The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, January 17, 1838, Image 2

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    . of such s spectacle was irrestati
iverwhelming. More tha.t ma rt.ln
Pe been the' anal of the creature
Id bee seen it 'minuted. It wap
ness of which never had entered before
into, dr ams amide. •This 1 cared little
witssal.w of -it I might hitt. thought
nont ash
%le and t
must ; ha
irtio co
- _
vhildis, heil4here been a heart at 1180 an
, hoar t etiticise, or time even to think.
But ' , spwras-wica. There was iime nth !
to. fee, and -it was a spectacle which ap
pealed' , the heert, - Tepublican or mothirch
' #4,110n eel or simple, it mattered nut :it
lon the same to all of us.
z. , rhe ight was indeed superbly beautiful:
, shiltaii e than that, it Wa4 affecting, be.
lorid Bs. power of language to describe.+—
gaped' ity so was ilie sight of the Queen, bought connected with her lippear•
once . a Queen in such a scene as thiwi a
ffittng nil beabtifid creature,--:for beerflt,
4d elm !dainty is, with a fine`frank Inge!) .
mous .usitenanee, full of an expression of
afirctio ate and -modest confidence in her
subject , and at the same time deeply Om
vext by he ,warmth of theOreceptioo wlOch
they ga e her. Transfixed with a strange
dream rapture she seemed to be room
times. Sometimes her emotion madether .
• .
shrink .eel( a•little: But bravely. on;the
whole, as became a royal tarty, she braved
out t - spectacle, gracefully acknowledg .
dig -th • shouts of the multitude and . the
Amain . b the arms of the women (roan the
witldo s, by slight inclinations of the head;
and by a.constant
_expressiap; of sulnbied
ddig 'playing about the truth. I dare
esi th pow' girl would have liked to have.
l e .-. , hearty cry over the matter; but i thal
Was' of the - thing, anti:she resisted the
ireaka of a womanswith re breedinOnd
blood ,f a Queen.
''He.. dress was a rich {pink ' and silver .
biota e—the substance satin, the surfeee .
embr • idered Closely with silver, with 10.
derige shaped spaces, each for a full bbiwii
rose (*silver leaves and ends: On, her
foreh•ad was a magnificent Jima orrint•
mOut , and ostrich plumes floated alsive.
Her ' , itch, which is massy and splendid
beyo i any thing of the sort I ever kaw.
was rawn by eight white horses,' richly
caps stoned of course. Just before it went
some sit or seven of her private carriages.
With attendants, drawn by six splendid
bay 'Ones each. In like state marched
on t e' royal family in their several ;Car.
flag--., with •an escort of troopsfor each ;
and the ministers, the ambassadors; the
city nay, the poor aldermen on horseback.
Ind fl the rest, of a-procession to which
thby seemed no end. I still not weary
you ith details about it. lliesi can he
bad ton the papers in any quantity. "l'he
Who,- scene was a rich one, and I would
pot 'ave missed seeing it. As a pageant .
it -• .sucb sot nn usbar nit. nr annnirr, .....
get , p. As a moral spectacle, it was full
of in erest.
T e result of the affair was a dinnhe in
Coil hall, where the Queen set on a
thro,e at a table, with the royal family a
bout her. Here, again, was an array
*or is - seeing. The decorations were opu
lent . -yond conception. The plate alone
on t • tables is rated at two millins of dol
I •rs. Even the little desert plates of
Ste ' ordshire • workinanship, (not plate) a
duz•n of which were on the royal board.
are alued at 10 guineas each.
' I er Majesty returned about 9 o'clock.
and was ever . ! where greeted by the cr'ow'd
'as fore.. Ihe streets at this lime pre
sen a show which I shall not attempt to
th. ribe. Every house Was covered with
illu inatiOns of every shape and device
win h' loyalty -or vanity could contrive to
aft.. ish the admiring multitude, which
no had become so dense., as to make a
pa age throughthe streets to a stranger
aln t dangerous for miles. Temple Bar
", alo , e, which is the boundary gate of the
cit proper, war.lighted up by contraet, at
•a '''. tof 8001. At the same time goOd
or r was preserved.
. Was 'struck with the universal good
ha' or of the people. The Queen un
q:u tionably is a great favorite.- Nobody
indeed can say a word against.the "1
Chi d," as one of the Americans called' her;
Anall look hsit
oard to the .-long and happy
ref n" which the illuminati invoked for her:
in ',blazing letters 4iloog tile walls of the
ItOsea, when the ' ‘•blosmit of promi s e,"
Ills ; another set it up over Iris, donr, , may
“r'• 'en Into the fruit of performance."' I
hoe it -may be Wt. No American cam
wifik otherwise, who loves his on n country,
or the cause of free principles throughout
dot globe. Cud 'save the Queen i. ,
'4 slip from the Louisville. Ky. Joup46l, re
wired yesterday. 'contains the following shark •
lug aecount of murder and attempt at murder
and robbery.
