The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 07, 1838, Image 1

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y 114 advance. If sin paid with
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.of. Eupstsge: To dill subscribers
t OM *within thi! r year, SO cans
"rice otialiecripti?n.
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111! pe annum If
will be addeckurth
r annum, payable' senit-annually
paid within the year, 0250 will
of exceeding twelie lines 141 be
insertions—and 50 cents for one
1 • des in proportion{
to Will be inserted until ordered
•or whi,? { b.tbey are becontinatd
be c hargs s d acco ingly.
be chakod 12 per annum;
onto the piper, ihtbeprivilege
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year and the inse once small.
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•ed t the editor at be post paid,
t e ll: paid to em.
I meet lags, &c. 'Other notices
. ore inserted
_gratis. will be
ch.exceptMer • and Deaths.'
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Two Datums
advinee. If do
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charged el farthr,
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Yearly advertia -
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All ices for
whin!: ire heret
charged2s cents
_, FoDossing.
• • Astonishillig Fads.
.we roofs of ti s traordinary
111. M. EV AN'S celebrated
per' nt Antib" • Pills in al
n, 3 , CornhiHrn, Agent
r. W . Evans's:
... otitih3 Pills.
• Eniiiii., It ' IS, 1836.
wing by exyer' be that every
e afflicted receiv of the bens&
WALE eonel
4-Li efficacy of
i Cernocalle and
leviating afffiete •
To James Die
for the sale of
Dear Sir—
'reference that
Mal results of m
to the public in
the last ten ye
cheat: often 90
three or font• ni
fiend relief by
until my wife sa
.when she pen •
did, and ob
resulted in al
health, although
them. Should
:yourseLf, or the
mission to pub!'
:dic' u ts, I cheertli l • offer mine
bets f. of DE. W . EVANS'S
IL ,• 1 have n afflicted for
'is with distress i the head and
ad ins to deprive eof sleep for
hte enecessson, u
i o
in t have never
ny of my fliends' prescriptions,
Y_theadvertiamen in the paper,
dad me to send fo some, which
sdlwo boxes and Wes, which
net completely ring me to
,have noeset e timely finished
tr considet this kny benefit to
üblicaon have MI cheerful per
it it.l Yours, respectfully,
K.;GOODHUE, Centralist
la CABE Cured by Di. WIN.
' ejlionie and. essay Aperi
ENJAMR4 BO ,N,, corner of
i • ee streets, Ph ila elidstsi, iffect:
with extrema a ,
able' to write is name—his
ruscsifipn,,daily s • modie pains
of appinte, pal itation of the
!sod dimness of si ht, after ins. ,
gis any thing at demanded
is, sickness and weakness ex-1
turbedyest, ase of pressure
e stomach after eating, great
ncy, severe flyin pains in the
side, costiven a dislike for
. Mr. B. 9t de trial
inei now before e public, but
observiig in public, paper
limed by Dr. W . Dam Evans's
rand Family A tient Pills, be
live them a trial, f w hich' he is
, sy to state tha t •t t ey effectually
latiove distressus • disease.
to doubt the abo . cute, are meet
'to the above • • aliened per
feet corner o Shippen and
it 26,1837.
td by the t tweet sf Di.
flaw Evans.
of N.4th • .t, Williams
the above inn taint for three
he.. during hick timp he
Bin ehiet s mptoms were
all hierionsts, funtt especially
kneeis:and nklea, an ag-
A towards ni 64 and fbi the
from external heat, an obvi
-1 fiesta and li entente, with'
menial poWer. For the ben
\in a admii manner, Mr.
fleet to sey at the pains
and thit • joints have
,tteir mat i tone. and he
tin ordinary ,oiliness.
-a Eamas'a C °
ent Pills —Mr.
..Bbippen and G , .
ed for seven yea
whichhc was
symptoms were,
in the head, In
heart, giddiness
bility of engagi
vigor or co
tame debility, d
and weight at
mental despond
chest back
society and 994
of - Vat UM(
to no effect, u
some cures per
camomile Torii.
was induced to
at any time ha
cared him of th
2:Tremont( •
eon, at the
Georges Arm
A perfect eat
Mr. John
burg, ailliotei
years and al
had to nee c
td the hips,
gravation of
most part
sus thick
a complete .
eft et those
Gibson cone
item eintv
completely ,
toeleletble to
John Rowel am
at the office
ler the followin
' blood, di -
toration of p .i
ii entaciatio ,
1, with a well 1
On examine i
well every w • el
and in the
to latt •
41 x -
° all . • •
13 1 Pro' •
in Est
t the. • tiiho
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mint, wi
lee on .1 0 1
t - rota
hid oil ".• ed.
ly died •• •
woe, Bcboylki 1, of
Untlidy. S •pl
listurbed rest, •
tigh • c
dizziness, • et
ileould not
t the sense or'
Won of the:
pale of' the • 1
4 deficien •
dire des •
persen in • I
ttll byline!. •st
Inks!. • I
5 . conspinn,
ackap of ,
_removing .• 1
lees to sap •
thele ' •
day of
streeti labor
„A slight spit
tended with
,night. sweat
:breathing at
flub on the
was Shand
der the left
same si(
pound, at
four dam :
coughing still
derod u usual
call in the t
,:continued rap.
tough. Cillud
,month, quit.
thanks for
The aterro
'daring hi.'
