The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, January 17, 1838, Image 1

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'tally in advance.
ILbe charge.ii to ai i
, ofpotange. To
not paid within. th'
.o price of subsoil p I
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in the year. $4 w
ettiye the paper r
$3 per annum I
will be idded to
per annum, payabl,
paid w/tbirt the
in advance. If n
be ch4rgeti
not exceeding twe
ee insertoon4—and
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nth will be insert
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'yrs will be chart;
tion to the paper
vertisement not ex,
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ease.] toihe ofitnr
ntion will be paid
r meetings, dr.c. a
ofore been insert
each, except Merril
charged $1 fort
insertion. UM'
ad,vertis t
out, unless the tit
is specified tand
ludiug subtari
of keepingzone a.:
standing during
er one meach p
111 letters add
ottierwise no att
All 'entices f
which ha'►e he
charged 25 cen
* hers, Forei
.r the I Case,
John McCall!.
George T. Ch
Copartners on.
firm of McCa
i No. 1
-Henry Frede
U County,
he Corn (non I Vera!,
(1 ?-.
• ' ( 5
o the Sheriff ot su
: We ()outman
tech Henry Fro.
our county, by Ail
oods end chattels
se hinds. or tiro-is; ssion soeser the
,so that he be and .ppear belbre our
non Pleas to be It Wen at pirwigs.
,r said county, on the Monday prc
st Monday of Ma ch next, there to
' • cantles and Gra rge er.'Clut Thera,
,er the fins at McCanles & Cho in..
/' Of trespass ern the Case, &c. And
summon ntf4. Manufacturers and
tank of the? Northilrn Liberties," in
Ir.(' Philadelphia, tole all . persons in
1 or possession tl* said goods and
iids and tenementsi, or any of them,
! ed, so that they and every of them
rppear before the [said Court at the
above,reentione4 - to answer what
. ed against therh, and abldt- the
l : the Court thereM. And the,Hon-
IBlythe, Presideqi of our saniCourt
g . ere twenty,third day of Novem.
ne thousand etiht hundred and
; . . - I Pxothonotary.
-. .
manta, in wh , !
same may be
Court of Com,
burg, in and
ceeding the I
answer John i
copartners u
bets, of a pie,
also, that yo
the county
whose hand,
chattels, Ls
may be atla.! l
may be and li
day and
shall be
mirable Cala
at Orwigsb.:
bar,. A. D.
thirty seven..l
herebygiven, tat in Obedience
hove did,, on the sth dayof
, tittach all thoke contikuotra lota
-the Borough of ottsville, - iiituaie •
usterly aide d .Ce.ntre street in the
1 ' of Schuylkill, exited in Benjamin
( ;'tial plan of saidßorough, nanbers
i...ntaining in front on, centre street
in depth 230 feet, (conveyed to De
-IThos. Ewing, by Deed recorded in
p 498 ditz.) Also all the moie
' ant in a certain tract of land situate
husanne townallo in Northampton
partly in Rush t wnship in Schuvl
aforesaid, as bounded and described
Jritece thereof from Jacob Alter and
.rnelius Stephenson and wife, dated
1830, and Recorded in Northampton
.11 end Book • F vol. '5, Page 343 &c to
nd one Charles Egner in fee.
5-6 w .
to the
of groped
the bicuth
said count
Pott's adds
13 and 14,
120 feet, an
Deed atiok
ty of Defen
partly in
county, an ,
in the cony,
wife, and
March 20,
county, In
Dec 23
ii , given, that letter's or Admirtiatration
, n granted to kite 'aitbscriber, by- the
1 Sehpylkill county, of the estate of
-, , deceased, late of Manheim township,
.unty, . AI; pers4na indebted lei satd
herein* requested to make payment
rtbers,i bettiveen now 'and the Igth day
next, rind such who may have claims
te, are lik - evvise requested to present
ut hentiented, until .said date.
nave •
Register o
John no
estate are
to the loth'
on said es
them well
)01 - 1N BOWEN',
111:5W EN, t Ad m 'rs
dee 9.
George Relber, deceased.
E is hereby give 4 that 'letters testa
ry haheeo graXited by the Register
Countyill to the sbscribers, executors
will and testame nt of George Reber,
If TOsogrora, In Schuylkill County, de.
erefore all person having claims or
gainst the estate Of the said decedent.
ted tb make knoWn the same to them
f them without:day, and ail r...rtionir
. the estate of t h e said decedeut are
6 pay the same toleithei of OM silbscri t
New Castle.
3 6 MeKranstierg.
t I
N in a - 1 - 11 men
. of the la- ,
.E.q. late
ceased, U,
are requ.
or either •
ZARD - &
014,,A LE A.
°Ode, Gre
quor I St)
Centre and Mar
Cornrr o
. Lum
t Joint Shingles,:
I Lap do
0 Lathes, soitabe for paling or shin•
or gale by A. A. G ILE.
