The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, January 10, 1838, Image 4

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. .advise whirl* Willow mitten*. Does i
! ~ • er Wain percifthattheVEGEl?kßLE. LIFE hi It
[ ORES are suitable to his own easel I Wet os fl
my office.s4o Broadway, buedreds of letters.,frnei
1 • Me of the most respectable musetie of thismt t'
:we land. voluntarily offer‘t-to mammy bathe vs
of A GOOD VEGETABLE b11.211C41' K.
Persons whose coastitutions bare been measly
ed by the -all infaltilde" , eakend preparation.
he day, and biSar me welted* that the Life M
''nes. sn4sueb wall: ate dre true omen to pentane*
• i i health. 'MIEN AIOFFAT.f
These medicines hare long been know and app
.:. ed. for thearerirannimary and imuatithate pow
f restoring nettlectlea ith, to ersittrs rukering on r i
. ~- rly every kind of inseam to *inch hit -ham' .
ti Feet.
la twiny bun melds of certificate!, instances. th . ,
• • ve eve. reseued sufferers from the very *Loge rat •
.utunelierave, alba. ail the deceidave 'I./strums :
he day had tutelar fattelkaud to twiny thousardi. i
. art perm; ,early secured th-tll st•eorixt eisUesst I
, 7th, withaynt which Mb itself is hyst a pa&tial td
" - $Y great. in. ed, has their ts-acy a •v ir a
l and i-ttillibly proved. that it has it peared!
ii et:ratan miraculous to thriteiuriet werettinacquain
' ith the beautiful phito '..4lll4A!pfltic4pre- b, a
tech they are com ;outan:l. an i,.i t mit etiich i t„
consequent :y ark, It nu to their in a trees an I ye , i ,
ble action to our:ft iii: the springs and chn.i.elv .i
life. east entoong them wait. renewed t.usit and 'var.:
that they were indebted tor their wane, wharb Ora?
bestowed wood them at the seontaneons t urqmst inf
individuals whose tame the) itid obtrim.glyt,
saved. ' 1 i
The aroprietors rejoice tithe n:tportunky afro : feti
.y the ginseng& dieltsind Nth. Cady pvcis for p lie 4
fog his V i :GET A BLS LI Ft: 14 I.LS lwithei Bm
knowledge re -I teach of every indir'aloal an Regmiln;
mane),] Unlike the lime of lethacious quacketTluai
winch-boast of yer•taNle Invades's. ihr Life I Ale
are purely sa ,oy...ka r veGE as 1,.. and corium Nei!
they hle,ent ) , anti many. A mastic. enr any "deft Rey whatever They are entroW
composed Ofeztrarta ft- o n rareand powerfal y lairt-;
the virtues of whit b thoito long know 4 to tea-Oral
Indian lollies. and mere; y to sumeenianlent nharkba •
peaticalebenusta. are ilinether mknoair 4 hi 16,- 4 4, iii
rant pretenders to 5../earN and 'st ri- ne el adaunisteredie so happily efficntinoto a ' in.
binatton. ' 1
Their brat Operation is minnow from the coa p o t of
ti ie vonuch aml bovrei.s, the rannol maparrtiesienii
eraditire iitintantly setung around therm and t ,aret
more the eirdened fare* which col ace n the- tut
volut.tins of tbe small retestinee ogler teethe • ei
only partially cleanse these, and leave Kw h colle ed
misses behold, as to produce babanai cosorerti.,
withal' its train of , or sudden dtarrhrea.s ii af
imminent dangers. This fact in req,inown Ili a ls
regular anatomists. who examine tht %mean tstateli
after death, and hence the prejudice of cur se weilooi
focmedmen against the quack medaau of the
The secood effect of the N't ;I ,ET A Li.: L ,
PILL is ro cleanse the kidneys and ;be bl.ulder 7,4
by tins efeans,the liver an the fumes. the headfifot
saliva of whit'. e .rarely" deinim Is opon ilke re ; riliiiri
of the unary' organs The Linea r'. whilh takeig st
red color from the mom,. ry of the hirer aid alit iifilgt
before at passes into the heart, being tb a pm die d' by
them and on imbed by lo.d coming oho® a era i
stomach. mimes creek thruelb the veins, e ret fr i k
eye; part of the system and loofa traiiily mounteehe
ban , er of heafth in the blooming cheek" ' ',A . '
Th- follow ing air- ammigth...l iallt,llkg V 2 . ni
human di rive to which the Vegeta. e Late dif
are well know., to be intaii,,,te.— :
Dr:et:tog , i,, by tbomghly eeamtng the fees
8 ,,,,,,,,d ilo mac e ...s, .. t ol a a .w Di", be ri
bile. socetc l of the sale and acrd t‘n.l : , fwwi
yat,..1.10. of the /Po i-P. Liu ej Appal.'4. Hems 4.
