The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, February 17, 1847, Image 2

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.1- ~. --. „,
„in the rooms of the Board °f
::14...T::::::::i. 3138Z:a - mentionedel lrd-N b l y ee G tin en g er c a n l i
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-•';Z g 7.' ' .:- *;o;•hich'leve not 1'
• '' , a - -card
',-%.4:f.' - ‘ 2 :' - 6 azot c, e f yesterday
i contains tas -
• g lir rh . e -- • member- of _ the recent . A .. -- . •., 'in
-.. . yiiii -, • , Abegheris county
. ''l2
''':itt4';':-j's't::4-11,1K-..-'."-sfaf!t:lren't.'*•.,"-:.-itre iifa..l,o'ilfr Adams'.
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',::141H".."--*::°:f l i l bta 1 . . C C on ci s P e r n e t r ::
-1- tiile;iiiietl ,- - i : trbe the nominee o
7 ;l l'iry.'re iritite attention to the letters of our Har
10ittit, initliWashington - correspondents, in this
it(6l4,:kbf., The action of th e State Legislu
11jttViit# *
elp.the Connellscitle Railroad, will
Anistreielgeb„file4''elting to our citizens. Our friend
•-', : plktiroo . -Tfirehington, writes an account of the
S eeof the II S Senate in iefetihce t o
torsi ofthe Union. our opinion the resolu
}lou posted by that body to - exclude
tr*.c:.tritin their.privileged seat, is mean,
:,.•tittrligrrifte4 and tykannical;snd is a stab at the lib
- 'meet with the in
ityignant-frpwil of every freeman in. the land. We
more to say :On this - subject hereafter.
. .
• •
Thai:President of-the United States sent in a
Ifitiejegetothe'llouse, on last' Saturday, in which
. the nonifilerafion of Congress the
• lieeess4y - .or raising , :arlditional revenue, by im
iosing-a alifi on articles which are non• on the free
ailakfOr,the purpote.of furnishing means to prose
torite the' wir ' with the utmost vi ,, or. We ha% e
1111 a message on file for publication.
. -
14: Trassactis.n BaNsr..-14. , Y. Beach & Sans, of
deeply interested in the above
*Kaclitsra,tockhoidera, , publish a card in which they
2ailti , .yTtioli
ngimmediatetCdemption is prohibited
Riethers, we' caution and request all per
.fastai„,--Unlding of. th 2 bank not to sacrifice
, because we assure them that
.. ..1,149r 1 5gt4 bema . de tv,x)3 to the last dollar."
'•olsitiojodettee - of lake atorning Poet
' - Wasimanw -CrTy; Feb. 12, 184 7.
-- :"Deiti'SV;.-Therchns been quite an excitement
..treteilstrlrigille.lailetVro days, gnawing out of thel
resolutiOit'olleredllie 'Other- day by the Senator:
*liiirititi4 . *:..t.iflee,la expel the venerable
ditorii}tielinion;from the floor of the Senate ; l
for article hii paper stigmatizing
the; eiegf of iiie:army bill .in the Senate on the
9shLinst4..,s3 . a 4Texican . victory."
The'Whigi ! and Alan" " flying•squad in the Sc
make such a fuss about what Mr-
said,:fdi twill -- venture to say, that .99
•:cifiii r cFea . otti-4;eveiy,lo9, exclaimed when they
liaard:thexievrs_rif the ',defeat of that bill, that it
-was .: mwithei 'triumph`' for the. Mexicans. Mr.
*itchle was not singular-_ in that respect, neither
'Was the - authorcif the - cbirimunication signed -Vitt
ditater.'_ It is not nolikelY that if the bill could
.have.been - k - ept back -in the Senate until the last
,- day' of its session, some Honest John Davie -would i
14avi.It. Convenient to speak against time until the
liottiof adjournment arrived, and talus defeat the
.nneaspie entirely.
'The three Million Bill is - the topic upon which
'.l the balance of the session will be spent. The
Sti m oesiso is the willow upon which the
whiga •hang their harp. They with some few
idCtriocrats hope to attach it to the three million
klut they will be disappointed, I think. Many
of the democrtaic members of the House see
that it is calculated -to defeat the peace offer
ing. and they will vote against it. There are nc
southern whigs willing, to vote for the measure,
tint they are perfectly willing to see the democrats
- •fi;;ltt about it. The territory is now free, and if
to, the United States will always remain
free. It is not suited to slave labor. The South
'sqin : men see thit, and it is one of the rosin rea
:i - ma - why they care so little about acquiring any
- of-it- .
''4triktlebitlein the Senate to-day was very inter
exciting. Mr. Allen made an admire
-4.4, .speech in defence of the liberty of the press
"nud'Of Father Ritchie, whose age, he said, was
,nearly:double that of the 'Senator's, but you will
.doutitlessaeettle*bate, and I shall not attempt a
-4 4 °,0 1 01 : It?
den. Cass, in his great speech yesterday, in de-1
• fOcyoifilviwir and of the administration, threw al
:humbshell. into the Mexican ranks. He stated
shit:when the two million measure was sent to the
Senate at the last session, by the President. 33
,benators in secret session—both parties—and a
•rmannst.the-nurnber the Senator from Maryland,
;(*everdy iTcolanson,) voted for the measure, and
recinnmended.the appropriation. This announce
' 1
started the Mexican whigs, Berrien, Webster,
".IttioiSiiitad;Baidger; &c., &c., to their feet, because
`.Mr,.lohnson.had a day or two before denounced;
.theihrte million bill as a scheme to bribe Santa'
- Atttia:. They tried to throw Gen. Cass into con
fusion, by propounding questions, but the old sol
diiietoldletr. Webster, who seemed to insist upon
- asking some questions, that he need not ask any
„more, he would .-not answer them, until he had
cmishell his, speech, then he would answer any
questions any gentleman might choose to ,Put '
partiel,suntc. Gen. Cass then said if the Senator'
:front..Maryland was correct now in his chaige of
bribery, that it was bribery before, when he voted
for it;l„the Circumstances of the case had not
,changed, althOugh the gentleman had changed his
c i ,,-The..truth is, the whigs have the faculty of
changing their views with great 'rapidity. The
threi-riiiiliOns were properly needed a few months
aloes!, bat now,: they are only wanted to bribe
Santa . Arina' With: May last, the war was just
and proper, and the whigs voted to declare it.—
the men and the money to prose
cute it; but nowit Is an unholy, unrighteous and
unjust war, and they oppose it. Great patriots,
pare ..statestinen, these office-hating, disinterested
whigs: Its won't be long until they claim the
~Tariff, of 1846 as their own measure.
believed that the whip Senators will oppose
the' ptopoie4„ increased - duties on Iron and Coal.—
b.kanother evidence of their devotioh to
principles; They Would like to see the Treasury
hatikrupt ; and the .nation humbled at -the feet ofl
Mexico,-merely for the-purpose df fulfilling their
predictions. :But they will. be : awfully disappoint.
will prospefrn`despfte of all their
. ,
efforts to ruin it ire,4:respeciful)y,
7,i'',:- - ,:..:.: . ; . :.:.• . :: -
. L . igi-'..i:.•:,:•4',
.7777 - 75 -
CorrospondottoO:of tiselltbrating Post.