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20. I k
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w 0 RXE
removed hi& Utile
feihiii Briar, Bniid
here ihe still item
hire in the line
limb and
Subscriber will i
'lnd Welsh Book
.oe wishitig to
rplease !eine a
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I ' .. fr : i '. .4.....• ,
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,t : - -.: t" .:9.4 . 1.3-0:: .71 • 47:1 t. 3.11 T , ? 1 •' .
r‘ , l . •-• 0 0 .,..9 . .•;' , ..e . :., , , , i'::
••• ..- : ILL,
•',.: : 3- “ , •.; fif • V "',,„, •I-:1 k. i Pri : y'' cp.- -; 4 1 / 1 .. , 11 , ,!.-:..r ;1r...? 'l
I I . -1 .. -... ' . ,
, _ - a --_ . ... ~-.... --,..-.........,---!---__l-'-.. ~.: !..-1 0 . • ,
~ •+1•, - :. ' ll l “ w , ~ i ' ' 'V; ' • '.... : 4 '' '. .... 3 - :, t.ilt ,1 1'.• ~ • ,
‘ ..', i 1 . ' 4,
••- • • -......._ —WEL, ' - ‘.. -, - 4: , ''r i!: 1, r. •: ' - 7 - '- .
1 , 4 . ' t
1 ' .' - ' .1:,-LL- ' ..aL r; '' - ' '' ' ,.: 4'. '' ' ' ,_--2- ' .• -, it' .1% '''.'"i! ;:T irrzi. -.:,., -4,1% 1 , -. - 11, : -. t.,•'t, .cL, ;•41 - ' '-..„.,• •--- •• ~, A
~., 'k •-•••••
A 1 . 4- A l 1 24
I WILL TEACH YOU TO PIERCE aocalitalaaiwc gain Lica SWIG 4)l*
• Croa t.
Six•th Annual., ReporS, aut e byt . the Board af ,Tr 4 tol/0
• te ,
Misting Aser:ll , w4:on - o chirylkill'egunty. Javi‘ary VAS. 1 '
The Board of Trade nt pefierit to.the Coal alliting-Assecia
tioe their sixth annual re' ort,iin which they'have 4ndeavored ter
embody a retrostiect.;,•thoith isiapeefeet, of the 'past year's ope.
rations. ' - - . '. l' 1 •
it iti the ' ' • t
Theaspect of business l wit n past I welveolonths has va.
vied from one extreme 10 this other. In the he inning of the
year, every part of-our btVirtilit 'its gang on rep dll. awl wt
a full-determiaatibn-on our phrt, if possible, to. out a supply
of coal equal to the demlo. •
Difficulties in monetar,,. affairs, which had heed gradually in
creasing in the
. suuthern and some other seelionlifiTtheePuritry,
came upoaus suddenly ihithe hitter part-of and pro
duced almoit an' entire ciss,satitm'ef business; which, however,
was partially resumed in Ole efair*e i,?rq,:few dayii. , Such, was the
situation in which we are pleced,,that all iiiiiteditit a call for'a
meeting of thoseJengaged ,in mining coal; believing that by a full'
ex pressioe . end compariso of our ,sentiments on liusffiels gene
rally, and iifrtictilarly ottr own, we Could'ailopt looms general
' pleb that might prove adlentageous to ug o all? 1 .
Whatever reliance we l ay place upon eur'indiyidual, mental,
and efivsica! enrgies, in :ordinary times, yet, in times of danger 1
and difficulty, in the hourof Severe triah men is tilways disposed I,
to-call upon his fellow man far advice and assistance. Such was
the course putsued by !hill tridieg o community in edery section of
the country, and such wtcs the course pursued 'We held
a meeting that was numerotisly attended; and slier a free inter--'
, change of oon find to4terli deliberation, vie retelved to adopt
the coarse that appeared to hs
„most prudent; undgi the elisting
circumstances, and, tadiact# silliest the only-coinse we could ,
pursue. * k '1 ''' 1 - 41 - ' i • ,
In consequence of imfbreeeen diffiautties, the seal merchants
in the cities were under 'Abe t pecnitsity,,,ot countermanding their
orders fOr coal; they dir cted their, shipments tolbe diminished,
i ci
and, in mitny instances, ', be -stopped altogether l'or a time; and
others absolutely refused' tolulfill theircontracss,iallegine in ex•
tenuation the pressure ofithi times, and their tOtel inability Ow
meet any draftsrlthat might be drawn on theta. Residers, it was
impossible to get drafts disceunted at the customary time, how.
ever unesteptiortable thetmig,ht he in °the' respe s ..ats;and, coolie
quently, it was tomessibliii for the colliers to pay •their men, and
they were therefore cotapelled to discharge them.! In this posi
tion of affiiiri, we, publis ed the„proceedings of oir specling, in
which worstated,,to the . Odic our situation,lind vifws.
