The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, February 28, 1838, Image 2

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4106—What good bad *wee
'et; the broker.of Well Si mit
t Street.'reply. Treasum..itertea
A intettlisnit*ulitdiscou'nettrt. 14-htbattrtbilteeit.
- adis — -this . . mint Tort To accustom the
.'`lCisit*tter hagoternment issues rif.papei..
.. 46 .1.wi11 - t
~ ye:tog:tees one, .(said M.
l a
CloyAfe! 'arm of those notes, a moment.
'• Hite ' - 't: - ",iinel' I wilt r•return ill"
;111.160.41 , likinsegeiltlemsn having band:
mi; ig
•.:. -od mo t ' he held it up;--" looks' nor'. ;
-.:-.host4d •"' rthis : herd money govern.:
i' egetititermuhterfeitial bank notes. The'
.'focopy*i Users highly colored s more erne
` ~
--:....ciented,an-the-original-4nore fin remor
-•',datteti,terth-what beltartothegovernarent .
le&-dt lin Signed by two of f icers,
--:*like :ndteti--and -ts• for $5O —payable
'"' . .sits i • - ', All this was only -to accustom
" . '' . 4111'4e:.. 4 iiite.gottirnment iota% arid -tech=
•• • irre libel see -gOrge tarty ornamented
ibilli - . o Amery 'denotnirtatioa, small land •
. 1 . ..,_ '.hug e; i ' 'rig 'from fits Treasury." lin.
....Artesia a thiscouree, Mrs { Clay was. of :opi- ,
• .c,,i'on
..i. lt
t tOry Inking proper measoree--„
Ladiditi 'totes of autvent arid sound • hinits.
''-tree 11 l einwayment erpublic does-khe
- ....ftestimption - of specie payments might bare
- Amin- trasileti- tented. The government.
• . staiildastitheaheinthe market for specie 41
''. atettbe Wks wottld -grave had _fair play.;
' ,'.:lik,thentietureed theTreasery note-tethw
.• •-igentlenstut Who bad loaned it, thariked in m .
. • *aping that he -should be' charged Ito ins"
toilet lopon -. ,it, as nme was . payable ;epo.i:
the fenecf the note.')
f into next proof in the chain of 'test is
• ' : ffprinii tdlito the general intention of the
4Rdiniiiiittration,ascribeitibit, M r. Clajecorri
aide o ti the 4reoeut reported law, in re.
- ilati iii 'the seven millions of mites - 0011 ifi
. ' finites
O der the old charter of the United
stoloirt o oahl . .
t . u o t of 'my venerable friend, the chair.
mitt °Tithe committee on the judiciary,
estpOrtifd, that lbill, I sbould be tempted. to.
• leayetliat torreport smelt a measure was
word. deserting cif being a
affentrit,thauthat which the 'bill ()Imposer
-to,prehibit. What was now wanted, was
4 ,. ) lagond eirculatiou. Those notes circulated
ifteelY,and the -people of the comitry con
fided-in them. They )were worth more
dhibra.iiiii Woodbury & Co., aided by tire
talenteofthe chancellor of the exchequer,
4(1 milk pardon, the ea.chancellor 1, shotild
• ihretiriaid—for he broke the other day,; in
a -edified with the -new premier,) mere
. than - they all could make their TreasOry
,notes swarth..
Mr. - Clay would asit the ,chairman of
• itheCommittee en tire judiciary himself; if,.
when he leaves Nashville to ,come 'here,.
;he &sea not put some, et least, of these
netniteuttary mites' into his pocked
... HS. CStaindy replied, playfully, that. la
y travelled on specie, of course! - 7. 11.111 C1ay. I 'know my venerable friend
• &Pair/aye very opeiious. Sul lie need not
Steel win. /Omen himself is said to have
foaled Willie green silk purse isomer& these
Avery .netes, by some singular occident.
HS meaty find out the fact;
bu t t sod! was. -
- sk Illis. 'Clay found -in the daily (hutment
- tidos df the press, and of -the party ,- from
litirriegidene derralte the ineentlat ; imp;
pertarof the adninietration, in the . one
need heat every where raised bixhat
' against the banks of the country,
a 'l
that all this war bin a part of, the
• alight& grand systemouelear away' the 1
' rubbish, and to prepare for the great glee..
the Government Bank: Anin her
..,. reef yet, was, the high erica mffered by
tillieeprrernmentfor specie. And Mr.iclay
' thismasneed this cempetitinn as purposely
with the eudeav ere Of the purposely
, j a arieviegspetie payments., He theecon
1, li , _ that he had sustained , his --ibutth
, i llittimitoiz.
• * I li L . ca m e . ~
. 1 .- . 3 taxi- to the considerattno of
010 bill under consideration, and staid, as
- ilfikaad last proposition, thirt'thi l s . , trali
, a•part-Of the lame, grendsehel.' He
. , fallyintothe examinationj more fully
`,- to welarre room to fellow ;him {it this
~, ma: Atie showed the boundless Meese
,'esiry power it gives the Executive—he
: -vitihnisad !taw tithe power omit ineiiitably
• . artiiiir -a il that it goes to tliii - ver . e. point
be edstolishing. a Hovernmetit Bak—a
r teasu zscati ry ve. but Th k e ,
p under wer thea
do control ferr 0
-1:, Pidifitt-Itatel, at pleasure , When b ind. thegfih in e
;;, :srliatleantitsis he may deem exriedient,
...!11.11411 it rests in the secretary of the tree
. saryihy Iliteicitth section,waS particular
- ly-drett upon. He showe hojir thi,siould !
operate to place all the money oft ' fir- i
a ,
istranemt at. he will of the Executk , and .