Yesterday, et half past p o'clock P. M. Mr. H.
B„Oulian, the Treasurer Of the Mechanies tila•
eirigs Institution, on returning from his dinner
Si' titthe door of the Bent ing house careened.
stares weeeeded in forcing it, and, on entering
.C_ apt. Clarendon E. Dix standing before Mina
ta - Us cancelling hammer of the Bank' in . his
.i r' - '
.. Dix insanity realied spon Lilian end kiln two or three times on the head,;itlt
.the 'hammer. hut the hitter wrenched the i tru: ,
soetelfrom his hand and rushed out the dueronid
iniumsdiately afteriwerda, heard the report olla pa
led. • -
The *Wm wee of course gives, sail sewers'
afieeps entered the Bunk end foogiir\thii., 12. i
kid - shot bit/Noir through - Alie" head. Oki lowing.,
- priori* . the the 'entrance of Julian. murdered the
Clerk -Mr...oirca Parker. br striking him im the
bled wittrtire. hemmer lad: (noshed-•{•n a dread
tv..AM , th e_ ,whebi- *teat aide of bilk...skull..
stao,Kruggliagg in the leis arm*.
.of. . tt whip lie wren disentere* We se , _ .s4 if
fb .fldet fastedikir'ailett its fele' di i
. 4
breathios._ grid iiboattlia 40 !mut ithe.l
war guard quarla Arldootinid.
trim Woe . ..hitt and the dying. Mr.
-Wound* it red; are dangerumn, ' but StrOag.
hopes dreeti ertained that they are mdse.
The draderaftheilmik vissAnind -
Mid to Pilo doubt, that Copt. Di* eine
k far the rposeartaiiiinftiint
lie 114 Ilyetim thti_city Isfrstad yea!tre
maw geilerill 'ken esteemed a.ierpcctaile‘on
1011 {admired that
.pvionatiseded to him .too or threirratri ago ilt,
the ati4ir. aqthamatibary Itar bow' this -- etatinibnat
the was reeaely 'tarried, and hair
r high), reapeetible mother litibf in Whetting.
Mr. POlkerang victim, vans • gentleman of hig
standing in 'this city, and haw left a wi l e and
severs{ snap vbildrea. Die and Parker bad
been rjigai -4 as intimate (cicada.
- 71 P TTSVI
rr • • • .Ckents, sdi. Bah aftinifiek ,and
%landi4ils prerytiorriptnpnresely;pthaggiank
ailhe mfro ralrb pnews
Nor Ner ,
•• M ons. and M ado int. Ciltoattiteactt,
will rfive cancan, at the 'Pribaylvania
MIL; thisleveniag. flee attaertieenyent.
A iPiteiIIINWoRTRY Aec.....-We under.
stand that the managersof . the West
Breitch call road company :have appro.
printed die money received fir fines and
penalties,: f.r the infringeteeint of their
ruled amf regulations, as a NO subject to
the iirdefrof the board in Naar of such
Perit:aslB rte may he disabled Sr injured in
the jam-vice of the company or in ilia
mining dr transportation connected with
the road :
. .
w Cot:lyir:--A number of petition;
hav 'beet s presented to the Legit;latmt,
PraYitig for the formatinn ;it 6 stew county
out 'tot Northampton and Monroe, to be
calliid C arbon counts.. •
a, 1
Cori ' antics.-.-NeerlY 011 the notes
• : • int his ' hbo' fiood •
m crcu ation . neig t• , issued
by he county tiPhtladelpllla, ate eimn
terfeits.', In the geniiine notes i , there is a
I spade between the wing and the hill of the
ea+; ad on the counterfeits; the bill Tests
on " Oe ring of the-eagle. - •
1 „ . • . .
Amoimt tit:Coal sold on the li n e o f the
cadil between this place and Philadelphia,
in t e following years, viz:
1820, ' Tod* 3,154
1827, - , . 7,372
1828. ' 8,322
1829, ...
7. . 5.341 •
i 830, - - 6,150'
1831, - .. 10,048
1832, -.- 13;129-
1833, "...' 19 432-
1834% ' • 18,572
1835, 17483 '
Ist3o, 21,749 '
• 1837, ' - 28,775
in ;Buffalo, is confirmed. He waaarreeted
byl the United Statis Marshal, charged
with raising an army in the United States
to ',intrade Canada. He was liberated on
ball, in the sum of five thousand dollars.
; Mr. M'Clititock, the Van Buren candi
date for mayor of Pittsburg, hes - succeeded
hp; a majority orB6 votes, in consequence
ofj a large number of Whigs wring for
hits, who were opposed to Mr. Irwin, in
consequence of his being a violent .and
pinscrip!ive anti-mason. The • council Is
anti-Van-Boren, for the fitst time. The
city of Pittsburg can poll a Whig majority
offour hundred votes.
tThe Assembly of New York have, by
a 'one -of 100 to 27, passed a 13t11 repeal
init the law prohibiting the banks from
iseuing notes of a less- denornittaiinn than
fine dollars. The Rill is now before the
Senate-. where its passage is considered
. , .
