The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, January 24, 1838, Image 1

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Tout Dot.
payable semi-ann
in the year •ow
eeive the piperf
$3 per annum. I
'will be added to
ally i
I be
O pro
r al
Two Din.t.aite
in advance. If 111
be charged
charged $1; for tit
Insertion. Large
AU advertisers'
out. unl
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is sow- ifi ' And w
Yearly - awertis
'minding, bscrip
of keeping °need.
standing diming Lb
er one in each pa
Xi t leitte(ra add r
otherwise no ate'
All notices fo r
which have heret
charged cents
e Ink
11 be
rs sr'
rr fo
1 E
eling al Leeds
one of the most
.of enema nti
was held in the
Mr. Baines, M.
propriety ,of peti
of the duly on tl
and the repeal
of woolen cloths,
petitioning for t
oils. Conaiderab
was filially dete
gentrally signed
Conimone, pity i
question, and the
to the Board of
' was also determi
presented to the
they would taxer.
by Parliament 1,
olive oils. A die
to the propriety
the duty cm mem
the impolicv of w
ranee of opinion;
celled for the con
to the manufactt
or this district, ii
rr any matter o
"rueeediuget, bat
he reduced 44y
ng.—Leeds Mrr
The Martitun
„ay, was rather
people, bet there
°memos and rca
rr,'Ll -11. l
iort house. On th
. to take into con,
oning•Padham !
• exportation of
the duty on t
and for tip furl
repeal o the d
discll9S ion took
iced that a plat
and presented toi
g for the repeal o
a memorial ghoul
A rade to the as
'ed that a memor
•ard of Trade,
se the taiwere v
the equalization
ussion arose sn
f petitioning icor al
e end common I
ich there was a g
but as the meeti
ideratiun of subj i
ing and oomnie
'was judged advis;
a more genegal n
thew to lotto , t
.n insurance to
'at Keaw .
inly attended by
Walt no lack of
nerally consirlere , rather dull
to were chiefly e • aged before
arket, but amongst the great
want of situPstions there were
never asked even what wages
he half year. Dabeing,-as u
with spirit at the different inns.
ftess.—Birminghaim—A cruwd
rainehirint , was g
- ld faithfsil very
C:they got into the
hulk of persons 1
. 4 many , who were
they expected for
..!4:aual, was kept up
*, Comnserticsi'D
ed meeting was I
ii to receive the re .
previous weting
iwith Lord Melton
loot amongst th,
v tlia Lordship , 's
iordvhip was full
-treasure of the e
nch sympathy
dy a semedy:
lively explai .
I not consisten
to give any d
to him in the
ions of gliier
`Ary cyst
tgh Birmi
an opinion
Cations in sh ..
rare that the
s had hithert
eld at Birminghailo lost week
tOf the deputation which at a
had been appointed to confer
. '
ne on'the deep dittress preys-
working classes in that town.
ply 'ran to this effect:—"Hie
I impressed with the Went and
sting distress- 2 4hat be evinced
', d earnest desire to be able to
!fibs same tithe hforcibly but
!.; with great ca door, that it
with his duty as. rime Minis
' sided answer to he questions
eatorial." Relative to the in
iment respecting' the present
, his lordship remarked that
gham had expressd so unani
ton the evils pr used by the
ot t i
currency, the' dep cation must
tountry at large, and the legit'.
been averse to e n tertain that
Messre. Horsley *id Whitta
the Hull and Selby Rail Way
•of .£3OOO, for , ix hundred
d wanted to com pete the rail
ny offered XLIS4 which was
.nesday, a Jury warded .ei 02
—Hull pager.
..iporation of Hull have adopt
liament, praying On houselinkl
parliaments, and lute by Ili llot.
em is to presentee petttion
.ord Worsley to t eCommons.
Fair took place On Tuesday,
Hy a , large number , of servants;
y dull, and man y servants re-
Lut situations, although in au
. ery low wages were asked.
4 r the ballot have met with a
', bincnln. Nearly a thousand
lady appended to them. • -
of the Whole of tie vacancies
a returned in the i:lorouglng 91
ng liberals, nine uet of the elev.
w g councjllors, who were con
nt in their resign lion; and it
e refloating two. Deluding the
the example of heir friends.
i l t
,- ais reported to ave caused a
•e lustre.