We stated, that when the question of the reduction of duty on
foteign coal wa s agitate iin Congress, we had pledged our most
strenuous effortelo make the home production ehual to the de
mand, and that we had, h,Y unusual perseverance a jid toil through
a severe and
,itiblementi+inter, accomplished mach, and stood
ready to go on to redeetiniog our pledge'. That Othough-wages.
had been high, we had gene on working and pavi our men re
gularly; and then 00arge amount of coal tocked at the,
_, r
mines ready for,t nspottittion. That the minin „and stocking _
of this coal had absorbed all the capital of the others, and we
were not able to transl'4 the coal into-the market for retail.
M iti eisointed.outitht opts' snediubVthroutsh ix hieh ruf . r"eukt"
eri ii,
toted:reach thri algae; I at; the canal, and flail could be, uses,
only about eight monthiln the year; and the Oesequence that
would result frpm per - ittine this timeato ela Pse in inactivity,
would be -an insufficient 'meet; of coal in the market at theclose
of the navigatn. TO avoid this truly deplorable event, that :
bears so heavil yon the' Poorer classes of the community, wo inc;'
vited those who had mdtieymen of capital-or tbose who could
command it—to come forward and perchase,l•either l'or cash, or
such paper as we email 'make use of 'through 14 medium of the
banks. In such titneoa was experierked whets the foregoing
statements were laid before the pubfic, could rulyiset of men who" '
were not capitalists, wiiii never possessed a largit amount of mo- v
ney, Riddled Estima t e!l flFey did possess; we ask, i could it be sup-
posed that they could (ri d oeopolise any busieess 'lithe magnitude
of the coal tinge arPes#venial Yes, certairqeditors of news
papers—gentlomeri wllom we are satisfied posses much- general
knowledge—did suppose it; or else they ,baveea'd whet they di
Itl i t ) not the mselves'believeiit i or they did, without hesi ion, pronounce,
it an attempt tb, monog tise; a ruse to keep up he price of coal.
by gulling theptitlic ti o thesbeltef that coal lrould be scarce,
unless something was nef t
, z , I.
-. We would sespectlid I, s u ggest to- those- gent oi, men the necw
ityy of acquiring more ',
i Rte•kriowlece, before they ifimottn4e
anY set of megju i l ... reoil o tv,ers,_ seemdatrirs, 4r.e. J. ' r R unnin g ,
what iNiry ilefietitiabel' m 1 - prudent course in theirsbuinness, of
the rarnigeatiBns:uf which they certainly possess the test
mation. • : 1 : - ' 4, -
_, a,; ,c.
We have just cause for,coeratulation, in e fact that men
who possessed the attilikto purcbare, held t he same views of
thesatuatioa of our besineSs that we did, and !tirade investments
in anthracite-coal. • Facilities stirpassingieur heist sailituine•ex-,.
pectationas 4 ere offered, * antl , iiiiile many other branches of
business were hingui*ing ours was going fortehriprospen?esly;
and the small towns and 'Alleges, aril wellas the large and-,4topu
, 1 .
bus cities, have generally: 4 been-fully wiggled. ,
Heretofore, when elterripts have been made to abolishithe duty'
' on foreign coal, the liablie -were induced to lielievathat a' large
supply could be obteintdi from the - Nova Scotia mines.. And
here we may k retriarlc, th4t vessels have lately been obliged to
return from ,therh‘4lCo t cargoes, as neither the Pictou nor
Sidney mines were iti ope tiun. - .
The fellowiri grAb,'e 'bite the. quantity of anthrazite coal
(1 ; a
sent 10 market during tit
. . -
A?ril 1, 1837 : - Old 444 remaining,
Seat from Schuylkill! mines,
Lehie 1 , •
" l , '• Laclmwartna
- -.•
". ,irlitinegrovill3:: 31 - 4' t
- - " Willenabatra coal' basin?' .
'f x 1 .. --
i '• ii* , - Total-In market; 890,933
...-j . • • ,
We thinhilt •pmp4-herls to r emark, that none of the coalmen
.tiuned'in theitprededMeld le, frifiii,,the Williesbarre basin, reach.
ed Philatlelphitienq of he 17,0fillt. i tonit mined at Pmegrove,
about 1006 'iOns..arrived at .the city; and 28,775 tons of what was
entered on the eanallin this region, stoptitalshort of Philadelphiisf
making a
,tatal pf glinutisixty thousand tons :from . this')
.. three
place§ that 'li d not reelti tide water. And the amount disposed
of in the sante:manner, frem•the Lehigh and Lackawanna mines,
we have ate'clgiarttinity[of knowing, butlhelieve it so be very
considerablel, - Thunlit at*ears, that net mate than 834,9 p. tons
reached thelAtlentie matlket.
The who nilinuiit of nth racite coal sent from the coal mines
in Pounayliiiinta, aitinea 'as can be asceroined, since' the cern
mencement ipfithte It . on the I.Attigh id Tir,D;up to"the pre
sent tithe , in 4,o94 'thns. It appears, by the preceding table,
!TS per annum,
Pr not paid with•
those who re
ad subscribers
jear, 5U coals
I sem-annually
ear, $2 50 will
ve lines wtillfile
cents Tor one
until ordered
to be continued,
Sli Per 4tiliteum:
dlfill the privilege.
eeding 2 squares
l ertion of a aniali
kive times.
ast be post paid
n them.
d other notices
ewe.. will be
gee and Deaths.
