The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, January 27, 1838, Image 2

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" - 'Aiii:ll44lf 444Alliri*.q:
_ ttikOpritAßtito tit&
. - ..ih hillitili;iiiliiii we 41 Aid*
oo.,,iiaber• 4kifitiipteedl 1-
' do. oiellikarto think rahalt
a efiePrire deepriarli firameo, "tit ,
1 , ;i l rii s roecrit lite arid plicy. • - .
43 - 4,04 AMAo. be bora:Wawa', ....r. :...- , r
koak,:op, greeiifiads and:phoritiniiilkbt.
II :olif_elltereit is*witywidibi."-" . • s"-
"New ; , biffier;hild.inialearlfilit Wate
Vithin . tlie . 4ertir,e-lityiedor wok
1 ...! ` 4 4 0billyie Metall errihtturat
ether taut reiVirt thetrdittid , • '
441 1 !ri./ train: •
1 - .4)grit'smyjove; -
1 I
. diaby iiiiiliitiriT 'fib to lave._
. sivitia not wo•*aid tai die: 4 : .- ~
ud is the deep' dark grave to be."
1. 1.4,4-:-.4e- .. 0., -.iv' . . • *
litifistiest a flsgrimeo -fiHs the roodi!
'.• All iiii !you Rib wet" are' ttikiri in iikshifl-
T ffilioli*.har beltatiftilitity*. - etk '
Whiterviancline in the - litiiht iatibeiimi -
* , •heri'l'ut glad you b o le me place - '
Thstsmooth roan ! seed 'Within the vase:"
wr.more delighted now, I sec .
' helloisomirmi thut preUrbee. •
Vhich from thst buried grsiiriAmespritoe
Tub dins, my' love, 'nth olicldren rutin*
/,nd loved to God; their bodies- die, '
And. like that trithr us earth-vault lie. •
But, like this airway, from thenoe-,ball Miss.
A.,forra of hestnyin the-skies.—
Which quickly viptivighfg from the lush,
'ln Iranian all ever bloom,"
*: , ,,p.tott 'MeV 15, len..
Velumle iladmlll7.
"The erect of-our rditical instiiiitions fin
society; midreit necessary - 11 tat
extends spetid and. fostering care 'to dio
,Slionestic•industry, to' the imlns.try: I mein.
their own property. I (4)
ePive.tbritAllis -subject is allotted , to•in ¶h4
letters from AMA, Ofyettr,..pUbhr..spiri(ed
nu AI etivite(ii President.many of she, (smilies of the Antlers, -especially in the
Ceint4r,y;lliere is a want of employment for
:the feurale teeffilienrcif theinv--ariel smovy a
man have I seen sinking ()floe:4l4lin Ileidly
cherished but unprodUciive pvt of his 44,•
nestle charge, The :state and feeling of
eq4ality among our pelvic, makingeldin
willing to puiploy-his 4)1411 d.ig-slitors, or cOtt
sent totheirempioynrein tort ofit'ermen'f.iin.
ily. He ilioithrthereforeTniil something Fir
•theaa.iai wipin it. A sid on.this accodrii.
ifewe,ll aslia other reasons; all mantildm
-titres eapiGle of being made purely dooles
tiro as al woolen cloths, -stocitings. •"&c..
and especially sfhe cuhare orate mulbe4 y.
amt. theinialting •cifiritk, are entitred
v'lrungest commendation and patronagei—
Ntreolittnutiity, as a mars, can thrive, that
does:noVentritoy all its members; nolhibily
Itrfamilies lean tl rive, Aterene,'tttroF•or
three persons in eachtiontliy ire unprntioe
live; a vu iciest prtior 'that God wiser
. 41M19, the. Avorlif Tor idleueos. Thue 1
"Mita, you will find that lire grating
dairy insicing townships in4he country. are
on - the whole he •Inovt • rirnapprinev; andfrhe
grain growing lownillins, - the o.
4 men have. little to do,latieveso. I dolnot
•r deny that there are other reavOns for ;this
t difference, hin 1 think this is one. Ailid I
have observed too, that the pen!) eri ow
the hill .pastures are eopataritlt •conliag
altomn,ard buying vp .the, pleasant limiting
valleys that lie apread out heoreat i b 'then!.
Dewey s Addriess.
i Whlle 31aibeerr.
' Experience and oi , isrvarharidus ve &Ton
1 --: Ettated that the shade of Mulberry frees is
r.-, nut injurious to the - groath of grass, grain.
or any other vegetable. This. is an Minn.
taut diacovery. and argues poWeriully in
.1 favor of the means of -raving silk
i•- , . I would Advise with humble dtferenee,
that etr j ery farmer procure mulburry treed
Irutp r i , nursery, inimifurfn all his feitces,
: . tntu, nnt'berrit kedges, and plant standard
i n
!.,‘ mulberry trees along nil rhuee 'edges half
'ii' - - - ind distav *um each other. A far r,l-
1. IL hiLidred acres, fenced as slave advised. •
11.. would, lin a few years, 3 , ?lid kunt the tepees
if,.,115. crop Worth several lastaired•_dullats!--t
,41-t•Tliese fences would be as cheap ;a any
1- btlier a t faterierAtiold erect 4 would tee iiiret
no repir, ho renewal, so that all tiniiptu
...aillice sirising from the , leaves would/m . l'i.
"''clear !profit. One hundred pounds . of
' in.lettves (mid produce, itrthis rinmiti uric
pound o f . reeled silk, if judiciunslr t feit,
.1)4 Worth min four. to seven dollars, thelPribe
.i: being governed by the good ur tmd reiling :
-.-A-single tree, will produce from thirty to
sixty II ounds uneaves, depending 4 the.
grow • itirtheirrittc.a . :— Village Recor d.
