The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, January 27, 1838, Image 4

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'4 l rtlitiitthpstlii listiehipe,haVelnathas may Mad.
,ItiCti - AiDeriC ll . Beltwillittithatt of the.
4 , - IftwitSpimist l isdfriptdttillwire nolfeitliied to
.16 4 1.
..friddie nits* iliermi.- . net , dintithVieLibe Me&
J moss It it Int two Ittm•S i n e s I lint - ven.
--".- 'lowed . npioslttnekntnirn and I have thseo_veted
r Ithiiiitiekilla illkielle-i Wat in search or—IIEALTH.
I .!VettetibleMOO!. wetwAnked - *down when Mom
- ,-. silenced 'My onatchAdt their tuitywas not. By the'
) 11.
• eseettlieni : Italian° t only sitssed:from this aelestee
-rtnitlid,te hileheteljoine active man of business,
1 *-1114 - ebmit lippinddine. I hue terewedp , my
-, !.youth : lids "nth clinfidenee in my own expe-t
t ivitaneotil '..tiltkiatiy_ !low 'citisetas. Does the
r". l 4l6Mittretwkint tritittikit EGETABLE LIFEMEDJ
ii.IICINEB ate 'table to h own ease? I have nn AN
1 ~, , t..,* P.Y.,ogke. Brtiadivsy. bundredsofjeAtets. fro
I,- imme or tbe yespectible citizens ertWs mi na
-1 tivelsik # ' mistily_ tasted in testimony . ofthe vit.
• ' -Fawns Um constitntinett huttleen'teetly ni
4 toed by this all inhibitors:liners) prepahadona 01:
v"the•diy. Wit: bear me. w nese: that the Life Medi
•- Mae , end mach only, are elms cause to 'immanent
-r Kesel health; •
• .1000114OFFAT.
imolai have long been kriowo and a'ppria
extraordinary' and immediate poireil
I perfeet health. to periuns isidlering under
, kind%of oikatee; •to wbrr.b-iterhumas,
tft " kAL
- , -F3ITS LEI
..flaise me
F.,ziated, for tI
df motoring
. ,iframe is - e. ,
' iirommy undid* of certi fi cated instances. they
4, have ev e ed sufferers from the very verge et as.
untimely ire, a ft er all the deceptive nostrums of
' ' -theday b utterly failed; and to many thousands they
' • havtaperm gently geld that uniform e..joywent of
' i -Ankh; erwhichl e iteelfis but a partuMblese
`>•••••••isig. *liicr- . jetted. has their efficacy invariably ,
r.:: Mid infall y proved, that it appeared scarcely ,
lees Man Wantons toithose who were unacquainted
• the ' BOB' plitlotophical principles upon
1 ,........wh eh are compounded. and upon which the
4 , I
men y ast • It was to their manifest and gene-
ble7Tictio .to purifying the springs and 'channels of
life; %nee *ming theudwith renewed tone and vigor.
that they ere indebted for their name, which was
bestowed Pon them It the spontaneous request of
' invent." inched!" whose lives they had übviouslr
saved. • .
. ~. Tie . tidtotifiejlica Malt ophartholtiafforded
-chi uni anal Adiffusioe of the daily press. for pine
' sty' 'his EGETABLE I3FEJPI LLB • within the
' 4'''•lninvilitt. ad reathlorevery individual in the clam
, inunty. Buhl* the linisrof pernicieue makckeries,
which hoist of segemble ingredienti, the Life Pills
- e purely end *War vine rast.x and contain Bei.
ter M 'A
her ercury. ntimony, Arsenic
. ,
nor any other any turn whatever. They are entirely
-i, coMPosed,Ofestractsi from tare'and powerful plane.
the tire itif.whiel4 though long known to Several
•' ' lidin tri intreeently to some eminent pliant*.
Inland e entire. an altogether unknewnto the lano
line ere to medical skience; and were never
. before* fr.riad in so happily efficacious a cum
' 'libation. . . .
Their st,operatien is toloenter6 farm the coats of
the athi bh a.d towels. the various impurities and
i - nrorFt esonstandy treeing lipped them; and tore.
move Me bards faxes which colli-ct in the con. 1
eolti4oas of the ambit intestums. Other medicines
. only partially cleanse tlnite..and'inveluclf collected
' manes behind. astr it ieschtte habitual cnauveness.
-, With ill its trainer • br sudden . diarrhea. with he
inunnutia d ages. T is fact;is well known to all
•. „ regular atomise, who examine the human bowels
after d • and bean the prejudice of tine well in
kemeed l e
maim- the quack medicines of the age.
Tbs e ff ects•cif the • VEGETABLE LIFE
• PILLS I - to cleanse the kidneys and thnbladdet, and
• by this • ns, the liver and the lungs , the healthful
e.ction - o -which entirely depends upon the regularity
ef the u nary Ogees. The blood, which taker its
red cold from the agency of the liver and the lungs
~ , . . into: the heat: bing thus purified*
Men , neurished by Reid coming from-a clan
manse, courses femly 'through the veins:reeves
every .. of the syineesed triumphantly toountk the
banner . f health in the blooming cheek.
