The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, February 24, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
. SiMa. 4
payable semi-annually in adiran
in the year, wilt be charged
eeire the paper free of postage.
$3 per nnaum. If not paid .wit
will be added to the price ofau
Two Don.sais per annum:
in advance, . If not paid within
be charged • •
Advertisements not exceedin
charged $1 for three insertions
insertion. - Larger ones in pre
All advertisements will be .1
out. unless the time for win .111 Ut
isspecified ,and will be charged
Yearly advertisers will be eh
including subscription to the pa.
of keeping one advertisement en
'standing during the year, and tl
cr one in each papr r for-three
All letters addressed to the
otherwise no attention will be
. MI notices
. for meetings.
which have heretofore been i
charged 25 cents cleb, exept
• • Wetherill &
.. • A7' 7HE OLJ)
No. $5 NORTH. FR(
- EAS7' S
'Matt Dooms Flom rob: C
Pll 1 LA D EL
MAN UFAC7 1 1.1
Mite Lead dry and t Cal
ground lir CA,
Red Lead, W 11!
thrage, Viii
onick Yellow,
_ .
do Green Ta I
do Red Et .
Patent Yellow . d.
Sugar Lead _ ' cr ,
cope., . L.,,'
01, Vitriol .. Co'
Aq. Fortis • A .-
Murtatic Acid • S ,
Epsord Salts La I
Tart. Acid r Op ,
' Sup Cart). Soda Ko
' Carros, Sub. Mere. Eli
Refiners ofChamphor,Salt
&c. Offer for sale the above'
J gather with a general asso
' and Dye Stuffs, and every oth
cal and Medicinal line. 1
Being Manufacturers of all I,
' under the above bead, they pl
ply 'lieu friends and the pu
ble .terms.
° Window and Picinre Clay!
Oct 21 1837
A rkFFER for sale at their
'Ur ly Grocery `tore. Centre:
street, a prime assortment ol
Java. Rio, U. - quire,
St: Mimi ago and brow ,
N. Orleans, St. Croix, ,
'white Havanna,l. 'fa
• New Orleans, W.-it
India and sugar house
Imperial, Gun Powde
Brion, PouchougOtat,
co, Souchong and Be '
Bakers, Chases, Spiel :I
'& Litiggs, and sweet a
,Prepared Cocoa, Coc ,
Reading, Carice, Ha
'John Bulls, Lobster, A'
Canton soy ,and Curri i,
Gherkin, 'Tomato, ire.
Mixed, Onion. Mango
Lemon and French
Olives, capres, A nchri
Cayenne pepper, ails ,
Cloves, Mace, Nam
kice. flour of rice, stn
Con ants, Figs. Raisin
Sweet and bitter al ,:-
Olive Oil, wine bitter:
Preserved ginger, ch ,-
Herring. mackerel. --
White and colored w
Moulded and dipt u
‘., Palm, variegated bro
Old Madeira, old po
Brown and pale !het i
Old hock Lisbon,
ii d
Sweet malaga. insc !
Malmsev maraeilles!
.Scotcli,i -h, mono I,
Annisett ,annisred
Cognac, barnpagneJ
Holland coiti.Gin,
Elam sup .span. hare
Half Spanish and c:
Cut & pl; and mod
China a crockery
a general assortment of 3
which they are disposed to
'We terms. Heeds of Fani
se , • a '‘ ' :::. tk 'I
IS hereby given, Out
have been granted
`egiater of
ichtud Bruce, deneas
dtnylkill county. Ail'
tate are therefure req
the eubeeriber im
lay have chains on BM'
mated to previeut th
Jan 10
HE. subscriber !mei
and' Storehouse otl
ttroets, a fall assortmenl
coal region viz:
. 1
ElerT 1.11311 et as
Band and Hoop d'
Nails and spike
Steel,Rnund & Sq
. Nails and Spikes'
Coal Shovels
. Hardware, a gen
All of which he is
Jan 13 2
Jl-11° Pottsville& vici
on hand, at the cor •
streets, next door a.
large and elegant •
Dry Goods, alth
quer, and Crockery
pnrchaeed the ye
PI:illy:161p marital
cent adva ce.
All kind.of coantr
for goods. 60
1 .
. .
