The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, October 16, 1855, Image 3

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till-: -JIT.Y POST
Tho Return Judges of Eleolion, of this oouu
ty, after being In session three days.-concludedj
thoir Inborß lest eight. In another portioh of
this paper will bo found the tables containing'
the full rote of the county, os announced by tho
Judges. It comes Somewhat into, to bo snro,
■but will be found usofnl, as a matter for fu-;
uro roferenoe. Below we giro the rote for caoh;
candidate, with the majorities of those elected:!
Arnold P1umer...8,779 Thoa. Nicholson..6,7Bo
P. Wi11iam50n....2,357 Kimbor Cleaver.. 239
Peter Martin 126
Plamer's Majority
William Wilkins..7,lo2 |
G. D. Gazzam 1,817 |
Witklns’ Majority.....
J. B. Fulton 7,135
Samuel 8rnitt....7,049
L. Patterson..7,l7o
0. Magee ..7,170
3as. Salisbury. ...7,208
M. Hondarson.... 1,883
J. M’BL Snodg'ss.l,9Bl
S. A. Long..'. 1,870
Average Damoeratio Majority
Rody Patterson..G,9s4 { Ephraim Jones.. 0,617
Geo. R. Ridd1e...1,959 |
Patterson's Majority 337
Wm. Alexander..7,B4s IG. L. M'Cook G,193
H. Nixon 1,940 |
Aloxandor’e Majority
Jno. Birmingham 7,094 IT. K. Willson 6,205
J. H. Norm 2 091 |
Birmingham's Majority
Thos. BlacUmore.7,24B I Woi. Ward
G. Y. Coulter... .2,139 |
Blactmoro'e Majority
Jaoob Tomer 6,923 I John Crouob 0,235
W. M. Burchfield2,o7B |
Tomer’s Majority
John Murray 6,895 1 Wm. Glass.
John S. MtUer. .1,994 |
Murray’s Majority
A. B. M'Farland.6,9oB IL. H. Carlisle 6,380
Thos. Dickson... 1,991 |
M’FarHnd’s Majority 6*28
John Boylo .‘.8,836 I Wm. Beltzhoovor.3,6B7
Robt. A. Bamplo 1,151 |
Boyle's Majority 148
Supreme Court. — Monday, October 16, 1866.
—Present: Chief Justioe Lewie and judges
Lvwrie and Knox. Judgo Blank arrived and
took his seat during tho morning, bafore the ar
gument of tho second o&so.
Hart:' admr. vs. Lee; Error to the Common
Ploas of Crawford oonnty. Continued.
Winohell vs. Randall; Error to tho Common
Picas of Erie oouoty. Judgment of non pros.
Emerson et al vs. Moad; Error to tho Com
mon Pleas of Crawford oonnty. Judgment of
non pros.
Dedriok va. Leonard ; Error to the Common
Pleas of MoKean oeunty Judgment of non
Barton vs. Ferguson; Error to tho Court of
Common Ploas of Eric county. Judgment of
non pros.
Urban va. Gibson; Error to tho Coart of
Common Pleas of Crawford oonnty. Continued
Saiilh vs. Bmith; Error to the Court of Com
mon Ploas of Crawford oeunty. Continued.,
Desilver vs. Howard; Error to the Court of
Common Pleas of MoKean oouoty. Argued by
Mr. Wetmore for plalntilf in error.
Anderson vs. Hamilton Township; Error to
tho Court of Common Ploas of MoKoan county.
Argood by Mr. Krown for plaintiff in error, and
by Mr. Wetmore for defendant in orror.
Abhsy vs. Dowew; Error to thoConrt of Com
mon Pleas or Warren oonnty. Argued by Mr.
Wetmore nnd Mr. Brovm for plaintiff in orror,
and by Hon. 0. Charob and Mr. Boofiold for de
fendant in error.
Oa motion of Hon. Gaylord ChttrSh, James
McCahon, Esq., of Joffersen oonnty, was admit
ted to practice as jxi Attorney of the Supremo
Court "
Brooks vs. Miller’s admr.; Error to the Conrt
of Common Ploas of Erie county. Arguod by
Mr. Grant and Hon. James Thompson for defen
dant in error. The Court declined to hoar Mr.
Babbitt for plaintiff in orror.
MoMaßter’B vb. Blair; Error to tho Conrt of
Common Pleas of Crawford oonnty. Argaed by
Mr. Derrlckson for plaintiff in error, and by
Hon. Gaylord Charoh and Mr. Pettas for defen
dant in error.
Court adjourned till Taesdoy morning at 9
o'clock, A. si.
Couet or Quarter Ssbsiobs. —Hon. Wm. B.
M’Claro, President Judgo; Hon. Gabriel Adams
and Hon. Wm. Bogga, Assooiato Judges, on tho
Commonwealth vs. George Johnston and Jas.
Gordon; indictment, burglary. Tho defend
ants in this oase aro oolored men, nnd the proso
oator, John Robinson, keeps a tavern on tbo
Braddookß’ Field plank road, abont ten miles
from this city. Tho defendants ere charged
with entering the boase on tho night of the 7th
of Septembor last, and carrying away a pistol
worth $5, and $34 in money, the property of
Mr. Robinson —and ass noto on the Bank of
Pittsburgh,,and a certificate of deposit on the
same Bank for $lBO, belonging to Michael Obler,
tho bar-keeper. The witnesses did not appear
for Johnston, ana the jary returned a verdict of
guiltyae to Gordon. The former was remanded,
and the latter discharged.
Commonwealth vs. Wm. H. Hoober, indict
ment, borglary. Tho prosecutor, George Mil
ler, testified that ho saw defendant entor hia
house, at a very Into hour, bnt it appearing in
ovidoneo that Boober came there for the purpose
of oourting Milior’s daughter, and not to steal,
tho Jury returned a vordiot of not guilty without
leaving tbo box.
Commonwealth vs. James Wallaoe andGoorgo
Wallaoo, on oath of Goorgo King—and Same vs.
Goorge King, on oath of George Wallaoe—oross
suits for assault and battery, triod jointly. Tho
difficulty occurred on the Blhof Angußt last, and
was trifling in its nature.
Dove's Meboahtilb Colleob. —Many hun
dreds of onr oitliens oononr in the following let
ter, and recommend the Institution in preferenco
to nil others:
“No writer upon Book-keeping has bad the
advantage of each an oitenßivo and varied expo
rionoe in business. I have known him, person
ally, for upwards of twonty yoara; a great part
of that aa an extensive American and European
merchant, as an extensive ship owner, and as a
bank direotor, i&o., and in all these departments
ho has borne the reputation or the highest order
of business talents. Everything said ot written
.by such a person, on tho sabjeot or business, is
if Interest, not only to young men designed for
bnsinoes, but Cor those already ongagod in it.—
It is aloo doe to Mr. Doff, to state, that
universally esteemed by all who have known him
i as a merchant, tor his integrity, and his upright
> honorablo doalinga.
* Merchant, .Yo. 8 South Street, S. ¥■
'•''i To Messrs. Habpeb & Bhotobbs.
Tbb Baby Buow-opmmonces this morning, und
any timo after nlno'o’clook tho’current of popu
lation will doubtless run toward thoClty Hall,
whero the much talked of exposition is,to. be
held. Amongst tho ourious freaks of tfeturC
that will be on exhibition there, isoneQuarteru
or four at 8 birth, and two sets of ttiplets,
and fire or six pairs of Twins. Also, a “Baby”
nearly 8 feet high, named Bylva Hardy Betta,
known ob the “Maine Giantess." We boliovo
that this “Baby”-is not a competitor for any of
the prizes offered by Barnnm Sc Wood, yet »ill,
for all that, bo on objoot of great ourioßlty.--.
Tho “Pot Boy" from Bearer county is expected,
and will doubtless be present In.rcply to the
nnirorsol inquiry as to whether ‘ Banratn -.wm
be hero in person,. .rro reply that bo
something of o Hon ho ia too. if notonety can
make " imo o Lion/” As the fete is tejWtj
tinue but four days,- and tho interest excited
groat* our readers Trill poo ibo nocepfllly of on.
early yibH. r ,. t
Wb refer our roadnrs to tho advertispnieht of
Ur. C. Baola, .38 Wood street, .who IB to; only,
physician In tho city, that pfootisefl-too -Water
Care Syßtem. Tho Doctor has boon Tef? S°Oj.
cesefal in BOoato and chronia disessoshoro,
where othar wero need in vain ; ond I°*.
validg may have fall oon&dcnoo in his treoiatoot
OB he ifl fl regularly educated allopathio snd’bdß'
moeopnthio physlotan, and uses both systemsin
oombination with water, when necessrvryi ; V? 0
can reoommend Him safely to tho patronage Of
tho pnbllo. ( ; ~
: Ban OponpEBBOB.—A little boy named Vjm.
dSmith, while playing in tho street,' in Blrmltig-
Bthom, on Batnrday, was ran oxer by a heavy Iron
and killed. Coroner Dowry held an in-;
(quest on tho body.
I P. C. F1aneg1n...6,479
J. It. Moorhead.. 6,457
J. H. Foater ..6,610
C 8. Eyaler 6,400
J. K. Soott 6,441
D. L. Smith 6,271
J. P. Penny ..2,046
C. Snively ,1,890
Mosday, October 16
and trill obnlinah for another week, in Bt. Paul’s
Cathedral, wbiohiisattractlnff «n immense oon
ootncas principal
arotMeasr!J.,n r alw(irth, Dewiitt and Booker, of
the order.ofßddmhptorlstsV and wore formerly
teing all
conrertS; to the Oaiholio dootrino.- Wo are in
formed their proaohihg Is very effective. The
open eVcry bwbWb al?i o’clock.
•• Tub Quahc Joby Is still in session,! bnt !b re
tarded in its business a good deal by tho pro
crastination ot prosoontors. If thoso.who havo
cases beforo that body; do not appear Jthis woek
to attend to Wem t tlio .bills will tie ignored, and
•thoy oompelled to pay the oosts. j
n Col.Peatx ha!r&rHvedwith‘ tho largest and
finest assortment of Bhokfi ever brought to this
City, and.Fill'Dbmmenoo ids eighteenth annual
sals this evening, at the store, of P.; M. Davis,
auctioneer, corner of Yfaod and Fifth streets.
