The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, February 14, 1838, Image 2

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-Let the Logisitv.
Canal and Rail
to the different
this state as may
lbw resources;
irnpanies for mi.
Jou. They are
prove a curse, in.
Bblessing, to that section of coon.
ich they are located.
-stead of,
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-jag and
civic M
...tnga of the Port Carbon Meet
Senator i'railey.--We refer our
cil the 'proceedings of the Demo
eeting•recninty held at-Port Car
ch will be found in this week's pa.
. wee onwertheiargest democratic
everheld in that place, though
. .
ois : a. few hout's-notiee only.—
omposed of the former political
f Charles Franey, Esq.who now
slim in terms-of unmeasured se-
:bon, whi
per. It ,
• convene'
=lt was
, will be seen by reference to the
trigs. Our Senator has cal tainly
himself poistically, by his unpar
,:ourse of apostady. For the "II E,-
," which he has brought upon,fiitn
- can blame nobody but himself.
te author of his own ruin. W hen
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-self, ta
ttle is tht
re pr
4a viol
tte - ow
- ty at l t ,
e t
• gairmt-,"
them. 'll
eatative of the people will persist
ting every principle of duty which.
to his constituents and his coon•
irge, by first pledging himself a
teal compuoies and monopolies, and
ith -untaatched and shameless ef4
*train every nerve in support of
cotirrinsuci in him atm faith ,
tie -servant, must of course be des.
W, • publish in • another column the pro
.•ceedi g of a
,large meeting, lately held at
- NewiCastle, in relation to Coal 'Comps
Lain. ' The meeting was unusually large
afar tlallit section to' the Coal Region, 133
tpreseitt„pll whom signed a Memorial a
gains - tire Ofrernisn Milling Company in
4 / 12
uiar, and Cd m
atCoparvies generally
A nu ber of persons signed this memorial
whoad,previously affixed their signatures
an a memorial in favor ofithlUTerman
Mining, Company. This they had been
inducted to do through -the mid vepresenta
tintutiof the agents of that monopoly, and
went, glad titan opportunity of showing
thit , they were undeceived.. . ,
1 C I
~E ' 8
It 12181
0 1
zeption.— We have seen a letter from
Aar, at Harrisburg, stating that the
to was deceived by the misrepresen
ts; that were made is relation to the
muse Mining Coinpany. Query—
deceived the Senate'?
• ePrme p to 'ress.— 'e regret
to , : the total unconcern and inditterence
with which the Philadelphia papers sewn
to -regard 'the interests of individual 'vet-.
lean in the war now waged against them
10Y teal Companies and monopolies. 1 Is
.4set *heitietropolis deeply interested in fos
-tissiagteml sustaining individual enterprise?
Would 'that city be a rifler in the event
avoid, companies obtaining the ascendan
.oylLnd driving nutintlividual compel/firm?
We Wok that every consumer of the ar
ttc'tp.of coal must answer in the negative.
ilihtaAtivirmal trade done , nothing for that
eltt o Aluit our brethren of the press seems
to *ifidifierent about its interests?
The. 41erruiliergb . Intelligencer find
Helium's* has taken ground in front of the
endow - with' undaunted resolution. _ The
nuttily 'opposition of this faithful pnblic
~:seetittel to tfie.encroachments-of. moriopo.
tier, loserves and will receive the waiinest
Approbation of thousands in our region.
Ade Cana on the S . elausdkili. 'Me
meted' s to the Legislature, are in cirtmla
tic in favor of this plan of kepis:welter/I,
by ii4tich the coal trade will be. greatly,
be fitted with respect tolandings at Phil-.
edelphim' , We think it well deserves the
- ettecitinu end supporter olirfellew citizens.,
Letts imeourage all efforts at public im.
•iirtiventen4i, tending to facilitate the trailb.,
parhoicie andeale °tour staple commodity;
ellen pkitnete the intereets of our region
4liii*iy meaner witatscesor, or benefit the ; large. Theircducer and mi l .
filmier are alike interested- irr the wiecessi
oftbeautai or basin Millie Schuylkill. A
nmeting of our eitizeu Was 'held ciii this':
. Wee, dt the Penney Ivehia Hill, add the:
it will be foundin another col.; I
'Anne* , . - • - i 1
1 ' -
' resolution, lat. - tetrad° ,
ted 'the Senate of this State, on the
subject of the tight ot!-PeOtioo. eve been
imadint•ifie able; - by it hole niiierity.
FBB. -14, 1838.