I WILL TEACH TOit TO MIMI - THE ZOWILLEI orwaz&lerig Atal IHUNO OUT PEON THE CAT4IIXII IMP THE /101.71T/1115.111 WOZCH ytlLLaivir. 'Timm%
GTTS FOR M S.---A fresh 'ripply of thirviii
work, just received and fce Bale by
jan 27 6 B. BANNAN.!
Cerrrs per annina.
If not paid with-.
to ail those' who re-
To *ail subscribe*
n the year; 50 cents
FMB Port' Cohen Baiting Fund Society; is
now open every day from 9 tea - o'clepelt 'at
the Office et Dismitrat and'Deposii, for the pair
pose of melting Mepolits teeny -nincitint not ex.
ceeding $5OO, froin any one lamen t open whibh
an interest of 4 per Cent will be paid emever:ylls
and upward ,but no interest will' be allowed on
any fractificial parts of $5. The whole or any
part may beiiraivn at on giving notice, two•to
four weelteott Metals= 'on Mondays. The -ho.
sines of the Society will be, conducted by .the
g officers and managers; until .the first
Monday in Mey next.
President---"AQUILA BOLTON. . •
Managers. .
Joseph Carroll , Sainuel .1. Potts
Edward Hughes E. S. - Waine •
Jacob Bull- 'Jesse Tattier ' '
L. Whitney, Setretary'and Tressunir.
Article 3d of,the. Charter. "No emolument
whatsoever shall be received - by the President
or Managers for their services, nor shall any
Manager -become a borrower titan the instill'.
ion." oct 3 461 f
gable semi-annually
the year, $2 50 will
twelve lines will ts#
I end 50 cents for one
I mon.
. erted .until ordered
I are to be continued
!. ceordingly.
rged $l2 per annarpt
, - —with the privilege
1 , t exceeding 2 squares
1 e insertion of a small.
:., ccessive times.
uor must be poet paid,
mid to them.
. and other notices
serted gratis. will be
arriages and Deaths.
Interesting and Astonishing Facts.
MORE.conclustee proofk of the extraordinary
efficacy of DR. WM. EVAN'S celebrated
Camomile and Aperient Antibilioue Pilla in al
leviating afflicted inankicd.
To James Dickson, 36, Cornhill, Boston, Agent
for the saki of Dr. Wm. EvaneiCan3omite elfin.
Loweu., Nov. 15,1836.
tNitit or ARCO ST
!e du
.1 Mb .
r Sulph.
ar Caustic
Dear Sir--Knowing by experience that every
reference that the afflicted receive of the benefi.
cial results of medicines, I cheerfully offer mine
to the public in behalf otDft. WM. EVANS'S
CAMOMILE PILLS. 1 have been afflicted for
the last ten yeats with distress in the head end
chest: often so bad as to deprive nie of sleep for
three or four nights in succession, but have never
round relief by any of my friends' prescriptions,
until my wife saw the advertisments in the paper,
when she persuaded me to send for some, which
I hid, and obtained two boxes and bottles, which
resulted in almost completely rehiring me' to
health, although I have not yet .enuiely finished
them. Should you consider this any benefit to
yourself, or'the public, you have my cheerful per.
mission to publish it. 'Yours,-respectfully„
Pr, lorphia
ro . do
de Narcot.
, . es Mineral '
ops do.
' are, Brimstone, Rordx.
,entioned articles. to
1, ent of Paints. Drugs
Il article in the Chord-
e articles enumerated
• e themselves to sup
con -tile most reasons•
from 6 8, to 24 30,
• - 98-
-a Evans', Camomile Tonic end Family Aperl
ent Pithr—Mr. BENJAMIN SOWN, corner of
Ski pre-. and Georges streets, Philadelphia; affect.
ed for seven years. with extreme nervousness, by
which re was not able to write his name.—his
symptoms were, erusc.ation, daily spasmodic pains
in' the head, loss of 'appetite, palpitation of the
heart, giddiness and dimness of Sight, oiler Ina
bility of engaging in any thing that demanded
vigor or courage, aicknese.,and weakliest, ex.
terrie debility, disturbed feet, a sense of pressure
and weight at the stomach after eating, great
mental despondency,- severe flying pains in the
chest back and . side, costiveness, a -dislike for
society and conversation. Mr. B. has made trial
of various medicines now before the public,' but
to no effect, until, observing in a ptiblic paper
some cures performed by Dr. William Evans a
Camomile Tonic and Family Aperient Pills, he
was induced to give them a trial, of which be iii
at any time Bute that they effectually
-cured him of the above distresinng disease.