.mended of
Iny the an
yarda of la
The Com p
I. On W
lii paneled°
Refbehhca 1
' , ion to Pa
art of Durl
Lords. and
inth Hirtng
ras attended
'ring, was vt
home witL
-es ere ak
iinister be
,es, have
mad that t
, will folios
tote of thin
sensation in
Carlisle NI
last, ant
.itinmes hiring Mok place on
was attended -by a great num
i.) 1,
In variaus paits the county.
well: knon ch racter were
ea £4 to or men; and
Asfsir frnalee,i The show
tle Makttet was, good, but The
ere)** and very poor. Heti
to £5 , and shee# from 15a to
very dull.
.... 7 The closing ofithe shops '6l
: telock took place en Monday
t.ft _very agreeable to find the
ore general than was goner-,
andeirstand thaten the same
ofrnady respectable ehopkeep.
Newell's Buildings, Market
mittee was appointed to further .
a objet, and to ,endeavor to
iniverarkl.--11frnM1es1er Oyer.
wv,aptts fri
leek u We •
in ilie•ca
of florae..
at from
sale wa
mg Of qtais
0 at gift
4g; and we
sure tm much
expected. %
log.* tneetin
ook place at
t, .when a
very detiiirab
the pradtice
committee appointed at a pub.
a ftiw weeks age, to collect
before the Cornntissionera to
:tad eta hand•lobm weaver.
fr inquiries, and drawn up a
cetizig. 'soli
. • UM
. •
•,, _'l .T 1 .. . 1 • i
1 , • 1 - 1 , . _ , • ,:,:_. -,.• , . ,!,,..i.,„_ ~.
' -- • :.---, - r----- - -.--:- ..', -'- J - ' ' , ` - - - _-_,--...:*, - ._- 4-:....,-,-.. 4.- - - ,:::: , : , .. , ..,. - .-f . ....... ,, ... .-_,.. , ,, 5 i-,.... , -----..„. , ,,,, f,4,........:___,;: - .. . - ---,-...„,-: , ...,- 2 _ , --..- . -.-- - - i.„ - -
'4 ; • , - • t 41 : t ''.: ..: , ff:.' el' ::'''', '-i r .4'.70 7 ,1 . K.e,4 J . ... :1, kl. ..: . , L . 4. , i
• -. ~,.! , ~ . . .. .
' .
0 . .-, . .77 — • -••
:.... ,
, ......„.i, ~::-..:..-.?
• .
- -.--; . '
. ' 4:., • 1
- . '..1
I I:
. AlOirD --. i-t)TTSITICLE - GE*EltAtli I VIER
. ,
... ..
• - • , RA. :r
. _
I I WILL TEACH YOU TO PIZACIL Till 1104,2 LS O l)r rui4drit ,iiribliairu OUT +II2•CA VEINS 01; Tilt INOWITAIKIhiItSTALiI WHICH will - mi'
• 'j i ... .
report, from which it appeals - at 114..8000
receipts for-weaving, after dcduCtifig the }iecessi4
ry charges, such as winding, sig, 1064 &c ,
.have not left
More than lii.- per leek ,for ,eacii
t i,.
,individual; for the last sir month this, of course l
includes every :nember of their • amble', many
of whom may have earned somet r mg biisidea.--:
The evidence collected is shfficiedki to prilite that
the weavers are in great distre4 by , the wand
of work, and low wages for worklpbtainnd.
. annum,
paid with
who re-
50 cents,
50 will
as will be
to for one
A company of the English - W4telanti. So' cie.
ty have purchased the exter.sive fiirm ofTullyge.
line, which aurveys.l,soo acres, 41d which was
he property of the late Wm flfowne kEsq of
Gli n, in this county, and the pro:session of
the Earl of Devnn. The eoteniiiat lot ,of mOon4
tamn land will afford i great field file .English cap.
ita I, and give employment to s glee. 'lnstal Is:
bourers, While. on the other handawet ; one him.'
Bred families will be dispossesiert i bild thrown on.
their own resources. Tullygelinkis within three
miles of Abbe - ileal.