and awl afire Resamaru, tat-emeter. Away_ L ot t
teramosal Vela wAnly irrh.c't are tto geemsal symetikett
atihrepeicka. wall smack es a natural consequent
l uom m e ci c ise a u .s„, by cleansing the role I it
ertheruitemnes w,th a solvent proerasend br 1
lenience: all stolen, !in I the beards co***
within two days td Gibient , by e F i
mg th e sharp acrid duels bit hich Mem cent, + int i
are me:mime:rd. and by pro rig. ttitt -I
secretion ofthe mimes menden Frveis of all
by restating th e Wood to a r camel moo, thnitek
the process of perspiration to some cues and„fto
*Amine of all mtestinai obeireetilow in ereig m
leTti. -K. pi ILIA have been \mown In tore 'r t.
alatiia permanently in three weeks. and Gad is
that tame. by - mtnoriug fecal elßstramatew flo tot he
mu ck, and Itzaments of the prom,..mtretdi.
bias. by freeing sod stseng•betztvg that lb:doers mi
l e.
Wader; they re re most detightfitllTMa these nil]
ramon d bare ere? bee.. found a iertam
likle the sit. 4 of Gram,- .akinWwmal by 1
dal-tdgmg (eon tummy of the bows-Is 1 4.4,,,,,,
matter to which these creatures adhe e: Acne=
Clartseeptete. by rebeviiic the ler vestehl or the
from t t o t treetilgle ells If not re
ed be tomes hardened. and el - learn thine drit fel l
theemee Otkarre. 1.. - errs and risiegerse:•Aarrs. jib 4
pertela ponty which ibese Lir* Palo gov t to the an d
and all Memoir, ern -w Ervoiats arid fkoi day I
repos& by thew:dent et Afire; mem dm 0 /0 1.4 bat
morbid state of which ail nr.prtr, lep a
Plaints. baths= Clowie. and raker due hair
plasmas Tbe me of tie-se l'.,ta. foe a ace, then! e.
will effect an entire cue of Nair Acme. Ergs.
m a 4 int e rns temotvementthe Ore ems fe tat
skis Gomm* Colds . cad 1 ibtel3a. f win merit:l Ire
eared 4yonerdase , or by two veal in the worst
rika.--es a remedy for din emit detnr-onne a ob
Ol ga ade. the. Vereemtsle Late Pala a
de r s
emphatic t
his c It ts ,-.a
k,,,,,,„„, in this Icily. ;hat - erre. or
of these /merle MIL us( himself a z ied al it
ebtamampla at for ups-aids off nal fre e it ar t a .
u. i
ba tried to min every remedyr prescribed with the
whelecomposs of the kW:elm 11ilecdva. 'li t h o r _
at leng th , tried the etedurits Wktch he .tow -off to
the public- area be was mired' ea a y Arm Qom,
after kit neetivery bad been 1 pe am=
Improbable. Ina absolutely aripasuble. *any
mom& , 4
Di litgarMS FOR USE The 4 • 4.
vicerven.: Lire Preks doe* fo4low the
mercenary practiceoftbe al the day. enbas.
fag to to take hit Palls us large oistniottl An
medicke can possthly no ry e name
are to be takes al hod Mee *a-er
egkr- o tro . a
teat ercentorght, accord rig to the rdacmery the
disease- The meal dole is from 2 to 54trecontait* to
the ametiroune •of the person. Very dolmans metros
susimid Imam iamb but tvra. awl wattmeter rhe nape*
of Me ease may require dame of tretry
costive habit. ma, begin web /me t re ease In tot
even 5 paha, mid they Will ,a SotiSper-r1) * el
change to genie the p anel in there fertbre lure.
TllansePtlls eanternwee noktiess mid venom
Sir. Limo ray seldom the ento cac h ..1, 1 4
. 4 .p.
4.4 dup. braweeer. may be ma-aftered a tiaslhe
sympamMtie the patient will 4 himself at rut.
Leased. aid ligiperseverancie w.‘ sons reernei r .
weedly speedo eridlea 10 qr It boors. aed °remit.;
ram mhos she hem:deem indeed ennuabred4
They Ma y be taken by tire deberete feiriakrmSui.
. 1. ;
ider sec, oseantsianoes—h sa. iit.aa-eire...l t
ed, that those la hirer peevods of
ee , naz slmadd he
'e ewe eta tame-and am coot' to k , i t rheboarels
4.0. said eves two may be Chimedm Dairesit
weery•eatitims Oos pd.) is a sobarem ef two tfybee
uvatimulfidloferviree may be game to Ars( =flee Aids"
gigionegdosee—s tea teepee felt ewer! two harlot WI
, r gi t mo m"- far a child lons aisei to Ike veara aftme
jiopill--asid (relleftse to ree.naemslir ,- .