Mr. Rt
the above
knew, fla
ache, difleui
tore UMW
bility ‘ and
rental itemilion,
tug iraiTeeatir
tag cough, ea
mem, great
one energy.
thought of I
existents of
in-a Willi
Evan's mt
ecd him tot,
remitted in co
nt his
-,' ' ' , r,„;',..: - .Y,;i4. 4 ,m-v.-t r
I'"'''' - ' ''" 4:s'' ' '' ''' -*4-1- ' 11? " --, * 1- • 4 ' 4--, + ------.. . , ' -- ,: --, '147 .7 .•T''17......--,.....„:_ . . t .,_. r .....___,...,--,.. t ...., -_,..._.__..„ 7 ...,, ,. .,
. ,
. . .
~ , : • :,...- X i
.L 1 - 111C4 7:: 1 ` ', r '' ''' ' '' ', 1 ..
' - - --sr , , . Vi-••-• .•.-- • •
' 4 ~ A. Di: P ..1.-Dc'Sri“. OTTSVl iljl L
Lri -: ... . ang t.'lgi r
. .
IWILLSt&CaIOII OlitlOt uiowl4'fir+o ja' ow 1111 00 9V.FnOlliaZ CAVIAR or, vas iIaUXTALIXS• /HMV. Mrpol! VILL 1,1,11:1101310111TO okikaluniixD skipnizva 0 irtnig - Aluy ' •
mete er any. aruptetum entailer .14 thaujk Sem
ilititich be is happdyiestersd.miylikewlas *Mae
same 'ineatimable benefit.
AtiMatllik4*ll,7uTs numinrf. '
4 Mr. Charles. D0bart44.122 oxiige sin*, ,
Y. afilicted.for, five year. with humeral bbbitoil
AstheM, applimd &title Office 100 Chatlemiestreet,
on the 4th of October, tethering ender the ;Mow
log symptoms. A sense. of tightness• =ems the
chest. with the greatest difficulty of breathing,
distresalmg cough, generally ending with dopious . .
expectoration of,viacid pbbmgra•; disturbs t rut , .
the faceitcubil and of livid hue—could • et lie
ill a hurt {al position without , the meniiiiiiMe of
immediate mfibcation,laegnor, tirowaineim„
dietitiass *the head, and loss qf appetite 4.
WM. applied to the moat attlinent i phylsteiium
in this city,,, ikewim nand aavanlpt t eta
without obtaining_ any y perstanamt benefit,-until
his friends, persuaded humi plamihisisrif under
Dr. Wittier grans' tro; attnetti, flu is now re
fiend onus complaint, and called at the office
yesterday, avowing that lie had not would - to =-
premium gratitude for the henefil helitCreceiv.
et October 21,183 T. •
-COMPtal4ll`4l), IF.11.31181 4 ,1211)•
- ;
Mrs. Hamill Browne, wife of Joseph Browne.
N. 6th street, near Second, Williamsburgiafflict.
ea for the last ten yeari with the Liver conplahli,
completely restored to health through .the treat.
meat of Qr. Wm. Evans. Symptoms--Babitual
constipation of the bowels, total loss of appetite,
excruciating pain of the epigastric region, great
depression of spirits, lapguor and other sytotdoma
of extreme :debility, disturbed sleep, lotted, mate
flow of the : menses: pain in the right shie, could.
not lie on her left ttdg o pithout, an eintreVativa
of the psio, urine high:oolmA, with.ethet
toms Indicating great der 5 ginnent Ln ihe Arne,
Lions of the liver.
Mrs. Browne was attendee bY three of tie first
physicians. but received but little relief irnin their
madicine„till Mr. Browne procured sounitof Dr.
Wm. Evass's invaluable preparations.. which ef.
factually relieved her of - the above disOessing
symptoms, with otbereovhich it is not Agenda
to intimate. : JOSEPH BROWNE.
City and County of New York, es. •
Joseph Browne, of Williamsburg, LongllsLrod,
being duly
.mymp, did'. depose and say Unit the
facts as set forth in the within statement, #s which
he has subscribed his name, tre just and true.
Husband °CVO, said Hannah &Arne,
Sworn before me this 4th &Lief Janaary,lB37.
PETER. PIXHNET., Com. of Peed,.
LIVEit . ccom,kuirr SIX YEARS
. IirANDING. -
Amos Breuhiser, career efSecond attest and
Germantown Road, Philadelphia, 'affected; for the
last siz years with the Liver Complaint, was
completely restored to; health by Dr. WM. H
VAHS'S,Caniemile. Tante and „family Aperient
Pills. Her symptoms-Wen habit - nal costiveness,
emaciating pain in the stomach, depreision of
efitrits,lanipar, extreme debility, disturbed Bleep,
great pain in her iidei.could not lie on het left
side without an aggravation of Pain, die:o l min
the head, diainess of sight, with other etraptome
indicating great derangement in the functions of
the Liver. Mrs. fireithiser has made bill of va.
rhino medicines now before the public, ! bnt re
ceived no relief antiNhe Was advised in make
ttuil of Dr Fames Pills. of which she is happy
to skate that they effectually /chased be l t of the
above distressing dr di
uptoa. whit other which
are not espeatial to intimate.
