The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, March 03, 1838, Image 2

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. . .. .
- erstoirr Warm i :
iiiit 1 eha,:ttir witch's!". by the dead 1 li
,11m* `eh i oalitow light iostooll
With lama sunshine ow' thwheadi
aline, of . the dead Whit of liiiili* '1
tt apilesty ofpawer is give*, i!
.'" itio earth with a diviner 'Lim*. 1!
belSogi strides ;cad thought
10117:1V. whose mighty - stttges they have
bt ; • *• - -
ginzigni was try aageie Urea/ht .
with lien
, v t t teive droves that:then Q'Orn light eager;
as witching by the sepufehre.
greatest flood has the soonest bhf
tempest most sudden calm; the Wil tbe ed
the.eoldestend; arid from the - deepest desire
./.iiises ensues the deadltest.hate..- A *kw
bittrithe! terenvied ffir_provi`denes Plan
fie Reveng e bearketh poly
f le "sails at that she cahoot
man waseth lean with the
- a neighbors. Envy is the dought i er of
the suthor of murder 'and revenge; tba. be.
.r of see* sedition, and the perpetual lior,
rof virtue. Envy is the filthy seam* of
;1 venom, a poison, or quicksilver which
meth the flesh, and drieth up the as row
tin ,
. ' .1110110 W Poe THZ DZPARTZD. 1 .:
I did out know, till she Was lost. I:
How mixtb absents beloved; ...
She knows it in that better world i li
Tiswhieh she is removed.
. „
1 fed as she had may sought .
Again her native skies; II
I look open the heavens, and seem 'l
To seat her angel eyes. ii
Pity, and love, and gentle thoughts, 't
For her sake, fill my mind;
They are the only part of her :.
That now is left behind. .. ti
. .1
II not 'that man wretched, who, whatever
e suffers seibliain indicted or pleasurelde
has a child er whom he hopesand on wliorn
te. Poverty may grind him to the diurt.
a l ! itr may list its darkest mantle over litm,
. gof the' gay may be far from his Men
ing: hie face may be unknown to his nelith
and its vbice may he unheeded by dente
,g. whom he dwells—even pain may rackihi.
and sleep otay flee from his pillovi—hu he
! .gem, with which he-would not part ,for
. defyinecomputation, for fame fillinir a
'm ear, AirLthe luxury of the hig heat beigth,
the sweetest gimp that ever vet upoit a
Is eye.
oit d l
or f.
TIOC ?atm* Or 1.111=4111111C.NTS:.
felt my sorrow ere u esme.
As storms are f 1 on high,
foss "single cloud detiOlO
Their pretence on this sky.
. heart haaomens deep and true.
That ask no aid from wordi4
Ike viewless music from the harp,
With wake its chords. •
subtle, are these mysteries,
And linked with unknown powers,
], ,
/asking mysterious links that bind ;
The spirit world to ours. i
great 1
great 4 portion of our time is cm:Copied by i
the e icd pleasures elite., that few hoard. of
lei is rellowed for react:atm on the past. ! ; or
meditstlimato .the future. From the moment
we kayo our
,pillow in the morning, we find our.
seise. inyolvell in a vortex of employments: We
are naked. end must be clothed—we are thirty
ustdrink—we a•e hungry. and nature 'itc
h:inky* and the slaves •of avarice—iwe
Intone into the hap; our nunnery bring up
\tea the post, than eat aid us in the min.
'ed iotiClitethia oeenpuid -twit,/ by be
ofitoteees or the dark, .rear or call-
suit; 1
1 r se tlvelleath it masters, is the hops e
onward look. to iinmortalitys
I; - frame perish. so the sool.survivs,
epieitualoind loving. I believe
rave exalts, not separates, the ties t•
hold us in affection to our kind.
look down from yonder pitying sky, 1,
king and waiting those I loved on eaeth,
tn , heaven, until they too are there.
attend your guardian angers side, I.
..p away yoor faults with holy tears;
Midnight shall be fill'd with solemptheroght:
hem..atlength,death brings you to My-Inve
first welcome heard in Paradise.
• • .., .111711:CTION. I.
its a weary and a wretched life,
nothing to redeem it hit the heart.
earth's great purifier, stirs
nolurs into flame, and that ascends. 1.
stir natures walk this begin world I
or .a while, then heaven ?kit its own,
we , cant bet remember and regrti.