Tenn, 1838. '
n Altachment,,
il $l4OO
in Pe lnyylvanin
county —Greet
I. you that yoil
.erirkson fate of,
land singular hin
hinds and term
and Li
et Streets,.potitrioille.
to Centre Street, op.
mg of• George M. Jeu.
Aid to nil business en.
of his profession,
Clllll BOOkS.
:port all kinds of Eng.
, at the shortest notice.
~btain foreign publics.
• 'at theofficit of the
' B.
I.•; • 5
• 1 ~ • .
, . • _. .
P TysritlLLE.'PA,. - sir .. ixEsumc mon
3 _,•4.)
..„ ~., • , • .„..2 . 1 „ ;......... 1 t..,, , r,,
. . . -.....
E-, '. - .1 , 1" , .- •
maxims OAQLtIIY or Tim
. none.
Tons 253,152
'that thalitaituty,. • a,ott,l A ppltell: '1837, les all.thate ,4, Itts, ie
.Bflf3,lllo37iniut,tiatliwheihar 'Ouch • ALI will remaitlta-:.72.auted
on ahe-Ist of'Aprjtoeixt,,soll dept i4l itt, some ltioatiere tapsta l i • fie
Olifilmisatrsever yof ffie r tiqfek.
'Ail ilitjfAttes tit the 'taperer ''• • . resign tit '' bustnees, during
li s teittait. year, a ooh lei ,amou : of cod _wee-waited, than it
..,-. " e • ,
-wasetippposed.wopld :be ratptired • • meeltit he del - band. if , redo
`not recollect, thet , .therethes• been,. ithin the flame peripd,Aincet
our first ,roort, such a eoPtinuat e , nging in the pticeer minerel
labour, as- within,the poet .twelv • months. About the I,sit of
January last, wageriAlirliAliigh, a d, ware brought ,dcrien by the
I letitral. depressioi in besitiessabo I the Ist-of May, tindes.busie
tress resumed its activ f l, }they g *ally rose again, and so cone
tinu'ed until the • elosing-of the ca al, arid are now down agajn;
"effecting two entire rAtiphitio in the last twelve months..
owever desirable lit spay be bring oar tinge and all kik',
come:sic/as into airegulat. and ste dy progressive course, yet it
is, atimust continue to be aulijec t o the causes that teed:win
terrupothe regularity /l ofthe trade and commerce of the country'
generally. To this stibjlt, the 'cation of the aslociation may
perhaps be devoted with onie ad wage; and etthougit serum,
sten events may arise to frustra e the object in vie*, yet * by ;
utiite-of action ' nd perseverance, ugh may, be accomplished. ,-
,Until lately, - tins coal fields of ennsylvania , have not been. the
subject - of much inquiry among ologists, though they areno*
eliciting More ailention; and, du ing the past summer, the able
geologist, prolisorAoge T is, who s engaged fur the state,lipeut
some time in this and other coal egions; and we feel much its.
terest in the accirmplishment oft is geological survey,,tettpirjeg
ditit, from the repoTt of ohe so ab e as he'Vrho is now engaged iii
it, we shall derive mtich"yaluable ififutmatittaf i l ,
The new wei block e r ect edA Mount Uarbon,within the past
year, by the nevi at ion coinpany , nd under the s'periptepllence of
the able architec , Mr. Gele t aifill• urd greatly inteattsad faith isA
for the coal shiamailik ciP,this viei itv. .Iflis it . ,teau_tiNl. place Of
workmanship, highirereditable Clb lb the.,saperiarendeitt and'
the navigation.comparliiiind we 'ew.witli inuchsatlsfiictien the
progress this company are:paid g in impriefing the grbitt work
under their charge, - .. . ..: "; ' ii - - !'
From the era rchante*ho pnenhaW our coal, we bear almost
one unanimous voice et:Complain , a . geinstAhe heavy losses Otos ,
hive sustained by the cargoes of oal not toldiug out the weight
'taken and registered at Our yveib-locli; tor which amount they
pay the collier Red pay inn and reightoon. We think they do
1 .
not complain without just cause as many instances have come
to our knowledge in : which the astrgo has fallen, short from. two
to three tons, and ev en
„ , More.. We are not aware t hatAt hese cora
plaints are directed ag,airist any articular persona, pi a netted,
oc duty or coiling at deeeptio ,•but there is error somewhere,
which they w is, to remedy; we feel it our duty', aed will
cheerfully unite m the alloptiou f any feasible plan Co tat air..