. _
0;%7- the Bill'•abi t%limos).
the Ottoman Mining Ontan7 Iran • te:l
ported in the Hnuse,..;ori Friday last, by
Mr: lit'tlwee, cbairmantif the Ummitten
on #orpOrationfe.
lira* due te..tbe
r, -and Charles
For do•;
`rho , Stnali teas be.O defeated
in the /innate, of New York-, by n vote of
VI to •10. -
region is' now
ie of monopoliei
was morn bnani
than this,
ate refer out mutter* ,iu the remarks 'of
t he Holt. Mr. TALtat.too*, the Conserva
tive `.Senator from the elate of Mew York.
region' -uncoil-
Mining Comps•
`Already have
Sub Treritury.—The is very litttle doubt
from.present appearances, of the passage
of the reiotutione 'lately offered in the
%nem of Represebtativts, at lierristrurg,
by' Mr. (i'llmiere, i structing our Senators
in Gon;gress to vote---ag4inst Vern -Buren's
Sub Treasury present session.
They were up in committee of the whole,
on the'Bth inst. and •ia all the preliminary
votes, there appeared to be 80 for the re
solutions and 43 spinal them:.
in the, Senate, - on the Bth, in the Bill
repealing the Tel oti Writs, in effort was
made to include also the Shop Tax, It
was voted down:
Agoatures gone'
tacked to memo
against them.
number. We
expression of
ty defeat the Of
but put-an end
glom • .
Extraordinary coarse of Mr. Gilmore.
Mr t (illutore this day submitted a pre
amble and resolutions against any instruc
liana on the subject ut the Sub- Treasuiy
Bill, in opposition to his own preamble and
tesolutions, offered a few days since. Tins
Course wairlooked upon with iistunisluitent,
partiCulatly as he bad niaintaitted quite tin
opopsne courte the day prostuus, 4A hic k
ieJ to a debate in wfoth the giesitlesuatt was
bandied pretty severely. Mr. e"alea
voted to exp(atu awappihe effect of htt sin
gulat course.
"He considered himself as committed against '
the Sub-Treasvry System; but his mend bad on
ilergene a Change as to the propriety of passing
!these resolution, M instruction.
Mr. Johnson followed heregretted ectretnely
the course taken by the gentleman from, Butler
he was sorry to see him descend from the eleva
ted :situation in which he placed himself yesier:
day; be was opposed to the Sub. Treasury Bill considered it a Most injurious project,
to experiment upon the trade, fiances, and cred
it of the dountry, and to subvert the liberties of
the yeopletthe best democrats of the country,
said he, haves raised their val.= pgainst this
Byelaw, and he trusted ih God' their opposition
Co it *quid be continued until the Government
would be driven to ablindon it. lie firmly be-
Betted, that, if any member of this House would
eete, even in this indirect way,,for Silas Wright'.
Bill, the day. of his political eiletetiee were oum.
'4" , ';'?- 4-t •
House ut Itepreseatativesi Feb. 9th
Mr. Gilmore addressid the 'Home for some
tittle Ear the porpone of extricating tiimeeif
fine': the yield:ten of ineinnainteney into which he
hail fallen.
Mr. Reed gave Mr. Gilmore a complete 'row
in up,' and pronounced the morn he was ..per
seine as craven and 4ipbunorible.
Mr. Gilmore. called apon Mr. Reed Cot en
explanation. Mr. R. did explain—bat it ap
peared not much 'to thri inttls6setton of Mr. G.
Mr. G ilmore then ....pronounced the 'course of
the gentlemen mean and contemptable-
The Speaker endeaeored to t p . reeent Mr. Reed
frOm•proceeding; but the Howie derided he should
proceed; he reiterated his determination to per.
slat in the course he. had bitten."
Cosb-ervidivesje gensiecticut, have
rintninatetrEusna Ptte.t&s, fur Governor,
and THOMAS CLARK. fortientenant Gov.
ernor. ro• Loco .Fuct l will also have a
ticket. in the field s The Whit ticket Will
e carried in this state in 'April nest, by a
Very large majority. -
Itesolotions have passed both h'anches
tiftheOhto legislature, Mott ucting
Mitrris and Allen to vote against the Sub
Tresanry Bill. These ''gentlemen :have
Bees ;mid sticklers for the right of instrur.
lion ; Will they now obey
Prom the Cincinnati Whig of the .ith lost.
rseiAteludioe Cost of loatißustmer.--A friend
hole hautled us the.subjoined notice of the noto-
Anus Gilpin, who so lately abandoned the
dily hi Moue, in consequence 'of an indictment
for what Wes nearly allied to murder. .