WE PilfL2IX BgTFE& s o
l' n4 •4i
do, roman aka Foliar - et Ake elttnimglk
aero or b 01 4 16 Ica eceirist ct
z ,, , ,e„ mtem4 , 11 1 1
Ailmoiltiir . .
as thsPbotiax is ea t
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hfel4;6lorbit -'-, -: teekeuilistiklutinn. tbn Plat.•
In,al43tteraltrit,- - . ': 1 :estimable.. Oontriatidol'inata
turfonly th"per 14.20,), of„..tbir*iitterd Vintotair I
. tedliktit'i'. - 'tend Pr.-stk:liS'ANP Atallk*,
of I lands; inn eimi fillip e:rtattaite. Cathay:all '
tintjetfetts of hl fin unify toooestgiettballi=
'citot,irlui prepara - s*lfiuirsaricrills.ital wiffian . ...,
ea • ly cute caldron ortikilulrTtrTtik.
II -1.1.:D; aerie. fat in the sicknecrithaidiurlfteinr'iv
'funnies; and wilt be found a tenant reincdy In all
claim of rterncrus a - • tiad entabeena ofitilt , muar lea.
paired coo:tunnel; Aebe Weaned., fbr Chromic and
I/ofilernatury,lahcefficacy of the Mena
filers avid be dellounautted bo the hisercif4 ante
libu tie. The tuna Initeelititse bitters ii half a lirthe
1 , [Ours fell. air werell of iltae:lina thurquainity maybe
I liilm ten or Or Orrick k flay , about ban an Jinni
:fa Meals, or I EU Otathtity mar be taten at 11l
I • TO thane ,alp , ate' affated : 10 :itl intileeluolli
*allklntetiobese ibtterlrehll prove tarahishie. as
1 .thOt - imry gready inerrant the :fawn of the principal
1 rumtra. help thenyta )..erformthetr functions,and ee
-1 aukrithe stomach, to tbschau*e into Ore' bowels, alai[
evitr to offenatvel.- Th* indatestoOn is easily Aid
sPOdiS imam - ell fi.leftte 'restore& arAthe inouitia
oftthe alsorkont. yeiamls ,Itiiing Cleansed. nutritionli
ladltaftdonsci stmuigtb,ef :lady and energy of mind
tr the haiiertmet I For faith& - prbeidara of
htbliTkrb• 110: rite.P ILLS. and tiKENIX. BIT
apply at .:hbotrit's dice , Na 54613rodtury 2
;' T
N . w-York.'wheirettle - Pills am be obtained for "4.5 ,
ts. SO eeeta. or V ..i, fibs ; and 'befallen km $1
I orrS2 per- bottle: '1 - Numerous cerf6cateli of The
: WUnderful efrouey of both.Tthsy be there Mspected.
' • In 'some obstinate and etiMpficated , aseill of chronic
and inflammatrity Rtiebthatrain - Liter C,nmpbints.
Fever and Agnei Dyirp . etiaa. Palsy. Pik*, bilarj , fitet
[At am if mercury, famine. and other di:seams Kiwi
szamithg . a may 'tic ; net moary' to tike bet.trthe• Lite
aid the floceMe Bitters, in the dose before re
connoitre:lrd. , • i
''n. B —These; Pgli and the Bitters, will get the
thereto) out at the ay smut infinity ty h steithaa the ben
I.!ei.v anon. of4arani.rinn... Wad a reirt lain remedy for
the roalorm it Me heed rip de bead. or all Tiara, ( ineel
ctoisee,tieel,Jeonitax,.d.c.-.—.1111 enemata b.. are perdue
o Oerei to apw . .1,61, ,i ably, & e,ahoraki aecerbe wit foe t
the Lite ri-I, or Ibe 13.114-rx. Ito ..e thole in time will
sive hie. They the coenroao attic blood.
.11-asv lit pew.% e trcant tbe +cad. presatra .aid
throw oti ever) itnisornOy die j tee. of the rbn.
Fur awe by 3i K-4 It tt.:(4:1.1•1 ,
Agents turabe Frorrinnr.
Asti:wile. 2
T riE Origirri liygt-1.311 LftsvEr,4tl Vey-13161e
noon. , t R.° .. .ept,
- M edit in e,, P rel''• n` r I 'Y W . II iSK IN.' E'9 , • Red Lead Wlnie do:
ileniber o: th.... lint al Col iege to Stirs:nil% Ltee,...7L it h ra g e . I linnet Alb.
(tile of ApothiLeries 4C..:iyany, "Fial.,w of Rol. Cratuck Yellow, •1 Sutp...Quiritie
(,'curt Societv.:Sar•i. on to the RI - 9 aft'itioa,ren I do Green I Tan. 1 mem i
ilium Associantou„ Lancaster plate, Waterloo 1 do Red I I:ther Su ph.
Undge; and
•re PtipatufGuay's . and St.
, aNeflow do Nil rid
Solar Lead • 1 do Ac fie
Thomas' llnsiiitaloc London.