The f .114:ming ire among the distressing variety of
berme .". -, - to which the Vegetable Life Pills
Unwell I sown to be infallible
- DVS EPSIA, bylthrougbly cleansing theirst and
-errentld omachs, and creating a flow of pure healthy
. • 'bile,'. , ..--. Of Me wale and acrid kind ;—Fhitukncy.
. p. , •„ of ti ti, v n L ei :, /Appetite, Heartburn
, ~.„ ws, f&ter. spit, Artniety..len.
Vier. • ~ Afektecholy which are the gedeal symptoms
•of Dy •••psta.Will vanieh, ate ttliturarconiequence - of
BO cure. Meanness, by - cleansing the: Whole 'length
of the i testifies with a solvent process, line without
violen ; all violent purges leave the bowels costive
within o days. Diarra . and Choker!, by remove
teethe harp acrid fleets by which these ccitnosints
see . . .*. lied, and by preemies the lubricative
sacred ofthemecits membrane. Fevereof a ll kinds,
,b y .i n g the blood to a regular circulation , through
tint p s of perspiration in some MM. and the
t solution of ill intostinelobstructions in others.
The FE- PlLLBhave been known to Curs fleet
wma i n
motiatjpertnanently in thrtee3weeksone Gout in half
that ti.. - resetting local inflammation from the
ligaments of the joints: Dropsies"tfati
egg wed strengthening the ktdneynnitul
operate nest delightfully on then or.
eaten:neer been found a certain rani.
OM nets if Genii. Also Wolin, by
from the turnings of the bowels the idimv
*IA thin creatures adhere; Asthma tts d
ti. by relieving the airvessels of Mellungs
tens, which evenslight coils Winn Forney.
- hardened, and produces those dreadful
luny. Pant and faveterete Son* by the
which these Life Pills giveto the blood
tone eldoreutic Eruptions. and Bed Caw
theirs erative effect upon the fluids that
i of ' ' it occasions all
;pr i i cast. .
M. and taker loXCost
n asci& Men rils Ihr tv re
short time.
entire cure or Sib ties” Erysipelas
'improyentent In the Cleit-fass bf Ms
1 Celds.unsfAtflunts; will always be.
JIII.IOr by two oven in the worst cases.
remedy for this most Manning sues ob •
Ay, the Vegetable Life Pills deserves a
el mephitic recommendation. It 111 well
lundeede in this city, that the Pmprlcitor
ivalusbie Pills, was himself afflicted with
tinder epwards oft/tiny/he ears. and that
vain every remedy won't within the
MISS of the Mullett Medics. He however,/
led the medllne which he ow offers to
and he ~Oared in a short lime.
recovery had been print cod not eel;
' , bat - abioltusly Impossible, by any btrilitp 1
AS FOR Wilt.-dh•tireiiiiettin Oros
Ars Pluadoesoot Ibllow theta.. and
,Iraotlestifth's quacks firth° day, to ativls•
Lot .alte hls Pills Is large quantities. Ho
vine can possibly be en required.. These
be nano at hailing any itighltir a
MOIL amending to the obielneay of tote
is usual *mei. iliem I to s,w:wording-to
, tir the,yenton, Virydellante portion!,
hie two, and Weenie as the nature
,teVhose more relstat,el. or Very
4 0 with 8, and to 1 1,er
inch t he; will ellbet a eufficdently hippy
,ids-the Olean la their Amber use .
- sometimes OCOUttol staluldseand sentry
well seldom, unless the stomach la vete .
wiser. may be conaldetod a humid)e
this-pi MA will hid Ithasaltat.enee rlt•
f perseverance will soon reooter. They
(m 1545114 JO at 11l hours, and new give
cc talkie aft *my much encumbered.
Ilif Mcaraalicale remake an.
—lt le, horneri reseatmernli
.4rlodsof *Wane, idritildbiltsi
my, be ~ Inkink*hitre.the pmitmt
Oita pill in a aolutkui of twit laW.
..: may - be givon'te 0 Mutt in 4•1
'on full 'ovary Wallowa till
' 9 f 3 1.19 49 .7.6 1 11atip.
ilf;ellicil, .?
'tall am i s
tamale, dm asjiiifiZoil
iwiig or!? ibiniNabmi,
:I; mild oas fen to ifill
- "*lf.
Aided, _-. • e it
.ersallietrei,.....__,_. - Millateitimilitett ' 11114‘m y
&woes! Peeveome4 of Sieseteniegimmi id Wiw
daftly eiwitihe ilswirmintitiot MOOR TO
M e V:4 alter Ail to Iliii WielielHr : 10,101.1
f . f wig „swat bit ;lowa a mei* V , ..r.„ oau
ime 2 g.