, FTbd Sate Greed Jury found a bill against the
arson who called himself Or. Gilpin, for infers_
trade; in producing abortion nii the person of
?Olen of abduction notoriety. Whenthe officer cal
led for, httia, he was found long the missing. A
fentletroan of respeetabilit of tti o ia city, has
Down Gdpin for the last 'twelve years. The
greater part of that time hq livcd in small towns
itt Pennsylvania, and hollowed. the .protrusion of
barber. From Pennsylvania he came to CM
*mitt, and began' to p4etice Medicine. or,
'bathe's , pretended to do ett, tin the ilorninopatbic
itystain. Any person who ever heard him. con
'sisa l ", Min judge whether he was a well informed
Wien.' The story of the crime above ._rnantioned,
it well known tottus Ocommimity; and it is as well
knoWis that the Lees , ufseveral widths* Persona
were iendangered by thenjustifiable conduct of
this haprincipled immune/A There was still ;
another charge against him; of as deep a dye as
the otne already 'mentioned:. tie bad, on oath. 1
beforito a magistrate in this thy, stated that he
, "wua regular graduate ..uf . the University of '
oPen aphasia. Letters hitd been written to
'Phil delpitia. and the het ascertained that he
i i
;had iieljured Wititself. A !bill for this offence
Would have been found, had he remained here.—
'fie lax kept a house of ill-fame on Broadway,
sin the Allenitffeir. Lorilt out for hie, at the
Southend West. Let everi paper give Gilpin a
notitte; He is about fiats 'feet eight inches high;
light aomplezion; light heir; Tight blue eye,:
trendy whiskers ; net tar friun ferty years of age;
a simple expression. of otatatcriance. Notothing
remarkable aboutddA, in lay inaliiect.
4 number of citizens of this borough
will recognize the in4ividual who figures
in /the above - intrag . r ht its Barber ;
• GAO n, . who abandoned his"business as a
barber in this borough; terned.specatator,
r olL'Atttebt, and thef t on of
the legislature 011,0 t skaaa hve passed a lan
injibibiling &ra pinions ufitittlerfrain cowing intg
•tht. state. antlalact pinliqttaz 4te.per,osui aced
or who tatty learn lltaauttit franyittunting.
-• , „
..„ . -.„
- 1*..:111......ep1a1ea111i---
' • y'. 4 ...1-1,„4 1 4.1, .- y ,r, ~. :Lf7„,°'„, „: " . .
„•,. 7.0„,,, Lit1 , „ r - , a,t , -:-, ,
,:„..,,P.t. -. , ' -
~ . 4 4" , ....., , ..,,..„
"' h=~'s-~'F.N'i''X•itlFTfi ' ~l~iQ~BEß~. __
' -
ileportraxid Readutions were in r. N
resolutions, however, of importance 7/ 1 Osseo
ech and the Suety ptoceeiretto the orders of
da y—be ingMlL, a continued distmasion apodth Mr e So
T •
Hubbard Jaw did not Saila .lie a
yesterday, resumed and concluded. UN re s
were mainly in reply to Mr. niveland his II
which be examined in detail and -oppoUd in d •
tail. Mr. liubberd spoke lbr two tuning, and
fended the Executive and its mensurnalwith gr t
ability, and with all the argument andiaStlity
could bring to his aid. - •
Mr. Tiallaradge of N. •Y. flow took the -
and *ddressed the &Mite for about one ho t
with diatinguithed abdtty. Hia remarks W e
party foreign to the subject and in reply to r.
Mr. T. spoke at ionic leagth upon the remark
in the President's Message that the New York
election was the result of the ezertiorucof the 1 , 41pw
York - Banks. He said New York hiss 56 coh rf••
ties. All but 13 have bents; sof them were An
ti-Adminnitratioia, and 8 Administration. In
these 8 counties where there were'no bitnka,thenp.
position gain—Whig gain—is aearlf five akin.
send. and yet the President says the batik,
brought about the result of this election., in the
counties where there were Banks the gain woe in
proportion not one half. Sir, said. Mr. T, there
mey'bd art excuse for This. declaration, when it is
made by the organ of the Governinent—there
r may be an excuse for it when it conies as it does
from the Loco Foco organs in the, city of New
York4—but when it comes from the Proaiderd of
the United States, I hear the charge with mitt:oH
ishment. Sir, contiotted Mr. T, I repel it - with
indignation. I repel it although it •contes o,oni
the President htmself. Ne should have kobwn
the people of New York better, and-he did now
them better. I call upon every Re.preseaktive
from New -York to bear witness to the falsity of
the charge. Come from what source it nisi. be
it high or low, from the Executive,-or fforn one
of the lust exalted, I shall repel it. What &Sit
uation drirlitt Ittresent to the world'? The firesi.