!that it was a system which einuld4render
.1 tha t government itottraly intiepe ent of
.. ,thrt-peeplai.; ' = . 4 . i - lil -
'.•By patties' eases, he d monstra ed the
f pertain tendency to, this Po.nlur
oft . 'ea
. I , ..marer,iii thecons . equines - of' ts a Upticm.
1 itbrabotired ' heir icevitairly -der' " lions
it Inas.
.C'ensue. when it sh d' he - - o il by
'..1'1 144 , 04 !tef.' for. *Aimee- ' Pre 'York,
.1-,y/haret Moat the. moiety ' ' ' luridly
! :teencimteate. that having •41, ' , ' ' two t o
10af..60P°069 out, ha .about
.` tvor Ilartilt , Isom than is treaded Tto Meet
1 t h iedragiithiefi will come in.! , The result
1 wouldhtt itcf. length a purepapir basis,
1, without gni . ..thief .tohase it n. }i
' , .' B'4 ; lit . iitstlibridge our; del' to he
.. • soobsol . mk
M. i ,.., fai , ,
A • .gook . .- ' r. 4 y c tended
~ ` l:atittriaanitly - to be found i idirisitin
.:,power. That 7 wait, - -the sY tons of this
1,, ir.toiner ..., 14 • The Connexion of t ll y States
i p...t
.1110.4istinet capacitiesi wit thgilgeneral
. ,
ate finjtl4
--:.litom ill .
1 5 041
i A eg.
~ ~~~ ;
•1 . •
, t, ,,,,,,,c- „,- ' ; '--.•••.-4-•,- - ',..„,.;$ 4.a. tri -,.. „ _
..,' ',,,,,,, ." - t1 ''':::, .-..; " 1 - 4 . '''' .4.' ,,,. , :,_-_,&•- • ;"• -4 .:F ''44 - *" .. z 11 . .."
, i- s•'- : - ... , 1 .. .
- —l-4-- '
__A‘' ,4. ' P ?At, elliiii'AiStilatilie:
i •- • , ' sa- - V- - ''. , " ,- - - 1 ',WP!.._ _ Wr:!:fff .-ti 'enters tithe 0 n , 1.. - r -
will, '
gotiemiietit, "wati-lt duced - andfdomment-,.,... . ..___,___,_
, .
ed 'on - , in proo 1;1 The: ii Stites flattlre: . inel it , 0 171 ;; :77.47-z n p v 7i n , iut „ . 1 , 4
-anitheState iflliinka Were sitnnied'il"he i l i f e .. n - ,pattl i -iseAneatinettr•tbe cet ei
safite-Telative !manner: They -Winked' the \
. t snarls
ep-the high spartieaTenderniati,
wiiii , togethdr; ihtd woOld:allnin' - . 13 4 14111- tlfilfr . Clay then come . to the ciinsid •ri
vi hit -consolidated power in the hatids of . ,
y iiiiit of . itt. - Clihoun i e'llitesiwseChin'f o
the' .governinnn,t, ' Mud i tievitablY d°Tr°- ay of, the. SuhrTreaspms•Billr—andcm
: - •
the local , banks, and bring the w,
the feet of the general government lei p
' i'l ' e r to ' tliciiiingli Weil - airil y
e _mike of it.'
.f 4; some pertkin-olthiboardedcointorthe tiathantnoht:3(waollosw"
. untr-3. i ‘. *' • !'‘ I; r t r in ee r t i ly 'rthe snea — esti ;E r vintig ul in li do .
, O
Mr. Davis
•• •her proposed ' to ,adjourn, but ishinuthe p o sitions assumed by the 9to
Mr. Clay said he would'go threugh r : • tor from South testi-aline, •ohe afie th
h ever other iiittliejr•regulaiorder. • This w ti
-- most argumentative, part•orthe speech at
et a
omethi like it had existed in
the lteha4 ol e t n bi ideas b l i ag ll i' h t° ad idl o u r iff ig w ina e te_d n _ .
was devoted to en exposition ofthe s. hi
Sng :• 'Fa
under Nat:Olean, and now existed unde e r . 'tries and false conclusions comprised . 11
he presents Government of that-nation.—. - effort of Mc. Calhoun.] .