A. great CoLservative meeting was
held'in the city of New York, a few days
sk 4 pee, at whieh M. M. QuAg o tztraos pre
sided, assisted by Preservedl•ish, - Gideon
Lee; Samuel Swartwout,.collector of the
porti together with about fifty other per
tains, as Vice Presidents and Secrete, ies.
Strong resolutions against the sub-treasury
system, and the new humbug, the special
deposite system, were adopted. This
meeting may be considered the prepare,
tOry, step to the organization of a new
party, based nn the prineiples promulgated
in the days of Jetrersoniutd Madison, and
wills be followed up by meetings of the
Conservatives throughout . the country.
Twenty thousand copies of the address and
resolutions, were-erdered to be printed—
aitd !we observe that twenty Thousand co
pies! were also ,ordered to be printed at
Washington city. They eell.apott - tbeit
reptitilsean friends throuohout the country
ensever all eannesjon with •the loco focus
zed" destructivee, And to rally under ,the
Old banner el democrati c republican prin
jeel6rizury Lvit aIA LieIIiLATIIRIC-1111 the
tune, neirly‘the whobi weep has been
tiiken ug.inthe discussion of Mr. Darrait's
SO.fhitioitir on_ s stibjet of the right of
:,E. ion, They tWeresupported by Messr s .
vial', and Fraley of the city, and oppo
iby Messrs. Burden and Pesisrm.'
, n the. Hippie, similar resolutions trey.
Ared by Mr. Ford.
1 The discussionon the kisobition oared
bY! Mr. Johnson. Indio ter else the gnitir.
- - • . .
jo i r . s inthisage, on the subject ot-apKopri
pions, . was continued &in the House on
- Wedneidayo,' - Thursdayi asilWrriday. laid.
1 eigclue . ii*lirlill ether business; ' T x.
,i T ee ltmErrnlfdat ptiticsis. It the
purse •otAlebaititikaiidecided, by fLogpt,
L :-*
'a 40 10 mi .)
414 iiilkesfuL eg '
volwioniqui ►
46. - - Ai the int
= .Mr' Hinchmt
,thy. the want number of "pleat* pr met],
and that - portion relative: to' intern int.
proventents En reteittd io tint int rift._
meet consWeittee.
Poraitioved an atnentiment, waif
2000 quitiaa in tbeLiiglieh atr 1 in
the Gerfaing. which wail', nettnisedo . by
'vote of 47 Itt'4& -
After some fp;titer dettatpAin amend
mem of Mr. Garietawras tstitted4 Yeas
50—nays 89.
The Natio/nil Intelligence's of Thursday
says, that the 'Senate have not y‘t got
through inconsiderate in of Mr. Calhoun 's
resolutions. it wee engrigrd during Mr
whole of Wednesday ip discussing the fifth
of his resolutions, sue the sUbstitute offer
cd for it by Mr. Clay, of KV. A fter long
apd complex proceeding, Mr. Clays sub-
stitute, bovine been modified, wolf ;finally
adopted vo tit; foliating foil% by tr vote
of 36 to 9. - •
"Rrsoltinl, That the interferenCelby the
citizen of eny olttthe states, with the view
to the aholittonuf slavery in the
is endangering the rights and security aT
the people of the District; and - that any
act of Congress designed to abolish slave
rr in this District, would he a violation of
the faith implied in the cessiona ,by the
state, of Virginia and Maryland, a just
cause of alarm to the people of the slave
-holding states, tittd have a direct and ine
vitalthsienttericy to disturb and eqdanger
the Union'''
= important jive* A:PRentle
man in the city of Mexico, under,.dnte of
Nov. , iimitgioco the editors of the...Nit
rite's' Intelligetcer, t We are on t he
eve of -a revotritiiin, theobject or which .
will do nwei with the present iihjections:
ble constitution, acil re.elitabliA the okl
one of 1824. There Will be no blood shed
in the manes it will be eifectei4 by those
power, by which they *ill be ;kept in.
This is the way we manage in this coun•
t ry..'