dent, of the United States holding forth to the
world the declaration that the 'banks bribed the
voter* of his own state to vote against bial own
measures. Whet a message to be sent to Erope
and the world--to-England : where we are largely
engaged in tradi:i t
Ne, continued Mr. Tallmadget this is nrit the
exam. Fat from it. -But I will tell yol the
cause. it originated with the Loco Poem—the
English radicals—who began a War against-all
thinks—inravor °finis:tuned equality—adv4cated
hard money—hard money—exclusive specie pay
ments--experiments, &c. This srarty weie op
posed to the U. S. Bank—so were Ow Actiininis
tration, and Ibex a onion Was brought about 'be
tween the two parties. The Message eof the
President in September—the squinting atfbank.
rapt law ' in that Measage—which law theipatity
with ail its nerve has not yet had' the eaur e ige to
bring forth—lt is these eastiresi confirm Mr.
T., this war upon the Banks —this onion with
Loco 'Fa:Dunn-1h is denunciation of men Who
did not believe, as the party did.;—it is thip that
haw reetrated the country, and brought as!where
we are.
Here is the cease of our distreises. Your spe
cie circular, your iron -handed, grippintieseco
lion of the law has done it; and because ad of us
do not do as we are told to do, and to swear en
mity to every thing not destructive, we tire Ott
scribvd—tiermencsil_impeached and imFialed.—
'there is tribe neither ° freedom of thouglit with
out denunciation—titter, parsons!, vintbCtive—.
and we who will not walk in the footsteps of the
illustrious successor of the more Maturities pre'
decanter, ate to have imprecations heaped upon
our heads because we will riot do what the Es.
motive bids us to do.
In another part of hie speech 'Mr. T. asid—we
are called Conservatives--whedier in hhnor or
derision I care not. We are called hit fume
"'Conservatives," and called's° because opr mem
bers are small. Sir. I ;nest a that I Oink the
name or "Conservatives" much better tha "Sub.
i.ervatives." which Milne has been tends dto the
friends of the Sub Treasury , We have Ise been
called, what we are, it Spartan Band; and when
I sii
my colleague asks rue; as one ,o 1 that band,'
to surrender my arms, I must glee him the Spar,
tan atiswer, "Come and take them." 1
' Had tire President, continued Mr. T reams I
mended the Stateßanks instead of the Sab-Trea 1
miry Scheme, he would have found suporters-
My honorable colleague would then hate' raised
the banner of his country,—the stars - add the
stripes, instead of his banner of gold andisilver. 1
In ranclusiem„ if these things are to be persist
ed in here; continued Mr. T,—if these expert.
events are to go on—l Warn gentlemen to rernena
tier the 'ldes of Pliieeoaber, when a ioici will be
heard in NeW York from the Anent c to the
Lakes, loud as the roaring celeriac' which pouts
its 'orients in tones'of thunder over be western
Mr. Wright briefly.replied,,by eayin that. he
believed his eolleague, had rhisunder tood the
!resident in his remarks upon the Sts election
af New York. r decline, however, en ring up
on a discussion upon the suhjeCt, besau it is Co
reign to the..hill before the Senate.
htli(Clay said he rose to espies* hishooka- to
the Senator from New York for the mments
he had maAe upon , the President's visage in
regard to tis recent election's in Nevi York.—
5 1 ::,
The remarks of the President were, unrecedent
'ed, and,' allow me to add continued Mr. C. an
digniTted. .
His colleague , in declining tepee' him upon that
point. 'has proved most tray that adisereti n is some
times the battalion ender.' The Chai an of the
Committe of Finance decline* diseusedn this ques
tion. bectinse.'he says. the mane,. is lb ge 'to the
bill before the Senate. How eatne the i President,
then. in hismessage to Conmeracto interfere with
this subject, if it, is an alien. matted SW. said Mr.
Clay. I solemnly declare that if*, President bad said
of the election* In Kentucky whitt he has said of the
elections in New York. I would dot have hiffenall one
hour to'heve passed over my head withoneltaing in.
traduced it raeolutiou belbre the Senate, speskiag . of
this act ofibtrExecative in terms in which It deserrO
to have been spoken of. 1 did even consult: with
when; as to the gligtpriety of temodecing tech a reri
dilution: and was thity prevented from doing so from
the fact that the President had Pot Made his remarks
about my'own State.