E: 17!
ran Ist mew' routras. I
Mi. Barman—Should you consider the &Hew
ing lime worthy a place in the "Sunday Dien.,
.corner of your Journal, thely are at ieur
0111 TIE LlLmaumn Or THE schirrvare, [ •
e have works wrote and published, then
of eont/oeition we look upoi with pi tire
inintionr many of which ans indeed +D-
A* , . esnatitute ornament%' , listin g wo w
*Jibe ape in which they wpre4 Apeveriilly
need:;-_, ./ i ßuterhen'we open tbeilleered fliiiip
. iirietbreneet with beauties, in coopperition
. erfilehoilkother. /redaction* most cotifeas
I infiriorikir,f.' , Wben do. read theSeripteitee,.
M ktied charm itt.Abs . heatifid eitnPlic.
f the eompoilikei- we t .Poreiniland re-Peruse.
zill,diseoveraeiread nohow, finiii itjev!'
natural and onalreeted phraseoloir anode
-in , the-exnanienicaliois :of theAl.hoperient
'entre gospels - is. oetullarljt grOd=lahear
.affividation never 'silted , de Ablution,. Tenth
r ! i-iiet fifth :in ill her *gee ekranek of
here amine.and rerels" unrieeiidd,
. is weetiMendiertelb7Ahe inl34 uoppinisk or
tSioliiiiiii pallid sod .t*ii
,nliegei f fit ex .'l
" .''';ilid tfrthe deielopth o ther - bee-title..
lilierissalei tboseripturisifte unpneintiked
desiidtiolifeas, that the vieo. languareiii in"
hi f e
fesifleititt re copilot, us itaeoperin44o
-,fri,*Aoit thiPkWa- thipegllSMli
ofithatn - piolte r ihe or /*lame l i ,nd
yitiveteilithie onelh. .:1414,,w e i nd
. understand 7 And- - Ins/ erei atterenmied iii‘d
• .
ptr your iltikagati*.;—Thent
:iittWtiteds to'iljeimpttive t
Asa a fakillalsep
-t lo.4whinics of *very
• t
Peril " - -if;tass••4o7-"' "
of idly ory—and tbe poPulationlesql
of;in , =l, induitrious eba
renders' lifasperity , Sore icertalit c liiiißino
and stag. Scarcely any Placle
risen to 'h importance even if possess;
ed of the .bst commercial Advantages,
without due regard to the encouripment
of the mechanical arts. For though the
impurtiitinn of. merchandise forms the'
leading features of such a= place, the trari
one arm fif Seas** are put invariably
ioto requiotion - , and indispensable to render
.the-progliees, of commercial operations safe.
To an Oland town, mechanics are equally
important ss elsewhere. They constitute
a Large and highly respeCtable portion of
society in cousin, but in towns and villa
ges they ''are almost a leading .constituent,
part of their gruwth and population.
wfo afford ample support to thitelass
of citizens, so highly useful sad necessity,
is certainly the duty - of those' engaged in
other rirsuits, Some branches of •tne
chanisn" have 'to sustain no competition
from shroad„; the nature of their business
preventiag Butch inroads or interferences;
others !are, bowers subject to be inno
vated Upon by the importation of Amilar
articles: of foreign product!, made at noes.
inducing a preference over our own pro
ductions: Although trade and commerce
in all dieir various branches shoulirbe free
and unaheekled, a regard for the prosperi
tv of our. residence should induce us to of
ford a reasonable support to our mechan
ise: we should at least give them a prefer
mice we are not losers by it. A lit
tle espenence will hese convinced many
that it lie in-most cases, fur their interest
to do sni . independent of many other con
aiderations." ' •
It ica4ingular, feel to history that the
the tribe of Indiana called Canneinekes.
who hied a wandering life in the Mexican
Territdry, in and about resits, have train
taiued their independence against the pow
en, ofSpain and the Mexican Mexican States since
the days of Cortez and Pozzare. They
are more numerous, warlike and indepen
dent than any other tribe in America, and
have been fur a century past the terror of
the fir 11 p o'ince4 of Mexico. Tlo y
are the Tartars of the A merican continent
Their warriors are all splendidly mounted,
and as horsemen they are unsurpassed by
any- people in the World. • More than a
,yeara ago, a party of them went
to- the, sea-shore, and .where attacked by .
the 41114i:was and killed, and since that
the tribehas never been known to venture
near the coast.—Louisville ,boreal.`
The Public Men of Texas.—A letter
written in Texpi,,thus pictured the public
men' of that republic :
“She [Texas] is cursed with a drunken,
reckless,; unprincipled Presideht, a weak
and itobicile cabinet, a corrupt Congress,
(the last I mean—the present is not .mown
yet) a{drunken -sot as. Chief Justice oithe
Supreme' Court —all• backed by banditti
turned R inse upon our country' by the dis
banding of the army, altogether rendering
our prospects rather gloomy,” -
There!is probably tnore truth than fiat
tery imp the . piirtrait.--,fialr. Pat:
Fetaafr Orator.—The Boston Repre'-
negatives Hall was crowded on WedneS
day afternoon with people of both Beier,
"black, sPirita and white," to hear a lady
from Sotith Carolina, whir:rejoiceth in the
- name of ,Iffiss Grimke, declaim upon the
subject of abolition. She exhibited :eon
sideratile talent fur a female, as an orator
—a ppeoreil . not at all abasliedpi exhibiting'
herself in a position so unsuited to her sex,
totally.! disregarding the doctrine of St.
