The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, February 07, 1838, Image 3

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    POOR itorsEt
,iosinty, in. account current 'A
;he Poor and House of Bos orient
V, from January 161 A; 1837, to Jon
'otlijiays inclusive.
.1837, Jan. 46. To Balance remaini
. in hands of Treasons'. from /
year's, settlement
Cash receiver]. from the Direc
luring the year
from William Grieff tor a we
from ± do for pigs and empty b
from jPeter Wunder fur a
•8' from Wm. Matz 2 'pigs and 1
from Adam Loy fur bal, on n
from-John Seitz for Sheep
Amount advaneed by Treasurer
CR. . .
• amount paid during the yaw
Directors for the following ar
paid to Steward
ins, • checks, hbdkfs, flannel
Mon and blankets •
gattinets, and dom. flannr
ts, sugar, 208 lbs. coffee
Woos molasses • . •
ts. flour
'and butcher
and rice •
corn, oats and potatoes
ring and fulling
Ling sod stationary •
and: stockings
tons stone coal
'tit and toll on limestone
tuna limestone seed
I. carpenter, and Macklin'
rk and new wagon
on farm and hired men
res, pipe, and tinware
is and earthenware, brrth
teeil and soap .
rancj on houie
dwr paupers
icines, paint*, oil glass & p
as and gears
ea - fees and toll
t trees
Ipe for oakum ...
er due Elizabeth Shoemaker
clerk and Serveying
Ind rent & cost on Patrick L
• Halberstadt, out door p 1
and medicines
Hain Orieff, 1 year and extra
ices as Director
lliam Matz, 1 do _
diem Matz, 1 do salary as D
Jacob Treichlcr, phyeicia
nee due Treasurer
the subscribers having e'
nt of the Treasurer and of tit ,
and of the House of Em
nty of Sch4lkill. DO RE
statement as the result of .
tuess our Hands This 4th
E. Y. F
the Directors of the Poor
, f Employment for Schustlk .
7th day-of January,lB37, to
ry, 1838; both days include
' DR.
.4 • 17.. Balance its per last sett
.ash received. from Treasurer
. 29,805 lb. hay sold
7 hushels wheat, 61 bus. El
• and timothy seed
Butter and cheese, ".
Rags and beef -"
' Wood and lime
2d crop hay ,
3 calves,
Veal nd hides
Watch sold
Fine for hunting on farm
Wagon and hauling,
School and eta amounts
Brick and stone
From paupers
Boarding pauperat &c.
Muslin, satinets, shoes, st
linsey, check, &c. for I
George Kauffman,
Henry_ Boyd,
William Fessler,
Anthony Dress,
Tocs*jecetseil from the Co
ers choylkill county, fo
&a. of Joseph Kaercher,
Jan. 1,1838. ;. Balancet
. .
CR: '
Cash paid &arching asp
11,9391 b. flour, 124 btu
buithel rye chop, 237
stuff, 121 bus. corn
29 bus,. rye,
stocitiigiraiid bag
ink powder, beer, post
36 loads dung •
46 tabs stone coal
hired men and work oi
issbsteuit to Steward
- maids
, s hoeing horses i e . repel
salt, fish and
stage fire an&expOn
and bringing psope
ing notices
dried applea.V B ele g
brandy, twine, od, bu
15 011
6 261
id comie m 2 tril
Dr & whir
key. 5 po
seeds, corn, work in 'Orden Rini
plaster, straw and el.
shoes, soap, ea
'castings, eaw s .siese,
comb. cud porterage
fruit trees .
traces. weighing. sheartricabeep;„,,, ; ! Leo
to poor pajama
misirellsoeiins ' • -I ' ' -'' :" 't it
justices signing indentures . . ,3 00
surveying house for Insurance - .• 3 a
coustable's fees.for britiglug.paw.' . i
P6rs SO 25
haVakking%harrest, work on faun
• and burning lime 117 78,i,j ,
16 tons stone coal- , 37 50
3' loads Jiung, benne* and leather ' 7 93ii;
- tailoring and sewingi • 10 37i ;-
plough and harness v . 15 25 ,
work in garden l3 67
medicines . 3 311 - !
witness wages . 86i.