New Roman Catholic
We underetand that it is intenderktoereet a new
.Roman. Catholic Church on a splimiid scale in
Be:fast.' The situation which itK contepophted
is in the deighbourhood of Linded.:Halh end the
' , edifice is to -be on the same scale cit; ma g nificence
with throw of the metropolitan chapel in Dublin.
and the grand cathedral, recently - built tinder the
aliapoces of Dr WHaile, at Tuam.--[ Times]
The Head rent, in the property of Clonina
County Clare, was sold on Wednesday Joist in
Dublin, to Counsellor Hardy for £18,009. It
sold fast year fur £13,000, but the sale was open-
tr annum;
2 squares
ofa small-
post paid
.r not ice
e.W411 be
„ n Friday,
etabte meet
' .101 in Leeds
invitation of
I .
1 ideration the
for the repeal
oreign wool,
e exportation
't i er purOuse of
I ties on olive
place, and it
icon shouta be
t the House of
the duties iii
e effect. It
• al should be
,praying that
Sled in them
i f the duty on
' ,. e meeting as
t reduction 'lO
r sura fico s. tip
eneral COficlq'.
re had beer,
jecus peculiar
kcal interests
able not to mix
Imre with its
i' questii n.ol
miller meet-
The Irish and Scgich(Distillers.—The Lon
don correspondent of this. Limerick Chronicle,
states that .”the Irish and Scotch distillers, in
common cause, will make a bold effort this -ses
sion u, abolish the oppressive restriction, of }the
English Excise.
The Grnnd Jury having fully investigated the
several claims ot the Meseta Guinness to corn..
pensation, tor the malicious destrOetton oft thew
property . since the late Dublin election, have
passed anJ al:nweri the several priesentiner.ter.
awarding the full amounts respectively claimed
by the Messrs Guinness,-
Drogheda.—The meeting to commence and
arrrnge the collection of the O'Cotlnel Compen
sation Fund took place in this leading town, in
the Linnen Hall, on the 12th ins' ai two o'clock.
Petrick Ternan, Esq J P was called to the chair
welch, he said, he accepted with pride and pleas.
nee the honour conferee! upon huff. , The Wire
tier which they were assembled wits to
thersidiscription Mr the O'Conncl fund. Ireland
had already incurred a nationahlelit to that em
incni individual. and her prospents of (better
innelin-anon rested alums( wholly insin him.—
Thos Ennis, J p we. rrytestett to acs as treasu
rer. and Michael Levies, Esq was likppointed
ferre t y, The secretary, Mr. Levin{imacle a prac
tical and appropriate speech, enfonfung the claim
uponlhe meeting and the commdhity at large
:and giving it as-his confident nplition that the
produce would be found to equal 0 exceed the
former contributions from . . Drogheda. He im
pressed it npon.the colleetars,that Oilmen depen
ded principally upon their aetivity.;,' The people
required only to he called upon, and they would
cheerfully aubscrihe. Mr, Levineponcluded by
saying that he was satisfied the m ot of Drogheda
would at the omen} frnorneni, .airOitey'had on
evefy preceding occasion, do their fluty well and
k on Satnr.
the country
i ervan,v, and
' Cotton Manufacturers of Greenock
On Saturday, a meeting, of ginitlenien of
the -Nam, called" by circular, 4vas held in
Tetitine Hotel, to consider ;of the .best
means of introducing Cotton Manufactures
into Greenock. The • Provost;
. tt ho was
unanimously { called to the glair, briefly
stated the subject of the meetthg. It had
been considered advisable thaOthey should
avail themselves olthe fadil!tieo afforded by
the Shaw.s Water to erect oneicutton mill
on a large scale ; .and he feltlissured that
the project, if carried into effe4t, would be
.of Yard advantage to the towh. Patrick
Maxwell Stewart; Esq., (at wlibse sugges
Lion the meting was called. stated Ins
views at some length, and rerui the names
of - several gentlemen, who fle.proposEd,
1 , ~
s h on id cons tit u te a committee to ca rry
nut the objects of the meting. A short
conversation then took place as to the
price of shares, and,it was filially agreed
that they should not be lowerh3fian £OO
each. From the spirit that seeined to ani
mate the gentlemen present, there is not
the least room to doubt that thp money ne
cessary to establish a cotton, Manufactory
on the largest scale, and of:th:e•most per.,
fed construction, will he feremintning with
out delay, as already krariou'itsui!hsof £2OOO
and £l-000 have "been subsciiihed. We
have been informed that there ICS prospect
of a site on the Shaws Waterf,i being like
wise appropriated for the mahufacture of
by a piivate company; so that there are
good grounds fin anticipating that, ere
long, at least two Attic!) worha will be in
operation.[Greenock Adverti.4.]