10. -0a scce,ipt.-- in consequence ! I
"fri:4 l
00 reibetii!on of steamboat eiril. inn i
..), ..! ' •
iiiitll.3.lW!otern. waters, many dike aidi
441 e !era, by which die ,fur wewt 'oellnie
if:ly assi tance,; . the alitor of tinrCineifiniti•
_:F4jw '.. litibkhes 'the f9lfpwin pretiip
.;3)Q,u, - TO Ofechlaint:lninai. : ~ 1 ,
0 ,,, MI lime, Water and tweet nil tagei her',
skstia:q . pipthe, -liquid with I &it Ner t soft
Tag - 6/ thI YTA4 II I. liie,.litaie„, , !atoll l ind
' . .iii Est l'i tom'. in iW' 4ifipwtions a White
- snip, eAsather_ thicker thaw , efeantf shil l
liiinul bitOrired:rutltil therhecome 114;4
ming' e . do:lff?' - tlfilik l 4l4,„ •PPliCatiinir tiel
,Pig #::: 11 1 1 -‘00,44 Mgii iniVailthilivb-1
u l
l '.,ftoiiiiiiriskity,•renewed it is, aweikctnall
voiTiso•l•Tfiiirlippleatioct , Ilit l iK4 Itillifat7
- 40 ,iini It;c10 - 4411 - tVel: tliVe Seciirits 44
fit l 4 l /eorliiied.....m reeinzunesui-it-iiitAthe
- iligini 4fg e ki i ii lt resildbfroseiri 1
~ .s l it in . # o44 o v`4 4 4tl - ihOrallat -1"4 11
tatgq. Vii lA tiO *tea inifleiAliiill, Etli, VO.
hi11i#61440166 6 liillM6 SlCVSNapublisaffnientio,
3, 4"Zel i eV
”kw,itutswar4aiwilisf :tisisainsiitti: ' '•
ayitin*Air seniiieslWlitinii' , jigoikkai
I. .
- „~.
ate' kliormli.aihlr' 4 e' rifilh' id foeshelter ;
tin erintethi'w!Oareonfiv Mb heti hi ti pliddluiee. •
ioi - thif; fi threewitieh t ftosthtsi,'meirited'on .
. gl ans.
, Iltive stee-vt' • this "r4d-hreast with
r- - : Is e
-_ ,_,
I -; togibltrAhe rouffin - -•thekiii , 5- 4 'l' hive;
his slender/ legs, ittlelei ilit: Ibiref l int!ilt, 1111 )
It kill g 4 terittfbii . b 4 to italt Ow Oa quir n b a '
eh fallfrein' the tablel 'fluid telOI:414• the
heabandonin;carrying forth the 'priiiiiiitertor h is
liamlrsit chilige, while tliti'creaureilonds c ore,
not with bolideroweintirbide:tot 'viitli wading
- Eyes - reddlitkrtitil: the.; ace of aUM
7 .
ask.4lo their - ••ineiiiin• thrseason."trazd , l see
. • • r enrol the minirwiiyeltiNtfhieltt . hdiratiterl.
of Mercies "roperieth hiii-harlit4anii Stittlifielh the
Mirekifevlty tieing thing:" -! • '
Wittier • kfibteht -reermitscd foFthe' l o reknit" ttd
ing as well as for the senses. 'lf srentito' leas 11,
hrimid, we more 'in ' reoureb Within. 'II rit.
rat pleatercli are ' hed, social Ones Ore bi
ti ot ee rt t.• Wes; thercore inkuseinentito be found
furing - teckiii to dissipation's, id:which
helthilitehrtocenee and- act, areedied micrititod;
where - vicious
. passions re oherished, and per.
-oohs are rendered incapable of rylishing gezneue
pleasure. •
1 ,
-oiscouree ensues, not , y Ollll l4- n 9 , 1. 011 4 - 1!
Stirsteh us 'With a frown. forbids the,play _ . ,
00 fancy, br proscrituo the sound of mirth i
Nor do we madly; like irittifikrus'iriold
Who deem religion phr dzy, and the God' ,
'hanked° them 'meted error ' thelrioys, ..
:kart at his awful team or deem his ; prase
Alijarrinehote:b •
iliteTiast'season in Altar re . ] - shdifd„
V . feel
peeulierlygrateful fur our rest thencei , _ aceoinuto , "
datiuns and convenience'. Thinge 'strike us
indre lorciply by comparison. 'Our Winter is no
thing white we tura 'tax the frigid nine. 'Think'
offbeat-who live withiii the polar •mrete. Where,
Meet tromihs -of perpeteil night-
an d trait.
When the Tree,ch mathematicians iwintered at
Tiunea, in Lapland, the external air suddenly'
admitted- intq their ruums, seizing the e inotature,
beitameViiiiic of snow; their breasts were rent'
*heti they breathed:l446nd the• tattoo -M4t. with'
their bridles was idtuterible. And while Mk Win '
ter resin. here with grkat comparative niildnein;
'how many blessings cli4ingdich our I roltionTrum
that of otherourcipnd tp.ntitritemand our prow?
IWe baccatousele defend orc Wdhave clothes
hi - cover us. We have fire to warm us. We have
. ' , ATLI CoMfornits. le lorrre prtiriArms to min. (
les us. %hit 'nal to reirde4 "Bless Melted:
0 my foul, and furgetj not all his , hentifitc." '0
let us think of ,be indigent-and 'miserable,' and
let the ••hltvaing-offlietulhat are reodytto perieh
leome•Upori us." •WIM would not deny hiloselt
zupeelluitics—and soinething 'inure-•-that his
boenty may visit mheilitlieriess and the widows.
