The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, January 20, 1838, Image 1

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.NJA*II4 114. NS AN•
'actually in, advandU ,IT not paid with
will be charged id ail those who re
free of postage. 'Po mail subscribers
Kam paid with* the year, 50 cents
the price of subsisiription.
Tanen Do
payable semi
dal the year, $
ceive the pa
$3 per annum
will be added
par innuni, payOlelemi-anntrill,
not paid within the year, $2 - JO will
advance, I
be charged
Ad vertisern
charged $1 fo.
insemon. 1
• All adverts
, out. runlets the
is specified .an
Yearly at - lir , .
including subs
• of keeping on.
funding durin
er one in tac •
All letters a
otherwise no a
All notices
which have hr
charged 25 ce4
not exceeding twelve lines will be
three insertions‘-and 50 cents for 6ne
ger ones in proriorliod.
ments will be inserted until ordered
imefor whi h I hey are to be continued
charged accordingly.
.tisera will be charged $l2 per annum;
pt ion to the paper—with the privilege
advertisement not exceeding 2 squares
the year. and the insertion of a small
r for three successive times.
dressed to the editor must be post paid.
tenuon will be paid to them.
for- meetings, .kc. and other notices
retefore been inserted gnAtis, N if{ be
to each, except Marriages and Deaths.
es, and IMarch Term, 1838.
ambers, Foreign Attachment
der the Case.
• nles St , . Bail $1,400.
No. 1.
John NleCa
George T. Cl
Cope aters u'
firm of Met
ricksqn. J
Henry Fred
Ott County, ss.
.I"..e..Comi . nontvealth of Fe In sirlyania
Tot& Sheriff of said county--Greet.,
ing : We cdinmand you that you
ttach Henry Frederickson tate, of
~your county, by all and singular his
i.goods and chattels, lands and tene.
rose hands. or proasession soever the
so that he be and appear before our
I mon Fleas to he holden at Orivigs.
Ffor said emnty, on the Monday pre
last Monday of starch nest, there to
McCanles and George T. Chambers,
11der the tit in of MeCanles &Chain.
la of trespass on life Case, &c. And
1. summon "the Manufacturers and
Lank ofthe Northern Liberties," an
11. f Philadelphia, and all 'persons an
~.. or possess ton t4e said goods and
. ds and tenements, or any of them,
[ lied, so that they and every of them
appear before the. said Court at the
abolve mentioned, to answer what
• ted against theta, and abide the
f the Court therenti. And the Hun
n Blythe,.Fresident °four said Court
g the 'twenty third day of Norem.
One thousand eight hundred and
Pi othonotary.
manta, in lA' 1
same may b
Ccturt of Co
burg, in and!
ccediug the
answer Joh
copartners .1
bets, of a pl
also, that yo. ;
the county !;
vibbse han
may be atta
may be . an i• 1
day and
• shitti be obj
°arable Galt;
at Orwirb
her, A. D.'
thirty 4iesela
.4 prrfect curl (Pried by the treatment of Di .
Mr. John Gibson, of N. 4th street, Williams--'
burg, afflicted with the above complaint ror three
years and nine months, during whieh.,time he
had to usie 'crutches. His chief symptotris were
excruciating pain in all his joints, but eepecially
~ • ,in the hips, shoulder, knees and anklesi an az
s 'hereby given,
.that in Obedience i gravation of the pains towards night.; and for the I
'hove writ. I did, on the sth day a 1 most pert sit ri,reee. fricrna c.ttclikAT neat, .-an trail- - "MI vs - ainuvs - ..- (sm.__
537, attach alt thesis contiguous lots'; one thickening of the fascia and ligamelts, with S the intemperance. and luxury of tbe age are
the Borough pf Pettstaille, situate on I a complete loam . of muscular power. . For the - ben- A hastening the „ mag i s of aced:att i c comp l a i nt .
:asterly side of Cr-ntre street in the , efit or those afflicted in a similar manner; Mt. and rendering the blood more impure; and as thou.
of Schuylkill, m rked in Benjamin . Gibson conceives it meet to say that the pains sands have destroyed their constitutions by neglectieg
oral plan of said Borough, numbers have entirely , e.kPd, and that his. joints have to apply the proper remetes--to such, Sienna's Pan
containing in front. on centre street ' completely recovered their natural tone. and he ace* must be. and halo been, more than doubly =tea
on depth :230 feet, (
r conveyed to Pe- i feels able to resume his ordinary business. t Welts a certam and effectual means of restoring them
Thos. Ewitig, by ' Decd in I . 1- to perfect health and vigor. Few families are vebol
o. 8, p 498 .\e.) Also all the moie, . ASEI
;THREE STADING. ty exempt from scorbutic affections, which exhibit va.