Paul, who says. '•le it nit a shame for a
woman to speak in public.?" She beta
bored the sleveholdera, and beat the air
like one possessed.—ller address occupied
about Iwo I ra and a half in Weitelivery,
when She gave out, elating at the close
that she had a sister who wing desirous It
speak t q the same subject. but was pre
vented', by ill health.—She, however Old
mated Mtat after taking breath for eine day.
she shOtild like to continue the subject,
and t
fif .
•Oneeting . was accordingly adjourn
ed to ride) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, when
she wil. Fonclude her speech.—s n,l,
Whim Mr. CLAY was making his
speect4 in the -.Senate, against Mr. -Qui.
j ,
boun *slavery resolution*, he made use of
the fo lowing striking similitude :—“ln
privet hfe, if airifimotitits; and frets, and
acolds,! What would b6ithOnght.of the good
Joenee Or discretion. of -the husband who
would , threaten her with separation, di.
vorce,l disunion, Who - Would' us 'these
terribl i Words 'upon every petty iliisgm
ment.i domestic life No man, who has
a hear 'or right feelings, would employ
such idle aienaces.,. ,He . would approach
'the .lady with:. hied ' and timcilistory lan.
guage l l and Apply Abase natural and more
agreeable remedies, which never fait to
restore domestic harmonY:" . -
1 - •
iProigeetive - Eoosongt.--Silas Wright's'
isury Bin apyroririates qua?. A .
.isuit4oNxtr aiILMRB
_forithe con
sitictioti bulklings, safes, vaults, fix
tom, 164 c. for'-the. eornr*oietwelor• those
who 4'o cho:ge of the public 1. 1 '6 4. 1 . 4 and
to star* sodsilyer Tor !lieollke
holders. - Besides the SMivers•Ge;
timid ind. under Semtailes are, to here
11110, S'ANDPol+4,ach
004 *pin Wankilie
Poiihkeepiie silgt*
=„ M,i
L am _ }
f: ~ ;.
• _ :
- '
. . ~
--""' li ---- riii4 ' -- '
:::.'Cir` - iiiiiiiiiirisk-h - a., Amok 1
110010.01"Alitir _Howie. eiteiC il re skip
illottOrie, tai !Shior ', - Irak 1
cilia se far as' it , ' iti . ilaa
prae - ' y ap..thie. people , le @fries«)
_tbs state
efimennieree is 1827 scarpered with 1 The
',Mounter imports into the port of ST w Waal
in "1831 wer11613,536300, in 1835, it aSi ler
118604, or .50,090,000 More than it w in 1837.
sad , the difference tbotkereated in. raven=
ini557:6344111. !Wald the e: ' ' .la and
exoOisaui of. the idetinhatation, hue the aim
d*. tipoiiil, the Contemn= - Of the.: .tor a
&Misers- ta speoseirioxi. -the - Neil • ... and his
frieadOnight masons* aspect that , . . 'revenues
of the Cotnitry wisild be paid IS the' • nation,
al ce: m ley. for. theamoinit would be . b that
anylnis slit c raight _find change , e": • , to pay
it wt •t- • ovenience; - A red •-' • *fosses
and -a; ben' Millions per year, . •, Id goon
bring the *venue \ within thee:owes* of almost
any asantsrmeanslt i y , .-etrair-ht Ja - • .. cur
reney....-_-Jfertinifarg s.. - -.-
Writhe bglikedirirestsr Shinier 11 ,
At the doss of the Tempaiiina I
the 22ii inst. Mr. Bricilthighine, spot
vast intporb nee of leading our chii
derstand arlid-adopL from
lance mural end observed that. as
am to swear eternal enmity to
so he tied led his eon to declare an o
icing Shari with all intoxicating d i
show Elie strong bold the cads" of
had °was mind of Ins son. he w
4w limp written by this youth.
by his and wearing the tam
on his breast.
Raise the Temperance banner. high.
Let your breasts withardour glow
To the crystal fountain des.
Wirers the Sparkling waters Bow.