, initreir affliction " ,i t .
'IV seietling drawren,let tintilellt open the
scene exquiictely tquchcd by the Paneillif mg
sibility. . ,
''Pbor,'y thdutfridui4Moaest, gill& heat,
fr\ l
:Stich Mai coniguissioin a night like this.
And have a friedd in very fe
eling heat.
T fi
he frogel.tieseilife trenefiles when she lights
ilersicerity "MO of binshimod bloiing eleary . '
But dying soon, like iill terrestrial joys,
The few small ember/ left she nurses well.
And while lieWnfarit race, with outspread hands
And crowded Knees, apt cow`ring der the sparks,
licitirea,coment to q ake, sc they be warined."
. '. %Mit.
To slum That the' eak per furniartee iifoliver
is better titan none at all, an old author tells the
following 'tore of art4 t i l gaiirairt Papist dwelitn
to Spain. Be Peroei the neeerany of his Own
"mate prayern, beep& the 'Pater Motor, Ave
Maria. etc. j.iwpkWas he.that how to
pray lie knew 'not; only tevry northing. 'knottily
bending his *ores, arid lifting up Aug eyes and
hands to barren. het 'Would deliberately o , epebt ,
the alphabet. "And now "sold be. CO, good the.
' put • three iettenriogathe; to opellyayllatliw, to
spell words,to make' pueb *erne atCntiry'be most
, to thy 'glory and toy ro' And vote/lye the
, oltrwritet.) let thr do to.i if ire carofot A r ray as we
would. Or int we Ought. in u fell .to . this poor
'men's alphabet. 4
war afdeT lelifLOTWOlT fir Weat.ina
' Qo the subject o the right employ meet of
wealth. Johnson saysi, a man canna/ make a 'had
[eseePhissiumey, asi far as regards' enciety, if he '
Itlonet board an for if r imi either spends it or lends
it out, society has the benefit. it is in gelieral
better teepend (matey (especially nu useful put
puties)thanto.givii it away: for industry is mote
ptomated by sliamilimg money. than by giving it
+sway. A man who iipends tee theusami ar year
win do more good then a Own 'wlia vends• two
thousand, red gives /way eight,. r _ . .
.It ' entri;sartne*.. . .
•,_. - ~
Tile ninewing.cos pinyon. iy- Oillos as lippi g
.., .
cable to piety as tn newiedgts y..
'tilims TII iliewortl dreeititil by trotati,list lan* f
Ales! how different to Pretend aati lehaw I .".
tike a poor 'highland break s pretence runs kind_
Bast livir WI itralkow, dirty. ate(l4 and:pre:Asti:: t ke solne hie stream, quer intowledge
.. glides , r .
,Siletttly strong. a its deep hotte/it hides : " ~r•
' • • gamy irzer 0 oilers*. * • •
Lhasa not obser " that men liif ;eery ' In ge
fortunes •etrjoy :anthing,- extrsOrdmary that
makes liapputesr. haChas Med:hike, of Bed
-fordt Whist hait•lt duke nfDermshirel The
linty great instance I . 1 'have eat* lemons iif the
enfoyinent of weak , *is thirditiiimiteepaw.
tins.' *MI, going' to visit Pelniyrat and' fi eating
il iik.thLrlflift,stin, Ilt . !led, ;by rtibberty'liiiii a
!reopen - oral/WHOA logoard Min. , i .,..
. i ,
1 .... . , •'. 'F9I PAAND WO. 11111.11-DAY. -
_When born, in• tars we maw thee drotiritS‘' ''....•
While thins'ittriela etirieddit MOOS' ' . "
•'''''Wiiifitntilei their tioorti, 44 „
~.: ~
6040voifii,viv: , inns illiirs• ; i ,dl, * ---,• -..
Thelintiiilelloo4inteorttrif-follf.*- u: , .: -••-. • '
, A.nditleusiatintiiist belies:tit., h !):. I .:.•T . ..,
• 1 -o4 JAO--ie •• . .
iiiMit to , iiliWor.ittiv . iliticb
, It aspetileidilliene awl
Moor trials. i It 'teaches use
11111 9. uud
0...14151. .1.41-it
. •C .