Martinmas 'Thry--Wecineiday, being
Martinmas' Wednesday,
.114 ; town was
greatly thronged with counts, people.—
From the Cross to Graham .square,''the
street was pretty much crourted. About
twelve o'clocksihe hiring market commenc
ed. 'The attendance of maletand female
servants was large— the Utter i iwere hired
readily.; those -acquainted wit
got £4 to,f4 108., other" to EA..—
Men servants were not go successful in
their, efforts for engagement. 7hosehired
fit to manage the plough obta,ned £7 to
£9, younger lads £4 to £5 [Glasgow
Herald.] • •
,elinsburgh Sir.—This
annulil air, the last of any impertsece for
• •
this seasn, 'commenced yesterday the 14th
init. • T ere
s was a 'dot of, buaineas done,
the gene al run of prices
,was as fa lows fl
. .-Suitill ighland cattle, onelyear old 35L
to 608. some inferior lots of Cisithoess
,at, 255. to 305.) two-yesra- old £3
to £4. up.: ; threelearspld 51 to 71,105. '
Fife an 4 Angushiie cattle four-year old
101 to• 1+1; throe-year-old 61 109. to 81
two-yeartt•old 5/, 6s, to 6/ 'lOB. ; Teas,
Water •Stirks, of which tbe4p, xas a con ,
siderable: number in the matket, brought
from Si to 6, MM. The prices realized
according to'isality 'were considered high
er than ‘ltaitiodAt_Dountamaritet. ,
.E/pp:« ient.,A young lady residing
with her, . mother, not one hundred miles
from 14ndilo, was carried away by- a
young man brought up .to, the;few. -The.
young couple - eps about three o'clock in
the morning, in a chaise and coin., having.
arrived et. Lampeter, they partook of a
cup ofi/criffet. at the Linn Hotel, and in a
few minutes they were again on their route
to Aberystwyth, when within two miles of
the tatter ) place, they alighted from the
chaise, and after paying the driver his
fve, the ehaise returned. The lovers, as
afterWar4s appeared, procured some
clothes nett farm house in order tb travel
in disguise; they again proceeded on pleb :
way, but were thunder-strullt at a post
chaise, stOppirtg suddenly opposite them
and ama from within demanded of the
straniers,.(is he thought) if they had-seen
persons answering to -the description of
the fligit ices, the young man answered in
the negaiive. The well known voice
made the enquirer to look at the strangers,
and they were immediately recognited,
the young woman was taken into the
chaise and conveyed home, and the young
man was left to bewail his unfortunate sit
Bangor October 'Fair was held on Satter.
clay, and *as a poo.r affair, scant of stock
and equally so of buyers!
Aberystwyth. —Such is the vast im
provement iii the value of property in the
neighbour of that rising and. much admir
ed wateritog place, - Abe rystwyth, that the
estate called Pwllglas and Dole, distance
five miles from the town, lately advertised
in our columns by M,r. Edward Williams,
auctioneer, for sale, was sold to Pryse
Pryse, Eaq:,t M. - P., of Gogerddan, for
the slim of £4,700, which was put:chased
only 32 years ago for £1,600.
Dreadful and Fatal Accident. —On
Tuesday, a man named John Evans, whu
had contracted fir flume portion of the
wurks now carrying on by the canal com
pany. at the lTmer Pond, between Peary.
poet and (miner, was assisting in raising
stone front a quarry which had been open
ed on the spot. He was standing on a shell
of the rock, at the height of about thirty
feet, prizing up another . portion with a
crowbar, when that part under his feet
gave way, and he was pracipitited to the
bottom, and an immen s e fragment of that
which had been detached falling on his
head, he was of course killed upon the
spot. Hei was an industiionsonn, highly
respected IN those who knew bim, and we
regret to say has left a widow and family.
to deplore 4 loss.—Merlin.
Llaaelly Railway.--The ivo rks to
wards the !completion of the main line and
bracherr ate, we find, proceeding rapidly,
contracts fir the whole having been en.
tered into„ and most of the land purchased
on very fitvorable terms., The excess of
coal brought down. only two miles of road
fist, made', on , comparing the first six
months °t i the present with a like period
of the last year, amounts to nearly 30,000
tons; and.there cannot be a doubt but the
completion of, the railway up to the. an
thracite, or store], coal district, that an im
mense trafic will be created, inasmuch as
the successful experiments recently made,
indicate thelts'e of the coal for purposes to
which it has until lately, been thought tn
applicable.h—Raihia.y Magazine.
