The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, February 07, 1838, Image 1

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Tirrtitt .Do LULU'S AND FIF rif
payable aettii-annually in advance.
In the year, St will be chariel t.
:ceive, the. pa per free of portage.
$3 per annum. lf not paid *lthin,
will be added to The price of auhsc,
'goto thaLcaas per annum. pay
id alvnitce. if not paid within t
be charged
Advertisements not exceeding t
charged:sl for three insertions--a
insertion. Larger ones to proper
All. advertisements will be ins.
out, unless the time for whi Th they
is specified And will be charged as
Yearly et!vertisers will be char,
including subscription to the paper
of keeping one advertisement pot
standing during the year, and the
er one in eachmapr r for three sue
All letters addressed to the ed
otherwise no attentiOrt will be pat
All notices for n eticzs, titc.
which have heretofore bcca lose
charged 25 cents ale!). except Ma
Ballot.—Within. the Ins'
rouAy signed requisition I,
in this town, upon the subjt.l
l'his requisition respectfull
Mayor to convene a meeti
opportunity, fur the purpo
the legislature upon the ti
requisition as the one to
adverted, could not hive
this town two years ago.
has progressed, in the
mightily since then. Th
bf the last borough elect,
expenditure to tempt on Ha
the intiMidating threat td
other—have convinced li'
necessity of the ballot.
• Suther,i
Delicate Investigation.
was held last week in th,
Mary, Sandwich, at whit
Hambleton presided. Th•
the vestry was convened
a delicate investigation i
'of the parish sexton, who.
had broken the seventh ,
and had thus brought ac'
church, of which he was
sexton was su•ipended fro!
aaiulainents of his high ec
fur six weeks.
held - at Horstngton, near
colnshire., on John Taylo
trier; who came by his
following circumstances :
inst. being at florsington
a. beer house, in company
perscrns, when a quarrel •
_taborer, named-Edward
•,a : Men of violent charge
individual. • In the cour:
Bowering was knocked
advancelf to pick him up.
'same 'time he was worth
vising Bowering's oopon.
out." Upon this, Rowe
Taylor, and stabbed hin
the stomach and thigh. . 1
veyed home and put to
found ,that from his woun
his botvels•protruded. I
called in, but inflarnmatiti
on ThurOay. Taylor bi
The jury at the inquest r
of " wilfisl murder again
•"Singular Marriage.—
* Opeared before . * h
Chrosthwaite church, K
day, and when the cereal ,
ed, it proved to be the el
had, between them, appei
purpose; she being to bin
and he to her a seventh
ing actually interred dui
having dote the same w
The bridegroom's name 1
The bride's Margaret
Thorrahmatte, near Kea'
. .
Rifle Shooting.—N • . _C A RTR IDGE. 1-
On Tuesday, the Acrot , rmentarian Soci•
rty of Rifleman met at th • it private ground
at Wormwood Scrubbs, to contend for a
splendid gold medal, at IQ yards from t i tie
target. Most of the era . ' 'shots were pe.
sent, which compelled e ch to Jo his be
. ana ' increased the omen .nce of the spo t
which terminated in Mr. . Margary bei E
declared the winner. f a this occasi, u
M r..A. Margary made . use, for the fi s
time, of his newly inve ted cartridge 01
the rifle, with which, ; though the pi ri
can be loaded with . the =ame facility a i
soldier's musket, the ac. racy of the fit i 4
.ps not, ttke, least impai,•d, as a proof ol
which Mi. A:. Margary ade eighteen hits
and four bull's•eyes out of the twenty•foui
-rounds Jter - fired, the t. rget being eighty
inches in diameter, and the bull's•eye ,ix
inches. We consider ti .s cartridge a Most
decided.improvement,.: ,4 Well worthy the,
:attention of the army, as it obviates the
great objection to tlfte •ts of the rifle ti's a
military werpon, nava,: y, the length' of
time in loatii , g the piece. n
the Thursday followinO , the so iety me at
Chalk Farm, when Mi.. A. Margary ati
:. •
. N "
;gain -successful; endAttcatAileiliker-med
for' the friXth • and hit time.' The golk
medal was awarded to Mr. Catehawocal',
The disqince was 250 yards, and "the trtf - :
get is new the same size .as the one :
• rs per annum.