mbre serleousbehiai
&NW?, It iwaludit
amt. :mita waysats
vitypeiter' , - m
• Nal cm. -1 •oais
~ h a , b eeni ft et .,
' • TKlti t,Wtoi,Wftttiritecil4.l
tar' '''' 24‘ 7 4 l P*lkerfte 49% 4 44 6 4,11ia5i
Rroy -uoGothful to hittralgto - Vthetoortie• —
ftrittiiitenses her outiutee i togr re ;
r faccxf ed.t-tArsqm,s2,3P,
. -
- "
.. ,
•A - -
-. in pow v '
al4,- i 0 -- `
(- b e Ind ifir ait r - nit s
liikkiittm l lite-,Loodeei elprotpg Acitf rz ,
lA4 that 16We:teat %Obit liivil;iwgitirtti
greet ,mselsotediierarieareit* the-tithe
milled Ankara of iii i iieting 19. dut-dilor
ief" . l6 - ptiupiiii'lli iiiiiii-tueileiiiiiii: It
ilftreatee - new etiritethe'llutlehrofTetn=
410 1% ill-",guilalsdl =,.. ,, ri. -- i r ,: --' 's 1
"Thiethirixt`rViore 4 ate . hi - tar Taw
isnetiasiubOslitietteit i'eledit-diappeere
(net, , thnie_atailfitiVililfichtst put to
,elicethegepponente,of thitcl atiereribit •
°AY: illYtk aril?'coartufiveAir.!•4?ettlu
lery'sipirillinna,retitsid obi. base Wen de
.sired. by- illa -*hilliest .frietitti`enti most strenuoes Oppettetz. 'it Ytlil t ira'at e most
l! e lg oli a b lc*irtl eit twißlnelL 11 911040 409
by the "tiesolicyerehie logic oI games lad
i,rfecte;Tthe ' tniseeprernede' at:
the, lato.eltirtionelaslo! r - g . e
measure, by the'etteThies Of fniriitters. h
prates to ilemetistriti4n,'lNar.t "Obi law
niesAlii43 I*.iiitiarucittg P itie Mni beneficial
'results' in awry - place pies:* whitifeth - split :re o
its operatitm- 'Not oitibas'it lready re
duce/Jibe politrrateetVite ixt t 4i:fealty
one half 6E, *lfitrltiey were 'en under the old
system, an tries relieved the p operty and
industry et - the country fro a pressure
-which threatene d their destru lion, hut it
i l
has at the Attie' leg
foe* 'ged' ibe Mori] cha
"tooter of - the pnorilietneelves.., It has in
*piredibetts wbb - hAtifintrolita ependenee, I
and taught therictiitrust to thei own labor
end' !heti i tfivii resp uskes, path c - ihatt de. I
grade,ihetns4tres in their: OW 'eyes, and
in the estimation-of *Veryl ether, by
-1 hrswimforeroes sis as pito re_On the
Mods bribe' pati.h. 'lt hasirmi
litith,ll sehse 'orthe injtlry 'do it to their
morals, by debasing indulge es, and in
-stilled iitibihdrotitids ptincipl s of steadi
brio and 4 etbooliiv. 'lt has, i one word,
rireMe s d, or is in4he cOtirse of e ecting -one
otthe4greititlit and most bene vial revnlu
lutions, recorded in the hist Ty of 'tee
world." ,
iii:CAton, ofthe 'Navy, says; lin an admi
iiitle sea Islt4Ml);•iiit he lssACtioakerboeiter,
sisal "not a whist Stirs in France without
being narrowly watched; and it is itaid tint
the appearance of a strange bu Ithl on her
Spanish Itontier was once tel :spited in,
the .police. of •Parii , and a 'de ehment of
the Bens d'arma tletitott *to vra htthe mo
tions of the adibig,unus strange 1" .
• fie dives the following as a pecimen Tif
extra - scrutiny- His rellectitulware truly
eloquent; _ l
..;ir a, mhts hits hot tin'epdtedtte - oh his
,shoulder or it coatade cm 'his l t, even his . '
pockets. ill hardly Itscipe the-dishonor of
search. , Nor islhe inspection rdways 'eon
fined to the living; it sulttetinitqs extetias - to
the' deoill VO - e had occhilon)n 'bury one
of our'crew ;here; and as we mine on shore
to pay hint 'this last sad office; of respect,
his cid% wtl uttcereinonionsly ripened, to
ascertain that it contained ne contraband
goods! , I..nlwayit knew the French to be
an extremely shrewd and mqiiisitive peo
ple, tun 4 did 'not "Suppose they would ever
carry 'their researches into tl o l
e secrets u(
the grade . 0 beathl I hav heard t heti'
accused , by some of beim. al tyrant; lty
others of tieing-an irtditerimitiate leveller;
but never 'before, 'by saint, ly savage o'r
by sage,' have I heard thee a cased 'Of-be
ing, a smuggler! And even f thou 'seri
stich l Ishii cooldst itna went • r Might that
our poor ship contained?, yletil Akin in
quest'cif Veijacliels dua larpuli s ,.l - lint
thy wilier* never go tra watch; each in hts
hammock-stiii shmibers as hnlaid' himself
doter. - t)r wirialhitu in treed r4harts or.
quaidratitst,flut thy ehips ne ' ilia re their
itionrings;.each rats down , pea etweal in es
own birth. Or was ft shy le ire fo obtain
. Bibles and hymn bouts? ' B, t there is no
worshipping ketembly in 1 aornitfirms,
and Ihe prearber's 'voice ,is ever heard
there. 0 Death? thou art fa .ly surpect;
ed, and basely ch*hpnoied , by the Freoeh
''itien!—lii 'hi m, tali %rho shoal ever regard
ihee WO - the inapt itutelierjt i l l nt iments,for
'.he has crowded millions of , "rid corpses
upon , thy domains. from .!the e.hilling
but: tintrws 44" - ft aside; to flit 'but
! rig Ands or'ph; he ,h as ififillt.lils %ie . ms ITO° 'thy
.pale realm, thick as tire del o quails that
.fel! for Toad around-the . fittniihing tents-cl
wandering Israel!"
"Airy Fair it. Politieo•2-.1114 triv
moral maxim hex received a 41 . 011 rebuke
yi.the,teriatti of the ueiieti tatea l to net
groat iraiiticaiion: The se treasury bill,
.by.A.miite-lif tire Seamy ' , fixed 60
totnioritiWoreekT The IciCul peb' WO*.
:o, l l l ,Wrglolilbiok:.l4k; Au bo eodsiniie ed&
j a
vunegn, or ii.ihilt biome, 6 sera recoil:
sideration4hae# , shortened - 'tithe one
Week. - The Ukiient-irreiribe " fidding The
' 6 410 PO . 11 ,1CASY , 'Nowt Allem)
i f .
moved a recorlaiiktraouo i llie kt, day, Hod
Owed Am debausiatiVere it , briginliit;
au Mt. it'Sliarrbeiltittt I dbrlaeftli
'aitiliifilitorie r 4 ratibreifikeei.ll:l4k Oedifit
' ligTqii t i 0 - , 6111 4044 1 * iIP
44 1 ), .stnmsurY
4obenie s ,. '‘‘Giretilte•Senate hild-finvelfafie
,eini iile Orovisibriaorther.blliedncieulfv,
'kid 1010114 - feurif,iiejili,ii,4ol — lek:l:._ . I We
"10# liii :toil#Rii , iiciiiregt , ar*S. irm s ;
'VA - „tem-somilan - , , ~,,,..,„..,,, 0 ; ,;..---, .•. 0. , .