It. was founded on the polierofe Mr. Clay was extremely weak th •ug
l ing t h e trengthen-
Government by increasing the Dorn-.
out she delivery of this speech; but nit
lber of its official •Representatives- ,-vetri'. l e ec o t s u e a wi l •vigor combatted suecessfully 'tl
th physical dtbility, and -reit ler
Frenahman loves, in hr 'own person,
dna. I
this one of his most splendid perforia act
represeht coitus portion of `ale gran
The hall was crowded , the wholi H. se
two," but this did. not seem to be the origin
Representatives were in attendanc , a
of the scheme. He had lookedinto th Nel e Re
although the elocpient Senator was .0 ' lig
-or the-old Knickerbockers of
York, end thought he had discoveredsthev frequently to support htmself again -t t
model upon 'which the bill was framed.
railing of the bar of the Senate, fr • m t
[llerehe read seine battalion and
,fatigue, yet did he' c. ' tin
extradts 'f_rom a his-.
throughoutto enchain the dense m titu
tory of the etirly days of New York, and,'
, ,
hocied, that Gov. 'Fleicher, ' a general in breathless attention for four ho rs
Jackson sort of a fellow," by a similar an uninterrupted flow of eloquence.
course of policy, in which he *neuter '
successful! however, . had made himself
completely }indepen dent of the people and
the Legislature, whom he had-brought to
beg him itu.the money to pay their owri...
clerks. '''Oia is all worthy ore more fun`
account, hut we must renew our apology.l ,
And where did this bill come from f—.l
What is its source? The fdratber cif the
hill residas 'in a curtain White Houser not
far hencepand who •is the•enderstr , The'
distinguished Seuitterfrom • SonttiCaroliria..
What the . ititternow :iiiirika of the drawer,
him cautions reserve on that point forbids
its to knutv. But whatoVere his opinions of
his scarce two short years ago; rings still
in ,he -ears . of many a Senator on this door.
He•descriged him ag being -nut one of the
lordly beast of the forest,• net •-fhe noble,
generous and brave lion, hut one of the
rascali of the !lower herd. Mr. President,
I never entertained such an opinion as that
of the Drawer. Him I have ever consid
med, a gentleman : bland, courteous, and
dispensing the hospitalities of his noble•
mansion with great hourieq, and extreme
attentiveness to his guestis. But, sir, while
I I say this—while I aver that I hold •the
man as entitled to respect and considera
non, the Imagistrate 1 cannot look upon
i bin with detestation. • His public charac-
tar descries condemnation, and it iS of that
i am not, speaking-
Mr. Clay alluded to Mr. Calboun'abav-'i
lug said in a recently 'published letter that
(e boort/dee our ally. So, Sir, he )was.- 1
We were working toge th er in a common l
and glbrious cause. We all recollect bow,.
day_ atter day, With a doleful countenance, 1
we weirelokl by that distinguished Senator,
about the depravity of the times—the Ire.
me tug and growing extent.of Executive i
mil - ,of the necessity of arresting the
downward progress of things. In those
l'urtiliOdings, Mr. Cloy said he shared to
some•estent —l.lo, lieenst..iiimi to 1o.)14 on.
the - bright side of thine rather than the
dark,' he had thought 'the 'Senator had
sometimes drawn somewhat upon his im
aginOtion, in coloring the picture. ,
'But the gentleman says he has now quit I
us, qnd chides us I'4 net renewing him;
and, es' he tele us, in the document al'uded
to, because the victory that he foresaw Wel
inight_Win was not to enure to him and his I
party.", I thought, sir. that in fighting the'
ltreat b'atile of 1 13:14. we were struggling for 1
the rights and interests of the country—
and nOt for these of a party. We weire!
labciring, I thmight, to expel the Goths
from Rome, and 16 •hanisb the Vandals '
froin the footing. they had obtained in the,
Corril4l. Sir! I RID ren.inted by this al,
lusicri; to rare, who, though neither a (s'oth
nor Vandal, was expelled from Rome; .
upon a nremorahle occasion. I mean
Brennus, the Gaul, who, when the Romans
were weighing out to him' he gold which
wail the price of their freedom, threw:into
the scale'his swordl—and he, sir, was ex
pulled from Rome!
The Senator quit us, sir, because the!
victory was to enure, not to his party, but
An ours, if fie remained. . And under what
formidable circumstances did he leave us ?
Ile•went - over to the enminy's camp with
alf.his party here,—horse, font and dra-,
!pions! And his horse, foot and dragouns
were: all—his own single 4.011 He took up
his musket andrshot ptiuch, and marched
corer, sir, -like one of, hs new- round allies
ie another case , "pont ry and alone !"
[A prodigious iiensatim I- 1 - • -
3,4 t,
. 4 1 The- earliest instance within (iv recoiled.
turn; said Mi. • Clay, of l bis withdrawal of
air ally from an army, Was at the meow•
ableseige of 'froy.--Achilles withdrew his
,assess and forces, and r'mined aloof from
1 .
the scene .of strife, in su len inactivity.—
Until, provoked by the -nth, of his friend
befu're the siege, he led h v avenging ariniii
against the city, drove lus Troioiii back'
Within the wails, and illthe-heat - and
noblest of the sons of Pria , 'Bid Achil
did not enter the canip 'fthe TiVaiist
*nil 1, he had been wronge too. But sir,
We did not wrong- thi•lgn noble Senator.