.. noes symptoms , as eralitions, ulcerations. debility.
ant in a certain- tract of land situate , Mr, R o bert Munroe, Schuylkill, afinteted with I loss ofapperite and dejection. ill arising from impure
lausanne townshi in Northampton i the above distressing malady. Symptoms—great blood • a= if riot property attended to. produce the
it - partly in Rush t owaship in &hull languor. flatulency, disturbed rest, nervous bead- "water' urjury to the conslitu a , and °
may be irn
aforetaid. as bounded and dia , cribed ac h e , di ffi culty of breathing. tightnesa end atri attic - parted to their offsenzg- w nit s is Tem
yance thereof frona Jacob, Alter and lure across the breast, dizziness, nervous irrita- mend . ed at this season of the year, as a valuable restee
naive of the system. thereby invigorating the constitu
arnelites Stephenson and wife, dated i Witty and restlessness, could not lie ip a lice- saes, and enabling it to bear the athijita „, e f r ect . o f
630, and Record in Northampton ' zontal position, without the sensation of impend- the summer season. It is conveyed by die =Tula
reed Book F vol. -, Page 34.5 &c. to ' ing suffimation, palpitation of the heart, &titres. :b ug fl o w s , an d corne rs their tendency to all those
nd one Charles F n et an fee. i ing -cough, costiveness, pain of the stomach, drew- diseases which ongutate an vitiated blood , diseased
PETER F. L DW IG, Sheriff. 1 wows, great debility and deficieoey offthe nerv- liver. depraved appeute. or pren...apositon toaffectiores
-S-frw , cus energy. -M r. R... Monroe gave up every of the langs. A.c- No one. howevel, issadvioodlo w n hi s:
k thought of recovery an dire despair sat on tl'e ,t_ without convincing themselves el - Tab of
. countena"nce of every 'person interest:id in his '!"" stated.
is pied w ith • all
ii of Administration Phis m ed ic i ne now , In tern ID pil rts
existence or happiness , till by accident be noticed of the world, and is gaiming great reputation in Leg.
kubscriber, by the in a public paper some cures effected tisk Dr. Wm. food,
t, of the estate o t 1 Evans's medicine, in his oonaplaint, which ipdu- A fresh supply of the Medicine justreceived and
anheim township,
) s indebted to said
to make I cod him to purchase a package of the PRIs, which for sale by
,' resulted in completely removing eterricymptorn
PaYment ' of his disease. 'He washes to say his motive for
w and the 6th d ay •
may have claims
uested toh h RI ed : 'th h
this declaration, ts, tat t ose a ict ,wi t e
L same or any symptoms similar to those from
Present t which he is happily restored, may likewise receive - B. BANNAN.
Sole Agent for Schuylkill county.
Who can eupply.the above metheimii wholesale to
them who wish to sell again. at Philadelphia - poem
May 14
isaid date. the same inestimable benefit.
'EN' Adin'rs- I
to the
of ground it'
the Not ;
said , count:,
Pottle addi
1.3'and . 14,
12tileet, an i
Pendant by
Deed Book
part y in
county, an.
kill county
in the cons
wife, and
March 23,
county, in
• Dec 23
given, that letter.
granted to the
Schuylkill count,
, deceased, late of
aunty. perso
ierefore rog nested
ribers. between n
eat, and such w!i
te, are theorise
thenticated, until
30tIN BO
SAM'L. :hi
Is hereby
Register of .
John Bowe
estate are t
/TO the sub . .
of January
,on said. ea .
them well
dec 9
of George Re,l
is hereby given,
y have been grek , ',
II County to the s
will and testame
Tuscarora, in Sc.!
refore all person.
•tnst tLe estate u
d to make kno•
them without del
I . thcoestate of th
pay the same to
Esta t
of.Schey lk 1
of the las
Esq. late •
ceased. t
are reques,
or either
ARA) &
I LES ALE 4.1-
ds, Gro
quor Si
Centre and Mar
ror s er 0
Linn I
.Joiut ShOlg
Lap do
Lot beg, soludd
:ale by
25. I
jamin W.
BA% I'
reared his U
e the Brick But d
ere he will atte ;
him in the line .;
r irg 4s
" Pm.
tangs. w
trusted t
Oct 2
ish and
. , beeriber
a nd Welsh &NA
/160. 1 ." .
, Dee
wishing to
I please lease a I ,
I WILL 114cH YOU TO risads Talc 110WILLA ' OrTILZ ILA
Avid Ai* Pella
. ,
Interisting atta e Aitonislang ra
• • 1 1
MORE conclust proofs of thelestr
AT-al• efficticy of DO. WM—EITAPI'S cc
Camomile and AOerient AnObilfous Tr
leviating afflicted mankind. „si ! l. i
To James Dickson, 36, Corltill.i Beate Agent
for the wile of Dr..W . in. Etta lei PRMOM lc Pills.'
. . •',. Lows. 4, Nov.. 15.1 836.
Dear...Sir—Rom:Ong by'exper . ientss th every
reference that the ilß hefted .rtiocnie of tb benefi.
chit results of inedleinesr elitferfully o r ,mine
to the public in' behalf of DR. WM. ANS'S
CAMOMILE .P1.L.1.5. I s hatie been afflic ted fok
esc i a
the last tee yenta with distr . ' - in the b d -and
chest: often-so bed OS to-deprive me of , eep for
three or four nights in succession , but ha a newer.
found relief by any of my Trikids * pr iptions,
until my wife saw the advert+ents in t paper,
when she persuaded me to send:few:mei erbia .