111 - Persons who dnubt the above cute, aremost
respectfully directed to the above mentioned, per
son, at the north weet,corner of Shippen and
Georgee streets. BENJAMIN BOWN.
Philadelphia October 26,1837.
• lonia and retail Fami
3 donne below blanket
ash Graaeries,chnsist
own and t Sugars
e Pee -
Schmitz Chocolate
iced -
ovy, SaoCes
• Pickles '
ce and Ginger
a and cumin
.Prunes '
nde, citron
lemon um p
se, coda.h
° P erm Candle
A perfeat cure elected by the treatment of D►
William Erans.-
o and yellow soap
champaigne Wine*
ntlaga in 'wood
el & Bottle
Mr. John Gibsun, of N. 4th street, Williams
burg, afflicted with the above complaint for three
years and nine menthe, during Which tilde he
had to use crutches. His chief symptoms were
excruciating pain in all his joints, but — especially
in the hips,shoulder. knees , and 'Ales, au ag
grevation of the pains towards night; and for the
most part all ummi from external heat, en obvi
ous thickening of the fasria tind ligitments 7 with
a complete lass :Urinals:Mini power. Fur WO
ot those afflicted in a similar manner, Mr.
Gibbon conceives it meet to say that the :pains
have entirely ceased, and that his joints, have
comph tely recovered their natural tone, and he
feels able to resume his ordinary business.
Sicily Model.)
he's it coin whiskey
peppermint coriiislit
rainish 4 coin bnOdy
or do
mon cigars
ed glass Ware
ry Goode, &c. /hr. of
• ell nn the most reaaona•
ice anti Tavern Keepers
kite:Ts Testementary
the subscriber, by the
[nunty, on the estOte of
d, fate of Mirteli"The ,
:rsons indebted to said
to make` pa went!
' i ediately, rind suc h who]
I , estate are likewise re
. ' well authenticated, for
oa on hand at hi Store
Centre and ' ' Road
oT Goode,aoitablelfor the
'ado •do
are do do
al e.sesortment.
'ling at reduced p
• informs the - citizens of
ty, that he °unsteady keeps
cif centre and Callowbill
• the National ! Hotel, a
t of Staple and Fancy
• 'cc selection of Wines, Lt.
are a all of Which have te*a
' !west cash wits in the
dwill be sold a 12i per
prisil' ice taken in iischange
19 39—tf
• 0 C
- •
Saving Feud Society.
Read the Following.
THOS. K. GOODEME,Centralist.
INTERESTING CASE of Terbaculat Cost
sumptiiin—Mr. )(dm Ruso el applied on the Ist
day of September at .the office 100 Chatham
street, laboring under the following symptoms:—
&night spitting of blood, distressing cough, at
tended with an expectoration of parolee matter,
night sweats, general emaciation, difficulty et
breathing on exertion, with • will maskedlihectic
flush on cheek. On examination, the chest
was found to nd well every where except un
der the left chicle e, din the arm •pitiof the
same aide.
Trehtmint —birected to to the 'restorative
C,amompe Pills, with the ex ' g cow
pound. at the same time an injunction, t , in
four dayr, when the night sweats load asned„
expectorathin slightly ffindial' sed, solo& fit of
coughing still remaining in the morning. Or
dered as usual to mistime the medicine, wild to
call in the coarse of a week—when his' health
continued rapidly increasing, Without the least
cough. Called iiie the office on the 4111 of thiii
month, quite n0na1..«...nt returning his 'sincere
thanks for the benefit he had obtained.. ;
The &hoist patient chiefly used milk regimen,
dnritg hiiiKentioent.
- ) --i--
Mr. Robert Munroe, Schuylkill, afflicted with
the above &streaking malady. Symptoma—great
languor, flatulency , distarbedrest, neurone head
ache, difficulty of breathing, tightness aid stria
tore across the breast, dhainess; enni. init. , -
liility and restlcsanesis, mould not Ile. in! a lin—
Voisthl position, without the ionisation of - thiliandt
log suffocation, palpitatkot oh the heartiffiskes•
log" cough, tiostic.encas; pain of the stogie* din*.
emu; great detoliity_iind defutiency of the nerv
ous energy. Mr. R. % Monroe gave, up evety
thought of recovery and dire. despair east en. the
countenance of every person Interested,la hks..
iiitroice Or happitreithixdbylicialient bill mail*
iCPublic paper acme Wain effeekil by PrAVes.