JiVn would'remind, bdf .ttjhdorji. who deal in
Sugar, of the Bale of 60 bhds. prime brown Cuba’
sugar, tins morning at 10 o’clock, ot Warehouse
No. 116 Water Street, by P. M. Davis, anction’r.
deported Expressly loitte Dally Horning Post
PromW uhington,
WisrrnfGTON City, October 15.—Borne of the iofficera of (be,
Navy ieilred hy the Naval Board, hare Ineffectually com- 1
plained ter the President of the iujtieUce done them, espe
cially as they exhibit letters from the War Department at
testing their capacity, rrhlch bal been received by them.
They and their frfends are making extensive preparation*
to operate onOocgr&S with thd vietr of obtaining justice.
The attendance of Mr. Mason, our minister to Trance, at
ihe To Deum, In Paris, on - the occasion of celebrating the
victory of the Allies lathe Crimea, U regarded here aepos
eeadng no political significance, but Is attributed to mere
curiosity on his part
Mr. Crampton has received an Intimation from tbe.St&te
Department that he and certain Consuls "were violating our
neutrality laws. Thit circumstance aggravates the cause
of Complaint It to generally heliovod that oqr government
will refuse to officially recognize Mr. Crampton, ir heis not
recalled by the British government, after additional repre
sentations of the causa of complaint which Mr. Buchanan
has been Instructed to mak •.
The Washington Union publishes Dr. Kane's official re
port of the Arctic expedition. It does not differ from ibo
accounts previously published.
There was 3020 land warrants lssnod during ihe past
Dr. Kane, accompanied b? tho Secretary of tho Nary,
pniA bis respects to the President c f tne United BUten to
day. Ite has made an Important correction in bis official
report of the expedition. Instead of 300 sqnare miles of
the open soa seen free from too, it should read a surface of
3000 miles.
A letter has been received from tho Tost Mailer at Bre
men by tho Poet Office Department, stating that a mail will
be swot to the U, States by thu steamer Ericceon, which la
to hill on the 17th Inst.
Kallroad Accident* ftu*
New Ynsx, October 16.—? Tho freight train from the
North, dae at fire o’clock this morning, on the ii&rlcm
U»aJ, was thrown off the track, near Williams' Bridge
Tb« euzine and two can were smashed, and the firemen
were both kill'd. A rail had been placed across the track,
the engine coming in contact with It. The engineer ami
firemen wvro brothers named Hoax.
The clipper ship Adelaide arrived hero yesterday from
Australia with a Urge quantity of bruadsteff* on freight.
The non. Thomas \Y. Camming*, a member of tbs last
Congress, from Kings county, died yesterday at Brooklyn.
The Correspondent says the decision
on the aubjectof Oen. Scott's pay will b* rendered noon, it
will give h m tbs Increased hick pay of Lieut. UenoraL
The ship Dutchland rolled for Hamburg yesterday, and
took out four criminals, who were sent bark by Mayor
Pbiladelphla Iron Market.
Philadilpiua, October 15.—Tn American Pig them have
been unusually limitod traosar.tions daring the past «e«*k
The inquiry has been mostly for small lota o( foundry, the
abort sopply ot which conduces to sustain the market
Sales have ham made mostly at $29, and a f«w choice
brands have been sold at $2O. Ueod No. 2 baa all been sold
ot S2S. Forge has 00l iwwti In request, and quotations are
no-nlaul at $24t<ir24,00. The total ealea fur the W-efe were
1f,70 ton* American bars ore In steady request at full
price-i, s7U<<il7 6. The aggregate sales ate ICO tons. Nails
active at s4i*jj 1,26. Bloom* in fair request. Boiler, s7ot.ii7..
Wire, $St). The doraaod fur Juniata rods has fully
all the forges making for this market.
Destructive Fire In Cincinnati*
Cwcimun, October 15 —The extensive factory of UioDu.
Guild A Co , minufaaturers of portable cottages, sa*b, Ac ,
Wa« destroyed by fire at f!x o’clock, yesterday morning.
Their loa* la ow $lOO,OOO. The fourth story »u occupied
by S. J. John, furn lurt? dealer, who loses $20,000. A row
of frame building* opposite, and urcral bhUdiugi Dear,
Wi»r* abo destroyed. The tote! lw« is nrfarly SICO4XW.
There was no luiroraoee. lllokle, Guild A Co. will, **
if-ara, rebuild immediately, nsd moantimolheir business
Will suffer do interruption.
liallroad Accident.
EltcabxtutoWA, N. J-, October 35.—A gravel train and an
iroa train came In collision this afternoon, about D o'clock,
on the New Jersey lUUroad, about GO yanla from the depot
at this place. The Conductor, named Denote, was badly
Injured, *nd-fiey#ral Others slightly. Xbo engines were
smashed. The trains will be delayed about .Hires hour*—
Two passenger trains ore now waiting on curb *JJo.
New York W«*kly Unfe Statemebt
New Yuac, October 10.—The Bank statement for the
week ha« been IsSuel, showing more than the usual Hue
toation; the specie has InorejiseJ s*£*,oo*). the loans bare
decreased $155,000; the plrerriaUon is leas by $13,000, and
tho deposited bare decreased $905,000.
Startler and Lynch Law.
Caicaoo,Tu.,October 15-—Jodj» Th*ma» CHngman. of
Carrol! county, was uurdeml on the Tth in*!., by a lMd
alore. ITio murderer woi Immediately adzed by the
bars, who lynched him oa the spot.
Kansas Kiectton.
6t. Louu, October 1& Advieoa from Kansas atato that
the election on the 2J was cemiroUrd by non resident Mis
sourians. The ferry-boats were plying to and fro during
the day. __
Agricultural Address,
Potrsviu.*, Oct. 16.—The Han. J. Ql&ncay Jonea will d.
liver the Address before the Schuylkill Agricultural 8«ci«
ty on the ISth instant.
Heavy Robbery*
New YoBK, October 15.—The Jewelry store of Mr. Rosen
bury wo* entered last night and robbed of |B,OJO worth oi
stack. .
Fever and Agae,**i Quf of Eight JA>a thf
Standing Curtd ty Bocrtiave’t Holland BiUsrs —Michael
itdly, No 117 tterenth, near Grant street, says:
u Lost July, while running on the rirar, on a cotton boat
plying betwosn Natchsx and NesrOrteaos, Ivu taken with
fever ague. For eight long months I saffiaml with this
dreadful disease. The greater port of this time I was una
ble io work, and -spent at least fifty dollars f*r different
medlejnea, but found no permanent TftUof. Throe weeks
ago, one of my friends Insisted upon my trying Borrbave'a
Tfrdl»tw| pittera, saying that a cure v<a guaranteed. After
Utting it far on# week, I mad state I eras a sound man. I
ha ye been at work now for two weeks, nod have hod no re
turn of the chills and fever whatever."
I certify that the Above statement is true.
Tiiosua Apajss* Diamond noose,
Or at K, Cnpater's GoUilc 11»U.
CAUTION!—To prevent imposition, be careful to oak tor
Boerbuvo'fl UoUana Bitten.
Sold at $1 per bottle, or fix bottles tor $5. by the propri
etors, BENJAMIN PAGE, Jc., A OU-, Manufacturing
Pharmaceutists and Chemtetf, l’ittsborgh;.and Druggiste
generally. Fep29
4&-Cantloi& to Traveler*.—Prattlers at ibis
season of the year should always be eanrfat Co procure a
supply of Dr. J. Hosrsrm’s Stomach Hitters, os It is uov
cnnredod by all who haro tricl IhLi loTalbablw medicine
that nature can bo assisted, and oaqa* traveler Is subject
to tbs various changes of • ater and diet, as ho Is compelled
to be, these Bitters are Ibe only reliable medlcioe now In
tbe'morliet. That thoy are what we represent we can only
refdr to the people generally, who haw tried them and
Ppu4k volumes in faror of this great regulator of tbo stom
ach, For Bale by Druggists and Dealers generally, and by
2Ct Penn street.
Stomach Bitter* ar** acknowtalpd
by ill who h«f« tried lb»m to be the best family medicine
of tb« age, for the care of Dyspepsia. Costivcne**, and a din
ordered sluto of the Liver and Stomach. They have Do
riral. The proprietors do not pretend to coat ton people
from asiog other preparations that era palmed open the
public nnder the name of Stomach hitlers, for they have
found that only one trial Trasneededto render flocb caution
Ppr salu, wholesale, by Colium A CLARK, No. 22 Market
street; Geo. H. Keiaea, 140 Wood street; and by Druggists
ukuiKOBAM, ooaaiß of Bk&nroßb ewu n*sn stbcits
' Manufflct orees of
fob owners of te&mxory obey.
jgk By special agreement With tie proprietor, we deliver
them at oar Wurehoa&v^Jl warranted to .work .perfectly.
Wo pave put tho whole Torca orour foundry and machine
ehopjand are turning out fifty a 4»y, .In sixty days we
will yarn oat,a hundred daily, y . j
0* Fox the purchase ofTerritory, or Exclusive Rigbt to
thlsmoFt wonderful-machine,'QddreflS' A. S. BKLL, Esq ,
Foutfhstrcet* opposite tho Mayor’s Office,'.Pittsburgh Pa.
; J
MasMbniß OR MAJOR aQBEBT STOBO, of tho Virginia
! lntroduction ty Neville a Oraig.Esq,
and Btob?s Plan of Fort Duqacane* PHeooniy2& cents
pablfshednitd for sole by : ‘ -J. Si DAVISON,
r ocCLfi • • 05 Rl&rhet street) psar Fourth
JJliiCiiliCiAUlJ qiiAVOIiS—A at
; 'Ootl& ' V~'- - io; ’Stationery Warehouse.
«X‘ KITKB of hotter Balances,
• J \-j drqOxjg ihera’rToostpochet scale,tiH«f whkbare offer
cdaUowrates^hy,...>[oct36J. !• IF. a HAVEN.
’XKttSTANDS—Agreat variety of plain and ornamental
X 1 pattern* Jb ß *rogglygdby {octls]-" W»B. HAVEN.
•T 7; Ago QUi—6 bbla Jtut ruoelved and for rads by
HONSX SOAP— tor sale
\ybiy - 1 [bcti&l- r . ; Mamsa ctm
OVVI3KT OU—d bhls jastreceivod and for sale'by '
*g> ?cW ■ ' yEHgTHO PttOg.
OIL—3 sroafl gemiloa jaat iroslveasoaior
idafcy ■ gcUBJ. FMmKg BIIQB.
OABBAMMIJ/A— OM'J»CO6 T.’b ]OBt mo. 1 red and for
Q rale by foctllif ... gLBMINQ.-liaOH.