I did. and obt.itned two boxesian4 bottles& which
resulted in almost comple4efyre, wring; Me to
health:althoughl have not yet ehtirely finished
them. Should you considei this any t+nefit to
your felt; or the public, you have My cheerful per-
mission to publish it. Tours. respectfultr,
TLIOS:. K..GOODRU, tent stmt.
Eease's Camomile Tonic aildttFamily Aperi
ene BENJAMIN 130 ?W cpmer of'
Sid ppen and Georges streets, Plaladelpina, affect;
ed for seven years with extra* nervousness, by
winch he was not able to write 13:s narne—his
..yinvtomb were, ernscation,dally spasmo4ic pains
in the Lead; Ines 'of appetite., palpitatmh
.ot the
heart, goldin'ess and dittutess of sight, utter ina
bility of engaging in any thing that *landed
vigor or courage, sickness and. Weakqess ex
tcme debility, disturbed rest, at sehseteit pressure
and weight at the stomach arti eating, great
mental despondency, severe yittg paitts in the
cheat back and side, costivencsa. a ditaike for
society end conversation. Md R.jhas mpde trial
ofsartous medicines now bef4tre ;the public, but
to 'no effect, until.
.observing publi paper,
vine cures perfrnined by Br.; %Slattern Evans's
Camomile Tonic and Family Apft_ricnt Fills, be
wfis inducted to q3re thvat a' tri4Licif whielt he is
at ant time happy to state that they etTectually
cured him of the tastve t.diatressi nit diseasie.
.J-r Persons who doubt the atiovfi erne, lire most
respectfully directed to the ahove !mentinned per
son, at the north west corner of Shiopen and
lriorgegstreets. . BENJAMIN BOWS.
Philadelphia October- 26, 1837.
3 6 ! . STANDING.
' ---- ----
er, deceased. il l MRS. SARAH BRENIRSER, wife of Mr. i
Amos Brenhiser, corner of Second street and l
that letters testa- ' Germantown Road, Philadelphia. effected for the i
red by the Register last six rears with the Liver Complaint, was
bsci there, execittors ' completely restored" to health by ' Dr. WM. E
t of George Reber, 0. ANS'SCarnomile Tonic arid' Family Aperient
uvlkill County, de. Pills. Her symptoms were habitual costiveness,
having claims or . excruciating pain in the stomach, depression of
the said decedent. spirits, languor, extreme debility, disturbed sleep,
n the same to them i great pain in her side, could not he on her left
v, and all persons side without an aggravation of pain, dizziness in
said decedent are- the head; dimness of sight, with other symptoms
ither of the subscri• I..indicating great derangement in.the functions of
LEVI REBER, , the Liver. Mrs. has made trial of va.
New Castle. --rious medicines now before the public; bat re.
AU DEN RI ED, ceived no relief until she was advised to make
McKeansburg. ; trial of Dr Evans's Pills,'of which she is happy
to state that they effectually relieved her of the
IT R. AI: C it's 4 above distressing symptoms i with Acta, which
D RETAIL are not essential to intimate. 1
eeryand Li- Mr. Brenhiser, (husband of the above Mrs
ire, Breikhovx, had, Leen two years aflicted with a
, }'distressed state of piles and Coetivems, of which
I Streets, Poissuillt. he was effectually cured. '
28- We do hereby subscribe. oor signatures to the
1 truth of the above cures, that the statement is in
. every respect true.' SARA El 'BR ENH ISM, '
- IN ! spuN STEW, Baker,
. I No. I'l north Eighth street. Philada.
i .
Philadelphia. Oct. 21st. 11337. . .
for paling or shin- ; Dr. WM.EVANS'S Medical Office,. for the
A. A. GILE. , sale of his excellent Medicine, is at Nia.l9,,north
44 Eighth street, Philtidelptua.
! Sold by ' J. T. W.F:RNER.
Sae. Agent for Seboylkill County.
,«NT 1..1111 I
Private Sale. , Centre Stress. 0 O- ' girtHE snliseriber will sell at private salca's
g of George M * 3 ' 1 ' . HOUSE 'AND LOT pleasantly situated in
d to all business en,. the rum , eenti t r a and business part of the bonwih
his profession. l of Tamaqua: , Said propetty is well worthy t h e
48- __ k attention of Men of business. A particular tio•
scrirticai is cons idered onnecewarv. es persons
elsh Bp
wishing to purchase will first view for triernselvwl.
part all kinds of Eng. . It said property is not sold before the 14 of April
r , at th e ' ,bertha notice. n-at, it will tfien be motet for one or more Years.
obtain foreign publics.: For further particulars. apply to the subscriber
list at the office of the - living at Tamaqua. or to Dr. Hunter an the pns.
a HANNAN.' , miser.. •.: JOHN THONTS:7ON.,
5..... der 16 . 4tf
••• - •
7 1
AN y i
. 0 TlOl4 SUF cavFit t ra OP 110. SOWITAUfkIigTALEI WHI
. •
Vegetable littiiverril Pilbh . `
Ira A Lfftsl—ONE '''DISEA &Utast thou cobs—.