' Mr. Breithiser. .(Itiisbluid of the ihcfre Mrs
Brenhiser. had been: two years affictedi with a
&stressed state piles and .Costiveness, 4 which
he was effectually cured. i
We do hereby subscriblfontalguat u uti m b the
truth of the above mires, that th e Ina t ill in
every respect bib. SARAH BEEN !SEE
'JOHN STEIF. Baker, .
No. It north plea street. *lade.
Philadelphia, O. Oak 1831.
Dr. WM.414813 Medical OMee.r. fort the
mile of his e et, Mud tine , b at N 0.19, north
Eighth street, kuladtdplua.
Sold by ' J. T. WERNER.
Soles G for Schuylkill qti; upty.
For the iriatintaneetui cure of
Diseovered and tro to freewill
This is to certify that I have tried yo Tapny
is Elixir in several cisme Tooth Ache ln whicb
have certainly found it of very - great service.
• J. B. MilfElf.
Member of the Royal Collegeofilnigeons.
London, Sept. IS, IWO.
A friend stepPed itttosay that he_hlil visited
the Fire lanz this
.nterning, I'OlP - wh o ops:led hie
marvellous cure of' the Tooth - Acher.- One little
- boy io,particulai; Ohalooked Dross enough to bits
ten penny nail cleat oit is ten niinufefi `smilefi
Alie, decayed teeth end-defied its pata r -U. B.
: • A fresh enpply,of the above ElutirAttseeeiv.
ad and for sale by • • •B. BA
- " Sole Ageotler Schnilkill*4 •
__July 13 1 w - „ ;:A i t-IY •
baqt/er Ceit.
lied en the la
00 Chatham
ing cough, at
indent nutter,
I, difficulty et
reracked hectic
ion, the chest'
e except Ul
m pit of ther
is rsstorative
letallag COM.
ton. to call in
lid ceased. the;
airtight fit of
owning. Qr.
lain% sad to
in, his MM.
ETZt FOR i -Ailesb sipplj o Wunl
utblio wink, just Veceive4 and Snit* py_
jag, 97 Q B. lOWAN.
.a the 106 t
lib of this
-- PORT',' CARBON r 1
i i 0 Millig I Fund fillide*
RE fort carbon; 'Saving
_Fund ;idaiiitsty, is
. now open airy day - from '9 to 3 01114 at
•INfieeor Discionnt , T and Deposit, for
• e fft:42 , ,:_rizilr'depaita loony amount not telt.
• - jut SSU 1, frail) Ilk nwilkforeont , apon which
interest of
.per oentWt9 bepazd on fiver, $5
• d'upwards,but iniii,tirePt w ill be allowed on
, ' . y fiactionar , pirte ' . 4 . T . E.' Zs who'd or any
; . may be drawn out on "iv_ A t notiitd, two to
ditr Weeks.4l,the ofsi';-frni Mondeyit..yThe be.
Amei. of, the &Oily/ 11 bo,opodnewd by the
tallowing - Amu and:nranlderF,, ,110/ 4he first
b tigianwe
Monday in Maur tea '1 '' • -
_, . J . ' i
freildent,--AQIJI - sorfros. j i! -
. , , , t ,.1.:114 ero,7, -',.<,- 4 i
Joseph .CarrolL . -I 1- X ioAifti . .
Edward. Hughes. '%, -1, E. ii : Nunil
grnsee ilip
.j ” I)b gun : ';.,,„: - i i e fiT t ie l ari TY" 2.1
L. Whitney, 006 ' , . *and * rpr. •
1 Article at of the , r,*•Nkriti . * Mkt
whisperer .abalLbv rivelLibr.tiin .01Iddent
.or *Weil ;f") their .a. r . l ; / P , h * O O l , ll al ly
*ant OrOiiik f 1 * igir#,Wer th!:o B 64+.
itowil.-- ~- -• . ' . ~ ' • k e ..., oct , 3' - .1 OH
rieted with
ervona head.
eel and atria.
mous Wits
be a Isog
on otimpend
of the nerv
e up every
vat on the
Ited to hie
the notices
by Dr. Wm.
P IRIA *eh
ry Omptorn
moth* fior
wiW tlie
I.: pOTIWILLE, 1 1 4. WAP.NPArk
-',J 4.`- ..-i,:;:, v.,,F=
' ENG. i.
Exchange - at Nip , Yo&-on London,
7 a 71 per cent. premium.'
nseetidg took . place ; on „Wednesday at the
Crown and Anchor Tirscrp, Strand ? for the par.
pose dr celebrating the Ltutiirerkary the l Polish
Retrolution of 1630.