T/gr iw a
received anil tor sola by
Kti6., , , (octis)- I' -yLEMiNo imoa,
IQB—U»tfiingftDd Toilet jaßt received and for ealo
focUft]-- PLEHIKOBaO9.
Tj'ABINA—I2 boxes HecSei'a iUsf roMlyed is£ faietli
Jj. fey ’ ~ ' roctl6j-- ~ gPEMING WO3.
■:. ■ .ELBMIHQr 8808.
>l2 keza Freeh Packed Butter; Joetwceired faj
;7a7 rHEHBY *
IT; dotting Oheeaefor sale
isle= 7:gracrg, corxmk,
B. B-Oara,
Cra TKEH ' 2W lb3fo £t a &raK *«.
|V-i >-■ *>? *' ■'' "
gcvti jait nwßiTOl.ima fcr
... gLcmxa BBoa. ■»
W w »n.fcdtim
aSfteilAßTS' BXCnAHG B»
jyaident-U WILMARTH.
Firtt n« JfruiderU-~T. iL Clabkb.
Bteomf “ ‘ Gso. W.'Oass.
Trcawrcr —N. liomßa,. Jr,
' Eeantary —Jams P. Rare.
Superintendents. T. Nobtu&s, Jb.
QmxuUtl hf Arbitration far October —Qeo. /JY. Oass, V.
P.; IsAriri T. B. Updikb, Baml. 1 ilwo&tu, j. b.
" r ' Omaoi as daily Moamria Post,)
, , • - Tuesday, October 10, 1865. j
FLOUR —Sales 20 bbls extra from wharf at s7,Bf>.
GRAIN—Sales 1000 bus Rye, to arrive, private terms.
CHEESE—SaIes 60 boxes W. R. at 10a
BACON—Sales 1000 lbs Shoulders and Hams at 12%c, 09
HAT—Bales 2 loads from scales at sl2@lB.
MKTAL—SaIes 200 tons Martha Furnace, eoid blast, at
$3l, 0 mos.
Niw Yoaa, October 15.—Stock market unchanged; star
ling exchange'inactive; Cumberland 27 %; Michigan Central
07%. Flour lull, with sales of 14,000 bbls. Wheat dall;
sales 45,000 bus. Corn lower; sales 55,000 bus at 84% for
mixed, and 08 for yellow. Pork quiet; soles 300 bbia.
Beef firm; sales 150 bbla. Lard has advanced, with sales
260 bbls at 12%. Whisky him, with sales 6,000 bbls.
Coffee firm, with sales 000 bagß Rio at LIU. Pager firm ;
solos 400 hods. Molasses buoyant, with sales 100 bbls N.
O. In Llnsoad Oil an 1 Lard Oil there have been no sales of
moment. Freights steady and firm. Connie's firm at 16%.
”PiHLAD*LPttiA, October 15.—Ootton dull, and prices re
main without change. The receipts and stocks of Flour
continue exceedingly small, bat the export demand has
fallen off; sales of 000(51700 bbls extra and extra family nt
from $8,76 to $9, including 390 bbls American Mills XX, at
the latter figure; standard brands held firnly at $8,60 per
bbt. A good demand for Wheat bo,h for shipment nod
milling ao>l prices well maintained; sale* 11,000 bushels
at $1,9&<2>1,97 for good and pr me Southern Penn
sylvania red; and inferior and prime white from $1,93 to
$2,10, principally at $2©2,05 for fair and good quality. Corn
scarce and In fair demand; sales ItSOObushels yellow at 95
cents, allant. WhUhy unchanged; snlw In bbls at 41@42,
and in hhds at 41.
Cim ixsATi, October 15.—Flour dull and heavy ; no sain*
prices nominally $7,25 for superfine. Wheat held at $1,60
for prime red, but buyers nre holding off. Whisky firm
aud in good demand; sales 576 bbls at 33%. Groceries dull
and unchanged. The river has fallen six inches since Bnt
Baltimoos, October 16.—Flour...Small sale? have been
made today at $‘5.60*63,37% for Howard street. Wheat Is
soiling at $1,95(<i552 furml, and $2@2,05 for white; rhoirc
lots have been sold at $2,15, being an advance. The sal*.*
amount to 8,000 buabets. White Corn Is quotod at W2r<a(
94; the offerlnga were 2500 bushels; the price had adva need
from 2to 3 rants. Provisions unchanged in quotations.
r. H. DAVIB, Aaotioasor
Auctlcm--Bai«a Dally.
A T the Commercial Sales Rooms, corner of Wood and
J\ Fifth 10 o'clock, A. fd., a general assortment
of SeaAotiabU, Staple and Fancy Dry Goode,Clothing. Hoot*
and Shoes, 11 ate,Capa, Ac.,
AT 2 Q’CLoCK, T. M.,
Groceries,Queensw&re, OlaMware, Table Ootlerv,
Qlaesse, New and Seoondlland Uocsehold and Kitchen fur
niture, Ac.,
Books, Btationrry, Fancy Articles, Musical Inatroisentfl
Hardware and Cutlery. Ctotbloc, Variety Goods, Gold to”
Silver watches, Ac. P. U. DAY 18, Auctioneer. jjaSliti
SKYJSNTH WARD— By virtooof ®n order or the
phan#’ Court of AUrglinuy County, on Tuesday. October 23,
at 2 o'rltvk P. M , on the proml**a, will be *dd, by order of
William Wilson. Adminittirab'r of B&tuu«i Wilson, dr*.r-o-u—d,
the following property, belonging to that estate, vis: —Lot
No. 12 to thin! plau of lota Laid out by Wm. Artbain, har
ing a front of twenty feet oo Centre nveuae, near the N W.
o»ro«r of eald avenue and Arthurs street, andeitendiDg
bark (preserving the Eftme width) one hundred feet; on
wbfoh is erected a two rtnry frame dwelling house and sta
ble; subject to a claim of $1,200 for purchase money there
on A'ro, tho undivided equal half part or portion of ell
Ihosa two rerUin lota of ground, being Hw.2b and 26 In A
Miller'* plan of tats, haring each a front on DeviUirr street
of twenty four feet, and extending back one hundred and
four f **t. Sabi lot No. 20 being subject to claim for par
chftio money amounting to $167 7-100.
i»rm< cash, par inonwy
or :i P. M. DAVIS, Anctioomr.
~itBAL - hiTATB w tub FirtH Wiw at
Ac-wi-rt—On Thursday evening, October istb, at 7L;
o', fork, at the Merchant*’ kxebang*, fourth rtreel, «Dl he
sold. the f liowtot; valuable real o*lat*,vl;:: i/Ots numbered
if. an-1 it) In Ifoyle it win's plan of lob., In the Filth Want,
Pito-bureii, to£r?h<-r n front ot 4l feet on Liberty
■trevt, extwudi&< bark 100 foot to Bprin:; alloy; on which
arc creeled substantial Itrirt Bulbllng*. rmltaldy arranged
In court to make tm irttrcrenu, two iron tine c-n liberty
trtjv*-i, t»o on Pprinu alfoy, and iho other ids uo the court,
bat haring convenient arees* Irom Liberty street or Bpting
As thU property is fii.uated *djir* , tst to tho Outer l>ep<rt
id the P.-ansyfianiii Uoliroad Co., it rent# readily, and cre
ate* a revenue ot over s*kA) psrannam.
o.*t«J P. BL DAY 18. Auctioneer
$15,000 UEWAUD
ON THK ITvu OP BRPTKUUKII LAST, two boxea were
delivered at the office of the American Express Com Dubuque, lowa, by a esrtxasn Cron tho United
fttt** Depository.
K&ld boxes, C 4» their arrival at th* Rub Treasury In New
Vi>rk, were found to rental n bucfc-*hoi of the sir? of 110 to
th» pound, and pfewod hail* rl the sis* id 100 to tbs pound,
to tho amount of 1"4 ,j>ootids Id weight, and 26 pounds of
sheet lead. No. -1. flic bears were inode of while ptoa.onc
itjcSi thick, oretaflcd at tho corners, about lO*q
long, KA* inches wUr, an I 4}.- a inchsa ilsrp, tonid* messare
tatn;. The lodtont of on.* id tba boxes was of heraicek.
They w«r»* strapped once around the middle with one iach
hoop Iron. It D clniowj by the iMpositary at Du(«uqoe,
thnt tho box?* eorii contained gold coin to the amoant of
$25,000. They wrr* marked with card# addressed lo the
“Assistant Treasurer U. 8 , New York," which cards are a<l
niictrd by ths at Dabu*jui> u> be genuine.
Now, th»r«ilbre, Jot thi* purpose of diecoveriDg how this
fraad was and bringing to justice the prrpeir*
tors therwof, the Amerk'su Kxprts* Campany aril! pay $lO,
OJU for the rscorery of ihe money, or in that propoitloo for
any part of it, and fb,oou f.-tr the ftrra»C anil ai
Uu* oiTcoder#; and they will pay liberally for ieforuiatlnn
rclatlTs to the making of Raid boxes, the famUliing of sorb
lead bails, shot, Ar, Ac.., Ac.
AM coinmunicatioca phoaid lie addressed fn the rubscii
bera. W«WB, IIUTTBKPIKLD A 00, New York,
LIVISGffTON, FAUGO A a», Buffalo,
Pfoprletorfl of the American kxprvsa t‘o.
lrwlnK*» Great VVorU.
X a®* the above work Is now rwady for Jciivery—tbs
eoeund volame will be ready shortly. It hi ue-tly gotten
up—printed on lloa paper, with three or more portraits and
piano. Prion $2,00 per volume.
Tbt* edition l# published explosively by &ab*crlplioo,and
payable oo the delivery of each volume
T. 3. KIBNKU k CO- are «oie Agent# for the above work.
Office, No. 30 Fifth etrcct, in Lauffer’n Ilookatore, where
th# books will be op<>n for subscriber*!) namea.
gy- Ail order* addrvased to T J. E. k Co. will be strictly
aitnoilfri to. Canvaswr* wanted aug2 daw2m
i. i. otLtaarlt..
J. J. UlUciplA 4 Co M
Looking Cflasa PlsU\fi, Plot# Glass, Kngravings, Comb*
and Fancy Goods, No. 76 Wood street, riLt«bargb
On hand and mads to order, GUI Pier and BlaaU*
Mahogany, RoeewooJ, Walnut and UUI V ram us, or Mould
ing, of every description.