-wc l ll464ollnaniry..9 . ..4 1. a.Werh ‘ We'
'Vegerlo! rriiontirtto" - ehn ' 441ie1',0 - piiioir
. I .,#4 , l l ii# , ...4ifitsitii, u jirePiti9n- .10 ,0,
, ~ffitaili.*Cfrptiemg..woulit: hive, givearvie:
greeter leuerseilido thin! Id 4sie see nee`
'Heide.% ertiewatittool * t yA;(tkettijil
4 "* 11 * 4 *v ,___ltgliffo,PliditY. ,:el
arwitc . i . .aikmilre, . ; Air. ofieafopeclaliae, •opeasii*
i , ' 1
" '
IA 0,
: -- 4 ..: ' :: 01 :,..' .rtfk•Ci '.' - - I", A'4l.- '. '
eltii** l ,l l 1 0, I • i.. 7 .ellielibOdWoril t.., 6 0 1 ,• 1 e
itteeitilli , 'e Aire. iii. ':;eitiegitihrte,. '
'political - OW " te"PeOCleir
"1:0 Ol e • , 111 !•,.4)1 , b ' 4*9 . -teCinik••
stio rmroftll
"inenced, as - 4 tog:ether imp . , eticOble, WIR.
b*EetittrifliThrillifrili - Si ' li d:fitioki - o-i - •
I,4C°Mtte , F. ll 4 r e o r t i l '9ollllloY
in-Aliise ,li4ll, it is' .h t dellio t '!!'.-. 4
giefrittit, - Verift*iitiftftrfirthat he'Effhe ' ioir•
his fjgniPiraltjs"detelliiinitti n tciusi 'I0:of4
swim rtiftli Oir•projekt.'-W sr** n',' re
tturprizeil%tentreititn: eietibn'' ; ititets
every dare I .lhigettneiti : y: -. 1 the imrerie,
unpliptilaritv Ortfielthiti;tithi the Late dec.
arms haiVee; litielittlYedVin t i k riumph c4'er•
itirriendat'l Itl'CePAiiicifilkt no pragr e
wits made in i -iriljfirrlffile - ' ; :opecilliwession,
avittlir.itieir ri# 44 Nlik,' g liiened aq , ,Oul
mat ‘)W" silit ' 1 i,,7* . t ,OMOlli3; l 4 6l iiii.
6 4
AXP,etil i eeithl , iminuticin. - he interellee.
from theserti4unuitancearsit 'ld belie bee s
Cnnefuer t'% - ' , :No on e ,' in 6 inerilseei t nots .
dieibt'liOrt*itgeltial of : 't,ol44 l isre with
%Ale% the gitleentrve - hai a fottotietelh'il
seems to ns,l.etiolied int " 'A . -1010m i '.
We do hot believe tittil'iti'• rlit Meads
expect to ear#l,l for ttiOpreseti ii-ietuit,
The tone efAhe Glotfe'dyrktces plainly a
conv . iinn 'id if! , metre.* ti l ts? ddstrhetlve
priectkes are nil iltie'rrane), and 'the.
pritspett.of ciffilThithe ultra measures' is
remote, and *Unseat. -:, . , . , ...
• The . cour4 'of recent •everits •tillut'tenvev
a pretty
,inthtlitibte ladiciition 'that the
6.Conserviliiii" inti-ty ire 'Mini !emit to be
-very- ripeedi/y ettilihilated.l -1 1 i, :Amide.°
tritu4s4lutis i'i'very Where Intel; yi4ted to
their piinitiplaiOlty ;Winch We mean a firm
asturaUce oflegishitive resistanee to all in
novandtis tillhe:kinecionletiiPlated at the
late melon, iti nd:still -admitted by' Many of
the organs cif the •d6lttiet ices. I'h :rue
friendsr.of the .Reptblte witrrally'in - defence
of ther‘Oonstittlttati, test' 0140 ',believing
it tti be • , :sufficir nt" OW every qt4e:,:o4iry 'ails!
usehilittljech, whether - of benefiefal'legisla
tiun, rxeitteive g.;veriiinetit, or ipopular
-protedtitirt; and Met, the force Of public
-opinion anditidividuatlaletlt tibght exclu
Avely it, be directed toiraids meartirer of
an administrative and practicatkintl, instead
of beOlg u rs the firbitless toiratiger
ous prianutiUtts alteration-."