Mr.. Daniel O'Connell having be caned to the
chair. addnisf.ed thl Pstitioll Rio a. ritfif* o 9uent.
speech. Bebeg= by x saging 7 — ~ • ,
ii, Indeed, no small - honour and "gratifica
tion to meta be pertained to peak* upon such
=occasion as the presenthe anniversary. of
the glorious struggle of the gallant Poles tortbeir
native *wetly and for Ebony: (Cheers.) I feel
a deep sympathy in their sufferings—in their ho
ly cause. 1 feel regret for the events that have
. their prospectkplaced their country en
der theArcm.heo4i, offoreiva despotism. and seem
to obscure - any vie* of the, restoration of that
country. But I have never despaired ofiliberty,
'and t will never despair of liberty so long as
there are honest and brave men in the world—
[cheersj—eo long as we recognize the providence,
'of the God of Justice we shall never dare to des
pair of the progress of right. and the &menial' of
oppression and injustice. [Loud ebeersi'
Subsequently he exclaimed=
,-,r9h: I delight to behold this assembly so
crowded is ao noble a cause. It will be heard in
Warsaw, it wiU resound through Ib greets of
Petersburg, the miscreant autocrat will -*at the
about—timid cheers]—arid wren. on hie blood
stained throne hi will tremble at it." [Continued
cheering.] • -
Mr, O'C'or.nell then went /Min a strain ofmuch
cloy/emu:lo expatiate upon the wrongs of Pi/-
hind—the banishment of her bravest sons—the
expatriation of young children, that they might
forget the language of their fathers—and the re
cent conscription of Polish females. In 4plation
to the latter, he said—,
"Let um look to the Lambert Gazette of the
10th September last. What do we find there?
Why, that a conscription is ordered of 600 young
women for the use of the army! [A burst of in
dignation from all parts of the.ruernd—the young
women fled to the mountains=-their fathers, hus
bands and brothers attempted to defend 0111112.
they armed thearsehreamith scythes and forks to
rescue their wives and daughter' and brides bora • i
the wildiera of the Emperor, but it was in vain.
Six hundred young worn, were torn from their
children, their parents and their husbands, and
were exposed to the soldiers for selectioci. [Tie.
mender's cheers.] Ohl if the young blood'flowed •
in my veins, or if I were not bound l ties at
home I would feel myself degraded if I did not
raise pay arm to prevent inch outrage on bantam.
ity. 'Bea am here in my elder day". brit I am
not shrinking from that duty. lem here to say
to the, world -for what I say will be carried , to
the world on the wings of the press—Arise 1 and
blot oat this vile stain from the face of the crea
tion Arise you are created in the iniage of
Gad, and let not such an atrocious blot disfigure
hie work'. [Cheers.] Arise, and let the tyrant
of the earth know that there is s limit beyond
which human forbearance cannot go, and that
there are crimes too atrocious for human pardon.
[Cheered -Let every one odic' hears me spread
-this freling of indignation around him, and icing
raise such a cry of horror from all parts of the
earth as will blast the tyrant on his , throne." •
The hon. and learned gentleman sat down a
midst thci moat enthusiastic and long.eontinued
cheering, and was followed by 401:130 distinguish
ed Poles, whia-e speeches we regret we cannot
make yoom for; .nor for those of Lord Dudley
Stewart, Mr. Boller; Mr. Auwood, Mr.-Schefield,
Col. Peyronct Thompson, and die other gentlemen
and members friendly id the cause who addressed
the metitig.
The Council of the Political Union in Birming
ham have published an address "to the Reform,
era of Great Britain and Ireland," in which their
declare that "agreeable to the strictest principles
of justice, we demand Umvereal Suffrage as a
rightful inheritance, which.,,the owners may con
sent, from motives of expediency sind for a tun"
to waive, but ifhtph po one else has the arnalleß
titlq to middy or restrict... With „less - to deny,—
We demand an absolute protection for the - voter
in the conscientious discharge of his duty; and we
confidently believe that the Ball& alone offers
such a protection. We demand a recurrence to
the old end wise rule by which the duration e
Parliament was limited to three yea& Vellow
Reformerk will you assist -us 'in making good
these demands? Without your general and hear.
ty cokoperation per.utimat teal will avail but lit
tle; with it the victory is ‘I7CIII. 'even before the
battle is joined. Are there any who Will dare to
stand against our united voices?"
Cliesba" m, says the Northampton Courier, Its'
been it a perfect fever of excitement (or the last
fortnight, polling for.and !garnet *aria rates.—
Rath party claims the majority; smiths) question
astu,thelseittof "tithe votes" is to be submit.
ted to Dr. ishington foe decision:
The buipse.tionoftbs yeomanry Sties threih.
out England Wiring prpect, highl satisfactory,
e it is, we understapel, miteW on t h e . meeting -of
! - Parhament, to disband (with a view tO economy) ,
the Whale ofthe miltha staffs. - •
, • I
i n th e am m o Courtio Saturday. Sir Herbert
banner gave judgment in. the.-thee, the "Bishop
of Winchester.. ! Otelle:r who Lad
been charged wtth _ adultery : his counsel did not
plead anegative with
to -the. artiolei exhibited,
but urged palliative circumplancee: atelier. - pi t .
Semen bad showlsigns of:psalm:Gee by abstain.
ing km the pertormanceotawie, elertlfte• -The
Court' suspended him fitr_t 'year!, and debar—
red him from receiving their*Ocirds dike lining
during that period. , -
1 - •
iTteaday lthe .slit inst. *a ire") kantested.
match took plaint 'between 23ploughmen, vervains
of the tenants of Sir Hyde Parker. , Bart., of Mel.
ford Helk for nine prizes„ given by the worthy
Baronet. The ploughmen'haling taken home
their itherighs ' returned in - ths evening to the
Bandon Hall Flom, whom the match I was con
tested, cant down toe hot supper ptbvided for
them by order of the worthy Baronet. The .jud.
ges-aleti,wod theme who arranged the phoebe
for starting, were piovided the in %separate apart.
meet,, end titbit • sapper they: , adjourned to the.
pkuighnien's rusts, and the priztwhaying been
-Aunitnuteed, Sod Is. &V paid to each man from:
the:murk liberal hand. the whole joined in dunk.
lug his heal th , and the remaiedetof the evening
- mu epailt,th the mostjetrial manner. seary iseara•
laming Iw i giow, with grittipidii fill.l s ts'elpek,
witentletglasiertsdina Issr* muses.