-* rectigt of those Priors. t . . ~. gi ... .f
Fm information lately obtai ed,. we feel confident theta are
some bows on thecanakthat haie got been weighed,fempty, Air'
more than a. year; this being, title case, the registered: weight is`
not likely to be aorrectjar.d, eot seivently, it.mould be impossi
* to'obtOn tieJ, .weighs of coal n the boats. 'W e believe it• is
i r
iirtlie - weight o! beats turrying om um register, telonne tow.
crepeney betweewthe weigh-loch register of cord and4be weight
on the waves in thecity has arisen. We would,thieefore, sug
gest the propriety of endeavoring to have some tegitlatioreadAp 7 ”,
ted, making it tbligatory on captains to have their hoithe weighed
more freqfientli;pethaps as oftn as every two motets. .. ,
It is customary for, a, weigh • aster, when be issues to ti• cap
taip. ti certi fi cate of thereight o his boat or cargo, tdl charge for
such certificate; and af - hough this may appear a nail affair to
men of business, it is ofsome imortancelo a class of mess whose
earnings are so 'small i ns
s that f boatmen; and-ohould they be
t i
obliged to weigh . more freque tly, it will. be a source of still
greater dissatis,faceen to thetg.i Another item of charge which
the boatmen have always felt/ as clipping .their hard earned
Lance, and which engaged, the .attention, oiefhis board some
'"years since, is the . toll ma ii•npty, boats, returning from
~ and elsewhere After having discharged their
cargoes. . ,
As the article of coal dirt is ef much less value than coal, it• is
found by-thica „ l who Gave used!' it for time burningok.c.,thet to
pay the orctty costs, aed charges on it, they cannot used in
eompetitioa with wgod; and, we think, the • riavigation comfsaity
oughtto be solicited to reduce the toll on this article. -. :
...• Three new steam engines, manufactured by Hay Wood de Boy ,
der, hive been erected within the past year for hoitt i tint out coal;
and other improvements, as rail roads, wharves, &. are in pre-,1
grass; there has also jest beep, completed, by B. F. Pomroy, t 1
new film foundry and phop, for !the nianutacture of steamatn,riest, , l
rail road cafe,..&c„.
The number of operators engaged in mining coal, thatiathans.
ported on the Schuylkill canal} , is at present about sixty. If the
-coal trade shouldeconlinue, to receivasuch able and. unwavering
sepArt; ati-it has since May Wet, we feel entire confidence itxthe
liability of the incorporated coniptinies, and individuals envied in
working the aril mioes ofennsylvenia, tit send out Vsproply
rally equal to all the demanda -P rtheire maybe for anthracite!coal.
Iron is an article mitering It'll* into use, in the•censtrtiction
of mil „roads and canals, and the arts and manufacteres•gritterally;
and exists in great abundanceiT the mountains of \ r own atete;
asis conclusively illustrated b he numerous familia sand fezzes.'
that give life and etfietty,tee.mauy a nariow glel , that, must
otherwise hjive remained in die dark and solemn sit 4 ence of the
forest. . i. ~ .• • - .' k •
, . 4 ,
Smelting ot iron martin* ite coal, has for' a loft; time en•
gaged .tite s, re or less.iiiteetio ,f though withotit Any #tisfactory
results cntil recebtljr. At escort!, in •Wales, irhas Peen
manufactured with complete uecess, without any o f er kind of
fuel than anthracite coal. nd the developments mde in this
satisfied all who witne ,
county, by -Dr. Geisenheime ,eethe ex-
,1,• periment of its entire succe , although. tint , a sma ll malty of
iron was made, in , consequen eof the machinery breaking. Be
fore the expiration of another year, we shall, doubtless, flee Res
thricite coal advantageouslY used in smelting iron; * the
~.. amount of coat consumedeisued inftfte production . of -this Poe prtiele,
will, in the c.oursit•of a few, ears . be immense. ,If Yee - fl y . he .
permitted to use the!,past in forming our judgment otethe. cetera,
We feel but littlelinaitation in predicting, that the iAttlind enat.
! midi of Permsyttran i ia will, Very shortly, far eurp* 01! most
sanguine expectatimis of , the r, adroceles. , . ~,
, • 1 .• Respectfully eubmittail,s _, , 1 ~,
G. G. P,lkEMEß,Prissiifent.
Pcrrrevuxe, Jan uary 9tbi 1899.,
- •
-At an electron f or of fice r ii. the ,Coal, a • tiniog c Ateric4tinn - of
r l i
i ,
Schuylkill County , At tlte - ettraylvaniailaltiload titres,
the following perique A - efecteed: odiebrrpfbitibiONiaitattirig
- ' '
year. .t V . ...*- .
to ii: .." ; - ...-...-.1•10, , , " , rr .
• s'.7k k ' SASUREL LEWIS.
•,- • "?.?
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trPV :Oki VOL
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of iron
menufactur hi i ales in psi
from - I emir ' that enders the it inn•
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statements,milt Timmy Imo work* in Bestir i
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, he Iron Trade . will; e.
ventually, Oorre o, e oftheino4 ' imporfini in.&
silo a tile ofty of u elitplei lit the United Statue.
