate
comitaticns, and are, in almost every individual]
ealelroSlshieb they are PresVO. a lathed. an tra
deer unly•happy end
,permar_nent efficacy. Physi
cian Irioreover. tree that they ireiot offered to the
publ epee safq l.ick . diary clarifying, the blood.
to the utterVestruction' of the tatimalt anttliewela l
Purify the blood froniall dittesied.humeatticy .
um* do l• bit not by destroying-those- vocal by
which alone „the blood can be sustained. They are
compounded taietto•theogsvisicli supposese stomach
to be a very essential agent trihalth; and roodorell
4_,le.sittckd, to ralhabli t tiad to . fles h andhloo*—
Mu* doubt `, purify `keen to ghosts , abd mite them
look like. Map too' refined. to remiihr long in this
worlaphot`tliey make themuith at possible, and
fitt4 ofeowiterthe hardships,: , sack:tidal the °coma
*one of a sublunary life: :They do -not make a rm.
teed purgataty of thiiklife, t 4 prepare men the fester
fo; another,. Th e Y:preeenigen tbesappeaidoitthat
- th blood, muskies, aria: organs,,tacretery and se
cretory. gland. UItICUOILIfind tegainosay Membranes,
&Mee and brains. of., every . inunotholk Lathe to
beliaplind with nonnahment from ai beatialde 10 15 -
mach as can be made and kept; and epon.thedoctrme
that unlessthestonsachand boweisere M good order.
thebloodendevery-otair.put *Megaton will be in
disenler. • _ •
Aed.howis %cad that they will secualtodth
to the stomach and weal' ' Why byenabling the one
to digest rood, and the other to carry off what la left
after the lintriment is extmatedfin connection with
the tapas of bile, and the foul armors. alto blood,
mucous,and stomach. And, hey accom
plish. these great reser ofeartfintbe most simple
way imaginable., The AP FAMILY - PILLS.
of stomah lie affected wi th , ltd. bile. pr coated
collecticnii, dee i it Out. by a moral bike meet jai
sensible solvent action, and Cleanse, th e Whole ali
mentary canal, without griping. andleeving it as free
without debility, as nature ever designed at to be.—
They do not take the skin offthe stomach-and bowels,
and leave them like a piece of red velvet, as all Phy
sicians know the strong,:dristic pills do. but t hat'
take Caere kindly by the land without crushing her
fingers. They cleanse every thing, without initiating
or injuring lay thing, ,
When thle is afeeted. ash penal is by the 'la . /lore
few of the - FAMILY APERIENT thee come
the celebrated CAMOMILE orTONIC PILLS. to
strengthen a stomach and bowels . which before, per
haps. weak tad foal because they were weak. and
endows them .with strength, to Perform their impor
tant function*, 'withonfthe 'aid of physic. The CA
MOMILE FLOWER, when Its valuable principles
are chemically extracted. is atkiitheledgeiby all FM'
shams, is every age, to be the best tegetable tonic
known in the science of medicine—There is nothing
known in the vegetable kingdom of nature to opal it;
hcithingthat in at mice stiairtelims and itli'ylgoronsh
healthful, and. in proof of this "the impactor of thy
. recowned pills thin are made fromt *purest ankles,
ht.nuote,almathausionble itudiori;bath ancient •
and modern, if ha eta practice had not proved it to
this of thousandit •
Thief lits of thesepills - all not 'only perceived in
Mosaic of appetite sash:general strength, but in
a restoratidti•ofthe body to that universal vigor Mad
its faction % *fah indica:a the return to perfectly'
sand. health.—The Ake. apd general 'complexion.
vs* volunies M that:rear, and daunt& of fe
miles can testify how Manithey have contributed to
comfort, their contplexion, and their strength,
when everfotherrentedy hod Moved - wines than use
to nervousdisasei, of all kinds, they are new i
acknowledged t o be preeminent ; gradually restoring'
firmness cif hotly and mind, without theme. annoyance.
ayd Changes.whicli o th eenervons remedies occantion.„
wappy would it have - leen iforinacy yang persons
of both sews who are now in the siletitgraie.ifthey.
had learned to• check the merbid tendencies. oftbeir
. stomach and bowels. by these tonksand
enta.widiont resorting to q remedies. the names
of *loth Are concealed, tad of Which thy _ know
, 411 Tha be t l jasit tm lf4 c .-I.lcaCCiltiELTAON tamenecaaent ali
disapPoin ve ted of its prey, all Over e nd t. if the tint
L o ins
of alma:iv - debility had onateracred
by:CAMOMILE 4:hernia:lb preperedt, and those
6giglcomplaintewhichl uva_host °Med teak
*asp 1 1 44 base been obW by that
extratAtt *Lama - wltick_le a. leading: intpedient in
fiats alaline
the APERIENT.PAMILY PILL& Before both of
these medicines, which ate Adapted a a jadedly Of
the Rir leach a Inmdred others are unitime
yesed,liatistsegues.bdioes dander% beadschee,
female debilitify male decline, adiesetion. end liver
cemplaint, Would `entitely *appeared, where
many of them-have beire
, Bathe it disdiiedyandentood that these medicines
ere ,not offered instead ordinal natural omens of the
body which other calla* dkieriaNirith. ht MS47
=manner. They are fouldal . aka medial
re. arid' ot quackery, and donee take all the
retiparticla out of the beman Mad under the pre
mace of purifying it. In .proofof which *Bootee of
effect. let the dices and te t 4 i s . of imitate Amer teeth
mony: Thdy cotistitule a ul, ahead. and gene
ally applicable Chia of medicines for easy Randy.
and being both, tonic andAtperient. and., 01*s - hest
pr rations keriwa..tie in,irson or finely shald.he
Withontlhem. They an be obtained whelesale and
retail of the preprietoOr.WM. EVAPlB;Nearlferit,
end of his agents in tows rind edtatty. with diree;.
tioarrotinia—They - are tapidlyanarceding all other
tidies advettisenim the.pab7lc pruits.becaue they
,f'tre 41610 tolndang to a very, at iv a n r clasof popular.