Mins, in North Carolina—Tile Rat
eigbilegrater• recei'verl this morning says :
—"About a month since announced
the opppoge of the "Nearhero - Sentinel,"
'I! stanch Administratinn print. We have
flow to femur' the death of a kirldr4d Jour
nal, 114., "Tarboro Sttevrila." . 4 third—
the "Moral tarolina Juoinal"-, r - is offered
fur sale." -
The Registet,well,remerks in reference
to the subject, these ere not el:limp - Kt
ant facts in detettoistilig the political chi%
acter of North Cerulean. : Such mortali
ty Maur re or thSeatened, among tire orgam.
of Van Burenism, denote anything but lOC
cos. the Sib Treasury •ETchenies and
schernem--Thei &inherit Slate, we ap
prehend, will be very Amin its 11l , Yemenis
to take a position ; '!with'the Horres.t Nub
fier, in support Jof the favourite and leading
measure of the glottis 'party—a party which,
in Mr. Cattituures .own language: lately
used, was bound together only by the
.`cohesive power" Of a common e)1 pee t n
love of ..plunder.", OW Rip is not
given ton morbid delicacy of appetite, hot
he cannot swalbmitwelve-ilfine , and walk,
ill 4 reasurers. This Van• Buren" Call
'scheme, ist•tto great a tax on hie capacity
of degiutition, 'sod he will none of it. •
The Exploring Espedition.—The N. Y. Joni ,
nal orConitsietee liart—We learn that the ex.
ploruig Expedition is to be thapatrited forthwith.
Cupt.4(earney is appointed :o the command. Sod
has entered oh his ditties. The MaCerlonian is
not to go, but her place is to be implied by the
sloops Vandalic and Pelt:lick. bulb ollwhich are
nearly ready. one at Norfolk and the: other •we
believe et Riwton. The brig, which were built
for the purpose and IV tqcl) are in well fined for
the service. hy their capacity! ofsaihno slitewise
and stern foram* are not to , gn. en the Epedi.
Lion will consist ofthe two sloops. 'atcrre ship and
schooner." • .
Mr*Sage flovOrnor Eyries of Moosecbooe:to.
—We find in this MesiOige the fallowing, print
graph of general interest:—
I have teceividliont the Governor of Rhode
I stand ( ',copy of resolutions. on I he' uhject of
the 81111C11011 of Tessa to the Union, ~paysed by
the General Assembly of Rhode at whose
request I transmit them to' the two; frouser4—
This mearme. surveyed in 411 its tispeets;
pears to me among the nibst inommitooi ever
submitteiito the reciple of-the United; Wes,
- volving esinai l lierations 'both uf dorrrevtie and for.
etgn policy; the gravest : and moat 'alarming
character. •
. The ambition of extended empire has proved
ruinous to every powerful State - Wheel! has arisen
in the world. It is peculiarly at war with the
spirit of a cantiderate• republican tovernMent
whose greatest 'dangers ipring from t e aneroid
able diversity of sectional interests. its the dig.
Arent parts of a very extensive region. The
•avowed objects of the propelled ince/potation of
this vast territory unto our Unto?, fare doubly
fraught with peril to its prosperity sod i.ieeme
tilhe correspondence between Mr. Pox and
Mr.Forriryttl. ernemunicated to Congress and
published in the National Intellogencer,
cuuntenanitxs Ike idea of misunderrianding bat
tween the two goternments on acceont of late
events or. the frontier. •
' The advantages resulting to both. frr•in the
.Fittservatlon of our mtnical4a relations, is. so .appa
rent, that it arodid be madneas in either party'
to screen offenders, and ate!have nerldonbt that
examples will bc anode on both side., and all
reasnnable and proper eitplanationsi giver and
received. We confider the. outbrealt in Canada
as at an sad. and. the unlawfttl asvcrublage at
Navy litbritt, W net already disperacii by force,
will soon hit* [o-leave the falano Iron, necessity,
ma we • prtannte otie , eeKtt lily rill ibe strictly
observed, and they naivete( l in that elan receive
aid er - supplies flatfoot' sider—Jl, Yprk Swan.
tits Ads.
• .
.. '~7 .a .. ~
Fug Cetteda.:.-I.l l. tistqcalliains this: meriting
will hei`ffiudif the rearithen acconol'of The taps
turebr the Cetrolinei ,Yrhick'am cupy from, hive
/Grum Petrie.. It wilt •e Men that the expe.
idon limeade* out bf-order of Col. Macßae.
and commanded by Capt. Mew of the .. korai
Navy'. Thigptaces the mkt& stair le, a far
more serionk.light then we expected. end our
feir render with:Meer rime difficult than4as
eetic led. -
n Ws tndtplethe lump ltat•.the whole affair will
bd mortiptlY tilsilowed and noper reparation
toide by thlr Heidi& • authorities is aeon u the:
6rcui afflict case- ire . obtained, - There car. no•
longer be Ant
.do4tlatt an the *missing, were
liiiid o as they spiiear,to4ve defended the boa
witetrpirit*.—. V. r.
From the Tinsettratritt of Jae. 6.
We have remind 11-610 a (Need-. at Chippewa
the farming gratifying Intelligence.
On Frrilay..lassobe • 29th Wimp, a 'Steamer
galled thereto line, which lied been given. lent,
chartered or Feld by thelluffelosians to the
• Pirates on Navy= jiland, dropped kiwi. from:
Ruffiloe to Schlosser. A protect was.,
ately formed to cut.herout, and nine boats with
nine Volunteers in each.were prepared in Chip.
pewa Creek, with intent to start on theturvim
at nine ta:clock, but they did ant depart till 10.