6 young pigs • 300
12 psi.. blankets, 156 i yds muslin,
' 189& yd s talico, hilkfe; thread.
buttons. jean, lion skin, Briny, Etc. 91 05 •
seal skin caps abd shoes 62 81 '
119 gals molasses, 211 lb. sugar, • • ,
157 lb coffee, oil; fish, mackerel,
; J &diaryLEW
Moro of
• said Cows
ry 1838,
8104 14
4;00 00
h 800
' 4 56
.w ' 22 14
If 625
to 28 19
8 00
19 90
14504 18
tobacco, salt 114 68
NA yds check, 1201 yds plod, 79'
yds toe linen " 49 00 c
coats, vests, brushes, queensware 32 551 ; ,
ter keys $ 00!;'
coffins, boards and .bed pins 4 20 '
by •compensation as steward from
let !January 1837, to Ist Apri:
by compensation ab steward and
clerk, from Ist 'April.lB37, to
let'January, 1838.
palatial in the bands of Steward
$1648 00
20,1, Oli
s 126 26
51 221
146 071
-. 27 86
s 77 56
146 24
25 03i,
59 36i
52 26
89 311
47 202
54 52
192 25
106 66;
160 09
47 35
• PAUPERS. , 1
Paupers remaining in the. House on the 16t1i,
ay ofianuary, 1837:
I Males, 35
Males under 12 years, 20
Females 1:1 •
Females under 9 years, 14
One male omitted in the account, 1
83 03i 1
85 fit2i
40 2lit
milled into the house from the 16th
January 1837, to let January 1838
last day included:
I Females
Male born in house
Females born in house
83 31
20 41
27 00
38 50
108 026
23 616
22 55
10 756
19 50
Out door paupers
whole number
Males discharged and absconded 91.
Females do do 26
4 00
1 09
28 02
51 97
10 00
2 52
Males died
Females died I
Board out, 1 male and 1 femele 2
Remaining in the house on the let
104 3
Males ender 12 years
114 24
Females under 9 years
Out door, 1 female
Bound out—William Richards, to Wi lliarii
'a g ue, Norwegian township.
do Susan Haight, to William Carroll;
Norwegian township.
Out door pauper Catharine Miller, Wayriii
township. .
Relief granted to Abraham Shoup, Schuylkill
Relief granted to
39 50
27 50
20 00
63 00
84501 18
$l9 90
amined the Ac-
Directors of the
oymeut for the
'ORT the fore
. r investigation.
.ay of January
167 bus wheat, 5531 bus rye, 5251 do oats, 819
do potatoes, 61 do.flaxseed, 1121 do buckwheat
452 do corn in coos, 51 do timothy seed, 1560
pumpkins, 6 loads corn tops, 871 tons hay and
second crop, 42 lb wool, 2 barrows, 46 bunirmek
flax. .
87 gals Apple butter, I I} bushels dried r applef,
I coffin, 83 frocks, 55 chemise, 34 petticoats, 08
pair pantaloons, 5 roundabouts, 76 aprons, 24
shirts, 4 pair shoes, 93 lb Carpet rags, 28 sheet*,
pillows, chaff bags and bed ticks, v. table 6)(4,
caps and capes, 1 5/1 barrels soap. ji
• rd, in Orouni
nd of the =Haase
County, from the
lit day of Janu-
SOLD. 11
3calves, 813 50; 4 sheep. $B;2 sheep skins, Ø.
1 mi1f,..67i lb.; hide 91b.12 lambs, 51 lb. ..
Fauened on Farm and slaughtered.
10 steers, 4367; 12 hogs, 2531 i lb. hides 6.38 It ,
tallow, 2161 lb.; lard 481 lb.
ement $53 68
1648 00
259 21
25 12i
14 12
5 45
13 hogs and.pigs, 1 calf, ac 2 sheep killed `n , dais.
15 43
6 00
2 00
13 50
28 46
2 00
8 00
19 124
6 924
5 00
4 16
1M 48
calve", 10 lambs, 31 young pigs,
987 head cabbage, 2195 pickles, a t bushels op:
ions, I do seed do. 10 do red beets, 51 lb hopa4 5
quarts sallade seed, 1 qt onion seed, 2 do celery
seed, 3i do coriander, celery, parsnips, beans, dec.
7481 *timtter; 179 i lb cheese.
Wa the subscribers havist examined the joie
counts of .the Steward of the House of EmplOy.
meet of Schuylkill County, 'DO REPORT the
foregoing Statement as the result of our inveso iga.