'eases tugs. hair of ' mai la
*reifies " ' talky& , ilia itteedififektiiicitad
InAtodlat* ' •-tlietikstoY sr tbs natal'
tutrs!vraPbe -sala- for dahlia loft slight
bottle.; T ' • Usual!, *fates, bateri Is hilt I wine
glasofnll.i ' water tripe. yid tide quantity mabe
taken two r dove Wesel day.l t rit V i l i ti:
ee l
beforel Is. or :leis' quittity- _he sill
iliac*. ill°. Ribs - iris twi wreifElaed Wh . indigestion
after • m enu these Bitters will pion, In Wile, as
t h e y featly ItietessirthesetioYaft_ 'Priacipal
sincere: P t hat to' perfortn their* wad am •
aWoWeati nisch to ibildharge au• - thlitisinirsle what
ere! , is oto sive: , This indigestion is! easily end
p i
apeedly " cored. ippetite pistokedi aid the mouths
I of the:atairbent %Weide being '4:lodised *abided is
I facilitated/ Ind itrength of body'smi en • of nand
are oil Wm yowl's. for ' farther ruenlars of
TERS. apkiAlikt Mr. Moffat'solfice, Na 66-ilkodway,
New York: When, the Pills tali be °Weed 'for S 5
coal; 50 Cleats, or.l per belt ; and the w ere for $1
, or IS' per %bottle Numerous cues of the
wonderfueffielei Oftkoh.owystie theroinspected.
lagoon obstinate acrd complicated:• -WWW-; of chronic
and ilithiliDilliDT7 Rheumatism! ~hies' Complaiins.
Fewer sac; Ague. Dyspepsia. Palsy .-,Pdok injawyftem
1 the use equereury, grantne. and elks diseases of beg may be necessary to take both the Life.
Pills - andlthe Phteniz (Utters. it the dlisibefore re.
commen d id. '
N. MI-These Pali dud the' Raters; will get the'
merturyilat of the system infinitely taster than the-best
'preparatipna ofßzrsaparilla. and a certain remedy far
the spakisig of tie tiotxr to' the head. or all violent h in d.
ackes.tiiitoakareux. &c.—All persons vi ha are predia-
Pdsed rkry.5h, neier be without
the Life ii •or the Bluer*. for one dose in time "nill
sate li fe'' They equalize the eireulatioa of the blood,
draw ali measure from the head; mespiration, and
throw otirry Imp urity by the pores of the-akin.
For *ste t 10.1.L.ER6. HAGGERTY.
.1,41616 foi ebb Proprietor.
PettsAlle. 26 ', ' 4047
1, , ;am
-7104-1•.•.0.4.t 9
. .
,S'ffiGEo, 7 l 7 s., Lux Do.v
i Aliskiiths Pillii.
Tlll4 original Higeien Universal Vegetable
litddicine, prepared by W. MISKIN, Esq.,
Menibet of the c ttoyal College' of ffurgerins. Lice°,
uate of Apothecaries Co.npany, Fellow 'of Bel.
Court' . ciety. Surgeod 'to the Roial Union Pen
sion Isaciciation, Lancaster 'plabe., ' Waterloo
Bridgep and Perpetual Pupil of (way's dnd St.
Thorniiii' Hospitals. London.„ ; . .
Thee* pills Having gained sielebrity unparal. •
letedinFtvery section of the Union; are now con.
sideridlby all those' who value good health, ladle.
pensive+, * reality Iftedieine-7tronand by a
nomer ba body Of 'the — tncist ernin nt Physicians
.bOth idithib country'sufficient,
it is prOilmed. to stamp their char icier in'the es.
timatliiiti of everi thinking 'than, dnd it is - hoped.
' a fartitter recommendation thanfthe course re.
sortedj o by ignorant and'imprinci(ded pretenders,
who f inialead and deceiVe the public. publish
whatt ey'call'priidicatproofs and' cer ti ficates of
Cures that heeled kll bOundeorritionil Crcaibil.
ity, an ; most of which, if not all; re ettbeiirpsa
fabricgione, or prbeided by fidnd nd tonnivince.
The.ditor of The tong bland az mer, says —;
"Thtltriedieinelimf 'Obtained an ; unprecedented
der' fof well preserved popularit y.. Having tak.
en tht pills ourselves to advantage end witness •
ed thi benefiehd effects on other ws hive no
hesitatimilr. teedMtnendingthiim the public as
a safe; salutary and useful family 'Mm
ie." .
a s * obe &re genuine withobt t li signalers of
the 1:1" oral Agent on the label, hi whom The a.
'boys edicine is imported into this country.
* II.INO,'HOLHEMOR9 Wivertf Plies.
, nrCentrt
11 4;eb t, a few 'doors ainWe NOrweiriehaltreet i
when tl:ey dffor An. isle a 01e0 assortment of
Eln'Onne Broad`Clciibe 'and Cbsoliiirreite the
most4fishtonitile''colorts_vath itieloriattt 'Pain.
Mai& Illunimer Olpths,lrest inf ei robin end Cot.
ton irts;Vellars,iloiornp, Stoelke,Vtitirea.los.
~Ir, liner! and oot&m . LTose, - a id all Winds of
. wearhir app:rrerl,"whidh - Will be
made order In the niost eppro4e4l stile as to the
work4senshlp. and-warranted Itollt Niue to any.
In tin( ity Or elsewhere.
-P . .P. & Co.lieep on hand' n Exc ellent as.
iron - nt• Of readvnade 'Clothln o) ill kinds,
ow hiolo,lll be wild it very low, rat s.