(inn( paid with
al( those who re
. subscribers
e year, 50 cents
Worniiveod Scrubbs. lslot.ivithstandirti
the heavy rain, there was a good muster
and the shooting, considering the weatheli
extremely good, twenty out of twenty-fe4
being struck by the winners. After thg
termination of the contest, *Mr. A. Margarliil
fired for, three minutes at the target, iii
order to ascertain with what rapidity 4
could load and discharge his piece, wheP
he fired twelve rounds, putting four bal i
into the bull's-eye, and the remaining
into the tar,get, at 100 yards. The pie
he used on this occasion, was made by -5 / I ' ,
Braggs, of Holborn: • t
Poor Law Riot, at Bradford.—A se
rious diettirbauce t ries occurred at Bradford,
in consequence at an attempt to introdude
the poor law 'into that town and neightsr.
hood. A correspondent orthe Times . ht.s
furnished that paper with a detailed lie ,
count of the affair, evidently written with
a strong bins against the law, end Mr.
Power the cemmissioner. According to
the statement in the time's , the soldiers'
were intoxicated, when they were ordered
to clear the streets—" The Hussars-were
ordered to clear the streets; and having
Wen primed with gdod stuff, even to into*
ication, away went 'her majesty's mounted
servants, sword in hand, or carbine on the
cock, through crowds of inoffensive men,
women, and children, firing here, cutting
there, and riding over every where. Cuts
Were received -by many; several have been
shot, 'and probably some mortally; aid all
this has been done to a community who,
I for ten years, have never rioted, never in
sulted their magistrates, hut honored their
;decisions, and respected their monclutes."
1 The Colosseum, an American ship,from
-Si. l Lilies, was wrecked on the Kentish
coast, on Sunday night last; the crew corn-
prising twelve persons, perished.
1 `rSuiriile far Love.— Mary Peacock, a
I very har,dseme girl, .eighteen years old,
Ithe barmaid at the Islfw Inn, Ensingwold,
having had a quarrel with her sweetheart
1a feit , days before, it prayed upon her :Iliad
1 to so great a degree'thal, on Monday, she
suspended herself from a hbok. in-the ceil
ing of the wash•house, arid although taken
Idown within five minutes life was extinct.
ble semi-annually
e year, 50 will
elve lines will be
d .50 cents for one
ed until ordered
re in be continued
d SI2 per annum;
with the privilege
reeding 2 squares
isertion of a small.
Ave iimes.
most be post paid
to them.
nd other notices
ted gratis. wall be
iages and Deaths.
week. a nume. I
s been get up'
, *t. of the ballot.l
calls upon the
at au early
of petitioning
bject. Such a
,which we have,
teen got up in
Public opinion
'iff P ht direction,
' remembrance
ein--the lavish
-bne hand, and
defier on the'
ndzeds of the,
nd Herad.
A noisv vestry
church of St.
the Rev. Mr.
hject for which
as to institute
to the conduct,
it was alleged!
ndef upon thel
officer. The
the duties and',
lesiastical office
n inquest was
Wragbv, Lin
formerly a fart
eath under the
On the 2011 l
east, he entered
with some other
sued between
.veering, who is
-r, and -anothet
e of the scuifie,
- wn, and Taylor
•bservingla the
°thing, and adr
t to "serve hiM
Ong turned upoU
with a knife in.
raylor was cori
in the stomac
• CAI aid w
took place, anii
eathed his 'las'.
;turned a verdict
tdward Bou-
Munificent Donation.--,The Dean of
Ardagh acknowledges •to have received
from Mrs. Wakely, relict .of the late Rev.
William George Wakley, the surrhof five
hundr'ed pounds for the school for -the
Sons of the Irish Clergy. Edgeworthstown.
nil bountiful gift has been made in grate•
. remembrance of - her lati beloved !ins
- band and in eiinfuitnitY with his supposed
wishes. The Dean of Artiaill alsci• ac
knowlethres the• receipt of a Fee on,l (lona
tiuti of one hundred pounds from James
Gthbons, Eaq Bally naglah:Westmeathi
A Womin Eaten to Death by a
A few days agn we were eve winless to a
most revolting- spertacle.--- , -it was the dis
figured remains ulltliftY Kelly, a feeble old'
woman of very poor circumstances. who
was eaten in a most
.fearful manner by her
o wn pia. She lived 'in a %%retched Catlin
at Coolderry, in the parish of Toornhvata,
in this enualry. :The flesh was entirely
eaten-off the 6E14 arra ; the tips of the
fingers !mere gnawed off; and the nose was
why tlt cranched away.
Great rericir s gs tool place at Carney,
near Ennis, on to celebrate the
happy event of Miss &nuer attainingjier
majority. •.
A sprightly cn - •
vltnenial altar, , t
swick, on Moc
ny was pet fora -
I ;:venth time the
red for the san e
the fourth wif-,
usband; t e hat
e wives; and si e
th six husband:.
as Wm Winde ,
Welsh, both .f
- ick.
Den Herald.