Lions: Witness -our heads , this. 4th day of Jai:to
ary, 1838. 'EDW. Y. FARQUHAR,
, Feb. 3,1838. 4t AMITOSIS.
milt' 35 01
:75 00
62' 10i
It 00
6 00
155 114
limtic, 126 66
WHEREAS, in pursuance of an act of,Gsn' e
ral Assembly of the Commonwealth of PO • .
sylvanii, an attachment hath been granted bfithe
subscriber, one of the justices of the peace irOnd
for the county. f Schuylkill, at the instanclli of
a certain 'Daniel Bradley, of Norwegian tiriwn
ship in said-county, against 0 certain Andrew
Bradley, of saidtownship, miner,
whereon eektahr
goods, chattles and effects of the said Andrew
Bradley have been attached, and now are irOus
tody of Samuel Thompson' and N. Willett, of
the borough of Pottsville, until they shall bp; ilis.posed of according to law. Thu is therefor. to
give notice to the creditors of the said Antirew
Bradley, to appear on Saturday 17th day ofi*eb
ruary next, at lOo'clock A. M. at the office the
subscriber, then and there to discover and Oaks
proof of their demands agreeably to the diredWris
of the said act.
Pottsville, January 27 1838.
2684 44}
$194 491
noes, &c. 11 53
oats, 21
bus. ship
hop,. ami
738 401
e 31, eggs 3 01
116 36
160 0
54 00
-19 0:
ing wagon 168
ulty 2 40,
, sending
BHANNAN has commenced a Book pad
cry in connection with his Book tom
where all kinds of Books will be bound at the
shortest notice at low rates. • .i
jan 27
and eery-
9 167
need 2 5 1 66
.atls &e. 18111,
y knifr, • 22 95
. 930
rrIME BOOKS of miens kinds for cOliers,
4a- aria others, just received and for sale b
Also—drafts, notes and ebeglis tonna in becks.
jan 27 • . : 1 6 •
'''. - 126
(iron, Orwigsborg,
, •
February 1,, i 6 38.
John Ltlertirer Edward
,Ansman Joseph Limb Joseph
B ' 14fferty John
,Bowe Anna LaiwiaJoht or Rebecca
ila - uns-ik Pelmenheld L4wis Mrs
Royer Benjamin Lamaism Hobart
'BAB David' Lee Rachael
Blackly Daniel M ',-
Britten Daniel lit .seans Andrew
Biddle Henry Manley Anna
Barret Horatio N 'Mistier Edward
Bert Joseph Misyeis Edward
Bower John Mjisoo Gebrge W
Blatt Jacob . Mtliee Hugh •
Brobst Mrs roe H A
Branch Thomas anheimer Jacob
Burk Patrick - . rry John
Boweis Sarah Mullen Patric))
Brennan Thomas iadder Patrick •
Bird Wm aszemsery Robert
Mathews Wm
McLaughlin Bernard
McCauley Daniel
11.eGreager Geo
N °Darnell John
iCarthey James
11 eDise Mathew
IleCartey Daniel
11 cCartey Robert
Neff John o
O'Cimell John_
Ctimintngs Robert
Creswill Robert
Crampt Charles
Canis S
Collins John
clwreth fir -
Dawalt Abraham
Nitric* John
Denning Joseph
Davis Mary Ann
Damrr Robert
Duffield Richard
435 00 , 1
194 4941
2584 44i
Engle David
Edwards Daniel Quin Anther
Easton F Nicholas i ..... a
Kiting John Richard George
Engle. John !lice George
Evans Sarah ' Rice H
F flnse John
Frank & Kramer • Richards Jones
Fezwick George Deter Julia F
Fentice John ' Reed James
Fensler John Rutter John P
Fenster & Krebs Riley Paterick
Frynire Sarah Richards Rebeekey
Fisher John Betis Rees J
Fryer Joseph C Keddo,Samuel
Fitzpatrich Edward Roberto Thomas
G Reuley Wm
Grob Andrew ' • .Robertson Win
George Abraham'' S
Gilmore John, ihoff'Adam
Gilmore Andrew it:lnger II
Groom Benjamin Swather Chaistopher
Gephart Catheran flliailen David
Griffith Daniel Shrigley Debrah
O:bhs Az Frank Short Edward
G-oul George Rraltees Khzibeth
Gable John • Sherry "Frederick
Grnaehott Stephenson Frances
Gimes Mr - . Stark Frederick
Grath Sarah Sanderson Henry
Gratz Theadorl . Suveror Isaac
4 H Smith James
Heatherington Edward Smith John
Hudson Elizabeth Shearer John
Humbert Frederick ' Stickler Jacob
Her Hannah Scanlen James
If uchcson John Soevierd Jacob
Herten John Seerhulta Mary
Hants Mary Smetzer Rachel
Ilegerty Patrick Short Samuel
Hendershot Rachel Sands , Thomas
J • Smith Wm
Johnson Anil T
Jones John Thomas Jenhan
Jacobs Julius • W
James John II W dine Abraham
Johnson Marialt Vire Donner or Elee
Jones Thomas ether Fred
Jones Wm Vatkins James
II V Illinois Margaret
Kateman George Wiltiania Marian
Koppenhaver Ilenry Warren Samuel
Kepler John Wagner Philip
Kaiser John Williams Robert
.Kutz Joshua Ward Thomas
Kenrick John Filson Thomas
Keiper Loaranes
i I
Klunel P - . Ooiler Andrew
Kelly Sarath Eine. Jacob
King Win
SHIP arr Ens.