REPORT ! to the Mine Hill and &hot
kill Haven Rail Road Compang,i, .
'January Bth, 18.38. .
To. the Buick holderirof the Mite iiill and
Schuylkill Haien Rail Road Coni:limy,
the Boad of Managers' respectfully sub.
mit the following, as their Annual Re
port : i. . • -
During i the mist year there has been
trans)xtrtel on the toad ait miscella
neous taming(' eattainting to one hundred
and seven y thousand two, hundred and
thirty-sev n tons— '
The toile ' t eceived Oa which
. were; . i.., ,
From.,poar sources there was
reeivecl the sum of
Making the total income dc.
rived, b' the company a• .
mount t
_: , $38,152 79
• . iimmassomi
The exple nditurei during the urns pe
riod are eel follow .
for.permanent i
For repaiya and
t 'of tha .. r . v4id,.
Foilidartes, an
itie board,
Fur ititereai
In itriewing .
it - 11 I • .' found.
creek - transp
ty,t,ivii thousand
ty.five tons7-c.
almost 'one thi
ty or coal ,t poised by canal c o - n
Schny . l)4ll Our tile past year, and being
nearly three f its of the increase of
subh traiisporta ion for the. same period.
• Thiii circums a we will be the moreart
?reciated, if the dif fi culties attendant upon
the coil trade, a the earlier part of, the
season; are dul considered. It will be
recollehed that in onsequence of embat
ra4tinents tin' o ared
ning operations ndr shipments. were; Tor a
time, airiest su pended. • Results, there
fine, so favours le, tinder circumstances of
such discourage elf, place beyond ques
tion the certaint , hereafter, of permanent
revenue to the chmpany, amid all the con
tingencies of trade.'
• In this review, the importance of the
company's work to that portion of the coal
region lift which, it is located, as well air' to
the navigation With twhich it is connected,
will be' readily perceived. The managers,
however, have lwaYs regarded the inter
eatsl of the com a
nyj and of the operators,
as identical. f this sentiment, the sums
-that have from time to time been expend.
ed in the repairs, extension, and general
improvement of road, ate sufficiently
demonstrutive—while the charter, confer.
ring no trading or mining privileges what-
ever, enables the managers tsi carry our
such policy into complete effect.
In regard to the experstitures of 'the
past year; the sum,of $5,366 7.100, has
hen applied to permanent improvements,
consisting principally of the Muddy Branch,
extension, of Which; it mny be remarked,
that it is finished---the distance being twe
and a quarter' miles and the cost of its
constrution $7,439. The transportation
was, begun in Junelast, end has yielded
tolls amounting to $909 01.100, on a net
tonnage of 3,606 4- )00 tons. 1
Other improvements, it is expected, will
be completed in the course of the ensuing
season. The descending track of the
Main Ilrapch 1 1411 pa. renewed fora dis
tance of about flair miles, with the heavy
iron-edge rails, The remaining ,portion
41ready..reco.n rat on this plan, .has
been fully Left liiil itaelficioncy itt trans
portation, wh p
la its permanency may be
estimated trod! the I fact. •.,hat firing the
past year, tlsel repairs of the superstruc
ture have not exceeded eight dollars per
mile. _ •i ; •
. 1
In regard lo the repairs and mainte
nance of the Oad generally, it was stated
c i e
in a previous," eport that an increased ex
penditure olt, is account had ,been incur
red; and, not ithstending rigid economy,
such would finite, to be the case e until
the entire r ' ostruction of the road had
been e ff ected. Tho increase of transpor
tation, howev r, is uniformly correspon
dent with th expenditures, the amount
of which, duri g the past year, has.4rea
dy been slate .. In, connexion with"' this
subject, it inu, bed lrerved, that the ina
dequate capita !with Which the compliny's
work was orig tally commenced, has occa
`stioned other „expenditures Annually. but
whiCh have imen prciperlx charged as per
manent improyettlen . , In the construe.-
tion of drains, eartbaot meats, dye. sums for
these objects ere tt4en temporarily from
the income a xestiired on the sale. of the
capital stock, be. wliole.number of shares
of which, issued-.on ihe first day of Jean
ary,'4B3B, I . 1,
Amounted to
To which mu
mar gage
ted States,
Frem the
before statqd
have been 4
cent,, and I.