Tates medicine, in his imidplaud. wiWindit
ced him to purchase *pease of dos PUN :which
resulted in completely remegmg-every 11 1 16 Pwal
l'. • I t• . .
. . ....._ ~,
LI - ,
. .
.a. 4 ,...
, r i„ . • .
• ,
- t , ;• -- .;...,...',.1:::' ;a: *.:-s.': -7 - ra . ... -- n.: , ... ~, . ."!"..- . ^ '2 ,..7,,re.- .. .74.7...-•taz.- --7 .." 4 . - .. - 4e4rta.........;:, - . 7:".4 . : 4 '........-1-.•..t-." . t. - 1 - ....:. - -;4 -- .. , .., ........z....% , :;.., k‘.41•14,:%,, , ,,,-..4.; .*-- ~.,... ~ . .
. I '-,• -*:"." ''.* .
- ..,
1 _ _
.. s.
. .. .- ....
, 7 '
AN - POTTSVELIE GENERAL.A.DVE TISE*'-,'• . j . .. . - . -
'• r .
^ • f
el his disease'. fle wis 486711 s Motive for
this declaration is, that glean afflicted with the
'lame or any symptolts snnilar to those from
which he is happily restOred.fway likewise receive
- the same inestimable tieneot..
• ---1
Mr. Charles floharkNo. !22 Orange street, N.
Y. afflicted fie Eve Years with hawses! habitual
!Asthma, applied it the office: 100 Chatham street
on tbe.42.% of °alpha,. iaboripg ureder the. felkm
trig symptoms. - 14 wails of tightpais across the
chest, with the greatest difficulty of breathing.
distressing cough . general! i ending withcopious
expectoration of viscid ph legm , 'disturbed rest.
the fiteeturbid andel' it 'yid -hue---cottld not he
41 1 es hedzimnel Powitien-Without the sensation of
immediate suffocation, laognor, drowsiness, and
dizeincits in the heakittiti inas of appethe r •
Mr. IT. applied totted most efninent physicians
in this city, liken* deed mime] other remedies'.
without obtainineany t permanent benefit, until
hist &lends Persuaded tun' tri place btintelf under
Dr. William Evans' treatment. fie is "now re
lieved of his 'coinplaitit, aria called at" the office
yesterday, avowing that he had not words to ex
press but gratitude for! the- benefit be had ready
vd. October 21, 1837.
. ,
Mrs. Hannah Browne, wife of Joseph Browne,
N. 6th-street, near Selland, Williamsburg, afflict
ed for-the last ten years with the Liver complaint,
completely restored toihealth through the treat.
meet of Dr. Wm. Evans. Symptonut--Habltual
constipation of the bowels, total Imo cif appetite,
excruciating pain of the epigasts ic regicia, great
depression or eitirits,lainguot and other symptoms
of extreme debility, disturbed sleep, inordinate
flow of the menses, pain in t.the right side, could
not lie no her left side -without an aggravation
of the.pain, urine high colored, with other symp.
temsinificating great i der 1 4 gement to forte
n oF the liver. •
Jam Browne was attended by three of the first
physicians, botreceivdd but i little relief from their
medicine; till Mr. Brolsne procured some of Dr.
Wm. 'Beane% invaluable preparations, which ef
fectually relieved hei of tfie above distressing
symptoms, with others, which it is net essential
to intimate. JOBEPIR BROWNE.
City and County of New Ycirk, ea.
Joseph Browne, of W illiarnsborg, Long Island,
being duly sworn, did depose and say that the
fact.' as set forth in the wit* statement, to which
he bad subscribed hie. name; are just and true.
Husband of the said Hannah Browne.
Sworn before methia 4th day of January, 1837.
PETER P.INKNEY, Coto. of Deeds.
MRS. SARAH BRENiI Ir 3ER, wife of Mr.