STEAMBOAT CAIUNH Perorated on.l Gilt. |ort4
BTATION KU¥—Oonthuing of lil'ank Book*, l^d-
i. ) gets. Journals, of the various il:n and stylos;
Writing Papers, Koolsrnp, Letter and Commercial Note, for
sclrrvd, family, store and offim um; toe beed <iualltles of
Ladies’ Wrlliug lepers; Ink, Writing ami Copying Fluids;
Steel Pens, Quill*, Ac., at moderate ra es, by
octfl 66 Market street, near Pourth.
and Urge, light and heavy, for Newspaper*, Dry
Goods, Shoes, Confectionery, Ac., now receiving ami for
eale, wholesale aod retail, at former low prices, by
05 Blarbet, Dear Fourth street
l*. P.— Dry Good* Merchant* invited to try them. |i»etti
SOWMUrT'S LUjUIDUAIU DYK almout Tn**t»nt
ly r**d or grey hair to block or brown. Thii Dye lm«
been Ufud io liiousftodfl of cafi-j*, uud l« a moot excellent
article. $1 per Ik>x.
lIKHPKTI Ci SOAP l# used for removing ton, aallownow.
aod redness of the skin. D also cures all chap*, chafe* and
rouffbnm* of the skin, and render* it soft and white. l-‘ ;
eent* per cake. Sold by 8. L. CUTIIUKJIT,
ootO 63 Market street •
ri'Ufi CONSTANT UBE of lb# ROSEMARY will k««*p lb**
hair ao ft and luxuriant to the most advanced ago. It
eradicate dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy and clean.
It Rifto prevents the hair from falling off and promotes Itn
growth: »n«t then it ia only $5 cent* per bottle. Sold by
octB B. L. CUTfIBEUT, 63 Market st
D’UKHB GOODS.—a. A. MASON A GO. Invite attention
to the large and decant dock of Dress floods tboy
lmv« )oct recaked, comprfnng the mod fashionable shade*
of Freoch Merloop, Paramattas, Plain and Figured Wool
he Lainoe, Wool Plaidx, Ac, Ac.
NOTICE TO FARM KRB. Moore’s Patent improved
Drill, for flowing Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley and Ur***
Seeds, for sale at the Seed and Agricultural Store, 47 Fifth
rtreet, by |aug22iw3t*l JAMES WABPROP._
J / GUNS, from $lO and upwards. Call at the Enterprise
Gun Works, 130 Wood street.
aug27 ___ BHWN A TETLEY.
CSIAFNIB, OASBIMKRKB, Ac —A large and well selected
j stock of Broad Cloths. Blark and Fancy Cawimeres,
Oassinetls, Tweoda, Jeans, just received by
«ct» A. Av-tfARQN A CO.
AP>LBTON’B DICTIONARY of Machines, Mechanics,
Engine Work, and Engineering Illustrated with
four thousand engravings on wood. In 2 vols. For sale
by U. T. 0. MORGAN,
oct2 No. 104 Wood stregt, near Fifth:
"INR PAPER HANCUNaS^uel.Decorations, lo Gold
and Velvet, for Parlors {JHW other new designs, just
received and for sale by W. P» MAKBHALL A QQ.,
oct4 67 Wood
it new N. 0. Molasses rPCfeWed
l\ m per steamer Ella, for sale by
PK&IN TEA STOKE, No. 88 Fifth Steect—Just re
ceived, a l&Tgo stock of GREEN and TBAS,
cons fiting Of all the different flavors and grades, pufthased
direct from the Importers, for cash, and will be eoldwbole*,
sals ajid retail at the lowest prices. 8. JAYNEB,'
ATOHJUjOR’S HAIUTyE— Acknowledged to he the
beat Hair Dye In tho world. Twelve'dozen received
b y |octtl JOS, FLEMING.
Fjjaii BRUSHES—A very large and tine assortment of
ftwh Brashes, embracing every variety, lost rac’d by
*f7UNB HAVANA hJSGAKS—I have Just received another
J? • supply of genuine Havana Segars. Those wishing an
excellent article of Began can always procure them at
It EASE—No. I, for Railroad Cats,
4e4 No. 2, for Coal Cars, Wagons, Carriages, Carts,
Brava. Om nib asses, Ac.; lor sue by
IimNDOW GL&Kt—P. A 3. Swearer's brand;
W BO boxes 8x10:
, -20 do 10x12 J
: 25 do 10x14; Willi other eirea-for Bale by
AOABSAB OIL—A supply Of the genuine Macassar
On, for beautifying and promoting theerowth of the
hair, inalrecalTod by M J0 J B '
pct2i comer Diamond and Market st
SQIRTB AND COLLARS—Just received from the Facto
ryj a fine lot of Bhlrta, (French wrists,) with or withont
the new Mylaßyron Collars, by
PTIBE HANDSOMEST assortment.of Gaiters and Fancy
Jj Shoes can be booght at 107 MarkeUtreet, cheap • [ang4f W. B. BuiiMEBTZ.
Q. SUGAR—7O hhda prime for sale by
f not to-day—get your pbli at CARGO’S,
X 76 Fourth Lafayette HaU. oct&
< UV.
- **' N
jtiteWswoM tkltrh&M&J*'*
5 fgefc'3 the pier
mark,laflt andetlll g£B?g up. TJiaripe jvab fconi
the Alleghany. Business.un whaxffcrt3k. Ruyumoapiof
prodace—wheat, rye»rcgm and'Bourv—arrival*
also, notwithstanding the new Uquor law, a large quantity
of whisky arrlvedf which, we bellevd, Ifl Ihtenielfot a
French market The prospect for falFi|?good.
Tax steamer “ Forest City,” Oapt B.A. Way, latheregu*
lar Wheeling packet to-day. She leaves fttlO A, M|
The GalHpolls packet “Convoy" will leave thlsafter noon
at 3 o'clock. .
Oapt. B. F. nutcHiwsoN calls his new Hide, wheel steamer,
the “Somrolgn,” instead of the “ Bomlgor," M the types
made us say yesterday. _
Trautoamer “ Fljra,*’ Oapt. B. Dean, wBl fcnvo this oven*
log for Cincinnati, tfihe la ofligbt draught, and her accomf
modatlons will please the mostfaatlduous traveler.
Tut steamer “Quaker City” will Icavo this morning for
Cincinnati and Louisville. Capfc. STDanM, although a
stranger, has become very popular with the shippers and
travelers to the Falls City.
Tus lino eteamor “Chicago," Oapt- C. L. Brennan, will
leave this ovonlng for Cincinnati. She Is one of the host
light-water packets doing business between this and the
Queen City. Travelers and shlppors wilt find It to their In
terrst to give her a call.
Tub new steamor “R. F. Bass,” Oapt. P. 8. Malford, was
unavoidably detained yosterday; she wilt positively leave
this morning oarly for Bt. Lonla and Keokak. Bhe Is well
provided with every accommodation for the comfort of emi
grants going West.
Tits Cincinnati packets have commenced their regular
trips. The steamer “Allegheny” leaves this morniug, at
10 o’clock, Id chargo of Capt I N. Cook. Our ynungfrlend,
a L; Cole, takes chargo of the clerk’s office. There Is no
re:ieon to doubt but the “ Allegheny ” Will deserve the repu
tation she already bears. Be on board early to secure your
state rooms.
6 new 3 nrcuo watie m tux cturrasi.
Biramer Jefferson, Woodward, Brownsville.
* 1 Luzerne, Bennett. Browusv ille.
•• Col. Bayard.Peebles, Elizabeth.
" EolUo, Henderickson, West Newton
•• Afiullla, Dickson, West Newton.
•• Michigan No. 2, Herat, Wellsville.
“ Gon. Larimer, Rochester
•• Forest City, Moore, Wheeling.
u Ventura, Gordon, Stoubeoville.
>• J. O. Fretuoot, Stor.kdalo, St. I«ouL<.
Chicago, Brennan, '• inrlnuati.
" Brazil, Grace, Cincinnati.
flamer Joffarson, Woodwax.l, Brownsrlllo
*• Luu-trms Ifooofttt, Brownsville.
•' Col. Bayattl, Besides, Kliiabeth.
•• Koliao, iicodarlckwio, West Nfwtoo.
AouMU, Dickson, West Nowton.
*• Mkcbfgnu No. 2, llomt, WelbrvUle.
*• U«jo. Larimer, , Hootaslor.
Pittsburgh, StoubenvUla and Wliaaling
I Tbe DIURNAL. CapUln J.A. Bholcj, aod
FGUKST CITY, Captain U. Wai, will
«m ns regular DAILY FACKKTB, between Pittsburgh,
Steubenville and Wheeling, stopping at all Intermediate
The DIURNAL will leave Pittsburgh on Mondays, Wed
nwsdays and Friday*, at 10 o’clock, A. M.— JWtn-»»*v *l»e
will leave Whiwlijw on Tuesdays. Thursday* and ha turd ays,
at o’clorb, A. 81.
The FOKISST CITY will airs* Irava Pittshurgh on Tuesday*.
Thu relays and Ratnnlays, at to o'idork, A. M-—• Refurv-tny,
Cbo will foare Wheellna on Monday#, WedneeJavt- and Fn
day*, at ‘o’lock, A- M.
Pur freight or parpag* apply on ty»rvl ox t°
No li»h Front nlrr-et
Ilcgulnr Tutsday Packs! for Whwnllnff,
• aarletta ami flaJilopclls<
mj. The now and snlomßd staamer CONVOY.
Wotr, Jr., Maxtor. K. Dsi-aanu, Clsrk.
leave for UiDabPTeandfQtannrdtaU-
every Tuesday, at 4 o clock, P. nociUvely.
Fur freight, or apply on to
JV2H G.M. UAltroN, cr 0. UAIINKif. Agvotv
th# ,tf X m»r CHICAGO, CapUin C U Ba*3
t Kwft*i_*l *’*'“ will icavv f«*r tho abr»»e aa-1 all iuter
port* mi TUESDAY, at
For frf&M or passage BcrpJj cm hoard-
For St/ Loait.
___ The rtrtiaer J. 0. FIIEiIONT, Captain J.
I Btocepu.l; Clerfc, Au.ES £T»*;*aiAUi; wi!»
u?r th« aboT* and taiormrdbito P°rt*
WfcDJffc»t>AY, Oot 17th, at 13 U.
For frrljbt or apply
* For Ctnctonaii
__ The ktoamsr 1 LDIiA, Captain Basil D*»a,
I JCSL*&wIII leave tor lh» above and intermediate port*
JjfisSgggSioTi TUKnDA*. October 16, at 4 P. M
fV»r frvLbt or pas -skffs apply on board, or to
orllC J D. GOLUNGIVOOD, A«e&t.