• 1 Co . peras - • ~1 Lanai Caustic
'These pills !meow tattad ,arelebrity artparal I ()py gm y' . 4 Crop ?do
lelee in every Welton cwthe Voion,zare now con ji g , r ei gik! - 1 i 1 Acit. Mo is • ~
a.,,kted by all Maw tia value good health, nulls. Mutant. Acid. - rib- o
....---sabba as a ititivilv litedie me— parintiMeerby at Epanns•SaltiT .-1 1,5e. , ,a1 ur
'. 0- r. de atria
Uti.ilewin boil of - the e lno , t enttocaPh!" 4 e'an* Zr c te :. • t i 1,.... L „ . .. ,
both to this rolontrY =Jain E "ruP 6 .':• -ii tlit r t.f i ent--c.. P - Sob- Meet. 1 Etlimes do.
11 is presoined; to stititp thetr character in wee.
RefinersofehaterawilMt Mire. one. Borax
tonati-m.of every thin! man, and it is hoped, . fee.. Offer for sale the . :num hell ankles. to
it far better rtictonnacndattoty han the MOM re. ; gether tit% h a general llsiortment ' Paints. Dings
i,..rted to by Ignorant and unTrioctykdpretcndera.' amt 1.), e Naffs. and en* Other anerle in the Chetni
trim to intelead and destine the pubtir. purblish ' Wand Medicinal ha - 4
u Lit that call practical prin.& and mitificatv, o f i lie ill manufatetarers-oraltehe ar ides cromerwed
Cara, that met 4 stillietnittis if ;ell:mats-I*MA- ! " de . r h _ ... ."'" Tel - 41 - 4 ! ti k t ;Y: Ift d g ell l' l " . " l =
p,,..,„4 ~..-t of whirr, irdk aii, ire Atheg mini ' W e r e r I . r 104 1 :hi'l.l"4° o w .be etost
il,tu•te.r: hut., or pr.. - ,...d0rd befitted and twentiance. Window and Pictiarekaits.fiip 68.t0 24 %
The rdtlnr V the Lore e Ig dl
and'Fai er, fasyS, 7 - 0, 2? nial, '1 t ,• '
: i!• - l'his . mertictne hat .ibta i tied a ti. euipr .e - • : - V - 4e.• ' ,
degree nr alit p - ..<trvita 'ovular 111% ii • ' "WAL •
M1K...v.1. pia:tiff, IV , :i era adva.tage w^, witin=„s.
I- e iletir beam vial effet-teulin •-,),-, n •,;, I t :art t -,.,
toia 14 , meta 11.
i r lin 9 , 1) , 1 in n. Ai, 1: . I. ',s plrzt,,,c 1a
an •r. , altas • a , d .•it •:-.ltri, il l , ~,,edi_me,”
,1110.,,K14 1r mg-nature of
?Le G• rhj . tarAillt 4 1Ir le.ttll the 11-
I:MAC nK.LUrg is itn i 4ted i b i o -t • • , vantr y. •
JNO. 11101.1.141. Y. 129 t% Mace.
. . • ':censt for
• A ropply ditto strove Alec!, mite joa received,
and for vale b# BAZNAN.
vole Agcnt for SehoAkill eonnry.
' July la
dc. t te.
itEi?ceini• 4- TAILORS,
• (Fer*erig Pirker . 4l.
WIAYE renyort4" L ini the 4igmite side ofCentra
&riot. fear notet'tibost-NoteFettiatt,Eattei,
where they oret fits kale tr.WWlreraikaortnislior or
-0 1 P rfine Bread Clotho and Casoded the
most .. nwohion?ible eartaratb en ant own.
TentSnitioni , A-I..thelir too, and rot.
ton Shirt*, Caaara, ensonta. . Sox
itrw4 sad ar4ton Boatin - d oil tirodo of
i rrearin4 wpfattieir winch 0•11.1 Era
made to orde in thnnierowlinotod stYie as tolhe
omoanmosilip, and warranted to fit Opal toony
yo the C.ty Ot t atm* het i a.
P. S. F r &d rat keeiron hand in dxocitent as
.Lortment or lirady-mi t tNe Clothittr of •Il ktnds„
uhtch wall bt sold at *cry k w rattt
kiln. 17 ; . 1- 30
• Groceries t
4 the kilt*. of subsetibeC,in Moult' ad
211 do ion in I Pottsedle, Is ht re mac be had ichuirt.
«ale and reitm,mn Most moderate tei
lump la . sd autlitc. bitch. gteei.,ind
t MITE -or. teas. immaiumes, fia.h,
-rice, coif; r, spirits, biandp, gin: P..rt,
T.-Mint& and saber wines 'Tim. whiskey
and congia4, halt S r pilnyab and (*mono levant.
pepper. ainpter, gingeroa le reins. cruets. and isces,
march, mustard. ptsnt bread, eraehers, Pugs/ bts
clots, tke....Y.e. dz fiaciiusa, cr exchause for C 0413.
icy product.
june HENRY- . OT°.
1011.11 AM; HEAL 4 CO.
27 NOrth F.flh farm, Ptoladaphni,. Emelt
44 the WertAsaute Hotel -devote d ezehtaile l 7
to th... bos.nurita.