Su Pr filan . having mitigated ant uf the
olleei . iunatile features of the former hilt,
the report ol the Finance Committee
reasscrts the main prepositionoind mills
ifrostsiosis still more ttlqitiOltable. kis
a hillitereality,lto Charter a 'Treasury Bank
with 'a Capital Nita! tO Iliepithlie, revenue,
and potter to invest surplusMt 'iostocks,
and to meet dcficiences by tw les of stuck
cand ilssurit of notes. It, - CtiMeinfitates a
diserthfitint of all Itleal'etfrfedoy,:by rt:kct
ing it ' eller am isitei'val 'from ?all fee..dipts of
federtil revedue. The eteettiirlt 4 lti6i!, udi
i i i
tea with tie avnived policy ti' 'rgradually
if ' I..tiiiii lite ri het of• State Banks,"
will he die %Mate destruaititi of all hanks'
eiceiit il Treareury Bank, wilt stitne rptii
suitie l it is hitended ilia!l itittply liberally
currency of the country. !The idea ul
f la
betiding the Treasury - into n rketto trade
in stocks, seems like a hall lima b 4 *$ of
-Competition with the "lillll4 'aria •lienriti"
al Wall afreet„ . The corifittence•ektended
to fhe banks, of making theta pift.rcial "dem
tituries Drilla rib% thtintl It, be tlitlit by
them Metter The lticit and key rifliie IA
cer deist:eking the same, la a dtritch , of
liberality by which , these ''l at ittititilts u 111
reel, OM draiht, highly amid: teethed ! •
The' :Sub-Treasury tenit.--,The
R*lloll3o Whig, in epeitk i wife he Sul,-
l'reaattry ‘tiß Te:ficketitt a i filtaf'ilara ago in
the U. S. Senate, sayai t •
•! .-be (ate of the,itiii. eitnnt,. %ids ! . der
utility be foretold.. The i i hict di* `.Flits
parte is 'divided ik Ilee ta)lied, 'giVes ds.
aurtUice ' that 'it* Armlet ebithiid'Oli• Mature?
ivdi at Mist be eipuligetl. ; 'like !Orders
litimi The tole . 1-lotilm.aii fi'l l tritgert • for .
good Or Tiif evil, lite YO V
,)li . lint,. i A
pliant and' unthinking -o;l4siti amine; it.
'hopd, he found in. eit herlo4Be 'to reviller
the Olds - oldie Eseettii - and-filsolivritry
advisers, without regard tiithe tris4s and
well re ;of die Ittrintle. I- L . '_, _ , " •
This Wier tends in ail oVirlfearti for
-the evils-we have appreftetifediii . wp the un
checked 'iiiird idationlof it h'ef iatki" id power.
It inspires thelloyte Milt ih`e pf ieutive can
neither .',M3mpasti , kvliat . we b ' : `e &nattered
the tobjeex •of its "timbitiim ` iii . Yieliucir
pattil k nor *site* the pep ' .ftiltherity its
tit"4" . o
441 1 0 paaltit 4. iiimiq lice tOttn4
ill ilisnesalic..huMbut, Oilier Administrit; 1
iion de bate it., in cu Bence oldie most
fortvitintiqissehsionaild ilik OritYdrilis •• can
eomitutonaie;fittitttsiefiihose etne:,rattes. de
-10+•. i ,, '.
, ..
.. t ; ;•. .. ,, •.1. ~ ;! 1, •tt''';
~ : 1
,ic• .1 - bi'liichinontl-..Entiuireoayei that Inii
bill 4 more objettionible Abu the odelle.
1%810(1110aq Vieth;ititiatilsin,r". - :' . •
• GintinvEltEem 7. l44a, . ge)-.4iiii ' lli,
it'el; . :We.l4l.4[lll,i CbUi Fie . '-.Moilt enihn
Pitud , ,,Tuditsship: - Ban ' , s' aw to, those ;
desqiiikd if the Ledge , in" l oveib)*itiast;
41 t
ATii* l tit i ,&, l • - . 4' - A.-17 1 '41..1
tatted, at several of - Itslo
,i ft 41.9N
-I.ii, !fietyti v a; fit i r if
"y 1 till
o t r tt:l-2fird,
pd Ate •by ‘e couple twoutedy . rhey *Si'
den * ' lAs `biiiittir ' l'ii4igiii ' - :i i ttimeil
iittlititir 1 • ' . ,t ‘ ft'4' §,14.4'S i' . o ;'Mack 641, A nd'
whale ii "t . ;,;$ 4 , 0 044, iso•bwitikid4w itt;
tom;. ;„. ;ttonbries t ; Idlisay;fll4Psh4 fact:
that' tine ' . ; ' it;111, tiii 1 lifAal k l a ck .
l'ileal 7: - t*Le . 6ttni 'it' i''' IlieTiNgspkor4.
that it he weltigynty 2 - 4 l llO, 1 71dxstinely
..c-riok t. -01 101 4 41 :' - 1 4* .A..41 3 7ti11`A.
1 , , Phi! •. .AA .
1 44Pilitity. ; ,
;• ; •
_ ;.:
_. ''Y . ..~.K•
' ..
8,01:14 DA1V1401044 1 1 . G:34N. PM
gr . Parripitika:C Cary , 4/sAttentr,fflitit
asi;fspeir VatioUtsOft
Pv !!!!" i riellef glireefe -' • '
.1.-,,, . ;
..... . „,.... .--....,
Wanted at ibitt-fiffice,'an l i tetive - and i in
tel agent lad,*ki car ` ' d,write: Well,
bttitt AA te..-A ; ieers r a 'abilfprentite
k l ,o*.iii.F . ,V, i .P.g; ',. !!ems:`_-- .--': ..,t - i: s
crireitifter 1'1116., pe ! in
issiVttlerA r WOE , 1100
',.,, 'New' ' 'ci • ktokk.--;•A - are happy to
s li44iciilielicanplettOO itrf fie new weigh
lock, at liount ; Girbtoti. lit is wfirst rate
speeirrien.4lL'weritioinshY► itind l'efleits
.004.00 it "ti.i!iiii,ipkiJ i tful . e-tiaiiwendpr.