Welrespected him fur his' 'Hitler:, his ac
knowledged geitioryhts - sit rised patriot.
tam,' and, what we thou • he then juts
-stmerld in an eminent deg' bis stern end
I' II t he left u..; —he his' ne;—lie has
Paarphlets„Cheeks, Cards, Bit
Randbills of every destriptaon,rutitly,
4,13.41.. 1 701PA.N11
It is w ih surprise that 1 'bast
Amoral of your last papers, oppcad
incorporation of coal companies.•
mato,be rather ont of;place for tl
paper establiahett- Arse, .to oppose'
bills which may be conaidered t
acter, and to be operattve in
film us. —I also think that oppose
corporation of Cod Companies •
lion, is contrary 'to the public .
not aware thatrinetirportted companies ean•
and transport-coat, at a -cheaper rate. than
vidttals. ' -Experience has nut shown this t.
the case. How then can the incorporatio
companies interfeie With,rir predjadlea Jodi
oil enterprise 9 That 'they have not yst don
in the Schuylkill-region. is expressly adm
in the Miner's Journal. The same thing i
doubt true with respect to the rest o 7 the
- •
The foregoing is the cowm en nu.
an ertirle, 4n favor . of Coal Cern tiniest
the last - Harrisburg intellige nt r. '
writer is unfortunate thiougho boti
his reasoning's and.anOrerities. With
gard to its "biting. out of pia for
Editor's of the paper - above me tient
oppose. the incorporation of lcm
Hies, we remark, that in our op ni•con,'
opposition is on indispensable a of di,
en the part of the conductors o t he pews
papetpress, thronghont the State;els , ery
Independent and- Faithful serititiel of the
people, within the limits of Peansylvaithia,
shOuld openly proclaim opposi 'on to all,
'coal monopolies! - The Old IL ystotie is
now in imminent peril not oni of being
c i
overrun, but 'overwhelmed irit l corpora
tions,. far 'stock - jobbing purpo es, under
the flimsy pretext thut they d net inter
fere with individual enterprise; and we re
gret)ir to per c eive that they ha e already
acquired such an ascendent over the
press generally, as to impose' on it the
charin e silence! We say that the ~ press
generally, appears to be muzzled ii• Icor.
poratiems. .. Their agents are! numerous,
their influence extensive, and their capital
consideruble enough to effect 'evil and to
accomplish their sinister de jgns. The
Harrisburg Intifllliericet, is e'en a thou
sand! It deierveS no rebuk ; but
praise for it* patriotism and in pent
With regard to the ethnical° a the
nets' Jour*, we remark, 1 I no)
has no mill admiasion'been ade, la
very reverse ofsuehan admix 'on eici
ly declared' in the last numbs of th
ners' Journal. We there eta s that i
porated coal coMpanies hav done
positive harm 'in this regi n ; at
statakkil'eady to adduce the pr f whe
requited. tWe havii no 'oil don 1
of ineOrporation for making il.roat
this is a mete.pratext in 'm st ins
where mining privileges a ago
ct. few miles of rail road Ina be tat_
every coal company bill; anct then, accor
ding to the writer's agreeine it,hebold the
" true principle 0 . dish clime. But
" the true principle,' after al4 is to leave
the'bosiness of mining wall hi indiVidual
p / 3
enterprise. , The hinuired cif' , Miles
. or
rail roads; seentin this regi n , haver been
constructed by individual o tortrin rail
road 'companies- Coal iximphnies have yet
done little in this way, exclerVt for their
own exclusive use, and nev6r itch. The
Lehigh and. 'Lackawanna and! other
company= regions permit In incli
competition therein. Thislls , whit
sired here,. but we level 4i legit
will defeat. the designs 4'oo nor
--- 4/11;:. Perm:Ws Beak
vans and-o hers have date
mithistg_to do with
it being of a destrtictive
hay, resulted to leave_ the
thei in the hands of its eri
der,that they may alone
aid glory of-raising the st
pass-it inits.riresent form. .
Ofteri4-;..Ty Ify, dim the
latelligtricer. aq
Po tkNOP, l 4iolo . ltkikrocee'
carbon? Areihey.afraid
. -
- .7C;,, - t I !ilk:- - V IF,: ; "--,•:. g",, .....4 ... •-• V. a ,f.
1 '•-,,. ,-.4.trn.. c 4;, , ' 4t . '::F - ``. - 4 'l ',4 ''''.',,,l,- - "' ';' 4,1 1 " . 'it;-..1.J . -'..11,-.'
..... :4 „,..,„, - ~ .- , -- , -.3-_
~... t-.1.z.,,._
~ 7 _,-4 :..
' 41,..1 It TU.. . ,....thatAntsw_ateflowfik :
. Stonhton, 'tbeAlltutMth, bkeyrialersektno•
' p liopgy i aiCtitielitiieteitied incitie - atNinniS
l i
ii Web* Co y. - ;We wonder if -these ,
.: gientlecnen ex t teplay the - same game
t. .or nionopnly 'be eas in New 'Jereeit They'
1r - seem • to have Sp the legislature-of
i t New 'Jersey completely, on the subject o .
'e rail realist Thy litive'theremotiopoliaeit„
it is understood, the 'whole state.-right,
,I. -title, and'ilrivilege,lof -making rail roads!
sod here, perhaps, they expect 'to mono.
-olise . the whOle baiinesa of mining , coal.
e Weather.•+. During the whole 'of le
d week we had a contimuince Of clear blu
sky in the day time and piercing , col
• e
-star-light nights, -the snow afronling
sleighing, diid the merry sleigh•ells jin•
h 'gling almost: incessantly. Our Mai b n stre iti
exhibited Mimberless sleds and wagons
edladen with. produce which we hope w 11.
continue to visit us, as the market is ll
0 3 .
brisk. :The sleighing is not so good •
'low as above -us. ' The turnpike below;
tir .
ed in many places worn bare. The west 1
• - .
still continues -cold.