. , ri‘biter'P4x .
`---. 11,1saartintiiiton,.February 12th, 1847.
TherEfetiseamdoded AtrAilltox'S resolution of
Yesterday„ an' thatihereafter afternoon sessions will I
be heidiM,TuesdaYs,AVeduesdays and Fridays of
. each Nveele;.witich : sessiena . shall entirely be deco-
~,.._ ,
tid to the'consiaeratiorr of private bills.
' There were but few reports of committees to.
day in the House. The entire session was consu
ine in i l he discussion of the act exempting-the
real estate of married women . from the liabilities
Of the hiisband. The bill, as it is now before the
House,jk as follows: .
Sscrio 1. That the lands, tenements and her
editameets which shall belong to any woman pre
vious tolher marriage, or which shall accrue to
her by Will-or descent during coverture, shall be
free_from alldiabilitied or debts of the husband of
said roman, and the same shult nut be sciled,
sold or sequestered by virtue of any execution or
suit of any kind which shall issue against said
husband, - -
Sac 4 !Wherever any judgment shall be ob
tained against the husband and wife jointly foi
the debts of the-wife contracted or incurred before
marriage, or for her tortuous conduct before M
ailer cotverture, the said judgment shall be a lien
against her real estate and may heollected in the
same -nianner as though said reiff estate was the
property of the husband.
Sec. B. This act shall not iffect the lien or col-,
'lection of any debts contracted by the husband of!
any cabman prior to the first illy of July next,'
and nothing herein, shall be so construed as to
preventihnsband and wife from mortgaging or con
veying llie realty of the wife in the manner now
tecognieil by law.
SEC. 4. All laws inconsistent herewith are here.
i by repeated. .
Wheh the bill was brought up, an effort Was
made to postpone it, but this was not agreed to, as
it was hue of the orders of the day. This being
the third reading, Mr. Pirilett moved that the
House 0. into Committee of the Whole for the
purpose of considering a special aineudinent„- LETTER FROM A REG EL A 11."
rJThe Cincinnati papers have annoni
,ould exempt rs
pt also all her peonal chat- I We publish the following letter from a '
w ' I. !
He is bound to do a smashing business
rate in the sth Infantry Company I:, to his ;
tell from liability. The House went into Corn- r left for that city, on the Hibernia No. 2.
mince of the Whole.; brother in this city, entire, and without alteration.'
Mr. Pomeroy of Franklin, moved to amend the not for any news it contains ; but as shwa ing.
amendMent, that the House shall go into Commit-; among other things, the spirit of courage. cwt . ;
Willi a dash of self-superiority, that
tee of the Whole for the purpose of offering gen.' l lence,
of 'r '
r voiles the ranks Regu ars . tem,"
eral amendments, which, after considerable discus- cute:
of a inter front a primate Can:pat/a •
I sion, Was lost. The question, then, was on Mr:
E. s'h frifirery, to WI brother in this e,ty, room
Piolett-s amendment, which was not agreed to. '
CAMAIMO, Mexico, Jan. 21, 1124 C.
Several amendments of like character were pro..
Dear Prather hope this wvill tipsyou in'
posed hni lost. "The discussion continued until
good health, as lam at present. I received your':
the hoia of adjournment. Mr. Patterson haw ing
of Dec. Nth, and am glad to hear of your con,
the Rohr. This is not the bill that was °tiered
tinned health and prosperity. We were on 1Ire!
some tirric.ago by Mr. Bigharn; there were so many r
march back from Solidi.). when 1 received your
!objections. to that bill that it Was recomtnitied to g
. kind letter so that it would appear that my regt•'
the Judiciary. Mr. Knox, drew up and presented •
ment was to have a finger in every pie. We are
this res.eut bill in lieu of the other. The bill '
bound for Tampico, under orders from Major!
will' piss fo-morrow withourany amendments.
sessionn the se ,: treneral Scott, and you may expect soon to hear. A
guest part of the mooting' of our attack on Vera Cruz. You may depend
nate as consumed in the discussion of the act
upon it that it will be taken, for our men will'
j supplementary to the act incorporating the Pitts.:
mt. ; light like devils, and it is impossible for us to Lel
hurghand ! Connellsville Railroad Company.
vanquished ; hence the policy of the General in
Crank's amendment to come in at the end of the!
sending - I AB the way into the interior for us. Ile
bill as'a proviso, which was agreed to, yeas 1 c,.;
passedsnows well the experience we have had in tight-
I nays 14. The bill as amended then
the Mexicans. I hove not time to enter into
reading by a vote of 20 to o. It was then ordered in g
part'cirlars•, our march here was very rapid, sift
to be!engrossed for a third reading. The bill as'
I am happy to inform you, I stand its fatigues
it is 'now, with Bigler 's amendment stilijoinedj
'will Pass without difficulty. The (aura ing t , „ 7. 111 s best of our troopers.
Give toy nest respects to all inquiring friends,
I bill ordered to be engroised.
and I raj ,ace in your liappinr.s and good will for
Sgrrois 1. Er it enure/1141/a Senate and
of Reptmoutim„,f The c oo ,„,„„. o „pi, io,-„„ sy t. ; me. Counding in the hope I may be permitted to
vernia„ in General Assembly met, and it is hereby en- see you all again. Ansver this puricru.dle.
kiefed!by the authority of me some, That the Putts,; Adieu, fur the present,
!burgh and Connellsville Railroad Company e, and • Your adi-ctionate brother
they are hereby authorized to make and construct ;
I a Railroad, with one or more tracts, from the city r
of Pittsburgh to any point within this State suita
hie to form a connection with the Pennsylvania 41 it (iglu.,.—The Natives have called a meet
: RailroV Company at suchphe Presi oint or p
dent and Di lace as may .
ing Shidlin (1) Hall, for next Tuesday evening,
mutually agreed upon by t
rectors of the said Pennsylvania Railroad Com., to choose a delegate to the Native American Con
pang ; and the President and Directors of the nu, renlion to be held at Harrishrir - gh. Pch. 2-2, to
burgle and Connellsville Railroad Company. And' nominate candidates for Governor and Canal Com.
be it further enacted, that the Pittsburgh and Cott
nellsville RailrouTCompany be, and they are here.
by authorized to construct a Railroad 'with one orl.
more tracks from any point at or near the city in
Pittsburgh, to such paint on the line of the State.
of Ohio as may be determined isprin by the Presi
dent and Directors of said Company, ;lint the con
ment.einerit of the construction of said road in Me,
direction of the State of Ohio. within too Irma
after the passage of this act, shall be construed to!
be a : compliance with the conditions cootaincil
the seventeenth section of the act to which this is i
a sripplemerit. Prodded, That if a connection ;
shall be agreed upon as provided for in this act be.
twee,n the said Pittsburgh and Connellsville
rood- Company, and the Pennsylvania Railroad
Cordpany, then the said Pennsylvania Railroad:
Company shall be released from any obligation to I
commence Thew road at the city of
and from csnstructing, that portion of their line Iv
ing between the said point of connection arid the I
said city of Pittsburgh. And proridrd farther.