• -- f ;
• • "
. . ~
niiievelipirek ' Wurs-in' the Cann*
Dersigel.;-4 . 1.ri ventorcoPper ore- her been
recently our Lacs BrWge,Dos Cu.
Ti t
arc ip-the estate 'f-Capt. Hart,by en officio , of
eclit.letireSall In th at - Put, of she donut;
Denegal,.seme o Whnin.imut,were ' sent to,: in
spect the !merlin o f it, assisted . by, the Ctunty.
Surveyor.' h thifkindriess of Tal. - Ken=
edy. Esq, Mayoriof Londonderry, we have ob.
tamed a very fi,nit specimen of the ore, and we
Doe i
understand that " any still , fi ner are in the pos
session .of or Morton, of' this city. The by far ri et than any which hap ever .
met our inipecti , and promises to be much`
more valuiblith n any now working in Ireland.
It ii of geld golour, is very resplendent
and fres from e least mixture of earthy or
stony substan The mineral riches of the,
great mounta in reel of the County of Donegal,
running due * fr oni Lough Salt to Barns.
mbnt ars' well - 7 the notice Of both capital
ists and geelegists.. In thistract. besides mines
and Grower very, valpable metal;-,are to be found
strata of finegrl end white marble,. suited to
every purpose Me etituary and the archi
--- . .
The potato c p has not been ibundant, 4
perhaps, will b ely reach an average one, per
acre, but there far more than an average
quantity of glad under that crop, which will
fully, if not m orb, than counterbalance thd de
ficiency; end it' their general characteristic
this season, they are well.fladroured' and
they areAttaina le at a very low price, via; la
per cwt.-the highest retail price in Antrigh le
2d. per stones . I d although labor is very scarce
tor the working class, the i can live at a very
moderate rata , Oatmeal, Os. 3d.; oats, ss. to 6d.
wheat, i1b 61 9 / -'&l4 barley, 6a. 3d. to 7s per
cwt. of 1121 b.; utton, 3d-to:, 6d4 beef, 3 l-2d. to
6d. pyr lb. Pi still continue high, rating from
375. to 4 65. per wt.—Belfast New Letter.
A Pkenesien —A person passing along the
road between Belfast and Enif wood. observed in
the-vicinityof Strandstown, near Mr. Harlin's
cottage, a thrum sitting upon bet nest, which
contained four gs. 'A circumstance so coil.
ous at this Of the. year attraoted his atten.
Lion, and no wa citing thernovements of the bird
he found. the 'le regularly supplied the place
of the female hile the latter was in quest of
food. This is oe.curence which deserves the
notice of ornith logien, as it is perhaps without
a parallel in t mutual history of this country ,
Belfast New .
Rejoicings I Stranseeffs.—On Thursday the
village of &nu iirk was, brilliantly illuminated
on account of J es Hutchison, Esq, the heir to.
the Stranocum estatEi, attaining his majority . ---,
The inhabitan seemed to vie with each scithei
in the taste die idled in lighting their boas*
some of which; Weed, had a fine appeanince..
Sages in ed.—The make which wad
taken to the wood of Guiles', near this towai
ilome.time ago, escaped Own its keeper a few;
c'sys since, and every attempt to disixerer iti.
retreat Lathe thicket hai proved fruitlesa—lt
increased consMerablyirksixe during its con fi ne ,
most in the teepee houde, and, though frequentt
ly irritated, never exhibited, the least veneinolui
dispositions , =-Tlyperary Paper.
Oa' Monday tipwards of three hundred Raman
Catholics, inle absence of their ,esteemed rem:4 ,
tor, the Rev. uhn Conan, assembled and dug
five acres of his potatoes,lnd safely pitted than
for him. Such a circumstance reflects greet
et edit on thVienevolent rector and his parisbion,
ers.—DerrY Jo grouiL
The ; Ulster Dana!, which' ultimately will cone
neat the two great waters of Lough Neagh -and
Lough Eras. has been completed from Chula,
moat to Monaghan--a distance of twenty-six
milev—:and was on Tuesday opened foi, the
purposes of trade. • _
One hondrul female 'convicts ( were put en
board the rDiiintood" isonviet ship, lying in
Kingston has . One hundred additional will
be embarked. . • .
The 'Fart of rran intends placing at the died
peen of the Il • ticultural Sae*, of belied, ten'
guineas ulnas jr, ibr Dahlias, to be open for 1
competitions f m all Ireland.—Doblis Reg.
Zhs Irish 84iiety.—A grand dinner was givl4l
on Wednesday' by the Irish Society to the Earl
of fillulgrave and f ord Morpeth, to congratulate
them upon their te.appointotent by her MO*
ty to the important offices of Lord 'Lieutenant.;
and Chief Secretary of treland.—Belfest Paor.