,itiedike-A Bette trial acesthem high Med.'
*ate are- to be, in public
Offeninakand 7 atlaiiipinietro_rphyincians.
"8r.% Wid..EVANW - OFFICE.. - i No. 19 NORTH'
ray be:had. De(Wm Ermare,loo Chatham
eet.Nsetlfoiltearbere the Dept r may be consulted.
vSPEPSIA sled - OVPOCH44itiitIACI9M;
ISJelaserearing talmen,Green sr.;
above d-- .a.F.:.llllleilelibia. !Ottani for 'several
years withiihOollowitig distressing symetaMrßick
• ass aedinntoniseh; head_ ache dirraneskadpititions
'of the* beitrViliiiithed'appetite,ametiMei acid' and
plinetiatenCerathu*FaMelli and weakness Of the
!extrentitha emu:fades attd genersidebilim disturbed
reetv'aceofpiesseire and , the stomach
- afar ~:ligainare,;.great nventia 'despridee cy,
onerkt rew* thecheabacktizidaidaymtti, ye 7.
now, kelaute,ferepciety.etionversation t inveluidery
migluntaitiriMeepenrianguir and lashed° upon- - the
leukaemia: ' '' • '
Mitlahnod hadigip i to thorned eminent_phyo
'ciois:whe etimddaa it beyond the powerermek.
einethiestiiiir Mato • health; bowever as his iMiC 7
:dons bada.datied hftn to tavery deplorable condition,
laving been -riecimineaded -by a native orbit to
Miltetrial cifjrt: EVANE'Atedicineiimalth
to which:he says. heti indtitithAftmlarte
Are. health and ' f?ade.' Me Isimarrjo Cell*
Madam lif.! pert 1- health.: ...Pasentr, 'efil
tuthertalbrinati Will bleated - hid avitheitia ,
bridiatalthinfeerisilDr WM. EvaWMC6-
ieslOtScot;lMl Chitheali4New Yak ;aid la Phil!.
• soId . WERNER.'
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t7---iwc o .- r
• " The autioartio‘ - , 4 l a—iiiit # .. : : tli which
tree Wait • -1001: .' -, ..- , -
.., • : - . 1 . 1 71/0 + .' ' . RsIPARICLA • I
. . ed . • 1 4 . I °ldna. .. ___
_4., 7 Ito medldttd
11"1"1:1 1hilaedietae la pepares! after a
properties, 1 . iee i mmm i
Hipitif the : k*Pollegeite toolipt
be thill o oodiros tipe beak fonnala for the pto
CH of the' eadaitrier ollanamillo j s i .
Wog:ems oily be friaaa podia sifts to
dallies. and iet-k eirMaliarei to the mhos
a periale ooh s, w in A mor wilily,*
ijay and isif erentirely melba To
1 •
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_ . 4 * arootiocilefthe skin,
P_ or pcistalitesthil al* ;
-Bak* ivhith vibe tapirs bahlt
-Scaly ; . • . ; r
Pains in the bona.
Chronic rbeiniation.
Scrofula, or r
Syphilitic brim
And all diaord
the blOod, Claw 1
l'hare thanghil
catesigits tonna
in t 24.1.111
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medicine. in
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hir.oalodey. i•-• - , i• . -••--•
Witr-Lknoeidz s it my dot, o le:p a r- ! the
-enteftim-hall'd tentht o „Tom, . ,
'r ilks:tat Iv% alio* ht Judo o • •_aingl •
allot:the Domor told me it of ‘aerosd - aba.
wet. and woof your' m Mine !wield - •~1
benefit's. 'The die "boniest not takes Wine. ft
waaPeded. but I took the ~t it us maitirthir am
certain * is now better tlmizi'nmstitaisaeil aced
any. and thereat** teeesern.*,pb yff i.
cian•thinki the; atm per( -&,.
• 'o.orho 'en2laehle•itiefti . "kgij: reillid:
the lealmeritient hnliono. sad - 0 1 4 Ow!".
North Flab RAMO& •at of thelna
cipol-Ahvg etoneti, ; r Fru& Pew aid Illediehme. at
P 5 6 4 4. 401 . 114 17,PF! 1 L 1 .: ' A m i saki Zrub*
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,••" A to be ha at the. • ' o f Neiedeareich A
AtMeNtaittown tm. Id • ~., and . Fold., ?oat.
• win ;Pews Oley ; Nadas Kolb oUlassard
& thswieh,Ponaiille. • I 1 -
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115 p; -BANN.
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DwirTilioni!, 425
if History Vlroli i - e ' 1
'a Edition- - ' spi I -
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Library Edition. i" • • !.2 25
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