Freta the
be seen, that
portation is
eludes the pp
the aatisfitctii
holders, ettllsi
port i,oaate to tj
ized by legtsh
the board to
strultici\ 0
roete itj
sent, and whl
board; tit the
.pot iota the al
37,762 41
890 38
For the
and , preserirat
z ~..~r~.<+ ^ i.~.`aiaenri~r~ ~
_ ,°~ --.
~ ~~~ i ~
• .
. • .
~ .
"NOTE{ TO Goya BAWD. 411111:0 'MUM= !ALL .li.all7XS MCI (101. 17111 AND . I'LliA.. .Pll i0H141101!...,
. - • • 'r • ~ I
np .vOineoto, 5,366 07,
• - 4,462 05
expenses of
0 ge, 2_400 00
business or the season,
thiere has been an in•
tion, amounting to six
tee hundred and eigh
'luting in net tonnage
t of the whole trona-
gi :
180,450 00
ded the
40,000 00
$220,450 op
,of thcicompany, as
-mi•anneal dividends
equal to thirteen per'
sufficient residues.*
two '
I 5,... • 1 'I
i ent iiihreiiled, it will
[ e pn which the trans.
i nducted, while it es,
I,f,future estimates fey
• n faience of the.stocit rl '
aoint facilities, prof
'omen t of the ,Ini ning
I v:zillion of laterals, or
! ~pf r
li.llctments. will enable
eh galls, the recon t
, ining portions of the
, he. principal at pre,
the design ;:)cth,
i , troniblo pert, to
N,. table! condition.. i
lit - •
of ? the .operatora
II a'intid; tures the th+
ow 7,
'n orc
h e
.e re:!
I sorb
veoi •
on of
due maintenauca of the travelling and
transportation wore iitip'pted in the com
mencectit ,of businessi_aii4, have singe
been enforceil, as often as occasion de
mended. -
The infliction of fines,itn . e pen'''itiu . 'es for
the i4Olittion or neglect. of: theme ..,iulett;
though procitietive of advantage' and indis
pensably necessary, bas. always been at.
tended with feelings of repugnance end
never regarded or desired as a source
revenue:. Under these impressions, there
fore, and infhtenced by Motives of huma
nity, the -board, by a late resolutior., have
appropriated the fimds on band froin these
sources, for the relief of persons who maY
be injured or disabled Writhe service of ing
company, ovengageJ in the mining or
transportation connected. with the road.
On behalf of the Bard of Managers,
TIM'Y cALDWEVL, President.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. Eith s 1838.
We take limn the flew York Star the
()flowing simple and. happy illustration rd
he "better currency" of our hickory and
•glory enough" rulers.
Scene before the ettooni House.
Merchant—Come here yOu Loco Foe°.
How do you stand now.—any change in
your politics 4 .
Luca—None in the least—l am foi
gold and silver—dead against all Banks,
all rags . and monopolies— T go,with Jackson
and Van Burea, and the Sub Treasury
Merchant—Bat have you examined the:
principles and looked into the doctrines of
the treasury project ?
Loco—Not I ; it is sufficient that it is
party measure, I . go with my party.
Merchant—l have a small bond to pay
in the Custom House—come in with me
and.l , - will show you the operation of this
t'better cur•ency" project, and you your
self shall he the judge of its good sense atvd
utility. [They enter. Gaud morning, Mr,
Cashier, you look as smelling now n when
vou were collecting some fifty millions an.
Cashier--To he sure. We go on
smootbly, andV smile at receiving a large
revenue, and even. smile at the prospect
hereafter. What cap Ido for you?
Merchant I lave a tanWltbond to pay.
Cashier—Here it is. .
Merchant—ilnd here its a $lOO bill of
fie Phenix
Casliterabriot take it sir—our orders
are peremptory t —guld or silver, or a 'Lrea
.4UrV Note: .notiting tie..,
Merchant—Well, if it must beso it must.
Come slung my Loco I'oco friend, you
are my .only witness, as Mr. Coddle says;
let us go to thePrgenix Bank. [They en
ter the Bank.]: Please t give me a hun
dred dollars in Over for
Teller—Beije it is, Sir,
Mercbant—Ah, , very tivell, Let us go,
next door to the Broker.i • [They enter.]