. ' [
Mr. Wright briefly rejoined to the remarks of Mr.
Clay. and said 'that the Senator from K6vincky had
stated a very good rule. which was that -discreurin
was the bettor part pf valor.' Se will a law me to
add that he *there'll feklyin came whe he thineight
it not wise to ha eintrodueed Id* resollitti condemn
inutile Executive.
Thidehete wester, cet off, rind on m i i i tion (24i.
Clay tbeSensite Went into Execrive se i on. --[ it.
~. • IV Ammo o*, r: D. wn.
The Sub Treasury MS tame! up lb or
der, Mt. &Mu, .of Indiana, took the
Root, and commenced a long speeelOipen
the -merits of the riuc4tion. e voice
with much *sal ii.nd ahiliti - !
but de
bill, the comparative merits of
• . 1
- ,-
"'WI ?um -
- idle"iaastita 2. 'ioe"ste. - 444, Mr. ilth"
'mad". °referred tbb bill of Mr. Rives,
but proffirred a listiOnai ibiajt to hither
plea; Be spoke at greolsogtb, 'when
Itti. Num& leaved as adjournment, and
the Senate adjburood oVer io Montag. "
4he morning,busirkss opened with the
p , reseritation Ufa lettei , from the - Speaker
to tbe firmse, announcing-the resignation
dr Henry - A, MuldWierg.
'Mr. Wm: took is occasion to pass a
high eulogium u... they'd:4c and private
virtues of Mr. Muhl rg. He congratu
lated him upon the listen of rest which
vnte prepared for him in Austria, com
pared with the turmoil and agitation of
this House. , ,
The "Spy in Washington," in speaking
of the great corruption that exists at the
seat of go4ernment--feorruption, that if
brought to light, would make every patriot
tremble for the welfare and prosperity of
the country; concluded with the following
direct charger made - egainst — at least--one
member of Congress:
Extract from Yesterday's Cara Eng
••'fbe mare brief my atatesnent, the better it
will be andesistood. It labs my power, if brought
to the bat of eitherlionse, or beforb Vcoiniiiittee
and process ilkiwed me to compel the attendance
of ~tresses, to prove, bythe oath ofa respecta
ble and unimpeachable citizen, as well as by writ.
ten documentary evidence, that - there u at least
see member of Construe mho hos offered to barter
Ai:services enii AU influence, wilt it del:NlA:Rens
or iisPartmentsfor compensation. Virby, sir, said
tbeiapplimint for a contract. if my proposition
haiimerit„ it will be received, If it has not, i
do not expect it will hi accepted. And what do
yos think was the aniwar• of the honorable mem'.
berg I will give it to yoti 'in hie Own etriphatie.
lenOage. "Merit" said he, why AT do oak
here by merit, but by pulling the ht strings.
Mate it my interest - and .1 wilt. pull e stringer
Byend via iheAdvice and eminent of the Senate
Henry A. Muhleaberg, of Pennsylvania,
to be Envoy Earraordinary and Minister
Plenipotentiary to Austria.
Uohn Randolplr Clay, of Pennsylvania.
to be Secretary of Legation. -
Enos T. Throop, of New York, to be
Charge d'Affaires of the United States
weer His - Majesty the-King of the King
does of the TwoSlcilies.
*at Meeting of Mechanics in New
Ycirk, wit/louvre:oral to party.—The
low~,,g is an extract from the preamble
and resolutions adopted at said meeting.
They speak the language of freemen, and
shoe a determination not to be reduced! to
slavery, without making an effort to avert
Whereas, The Bill reported to the
Senate of the 'United States by Ms.
Wright, and now under consideration ib
that body, entitled "a Bill to impose ad
ditional duties as depositaries ; Upon cer
tain public officers, to appoint Receivers ,
Genital of the Public Money, and to re
gulate the safe-iteeping, transfer and dip
buriement of the public money of the Visi
ted !States," is, in our opinion, a bin to ,
lapin fellers, CHAINS and SLAVE.
it V upon th people, to generate swarms
of bile Erato eat out their substance,
an if' car 'esi ion operation; wi ll be
lis (141
dangerous tp our LIBERTIES, attended
witthe assist disaalrous results, and end
in t entiib, prostration and ruin of our
rep blic. ; •
l e
esolved, That the "INDErENDENT
nil AVORY i Sesame" is an usihallOwed
pi% .. 1 to remove the government effectu
al, from 'the People; to 'place the office
holl n.