.31) impurity of thy blood. which. by impeding the
cirenladon, brings on pain or . derangement in the dr
pn or part where such impurity of the blood settles.
It is trite, a vasuicmt of CLIMES Only biting about the
mate of the, blood—finch as a violent bruise or fall.
damp feet, indigestion. pain in the head, rtra. /ke...„anci
althoug lit may be said that these diseases have nor
their origin in Impurity of tbe bloc i.yet the effect is
the same, they all end ih the impurity of the bloak
and oni only object to prevent the irritating infid
emcee b kept up. in other words the acrimoniotuftz
moura,la continually to pierviihrt body as lunges tulp
untileasiumt symptoms remain 2 with Dr. Erentifeth •
sev: with in sufficient quantities to produce copi
ous. eval ations, will assist nature to re store every
organ t a state of health. This is-on the principle
of.drainhig: we &ally a marshy piece of land, and
from a state of stern irs soon produce , a most abine.
dant-fertility; and sidit is with the human •• . ; when
any think¢ is the matter with it. we have on occasion
to dreit by purgation—sad expellee • •as taught
fl i
those w o have adopted this reaso .
..;, : meztoo.
cause c nsistent with our nature, Il t,:'. i ft r have acted
I rightly, ithe result having been son • .. Ith ; It i s
I not more than 18 months mace these Pills were in
troduced into the United States. but their sale - has
been althgether unprecedented, there having been sold
of [herniae New York, in that tune, fully one- ituslidon
fire him red thousand boxes. And above 10.000 per
sons can be referred to in New York city, and nearly
t h e e a * in Ph i ladelphia; who have been cured will&
everyrqber means had become altogether unavailing.
of diseates which appeared of the most opposite char
acter. aqd in many cases where the dreadful ravages
of ulcenon. bad laid harp ligament and bone, and
where t all appearance tref human means could save
life. ha patients, by the tree of these Pills been re
stored i good health. the devouring ;disease having
been corepleiely eradicated.
Dr. Wm. Brandreth was so fully convinced of the
troth of the above simple theory, that he spent 30
years in experiment and laborious research irate the
medical properties of the numerous plants compos
ing the Vegetable Kindom; his object beinglo com
a nedicini which would at once ref-14, and pro
duce by specific action, a removal of all by humors
from the blood by the stomach and bowels, as by tne
continuation oldie use of such a Medicine, such his;
inert are sure to be carried off, and the blood as
sume a state of purity: suit whoever takes these Pills.
and pereeveres with thee. will be satisfied that Dr.
William Brandreth fully attained his philanthropic
object.' kis now en atisoiute and known fact. that
every disease, whether it be in the head pr feet. In the
brain or meanest membeg whether at bean outward ,
ulcer, or on toward absceis are all, though arising
from many causes. reducible to this grand effect,
namely. i m?may of blood.
IN uric b..—As Drug and ChernicrOStoyes are liter
allyjlooded with counterfeit Brandreth's Pills, it be
comes those who want the genuine article to purclase
I euly of the accredited agents or those who are known
to be above such dishonest practices. ,
hlr t S ThOmpson it Co. Pottsville ate the only a
gents pa present for Schuylkill Counts..
Dr. ttrandi!et ha Office-for the sale of the above Pills
wholesale and retrials at 169 Race street, first door
I -
,1 in al-
above filth st north auk, Philadelphia.
Always remember that .Drug Stores hetet have the
I. genuine Brloareth Pills for male, therefore all per.,
I chases of them-are-sure to be counterfeit.
Dec 3
Saving Fund Society.
THE Port Carbon Saving Pupa Society, is
-AL now open every day from 9 to 3 o'clock at
the Office ot Discount and Deposit, for the por.
pose of receiving depotiitko any amount not es.
ceediug $5OO, from any one person, upon 'which 1
an interest of 4 per cent will be paid on every $5
and upwards, but no interest will be allowed onl
any fractional parts of $5. 'The whole or any
part may be drawn out on givicg. notice, two to
foot weeks. at the office on Mondays. The bu
tanes ot the Society will be conducted by the
following officers and managers.,, until the 'first
Monday in May nest.
Joseph Carroll Samuel J. Potts
Edward fl °ghee E. S. Warne
Jai:oh Bull . Jesse Turner
L. Whitney, Secretary and Treasurer.
• Article 3d of the Charter. w'No'emolument
whatsoever shall be received by the - President
or Managers for their services, nor ahall any
Manager become a borrower the tnstitti.
ion." out 3 46tf
JosErs C. KERN
RSPECTFLI.LY informs the citizens of
-Ain Pottsville& viciolty, that he constantli keeps
on hand, at the cornet of Centre and Colloerhlll
An:els, next door above the National Hotel, - •
large god elegant assortment of Stapleiod Fancy
Dry Goods, oitha choice selection of Wines, Li.
goon and Crockery ware, all of which have been
purchased at the very ; _lowest cash :prices in the
Philadelphia market, and will be sold at 14 per
cent advance.