Aloe 17 1 20
s # Groceries 1
li W the ilbre e of the subactiber t in Millis' ad
on to rolitiville,'where ma be had whole.
wale Ind rettiVen lbe Moot eh Crate Istmit- - -
brewki lump and loaf sugars, Id "14 ;green and
yobs hymn
ba t io
hy lea., meioses, 'Bib, olibele , kelp.
deo, Se; °herniate, spirits, hr tidy, In, Purt ,
Lis , 'rental& and tithe Wine t rum, whirkey
and ettrdiala, halt Spentah end' mitten mars,
pen*, 'leftism, glegeroteldratua, olnyra, nutmegs,
s t a mk mustard, ollet breed, areteeri, eutirshis,
ooltuftita. &o. llteObr wish, or Imo entre Ibr coin)•
try ptbduee,
jwyt 10 119.41' FIRI'IRY BOYD.
I . l* 1100kinfloalailieN
O• 117111orth fifth street,, . Philadelphia . , beck
vlii`the Mershon's' Hotel-deemed eselitilvsly
'Ohm boldness. ,-
Coputry Ilarobants are supplied it menufhw
%merle .prieell. IM4 'their GIP* insured Dom
breshipto Spy pirtbf theVitioo, without Otis
ehorge. , •
Wiwi who mty WM eidersfrkr . Wile Glipsn,
would do well to inibito us by Mita, mvsjimp I ts
their,Tioining On. 0 (he ohm of th plots, s the
klndilitTime they may want, hit the sttele
Inihte . nignqiktilrad C.aPrrild 7 r nut OrCilifili.
rehintoMmOld gm thei edam Ihr /mirk,
inslsmis the fi tlitig Mt r drrivairys ii.
sum Min well pit rt
.Cllti I
t i ' ' Wiese
_ a - ftiAlitio . : sl ipwi l iira4: -
1 TIM nOLY iiiii.ii.h'
wigLi Om We 100,11 a lif Walt • WO: 4
liv, bark STA 4116E4 eitglaittr t ?em,
in Atm by tha,Raligiaat TKO lisiooty, 4 . lis
W a abtitigadlia true*yrOb Maps 00
ibi : ain a. Thliiiiialblv verWt la itisblobalimi
0 it ab.—Twalusttaamainallt•
OM tolikaad lab be dashitslll Ai la*triliamit
kililituta Wm!" subluipmoilllll allielaW
..-- la VANPIAN,
7,...1Cip1ir .1117 .
-IV 4 -0 ,
. .
—-- - -
.ni ib
-- imikiudias almalr w •
%FA" km" Com 3 ornieiliolow
is i mg=ewelrlaheettf (lei& .
q . st. lV‘ l4l 4 ilad :.- 'Oil: ,. -
- -
• al, .
-, • • it • ' ._ , ink ,
- '''' ' hiehlllivitiriii tar ' ' . 4 1 61 6 -
- ' new Orlielealr_Ot . i'l m ' s •- _; .. '
Ulla imiltaigsi Mliii s . • • ' t :--
--. 1 Isapaii sa i 1 - isi ll'lll, I I klk. , , 7.. ', - -..-• '
V s , ier
Were. ChaseaMpidialli ' lseieelete:
— 41 ‘4 2 111**4 01140 0 1 1 01 1 1 * ---- -- -- O-
Prepared iiiiits_•Coltspphialla •
. Readhig:Pniell,RAM• ,-. Iti1 ti
Ilel ,
-•'• Jobs la,LOhattwAschevy: teeiteerl
Gharldt xir, toi po pi lal •• • ,
lOW. _ , Hake - •
;Leeson pew. - , . \
ou.kapp44 - 111.4104N
Cagetut4pWallapice lid Ohiger ' '
Clovei. - - - ' Nhogiata katcsaista
• Rice, door titckeb
-'-, Outanaikroprfeallr - - --- :
SWeet sod With Wiaidiittusio -
; Olive Oil: wiefilbira.lerwirsywip • ' ' 1 .
172-16.1Keitaid lieese.codesh . - .
..,. .
VltiteitulfloiSaix.apienoX ,„
laloultilititipptVlow . , r 1 7.-
.-:.-. Palitorwhigated • - brelisit *Sap •
Old Madeira, old pe rt ; claret •r‘.! ~ , T
frown ifO L EaloOkiary.c&awpoipe *hies
. Old ' hocklisten.4 l 7.'Wlailla , •in wood
tweet linings. innocent . _1 dr kende
IlisinisekiyaiseilLea & SiCili Midst •
2cotch.frall.mcniongilbela di coat
cordials Anoiciateamitweed epeppernine cordials
Cogine.cbampagise. Spanish 4. cart' Woody
• •Holland & cote Gm. U.-Rues
Ulnae% apijits ..., '._, _
Extra lop z ,wan, taferioido and 'common cigar.
Cut & plahrand m'oulded glad / w •
China ind - crockery 1
ALIO . ,_
a general 'assor*iiint. of Op Goods, Ace. &e. 111 of
which they are &spored:to reliant the most reasons.
We terms. Heads of Families grad Tavern Keepers
we 'particularly cavitedici call..
Weiheiri -41 - Brother,
4T'THE I OI..D. St4/40.
Taiga Dißiaa` Yield %tie Conti' or Aeon, Sr.