Dash the tankard to *hearth.
Drink no mama ruby eine.
Awl round the drunkard's cheerless:
Peace and comfort soon skill shim
Coale lean:eked% ye shall Oa.
Hs Dees for you in store;
Come yeoTevery land and kind,
• Come or, usUrid drink no more."
Then bail! bright Temperance, bear
On sir thy blessings pour;
On thee shall touenog drunkard's lase
Marrow to drink no more.
Hear Mr. Rives: lie is sorely entitl
it from the Administration party, and
his late speech in the *senate in the
terms. 'l(an enemy had said it:—
As I said oo the Ginner occasion, I
t r,
dent, I. stand here as no - advocate of
I hate not the slightest interest in, conneo
„min with them. direct or indirect, resent or.
prospecutre. I am as sensible a man of
the ding* and , abuses to which the are lie
ble, and 1
,w ill go hand in band, with ny man
or devising securities against -the ,and sp..
plying correctives to the other.' But a prac
tical legislator said patriot, lam boat to look
o the actual interests of society's a in thit
view, I .-e,et tail to see that any v' ent shock
given to the eetablished system of Mess and
credit in the country moat produce a pread
scene of confusion and distress. involir Ng, in its
destructive visitation, every clue of , conitou
In OflCollllf the Inel9llll Ile I have hied to
the Senate, I hive discharged what I ' eider to
si l
be my duty to the country. That
now in a mate of suffering and distress
led by deep anxieties and roprehen '
to the future. The measure '1 0
1 firstly believe. give relief for the
hope fur the future. It could not fail
confidence and in doing that, to rexi
gnishing eniergie' • of trade, to quicken
and the hopes of the bushendnian.the
tuner abd the mechanic. to raise enter
upon its feet, and above all , to pot an
unnatural l and suicidal war, which , fo
eighteen months, Isas grown op bet
government of the country, and its but
industry. la praienting such a meant
nut bat...regret that 1 shall be deprived t
port promo? members of this body wi
1 have la dy stood, aide 'by side in
and defending the prlunipled on which
My censolation. however, is, that - I s
takers I used hies. On the other 1
measure they bring forward' and pahtir
which, three years ago. we all milted
sang,,and ens whieb was then demount
name of the Administration and its ri
a **dangerous! enMrgement ~tif Et iteutil
and putting into its hands the means n
Akin. This meaanre cannot have chi
character by mere efflux of time--andl
of it now as 1 thought of it then. I
In taking this coarse. I know full .
Preside/H.l am to iutur the anathema
But I can, never forget that t bass a
serve as well as a party to obey. '•
deinands out helpr sad for one, she '
11111iP, attemdini to the humble in •
'Womb and the best lights. of -my, a
lug. The zealot, of both parties may
anitaxidemn me; but sustained by the
cress of uptight intentions and a fait ,
two to thil interests of my country. I
my ouvirsii unfaltering—and even wit
ror bisfutoloy eyes of sinkinr into
minority of which the honorable Be
New York, (Mr. Wright.) so chiritabl
us. 1 chalk Yd, tuititated by *sense of
in thy .1 one drop of patience."
A .111ormrserit.—The American
one of the leading organs - of V
ism, is nut in the most decided
against the New Constitution. T
says:• •: •
Tbei tteform Convention has djourn
. ed; and alter a union Of ten ths,at.
an expenea of Upwards of three.,bundred
*wand ilollsrsTllo.., pigmented I be fruit# .
italetiore for pubiloiriPpiohnrion or ife,
jectiol During procrastinated and
wearimane 'existence, we carefully noted
its ProondinlMtutd their moults; and ear
-1 would
arrived at the conclusion, t st they
would triiir what theYprofesned t!,.emend,
and- deface whot • they pram: -, to he
completionlof th irwork
has cievtoced us of the corric - !,of our
iinpressions; awl confirmed Ss io Onede
tenoinstinn 16" AMposeAteiaanee before -
the People,theirindouraminnou ten.
Unfit 'the mcond - Tuesday: in 1 Lobe:, the . refoir4l whin ' the,. people ' elf t is• corn
.lllenwlialo ing or
sustaining the great-Cruistitutio , -Char
ter, ender wbieti; fioe nearly helft uty,
t h e Y : k.rfili*elfr!*Ottiptiku. • happy,
thjeAur,Will-: Anita Won& ible
pal~fYraf tlta sails, crud ~ and u' ' **led
Ahine.Pres: e — illed-Ani - usarider the, ,• of
sAiriefeitellasi to the cm* '
A i
iar l soriamp
_ • • r. , ,7.,.,31...:--,.. ,, ..r..1, ,, ,.-,-.7.--1-,, , -. ,71.,,...
tidied on
e of the
to on
- 'sniper
. ibal led
inks. To
read a
to owed.
he closes
in regard
the len.
the labors
ise again
d that
the last
sea the
inane and
re. 1-ean,
the sup-
t rtsta
TT pm
tad. the
nte u ate
ie oppo.