Good morning{ Mr. Behee, always busy;
our rulers will have made you: (intone by
the time the people get into power. How.
much premium will you give on half
lar. _
Broker—Four per cent
Merchif tit—Very wed;
hundred and four dollara
Broker—Here they are.
Merchant— , What will!
Treasury .Note, of $lOO fu
'Broker—One per cent.
,Merchant--4 Give me
these bills.--80, my LO
have you watohed the whi
operandi{ Now to the
again. 171084 Mr. Cashi
Note forlo,o. ...
Cashier—iMd here air,l
ilerchnritt-=-Now do yo
have jusi made five
tion—lour premium on
discriunt un fit!, Tressu l l
becomes., therefore, of you
cy I" • 1)0 jroit nut perciel
a Bank mitels Worth fi ,
than a treasury note ?
Loco Focit--Well to
look very corpus. You
ok '
fer the Asa note, which
a s certain made fire dull
het ween Audi, the II
Custom, House„ • •
fklercliaWi-Ms friend,
Goierneient lr tinkering,
the , cut rency of the colt
trust not the destinies of • e
hands of knaketand to4ht:
a.praetical demonstration
rency.' Thtith for. yourst
do not allow leaders of pat
the nose. • -
Fo 8S
Amatatitige,*sti , •
old being in the
we& 'no.the West B
Branch Ka RoailOtout roar
kill Bairen.,-there ni Ant o
puling through. this .and.
PI/ to • 3
meta Rifr Air. Ito'
• -
_ .
} - ~,
- ItS hereby giver, that letters of.sitdatinit 4
have been granted tolhe .ailbscribeiOnt . .4tbsi
Hegiater of Sche
.count of t a ewe
Akio. &tern ; deceased', tate or Notritietiiip;,' i .
Sehttylkill tounty. personeinttelited;sfesaid
etude ere thensiere. requested to retake*Yteeit: t
to the subscribers, between now and the
cpannary next, tend seclt whe may he it
cst aaidmitate, arblikewise liequesteti.• Aultsent •
th eirs', Well authenticated, until said itat
• ! JOHN. BOWEN,' '
dam •' '
, de+i
Estate. 'of George Reber, tki• ,
NorizE is hereby given, that kite testa.
, unwary haie been, granted by'the ' e t itatie
oilSebuy !kill County to the subscrtbenke Solon
oil the last will add testament of Georg, Aber,
Efq, late of 'rusearora, to Schuylkill Co iitli„„ditr
ceased, therefore all persons having' claims or
demands against the estate of the said , riecedint e
are requested to make. known the satne4o theta
orleither'of them Without delay, end id( [weans
todebted to the estate of *the said decedent art?
reknesteitto pay tire garnet° either of the iubscrl:"
Idea 9 3 6
ixAkozizArtu & STRA I GIPS:-
Ory4loods, Grocery ,an 4.141.4
• quor Mtore l
Corner of Centre and Market-Preete,4otisrille:'
April 8 28—
• • . J, tuber.
50.000 Joint Shingles. -'c .
25.000 1 40 - do
20.000 Lathes, suitable for milurt of Ala;
gltog,for sate by A. A:•GILE+ ,
sept 23 , ' '44 . •
Benjamin W Itu.nnning;
HAS removed his t)ffice to Centre rest. op 4.
posite the Brick Building 'of George M. letk•,.
nifty. where he.will attend to all'hushiess en-
trusted to him in the hue of his profession. , '
Oct 21 48:4 .7
• • ,
English and Welsh Rooks..`l.
rill-IE Suh.criber will import all kinds of
lish and Welsh hunks, at the shoitestrniticee
Those persons wishing to obtain fbreign public*'
lions will please lenge a Hit at the (Age xif *it. )
Niiners' Jciurnal. B. BANN.AN:.:
bee 23 ' .
John McCunies, and 1 March Term, 183.
George T. Fhambera, i Foreign Attachment
Copan! . eraunder the I Case.
firm of McCanles & .Rail $l4OO.
Chambers, No. 1.
tienry Frederickson.]
Schuylkill County; sg.
.... The CoMmon wealth of Pri . may % , 1121 it .:.