The stwuart KMMA URAMAM, Captain
I .IffijiJftMnaEiia Avcai, rfll lasv,* for!hr>alx.Y»*nd all
port* on TUESDAY, October IGth,
at 3 V M.
For frri_*bl or p«uuaga Apply on board, or to
Tb« *te«>M&r YOUKTOWN, Captain Tuo*
I , Ctork, Y. inCumsar; will toaro tor lb*
& d>i intermediate port* on THURSDAY
October l 4 ', at H> A. M.
For freight or portsago apply bo boanl, or to
,rtu JOUN FLACK, A^»Tit
fr’or Cincinnati oud LottliviUe*
The *ti**tn*T QUAKER CITY, Captain Mo-
I .taPaann*: CtorS, Y. Galtrro; will l**v» tor the
no<l Intermediate porta oa TTJEsIiAV,
tVio&riitli, at 10 A, M. freight or apply on t*>*r I, or to
<*ctt2 FLACK *_BAIINEB, Agaoto.
For Sit. LouU and Ei.eoli.ufe
!« ■- Tbo ktramer Ik V. ttASS, Captain P. A. Mu
-1 glfaS&afrroftP. Clark, W. (J. U*a&; will lrx*v tor th-<
■S&lluSsSsabove and intermediate port* on TORQUAY,
October 16, at 10 oVU«*t A. M.
For freight or passage apply on tieard, or to
Oral FLACK A HAUNRA, Ag-nto.
«$• K« Bkrboari
IKVKH CLERK, FT. LctrtS, Mo , (at W. N. Havell'a
j offim.) J. K. BARBOUR haring long experience lo
Retiring and Dtorbarglug Itrlght tor tfleamiKai*, offers
superior indarrmento to BtotunboaL dosirtag b DIEOUAIU).
INU CLERK.. tny4
IkIUiPORAIAI tor supplying Goal to tb* Boat* cf the
UN K, for the coming iwaron, will bo rrratved up to the
16th tm>taot, at cron, Bt tberiQronf WU. IXOLMKh A CO.,
Market Street
The Goal is to be d<*Hv«ml In the Bins of the Itc-Rtu m
quantlti** from 1,000 to 4,000 baabrla, as may bo inquired
by the Captain*.
Tb« contract to comroeart on the opening ol Parket
Navigation this Fell and to extond to the tot of July. 1856.
Add re**, “ PItOI'OSALS FOR OOAL.” rscbjdul
Mtaiixtcs’ iUn* ur FtTmcKau, t
August 31, 1M&. I
ritiiK STOCKHOLDERS of lh« UnnX ol i'iSto
X burgh are hereby noticed that tbe third luptaimrut ol
sld,bo j>r r share will Lo due on the 10th of October proximo,
cun! the fourth and last Instalment ol per share on
the 'doth November following, payable at tho Ranking
Itouee, on Fourth street, as per teaolaUnu ot the Urard of
Dirrotorn. I sept | GEO. |>. McGHKVF» Co-vluer.
.1. 8. DA VIAON,
A MEETING of the Btockhold«r« of tho Thnptran&rilU
anti yoUsJwcn Flank Hoad Qimpxnu, for tbe purjiose
of rhooaing oflieerfl to wire for tbo ensuing year, will be
held at the office ol the Traaanwr, Fourth on the
FIIIBT MONDAY of No.*cmher uaxl.
Uy ordt-r of the hoard.
oett) AUSTIN L<H>MIS, Tfeft(turs»T.
IV hereby Intortoi the HtOirt.vl that hie remedy for the
above meutionrvl diei'iuo** In on.* Hint »U 1 run*, llewltl
warrant a care la any case of this klml. This nunrdy »* m
neror known to fall when properly persevered with.
Manyeuffar the tortore of thlßcomplalnt tor months end
years, when a tow months would procure a certain, safe
and flpeodyrnmedy.
OQcw and Primt© Consulting Übonut, No.-91 DIAMOND
alley. ,
lUjU KsUte Office, '
Corner of Seventh ajjd SmithlUUi f J\ltsltyrT)h. ''
BLAKELY A UIOIIKY offer feu eaWavaluaMoifßrtlLlri
Adams Towpabip.'BaOer County—l4l acres.
A Oal Property of 400 acres. The undivided iulf will V
sold, with 161 acres of Improved lAOili-fln which, whong
other buildings, is on excellentflow RlilU : '•
Forty-eight Building the Borough of; Manchester.
Thirty Building Lots near the northern end of the
Sbnrpsburg Bridge.
A Building Lot la James B. Irwin’s plan, in jpiu Town*
ship, (a ijoinlng Sixth Wafd,) will b»> sold Tory low for
cash, as th* owner is going to Kansas. Apply to
eep22:d*w BLAKELY_* RICHEY.
Watches, Jewelry, gllvtr Warel
Watches now In store, from $lO to $276. We are the
eiclpfliye Ageqt fbrthe sale of the celebrated 0, Prodsham’s
Improved Chronometer Timejxepcrt; alsp, g, R Adams A
Sou, Htoddari, Cooper, Taylor, Johnson and other approved
Watches kept for sale at less than Eastern owing to
lighter expenses, and a deslro to retain our home trade as
much as possible.
Special attention is devoted to the rop&lrlng of Watches
and Clocks, Jewelry, Ao.
Silver Spoons and other goods manufactured in my owp
shop. Tea Ware, Jewelry, Military and Etf6esrGoodu c in
large variety. W- W. WILSON,
augiiij corner Market and Eonrthets. -
Watchu and Watch Repairing*-
*Yjrr w. WILSON, Market street, cornor ofr Fourth,
ff • Gold and Bllvor Watches from slo-ia i3Qflfcs Sola
( agepcy for calo of Charles *Fr<xi sham's unrlvaibd Time
.•keepers. Watch Repairing ettended to do no
»In a superior manner. '
Jewelry, BHrer Ware and Military Goods aiJJastorn
jprieva-ea -gepl3
THE highest market price nald for 40, HO pnd 120'
aero Land Warrants, of the lato issue. '
Also, for SO and 100 aero Warrants, Issued under tht
law of iB6O.
sep2l:daw corner of Seventh and fimlthfleTd kts.
Canal Boat tor Bala*
HAS been in use about two good condi
tion. BRYAN, CO.
octlyl2w x^SS..*
BROWN’S ESSENCE GINGER—6 gross for ado : by; .•
octfl corner Wood and JFfggt gtg.
LEMONS —20 boxes fresh Lemons just received, and for
octl No. 39 Wood street*
GUM ABBAIXETIDA —600 lbs received and for tale hy
MORNING, October 10th, at 10 o’docl, etthp Ware-,
house of Messrs. English Be Richardson, No.'llff 1 jPatet
street, between Weod and Smithfleld streets, TfUltw sold,
60 hhds Prime Cuba Bugar. Terms at sale. '••
octlft P. M. D AVIS, Auctioneer.
Tory superior lot of Mathematical Instrument*,
which will be eold at grcaQy reduced roies^by
- W. 8. HAVHN, Btaitocr,
Market street, corner of .Second.
ceived, a fall supply of the above goods by
No. 7U Wood street
♦» v*. 1 * *> ■ ‘ * •••
- * » ♦ •
‘ * n,* ‘
A HftfV Hi>-
Rosalie, Doyle. Wheeling.
Venture, Gordon, Bteutonrille.
Endeavor, Markell, Bt. UuU.
For Cincinnati'
Zaaeiv Ills
F'or Bashvlllr
Prepoiati for Coal,
Land War^ant><
V * -t
? * * ■
. „■ - --Vv*
n ** r * •«, - Ja* *
. % * *
* 1' ''
X&i Wh» jLßaiprfltaEft. Manage*oßAßU3.-.FD3T£B,
'Actfbg'Mahager. Treasurer, J, Y. Bombs. • {
W V ". ;«BTCE3 « ■ABK!BSi6Hi i Vv ' v i
Boxes and Patou etts~ | Private Bores, targe SS.OQ
Becbhd Tier'..'.... ~., w 252.| Private Boxes, small—. .$6.0()
Jk>xesfbrcohro l ........... .....26 eonhf.i
Oartiflrate, spring seats, 12*4 cants ' i
Second oight of Mr. BENNETT. '' j
TUESDAY EVENING, Ocftota 16, 1956, j
-.**'*.' The Play off !
Tlm filfiVoftatit of Vonice—Shylock, Mr. James
Benndtt? Gtatiano, 0. Foster; Anioaio, Moßride; Baa
s&nlo, Dubois; Portia, Mtb. V. Cunningham; Neriasa,
JaH»M.Co6to; 1
-To conclude with the new Farce or
The Wedding Breofcfaat—Gadabont, P. 0. Con
ninghamjMrs.Maichem, Mrs. Borette.
49*Door« open at toT; petforthance to begin at 1%.,
Commencing on TUESDAY 1 , October loth, continuing
. T?lh, 19th and 19th.
34 Premiums, amounting to 83,180 ! 1J
Will be awarded to the FINEST BaUIES, TWINS, TRIP
Number tj f Compttitort limited to One Efandred. }
Qlgheit Premium, $l,OOOlll
rpHOSE wishing to compete for “ Prizes,” should apply
X for certificates Immediately, as tbe applications in
New York, Boston and elsewhere greatly exceededythe
number limited.
Vis ted tbe Baby Shows held In New York, Boston and
Albany, with the greatest dalight.
MR. BABNUM will be present, and deliver Premiums
in person.
Mlaß HANDY, the Maine Giantess, nearl» 9 feet high.
The New York Prize Baby, .. .
Several of the Boston Prize Babies, and oue Ooatoru (or
four at a birth) arc engaged to be present.
Certificates and all information in reference: to the
Baby Show In Pittsburgh, can be had At
• Fifth streot, opposite the Theatre. J -.
49*'Tfou»it of Exhibition from 10 to 12; 3to 7 to
0 o‘c lock. - Doora open half an honr in advance:' :
Admission, 25cents; children under ton-years, half
price. _ oct&Alv*
\AN RICE respectfully announces to the cflfrena of
i J this vicinity, that his
Great Equestrian KatabllahmentemU
Trained Animals Combined,
As organized f0r.1865, will have the honor of-appearing
before them, at Pittsburgh, for TWO DAYS, Friday end
Saturday. October 19th anJ 2Jth, in front of this AMERI
CAN HOTEL, Ponn street.