Boyl Henry Molina° John .
Brook Joseph - IMeEnoy John
Berry James ' Malt Mire
Bremen Michel !Megrim. r hie 'names
Carrol James • cLaughlin Thomas
Ctirrums Thosnall ;Mitchell Wm
Davis Edward ' ' 'Nevals George
Davis Joshua • Nicholas Liac
Daniel John :Newton Thomas
Davis RichardObrian David
Davis Thomas ! Phileps David
Daniell James ' Prethern Pretbero
Felsenhelce Benjamin I Pride Reim
Fentum George 1 Pi oberi Thome.
Fregar John Quigley Laoglin '
Frediumick Richard Richardson Archibald
Gray Abraham ! Richaedson Edniend
Green Joseph .; k yen Michael
Goyne Win • , Roinfet Win
Herbert Ester : Sankey Freceias
Hudson John • ! Smith James
Hondson Robert :. Stapleton Jilin
Jones Comellasj.Bierman John •
Jones Daniel ' 1 Scott Mee bore!
James John i Sum William
Jenken Lowellid .i Stespbenson Wm
James Philip 1 Smith Win
Jones 'names ' Steel Win
Kemidery Neil • Tagert John
Lather Edward- ' Thomas John
Lamb Joseph - ; Vaugh James
Lewis James ) 7 i William Able
Lamb Peter • Waters Daniel
Loyd Seth. ! Williams Josrush
%Canna Bryan t Wall William
Megavern Edward . .
Persons calling for tars in the above list iri
please say they are a dvertised.
9 1
A GOOD stand fini. a Stnre and Tavern, situ..
AS- ted on the Schuylkill Valley Rail Road, ow
the weigh scales. The house has been occupied
as • tavern for seventi years. and there is not •
better stand to be found in the neighhorhnod.—
Foveassion given on the first uf
TIM Aeril—apply lt
feb 3 8-3' OFFICE.
100 REAMS Wrapping Paper, for sal
wholesale alid retail, cline.
fob 3
PICKWICK abrded, cr a km. lo France,
Leila, by Buller,
Confeesioneof ad elderly lady and gentleman,
together with a vartity of other works. kw' re.
eeired and for sale b j B. BANNAN.
kb 3 .
DuIISERTATION, StotGovern melt, the a ff airs
of the Bank ang Paper blowy, by the *othr
efsCernenee Se price Si con* isereeciired
and fbr aide by B. BA '!(AN.
.4 .1
• .
05e• at Potts line.
, •;,
MinftqrtV r Mrrrtt ' ;-
Petrel Alezer
Foe Rent
Ne ' Books.
WS hereby given. 4Ulr/otters
ibastsheast grattiedjto
aisteiviritaibuythill Cesinty,
WWI o..•deiainuted, late of Ni
MI Persons indebted to said
requested to make payoie"it
such who may' hare claims
sent them duly authentic',
Jan , 47 4-6
THE directors of the Common bielmols of the
borough of Tottsifille, have. by i resulation
determined to grant permits to enter raid schools
only on the first an 4 third Tuesdays ,of tech
month. By order,.
BEN/ Va."( COOMBE. Ja.
J 4 2 6 6-3 k President.,
• T* Rent.
FINITE Pumice, griiit null, ea+ 1 2 ) , several
A. dwelling houses Sad farm of I " acres of
land. situated at Kernsvite, about sixteen miles
ftbm Rigging' TheiCabil Ind turnpike road
from Reading to Pottgille, both pass immediately
in front of the buildings.
The situation fi au excellent one for business.