All kind of coeulltriPrimince take n in exchangefor goods. ~aug 14-
• For Sale,
A valanabk Tract of Coal Land,
if _FIND and beinE in the tnwnsbip of Nome
wegjan, to the West Branch near-the West
Branch R a il Road. ahem war saw from Semi.
kdl 'Haven—there is ma or more Coal Veins
panting through this and. For information ap
ply in • JACOB. REED,
. at PothErille,
•-ir Mr. HOF'FMALN.Esq.
March 25 24-
• , •
. .
..,_. ~.._ , V 0 0,. . ,:.•./- 5i1,417, , ,, ,,- ......... 1 .
9 . :... „....,:.....,
. ,
•;• 1 1
M;, JANUARY 20i; IS3S.'
--I ; i' . lit bisciiiery.
'l 4 he sit. ' ' baad iacovered a which
then rives bf t 4 rahiable root,
May bee set . efithoitt e 'Ming, any of its meff.cinal
propertiesi. TV - medicine is - prepared eller a re
ceipt of the bled CollegMa mempt reemittnendtll
by thiffacelty the beat formith , for the prepare..
Ake of the t of SanMparUla.
This Extract yhe given with perfect safety to
children, &i d in nwientionsly offered to the public
as s!_ - puriller olthe blood, which Mall cases lila greed
ride t e and in many entirely vide-the following
Obstinata eruptions of the skin,
frimplesor politales Olt the face.
ilea which se from an impure habit of body,
. ___ - •
Sealy eruption's.
Psingin file bones,
Chic Irhem•atism.
Tester. , 1 . .
Strada or Kiiig's evil,
White Swellings, .
Syphilitic symptom's,
And all disord arising from an impure state 9f
this blood. either y'a long residence in a hot and un
healthy clinaste, l,r the imudictotss use of meieury.
I bare thought 'ti necessary to auacb • few 4:eruct
eaten of its beneficial effects, from persona well knowfi
in the county, as YefereuCee
' Reeding, July 13, 1837.
"Wentlre viodentigned. having used the Compound
Fluid Extract of, SargiaParilla%(Prefgred by GeorgeW. Cnik..eleilin trur families. most cheerful l y recom
mend it to the Dpititific, as a cheap. safe and efficient
medicine. di diseases arming - from impurities of .ifie
, M. S.' RI( 'HARDS,
This iiitocertify that I was for twoyeari a.Bl cted
1 1.
With an obstmatetraperigantous affection in one fraylegs,
legs, which broke into numerous miters, for win h. t
teed various' remedtes, which Min incteased the dis
ease, when 1 wasrecommended to try Mr. Oakeley's
preparation 'of Sarsaparilla- I did so. and after using
several bottles I am happy to state that the ulcers are
entirely removed and my leg healed Wttoess my
nand this 16th day of August, 1837
1 For Sale.
JOHN R. COLLER, Reading. . rIIHE stitiscribera offers at Private Sale all that
This certifies that my little sou, about 8 years. old• a. two St9ry Slone House{w it li Brick front and
had suffered lor a lung time from extensive sores on : basement slot , and lot of ground situate on
the light knee and leg. (suppesed to base been white i the corner qt Cent r and Market street, in Alorris
1 addition toy the bor hof Pottsville, now Deco
swelling.) which I found impessible m heal, by even
the aid of the most respectable medical advice. until
~ pted by Charles:Elle aq. The Souse being,,ne
c i
o w t r pc ."`ll l3 :4 l : ru en p t ed f , ta to rs u a se in ! " 4 ll "; , t ' ei e g rg os , e ,, t r i ,: f k ::4 ' h e : ,i 1 the best ifinished and in a pleasant part of the
not .only healed ,be sores but perfectly restored t. e borough, with a good finsotain at the dcior s and a
cluld's health which !sal suffered much ILI consequence gond stabld and carriage - house back, renders it
of tlus affection. ', .CATH ARIN F. BING EMAN• , a desirable, property7Tor those who wish to Fiur
, - ith above Penn at. Reading. chase. I rnot sold before Monday, the...... ) d day. of
The above case was presented to me. both before January, it with then be offered at Public Sale, at
and alter the use.of Mr. Oakeley's Kirup of - Scusape- the house of Henry Stager in said borough, at
firio• end I hale no 4 .filtattoo to behettof, that i t W 44 one o'clock on said dam, where the terms will be
the agent of Its restoration.
JNO. P. HITF.R, M. D. ma p, de , k 3o ma ! wo by GAIL'S AICK:IRE.
Reading, Sept 12. 1837. 6=4
. , .
Wilmington, Not. 20, 1837- Cloths! Cloths: ! Cloths!!!