That if the provisions of this act shall Ire (irrupt. '
ed by said Pittsburgh and ConnellsA ills Railroad •
Curnpany, and they shall commence either of 'the
I roads hereby authorized, they may, within sixty
dayfi after due public notice shall have been given
I of the saine, permit any stockholder who shall be
I disshtisfied thereby, to withdraw his subscription,'
I mull refund to such withdrawing subscriber the
amount of instalment he may have paid. after de
decting his pro rata share of the expenses hereto
fore! incurred; and they shall have power at any
general meeting of the stockholdeis to change the!
corporate name -of the Company to any name I
which they may consider appropriate.
pisvided further, that if the Pittsburgh and!
Cotinellsville Railroad Company shall commence
the construction of a Railroad under authority oft
this! act from the city of Pittsburgh to the Ohio !
State Line, then the oth section of the Act of 3d
April 18-16, entitiled t. An act to authorize the
Court of Quarter Sessions of Allegheny county to;
vacate Delaware Lane, in said county, and for oth
er purposes, shall be null and void. and confer
no tights or privileges upon said Pittsburgh and
Connellsville Railroad Company.
Harriiburgh is very lively at present'. Parties
every night, where every person convenes for the
Purpose of standing a couple of hours in a lint
room, jostled by a noisy crowd, merely to see la
dies stretch their delicate jaws in swallowing
Baßithore oysters.
The Governor's soirees are well attended. Those 1 ,
on 'Wednesday and Thursday evenings last, were
Inc ;the gentlemen alone ; not a lady was permitted
to chew her face among the politicians assembled
to do honor to old Frank Shank's hospitality.—
And his Excellency does the honors. as uo other
person can do them, polite, and sociable to friend
and foe.' I saw Col. Wilson DI Landless Ben
tonllike head, among the guests of last evening:
he was by far the handsomest man in the crowd,
anil delighted every person by his gentlemanly
deportment ; at home or abroad he is an honor to
the; Iron City. KARL.
Iltn.ntsturncti, Feb. 13th 1847
The supplement to the Conneilsville and Pitts
bui'gh Rail Road Bill: passed final reading. There
were no amendments to the bill since yesterday.
In the House, the Act exempting the real estate
of. married women from the liabilities of the hus
band, was lost on final reading, the vote was de
cisive.. against it, 35 in favor of it and SQ. against
it. ' This bill will eventually pass, if not this ses
sionit will be brought up again. the next, and agi
tated until it become a law.
" th . at Farmers and DepOsite Bank or yours was
killed dealin.the ITouse. It. 'first commenced by
beibg -chartered merely as asaving institution, but
getting fat on its spoils it n4mnat ask the pries
ilege of issuing notes also, Mul in fact start at
on :into all. the-hankingspriVilege ) .but it: huge.
timbitiOp,:hhs 'peen soddinly t Mlashed by if:tell:aid
of i.e,ejslatiorr;Whiclii detertoined that no new
Banks shall be created ;peace to its manes:
There:wire - several bills passed in the Senate.—
Among which4as otie relating to Arbitrations:
Whereas, Great inconvenience and, embarrass
ment are often experienced in the trial of suits-be
tween contractors and laborers and workmen, em
ployed in the construction or repairs of rail roads
and canals, by companies incorporated by the
laws of this commonwealth and empowered to
construct sych railroads and canals and such in,
corporated companies, by reason of the want of
power in arbitrators, in Actions depending before
them, compel the production of hooks and papers I
which contain evidence pertinent to the issue.
Therefore he it enacted &c., That from and after
the passage of this act arbitrators shall have pow
er in any action depending before them between
any contractors, laborers or workmen, and any
company incorporated by•the laws of this corn•
monwealth and empored to construct, make and
manage any railroad, canal or other public inter
sal improvement to require either party to produce
any books or writing in their possession or
porwer, %%Melt contain evidence pertinent to the
issue, and it such party shall fail to produce such
books or writings, or to satisfy said arbitrators
why the same is not in their power so to do, it
shall be lawful for the said arbitrators to find an
award against such party, if plaintiff, of no cause
lof action, if defendant, for such sum as the plain t
tiff, his agent, or attorney shall niake oath or Eli:
firmation is due according to the best of his know.
ledge ant belief; Provided, that before such le
quirement shall he made by such arbitrators, it
shall he proved to their satisfaction j.iy oath or af•
_•.? Already do the aspirants for the office of
firmation, that clear and distinct notice in writing. Prosecuting Attorney begin to agitate. We have
shall have been given to produce such books or heard the names of four mentioned ifi'Lis cantles
writings. at least ten days previous thereto.
,Why don't thiq pzr:y t,rn•! nst.ld ntimher of
delet:AN , It is bee to.,r ;!wre ::re tint five men
Lel,m4ing to the party ; eb ! I: would indeed ,eem
Deser:ert —We are told that there are a number
of deserters from the Philadelphia comp,mies, (na
ti,es of that city•) hho are now lurking about
Pittsburgh and vicinity, afraid or ashamed to re
turn. We will here hint that any person la ho ar
rests nue• and brings him before Lieut. Field, will
receive $3l/. They ought to be arrested, every
man et them.
'• How much credit does a poor man deserve foi
!an oernfartorta act of benevolence:" &c.—Post.
There was no oxl onto/ ton about a poor man - 1
i when he sent his five dollars firtorkymousty to the
Nantucket sufferers. It was done in the true spirit
of Ulm who said. „ When thou doest alms, let not
thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth."—
(0 - • We are glad that a typographical error of
ours drew from the brain of the Telegraph editor
a thought so profound and so beautifully expressed
'renefit of the Orphans.—Blitz had a beautiful
house on Monday evening in l'hilo Hall—the pro.
ceeds of which were devoted to the Orphan Asy
lum. Upwards of one hundred dollars was real.
ized clear of all expenses. A eery little sum or
a charity in these selfish times.
(ry That "elopement " spoken - , of try some of
our cotempbraries, was all a hoax, grit, up by some
young 'uns to frighten the old people. So we
have been told by one who knows all about such
Not had.—On the trial of the action fur trespass
against the Berkshire boar that lamed the htirse in
Peebles township, a lawyer enquired why the
trespasser was like the Odeon, on Fourth street?
When given up he said it was " because it belor.g
ed to a big limed!''
The above is very good, but the same "play
upon words . ' was offered for the silver cup which
Capt. 'Pratt took.
Cr Anderson, the discharged watchman has
been reinstated by the Police Committee. The
case of Lieut. Fenwick was laid over for further
consideration. The Committee met on Monday
►illainona.—Some scoundrel palmed a counter
feit bank note upon Signor Blitz, or rather upon
the Orphans, on Monday evening. We should
like to know him.
ciyAn interesting letter from a 'regular in the
army, a soldier who was present at the battle of
Monterey, will be found in the Post this morning.
It wa; written'to a brother in this city.
City Dispatch Post.—We observe that Clark
has his bores up in.different parts of the city and
vicinity. Hope the enterprise may prove sueces
Burglary—Mr. Dickson's store, on Washing
ton street, with robbed on Saturday night of a
number of articles. A black fellow named Al
soil is suspected
Q The communication of -Isabel" is declined
We fear she might be used up.