White Leid dry and Calompt.
ground in pii.l Red Precept,
Red Lead. Whitely
Lithrage. ' AN
Cronick YeAoa. SOP. Quinine
• do 'Green . Tart. E.metic
do Red titei: Ralph.
Patent Telles(
Sugandad ' db—Aciße
Conan, Lunar Caustic
01. Vitriol Com. do
Aq. Penis .A cit.
, Morprua
Muriatic Acid Btdph. do
.Epsom Silts •Lac. Relpbut . -
Tar; - Opi. de Nate&
Sup C a rb. Soda ' %tomes Messily
.CarrosiSub. Man. - IFabiops do.
Rerdiers ofChiminor,Salt Nitre,Brilsonne. Baru.
Offer for sale the 'abase mentioned etticl -mr. (o.
getter with a tterteral :putsonarra of Pnnits. Drugs
and Dye Stufkated every Mbar article in the Cheat
cal 'led, Medicinal line.
Being antnufactiners of all - the articles enumerated
under the above head. they pledge theasselles to sup
ply their Mods and tlev.publie °tithe emit reasona
ble tries.
. Window end fietittelable, Mite 6'B; t 0 3 4 * Mt
Oct 21 1837 . 48-
~ Fir
14141 e ~
UR. JOS. LANE:BRE:B - Symp!thibk for the
'Loftiest; emir-ilia:it, kitilloirfect girt of every
kind 'orafoinsda,*tileirs,' cancer itriti all cisteneou•
disesies, arising from ending, squeezing, burn
ing, boiling of the inipuriiy ;it the blood, and also 1
for curing Dyspepiiia. heart born t aith liver
complaint,cortiveneso;e.oticbs, eanini&i;ma,
nip, diarr.
llisa and ibeumaiick , . pains, tooth ache, erre sore
eyes. The general agent, Prof. G. Xait.Wigner;
Reading.lierks. county, Pa. offerd-giiitislo any
person affected witki,t.
..ittietjzf the . kid diseases,
i e
• certai n quantiti iif.We Sympathic to be tried
and ediliechited bare making any a nterhow•
ever, litteapPlikattbn'tdust be iiiide kg of Post.
ff*. ••• _ • .1
1 o
Pi... 8. TM. ituels'estnitit, be ba g e n uineu in
any drug store or lappothheavy shop, It is pot,
necessiv to talk rniiiih sheet it, kelt eirteinly,
wilt renothininditseifio'in inliglitens publick(
___ . _. _ .19 ST-tr
New and Elegant "
id &MANS & Co. .twe eand
4 .‘ ° Mr for sale,
64 Wish' inehnoihints4oo
SoperalmA.,, `de r. fl~opitt l
Tartan, inerlie,TWorated,siik and eogeon attune;
.Rid, White, yellow, green and;ioatieviannistk
'Bleakoflid and unbletrattedVinitna lifinela, Awn
"10 to MI CU bee id.
Wonted hese, conilbeta; asp*, chlldion'obanwl
AVlnter print., glover, lie ice
Cotton ball and Wadding at di Per sheet,
di° 3
•- - -
iiNaboontist Ari 4o . I.lobtAtOd
Dr.lairbitrio - Wire Pewh?. lt to 'by lam'
rooOmmondOd :on* 'Ail Toe,
Wroow'Forinstorwd stung W GROW; iw:drisk.:
Ing cold - TOO. Whin worm. to such ria,
er any eyiwpwimoibfGrinds,Lbs pbtompor,Cough•
end Whirr Water. Or 'oils ann. d to Wad i=
by 'being 'Oh 'o th er horses grimed by thaw
oompriOnta; - And all oohs otMildod with nub
ymptogil,plogiteltricoo., )oso 'orripiiitilo,wr•de
proostin girth. rot Isla bu,
surd 8.4 f
FrlllganWeittnir ranpatitlblly atiniancealo,
pnblia, that ha lull Mimi to tha aellieqing
of amount' 'WAN nolghtfortinia. at
relennable Ancohnto from Annat
to venni in Oda liettlibartiond VIP faptoininty
attended to; iid•tatiiftenutiftefkiektazion
• JO 11`
April " Maeda Is;
AIWA!. -
VAR' anisiellors would loponiet
(n NI joiblio, that he has added to huifititwoo ,
Otiolt, antliorkwyo. %lc/1001W( Hl' Psvt'
f f. 9ll 2 lll4l lvirC u n g ;rtul i a74 l. Cl "4 :Ore i ti
e f olorinan :Attu vigholt—Niotot otwi* •
iitis **whole wooihkikoilleo..aoliowo 4
Pdot lOC hand, .chi */ tad we, nails
sod opihts, toglithil with o,lowyal..iwoonstot
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For any rprtherinfirtination on the subject ori
mance, either against rina, write or wised. •
Apply to
_PklaltO. 11011Piltir,4 AWOL I,
July 115 ' 54-tr ..., . 1 „....,:i1L belisytkill , Haven. I
At Onwipbarg. I
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above meotioned Intl 'pion and is now prepared ro
make apo 'every deeenption of proper' y
at the lowest rates. BENJAMIN BANNAN.I,
Pottsville Feb.27.l:k , 15
The Phil delpida '
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For cither..;They levied itt eall thesuppositioit that
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c molted, mucuens arid_ ry membranes.'