Country ..kterChnnti at. tropphed C tnannfao
prieel: art tsrir Gta-ser tniumrell from
141..11, ore. to ady OA Of the. Colon, lortittun extra
• Thom obeli may hate order• for large Crlareas
would do well to Inform us hr Wier, Karma" to
taroy ourtung*..,ot tt sure of the *le. and the
hod of frannu-v *my cant. that the snick
mar he Inauttrael %reel espreselr tar the 'ne/z.fon.
Merehaior' gem their mdr.n. for
imt tine firra thing on their arrisal , to is
gum ammo still put ow ,
• Oct 21 • .1113-,6ttis •
The POtilt' Conumentdry.
TII t: Ht OLY 111131/IR.i
L - ROM tits assics* . flenry and Scott. and
ohms case ham:Trod aviarl piablii•inid
In Loam bll . - the Rat/jams Ttact SsmiSty, mew
414 abrodird
,teiNolotnes, Maria and
• Efterirsiiirk Thisv4mbis sock is pithisifed in
parti„.l orals earlt Tirane Lana are already
eiknipsi4ed„ and ris teledea ined at the atibienlitra
Book Stare iLe t sabsysipimsts *Asian' be ter
*kited. a lattN:
j 661 ; ,4 i *
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a pep" aanortOeito fresh Gklttahatkoaanal
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' laaa4tio. IMOM i
! ' St.Doittilio lid ban . )
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white Havilten. d'itiMp i Su i ste
• New Ottawa: Weal ' - u . „,
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takers. ONPlint. i
4St /ingilsOindlretia," iced
Pretwited CdttaalVotitoarslielb
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' John WON .. , *y. s e"
a t , Canuin't* Vitae . .
• Gherkin:Tomato. pepper.
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Mixed. Aft. Mataibe.
,lemon and tench i 1
Ohne*. mlprea. Acchot:iee 4
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- egnreaitiliee. err and' a
Rice. finurot
- Con ant:. F . ' Rrintal a
Sweet and bitter Attends. e
Olive OiLarinetituirs.lemon s' nip
Preset red ginger.t*etwe. '
Herring. rnacterett admen
White 'erni colared"Wax.iiperm canon ,
f ' blouktell and dipt bi t r ow
Palm. vatiegaied n a' - map
Old gtadHra.'dkt .claret .
Brown and paler '7. Aawtp4hgne Wines
Old hock. Lishcni.' ry chlaip„" I - 'ln wood
- Sweernialwita. .el ' , .*;l, & bottle
nai ls mainet k Sicily
~. Seoich.insh, . agaliela &
Annow.ate.ann & pepten
Cognac.citampagrie. Spanish
Holland A: com.qn,lll: E. R
Jamaica spirits i
Extra sort spitn.'infeii or do
Half .fmanitth and 4omnton ci
Cot At plain and mWded &an
Clainaaind crock.
..„. Ari.So
a ernerai aSSort meat on! Dry Goa&
witch tiny a , r , rl ,i , ...5,,d j 0 sell on ii
Me term.. • 11...1t, .4 Fa - holies and
are 1.:win:431 1 1, d 0, ma.
'VC el herilif 41.-1110 her,
. AT 711E401.1) NIA %II , •
E.ASrr SLOE:. r
Timm Damns POI OM tor . Cool!. or Amen Sr.
1"111L.A114:11.11 ) 111 ' -
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'While te3d thy and '• Cal..likei.
--A w lit, -', IR.d Prrtil
• ,Foil safe '
JOS,. LA Fi qtatlV,S Syrnpathick kw the
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• Pr. Barber's Flcjne POW'
recommended in thO Folkowin
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AN AUSll'etillD/Fgligt....! en a sound soda:
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:daub by ittepubtie,bettlewitt • hiewungs and recta',
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only. within& inWiVtti,g Ibil,i , • d of inaidious:
stem, in inatiudai„the compati
TheripAIDULLE and ''.F hilf.Y APAIENT
•PLLLS, manufactured by Di:, tr Mir atlEvans. at 10d
Chatham street,. d 3. not ..... , his flxplanatton o
their acknoviledifed e;. ,- or the ;most eminent
[ aiiicii. diem ibimit the .,
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(them to rectimmen them ad ... -• • , land w-a .. ly
In they do. And t ft—
„:,. a are: ihat tbeseyuch
ciouy medicines ,n 'eels' , : . :. - i yea LIM most delicate
yontaitatkpa, and have; , . most. every Individual
tam' fotwhieh they ire .• '-*. Used. a Merited, an evi
dent,' my happyand- OrM . ent ildtacy,. Phyori-`
eimm„ moreover . see that the are not ; offered to the
'public upon any mina theculy of purifying the blood,'
to the utter destruction oft i stomacih and lxiweis..l
Purify the blood rrinnall di' - sed huiners,they nadir. ]
cabby do; but not by ides ;yins ~hose viscera by
which alone the blood' earl sustained. They are I
compounded upon " thecuyXvi tar supposes a stoltruch 1
Inn be a very essential agentlhealth; pod fond, well I
digested, to be a traluabie.(irje d to flesh, and blood—
They . l y
lto not ouris , men to hosts. and make them'
look like beings too relish 0 to remain long Ui tins
world; bui they make them 4 uman art posioble. aid
tit to encounter the haidshij- and ful fi l the occulia
toms of a sublunary tile. T do nut make a •cij.