Mr. Oikeley,
NATHANS do Ca have now on hand a
Sic-1 consider it my duty to let you know that the N
use of the half dozen bottles of your valuable Sarsapa- ••• • splindid assortment of
rill matt got of you in June last, has banzely heated. i Bin blank, olive, green and claret clothe,.
my leg.the Doctor told me it was of a scrofulous char- d do and fancy caseimeres,
enter. and the use of your medicine would probably I Pla and figured sattinetta,
- ,wrU r..... , , Tbe live b?tOtte: were not taken before it i Mo 'it !pilot cloths anti other coatings,
certain; it renew better than two mciras sinet - 1 irR -
all or w h twin_ purchased at ow l i r .wo i• i n ph&
any, and there is noappearanec of a return , my physs ' . .. New 4 . to sell ..
cian thinks itai cure perfect Voirs.&c.
CHARLES BROVTN- d por elphia ; no York, we guarantee
cent „beeper than can be purchased elsewhere
IrrTbe above valuable Medicine may be had ar i• th is °Ugh' dcc 2. 2
the subscriber's wholesale and retail Drug store. ._,i -
North Fifth street, Readin and at most of the prin- Pickles, Preserves; illic 4auces..
ctpal drug store+. Fresh g.
Drugs and Medicines, at tkr NATRANS & Co. would inform the Lai- i
thelowestcash prices, also kept for sale by the sub- aNII •
scriber. -- GUI. W. OAKFI-Fiti. dies df Pottsville and vicinity, that they
hov'd j ust received direct fro th th e manufactory
,Also. to be had at the stores of fleiedenteich &
an assortment of
Kurz .Konrowa ;Wm Mintzer and Dr. Furl. Potts
town; Petit Enabb.Oley; and as the store ofllaniurd Pickled Walnuts, cauliflower, pickohly.
& Strauctu Pottsville. Ge' ririns, red cabbage, mixed pickles.
Jan 13 2-6 ma . kfaugoeti, onions, lobster, &c.,,
N. B. 't o prevent imposition. my signature lirin. East atid*W est India preservmg ,
accompany the label 6f each bottle. • . . Strawberry, raspberry and gooseberry fame.
Currant jelly, French mustard,
Anchovy, lobster, John 8011, Reading & Ca-
New Establishment,
Corner of Centre and Market Streets, Pauserille
THE subscribers respectfully announce to
their friends and the public generally, that
they have taken formerly occupied by
Jacob Bull & Co. corner of. Centre and , Market
streeta, where they are now provided with& choice
assortment of \ r;
Dry Goods, .
Liquors, &c. •
which they *redetermined vise, at the very low.
est prices. IIAZZARD A. STRAUCB.
N. B. All kinds of Country Produce taken at
the highest market prices:
April 1 22-6'
• Dying and scouring. _
AUGUSIT T S. EHLER has returned from En.
rope, and !intends to commence• fancy; and
plain dying, in Silks and Merinos, at his oh'. stand
in Centre Sttee,t, Pottsville. Also scouring coats
and pantaloon:, He is greatfiil for kisst favors,
and hopes by attention mid punctuality to Merit
a castinuanite of his former custom.
Dec . 23 S-tt
For tbe instantaneous cure of
piseovered lindbmught to its greatest perfection
This is toliertify that I have tried your Tapuy
as Elixir in several cases of Tooth Ache, in Which
hare certalray found it of very great service,
Mem,* of the Royal College of Surgeon s.
London. pt-. 10,
' A friend stepped in to say that be had whitest
the Fire King this morning, and witnessed his
marvellous cure of the Tooth Ache. One little
boy in p a rticulate. drho looked cross enough to bite
* ten penny,rtaillOsar off: in ten minntas whiled
lathe decayed tioth and %lased its pain,- 4 1). S.
Gazette. • ,
- A fresh snnof the above Elixir just teceis
ed and 60 sale h BANIValif,
I ' Agent for Schuylkalcounty
3nly 13 141
Einersoals School Kooks.
rwtHE „bee/ibex hex been appointed Aitiator
1 - the ealo of these Books in bleb lkill Poway.
•Direetors of! th e PARC Schenk ' „d
others - aapplie' d by the quantity tithe' pnkrialers
meth. •
gmetson's Series of School Books are emend
ated to be tae best in me. and an cheap nu; any
Alaci atl .Ctts fieikts Sc hool. Boa., wiicarsau
. .
and wail PhileddiArta'Priells. l4l tl l7
Dee 43 5- k. MALIAN.
.. .
„ :. 1 1
. • .
,;• ,
.. ^ 'I I •
'. „I' k. ,z,-. ..., , ......4:-.. __l..----,...
. .
Pa(uable RII_ Proper(' to Pottimitie,
•,1 911 SA LE. • ,
THE underalgued offers fair safe all that well
known (kiree story ,iIRIO .0 f SW:M
DWELLING MOSE and ithe appurtenances,
situate in Ciliate street, Pottsville, the property'
of the undirsigned e togethee with nine other
tenements i the rear of said building, and the
lot of grunt@ whereon the whole !Winds. The
hrick build*" g
: aforesaid, 'contains thirty feet in
front-4mi from ; the •basement.-story to the
garret in t • i belt style of workmanship, and both
as a busbies* stand aid a residence, hi most fee,
yourably situated. The foregoing. property will
be sold ont e nnd acconiniotingterMs. Part,
of the'prire money may remain on the prop•
erty for a fiw years, it desired. Title indisputa.
ble, and peolsession can be given immediately—'
apply to ii G. M. JENNINGS.