Also. a letter from a gentleman of this city who
is now with the CamLrijs Gwirtls, in the Second
Let all sign it.-31N 24DtetatatilT*4 d petition is
or will be, out, praying q;O.Dulin, now
lying the jail.' of thiw.eourfy:on l the ar of
tr9rdii. LAYlaeflior guilty dr pot;-hehai.-ncit 'been
trf-ated as a man should 'inChristieri
The lawit have .not done_him justice; and the pee
pfe:ol9ulit make 'him amendoy. eghing:aud se
0:3- We fear Col. Deihl, in his anxiety, to prevent
huxstering- and cheating the. market,sometimes,
unintentionally, of course, goes a little beyond the
hounds of his prescribed duties. We heard . a com
plaint made against him last night for charging a
countryman a quarter for standing in market with
App es which he brought from 'Mifflin township.,
Is Third street, between Wood and Smithfield,
never to he repaired? The foot bridges around the
Canal Basin are in good handsNthe hay-scales lot
is better than it was. though still bad, but Third
street is utterly negleeted.—Journal.
And Fifth street is stilt that mortar bed it
has been, in soft weather, for a long time. Will no
person come to the relief of those who must ne
cessarily pasi along this street ?
al. At an election held yesterday for Lieuten
ants of the old Pittsburgh City ,Blues, the follow
ing persons were chosen
Ist Lieut. 8.. 11. Wallace, (iormerly Sargeant
in the Regulars; ':ld, W. S. Patterson; 3d, W. B.
cta The Mayor had his hands full yesterday—
thirteen eases were brought before him_ during the
day. None of them important, except the Libel
which we have noticed elsewhere.
Litrl Suit —' Johmott" yesterday made
inhumation before the Mayor againet Dr. Delany,
for matter publielte,l in the
Is good for a Cold? '-I . 6is is the univer•
sal question this bail weather. Will no person
pre:cribe a certain remely
cryWe understand th tt the l'lltslotrgh Theatre I
Hill Le open nn, or a'u'ral the si.ith of M3rch,
a sple,lia
Embarked.—Fenrlcen reznlars t creshipped for
the 'south on .7%lonclay. They marche I down street
to the bunt with knap,ac',:t al.d tit. cups.
ns'A (hay i:UrEC ran na . yes:el:lay in Wood
street, and Tilt some batrels a no:ir. No toss.
CT'? We have ztoTelegraPa IlelrA yet. 0 then)
linilitchy U. S. Srll , ltOr.
.11.1 , 1,4 e Unties .n:1 was e:e.cle U. 6. t'enllor,oti
w. The new Vehmtel•r Company, no being
organized in Wheel:ng. in the hope of . furniiii4
part of the Tea Regiinen: , . eleetel the fallow in
officers I ast %meek, vi z S. Lee, Captain:
Geo. W. cl utter, Int Lieut.; ana John Jay Watson.
rrl , The Lom,viiie Dcniuct:.,t uf Fiala) . last,'
sa.s that a private IcT!er re:l4.hed that city.
slating that a fatal tencountert,;z4l, place betvieet,
C. Al. Clay arcl Tito,. F. MarFhall. in which the
latter was ruo tl,:onh with the sword of
former. We doubt th 4 truth of this.
THE %CiIIISLTTS roLt:V11:C1114 .1 11 a %111.
Sates.—Eight coroparoc9 of CuElow 4 . s
meta of Volunteers erlibain., , d on Thor,day oz:
board the ships trh rh art: to carry then) to the
eat of War. Col. Co-hiyg's orders are. to repair
to the Brazos do :Satitatgo, and thelt•
Await instructions.
W A.lll Nti TUN COr mePtirvz of
Perilot en'i tII 011
Mi..:.srs. LEE. GHAT SON and I II I. It were elece.l
Delegates to the 1;11 of I\l,;tch ron‘ention, at 11:u.
ttL.l•pr4—;niLl they were itlslrueted to ~upper;
Francis R. Shunl; for Gmernor. and Wm. Sear
right for Canal Cornru;ssioner.
'Valuable Secondhand Furs lore of a Pri-!
vale. Fatally at Auction. •
VT M'N: ENNA'S Auction Rooms, No. 111, Wood
st., 3d door from Filth , to-inot row, Thursday,.
Fehrnary lath, at 12 o'clockP.M., will be sold, the
household, dining room, parlor and kitchen furniture
of a private family declining house-keeping, and re
moving from the city. Many of the articles are.
splendid and scarce,. and some base been brought
from Europe; among sshith may be mentioned the
following in part, viz: I large Gothic arm chair, made
entirely olcanc, Of the most beautiful workmanship,
and perhaps the only one of the kind in Pittsburgh.
I child's do. dn. to match. Crane's patent mantel
Clock, which runs one month, purchased in Now
VOA about 3 years ago, a handsome article, and said
' to be a good time piece, the first of the style ever
!sold in Pittsburgh. Mahogany dining tables; I fancy
sewing stand; 1 Rosewood Portable Desk, pert mount
ed, London made. 1 pair large heavy silver plated
candlesticks, snuffers and tray, and decanter stand.,
Ito match. Patent. high posilmadsteads; do. French
do., do.; Coley and common chairs; fincy rocking
chairs; fancy Rusk scat do.; Chinese ornaments of
!figures and scenery; mahogany bureaus; hair mat
tresses; Sett Chamber Ware; 1 China Tea sett; a lot
of cut glass and queensware; feather beds; heavy
domestic blankets, quilts anti coverlets; di.hlitninster
carpet; 1 cooking stove null fixtures; n variety of
kitchen utensils, &e. P. itI'KENNA,
fehl7 jitiLtioneer:__
A stet lon fiu.le,s,
ON Thursday morning,iti
theth inst., at 10 o'clock
will be sold, withoutveserve, to close a consign
meat from a gentleman who is declining business,
an estensivc assortment of seasonable Dry Goods,
among which are superfine Cloths; Cassimeree; Saar
nets; Flannels; Jeans; bleached and unbleached
Muslins; Calicoes; Gingham; dress Silks; white and
green Veils; Ribbons, in great variet y ; a large as
sortmenrufGloves; Hosiery; Laces; Edgings; Combs;
Dress Hilklk; Sewing Silk; Pine and Blue Tarlton;
quilling black Thread, satin Storks; fancy Vestings;
worked Capes; Caps; Silk and'Cotton Cord, &e.
At 2 o'clock, P. M., a large assortment of new
I and second hand Household-Furniture, embracing
nearly all the variety usually wanted by Hense
I keepers and others. Also, Queensware in great vs
; riety, looking glasses, globe lamps, 8 day and 30
hour mantel clocks, oil paintings, engravings, car
peting, feather beds and bedding, mattresses, 10
doz. coal and Devonshire shovels, bed cords, wire
selves, young Hyena tea, No.l, chocolate, rice, &c.
At 7 o'clock, P. M., squantity anew ready made
Clothing, among which are overcoats, pantaloons,
tine and coarse shirts, satinctt and fancy vests, oil
cloth coats, cloaks, jackets, &c., shot guns, pistols,
gold and silVer watches, musical instruments, line
cutlery, limey and staple Dry Goods, &c
t . LOT ofereellent coal, situated near Braddoek'S
J . Fields, about one mile from the Monongahela
river, will he sold on very moderate terms; to one
Who has money to invest an excellent chance of in
"Stni cut is here offered. Ten, twenty, thirty
or fifty acres of coal will be disposed of if n suitable
purchaser appears. All necessary information will
lie given by the subscriber who lives near Mr.