Peensylvan in ,Partieuhirentost rdepeno siWm :
her Coil as Iran to render her - not only tlia Key
'eqae, but t e Empire State of this great confed
eracy,' ' 4 , • ,_'' • ... 5..., ' . -...r. , '
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,a statemen tkr the qtra bites cr botsent4rearn
the G tirtmcjrganshi re aniMeinthotit ' ilifnktiiiipahl. l .
in the yearatingDetetrilier. 1836; W** Indrsz:'
ced to tpake same pep tries iii-tiritiftleticiipitoir
of lyon, an also - 40 he pinipactirlir the bade
-gectellfilly;. ! id, its 'eve ?totting .conoected 'With(
that - most ;north t o , out
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-such :vital mpor flee tti thev peePte of tltia.vtertid
the adjolhi genii %psi' tiMitlitattlii 'filtkVt.fie
otutertratto e(the tt elf-my enquiries)-roby not
be' almget r uni heating, to your viteiltereo,i •., r
11 appea s that, . a ahem:tient polkilibetifumish• ,
etilbut ver ,lione festAl t itta,wheiniby tolodgit of,
the qua,nt iiii:ot - tit madelii-eachestablialicnseh,
brlcatise„ e. of e made
Miustcrittten , d.ii co9tt.:
er , ;rl p ar iort k o heir m i alieto the' port in 4 ther
sit of SI , whievealsotbe . rs sentillitlifor
o figllript, but
. copiidstrilble quaint ititorfin i..h.
ed rails, al d.I , 'eve 'it requires 27 cart.'of Fig
loon to q like a' on of rails.. . I have, however,
beeit'fort 'ate e bug li!to obtain an exact acco;pnt .
k t . •f The 104titien of Pig lrcio made in alithe prin
cipal' Wthb Ira works, during the yetii'lB36,
„together vilith t - .state .in winch it turf been
chis4.eitt to n Ant}, and it it as tollownr,,,,
Pigs *de. -ln toarkatate seat to market.
, t ie,, . "4 450 Rails;bata and nail kids.
Itint;y4 ii„ / 1,273. -do do 'do "
Beaufort; - . 7,723 Foundry pigs. .• ' ,
Cyfarthfis. i " .800 1 Rails, bars and nail reds.
. Hirwain 6 7..983, Ditto and pigs.
F 17100114.: . RM.. Itails. bare and nail slide.
- 1 rettegqa, ' r sow, Dars„onlo.
FSiriniviy,, 1 8108 Forge pigs. 1
Ebber:V le, ,‘. iti6ol 'Rails sot /lire*
Vatteg, • v. 6,623: 4 115i1s , bars and pigs.
Blattner , 5, 468 ,Foundry pigs. . •
Aberssin a n, 5,127 Rails, bars and pigs.. •
Penyda n, 4,941 RAN, bars and pigs.
Abarde 3.644 dare and • pigs. , "
Clydach 1002 Bars and. pigs.
Rhym , 9,51 e Fiiitdry ,ritgs.
Blaine, I 8,1[7 Casting's and pigs.
. 8.857 1.4 :: do •
Porktjp, -1 ; 112 Bars for tin Plates, dui.
Coalbroek Vale, 4.014 Castings and pigs.
Cwmav n, 3.975 -1 14 rs Tor tin plates.
!Ithisbeg 3,626 FoundrY pigs. .
Neatit Abbey. 3,269 • palings and pigs.
Pentylc b, 1,790... Pars RI do plates.
Gasily fv,549 Foundry pigs.
' qu F ani m i t o h f e l a rt s
was 456
Bailey 47,99
to m 'et by
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of the Ins
for b , he,Do
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In l i 5 9 0 6 ;
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19 tons.
re statement, it appears that the
in -made by the Dowlaps Iron Co.
id' diet made by 'Messrs. .1 Ir. C.
tons. althopgh 'hero:Jauntily sent
the latter exceeded the . former (sc.
'account published in your • paper
i .) by 5.426 tone: this ni ace° anted
i leis. Ce. haying made OpWardl of
finished rails. • r.‘ . ,
r4n Mines are known to have been;
e•Forest of Dien. and other places,
erg period; these not be en abielo
Josef the' nointityr f. lron pro.
o year 11214- W*43. the tota l q" a ''''
n _made in Greit Brits was 10 1 ' ;
- trade reinained ilea liatationS,
, albert which period i madd most
in. consrsquencept ths ; general a , -,,
d' tnrdley's,, proems Mr, using , pit
of chiiicoal. and ,lthough few, if a.,
- Uri enistributed more to the, pres
min tribes that of Lord'Dualcy,'
a th at tnesitable gnnraticevof 'hes
t pt: ; that tt# works_ were dp
•hiptelf, nearlyz rained. In
' for G reet tiriiiiii: which
.000 i*Js-oflPig '1r0n...'1,81 - nee dna
eiiriniOosaiciur,d stli%Vitilt lo4s: pip,
aifonowsi-r1••-• - , 1••'' '
- s '
10,Qq0 tpna:llEt.2o . 400,000 i
Gal i i i
~ 1824 M41;367,
IM I I - - 11326 611;236 . .