r, who eats the bread of the people,
be ind all accountability to them; to clothe
theiservanta in "Maple and 6oe linen,"
and to bimthke People "in sackcloth and
est ." ; ,„,
issueesolveti, 'That the issue presented by
th authoni of the odious Sub Treasury
Siheme, isi not as alleged by the Hon., Silas
Wright, "Bank or no Bank," but that the
issue is, BREAD OR NO BREAD. and
that the tleCeptive cry of Divorce oil Bank
toil State.' is itt .fact a Dtvonca •Of the
4 The Bennie of Indtana base decided by al +foliar
30 to 15, tha the aosoensinn orspeeie payenenta by
the banks in)that State was justifiable and neces
. ,
Buildinglin New Icrk..—The reporksof the city
inspector, in relation to the number of btiltlings
in the city to
New York define the'laa year,
we laid b4nre the common Council on Wed
amiss eve ing. The number of buildings •et
all deecript" na. erecteo, Was 840—being 986 leas
than were wilt in 1836:
the Suh..7reara3ris Biti t —The
sie Eagle suggests the following
roprittte' title of Mr. Sitrialit's
Lill to alldlish the
n features untie Govern wit of
States.' .
as the hp
Sub Tree'
the finite.
Port! Cairlon Iloemocill
1 .., 1 Meeting.
, 1
At an Itintisual4 , large and respectable
meeting 'A" the Democratic Cititeitts or the
town or Port Carbon, conirenedat he Port
Carbon House, onl Thuridav evenik, Feb.
Earl, w 8 chow President; 'A RAIIBII
BNEBNII , Narairrizz DArts, , trit' A.
RiaiD, 1., Esq. Cnartz.ze BARt 'Sit.
04. K Sli MAX, and lgbifratike• *AN,
Vice P lentisr -Lewis HeiThei ' Daniel
eft ; ft
Ma/ ,G. .B.'iZtii/ek, &chit leag .•
The midi:lea stated that the bleat of
4, • 13 ,
•.wr• '• • • •
'-:,' ' ..-, • 1; '' ; .- . .:....C.'t ..' ~,-_AY: - L
, . I I %, , pligllll9 to rip ~,
bt'ition tithe noUtioe pu . ~, - I , lifthe Se
4 our ate,. Which bits-tiltilatest that's, •
tnblisht4itriticiples of beitsoereey thatn.
iont', NO and protect individtial enterpr i se II
,- nithellkithering inilueneelif chartered'
, nepeites., ,-
ri On Onion, it wk. Resolved, Thai= a '
Committee of fifteen be ippointed to draft
resaittOrinexpressire 'tzif, the sense of . this
truiptingt VV.bereupon - * ~ .
The.Ctraiteppointeii Atha Martz, Jehn
Bailey, lieuty Barnes, Uetwy. Hilleo, .
Oesepb 'B'nrier,',:George Dougherty, W, if-
time Bei :i t:zinger; jecob Witte*
, Rosa Bull,
IC. 1. B Osier, Satinet Sititainger; William
* iKeehnor t Jacob ailt,.-Pr4ncia - Graeff, And
;Hugh Wesley; who, after" retiritige short
?time, returned and reported, through their
- heir" ' , the following - Preamble and re
tooiutio',. -. which were read, and pn motion .. . .
septuately ii,onsidered and adopted.' .
. WHEREAS it is the admitted privilege
of the people—likewise their duty--e When
assailed- by the inegitable meastireti Of a
hearth* band of. arocii-johhersjinci bre
kers,, io. meet together, ead ": : by virtue of
that slivereign.powerirhich . the .laws of
nature( individually; end the organization
I of society collectively, hails trusted them
with, openly to, declare,:. fearlessly to ex
press, and publicly to take tianitest their
wishes tied desires, to these who hive been
calledltipon by the
,people to legislate for
the piddle good; it is tht•Ough their actions,
publicly .performed, and 'opinions, deterroi
nately aroused, thattYterde are comolled
to acknowledge, and menarche forced to
admit the people - to be the legi timato source
- cif all power: And sheers the period has ,
now arrived, when it 7becomee requisite 1
and necessary' for thoSe who delight in
theirartechment to Democratic prniciples
to arouse from their lethargy, and, in 'all
the spirit and energy orPatrtots,e,onacious
of being engaged in a ca use. onnected( with
the best interests of the people, as if con
wading for liberty, tUaWake to the help of
those individuals wbci are about to be driv
en from their homes, their property, and
their husiness; that thoie w ho have gained
but al partial triumph_' friay be taught to I
know -and Teel, that it was not obtained
through 'the Aprightneeis of their coarlicwor
the correetness,ottheirknotives. But while
the lion of Democracy', through the toil
occasipned by the intrigue and.. manage
ment of stock-jobbers, and borers, slept,
individual enterprise should not be sacrifi
ced at the unhallowed 'shrine 'of Avarice;
'arid those monopolies whose existence is
inarked by the sordid motives through
which they obtained birth, may be scatter
ed as chaff to the wind; and this our county,
'and State, be cleansed of those aristocratic
monopolies whose 'delight it, is to kuStrate
individual enterprise, and totally prostrate
the business prospects of our county.i
itesoised, That we view with surprise
and regret, that the noted' from oarcoun
ty has become so It to, the principles of
the Democratic party, his often repeated
professions, both iwprivate and public life,
aato become the champion of one of the
most odious kind of monopolies e.ier offer
ed to the 'consideration of a Republican
, Resoived, That we a'ppeal to the virtue
1 and patriotism of our Representative to re
trieve us from the reproach brought upon
us by our Senator. ' ,
Resolved, That we ask 'with deferential
respdct, why it is, that the individual en
terprise and industry of this regiOn should
be singled out, year by year, 88 objects of
specylation by stock-jobbers; unless .it is
that 'they find more yielding materials to
work upon from this quarter than any other
they ,cati avail themselves of.