April 22w , 32-tf Pottsville.
Public, ale.
P ußsup r to an ceder of the Orphans' Court
ofScheylkoll County,. on Friday the Bd day'
of Febroar*next, at 2 o'elock in the afternoon,
William BPull , adminiairator7Cof the estate of
Elisabottb. Xfirrtoise, late of , Barry township, de
ceased, wi expose to gate Y Public Vendee at.
the house ' William XI imer, innkeeper, in
Pottsville, ' certain dwelli house, stable, saw
mill loud let of land, situate on Deep Creek.
Barry tow ship, Schuylkill county. .containing
one hundred and eigbtymine acres or therea
bouts, houi*Ded by lands of John Kimmel, John
Yarnell., &gorge Kessler, John Dietrich and
Reed—Lal4 the estate of said deceased.
By order of the Cow.. - .
- . A • WM. R. HULL, -
. i Clerk, 0. C.
Orsvigsbyrg. Jan. 6, l 878:. ' . 7-4
nee sauces, •
Mushroom and walnut ketchup:
Also--Figss raisins, citrons, almonds, curries,
lemons, ar.c.
hol .
in addition
Cloth, stIP 3 AV
Indic -ma, saltine
Liana, .
HAVE just
Capt.. Joh
3,5 flasks I
20 boxes
1000 lbs. se
1000 lbs.
IWO lbs. .1
5 bbls.
30 bbls. •
20 loaf I
3 bbla.
25 boXes:
Dos 2.5.
rrcn —
Prfiate Sale
1•110§:E3 udjoiniog lase& ground, with a log
Jo- Horese m ace„ on Centre street, lying' between
the three sthr3thriek buildings late the propeirty
at Par. Appleur, and the owe owned by
Jennings. 'T lots are 20 rem in front and.23q
deep ! , esteM l iimg to thellail Rorie_ As theaet
are in i t . Ws-mem part at the - Eienouith,. and,
well knewa,;prther description is deemed
mei:email. terms inquire of
. JOHN morge,.
dee IL: .1 ,4s
The Pe 1
IFS dee d ilr.
- Jll Pularl Peil ';', ''
000 copes
000 in Ames
The Pasts
es met..
I pei pas
Thislhl i . -
3 1, 1 7
.: ....' ~. :. a ... -f . '
e4 meat' i r
N 1 4
Th ie
le .and •Retap Dry
1 , Store.
W SAVER have juin received
to their extensive assortment vif
BupeeSoFerior Blue r and Black
ey coloured-do. new style elm
' and Beverteens, miners' fine
Feb 18 14—
If►. J. Beatty
reed per I.;enat Boat Adventure.
M. Crosland, direct from New
dairy chyme,
• e apple, do'
riot smooked beef,
do Lard.
• parlor shad,
o. I Mackrel,
do do •
rah, .
uperinr green and black teas.
• • I
Ay idngazilie of tise- ..
1 Knowledge,
one of the " cheapest and moat pm.
'imls now extant—there met
terry month in Fogland, and
vol. 6"( for the year 1831) as fat.
In be had" at this office. , Pricei.lB4
01 per - annum.
iae is published in monthly Mitts.
large pages; the present:l44l4oe tit
I — and imorpt4.- The illestuklic,i ,
are exeeMelk mimics oasnner,:
I iu*ntsge be yak ngthiswiiik over
can iroszontlitne it ittienever
t, (wench pars is "always constO.eie
un.4l aOw' Mew, st,i 2 Per
- •
ci 11-4,4444,.
. , •.• t ' bliCi
DURMAST . to an Ord** -iit..thilo4tataiii:
C °i g t aSchalikilletcafirY , on frutatii.
unit day i,f January, 1838, at iii,
afternoon, Christopher
the estate ofacnnel Boyer,bibil'isTEilititraii-:
wick, deetwaed,,willexpose to aale
due at the late, ;dwelling. bonatiiif -caldiOwiliaed s
is East Brunsivick i it certain trait: AltaAdi . :ol/4
story log dwelling house, tiain and iw";iniq,ait.,
nate in -East
county, containing fifty six werte'octberelcbottita.
bounded by istwis of Daniel foeldJimigliitae•
man, Benjamin & Samuel Leirr. as tyXitit& -&
Jones. And also, all that c ertai n tract of land;
'halite - in the Cline townshipiiiid'oodiitYiadinfti;
trig lands of Simnel Ronnie , David itoyer; Dan
iel Andrews and Reim & imam - sprit containing
sixty two acme or thereabo uts. jkad all
that certout'tiact of Land, • situate in the sane
township and county, adjoining . bandit
Boyer, Henry - Sasseabin, • John Snaaiittaati - ant
Henry Long, aid aintainining eightiwia or
thereabouts—late the estate ofaaid dicesietiL
By order of the Cann. . •
cierk4 , o. c. •
i§- Ci7f
Orwigqbargy Jan. 6. 1838.