. Admiarion, 25 cents, Performance rornmehces' at
and 7 o'clock P. M., each day.
The three great features that distinguish DAN RICE’S
UUIOAT HilOW from every other exhibition In tho conutry
are an follow*; 1. The Brilliant Array of Professional
Talent. 2. The Beautiful Stud of Horses, Ponies and
Mulm. 3. The most perfectly trained. Wild Animals ever
Among tbe Equestrian Talent, the following eminooi
Artists WIH appear;
Mr# Dan Rico, Mad. Uneaten, Mad’llo Jonta, (he Vocalist,
Mad’Uu Georgian*, P. U. Ross ton, W. O. Dale,
Young Jean Johnroo, 0. Richardson,
Ohas. Noyce, 1. fihowles, Wn.
Geo. Miller, Master Cbno. Reed,
And his counterpart, LBtle IRIv Ltpnan.
In hb ZOOLOGICAL COLLECTION will he fuund tbe
etupeudoua end magnificent Elephant, Cat la Rookb,
who, among other feats and sagacious trickn, has t»een
tanght u>
walk rm: tight now.
DAN RICE wIU eonrluetsthe puhlfc there will be nothing
done at hi* Exhibition but tthat to Novel, Wamlerju 1 , and
J fatally Instructive*
During each exbSlsltlon. DAN RICE will Introdaco bto
tborcagh bred Uoffl.i, Kxctlilor, and the famous pair
of FJncaLni Malts, taught to perform some of the juoa
langboblrt and Incredible feats of Sagacity. Resides iheis,
will be caiublLed tbs moot perfiTtlytralnod AUSTRALIAN
REAR ctor captured.
A Brilliant Cornet Band will head the Grand Procession,
and pose through th** prini-ipal streets at 10 o’clock A. M.
oo tl»doy of ( O. U AijeoL :
Tbi* Company wiU exhibit at t
JdUNBTOWN - Monday, October l&th.
LIGONIKU Tuesday, “ 145th.
ÜBRRNSBUiUi \YedD**day, 44 I7tb
MAST LIBERTY..-.. Thursday. •• 18tto
BUTLER - Monday, “ SSI.
6c t$
St HI Poster atul Distributor^
49" WiU. attend to the Posting and Distributing of all
kjtuto of
All «smmumcatioc»-~cilher by mail, tvlegraph,or other*
wlso—directed to the office of the Morning Poet, will re
ceive prompt attention. ap?
[TThtcb tAr.fc tho Diploma at the New York hUtr Fwir, ISM
and eeveral other Pairs,)
• oTK CHALLENGE any Machine In the world to op
YY proarh It In caw and
It to an entire new principle,
A boy 12 yeara old will shell from ReTeoty to eighty bush
ol* of Corn In a day, (without fatigue) of either dry, damp
ur green Corn—separating It from th* Ob. No cleaning
the required. Krety kernel to rvmoTcd from any size
rob, not destroying even tbe husk in which tbe corn grows.
Instead of crushing tho Corn off the ooh, It to picked off,
as a child would dr> with hto fingore. It pick* off tho fair
kernel* for planting. Every former know* no machine has
ever done thto.
100,000 of tlteae Machines
tub ueuafto
Exeeidi CredlbllUy l
For Farther description, noe
and laiiy paper*.
T li Ii la no cleh-iiißOf llnmbngt
In this Honopoly !
>Ve incite Uu»o who Want to make ihe “ BocVe," lo call at
No. 299 Liberty elreot, Pittsburgh, Pa.
JOfr GrnsTkßTli akOXlVllta, Ihe BEAT BRANDS of
will always besold at the lowest Cn*h price*. |upll
WM. B. HAYS & CO.,
A Ur£" etorh always on hand at
Ho. ‘407 Llbarty •treef,
11l A VB jost received from the Eastern Cities, a stock of
FANCY AND'STAPEK QUODS, embracing the most
complete variety ol CLOTHS, OABSIMKKES and VKST
INUB that I have ever bliborto ctfereJ to the public.
UoFiil.-K a Urge number of HLAOK CLOTHS, of which I
have always kept a good aasortinenl, 1 have been at con
siileraole pain* to select some cboico Panov Colors, among
several (tN and BLUE, Also, of FANOY
CABBIM.BJSKBI aa.tihQQUtt variety of the highest grades,
comprising many handsome PLAIN DRAB and PUKI’tH
grounds, as well os the latest Figured styles. Aud of
usually large selection—the latter embracing several deli
cate patterns net readily obtained.
I have procured the garvlcps of Mr. JNO. CARPENTER
as Foreman, familiar to the trade In the West B 9 the in**
renter of “ Carpenter’u Rale.” Having mode all llto nice-,
ties of cutting, urn chief study of beinguudoyrdT
wllh a large fund of experience from a practice of seventeen
•yefTR, there is little doubt of bis ability to please all whose
custom he may attract.
Nystock of BOYS’ CLOTHING is much larger than at
any former period, exhibiting all the variety of styles com
' moo tc the season, and at very low rates.
No. 80 Wood etreet.
■Window Shutters, Window Guards, &c,
2io»f 01 SeoontK and »•> it,
rsuv* on a vaxiety of now patterns ancy an.
jflaia, : mritabte fbjf all purposes- Particular attention paid
toenclosing Grave Lpts. JtobblDgxlone at short notire* |m2l
S. M?KEE & CO>»
M’KEE’S PenNsYlvania Glass
v a*-t- or
JKstra,; Doable Strength* Imitation Crown and Bob?
VialSo-Flaeka, Pickle and Preserve Jaw; w \
1 Wine, PortPt andMlneral Bottles;
Telegraphic & liightningrkod Insulators-
T rarsßonaa, pehha.
' 4 jjut a short distance from the Steamboat landing, sw.
from Wbonongahpla House, Bt, Charles, and City Hotel. | ap24
COPPBBAfr— (33 bbla for sale by
v *3“ Ajgftet worthy! of f}«cord and
hftn—WKlGtfra TONIC’AOXTURE.a ffuarmtud and
errfaurcurs fm :FEy*R AND; AGUBiiTUB pwpAtttioa
for the of ihoabtjvo ersdlcA
tion oftitrcauflb,t| one'of nmat important Ohsmical
DlacbtieHea H && oent|iry. /ltß pfatmfldQg* effects
on thqjjptoonW gwcS; aro ■ Instantaneous, and aita like a
charm upon the whole Neryoos and Muscular Byrtaja, re
storing life tonehfihe fitoßtnchyaad
general''fMn ; edteiMacxted to for its treatment,
such as Quinine, Arsanfc»j Ac., which leave the system
worse timn they found improves tho goneral health,
purifies the blood, and orgama to 9
regular, and healthyaction,*
Being- prepared nsuler thjeimmodlata- superylskdrof M
eminent ChemisUJunifonDity be
relied on. Its unprecedented -demand, aad tba thousandB
of testimonials ftom eminent' and; others wbft
have bean thoroughly cured, are a saSlcleat gharantee or
its superiority over all otherpreparations. - __J
We can only add, in conclusion, if you are sufferingfronf
Fever and Ague, try Hand be cared/ r •’ '
241 Market PhUadelphtft. ;
And all respectable Druggists throughout the United
States and Oan&das.
For sale hr GEO. H. KEYBBR, No. 140 Wood street,
and R. E, SELLERS, Pittsburgh. ep27:(Uw3ct-is- ;
A Substitute for tho New Liquor
a safe and sure remedy for she cure of
A concentrated vegetable iextract. and. aq a tonio,is une-:
quailed. - For the it Isa mast valuable:
medicine: Di^pe^siaiLiverGimpldinL^KpSepiyyNeuralgia,-
POUf Feoen of alt kinds, Delirium Tranent* GeneralDebUiiy.'
This medicine la intended to produce a chan gain the eye-'
tern, and a distasts for alcoholic drinks.. Several Instances
wbure we have sold it, have had the most gratifying ■
results; so, to persons who are really,desirous of breaking,
off the indulgence In Intoxicating beverages, this elixir wlll:
be a great help. Sold at $1 per bottle at the Drug Store of
DR. UEO. n. KEYSER, No. 140 Wood fltreet, corner of
Virgin alley, sign of the Golden Mortar.'. . «p2sal*w
CpGougU Remedies. tr. Keyser*9 Pectoral
Byrup will cure you.
Dr. Keypcrie Pectoral Syrup wlßenra DrOnohStls.
- Dr. Keyeor’e Pectoral Syrup will cari&4&yugitiiJ.
Dr. Keyser’sPectocalSyrapwilicure IbUtfotixa.
Dr. Seysaris Pectoral Syrup l& tho head.
Dr. Keyseris Puc&raf Syrup wlircuro Inclplont Con*
letter ftrem' Mr. S. W. Veafch, of liokeby,Ohio,
eaya: - •; . " * . ‘ >
•* i want you to send mo itra jbottlsa of your Pectoral
Syrup by mill. Tbereia h IflUy herd wbohoa a cough end
tho doctors can't care her. I tho eam© way, and
triad everything without benefit, until I r got r of
your Pectoral Syrup; I topk It but twice,andJttcured (no
sound and welL"
Aak for Dr. Karan's Peotosai Bibdp and take no other.
Price, 60 cento. gold at DR. KlsYB£&*B, No. 140 Wood
atreet, and at J. P. FLEMING'S, Allegheny. ap2sal*w
lUiUeal Unre Truss will core
nearly every care of redoseablo Uernls.
Trusses at various prices always on band.
Children's Trusses of diffArentforma and strengtb
for sale.
Klastlc Stockings for varicose or enlarged veins.
Abdomntol Supporters—A dozen different kinds.
Pile -Props for the support sail cdrapf Piles-
Hkoulder Braces to relieve acroofced and deformed
condition of tbe Cheat, anil many diseases of the Cheat,
Suspension Bandages. , . - L
All these artielefl'may ! ba bod or applied at DB. KE7«
SMB’S Wholesale and Hetall TRUSS I>BPOT >; UO Wood.
street, sign of tbo Golden Mortar; nr will befshttoany
part of the country by senOingtbe money Snd iaeasuxp, ■.
ap26xlaw . ...
DR, C. M. JACKSON, Philodolphio, Fa.,
\CkroniS or Servant DcbQifyi Ditrait* of Ou Kiinqtt, and
all lUseau» arixing front a diiordcrtd littf ir Stomach.