Murder.—On Wednesday night, last.
another murder was perpetrated at Fl
town, within law mites of Boyle. A dis
pute arose between two persons named
Mary M'Greevy and sally Moregban, (the
fornter rhugter , in-law to the hater,) about
some family affairs, when Mary M'Greevy
struck the deceased with a Atone, and then
stabbed her with a knife under the ear.—
The woman entleavOred to escape by .run
ning across the bogs to • the Shannon.
where she purposed , getting into a Gnat.
She was, however, prevented by the exer
tions of Sergeant Aanesley, who overtook
her, and brought her in custody In this
, town. SI e has been transmitted to jail
t to abide her trill at the ensuing assizes...
Roscommon Paper.
e Rejoicings atßi•oadisland.—Tinf thri
ft entry in the estate at Broadisland hisving
ascertained that David Stewart Keri. Esq.
if (son to their respected landlord, Da v
s Esq, M. P.) would become of Gage on
Monday, the . 6th inst. resolved to cqebrate
that event, a-s an expression of that!, good
feeling which should always exist between
landlord and tenant.
A new and verrextensive barn, eonsist
ing of three floors, was/tastefully deebrated
for the Occasion. - There could n 4 have
been leas than 1,500 perions asseMbled :
and when in.good brown ale, whilth was
plentifully distributed, they toasted the of tip. young “Laird," they, made
-rr 0. o f .••
• . I •
0 -
• • f ill i
. .• '1 .
i t \ • ' ` - .W' r - - - - - --'. '- ' - -
iq 1 ', ' .„.., •... . ..,..,„,,,4-0-gt,•-•, • ,. ...,i, . ;.. ~, -1-• . .-- 1 •••••Z
~• .. ~ •••••:-...-- -- • .-- - - -.---.---- . ... ' --_--- - :'-'-' -- ;! -- t - * -- '. - . 7 ----- : '---'-^"--- ''..,•• 7,.:" r=:l- 7 . nr . * ' ' ' ' ' '
_ •
kr: ..-.." i';. l l '
• - •
* •_. .
~,,c.,.. , ...... ' ,i, 0•.-; • - ~. -- -, . ......;c : : • - ,-•.-.. ~._ =';',-- >, :,--....:,_,-.....; .- ~i ••-
...• ', , , • I. .
~,,-, . p • =7: .t , ~ f , .,., , •4!. ~.7 - ~- 4 1 •. i - - ,...4....0.i., - ,... , ,4:::..
-. .1 #1 , i• , t . ;„. „ 1 .., , \ , .„..• ..„: t y „„ . , l•
„ • , .., ...
.) i-7 ' -.. - .. r. _ •••••.....`,-; •. .."'
- ...
1n ..• 1 1 . _, I , .-I , - "
... , $
.4 , . 1
....,. „, „ .1. • -,* .'...1 - • - * A a - 6 •. - "It , 2 4..... , ~, k,Z {', I, ± ,
• i hTD , r(Vierria - k- GE At A.Moilt l itirlSEll '''':' ''. ''''''''''' .
r 1 . - .., :•-• , I • : i •:, LIE
t .
4 ! • • .:, • : c t
.•- ; _ .
t ....
. 1 .
t• . ,
SVILLE„ WEDNESDAY MORNING, iiiiiiirAttsr : 4- 1835.
'4 the welkin. ring,"the ball. was opetied
tl.y the oldest servants . s ome of whom bad
been forty .years a t the place; and it
was pleasihg to witiles the glee with which,
deaptte urege, they .hobbled through the
dance." ' The ev eitin was spent in great
hilarity arid good.. hutnour, :Abe company
separated in that peacOul mariner fur which
(he siitighintrhood tab . always been distin
guished. ,_ I
Education in lielaind.—We have been
given to understand, from good authorty,
that 200,( 0!, at lea will be appropriated
by 'Parliament, for tl e purpo . ses. of Irish
Eihication.—Dublin i Mercantile Adver:
liner. !
Mining.—We lia” seen specimens from
die newly commenced works at 'idiom-
Cleague, in the barony of Gultier, county
Wexford. The specimens resemble. the
raw material got at HTF:boring mines of a
very productive description. We under•
stand that ; they bear great ib..arks of sil
Ver and lead, and that there is a consid:
orable expectation of discovering veins of
these metals or of (ipper. Some of the
stones taken up are 4if a black colour, and
this circumstance has created a hope of
shortly arriving at a bed of coal.
• Waterford Mirror.
Mias E. O'Callaalan, daughter of Mr.