- huh.
• power,
cot top
, "ply
ell. Mr.
, f Parrs.
navy to
is Rome
hall have
of ;my
ful devo
I Ilhold
, the ter-
I at small
'sty 'find
askiligistefterrylisseti .
'es ottAFlouposter.
It is an established, priocip
mu, that e . represeithuiric o
the win' of MO coareibieirts.
of course a knowledge of that
part of the " rosentative
therefore, e wilfully and k ;
obeys that will, arpecially u
stances of treachery, he
representative! fleas not wha
A rogue ii not an 'Wiest man
may be called so, and beea
quires him to beau conside
manner, we say, that they
the voice of the people,
secret and fraudulent manner
representatives of the people.
place, they commit a breac
such disobedience; that is, t
recreant, false, and apostate
nations of duty; end having ,
sifying their character as re
they generally end in destro •
potation as men of honor an
these views be founded to 1
our readers to make the p
Lion of diem.
We put the question seri ,
County of /Schuylkill at prese
ed in the legislature of Penny ',
will answer almost with onev
Unfortunately for us, our re
have deserted the•county and
be the representative of a
bars and speculatore; some I
some out of the state. Ver
'have their reward! Like hi ,
ed his Master for a few pied
they will richly deserve !b
-ewails them.
We publish in unOther column, a com
munication from William Boibysgell, es+
of Port Carbon, in lation tenor remarks
on his alleged apot .- We have done so
in pursuance of our variable; rule to open
our columns to ell who conceive them
selves aggrieved by any thing we may
have published concerning them. This is
but even handed justice..
In this communication we are directly
charged with being concerned in a "plot"
against neighbor Bosbyshelt, having for
its ultimate object collision and division
among the members of the Dinitocratic
family! This is , a serious charge; mid
should be seriously. met and answered.
We, therefore, in the first place, plead
"not guilty;" and; in the second place, call
for the proofs, node having yet beeh ex
hibited. Without waiting for these how
ever, we will observe, that our remarks
were predicated upon an extract from the
published proceedings of the Senate of
'Pennsylvania, and that we had ll ' clear
right to attach fiat three and credit to the ,
record until the same was proved to be
false. The' only proof yet adduced of the
fidsehood of the record, is a simphi'denial
of any apology; the best evidence bet g
the letter itself, which is yet withh .
Then with regard id the alleged politi.... I
plot. We have never yet wished to • -
politics mingled with the coal compa ; y
question—because it isa queption id whi h
all pardes are alike equally interest....
We should act With even less skill a
prudence than our neighbnr appears. o
have done, did we endeavor to miz up
Mks. with the real- company questi .
No! we deny this charge; because lota v
without Inundation; and we trust that • r
political opponent will believe us whco •
pledge our word and honor to thit. Beni 1.
WeZak Procresson.—St. David's Day
was celetintted,,in: Port Cerbon,-by Q prig
cession of the membeis of the Welsh So
ciety. The proecesion was formed at
Port Carbon, *Hid marched over to Pulls
ville,eccompanied by a band of music, - and
appropriate banners„, the members, num
bering -about a hundred, exhibiting the
insignia of their order, where they tuna
ded divine worship in the ,Wetsh Chureh.
The marsbelbs of the day were- Reeloe
Thomas, Robinson Kays, William Tho
mas, Thomas Jones, and David Riche*. 1
The s o ciety afterwardsdinedatil ri Laing's
Port Carbon, where' an. excellent 'enter
tainuteut was provided, and allow partaking
of convivial plemeires, with goes orderand
moderatiOn, separated at an early hour in
the evening, highly gratified with the;
vents of tfitkaay. The chtY, wields° celehm
tell'hy. the Wank ! Society, it
We biro...not yet teeetved any-account
their proceedings: • , ' 1 ,
141iiibiegiocea Blitiii4i;iajObnilVti,
as amen' from a 'pahltaiion in anotber
l it
cabana, by a Lodge of Odd fellow 4
our borough,. who; selected the occoutioa o
lay the-corner atone ota new lodge. • 1:
midi Veapeet eanaothapaids . to the _
ory of the good and gieet.,, 'We bait
a good sign, when we fee thine whoin
r i .
to.becorne adOpted citizens; together
those - who already by ion, ir
in eldebrating the' m‘mory of this' tip
tat tat Illraithington. I ik4earge e- Pr%
of /Wptibli_tnin principles and; repo*"
'Ph Awes ? , Four at this SW. his •
ouniteiOiimy, chit aesit ' ?e. a bar' fit 4
sa;r4maylvania. •
GE* George Kelm - bas been
ioaiell Cq i ,, s gr . spiloy Ake Iqqg
•" - 1
RIMS Dwe4; 6 --!,*kPiSilWii' — ' 4 4;4ei4'sa es.