4 'Mak basin*. Ort.lkeir an being neVlireto
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' as can balmy:. and keptk andupo . n *Owes
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to stimeact:end houratbylnyintahlinntlaeons
up ties food.,andthe , stray off wbatis left
et the nutriment is ' ted.'in connector, with
,the surntas of bile, and the foul humors oft blood.
in . .„membraties. and nomach. And t seam
pi' t - ,great feats of medicine in the mo limp!!
wa i ilinattle. The A PERIENTIAMIL PILLS.
if e *mach be affected with .wind: MeV i coated
col eetions„clear it Ant. 4 hy s, nature i My" toios in
se. ibis OilitlOt action. and cleanse, Abe Ala eh
' tary canal. withant rifling: and•leamini it is flee
vs . ut. debdilyas Musa ever,designed,ir, to be.— i
Thy de 'ovate the skin offthe stomach mid bowels.
a .! lave Omni like :a piece otred 'velvet, u all. phy-1
sic r L imit* the • goon drank Tiflis do. let they 1
item kindly by the band without crunbieg her
fin . r s. They, cleanse everttliing. without Imparing
or i ring - any thing. . • , d
. this 'seamed. as it usually is by the Om ofa
ftEtoof the FAMILY APERIENT PILLS. then codie I
celebrated CAMOMILE or toNIC NUS to 1
gthen a sitanach and bowels which before. per,
ha: weak and foul because they were week. }nd
e ows thee with 'strength to perform him honer
. fit . -'off, without'the aid'or 014. 'TIM r,A.-
,At ' . noWER, niter! its
% pitiabl ineples
chemically. alph
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a infib. O Ortivlicia..7T , here bighing
' .niin theTAleiingdoeofesturaib unlnt
n • .leg tbatiscnCe
so 'harmless and so ni roval7.l
h teal. and in proof of, thn the prop ( of la,
.. °west pilhathat are made from its pur est ilia.%
' . m ht (note *lmola inntuperable agtiters, ,eieet 1
ra, '. • modem. if her own practice Me not p ed it to 1
to •of thousands. . ~ ~ • ,
Ihe effeemof these R ills ate pot , only ived in I
increase e appetite and general .tr ee . but in
a . dm Ind to that . antwirsall rin all I
i functions ihe:rettint to it;
nd heilti.4, e Nee. and general en I . 1
lima vohatne•-m-their Aver, and Mouse iir fe- 1
tildes con sisfy bow much they havecont • tad, to
their. comfort, Men. complexion, and their gab.
.4. , every otherientedy hadproved worse than use
ppylnwoneriutshadoneva, sea, been bf f all or
m ltin an d y s, , th oun ev g nre perso n:
a nowicdped to be preeminent ; indually rpWoring
fi Men a 0 body and actud.without those .a oyance
a clamps which other nervous remedies Son.
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s ah til a ih c ni tt s"ell a i V w bo chheck w o el a s tel by 6ne9 th rYin ese °l7Wi p h i c r t e l44li to el e ulleig icre slimi
e !runlet& resorting to Vlach tettietheikk names
or*Will ire, concealed, and of which hi know
hoeing, . That dreadful' scourge 'COMM; ON.
innfight have ,been checked m tuft:amines es: and
aPPelated a its prey, ill over his land. i the firs
toms Wrier's* debllit had beep c tenicted
~40111114k.phemica y Petered i a d those
will complaints which lead poi bOst,Off I mala
dies, might have been Oviiitcd, liy, g ot , alcaline
.. t et asebehcorlich lee' lied i ient in
.l APERIENTiFdImtV,FILLs., a • :both of
t eedicines. which ate adaptid, to-a, cmity of
the nerritoes Ibr which timed/ad Miters areUnnocea
mOlytmed.feyesa.aguar.telisids disordem h4tdaches,
Annals dehility, male decline. Indigestion..ind liver
ininplaint.' would - hirSentinely disappeared, Share
many of them have proved fatal.
But be it distinctly understood that these
am not of hred instead ofeheselnatural organs of the
body wlttqh.qther medicines dispense with. Ma very
Imoutry manner, They are founded upon ntedirua
Owledge, and notmackery, and. do not she allthe
red particles out of the human blood, under the. pre
tenotof purifying it. Jo pfoofornhiclidiehience of
lAtet. lee the faces mad forptef patients hear giati
ny.o Thou ebgtatituits leseflit effeetualAnd ne
attli? appliceliii.claes ef mediciper fbeevery family.
l .
being hotlamnici.ann spetimt pof the best ,
propstatltion known.,4 perms* id lk - tdeu b e
iwitieutAbmn. They.,can,be obtained , !male and
'kittao efthe preMfrietor4MWlll EVAN knw Verk.
leter Ida agents , in town and Country . It tilp• Aim
does thrumr-Thz are Illflidil ki impereeding all other
rentmlipsadverti in the pub ' vrints.betabee they
,pin Awed to belong to a:ven superior clisatif Opens'
1n0004. 4 Angle trial eignaly *gumbod high in pit.
vete eructation, arthey are known to be in public
KIPTiv ;.., . 1 4 0 VAL I VW . 1 f 14- 1 411 9 s ritill
Mix.- . 1 1 111LAmiul. Mk. whet.