• * -Pooh ' ‘ ' ' • *-
asOonfitiP**-' - \
tion,luF*rdPllc3. *
Fatness, or BioocUnih*
HsocL Aridity of theßtomach, -
Kauces;Uecrtburn, Disgusttor Jfood£
I Fulness ok weight in the gtomaffb* Soar -
Eructations, Sinking), orFi ottering Fit
of tba Btom*on r BwlinwiPg. of-the Head, Harried
ernl Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Hearty Cheek* -
|ng or SoiOcating&mfiation whenin lying
of VWon, Doto.of, Webs! before. the Sight, Fever and-' r
Poll Pain in the Bead) Deficiency of Perspiration-
Yellowness of tbegkinendEyea, Painln the*
Side* Back, Ac- Sudden-
Fiusbes of Heat Darning In.the
Flesh,. Constant Jmagin*
tegiof JjfriUandgreat
.Depression of
Spirits. :
The proprietor, ta caLUugVbe attention of U» pnb!lo*tO
this prrparuUoo, doaa so w jfc a feeling of the almost eonfl>
4*nc® Ln Us virtues andadaj ation to thediseases for which
Ula recommended- • r
It is no ueW and untried article, bat one that haastood
the tost of a ten years’ trial before the American people, 1
and its reputation.end^utelsunrivalled by anyshnilarph *
paratioaH extant The testimony in Us favor given by tht
most prominent and well known Cbyadansand Individn
aM, In all parts of the country lsiuuoense.-- BaSsfring any
Who may doubt, to my “ Atetaorabill*, n or Practical Satripf
BpoS, for Farmers and Pamliis?, to ba had gratis, of all lb "
Agents for the Garmon j
Principal Office and Mann factory, 120 Arch street, PhJU
Ay- Hold by Dr. Geo. K. Keytar, 140 Wood street; B.A
Fahnestock AOq., No. 6 Wood street; Framing Brothers
60 Woodfitteet; 11. P. Swartz and J.P. Fleming, Allegheny
tuoß city connisaciAh collbgk
AN Institution to educate the BOBINEiSS MAH. Col*
l*ge open Day and Evening, from S A. M. to 10 P.M.
Students and upwards bare matriculated at this School of
['radical Ans, taught in manner by instructors
of practical experience in tlio business withwhteb their
arts are connected.
Tsous of rumoir:
Book-keeping—fall mercantile coursa, lime unlim
ited, Including commercial calculations, all lec
tures,and Practical Penmanship, • * - $35,00
£atn« course for Ladies, (apartment separate,! * 20,00
Penmanship—practical—time unlimited, - - 10,00
Same coarse tor Ladies, (apartment separate,) • 5,00
Penmanship, per month, 4,00
Arithmetic, ... ..... 4,00
iVnmaa-dilp and arithmetic, per month, - - C.OO
Higher mathematics, languages,surveying, engineering,
drafting, mechanical, architectural and u nameatal dcaw-
Ing and construction—as pfr agreement.
AW* Those that can attend only in th»-evening, have aU
the advantages of the day student in lectures and instruc
College (oow) corner of Wood and Fourth—soon in j
“Cbllega Hall, opposite the Post Office..
sepS - 2. W. J ENKIK3. Principal-
JSteruco, October 8, at 7 o’clock. A Bessiou ofTwenty
lessons. Students con attend every day and evening to
practice) but are charged tor only four lessons per week.
0. BAftTBEROEIt, Teacher of Architecture!
1. Elementary Drawing rod Shading.'
% Regular coarse in Descriptive Geometry.
Pari I. Lino and planum and Intersections. - •
Part 11. Cylinder, cone and sphere, with their inter
sections, with llnoi, planum, Ac.
Eartlll. Perspective.
.x Constructions In' different building materials, stone,
wood, brick and Iron, Ac!
Foundations, trussing, roofing, arching and vaulting.
Furnaces, ventilation pud heating. Dams and looks,
bridges; .
4 Designing of public.and private buildings, in tha dif
ferent styles of architecture, w lb lessonson their origin, Ac.
E. SfORG ENROT If, Ttjocher of Ornamental Drawing)
adapted to the business,, of tho marble cutter, cabinet
mak«r,-nmaiucntaV pointer and carver, Ac,
Mechanical Drawing, applied to machinabufliling In all
its branched. . ; . v ;
Prof., I*. KOETQOtf, Teacher of Modern Languages. .
Instruction given day,.ox. evening, indlvidnaUy or in
claves, Separate apartments tor Ladies.
4ST Tor terms, Ac., cati at u College Hall,” opposite tho
Post OOico. locio] V. W. JBNKIN9, Principal.
A Classical and Ecliool,
I'CtU hoys. ■ ■.
TIMIK TtVKLFTII SESSION of this Joßtltutlon will com*
mence on TUESDAY the lGtb ofOctetjer!
Thin H.-bool |a locatod in the pleasant, healthful and
romantic village of TURTBR CREEK; distant twetva miles
from PlUt-burijh, aod is ul easy soyera a day,
by railronJ. 1 ' u
Thojse who bar* children to edacata, are Invited to calf
and; examine the arrangements made fat the tccommoda*
tinn of eehoiarfi. L. CATQIf, -principal.
TartJu Oreofe. AUcgbenir
tXB- Circulars, contain IngUnap, ana otber infonnation,
may bo bail at J. 1L Mollor’s, H.T. O-iMorgan'a and J.S*
Davlsum's Bookstores, Pittsburgh; or apply to Ulo.Princi
pal, at Turtle Creea. _ ott3
IRON Cl'rY OObißGfi.
Opening of the New Hall*
ON PR]DAY EVKNING NKXT,October-6, atT o’dccY,
- Addresses will bo delivered 'by IOOQS WIC£INB and
©theirs, adapted to the occasion or tbo'openingof thenew
“College II all,” which has been fitted up for the permanent
location of the Iron City Golle&o/ftt the corner of Fifih and
Smith field streets, opposite the Post Office ", entrance on,
Filth street. The public—to the ladles and genUemuh—>
are respectfully invited to attend. \ __
oct6 1 ?.~ W. JgNKIN?., Principal.
jVo. S 3 .Fifth street, a few floors from,' Offlcty
Ad just EYCiiYiDj .Uxe .first fow,of, a large lovolcecf
NunoaA 01 ark’s unilviUed tianoa.' Tbla•,•
cbdoe l&twurcomprise-/
i p Qctavo square comets, rosewood,
euOctave; do „4<> '.do : . -■s'^
6}l Octavo, round corners, rosewood, oamd, aasiin rack
and ljro. , . , . • ; •
6l< Octave, double rotind corner filial ahed all around. - r
eftl do do carved legs, Rlisalettuan tl/K.
G% do fleml-Rcrpantlne, very elegant. i
7 do do do
6y A do Foil Serpentine, pplcpdld pattern.
7 do do ' do''
Yho above will positively bo sold at l Now York totUrry
prices, without addtiton for cfe.- l ’■ ■ ■*• •
H. K1480j2H.-lfc. 880 ,
. i Sole Agents for Nonna* Clark, for Httsbwgh
1 and Western PenußjiTonla, -^/
. geph 63 Fifth street, near the goskOjUgo*,^-
aKOOND HANttflANOk—Ona 6*<£ ; octavoHanoVotte
J iui elegant Rosewood cose, with carved moulding and
Iron frame; warranted to be in perfect order/* $225.
Oue 1M octave Plano Foxto, In N&bog&fiy.cas^-$175.
OB' 8 “ “ . “ • ;- “ *125.
Onett ; “ . . $lO5.
1/ 3 Star Bale by " Kjg. OHABLOTTi! 818M8,...
octfi No. ns 37bOd street, ftl.doog aboya gifth.
H-j DR, BRQTO,'K'o'a Diamond Alley, d&.—*
his entire attention to an.offlcD practice, sip
njsfjHla hnstnesa la • mostly confmad; to
• Ea» Ttncrtol 2Huai(3> ami sach, painful affections, mS»
brought on by imprudsticoiyouthfiil indulgence and excess.
Syphilis, Bjpfclii ticiErpptioijß, Q oncrrhe*, Gleet, Strictoro,
•vvetnrel Discharges, Impurity of the Blood* with eJl^ea*,
sv vofihe Venereal Crgtn. gkin Dise&eas, ,
tionfi, Tetter, Hereuttal '9M a s®^i?SsF n £V,
WeaSnere. Impotaney/Hl^jßhetaMti^Femnle-Weak
ness, Monthly Bnpptefcijfonvniraaie* oyMjJomtfcVlatula
' lifAnD- NervousAflbctton3,PbiKsln'theßacif and I^inß*:
Irritation of the Bladder and Kidney?, treated,
tftm} guaranteed, ; l ? " l -\ >
;Yveni y (teh to mtejcttyj -enable* Dr.
OfficL and Private Consultation Rooms, 41 Diamond alley,
ta, Chargee moderate. novfcdewly
Private Dlhum<
fmedical. . .
Echi Hollandsch Bitters.
TWO YEARS IravoelapsedkliSc6 a&int»daoths«f this
voloable medicine into.tto ITnltod aut'e.-Dortng
thistimdit has gainadia a remedy
.fO£r . i '» ■- ' ‘
Fettrasid-Ague, Dr/speptia, Indigextlony Hta&ashe,‘
Lou xf idppdile, Zkb&iKOWvcTKO, *
'V •
Many ofnnr.iQoatwortbydtizens testify to Uswdndarftt!
efficacy in alt affections of tbe fitomach end Uvcr.- Afl *
toaicwit never has been equalled*!** the relief U offend# la
aUcasee ofdeblUtyorjeealuieM'tJfanykind la ataaofHti*
st&ntaneous. In nervoo% rheumatic mod xxearalgio affec
tion*,it basin nnmeWGa Instances provodhlgUybeiwflciaJ,
end. hr others effected a decided feute.' 1 ' * ■ '
■When eminent phyridanaprescribe, and thairpaueots
so we - to
(loabt,andeageciy t«st Its virtues ior oorttlveS; V
• A Case of Eight Maruhg : Standing Cured Gy Boerhave s
Hc&and. Butcr&s-iutti±£l Kol\j t '£io. II? Grant, nest Bmith
field street. July* while'ronnlngcn the river,
on a ration boat plying between Natch szand New*Orleans,
Irwaa taken with fever end agtdj. For elgbt long months
I soifered. with this dreadful diseasar'Tbe' greater parte f /
this rinf&l was nuablo to rant otie&st fifty dol- .<:■«
lars &r different medicines* but found ncr permanent relief.