'lent purgatory of this life, ; :t prepareitoen the ;aster
for another . They allmcced u on thesupposinon that
the 'pod. muscles. nervesoo B ans . excretory ate It.
ere ry gland .. unctuous and -unientary suembranesi
buses and bratnal of every minottung rrquireto
Ire saipplied with nintrishment from as higalthful a sm.
math as can he made and kilit'; and upbn the doctrine
that unlesstlie stomach and wets are m good order,
' the blood and every other p of the systcni will be m
' And how is it expected that they will secure health
to the stomach and boo its, k% hy`by eta diti" . o the One
to digest tooth as . :il the othero carry off want w telt ,
after the notr.ment is extra ;ed. isicionnecnon with i
ftthe suri,lua • ; ion. and the ni hornets el the blooe.
Mt/C•.5 utetubrat es. am: .nonsuch. And they acetate ,
dish these goat teat* Of s mechence :xi the most son ptel
way ama t _rnab:e. The APEICEN*I t ANtiLY FILLS
if the budilartr be affnnted witch tett - v:11;61e. or toaltri
coaecnont, cloy it out, by a nalura:l Lot a moat in. j
sensible solvent action. mid leleati tit'. the whole ah- I
Inetdary canal, wdhout uripial. and tinalime mss ere* I
bfalb..l.ll dt - bailly. as minute tier dr.r 4 -.3 it 10. be-- '
They do uot take the skin.POlt he stoma( h as.d bowels.
and tea.e thrum itke a peck ktf red velvet. as ail vim
sic-tans know the strong drawn; pills on, but t to s iv
take natore'lindly by thehand without crushing hir
fiugers. They meatise ever} thing, niMout topaz.*
or injur.og any thane •, '
1t lieu thts-is effected. as it us-ually iit by the use ofjs
few of itie FAMILY A POthE.,NT PI LLS. then come
the re:chimed IL: AokkoMlll.4.: or TONIC PILLSAIa
••retigt heti a sir /214Cte r abd bowels which suturef*h
hats. weak and foul beenaie th . ey were weak. ail,
endows them with streugli to ; erform their Impor
tant fiwctoria, without the . 44 0: i.11 , .1e The t'A
mOMILF. i•'. Lori EA. vi lieu its valuable catnc,ples
are chelhically exttacted.lts ticknOwiedged-by all phi
itCLana. 10 eters age. tot he the best vetshle ionic
kiiiiwo in the sconce of aredicoor —TLeri is Aoltdrt
a_ o wn is this vegetable kingdom Pinafore to equal it;
notiongthat is at once go! barnoesa and so sigorousl
heatinol.• and in, proof Oflilts the - proprietor of iky,
renowned pills that ate made from its purest ;arirelt-s.'
might quote almost tannateltable authors, both ancient
and modern. if Isis own practice bad not proved it to
tens of thousands. • ' :,. ,
. .
The effectsinfohese pills 'arena only perceived in
'an increase of ap, ewe ,arid genera/ , suength, boy in 1
a rettoratton of the bod y, i to. that universal vigor in all 1
its functions 'which itsfunaies the return to perfectly I
sound bald:l.—Th.l. face,, and general completion,
speak •voluenes in theLr it tior. and thousands of te-.'
males can testify how they hare contributed to I
their cotnfort. :heir compleLon. and their strength. ;
when every other retards had proved worse than tine- I
Insn In' nerruns chseasesirot all kinds. the are 0' , ..
set& ow Ic-d;rd to be pteeennent ;:gradally restoring I
firmness olibtaly ard mewl n .inout those annoyance I
and cite'ges si other tiers, us ren.rdiestec-sion l
tfaiin E y i•tild it • hare te. alai many yang persons
of Inch sus who a•e dew en ihe silent grave. tribes
Indleanied to check" the 'morbid terdeneies of their
a‘ollmach and Way* by.'ithese pure tonics and aper:-
eon. without resorting to Attack remedies. the names
of which are. cancans:l, and of which they know 1
nothing. That dreadful ; scourge CONSUMPTION.
r might have. been checked in is dommacemen: and
disappointed of its peey.all over the .land . if t* rust
vantage of nervous deUlity bad been counteracted
by CAMOMILE chemially prepared; and • dime
bowel complaints viluch•lead to a host trefatal milt
dies. might have been obviated by that fine-almaline
est.-act of dither* smelt is a leaddm ingredient in
the APERIENT FAMILY PILLS. Before both of
thest medicines. which alreadanted to a majority of ;
die purposes fbli which a hundred others are apiece,-
sartty iased. feat*. atroes:lnlions disorders. headaches, l
Jana* debility. kite &thee. oidngestion, std Leer
i inomplatct. w °old - have mitt'' disappeared. whir*
many of them hare pr.., first
Bat be it disdr;cdy an d mood that these medicines.