Critiefrom by
the Hoe. George It%-.liiner and Henry at.
Wise, relative to the fatal umiak between
Maws: Cillefiuld Gravel. Th*corren
Ekondence between .the _principals
t aw's,
that - the affair grew - out 'of a, 41 , point of
;bawl.," as it termed, bigh l 'parties en
\ tertaining fa ,Each Other sentiments of
mutual respect, Mr. Gmeihad been the
bearer are challenge for Mr.Cilley from
Col. Webb,, *Bich the latierbal declined,
" beams he 'did nof.ebothie be:arawn
into a controveriymiith Webb," and
Mr. Cilley refusisig - to. state f 4, whether, he
declined to receive ills communicational
the ground of any personal exceptioti to
him, is a gentleman. or ;man of hon Sr."
Mr. Graves 'hostel( iittositt bound to WO
port the ettoracter of his friend by seodng
Mr. Ciller a challenge . This - is the s rt
history of the origin of the duel. How
Iginentable, that au event sitragical shoOld
hive sprung from so inad.eiluate *
The practice ofd othing is openly repro
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bibited by penal *aloes; it is invert e
kes secretly protected and encouraged iby
public prejudice or . custom.
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per applide.
After the reception of this note fromr.
1 4
Jones. Mr. Wise called on him, at Dr.
Reilly's, and informed Mr. Jones that .Mr.
Gravek bad procured a rifle other than that
left it his room by, Dr. Duncan, and
would be ready fur the meeting at 3 -er'-
clock, P. M. It was then agreed that the
parties should Weed at the Anacosta brid' ;
on the road to Marlborough, in'Meryla iid ,
between the hours of one and a half a d
two and a halfo'clock, "P. M.; and if either
got their first he should wait for the other,
and that they would thence proceed outlet
the District. Accordingly, the parties
met at the bridge, Mr. Cilley and his
party arrived there first, and all proceeded
about 2 o'clock, P. M., to the placelof
meeting. On arriving, at the place, Mr.
Jones and Mr. Wise immediately proceed
ed to mark off the ground. They then
decided the choice of positions, and con
sequently Mr. Jones had the giving of the
word. At this time_ Mr. Junes was in
formed by_ Al r. Wise - that Iwo gentlemen
(Mr. Caloun of Kentucky, and tHr.
Hawes of Kentucky)- were =t coins die
tance off, spectators, but they should este
approach upon the ground. Mr. Jon s
replied that he objected to their comide
on the ground, as it 'Was against the air
tides of the meeting. but he entertained
for them the highest respect. Mr. Mee
also informed Mr. Jones,tbal, centrary to
the terms, he bid brought on the gruudd
two rifles; that if he (Mr. Jones) reeeinid
him to do' 11:4 he would immediately seed
one of them away. _Upon Mr. Jones find.
ing that the.riffe was unloaded, he consent.
ed that it should remamin one of the ell
riages.--There were,. it is proper to re
mark, several minims on the ground,(be
sides the hack drivers, eel the two geir .
denten, before, mentioned at a distancis,),
who were there without the 'authority dr
consent of either party-dr their friends,ir .
fat as is known either to Mr. Jones or. M .
.Wise, and one Ofthese persons Was trep
posed to be the owner of the field. Shorie
ly after the hourot. 3 o'clock, P. M., the
rifles were loaded- in the presence of tlfe
- seconds; the parties were called together;
they were fully instructed by Mr. Junes iis
to their position, and. the words twice re
peated to - them, es they would be, and is
they were, delivered to'them, in the el
change of alms. After this they were
ordered to their reepeelive positions, the
seconds assumed Weir - places, and the
friends accompanying the seconds were
disposed along the line elf, fire; to Wiser,*
that each trbeyed the-terms 'of meiting.-j
-.Mr:, Jones gave - the wont distinctly. audi
bly. and -in regular
~succession, and the
parties' exchariged shots Without radatiag
in . , the least ,a dingle insanction. They
troth missed-` - After which, Mr. Wisie
called upon the friends girie:nifty tootle*
ble and bear what .11rita to be said.-
ly—is the
t represe4t
mole T4y
'ce, it is
gone oreVlto
w stockjOb•
'log io, - sea]
i 7, they will
who betnirt
rof sits r,
fate which
Upon the assembling of the 'friends. &h.