12I.00), 4 itet •y•tgea,9 95 - f
' OW- 1 182 8 • Z 02.624 '•
t ^Oda , - O 11a 0 4. ai't 7 7,4l7` '
,_ ,
n*itaflhi, griltatlaanmty, iir Iron
I made lapse yeit„Preiiikins it; 1 1830,1raii.)ti:
~ani n thithfge.winite Attiring ;tisalktiMts
' - Grpat elo ßriiiin,-279.512. toil teetafprodo
retn_thattoOluirlisoffeuttkWalei..=so thin
eke of: tionfritAWldesi has ihsteise.43s3lo'
J" • 1836 4 - s'i'MP l 4 l 4 l c r i k IV' S " '...&•
.-, -
ever `in beeirthein illse,ohihe in iikli,
MittleoeN4 totanplitstrieb". tbe bleinine in
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4 4,
We , Mob • itihTtiii4okAß I *- / it'l*L lB29,
'', .• , .37400,4iiftritrittli 183filtino.
fed In• ,* l iiklhinkiA,!.. llo lt*lfinigrAt t .
ties or 41" . 414 1 40.hlircsgeni 1 WITit •
. infoiniitliia arti ,13 6:•1 6 140 1 4(a - lk-Fortg r ' '
..ii lei Fritictr,;.iiniFikeetstif • trittalited I ;phi
11.1 h by Lady ehathithitkimit.K. ~ i f - Nr , t 1 ,4
iis afalifif4AinVitlntleW, iitlMln. i-firkinnt"
hstinomgl'hejintittosOintatt„. ifir.c4l J
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btibaiWritticing oEiriiit:#l)* irOtell€
teinmA 'l :10 1 .1911 fitttla4,4.ltlMr•
"IM-Z4R'llitillit: 1_ : -;414,409 1 pg::
. .1 . 1 141... --"'... •mn.Attf...
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. • 1 01 h *Etat . ' 4 ''' . ' . 44.4 - 9 11 04
the 0110. ,• • tqadlikeritill':
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t Kii • 1! , 4 • ' V..
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al444ibilt .
4 , it) ke.2741:#1 'I,AS?
echoed illi;tituisof therciviliindtintddi
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et present hanging over the iron Irak iejanieseii
tiny tlupf • *O li o to that' bla
the tierengemebt tot the uilgel ii
protein almost' pataliseesverribtaitilltitiOetiate.
facti,m.and committal& stills* Ow 11 ". 00114111111 .
have fid the last three =Om, itery•witift nen:
ci4l Abair. mete. Ind flintier Altnefee t
rellida to hoPeabfit theittlctinkfttentailth
tti in mike. fair tettni(tAtit for o-Atrt_tiaK
embarked iu &in and sisb.• M a "
toasters to intetinne to their aoilaiteo Aram*
t stie . of wee% wide!): nith .6toitteffittaidtOnitill
not beentriedoced ifitrinditte4reiat
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: . ^i , ,
~, , ',•: Fromtfil!(.l4oston Traltifa.M, ... ,:.„. 4 1
.tre.cLUEkN't visiT - ToIIANDOti. 1
Loszios, Nov.. 10. --185'47.1 , The , :-10011 1 4- . -
paleent, has. passed. JirsnythCilieit of,tlely ', =- 1
Qtteee to the city, t of London; tO•411111,withl
thot,,ord - Mayor --alt4 .thtt , piiiptation lot z,
Guildbial. . 1-FOl Anuftike,:erAtAlis 411PeciIn -
Cie has hien-kinked - for by 110 ‘ greakinatei
of title monstrima cornalllehti•-•OWt 1 -' 6 1 . 1 - • ,
itaya.prece,dingthet showi the nelie - jlt; PM' .'
lier*ionsthaT sosietmleti , inc. •„, null 0;1114,
rfiCti w bigh lap in she-line.,•• :Wer t '
tile": I r9ft4kiethiesiloy, ~140 fl • 111011111, - A ' ,
: riatOtttdttKeetfrotit 140 ot4_oo.oilguLttos:
.ptitewnipt i tlikco no hilM-P,: 111 '.144 .- itiliT
Inellik, '0C44,90 2 • 1 ''The , .0 01 e - P9P.141094
, seeined to be abroad, as itiA.lo l, :liPtrii,
:'day in Sunt net. Jhofrontkof-,thitAinlltli.`
ing# for .inilif.4 Were. hpset,,witii,:k -i,•• • •:, ,
stagings, /or. netting up. the **Mettle!! • . •
atrangeineeti, - and aceonimedattena r iAK: •
seeing-the graoil,eshibilion of .41to k ttay..71.1
NOt kporner was o left unavailqc.L.4:wherst ,
a-,glimpae could behad. Some scent wet! .
lulgur several guinhas, and first Fete,flirrit
brought-fifty ,pounds at least. Yosterdah
in.the house,.where:l Ain eitahliiiked, and '
.which is rosniall quiet place t trioxe344*
hruntreik people were ; sotnekow. or, - hthet
Tt — n - mialied, with. a sight. '' Stagings ! were.