Amos. Brenhiser, cornea. or Second street and
Germantown Road, Philadsinbia, affected for the
last six-years with the ,Liver Complaint, was
completely restated Oa lealth• by -Dr. WM. E
VANS'S Camomile Toutc.:and 'Faintly Aperient
Pills. Her symptoms were habitual costiveness,
excrucisting pain in the stomach, depression of
spirits, languor, ettimme debility, disturbed sleep,
great pain in her site, could hot lie on her left
side attlktut en agg4vation of pain, dizziness in
the head, dimness - of eight, with other symptoms
indicating great derengegemt in the fanctions of
the Liver. Mrs: Brenhiser has made trial of vs
Mona medicines now before the public, but
ceived no relief until she was advised to make
trial of Dr Evans!' Pills, or which she is happy
toetato that they effectually relieved her of the
above distressing symptoms, with others, which
ere riot essential to intimate.-
Mr. Brenhiser, (husband of the above Mrs
Brenbiser, had beed twq year' , aflide: 4 with a
distressed Mate pile* and Costiveness, of which
he was effectually .cured:
We do hereby siibecrihe our signatures to the
truth of the above cures,that thssiaternenl is in
every respect true. SARAH BRENH ISER
, JOHN STEIF, Baker,
gm 17 north Eighth street, Philasta.
Philadelphia, Oct. 21st, 1837.
Dr. WM. EVA.NS'S Medical Office, for the
sale of his excellent Medicine, is at No. 19, north
Eighth street, Philadelphia.'
Sold by • .7. T. WERNER.
Sole Agent for Schuylkill County.
Public Sale.
1115.11R8UANT to an :oxiler of the Orphans'
m• Court of Schuylkill County, on Saturday the
24th day of February , next, at 1 o'clock in the at
.tertuxm. Daniel Eager and Adam Weidner, art
miniatrators of the estate of Conrad Pager, late of
Barks County, deceased; will expose to sale by
Public Vend - uo., in Pinegmxtle on the premises, a
certain messuage and Jot of ground, situate in
the town of Pinegrave, Piaegrovc township,
Schuylkill County, being the .southern part of lot
marked No. 8, iri the general plan of said town,
--late the estate °f the said deceased. •
By order otthe Court.
:lan S 0 5-4
For the instantaneous cure of
Di •• • antUbrought to its greeteteperfection
This is to certify thnt 1 have tried your Tapur
as Elixir inleveral cases of Tooth Ache, in wbieb
have certainly found It of vdry great service.
MeMber of the R*alCollege of Surgeons.
London, Sept: 10, •
A friend stepped into say that he hid visited
the Fire ring this morning, and witnessed his
marvellous cure bf the Tooth Ache. One little
boy in paracatir, otiolooket cross enough to bite
a ten penny nail clear Off, in tin minutes smiled
at the deicayed:tboth and defied its; pain.—U.
A fresh supply of the above Muir "jinn receiv
ed and for sal by B. HANNAN,
le Agent for 'Schuylkill county
Jul 13 , I—ly
Dying and, Scouring. •
AtiGUSTUB EHL I EH has retuned from Ea.
rope. and intends to commehdo fancy A U:
• lain d7in ;
. Id 1311141 * Mailifok at bis iambi'
Celan Ms. Also icoariag oasis
and paataleohi. He grisatibt for past
and baps byititentioin arid panotpaliOltrinilrit
s coatiatisoca of his fermi owstomi.
, Heo 23 • t t 2-4 t
_Clerk 0. C
A taiga - Me Trott of C
YIN G and,being in the tow
JLA wet*, on the West Brand
Bran& RaUltoid, eibooi
ktli fia4-there it Jan- or n
ugh this-and. Forl
ply to fA
Mr. 110
March 25 '24—
- fififfig4lT ...Ojai ,
Value* Real Averts.
• .. . ', FOR SAL .
THE undersigned offers fiir• ' a ll that will
kupyq , three story- itR/CX 37138,6 ANA
.11WELLV . .fg) iftlE and th appertenances„
'situate in Centre street, Poi , the . property'
,or the Undersigned, togeth er "ith tune other
tenements in the rear of said' tieing, and the;
lot of ground whereon-. the w, - stands. The,
brick building aforesaid, comet a,thirty &et lit
frontfinished from the tisee. int story to the
gariet in the beet style of wail anshijs,and both
as a business stand and a scald nee, is most fa, -
valuably situated. ' The forego g property will
be sold on low and accoinmoda ng terms. Tart
of the purchase money may r in qn the prop.
erty Wm few years, it desired. Title iiidispota.,
We, and possession can be gm immediately—.
apply to - G. 31 JENNINdEt.
April 22 32—tf Pottsville.