Respired, That we deem the ! grantirtgef
corporate privileges, by our . legislature,
for atty object Within Ihe power of indivi
dual !enterprise, awn.. departure from those
settled principles of Democracy Cherished
by Our. forellithere 'as 'a area 'of State
./Aseleed, That the Act of ssembly,
,during theitession dri.B3 , relative
to lkintited Partmtrships, shout
.., and was
intended to prevent the gratiting of char•
tered monopolies, inirticulariv where indi.
viand enterprise ii competent td the task.
geso/ned, That due, regard rof•the pub
lic4elfare, and particularly For individual
interest and enterprise; throug hout, this
cOnnty and state, demands that ho Acts dt
Incorporation i shoblit be grantad , for the
uoite of Mining Coal, as by far the
reatest amount of buainessof - this region
as , been acchumlished by indtviduat en
tertnise. • 1 ,
!Resolved, That we 6111`apitit 'the Maki. 1
cra4 of the legislature triOppOtre, by their
votes and influenCe,nli monepo*S; as they
are at Variance With th6seestabbahed 'twin. j
ciptes of Jefferanhian • betnecticy; which I
we, !tis a party, ta t o' desiirotiti - tit hphold and
Resole, Thst 'Mir RiptesAltative, D.
Klima, Esq. isierittesied; and hereby in
struetedi to use - b6i ! iiiilitence Ottiti utmost
erideavois •to itiOent the'passage of any 1
act Of ipcotporatiksh for the lidding of coal'
itt this 'regain. f
' ( Resolved, That the proceedings of this
nieStirig be published in circular fOrm,:
hed, by the officers, and fo r warded to
Elairisburg, addreased to , the Members of
thel-Legistaturei . ' 'r *
-Reit:dyed, ThitOinninittee or three be,
niiitninted to eaTrY the . :fiiregolinijetioliv
Clone into effect, aid illso . to:heve . 4*i:o4;-
4e:ling:of thisfifneetint. nuttlished; in the
0800 of
.tht* c iOlift.r , thil i
eat Aye-twat tielt iittelabiliiklithityrthe
Reporter and Ktittettinejfeeiiebilre, , • ,','.
On motion 'Relayed, That William
Boshystrell, Ee ItMhaniel _Davis, m i d
Charles-Maher, be ,that committee.
• lice - President s .
G. B. ZIIILCH, Secretaries.
Nevii Castle Meetingi,
At a very large meeting , of persOns eat.
played in the coal trade in'Schuylkill comi
ty, at .the e house of Soloman' . Hoer, on
Friday evening, Febuary 9th, 1339,
Parris, Vice Presi nt; and Frit/lain
Rhoads, Secretary. .
The President stated the object of the
meeting to be, to • take into consideration,
the application • ter _ the incorpor4ion of
Coal Companies in this County.• • ,
That we adopt the m Morials
drafted iri - the borough of Poitsvill as be.
ing agreeable to our views egainst, incor-
porated Coal -CoMpataiers itt this.connty.
Resolved, "That we•theicitizeits; and re
sidents in arid ibont the town of N 'CV Cas
tle, Schuyikiircounty, 14 - t,iricerely protest
against all irintiopories as being dangerous
to both, public and private innereati.