Possession can be h*d on the first 4jay of April
next--for buther particulars inquire the office
of the Schuylkill Nivigitioo Comitiany, south
seventh street, Philadelphia- er of
13. ainscom,
Superintendent,' Reading%
Reading. Jan. 2711838. • 8-Imo
gr i FORMS.--A fresh supply of tine val
l U i r liable work. fiat received and for axle by
jan 27 6 B. 101NNAN.
ri'IMILNER'SCHEMISTRY,..iice. just' re
&gra, and for Bale by B. HANNAN.
LIFE OF 11 EN Y CLAY, by Prentice. just
rerrived and for . vate by
11111 20
Public Sale.
PURSUANT to an order •of the Orphan.'
Court of Schuylkill County, on Saturday the,
44th day
. pf Fahruary next, at 1 o'clpck in the af
ternoon, Dankl Pager and Adam Weidner, ad
ministrators of thedislate of Conrad Pager, late of
Beaks C,otioty, deceased, will expiate 44 sale by
Public Vend'''. in Pinrgrove on the pliemisce, a
certain messuage and lut of ground, Situate in
the town of Pinegenyc, Pinegrove 'township.
Schuylkill County, being the aotithern part of lot
marked No. 8, in the general plan of *aid town,
—late the estate of the said deceased'
By order torthetCourt.
.Clok O. C
Jan 20 5-4
Bookseller, of Rending.
Will ha-e revisedpod preps* to put to
press in slew Smelts a :highly useful
and important work for Iron Masters, Rail Road
Projectors, Dealers in Iron, Smithi, &r. to be en
titled as '
"Tnz IRON Taatur, With practical remarks and
useful observation4ineluding new end compre
hensive Tables, arranged io en improved way.
confining the weight of upwards of 1000 differ.
ant &dies and substances of Iron, such as round,
square and flat bars; strip iron and hoops, boil ,
er; plates and sheet iron by measure orethe tole.
and by the numberl on the wire Ravi. To which
aril( be annexed the nearest proportiboate num
her Of feet which is equal to a ton in weight of
each of the different bodies or sizes, and which
ran he ageetinlited in an instant by inspection
of the Tables." "
This will he a rompilation ■nd reprint fr on
two scarce English works; enlarged and improved
upon expressly for home use. As a limited num
ber will only be published, being nearly all rule
and figure work) booksellers and others should
forward their orders in duo season. as the work
will be prepared for Press on the. Ist of March.
It will be neatly printed and hansiunely bound.
—Price el 50 per copy and the usual allowance
to the route.
Orders fix the above work will be received at
at Private Sale.
A good two stay house and, lot of ground.
situate on Centre sires , . The lot is 20 feet•tront
on Centre street. and 230 feet deep. extending to
the Mount Carbon Rail Raid—the Mouse is sub
stmufiellY built, and well situated for any kind of
pittlit business.
Two good two story frame houses Red lota of
mend, situate in Beatty's Row, -Norwegian
t4treet. Each house and lot I. 20 feet front; the
houses aro well feiished with kitchens ittached
to each honor, and are situated in the must boat
ors* part of town. All of the above propirty
will be sold very cheap—for trsma and particu
lars apply to ' AN DR I.W RU.V;EL,
Jan 6 7 . Malilantango Street.
riIHE subscriber has now on hand si his Stote
&nil Storehouse -on Cent' and Rail Ross'
streets, a foil assSrttnent of GoaOs, suitable for the
coal region viz :
Barr Iron of assorted alias,
Band and Hoop do do
Nails and Rods do do
Steel, Round & Square dot do
Nails ind Spikel do !do
Coal Shovels do do
Haidware, a general asslortment.
All of which be iw selling ak reduced prices.
Jan 13 s 3 CLAYTON.
DIARY Sir ,18314, or DAILY REGIStER.
kr the nae,of Private ninnies and persona
ofhorinese, containing a hlanh for every day to
the year, (hr the record of events that may be ID
terest jog. either peat or future.
aPINE APPLE CH EINE.—.I int received
‘-r and for sale a few boxes of very superior old
Pine Apple Cheese.
IS hereby given. 04 letters Testamentary
have been granted to the subscriber, by , the
Resister of Schuylkill County; on the estate of
Rieassid Bruce, deceased, late of Mincriville.
Schuylkill coantv.• All persons indebted t said
estate are t 6 fire requested to make payment
to the 'auhscrber immediately, and such who
may have cleitnif on said estate are 'likewise re
quested to present them • wall authenticated. for
Jan 10
17 p r i es 3 40, jolt received and %reale b_
Inn IQ. 1 B. 8AND441.1
a 4 stle-taitt-'zatim , r
posite Birk. tinildmg genre ht. len •
Aga, where he evil - attend to ail Miasmal en.
mined to him in the hoe of his professien,t
9ct gt • 418..;4r '
Coiniert dad C•airenience.