are not offered ectiteao o these natural organs of the
body which other medic.* es despenee with. en a very
summary =liner. Th e are focnded oral medical
knowledge. aid not meat , ery. and do nor take all the
Ted eaructes out of the lama blood node-, tbe pre
'lane of pur.fying it. Inlproorof which d tErerat eof
effect let the faces amlyorms oreatients bar testi
mony. They mama a useful. effetteat. aid gene
nnt, alltftholtkilana oft:diva:a for every fanufk ,
and being both tome a' .aperient. and nt the best
preparations Loewe. nitiperson cr faro.", should he
Wenhowe turn. 111ter II be obtained w cio erase and
Fetid ofthe proprientr. . WA! EVA NS. New York.
ane of his. swigs jingo an coutoy.
ts:a fin adi—They per i dly supacedng w all other'
remedies advenued. in
.. public posts _ because they
are found to belong to a sapenor ails of poptdar
coediMce. A. single vial manly places them high eo pri
vate estimation '
as they] are known to 1w in public
an in the ogoirdon of phre:wsps.
Dr. kli M. k:V ANS . ' OFFICE. No. 19 Norm
Fitt HT ST. PIMA DEEPHIA. where hes medicine
may beisad. Dr. Wm : Eras' effste.ll:o Canino%
meet_ New YOrk.witerealte Doctor may Licata:Med
ta nag. . •
TSPEPSI A andiilr t\ ilium Co' sr-- Ir Salmon.Gretin an
above Thad a.. Pia . Pia. attimed for several
years SZ i fi ach. all distiesmag Tympana: b;Tek.
men al beadathe, dazinear. palpitations
of the rt;4topaard appimtte sesartintes ar-d and
patter-sent ertICI2MISS.: Cdpidigila me ereeke ft e• of the
ernrelpit , No. ernaciaeole Mad general deildo4Torobed
M:4. a UMW of pregame' and ae-ghti atthe atpmsch
sA avor
after realm. i great me m= irearry.
*mere sham ps i ea dam. back sides. waive
sem a thabke f , or ecarrersatioa.iinviuum,
ictitag an'. meepeog, at limbo& epee the
mu Sallies:100 ati . 4liedto the meet mimes ektri
cmsta.mhe mememee 10,1XToed ;be l ower oi medb.
czar 10 gore 6m to ;bmilla .7 tre , /er. i bia afor
raw bad redaMd' .:14a sew_ esteinems,
are ktemqhtiele temetemiee 2 swore of hi , 7 to
'sake truct•ri)r- , Wiiii.t I:VAP:. .)1444eteine. be gr , e.ia
.11:601kle vrtailib ne e awl tooiammit Mane.
TO alli4 be aw.,lT . . r it- elt . &l' kloneisgotatilm to
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'bin. himkb. asida" ''.taim nor "jo3israiiithe
. p, jdclre ! . ' Proem eettOmmt. of
feitteet refomettits; ' iiitisEamigkerery.plirti-
CoMrAntilistetatihime at I* Vrea;:Ecess• Wirt- ,
-ea INSFMt.II:IOCI - 'Nem leirkl tholtiaiihtl'
- - . - Sti..4492I I II=EIGUTELSt
.- told 4 /'-cz <-2 1 N
'''':.;... JOH T. {3CEIt.
, 1 44 .
Ageatter.Sc - Ithytioge•—'
PoemmlimliOti*- - j• • ' •
'"' .T." 2"
'NIT:Ih ^.
sok: 1 40 111111 4 X R ar;li
.414- A 1.4 _ 54-3f!hc!
MAW ita t
~~:. ~
ev , i , I
. Dit;4: AV: HOOD
For flis bore - draft Relief•ro
'• ' ' _.Areiniastor Rapti!
Thßq-ENOST;tIAIigirEgTER b
Ao•ritlri ni - dink and Opt
ritcanfa Truitt in Submilkilt cairn
1 has *dad the aautltion of the
Surgeonili physician aof Pkilact
a radical cure ofthia disease.piP
E 2 1
Ot i f
ruin early been abandoned
, Iplisheithifth rilfoost absoln •:
.withlpeffeett&etY. 'Upwards o i
treated within a short time in tit'
my, arejiMi*ir,..lo per.maticuti
patients catinOls itliimense wi
instrument.., Artecceis like th'
• in the ennuis of.Surery.
Ittlimet4a:of perfeettig a radicle
are now offered to those afilicte
blesome complatnt. . •
tie proposes it wish confide
meat of this disease,intd as me
cation on .eoritct-surgical print
cal curc.• The trusses heretofor
ly palliate the symptoms of
'lively ever effect a radical cure,
be.contirivally worn by the.patic
to his annoyance. After the co I
apparatus iseffecied, all instru
This Truss... s 4lth its appends
at any age, and by both sexes;
iron of businestt.