O'Callaghan, of the Coal market, Killken
ny; took the black - 14i! in theTresentation
Convent,ut that city: . •
Mr. O'Connell in his letter to the dig
hitariesof the Estal!ilished church, dated
yesterday, assumes t!ie amount of tythe
pomposition to be 600,0001 a year, vrltli
he offers to corrillroinise with them, for the
FURL of 420,000, tleXt is deducting 30 pe ,
cent off the tythes, aid this reduced sum to
be paid nut of the cOlt...olidated fund: lle
then put posed to fik the whole charge of
the Constabulaiy, 000,0001 a )ear, upon
the landlords of !refund, "in heu of tvthes,
brit a hictt impost he expects, will he ma.
terially reduced every year in consequence
Of the tranquillity grOwing out of the tythe
alodition. The net ann.unt of tythe corn
an•iiion is but 550.0001.
Sirornson. —Fatal Lfrudent,—Utc Toesdav
night, the 14th instils Itobort Adam, collier, was
ascending fro:n turf llYke Coal Pit, Stevenson,
when' about ten faihonis up. he lost his hold, and
tell to the 'bottom. Hui was immtdiatelt taken
up and carried home, Where Ire ',survived only a
few hours. He has lull a wife and seven Oil.
then to lament his fat.
Lord Panmvre and the Mechanics Institution
of Thechin.—Were ' thit nobility and gentry in
general to follow the examples of ' Lord Pan--
mule ir. Patrenizing the arts and sciences, the
intelligence of the people,of Scotland would soon
reach a standard of eiconoooo worthy of the ad
miration rd the world.; Many yearshave elapsed
since his Lordship first evinced hisi i iiiention of
prompting the general education or the poorer
Classes of society, and since then he' has neither
spared his time, his klents, nor hit wealth. to
!lye fall . effect to such a laudable esign. At
the present moment, 4o would pole to several
gentleman who arc indebted to his rdship for
their advancement in-flieir real:fertile pinfessions
and it must be Salisfiletory to that Nobleman to
know that his patromigo has gnlleri Litter nlieful
and important excreissi talents whichfbut for his
timely aid and fatherly care, would have lan
guished in obscurity, : Wc believe that no gentle
man has ever shown greater anxiety Than Lord
Panmure to reduce the grounds onl which the
immortal poet was led to found thei! sentiment
gist— 6
. '
"Many a flower is brain to blush on
Aiid waste its sweetness on the desert r-" .
But his Loraship's ;last act of pncli latronage
is his highest honour,land wine:l4'as a monu
ment to his praise when he shall hatch-gone the
way of all the earth.."-; We allude to Ifollow
n\ e
ing announcement, which appeared i the col
umns of a contemporary:—
Lord Panmure liarlaid before thencil of
firechlii, titans for enlarging the buildin of the
Public Schools, and for erecting a hall with a
library; apparatus-mom, &c. for the M .banies
Institution above thd debools. His Lor hip of.
fens to he at the sole ',cocoa° of these 6 ,Idings.
The nottleness - ot the ifi is only equalled b 7 the
iii (0.,
beauty of the propose structute, which ill be
Gothic architectu4e,vith a 'bandaorl tower
in the centre.
We'ektmestly wishtsorne nobleman would imi
tate this e'sample in 4.berdeen, for our Mechan
ics' Institutien ja painfully trampled fur talent of
suitable accomodation.
. . .
Second Thonkhtel.fre But . —Lost year the
lover of a farmer's d ol es ter in the south of Sc o t.
land-yrent to AMertea to sli his fortune, and,
prom send for his intends this year il belted
good luck. According to prom* the long ex
pected letter came, nod all was n prepared
for the voyage, sayeithe tea store. Tbet, family
were all at work baking cakes; and the 'bother
crying abinit losing !her laughter 'for ever. wh ,
in the course of the afternoon, who aboard come
to the door on !lanai hack but .an i old lover, who
called out "Is Miss I. at home,n One of the fam
ily answered the door, and said "Will yd light
doon, Sir. and nom+ , in r The' spark took ,thy
hint, alighted froM:.his old nag, and was shown
ben the house, whets be saw Miss J. packing up
for the voyage. When he saw that all was over
• he,thought it time 'lto pop the question. He did
so, and in *haul art.hour after Miss J. came hoot
ben the house. and Balled out, "Mither, gin owre
bakin' ony mair mikes; I'm nit gyro to America.