The Limer4 Star announces a 'discovery to
bull been m in that city, by which glass,
vesicle may be:rendered tattier than leather.—'
The discovery 4 thus sonoonced:-4f a glass
rummer be boiled in new milk it becomes so
strong and thick as to render it impossible to be.
broken utiles" by the greatest injustice."
he late Hr. P. Dow, of Balmy's, 'tuis
neighed fi:ve hundred, pounds to be dia.
t • . , tedetionsong the public chorine, Of
erth, eicepi the. infirmary, at the dire° •
tionof his trnstees; two hundred, poundikto
the Gentital Assembly's Highland schools,
and two litiddiod -pounds to the poor. of
Kirkmichael iiarisb, not receiving reviler
parbchial relief. i
In the 'garden of Alex. Ram, weal*,
lAberfeldy4 there is an apple tree -which
has blossonteothrentimes since May last.
About - the nuddle of September, the fist
crop of fruittaken eirgentlY with
hind; Witheue being shaken, as a
wiceiiiiiiii of; lossoma had cons , . .., . to
!nimbi their 'a ranee. A nimble . 0
i i ; ta
qtantity of th pecond /myth thus fbr .; '-.
was; sheften.Off by the boisterous w ,- .
which occurred cm -the 28th and 29th - 4.
but several apples Ml re on the' , '
each about she dititeominis of , a p . '
egg. It bleaboined for the:.thiatim "tot
wards the hillaning of Novi_ibir k ,
notwithatencl4,lhe intensity of the I '
and general ticleitoncy of the What ', til
number of the blosantne,Arel etillittOm,
oeost-I,ttis flipe,ls of skitiiiAltWed
thit,tllairtbormien'... -'` f i
rt ' - , ~ --., •lb 1 ( ,
', Aii iiis;44lblrAtarnith of Juin qu0.,1
dishy. loaroioniioo; that 0,1160 p.r9pl
,I -
A ....1,,..,...:.,:„......,,..„.....
.., 4
.;', .7 , , ;,-, -
. - i
• 4 T-• -
Of MI grown spples.
ippk istfOn a Mona
Of tusKOnnibart:
of , l3ir ;wee Cniquli
crop: off in
Not long since, gentleman in this
tOtvn. Wing:Shout to t an:egret supper,
toned a email creatu of the: reptile tribe,.
hetweeit.thesolk , , the red.part, about a,
quarter of an inch i ' length , with fins on
its back; and a kind , f creepers below.
', • P. Wire Advertiser.
Lest .week, a lark-'closely pursued by*
hawk, too'. refligt,in the shop of ) .the
, Messrs. Y re, fies rs, Methven,- -- The
`bird all pit th . ler of,hti. Young,
Isenioroo' bisb, itic ung f and allowed-t
-its:4f to betaken; th ,:*efiirring to trust
[itself to thelleeeroii of the man of steel,
rather that, the talon of its feathered kin.
deed. The birtl, , w taken, was caged,
sod seems quite hap y in its place of cot&
&lenient and secant.—/bid&
Funeral &terra; ~, ,- The *un
mites of the Abed ence Society, have
unanimously agreed t petition the Provost;
Magistrates, and Gawked. of Paisley, on
the subject of gild* .entertainments at
,futieralst - al deputati a has likewise been
appointed to wait on he Council at its first
meeting, with the tition, as it is consi
dered that the practice of serving funeral
companies with into mating Amore, is a
'useless service, and not only useless but
very.exoensive to r families, and at.a
time too when peopl generally can least
afford it. Three funerals took place last
Week in one day, in different parts of the
town, where no entertainments were .offer
od, the parties connected having afteed
to abolish the custo 0, above - referred to.
Neath. —A series of lectures are in ;
course of delivery Aeath, under the pat
ronage of the Philoso p hical Society of that
town. -tFhe course was opened . by the
Rev. Mr. Ogled, o the .17th ult. by au
~able hist"rir.tal sketc of the use and pro
' greet ik,f,„ science, Friday, the 24ilt,
Mr. Gutai 3 Of Syr a kindly 'coedit* LE).
course was
invitation, read • paper .ori lie silk
woria4 which includ , tg,lth a full descrip-,
lion of that valuablelnsect, a sketch of the
history of the silk tra4, gad some remark.
able and curious observations on the mul
berry tree. This evening (Fliday,) Dr.
Traill w' commence- a series of lectures,
in aI) far form, on the animal frame,
and ale ately with Mr. Gutph on Fridays;
o f
, I ' • • Cambrian..
A few days ago; a sparrow, closely, pur- I
sued by a hawk, took refuge in the china
shop of Mr. lienji
. Avans, of this town.
The terrified little flutterer, in his 'Carus
to escape, got behili some of the brittle
ware, among which is foe, in attempting
to disiedge ham, made sad havoc with
wings and beet . patolongtb, however, the
i r
sparrow it out of .tbe door, closely fol
lowed by th 'hk, and both were instant •
ly lost sig cif.. , ?.-Methyr Chronicle.
Pilchard PSeiteri e +On Thuriday eve
ning, about nine hundred hogsheads. of
very fine plipbardsi .were taken in two I
Beans, the Mine, mid the Unity, off New. , 1
quay. SeveMl shoals have passed through
ti i
St. Ives ba ' during_the week - , but have
sot been en , by the mans. On Tuesday 1
some fine ft h were inclosed at Covemck,
but the roughness of the, weather ,preient
, ed a part of them from being secured.