Fawcett's, who adjoins Braddock , s Fields, and by
Thomas Hamilton, Esq.,
febl7-Itw4-3td' widow of Wm. Wallace, deed.
T HP: higlteftt market pr;re will be given in Catch
W. & M. Mil'CNELj' ttEE,
klo'l6o Liberiy st.
febl7-d3tan• It
;> ~~ ~ :~:
need Blitz
thee. Ile
JOHN D. DAVlS,,Anct'r
(American copy.)
Coal for Sale.
To Dlstilleiis.
Valuable !teal fitfLate .for- Salee
Y virtukofa decree oNI e Orphai s Court Al-
B legheny' County, in No; 64, March Term, 1845:
The untieisignetas Tittiteek fot:the. sate of Ake
Real Estate_Of rl4ec , . Will . exPotte
to sale by Ohne r.ontcry t the Court Hone, in the.
City of Pittsburgh, nn tiro 4th Manday7of, Match,
1847, at 10 o'clock,' A. Itt, the fallowing described
Ist. That part of theTaini-beliinging:ttrtheisaid
Estate, bounded and acs‘orieeena
ginning at an Elm Tree, thence by .land of Jumes
H. Hays, 14 - 6 s -r. 121 perches to a post. ' thence S
1221 E 192-5 - perches to a put; thence S 55 W 82 5
to a sugar tree stump; thence S 881 W 23-9 perches;
to a stake; -thence by that part of, said farm-in the
I Diagram of Partition , of said Estate , marked "B'? N
144 W _99 ton beech; thence N 77 W 10-6 to a beech;
thence N 61 W 18-8 perches to a post; - thence N -39
W 71,0 a poSt; thence N 50 W 22 to a post; thence N
141 W 44 perches to a post; thence liylands of James
H. Days N 631 E 10 to a sugar three stump; and
thende N . 45 E 42 perches to the plaCe of beginning,
[containing 183 acres and 37 perches;being the part
, marked "A" on said Diagram of 'the Partition of
said Real Estate, which' said described -piecC of land
contains about 96 acres of stone coal, with a dwel
, ling house and barn erected thereon, 'on Beck's,
within (along the front) about 66 perches of the Mo- 1
nongaliela river, on Beck's Run, about 3' miles from
the City of Pittsburgh: the soil is good, about 60
acres cleared, and the stone coal is oldie, best quality,
' 2:1. That other part of said Farm, bounded and
described as follows, viz: Beginning ata post, thence
by land of John Doran and James 11. Hays, S 881' W.
881 perches to a post; thence S 7'71 W 50 to a post;
thence by land of Petei Brindle N 351 W 1571-perch- I
es to a post; thence by land of James H. flays, N
82 E 247 to a beech; thence N 771 . E 24-8 to a linn;
thence N 631 E 51 post; thence by.tho first described
part of said farm marked. in ,said , Diagram "A" S
141 E 44 to a post; thenceS 50 E 22.1.0 a post; thence
S 39 E 7 to a post; -thence S GI E 16,8 to a beech;
thence 8 77 E 16-6 to a beech; and thence 5.4411 99
to- the beginning, containing, 100 'acres 156 perches,
being marked ill said Diagram of Partition "B."
This part of said firm contains about 65 acres of
stone coal and has about 40 acres of cleared land.
33. That lot of piece of ground situate in the City
of Pittsburgh, bounded and described as 'follows:
Beginning on Front street, at the - diStance of 102
feet Eastwardly from Wood street;•thence along
Front street Eastwardly 24 feet to the line of the lot,
marked "D" in the Diagram of Partition, thence by
the said line northwardly parallel with Wood street
SO feet; thence parallel with Front street westw,ara:
ly 24 feet to au alley; thence along said alley,south
wardly parallel with Wood street SO feet to the place
ofbeginning, being Marked "0> in said Diagram.
4th. That lot or piece adjoining theaboye,bound
ed and described as pews: Beginning on. Front
street - , at the (I:at:Menu!' one hundred and twenty
:ex, feet from Wood street: thence along Front
street—eastwardly twenty-lour feet: thence north
wardly in a line parallel with Wood street SO feet:
'thence westwardly by a line parallel with Front
street to the line of lot marked in said Diagram "C":
an 3 thence by the said line southwardly parallel with
Wood street SO feet to the place of beginning,being
marked "D," in said Thalram.
Terms of sale of all the foregoing described Real
Estate, viz: One fourth in hand'on the delivery of
the Deed, and the balance in one, two and three
years is equal payments, with interest thereon from
the day of vale. The said balanee'of the purchase
money to be secured by Judgment, Bond r..l4..Mort
gage on the property
111 7 .N11.Y M'CULLQUMT,
Truster. -
iu the Honorable the Judges of the Cnert or Quar
t 1 ter ,S.:(111S Peace, in and fur the County
of Alle~,•heny.
The patties Peters, of Pine Towe
-1 ship, in the county afeiresaid, homhly theweth,
That your petitioner bath prdvided - himself with ma-
I. Ibr the accommodation of travellers and °th
ink, at his dwelling house in the county aforesaid,
; slid prays that your Honnt.4 Wilt be pleased to' grant
I hire u license to keep P p. 11,1 IC house of entertuin
ment your petitioner, as in duty bound, trill
; priv. WTI. P ET4f. .
We, the Pd - iacribers, citizens of Pine Town.
ship, do certify. that the above petitioner, is of
;nod re:mtc for honesty and tempi:mace, and is
w - e!i provided v. ith honse room and - conveniences
the acrommodatio:, of travelers and others, and
that said tavern is neces,si....
"rinwliaa Gib,non, Mord - taco d'ishor. David F 0g , ,0, s,
mi ns auloy, Wo n , S..on, John KockarMon, Martin
:tonna, Aiex. Sneit n. Vn. ea, roohran,• Jas. A. Cihinon.
J .tare F.annide, John i, John Sannin:e.
Dry Goudant iluatlon
T l'il'ii ENNA'S to-morrow, Tburmllay, Pelee
j."-_ll ary 13th, at 10 o'clock, .k.. AI., will be sold, a
litr„tii atsortment or Dry Goode, of nearly every den
cripliita. fob ii .P..l'il' i lail.NN A, Auct.
Lard, Batter, tleartii.
1 1 13,knrsy.Ls ?o 1 1, ,rd;
4 ILirreL , rr , slt 11011 11.ttter;
15 Darre:n ill S'AirC aid !Ur 11.1.. e by -
:"Luvro; smiTir,
1.7\ ,j
i'i,CATOS-50 bids of splond.
:\pixrs of li:frret,t Llada, wry larjr, in good
150 Iltl%':eit; Po:t1 Pk,t,trk,:;
110 •• Nesliadt.o..7li Potat6l4,
Por tzat. low by P. C. Nt.krunx„
0'1;17. 111 Wal.o?:Nt
111 - 1: WIINKE\ - -A few half and whole.
Y sale by P. G. MA ft FIN,
T t'ST rm-o,ed nnotht , r large alhlitioo to my stock
ti or tine Di.on t pointeaG,Ali pew., and for sale
at the I,,,yea pricy.
?nn l 7 'W. W. WIL . ,StIN,
cor of 4th and Market us.