TO riar IBE.lvrny.AN 0 ttiaLw
The sabieriber ,respectfully irtforriushis Mends;
and, thwo k ihlic at lasse.thal.ninet hie rOulkaiirou
•EltroPe. !se works with Cr NM teal aad difieams
111 the man 4 fieuiting of Elastic Alatnimaia tMtT
86rougls, laud thrfuwa r i l maaelf, without firstingi
the ateeuvition that a =Bossier and Mark.,
tan s With being, ilplle . hereattae , ( o m ake nnei k mat-1
trestles i s bot to he inferior to e/ky wok of thiW
kind, in referent* to their beauty, inirid , l24 an t i
durability, and people will certainly be n eed
of the coinfcr: and saving of. time, which m ere
articles stood Principally when there,isi soint4 ,
body sick in theTamily.
Besides the subscriber knows the old adage!:
••the work Oust give t'redit 16 its inakei," and;
he iliereliire, very' politely invites those wishing,
to get an article of this description, to come and
examine cot tioinseises, one of the said Ifitatrait:.
sell, just now finished, that they may be I =min
ced of the troth'of his say irlf.
.4-10 •
Reading. lan s 18, 1833.
P. S. Persons wishing to buy Elastic Matrats
sea, of the description aforesaid, will please ap,
ply to the sub.ereher, a few doors above Feather's
Store, in Reeding. where a list of subset iption is
open to the putilic, as tne manufacturing thereof
wants some tiad: The Mstrasses will not be
delivered before May next.
The undersigned ha., at the request of Mt:
fi147411.Y MZlll* examined his newly invented
"double Spring Elastic Mattson." Its. 'milkiest
elasticity renders it tidy a luxury for commie
use; and to the sick especially. Such as arR
long confined id a or iznidal posture, it promises
to prove invaloah. . It. permanent smoothorlis
will supersede the a 'wily or remorinjthe pa
. "te make- his bed," while its elastic quality
appears well Ciacti a ced to obviate in a great de
gree or entirely p -vent the sloughing so apt to
occur . in cases:of I ng confin. nicht.
i the opinion above expressed,
. tyre's "Double Spring Elastic
t • • t ,
I fully coneir ii
in regard to 31r.
t I
Having carer° v =mined Mr. Henry Meyre'v
"Double Spring biotic' 3liiirass," I concur in
the'ishove oniniod, believing it trr anvwer ell Ihe
purpoves intended: ' JOHN B. 071% .
I have exaotined Mr. Henry Meyre'A "Dotiliile
Spring Vl:drove! with core, and I would rennin-.
input it to all pelitonti. and especially to the aiek
au it would be aigreat advamaee to them.
Having ellaerially 'loxairueed M r . H e nry Hey.
re's Double 'Hiving Elastic Matrass.," I %Hy
concur in th 6 opinion expressed. in the fiiregekng
certificate. ' A. 11. WITMANI
I here costumed- with care Mr. Me.v re's -gyp.
iic itistoass." and fully concur in the opintoti
'Jove expresseth as to its usefulness and gent al
good queities
At Mr. Meyre i vremiests I examined his “Elas
tic Maim's," and concur in the favorable opin
ions expressed, by the hhbvenamed gentleman.
SOLOMON 0. 81/2011.
For Sale,
A taitt*titk Thad of Cm! Land •
L.Y 'KG anti being in the township of Ncpre
A-A wegian.on the West Branch near the `Vert
Branch Raillitoad, about JUr inite>. - trotit Sckiyl
kill ilayentliere it .ne or more Coal Veins
wowing through this. sod. For ininnoation ap
ply to JACOB 12 gEt) ,
at P oPtar tile ,
'Jr Mr. 11OFFMAN.;EKit,
at [beading.
To Merchants and other,. •
9 AND 10 quire Day Hooka and Ledgers,
foolscap : arse, cheap, just received and for Pale
jail IA
' Lumber.
40.000 Joint §hinfles,
25.000. Lao do
20.000 I.4lbei, misguide :or palkinr or.shin
a linzffir side by A. A. al tE.
octo 23 - 44
•IN ERS' FbAill4El.l l / 4 Jesi received anc
Yx fair by me suthicriburs. 10 Mi
ners heavy bhirting &noels.