The enterprise was commanded by Captain Drew
of the Royal Navy. Four only of the boats mad
good their way to the Steamer which as they
*preached were hailed by • sentry"„*" when no
answer being given. the sentry pganigailed, and
the answer returned was .Prieads,",but the coon.
tersign being dentarded and not given, the sent
try fired at the leading boat, which he missed.
and was instantly stint tired by a young sailor
of the name-of Arnold; twelve or Aileen of our
breve Volunteers were instantly on deck or the'
Steamer, Capt. Drew being the first on board.
when commenced the tug of war. The Pirates lost'
„rnen killed, several of their wounded got away.
PO list we made hat fbw prisoners. Tice, num.
her of pirates on board wag about 30 well armed.
bot.a great number oft l hem Were on shore tiring
rifles from • di-tames in the kirk, refardlein,
whether they killed friends or foes !loch is the
rootage of criminal's, • The lame young sailor
who had shot the sentry was wounded in thu left
warn the mentient be • reached the deck'. but he
gallantly with hie right knocked down the pi.
rate who had wounded him, and killed him with
the butt of his unloaded pistol. a
The pirate flag, being a tricolor, with two stars
was taken by a gallant young gentleman of' the:
name of Finials/1N of the Coobourg Volunteers,
a nephew of the veteran Capt. Hammond cif Hal.
dimand. Captain MeCot 'nick, a Lake Captain,
who commanded the second boat, was severely.
though thank God, not, dengerusly,woonded.—.
Two. ba ila passed ;Omagh his left wrist„ and one'
'entered his left shonfder. He hat:l.:however the;
satiafactino of killing on the spot the pirate.
who shut him in the shoulder. The 'gallant Capt..
Warren, late of the 66th regiment, who was in.
the seine boat with Capt.MTAwmitit, we are sor.f.
ry to say was also wounded by two sabre cuts and
a shot. Captains Zaaland end Mosier
arertvmnng the moat gallant of the gallant bay*
ens, ittdeed all ate fir above our humble powers
of prelim& '•
The Melee! Steamer Ms towed a short dist
twice out, and in &out an hour emitting `ll boil
light around. went I hondering over Niagara Pa!ls / ,
and her fragments arc pow strewed on the banks
'of the Niagara river. This glirlims schiethment.
has not coot us a single men, 'the Caroline the
1 r a ti. er ohl.smi not somposed 10 be worth olrei.
stioomf; a small damsgral.fsknie rich and tieNte
ous Itoffaloolens can easily make Up to the Pi;
rate, for whom their Itionibie isyMplithic., gain
daily sirtmelli. Thole Perish•rvery Brie let BRIT ,
Copl of a letter"Tmin the Hun Arable A. N. Mc. Nably„Col. Commanding, to Col. the Honorable
Jonas Jones, A. D.C. ~ t ,
Head Quarters i ,Chippewsy. 30th Dee, 1837. ,
Saturday morning, 3 o'clock
Sills—l have the honor to report fur the Infos , -
mutton of his Excellency the Lieut. Governop,
that having. received positive information, Jhalt
the Prates and Rebels at Navy Istsod had Pa c•
chased a steamboat, called the Caroline , tot facil
itate their intended inteston of this eeerotty—end
being confirmed in my,intio motion yesterday by
the host (.vhich sailed wider British colorp) afm
Kerley at the Island. lAtermined upon 60011E1
her mot and having sync Captain Drew. of the
Royal Nave" he, in the moo ga Bent matinee:, with,/
a crew of volunteerit(whme names I shil M here.
.aller :swollen) perfnimed 'lns dangerous ee.
%/loch was handsomely etrepled. In tonseguenge
of the Itratv current it'waa found to be intim+
ble to Wit the 'vessel eve' to this place, and et ••
therefore neitssafy to set her on fire. Hier al.
ors are its my pos4ession.
I have the honor to be, Sir. your oheirt.iler f earit;
' A. N. lIIACNA *Col.s'
P. S. We have Iwo or three wear : ssa d
the P.iraies about the same number kill 1
A. N. *ACi , ...%8. ,
..------, T
There were no slips last night from Re* Orleans.
* Orme or arm Repo& rc
SAV 4IN NAIL Jatioar3 6, I P.. . i
1M POR Tel N . l ' FROM FLplt IDA-v. 9 KrElt
cl i
fl,y the orpcil of the steamboat Cam iv, Cpl.