Aiki*.ametethperivitenile - tig 'the' work bits
been, chtkOcted. Wie'esPbtrtoisn invi
tation-of Mr.-Vole„ a humbek'ofletilletnen
attended"Thureilay 114040 wiiiesi the
'operation of the weigh lnek. It weisle.sted
by hteighinpleveral individtrals , mid found
tole-quitetiteurite. 'ln treighici'gXton o
the vartatioodoesnoverceld n 'pound or a
pOiairaitilihttifLeitid half an ohnce will
dim the sale. The castings and iron
.w4lii .were made at the 4nanufactory of
,I e
Messrs. Haywood & An der, and .fully:
compare in dxcellen o -workraatzhip
-wit h' tbereg of `the - thit This 'tale' ii
built eh% (*emit It 'nei;le. friim'any'in
this state, the . ToAt - bein subject to-the
iise iiiiiff;ll of water-in the dam, and the.
- ii:ttle is kb ci*Mlcted'alitritetib'tehisM
dr loweridleconlitfg to'tte "heigtiliirthe
water. • Wehave-ascerraihed the dimen
sions of the acate, and' amount of iron in
the same, fiom iir. Cot, which are as
follows: • 1 , . i
1.1.110 oftfie stale , so.feet
;Width, i 1
;great , s.
do #Mroitgtil !reit • -
and Steel, - 1 7:416
We litiVe befiweilltnileo the a#eiirtici ,
of the 'mite.' lvei4ll s frOin * bibs.' to
1 100 ton's. 'tire ndilielhoSe of our readtrs
'WhOliave . not :seenLto_pay it a visit. We
Must not omit to mention hat a very hand
some. entertainment or vitiation was pro-
vided on the 'necasion before alluded• to'by
Mr. Cole. .
areikr to . ietligeriee +We cdfidtience
tilts vadk the itublieerdn'of Ottrait of.
fortrdfo intetlfgetide i u nd er altpitituriate
i t
heats, 'auk iie - shihr ' c ton, triue' to lie bi ish
, the 'saute furfthe betiefit of dill' claskofrour
readoalhore , partitehtrlyiislio take a -deep
' Interest tkersio, it:beipg.ritir object to rest
r der our paper as_ inatruc4ve acid: useful as
lytoshible. :,. • 1 - .
ith ! the Slittiklfribt , , "ey!= , lire Oh:
serve liy. thejliiinuriatli - etv liWitiliir,e)
'Journal, that the eitpital 't i the - sik Banks
in thateity, Shhotints to ' -! 41,509, divided
into 11,045 shares, winch-'are owned a:
By Females — , , 2438
Merchants, .1 2038
'Fanners and t abcirerel 1245
Savingßlfink '''''' 'l' • ' • 1013
Itteettaniely " ' ' t '673
. eicktitirmnunit 011icerth,
' PliisiOdifti, , ' . . . .336
. .
Foittes, , • 307
rlt+ri_ymefti., '-' _ . liPto
'Ocirperatictnilll;l Statl4 ; 1 16,7
Tra4er . pl
~. It will he :teen from the loregoing, that
in the Piz banks refereed to t h e largest
Otis of 'stop:Med : era On (mi l ks. •. This
will lie fornal trp:ll lire se,we suspect in
.wst of lii•atiiiitithithi bait the country. 4
ik Ore; ekcerilton of. he . et -Go'verm
merit Banks, the Omsk 4f-which -seems to
We held brit !bar thrlividunitr. stock )ribbers.
na In the •_inslance -of the .rriNiiiptrafeahh
Ilank of Bolpygri ;4-It . 2. W. is ,tecerrify stated
.hy ihet. hulk:John. Sergeant in the-Con:
li n
-vention. th 4 in.rone B 11k in the titY of
'PliihtdefphjOirbielt ha n • led; roe Inaloti;.
ty of the - .ll4cit ltrii-beld: i . y femaleaiind in
' anot onno sir_ afilre stock, so that it
' really laPpeargtinit ihn.fitminiatration:are
carrying on ... a 2 llo . _trga 4utfeihal! is! • s ..
" The 414 11 4teriiir ' ,le his Dena"--
~ Refl o rdtiol i g I -ag i tetittst , t a "Sub. ?r
tchenfe-104•.doil i ttli ettiati lii' wityti
Willti; ..itttcyti" Mei it mailCeti kilo .4
Le g istiture of. .tesinotre,. apd they Of
pair by-ii t 0 .-, 1 • -,1 -•
' .:-
. ,
Senator 1
ii tt
sighed. !tie :AV i
n she
r 4 (6 # 1:4 Ml': iii4i:,tt! - •.
iii.iiiice titiiilsep' -, -
A trtiwanatd.w . .Whitmastaing was ' re:
31401VriefitOVileitiatitaii - fid by tw my
ilslk.smiretarsea, (ventral
•BARRlSOK4i4tlnaniltriously rtttlnknen
tied-tits tltOPieinkfi' intini • •.• •
i TRA tietcpeticibeejw#
sentedietNitiqUi ha e incr a ed, sjpce
the ,lidaptiOnAit 1111 Tatinn'to resniuiion t
ebtidght. the' 044 6r A hire
niultWOfitoti'palltiao. hive, been
011 1 64 . ied I'd 11)6leti404 : " . # r„ t hi k o lit! i
prztyingitedicomii to s*it etich-arrisiares
swipay o beyle4edArkemfitrtht,
tinikeriglevety iskthe:ljittiicfintroiretts,
the j adatisP of 1 1 4.6491it0
, 1..i.c.-,-.7..4:
-:' - .1. 1, ,- - •;.::
„ ~ _...—,
'can adyertise
liar ria Par
I' AncliA.