Cloths! Cloths!! Cloths t!!
Ihr, N A 111 ANS &GO. have now un hand a
•••• 1 • splendid stsori meta of
Blue, black, olive, green and claret cloths:
• do• d.) and fancy caw...metes, •
• Plain and sattinctia,
Mohair piloi cloths and other coating4i,
Goats hair camblets, veatings, Ste 4i.
alt of which being purchased at auction i!Nina
delphis, and New York, we guarantee i 1
sell 10
per cetit cheaper than can be purchasedel where
in thin b4ringli• dec 21 , 2
Dry-Goads, Grocery and Li
. ,
, quote Store, •
Corner o Centre and AfaOtt &ruff POltidUe
April : 28-
JosErn c. KEKN:
fESPECTFULLY informs the ciOsena of '
Pottsville & vicinity, that he constantly keeps
on hand, at the corner of Centre and gillawhill
streets, nest, door above the Nidionil !Hotel, a
large and elegant assortment`of Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods, with a choice selection of Wines, Li.
mews and Crockery' ware, all of which hive been
purchased at the very lowest moth prices in the
Philadelphia market, and will be sold ab 12i per
cent advance.
All kind of country nrodtiee taken in exchange
for goods. wig 19 39-111
100( 1 1 lba. ikd Feathers...jut:l rec7i:ived and
ofered for sale by
Now 11
holosale and Retail i Dry
Good State.
UpOLLOCK 4c WEAVER have just i received
in additind to their extensive assortment of
DRY GOODS, Super Sumter One ind Black
Cloth, superiortney coloured db. new style caa.
sim sattinetta and Beveltenns, minors' fas
tiaAsi 4?• MP , 14-, •
,• If
j NA
boveltuit ,
pri ariportati
• • &hie
(Fe Plaices
= Mu*
The subeez .ber
The muscat( that L iPot;
. ,
L ..,..
May be extracted taiilloyi. 10 91 1/r.ith, :US. _ -,r 1 ,141k ('',--,
• . •• ! • -,f•' - 1,
ret?pettiea. This • litedicuds, is, A. 1... . ..!li .. ~ .- •
ceipt of the Medics) Wieife: ii., r,'; real oo3 * .. . - •J
by the Vsculty as but helm= •,, thatidepide7 . .
Lion of the fluid extract of Billiikatt .
This Emits may liven 'With isei- - Itatik ..,_ , -Olf- 44 :.'i-, -
children. and hictivincientionsay.•l Ser , :To". 4 , . :!,.
m ill
at a purifier of the bleod.whictein iil ' les. Maiitt; ,- - ' -
I' alleviate and in m any entirely the ellr j.-..;2-
dimmer , • . , 1.,. - ; ..i, - ... - .. i '•,,
Obstinate eropdpns of the akin, i , :.'. ' • ..1;
pimples or pustules on the face.. ,_,241••••
tides which *rine-hum an Imput! ho l l.o. l ;rfft -i . - ..' •
kiss ly eruption's; • .
Pains in the bones.
Chronic rheumatism.
Scrofula. or King's evil,
Syphilitic symptoms.
And all disorder* arising front en impute state 01
the blood, either bpi long residence ih i hot and un
healthy climate. or the injudicious toe of mercury.
I have thought it necessary to attack a fe i w certifi
cates of its beneficial edicts. from pumas well knows
in the county. as references:
. ' Reedit*, .tufy 13.1837..
We the undersigned. baring used the Compound
M Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla. (pre red George
W. °Arley) in our families, Most c trolly recom
mend it to the public, as a 'cheap. and efficient
medicine, in diseases arising. from mu*" Of the
blood. 1
• • • - JOHN( Mllit. - •
' WM. Hi MIL R. ..
. .
This is tteeertify
that I was for tor years afflicted
*Oh on obstinate/rape/lemma affect on di owe army
legs, which b6ke into numerous ulcers, fOr which I
tried various reinvdies. which but inCreased the dile!
ease, when I was re/Amended ho try 'Mil. °eke's,*
pparation of :arse !Ala. 1 did sod mad! after mung.
several bottler I. am ppy to staterhat th; r ulcers are
entirely removed and my leg, healed geese mi.
nand this 16th day of Atignst,lF , 37.l ; .-. , .