! %lit.i.s, from 1 6.1rey:s Ferry, we learn. th tun tie
28th olt. between Peas creek and the pig Cy.i
,press swamp, a smell party l of Indiamias seen I
and pursued, and when the pursuing par ty rea4h-. 1
ed-the hammock. the Indians were diacusered in
great torte, and a Beanie contuse iminedttel# ere ,
sued, in which 28 ofour golLint ho
which kill
ed, and 111 wounded. Among :he 'killed ire
Col. Thompson, Capt. Van Sweartogen; Lieut.'
Brook,-end Lieut. Center, all of the Atirny, end
Col. Gentry.Ctetain Andrews, wound . Col.
Gentry has libelee, died. •
The. love of the Indiums not ewer( ned, but
presumed to be large. A few days prey ous Gen.
1./ ..
Jesup captured 27 Indians near Fun ne.
From the Jacksonville Courier
We ha..ten to give to the public the anteing
Intelligence of a bottle taught between r-trocips
and.the Indiana. The plate , as stated - the let..
ter is nut known to us, or tothe wetter. Stroh se- ,
counts caning but convince all that the foe we
are person:a and fighting ; is not lillie elntettured.
To the Editors of the Jacktionaille Ofturlar.
• Goter:s Feast, Jun. , 1838.
Sir-IDear hasten . to iillloolll you at n hat-
tle wait fought a few daystitinee, (placae known)
between fhe Indians and a part of the h Refit
mein of Infantry: We lost In killed and Wound.
ed 139: lute of the enemy nut known=atho officers
killed are Lt. Col. Thompson, Captain Van,.
awearingeno LW. Wolk and Centeremr Colegeo
try of the Volunteers. Wounded 111 -,.killed 28,
' • Yours in haidei,
Ohio and Altairiasippi Rivera.—The ire em
!skied in navigating thew tirem 638 eamboate,
and 6000 'Cat and keel boats, on boar of which
about 50,000 men are employed.
. ,
111t'0417.00 . Va 41iit ;,
A Bre lately occurred at New Orleans,
slid destroyed properly _computed to be
worth $9.5001:10. roue or five persons
I -risked fn the flambe.,
• 1 . FROM Wa
Wastitittvrott § January 12. 1838.
Reports were in tinier in the House of
RepresentAives, Aniongttie reports pre -1
sensed was one from the. Committee on
Elections in rel•dimi ttilfiettnteat - M - elfe:
Oori or Messrs. Claiborne and Oholson.—
The Committee merely report the facts in
tiftetitie int! leave the whole matter to the
consith ration of the members of the House.
In the Senate hir. calhoun's resoltitions
have healt,dispoted of, The sixth readtu•
tionwas laid on the tibia .tin Friday last4y
a vote of 35 to 9.
It is said that the ConuMmureatth Dank of tics.
.n has closed its doors: The president of Ibis
Institution, Mr. Simpson, recently died Very sud
denly, from an injury sustained by the umretnir
-Gran omnibus. The bank was one of those potty
shops got up by the Jaeltsowinen of Huston, for
their ewn purposes. It was early made a
t r pct,
and is now deflanct.—U.EL -Casette.
teen. „Thelann..-has written a letter 11 Mr.
Dawson 00 Cineincati, expresping hia warme,t
concurrent* In the SulalireaPhry . Scheme, It
bre a ther out thteauptiegs and ►laughter atainit
the, Bank.. .
The lesson furnished by the following brief
paragraph onght not to he hut on those *ho court
the applause of the multitude, and prefer its cla
mour to tHh impartial judgment of posterity.--
Nat. let.
"Emirs oto tower, In Near Yost day
.furraten by the partieans of .the Hem.
pun—trot • drum • selitery t ittnind of
joy! General ..laccsoitt in his Ilersalleoe, can
new sesseashot oil the adoration ofjhe office Ara.
ese raOe worths"
Tgg ShlAllecrAt CASIOLIIVe.—The his
tory of few vessels is so esontful l as that of
the Caroline. She Ives built of rive oak,
some years ego, at Charleston, S. C., and
was brought to Albany, between which
place and Troy she plied for some time.
She was then Gent by the Bricand Oswego
canals to Canada, when a new, keel was
given her, and made a British bottom.
Having been engaged in some smuggling
transactions, she was condemned and sold,
-thus making her'an American bast again.
After plying from this to various ports on
the lake, she went on - her in fated espedi
lion' down the river, and met with an end,
the sublimity of qthich min scarcely by
Loo roectuna,—Petitions ar on estraoteinaij
nature *till to day presented an the Assembly. by
Mr, Sibley, who in nfering.them. remarked that
however much he difered in sentiment from the
mcmoriali.ts, he held the right of petition to be
sarTrd. One of these Petitions oak* for the re
proraornt loom reitiehlraelihit ordinary taker en
the Nifiltkith, dad for the vistrttage era tam prohltetr
ing eleshmez from perforating the market con.
true, and from acting al inspectors in Public
&hada. In reply to et.. enquiry of Mr. Taylor,
as to what poet of people had signed this petition,
Mr. &Mel feplied . that the getleman whose
name stood at the head °fit. atairlast winter Ictr
;minted Farr Juno". or Monitor. Couterv!—Al6.