The pair are now married, and live happily._
What the loresakeh swain on the other side of
the Atlantic may say to it is another affair.—
[From a Corresporirlett.) . .
cedestrian pluck' of an Oetogenarian.—So_, me
time ago we
lime a pedestrian feat of Gilbert
Clarksonrif Sanquhas, who, though upwards of
eighty years of agp,,,travelhid from. Glasgow to
the former place, !a Matinee of 51. miles, in a
sleety doleful day in September law, and was nei
ther weary nor way-worn by his journey. Thl 0
paraggraph found its way into the Ayr Advertiser, '
anifaluirtlir thereafter our colempentry prodticed
• rival to the pedestrian honours or G'ribert, in
the permit pt' Andrew Chalmers, residing in
- Stratton, who has numbered 88 winters, and can
take breakfast et hoine and walk to
nei; a diatiece of t tt nitres.' Oar Ayr' friend pro
posed a thatch between -the ancient pair, giving
Andrew the'benat.of the odds, and prognoatica.
ling that hawould . show Gilbert the tails of .his
coat in a race of a mile's chalsoce. In the !nat.
ter of health. Gilbert never took ffirc shifting+.
worth of "titeetor'i drop" ell his life;'and is one
instance, at least, that a rnan may attain a hearty,
kindly old age without adherence to the tecAutal
principle. "1 bee ta'en a drain a' my life {laid
-Gilbert) wheel could get it, and was never. the
Weer o't." you ever get chunk?". "Bout
aye, often Mon; 1 hue been that foe npony a time
that 1 hae fallen off the horse; but iiihno
carrying money for ony body —an'i 1 bee had
4700 and £BOO in My pocket at ance— I wad
never taste a drop for man on earth."'
, Shoal , after making this ietimstio'n Gittert
was refreshed by some one with a ifelsich of aten
nine Glenivet, and he smacked his lips as he re.
inarked—“Weel, if my unitber bad , gi'cn milk
like that, I wad hue been cooking yet, if site had
leeved." Gilbert is a hardy lehlilng little fellow
—elands five feet six inched in height, and treads
the ground as fit ugly as one °lbis ju lior b g half
a century. Uri is quite full of ped 1/710 nerve,
and should the Ayrshire veteran dec me the en
counter, he says. "lie mould live to c the cold
man, arid take a glass o' whiskey wi him at ony
rate." Gilbert will remain a few days in Duin•
tries, and may be recognised as a ipodgel little
fellow, wearing occasionally a green and blue
plaid, and,Carrying a nibble in his hand.
Afeth,yr Tveffil Scientific and LiteOary
Inseitutton.-11 Meeting was geld at t:ie
Castle Inn, ou Monday se'llitight, , to -re
ceive the Report of tIM Provisional Coin
mince appirinted at the Inst nieeting, awl
to take such other measures als might be
-thought necessary towards thl establish
intent of a Literary and fic
The room was riumerowily arid most
respectably attended, and a long tattle was
covered with mineralogy and rther speci
mens thit have been already prmelited to
the % infant society. A well t itecuied sec
tion also of the Glamorgan:M . l6e coal field,
with other diagrams occupi e d . the tither
portion of the room, arid produced a very
excellent effect.
Mr. Tiliesin Williams deprisited for in
spection some ancient Welsh manuscripts,
and copies of How•el Dda Dyfnw•al Mod
mud, the works of Lord Herlien of Cher
bury, and other authors of Evident no e,
forming an extremely rare and valuable
The numbebof subscribers was increas
ed in the roonfllO - 87, by whom 54 guineas
had been paid up. We were happy to see
several ladies prerent in the room, ayd
hope that the Institution will receive 'the
cordial support of the ladies of Merthyr.
Donations to the Institution .—J. J.
Guest, Esq. M. P. 101 10s ; E. L. Rich
arils, Eq. 51 5a ; Esq 1/ . ls.
Important to coal merchants and others.
—We are informed that a new Culiiipy has
recently been opened on the far timed
•:•Pool of bituinimens Coal, at Kily
entienlkid;beif *'ny between Llanelly and
Pentliry with -a railway to each of these
ports. The coal has been lei% known by
the name-of the “Pool Cual,"• and foam:
in be of superior quality for domestic pur
pnses; mkt, &c. The first cargo
from this new colliery was , shipp«l on,
Saturday sc'nnight at the Pcinbrey new
docloi, amid the flying of colours and
other demonstrations of commemora
ting,such an eveht, which the liberality of
the worthy proprietor, Mr t, Hughes Rees,
was calculated to inspire.