limit, in.tbree , tiers, in , the dirdnuptirlegri, ,
uK,eornatand all the windows.,The upper' , ,
stories were occupied. akdere ,c iy as this. 7 4t ,' -•.:'
Some stood. mien in the-. eernices running -',
'ohm the, outside. of the bowie, .between ,
qp l ...two lower stories,. anti:atom' titers,*
'homitheforethe precession hernlornevii,
The rooE+ in many cases Were covered,wo .
svaiters„poriers,, and .!`ell , siorta of people,„l
peering idAhick 'rows Dyer a . parapet et thip
edge... In like manner. the-shops ..wars ,
cr a rned iout and fitted•up to , their _utmosi
e acily. •N - AIM Bump yrs= ::•ti!ivi
-al lull — * -
things along the whole-line of this..retite.r.-!
The seats were moody _taken :itimededely
after breakfast. I pre.lsed .. through spew. •
or the street at That boor, 10 - the decor'
ations, and the windows for mill wen!
filled ei , en then. - So were the,,ocircheg - .
oithe [churches, and every other spec!
which could_ be used - for the purposer--4 - r
filledin with transient tiers of seats, scar
for their various prices. The vestal) ADC,
southern sides of St. Nuts- were line 4 •
-round at - the base, in,like manner, wide ,
huge byothi, erectd for different, schools
or companies. Some of these" 'were moat
gorgeously bespread with crimson and per,.
pie linings, while multitude. of national:. ,
royal and heraldic flags and devices of
every description, 'Mixed in with green - '
houghs, covered the upper front of the eore,
and Lion , hung waving arid gaming out, owes
the tinddie of thetratreet. : - One -of dies,
booths alone accommodated about ftoo
children of one„ ancient school- 7 yChrist'i '
Hospitel. This was at lie cast end of the
Cathedral. looking 'down the tong - slope, at
Ludgate Hill, •up 4tbieh came, the tteeett.
• with . all her maglAcentiorray; and hero
according to iminnininiar usage. a short
stay -was Made, for., ••the oldist - -"Prectinl
of 'the lola to addifss 'her majesty. thia;-
Was perhaps the first . paint of the spge s hi:
die. Here the decuraiinne, Were - mint gt: • -
g e nus; and-here, ttif i peopleOinvingnapoct l
ed most, bad congregated in vast iimititudisi t
whose immensity, Was alniOst::ftightful t„
. behold. Seas . of iincovereCheily',n3 4
level together in 4111.01 e 5pe0,044044 0 .
mighty igniater t fa r . and widir Aik'W„,W
' doves in- every story, 'WI - 4,0,4i''-f#,,ft
einild rencht'were alive 'viitfi,llXtW4*, - .
and feathers and fair fibei gusiftriiintkiii. ,
entinsiaein. Medi woinen t . iititf Chilftreig,
—rich° and iinin•—nobln'atidiariotitexii. -•
gar and„peer- 7 -all were nririfiled for ones
by a snide 4eling—lnyalitf Which b+itgri
to Englishmen, and the curiosity 10 thsi„
:1004' "which are thti)l.T4Ut""4*
race,' .
.., When, finally, presaing-Ihrengitthe Ate
..citcnient hosts that ThremigetrEedgate-1611: .
1 thei'firat'glinitelef: .. ef tiitt:rilereertige,eNt
ilifirandetir is liiiOVgli*a,:iiijitaiimi,
array - of atterlMKtii4 , to. , be ,had - * _
Idle erewd* oll t 4 Pe'Seth*li e kli f te r -iiiiitl . :
1 ing so ieany hours aittiol''l4di whit a
4ittion - "ind#ll it 11W:; . 1Wherte4iii* 1 4 1 -
:iilisitits - ,;i•Osefi liiit-*Oi ;.:4,'. h Otani: ti
- evoWdeil,tilieeiliTe 10 - -ihiit• hdgeAPeect;', ls 4:
thin the eieltitti. inous . musi,c, the.eingtft
brAhrt 800-hogs, the - waiiiitOsiltlhisll9po l i
k iliesireeiila - the •,h!: . kitatmf7Xeiqf;litlly, It
8 . ii,
,iiiif of the' :7 ta i r-lh . : -0 °, z 41 ; 15 '-
enserred, thelaries, htqc ',.--iarK,•l,lo o ,,sogiate
-40tWritt a - -' -' A - ,-‘vt'atlilik3ol,o l 04
.._, • •__..- . i , pichzki MinadtiClintioielifitT a
. -.- .1.....me5.: ... - .1.1 ,- ,
. : , Aar --__,:lr.„
•.., . !.,' ..7 - :.":-, : _
w:tiodv - -,' ...:-, - r; l i' 3 / 1
-.*- 12 , 4t- - ' , 4J7.- 7 --.,g; - .
.. ‘, !..-.,,,.--i----<•,-..-74v-4-4)-,:,.,.
. • „ • lo.:?!