Zee. 'Atte.
1 .,
cies! Deposit* System.—This iv. she hew
for of the 134 humbug. The proposition ill to
hot' d ens lock op the politic money lit the banks,
' ,at Owe to keep H Mit Of 'Cirtolatiort. If we
ha re Surplus Resenue ( . X1,00,010,00% the Soc.
'dal Deposita Syktem will lockit no, Thins we
have humbug noon humbug.— N. Y. Express.'
Oil the 4th• inst. by the Rev. Mr. Her.
pel, Mr. Gtoson lomat, to Mi." Wp.-
11ELININE EILLERIN both of Potteville.
off Saturday the I.lth inst...
SiLvt, son if Jolti, and Elizabeth S. Clay•
tool. aged l Infieth4. . •
.f. .
It EVI Ew ot"rite•lmmicr,,
4Poitsvt7le. January 17..1838.
VlllllEyr FLOUR. by the load was worth on Fri
day $9 so.
W 1 141 . :AT I $$ pet plotbel, itr demand.
RYE FLOUR 300 per cwt. in demand.
bushel—read cwt. in dereind.
YF by the Mad cettur by the bushei—rea
RYE Oftur OS 'Opts per bushel iniAernand.
OATS 43 tent,-reirly tale-
POTfATOM 50 cents per baste in &tumid.
,fXtRN-..70 cents per bushel in demand.
CLOVER SV.Eb--$5 50 per bushel.
TIMOTHY SEED-$2 00 per bushel.
irLA71.51.1.:13--11 12 per bushel in demand. „
WHISKEY-42 centsxer g2llnn.
BIIPTE.II-14.cents per pond-in Hess 12 tents,
EGGS--12 cents per dozen.
LARD-10 cents per pound.
TA LIOW-9 cents per round:
HAMS 12 cents per pound.
CORN CHOP SI/ cent, perbashel in demand.
SACON--12, - eents per potiridir
BIMSWA X=4B cents pet pound.
FE ATIIERIS4-- 62 Cents per poitod.
COMMON WOO}-4bncerits per pritinif.i.
ACKERF.L. by the bbl. No 1.212 00 No. 2. $ll
SALT -..2 624. pm...6644P per bushel.
PI AVER. is Worth $7 00 per ton.
HAT $lB per tort.
Apprentice wanted,
Wanted at th 4 -office,i an active and in
telligent tad, who can read and
. write well,
age about 10 or 10rars, as an apprentice
to the printing buainesa.
I"' price $3 jest *rived and for sae by
Jan ie - B. HANNAN.
B - - - • 7
UFPONS' History , 5 vols. complete.
Price $4 15, just recetacti and tor sale by
jan 10 B. ftANMAN.
• TO Merehtmif and ofireft.
9.AND 10 quire thy &Oka and Ledge,
fuakcap lirsz,cheeP.jnat received and fur Pale
by IL BANN AN. -*
jan 10. • I—.
N EW YORK smoked brat—joss received of a superior quality 'sad Ow sale by
my 23 1- • T. & T
vittsvazzis asimataznah
►,~flE third Ikerembly wilt - beleid it the Penn.
sirlvenia . Hall. on Thtirminy ennui, the 18th
,an 13 ! 9IS
Of irpeal and bitrunientia Mwde,
en the HERMAN . HARP ind P/04/11.
A T the solteitathin bf nomerOus felends. Mona.
rurd,Mad. CAPIDEROEIME.IOII gimanie•
titer Cowen at the Pennerlvanin hall. Utis Nevei
.flint• (WedneidaY,' Jan. it.) at hatf past* &-
cinch,nVentsely. , •
1 All those , whir Save heard the!ttnitlillints of Mr.
Csoderheech on the Probst. Amatirons and Pro.
fessore have declared Meth to itertitt ell thing
ever heard.
Loirers of good Nido Will do well dot n Woe
this opportonity. Mr. C. will 'rive * great yarns
tv ofhpitations, neier before performed in this
plane.' •
Tickets SO cents, to be abed tit 1,1
princinalastels, and at the ticiot
January it
Tunnel 11line
v.ANTED a few oti,uers to
Vennif at Tamaqua, to who
ges will be gitatia, Apply to
Tarruttpia, Jan 11, lid& •
undentiened respectfully in arms the ells
itens of Pottstiiia and its.vici ity,that they
hate commenced the cot:meting flu loess at their
Armory.. in the Borough of Pot "title. where
they aret,ptenated An eitedule all dera In that
Ilhe of husinesfa. at the abetted Doti' and nn the
re ile terms. G. . LAUER. ,
r m:
1 . - .18111 3-4
.4 perfect Clare 'Prod' by the. Ire tweet if rh.