Grand f 1 .41 and Banquet, at Llanaver
Court, Ma'nmouthshire.—The Fourth An
niversary of the A bergavenny Cy m reigyd
dion Society, held on Wednesday and
Thursday se'nnight; in' that town, vas fix
ed upon by Benjamin Hall, Esq. and his
estimable lady', Its an appropriate period
fur opening their new 'end Splendid man-.
talon, LlanoYer Court, and, the preparations
for this exercise of hospitality were on a
scale of prineely magnificence. "Accord
ingly, on Thursday evening, .says a
respondent, the company be nto assemble
, i
about half-past nine, when he roads lead
ing to this superb mansion ere thronged
with carriages. The lodg and gate en
tering the park were erns ented. with a
profusion of variegate' lam ,s of every hue,
and the road from thence tb the'mansion,
about - a mile, was illuminitted by lamps
elevated on posts that set night at defiance.
he effect, as the company proceeded
a o the windings of a tortUods approach,
occas' nally catching a glimse of the court
througli e trees, which Pere one blaze
of light, an hen apparently receding and
Toeing the vie ,a l iii to sae and approach
it, was extremely . -autifol. Whilst con
templating the -; , . er I this --engaging
scene, we found ourselv • , in front of the
mansion; being received a e portico by
several attendants,: we 'we e .u: • ered thro '
some stately apartments ~ the s ary, a
fine capacious room, whe • terrapin. :nts
were'served by Cambria , lass* clad:in,
their native picturesque .etume, and re
plying to the- denitinds - ;' the visitors in
their own expressive lany.age. We were
carried bait' at once to c ; nturies past, and
fancied outse , lves in the alaces of Jestyn,
Igor mud and the lierberts orattgltia,
whose lineat descendants were now before
is in the 6311144 4 -of Tredegar,lNberper•
gwm,• hnd •Lninirth.• • What reflections=
what fancied Scenes mightnot the poet or
inure-list pictureso himselfl 41qt- oar prn
wince is.meretvlo relate ,what
sed, and hasten to the ball.romnoo which
_we were .allured by the ravishing notes of
exquisite music.,. Following these delicious
sounds, we'tfound ourselves in a splendid
drawing-morn, ,where motley groups were
reposing—the magnificently clad Asiatic
appropriately reclining on luxurious Otto
mans--rhostately Spanish grandee 'stand.
ing in nttendan3e on his dark-eyed Donna.
The scene Of •greatest attraction openea
now before lUR—the splendid tball-room.
It would he difficult to describelaccurately
and adequately the brilliancy and magnifi
cence of cite picture which nowiburst upon
our view•as , we entered the spacious add
tufty hull. Wed° not imagine that there
is a finer room west of Severn. 'Here there
were costumer of every clime and age—
the Chinese and Per.ian, in lopse flowing
"The, Turk, the Greek. the Mbaraim, - i.e. the
Moor,. I
Dere mingled in their many 'hoed array.
The wild Albanian kirtled to' hie knee,
W ith *ha wi-girt head and ornamental gun,
And gold embroidered garments fait to see,
The erimsomscarfed men of 1 11.acedttrIt ' •
The Delhi with his cep of te roe mi.
And crooked glaire; the live y 'tittle Greek. ,
The beaded Turk that stuck) , deigns to speak,'
Are mixed cunspicuous."
Such was the scene beWore us, enhanced
by a sprinkling ofCambriant 19rely-daugh
ters, who .weie", it it could be said thaLany
excelled, the chitilattra Lion cif this rasci
outing tit6ht.,,,
The rfaricing was kep
animation until Aurora
away, and 'announced
"grapeyed morn. 7
Wetherill air,
AT 711 E 0.1.1
White Lead dry and / Ca .1
ground an Ctl i /1
Red Lead. W t
Li:image, Vi i
Cronick Yellow ) , • Su t .
do Green Ta t.
do Red El i
Patent Yellow
Sugar Lead d.
Coperaa Lu :
01. Vitriol ' Cn
An Fortis A • t
Muiriauc Acid Su 1
EIM"M Salta , La .
Tart Acid 01, .
Sup Carb. Soda r
Caftros. Sub. Merc. Et ii
Refiners of Chn m phor. Salt
&c. Offer for sale the ahoy- t
getter with a general assor 1
and Dye muffs. and every of ;
cal and Medicinal line.
Rettig manntacturers oral) h
under the above head, they p .1
ply their frieuda and the pu. 3 ,
ble terms.
Window end Picture Gin .
Oct 21 1837
LA R 1)=-20 Kegs first
nov 2.5
Staling run
r111:1E Poet Cartoon Sa
now open every day
the Office 01 Discount an
pose of receiving depmit."
ceeding SSOD, from any O.
'an interest of 4 per cent
and u pwrdis, but no inter
any fractional parts of
part may be Max 0 out o
four wocks.iat the office
sines of the Society wi
following officers and ni
Monday in May next.
t President—AQUlLA
Joseph Carroll
Ed ward flog hes
Jacob Bull
L. Whitney, Secret
Article 3d of the'Cha. ,
whatsoever shall be 'roc
nr Managers for their
Nlanager , become a bo
IUFFONS' Natural
,p r i er . s 4 25,just. !sac
jai) tO
VERY choice green
Beatty have just re
20 boxes very superior g
nov 25 •
Passage' from Eng , nd, Ireland, Scot.