The Reformonvention adjourned .n
He Thursday last. 'The amendments in de
de to the Constitution will shortly be laid -
by, Tore 'the ,people.
In the Houset at Harrisburg, on •he
20th inst. Mr. Laverty offered a .jointf re
solution to instruet our,Sentitors, dr.!. to
procure the passage' of Ca law, to gra it a
bounty to Messrs. , Loi and Rrrwg
Clearfield count*, for their success in ma
nufacturing iron with bituminous • r I.
Laid on the table,.
Washington's BiOth'Diity, at a a-
bu4.--Washingten's Farewell Ad. ress.
was read before; the Governor, He. • s of
Departments,and - Members, &c.r rthe
Hall of the ioute, and 8,000 copies -order-I
ep to be printed for circulation. '
The Tide Lock Canal Bill naa pissed
through committee of the whole, ip . tke
inc i iiottse.
' Accident.—We. learn that 'a woman,
h i d _ residing in a shinty., on the Norwegian
e so , rail road, was burned to death, on Idon
itted 'last, by her clothes \taking fire. - We
•no have not learned the name of-the woman,
nor any of the ptirticulars attending-this,
of dreadful 'accident.
a, in Political Signs.—Nine persona, who,
The voted for George Wolf at the last election,
) 1 in accidentally met in a store in this borough,
re- one evening •laiit week; the subject ofcon-•
The versation turned upon politics; and every ,
ad to one of the nine declared their determine-
tion to vote for Joseph Ritner, et the en-1
this going election., It is believed that nearly:
•v, two thirds of those who supported George'
• Wolf, at the list election an this county,
will vote for Joseph Ritner in October
Fanny Wrightis lectiring to the loco
' More locl Feeohnii.u--The eimstitution nfNkw
fistimshire fbrbids any peraOn from bolding an
in that State and from I.lm General,Goseen--
Mani' at, the same tinie. Notwithgtancting this.
provision, it appeals by the following arida That
Gov. Hill has been violating the Constitution. of
his State by aarsay holding Cm (Ate et Pension
Aient at the same time, , -
33 The New Hampshire Courier stye, "'We •
have at last vitistdute evidence that Isaac Hill,
now acting Governor of this State, iwactoallyC an
officer under the Government of the United States,
(Pension Agent} whereby 'bps office as Governor
Marder.- , -Wdle!trn that • pedlar, by the name
high of Meow% war murdered and robbed near
liaenspcnt, Pa: just week bpi man named Wier,
who has been 'Arreafed, and has eonfintsetl hav
ing committed the deed.
t the The citizeni bfTioga county have held a Meet.
Pew- ing, and approved of the Morse and sate of t Mr.
te Mi- • Johnston on'theSub-Treasury Resolutions in our
tutor- Legislature. The following is. one of • she reap.
lotions passed at the meeting.
nd we Resolved. That wer by whose votes Wm. P.
=never Johnston occupies his seat in the oLegislature of
o ails this State, most cordially approve &the preamble
s r but ,
and resolution loffered by him in the Mouse of
Representatives on the 3d inst. and °lbis course
*ince° in reference to the unwarrantable attack Made
• d for.. upon him by the Pennsylvania Reporter, lolsfrive
him from the position which:as the ittdependent
representative of freemen. he chose. to.take, by
appealing. &twee fo those to whoin he owes alle.
glance, and by whom he will be sustained. •
SOIL tar arenas' Jottcria.
I do not doubt but the Miners' Joentel will
contain the resolutions of the Rouse t.iflie*-nen
wives knd the Senate °lcor Stati,logetliterith
the admirable. "jecauses n . of this law.: as (Wed
by Mr. Penrose, and carried on the lltirkfie vote
of IS to 121 Those glorious fifteen his' thereby
deserved inks - ions' honour.. It is" delightful to
every honest men. and all who are not the in
sane slaves of party, or the dupes of designing
knaveroo see the Egyptian Night of Jackson
Van Sarenisni passing away, and the light of
reason and honesty dispelling the gloom which
lies for nine years enveloped this spell boandWa
don. The Wife "successor's hes indeed followed
in the footsteps of pledeeesaor.
Me was no doubt the wire miller from thei.begin
-I.ning, and the4ifeat partner of the niflinions firm
I of Kendall, plair, Whitney find compitnij.and so
completely cdernsitted to his partners in ituarery,
that be was obliged, when he came irdis the "suc
cession," fp . retain the meridackew-Globe as "the
official's bur glorious Staley thruilt i heaven, is
old of the fog, Ind We see her nobh prpperti ons;
and . we may hope, in a very Wife tintesmore her
light will spread thronghout.thewhole Quinn, t u id
consign the heartless demigoguers. and
,gang of
'deceivers and primates to disgrace end_ m&my;
.and that Jackson Van Burenism will only b e „ re ,
mernberedout a bacon for posterity.. tp . gong a.
pima the infatuation of glaring rtietan,, those
usual destiwYer• Whitman liberty sad _derninat
inn of natthps, called . •
mined to hove
t#of this bill,
. Ste.
tdeney, but
jeet almoge
. tors, in or.
the honor
should they
itors of the
-done _des
.g or the De.
held, at 'Port
do sot
wma IE, a...