I AG I. 1.11' , S Patent extension Gold pen and pencil.
This is the most compact, complete, conveni
ent aed useful pocket companion ever offered to the
politic. In the short space of 21 inches is contained
a pen, pencil and reserve of leads, and by one mo
tion slides either the pen or the pencil out and ex
tends the holder to 6 inches. For sale by
Corner of 4th and Market sts.
IIUCKWIIKAT FLOUR-4S sacks "James 'Pat
ter,on's — hulled IS. W. Flour (60 lbs each,)
feCUIVed and tier sale by
'{,TOSS. 6 bales Moss, suitable fur upholsters,
receitnn and tin. solo by
No. 57 Water st.
CANDLEir.-45 Boxes Strained.;
2.1) •' Star ;
S •• Sperm;
110 Wood st
For sale by
SOAP -450 Boses Exirn No. I Paint •
20 " Brown;
Fqr *ale by J. D. NV iLLIANIS & Co.,
fe6l7 110 Wood st
DEACHES-50 Bushels prime Halves;
20 " 1-ealed ;
J. 11. IVILLIAMS & Co.,
HO Wood st.
For sale by
lIIEESE -200 Boles PtAt - te, \V.R.;
00 lbs Sap Sago •
11 , nr gale by J. I). WIC:LIAM , : 4- C0.,1eb17 10 Woo st
Vali' attic 11V orksik
rfIIE works of Charlotte Elizabeth, with an intro
." auction, by Mrs. H. 11. Stowe, in 3-cols.
Prescott's' Cong,test of Arlesico;
4 4 Ferdinand and Isabella;
Marshall's Life of - Washington;
Sparks do.;
" Franklin;
Life of Sammil John on;
Horace Walpole's Letters, 4 vols.;
Arnold's History of Rome;
Smollett, and Miller's England;
Pictorial History of the United States; •
Allison's History of Europe;
Ancient History, selected from Rollin ana other
authe'ntic sources;
Pictorial Ancient History of the World, by. Frost;
Arnold's Miscellaneous works;
Life and Correspondence of John Foster;
With a general assortment of Theological, Classi
cal and Miscellaneous works—for sale at low prices,
at the Book and Paper Store of
Market st. bet 3d and 4th sts.
Facts in Mesmerism; by Townsend;
Mental Hygiene;
Combo. on the Constitution;
Combe's Physiology;
'Lectures on Memory;
Analysis of Beauty;
Alison on Tarte;
Brougham on Instinct, Sze.;
Broughams Men of Letters and Science;
<4 SKetches of Statesmen;
Hero and Pero Worship;'
PaAt and Present;
St:ll , t.z . Pl's: 1 7 i<hrr of Lite , •ah , r ,, t ,
m..,t-i,,t,, , 5n., I:Hinr! a} .. Kth:‘ PI riliirMtrAll
For sale by U. S .Bosoian &co.
jan2J . . ‘v
- , Market street.
~ :€....
ya. s zai a,',~', ,~~
,x~:.:, ; ~ ; ~~... :
, .
ixono jit alke II a IL
• •••
ILE Splendid and fist running steamers Consul,
Louis. INV-Lanc:and,Blvatara f 4lavo,commenced
making doable daily trips. One liiiiitiVlll.leivelhei
Monongahela wharf every morning precisely at S o'-
clock. Passengers by the morning line will arrive
in Baltimore next eveningia-time.for The
phia Mail Beata or:-Rail': Road — ears: Thele - inning
Boat will leave the wharf:daily at 4. - o'cloelt,except
Sundays. _Passengers try this bent will lodge on
hoard, in comfortabl e' staterooms. Leave' BtoWni-
villa next morning-at 6 o 7 clock; cross the mountains
in day light; sup and lodge in. Cumberland. Thus
avoiding night travel altogether. The . preparations
' on' this route are ample, and the connection coilM
pletc; so that disappointments or delays will be un
known upon it. •
. ,
' 'Passengers can stop on the routeandyesinne their
scats again at pleastnt, andlave'cliniCe orßailltoa4
or Steamboat beti•eonliasiore and Philadelphia.
Coaches chartered tu patties to travel as,
Secure your tickets at lba of6Ce Monorigahelit
House, or St. Charles Hata.
' Miss°lutlon of Pliwt.rie;ship:
_rpm: Firms . "of Gee : R.' White &Cm; aneWhite
& Brother; are - dissolved by iiiutual 'consent.
The business of each store, will, be-Settled by . eich
partner at their respectivelplaces cif..4itsiness, on
Market street. • . •
All persons indebted to either. of the Firms will
please call soon, and.settle their accounts:
• .
Pittsburgh,February Ist!, 1397. feblo-d2m
VF.:, the Cansmissi,oners. - appointed to- - Open:
Books to receive Subscriptions tis - 416::Stook
of the Manchester Savings Fund Company,.giticafii,
Cee that said Books will be opened at tho.othco of
Mr. Sampson, in said Borough, on,Nondnyvtlle' s l. l 2
inst., and remain open On days,.froin 9 o'clock,
A. M., to 4P. M., each day. '
J. Dowrutin, tl. SPEEBz
JO= BELL, • - L. - Smirsorr,
6) Water st
No 69 WatCr st
Time to PiiiladApNi3
L. BuRcHrtELD,
Manchester, Feb 13,18 1 17-d1 Commissionere,
ON the 'Upper Rio Grande, by Bryant-R. Tilden,
Jr., explored in the month 01 -oerober,iandWii
%Timber, 1846, on board the U. S.'itr:NtujcirErMilt,
commanded by Copt: Mark: Sterling. of Pirtsburgh;
by order or Miij. Geo. Pattersion. S A., coot
manding, the second division of Army of beenpa•
tint', ;Mexico. ; 1- - •
The ab.)ve work can he had from the Tagen't, G.
Irobbard, corner of Nlarbufy and Penn streets.:—
Also from the BookEelli-'15.. .febls,tf
A MANCAL of Ancient and Alodern
comprising ; ;Filts - r:'A.'ncient History, containing.
the political history, Geographical position,Lind nOL ,
cial state of the principal nations of iittiottitYT
cased from the ancient authors. Stcorrn: . -Modprn
History, conntming the rile and progress nettle prin
cipal European nations, their political . history, and
the changes in their social condition; with a -histOry
of the coionies founded by Europeans; . by. : CI
'Taylor, L. L. D.; M. R. A. S., of Trinity I.kollege,
Dublin; with n. chapter on the llistory of the United
States, by C. S. Henry, I). D. Second E'dition,
For sale by &._ENGLIsu -
febl2 • Market st., between 3d and 4th,;
I,ITCHINGS of a Whaling Cruse, syith notes of a
Ili sojourn on the lidad of 2anzabar, to which is
appended a brief Hislory of the Whale Fishery, its
past and present condition; by J. Rosa Browne, il-
I ust:cted by numerous engravings on steel and.wood;
an ir.t, work. For sale at the Bookstore of
Mallet st.. between 3d and 4th.
Int. I. SCIINV -
ACEIiTAIN cure for all kinds of bealinga, and
particularly for the most dangerous old sores;
and fur fleshy tumors and sponges, which it causes
to squirm and heals directly.