Slit( L 1.71
2n, DOZEN Swaim's Pan;
"ur ed fresh from the prOpri:,'
Seventy-Five Thousand Bold
medicine were aold last year„a
increasing. For attleby the . 1
Price a per bottle, or three bot
• B
Sote Agost for Sch
Also Swains Vtrmifuge.
New Establishment, •
Corner of Centre a nd Moriker Streets, Pot:sail/a
THE subscribers respectfolly announce, to
their friends and the public morally, that
they' have taken the store formerly occupied by
Jacob 801 l & Co., corner or Ctintre. knd Market
streets, where they are now prinaded witha choice
ansertnient of
'Dry Goods, .
Liquors, .•- b
which they are determined't.).
eat prices. HAZZARD
N. B. AR-kinds of .C . ountry
the highest market prices.
April I
Catholic II
• Key to Paradise,
- True Piety,
Cathie Piety,
Donay Bible,
Poor Maus Catechism an
Small Catechism,
Just received and for sale by
'Dec 23
received-and for sale by
jan 20
Comfort and Co
The subscriber respectfully
and the public at large, that, si
Europe, be works with a ne
at the manufacturing of •
Borough, and flatters him t•
the accusation that he is a
tan, with being able hereafte
tresses as not to be inferior
kind, in =femme to their .
durability, and people will -
of the comfort and saving o
articles afford, principally W
body sick in the family.
Besides the subscriber kn
"the work most give credit
be thereforo, very politely ,in
to get an article of this deed
examine for themselves, One
lies, just now fu.ished, that '
cod of the truth of his sayb
Readlng,Jen. 18, 1838.
P. S. Persons wishing to
ems, of the deseription aim
ply to the subscriber, a few
Store, in Reading, where '
opal( to the,public, av
wants stone time.
delivered before May
The undeteit ned hi
Swam Muni email
"doable Spring Meath
elasticity render. it '
we; and to the Biel
long confined to a he
to prove tovalualke.
willßaperiede the
tient "to make hit
appears well calm
Flavor entirelyi
°tear in erica of
I fully conisur
hrregard to Mr.
"Dgable Sptig!
the above opinwo,
porpoises *index!.
Spring Ntatnuar
mend it to an Perionl
u • It would be a
Having cerefell.
re's "Double Sett;
sonar iID the Opirr"
4 haVe'diviini
tic-Matioser ada
bora eigindla — ed . , tO
good quAtleg•
Al Ur'u
lao~tic mums," and c
t l / 4 (siffiBia
sointor A. 14. mrrozx To
AM Y2'
rem, Frew .._ -& sauces.:
. NATHANS & It. • dintbirn the La.
•.dust of -
.Petunitle vicinity, that they:
buserjestleceirad diram M the manufaettoy
au gusumment of i n
Tickled Walnuts, Mod iniar, piekoMy.
Gerkitts., mkbbatit,mlned pickies t
' Nhetbris, i4s. lobster, lass.
. /lei and 'Wee in la teseryet,„ '
• filmviberry, simple y and jomseterry :lame,
. L etiHint jelly, Film h: mitird. , . . •
- - "AnOoty;lobstil; I lib, Bull; geoding at, Ca
noe .asumrs,
. Mushroom-and Wra be
Alan--Figs, rattans, enrol
.. lemorts,,&c.
' . •
~ ,t iara,
r Oorwe. l ,
: • air th e Welt!
• troto Setinyt. I
ore Owl Vehta
ioformailluo op.
It ,
1,11 REED,
AN, Esq. i
at Reading.
I 11.7Vsz: ` i
a Pottsville,
• • To R nt. •
/TIM Furnace, gri il, ow mill, sesesal•
dwelling • houses a d arm of 125 acres of
land, situated at Kerns i about eilitecn miles
fiecti 'Reeding. The an 1 and turnpike 'road
Frain Reading to Pottivi e, pass immediately
in Nut of the bandit)
:The situation, is an lent one for Wanes'.
Posseseion can be hathe, first day of April
neat—foe thrthei parti le,is inquire et the office'
of the Rchoylkill Na gationrompany, south
seyenth 'tree*, Phdauelphie, o of
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18.4 • 6-Imo
Readitig, Jan. 27, I
Encourage //o
Cea,jOat receiv.
or. Upwards of
of this valuable"
d the demand ie
, or single bottle.
les for 1115 by
Confecitionar •_ anullactory.