1 1,0— .•fi'e ‘:11.4;',. - I•iVt'''..•'•Vr-o: ` , .t. t'" ' • I '-
1 4 2 '•
' 44 10101 , 1 , 11 4 11"li t l : 47'
•Mrp gintlii:-/USMI4AOn hating 'been re.
• 'red from Harrisburg. that John Schell aid;
during his stay them that he would tr y .. .minds
me ferinis4stateseentsiii:ing eirettlar.r4 the-19th,
Wil,'ln reference to'him. 'This isloinflirm the
said Jahn litilliall. thit-I hehrintailf responsible
for all ccmfilned in that statement; and especial.
ly that pail alluding to Mao; If he Intends to
commence a snit. I would recommend invoice
'Mc bar; as all the facticould then be mere read
ily illicittd: l l# it,1f, 1 04 gi.!,ol.'im, an °POrtu°4l
- before temeintipmatilarrhiburg the re.
suit of the in kitiim. Inif:pitlaqis confirm the
general opia' theirelienew.littevens and Stock.
inch. (thegreat Sew 4execy monuixdistsOfsel a
deep is:terrain the result of theacrinsn Mining
Company Bin, Our Pbnsitor is reqiiested to di
rect ibelittention oral' 'members. whole be as
kindly informed thdt lilr. Schell would com
mence a. prosecution against me. to this commu
nication. 'WM. 11. MANN.
Petteville. tab. 22, lea ' -
sou.Tus afficau'
Tbetilcanst not forget me-4-wherever then art
The spell of oldleelinp mdl twine round thy heart
Like a star, through the &flutes* of time. Mall arise
Past vision" of pleasure on irtemerrealthtef . ,
'Thoneasst not forget aie=ap flower that eprings.
But some fond recolleMion of happiness bangs:
.E 0 bird ever carols his sweet native lays.
But. oaks to thy' bosom of either days.
Thou tenet not fbrget me—m•moredb the bills:
If thou see'm the young Sun. kiss the bright deafen&
Whose eye with.thine 'own, Ire its beatirrincreruid.
atttark'd the day gild 6f glory arise in the east.
Thou canst not forget me When moonlight looks dam*
And glad evening smiles 'neath its bright jewell'd
• crown.
Whose rapt heart with thine. to the land of the blest.
Roved billy, while watobing the star of die west.
Thou coast riot forget me when music is near.
Some long buried echo will wake in thy ear, •
Whose. tones may bring beck that fond mount 'd
Wt. .
Which, save in our memories, we , ne'er may hear
Oh!• can't thou forget toe. whits wild flower and rill
Arefraughtwith Love's soft. anent eloquence still?
Is the water more faithful, the wild flower more true
Then the heart. where affection's young blossoms
once grew
Mr, CLAY closed his speech between four and
five &clock list evening, having,made, all in
all, one of the most eloquent speeehes ever listcn.
t_eined. to, as I sincerely believe, by Iti o ttal
Mr. Clay's_ 11:1111112af, voice, tact, promptness,
rind temper and good taste are peculiarly his
own, and althoogh he bits hdt the intillett of
Daniel Webster, he has ittl - tlikandeiter in modo
which makes a man per&ct arid overpowering.—
As an orator, men purely-intellectual would pre
fer Mr. Wettest, white those who are content
with an uncommon degree oruitellect, added:to a
voice and manneethit open* every avenue to the
hearc - would rather bear Mr. Clay. two
I men, Verily believe; 'have more mind and more
eloquence than any tiro men who ever rived in
one country at one time.—Bali American.
-Wetopy the following account of a duel be
tween Mr. (Wiley, of Maine, nod Mr. Graves, o
entocly, Nilo the letter of the 'correspondent o
the T.ithange in this'citk.
Wunort-rox, Jan. 24,18`!8.
Dees Sna:,4 have only time to say that great
excitement prevails here thii evening. in conse
quence ef• I &tat renrontre between Messrs.
Graves of Kentucky end 'edlicy of Maine. They
fought with 'rides, - commencing at one hundred
paces and closing ten:After eta fire.
They fired three times within:it effect. The
Wirth shot, at seventy paces, proved fatal to Mr.
Cille7 —the ball paising through his body and
earnt_ a ing almost %Krim 'death.,
The parties with the collies were town iitpoift
five o'clock. this evening. - The challenge greet .
nut of i Aarge made by MT. Cillery against
James W. Webb. .111 r. Graves war AttenOd by
Messrs. Wise and Menifee, as seconds. and Dr.
13. as surgeon. Mr; Messrs. Bynum
of North Carolina: and Jones of Wisconsin, as
seconds; and Dr. Duncan ofehio. as enigeon.
Prom the Washington Globe OfSaturday.'