Junes. inquired ,of Mr. Wise whether his
' • d (Mr. Graves) was satisfied, - lkli .
Wise immediately saint in substance:l
- Junes, these - gentlemen have come
here without animosity toward eactinther;
they are fighting ! merely „upon aittum.of
honor;-cannot Mr. - ridgy, assigW_Wme
reason for not receiving •at Mr. Gravea'a
bands Col. Welth's e eteteletkethtet In . e
some-fidiaclaimer illicit i,ilC - raliere M ..;
i s
-Graves • from . his,position.r. - Mr. J o
replied; lied- ~ in substance : "Whilst the Of
rep 4
lenle is iFfimuli9e.Mi. ,qii,l,4.cast:pia et"
no exphinattiin." 'MrAKIO salkin mill
stance: • 4 4 he exchange of shots ,
the-challenge, IMlgs-,cilelhelge fe et4i
Mr. Apnea' ifiereupoii:taid lie` would ow '
Mr. Gilley, ea'C'4id . :ll 6 'hi..)ajlAc , lie ik
tunied,juid iskatl - Mr;_Wiiiii again: ,
Wise, du I understand arigliktbat-die-chal
lene as suspended:rt . - -110.1Wite answer'
ed :: -- "it - ttO P - slevo:o4 '' , lii Otkebi+r
tip_ ritoi .Ith eli4 ! lr ? -: *i r '.-.oifilei. ,-..-
that it Wel Zhee1i.)4V0411.9:40 give ,the ea
piahatiim or:rimiint intuiting: Mr. JOnett
then said - in. iiteliiti r inee: ' • , Mr: Ar4e; if
You tequila iiiiiiiiiiii ighlf 4, oft: toy,
in, writing, [shall requiritlAnCto pui,w:-
you have Paid. eet_lesi:eel, in , Writing "
Mr. Wile kepitedi ”Well, ki terheart .
explanation, bdiforehte„ ds I" - irana)P, nips
ekevallv7 to P l o:4 4 4criii44!, Mr,..iiibis
'thee k pinceedel, ailteitowthishs, who*
tialifict.say: , " atificirme' d;i..bY,titiy
fr*hd,lllr. Cpl litiOn*l l ihit Witch4li
1 0 2ve - esilitti''lletit:Even - lei. - thivitir,:inie,
1',.. -, :i:::: . ,'..-.-'i . '''z,;,: . .: -,e'''',
porting to be . •• 1. Webb., ho meam •
no disrespect ` to-_! , . clelswili•'hileause he
entertained:_ fiir, - , - -• •as he now dm,
the hightail res. - '; . the Wig tai lsJi feel
ingi ; but - that bit .d need' to Meer, the
note, because be l, , - not to be drawn ca.
to any controller ith 'Ca IVebb.".-i
-1 Mr., Wise thinks - 4 smites or tars. Jones
was, in substa -, folltris 4.4,,
authorised by my e ~ ,Inr. Cilley,, to sa,
M taisr. ie &relining ." eive **le fro
r. Gp),V1#1;:p11 i ' jig to. hi. I . oafs •
Webb, he 'Wiese 1 . ditregiseet to ' il t r ;
Graves, beeettiei e entertained for li,
I l'a
then, sikhis:4 o o4 . ..the hillbOt rest
end thijiitosttin. feelings ; but my fneed
refusee:to diedl truirespec f t - H 11 li. C 4
Webb,"lieCause , - does not _ohoOlss to he
drawn into, an eX . - ron of opiton mite
him." • Such ' ii 4 e- . binomial? fferenoe
now bettriefilthe two' seconds, is to t
answer , Of ; um °Wee Tho frimida n
each side, with ' e 1 seconds then s .
from each other,' o .considi otexi th is e =
planation. i• A der. mulls dope hit. IIN"
'returned to mt. 1 o es, and said: , 41 'M .