1 Tribute of ititipict.—lt is truly grati.
fying to the friends,and lovers of our ve
nerable chtirch, to Witness the. many evi
dences that we have of the attachment of
her people'to those who are worthy minis.
tern at her afters. .lire are informed that
the inhabitants . of thingelaweo, with its
chapeiry .of Lleagriffe, have recently fire
seated tothe Rev. Edward Barter!, curate
of the parish for a period of six years, and
now carate,of,Pandyfivicig, a handsome
s i lver, as a ',token of their esteem
eau affection for Min acid approbation' of
his ministerial rectitude. -30a*ri.
p o o p Euidc44:i.—A'siriell illiopkeeP.t.
er, residing in ,this,; couity,WhO ties been
the " look
e ! for. a. wife; - for.the last,
six years, decided latity in brier ,of a
country lairs from thosame neighborhood.
After "wooing" her for a-short time, she,
consented to becoutchis wife;htkparents
were asked, and, every thing rut - thing on
prosperously-the ; bsos were published,
the, 'cad iag itlethes.,-Or‘ered, &c._in:.fact;
every : thing aelated 4Q. smile : 9 ll .44, l lE4*Y
peirf, hut,,alesit this ,weir, butfoi.,,e, short.
time. .One morning, when er the shoPiteep
,vainconPlTlAgifig 9A- 1 10.400:tort96.0fie,
,received, a letter) .and—uptiooiiting it.
open herealt lut rOknis77.- ~ . , , 1 - - . :t•
"ell m!rm - 7,-.,---...- - 1 . -i 4 , 1,! ~ . - qv; ;.-
i ; coat you with. my ~one eye' ast fate,
&raw lho . 7/49„100g,Pe r
gy ti ti l l*iyin,
itfiI t YPILIK . Acil,,linteptisk.Proe ii "rpilor,
your,-!fgelliin •• 41 T e jaY" th°, l*. gl i -j 4 2 :
111 P 4r RPtl e lY ,r 1.1440,,,,g,di' 1 04irm and: i
M yorktiutw' Opt I ,heyo..:'ooish 'finish; you .
I -Alw,t klß:*l l ;!oe9,irt - - - Y* 0 (10(1. gieJz
iwe; - (,- , . ---, ...,_'.'
794.14 . eu1,Waa ;tllll+ist :It
Avictornidsoithisifider but - ' iiir
. ' - ' ''' : -
4t- ,•-• -.. : .i. ! 1 .. , - ~,,,,,::-. -.1,A, ..-.- - 4
. I l - _ - 0.1 , ;4...;- -I1 - • '
- •
• - -r*
- - " )MAN'T:4IO6
t~~.~a~a.; ~w,sal4~t~:
. .
bur , . ~.h a resabred- neverlaimbar
iecoudi,alfer,, *B4in-order to taartitzao,s'
i t 4
that-44"ra Ftr tired a certilkati.44,
wilt e:, r. taiatao Wik-legl' tlikr:r
day,- ,waa-, ,bare ; been mare -
attar. Ctualart4Vdnultal. ,
, -
A nieliutbaly ail fatal
red' a( ethe _ Eagle
bered frPoti*
,eOS glid4Pt:Patil
rikAtaits., TO first,
the,month of July.
Ptrthskire Cotii. •
• •
Deighborhoc4l or
poor 'lodl= _'
yeti's Of
cost - •
""; f '''" :!: - " A%
.• • •.
--41. 4 : 4 j., • I '17.4'...7,L
..4eath, , on - *Fsida*":4l.t.
A l - John Thitiesabont , ls - 4.,
. .
.. f , was bung lowered Auto the
l anai . basket, and when itheit;aitl-: . _
..t, it- is supposed that thole** MOP* ,
cog came inlconfact with,that inishichlark
was descending--the shock - ,prodocetk*
the collision jerking the-poor-lA*4 tuner'
his basket, when he wew'PrwAritAktihts4
the bottom of the pitiandliterillt '
to pieeee. , ` 7 1- +'
' j ''
• Prolific Patato.—Morris " , Th oni14.014:" ,
buntethan,. residing et Betheinhiihsa+
tamed the astonishing produee of iintrhini.
dyed and three • potatoes front 4iteitOp,
stalkol-Noki Wales Ohm. r -1L; ,1 '..'-'l'
iivin the New 'Twit Tniiiiiiiiio , It.
R - ' Les . - Most' itaxiill iit
Wr O Ci f /If .--,, A 1, f -
our readers, l must have heard ri_ort.tifromett
tic episode in' the loves and lives if the
parenti - of, dm celebrated - TliPjaii - l* :
Beickt Arebbishr of jeanteibiitYy .. bemg
no lees a chomps Rocs than that the - falba"-
of the'. Archbiahhp' went to figlktlie!'ilifialltl
SitraCirs in the Holy Hand t i iiirr . whilli
there ,WlB wounded; taken prupotier : 4l•
was nursed by a , beautiful yo . nrrf _ ''
, pagan, who; like me* youegWarrici - o*.
'sirs fell despenitely in love - with 014
of he attontir and solicitude: 4 ' Afte r tie
older Becket sailed from tbwit - j '"
- ' '
'tor England, she 'Laic' ame 01 ' %V t
his departure,:and a .1 1 bort.** • * .,1,.,, •
e secretly en her father's teitura .
little money and a few' jell?
assani g/ t dill4r
i p p.
way to Acre, conk, her p
~, z .., i.
bound to England, landed in Le t , f'. _` ' 4 : •
although sh e . could nor . spinik :',, , d 4 intrit ', f .
the la ;nage, except the name of
she loved, and only keel .'"iii:pnit - '_ j ar '
reiz: that his cbriitiari tiamOwas#hoinali,
as s 4 went crying that wOrd:tbro n gbVje.
streeM of he great city, PittiV j ibe round
him-4mm alter. which theyinaiii`ed: -- ij .
' Singular p thetiie above 14itirliii fie
have to - recoA,.one to-dtiy almost
singular and ;romantic. "'Bone 144 ST - ,, •
tom" of thelimtlear, a s , on
sailing . vessels wal dronpirijrdiiiiii , the
Mersey, with fiii 'wind - andlidit'lor' , .
York, thejninds on boanintipiekedK ill j
boat p '
a the river, ifci
asterfffin l ,iihiP, l *-1
mining a party or ileasoril 7ioll - iiiMeti
by a squall. The ship yards weitahitxd
round, her topsails bicked,
~,end'X' * t
- lowered, which made for the` fraliY:)e. - he
watet. They' were. rescned J,: - eicititl r a.
YoueitadYr who hecemtel4 ll 14, teiV., 1
the rest, was carried doriwiti the. ' y
of the tad and ninit - ineviniblibiii - • '-
igoli t
lost, had not been for the watniOdn
anilltiatoptdit7 of the 'mite .. .a 110'4 1 4 1 ,,
waiiiiiisTantlY jumped kW the fore 161111
droptmd int(' the 'wall!, ..!i#ll, to '4 ll l
drowning girl, ,end being' ititinti _ , g
Man, supported het till' the boill'Xrini, ,
and took them both , np. - ' ll3 l l ii'iriiii: ea
on beard, the fhip*whictr ail! :Wit''' . , 1
until she 'rec itered, *lee j :,,
,1 1 •V:s* e ,
party were ult mutely lalled.-4 , to
say, the -Patties all seParatokiooitt"
mime of the 'nisei or '"any cifbill iwini In
• being made known tenthe rescued •
end the ship was soon iadeilraykiitl:
York. '' ••••••• i- ----.- .;• - - " --- 1
On her return" to Livriwilit.,ti•lptte
who; was 'a fine ; handsome ,":leilifiv,: ~ ,
who;had not failed to obis - tie; during t it
short that the -107* -- _ i , d
rescue was a very %sautifid . ynutiesiri 'in
i —thought it might not be to alie.)(4ol'
ljto eedeasiour!to finti.hersout, and iiiitrlielif.
ter her healthy-0116,U object ittviifir,, j
hurriiiittivertnile °fold Liverpool-110 n%
and iii . jaeov,er4thation such ii:daY t ;lB34,
apa -.- ofpi - in ins- RailbentViecluding
)4ary.;_. _--rT-;;Ilad b0 6 ,0* - 04:40.° 1
1 4iy
e - i , 00: grave , by , th e PreTA:oktts', lol
,baufid,.eut;. but as :some -PO; 'Ol l,- ay .
~(which bad, been ; , wind bottnillti4t.
lintel:day, the, name of the:Tee 9 4.l* .
knoWn. t On Making, furthet inclutip&M
found that the young ledeilwothorcf,., :Ft
o geo n, was. one , of ttoktosolieit St 6 iiiii ,!I!O
that ley, had :_ le ft-LiarL„iipooj 4 -end vilelto
residflosiheemintry, -Hil,nbtiiiiertimpyie
of Atwo4e_ (rem ike skiP t and: without 1 10.
.;hArii , or, cofillpal l 9 ateee_bi - itistetto-te4
t ,f
-1 1. kene:...4nd lode. cut:ori town' tOW,w
Warrington„ ; lin bed ao 0'9444 1 : 1 ,
eilren milekbeibni hii Jtoree leek
rsn - r and : , -threw, 4440.4 1 .r*-1 1 ,ie
,head 4,
.11e,wiktakin, up, sense
1 swtr* liiitie nearest. hietwirvititOtketot.i
, -lili•ter .happened ' `
~to b,- , eWWPWANE. 3. 4I* ,
liyermdayain a critical J . fits,. a*, 4 the :j
firstoifa 111 4,Wwot hi o 7 4 4 ::"Fil,g t, ;#*
.415 wros,_ivis ,thil:fklilkAttiV"
` 1 0 ) °,.. alluded tot.Welttie')llA, - '
4 1111 ,!*hlw . c4niP*.---itwd 491, 1 4t840 1 tt
...ntiree:.,•:§tielkatkeixkie Ply* -
. 4 ,,,,, ,1 ,
that i i - j r n eeogniaerf he - Kt - led II - r -,---'" ,
_,,, 41,M r ) f ir 1,. N., ~' ,-.,
P4 4, -t - N r 4M )1 0, 6•1 4-4-4 1 i*ki ,i
Zilli Sill ' 414)7, 14: . :1=0PPKV 1 ".. • -
- **:4 l 9!irrii,tlfttifA ' -.''
..,.. - -„:,. t , ') :.-
in .thO