`This evoning•Mr. Calmat' Maine. fell irt•"a
duel with Mr. GitAymr, of Kentocky•rb. oth mein.
hers of the House of Representatisesi -. l They
foci& with 'Meth and, Mr.• Ciitatr was shot
theough 114 body nt,tlMthi,rd fire, and died in
a• few minuies— • •
Mr. drvea had been the bearer or a letter &on
lames Watson Webb.. to Mr.Cn.urr. which the
latter refused to receive. Mr. Graves demanded
the reason. which Mr.Cilley declined giving,—
Mr. Graves thew challenged Mr. Cilley, 'Which
produced the melancholy result we announce
**versant sliNs brills./ 1 1"rovs.—"The New
'TO& Express pais, in speaking of the defence.
statewfonicoorttry,"By Pd ay or /one. file
.some purpo s e .isr_otheir, there will be, it is probs.
15,000 Bripsb troops on our borders, among
the best in the,wprld. It can eerie* do no
hart to put ourseat lw -the seem to look after
them.'.' • '
Counterfeit.—We were handed a counterfeit
fifty cent note on the.Mechar.ic's Loan Company,
but, just Out in chttilatiort. The paper is of
greasy appearance, much the semi as those
the spurious Certificates on the MOltiimensi.
issue, and is about t quarter oleo shutter
than the notes ft ht Intended to imitate. The
shaded part ofthe'mgnette appears as though
seritched with a pen'. The 'figures ethe denbm.
ination are smalLand thieve at the left hand
margin is turned from the perpendicular. The
signature of P: Wager is welt done, burial:hik
er trt- than the gettaufe. Thai medal 'peat.
anemia closely .
Correspondence okk* - 1, Anne.
• 4 66 0.!**411 3 b. 19.18 38 .
The stale 'nisi - Mir '*itiattopin was broken
npenlast evening,ind some SOO muskets taken
out. .Fairbanksimbo is • the keeper, tuts offered
a reward ofs26o4pethemectiery nfthenr.
There tieginstit besontopteitement here upon
tne sabjeapf Canidaik—Many loads of men and
pioMrionshave beett.and.are nor passing- here
for the north... • , • •
Some.of.therit have called at the ,differpiratorea
r for powder. nn. &have bought all that4eme for sale
by, the keg. liVhether it will amount tp any
.thing or:not. !ra cannot determine.
IThe remot a is that there is tt considerable
:fpree myth. frantsm., In Jefferson eouniy,,and that
el _dement opon Canada, at some ; ii`Op&
template& We , dpuht it, hosnrer.)„
It la balicyal3 ita,,ltastom that .die. pop* i
principally implicatO in:the . etriedlnir t!atiaan•
time if tha Fraeklii Pa Biel': brkilahoOrnAl - c4,
to. avoid the praltlea 4 of the htw..... .. _
. .
pin Welah-.Society l.l
bniteS• payi47'
11338. iii the
pectfoily invite • -
titsoiefebeation - 4 - the I
it 9 o • -elook.,A41:
*Mt Willbn,deliveted t
which they peitike
at the above mentioned 0';
of the day Will,bedevOtedl
y_ r orthe
A p
IdEETES6'of th
Weller. in Neer : Vantle.l
to conaltteAtlon the.
totenehip an
Feb. •t..% • '1
~-.~" ~ ._
WHERY,lO4lffit, - by
4aY MOO.
VirligAT l: Vin,
eadAtiiii •
sale, .
RYE CM? 130',e_•,..
OATS 40 etip—read
POTATOES 45 cigar
CORN—W. cents per b
FLASSEED-,4., I' 12
TA LLOW-4 eeip
HAMS 32 eons per i$
CORN. CHOP 80 cent
BACON—I 2 cents pfu
FEATHERW- 1 62 cads
MACKEREL:by the; I
SALT-2 621 per.l*
PIASTER. ii wOrthil
lora; ..
er Per bushel in dei
.411 ,1 l kiii . m ,'
..,-.41? mid Vir 16dnd. ...
. ' 0 C.nqta.per pound.
by Ihni bi- O , VO 1.41000 D
. 4'B7.iles :
buthe :
hi 00. per-ton. • .
d . i
to b
1 /7
l l i l
i . i
Orphans%,Cottert Sal
IN pursuance of au'. traofthe (IrphaS
of Northumberland . duty, will 'he c
sale, at the'Court .Ho+ e lathe borough
bory,lo the County o Northumberbin ' +
day the 2d day ot Ap it next, that vial
situated o the Centre ti rni
2 ;se in Shamo in township, Nor
;; ; land ICon it, tri the Phibi
Bello '''',"b and GM. Save
past, occupied by. .'" iateltilic
Hon. N. G. :grad or ; deceased, can
acres or therealmirita,. rt ofwhich le
in a' good state efcti Ob. The ttn
are a good log tale ',fiottse, 'tables, •
An atundant supply, of _goad spring
at all seasons 'of the 'eav hei'lititained.
Thepropetty is worth the atter'&Weir shy
vine Wishirtg to hello ' The vender of Valuable
tavern stand, andtra - ' of coal •land terms
of sale will be made known on the dity-4rf sale.
It is believed the titlikis indispuLtible.4
. • 7 , ~...
Admi►istrators‘o dectutied.
by order. oithi l artitt,.-- - __ . :4
4A a .BRIGH7 I ; r
...... .