' edicine
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AO ' • ' - - --- -
/ammalawthow.a-Pir. William Palmaa " :6 4 tai at,
Om .7114. a« Philadelphia. alllkted for aimatial
firia li V hi li w ad d a i ttrifiWira illt lU "84"
at ,pa lath**
*Alta hatzt=a t tk appall's, eimatimmi itid , frad
putrotent a aaMmes awit - wwiltamatsf tha
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; avremifllimi pain la ilia Ow; bank amlaklea. costive.
,aima,. illiiii=ty.arialsiamailai.iiilkfiatig
Al gat latiplaraid lallwide apiti the
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!ail Midis, -41179111111 iii prim of smith
l Firplima:llo% whoOtikt Viaa‘higtre
'' t laittedatiatillaiwtame Ole °Ma.
', a hall* %is yeealuaWitv a atiatrethia to
Makti ttlal at WM* EVAN' fildkaiiitilliti with
akillailltrealleiliellys Oka aid Rimmed' pack*,
IthWillagebtantaiOatattabiell ht hiimitawitioa to
litaiiliaNvata ittathla. , - Hal* aim mtplittgallthe
. At.peOet Wl* "mak *Mama
milllm sallallat wit% wane
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to l r i sramit e var t rni i it! •
, et 11 ,..." • , :4101141C?•:•WiRl'ittit...'
. L.p.,hi-.1,: , . ~ -, 4044 1 0aalatalltOltilletiilot* ',.
. prinekliedlt , - - 14;•, 1 ):7- , . - ' 1 ..: 0 - ' , lo' , '
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tiiiwleies' ' i O:sWo •.
— el
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-4r ate tO I.2l*.ar* 416 sings :go/P*144 0 0 .10iino. *.
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ras;ssoacince liiiiipiarobsiedh a •
JLIF iiglit.of-st . inting .an ispflying py. 3. W.
Hoe. VS e to kbOT/bl 0±5 1 0.1. , TPlie Pess
bap reoeived tbsinaintion the Insold-TrPsstals
gargoatta4, physicians Of btladslpida 4 by which
i rndieereure. o o,4 l 4 l *P"„ :I!.ezileristinnlhat
bad nearly been
„401. 11 0bnia. ee esePslnsa , is se.
erplisbed with*lene! *auto - eetteihtl . cad
midi parlindlafrty. Aipwardi of a handfed rim
,treitpd within* short tint* in thisnity Inid tifin.
ny, are iinctitilibs Ra' e•flentl.7 autetleabd the
patient* ban ' halt. d, - 4 1,with_tbe. towel' and
lip *
instrumentr. A atieeinta lie thin is Intexiss ie lley
in ;the atinalinfAncety.....,„Thiwirmotwpent, a d
themethisd.of perfecting ii!radicar twynnfA ia,
are now ,Oltered to.llum eMi,clas/ -with ,_this thou i
blooms complaint. ' ' • .
~ Ha proPcies it with *mildews for the neat
tnentot Ilsii diestise, sudide..ment.lig4eerY ihdi- -
eatiWon ' correct ` prinkiplea,f , its Widi
cal core,' "Tlie trusses beretolliriew , yA, • re.
41y palliate- jhe :symptoms ,of the '11: sok _ey
rarely , e l eei tileitn rtl.oPeel, t re..‘iiN.l.l4„, . .. €. ll ust
be conlitipally Winn_bY hWlOntten.„! ! , 11: I etlY
to hir annoyance. jillgethit!re..h.f n . Present
apparatus?. effeihvi,rill instrAnells ~d*on
tinsed. , ..,. ~, .''
;• . ~••
This Tetssik;*ithlta ajireptitvi' , Vim
at any ggi ? end be !odd . ; acar t wi , , ,
~ tftt op.
non of,businn,ip%' . ~.. :: .' , • . i - ,3.- -±.
Gentlemen:utterer:o to filet V ii • - 1 1 !*•'wem •
hematite prosainit Thi tAtive to i • - I rß a i llent
aid its claims iit'efettinglillicil pi „ -_,_. ,
William 'Orssott.,Proor of Sritki:tol the
University. lif teni,ittli- ' ' ,
, atoukfin-tho'hlre" "Math:oo4l4e.
SAMUEL Jacancet.,Prn Oir Mistituta of
r E fol
. . Medicine inthtaltiiversaty - i'el i nsylesois•
Giteitale.l4l l 4w.aar. PrOfessor o f igery in
;.. ". the 4efferinichiedieal plolle,
itit )
6 21 04 "Dostn: iliciehrO l tif "M ' iladelphia
htgelntrhysiOaris: -! • ! -`j •'. i • _ .