This is to certify that snitered 'catreine pain in
my side and in , my whole body, from alumpinier
rally, the size.of a man's fat, near and under my
heart, for which,i was treated by several physicians
who all gate me up. I then got some of Dr. 1.
Se:lwares Plaster, which entirely removed it and
made me perfectly well.. 11. 11,InIKEINKENIP.
I had a had sore on my leg foi years; and could
not find any help by physicians. until I got Dr. I.
Sc:V•varz's F:.7.,ter, which completely healed it.
'111.3 is put up in the mast ennvenient
iLr n, also Dr. Schwarz's Anti-I.3iliuus. Pills and
F.imily Pills.
`Sold wholesale and retail by Wm. Jackson,
I.iherty street, head of Wood street. Only Aigent
ror Pittsburgh and vicinity. Price '2:l cents - per box.
fel, I 2-d la w&.rri2m.
DICKENS' NEW CllRtsrmAs TALE, anti neiv
j nooks at' COOK'S, tio Fourth st..
The Hatle of Life; a Love Story, by Chas Dickens.
Ptiee only 61 cts. •
Chaucer and Spncer,.in two. partn; Spenier and
the Fairy Queens Wiley & Putnain , :i Library.
St Gdes at. St. James, by DintglataJerrold; Esq.: ,
Living Age; 141.
Sylvataller, or the Disputed Inheritance; A.
'file Comic Wanderiez Jew; transalated from the
French, one hundred Illustrations.
Eliza Leslie, or Separation and Re Union; by
Mike Wyndor.
The Pirate Queen; a novel.
Notes on the Upper Rio Grande; by Bryant P.
Tilden, Jr., explored on board the U. S.
Steamer Major Brown, commanded_ by Capt. Mark"
Stdrling of Pittsburgh. -
Also great variety of books at Cook's, S 5 Fizittilt
st. ftiblO
Silliinan's Jourital
W, W. WILSON, only authorized agent fur this
city and vicinity of the American JoUrrial of
Science and Arts, has received No. 7, with - its Mini]
rich and interesting variety, enibellished with numer-,
ens plates, P.
.c. This valuable, work should be ht - tbe
hands of every manufacturer and practical Sri Bait.
Improvements in nits And science have been deeply
indebted to the matured and able articles with which
this work is so amply enriched. Subscriptions
per annum. Complete - sett,'embracing 25 l e ars,
Lamps I
T UST opening an additional stock of Cornelius
fr) st Co.'s celebrated Solar Lard Lamps and
dlliers, of one, two, three and more lights, suitable
Cur Steam Beats, Churches, Society Ifalls, Sec., of
beantilbl patterns; and will be sold at the: lowest ,
city prices for Cash. Also, Centre Table Lamps.
and Mantle Girandoles, with lustrea, new and very:
handsome patterns.
}laving a large and fresh supply, .I respectfully
invite the attention of Steam Boat buildere; and
others interested.
Corner of 4th and Market ats.
- .IVE 1 - z foiFebritari;
?Ind New Books at Cook's Literary Depot, S 5 Fourt/
R ' PEIVS Sinclair; or the fatherles.s wife, a . tate
by the author of Ten Thousand a Year.
The [tights of Labor. By Ca]vin Colton..
Temptation and Atonement; a tale by Mrs. Gore.
JaglICS. By George Saud, translated freuf She
French by Anna •Blackwel 1. . -
Mince Pie; for the ;Million a rare confection judi
ciously arranged, chopped and spiced in the first
manner, also baked.
, „ .
The Idle 'flour Book; orScratiland; Imp% a.rierve
worker, and destroyer, 4.e. -
Illuminated Magazine, tor February. ' 4
Columbian. Magazine. 4t
Lady's Hook.
Graham's Magazine. " -
National Alaganine. . "
Spaniards and their Coimtry. By Aidiird FOI4L,
American Review toe January: containing_a m pon.,,
trait of lion. Rufus Choate.
Living Age, 140. , . •',
Chambers' Information for the people; l'icr„lo.7.
Song Books, in any quantity,
Just received and ftir sale at COOK'S No. 85,
Fourth st. -_jan27.!
rtemittftilici - s - .4;caie nod.
. _
I3F.RSONS wishing to remit Money to IRELAND,
. or to send for their friends, will glease gall ito.:
' mediately on the undersigned, au - they hei , c,les. -
. ifig their remittances this week for ille.nest mutt&
Packet leariug, New York.. REMITTANCES made
on the most FAVORABLE. TERMS, aitd. Passages
,secured in the "old' Black Ball line," or in first
class American ships leaving Liverpool'irvery six
.13...,,iges from - an port in Ire•
L. , I%.tuftiardli. • •
- . BLA.Icg.LY LL,
Age nts . fc,i4. I t i - pcl4e, Afiatbr!r t . kcp., IfiewYork
_ t-aNtu
- . .
frim Ate l itiied to forward money
rte all ititifort*gland, Ireland, Scotland and
widas, w ith cteipatek, and at titie lowest rites.
No 142, Libertyst;
atooklicaaers mi e ti n g„ .
tuif otiplidjoetting of the StockhOlders of the
Pittstittrili 'and Connellsrille. Rail 'Road - COm
pany. twill be held •at Phi. Id 11'01, on Thursday the
25th day of February inst., at 2 o , clock,P.M. .
E. ::::•"fettlfztelr
40 hours.
'4.ribeSalo of tierst... , 1 •
A t hat
gi4en or:L.ll6'lra of .441
'n'eke:tfint-eliiihreEdititiyiting". 6 n 7ll AMWS
ington tnrnpilre, 2f iniles from the city
and occupied foe'she last 3 years: by Its,. A. H.
Wright. Tho.derelling,litinse is a, large two story
brick,-with Ainingroom . _ kitchen and w .. ashli ltti ntos
on _the .ground flour A spacious yard
stabling, carriage, house; and other out hoilirnigralA
Mched... The lot Contains. 12 acres, in „ a high .tat
of cultivatiiii; there is . 60„.thelfiemikeetan:gb .7 #*
bar of bearing fruitndlichare . PCsitch; )
-cherry, plum, pear, appl4rtic. This is one press . ,
: most,pleaiantresidences ut tfistilOiniiii*U.Wilt 4l l,.
rented /ow, to:a gaotk.tanant,oF.exclutngn;psß
property. rim._ terms apply to, . • ,
febl24.l:2‘v • :WALTER 11.11
For '
A LM.QSt 'AI the Daily and Weekly PitiabOrgh
noWipapersi SlbbetFri Counterfeit Detectors; ;
Blank Deeds, and' "TO" . '.l...ets;W-Letter - suld-Writusle
Paper; and a few School arid
and, black Ink; InkitaadefEnglisb and Count - 0. - wait! .
Patent Pens; Wafei; Sendr-Slates and rencittotf
few Tenaperancepu reatieruriCartificates andAliner.P
-' iiace, a few Biblesan 'cresLanaerits; Psalm andlijOrtit: .
Books; a few ?daps and .Chaita of Ilea. 111. S. and got- . •
ico, 4-c. for sale. by HARRIS, Ag!t.
Coup. and Co..;Merchant; istr7. ig; Claq
new Books,
ks at „ COOK'S,AP.OtIytII- 1 qeq4;.....
Napolenantid.his Marslrali.thrtheraniixAt t r 4..