' JOHN R. COLLER.IReiding. '
This certifies that my little son. abut Il years old:
had suffered fur a long time from extensile sores on :
the right knee and leg. (supposed -to U. , rei l been *bite
swelling.) which: 1 found impossible ha h . by mud • '
theaid of the most respectable medical triee.-until
I was recommended to use Mr. George
o l e ..oaktriersi ,
Compound Syrup of Sassapatilla, eight bo of:which
on ly in ea lmi the sores but parr y t ioimia eor
child's health whichldd sufferedmoc in
of this affection, CA;PHARINE IN EM '. .
Tth Wove Penn Reading. • S
The above cut wat.prestoted to Me, 4ioth before'
and atter the ase of MG: iftkelefs syrup 'of -Satraps.
villa. and I haven° heeitittion an believing - thatit war
the agent of his restointire. • 12 .
Reading, Septa% 1807.
. Wthisington. iNte. 20, 1837: '
Sin-1 consider Rmy duty to let yen know tbdtbei,
use ef the halfdareal bottles of your !Ai:table liansepe r ,._
rills mat 1 got hf you in Jane last. hes entirely' bested
my leg, the Dnepr told me it Was of wecetilblenschari:'
after. and theme of your medicinelereold probably
benefit it. . The five bottles were no t taken before AL - L
wa ,. ho n ied. 1.01 took Ithe such to make the curet
cenaie; it is now better than two moths since I used ,
any. Ind there'ls no appearance of a leturn. my pbyti.
cian thinks the core perfect. oura.&c.
' CH.tR Y I.E.S DROWN. •
141" The expire valuable medicine may be bad si
the sitbseriber's wholesale and retail Drug store.
North Fifth street, Reading. and at Most of the prin
cipal drug stores. Fresh Drugs and Medicines, at
thelowestcash prices. also kept rot sale by the sub:
scriber. OEO rar.f...l.F,Y.
Also, to be had at the 'stores of ;Jleiedenreich &
Katz Kutztown ; Wm. Mintzer and Dr. Ford; Petro ! ,
totvn ; Peter Knabb.Oley ; and at the store ofliguard
& &ranch. Potted/In . .
.3 "., , , . 2.40 K;_,
Jan I
ISI A ,S. To prevent imposition. nix anteaters wills
ricpany the label of eackboulm 1 , . ...
Private sale;
010 HE public. iher will sell, at{ prismie male. a
pa pLia pi s:ey, situated in'.
the most central and business t t the borough'
of Tamaqua. Said propel ty ii Fe U worthy the
attention of men of business. ;1 1 1 ructilar 'do.
serirtiOn is...considered miiietesstai4. as persoCsk
wishing to purchase will first vie for themselves:
It-said property is not sold te - Toret the latof April
next, it will. then be rented for ohe or moreyears.
Fur further particulars, apply in the AinbscribeiT
living at Tamaqua, or, to Dr. Minter on the pm , .
mibes. • • • JOHN DENNISTONI
der 16 ! . .4tr.
Emerson's School ,Boolks. ,
rIOIIE, subscriber has been appointed Agentiii -
1 the sok of these Books in Schuylkill Dihiotte
Directors of the Public Scboots, Districts millut
others supplied' by' the quantitylst the publishera'
pt ices.
Emensui'S Series of School books are hathiel.:
ered-to be the best Wass and as cheap` acaoy,
other. • ,
• Also, Cobb's Series of School Books wholsoale.
and retail at Philadelphia prices, for-sato* .
'Dec 23 5 • • ",
clOap Raisins and Prim so
justr-toceind by the shiner and
1000 hr. Rsisms. = I
Wows, Pram's—which be *ill sell at bi I.3eals
per lb. EL C. MARTIN.
Ns!. .si • - ' 9 '
' Catholic 1101 - 41 11 .
Key !r) %names
- True Nit
Dourly Bible, . 1 '
Poorllan's Medusa' arid'
Smelt Catecliumn.
Just received and for sale by B. BAIRT?&N,
Dec 23
pßinarE 'SALE •
A HOUSE 6441 T in Norirefiaro.
Street. nearly opposite the iesidesiert
of IL F. Pommy:, now occupied- $v
William D. Leith The bowie.
fia 16,
feet trent by gOleet in depthosilh a bitches:6C
cellar in the basement store,, tarn Monti oiirtai
first.-seiMmi and third firers eiely; the , srliiiet
aid Mose:well plastered and pailditi. Alariarx
excellent Well of,witer at the *dritifT=the lot is lOC.
feel frellt.bi_no to depth -with
ley on the mat end of said Weis.
Yee filellale l i titpef „ .
lucre. supuirio+
yltopfAtirborriNditi-3‘lSit6 .t”; '
• • •