Threeweeks ugp,oueofsnyfrlendfllnsistedupon ffiy trying 4 ?:>.■
-‘V ‘
IcaL i After taking .it fbr-one weak, state i was »
eonadinain I havebeenaiworkrioWfor two weekaj end' '-
fcav&hadno retflrnof tne chills iwd fever whatever.” >'
I the ftboTestatoment N-*
•> .-! Thos. : Afusts/DiamondHoused” * , • 4
- Ur.'fiiAslilsoomb,ofßinulng£iain.BJiys: _
in Boerhavo*? Bitters s. renrody/br headache and debility/ <
Uywirdhsfl also heel itwiththegreatost benefit^-'
4 Ur. A.&. Nkholaohjof Pittaborgb/aiflo re&at Its 1 that be
hasexpariencedmuch rellefifinmitsusbtorheadache.' - *'
, s • READTmsr
-A ■McJhiTtckr’s Tcstunony’-Jzcob muskes, Jiving In the ;
Holiantl ecttiaiasntof'Bbe&oygan; Wisconsin,aayffr:"Aftat
suffering for some time the misery stietffitog flit utt4r profit
traiion of mind and body,!'have been- refltored, ,by using
Boerbave'e Bollasd to perfect heftlih/ 1 . ;
.1 The fact of this remedy being in each high reputesmong
tbe-Hoilanders in Wisconsin, Michigan, NewYcrk—in fact,
in every Holland settlement in the United B ateff—argui*
ranch in itsfevor. •• ' •' ••• ;
Mr. John Davidson,Uvingtontoilea above Pittsburgh, on
the Pennsy tvania Canal, 6sys: “ Wbenlcommented taking
Boerhavo’s Holland Bitters, ! could hardly walk—HOW, I
enjoy excellent health.” ', - *:
CunFffetled t&Bocrhatfs HoUandßUtsrs
—The wife of Peter lie Witte; living in Holland Town, She*
boygan county, Wleconslo.euffered mneh fartn weakness of
thaatomach and lndlgeaifon. She bad, been under a phy
eiclfln’a care for some time/bul the disease sesmed tb bame
iflvan htgflkiH.- Bhopurcbasedsocie HoU&nd JJUtenral our
'Office, which has given lone to her stomach, box appetite
and strength araTtturning, and wefirmly beliave that this
lia another great'ciire effiaiued by yotir racdleino.
; Wohava atlllio reoord many by
this c hshs& : wUt- another opoorttdd^y*'D&e
thing you can rely upon, whet we have published are from
persons much respectodlh onr literal'
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Editor Sheboyga&-Kietiwibcd0 # £hebpygaxk;Wis,
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’ A Case of Tiw . Mottltif 'Stdiiding by Boefhawfs
Holland Henderson/of Pittflbarghj Mysi
♦'After EufCetfog forthreO cxbntbii wl put
of tbe time so severely as to confine me to rny bed*?*! have
been ebtirefyenred
1 have bid one a tiackii nco, bat found alniostinslantanoous
relief in the eame jnaHciiie. ltls> inmy tipinlon,asure
remedy for rhenmaHttb?*' " T " '" ' -W/ ' . ' 4
This changeable weather hkoly to produce tt great deal
of sickness. -• To persona ttfiubled vrifh nfirTpns pr rhciuua
tic affections, we would. recomtnend ; Holland
Bitten. On referring to our colututifl; yod wtli flnd certifi.
eated frcmffoihfr'of dprflcstQ eimanand Englifisi eUlreni.t*
■ renmylvantei&udf ZeUuttQ. - VV" r
| We ore at Ilbany to rcfer to.eßveral well kuowngenUa.
men, wlwhove-uwd;thorotighly.tested, aid nowrecoja
roeirf -Holluni'Bittexs.Aa a wmedy fok piles.
We sfe not-snibcfty to publUirthelr Hames.but will take
pleasure iu pstsojito theiu.Wbb denias lbls
: statement.-‘ J '* •" - ’■?, " ... .
For thikaffeelffin, one-haUbf tiifrprefflnibeddoaa should
?j’a?/twispodnfii], morniug,nb6n aniniglit,
-one hour belbre meals; v -•- ‘
QAuiroNr " :/
The great popalaHty of tbjff dellghtfol Aroma haA In
'dijoed matry Imitations, wbliiblss. piifclic abonJd guard
pnrebanog. Be' hot pfirsdflcled io : buy anythiog
elseuntll have fair
it ia tefllf thtoeiioitaflahß. ' f V •.. /
per bottle, or filx boiUc3 for ss,hy tbs
*>le ' BCNIAMfN PAQB, lie, A CO*, . .;
.Mah&facthsing Fharnuceuttsts and Chemms;.
'■ corner and Thlrd sta* pittsbur^b.^
Hulf) ; fiettored and Llfa;Lt*gthea«d
T T will Weaknefia with Incapacity wit- •
tivity,asd this nob nhty withont hasarti' of reartloa, bnt. .
with a happjefitat on the general organisation. :
te mind that all maladies, wharevw thßy with
the narvoofl system, and tht&thepmwlintionO? thenerre
cfmotich audsensatlon lo phyelcal deattu Dear inmind#
also, that 'forevery kind of nmnous the SUzlr Ooi»
dial is the only reliable preparative known.
•• cubs or NB&vdvb dibeasis. '
Ho language can eonvey an adequate Idea of thefmina
dlatenndralmoßtixdraculous change which Übcctßlons ln_
the dls«aßed, ’deb{lltated pystea,
whether broke p down by nature, or impair
ed by unstrung ahd relaxed organisation is
at enoa.braeed) rcTtvifiod nruj ,builtrup. .The
physical eymptemo of nervous-dlcoase vanish together on*
dec its influence. Hot is the effect temporary f 'tor the por»
dial properties of the medicine reach the constitution ItSeU? * ;
and restore It to Us normal condition. .. .
••' toss -* * A
Oanfaslon, -giddiness, nutijii bljod; to '
choly, wt?tclifl4p«EaV thoughtiof wlf
destruction—fear of insinityj generil prostrm
tlon* .
fecilem tosmlfisidecay^f.tto’pTdpag^ngfXaJdS^nß,'hya *
toria, monomania, vegne af?tlie bean
rmpotancy, constipatfoii, eto-,fromwbatiY®Ma\i£eB arising
thura-ba any oahumah teetl
taony,absolateiylpfalilbto.•;. /'-■•' T - ; " <
i The imparalleleicflocteof thia gnat restorative In an
thousands of inrigorants concOctcd-iaH purporting to be
and'derangem&ots to which
me dt&ictto formation of womaarendcr her liable.' •
; ;' BVBBY WOMAN Off-B£NBE, v* - - /
; Who'raßars from weakness, derangement, nervonsnaas, -
tremore,palnainthe l«vcfc,.orany.othftr disorder, whether *
pcctßl)ArioherEei,or.common toboth gWa U» w '
latiKoratins Cordial ft trial.. ■■■»*
findtMaCordiahaftor.ihey have «md atei-' ;
tie or two,* thorough regenerator of thesyatam. In all
direcfcibnaere £b he found the happy parent/i of healthy off* -
spring, who would noibare besnao outlor thla extraordi*
jiory preparation. Audit la equ»llypotimi.fbr themaay dlfr '
eaiea fox/which it 'is recommended.- Thousands of ydtlnjf
men have b#s» whored by ualngit, andnotin asinglela*
Btance.haflttftiled tobenefittham..- > <
or conauinptlyehabitßj Breresiored by thecae of a bottle or -
two to bloom and vigor, changing the shin from a pale,yel>
low, eicUj color, to »be&otifal florid obmplexioßr r
TO THE MISGUIDED. - - > ’. *
Tbosearesomeof ihesadend melancbolyeffeetsprodti* '
cedby earlyhablta ,of youth, -via: weakness of - v
anti limbs,.paln&lhthe head; olmneaa of tight, toss ufinxi#K' -
cnlar power, palpitation of the heart* dyspepsia, nerroaa
Irritability, derangement of the digestive f&ncttoM&MMral
AtbUit&symptaxn? ofcousamptiaaa f et&. -»•*•
Mentoiv, the tearful fSteeU-on: the mindaremuehtobn '
dreaded. 'Loss of memory, confusion of Ideas, depression
of aplrifaveTU;toiebodiasß>»v«Bloatoflodet7,BelMistruflt,
-love of solitude, timidity, etc^ateaome ol the evils produ
ced. AllthuoafiUflted,
eboold wfiMt thaiaflcmnamhidand body *
Caaeary redoirltea to promote connubial happinessl ndeed,
-without these,Hie journeytfcrbughtlft-MCdine*
mind becomesihadbwedwfth despair; andThUedyrttirlheF
£ melancholy reflection that; l thehappintsa’ of fcppthai b*»
eom« blighted with yonfebwd.' ' ‘ ' ' *
.. CAUTION. • • '■ k.:
Dr. Morge’s Invigorating Cordial has been counterfeited •••■.
same unprincipled pernons. -•«•-. '■ -
Infature,*U the genuine Cardl&l-will have thepropHe*’' '
•for’a faoeiioile pasted over the corlr of bottls;-anatht :il ~
tollowingwo^®W®w iltt th^€lMßS ‘’ v; * -
I>r7 Hortt’fl lavlgorMllflg iDo?dUl,
.. ;; Y ;/, cl H.nraq l itopri«tor t s. **>
*Ph© tfonUaiiapufc up, highly concentrated; in pißt
ties—price three doUare per bottle, tva ftrflve " *
fortwelvedoUmia. Or Ei BING, Proprietor,' r v '
.*dway»&&*** .
Bold fcyi>raggistßthrtragfconrtha;tfoUeft
and the West Indies.
AGE NTB: r " rJ '''S
Pittsburgh JDb»QKO. H. ~
Do. : : -.u;.inißaaKoi BnO8^Ifo.«^
1 Do JSL E.B£LLEUS,Wood street,."V
Allegheny City.;.B£OliHAM A M’KKNNAN; ... -
Agent or PARg.dnritmaU.
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' OfflMMaJPrirate T Conrarutlo“
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conipWniß, It Is ceeaUtol; cffitseMrasi no
Soj y, InaiyUanlortmelai should bo rrltboot It.- ••“ ;
Ciunoxr-B« sore to £etthageoulhaß!3stae6,!srfilcfc la - -
liwparodonly .by 3* .BUOWN.ut fcifliEnlj* and Chemical
Store, M; js,eorner pfgijfoafotClieEtwitetieetey Phllmltl-' ‘
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