• , i
Feb. 28.1838
m uttilrenlii.l here t ofore ado
therm or vet& Bait, Coal
was diMulyrothyz i litoardmeneition 1
AU Perwasirells althl **IRV
make lOay'rment , eAtTly afteolooltsr&—l
having claims are nharrequesteotto
far lodgement. I
• .1 IS. 'TIM
• I' l G:BAS' a r yry
retu. 9,1838: 1 15-345
The iailiserTher, rill he ftgorre on 'Om
Coal Busimmi under 41Ie Srm *l'24 neither &
Son. 143LNEV,
: TONIII Geography of Fein* Mt,
A Frost's Aroorflien Spefker, and
Frost's Unitorrortbe 'United 'Suit* •",
TootijOitb a isriety of-other books, just re.
:volved tailor sale by B. BARMAN.
*ler NI:MBE - WANTED; to whom hb.
oral wages ll be given. A litte adcireised
to A. B. through ie fort Oirtee, will mask with
feb Zit
i 1 I
•. 1 •
. t
:ffS hereby give • that the folkiwing nateed•Pa- , '
itecutors„. Admi ',Avatars and Guardians. , have '
settled their spew is in the ofEee-of the Register
of Sehoylkfil Co ty, and that the isame-will be
presented to the 6 rphans' CoMrt, to be held at .
Orwigibucti irtviCd for safd,COuntitou hiohday .
'the 19tb day of Match., 1838, far IrMs4follutifyi•
1. The,aeciaint of Fiord •Pattenickhoseentor
the last trill ond [testament of ~Widliesi :A. 1 Pet
(erten. late of they borough of PatorMlle, deco ind
2. The ocean t ofiscob ti v i rig merman. admi n ' _
istrator of the est • f4ohn -
• t; late'of Cahoot
Womb' • tlece '
.., ' zto • • • • - I
3. T - ocean . & Midas ' Nidithieadar, mil
~ , ,
ministr m aft eomf. etev. KOders late of
„Upper Mitanta• go townshi .. d e , - i .
k k 4. The been • t-of Peter Fishe r, motor Of thif
% NI will and tee meat. of /rim ' s Riege!, led
T e d
of WestAtriusw ck ovionstri ,Icleme sed. ' ••
6. The( aced ' l . : Vir . ,PredColiFir . phial's ;Kroll
and John Churl . ' Ootitad, admituatrittO? -
if thc•
estat e of dale. )
~. - 1 &mod, late of 1 4 1m-wpgiag
towiship,.d . . ' . 1 - .'.)' i 1
6. Thu ileum •t of Henry irrkoi , goiltd cif
the•ciersitWand state of COMM '-relkerff, g
minor of Upper atotitingostinv . Ip, - 3. ,
1. The a - of or .Iphte Vlft * 'llk gpim 1
We ist, *execute' of the4ast Wilt I'd:teatimes f
Gideon William on. lige I r t uoi . 7 , -- ) ta ha l f =
township, de •• • .•.' •-, , ,_-'1•- • .. ; • •
A. The scum tof .14dtat-lie nig.-egegutr •
and Peter R, irl k.extotittgr of • hot.),)11 acid
testament of , jamin Herring . latelinfTpor
Mabantango to, tishifi..dcMenied ; ••4 7•-•' , 'l4: II
9.• The te rn ; i crAbralii - , Aiet, 4d.
min'hstrOtot-„Uf„ e plate oflicob :Arigii, sate Of
Pinegreve to ick,deceapek•- : •••
. 0 . t., '' ' I
10; The ; ut of 401 m: t fr .NtiaMinis -
tor-Oftbe estate ofJocek .Rmiiick3,:lit•sigf We e
Itiwil nii l :l l l4 ... ll T .Th :li g b - e :oe7 c4: o ll4 . :k itaii :t. ie ' tob - c0 , 41 - u irt i: ;:b o f j -4 : 1 oh - ca Giorn - tict - :
Ar h oree ' hi gan ' efilLi l g e. , l oil !
Ws to iPv!ieeased• ' •- - i
ministrator of he estate of Davie/ Ikcin;ilo of
the borough o Orwigsbirg,:doicteescd: .
• •- ,r HAMMER, on HAMMER,
Registe .
10, Orwits• / .
12. 1838. ( • 14- i
►seer'•. 016}
*burg,. Felb,
"itod Plaster, for
WIT; Fish
"• - -13e151.23 -
it inetsaille, will tele.
the first of Mardi
n Prevost, and djrre
,' men to.partictpate
iU meet at Mr. Pro-
I nd ‘4ll o'clock IC Per
rlbtbtial, Church, kfter
1 a a 'dinner at 1 o'clock,
I '4% l ;n:id thWrctnainder
1 , it,: •
iplettliolvas t ,
citizens efili ;
e g i an
..: it the Wise oJohn
Sauk 't
, he ad4of
iirlintpose ftakibg in
nety of ding -the
house : MANY.
, ... . .
. _
Feorvit4 47. #838.
load Was Icarth pi Fri
2;51) - per-cit tintend.
tit try-the *whet ady
, mod
o.obet in de
el in demand.
I . Nobel.
per bushel
bushel in.demin
Toad -Lin :Rey
Y cent'
„ e
r 2, en
.or gnu
,ob Mon
; :ke rout
al years
e of the
tar can
nig under
Ist lush
• united to
all those
to by
A. k OIL