• land an Wales. 3 • •
PERSONS wishing I ta engage passage for
their triends, in Oat rate ships, frOm the a.
hove planes, may now do so by applying tO •
Centre Street
in of those ,persois cogs
ienda, whu may WiSh to
able them to proiide rot
given on the fdllowing
For thelaecommodeiti
Bing passage for their
end their' Enciney, to c
the voyazie, drafts wel
named merchants. viz:
P. W. By ruff!, ..No.
pool; Daniel Wright,
Glasgow; m Mil
ti Supeiior Bleached" Sperm (U. •
win gallons boat/Ackland winter strain
a• "u"' cd sperm pil, fat sale p
•• MILLEN dr. 413118111 TY:
Nov 18 52-31 no
• . ..41;.,,•4444. - •••- 1:51
. , _--- ---
Iron, Round Irony assoytelLaltateallifidCall l l4
_Shear. Gernuin 4od
E,ugtiish 44_0614i.'
Steel Vicee, hola
Cut Steel hand, choping and ititiliniaio
and spike*, together ' w that t,"
of Iron Monger,/ all of Which ,be.skatts.
duced pr ices, .bir :
April 22 - "at
. . .
gritiFFFII for sale it their wholeekle and retail rand
'LP ly Grocery Store. Centre. 3 doors below Marks%
street, a pro:no-assortment ef freshrGrocerieheesatin
,• . : .;
ng of
Java. Rio, r baguim. I, l c o ff ee ' lw .
.. St. Domingo and browned
N. Orleans, St. Croix. brow and , t ui
white lla vanna, loafand lu g • s.
New Orleans. West I By4assei
India and sugar house - • ,
.Imperial. Gun Powder, Y in ing . '
Hyson,.Pouchoggprange Pc.. Team ••• •
eu. Souchong,serflohea i • •
Bakers, ChasecSpanish, Schmitz tChttliplitt. lk
& Liaggs, and sweetsrpleeck "!-
Prepared Cocoa. Cocoa slielli • . ~ .
Reading. Cant*. Hamel, I
...4 0 • John Bulls, Lobster, ILltcholry. =tacos
Calton so y aid Curve l '•1 •
t 1 -' ''-"" ' •
Gherkin. Toe' o. pepper.
~.._ ' 1 . , t -
Mixed. Onion. 1. t oe, miles .•
Lemon and-Frenc II - - l't `i ..
Olives, capres.Ane ' ,", -' • , 4 - 1 • .
Cayenne pepper, a 14' 4 . 4 :- - .d GiAger .... '',.
Cloves, Mace, hii .;•egg . , Omni • '
Ricktflour of rice, stareb
t ilt
Comets, Figs, Raisins. P ea
Sweet and bitter almonds, woo
Olive Oil , wine bitteri,lem n syrup '" •
cheese, •
'herring. Mackerel. Altirst a l p l nn . ..
White and colored wax.
hloulded and dipt tallow 1C 11 2 4 - •' .
Palm, variegated brown InliyelloAisOap• ,
Old Madeira, old port, claret .
Brovrnand pale sherry.chimpaigne • .Wities _
. Old hock.,lashon. dry malaga . . Inwood
Sweet rutilaga. muscatel : di bold.
Malmsey. mareeilles &Sic i ly Madei: • '
Seoteh,lrish, monongatieli&com, ' key
• Annhet. re. anniseed & pep rminicordials
Cognsc.ohampatnte, Span h - cam biindy
Bollandi& com.Gin.N.lo4 RIO • . • ... •
Japanickapirits, ' s i L
Ettra'ap,apan. inferior 49. , •
Half Spanish and common cigars .
Cut &plain and moulded glass i
t were
China and crockery ,
SO ,
i gene7Fl assortment of *L Dry Goiia.•&c. &e. ill of.
which they are dispoand to sell od the most reason.
ble to Heads of Fainilies aPTavern Keepers.
are part ittlarly! inyited to call. 1 .
h unabated
'd the stars
.pproach cf
011 7
• •
t. Em is
et Sol
do •
t Moria
ph. d
de Ni rcot.
-mes Mineri)
imps dn.
are, Brimstone. Borax,
mentioned articles.'to•
neat of Paints. Drugs
ir article in the Chetni-
GREa T Bel I I roillAi'S!
.Valuable Real Prirperto in Poiltrailk,
THE undersigned offers sale ;all that well
known three Mori ,BRlCifr STORN AND
DWELLING HOUSE add the apPornantes,
situate in Centre street. Pottsville, the-property
of the unde signed, together i with nine . other
itenementd i the rear of ssid building,. and' he
lot of groun whereon the wbole stands. The •
brick building aforesaid, can ins thirty feet in
front—finished from the has ment story to the
garret in the best style of workmaurdifp,and both
as a business stand and a rya dance. is• i mcist. fa.
vourably situated.; The foreeoing protterty„will
be sold on low and accordmocating terms. Part
of the purchase money may remain 00 . ttilgrop.
erty for a few yogi', it desired. Title intlisPuts
hle, and parmesan can be oven iminedlately,....
a pply to . G. M. JENNINGS.:,,
April 4 .12 32-tf i • Pintstrillir.
. .
,he artielee enumerated
idge themselves to sup.
icon the most reasons-
from 6 8, to 24 30.
alny Lord for silo by
. & J. BEATTY.
SOCiet Vs
ng F ona Society, Is
um 9 to 3 o'clock at
, Deposit, for the pur.
0 any , amount not er
e person, "'mon Which
r ill be paid on every SS
st will be allowed on
The whole or any
gicir.g notice, two to
n Mondays. I'h h bu
-1 be conducted b the
nagers, until th e
PURSUANT to an order o the Orphan? Court
of Schoy lk ill V entity, of the -2d dai •
of February next, at. 2 &aloe in the attempt:to t
William B. Hull, .administr fo r of the estafe or .
Elisabeth Merwine, late of err,' towitithifictle.
ceased, wilt expose to sale b Pub li c Verulae.a4
the house of William . Mort et, innkeeiters3a '
Pottsville, a certain &we'll') . house, stable, saw!.
mill and tract of, land. situa o ron Deep Creek,
Barry township, Schuylkill Comtty, Contain - Gig
one pundred• and eighttni ages- or then*
Mate, bounded by !arida of hn Hisarkell'itiluilt.
Yar kali. George Kessler, Jo h; Dietriettlxad .. ".•47'....
Reed—&Late the estate of sal i degased. •
Bit order of the Cogs.
• -I,
..; ' • '.',..• 7 qiii•• • HULL...
„ . .. • EL A migstrittor.
1 . '- 1 • Cterk, - 0. 1 %.- 1 .
t ,
i-JOrwigaburg. lan.6, 1w..° 4 1 t •,-. : i 74
.. ....
liriabilikli .SCHte 7 . l Fthilakef
. ii.
• ".
VERY superbir old sth i roof kit& liftitikey
A•dO • .:'s do • dogtritintrishlt'do"
for sal,e 'hy MILLER,
.. 11/0E1131%
Nov IS • . , j . ,
.... si,At ei,„.
ameel J. Potts
S. Warne
sse Turner
ry and Treasurer.
ter. ••No emolument
ived by the President
erviees, nor shall any
Over from the 'Milan.
stet 3 itfitf
istor y, complete
'rid and fix salt by
14: 'BAN NIAN.
nd black tea—Tt & J.
eieed and offdra *tale
and black tea.
Waterloo Road",. Liver
• No. 3, RottinsraLize
y, 25, Ede . Quay
r • ' limy 6 136 ".
, .
je.4 -
-4 "-
" . :Ppak,
, •
Medal Cheese,
_soap ac.
40 casks, vurrior ;pedal icheue.
50 bnie@ Philadelfihhi solo, "
I hhd. hush oat meal, for sahp.49.
Public .:
1040%), QUILLS (rap 25 centhparjoClite
.eacht,Just receucd an arr,salo by.
Dec 23, 5 B DANNAN
, -
FIUME BOARS. --A (Or time book, jest Is.
caved] and Tor sale•byi 114,14NAL , -
Dec 23 574:
- ginflar S \ AVII.7I.9ICAUstr'.* C
DOZEN.P•waim'al\Panacea. just TieCi ir
ed fresh from the•riromictor...4 l ( l p*Oix
Severity,Ftve Thousand , Pon •oftti*tilkitile.
medicine ' were sold last ilea!, et;,t . . .14 ' ntlia 1,
increasing: For saletiy the dumet., 6 , ~1 an li,
Price $2 per. bottle; or dui* pritUeitTo . Alf •
i ''NfflitßANNTiFfo,!..
•.. . Sole Agent *-Babnylkill-916ant3i. • ,
, 1- - ,_ ll c'Y :1„,
AUCESW Ziff 411 : 41j 1A0 :- • : ' l ' ' ' ' ' L 1.4 '.l
.. '
, F_ . l . itet,tait Tab l ies,xelm . m.
"le. bY B. 5 ”
jan 24 ,
~!F•: "=a
~~ ", ~-i
e t