%ARE subscriber res. otfulltl announces to the
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a- public that he has Annetteed the Manufac
ture of Confeetiooary i I its ,various branches,
at his Stare in Centre 't t, nearly opposite the
Pottsville House, where .onfertiOnera and oth
ers can always be surr 1., * w holesale and retail,
lathe lowest Philadelp li cash prices.
Country Irlerettants ar respectfully solicited
.1O all and examine hos iock before purchasing
elsew here.
'1 50—tf
ylkill County
nov 4
BOOK- 1-1
K-IF• ery in conneeif
where ail kinds of :
shortest nutlet:tat r
fan 27
inV q /justinceoved
John M. C
H at the very low
Produce taken a
3 casks dairy
20 bozok e pine 5.,.
1000 lbs. superior Satikeil beef,
1000 lbs. do La
• 1600 lbs. codfulb, •
5 bblis. superior sad,
30 bbla..l\ a. M 41krel.
20 half .do ! dio
3 Via& stitch,
25 boxes super* rem and black teas.
Ensersoinlto hool Books.
riming suhscriberhas Iwo appointed Agent for
the'sale of these EGO* in Schuylkill County.
Directors of the Pub iq Schools, Districts, and
others supplied by the quantity at the publishers
prices. ,
Emerson's Series
ered toi be the best' •
Alga, Cobb's Series a
and retail at Philadelpt
Decl23 5
by rrentace, just
nforrns his friends
cc his return from
zeal and diligence
o Matrasses in this
without fearing
der and Chario
t° makesne.h mat
any work of this
uty, solidity, and
ly be convinced
time, which these
an thore f jo some-
Benjamin Cumming,
sfirTORME yr .IT .1"1111
HAS removed Office to Centre Street. op.
ppeite thel3riek ll lluilding of George . M. Jen
nitir4 where hie will ettend to all Matrices en.
trusted to him in th,'ltne of his prnkweion.
Oct 21 . •
T. S. (MILT,
Office nest door to the Proneytodnia flail
Nov 18
ws the old adage,
its maker," and
files these wishing,
ptidn, to come and
of the said Matra's.
ly may be convin-
Port Clifton FOtundry
WILL be sold at private salt'. _ the FOundry
pleasantly ?hunted at Port Minton,
kill county . on ivy reasonable terms. This
Foundry is at the commencement of the Little
Schutyl,4ll and. Susquehanna Rail Road, now
making; and Will in a shore dune be one of the
best 'situations in the &salary to 4o e large bassi
nesa, For tiring, Sic. apply to
iron Founders,{ Philadelphia.
Port Clinton.
jtily 29 -'
4-3 m
Elastic Matres
1, pill
please sp•
above Feather's
'sabseription is
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ly invented
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NL Goodis.
A general. assortment of neigh and neneralaldn
ZalGoods, jus reiielved—kimihting in part-of
Dry. Goods,
'4roOeigic - •
,M D.
e!t premed,
1g Elcasti
PER, R. D.
Henry Mere*
' I concur in
sewer all the
B. 0770.
•re's "Double
woad 'renew,-
ly to the sick,
'hem. •
which will
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'On isubs
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to inj soot. offs* filr *kin it
Also, the rindike An ch or .
Jan 31 ;*•• - ; , r ,
ez2i:ed hie eEtae.
tbe vocable opin.
.11 G. BLOM
,11111/ AX9 P
, almond*, currant*
t inmeneed e Book Bind.
If with his Book Stor
will be bointd at the
Canal Boat Adventure,
& land, ditcct from NAP
hoot Booke are coneid
me, and as cheap as any
School Books, wholesale
Cis prices, for
Want Car
.ian 24
THE St.itkaßo4* N.N. ri
. nottfarr,44ibtAii;ViinVelAi
fitriat , neatif
orft. F Pampa, now - ,113411,44,
feet front
,g 4. 30 feet'in 41e, quo
cellar Up the hfitenerat.O pib tit tere-Oietioe , tei the
fool, second PO third.66Mß , rro#JthrtTl'liolo
ettid flouee.willtßiteteMiind4oengelP
excellent welter eentcrit atenAthfkt:lll2o3l
- r.-ont, by 110 ketSMILE‘I,
ley on Ow west '
Fors further poiittatie , -1
M oo or earbm Nov, VW?