Resolved, That Zhu. RepresentatOes
from Schuylkill, nounty, if/ the Sehate and
Rouse of Representative, hi:requested io
oppose by their votes and influence, the
incorporation of all and , every Company
for Coal mining purposed ' • 1
Resolved, That we consuleeiti danger., to the true policy ofpennsyliania, to '
advance the interest of a few, to; the dis
truction of thoniany. ,
Resolved, Thartho proceedings of this
meeting he pibliihed in the MineterJoar ,
'nal and Harrisburg papers.
In pursuance of a preoious_call-for the
purpose, a large and respectable. iineetles
of the citizens of Pottsidle, inteiested 'm
the coal trade, was held-at the Pennsylva
nia Hall on the 10th ins t. to.takeLinto con
sideration theiconstrnetion of tide trend
on the western 'bide of the Sehoylkill.
BURD FATTERSON,, trwri chosen
President; MARTIN Wx.sor4s and Capt.
JOlllt Harmv, Vice Prettidenta l skid P. W.
Hughes and 'Wm. H. gams, 'Sec, retariei.
. On [notice, a conunittea of five' were
appointed to draft a preamble mid resole
lions expressive:of theiseuse of this meet
Whereupon, Samuel Brooke Charles
Shippen, , Nathan Blinn", fit.
„ t Sillyman
and B. gentian were appointed ,Said com
mittee, he after
es, iv
retiring, for a 'few ina
meets, (sported, the following .) preamble .
and r lutions, which were unenimously
adopted .
• Wli eat; (we"projects have teen pie
. sentedt the public 621 r the . IMProvement
of the est side of the Schuylkill at.„Phil.
adelphia, sOis,te make:tut additicteal a
motkrit.ol whar:f room to accommodate the
growing trade of that river. 'And where
as, one of therm prolects has brtitight upoit
it tile lamest unanimous disapprobation of
the guardians of the city,. as weitsur. that
of a large proportion of. thet‘l people; be'
lie Ling it will have a direct' tsedericy ! to
injure the water of the Schisylkill, as well
as to diminish its,quantity; and whereas,
the Fairmount Water Works beingthe
just pride of the citizens of Philadelphia
and districtalcriatribbtibg 'itirltitgely to
the comforts and'conirerrienceeol the in
habitanis thereof, and where at is, be
lieved-by those who bate pede a thorough
examination of the twn propos ed iraprove
ments,"that the tide canal to befmade along
the margin of the ,river, Wont anisiver, at
least as good a purpose , and a comniodate
the trade as well—and entirely the
apprebensiee of the people on itbe score of
injuring the wafer, as thatofthe gaMitChell
Canal." Therefore be lt i ' '
• Resulved, That ; in thei'o ion of this
meeting, the growiug trade p
.° 'thee Schuyl
kill requires_ snore! , wharf Teem, therthy
reductng the expense of lauding, wharfage,
and unteading , coal, into'aeit "omens; ' and
consequently, elablirtg' Ihe 'r;e3rater to
place ofir`atiiple - tit:the doors fceritainiers
at the ioiveit,P, ale. 1.,
Resolved, :that it is the o inion .
of this
meetirtgohat the increase oflthe• business
of the river, calls loudly for the- edoiitton
of the tide canal, as, a , rslan A9* fc.! in'
Ireso the whitrfage . heceast4:JO ~sitomm
odate the trade..,.
_.• .. , Y , ,, } , a:A 4,•: - 1.
Resolved, That - our, representatives in
the Legislature be requested" tvi 7 usit their
intlueneo in favor of a Big tq inalteilhe a
bove-mentiened impfoitticiatit::;',,,. *-4 4f,:i. .
Resolvid, - That a, compi4ce - W. a three
be aPpeiiited to procure iignatilresi to a
petition to the Legisititure p , yitiie fo r the
passage Of an act to ArttOti'elitiet the
shove res,aftilitit - ;, ,. ~, , /.. " • ':- 1
On ikumioli,A,,Rimg;h:,tiim. H. jilanni
and Capt, Joh*,Ehuiley- sore appointed a
committeral3t . ;liten'irita signal ‘ urea.44 I -
'''grs', OW, Z . That tjte"piliceeltnittr s itf.this
etitflinit*eg'igeed by 01!i41-4413.aard,Ink,
14eitle the ,. Miners ' .. Journal and Free
' - ' BURP'PkTTERSM,' Pres't.
.- 40,04 1 1 xt , .. :,-, ialtg
. t iri kteetii. •
~ hillitrlit• Ift - iti - •
„ Was. it Moms, , - .` - '" 1, •-..t.. , - . , . ,