• • William Etent. •
Mr. John Gihron, of N.-4th 61. - i. Williatilin ,
burfoielicted Whit the above rem int for threw
years and nine Months. during • hich time he r
had to use ertitches. His eb,iet striptoms were
eserneiathig pain br all his joints, ot especially,
trt,the hips. siortiltier. knees and a Idea. in lIIV
&ovation of the pains towards n htl and forihri.'
Most part aft times from external teat. an obvi
ous thickening of the falai& and t i ments, with
a complete h i ss 4,l'mM/cuter p?wer: Vor the ben
efit of those-aMieted. in m simile manner, Mr.
Gibson ooncelves it meet to say hat' the pain.
have clitoris ceased, and that h i s . joints have
, . ~,.. •
completely 'reovered their natural tone, and ha •
feels ableto resumihis ordinary business. - .
T an election held January 8,, lERI,-* (Di&
lowing named stockholders were otteninums.
Io chosen mtinseers of TttgAltNE HILL AND
PANY, for the costlier rear,
Jame!' Bundni., .-
Benry,Peul Beck,
lokn Livegey,
Edward Loysbei,
Jan la
Qffice of the Mine and Schvylkitt
Haven'Rnil Road Ctimpany. # •
Philti4eiphia, (Ist mr.nth) Jan. 3d.1898..
'WHY: Patel of '.4lsnagers have this day deehr,
• erf a vlitiffett•l ore per erot.•opon the eopitaf
.fork ophe rompotsv flit the hut half ytior.,whielt
will be jperrbie to the ateetchnhlet4 tot toe efter
the 14th inst. JOHN • H. CR R‘SON •
Jen,l3 2-et Treseurrr.
kist -
eibocies Store* Ovens.
r 1 WO giaterhnek'stitnvia -anti Oven!..- just re
w"' calved and for sale by 4. HANNAN,
;an 12 _ • •
THE -Nevp Enplanit Varner, orF rtneti Re
*. eeipt Book. 22d &hit'''. rat ived and
for Pale by NAY,/
Jan 13 • •
iv. I.otei (or Stile. ! .
ILL be edictal Private Sale, 2 twenty feet
tots, A:lusted on the South side .J of Market
efeit, in this borough, nearly. opposit the, Pres.
byteeisn Chureh. For tcrtwe stagy t ot• '
Jan I 0,„...1-3° YEIR[ERTAILI it'll. • 4
, ,
Olitet 0* Till uttl4.aicales Co.
npflE %reefers have this d'aiillecitiLed
yearly dividend of five per cent . ; outer the
profit's orthe ecnnpanv, whi'dh • will be paid to
the Stoeichigdefit or their legal tekesentativea f
alter the 16th instant
Jan 'lO l'-G . 1- Skeretary.‘
.-, .
011191001 , T ats DZI,AW4ItIt Co t. CO. i .
''Phifada. Jannary 4 Ist.lB.
AM Et - 1114G of theStociihnlidera i f this Coma
pang. and an election forfiaetreietore fot
the ensiling year, will'be Weld at the company '. office, No: 117 Eolith Third street. Saturday
the 3trebettirjr, it 4 o'elnitk, t. Xi .,
I n
101p1 IV itE,, -
Jon 10 1:41
MaLtiO , Cii rboit Rail ißoa d Cam' any:
N atickii hereby Osten, kat- a (meeting of
KbOincihtilder . m, and an elietiori for a Pre.•
illaiiitothibt Menagerie, a Treitioarer •d 'Secretary
Of the ottniPmehon Rail Road Com ny.iirill be
4 1
field at Rip#ll7. South Third areal. P IfildOPltio.
on SalordaY the Sd day of February :Wet, LI
o'citielt. A. M.
Jannarillo -I,te i ' • reaident.
Ilfotice. l -
T HE partnership hereinforestaisti g eoder the
hrrn of I'.; Stall and John . P, 0 resent, was'
by mutual consent dissolved on'thts fi t
Jan 19 xJ
A LL perform AFC hereby. forbid
wire on my eeemini, J 1 11 . on ! . det
to paxan, debts of her tetetractint
andlot aab by , ; B. gl
'414 ,
Cfe. ek and . • / Vavijr---ati4
and Rail Road Company.
r 111 HE Boartl.4. Ma riserai , have ;thissiay de,
A Oared a ditidend o ; six per eent.
last Sii mamba sin die:capital stock of thitiVont,
pany t piyable :to The Stockhoder" br their kliaV
representatives..atter the litth inst. it thestificeitir
the Tietsortr the of of piinxiont & Depoisei .
it at Port Carrisin:,, -
Secretary &7.umastreir.z,
,lanus!rl,lB3o. .;
e bet eras
rive ■ lock
liberli wa.
Renjornjn gorier '
William ,tichordion.
Komori; Mown, Jr..
John FJ.Creoinn.
Thorn's Ridgriir.
2,3 t
tux date.
1 74