• New Goods. -.
general assortment :of --Ii aiul iesse -nah
-ra Goods, just receiveding iq pertal •
Dry Goodsi
Queensware, s
• Mackerel,
%sit, Plaster l Acei...
which will be Fold low for pew- The-Nebest
price paid in cash for all kinds orcountry produce.
Mount Carbon, Dec 2 .1.•-• •
I'llll l °4TE - ;.*il - ai ' - ' .
"r. - A HOUSE & LOT •isf Nidiregrille
•;*•.. •
... Street, opposite dip residence ,
... of B. F. Pommy, now occupier! by •
___ - __:_ William B. Leib. Theihoiete..R•ii ;
feet trout by 30 teet in depth, with a Ottietts aid
cellar in the basement. story, rooms riwilfri c ii
first, second and third ficorti each; the 'whale tif - 1: - '••
said House well plastered and padded. Also set t _,-
ezceltent well of water at the door—the We 20i J•
feet front, by 110 feet- in siepthorithze 9 feet ala. •
ley on the west end of said house. - • '
For further particulars inctuirelif : -: '
tHO'fil. HAIM .. ,'
Mount Carbon, Nos. 3, 1831. . , ' :
• iteli#ious Works:. , 4 1 1 4,
"BANNANIas just receimidthellowhig
'religious walks, London and Artterie.' an 5:
ditiotis, which he offers fbr
Original Family Sermons, 5 ids. =
relatitts vie* or veiniest uitaffis - 7,..;
St Grievant's Preacher's Manual, pm*.
Drew on the Rosurreitioni -
Drew ori the Soul.
Bridge's an the Psalm CXIX,
Faber on liifidelits, • Is
-James' Christian Professor.
Prize Essay on Religious Duaemiirs,
Christian Father at Home,
A Mother's Request, &c.
dec 23
Passage from England, frekind, Scot,
- land and ; Waks,
PERSONS wishing tt eerie Vilding•
their 'fiends. is first TsisuldtiM,PD,ok the
bove places, may now *0 so by itifilititeto:,
WM. MADDERE et j •
Ce vire i
For the accommodation of those persona en
ging passage for their frienda r whe.rnity. with tri.
send them money, Io enable them to prinfidp
the voyage, drafts will be given oti , •
named merchants; vta
P. W. Byrne*, No. 3, Waterloo Roai4z
pool; Daniel Wright, o f co. No. 3,Robingoo,, ,
Glasgow; William Miley, Mci..l.s,_Pkft,..
Dublin. . ma ys . 36.
Encourage liqme lintsufaxitiMei k
Confectionary M a n lil3l o Bl7 *
THE subscriber respectfirits anneinMitild
public that Ise haa commenced Abelliandeir `•• 5
tore of Confectionary io ail its sarimut.bamim,
at his Store in Centre Street, nearly - oppepilelhas •1 ,
Pottsville House, where OMfeetioners 'and: tothi.
era can always •be supplied irtadesale end' *tal i
at the lowed P .hdagielPhia CIO Priers'* .*
Country Merchants are' respectlirlly. aonmura
to call and examine his stook before pl*hasint
JOHN 8.6.41,41MH.
Laisdhigs foir i
Sale.= • •
FOR oak in less to mut phrehasem,, °C
!w Landing': lying between th e 'Want daitfoloOM
road and this Sehuitkill COMMimidite with, r:Wg
including thedaudingrmw Occupied'by DrAl.„,-1,1,
Me; and eilembrig_ doww the river. Eoguini•
Sept 43-ama '
mutt/ars pem:Sairdi
OA-DOZEN Swaim - % •Pa!itier,,,kaa!ret TA,
ed fresh from therprePrtekte TOM&
Seventy-Fire Thousand
Bo oftbiLvalda
medicine were sold Itist yeir, and, Op „demi*
nt.For salqfifibe &Zak ot:Onlp brio, . • 1-,
Pried 112 per bottle; Of Or* 114410{ fart -••
• - 11:-BANN
.sole itgcut*lrekilliPgadro .•
AlMi Swaim's VerinifCite' ,- -; • •
Cobb's,..,o lll i • AlisOfigaßeagero And
• SPeake7- 41-46
100 (xilwasoldwigamviiijoet s
ina trill be Airnithediwaiirtiek to
the &rarest •Scheel diitriete;at tea diair, Pb
delphie-vrieee, *ether Kilkiaolll
-New and tiki4G•o4 l * --- -'zlii-t 1
rttE' naititaiii *4
bscriber is , ~,
rgraruslist 4 " iilt bt
7-. ob i - -11Pielliscr-11°7:3„-Criak 4 ,.: • I
Poils . :iiikt,. 04: -1.:1411:12114,,,71,7711.iiIIA61;t.1111:,
' 7
; • + 7 f•n•-i'jj',;
. •
.7 41^,4;10-?.."...4
• t,
;i4 '
~~ ~~:~-