Jones, this
,anise r leases, risco Graves
precisely isithe . . • in wlnekibeetOd
when Me chalice was, sent.',', " Muth
or l on
conversation then nsued ~ between:_ die
seconds arid `theft tends, but nki nearer
approach - to , v it iation 'being made,
the challenge_ ; 4enewed, and another
shot was •vSehan 'in a matter perfectly
fair acd.hqi.ewitb to all rupee. , 'l'
Cher this, the seconds and the friends
again assembled, aidithe chalklnge wt.
again withdraw ed very similer conver
sations to that ' a 4c4 the first exOartge of
shots again en .1. - Mr. 1364 1 the n I.
marked—" Mr. Ole, my friend in e
ing to the round, find exchanging i s
with Mr. Graves, liasshown to the w d
that in crdclinin ' tio receive the mite f
Cot. 'Webb, he kt rut do . ito :because e
dreaded a ' coil ray. - iii., hos- oho a
n il
himself. brave"
"- „end -disposed to o
der satisfaction i r: Grate& 1 4 dothink
that he, has don , and dia. the mutter
5h001,41e14 gee& ITo this s lB ' :Win et
, plied,i. ilUbetapf --"Mr. Jones, t Mr.. Pil
ley les already reseed his respect or
Mr. Gravel in th Written ciorreeponden*,
and. Mr.'„Graves ries not repots: of r.
Gilley. a Certi fi cat of chismeter,, for 1.
Webb; he consid imi:biniself..bOund t'
only to preserve t i respect die-tis . himself
but to defend the onor'or hio-t c
Webb."- These. ids - 4414r: s Mrines - ilic e :
Jones recollects, • Mr.- Wiseildriks
add4*- words • 4 , Mr. Graves limb , hp
eats that he has net, borne ' thei..,k#etAra
men who is - nos a in orbodoroml . *ilia
gentlemen2'? ~„Ail Weseltmote cess'vertse•
titer; endieeffect sitorisptetti Mlle. the
matter; the ehelle • 'firatfagain 'renewed;
and Whtletiliefe rids Were itgaiikloidir*
the rifles for; the 4 lid exchange Of shots,
Mr. Jews -and ri Wise walked omit,
land each pro -to the other*ximmely
to settle the affair ' Mr: '!.. .shad Ml.
Jones, "jf Mr. C Ily mask( 04 4 Mign tlr a.
reason Air declhil , gi to reeeive.the note.
Col. Webb; Is' (1144-Cilkyj did not
hold , hirosnlf nom • Wilde to Col* . Ale billr
words sphinia in ',. =M elee? " Mr. tone s' •
plied, that. 0 :111r:: flay.wraild Ocit aiirigA
that reason ( loran • _he did note -to
understood as imp ' rime • w •
emir' he was or. ' not aecoun . slite f r
words spoken in d haie." - Mr.Wisethen
according - Ns. hie -,- lectiiii,wskett Mi.
JOGICF, whether- , Willi* yioulia not*
that in declieing- SO teitive "the f nta
Col: :Wash,* H st nti di e '' `t .to
iii Mk
,Graves, either ,di die or :.f .etWirr
To-which Mr. J , - ‘reptied aft restively ,
. -' .•
ontertaini fluttiet
obtuse he „chore fel
roversy with-co ..We
s anatory Cotrioraiti*
' thitlhyd ofia,
t's , rY. , igistencit•
I.last *eltantio,
tut.' J tnetr,
adding, "Mr. atilt
respect fol. - bar. G
receive:the note,
drawn intone con(t
After . further. ist
the -
of shots,
is not t iei
`tettaiil ilie
GraveLF- . ‘
, to Int
,I , 0:0 *eat
neth was ,
see mr CI ..
r ' ed f mr •C", i
' 1 * 4 07
, .. .. ... ..,
1 4 0 00:: thot ' ;
*lied 1. r
litionient . tas*i.; ,
thaliJaynroa: tit Mr.,'
nit tkatircniti 4 d l , $0"
renriict4:7 , o4 .'
vrer. - .-mkvse i ,
that thenAlateei rte
nil inatemilini4ll4ifin
ir of h'
r frie r
s l ,' in:9 o ' -
(I the, living.and te ilia
fertile-only - purpose
eat in the public minf,'
10 all Ottlbe4ciettne
Which sire , , is: fi l t.
te itave telly, and anti ?
raft' wa trakand (*P'
•Pi ai r.' * 1 al; ewer*
tea - 7 tki diiifaii
ever in ' inebithis &el ,
We e nds Venal `to 44
#eordin tcr tintalle
ial' : rgribaFibi
to mr.
When Inr.
44'12' Mr:- Win
' 4204,"b . e re leaf
all the , aid iaAtis:;
me; 4otti'vontin
`abut' enchanged !
• - Such 1; Awns
tin! 'titikt,ttitiatn a
mike i,
coal nancennad,
dead ;.-iind-jt is ni
o% allaying welts
len `i-uP* lll4l
ei'Qugkrurtiroe. •
4fivitittlis stated
In fear f.ungea
and ;- - licititietaget-ni
to 1144 f fen
ron4re ,
itrecti.lin 4 l ls
" •
Winn :jape,
tepiiefd tr I •