U. Atoit4l3,ertiite.
'Whifia!leitd ))im
, -
E •
,irankijok ba celebrated sit
Hailisbti*ki - Atili l rYPgr a i )h ical Assoc'
.ationiCqit onlhe ion.
tverttre'ciat . were
sem,tp market from the ,14itens Valley
'P 00l Reition, by 1114 - Lykent Rail
; Theijterrim ConeedtWni Ifiks engaged
'lofril i liiirtiin-the . second reading of
the , Firtiß ficitii . #;r the coistotition, ou
por m atiecvoritie Ti-1' period
kizapicilxepproaehiirg,. • - • • -
The . ' N s ells York 'Daily' Priviit, 'an . iitly
eim4Kted „Vita 'Bum paper eitabliabed.
in thitteitysonie,rnontbsshre, has follow.
ed in the. tootstiOs of the N. T: Vines
and the N. Y. Plaineiea'hsr—it has ceased
_ - -
to -
Vic-report of Itie failure of the I!4;erson
Bank. is piintra#ictett-*,' ' • .1
' ; *lever pertane
thiit.- city: firm , istabc. a nd - blows."
Prtitjarosto "taltut..WeAnd in
Pitikiiit Advocated . I ) he :
.4.,Dfirisig' the just ttoied, thtvittitieents
of coal 'dein the thiki
amount to 1000 cargoes; .an average ear
about 4000 tnishels and• the feet re
intrairmilriverage,,ilurintitheleC $lOO6
etieb". • it will.bei'imen that_Pitudfurg
derived a 'direct income from helot:, Of one
mjilion dollars. ie,one year. froar ‘ the tingle
she 'owb
Bou.s.—A connon,ha , in itl
Bight; invisible tit wroth Pafeete, Altai , be
distinctly wear by:i person.standit4 behind
the piece stud comartolinire perspective
view of its Turse. Mille 'Men beheld
this ieftilde._ mita; ir !ctiOstils iu. the Owl
a new /I n crtilhtful idea 401a:destructive
ekiiie, 'taring through the air :with the,
enperhuaran 'fury of a drape.
Qturrg 42v Prow.- - Froat as & efficial
,scirernent laid before the"! epistaluie of
Alahania., it , appears• that the- Mobile
Branch, of the State' Bank ,hao 744-
doubtful 'debts 'to the knyntrk a idV4o,9lo.
Fnial iO.--416R6(004;, ,DA;i4.=,The
l bou=e a ndlb rhlittie tiro Raton
county..cNew - 4erapy,4
liwre destroyed ' by fire' - aiii Friday taft i jrnd
Mit Bah 'ems%
Itai4et. . ,
f ttsilPstor OF Tiatas.Gen.Airabeau
B. Lamar has been insite r :martial _Ben._
atots , of Te‘as, to • beconieta-eantfidate for
the Pregideney, as a sttecesgioi to Gen.
SatottailßoiiitliO, 140 Inkit'4oi4ged.
A bill as ' n repoit to he Smite of
4.liis slate s by Mr. ,Peitglen,,toreprel 'the
TA de Write.. if itmaied, he .a
measure of relief to'the . 110fifeettMEs . :--
This repeal:Oink recomtiended in the mes
sage of•the GoOrnet.
The . 11tea &de Lorofo4o iasemet
its batterz upon- Mn ratire±l7iir, Van
tie . atitied,iikilehattp ;that :the oitheailtion of
"the paity" 10;;tlie :Stites Rank, wait
itsimply and s'olefy_ FOR -714iircr:t The
partite -Fars, "He. , haw , basely , hetrifiarthe
(6'ilte• democratic. wary., _aiWi4erL:reiel,l
in, the tut late 'embrace of Umted
Shiite:Bank.".. • -
E • kid I
• itT OF ?ET TAM
A itTeOingof th e raiitriAnewsir
New York l opsioW, ti the resolution - 4d
Mr: Patton.: eeeedtly adr,y;tegt. itt theltbMe
he held at the Clinton, Hotel orithe tlst
inst.. The • Editor
,of the Evening _Post,
=whose nome, was signed lo Abe rian i -ajli s:
• "The °Meet Oftliiiin*lngifis prop&
to: state, in order to prevent rtiiSspprehen
sion, has-iuothirig Ito dci'Vrith-itte question
Of slitireryiti - the district Of O4iehiW ;_it. is
gaily ;eip - resi i . e. opinion..
eh, iietimatirdeturietldespotimktrAtiejti amd
danterotur via :precedent •it iWaigned by
persons 'Otte - lent pi`iliti'itl'opintoillkitiny:
'of iirlierni I .,are urihackneyed,l4:4,,jaapi of
party. Ind ingenuoir siernte 'of justice
,ta otrentrOd denial' of the ,:right of peti
-1,ti0n46 torches:. It is no answer to their
- Objeetionii;tottitihif the aboliOcitrialif
igiifitiolti:They - .ltill righlaZ abd the
ortfieni will make thenvuou4 morp
egitators4 it *no answer to eay that the
linfilitietuent of thesis Vithta teinti*lry
intha :(4
Jitlt tile PEA te . Time•—The, ems
o Isaac dale,: which•irectelhtiee
takerie • , oear. • Nashville, on, thdolOili
inet - ;:liota''stittiorideti by the
. pitssigitlotg
lay%an the i!karkfli9,faing,
tut:COilik4 it the iiiti:oilhkpiAiniftlii
commute the pun
to imptisentnent-6)o4lt:thettith Peet
11).1.1.:50k ify to ti
Int the. awe.* that in their r.ipiniitattitha
vuelitiOiet•oillteath Ought tote Edninititedi
'rwthit f*er4 l tio
Agile erected, ant{ shroud , coffin. mide,
and; pkt ToXitter .
t at ifi r _reriirta"-eimit goi#imp
jula:bee ß ,ititerpotedloialtehiniallittrii
ratit teeing annoiniced.••••••Palligril