wzropmtAur - 416):RirreW
Dry-CloOds,'. - 14 Pi
Como' of Coaro
Aril . 8 t
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10.000 VERY stwilthw; boamiONltue Of ,
he Principe* and Deiiimegn - bran4p,
feb 3 MILLER in i fy4AllarrY; 3
Elerrt 23 . - *WILE '
:"6 ,
.initraiLtirSklatheitio , ferriesikow
Aus.E4iish t . • f,
4 ;
tileo/40 t Cheese 23: :
20 Callke ofecriaitinkisba*,
go IND/a : pine aiplq . • •
fbr salerby - N. NATBiiiii34i: Cu.
deer • -
reliE,Now England Farrieri•or Fdkmata kr.
ecipt Doom. 22J Edition. iontrentiiiiii Wiej
for sale by B. - 11ANNAN.,.
Jan 13
wit . S. CURTIS' Colabrated Mite 66414.
• Pcnagr. jug received and fin ..- .anintr --
Jan 6 7: .B.IIAI94IAN'
Medal Cheese l alieliti. •
40 casks superior tedikt choose , . -
50 boxes Vbilededfilikimili,
hhd. lristuovi moutOlz sale by •
Lip OWLETTlLlaterist Tables, ireeeir
aq for anle by - B. DAMAN.
jan 24, 5
TIME BOOKS of Atioua kinds far WIT&
and other., just rammed and far sal by
B. ILitiNAN l .l,i
Also=draila, note. and checks board in boii •
jut 27 • 6
Cheap Raisins and Prima.
JUST received - by the subscriber, !l i
1000 Mimes , .'
2 awe Pruitte.,--whieh he will sem atiq
per lb. /04. N S. C. 1411IMN.
Dee 2 -
Wrapping Paper ,
- 10 -"u"holesale and Wail, °beam , .
I"eb 3 , w to. RAAN.
DISSERTATIONS on Government. die ifili* , l
of the Rank 'entiTeper Money. 14.11 r lostbq
of ..Gxncoon Sense; toriee 63 cents, just received
and far sale by R &OMAN
. _
BNURN ER'S CH E M pricp_ alAnst rp.
S. mired and for site . 8. BADMAN.
jan 27 .
1000 lb.. Red Yeatbers,Vitreniehred
offered far sale by -
Nov 11
'Wholesale and Retail Orr
Good StOre.
a/01.6x% & WEAVER have liiit:ireceivna ,
addition to their attentive aniorinientioP
DRY GOODS,Sapv Siieeziar Blue and 814 _T
Cloth, Mikan fancy coloured do.newigYle inus.
aimeres, a nd alinea s 4•-
tiana, 4c. f Feb 18
. .
25.0(X) Lai ,
20,000 Lathes, saltahle for iSg er:slai
abri :.
41ing,fim sale by ' ?a. A. GILD.. - . -
sept 23 - -- '; 44 '1.. 1 ,,
„ .
. ,
for 1838. or DAILY R EGI S
for the nee of Private
of busincel, containing a blank for eved dity
the yeiir, for the record of events that autyliel,
tereeting.either Past or fittarti. •
IriLSOLY EK10 1 174"
B- 0 price 03 '50,-jint tigeifedluid
4 - Jai 10 - • -IL BANN*.
f0ir,'113341. -
FEW /Annals for 1838,
_at wholQa O ka&
Al* isle VT - B. DANNWe .
Jan 8 _
ALI) PINEAPPLE %, and 83r n: lbw boxes ofi:ely _
Vie Apple Clime.-
ilia 1 0 s • - • 41 . •
' R eiigioas -Work
B• SAIIN*Itaa itte_t_reeeteeliThe
suP•reltglottr , tioriniirandie oar kindle,* - ea
Origkel '
MaaAfooa'rfo msur:, - t:r:
or Detstleil Writer.; '
StateritiVe Praieher'l Maltysit 14541 .
Dril" , in the Reeurredicitip.: •
} the ßrill the PeakttkV76.lX. ,j• -
Faber oft Itifidelite t .
• JameethriztiattProfiiiitur.
° Prise Nietir.dit Reittioas` s
_tither st„liortiti.'
AlaiWk*efficilltic**;;l.f :
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t any yet
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Th.cpensesay, ii ta l t the ••• iffgatbe
•- L. • ta r ts
'demi win *l* " n ra
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-4 " 4111 11111111111r
Pt" .;
2- tin ~,?,." V ,
14 k
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17.:fr ,
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5.Q4,70 ,
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