• Gentlemen arc referred to the
bees Abe profession, relative to
and its claps in cffectiog radi
Wit.p t ot Gesros, Professor o
UnlirVriity of Pennay)vani
Giterrsiu.,r. Sinker Parrisos,.
atemy in The Jefrenion 1%!
Salim Jac-stoic, rioressot' o I
. Medicine in tlie University -
G toaei Prolep.s.
• ite Jefferson Medical Cone
thrsit &WV. Secretary of
College orPhyliiciana.
• r,Wi112.1 A. AMYL. .D. -
• Ei>Fl3 P. A-rsxs, 111." D.
Letters to the - above named g
free of exper Fe. 7. -
..Copy 9f a letter from Santo('
sof of the Ihstitistes of Mt Mc g.e
of Probsylranta.
r Sir:-From the unifc.
the trup.t.s. I have SS,CD. and of t
Rio) ad for hernia in prc,curing
late rucans,.l bad al:endured
seeing t.bis* object rest
less, that your s trr.a rains and ni
hernia, has. I believe, accompli.
atiu..and the disease is rendei
ageable, but in the greater port,
Me by the processes of art.
The principle ofyour Deat :.
eration of your apparatus is has
ogy of the tissues, soils one
,thwrattiral and practical surger
There is nothing-empirical t
or youricisituo.rnts. They
ors well esta blieked print rple o
production ofa specific effect.
struction, skill and tar; are at .
a ith certainty. The instrume
appropriate manageuidne and II
triton fit the indizidual accord)
.tion'al and oilier piculiarities . c.
prose of little utility, or might
Motion of the treatment-
Fron. the remarkable niece
ed 'your treatment, and the car.
that haze come nitider.any ow .
lug the sanctiumpf facts in so.
fic principle, 1. - Eiive no hieing
your apparatus and methoefof
heated in medical science'
and respect, truly . yoors.
We bare in our possession
ca les• of the firstrespgita
performed by this instrotoe4
to any person &Siren!. of Oils
regard to tht effic aey uf the ir .
Pr/eons desirous of beirtg
rupture, will do well 'to call
before the tztreuse hot w,eatl
disease can ,be trkintreadily
then in hot imathik
Physicians 'desirous 0f... per
of using the above ineentiop;
lion or the 'Object or -Porehar
subscriber, who is authorized
patentee. EPOS CHICI.I
may 16
Rooks Y. ver
lOts BANNAN offers for
AI *- standard corks at the.
Hume. Smallest and Miller's
4 vols. etit-cp ; with Fifers
Clarke's Cotnmentary. 4 vols.
•Westry's work R. 10 vols. corn
Bnek's Theological works; 6 s
Scat'! Rible and Comments
l e g ) *
Byron works, DeArbor-nes
Bo Ar.cWnt History. 1
De - r:et/nes rettaon o a
Josephes sol- with Oates
Marryatt's works complete. I oL
Moose's; Works, Library Ed
Burro! works" .
Cowper - and Thorn . w i tir s,
Paley% Works , •
Burden's vinare Sell AMP,
Doddridg-'s Fravily
Encyclopedia. of G iaphy. 3 rola. with
i 2.110 cots andl 3faps.
Fears Pia of Martyrs, with Sates, i"
McKentiew }
Together, with r
low rapes, to sgst
ial.r• I
; rifit
Disoaiered a a
,!' BT ON.,
as Mare is. IhaLsesafTij
!harecerrlcarod isitf so
item • : L T 10 3 - 4 6 4/
Lorarogr.Seplt4 n'tW ,
_ A mend At' is tir . :j , ,
the rrie-Xii,ioss. robrulPjg•
coirtel*ars ewe of Ilse' - posh
a tear peony 44 dear ofr, so
attire decayed toilets arid aria
A kali ijapply is/ the ahoy*
' , ' 44e -at for
Sigy IS
'New an i Cheai
ATTE . sistmcitite nos a
jII I . 110 sad • .1 •
..w r its,- Ekfrdy Hisgs,
sold et:taper than that
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I' *diced Can
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" fig,
This is
! 17 1 ,•
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!19h:ial'ati,hy which
rpecon that
opaits, is ac
certainty and
hundred casco
city and . twin.
17 Cured. and. the
,the use of. my
' itf.nriezaartpled
initruincnt, and
.with -thisfron
et for the treat'
? in
ing every unti
-1 les for its rndi
played mere
' clisra, they
ne be hce Mime
, t, often greatly
If by the present
nts are disc=
1 0 can be worn
lithout intent:lp-
'following 'ramp
This instrument
1 cures.'
Surgery, in . the '
• raferFor of An
1 00.1noitotes of
of Surgtty in
e P.hiliadelpbta
tlemen mustbe
aek Fon, Profep.
n tilt I: uiyersitrm
m failure of all
tresdn.ent em.
• radical core by
II expectation of
d. 1 malt coo
-1 ft otf of treads
hrd this &andel
' d not only
;on of cases cura.
nt and of the °p
ill to the physie!.
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