Mown* Jl. ! 'AiLattf Mi D. . 1 1 - 1
EDWIN 1.-'=!ATAJW M. I).` • ' -
Letters to tin' i above named gentle in nitwit*
free et experie. •,=•---'• ! ! •
Cdpy of a:letter front Swine! ,lii b . ' rfOres.
sor of th - e Institutes of Medicine in th 'University
of Pennsibrania. •
Domes Boom— ,
. Dear §ir:- I LFrito . the On ifin failure 4 all
ni k
the triple* I bantams ; and "lath' lifitinedVem.
ployiid for' herriWin pro Miring a ~
dial • bire by
Aare means, I had Abandoned al ei p ectation of
seeingthis,desfrable object reach i.: , I moat con
fess, that nor rtgparaturi and.teeof Weans% •
terabi t hail believe, accomplish ed } ht's. insider.
stunt, and the disease is rendered not_onlY, info
igeable, but:in the gielterportionnf &SO . titre.
ble by the, processes of art . , ..- ~, 1 :,..i:.-. , ".31 ... .., .
Thu ptioniple,
_cyomi treatmen(nite ',oftge, Op.
station Of`yoUr . ' - tutu bike 4 WI, Oki phylkipl.
ogY of the ties . imineldtkii soundest in
titeorethivivvirgettiaLiforlOr)*. ;
ThereinnotbiligAmpirimilinkyour proceddings
Or 400 r instrquients.. They are the application
cifa. Wellestildisbeil . Principle ofoor science , m the
prodoCtion of i specific effect • Prehessiditi r l i in.
Jeam, skill and Litt are neenisary , to i nit
with certainty." The i ostrusnents aloneorthoilt
appropriate manag mentand the aiiiptkninf their
MOO c,
action to the al According in the constitu .
plfional` and other oliaritiminf, , each ciao, would
prove of little utility, or might even defeat:the in.
tentitin of 11ietteatmerit.. , . .i . , =;., .. 1 .
From theremarhable succesittbattas attend.
ed yoar treitinent,ind the pAsespfdepided ,cures
that have.tiitriii under my mini - ebiervailim, gir.
is g the sanction of-liiets in support:Utile imienii.
I. 6 ltPikcitiNi- I ..AilvOmii ,hesitatitur ht. regarding
1 youwapptriaaritilmtlindeattiinnk . ati esmb.
Ifshed in ilarair amine.,With' ecorldferatlPS
and tappet, truly yiiiirl4 . • ' ' '
,We, haveinmornessesilion a mirbber ofcertifl
'uates,of the first regime - tidily' rehitive teethe cotes
performed by thin inatramentovlnchwe widshow
to any „perron desirous of satisfying- hininelfwith
retail' AotheAfOracry otithe-invenone ,
Pennine dirsirmis of ; being cure d-of bottle - or
rupture,' will_dbi well ro.,call on the subscriber
_before the , axtreme hot _weather. =.itits , ini is the
dineans e'en be more readily mired' in moderate
Alien in. hot weather:. -.:. -: ....1 '-'11." ' ...- -- , •
Phy,sicians.desiroas 1,
of .procurisetbip-vi 'At.
Of using theabove invention, ca n. receiviininlia.
lion on , the subject or purchati die rights tha
1 subilak*, ulhaiii. a uthorived-hr ett' as'isynttof
pateirley t ., P .. i ENOS CHIC:RESTER, 1117. p .,
*kV:le,. - -
Vet* 'IOWA '
4....kahe,Aahmi t
thf ,l . lll
tieniu.. II 4I-.
nume,,Brapil9gAnd Ensiend.
4 voli.,sti4ep,.'4 , ltkplittea. flllOl 00
Clarke'i 4 vols. sheep.; • 'l2i 00
.Wesfeyti vols t .cogapkw.,,,: 4 ; 1.140
Book's Theologicat;wariu l / 4 0 1 0,s ,ah;epi 00
SeesljSi :111b14g„ Mid P0 11 : 111 5 0-1 71 ; ' ll°l6 l- • 4
Byron rptoili t i,',Deir4iwne`p.*diiiOnoiheith e '4,2s 7
ROW* A*l4tit 11110 . 11.„1. vol; Oleep
Xre 4 o o ,taii!" * Pio o o
plae • 4,25
Joseignie l lia'jiiii6stes „ _I 25
Marrysti's v eouip)ett i v 01. ,, • d . .5 25
Moorrii works; Liiirary dttioo, 4 g 25
Buritik*Wki. %.• - Ou
Cowfiepik4 works „, ; -2 25 .
Pitej CO'
Biirdspli 41044 Sernion. 4 , „.,. ,1
_2 00
Doctiidt,N•Tamkys Xir t o t . , . • 5.50
Enci l teeqa ar9e.oo s4,tora.
• =Wend 10% lO 50
Foxiiiikkok of MaillOwt:with.piatek ,
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Aceentianytnir at -khl "arealia l t i
painting out n a connittiona Inning,. an'
symptoms An titaldlii)htnt.iiajoe oftheakidisp tte
aim , dieeaocar-a, lieu tarilatolinittiesinuitie*
ling diet, and r r•Oitkeul, apd bay ,patielit. atctis
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emiiiitiona elite abingt'Phriela,*( ll l6 l lll4thdar
witk tkemteetiTt,rfki *Rd, inlZiennia4 if
thiliii*tianears'ltat ikitikPalli. 141 . =- 1 ' .
ffiltikiaiain id* infhtinied that dgpf i i i iik6ge
WI puma liale-heen taken UAW - petip*".lo
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