.1 - To the Sheriff of said county•—Greet.
tiii,.,i ~„ r,•,, l og; We command you dui' yolk
..1 1 .,
- it - ic, attach Henry Froderiekson late of
_l t .. , ,-'
_county, by ail andaingularhis ,
goods end-chattels; bads and terle.,
merits, in whose , hands or prossesaion 110C.Ter rho,
same may be, so that he be and appear betel : emir , , -
Court of Common Pleas to be holden at Orwigs. - ,
burg, in and for said county, on. the Moilday. pro. -.
eceding the last Monday of March oast, there to ,
answer John MeGanles and George T---hamberii;
copartners under the firm of McCardeii &Chart. .
bora, of a plea of.treepass on the Caileasc.,:- And 4
also, that you summon , "the Manufacturersamil
Meahanics Bank of the Northern Libertieri,'",in, ;
the county of Philadelphia, and all - Persons in „
whose hands or 'possession the said geode 04
chattels, Lands and tenements, or any orthent,
• may be attached, so that they and every of theta' ~:
may be and appear before the 'said .Courtitt the ,
day and place above mentioned. to answer What.
shall be objected against them; and - abide, `tiro '
judgement of the Court therein. And the - Hon.. ;
ottrable Calvin Bly the,Fresideni °four toad pont „.
at OrWigsbuii 'the twenty. third day of:Novara: -
her, A. D. One thousand eight hundred and
thirty seven. LEWIS AUDENRIF,D4\, - .
PtintitinoterY. , ,
Give me one
in notes for this
you sell me a
NOTICE is hereby given, that In Obesiicifepi
to the above writ, 1 did, on the 51h - doiy . of
note and take
' eo Foe° friend,
!tsle of this modes
Custom House
ier, is a Treasury:
. -
Elecember, 1837, attach all contlitiotti lota. '
of the 134rnueh of Pottsville, eitoato'on^ ,
the Noith Eaqterly. anto of Centie .street
said county of Schuylkill, marked • in .
Pott'a additional plan of said Borough, fittiobera'
- •
13 and 14, containing in front on Centre-street
1120 feet; and in clepth l 23.o feet, (conve o yettoou
fendint by Thos. Ewing, by' Deed recorded:ln,
Deed Souk No. ti, p 498 ik.c) Also
ty of Defendant in a certain tract orferel ertoatt►_
partly in. Lausanne township in Northampton
county. end partly in Rush .township In Sel§oll
kill county aforesaid; as. hounded and deticribed ,
in the conveyance thereof from Jacob Alter,and.
wife, and Cornelius Stephenson and wife, dStek,
March 23, 1830, :and'Recorded. - in Nciriliturkiptiitr
County, in Deed:took F vol. 5, Page 345 &C to '
.deteudent, and one Charles Eerier in fee. .74
PETER F. LUDWIG,. Sheriff: '
[is your Bond.
u perceive that,
rs by this opera
iy silver, and one
"better currero
e, nay friend that.
e per ; cent more.:
be sure, it dues
certainly did of ;
was refused, and
to in changing it
Broker .and the
Deo 23
*S.. CURTIS' Celebrated Blurealickitalir 1 -
Powder, just received and 'for.,saln,by-...9
Jan G • 78. BANNAN.
- • .
I.ooBtdfFtanr rri:kjustie'eciv!d
offered y
Nett 11 •
this arist4:lroni
from deranging
try ? Be wi-e;
• ur country in dm
'You now have
fine 6hatler cur.
If bereaftm,and
y to lead you by
Elementary Dravring.i3orik.4oriliew "
••• ginner., jug reeeieed and fbr s ale by. Or- ,
Dec 30 6 B. DANNAIt.
WU • SAUNDFARS I BIOahc Tabletariniltiane
Wv ' 4l Sirup, the bentiortialeAthe.k!lit
market. Just reeeliad and 'toriale
Doc•3o ' 6 " B. BAITNATI •
Coal Land,
19.40,4 , tek kiveirs
PAPE4S.gairipletet.4264ajw , .. -
Xeite l , -with i.lfustration#. jolt. rec. t•Ogd
fiirs.ealiby , • • : B. tsN.N4I4.,
:4.,a0 6 ' - •
' 7 1 4 -.
Alamo/M. foe
FEW Annua4 rot 1 . 8344 1 1.P1t!tY
. f 4",
Jae 6 - • • •-• •
wtothip. of Normal
eh near the Wai
iron' Schap:
more Coal Ye*
or infintustleo alp
MAN - Esq.-
I tit Reading.
- • • :,-;04-6-°.:ri
• 1.4 ,- t 4
• •
."N cAlei!
1 ;‘,INIEVS4,O,4=ii
MclC' aatlpßri,