3—a aeleilien °film choieesVproductions otVl4lGb '
alghor.silfto4l,4ll,O.oospal~lishing,t;? tAtvre're?.4%TvTr'
Pliilosopliy of 'ttaiie=4laiiiti,it-kat:Apoiqiii 2. pole
The Haguenot--a.noval,by,b - . P:R yams.
Mary flowiteilialladS;r and other Poems
Daniel Denruston, and the Cumberland State/Ifni:el,
by the late Mrs.Hollari4 ituthorofthe Unlornd dna,.
'Pictorial history or England ; No. 17 —.
Chamber's Encyclopaulia, No..
Rupert Sinclaira tuba, by the author of 30,099;.
a Year.--new supply.
Liiing Age: 143, *
DI ackwootP,s,Magar.ine,;(4'3"anqary, .
Democratic' Reyiew,,', fur February, ia - portrfit
of lion. Samuel lionsteril - • ‘.*- „<.•
Hunt's Merchantat , MagazineilcmEelKmh7-
Rankin"s Abstract;-frota July t0'...th0.-fresegt-time.
Illustrated Shakipeare l , 130, at
- 'COOK'S - 85; Fdort
. , .
- - Satared.JtlntaLo -Books
• • • • : Wr-Fr c .
OLIN 11. MELLO It, NO . 81 W6011;•:8TZ
_Between, 4th. strict, and,DistrairuiAlfej.,
TMITE Psabnodist, br.llastingit Jiradborti
- , Carminas Saqm, by LowellMitioavi
The Psaltery,- • assert 4 -1 1 614 ":
.1 4
The Odeon, . cc Masan. St•Webbi,
, 'Western limy, StandelWakefieldl—"...
Evangelical bitisie:,!by-Bleitni.ifils Pleating;
Missotai Harmony;patent
MaSoni Sacred . Harp, round raites o l.24'
A4sson's Sacr Harp suictratent - n0te5;.: , ,.. , ), , i•
Cautits - ffecletilin,hy:Darleylk, Standbridgei;
Music, of the Church, Do4tol9:iiin f ight;
Sacred Choir.' • ; 4' '
Mason's Juvenile harp ; .
The Young Choir, by
. BradbneyAnd Sanders;
Young Chin' , Companion r Y.;
A-large supply •of the above works oonstintlyiltis.
hand and for sale wholesale or retail, by.
JOHN. 11, MELLOR;BI , Wood si., -
bet:deed 4th and Diamond
7A TIERCES fresh Itice dust reed and fot<*SLs
feblo . . ' . , 17Q.Liberty,st,
iIITE H.A.V4l3:l4l,SH.ctikit-rlO, ttgigit
y Havana Sugar, just received- and'fox.nalnloir
. W4.,.1.i . g . R•,& - . - ttICKE - TBOl
AITIICT.ER LARD. OIL 7-15. 'lll3ltti
011; in storo.andfor salo by :
- Pi0.1.70 Liberty 3L-1-
CZ? WEET qr:-C;ISLIP-Swept
Malaga Wine, just rec7d and forsale' kix f s : l / 4 :
170. Liberty si.
EESE—A superioi: lot of Large Cheewlez , b4-,
es, just received and fur sale by ,
15111.LEIt 4-111C1C.ET5017,7,.. 1 '.;
170 Liberty st.-
OLL BUTTER-5 Barre!sltoll Bntter on cones
sigrnerl! .
No. 170
kai "Stile -
NEAT and convenient PraineCottago,'inji.Ue
-1-1 gheny City, iminhdiately 'fiettivithe'Cittiag-1
Possession given on the Ist of . April. next.''
to , • MAY; -
AR 'LEAD=;-12,900 Bar Lead; fiiiiirae pyr
PRODUCE --6 bbliftui4 6 ICgii'4rdi
5 ttoo 'butter;
3, 4 1 , Cloverseedi
500•111 - FilAhers; ":
- - 4 bbli.Wfilte Bliaile• . 4
• .30 fffiits:Virirlien Socks;
Receiied'andlfor'sale by - -
LAllll3,:gli,T & SHIPTON;
133-and 13b Wood.sta+.r
_ .
1 - '1161.1-85 bbls - No 3 Large .1 4 doc1iertil;:,
1. 10 lif bbla - _
6 do' 1
bbls Nos 1 and 2' 'dog No 1 'Salraonf
-25 - ;do do JHerrings,z, ,
6= drums Cciallali; for salt,
L I ie.MBERT 4 1 ..-SHIPTOI4,.
'7 t i and for eby
:133 a • n4 PF' . , -, ,, •
febi '
1 NEES, Wee; black, ai4fredr s in' store`and.fortakby:
- feb 1 - • ! HAYS Is BRHCKWAYIA
ATEAVE AND Bonn .T.,ll.3l.aarEn'T.—.. gross Butler , .
1.1 on hand and Tor tale ~ •
fe'b 1 HAYS 4-
pEIi.FUNIERY.Adarge assortment 11,ouesq17.10:
hand feb lIKYS.&,BRO.CKWAY.,
LEMON SYRI . JP.-- 4 Any'qualatity on band and for
sale by HAYS 'lle 101.00KWAYi:
feb• 1 ' ComMertial Rove, Liberot.
fob t No 2. Commerciallinw,.Libenrit.
lIPPLES-95 Given :Applegs of Aifferant
kinds, for sale br.. i - - e
nov2o p. c.':±44.l4,Tpxfittiwaierliti,
CURED ilpIS:--12000: - 4,0peito#4 , Sugar ..
0 Cured HimFi - a,prlmc'aitiele; for sole ify% •'•
nor2b '? . P!, 60 `9Futer it it's
ORANGES-1000 Fravann Or nizlito; , , zipit
sale by nov2o P. C. MARTIN, 60•Wineriti::.
.011 r.Dreaa rate, at ..Bck'a Vii#4l%
;QV 3 .l,4l.lHaelaine,, for inde. . • ,
• noy.18: Penn at., bet;keen,Eland and
, .
Tlidriav i FF.NCE.-60 paanelikmdr, and pine nulfo
LT r
inf 4. and, ag Bale - by, •
,fan 2- - ' L. WILKAATII, Penns
TOOPLArt BOAPOS ,4 umAttnii tur sale bit;
1, :
lboatiaitaigga, Inapioyad-Lied:011:
BARRELS Winter Laid Oil, just-received fraini
this triiiiid'abinittti4nd.for aalikatgincinnati price*,
wliplesale and Fntatl, by FRS. •SELLER
deaEl;' r—ty
iron patenttusteaingei tcooticir to anything now
i n mse , for. theSurnituAe,:tralllollWP‘oft-t
-,angl, T. /J. NOI.II,TP*, Plh•-gand,9treec.
rpABLES---Pier, Centre and Card Tabjes ef differ '
-cut liiittentl,:arlouvatuar...goad-attialet t u a t t
c::it at t4e_-Earattura WarehlUsia,ofr'‘
• • - n:lfaralst.,::: , .. - !
. .
je6 •
00L-4 Sacki'plithe Wool, for Bale by
feb9. - - JXMES. MAY.
- i . ~ ' ,>, i . 4 ;-~ j 7:,-...i.'5'.3'1.::'..-.,,5,•-;,i':,'Z: