The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 03, 1838, Image 3

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lot us hill takiri - the'
minis virthe tttts*J,
I. t4t tieraillintro-
I et* We especial
a frie:nill to strike no
bjeet. Nossl4art re•
rthe stair ma
. .than
pa again that the last,
turea of our salaries tp
nnw affix.
1 t
. W. J9NEI.
' Y A. WIOE.
humanity'. l Neither
least eiceptiiin to t
and we sincerely
versy whatever may •
hy 'desire our respect
publication on the
gret the termination ,
ourselves, and: we
of it will be the sign
this paper, which w
• HE
, etoTaing laet, i a new
' Wow,' W.
seated by Fite gethee
. s, and a quaniity of
the building at )the ism.
Fire—On • Thar
frame building, not fin .
Haupt, carpenter. wan -
with' number of Ilia
lumber which were in.
a, bribery case n band
a thee, at II 'abort.
s Westin land ,
its atteagging bribe
k.CouatA -who • a con
the Instruction mobs.
Lim a 51000. • e ease
The LocoFoco's ha
in, the Rouse of Repr
It appears that Mr. R
loco foco, a charged
r. Thomposoo, of Y
native. to rote *gain
one, by offering tirloa
' under meetly -on.
two Conventions io mm
sneer will meet in Mr
will undoub ly be
; "but whoa g the
will receive the 'na
y at present diffmn • to(de•
les and Corms tarns,
- most prominentl candi
I n Monday
to candidates for
burg. Joseph Ri ,
urinated for reelect '
J 1 y loco fotto candidat
on of "the Party", it
owevor, appalr to be
ten.--We learri from
rsur4 of the &Mite, on
a !resolution directing
An ExicUent Res
rriabtire that Mr. P
edn'esday hit ore
• Judiciary Commit
diency of requiringal,
'Bing cornpanies'whic
'I roads, to (impish
cb worki, together
.to =quire intolthe ex•
ineciporatecUrait iroad or
have power to =instruct
'State with profiles of
tfi the,reports of the En.
ings of numerous
rent parts of Schuy l
in the Miners' Jour.
. of that county pro..
terms against the
coal company.'
to all -
ndency to that and
terprise, and the nu.
acts and argiOnents
ed individuals jio the
us.,:sufficientlto put ,
cations for inMirpit
It appears from p
eetings held in d'; .
II county, publish •
:1, that the citsze;
st in the stronge
corporation of an •
es decidedly op.. .
hat have the least
estrey individual e
merous irrefutable
advanced by experie
coal trade, appear t'
down all future app
rated coal compani.
ding Dent. Press.
Immo. - Februar
oh the_consideraiion of
e mooning businssa not
lth section. of t he
sto resume • te pay
' y nest, was adopied t It
upon its merits, he op.
but little part. Mr.
t ,he for °news:Mid be
ape to hale a I they
inch square wb has the
The Heuse did not
the flank bill to day,
being finished before t
Ou Saturday the
which requires the ban
melds by the 16th of , f
elicited but !Min debit
poneots of the bill taki
Stevens remarked,'
disposed to altar the
ask for through thek
charge of this bill.
This polihi has ,-.
the ,Lecos have it all th
have finished, they ea
-wank and say "this is
have an opportunity
the provisiciiis their
their benefit.—Pea*
generally adapted, ■nd
it own'wap. W en they
can Innk Orin ih it nwn
mine." The will
NM their benefit ra, and
adorn has dem ed for
egrepi. I
m the Froliktier.
e . following, that the
been diabanded—that
•en considers y aug
•hey have new Ily io
following Intel igenee
It appears by
Pat t iota have not
their numbers have
mentod—and that
vaded Canada, if th
can be relied on.
i l s
of this evening. we have
highly interesti g news
in Upper Coned* which
• our readers. he letter
respondent, and state.
By the Northern m
received the followin .
from the 'seat of war,
we hasten to lay be
from our Frontier •
!manta may be relied
own, February,
5 o'clock. P. M.
NI there last eivening and
on the state of Can.
ot forces were cencentra
, on the. St. Lawrence, .20
ce. To dry it is said. they
lickory island, in tire Can
t. Lawrence. TI eir num.
ted—from five - hundred to
Dear Elira,-1 airri
found a high mate of
oda iifkirs. ' The pair
tag at , French Greek
ewiloa ninthSf this p 1
&MVOCleeped over to
sda chinned of the
bar is variously intim
two thqueand 4WD.
Their intended
bo oms ---•
s stand o
deuce to
and when
such plat,.
The peopl
attack, a
ice breami
they cat
task mi
back. '
Aimee '
A ral
has been
gives ser
the deft
P. B.
seen 11111
the arri
had left L
Urge MP
some .
•iles above
lnet pri-
~. . .
laftwiluantityWl'llinienrier , '';'-.- ''.-. •` 7 ' 14 ' .
anti that ._jt !ran litintirukiW. 'ittie - S. : Ottilito
i t
tentardertingase4 - : . tii ' - *Wahl 1 ,
rnrotkandlrMailne Onthek: ' . noir* -II
The Chiatiland;Ohin; Adi • ' ~,_' .titthellat
instant, has i kites - dated. tid i i'lrith..:lfilt. In
the greet that - Vaa:Rernnulaeril . liana: U$
Freeland wire then in Denbit, . he Ake: :Jewri i
nod that buneowb was , alsi or iero.laiat . AO
! winds *Mind out by Gm; ' . . had beesibii:7
chino, for thole suOcisittipia ' ' tfilite with this
Patriots—that the only fare tlieli - embidied :-, for
the pnwerntion et neutrality..ill ii ettinilAPl
U. EL troopirsistionitii at -Gilwatii , .. that the Pri;.•
trait ineeiti- scattered along. Mai, *antler - fro th
1 IWO .to 2000 shots =cane.' that . 11!. eineld
'be madit• by thews. ; we Irlutada' r *WV - 104 the:
Sunday or Monday Millowint. in Ithe:Oeightiogii,
hood of Fart. Malden. -The A 44 extra hisijohlk
the Following in a postitiziptl- r 7 F - ---< : , .
- rattk i l i -
"Intelligence reaeliSd here thistWAiratos,
the patriots ctaisedwrer tithe Oiinida shore, la di
evening, with a wrong force. ThoSy entered .
1 thi
province below Malden. ueitording to pitmans
arrangements." - r
A Correspondent or the Nei, York Gesetter
• • .
A Southern gralwt qa ; ofhigh time, technical
acquainted with duelling. 'ad appring .
told me just now that he did not blame Webb
challenging Cilley. nor did ho bhuneGranw4
said he, in sack a quarrel, the , isionstis who
lowed a Ostend are ought to ;•iii iunalta 'lron;
reanint. I think so tea Mr. , • Cilley flee lett 111
tunable .wife and three alma .esiliitc l4 - Na wale
about thirty one.
lb de Editor-et' (is Afinae Am al
In. looking over your paper of the 2416
inst. I observed an Editorial hrtkle head'
with my oame,.accompanied with quo:
tations, remarks, in,krences arid conclin
sions, calculated to deceive the.public, and
therefore feel called upon 161r:cirri:et any,
false impressions that the article in quest:
Lion may have made upon the minds of
the . people. It is per&ctly manifest, that,
thef motives which drew forth your
marks were not so much for the per
of: attaining and promoting the intents
of the coal region, as they were in
to create collision and division- among
the party to which I belong. This appeant
self-evident, from the Course Fairstied
you in connexion with,the Whigi and
Anti.mssorie of Pottsvile, Orwigiburg,
and Port Carbon, in endeavoring to get
up a meeting of the Democracy of our
plefe with a view to denounce me for hay.
ing expressed my opinion relative to a
matter of expediency in regard to two re.
solutions, passed at a 'meeting, =held et
Port Carbon, over which I bad the hone]
to preside. • The means thus resorted to,
I am happy to say, have not had -their
desired etfe,ci, as is evinced by the fact
that the Demoemcy of Port Carbon, ever
watchful to their interests, had no. diffi.
culty in discerning the plot, and frowned
upon it indignantly. Should you and your
party be desirous of creating a collision or
division in the ranks uf the Democracy of
Port Carbon, against the coming election,
•I would advise you to call to your assist.
ance a new more of the Whig and anti.
Masonic fraternity, of Harrisburg, .04 ,
wigsburg, Pottsville, and Port Caithon E tO
assist you in devising some othet plan for .
.the accomplishment of your object. Novi
sir, in justice to - myself. I have only tii
say, that my letter to C. Franey, Esq.
contained no apology; nor did I intent it
as such, either
,for myself, or the meeting
over Which I presided. As to the reso
lutions, save my opinion expressed of the
two first, I fully coincided with the meet
ing, and believe-I that they were cilculated
to cause every democratic member of the
legislature, who is desirous to uphold and
sustain those trite prindipals of the party
for which our forefiehers so ardently la
bored to hand down to ixisterity, viz. the
protection of individual enterprise and in
dustry. ' WM. ROSSYSIIELL.
Port Carbon. Merck I. 1838. •
Washington's Birth Day.
The anniversary Of Washington's Birth, Day I
was celebrated on Thursdaythe WA by the Mete
berm or Penn Lodge No . 1. orthe Grand llni
Order of Odd Fellows. They ma ontirciai r.
O'Connor'. Pottsville Hour 4 about 1 o'clock A.
M. preceded by the Pottsville Sind of Music. to 1
Mineravitra, where they ••vera welcomely received
by Mercy Lodge, No. 5, and partook- of a wild
Collation. They thee proCeeded in regular pr.
cesaion to the place whew; the member, of Mel y
Lodge are build a Hall, and the comet
atone was :aid with the usual eeremosiy.' 77.010 el
oquent dim . ..mores was primouncetoti the oftwaieti
by. Mr. William& The procermion then proceeded
to Pottsville. end at half PIO: 3 Vektek a large
company,igt down to a aumptuotiy esiteitaliimmit
provided by Mr. O'Connor.,_. Tbrisdimrier was
served up in firstaate style. The materials wife
abundant, and embraced every *11444 our mar
ket could ,supply. After the 'cloth was mimed,
the following toads were drinkt
Mrt.Stsrion. late of ,Hamburg. prsai.dedt.altd
Robert roues and miry .P.wr as itko• .Prinik
denti, and Thongs T. AnkinsSeeretary, on.*
joyous occasion. 1 .1 . • l'..
The day wir celebrate—dicey we enjoy- . alinky
happy returns Oita tputiveriary.— • ,
• - • Am WitaWndlies'aldireht '
Ily the ?resident of tke daj. Ilie inessiei. Ur
George Washington, the entaident albs Uni
ted Stated.-may he live ale i Wolaingtort.
- Frani* Spencer.. The -Gioia Lady of.
Grand. United Order orOdd: Fellows-.esay . she
emintinister • impartial pal", lo . belt nireserone
and incriweitigfarriity or children. - 17 1. •
' ,l o l aPhiCaatame t k .. .' . . • ..
)int t i Lattack
is to make
giee con&
nwolo ion. sod
,•• - the
bra, d adopt
ugh state of
to •
tower; .tbe-riv. -
• film
lat apprm\'
' 'menthe
a, and ' drivels.
issmnie ng oot
II dims,
Aar Which'
ire h vs been
ca led in to
tber of 2 or
• , While iselt lopl Ik°ll",rt
stilttmem{,eubother.-4' i
h.drisk, sins 4mstaThenke tillme all of as are beam
hmwerard dsmn. ,
9 hlOttiali MOO beam
Joy asd healthlistbe loroteselcUtiited Odd refloW.
Georg* Eaton. -"ei the Haited'Ordsa et Odd
Fellow,lol Ski the tree that ; liebitebudeesiat
held In his drMort--tel, :ips• *oda; 64100
email from awo :iiiMiffolPlAMtgliff 0 101 htliql,
til million of mentbdelba Misled itontolise.
Martin Williams. Te. the absent mersibers of
the order—mai they Mill ei.tai is the Asada of
F.LandT. s
Joreph Speessix &Her etitnertdMlertd
Hall oftbs Uniliorttfd!rd'Od,
`tea wait. ' t 1 '
Andrew wait..
'l4 l l dig Welh o f tie LAP
Awed,' we hare
gentle:men - from
morning alter
ni : which
1 ' Patriot,
rite.) end
•,. rettle-wa
er r op.
eq.'. 12
the Fe.,
taking* i
11 1::
i- - r
4001 : 741•1; 1 4!
iit lows-aid dis :eff. -
10,0.11. tit
laiwthe apitel/e6so _Ode Pa* 1e..;1•14`
liv.*ltiiiiiritiegepd fellows; , •
--.Edward Abair,: .06eirs
lbar eltreyyt6restorkei itsfarglisaWinjeleS.
Thalia* -Iktfolk MPY .ertaeVarAmik* gAPri!
- orwit leagues to: mrogmd tbi &stints iirit
Robert. Patton: • May Avery- isasehitseollia
Wended en , benevolent eltinestilloriiiirrob;-
. Mr. Simpson. '1 The Odd Falkntsler•PattoSil
and vietnity.;desefie tossupialos *their
minty condisfs.. •
By - the Cominittee. Chu , irtorthy hod awl bort•'
ear Mr. and Mrs. O'cowtoi—oiey. -PO
happiness attend them
The Baud played. Aeld Law Eli* and Ibis. •
eontisany gheyened at 6 n i ckel P. M. with very
gig!, kelings of jratifcatioo On at Plitt a el'er
fbi the slab of February. liy WU, 311".
("Arley. of Port flirbon.e/dr.• Jorufl. Qom" of
Pottsville, to Kiss Farzaarni PiaTurstio of Pot
Cattail. - .
• Oa Friday aparaing March Si. in iLs sent
fearer hat age. Aolaras•aaly dtalikOar afNa
W.4lladlierab B•Sewkaan. • -
The. Rey. Vl 7 4u.srac Horowiri, iii •
_reach tokmorrow morning in ihe Elise*
pal Church. Service io commence al
half Art 10 o'clock.
IheUsk' Lodge,
. .
ASTATED meeting of Pulaski Lodge. NO.
216, will be hele at the usual place, on 114an r
day evening neat, March 6th, at _half past 6
o'clock, P. M.
Punctual attendance is requested.
IRISHMEN and their deseendetde. Who Itre
favorable to celebrating the, anottenegy Of
the patron. *eta 0f .Itetant. by pairtakinil -at
public dialer, ant hoqu,tiett to mad et Pcoineett
Hotel. Ito Monday evening the 14dilikati' Ai 7
o'clock. . . • .
70$01$10 : 474401416.._ 9 ~.
AMEETiNG,Of. the citinntie:g Lverw,eloo
townatip,Jailleld. ihnipintais ofJohn
Weller, in' New Ca on filatarday - the 3d , ei
March. at See k the puiliese4letaitinif
to consideiation- ; the propriety- fnriuldttia 11*
township election at auuttiv! lame. ili/th Y.
Feb. 9$ ' • t
• List . of 'Letters.
111EMAINING in the Peet °thee et Pottsville
alls' Attach 1, DM& `
Miner• Ira
311.111 f John '
AI moms Jiiemb
Mobile ' John
Msland Jacob
Meyer John'
Miners James
Meyer Mows
'Miller Peggy
Mayisor Won
Meyers War
McGregor Aleitatidet
MeAlaroey Joke
MiDonnell Patrick
McAllister Samos!
leigh &An
Allen Charles
Allen George
Anem•n Joseph
Aiesender James
Adis if Mary .
Britton Daniel
Backnicen David
Dilettante Daniel
Beekman Frederick
Barret Morello •
Barger Beery •
Ravi Joseph ,
Broccoli James
Heisted John
Bally John
it Matthias
Bergeit Toter'
Burnet Perry -
binders Samuel
lkdall Thornily
Barry Thomas .
• C
Clark George
Carrel Martin
Canino Patrick
Chadgewick Sayer
Popp SannielJ
Curry Themes
Dangler Frederic*
Dixon John
Dial Sarah
Oppisheas dada'
acwioshicab B •
Petrel Aleitannet
Plate Daniel
Price Hanish
Powell John Haro ,
Powell &mod.
• It
!tither* Elisabeth
Rader Jidle• le
Navel James i '
Bennet Jobs
Rtes Jesse?
Reber John
Rawson James •
Russel Jobe- _
gum GA:Orin&
Reber..Limi ' 's
Fraisin II Roberto Leid
Less George Robinson Lewis P
Frey Martin Biebterienik Nicholas
Faintish Mrs Rhlra Petrick
0 i Riley Peter,
Gable •Adlin Rim Thom. .
Giddied Callum* IS •
Griswold Chester. /Mirada, .Geings ,
Groves David ' Stourar Hairy,
Gordon Newell • lambert Herman
Grey Orlando : Sinclair Hannum •
H • &mine bass
Hilbert Ikninnin ' St 'eliart - Jeenh . -
Herb Daniel '- - .I.linith - John '
Howbeit. Freileilek
~ Sheibian John , •
Harrielohn • Smash Joseph ! V :
Heebner Lydia Smith James -
Ilerborer Mr . &bra Martin '
Hirshain J- an Woblfgang - Stroup Peter ' = .
- Shot Shelly - • - • ,
Joinmon Hairitif Staid lifuearina *
James Jelin H Sankt: Susamia
James Thanks . -'• -Smile Wm '
Jana Wm -• -. II • -
.. 5 4 ~ , ' lAD/oho T .
Krebe II
... W
King John ' ' West Meshes .
Dimas M . 'I ' - Weaver-Elisehath ' i
Ilteansen - Pa net Weld 'John - '
Kelley Set - I • Walker-Joispb • '
itliiiii Wes' • Wilma froesites • -,
. .
4 L ', • ' Wythe,o Seinnel .
Leleteaschosider Adam Wearer Ikerued .
Lord Cherlee • , Weil Solomon •
Lies George Watkins Troidieraw 1
• LyansSissuoic Wateli.War •
,Lane Richard Walib Jobs
Lovers % Matta • Willies*Wie • !
Plinio Alowidor . ` ' irogr- ha , ,
Meyer 011 - •;.t. z , ' ..
Mos? Diesel - h ' .:, lcaru sorieirimuise t
Edwards Philip
Edam Wl/1'
, Sear. Brailitrilk ark" telitt'lau Nail .
Dowlingiohe ' • Kiiii - otwk. . •
I:Wilt ;Ai Lo lba Xdgitril
Rails Jobq .Robstti 'Dived •
• Simons Geo*
!Om" cOttli b c Ilifteriiiit * Pstaive list Pill
visas. say alai ant adireirkiled,_- _ • '
math 3 '1
2Eist- Pply itod rio t . jta'
AIL awls sad nesived sad
husk* ' IL UMW.
...- .7 .1101D1EW: A •""..
ASPlisqe '1 " 1
Amit the
' 1117 : - la bs ' m
yumy, ' - Asti
big 12111)inew-it
rotOvA,1!:: -,*••••
- •
. y- •
• Wilratere
lan " "'irkmei
v 'Frii ay: ' 10 . 101taillereit.- it_ 10 . oeloilt
A. 01. at . the las or. anion Bowers.. I.s.
eessOkin Mai*. • Aeon•
ty,lbe esaini'oerssital iskito;'Otiaid
adoistiit 41,1' Co* Malik 'Plows, Hu'
rotri4 tk r _atimi R•rnta, &raw. Whetlijtie,
Boatolost. &Shirk glost h 1 the . &aka, - lid
a poesionortoient oftifizelessais. - •
Also Bousebold Ina itebito futsitdret holt•
libelist of 1 Clock - Bois i ;.!hose ; awn
sod Tables, Cupboard, soil 'opiates of
Wan %peak. • !
Toriseatails kocion al* time of Bats,
Feb 24
By" s "
" sue ar "" I 46" of ' i ni di - Am / 4.
Pier an d restat e Waded out at the.
coed of Coarnion Mat of liehitylkilt Camay.
Mid in sae directed; wall 14ienitalqtth ilibkiele
On Mondirthi'.l2tig lehittrel .
nest, - h
at tbeouse of William litata. - hittkeeper,l
inibetowi ofrineirove.imintj aforesaid. at 10
o'clock, A. 11.--Tbe 'redivided high of * . certain
taste in tbe borough
''Pof rmegrove. s imittr aferissatd. bound
by Tullman:peke° street on the west .
L by a public n lreet Goethe orwth U 1
.by 1
Miry 00 ibe cast, by la of Zhhidge & Co. oft
the south, whit the apptenancea. consisting of
a two story flame ilwelliig house and kitchen.
and flume stable. Also.
w a certain . tract of land
situate in Pinworm tow ship. wont, aforesaid;
bounded by lands of lac e Zer be. Fran. Muth di'
i n.
other,. containing one ndred acres. mare or
lessn with the apporteni aelopfisting Oa two
story log dwelling house nd a log bern,-Iska the
'Moe of.hkar Mawr and4ferewe CatijastrA.
On Tuesday-the ilith if 411 arch
nest. at the bnose of Joseith Weaver, innkeeper,
in the. boroogh of Pritistrilhe, amply • eitirerrid. it
10 o'clock" A. M...-All that.certaitt lnl or piece of
ground. aitnate in the irmin of New Castle, attn.
ty aforemid, marked an the general plan of slid
in*il 610.8., on the wrath Werte rl r side of Centre
wrest. tmotaining lit fmni!on raid Centre street,
60 leo. and in derit 1110 6-et. %mited tuutheast
erly by kit Nn. HI, southwesterly by Walnut
airret. northwesterly by let No. 8, an 4 northeast.
eriv by said centre surer teuettier whir the ep.
purtenance*-late the estte ofßenutri ragas..
ilt 'the sante li e and .
place,' all
that certain lot or' piectior gruond. initiate in the
town of New Castle, coenty aforesaid. marked
in , the general plan ofliard town, No. IL on the
southwesterly 's ide oft:entre street. and no rthwest.
erly side of Alabama rtreit 60 lief. and in depth
180 Avt, iitooded southeasterly by 41i-bacria
street. sonthareaterly by Walnut street. northwest
erly -by lot - ffi - a. 10. ant northeasterly,* raid
Ce n t r e street. together with the a ppottenanomr.-
late the estate of labs Sen. -
, .
, .
.fit the same time and place, a ll
tbalcertent Int er 'piece ground.asituate In the
borough of tcattiville,'Sclutelkill : County. bnurA
ed by the rink Schuylkill. In front. by the Centre'
turnpike. in the tear by let No. 8.-balawrog new
Or lately to Moshe's Prot, notthweete - six . tkv
Idt No. 1. belonging to die New York and 909 , 1-
kill Coal Cato the INA eorneiniug to a t m o n
*liver lieheylkili 619 A. 9 tn. and extending in
depth to-said Centre turnpike. roadeit being the
aunt pretniewa which the said Jamb W.Befts.
lager by deed dated the !Win., une.1837, conveyed
utile said Gear IL prior.
.-, .
4t the awns t ime and pkiee, a
- certain lot of ground end tanks lot in
the borough' of Pottsville, • &WIWI
, Ift Conaty.eionabered in 'the plan al - he
lois. RD: if. -- bolairea by Nabantate.
goctraieti by all teat alier and by lot TII., ealk
tilting in Gent 60 hetL - aut in depth 1140-63 et to
l/Wm. wide the buildier themes snuikial. it lie
log dolmas lot of ground which John Ham by
his deed- of, consayitoce. bearing data the 11th
day of February, A. D.t1824 recorded at Orwiga.
burg. in Ike ansanty of Schuylkill, in tiro office
for .recordininf deeds. 4c. in deed 'molt No. 6,
gaga 343. did great and congress unto the said
John C Carman to 4e, with The appurtenances
consisting of three Tiro &ors *one dwelfieg
bouseit.'with tenement warier. •
Also; a certain lot aground and term lot in
' • dm beroogii of Pottsville, in the coon.
4111 ‘' lt 'e ff,. " l.,:rl ' i l l 4 7T. "b h o
e n d s i d
n e
bounded f i
t* lija a .
hantango Street. by lot Na. 80. by -a
20 feet alley. and by la `No. 70, „containing in
front or.bteadib 60 diet. "sad is depth or length .
248 feet.` with the boildings themes fteet4 it
beiegthekse me lot of iround No. 78. which Geo.
Taylor and Nary:Arra . Me WOO by their Med i
bearing date ihnOtii,: t of rabettary; A. D. law
,I recorded et °MOW*, bfibildee fialeeordiag
1 of medic &a. in, and ter the =county • el Schbyt:
kilt, in.Dbed Book. No. 6,-page 497. did gaunt
and contras unto the raid
~..folso C. Offereasn, to
gether with the bereeliir is and appertenanista..
tionelsibur ofthree le e 'Armoury brick dwel,
ling Wises with bane men' . stisties.-latit the niar
e of Abe C. Offenmso. ,
' pi Wi sf inesi f fay, tha i4th dig fit
,March nest, at the house of:Michael Greet, inn,
keeper; in thell of Orwigatiorg,, in ;hi
county of tiktbaylkill. t 10 o'clock A. IL
. No. 1. /I , l:attain net .of bred atoms is the
:borough of Orerigebare. tountybkiresaid..bound.
ed by thelleKesailiet4 raid. " Tkaliney• ' , aim*
Washington street, Woe le' ‘ mind Clierrob
la inktaretaisitng twe es and a' haN t male or lasi
with thei apportenan . • - '
I N 0.9. Alio. a certido DA et - piece °nand: sit.
wits iet the boreogh cif Orwignbarg. county aSero.
said. Wooded by Intrepoodenee street, ir FMK'.
alle3e and lot No. 90, 'harked in the general
plan et the town. No.ilol end Ih ll , coataintrig 88
perchibidriet ileum ~ pith this uppurliteances.
4 .
• . N0.,4' Atso. a in lot. eau _ pieces Of ground.
*mite in tbeloreog of Orwigsbitre, teeisoy Ji,,
foreatidi hounded Ity Ilittlin street. Ferry. street;
and a polka alley. tend - marked in Jeretnials.
iteeffiradditii*al pleb loth* town of Orreigabierg,.
Nail& 214. 1116-aail 1116. anttliootaining i acre,
strict . Insurer, withlibe aPPurbenancen-' .....
' - . , Na. 4. Pkbet, a eattaht Piece of land
H -
'shale in Waugh of Orwlgaarg,
1 II nonaty a Id; beitrided by the Cm .
'ar's turn' kn. binfteif lobe Iffainnier.
'George. &miry, jr. - mid, Edward IL FlubleY. eta. :
betake/4 ititret. , imore.oc'hie, With; therappinte•J
amaitenosetaistutg rod :. Wm , allury. Mgr a' OR
- Weis saillmink i - '..,:- •'' • • , ... -.:: . I
No.iiiiiiilnikw i 79Nirdit Lbii eta eirtaln
1111 i
,:-.. IF ...
r .- U *II4:U. P 41=ittaib*
dr i sititik6 - rrigiiiii't
Seolo4llhisaid,Miriliyiisk - A 146-114 1tnildid
I* iittill L. , .DiiIIIIii gild lit mahatma faith
Jahn 4/bbarti iiiit I meek mow it hen]
with )1001Milialtem t -i. , ;- , , .
]land~ 'Moat the bitilh4 1011 • if a eettpin
trail Oflindotitieteli Nebo iltillt toweablyircliew
it*essid.hooridelthy la • itlahr Joke Poor
ablispat ! : Mehl Nile and lerri;* 9,36
sus{ more. eitlieg,L . witit it
NO4 & MOON " till' Midi! ' loaf a t certain.
team Celtiod;• epode i t . ylkill •• terenshim
comae abriesaiilded*lainior of Julia POW
dreiteiod.and othero..esntaiishig-1119 muse: moo
at lai r with Ibis appartimiithem 1' - - . •
HS 9..A1i0. theonlivideetinte wilt_hpektre a
lithilm Witte .Itch eitsetO hi fksheititift.twin;
,iiiip *beaky •ii lit weilikijiii ea :it - winititt.
rtilamtid - Zlitilmeih Vat* MA'AM iqi . lands
surreyed to fatharthe sagoirillethanweeetain.
leg dpli agree moniar keM tit the samititioan.
• iici 10.. Al* lintels lot aground
ti situate in the b its of Illitiaisulle,-
101 enmity farmer nded by Sunbury
eiretA, Lewis - Id lot N 0.9 and
10. ii . marked in the ;id:* toWn No. II
With - the appertensimett,. . era two story
framedwelling Mop and tie - •
NM 111. Men tbll -and' du d /hint part bra .
alias' tra ct of lan4 alum in nab Townahipi
idtlitt tilbriemdi linniodett i z ei lande of ihteliset
lriek , tit Va ll ey Fir , Comfort, and
ionic,* rientainlog 400_, scare; molt or Weielate,
the create Of Gimp Ilia.
GM a ...itionslay si tli9tk of March,
lest. st thehonee of Da iel Boyar, littikemorr in
the borough .1 Orwr gi at 1 o'clock, P. M.
All that certain taro story frame
LIM V i nt 'NT:. stable '
red at° o
situate in Lawt 'addition to Port
. 0 2i. boarded ilt ' aired. Third street
and mortis millet. inirtiy„htt No . . 91i containing
io width 30=' sod lb theillitirleoltb 159 Set.
and Iningibit lot whith,ls Marked - rip Liwtoost
addition to Port Ca00n.,144, the No: 90. .Atatt e
all that certain two story frame dwelling house
and plot of a tot of ground, sitirte in Let/tone
addition to Port Clarhise by Market et.
Semehe at. and by the reindoe f the same . let ,
commune, in width itS kid, slid it/ length or
depth 112 feet. sod, being • pullet the Came lot
which to marked iii the general. of Lamatoo's
addition to
,Port Carbon. with number 33
late the mime 0f...- —.......4..
OUN liowErt.
At the saute time ang place, all
thorn two certain byte orround or lending",
nate 'on the - nye, fichnelkdl, marina in Ganes,
additional plan to Port Carbon. with No. 16 and
17, one pf thew No. 16 txintain'i l in front on
said river 70 lest. nod 166ePtik: 6 the rail mad,
and No. 17, confab:ill-1g in ,front the said rail
road 70 feet, and' in depth to 4 the said road, with
the a pportenances. late the tats of ----
Stine, taken in execution is to, he sold by
PETER F. LUDWIG, Fiberfil:
Shelt i es office Orwies- / •
burg. Feb 24. ( 14— •
pE parturablp heretofore { =Wrt under
of Wilms &Baal, Foal blerehants,
was Oiesulsed ty mutual tamise:l on the tat inst.
persoosindeittetto add tir aro ressested to
.malts payineat as Orly. u poseible—andall those
havintelainu are also ream:mei to proud them
fat indement. .
. • B.
•P. PAST- t
Lytham/Ma, Feb. 1838. .1 15-3 4,
The subscriber , will to Cunha carry on the
Coal Business ender the 6im of 8. Beihter
Surl 8. (MILNER.
19. , March Tsite; 11138 1, , I
1 ,-
Aso Tunas • ~ t
te. _ , Sci F. Sur Meehan.
The Corpectltifthe . law ' fliv MO 29
IlonWerli et Poitsii . ' , .
32. litarelfTerm:lB3B " _ -- ) - ' !,
SCltatilkinitallirl - S
.. - '
.. ' 'TUE Comummuselth Of Penn. ;li
ow**, _to -the , iff 4 Schuylkill
(Y 4 .41111 11.
_ - Gnletill • W, hoeme Alias,
• arsonist m a
e' CI Pottsville.
.hitik ;filed. i. '' tarter Cotuteuf
Common Relit ltg. She.Ciinaty ociSebuylkill. a.
eldest the Corpuretion of the °ugh of Potts
vine. Car-thti- sunk Of Peter Hundred and • Forty
Whirs tiventy.nlne cents. hiwtel titouciyi 4-c. for
work and - labor al s Jiation and Plasterer done,
perfieined in bestowed; ' and
( rio for matenals
[(point, tarnished: delivered in provide?, within
sis onths List paw, in and s tout the erection
ed ponstruction of a casein ilding or Teke.
ment; Wtoate in Centre street, ' the borough of
Poltsvl le afixesald. ponutterilt lied thel.ockup
11811se.or Jail. behtitgineoc is to belong to the
Bniough ciffottstrille *Remelt! agaitistirs said
Building _yr". Teem:pent. Mid aim- aphis". the
Ground . . eo'veredi by thii- said ilding, and no
mach other •gronadimMediatelyedjscent therm.%
sod belonging to the mid Cotpowition, to may
imiliecesaary-kir The urijkiary rid meek
ofllie mild building- being•partr-tof a. Lot , o. -'-,..
Aid viliereaa it is allegeditluiltheseid s 'nt still
mmainsiloe and Unpaid
. 6? the wild Amor-
to now we 'summed you tha t pm mike known to
the said Corporation cf.thvi borough of .PciUrrille,
midis ,i 2 sock persons MI ,may - hold or - occupy
this eald'huildlotAhat they be,and_appear before
the ledges
,ot otir said Court; it a . Courtlif Com
mem Pleiw to bit held at OrwigiburgAt OW coon. 1
tv aforesaid. 48 -Monday preceding the last
kluaday is March nee i lw 'bete. if any,thing they
liva to saykrhyribi eta limn, of tune Hundred
iid Party WWI Tamil:wise tents ihimilkl, - pat,
be levied is thiltela Whiter 01 Pei el-ei the :Aid
Mims Torten. aceording lo ai re lords` itud effect
of the Act of Aileatidy,' hi Irtaie *add aid
provided. if MAW* it, shall item #isediimt,lo4
kite yea ther . ieltitheftibile Slit. - r . ' - I.'
yiiiness the llowerabla Calvin Illytbe.Presidect
of nor Mkt Ciiiit it Orivigtibarg l ihiStlf day
of - January; 4:0.0ne thoolluid Ajlit‘hitaliad
- - .41r
1',1 . . PFetheleters.,
. : .
tt" :- . 4 ,7t'' • • r
;•• ' -
Fs' 14
- 13110CLAIATIO Plii-Pletkltis Zoo
that it of Ctessent reamifirr - tnal of
- camas at ism. la sad for tbe ;entity° skill.
ninefold at Ortripbutrtif # l, eeeell ebriljetaL ea
Wade., AO 2. l ot 4 sSof 1meea. 11 4. 4 0 0 1/ 40 -elui
tie foram*. -...... rr '
!Therefor* all perms . as bawl* Guile p•ailbripaag all
*nem whose duty Alkali be toil 'at and Cwt.
trilltake minimise! aerani
• : , .. ~- 1. PICTXR° F, DW IN IM I =. , '
Shah Olbee,Orwitaq .: 4 ~1 ...., _ • -, ,;. ~ ; . :- .- , ",. ,
oa f
burg. March a, WS& $ !•• !-- -- .1 1.; , ,
I V' eiblelta! inflaalld Ili 4011‘40di . /0 - 4
4 I Y I .4841*$#11111Patilt I M O: dil l cairid '.ri , ' ' I
- - -
• 14.
• 7.14'
viSj" ~r~`~;;"`
I'-: ,
' ~`.' w_
, it
refirsTa purr,
- -
lOttiN 11011,EARIV
id.C9II'.I4OYEV ,-
. ..Of/ 4 ,6640 0141011 1 ,11_014 - tt'erff, - .::;
g okh nkialici: o o - 11 4 ertlii4o4 .
of wobeiland (*taw will be etifitiosido-;,'''-' , 41
oitie s at the Court . 111ottoo in , tha 44oweglii eittrii4"gf : ii!
borjaitfiellOunty, Of tiotthitai hthoVel
do r the 2d day of April Willi•thitt rdili,ltli:z
—TAIT/LI" ST4ND #.'7ll4Gar'LANDr..
e t
• •
in Sal' riOti — to blitiii.; l •"
. t was p,lCortb
i i land"Csiinty.- - iw
Region. now. end - for
rut. tiailitalia bj Ireha lAtch ,;4 . 4 40 : 4 0rsit "tioef`Aii? ; -'
diehased:toothitahlii4oo - :; : :
serer or thereabtints. pert-of which
ins good •stiteofealtiratioir'. ThhtiofirWietelitif•;;F: ,
are good lee:tavern house, stahleriehed4:4lth.l . !..';:: - ..
Au atondant supply*, good eprsn, water
at all‘sessoni -Of the year be obtained.; '.: ,
The projoertj is well worth the ittentioWorniii;::
.one wishing to becomethe owner 'ad riiilOtrk/P: - .
tavern stand,,and•trapt of coal land:, Ther:erti-ow
or sale. will ktfOwn otiThi
It hribeforied the agile
AtholtiWitotw tinphid siehslaasill:. , '.t • 4 ,
By order of the Court. ' •
• _ .11 , 40)8
Frto. 213.-18313. „ ,
en the upurtof Common-Pleas o f
. Sehol,_
County, itt the matter or the
Michael Brektious.i ' •
VWHEREAS. 'John Buechler.' votninitteiNC,. T.
v Michael theisioos, did. an the 33dilifint;-
Navetnher t A.D.. 1837, 6le in. the office-, oftlwo:.t._
Prothonotary of the Conauf CoolltB/.'Plai' 341;4.'4
SchoyAill-County, a statenintofhis'aetiollikinf ; ',
committee ofsaid Mats. - • •
Notice 3slereby given to sit petsiessinteresest,:i,
in said estate, that the flonorattlei-the
the Coort.of Coeninon Pleat - aforesaid.-hiiii-ale;;;;;- •
painted Monday the 19th day of,filareh. 1838,at ,
10- Velma in the forenoon, for the 'hisaririg.nflOil
*lair, and for showing moan 'obi the
count ought not- to be. allowed.- Ind
thereof. the same will be toitifuned;
Witness , the honorable Calvin IllythePraiddea*V l 7i.l
of, our said Court pi Orwigeburg,ihe li
February. A. D 48.18. •
" Feb 10 4w
IS hereby given. thatiettere ottadniladsiiiitiaiVj r . ,
have been granted to the sdbacriber by thiritin:, ,- =
gister of Schuylkill Gatos. Oftbnestatittif - :
Wilde. deceased, bate of Northampton iptialev;-4%J-2 - -
All persona indebted to said entate..are therafeirC
requested to make payment tothestibee t rikerour4
such who may have claim. owsaidiatity a llo
sent them duly authenticated - Far
/awn 6-4 •
Public Sale.
nplIE subscriber will sell it Public *Osie' :
Wedneasc the 14th der of Much
o n - bi ome el „thii hatittgli:hr
Pottsville% tiattein, kor. of ginned i tt
in the &malt or Pet sant% nestadsksll:: l loC;.,
eatimestaly sida
.l BclauyikiLiksates*WWlSOL; 2.7*
southwesterly No. 28 and -W,20 tett ,
Oily: being .ptt - ef lot marked. tte•AIiSPOI
which is mimed. a two story dwelliii~ - hiiNe- s:,.
Late the taste delete F.M.U.. 17`:.
The sale will atmanoiat s t, O'clock
what the tams will be made knarn
Assignee of LF : IbII:Y
111 hereby given • that thi
4 4esters..Admmietratoia.ind.
tattled aeeninili in the OM= Of the Resiiiet; - •i'.
d- •
of Seheylkip-Cepnty. and that the'
presented tillheOrphans• Con" to be heldlne" . _('• ` •
OrwigibOti. to tied Ssr said Candy; on llifondak!tE:,
the 19th day of. March. 1838. for- ednerronlint*':; l 7l7 '
• I. The account of Nord Pat'orm. binenier
the labt will and testament of Witliesd. 4,i et - it:
term. late of the. home' of Pottsville; deeeitinCi.:...:
Tho account of 3aenh 'Emu:german, idortin,;l:l2..
hare*" of tits estate °fhb* Everitt, late of
township, deemed.
3. The acestuit of'ldiehael Neiselisiendsiado
atinistratar of the waste of Peter Yoder. late -
Upper Illahantangelownship,detiased.-
4. The account: of Peter tiiher.eseentor:ofilts - -.-;
last will and testament of Catherine Riegel; lets
or west Brunswick fownship. deceased. • -
S. The aceouli. of Ficderick Charles Welt
and John Charles Conrad.. administratorawCilit of .ohsDeltic/ Gerund, late at Notwegiaar' • I
township, deceased. t , "„
4. The account of envy Kook;iroMdiais "1
the pipes and estate of Catherine -- 17ftkiweg2W,.(!- --
moot of UpPtirt Mahantanew tewnship„, ;
t The 'amount of John , . Wiest and.'fieMwef I
-titrolst,executom of the last will and testameiktif:} :
Gideon, Williamson. late of Upper, . Miltaitittivier •
township; deceased. '
8.- The account of Ljdta.,ifertiegifiammaisr,,,;..,
and/stet Kloelt;'iMeimloi• lb* last:inn ast,:;c".:
bfeetvav4:4 .B eniakuin Bening: 1 4 4 Of - -Ygo,"L4.':=4
B..Thitecoolint - .4
initilstfifoe'if did *ate of Jacob Bpohn, 10 . 1 ; 47.:
tiosimmOimashiii•dimessed. • t ,
JO. : Thum:Count of John.i3nydek tidcltiskileiwcs
tor tabi eltate.'ofinceli .6,fne`rict le t tifer
township, daees.ed .
'1 t; :Tit ap4esotor Jacob`
- woo toirisiliiir dCeessea
The second weenout ,-
We'al;AMlkeed:44;.t.„;, - , -
ritiMitrator ottitoestato r io(Danie . L•Datiuktif;;;,,,
the.bensegli Geed srit, deiteasaL
burg. Feb: iS;stIER.
timMtieithi:l4ll4ll Aipiy 14".
-Fait • • :
• . ~-.....
*fit Ilitritilll' . ".llo le - elje
° *ol .: l,l ' g m . •-• g ..,.
-.- ..- s -•;:, :,. • . k i .. , ....,.,-..---.',-;;;•:- ,7,--?•,.. -
inn COPIED iiihsialsiosiworkliii..,
.1 1 ..‘J'. 7- ed mid wilt beibri*Wyritiiiiiik
iiimidiffigOi grOmalliOietil:# lON *iiilPlool
dilpfil&Prices. • *in* fiegi*ONll4 ' -.-
ViiibliV ll 4o 4 .l,k - k_' - `- s, f4-11..:
Ir . ~ .t Dien, ,-.,.... ~....: 4, 1 . ~-;,...,::,...!.,, I. ....':. , tl - 704 .1 k ••••-• -,
, ~. •—r..... ::. . ~.' . •-- ... r - • .-:, .t. ;.. -- 4. ::, •
~ s -•••• • '4.--.... '...t.,:, , ..,... '"lf''a •".'